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FIM Europe is in the University

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European Motoball


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Meeting with Dorna


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Riding in Heaven

FIM Europe MAG #3 May-June 2015 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copyring of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (ŠFIM Europe)


FIM Europe Strategic Plan Working Group The FIM Europe Management Council, in the meeting held in Fiumicino last April, gave life to a new aggregation tool: the FIM Europe Club. Through the organization of Touring events, the Club wants to do more about people co-operating in the FIM Europe, creating relationships, increasing collaboration, increasing the level of trust in colleagues, motivating the group and creating cohesion and integration. Addressed to all its officials and members, the FIM Europe Club in fact will represent an excellent motivational tool, creating opportunities for brainstorming and problem solving, through the charme of its experiences on the motorcycle, the emotions that will be generated and shared, the multi-sensorial involvement, the climate of interaction and exchange with others. And, last but not least, fun on the two wheels. All Officials and Honorary Members (present in FIM Europe Yearbook) and all the Presidents and Secretaries General of the FMNs of the FIM Europe will be automatically members of the FIM Europe Club. The FIM Europe Club will organize two Touring events one on the road and one off-road each year. FIM Europe Mag 3/2015

So, it will split into two sections: «On The Road Experiences» and «Off Road Experiences». Applications to organize the Experiences will be collected at the Annual FIM Europe Congress in the meeting of the General Secretaries. No membership fee envisaged and expenses of participation will be borne by the participants in the events. It is the responsibility of the organizer of the Experiences to research benefits or favorable conditions for all participants. The organizer can count on the support of the Travel and Logi-

stics Department and the Marketing and Communication Department of the General Secretariat. For the term 2015-2018 the FIM Europe Club will be coordinated by the FIM Europe Vice President Martin de Graaff and the FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco. Below, from the left, Mr Danijel Vastag, the lawyer Rodolfo Romeo, Mrs Ingrida Visockiene, FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb, the Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco, Mr Jos Driessen, Mr Manuel Marinheiro and Mr Roy Wetterstad, Chairman of the FIM Europe Strategic Plan Working Group


FIM Europe is in the University




On May 22nd in the UniversitĂ degli Studi di Roma Foro Italico, the sole State Sport University in Italy, about one hundred students attended a lesson about "The governance of FIM Europe" held by FIM Europe Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco, who is

also an Assistant Professor of this University. Alessandro Sambuco explained to the young audience the world of FIM Europe, which is exemplifying of other Federations and of the Sporting Governance in general. In particular, the lesson dealt with the prin-

ciples at the basis of "good governance", from transparency to responsibility, from the participation and involvement of members and stakeholders, to integrity and ethic behaviour. The International Sports Organization was described, too. 5


The FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb was present, too, and intervened with a speech to the students, explaining, in particular the vision and the mission of FIM Europe. Dr Srb talked about the importance of fairness in sport, environmental aspects as well as anti-doping controls, too, arousing the questions of many students. The various disciplines connected to sport on motorcycles were illustrated, and finally the institutional aspects were dealt with: from the tasks of the General Assembly to those of Management Council and Executive Board, and the powers of the President, of Vice-Presidents and Treasurer, of Internal Auditors and of the Secretary General.


The students were invited to ask questions and during the two hours of lesson some of them asked questions about disciplines they did not know well and about the relationship between FIM Europe and the other National Federations.

The FIM Europe has an agreement with the UniversitĂ del Foro Italico for a Traineeship and in fact up to now about ten students carried out their training in FIM Europe General Secretariat.

ÂŤIt has been pleasing for me under two aspects, to teach in the University in which I started as a student in 1979, and carry out my lesson about Governance to the students of this University, describing the Organization of


the Federation I work for», Mr Alessandro Sambuco commented. «I think it is very important to have a large basis of young graduated people, from which we can draw the future generation of FIM Europe leaders, making them aware from now of the scenery they will have to face». «The dialogue with young people, the leaders of tomorrow, is of utmost importance for any organisation, and so it is for FIM Europe», Dr Wolfgang Srb stated. «I am very satisfied with the lesson at this top university for sport and would like to see more activities like that in the future».


E u ro p e a n M oto b a l l


In the German Stadium of Kuppenheim all teams faced several matches with one target: becoming European Champion


In the photos, from the top, the matches of Lithuania and Belarus, on the left France and Holland, below Germany and Russia. In the side page, the semifinal between Russia and Belarus


The European Championship Motoball in Kuppenheim (Germany) started on Wednesday 20 May with the pre-rounds. All teams faced several matches to gain points and finish among the best 4 placed. The matches on Saturday were important to decide who was playing for the Semi Final, (place 3 and 4), or the Final for the Championship title. All matches took place under good circumstances in the beautiful stadium of Kuppenheim. The organiser MSC Puma Kuppenheim has done everything that was pos-

sible to make this European Championship a successful event. The four teams which arrived in the Semi Finals were Germany and France and Russia and Belarus. Germany won the match with France 40 and Russia won the match with Belarus 11-2. France and Belarus played a match for the 3rd and 4th place and France won 11-2. «The final was a real thriller between Russia and Germany», states Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe first vice president, who attended the event during the last two days.

«Every time one of the teams scored, shortly after the other did the same. Even after two supplementary 10 minute periods, the result stayed equal. After the penalties the German team could score one point more. Final standing was 6-5. «This event was particularly successful, and there were more than 10.000 spectators in total», adds Mr de Graaff. Next year the European Championship of Motoball wil take place in Budel (The Netherlands).


Meeting with Dorna

From the left Mr Rodolfo Romeo, Mr Oriol Abad, Alessandro Sambuco, Mr Martin de Graaff, Mr Enrique Aldama, Mr Oscar Gallardo and Ms Amparo Porto 12

FIM Europe Mag 3/2015


On April 16th the FIM Europe representatives Mr Martin de Graaff, Mr Alessandro Sambuco and Mr Rodolfo Romeo met Dorna representatives Mr Enrique Aldama - Dorna COO-CFO, Mr Oscar Gallardo - CEV Director, Ms Amparo Porto - Promoter Area Director and Mr Oriol Abad - Legal Counsel, in their Headquarters in Madrid. On the table several issues concerning theFIM CEV Repsol European Championship, the Stock 600 European Championship, running with the World Superbike

On the other page, the start of the European 600 Superstock in Portimao (Portugal). On the left, the podium of the European Moto2 Series, with Edgar Pons, Xavi Vierge and Steven Odendaal at the end of race 1 in Algarve (Spain). Below, Carmelo Morales (31) winner of race 2 and Kenny Noyes, winner of race1 of European Superbike in Algarve

and the development of the cooperation between FIM Europe and Dorna for the future. «The meeting took place in a very good atmosphere», Mr de Graaff stated at the end of the meeting. «The two parts agreed with the proposals from both sides. This year will be used to harmonize Rules and ideas for future developments to the European Road Racing Championships. FIM Europe will continue in deve-

loping new Road Race Cups in all parts of Europe with the common aim to feed the most important Championships». «We are very proud», added Mr Aldama, «of the partnership the FIM Europe has with the Dorna group and the incredible work they are planning to do to continue forming young talent riders with the objective of feeding the big Championships».


Wo r k s h o p on Leade rship with Kundalini Yo g a


In November 22–24 in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) it will be held the second FIM Europe Workshop on Leadership, addressed to the leaders of the FMNs Executive Staff: the Secretaries General. Like the first, successful, edition, which took place in Maggiora

(Italy), in November 2013, the second Workshop will be held without costs for the FIM Europe and the participants of its FMNs. The Workshop will be held by Sadhana Singh Avenali and Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz. Mr Sadhana Singh is a Kunda-

lini Yoga Lead Trainer and cofounder of the Waldzell Leadership Institute, a company that is designed to bring excellence and full self-realization to leaders and individuals through the cleansing of subconscious mental and emotional patterns. The theoretical


foundations and applied techniques of the Waldzell Leadership Institute derive from both the modern neurosciences and the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga. The Institute is located in Switzerland and has partners in Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Sweden and South America. Sadhana Singh has provided consulting services to companies operating worldwide, including Philip Morris, INA Assitalia, Lierac Paris, Omibis Slovenia, Telecom Italia, University of Peru, Ecuador University Faculty of Economics, Libera UniversitĂ di Studi Sociali LUISS "Guido Carli" of Rome and UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Roma "Foro Italico". Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz has been studying science and spiritual teachings for over 20 years. After completing her studies in biotechnology her career lead her to business and politics. She is co-founder of the internationally known Waldzell Meetings, attended by personalities such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and many other celebrated personalities concerned with spirituality, science and business. Today Mrs Schatz runs her own yoga school and holds seminars and lectures at home and abroad.

The first FIM Europe Workshop on Leadership was focused on the "Cycle of the Intellect" that reveals the dynamics of the mind and the intellect. The Trainer Avenali proposed an ancient yogic technique, based on an age-old knowledge for mind-mapping, to learn to use the many facets of the mind and to understand how to get the best performance from ourselves and from others. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan has its roots in a more than 7000-year-old history, and was in ancient times solely for kings and those who had the responsibility of leading others to happiness and excellence. Kundalini Yoga is known as the fastest way to achieve a state of yoga and heightened awareness, a complete physical, mental and spiritual balance. The applied technologies are concentrated in Kriyas. A Kriya is a sequence of postures, combined with hand positions, concentration of the eyes, specific breathing techniques and certain frequen-

cies of sound, assembled into a single permutation and combination to stimulate the physical, mental and energetic system. It is a complete action with accurate execution times, pauses and relaxations to allow a certain predictable and desired state of consciousness.

The impact on the body to stimulate the electromagnetic field is accompanied by a decisive operation of the subconscious. The action of the Kriya penetrates the subconscious to remove the blocks that don't allow us to relate to something. On a mental level, it educates the neurons to find new associative paths, unravelling old habitual patterns, opening up

Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz


FIM Europe Mag 3/2015


new opportunities and scenarios, thus preparing the mind to see as possible something it previously didn't believe. How is yoga connected to leadership? «The ability of every human being to be in contact with oneself comes from a voluntary act», says Sadhana Singh Avenali. «The process to unfold his own potentiality, uniqueness and power needs a self authority that can just happen if self leadership is ignied. That’s all Kundalini yoga is made about, leading yourself to express the inner core of your true self so by this success will happen for your own satisfaction and the benefits and welfare of others, so the human spirit can prosper. If you simply let things happen, you can live, you can make experiences but the knowledge of yourself does not happen, then in some way you have to apply some sort of discipline on yourself to be not only a victim of circumstances but deal with the circumstances maintaining a kind of dignity and integrity to life». «I've been organising for years interdisciplinary meetings of science, spirituality and business in which we invited people such as Dalai

FIM Europe Mag 3/2015

Sadhana Singh Avenali

Lama, Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Frank Gehry, Christo und Jeanne-Claude and brought them together with leaders from business and politics», says Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz. «The topic of the meetings was 'The meaning of life'. We wanted to find out what people, who are very successful in their lives, are doing differently than others. Our theory was, that they are completely in-line with their life-paths, deeply connected to their inner essence. The result of the five-years lasting project was, that this is 100% true. It was really striking to see that all these people had an inner passion for what they

were doing and were convinced that they were doing the right thing. Christo, the artist who did the Gates in Central Park in New York, had an incredibly hard life for 20/30 years because nobody wanted to finance his artwork but he continued to believe in it.

«All these successful persons were convinced that what they were doing was what they had to do. They were ready to go for it even through very hard times. The most important thing was to see the light, the life in these people. Sometimes we see young boys or girls who have already clear in their mind what they want to do: 'I want to be an artist',



or 'I want to be a doctor', they say. Often they lose themselves in the struggle of daily life and forget about their dreams, but get instead corrupted by their subconscious fears. For us this is a tragedy, because in a world where everyone is doing what they really want to do, there would be peace and happiness instead of wars and depression.

«The reason why we are not in connection with ourselves and we cannot even feel ourselves any more is because there are veils which hide our personality and the more we are trapped in our ego-mind, the thicker these veils become, so we cannot perceive our true essence. Our techniques are peeling off these veils, so the true identity can shine though». In which Countries is Yoga more present in business?

«In America and North Europe Yoga joined companies a long time ago», says Sadhana Singh Avenali. «Eriksson used Kundalini Yoga already 12 years ago. South America and Eastern are very open». How was your first experience with FIM Europe? «For many people it was the first time they got to know new methodologies and a different 'language', so I was very happy because I saw people absolutely interested», states Sadhana Singh Avenali. «We did a study on the mind, on the personality and how to engage the mind in leadership». What do you think is the keyelement to be a good leader in FIM Europe?

«It is mainly a capacity to put one's ideas in discussion and be ready to accept new challenges, because the times are

changing and it is no longer functioning as it worked before», explains Sadhana Singh Avenali. «The ability to truly communicate with other Nations, to increase the level of intelligence applied to solve problems, more intuition and the ability to strategize and plan with creativity». «FIM Europe has a special chance because from what I see on the basis of this organization there was and there is a strong vision and if all single managers and secretary generals are able to reconnect to this vision and to align their personal vision with FIM Europe’s, this helps you to overcome the resistances», comments Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz. «Another important thing is that FIM Europe is a Continental organization, so you have a patchwork of different cultures. Many people suffer from the separation in our world. It is beautiful if you can do things to tear down the walls among cultures». Can you give us some anticipations of the FIM Europe Workshop on Leadership next November? «In January we met a group of people from FIM Europe

Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz during the Waldzell Meeting


FIM Europe Mag 3/2015


Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz with Dalai Lama

who wanted to experience a little more, and we have begun to diagnose well what are the dynamics occurring within the various Federations to see on which of the three areas we must focus more: awareness, that is to be clear with yourself, face reality without preconceptions, intelligence, that is how I can strategically adopt a plan to reach a goal, and the necessary energy to act and create», says Sadhana Singh Avenali. «This is a real revolution in the professional field. In fact, the feeling of time is reduced and the things to do are more and more. Continuing to work on how you can administer the time will never work, you have to think about how to manage your own energy: we call this energy 'prana', the vital resource of life. The questions is, if I have the awareness to understand the reality and the intelligence to make a plan, is

FIM Europe Mag 3/2015

there also enough energy to act and implement? This is something we often lack because of stress. The next meeting, in November, will deal especially with this, also continuing to work on the mind». How long do people have to practice to see the first results?

«The tricky thing is that it can happen in one meeting and it can last 20 years. We don't know. It really depends on the people themselves, how big their resistances are», says Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz. «People usually think they have to defend a certain personality and thus wear different masks. I believe that in a group there must be someone who is extremely courageous and does the first step: ‘Ok, now let's put off our masks and let's be who we really are!' As soon as the first one decides to do it, then I'm sure that others

will do the same. From what we could see in companies, the more successful the leaders are, the more they are suffering. This is because the more they think they have to defend their status and personality, the more they intuitively feel trapped like in a prison. They feel they cannot let go of their mask, sometimes they have to pretend this even at home». So after the workshop what will people have to do to continue 'working' on it?

«We offer a personalized program with our techniques, the evidences of the benefits will be an immediate experience, but it'll turn into a big transformation only if people are ready to practice on a daily basis», explains Gundula Puran Sukh Schatz. «Even if it is just 11 minutes a day. We meet the people often only three to four times a year, but they have to practice at home. In fact it is a life long path, because it is necessary to change the behaviour, the way to react to experiences. Thus new neuronal connections must be built and that's why the repetition in a daily routine is so important. Also doing 11 minutes a day, if done on a daily basis, on the long run can change a lot». Fiammetta La Guidara



R i d i n g i n H e a ve n b y R odo lfo R o me o


The lawyer Rodolfo Romeo, President of FIM Europe Judicial Panel, loves travelling by motorcyle. In this issue of FIM Europe MAG, he shares with us his recent journey in the magic landscapes of Costa Rica


Very often we speak of Earthly Paradise with reference to some wonderful places that our world offers us as a gift. However, among the place which I have been lucky enough to visit, Costa Rica is certainly the place that is closest to my personal idea of paradise. For those, like me, is more fascinated by the works of nature than by those of man, Costa Rica is a mustsee.

That is why together with the friends of the Moto Club Roma we all asked to MotoRideExperience (which has now gained good experience in the area) to organize a short journey by motorcycle, "tailormade" for us and our companions of life who just for ease of the travel, did not not even consider the opportunity to stay home. At home, or better in the garage, stayed our beloved motorcycles because you can rent by the BMW


dealer in San Jose (capital of Costa Rica) suitable motorcycles for the route, which is a light enduro road that allows you to ride smoothly on the many dirt roads, which in many cases are the only way to reach some of the most beautiful places of the Country.

Besides the daily excursions are quite limited because the surface of Costa Rica - only about 50,000 square kilometers - allows in a few hours to reach the goal set effortlessly. The beauty of Costa Rica is just that: in a piece of land are enclosed and guarded carefully all six types of tropical forest in the world, beautiful tropical beaches perfectly equipped for tourism, and others which are solitary and wild, high mountains and 3,500 meters high volcanoes. Each type of accommodation, for all budgets, is available for visitors and travelers.

After a long plane flight and the first night spent in the capital (which really does not offer anything memorable), we “got to know" our “horses”, five F700GS and a G650 Sertao, and we immediately pointed towards the North through dense rainforest which did not deny its name. But the temperature is pleasant and the rain only lasts an hour and gives way to a strong hot sun that gives life color bright and blinding. The impression of us all is to ride in a

botanical garden and this makes us feel intruders in this lush greenery where live huge trees, where birds and animals unknown to us Europeans live, are the undisputed masters. The Costa Rica, in fact, is the country in the world with the highest percentage of territory destined to nature park. The next two days are dedicated to the mountains and parks of the center of the country which include the area of the Arenal Volcano and the park near the town of Monteverde - reachable only on dirt roads, just to prevent excessive access of tourists - where is one of the few cloud forests of the Planet. It seems to be entered in the movie Avatar: the trees are like true cathedrals that contain within them many forms of plant and animal life, depending on each other. Surely James Cameron was inspired by these trees for the set of his film. After Monteverde the gravel road goes down to the valley and becomes asphalt perfectly maintained and modeled on purpose to be fully enjoyed and devoured by our bikes. Rolling hills on which the road runs with ups and downs and curves perfectly connected to each other. Traffic nonexistent. The road enters, then, the legendary Panamericana, the route that connects Patagonia with Alaska. It is very busy but fascinating thanks to the presence of vehicles and trucks prepared for long journeys.



Abandoned the Panamerican road on which we traveled for about 80 km in North direction, we head towards the West to reach the Peninsula de Nicoia.

In this area they are located the most popular and famous beaches (Plaia El Coco, Tamarindo Plaia, Plaia Carrillo, etc.) which are chosen by many foreigners as a permanent home to enjoy retirement, both by young water sports enthusiasts. The atmosphere is still relaxed and smart, and never chaotic, and quiet bays alternate to absolutely wild beaches. In front of us, on the sea, there is the passage of sea birds including the beautiful pelicans flying by touching the crests of waves. Behind, on the mainland, the attention is drawn to the monkeys: like tightrope walkers they pass through the branches of the trees in search of fruit to eat, while tons of birds shine for their bright colors. In the pools of fresh water within the beach it is not difficult to meet some Caiman. What a show!

Leaving the Peninsula de Nicoia, we retrace our steps and head South always on the Pacific Coast, to visit the region of Puntarenas. Here we get an extraordinary balance of beauty between the humid rainforest and the hot ocean on which it overlooks. It's impossible to say which, of the two, is more fascinating, but it sure is wonderful to be in this indecision. Outside the hotel room wander undisturbed iguana one meter long (they are not aggressive, but it's better to keep the door closed); on the trees

FIM Europe Mag 3/2015

Cappuccino monkeys scamper (the most courageous of them do not mind a dip in the pool) and the colorful Toucans are flying, just over forward the dazzling white saddle beach dives in all shades of blue of the sea. But it is time to leave the coast because inside we the 3500 meters of the Irazu volcano are awaiting for us. Here the view is, of course, completely different. You cannot count the different shades of green. Forests and woods alternate with crops (mandatory organic) of coffee and tropical fruits.

On the mountains the humid currents of the two oceans collide and it is easy to find mist and rain, but all in all our light waterproof coveralls fulfill their duty, the road surface is always well maintained and there are no particular problems. However, the temperature drops from 36 degrees on the coast to the 8 of the top of the volcano and we must cover ourselves better because the technical clothing that we brought is for Summer, but overall the choice was appropriate. We return to the plains to say farewell, or better goodbye, to our motorcycles: with their behavior always adequate to our needs we hve learned to love them (but please do not tell those left at home, they would be jealous!)

So the motorcycle journey is over but "the adventure continues". A few hours of bus are enough to reach the Atlantic coast, much wilder, much less 25




built up. In fact, here we find the “Amazon� Atlantic Forest at the Northest of the Continent. It is accessible only by small boats along some waterways that enter the forest until you reach the area called Tortuguero. The long beach is chosen by sea turtles for breeding and spawning but it is completely inhospitable to nautical activities for the presence of large sharks, and where the sea is almost always rough and with strong current. The turtle hatching takes place in June-July, but you can imagine how attentively the area is guarded. We are guests for two days of a nice resort arranged with every comfort and organized to be able to visit the area with trained guides that illustrate flora and fauna in the area and prepare guests to be woken up suddenly during the night by the howler monkeys. Believe me that the name is quite

appropriate and the sound would be a proper soundtrack for a horror movie.

Unfortunately the return flight will not wait for us, therefore, with real regret we say goodbye to Costa Rica: the cold Winter is awaiting for us at home but it will be heated by the warm memory of this wonderful adventure ... looking forward to organizing the next one. A warm thank you to the people close to me that with their presence and participation have made the trip even more memorable: my wife Cecilia, Enzo and Sophie, Fulvio and Maria Grazia, Fabio and Federica, Marco and Susanna and Camillo and Francesca, at their first motorcycle journey. Special thanks also to Rino of Motoride Experience, for the warm care provided.



FIM Europe Mag 3/2015  
FIM Europe Mag 3/2015  

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