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FIM Europe for Motorcycle Clothing Safety

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18 Pascale Reschko Jacquot: the first lady of European Motoball

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Hans de Beaufort Trophy FIM EUROPE MAG

Chief Editor: Fiammetta La Guidara Photos: Dorna, Youthstream, R. Pairan, M. Zanzani, P. Lavaud FIM EUROPE Via Giulio Romano, 18 00196 - Rome Italy E-mail:

Non-Sporting Commissions Meetings

FIM Europe MAG #1 January-February 2016 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copyring of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (ŠFIM Europe)


FIM Europe for quality of motorcycling clothing

On 20th January 2016 the EU Parliament in Strasbourg – at a full session – passed a new regulation on “Personal protective Equipment”. This includes protective clothing sold to riders.

It does not cover waterproof rain suits designed to be worn over leathers or other clothing. However if rain gear is fitted

with protectors – which is a popular type of clothing – then the whole garment must be designed and tested to be protective. At the moment manufacturers are able to certify only the protectors and leave the rest of the garment unchecked. There are exceptions, a number of brands sell motorcycling jeans with protectors

inside and also lined with aramid to protect against abrasion injury. Some of these are tested to CEN standard EN13595 and certified under the old law, Directive 89/686/EEC.

The new regulation which will replace this will apply directly in all 28 member countries of the EU. It is also sure to affect the kind of products


sold outside Europe as well.

Will this make motorcycling clothing more expensive? It should not because the products already on sale complying with EN13595 include many that are produced at the budget end of the market, but are still very good quality as shown by that level of testing. Helmets and visors are not affected by the new law as they are already covered by United Nations ECE Regulation 22. Very high levels of protection against injury are possible today in motorcycle sports – they have been for many years. 4

This is good news for road riders as better protective clothing is on its way.

FIM also anticipates that there will be a wide selection of new clothing to meet the needs of riders across all of Europe where riding conditions (and the climate) vary so much. John Chatterton-Ross, FIM Europe’s Director of Public Affairs commented: «Over one hundred years ago when motorcycle racing started riders soon worked out that strong trousers were essential! If you look at the really old photographs you see they wore a woollen top – the leather jackets came a bit later. «This is something road riders need to follow; the biggest risk in a fall is leg injury. This is where the new motorcycling jeans we can buy today are so good. The im-

pact protectors we have today are great, but it is the protection against abrasion injury that is really vital. We have almost eliminated this type of injury in racing now for many years. I really hope we can improve things for the street rider in the same way. But I urge all riders to think about protecting their legs and not to just wear a motorcycling jacket.

«To be clear, this is consumer protection law, it is about the quality of clothing. It is not about what a rider MUST wear. That remains a matter for national parliaments to decide – it is not an area where Brussels plans to intervene», added John Chatterton-Ross.

First training camp of the MXGP Academy Great success for MX-B certification, in the first training camp of the MXGP Academy for Motocross riders in Malaga (Spain). Malaga was the venue of the second training camp for Motocross riders from all over Europe. In total there where riders from 8 nationalities, most between 10 and 18 years old, for a successful event. Eight young riders took part to MX-A, fifteen riders to MX-B. The whole program was in combination with JB training school (John vd Berk) as an application in his programme in Malaga, in the South of Spain. Training track, accommodation, weather and hotel where perfect as usual and tracks were in good conditions. It was the second edition of this training camp and all participants are already looking forward to the next year, with the pilot MX-C proof. A particular note for Switzerland, which was well represented in this training camp.

Katja Zund, from Switzerland, has been the first female MX rider to succeed in the MX-B proof and she was, for sure, one of the best in the group. Michelle and Nina Zund, sisters of Katja, succeeded as well in the MX-A proof. So the Motocross Training Camp is no longer only chosen by young male riders but from now on the female MX participants are coming up as well. Next Summer the Motocross Academy will visit the Swiss GP, looking forward to a training session on that track. The next training camp will be held in Tartu (Estonia), for the Northern region of Europe, next Summer.

In the opening photo, the MX-B Training Camp riders. Above, Katja Zund, the first female rider of the MXGP Academy to succeed in the MX-B proof. Below, the MX-A youngest riders


Pascale Reschko Jacquot: the first lady of European Motoball

Pascale Reschko Jacquot has been President of the French Motoball Commission since 2012 and in the latest FIM Europe Management Council which was held in Fiumicino (Italy) she was appointed as

President of the FIM Europe Motoball Commission. It is the first time in FIM Europe history that a lady is elected president of a European Commission. Born 53 years ago in France, Pascale Reschko Jacquot is the proud mother of Aurélie, 33 years old, and Jérôme, 23 years old, and grandmother of Noa and Aaron, 6 and 3 years old. «Aaron is already a fan of motoball», says Pascale, who is a motorcyclist, too. «I bought a Suzuki 125 cc in 1995 to go to work, to avoid traffic jams in Paris», says Pascale. «I used my bike to take

my son Jérôme to school every day as my passenger, and so he started to love motorcycles very soon. In 2002 he was already practicing Motoball among Juniors in the Club of Versailles. And this is how the big family adventure with motorcycles started. My partner Philippe lets me live completely my passion for Motoball, which usually means a lot of time spent in the Motoball Commission and many absences from my job during the sporting season, from March to October. I work in a military regiment in Alsace Gresswiller under the French Ministry of Defense, in

FIM Europe Mag 1/2016


a Supply Expertise Pole and I use all my days off to combine work and motorcycles. «When in 2002 Jérôme began training at Versailles I used to accompany him regularly for training and for matches across France (round trips in the South of France in a weekend). So I started living the life of the club, first as secretary and then as President of it. At the same time, I was elected member of the National Commission of Motoball in 2008. «With the renewal of the federal authorities in 2012, I applied for the FFM Managing Committee. I was elected member of the Managing Committee and Chairman of the FFM Motoball Commission. «Since then I replaced my predecessor Mr Michel Vige, and I worked with Mr Karl Voegele, Chairman of the FIM Europe Commission, who has great qualities in sharing his passion for Motoball. «Today I am the first woman chairman of a European Committee. I'm happy of course, because I campaigned for women's representation in the motorcycle world, but that does not mean only parity: as women we have to work even more to gain respect», states Pascale Reschko Jacquot.

FIM Europe Mag 1/2016

Mrs Reschko Jacquot introduced electric motorycles in French Motoball. «Today I think I have some experience in the European Motoball and I wish to propose innovative projects to sustain our sport”, states Pascale Reschko Jacquot. “In particular, I’m thinking about the development of the electric engine and the possibility of playing with thermal and electric powered motorcycles in the same match. We need to consider new conceptions of this discipline. «Training of international referees is crucial, too, as HF equipment during matches. «And finally what matters most to me, creating international youth teams is important. «The future of Motoball at European level is also to develop communication among the various Countries - which is not always obvious, due to language problems, Federations’s means, and so on - to succeed in arousing media in-

terest through innovation (such as electric motorcycles), and to promote by all means the access of young people to the sport, because they represent the future. And, above all, to have fun... «Once again I would like to thank the FIM Europe Management Council for the confidence they have placed in me. I will give my best in performing the mission which was given to me», concludes Pascale Reschko Jacquot. In the side page, French Motoball, with electric motorcycle. Photo by Patrick Lavaud. Below, tThe presentation of the electric motorcycle for Motoball at the Futuroscope of Poitiers, in France. From the left, Patrick David, President of the Ligue Poitou-Charentes, Sébastien Poirier, Director of FFM, JeanFrançois Macaire, President of Poitou-Charentes Region, Claude Sabourin, President of MBCN et Pascale Reschko-Jacquot, President of the Motoball Commission.


H ans de Beaufort Tro p h y

F IM  E Eur op e Pre si de nt i n Do et i nc he m f or t h e p rize - gi vi n g t o J ef f re y Her li ng s

FIM Europe Mag 1/2016


Multi-time FIM Motocross World Champion Jeffrey Herlings was awarded with the prestigious “Hans de Beaufort trophy” on the occasion of the KNMV Gala at the Amphion Theater in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. The trophy represents the hi-

FIM Europe Mag 1/2016

ghest honour in Dutch Motorsports and is handed over once a year to a sportsman who has delivered a performance of world class and who has also proved to be a real ambassador for motorsport and KNMV. Hans de Beaufort was a rider

in the 2nd World War who has lost his own life while he tried to save the lives of many others.

Statement from the board of KNMV, the “Koninklijke Nederlandse Motorrijders Vereniging”: «Jeffrey is a triple world


Above, from the left Patrice Assendelft, CEO of KNMV, Martin de Graaff, 1st Vice President FIM Europe, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President and Jan de Geus, KNMV President. Below, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, with Jeffrey Herlings, winner of the Hans de Beaufort trophy. In the background, Jeffrey Herlings in action.


champion motocross with one title in the 85cc and two in the MX2 class.

«In both 2014 and 2015 Jeffrey was gloriously leading the World Championship series, but he was struck by bad luck on several occasions and was unable to extend his impressive list of world titles. Yet before he was injured he had proved to be the best MX2 rider in the world by far. «In order to win the Hans de Beaufort trophy one needs to deliver world class performances, which he has

done by remaining at top sports level for a number of years, but one has to act as an ambassador for motorcycling as well.

«The second element in particular has convinced the board of the KNMV to grant this award to Jeffrey right now. As years went by Jeffrey has developed more and more into a real ambassador for both the KNMV and the sport. As time a professional sportsman permits he is prepared to make contributions to the development of the sport, also

towards young riders».

FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb, who has handed over the trophy to Jeffrey Herlings, stated: «He is a rider with an incredible talent. Everything he does on the bike looks so easy, what is probably the highest level of riding. He has developed over the years to a real ambassador of the sport and has the potential to become one of the most successful Motocross riders in the history of the sport».


FIM Europe Non Sporting Council in Fiumicino



Above, the Environment Commission chaired by Adamo Leonzio. Aside, the Marketing Commission chaired by Stijn Rentmeesters

The FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council was held in Fiumicino (Italy) on January 16th and was preceded by the four Non-Sporting Commission Meetings: Environment, Marketing, Public Affairs and Touring.

ÂŤWe have evaluated the good work made in 2015, especially in improving our communication strategy, using also new media like our Magazine, and increasing our presence at European level", FIM Europe Vice-President Silvio Manicardi stated. "We've just finished our meetings with the presence and support of several new members, in particular in the Marketing Commission, which started its 2016 job in an extremely positive way. The moment 14

has arrived for all Commissions to translate the developed ideas into concrete actions in favour of the motorcyclists and of the FederationsÂť. Environment

The Commission made an analysis of the past season reports of stewards and delegates. They further developed the Green Education Strategy setting also on line new check lists for 2016. The development of the electric motorcycles trend was also analysed, both in sports and in the city use for eventual future FIM Europe action.


It was the first meeting of an all renewed Commission with new FIM Europe members from different Countries, all with experienced marketing skills and background. They made a deep analysis of the possible objectives for the future, examined the website, social media to improve communication, and they started working on the projects that will be refined also during the next meeting. Public Affairs

They had a round table with the national reports, sharing experiences and information about road safety and public affairs. The contribution of the participa-


tion of FIM Europe at the FIM Dinner in Bruxelles was appreciated and it was decided that the main topic to be communicated at the next Dinner will be the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). For the next Road Safety Conference in Kavala, during the FIM Europe Congress - as already decided in the past - the topic will be the transfer of technology from racing to day-to-day use of motorcycle. Touring

During the Commission meeting the "Motorcycle Friendly Hotel" Program has been re-launched asking the strong support of the national Federations. This will in-


clude the redesign of the specific part of the FIM Europe website and to enrich the mobile application. Another project which has been strongly supported by all Commission members is the creation of the Touring Assistance Guides, who will help to improve the presence of FIM Europe in the so important touring sector. A specific course will be planned in the short future to properly prepare this people to their roles. It has been agreed to promote tours also outside Europe that will have a specific (artistic, scientific...) "theme".

«I'm happy with the results of the meeting», stated FIM Europe President, Dr Wolfgang Srb. «I can see the progress which will be for the benefit of the European Federations and of riders both in sports and touring».

Above, the FIM Europe Non-Sporting Council. Below the The Touring Commission, chaired by Nils Freivalds. In the other page, the Public Affairs Commission, chaired by Mr Jean-Pierre Moreau



University of Belgrade warmly welcomes FIM Europe Vice President Michel Turk’s speech on Road Safety

Above, FIM Europe Vice President Michel Turk together with Dr Vladimir Jevtic. Below, together with the Dean, Prof Dr Ivanka Gajić

On the invitation of Mr Vladimir Jevtic for his thesis defense before the Ph.D. committee members of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade, Mr Michel Turk, Vice President for FIM Europe, presented his views on the importance on developing and implementing road safety standards for motorcycling. He highlighted the correlation between accidents and road safety standards based on his experience as an expert in road safety and as a

motorcyclist who has travelled across 40 countries on three continents.

The Ph.D. defense of Dr Vladimir Jevtic was open to the public and was attended by an audience of about one hundred guests comprising of government officials, professors, students, the business community, representatives of the national motorcycle federation of Serbia, members of motorcycle clubs and Dr Jevtic’s friends. Dr Jevtic now has the distiction of being the only Ph.D.-

holder in Road Safty in the entire Balkans.

The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Nebojsa Bojovic, Ph.D. responded to Mr Turk’s speech with an expression of deep gratitude for having travelled such a long way to represent the FIM Europe in their University and for his "very informative insights".

This event is a significant contribution to FIM Europe’s Road Safety compaign and vision to have an active linkage with the academe all across Europe.

After the event Mr Turk was introduced to the Faculty of Sports of the University "Union - Nikola Tesla" its Dean Prof Dr Ivanka Gajić, and the University President of the Council, Mr Bojan Sekulić. FIM Europe looks forward to a future cooperation with Dr Vladimir Jevtic and the Faculty of Sports of the University "Union - Nikola Tesla".

FIM Europe Mag 1/2016


Avalon Biddle returns to defend Women's European Cup title New Zealand's Avalon Biddle will return to the FIM Motul World Superbike paddock as she aims to defend her title as 2015 FIM Europe 'Women's European Cup' champion. The Women's Cup takes place as part of the European Junior Cup powered by Honda, with the female riders competing directly for EJC points but having the added benefit of an independantly scored championship.

Avalon Biddle claimed the 2015 Womens Cup Title from second placed Anastassia Kovalenko, after scoring six wins in eight races. «I'm very pleased to announce that I will be racing in the European Junior Cup

and Women's European Cup once again in 2016!» states Avalon Biddle. «My goal other than retaining the Wo-

men's Championship is to finish consistently inside the top 5 overall. This will be a challenge but something I am willing to put the work in for. I'm really looking forward to getting the season underway with the official test on the 27th of March in Spain. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, especially my ongoing main sponsors: WIL Sport, CIG and Pole Position Travel».



Aside, from the left: Ing. Ivan Lafter, HMS General Secretary, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Ing Stjepan Persin, HMS President. Below, from the left: Dr Wolfgang Srb, Juergen Riedel (GER), Jussi Luoma (FIN), Timo Haapoja (FIN), Jussi Veravainen (FIN), Igor Bošković (FIM Europe Vintage Commission)..

The Night of Champions in Jastrebarsko

The 2015 European Vintage Road Racing champions, as well as the Croatian motorcycle champions in all disciplines received their trophies and medals on the occasion of the "Night of Champions" in the full packed Princess Center in Jastrebarsko, near Zagreb, Croatia. HMS President Stjepan Peršin welcomed guests from government,

National Olympic Committee, sponsors and last, but not least, the 2015 champions. FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb, who presented the trophies to the European Vintage Road Racing champions together with HMS Vice President Igor Bošković stated: «It was a very well organized Gala.


The level and the presentation was first class and well deserved for the successful riders and clubs. I am happy that the fast growing vintage community had for the first time the high profile platform to get the official recognition. I expect a lot of activities from the vintage riders and organizers in the future».


Below, Ffom the left: Panagiotis Kalaitzis, Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora, Stelios Korelis

A joint-meeting between FIM Europe and AMOTOE was held in Kavala on the 3rd-4th February, for the organization of the next FIM Europe Congress, which will take place in this locality of the East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece) from June 30th to July 2nd. The aforesaid meeting was attended, for the FIM Europe, by the Treasurer Mr Michal Sikora and by the Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco and for the AMOTOE, by the President Stelios Korelis and by Mr Panagiotis Kalaitzis.

The Congress venue will be the Hotel Lucy of Kavala, a five-star hotel located at the tip of cape Kalamitsa, offering spectacular sea

2016 FIM Europe Congress in Kavala, Greece

views of the Aegean and blue flag sandy beach.

In addition to this facility, other hotels will be offered to the participants, all of a good standard and overlooking the sea, in order to allow a wider choice according to the budget availabilities. These other facilities, located at a short distance from the Hotel Lucy, will be connected to the Congress hotel by a bus shuttle service.

During the meeting, not only the organizational aspects of the Congress works of Councils, Commissions, Panels and of the General Assembly were examined in detail, but also


those concerning the recreation activities, especially dedicated to the accompanying people.

In fact AMOTOE has organized tours, as a gift for the participants, during the day of Friday and on Saturday morning, in order to show the beautiful archaeological, historical and natural sites of the Region, enriched by pleasant gastronomic interludes. On the next days, the General Secretariat will send the first official communication regarding the Congress, with enclosed the hotel booking form, in order to let the FMNs be able to organize their travels in good advance.


FIM Europe Mag 1/2016

FIM Europe MAG 1/2016  

Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 Nati...