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Chief Editor: Fiammetta La Guidara FIM EUROPE Via Giulio Romano, 18 00196 - Rome Italy E-mail:

FIM Europe Club Alessandro Sambuco

FIM Europe MAG #5 September - October 2015 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copyring of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (ŠFIM Europe)


FIM Europe Club First meeting in Tuscany

From the 16th to the 19th October, the 1st FIM Europe Club Experience on the road “Tuscany 2015” took place, based at the Hotel Borgo Tre Rose, carefully restored and rebuilt medieval hamlet, located in Valiano di Montepulciano, near Siena, in Italy.

The participants have had the occasion to ride for over 350 kilometres in the fantastic frame of a landscape characterized by barren and gently wavy hills, oaks and lonely cy-

presses, isolated farms on top of the heights and stretches of forest in the valleys.

The programme included also the visits to the enchanting towns of Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino and Monteriggioni having the opportunity to enjoy the typical Tuscan cooking and, in the evening, to taste some of the most famous red wines in the world, among which “Chianti Classico”, “Nobile of Montepulciano” and “Brunello di


We have asked to some of the participants to describe their experience developing four themes: 1 - FIM Club Europe as get-together of people working in the same field 2 - How important is to share a passion

3 – Which kind of emotions “Tuscany 2015” has left 4 - Wishes for the future.


Stelios Korelis

AMOTOE President The first event of the FIM Europe Club has represented a great chance to discuss and to see how other Federations are facing the same issues and also to produce some ideas for combined actions.

It has been very nice to have the occasion to be together with other people sharing the same drive passion.

We had an excellent impression on both the organization and the execution of the tour.

That area is fantastic and the places we visited were very well chosen.

FIM Europe Club should therefore continue with the same philosophy and hopefully even more participants. The places to held it in the future should be as carefully chosen as this year, to give nice touring capabilities on top of the meetings and in order to exchange ideas. We will organize the next one, but in off road, in Kavala/Greece next April.





FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


Rodolfo Romeo

Chairman of the FIM Europe Judicial Panel

I believe fundamental that people working for common goals know each other also outside the “institutional” occasions. The creation of the FIM Europe Club fully represents this spirit, letting people FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

meet for a longer period than the usual duration of the formal meetings, and giving the chance to exchange ideas and opinions about subjects of different nature and “not in agenda”. Motorcycling is passion and to share the same passion with persons tuned on the same frequency increases exponentially the happiness to share this kind of experience. I know very well the area that we have visited, its history, social and cultural background as well as the beauty of such unique landscapes. Therefore I felt like the

one who is inviting friends for a dinner, hoping that they will enjoy the food. The emotion that these places have aroused inside people arrived even from far away, has not surprised me – effectively I expected it – but their expressions of sincere admiration and their happiness to have participated to this initiative have filled my heart of joy. I thank Alessandro for the wonderful idea of the FIM Europe Club and for the perfect organization of its first event… but adding just a small criticism: the evening wine was definitely too good!



Silvio Manicardi

FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President Usually we meet each other in “official” occasions and talk about different problems in handling our sport and other activities. To create occasions, when we have the opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere, to know each other better and to

share opinions informally is a way to support the growth of our organization. Motorcycling above all is passion and just if you share the same passion you can better understand the motorcycle word that we have to manage. Tuscany is one of the best places we have in Italy. Every mile on the road we can enjoy a different scenery with beautiful nature and many historical

places, where you can really enter in the past of our history. The choice of itinerary was excellent, giving us the full spectrum of positive sensations. Therefore it represents an excellent first try, which must be organized in different parts of Europe, so that people coming from all FMNs will have the opportunity to share the same fantastic experience and passion.



Jesper Christensen

FIM Director of Public Affairs Normally we meet at the conferences, which are quite formal and with focused


meetings. So, we practically never talk outside our regular s p e c i a l i t y, w h i c h means we never use the full competence of our commission colleagues. At the Club event, the subject was motorcycling in all aspects. And by riding together gives the friendship where experiences are exchanged.

When you ride, eat, having a glass of wine and basically sleep together, you are in the world of friends sharing the passion for motorcycling. This

is where you can exchange experience, visions and most important for me – get a number of new ideas, projects to start at home or more interesting do together. Only sharing gives the passion creativity, which is not achievable under normal conditions.

I never thought I could feel like being Italian! I´m extremely happy I’ve had the opportunity to ride Manicardi’s scooter. It was my first time doing this, and it must be the maximum Italian feeling riding a scooter in Tuscany, with Italian friends. I’m still smiling, and the scooter is great fun to ride. I´m also very happy for my new friendships.

I really wish FIM Europe Club will continue its concept, simply because I would like to go again. If we could do it little earlier in the season, maybe we could arrange it up here in the Nordics.



Martin de Graaff

FIM Europe 1st Deputy President Riding together with friends and colleagues on motorbikes means to share the passion and to enjoy a group of motorcyclists coming from different Nations, which gives a feeling of solidarity. In every place where we stopped, we took the occasion for discussions about our common


hobby and experiences.

We were riding through the wonderful Tuscany scenery, with a rich history and magnificent villages and cities, and a tour like this has even more value. While spending nice time together, it was possible to speak about important matters, like the development of touring activities and the coopera-

tion between the Federations. In the evenings, back in the nice hotel accomodation, the group enjoyed the high quality of the Italian food and especially the famous Italian wines. We all discussed about the possibilities of touring events on a larger scale, organising for many European motorcyclists a large event, joining

forces and meeting friends of our affiliated Federations, making use of their experience and local knowledges.

About future events of the FIM Europe Club, I think that the character should remain like it was this year and gathering motorcyclists coming from Federations, FIM and, of course, FIM Europe.


Alessandro Sambuco

FIM Europe Secretary General I was really curious to verify if what had been thought as an incubator of ideas, as a moment of positive confrontation and however as an occasion to spend good time together, would be successful. Perhaps I had supposed a higher participation but, considering that it was the first initiative, I would like to underline the qualitative aspect and not the quantitative one. Inside the group several different institutional components were represented and I have to say that they had the chance to dialogue long.

Moreover there has been the occasion to lay the future foundations and, thanks to the gathering of different personalities of motorcycling, the occasion for business talks was created.

This certainly is one of the aims of these initiatives. The “cement” of the pleasant atmosphere surrounding the group was undoubtly the bike and the pleasure to ride it in striking landscapes, not only naturalistic, but also historical and artistic scenaries. We are already working on future initiatives, and we ask our Federations and Officials to propose new candidatures: Road 2016 and Off-Road 2017, being the Off-Road 2016 already organized in Greece.



From the left, Giancarlo Babusci, Motoclub Roma – FMI, Rodolfo Romeo, Chairman of the FIM Eu rope Judicial Panel, Stelios Korelis, AMOTOE President, Panagiotis Kalaitzis, AMOTOE, Silvio Ma nicardi, FIM Europe 2 nd Deputy President, Alessandro Sambuco– FIM Europe Secretary General, Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1 st Deputy President, Angelo Lolli, BMW Motorrad Community Italia, FMI, Gianfranco d’Orazi, FIM Europe Honorary Chairman of the Judicial Panel, Jesper Christen sen, FIM Director of Public Affairs




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