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FIM Europe meets FFM

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FIM Europe at the inauguration of the new FIM Headquarters

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Chief Editor: Fiammetta La Guidara Photos: Dorna, Youthstream, R. Pairan, M. Zanzani,

Susanne Hüttinger,Ewa Jezak

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FIM EUROPE Via Giulio Romano, 18 00196 - Rome Italy E-mail:

FIM Europe MAG #3 May-June 2016 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copying of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (©FIM Europe)


FIM Europe congratulates SMC for Road Safety activities The Swedish Motorcyclist Association (SMC), which in Sweden takes care of all non-sporting motorcycling aspects, has always been interested in finding ways to improve Road Safety of Swedish motorcyclists. In the latest days, they signed a very important

agreement with the most outstanding motorcycle brands in Swedish market, in order to give to all the buyers of a new motorcycle the possibility to take part to a free safe-ride training course, according to the standards defined by ACEM (Association of European

Motorcycle Industry). «The FIM Europe considers this initiative a very good sample of ‘best practice’, which should be adopted as much as possible in all European contests», stated Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe second Deputy President. 3


The text of the SMC School, which offers more than 250 training events each year. Because «It´s not the motorcycles that causes accidents. It´s the humans and human errors. When we learn to handle the amazing bikes we ride, we can enjoy them to 100 percent», says Jesper Christensen, General Secretary at SMC.

To whom it may concern

FREE Advanced Riders’ Training bundle with new motorcycles in Sweden! Riding a new motorcycle will no longer mean an increased accident risk

Buying a new motorcycle is usually associated with great joy and happiness, whether you have had a motorcycle  before,  or  if  it  is  the  very first bike you just bought. The Swedish Motorcyclists Association, SMC,  wants  to  contribute  to  keep that nice feeling among the new owners by teaching them how handle the new motorcycle. Meanwhile the risk of being involved in an accident is reduced. 4

In April 2016 there was an increase in the registration of new motorcycles in Sweden with 12 percent compared to last year. More and more Swedes discover the joy of a life on two wheels. Statistics of road accidents,  however,  shows  that  until now it has been higher accident risk for those who recently bought a motorcycle  compared  to  those  who owned  the  motorcycle  for  one  or more years. About half of those who died on a motorcycle had owned it less than a year. The cause of the accident is often a lack of riding skills and knowledge. This will be changed by SMC together with the Motorcycle industry by inviting every buyer of a new motorcycle to a rider training in SMC School.

Modern  motorcycles  are  often equipped with advanced technology such as advanced ABS systems, tire pressure  monitoring  system  and traction  control.  Since  2011,  the Swedish market only provided bikes with ABS if it was available on the current  motorcycle  model.  From 2016, all motorcycles above 125 cc have ABS brakes. - Modern motorcycles have developed to a level we hardly thought was possible a few years ago, when phenomena as wobble was still discussed among motorcyclists. Now there are  chassis,  tires,  safety  systems, ABS and traction control that makes riding safer and even more fun than before. - It´s not the motorcycles that causes FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


accidents.  It´s  the  humans and  human  errors.  When we learn to handle the amazing  bikes  we  ride,  we  can enjoy them to 100 percent, says Jesper Christensen, General Secretary at SMC. Therefore SMC and the motorcycle  producers  in  Sweden  take  a  comprehensive traffic safety grip. Everyone  who  buys  a  new motorcycle, from the most common brands, gets a road safety education with SMC, one of the largest motorcycle  organizations  in  the world with rider education. The producers in this collaboration are: BMW, Indian, Victory,  Yamaha,  Ducati, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Honda and Triumph. Christensen  adds,  this  is  a major  investment  for  SMC with  a  potential  cost  peak close to one million Euro´s, if all buyers take a training session and even enjoy the free test membership. But, our members are riding 80% of all motorcycle kilometers, so just in savings costs with less accidents may payback in  reduced  insurance  premiums for our members. SMC  School  offers  more than  250  training  events each  year.  SMC  has  more than 500 trained instructors and further more than 300 persons  in  the  crew,  who work  voluntarily  for  SMC's 71,000 members and other motorcyclists  to  become safer riders. SMC will continue  to  certify  the  training courses via the standard recommended  by  the  European motor- cycle industry ACEM. Further information, please contact: Sveriges  Motorcyklister  – Swedish Motorcyclist Association,  SMC  -  Jesper  Christensen,  jesper.christensen  Tel:  +46 705577500. 5


FIM Europe at the inauguration of the FIM new Headquarters


On 12 May 2016, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) inaugurated its new Headquarters situated in Mies (Canton de Vaud, Switzerland).

This celebration was attended by over 120 participants including Members of the FIM Board of Directors, Commission Directors, Representatives of National Federations,

promoters, sponsors and local partners, as well former champions, members of the local authorities and members of the FIM Administration.


Above, the moment of the inauguration of the new Headquarters. On the left, FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb with Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna. Below, from the left Enrique Aldama - Dorna COO & CFO, Anton Breznik - President of AMZS, Nasser Khalifa Al Atya - FIM Deputy President, Dr Wolfgang Srb - FIM Europe President, and Alessandro Sambuco - FIM Europe Secretary General

FIM Europe Mag 2/016


From left: Jesper Christensen , Director FIM Public Affairs Commission; Daniela Leveratto, Technical Director IMMA (International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association); Edwin Bastiaensen, Secretary General IMMA; Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President.

In presence of the Head of the Department of Economy and Sports of the Canton of Vaud, Mr Philippe Leuba, President Vito Ippolito, accompanied by the building’s architect Antoine Robert-Grandpierre cut the inaugural ribbon – declaring the new “House of Motorcycling” officially opened. «Upon my arrival to the presidency of the FIM, I wanted for our Federation a clear vision and strategic plan: this led to the Vision 2020 with ambitious growth targets. With the significant development of motorcycling and in order to achieve its objectives, the expansion of the FIM Headquarters be-

came inevitable», stated the President. To commemorate this unique day, an inaugural plaque was unveiled and official speeches were pronounced in the brand new and fully equipped Auditorium. The FIM CEO, Mr Ignacio Verneda, took the opportunity to highlight three key words: continuity, link and commitment. «Our daily commitment is to improve the FIM services towards the FIM family and stakeholders. This modern building offers a comfortable working environment providing facilities to accommodate the whole FIM family for any type of meetings or events: semi-

nars to educate our Officials, commissions’ gatherings, conferences or exhibitions». To conclude this unique day, the participants had the opportunity to walk around the transparent and modular new FIM building and explore the offices and the exhibition spaces around the elegant central staircase. A number of unique vintage motorcycles are currently on display in the building, including an Indian from 1904 belonging to the FIM’s permanent collection built in the year the FIM was created.


FIM Europe meets FFM FIM Europe is continuing its programme of meetings with the European Federations, with the aim of sharing the best practices for administration, and then to know each other better for growing together. This process of reciprocal knowledge is showing that we operate in a world extraordinarily rich in commitment, passion and creativity. In fact the meeting with FFM, having followed the one with SVEMO on the previous year, has highlighted a Federation really at the height 10

of its history and projected towards the future. On May 31st, Alessandro Sambuco and Silvia Monatti have met, at the FFM headquarters in Paris, the President, the General Director as well as all the Staff of the French Federation. Mr. Sébastien Poirier - Directeur Général FFM - has presented all the structure of his Federation and during the visit it was evident, not only the perfect organization of the offices, but that FFM is really projected to the continuous improvement and its staff

works with passion and flexibility. A particular value is given to the history of the Federation, as strongly wanted by its President, Mr. Jacques Bolle. It is for this reason that, at the FFM, you can find in the same room the person in charge of the new IT system and the one caring the historical heritage of the Federation. Therefore an important past for supporting an important future! The best practice offered by

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


In the other page, from the left Silvia Monatti - FIM Europe Financial and Accounting Department, Alessandro Sambuco - FIM Europe Secretary General, Jacques Bolle - FFM President, Sebastien Poirier - FFM Dircteur Général, Philippe Thiebaut - FFM Directeur Technique National. Below, a moment of the meeting. From the left Silvia Monatti, Alessandro Sambuco, Sebastien Poirier and Lilian Martorell - FFM Webmaster

FFM, which is common aim to be shared with the other FMNs, is a digital management system for licenses and events. The aforesaid system allow a continuous and complete control along all the administrative procedures, starting from the license request until the management of the events. By few click, the riders, without loosing themselves in the labyrinths of bureaucracy, are able to e nter in the French sports system and get all they need for their agonistic or leisure activities. FIM Europe Mag 3/2016

The platform structure is very functional and intuitive in all its parts. Besides the complete control of the administrative flows, it is also possible to extract statistics data and histograms in real time. The programme of how sharing the best practices among the European Federations is under study and will be communicated as soon as completed. «I consider these meetings with the European Federations not only an important moment of

growth for our organization, but also and mostly a personal and professional enrichment. It is really surprising as, from each one of these occasions, you can always learn something new», said Alessandro Sambuco at the end of the event. «I am very satisfied about this exchange with Alessandro and Silvia. The sharing of best practices among the Federations through FIM Europe is essential for the development of our activities», concluded Sébastien Poirier.



FIM Europe mourns Kenneth Throndsen’s departure

FIM Europe mourns Kenneth Throndsen’s departure: a member in the Norwegian Drag Bike Commission, Kenneth was born August 23 1955. He had been involved in Drag Bike since the mid 80's and was holder of licenses for both motorcycles and cars. He worked as technical scrutineer both in Norway and abroad, and was asked to be Jury President during the Grand Opening at Gardermoen raceway from 3rd to 7th of August 2016. Due to his academic and technical strength and recognition in Drag Bike community, the Norwegian Motorsport Federation was asked to nominate him as a member of Drag Bike Commission in FIM Europe. There, he served 12

as technical expert and was a positive contributor to the development of Drag Bike in Europe. «Yesterday came the incredible sad news that Kenneth Throndsen has passed away after a short illness», stated Lin Granlund, chairwoman of the Norwegian Drag Bike Commission. «Kenneth was arguably the most knowledgeable official in drag race in Norway, all organizers, officials and benefited athletes from. For years he was a monument, not only in Norwegian, but also in European drag racing. «He has held numerous positions, both at home and abroad, and has given his life to drag racing. «Kenneth was friends

with everyone and worked faithfully on both the car and motorcycle side. He was clearly a link in our sport. Gardermoen «When Raceway now being upgraded, Kenneth has a good share of the credit. «He sat in the court committee, and was behind many of the solutions. «Therefore, we are very pleased that Kenneth defied the disease and even got to see the status of the track, a few days ago. This shows how much heart he had for the sport. «Kenneth called us his drag racing family, now we unite in grief. «Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go to his family», concludes Lin Granlund.

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


From the left: Silvio Manicardi, Dolf Willigers, Jesper Christensen, Steve Aeschlimann, Morten Hansen, Rolf Frieling, John Chatterton Ross

FIM Europe and FEMA: collaboration progress 17th of May was the occasion for another meeting of the FEMA and FIM Europe working group. The meeting was hosted by FIM at the new headquarters in Switzerland. From FEMA the representatives were Morten Hansen, Rolf Frieling and the Secretary General Dolf Willigers, from FIM Europe Vice President Silvio Manicardi, Jesper Christensen and John Chatterton Ross and FIM Europe Mag 3/2016

from FIM Steve Aeschlimann, Executive Director Operations. The Group discussed the progress of co-operation of the two organisations; subjects covered included the forthcoming FIM Europe Congress and Road Safety Conference. Other items included the continuing work on the new CEN standard for protective clothing for street riders, and the many challenges and op-

portunities coming to our motorcycling world from new developments on automatic vehicles. Vice President Manicardi issued an open invitation to the FEMA colleagues to attend the FIM Europe congress in Kavala next month. Vice President Manicardi added: «I appreciate very much how the discussion is progressing in a very friendly and collaborative way». 13


The podium of the European Women’s Cup, with the winner Sara Andersen (Denmark), Julie Dalgaard (Denmark) in second position, and Emelie Dahl (Sweden) in third. From the left, the officials Nita Korhonen (Director FIM Women's Commission), Dr Wolfgang Srb (FIM Europe President) and Andrzej Witkovski (PZM President). Photo of the podium @Susanne Hüttinger. All other photos @Ewa Jezak/X-cross

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


EMX Women’s Cup: the debut at Cieszyn

«The first ever European Motocross Cup for Women was a big success», stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. «The high number of entries - 54 - is a big motivation to go on and probably expand the number of events as of next year. The Polish Federation PZM and the club in Cieszyn did an excellent job».

On a sunny day the first round the EMX 65cc and 85cc North East zone kicked off at Cieszyn, in Poland. The event hosted also the Women's Cup, with 54 female riders are at the start. In the first race of the Women's Cup, on Saturday, the winner was Julie Dalgaard, from Denmark, who finished in front of her FIM Europe Mag 3/2016

compatriot Sara Andersen. On the podium also Gabriela Seisdedos, from Spain. On a very nice sunny Sunday with temperatures up to 27 degrees and no wind, the racing day. In Race 2 - on Sunday - the fastest rider was Britt van

Der Werff, from The Netherlands. Second place for Sara Andersen, from Denmark,

who finished the race before Natalie Kane, from Ireland. In Race 3 the winner was Emelie Dahl, from Sweden. With her on the podium Julie Dalgaard and Sara Andersen, both from Denmark. The overall standings for the Women's Cup 2016 see Sara Andersen winner in front of Julie Dalgaard and Emelie Dahl.

The report by PZM

photos @Ewa Jezak/X-Cross

The Women's MX European Cup has become a fact. However, nobody expected it to provide so much excitement. The registration list alone, which included nearly 60 names, commanded respect. Probably nobody expected such a high level of interest. Finally 54 women competitors from 21 countries took part in the event. It is enough to list Julie Dalga16

ard, Natalie Kane, Sara Andersen, Caroline Belglund, Britt Van Der Werff or or our own Joanna Miller, to see how fierce the competition was likely to be. And indeed, the minimal time differences in the qualifying races showed that the final resolution would only take place in the last minutes of the third race. Particularly as the fastest riders fought wheel to wheel over two days from

start to finish. However, before we talk about the competition itself... Several months ago, during a regular meeting of the Commission for Women in Motorcycling CFM, a decision was taken to organise the Women's MX European Cup. Nita Korhonen, director of the Commission for Women in Motorcycling CFM says: "Our idea is to try to find an intermediate formula FIM Europe Mag 3/2016

between the world championships and national championships. This is a competition, in which women riders aspiring to be the best on the European continent can start. Judging by the huge interest, we have taken a step forward in popularising women's motocross". So the idea existed and all that remained was to decide on the location. The choice was made to use the

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016

track in Cieszyn. Aleksandra Knyszewska (the Commission for Women in Motorcycling FIM) says: "This event is a great opportunity not only to promote women's motocross in Europe, but an opportunity to increase the popularity of the sport itself in our country". A promotional campaign was quickly undertaken, and the track's host - the Cieszyn Motor Club - began prepara-

tions to receive almost two hundred riders, because the European Championship (N/E) and the Polish Championship in the 65 and 85 cc classes were to be held simultaneously with the Women's European Cup. The track was modernised in a relatively short period of time and a machine park was prepared capable of handling this large group of riders. 17


Finally the long-awaited weekend arrived (21/22 May). Never before in Poland there had been the opportunity to host such renowned women riders, which is why the level of competition far exceeded expectations, and not just those of the fans. The importance of the event was confirmed by the presence in Cieszyn of the highest governing bodies from FIM Europe, with the FIM Europe President, Dr Wolfgang Srb, at the head. The competition was also watched by the members of the CFM: Anne-Laure Rey, Susanne

Hüttinger, Iris Kramer and the chairwoman Nita Korhonen. The Polish side was represented by the President of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZM), Andrzej Witkowski and the Vice-President for Motorcycling, Michał Sikora Chairman of the PZM Commission for Motorcycling Sports. The spectacle was of the highest calibre with unexpected twists and turns worthy of the master of thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock.The biggest surprise was the victory by Sara Andersen, competing on

a 150cc Yamaha - theoretically the weakest motorcycle in the field. In Cieszyn, it turned out that strength lay not in the power of the engine, but in the incredible skill of this fifteen year old Danish girl. Her exceptional talent and fighting spirit is demonstrated by the fact that in one of the races she started last but was in second place by the finish line. An extraordinary talent! The outright favourite for the Cup, Julie Dalgaard (also from Denmark) lost against her by one point. Julie currently holds 12th place in


the Women's MX World Cup, and her excellent start in Teutschenthal placed her among the rivals aspiring for first place. Emelie Dahl, from Sweden, came third. However, not everyone was so lucky... The terrible fall in the last race eliminated a great rider, Britt van der Verff, from the competition for a place on the podium, and among the biggest losers there was Irish Natalie Kane, former UK Women's Champion. She is currently in sixth place in the world but in the first race she finished

only seventh, behind Joanna Miller, among others, who managed to beat her rival in great style. Our representative finished fifth in the general classification, however, just seconds separated her from the winner leaving hope for a high ranking in the next World Cup competition. And the other Poles? A major success can be considered the fact that three qualified for the final heats. It's true that Alina Šaszcz placed helself only 35th, Victoria Horodyńska 37th and Dominik Orlik 40th, however, for the girls it was

not the result that counted but the experience gained from their participation to an international event with such strong competitors. "The high level of competition, the great atmosphere and the fantastic support from fans may well persuade the governing bodies of FIM Europe to hold one of the rounds of the Women's European Championship on the track in Cieszyn. Let's hope that it will happen", they say in Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

Some photos of European Women’s Cup. In the other page, with number 325 and in the photo below, the winner Sara Andersen (Denmark). With number 703 Julie Dalgaard (Denmark) in second position, and, below, Emelie Dahl (Sweden), who finished in third position. Photos @ Eva Jezak


FIM Europe for the World Environment Day World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Since it began in 1974, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 Countries. Above all, WED serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something to take care of the Earth or become an agent of change. That ‘something’ can be focused locally, nationally or globally. On this occasion Adamo Leonzio, Chairman of FIM Europe Environment Commission, has written an open letter to all Federations: «Dear friends, as every year, the next June 5th will be the World Environment Day, dedicated to draw the attention of all the inhabitants of this planet on the problems connected



to the respect of the environment. The world of motorcycling can only be in remember not to harm our friends the forefront, in the animal world when we practice our sport considering the importance of MINIMAL EMISSIONS INTO THE AIR this aspect in advanced fuel injection system instead of the classic carburetor carrying out its activities. And IMPERMEABLE & ABSORBENT MAT although this used while refueling and repairing must be an evewill prevent the contamination of soil and water ryday effort, it cannot fail to STANDARDIZED NOISE LEVEL celebrate this regular sound measurements day in the best during motorcycle sport events way. ZERO OIL WASTE This year the technical progress in terms theme of WED is of motorcycle engine leaks dedicated to the respect for our friends of the animal world and therefore FIM Europe invites all associated Federations particular, because the to celebrate this imporworld of motorcycling tant day with initiatives considers environmental in all race tracks, rairanks high in the scale of sing the awareness of its priorities». the respect for the environment in general and for the animal world in




FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


FIM Europe President at Sports Events On 30 April on the occasion of the FIM Speedway GP in Krsko, Slovenia, FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb wanted to congratulate personally to Tai Woffinden, 2 times Speedway World Champion. In the photo, from the left: Andreja Prel, Head of Motorcycle Sports and Karting Department of AMZS, Tai Woffinden and Dr Wolfgang Srb.

FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb was at Talavera de la Reina, in Spain, for the MXGP and EMX. In the photo, from left: Jos Driessen, FIM Board Member, Josep Abad Pous, President Federació Catalana de Motociclisme, Angel Viladoms, President Real Federación Motociclista Española and Dr Wolfgang Srb. (photo Massimo Zanzani for Youthstream).



Starting from the 18th FIM Europe Congress in Cracow (Poland) in 2014, a new Touring Commission was put in place and the chairman Nils Freivalds was appointed during the Management Council in Riga on 29th September 2014.

The other members are: Mr. Laurynas Baltrunas (LMSF/Lithuania) Mr. Panagiotis Kalaitzis (AMOTOE/Greece) Mr. Vladymyr Mykhaniuk (FMU/ Ukraine) Mr. Franz Pintarich (OeAMTC/Austria)

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


The large number of motorized two-wheelers (38 million units) in Europe is triggering an expansion of already increasing motorcycling tourism intensity, therefore FIM Europe is urging the development of non-sporting motorcycling activities and recognizes those as important as sporting activities. A series of initiatives for FIM Europe Mag 3&2016

the promotion of touring activity has been launched: - FIM Europe Club - The relaunch of the Motorcycle Friendly Hotel Program - The activation of courses for the training of FIM Europe Tour Assistants; - Support to touristic-cultural activities.

FIM EUROPE CLUB Since Touring initiatives are important for FIM Europe, last year the FIM Europe Club was launched. The members ex officio are all FIM Europe officials, in addition to National Federations' Presidents and Secretaries General. The FIM Europe Club has the aim, through the organization of Touring events 25


(the FIM Europe Club Experiences), to improve relationships and collaboration more about people co-operating inside FIM Europe, increasing the level of trust among colleagues, motivating the group and creating cohesion and integration. The first Road Experience was held last October, in Tuscany, and was a good success as was reported on our Magazine fully dedicated to this event ( _5-2015/1). A video of the event is on FIM Europe YouTube channel ( eni4M& The next Road Experience will be held in September and the venue and all details will be communicated during the next FIM Europe

Congress in K a v a l a (Greece). Furthermore, the work for the 2017 Experience is already in progress.

MOTORCYCLE F R I E N D LY HOTEL PROGRAM The aim of this project is to support concretely the development of the Touring activities all over Europe. In fact FIM Europe's role is not limited to the sporting motorcycle activities, but also addressed to the millions of European amateur bikerstravellers.

It is in this perspective, that in 2001 the FIM Europe project "Motorcycle Friendly Hotels" started, in order to create and progressively enlarge a network of hotels


& camping friendly to the motorcycle touring. Under the guidance of Albert Kockelmann, the project gradually grew to reach 120 hotels. The work continued also with the strong support of the Secretariat, reaching 150 Hotel and Campings in 11 Countries. The new Touring Commission has taken up the project to further increase, especially in the Countries where we are not so well represented. The contract was re-written taking also in consideration the change from

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016

UEM to FIM Europe, the new economic situation in Europe with enlargement of the EU and for this reason also a new hotel-plate was designed (see in the photo). Therefore selected hotels and camping, which are willing to welcome the bikers, but also to offer some dedicated services and facilities (ie for maintenance), are “evaluated” through a questionnaire. In change of a registration fee for three years, FIM Europe offers to the selected hotels and camping:

- Presence and promotion in the FIM Europe website; - Presence in the FIM Europe App, used by motorcycle travellers; - Presence in the Annual FIM Europe Yearbook distributed in all 48 Member Countries, both printed and web-based; - Promotion in all FIM Europe events and rallies. FIM Europe is sure that the success of this initiative will depend on the support of the Federations which know well their territory and the hotels



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which might be part of this program. TOUR ASSISTANT TRAIN I N G PROJECT FIM Europe and its Non-Sporting Council stress the need to develop a


cross-national cooperation development among all National Member Federations in order to have coordinated and standardized Tour-Assistant services that are currently lacking. Developing the Tour-Assistant concept enables FIM Europe National Member Federations to provide well-organized and professional touring services for those willing to travel

in Europe. An important issue is that there is a potential demand and business perspectives for reliable and FIM Europe recognized Tour-Assistants to receive qualified travel assistance services currently National Member Federations are unable to provide. The FIM Europe and its Non-Sporting Council announced a call for FIM Europe co-financed training

of Tour Assistants and invited all National Member Federations to delegate candidates for the training being held from September 2 to 4 at Honda Safety Center in Barcelona, Spain. The FIM Europe is organizing a training session for pre-selected group of Tour-Assistants who will be listed as qualified FIM Europe’s Tour-Assistants. Tour-Assistants will be pre-


selected at their respective National Member Federations according to the pre-qualification assessment check-list (in the photo) in order to select the most qualified candidates for this training. FIM Europe's intention is to select a group of 15-20 TourAssistant candidates from National Member Federations and provide them a 1 day theoretical and practical riding training on Tour

The deadline for National Federations to submit the check-lists is July 15th 2016, to the e-mail address: SUPPORT TO TOURISTICCULTURAL ACTIVITIES

Assistants' skills at Honda Safety Center.

The training will also introduce the list of Tour Assistants on FIM Europe’s website and all trained individuals will be publically available at FIM Europe for the first event provides the following services: - 1 day theoretical and practical (riding experience with trainers) training at Honda Safety Center; transfer servi-

ces to/from the hotel selected by FIM Europe and Honda Safety Center; - lunches and coffee breaks during the training session; - insurance of all participants; - attendance certificates after completion of the training (see diploma in the photo); - publicity services and publication in FIM Europe website. Trainees will have to cover their travel and accommodation costs in Barcelona.


SOLAR ECLIPSE - In 2017 there will be the total Solar eclipse in America, and taking advantage of this particular event, FIM Europe has decided to support this trip that has a goal to observe this astronomical phenomenon. The tour will start from Atlanta with the guidance of experts who will explain the event. The presentation of the initiative can be found on FIM Europe MAG 2/2016: ( g_2_2016)

MOTORCYCLE MUSEUMS Furthermore, on FIM Europe's website a list of Motorcycle Museums has been published for a long time, in order to match the passion of our history with the passion of travelling all over Europe with interesting, cultural targets. This list is at the moment under revision, to be updated with the latest newcomers, but it is available at the following link: h t t p : / / w w w. f i m ring/european-museums

FIM Europe Mag 3/2016


NILS FRE IVA LDS I have been in active motorcycling for 12 years and have ridden approximately 200 000 km so far. Knowing that the season for riding is about 5-6 months in Latvia, its a rather active riding. I am a member of Latvian Motorcycle Club Association and represent the Association at the Latvian FMN. Chairing the FIM EUrope Touring Commission for 2 years at both - Latvian FMN and FIM Europe. Have been active organizer of different motorcycle tours (groups of 10 to 20 riders) to Europe, mainly Germany and Scandinavia as well as organizer of different motorcycle gatherings and rallies (up to 5000 riders) in Latvia.



L A U R Y N A S B A LT R U N A S «Motorcycle riding experience since 1996, and I am riding from 15.000 till 25.000 km every year, now. Activities: Member of Mototourism committee in Lithuanian Motorcycle Sport Federation, member of FIM Europe Touring committee. I am organizing different events for the motorcyclists since 1999: “Bikers midwinter party“, “Retro rally through Lithuania“, “Bikers tournament“, Lithuanian Retro motocross championship, Baltic States Retro motocross championship, “Motorcycles with sidecars meeting“ and so on. I started riding the old Russian motorcycles – K-750, Ural and so on and then I bought and rode motorcycles made in Japan: Yamaha XV700, Kawasaki VN700, Suzuki VS1400 from 2001 till 2003. I’ve been riding different Harley Davidson motorcycles since 2003 till now: FXDL, XL1200R, FLSTI, FXD and old Russian or Ukrainian bikes: Ural or Dnepr. Some magazines, such as “Bikers World“ (Slovenia), “Bikers News“ (Germany), “Moto Press“ (Lithuania), “Moto+“ (Lithuania), “Moto ekspert“ (Russia), “Biker Baltics LT“ wrote about my trips and adventures».



PA N A G I O T I S K A L A I T Z I S «As for my mototouring porfolio, adding the clocks of my bikes, past and present, it sums to more than 500.000 accident-free kms, most of them touring Greece and abroad and I am holder of the Advanced Riders Diploma of Ro.S.P.A.. Also, on the last FIM Mototour of Nations, I was awarded the 1st Pilote distinction».


VLAD IMIR MIKHA NIUK “I’ve been in Motocross since 1974, when I was 14. I am also the organizer of the Stone Storm competition - annual extreme Enduro competition. I have been travelling all across the region of the Black Sea (a tour around the sea) and also travelled around the Baltic Sea. I had also the intention to organize a tour around Mediterranean sea, however the military activity in the region cancelled my plans. I prefer dual sport and travel off-road in my region of Ukraine”.



In 1969 I got my driving licence and for the next four years I rode a scooter (Puch DS50), the sidecar of my uncle (BMW R50 ) and different rented bikes. From 1973 to 1992 I was riding instructor. I still ride my Yamaha XS360 from 1973,which was one of my bikes as instructor As I always used the bikes of the driving school I never had the chance to go beyond the national borders of Austria for insurance reasons. After stopping my activities as riding instructor I bougth a Piaggio Zip especially for riding in my hometown. How many kilometres I have made so far? I don’t know ... I am also involved in the organization of motorcycle events: in 1974 the FIM Rally Krems/A (I was a member of the organizing team); in 1983 the FIM Rally Melk/A (I was the clerk of the organizing team); in 2008 the FIM Rendezvous Meritum/Krems (I was a member of the organizing team), in 2011 the FIM Rally Tulln/A (I was director of the event).



FIM Europe Congress at Kavala, Greece A Preview

Greece is going to host the 2016 FIM Europe Congress and Road Safety Conference, which will be held from Friday June 30th to Saturday July 2nd in Kavala, at the Lucy Hotel (in the photo). The meeting is to host FIMEurope delegates from European Federations to discuss and approve decisions regarding FIM Europe management and 360° issues in the field of Motorcycling: from Sport to Safety, to Touring. The program of the Congress foresees the meeting of the Sporting Council and of the

Non-Sporting Council on Thursday, of the Management Council and of the Secretaries General on Friday, and again the Sporting and Non-Sporting Council meeting on Saturday, followed by the Management Council and by the General Assembly, with the Official Dinner to conclude the Congress. For the first time the General Assembly will be broadcast in live-streaming, so that it will be possible to watch it all over the world from FIM Europe official website, www.fim- The live-streaming will begin on Saturday 2nd July at 14.00 local time and the video of the General Assembly will be then available on demand on the website. As for the topics the Congress will deal with, during the General Assembly there will be the report of Mr Martin de Graaff, chairman of the Working Group on Minimum Age for International Motorsport. On the same topic, the scientif report of Prof. Fabio Pigozzi will follow, Rector of University of


Rome “Foro Italico” and President of the International Sports Medicine Federation. Among the other topics, particular attention will be given to Safety - on July 1st the 10th edition of the Road Safety Conference will be held, which traditionally takes place yearly during the FIM Europe Congress. FIM Europe comments that since its foundation, “the themes of road incidentality, of industry responses and initiatives, to improve Road Safety systems and the safety of 2-wheeler behaviour

and their safety have been of importance for FIM Europe”. The main focus at this year’s conference will deal with the development of electronics and technology. In particular, the agenda of the conference foresees the welcome speech of JeanPierre Moreau, Chairman FIM Europe Public Affairs Commission, followed by the speech of a representative of the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Network on "Powered Two Wheelers Safety in Greece", and by

the report from the Director of Public Affairs - Mr John Chatterton Ross, FIM Europe Director of Public Affaires. The following speeches will follow: "Transfer of technology from racing tyres to road one", by Mr Nicolas Goubert, Deputy Director and Technical Director of the Michelin Racing Group, and "A window on future technology: from science fiction to reality", by Mr Daniele Bibbo PhD, Biolab3-Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, University Roma Tre.

FIM Europe MAG 3 2016  

Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 Nati...