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FIM Europe participates in MACEC meeting in Brest

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FIM Europe Working Group on the “Age Limit for International MotorMotorsports”

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FIM Europe Management Council FIM EUROPE MAG

Chief Editor: Fiammetta La Guidara Photos: Dorna, Youthstream, R. Pairan, M. Zanzani FIM EUROPE Via Giulio Romano, 18 00196 - Rome Italy E-mail:

FIM Europe MAG #2 March-April 2016 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copying of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (©FIM Europe)


Automated and connected vehicles: Don’t forget motorcyclists!

The Google car was just involved in another accident, which shows that research and development still has to continue. But Google is not alone in developing new automated systems to take away some (or maybe one day all) driving tasks. Automation plays a large part in

civil aviation, so maybe cars too?

FIM is discussing these issues with the European Union and other partners including the FIA which speaks for drivers. In a letter to the EU Commission dated 11 March 2016 FIM set out its position: «We do not wish to

see any roads where motorcyclists currently have access denied to riders. Or indeed to pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport. There is a case for the use of dedicated lanes on some parts of the road network provided other vehicles can access the same road».


FIM’s Director of Public Affairs John Chatterton-Ross added: «There are bright prospects with some of this new technology using vehicle to vehicle communications to reduce collisions – particularly at junctions. All authorities need to work together. This is why FIM is also discussing these issues with the United Nations in Geneva at the end of this month. I hope they will coordinate their work with that of the European Union 4

in Brussels. We also expect to see this taken up by governments in the G7 later this year so that we ca have a global approach. The rights of motorcyclists to continue to use the roads will be asserted by FIM», concluded Mr John Chatterton-Ross.

«While the majority of the tests at the moment are performed in the United States we feel the particular difficulty and constraint of the European circula-

tion», stated Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President. «Here, in fact, there are 37 millions of powered two wheelers on the road, which need a special attention from authorities, due to the fact that cars and motorcycles are sharing the roads in higher percentage than in the United States». In the photos: scooters in Rome (Italy) and the Google Car



FIM Europe Working Group on the “Age Limit for International Motorsports”

FIM Europe Mag 2/016


The Working Group on the “Age Limit for International Motorsports” had a very successful meeting in Hotel Tiber in Fiumicino (Rome, Italy).


The final report will then be sent to the 48 affiliated European Federations, while a final discussion will take place on the occasion of the General Assembly of FIM Europe at the Congress in Kavala (Greece) on 2nd July.


«I'm very grateful to the members from the Federations and the experts in this working group for their reports and honest opinions concerning the minimum age of riders in international motorsports», stated Martin de Graaff,

FIM Europe 1st Deputy President and Chairman of the Working Group. «With their contribution we can produce a report to show our Federations how we'll proceed in future with the competitions for young riders. The ex-

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016


On top, the Working Group on the “Age Limit for International Motorsports”. Above, Martin de Graaff

periences of all people in Federations and the scientific approach by two University professors will help us to have a clear view on the question when and how to start motorsports».

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016


On top, Prof. Fabio Pigozzi and, below, Prof. Marjan Olfers

Professor Fabio Pigozzi, Rector of the Foro Italico University of Rome, stated: «I am really happy to offer my scientific contribution when it is needed by an International Federation. This was the case of my participation in the meeting organized by FIM Europe concerning the age limit for taking part in international Events. It is always important to base any decision taking into consideration the relevant scientific background». «All children have rights that must be protected. It's the Federations' task to set objective criteria serving the best inte-


rest of children. It is the best for the future of the kids, the motorsport, the Federations and the Country», stated Prof.

Marjan Olfers phd, Professor in Sportslaw at the VU -University of Amsterdam.


«Young riders are the future of our sport and we have to take care about them», stated Gianluca Avenoso, representative of the South European Federations.

Per Westling, representative of the North West Federations and SVEMO General Secretary, stated: «It was a good meeting, many opinions, it was interesting».

Ivo Tsevanov, representative of the South East European Federations and BMF General Secretary, stated: «We have the experience to provide a safe playground for our riders and we must do it together». Gary Thompson, representative of the West European Federations and ACU General Secretary, stated: «It has been important today to ensure that the European Federation moves forward on a positive pace so far as minimum ages are concerned. We have had a very good debate and I feel we have collectively moved into the right direction».

«Youth is to stimulate, not to push», stated Jan Postema, trainer/coach of the MXGP Academy.


«It is good to have an open discussion about young riders and we have to protect and educate them», said Barry Veneman, KNMV trainer/coach for Road Racing.

«I’m very satisfied with the results of today’s meeting”, stated FIM Europe President Dr. Wolfgang Srb. “All aspects of the participation of young riders in European Championships have been discussed and objective criteria has been established, having in mind the need for the best possible framework for the kids.

Jean Pierre Mougin, Vice-President of the French Olympic Committee and Honorary President of FIM Europe, stated: «This meeting was the first step to progress about the evolution of the age limit in the motorcycling World and Continental championships. The list of criteria is established, and now we have to take into account the medical position and the corresponding criteria». 12

«The national Federations play an important role in the education and training before young riders will be authorised to compete on international level.

«The input of Prof. Pigozzi and Prof. Olfers was most valuable and has added a lot of quality and credibility to the results of the working group», concluded Dr Wolfgang Srb.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016

FIM Europe participates in MACEC meeting in Brest

The 11th General Assembly of MACEC (Motorcycle Association of Central European Countries) was held on 12 March 2016 in Brest (Belarus). MACEC member Federations are from the following countries: BFMVS (Belarus), LMSF (Lithuania), FMRM (Moldova), PZM (Poland), FRM (Romania), SMF (Slovakia) and FMU (Ukraine). BFMVS President Aleksandr Drahun welcomed the participants of the General Assembly in Belarus and was happy to be the host of this important meeting. MACEC is one of the six Regional Associations in FIM Europe; the others are AAMU (Alpe-Adria Motorcycle Union), AAM (Association Méditerranéenne de Motocyclisme), BMA (Baltic Motorcyclists

Association), BMU (Balkan Motorcycle Union) and NMC (Nordic Motorsport Council). FIM Europe comprises 48 National Federations. During the meeting the results of the 2015 MACEC Cup in the disciplines Speedway, Motocross (85cc, MX2, MX1), Cross-Country and Trial were evaluated and approved, as well as the calendar and the regulations for 2016. Comprehensive information was given by the various delegates about the activities. Concerns were raised about the ongoing difficult situation since the financial and economic crisis has hit the global economy in 2008. Only thanks to the unlimited passion and commitment of the Federa-


tions and the volunteers the goals and objectives could have been achieved. MACEC President Andrzej Grodzki (PZM) expressed his satisfaction about the results that have been achieved as well as the excellent cooperation among the member Federations. FIM Vice President Andrzej Witkowski gave an update on the current development in FIM while FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb highlighted the activities of FIM Europe. He invited everybody to attend the FIM Europe Congress from 1 to 3 July in Kavala (Greece). «I am very happy with the results of the MACEC General Assembly», stated FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb after the meeting. «The Federations work very hard in at times very difficult financial conditions in order to provide the best possible framework for the athletes to carry out their sport. I am impressed by the strong commitment and cooperation of each and every country. Special thanks to Belarus for being an excellent host». The next meeting of the MACEC General Assembly will be held early in 2017 in Moldova.


FIM Europe Management Council in Fiumicino


From the left, Laurent Delbroek, Andrea Diamantini, Silvia Monatti, Martin de Graaff, Michal Sikora, Andrzej Witkowski, Alessandro Sambuco, Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Juhani Halme, Nina Birjukova, Michel Turk, Jean-Marc Desnues, Jan Stovicek, Tapio Nevala, Rodolfo Romeo and Silvio Manicardi


The FIM Europe Management Council meeting was held in Fiumicino, near Rome (Italy). Many important topics have been discussed, like the report of the President, the report of the Secretary General, the re-

port of the Chairman of the Sporting Council, the report of the Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, as well as various reports from the other VicePresidents. During the FIM Europe Manage-

ment Council meeting, special attention was given to the report of the Treasurer, as well as the report of the Auditors. The 2015 Balance-Sheet was approved and so was the 2016 Budget.


The preparation of the FIM Europe Congress in Kavala, Greece (June 30th – July 2nd 2016) is proceeding according to plans.

The event was preceeded by the annual meeting of the Auditors for the usual internal auditing, which took place on April 1st at the premises of the General Secretariat in Rome.

«We had a good meeting, we received all the information we need to make our report from the financial department, which is very well organised. FIM Europe had a very good financial result this year», stated Laurent Delbroek, President of the FIM Europe Auditors. «The book-keeping gave a lot of information and made it easy to do our job as audi-

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016

tors», added Tapio Nevala, member of the FIM Europe Auditors.

«I’m really satisfied with the balance-sheet of 2015», said Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General. «In these cases it’s good to consider that the success depends on the whole ‘team’, starting from the Governance of our organization, which demonstrated good management choices, up to the Administration, which with constance and dedication has pursued the goal of cost containment. I’m proud to be part of this team and I’m glad I can count on the professionalism of my Staff».

«I am very happy with the results of the weekend», stated FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb. «Sporting as well as

Non-Sporting activities develop very well, European Federations, organisers and clubs are working very hard to achieve their goals.

«While continuing to organise sport events on top level, we increase our activities in the field of road safety and public policy and education. I am also satisfied with the excellent work of the administration, a well respected and competent service centre for the European Federations. They work most efficient and cost effective», concluded Dr Wolfgang Srb. On the top, the FIM Europe Management Council meeting. In the other page, from the left, Tapio Nevala and Laurent Delbroek (Vadym Kopylov, the third auditor, had already left the meeting by the time the photo was taken) 17


The press conference for the MXGP Academy (@ Youthstream)

FIM Europe and Youthstream for MXGP After the qualifications on the first day of the MX GP in Valkenswaard (The Netherlands), Youthstream and FIM Europe organised a press conference for the MXGP Academy. The trainers of the Academy are busy all over the year with riders training in several European Countries. Besides this it is important to pay attention to the skills of the trainers.

In January many KNMV trainers took part to a special course for trainers in Sport center Papendal, in The Netherlands. 18

These trainers were invited in order to receive the certificates in Valkenswaard.

Giuseppe Luongo from Youthstream is enthusiastic about the progress of the Academy trainers: "Young, good educated riders are the future and the base for the pyramid which works very good in motocross. Part of this is the training of trainers, they have influence in the development of our sport", stated Giuseppe Luongo.

Martin de Graaff pointed out what the Academy trainers will do in 2016. "Involving trainers,

coaches and parents in the development of young athletes like motocross riders is of main importance", stated de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President.

The KNMV trainers received the certificates, if other federations will organise a training like this it is possible to contact FIM Europe with a request. In a few months a training will be organised in Teutschenthal.

Martin van Genderen, the coordinator and trainer of the MXAcademy handed over the certificates to the trainers.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016


From the left, Mr Michael Günther, DMSB Sport Director, Mr Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General, and Mr Jochen Schäfer, DMSB Responsible for Motorcycling

Meeting at the FIM Europe General Secretariat with the DMSB On the 22nd March the FIM Europe General Secretariat hosted a meeting with representatives from DMSB. Mr Michael Günther, Sport Director, and Mr Jochen Schäfer, Responsible for Motorcycling, met FIM Europe Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco, in a joint meeting with the Administration.

In addition to discussing various administrative matters, the meeting represented the occasion to understand how the General Secretariat services are perceived by an important Federation such as DMSB.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016

«These occasions are fundamental for me, in order to collect, understand and interpret the evaluation on the work of our Organization», stated Alessandro Sambuco. «What emerges from these meetings will give us an opportunity to promote improvement activities, with the minimum target to maintain the value of the current standards and with the more challenging goal of a continuous improvement of the offered services. In fact, the alternation of improvement actions with maintenance actions is what I mean as a develop-

ment for our organization».

«First of all I would like to thank Alessandro Sambuco and his staff for the friendly, honest and constructive meeting and hospitality», added Michael Günther. «A close co-operation and exchange of information with the FIM Europe is very important for the DMSB. There are many topical challenges for the European Federations - such as licence and insurance problems, status of events, respect of the Sporting Code and strengthening of the Commissions - which can be solved only together».





First meeting between the FIM and the CONU Secretaries General

The participants to the first meeting between the FIM and the CONU Secretaries General


The FIM and the General Secretaries of the FIM Continental Unions met on Tuesday 12 April at Fiumicino, Italy, for a first working session at the initiative of the FIM. This new meeting format aims to foster exchanges and relations between the FIM and the CONUs generally and also to develop common projects designed to improve the services provided to the national federations and the riders. This meeting took place in the presence of Ignacio Verneda (FIM CEO), Steve Aeschlimann (FIM COO), Jacqui Monteiro (FIM Africa), Shah Yahya (FIM Asia), Alessandro Sambuco and Silvia Monatti (FIM Europe), Ramon Carreira (FIM Latin America) and John Pineo (FIM North America). FIM Oceania was unable to be represented for this first working session. The participants had the opportunity to discuss the harmonisation of riders and other types of licences and also a project focusing on insurance. The FIM representatives also briefed the Secretaries General on the new subsidies process managed by the Committee for the Management of FIM Reserve Funds (CMRF). At the end of this first day of exchanges, the


participants gave their first impressions on this new meeting format.

FIM CEO - Ignacio Verneda I am very satisfied with this first meeting. We felt that it was necessary for us to better understand the problems of our CONUs and their administrative needs. We wish to have a meeting once a year, stay tuned and work together to improve the FIM services toward our CONUs and our federations.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016


FIM COO - Steve Aeschlimann This forum is not only a fantastic sounding board for the FIM Administration to test new ideas but it is also speeding up the implementation of new projects across the globe. All the key people are sitting in the same room and can give their immediate feedback.

FIM Asia - Shah Yahya This meeting is a think tank between the regions and FIM, so we can voice the actual scenario of what we are experiencing in our CONU. It's a good thing and it should continue and we should benefit a lot from this meeting.

FIM Africa - Jacqui Monteiro It's a great opportunity to see the commonalities between the six CONUs and that the problems being experienced are not uncommon. Going forward I'm sure we as a team will find the right solutions to our problems and experiences.

FIM Europe - Alessandro Sambuco I believe that this new initiative, addressed to the Secretaries General of the CONUs, is a brilliant insight on the part of Ignacio Verneda. It is a reflection of the FIM’s progress towards institutional maturity. In this way we can favour mutual understanding, consolidating the concept of FIM Family, stimulating cooperation on a personal level, improving the flow of information, deepening a better understanding of each other's procedures and, last but not least, promote a real convergence towards common operational procedures.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016



FIM Latin America - Ramon Carreira In this kind of meetings we have the opportunity not only to analyse particular or even shared situations but also to define our lines of action in order to make the motorcycling world better in both sports and non-sports activities.


FIM North America - John Pineo It was a great opportunity to discuss common situations and realise how we all deal with the same problems. We learn from each other at this meeting. It was good to meet face to face with our colleagues.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016


Agreement between FMU and BFMVS PZM President Andrzej Witkowski and FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb on the occasion of his visit of the PZM headquarters in Warsaw Below, on the left, the new President of BFMVS Aleksandr Drahun and FMU President Vadym Kopylov signing an agreement of cooperation on the occasion of the General Assembly of MACEC (Motorcycle Association of Central Europeans Countries) in Brest.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2016



From the left: Alessandro Sambuco, Gerry Brice, Gordon Crockard, Davy Dousselaere, Tim Gajser, Siri Minken, Dr Wolfgang Srb, Fabrizio Bernardini, Marco Infusino at the Training Camp in Albaida

Honda 150 European Championship pre-season Training Camp in Albaida For the fourth time consecutively, the FIM Europe is collaborating with Honda for the


assessment and training of the young riders of the MX 150 European Championship.

26 young riders, from 11 to 14 years old, coming from 13 different Countries, attended this pre-season Training Camp, held in Albaida (SPA) on 23rd and 24th April. During the weekend the youngsters spent their time getting to know the Honda CRF150Rs, received expert guidance and met their 2016 rivals for the first time. Tim Gajser (Honda Gariboldi’s 2015 MX2 World Champion) joined the Training Camp addressed to these young riders, giving his contribute of experience to the riFIM Europe Mag 2/2016


Above and in the following page, some pictures of the physical evaluations and the session with parents of young riders, with the presence of Tim Gajser, too

ders and their parents. The riders received from the FIM Europe Staff a complete training package including a physical assessment and a sports psychology session for the riders and their parents. The FIM Europe Staff consisted of the Trainers Fabrizio Bernardini and Marco Infusino from Italy and the Sports Psychologist Siri Minken from Norway. They were accompanied by the FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb and coordinated by the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco. «From the results of the different tests you can see the great will of the boys to demonstrate their good management of the balance», said Fabrizio Bernardini. «However it would be appropriate for each of them to intensify and FIM Europe Mag 2/2016

vary the exercises as much as possible, with the aim of a better management of the movement of the centre of gravity, both on the ground and during the jumps. This will also allow saving a lot of energies in the riding performance». «It is evident», stated Marco Infusino, «that the young riders are showing a good strenght endurance to the force especially when they are assuming a position similar to that of riding. However, during the exercises of the training protocol proposed, gaps in coordination skills and core stability are emerging. This is definitely linked to the prevailing training on the bike, in detriment of the improvement of motor skills». «The scoring on the riders psy-

chological skills shows that these young riders are passionate and motivated», added Siri Minken. «We had some good sessions with the parents about how to behave as a good parent. I think most parents had healthy perspective on the riders career». «As in previous years our staff

participated to this Honda Training Camp not only to select the young riders but also to provide themselves and their families with tools for their preparation», stated Alessandro Sambuco. «Being prepared in Motocross, so as in the other disciplines, does not only mean achieving significant performances in sport, but above all reducing the chances of incurring injuries associated to a worse control of the bike due to fatigue. We 27


care a lot about all the aspects of safety in the sporting activity of our young riders». «Professional training and education is essential in every sport», concluded FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb. «The training camp in Albaida, on initiative of Honda and together with the experts from FIM Europe is of utmost importance. The young riders learn also a lot about themselves and understand where they probably have to work harder. The parents have been part of the Training Camp, as special lectures were given to them. All in all, a most successful weekend». FIM Europe Mag 2/2016


Women in Motorcycling

The sporting season for women in Motorcycling has just started: the FIM Women's Motocross World Championship was the first to kick off and was be followed a few weeks after by the FIM Women's Snowcross World Cup. To continue with MX, a very special event will take place in 2016: the first ever Women's Motocross European Cup, held in Poland on 21-22 May. The event is open to women of a minimum age of 15 years old riding MX2 speciFIM Europe Mag 2/2016

fication motorcycles (250cc 4strokes or 125cc 2-strokes). The top four women in the FIM World Championship for 2015 and 2014 are excluded from entering. The event is open to any rider from any Continental Union,

not just Europe. There is no entry fee for women riders.

As for European championships, Women will have their dedicated series in Enduro and Trial, too, besides Women’s Motocross of European Nations. 29


Travelling towards the total solar eclipse

In 2017 there will be the total Solar eclipse in America, and taking advantage of this particular event, FIM Europe has decided to support this trip that has a goal to observe this astronomical phenomenon. The tour will start from Atlanta (in the photo) with the guidance of experts who will explain the event. The trip will be organized by Stella Errante in partnership with FIM Europe and the bikes will be rented on site through EagleRider - the world's largest motorcycle tourism company.




It has been a long time since FIM Europe has decided to further promote tourism activities, both reconstructing the Commission with new members - experts and enthusiasts, and launching series of initiatives in this regard.

- FIM Europe Club

- The relaunch of the Motorcycle Friendly Hotel program

- The activation of courses for the training of FIM Europe Tour Assistants

- Support to touristic-cul-

tural activities

All these activities will be further presented in the next issues of FIM Europe Mag, but in the meantime we want to introduce an important cultural touristic initiative which will take place in 2017.



Tourism and culture, in fact, according to the conception of FIM Europe, must live together, so as to make the travel a more interesting experience. In 2017 there will be the total Solar eclipse in America, and taking advantage of this par-

ticular event, FIM Europe has decided to support this trip that has a goal to observe this astronomical phenomenon, with the guidance of experts who will explain the event.

The trip will be organized

by Stella Errante in partnership with FIM Europe and the bikes will be rented on site through EagleRider the world's largest motorcycle tourism company. The bikes among which the participants can choose their own traveling companion


are Indian, Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW or Triumph Motorcycles. Since many years the cultural Association “Stella Errante� in Rome has been organising and promoting cultural events and travels to observe

astronomical phenomena and, in particular, to observe the total solar eclipses, the most powerful scientific phenomenon visible from Earth.

Stella Errante brings together a mix of people, from scientists to amateurs,

young and old, women and men.

Stella Errante goes around the world in extraordinary places, from the Mongolian Gobi Desert to the Svalbard Islands, beyond the Arctic Circle, as well as in China, in Chile and




so on, to observe eclipses, to get to experience the cultures of different places. «We move from Country to Country to catch some eclipse action. It’s like a drug, the more eclipse you see, the more you want to see. These events always generate worldwide interest», states Marzio Lauto, of Stella Errante.

Five different routes are proposed to satisfy different needs both in time and money.

The longest journey is the "coast to coast" in 23 days, called Tour C.

This path is splitted into two segments: Tour A of 7 days and Tour B of 19 days, in order to give a choice of a shorter and less expensive travel.

In addition, to extend the range of the itineraries, the Tour B has been divided into two parts: Tour B1 (10 days) and Tour B2 (12 days); the latter is the only one that does not allow to observe the Total Solar Eclipse.

Each participant can book one's own favourite tour and book the flight. The package trip "all inclusive" begins

with the meeting of the participants in the hotel chosen by the organization in the USA.

As valuable addition, during the eclipse, an expert astronomer with a telescope will guide the participants and will allow them to fully enjoy the wonderful phenomenon of the eclipse.

The detailed programs of the five different tours are available on FIM Europe website at the following link: uring/touring-initiatives


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FIM Europe MAG 2 2016  

Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 Nati...

FIM Europe MAG 2 2016  

Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme), that represents 47 Nati...

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