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Chief Editor: Fiammetta La Guidara Photos: Dorna, Youthstream, R. Pairan, M. Zanzani FIM EUROPE Via Giulio Romano, 18 00196 - Rome Italy E-mail:

FIM Europe MAG #2 March-April 2015 The articles published in this magazine do not necessarily reflect the official position of FIM Europe. The content of this publication is based on the best knowledge and information available at the time the articles were written. The copyring of articles and photos even partially is forbidden unless permission has been requested from FIM Europe in advance and reference is made to the source (ŠFIM Europe)


A new arrival in FIM Europe family:

The FIM Europe Management Council, in the meeting held in Fiumicino last April, gave life to a new aggregation tool: the FIM Europe Club. Through the organization of Touring events, the Club wants to do more about people co-operating in the FIM Europe, creating relationships, increasing collaboration, increasing the level of trust in colleagues, motivating the group and creating cohesion and integration. Addressed to all its officials and members, the FIM Europe Club in fact will represent an excellent motivational tool, creating opportunities for brainstorming and problem solving, through the charme of its experiences on the motorcycle, the emotions that will be generated and shared, the multi-sensorial involvement, the climate of interaction and exchange with others. And, last but not least, fun on the two wheels. All Officials and Honorary Members (present in FIM Europe Yearbook) and all the Presidents and Secretaries General of the FMNs of the FIM Europe will be automatically members of the FIM Europe Club.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

The FIM Europe Club will organize two Touring events one on the road and one off-road each year. So, it will split into two sections: “On The Road Experiences” and “Off Road Experiences”. Applications to organize the Experiences will be collected at the Annual FIM Europe Congress in the meeting of the General Secretaries. No membership fee envisaged and expenses of participation will be borne by the participants in the events. It is the responsibility of the organizer of the Experien-

ces to research benefits or favorable conditions for all participants. The organizer can count on the support of the Travel and Logistics Department and the Marketing and Communication Department of the General Secretariat. For the term 2015-2018 the FIM Europe Club will be coordinated by the FIM Europe Vice President Martin de Graaff and the FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco.


Executive­Board­ Meeting­in­Assen On 6th and 7th March the FIM Europe Executive Board meeting was held in Assen, The Netherlands.

The primary objective of the meeting, as well as considering matters of ordinary management and all the activities planned for the start of the 2015 sporting season, was the preparation of the next Management Council Meeting to be held in Fiumicino next April 11th, immediately after the internal audit to be held in Rome on Friday 10th.

Among the main topics discussed during the two days of work: • relationship of full coopera4

tion with the FIM; • new European Championships; • meetings of the Commissions of the FIM Europe of late 2014 and the new dates for the meetings in 2015; • projects in 2015; • situation of Promoters for 2015; • organization of the 2015 Congress in Malta; • creation of the Strategic Plan Working Group. In particular for the latter Working Group it is assumed that the following composition, following the acceptance by the candidates, has been

scheduled for 28.05 in Fiumicino: Chairman: 4 Mr Roy Wetterstadt, NMF Members: Mr Jos Driessen,FMB; Mr Manuel Marineiro, FMP Mr Danijel Vastag, AMSS-MSS Ms Ingrida Visockiene, LMSF The FIM Europe President dr Wolfgang Srb, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and the Legal Advisor Rodolfo Romeo will also attend the meetings of the Working Group.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of being in Assen, a meeting was also held with the FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


Director of the TT Circuit of Assen Mr Peter Oosterbaan and the Manager of the Events Department Mr Jeroen Steenhuis to get to know the structures that will host the 2015 European Championship events for Minimoto and Motocross.

«I am very happy with the preparations of the 2015 season as well as with the results of the meeting of the Executive Board in Assen», stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. «FIM Europe is stronger than ever and has a clear agenda for the future. The European Federations work very hard to achieve FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

their goals, and the management of FIM Europe supports these activities in the best possible way. We are on the right way and united in our desire to manage the best season ever!»

From the left Jeroen Steenhuis, Manager Events Department Circuit Assen, Michal Sikora, FIM Europe Treasurer, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Martin de Graaff, President of FIM Europe Sporting Council, Peter Oosterbaan, Director of the Circuit of Assen, Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General 5


Management足activities足 Following the natural succession of the management activities planned during the year for the FIM Europe, this is a period full of commitments.

The annual meeting of the Board of the Auditors for the usual internal auditing took place on 10th April at the premises of the General Secretariat in Rome. The meeting was

preceded by the election of the Chairman Mr Laurent Delbroek (FMB).

The day, the 11th April, at the Tiber Hotel in Fiumicino, also

the Management Council Meeting was held. A long and challenging meeting, given the amount of topics to be discussed but, at the same time, satisfactory as held in a very positive and constructive atmosphere, where every member has offered his personal contribution. Among the most significant issues covered topics from the agenda we can find political, sporting, non-sporting, organizational, financial, Marketing, Merchandising and Communication issues. The preparation of the FIM Europe Congress in Malta (2 – 5 July 2015) is proceeding according to plans. The Members of the Management Council used the occasion to attend on Sunday, April 12th, the European Enduro Championship event held in Rieti, located 80 km from


Rome. Fine weather in a wonderful natural frame and a massive participation of riders coming from 17 Countries offered a great sporting event.

From the left Silvio Manicardi, Gianfranco d’Orazi, Alessandro Sambuco, Dr Wolfgang Srb, Rodolfo Romeo, Nina Birjukova, Martin de Graaff, Michal Sikora, Jean-Marc Desnues

From the left, Silvio Manicardi, Jean-Marc Desnues, Silvia Monatti, Alessandro Sambuco, Martin de Graaff, Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Juhani Halme, Nina Birjukova, Michal Sikora, Laurent Delbroek, Rodolfo Romeo, Michel Turk, Paola Bianchetti



F I M E u ro p e fo r R o a d S afet y

Mr John Chatterton-Ross, Director of Public Affairs in FIM Europe and in FIM

The themes of road incidentality, of industry responses and initiatives, of the systems to improve Road Safety, of 2wheeler behaviour and safety have been of prior importance for FIM Europe since its foundation and every year during the FIM Europe Congress a Road Safety Conference is organized with the aim to focus on these important themes.

Royal Automobile Club developed by car manuof Catalunya on the the- factuers to be made mes of Road Safety. compatible with the needs of other road «This covers the major users, especially motorissues facing road sa- cycle riders. It needs fety for riders», states manufacturers who are Mr John Chatterton in both the car and moRoss. «The need for fair torcycle industries (for enforcement of the traf- example Honda and fic rules on all road BMW) to take the lead users. The importance on this». of the road infrastructure, as this is often not All these matters are safe for riders, being dealt with in Mr Chatterdesigned for cars. How ton-Ross’s interview, Mr John Chatterton- emerging technologies with the invite to spread Ross, Director of Public can help improve sa- to the world of motorcyAffairs in FIM Europe fety. FIM Europe stres- cling safety the techonoand in FIM, was recently ses the urgent need for logy which we is already interviewed by RACC - new technology being in car industry.


On the occasion of the start of 2015 Motocross World Championship, its promoter Youthstream and FIM have launched a new campaign entitled “Ride Quiet!” in order to create awareness of the need to reduce sound levels.

A video clip has also been produced, with the participation of several top riders, to encourage off-road riding and help to preserve it for future generations to enjoy. The message of "Ride Quiet!"

campaign is to ensure that offroad sport does not antagonise the local community, which might lead to the closing of circuits.

«FIM Europe gives full support to this important campaign», stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. «In fact, we have to assume responsibility: FIM Europe is the biggest Continental Union of FIM; comprising 47 National Motorcycle Federations and organizing approximately 75% of all FIM acti-

vities. The riders are well aware of the fact that extreme sound can create discomfort and problems for people living close to circuits and racetracks.

«Measures to reduce the sound have already been taken, in close cooperation with Federations, manufacturers, teams and riders as well as with our promotion partner Youthstream», Dr Srb added. «'Ride Quiet' has to be on top of the agenda, today and also tomorrow».

FIM Europe gives full support to “Ride Quiet!” campaign for Off-Road


V i si s itt to t o SV E MO

fo forr oone ne ooff th e sstt pprac e ss t hee bbe r acttiicce The handshake between FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and SVEMO Secretary General Per Westling

A modern administration must research constantly means to improve its own procedures for increasing efficiency and for granting a better supply of the offered services.

Definitely with this purpose, on the 24th and 25th February, a FIM Europe delegation, made up of the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and the Administration Department manager Silvia Monatti, has visited SVEMO headquarters in Norrköping (Sweden).

The main topic of the meeting has been the presentation by the SVEMO staff, directed by their Secretary General Per Westling, of the "SVEMO Race Administration System". In fact, already from 2009, the Swedish Federation has progressively developed and improved this administration system based on a software endowed with a user interface adapted for smartphones and enabling each kind of economic transaction, including licences and calendar inscriptions (the software is already at disposal for the FMNs interested, contacting for further information Mr Stefan Lang: Even if it will be necessary a feasibility study and to adapt it to

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

the specific FIM Europe exigencies, this system could support the optimization of several activities, among them the following ones:

- each kind of economic transaction with FMNs (rider licences and calendar inscription fees, sanctions, circuit and official licences, credit notes for Commission meetings, subsidies, etc); - calendar inscriptions;

- supplementary regulations; - Jury President reports; - results.

At the end of the visit which has shown, among the other things, a SVEMO perfectly organised and endowed with an enviable atmosphere among its whole staff, as well as projected to a continuous improvement, the FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sam-

buco declared: «I definitely believe on the necessity to research an interconnection among all Executive Staffs of the FMNs affiliated to FIM Europe, letting the ones with the best administrative practices represent a driving puller for the others.

«With this aim, my specific task for the next months will be to support any occasion of meeting among the colleagues Secretaries General, in order to research such best practices and to spread them», added Alessandro Sambuco. «This will grant an amazing impulse to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Administrations and will favour a constructive and, why not, pleasant atmosphere of cooperation, among who share not only a mission but also and mostly a passion: Motorcycling».

Norrköping (Sweden) - A moment of the SVEMO Race Administration System presentation


MACEC celebrates 10th anniversary gional associations for development of motorcycle sports and tourism in Europe. During the The General Assembly of MACEC (Motorcycle Association of Central MACEC GeEuropean Countries) in Kaunas (Lithuania) neral Ass e m b l y meeting the results of 2014 The General Assembly of MACEC MACEC Cup in the disciplines spe(Motorcycle Association of Cenedway, motocross, enduro, extral European Countries) was held treme enduro and trial were on 7th March 2015 in Kaunas (Liapproved. The MACEC Cup calenthuania). dar for 2015 was approved. The participants highly evaluated the It had particular character as it cooperation of their federations was 10th jubilee meeting in the during the 2014 FIM Europe Genehistory of MACEC. ral Assembly in Cracow and 2014 FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang FIM General Assembly in Jerez de Srb addressed a letter to all parla Frontera. They decided to adticipants of the Congress. He dress FIM Europe to take into acstressed the important role of re12

count the regional associations in the process of applying for FIM grants. During the meeting the elections for MACEC President and Vice Presidents were held. Andrzej Grodzki (PZM) was elected MACEC President. The title of Honorary MACEC Vice President was conferred to Serghiy Lyatosinsky (FMU) who has performed the duties of MACEC Vice President since the beginning of the association. Aleksandra Knyszewska (PZM) was appointed MACEC Secretary General. The special thanks were extended to Virginijus Visockis, LMSF President, for the very good organization of the Congress and warm atmosphere. The next meeting of the MACEC General Assembly will be held in March 2016 in Brest (Belarus).

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


Green Education Strategy by FIM Europe Environment Commission On March 22nd in Warsaw, Poland, during FIM CIE Seminar, the Green Education Strategy was presented.

Mr Peter Gregory from FIM and Environmental Stewards from 12 FIM Europe Federations were present. The Green Education Strategy is a project that includes several activities: online check-list, brandbook and Facebook page.

The intention of the Commission is to educate, promote, advise Environmental Stewards, Organizers and Federations. The brandbook will be available on the website of FIM Europe.

On 31st March 2015 Honorary FIM Vice President Colin Moram was honoured for his fifty years of service to motorcycle sport in the ACU South Midland centre. The meeting included a talk about the work of FIM Europe and FIM by John ChattertonRoss. «I was delighted to be asked to join this presentation to Colin who I have known since I was first involved in FIM work twenty five years ago», added John Chatterton-Ross, FIM Europe Director of Public Affairs. «He is a motorcyclist who has served at the very highest levels of our sport. He still keeps working today. I also passed to all at the meeting the best wishes and congratulations of FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb». Mr Moram was presented with a carriage clock inscribed to mark the occasion. FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

All environmental matters, including Manuals and Rules for Environmental Stewards, can be found in FIM Europe website, in the “Social” area.

FIM Europe Environment Commission launched online-check list system, which will be tested during 2015 season.

solve issues and share experience, pictures, new ideas, innovations or suggestions directly from the race-tracks. The presentation was followed by discussion and positive feedback from the participants.

Since nowadays a big role is played by social media, Environment Commission created its Facebook pageto be constantly in touch with Environmental Stewards and to assist, help,

Colin Moram honoured for lifetime of service to ACU’s South Midland centre

From the left, Terry Golds and John Coles, respectively Secretary and Chairman of the ACU centre, Colin Moram and John Chatterton-Ross, FIM Europe Director of Public Affairs


H o n d a 1 5 0 E u ro p e a n C h a m p i o

Tr a i n i n g C a m p i n A l b a i d a

The weekend of 14-15 March, has seen youngsters from across Europe head to the Training Camp for the Honda 150 European Championship, where they met their 2015 rivals for the first time, spent time getting to know the Honda CRF150Rs and received expert guidance at this crucial point in their formative careers.

Also this year, and for the third time, the FIM Europe has collaborated with Honda for the evaluation and training of the young riders of the MX 150 4S. The Training Camp saw the participation of 33 young riders coming from 15 different Countries. Across the two days the riders were able to get to grips with the four-stroke CRF150R with

track time alongside series coach Gordon Crockard and Honda World Supersport rider Kyle Smith. The two trainers took the riders round the track in small groups to help them improve their riding style, lap time and bike position. Team HRC sporting manager Jean-Michel Bayle and Team HRC MXGP rider Gautier Paulin also joined Crockard and Smith on the track to help guide and advise the youngsters. Spanish motocross rider Jorge Zaragoza was also present on the Saturday to share his experience with the riders. To ensure that the riders received a complete training package, a fitness assessment and sports psychology session was given by the FIM Europe: accompanied by the FIM Europe

President Wolfgang Srb and coordinated by the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, the staff consisted of the Trainers Fabrizio Bernardini and Marco Infusino from Italy and the Sports Psychologist Anders WahlstrĂśm from Sweden. The physical assessment saw the riders engaged in two tests: - the first test was on strength and keeping the correct position on the bike and wanted to assess the endurance of the quadriceps femoris in keeping the correct position of bent legs on the bike. The rider was requested to assume this position with a vertical controller applied to the torso. The time in keeping the position has been measured, until the controller signaled that the torso started to oscillate, or moved forward;



- the second test was to assess the core stability of the rider or his ability to manage the imbalance in the “Planck position”. A bad management of the imbalance could adversely affect the performance of the rider. After the assessment the riders were provided with a training plan with the exercises which had been demonstrated by the Trainer and tested by the riders thmselves. Also from the psychological side some tests have been proposed to the young riders with the aim to evaluate their competitive behaviour. During the week-end the Sports Psychologist carried out also some meetings with the parents of the riders to give them explanations and tools to prevent dropout from the children's physical, mental and social development perspective.

These youngsters rode their CRF150Rs together the following month at the first Euro-

pean round of the MXGP World Championship in Trentino, Italy. The winner of the 2015 Honda

From the left Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President, Davy Dousselaere, Honda Europe Off Road Manager, Motorsports Division, and Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General


150 European Championship will receive a Honda-supported ride aboard a Honda CRF250R in the EMX250 championship in 2016, providing a unique and valuable springboard to their careers. «Compliments to Honda for arranging such a great opportunity for young riders to attend the training camp in Albaida», commented Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. «Our part was the fitness assessment and the sports psychology session. Together with the riding skills Honda got a clear picture of the performance and abilities of the various participants. I was also happy about the fact that many parents were present and that the Sports Psychologist could share his experience with them. All in all, a very good weekend and an excellent job carried out by the FIM Europe staff». The Honda 150 European Motocross Championship is designed to

FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb

provide young riders between the ages of 11 and 14 with fourstroke experience and prepare them for riding in European championships and World championships. The winner of the championship will receive a 2016 Honda supported ride in the European 250 championship. The first round will be at the first European event in the MXGP calendar at Pietramurata, Italy, on the 18th and 19th of April. Last weekend saw youth riders from throughout Europe, and as

far afield as the United States, descend on Albaida, Spain for the Honda 150 -FIM Europe training camp. While the primary purpose of the training camp was to allow the riders to familiarise themselves with the four-stroke CRF150R, undergo physical assessment and benefit from the tutelage from stars from the Honda Racing Family, a selection process was also in place to decide who would join the pre-selected riders at the start gates in Pietramurata for the first round. FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


To ensure that the riders received a complete training package, a fitness assessment and sports psychology session was given by the FIM Europe: accompanied by the FIM Europe President Wolfgang Srb and coordinated by the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, the staff consisted of the Trainers Fabrizio Bernardini and Marco Infusino from Italy and the Sports Psychologist Anders Wahlström from Sweden. Throughout the weekend, series coach Gordon Crockard and Honda Europe’s Off-Road manager Davy Dousselaere observed the 13 riders who had not been pre-selected and assessed them based on their riding potential, riding position and style, general attitude and fitness. The young hopefuls were also watched closely by Team HRC MXGP rider Gautier Paulin and Team HRC Sporting Manager Jean-Michel Bayle who were on hand to offer guidance to the riders and assist Crockard and Dousselaere in making their selection. A video of the event in Albaida, with an interview to FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb, was realized. The video looks at the new aspiring racers and how the Honda

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

Racing Family come together to encourage the next generation. Although there were only six places available in the championship, the other seven riders still have a chance to ride at one of the rounds. Three of the riders were chosen as reserves, to be called upon if someone is unable to attend an event or suffers an injury. Throughout the year, there is also the possibility to be called up as a wildcard rider for an event. The six riders who were selected are: Marc Antolin (ESP) Andrea Bonifacio (ITA) Luis Outeiro (PRT) Alex Pettersson (SWE)

David Robson (GBR) Jana Sanchez (ESP) The three reserves are: 1st reserve: Jonas Bjerrum (DEN) 2nd reserve: Romain Delbrassine (BEL) 3rd reserve: Lorenzo Bernini (ITA) Final entry list Marc Antolin (ESP) Jack Bintcliffe (GBR) Alexandre Bours (FRA) Alexis Collingnon (FRA) Max Erlandsson (SWE) Raffaele Giuzio (ITA) Tatu Junnola (FIN) Viking Lindstrom (SWE) Yago Martinez (ESP) Archie Osmaston (GBR) Alex Petterson (SWE) David Robson (GBR) Jana Sanchez (ESP) Slade Tressler (USA) Emil Weckman (FIN) Timothe Berry (FRA) Andrea Bonifacio (ITA) Mack Bouwense (NLD) Tim Edberg (SWE) Hakon Fredrikson (NOR) Carl Joergensen (SWE) Albin Larsen (SWE) Leandro Luedi (SUI) Hardy W. Munoz (CHI) Luis Outeiro (PRT) Matthew Pocock (GBR) Frederico Rocha (PRT) Bennet Schaefer (GER) Henry Vesilind (EST) Rick Wenneckes (NLD)


European Motocross Champio Record breaking entries

For the European Motocross Championships, record-breaking numbers of entries was registered by the promoter Youthstream already one moth before the starting event of the ason in Pietramurata (Italy). With the entries for the European Championship EMX250 and EMX125 round of Pietramurata, Italy now officially closed, Youthstream, the promoter of the European Series, has just announced that both classes are full. With a 100-

rider limit, the EMX250 class has exceeded this number. All riders entered after the 100th entry was accepted will be reserve riders. Should one of the first 100 entries withdraw for any reason, the reserve riders will then automatically be entered. Meanwhile the EMX125 has impressively received 95 entries, which along with the maxed out EMX250 class and extraordinary depth of talent in both classes, only attests that the European Champion-

ship is the ultimate development series for any aspiring professional motocross rider. Full grid also for the Honda EMX 150 class, which will take its start in Pietramurata, too, but the entry list will be defined by Honda in the next days. With the European Championship becoming a fundamental series for any aspiring motocross rider, Youthstream stated to be proud of the stepping-stone that has been created with entries in the



The statistics of the partecipation of the various Federations to EMX 125 and 150 series

FIM Motocross World Cham pionship also reflecting the success of the project. The huge number of the entries is confirmation that the European Championship is the best amateur series in the world. «I am very happy about the biggest number of entries in the history of the European Motocross Championship, being the stepping stone to the FIM Motocross World Championship», comments Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe Pre-

sident. «The outstanding interest of Federations, teams and riders shows that the concept of combined race weekends works very well. «This is one of the most fruitful cooperations between FIM, FIM Europe and a promotional partner», added Dr Wolfgang Srb. «I am very happy that young riders can compete on the same weekend, on the same track, with the same rules and regulations and officials. There is no better way to get ready

for the FIM Motocross World Championship. The riders are the winners, and so is the sport». These results confirm the importance of the European Championship and the huge interest of the Federations, teams and riders in this series, which is the best way to prepare and move up to the World Championships MX2 and MXGP. We have made a statistic of the represented Countries.


N e w Wo r k s h o p o n We i g h t Tra i n From the left, Alessandro Sambuco, Stefan Josipovic, Kristina Josipovic, Tomi Konttinen, Espen Blikstad, Marcin Wojcik, Marco Infusino, Colin Buckley, Marinos Portantaris, Martin Janzon, Martin Spittank, Mandy Jenker, Mario Berger, Danijel Vastag, Wolfgang Srb

On 21st and 22nd March the 2nd Workshop on Weight Training organised in collaboration with the European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) was held at the Hotel Paradies -Graz (AUT). Even in this second Workshop the 12 Trainers, coming from 7 Countries (Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Sweden), had at their disposal the experience of the Irish presenter Colin Buckley, EWF Executive 20

Board Member in charge of the European Coaching Framework. Not only theoretical information, concerning mainly postural analysis, functional movements, anatomical adaptations, overreaching and overtraining, but also group work focused on particular aspects as designing a warm•up program to be used before the race and how to design sample gym programs.

At the end of the Workshop was discussed with the Teacher and with the Trainers the project to the study of FIM Europe to create a European Register of Trainers that, once approved and once found the resources, make it possible to the same Trainers to take advantage of annual updates and to be involved in various activities related to FIM Europe Academy (Workshops, Training Camps and Seminars). FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


n i n g i n G ra z

Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President receives the Gold Sporting Collar for Sporting Merit from Mr Colin Buckley, on behalf of the President and the Board of the European Weightlifting Federation

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

Closing the Workshop Mr Colin Buckley, on behalf of the President and the Board of the European Weightlifting Federation, has honored the FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb with the highest honor of the EWF: the Gold Sporting Collar for Sporting Merit. The honor was awarded to Dr Srb for his devoted support of European and World Sport. «It is of utmost importance that young riders get the best possible education, carried

out by first class trainers. When you set a solid basis at the youth level you have something to step up from in the years to come, via National Championships and Continental Championships to the ultimate target, the FIM World Champion•ships – a dream for every young rider», stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, attending the Workshop. «I am very pleased with the results of the weekend», Dr Srb added. «The trainers, including two female trainers from Germany and Serbia, are top professionals and will carry out a great job. Education is the key to success; FIM Europe will continue to work hard in this important area to offer the best choices for the Federations and officials».


Title Title sponsor sponsor for for European European Quadcross Quadcross Championship Championship

FIM Europe has signed a three years contract with ITP for the support of the European Quadcross Championship. ITP is one of the brands of the global operating company The Carlstar Group (formerly Carlisle Transportation Products). The European headquarter of The Carlstar Group is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The Company is wellknown as a premier manufacturer of a comprehensive line of performance products for original equipment and aftermarket customers with a strong family of brands including Carlisle® belts, tires and FIM Europe President Dr Wolfgang Srb (on the right) and FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco signing the contract of partnership for ITP EMX Quad in Geneve

wheels, Ultimax® powersports belts, ITP® tires and wheels, as well as Cragar®, Black Rock® and Unique® wheels. Made in USA, ITP tires and wheels are realized pursuing Advanced Traction Te-

chnology, and are wellknown already in many Countries and specialized in Quads and UTVs. In Europe the use of quads is very popular. The races of the European Quadcross Championship in


Ilse Smit and Martin de Graaff with the new ITP logo for the European Quadcross Championship. Below, the first overall podium of the season, with Edgars Mengelis, from Latvia, winner in front of Italian Andrea Cesari and French Yoann Gillouin

ITP EMX Quad Calendar 6 different Countries are a good opportunity for both parties to reach two goals: more interest in this very spectacular championship and, for ITP, spreading the brand in the European market. «In the Olympic Sportcentrum Papendal the promotional materials were showed. ITP developed a special logo for this EMX Quad competition, which is visible on the website», stated Ilse Smit, Exhibition & Events Coordinator of ITP. «Both parties are satisfied about this contract: the negotiations started after the end of the last season and in a short time ITP and FIM Europe found an agreement», added Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe Sporting Council President.

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

11/12 April Castelneau de Levis (FRA) 2/3 May Gazzana di Preseglie (ITA) 16/17 May Randers (DEN) 6/7 June Stelpe (LAT)

1/2 August Kivioli (EST) 8/9 August Kegums (LAT)

ITP EMX Quad of European Nations

10/11 October Schwedt (Ger)

Better performances

in sporting and everyday life

Riding a motorcycle there are several aspects involved, which are sometimes underesteemated. One of these is the perfect vision of what surrounds us

Get the best overview of the track or the road is crucial in riding. But are we sure to see really well? To compose  a  perfect  view  many aspects  are  involved,  which  are often  not  taken  into  account,  but which  are  especially  important  in sports but also in everyday riding. We spoke with Prof. Raffaele Sangiuolo, ophtalmic surgeon who also has considerable experience of racing, although on four wheels: he began racing at the end of the Sixties  in  Tourism  and  in  the  last twenty years he has participated in numerous endurance races, which also highlight any visual deficiencies because in these cases you have to face  extreme conditions, racing at night and at critical times such as sunrise and sunset. «I have always taken care of ophthalmology and especially binocularity, ie the simultaneous function of the two eyes. I also taught at the University of Perugia, where I was professor for several years, until 1989», says  Prof.  Sangiuolo.  «In 2012 I was called by the President of the Automobile Club of Italy Angelo Sticchi Damiani in the medical commission of ACI and later as a consultant of the FIA, where I had the task of preparing the protocol of visual assessment. «I have always maintained that it is not enough to read the lines, there are many other factors. The first is the field of view, which narrows when increasing speed», continues Prof. Sangiuolo. «Another factor is stereoscopy, ie the sense of depth: having the exact perception of distance at a speed of 300 km/h is critical. And then also the contrast Alessandro Sambuco, Secretary General of FIM Europe, with Prof Raffaele Sangiuolo 24

sensitivity: for example, at night or on cloudy days. And then the recovery time from glare: at night the human eye can remain half-blind three or four seconds, which is a long span if you are racing at 300 km/h». The team of prof. Sangiuolo is able to evaluate all of these factors simultaneously.  «For each factor we give a relative value, then sum them and give a visual index. At the moment this does not ‘enable’ the pilots, which belongs only to the sports doctor, but these protocols can be used for a quality certification of the visual index». Prof. Sangiuolo and the University of Salerno have designed a special device that allows to make full evaluation of all the parameters with an economically attractive solution. «Initially our equipment costed hundreds of thousands of euro. Instead we are developing a single device

that will not cost more than € 15,000, so all federations might afford it. I presented this work at the FIM, and is also useful for controls of doping and blood alcohol, basing on visual evoked potentials». Prof. Sangiuolo’s cooperation with FIM Europe regards especially the activities addressed to Over 60.  «There are many aspects to consider, such as the tears, retinal vascular and crystalline aspects»,  he explains. «There exist also therapeutic possibilities, in addition to surgery: cataracts, for example, on which you can intervene with multifocal crystalline, so as to see well far objects and right after focus on instrumentation. This is for sports, but also for everyday life. There are many improvements for several problems: for example, for those who have a better vision in one eye, you may want to consider laser surgery or orthoptic exercises». Fiammetta La Guidara

Michel Turk, Vice President of FIM Europe, joined the 10th edition of EVER Monaco, which was held from March 31st to April 2nd at the Grimaldi Forum, in Monaco. The event, which featured scientific lectures, round table sessions, and international meetings on Ecological Vehiclesand Renewable Energies (EVER), also hosted an exhibition of the main manufacturers of 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles usingrenewable energies.

FIM-Europe represented in EVER Conference in Monaco

The goal of EVER 2015 was to increaseawareness about the development of renewable energies and improved energy efficiency.

Many leaders around the world havespurred their countries into a sustainabledevelopment policy, particularly in relation to “clean mobility”, and are targeting carbon neutrality by the middle of the century. In China, there are already more than 150 million electric-powered motorcycles registered.


His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco with FIM-Europe Vice President Michel Turk

For FIM Europe, as the shift to electric power and renewal energy is increasing worldwide, and renewable technologies improving fast, this global movement toward ecologically sustainable mobility presents an opportunity to create in the close future new “clean” motorcycle championships, in addition to the existing championships.

During the EVER 2015, the Groupement Européen de la Moto Elec-

trique/European Group of Electric Motorcycle (GEME) was founded. Through this organized efforts of GEME, the FIM Europe can help build a better environment for future generations and be a leading partner in clean motorcycle sports, so that governments will no longer stop our sportand close tracks or hinder the entry of motorcycle world championships because of noise and/or air pollution.


Focus on: Motocross Commission Eddie Herd, Chairman of FIM Europe Motocross Commission, makes a point on all the specialties Confirmations and new events for a thrilling sporting season! Full agenda for the FIM Europe Motocross Commission: the members, in fact, have to care about many specialties. Apart from the European Motocross Series there are the Motocross of Nations events Quad, Sidecarcross, Snowcross, Supercross and, from this year on, Hill Climb Motocross, which had never been attempted as a championship, not even at a world level. We have met Mr Eddie Herd, Chairman of FIM Europe Motocross Commission, in Arco di Trento for the first event of Motocross European Championship. 26

And we have asked him to make a point on the several disciplines they are working on.

Motocross European Championship is in constant growth. What is the secret of its success?

«I think the secret of this growth is that we've built a structure over the years between Youthstream and FIM and FIM Europe. We have a pyramid: at the top there are MXGP and MX2 for the younger riders - and below that we have the European Championship, starting from the 65cc, for the really young guys, 85cc, 125 2 strokes, which is a

very cheap championship, and then 250 which prepares for MX2. We also have a new championship started last year, EMX300 for older riders on 2stroke machines keeping the sport as cheap as possible and the EMX150 4stroke championship developed by Honda in conjunction with Youthstream. If you look back over the last few years and see the development of many of the riders who are here today in MX2 and even in MXGP, you can see from where they started: Max Nagl, who is second in the world championship with a factory Husqvarna, was European Champion FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


cess of what is being done . All these talented young riders coming through the various European championships which ensures the future of the world championship for many years to come. The success of the European motocross championships is outstanding but we will go on developing it into even more success. We do not stand still. If you do that you effectively go backwards. That is something we will not do». Any difficulties in making this dreamy situation happen?

in the 85 cc ten or so years ago, the phenomenal Jeffrey Herlings and then there is Gautier Paulin, Tim Gajser, Jordi Tixier, and so many others who were European champions and have now moved into the world championship with outstanding success. You can trace the history of the riders in the 125 and 250cc championships, because most of them finished in the first positions in the 65 and/or 85cc. So the European series is a stepping stone to the world championship and if you

are talented it's the best way to go. Before it was all down to national championships, but the riders were accustomed to riding only on their tracks and when they started racing in the European tracks there was a big gap. No other continent in the world can boast of this set-up. There is an incredible increase in the number of riders competing in the European championships, especially EMX125 and EMX250, which could not be foreseen even two years ago and proves the suc-

"Not at all. This is the vision and dream of Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, over the years, with the support of all the Youthstream staff. None of what we have achieved in the last few years could have been done without Giuseppe Luongo and his promotion company, Youthstream».

«Riders have to pay an entry fee but they get much more than they can even realize. They have all the backing of media, with the press interviews to the winners, they have the backing of TV around the world, with coverage all over the world, they also


years and it is held together with Quadcross of European Nations, which started about 7 years ago. It's open to team from all Federations, with three riders and passengers. The competition is very much supported from the various European nations and it's very fierce. Most of the top world sidecar riders compete in the European Sidecarcross of Nations. This year we'll go to Schwedt, last year we were in Holland, two years go in Italy. Next year we will go to France. We have the next three years already scheduled, which is good for the organization.

Eddie Herd, FIM Europe Motocross Commission Chairman, with Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President

learn to be in front of the media, because if they want to attract sponsor, they have to be able to talk to journalists. Apart from the fact that, they can race on the same tracks as the top riders in the world, and being here they can see their techniques, see what they do on jumps, corners, at the start, etc and learn from them. It's not like sitting at home and watching them on television, they gain much more information. The only difference with top riders is the distance of the races, which in European races are shorter. Also penalties are the same: if they misbehave or ignore flags or the rules, they are penalised the same as the GP stars. This teaches them the rules when they are young».

Another big event is the Motocross of European Nations...

«Yes. At the end of the year, always with Youthstream as promoter we have Motocross of European Nations, combined with the Women Motocross of European Nations, which is new and it was born two years ago, when we modified the rules to focus much more on the youths. In fact be28

fore the European Nations was a mirror image of the FIM event, and there was no point in it, so we modified it, to focus on 85, 125 and 250 up to 21 years old. The Women’s event was completely new, and it's a very interesting competition, on 250 motorcycles, and supported by the top riders in the Women’s world championship». Some news in European Snowcross, too.

«European Snowcross is for riders who are the same age as world championship riders but only specified modifications to the snowmobiles are allowed. It's a machine you can buy in the shop and do limited modifications to it, but they are very fast all the same. It's a pro-stock class which works well. Last year we had just one event but this year we had three, two in Norway and one in Russia, which means the championship is growing».

There is another European of Nations event: it's for Sidecarcross... «Sidecross European of Nations has been going on for about 15

“Then we have the European Supercross championship held in the Autumn of each year, promoted by Off Road Pro-Racing, which is very professionally organised.”

Last but not least, a completely new event for the Motocross Commission: the Motocross Hill Climb.

«This year will be the first time ever for the European series: it is not existing in the world either. They have it in America, but it is not a world championship. Mr Ivar Gynnild, the member of my commission from Norway who is a specialist Hillclimb expert, has worked very hard on technical and sporting rules, etc., and is working with different Federations to get some sort of cooperation. For instance, Hillclimbing is popular in France, in Estonia, in Norway and in a couple of other Countries, but they have different rules, so we are working very hard towards harmonization. It took three years, but now, at the beginning of August, in Kivioli, Estonia, we shall have the first event, combined with World Championship Sidecarcross and European Quadcross. It'll be an evening event, and it's an interesting new event for FIM-Europe». Fiammetta La Guidara

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


Snowmobile Enduro European Cup Champions crowned in Finland Finland hosted the last event of the Snowmobile Enduro European Cup of the season. In middle of Finland, in Karstula, the weather circumstances were surprisingly good: at the beginning of the week, in fact, it looked like the warm weather would affect the stages. But on Saturday the weather was pretty good with 0° Celsius and on Sunday luckily the rain that was expected came out as snow. On Saturday 63 riders from three different Countries (Finland, Estonia, Sweden) competed in four different special stages for a total of 140 kilometres. After some retirements on Sunday it was 50 riders who fought for the championships at three stages for a total of 110 kilometres. In the end it was 42 riders who managed to cross the finish line. Heli Takkinen from Finland won the Women series, Niki Nummijoki

the Junior, Jukka Järvenpää was fastest at the Senior AC class, Lauri Pellonpää at Senior LC and Jukka Nyberg got the gold medal at Veterans class. «I think it was en excellent race, weather conditions on Saturday were a bit wet but track was still ok», commented Jury president of the event Robert Svensson.

«On Sunday we got some snow, which made the course even better. Riders have been very satisfied as well. The organizer is very experienced and they have done a brilliant job. So I want to thank the Finnish federation, the club and everyone involved with the race».


Free Free riders riders

Three unsuspectable motorcyclists do off-road in Sardinia: the President of Lithuanian Federation, the FIM Europe Secretary General and a Paris-Dakar rider...


Looking from the "outside", sometimes Federations are considered purely as institutions, which are made up of people who work for a particular sport, but are not necessarily "involved" into it, or more simply, do not practice it. Which sometimes may be true, but it is not very frequent in FIM Europe. Probably because motorcycling requires a special passion, and you can hardly deal with it if you are not keen on PTW. FIM Europe and the affiliated Federations are made up of

riders, too, who do not only "work" for motorcycling, but have designed their life-style around it. So, no surprise if the President of the Lithuanian Federation Virginijus Visockis and the Secretary General of FIM Europe Alessandro Sambuco met for an off-road ride in Sardinia with an exceptional guide: the Dakar rally rider Maurizio Sanna. It all happened in February: even if the weather was cold and wet, passion cannot be

held in check long and as soon as they all had a free weekend, the riding day was fixed in Sardinia. Three guys and their bikes: anyone had come across this group in the Sardinian gravel roads, would have never said that it was three authentic characters in the "political" and sport world of PTW. In a long day ride, they covered ... kms. To get to know them better, we have asked them some questions.

Maurizio Sanna, Dakar Rally Rider

Maurizio Sanna Dakar Rally Rider

Maurizio Sanna was the "guide": he is the one of the group who knows better Sardinian off-road tracks, because he has been there to train countless times. What emotions gives you offroad? «Off-road gives me a lot of emotions, ranging from the incredible feeling of total well-being to the satisfaction of being able to overcome one's own limitations. Offroad unleashes adrenaline, releases endorphins. It 's my passion». In many years of competition, what was your best race and why? «Undoubtedly the Dakar in 2004 for several reasons: first of all because it is a difficult race from the technical and physical point of view and then because I was able to finish it in the best way: always alert and fit. Getting to the Pink Lake is always an indescribable feeling but in that race it was even more. Worthy to be remembered as the best race». Has there never been a really hard time in which you regretted having started that race? «The really hard time was when I had to overcome a dune that the road book described with the "consistency of water." The sand was so thin that it constantly seemed to sink into a pool of water. It took many hours and hard work pushing and digging to get over it. At that moment I was regretting I did that race and I wondered "who made me do this?" but then the satisfaction to succeed and reach the bivouac repaid me for all the efforts». 32

What do you like most of the races in the desert? «The type of soil, the landscape and especially the real magic moments that you live in those extreme conditions where you often are lonely. In the desert, you must have the ability to count always on yourself and this puts you to the test constantly». As a kid did you have a favorite rider? «Roger De Coster, a strong cross rider of the 70s. Fantastic guide and great character». You've got to know so many riders who, like you, have chosen the off-road: do you think you have all some common characteristics? «In my opinion the main feature that unites us - off-road riders - is definitely the great passion for the use of the bike on particularly inaccessible lands and therefore the constant need to overcome one's own limitations, feeling strong emotions in the spirit of the competition». After racing in Dakar you started to deal with road-safety. Why? «Because I think it is right to make my experience in Dakar and other races available for those who want to start with the bike, to train for a race or simply to have fun». What does Maurizio Sanna do today? «In addition to a business selling motorcycles and related assistance with my brother, I run bu-

siness with my partner Gabriella Fornaro (who is a passionate off road rider, too). We deal with the organization of off road motorcycle tours in Sardinia but also on the sands of Tunisia and Morocco. Guided tours with twins, off-road and rally school with specific navigation and road book teaching, since I am Level II Federal Instructor». What bike do you have? «A Yamaha WR 450F for "serious" off-road and the Super Tenere XTZ 1200 for soft off-road. And then all the motorcycles of my latest 20 racing years!» What are your future goals? «As for the races, my next goal is to participate in the next Dakar in South America in 2016 but above all to carry on in the best way my project of off road tour, training and school, both to make available all my experience to everybody and because it is what I love doing the most ... riding bikes and teaching it to others».

Virginijus Visockis, President of Lithuanian Federation

Virginijus Visockis LMSF President

Virginijus Visockis is the President of Lithuanian Federation, is riding motorcycles since he was 14 and he particularly keen on offroad. Why off-road? «Riding off-road now is the best way to relax after hard works». Did you ever race? «When I was a child I was very

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General

agile and I wanted to realize myself, so I tried a lot of different sports, like rowing and canoe, horse riding, martial arts, swimming... But I was mostly attracted by machinery, so when I was 14 I subscribed to motorcycle sport club and I had very good coach, who prepared me for Lithuanian motocross championships and other races. When I was 17 I became Lithuanian champion in youth class. And I was candidate to sport masters category». What is your motorcycle at the moment? «Right now I don’t have a motorcycle, because I am installing the first Technical Sports School in Lithuania in which young motorcycle sportsman will be prepared:

last year I made my personal investment and bought 17 different bikes minimoto, quads, enduro and motocross - for children and teenagers who will start their first trainings in the new School. Besides, I'm dedicating a lot of time and care to Lithuania Motorcycles Federation. My own motorcycle will wait for me. Right now if I want to ride I just rent a bike». How often do you ride? «Right now I don’t have a lot of time to ride, so it was amazing to have wonderful time with my friends in Sardinia. I will definitely come back over there!» How important are motorcycles in your life? «Motorcycle sport is all my life, it is my work and my hobbies combined. All my family loves this sport, and I am very happy that my wife is supporting me in this road and is working with me in Motorcycle Sports Federation, where she is Secretary General.

After my career as motocross rider carrier, in my life I had a very short break from motorcycles when my son born. When he was 3, I started training him and one year later he started his first races. With my son Regimantas, we have been living 10 years in competition and trainings rhythm: he participated to Lithuanian and European Motocross Championships where we reached very high goals. Regimantas is multiple Lithuanian champion. Now, my main job is to establish and create as many Sports Centres as possible, where young people can start training and start reaching their goals». Is there anything you would like to do by bike but you haven't done yet? «I think every rider's dream is Dakar Rally. I'd like to take part to this rally, too. But now I have to finish to build the School for young riders in Lithuania. After that I will think about Dakar». I suppose that being a motorcyclist is greatly helpful for the President of a Federation… What is your feeling about it? «I was elected as Lithuanian Motorcycle Federation president in 2008, so this is the second term I am running this office, and I am happy that Lithuanian Motorcycle Sport representatives trust me

From the left, Virginious Visockis, Alessandro Sambuco and Maurizio Sanna

and we can create motorcycle history together. In my opinion, understanding the specifics of this sport is much simpler for people who spend a lot of time in this sport. I am living and breathing with sport and I love it». What about motorcycling in Lithuania? What is the trend? «Right now we are developing the disciplines of Motocross, Supermoto, Vintage Motocross, Enduro, Cross Country, Road Racing, Scooters, Motoball, Mototourism. We are trying to develop Trial, too. The most recent project in Lithuania is “Arenacross Baltic Cup” competition, which we started to develop in 2014, and it was very good: spectators 34

loved watching motocross battles in arena. «The biggest problem is the lack of young riders, and this is why we are creating the Technical Sports School in Lithuania. «I believe that we will successfully reach the goal of growing up new generation of riders. We have a bad situation with superbikes track, too, because the infrastructure is old and needs investment. «In my opinion, my goal is to unite people who shares the same ideas of development and who loves this sports. We can reach the best results only with teamwork».

Alessandro Sambuco, FIM Europe Secretary General

Which was your first motorcycle? «Speaking of off-road my first motorcycle was a 50cc motocross Benelli bought in 1974 in Rome in store Luciano Conti, former Champion of Motocross and Road Racing». Why did you start off-road? «I’ve always had a passion for off-road and from the age of 14 I tried to do it with what was available, that is bicycles and mopeds. Of course it was not "the" true off-road but rather the risk of getting hurt jumping and throwing myself down steep descents

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

and climbs or venturing on daring climbs with means which wew definitely not suitable . But the passion is independent from everything. The real stroke of lightning was much later, in 1982, when I started coaching the son of Luciano Conti, Marco who raced in motocross and enduro. When I saw him doing things which to me seemed incredible, above all in enduro, I was curious to see if everything was feasible or belonged to a selected range of “elected” riders. It was so that in 1983, at age 24 - late in life to start a sports

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

career - I applied for my first license with the Motoclub Roma and started to ride. Well I discovered I could do those ‘incredible’ things but doing them as true champions was different! Until 1991 I raced both in and Enduro in Motorally». What are your best souvenirs of those years? «In the enduro events I discovered such lovely places, which have a special place in my heart and in one of these I even decided to live. «But the best thing that Enduro has given me is the challenge to yourself, the desire to improve yourself always, referring only to your resources». We know that you use your motorcycle rarely because of your job, but if you had the time where would you like to go? «After organizing schools Motorally Schools in Sardinia for five years I must say that in my imagination the off-road is there. In this occasion, in Sardinia I was back to Enduro after about 20 years. I hope to soon have some more opportunities to enjoy nature, while respecting it, and the two wheels on the trails». How important are motorcycles in your life? «I am a lucky man: I’ve been on a motorcycle since I was 12. Up to now it’s my passion, my sport and my job. Recently in FIM Europe I’ve been planning a work program dedicated to over 60 riders, "extending the riding age", to give them all the tools and

knowledge that is possible, to continue ride a bike for many years without problems. I am preparing my future, always ain on two wheels!» Would you buy again an off road motorcycle? «Certainly, if I ever see the opportunity to practice off-road with some regularity». What do you think of the real war against enduro riders through steel cables positioned in the off road trails just at the neck height? Is there anything off road riders can do to be tolerated blackberries? «They have to do what all citizens and all car-drivers have to do: be civil and respectful of the rules and the environment. Unfortunately, even among us, as in every civil societies, there are uncivilized people. So as thieves exist but not everybody is a thief, the same goes for us. But in any case nobody is allowed to take the law into one’s own hands ». Do you think electric enduro motorcycles might help to raise tolerance? «It can help but I do not think that it will solve the problem». I suppose that being a motorcyclist is greatly helpful for the Secretary general of a Continental Federation. What is your feeling about it? «Being a biker certainly helps me to understand better the world in which I work, but above all it allows me to do everything with a precious value added: passion!» (FLG)


Eu ropea n Vi ntage Endu ra nce Cha mpionship The start i n Paul Ricard

After a 2014 season full of twists, the riders of the European Classic Series met again at the track of Paul Ricard in Castellet for the opening round of the 2015 season. After the qualification sessions we found the title holders, the Belgian riders Richard Hubin and Grégory Fastré in pole postion, followed by the English Team Sweatshop Phase One, with Hugh Brasher, Stéphane Mertens and Ian Simpson and the Italians Giorgio Cantalupo and Cristiano Ascanio from team Taurus. When the French flag announced the start of the four-hour race, team Taurus signed for the holeshot and took the lead after the first lap, staying in that position for 10 laps. Unfortunately, the young Italian rider was too eager, causing the GSX 1100 R to blow up its engine and leaving the 36

team with no other option than to abandon in the 24th lap. The same path was set out for the Kawasaki number 2 from Team Hampe, with Christian Haquin, Nicolas De Dieuleveult and Bruno Langlois. The Suzuki of Team Monex Europe (Nick Edgeley and Kasey Wyatt) wasn't even able to leave the stands due to mechanical troubles.

Team 85 Classic had to face some real misfortune: a crash in the first laps caused the Kawasaki rider to return to the box to repair the machine and then he still had to abandon after 42 laps. The BSA Rob North P&M from Team Hercberg Carthago (Andreas Kalmar, George Hogton-Rusling and Gary Thwaites) also had some mechanical issues which made the rider return to the box via the safety lane after which they also

had to abandon. While most of the riders returned to their boxes after 45 minutes for the mandatory pit stop, some teams forgot about this rule and got a 30 seconds Stop & Go penalty, for instance the German team TT Racing Black Forest (Bruno Arzner and Stefan Merkens), who were at that time in the top three. In the front, the European champions had some clutch troubles with their Suzuki Morena and shared the leadership with the Moto Guzzi from Team Moto Bel’ (Christophe Charles-Artigues and Laurent Sleurs) and Team Sweatshop Phase One. As for the Classic 1000, the Kawasaki Segoni Special from the Italian team Scuderia Officine Toscane (Emiliano Bellucci and Oreste Zaccarelli), which started

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


at the end of the start grid, climbed its way up to the 8th position after 4 laps when mechanical troubles occurred and they were forced back to the 22th position. They then made a beautiful comeback and finished 8th in the general ranking, followed by the AML Racing Team from Pierre d’Imbleval and Richard Weber and the German team Autohaus Sellmann with Erich Sellmann, Gerhard Ludwig and Sebastian Basse. In the 750 TT category, the Germans of the Team Capelli Belli (Eckhard Struck, Manfred Sieg and Robert Bohmhauer) finished 23rd in the general ranking as the only representatives in their class with their Ducati Verlicchi TT1. In the top 5 we saw Armor Classic Bike (Yannick Le Gaudu and Yannick Mizera) and Roadrunner Team (Henk van der Mark and Dirk

FIM Europe Mag 2/2015

Brand) ride a very regular race finishing respectively 3rd and 4th in the general ranking. The 5th place was for the Swiss riders of the Bolliger Classic Endurance Team (Marcel Kellenberger and Andy Stierli) after a very nice battle with the Italians of Braghi Corse (Duilio Damiani and Giancarlo Rossi), who made a mistake in the last fifteen minutes of the race.

Also note the very nice comeback of Segale Classic (Walo Bertschinger and Dario Tosolini), who started in the 21st position but climbed its way up to a 6th place and the Belgian team Real Dholda Friends (Gian Mertens and Willy de Neef) who started last, got a Stop & Go, and still finished 12th. The same goes for RPM 83 –GWCRT – Sun Moto who almost got in the top 10. The only female team (Patricia Audebert and Karine Sliz),

finished 14th in the general ranking.

After this first successful round, the teams and riders look forward to meet again at the track of Spa-Francorchamps on July 3rd, 4th and 5th. General ranking

1. Team Force; 2. Sweatshop Phase One; 3. Armor Classic Bike; 4. Roadrunner Team; 5. Bolliger Classic Endurance; 6. Team Segale Classic; 7. Neate Racing; 8. Scuderia Officine Toscane (Classic 1000); 9.Red Fox Ride 4 Fun; 10. Moto Bel'; 11. GWCRT RPM 83 - Sun Moto; 12. Real Dholda Friends; 13. Team Classic Suzuki; 14. RPM 83 - GWCRT; 15. Baloo Racing Team; 16. AML Racing; 17. Projekt 34; 18. Poweracing - Japauto Club; 19. CB 750 Club; 20. Autohaus Sellmann (Classic 1000); 21. Team SCERT; 22. Team Vision Plus; 23. Capelli Belli; 24. DD Moto Team; 25. Nocki Team; 26. Racer Garage; 27. EosNeate Racing 2.


FIM Europe Mag 2/2015


FIM Europe MAG 2 2015  

FIM Europe Mag - 2/2015 Official magazine of FIM Europe, the Continental Union recognised by FIM (Federation International de Motocyclisme),...