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INAUGURATION - 6th September 2013


Issue No. 54 - 2013

The Executive ht: FIMBank

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’s gurates FIMBank Prime Minister Inau Building New Head Office e of Malta head offic h hosts the new Friday the building whic inaugurated on Mercury Tower, FIMBank plc, was held y ialist mon spec cere nce a during global trade fina Joseph Muscat mentally-friendly by Prime Minister -art and environ 6th September n. This state-of-the ness centre in asio busi occ and l the k ncia to mar e, the fina of The Exchang Julian’s. building forms part the heart of St.

The Executive 1

FFIce o d a e h l a B o l FIMBank g Inaugurated

Banking news

By Jason Zammt

t with Joseph Musca Prime Minister

FIMBank’s Chair

man, Presiden

t and members

ad office new global he which hosts the Friday r, the building inaugurated on s wa , plc Mercury Towe nk Ba remony ce specialist FIM scat during a ce Mu ph se of trade finan Jo ter by Prime Minis 6th September occasion. held to mark the e we have always don in trade finance. As mote the will continue to pro guests attending we t, the g pas ssin the in dre Ad tre , ic location at the cen ony, Dr Muscat said Malta as a strateg inauguration cerem ay I which offers pleasure that tod diterranean, one Me the of “It is with great in hly nt, a pool of hig k’s head office a stable environme inaugurate FIMBan international regulator and ng ng stro stro a s, its ker th educated ban Malta. Wi a bithe bank is today s model that has banking network, a financial ser vice world stage, thus the ” on g. kin yer pla bac n global partisa tion t such an institu sists I am delighted tha er development con large The Mercury Tow y to ser vice its modern chose our countr square metres of ces across 00 offi 8,0 r al ove tion of rna ted network of inte nial includes sophistica which has a millen office space and erior external the globe. Malta, fect location ns, including sup per a atio is tall ins ing trad nce tradition for e , high performa specialises in trad thermal insulation ent system, for a bank which em on nag ds ma g stan ldin king system glazing, bui and finance. Our ban al , reverse osmosis the sound financi intelligent lighting solid ground given is overy units. The nt rec t me hea ern g gov nin My itio s. aircond for ser vices regulation for cted a reservoir ure the best setting Bank also constru es of committed to ens half a million litr our countr y of se ting cho o ves wh har rs the ious foreign investo player describing the var to be a key global rain water. Whilst as we want Malta installations financial ser vices ntally friendly the me as iron h env suc as schgin are ond lding, Ms Lut right to expand bey within the bui sector. The time is “FIMBank up t; Gro tha k’s ed Ban stat FIM thus Emmenegger ing European shores, nt’s active in design hin my governme has been ver y pro strategy falls wit to reduce its ce offi t cien y”. effi ntr an energy k is vision for this cou act, and the Ban k environmental imp occasion, FIMBan its performance and iew Speaking on the rev gto sch ted Lut mit com ss Margrith eco-friendly busine Group President bal implement more that: “This new glo Emmenegger said re.” in futu in ark es dm ctic lan pra r anothe head office is Bank ly ation about FIM s story. Being firm For more inform FIMBank’s succes is to see on . biti .com am ank our visit www.fimb rooted in Malta, nce e a centre of excelle the island becom TEU

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PRESIDENT’S VISIT - 20th September 2013

FIMBank - September 2013  
FIMBank - September 2013  

Media Cuttings of the Bank's Global Head office inauguration and the President's visit to the bank