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Interview by LNG Magazine. 1. Who is Nicki Minaj, and how did you get your artistic name (Nicki Minaj)? Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is a bad bitch. Minaj is a spin on my real last name which is Maraj. Minaj symbolizes having your cake and eating it too. All girls want it all! lol 2. Tell us more about The Come Up DVD era, relationship with Fendi, and how has he/and his DVD affected your music career? The Come Up introduced me to the streets. I didn’t know it was that big. All of a sudden I was walking down Jamaica avenue and heard people yelling my name out. lol. It was exciting. 3. How did you get the deal with Young Money, and hows it working with Lil Wayne, Mack Maine etc? Wayne saw me on the come up DVD volume 11. He was very impressed (not really sure about what) lol, but he made a call and I was young money. Working with him is always interesting. he's a real character. Mack Maine is like my big brother. 4. Do you listen to other music genres except hip hop/rap? (If yes, name your favorite groups, artists) omg, of course!!! I listen to r&b and pop most of the time. I live for Rihanna right now! lol. I listen to gospel almost every day. lol. funny huh? idk, Im just a lover of music. whether its cold play or leona lewis. I don’t discriminate with my music. 5. Name your top 3 favorite rappers, and favorite hip hop albums. Couldn’t tell u my favorite albums. Top 3 rappers, Jay, Jadakiss and my boss President Carter 6. What inspires you to keep working and making good music? The love I get from the little nicki minaj girls. lol. They really show me support and it motivates me to make them proud. 7. When are you planning to release your debut album? November 2010, It's gonna be called "Pink Friday"

8. Who would you like to work with for your debut album (features, production)? Up and coming producers that will dare to be different. Features, I wanna work with whoever fits in with my vision at that time. 9. Where can your fans, and visitors get your music online & how did the internet help your music career? They can go to and cop the cds and posters. Internet made me pop. It went from horny dudes coming to the site to see sexy pics to a following of females who live 4 nicki minaj thats a blessing 10. Do you blog, or tweet (, If so you need to get with us and setup a profile on!! What's the wonder woman contest all about? I just wanted to see who could come up with a dope background for my new alter ego But yeah I'll get with ya'll when ya'll site is up I seen my pic on there (omg nice!!) 11. Besides rappin, do you have other professions/hobbies/passions? why? would u like a professional? 12. What are/is your favorite food and drink(s)? ummmm, I like poland spring water. lol. coke, never pepsi, tea never coffee. As for food Im a really good cook. I cook a special dish called boneless stew chicken. its sooo good. it make u wanna slap ya mama! lolI like seafood mostly tho and I like kosher dill pickles too. lolnot in sandwiches tho! thats gross. only by itself. i like it when its cold and crunchy. Lol. wet and hard. lol 13. Are you single? why? would u like to be my boyfriend? 14. It was truly a pleasure to interview you Nicki, I hope we can do this again soon any last words for your fans and visitors? Thanks for the interview

This interview was conducted Via email and is completely unedited

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