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What are HEPA Filter and How Does It Work?

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Our environment is filled with far more pollutants and allergens one could ever imagine. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters eradicated all the pollutants from the air allowing us to breathe easier. HEPA filter works by trapping and preventing small yet potentially harmful particles like dirt, smoke, dander, pollen dust mites from getting into your home through air ducts. HEPA filters accumulate and remove these pollutants by forcing the air to pass through a very fine, mesh-like webs of fibres.


Filter Makers HEPA filters are mostly used in the vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. A HEPA filter must be able to trap 99.97% of pollutants of size 0.3 microns or larger. One hair strand is about 100 microns in width. This exhibits that the filtered particles are very, very small. However, a HEPA filter is not able to trap viruses, bacteria, gases and odours.

How A HEPA Filter is Important and Can Improve Your Health? While we can’t always do a lot to battle exterior air pollution, HEPA filter helps us in getting a cleaner and safer air inside our houses, workplaces and cars. Below listed are the few examples of how a HEPA filter can be effective in keeping your indoor home clean and safe: It offers relief from allergies Improves sleep Reduce asthma attacks Strengthens cardiovascular health Reduces risk of lung cancer from breathing in second-hand smoke 03

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How does HEPA Filter work? As the air pass through the filter, it traps contaminants in four different ways: Impaction – As contaminants move through the filter, they stick to the fibres. Interception – Occurs when a contaminant tries to move through the air filter but hits and sticks to fibre instead. Diffusion – Occurs when dust particles are bounced around by gas molecules and eventually stick to a fibre. Sieving – When passing through the filter, the contaminant gets stuck between two fibres. 04

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How To Select A HEPA Filter? To ensure that you inhale the cleanest air possible, HEPA filters used in the air purifiers must be matched to space. While buying an air purifier, ensure that the HEPA filter has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) that comply with your space demand. CADR indicates the amount of air passes through the filter based on square foot. However, there might be a possibility that the rooms are so large that the filter is not able to properly cleanse pollutants from the air. If the fit isn't proper, you won't get the purifications results as expected.


Filter Makers Give Filter makers A Call Filtermakers Australia Pty Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-efficiency Bio HEPA filters that have been designed for use in critical areas like the hospital, food and pharmaceutical processing, laboratories, precision manufacturing operations, where highefficiency filtration is essential to eradicate any airborne biological contaminants. All our filters are made using the highest quality ultra-fine glass impregnated pleated fibrous media. They are designed to remove contaminants such as fungi, smoke, bacteria, fume and virus bearing droplets. To know more about our HEPA filters give us a call today at 1300 555 204.


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