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Company Newsletter Summer 2016

Diesel Self Prime Pumps for Hire from Filpumps Global leaders in the supply of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in temporary and permanent applications. A full range of diesel and electric pumps available to rent or buy, used for dewatering and liquids transfer in mining, construction, municipal and industrial markets. In 2010 Xylem acquired Godwin Pumps, bringing with them over 100 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of diesel pumps. Godwin Pumps is renowned for quality, reliability, and long life. Today, the product range is used throughout the world, in construction, industry, oil refineries, chemical plants, mines, specialist offshore pumping, irrigation and water distribution. Xylem now has access to Godwin’s range of automatic selfpriming pumps adding an additional and wider range of Diesel driven Dri - Prime pumps. The new Godwin pumps can be skid or trailer mounted for use in mobile applications which can provide exceptional energy efficiency and a significantly reduced clogging capability. Godwin CD, HL, Heidra and NC ranges are now available from Xylem.

Latest addition to our range of tanks TRANSCUBE Transportable Fuel Tanks TransCube is a leading range of double-walled, above ground fuel storage tanks that serve the applications of multiple industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and more. TransCube fuel storage tanks feature a lockable equipment cabinet, 4-way forklift pockets, and lifting/ stacking corner brackets for ease of handling. With capacities ranging from 132 to 2,232 US gallons, TransCube storage tanks are available in transportable, stationary and offshore approved models, and comply with a variety of different approvals UL 142, ULC-S601-07, NFPA 30A, UN IBC 31A, PPG2, Transport Canada and more. TransCube fuel storage tank are your solution for a variety of applications including, but not limited to onsite fuel supply, generators and auxiliary equipment and limitedaccess work sites.

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

Sewage Treatment Systems Problems? During the storms and floods we experienced at the beginning of the year many home-owners experienced problems with their sewage treatment systems. Due to this we have been repairing a variety of issues in a wide range of systems including aerators and biodisc plants. If your sewage treatment system has been affected by storms or flooding or you are just experiencing problems with it, contact Syd Ross (07884 738792 or for a solution to the problem. Please note a site visit will be required and a minimum charge may be needed if samples need to be taken. Need a new system? Filpumps can supply a wide range of treatment plants and also offer a complete package from supply to commissioning. Filpumps will give a competitive price and free commissioning of the plant, which will validate the manufacturers guarantee. We will also offer an optional service agreement to ensure the system is maintained in good working order, which is important if the homeowner decides to sell at a later date. Our engineers will carry out specific checks on the tanks and on any control units with the plant, and samples may be taken to see if the plant is operating properly. Records of these samples will be given to the client and copies kept at Filpumps for future reference. Please contact Syd Ross for more information. Maintenance Not sure how to keep your system running smoothly? The following guides are available on our website or can be requested directly from Filpumps. • Don’t Flush That! • How your septic system works • Septic system checks and maintenance

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

Anaerobix single-tank system Wastewater treatment system for household wastewater Septic tank with biological filter system Uncomplicated and low-cost • Anaerobix is the new low-cost anaerobic filter system for septic tanks in Graf tanks. • Filled with the carrier material supplied, it increases the cleaning performance of a septic tank several times over. The large surface of the recyclable plastic carrier material (141 m²/m³) allows the bio film responsible for the cleaning process to cover a large area. • The benefits of the Anaerobix system at a glance • Very good cleaning performance: efficiency over 90 %, PIA certificated (Assessment institute in waste water technology) • No power consumed, no electrical or mechanical components (e.g. pumps, float switch etc.) in tank. • Largely maintenance-free. • Installation in proven Graf tanks. • Easy to install with standard DN 100 pipes. • Very good value for money.

Infiltration tunnel Space-saving and cost-efficient. Specifically designed for use in private and rural areas. The Graf Infiltration Tunnel has been mainly designed for the use in private and rural areas. The system, which consists of one or more tunnel modules and two end plates, can be extended as desired. The tunnel is laid in one or more lines of the same level. As the weight of one module is only 11 kg, the handling of the Infiltration Tunnel is excellent. The surface above the tunnels is suitable for vehicle loading, offering varied possibilities for use. Up to 12,000 litres infiltration volume per pallet Thanks to its special design, the GRAF Infiltration Tunnel can be stacked easily. Consequently, the shipment of up to 40 Infiltration Tunnels on one pallet saves considerable transport and storage costs. Vehicle loading For versatility, the surface above the infiltration tunnels can withstand a continuous load of up to 100 kN/ m2 and is therefore also suitable for vehicle loading. Easy installation The GRAF Infiltration Tunnels are laid in lines and can be flexibly adapted to specific conditions and to the individual storage volume requested. The installation of the modules is easy, quick and variable. Installation is possible without heavy equipment, as one Infiltration Tunnel weighs just 11 kg. The tunnel modules are simply joined together in a line and two end plates are fitted per line. For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

Which Tank? Filpumps are a one stop tank shop and technical support shop Need a tank? We will find it for you Whatever the tank you require be it • Potable Water • Waste Water • Above ground • Below ground • Large - 100,000 litres plus • Small - 1000 litres or less • Firefighting water • All other liquid solutions Why spend time looking for the right tank - ask us to find it from our extensive range

The following regulations apply to domestic, commercial and industrial heating, diesel fuel and waste oil tanks. Domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial heating fuel storage tanks should be bunded for new build installations which display any of the following characteristics. • Within 10 meters of controlled waters e.g drain, manhole cover, stream or lake. • Within 50 meters of a well, borehole or spring. • Where a spillage could run over hard ground and enter controlled waters. • Where the total capacity is in excess or 2500 litres Oil and Fuel Tanks Filpumps are providers of Harlequin Tanks, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of rotationally moulded fuel storage products. With a range of different models and capacities of up to 10,000 litres there is sure to be a Harlequin tank available to suit almost any installation. Irrespective of model of capacity chosen, every Harlequin tank has been engineered to exceed the most demanding technical, environmental and regulatory requirements. All Harlequin Bunded Tanks and Fuel Stations are supplied complete with failsafe overfill prevention probe, for cleaner, safer, environmentally responsible filling. The probe is fully compatible with the LRC Overfill Prevention System and comparable systems in widespread use throughout the European Union and are fully compliant with the regulations of European Standard EN13616. For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross or John Lawson on 01467 623010

Harlequin Storage Tanks With a wide range of different models and capacities available up to 10,000 litres, there is sure to be a Harlequin tank to suit almost any agricultural, commercial, domestic or industrial installation. Every Harlequin tank has been engineered from the outset to exceed the most demanding technical, environmental and regulatory requirements. All Harlequin products are fully CE marked where appropriate. Declarations of performance are available on request Bunded Oil Tanks Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks come in two tailored options - HQi and ITE. Each range is manufactured from the same high quality moulds, with varying tank accessories and technology supplied as standard. Bunded Fuel Storage and Dispensing Tanks Harlequin Fuel Points and Fuel Stations are the number one choice for commercial, agricultural and industrial customers across Europe. Ranging in capacities from 1,300 to 10,000 litres and with a number of market leading slimline models available, there is sure to be a Harlequin fuel dispensing tank to suit almost any application. BioFuel Storage and Dispensing Harlequin BioFuel Storage and Dispensing Tanks are suitable for the storage of both regular diesel and biodiesel blends of up to B100, produced in accordance with EN14214. ‘BioBund’ storage tanks are designed for connection to biodiesel dispensing units, such as Harlequin’s ‘BioFuel Stations’, which accommodate the specialist containment features required to store and dispense biodiesel fuel.

Waste Oil Tanks Purpose designed for the storage of waste oils and lubricants. Harlequin Waste Oil Tanks are fully compliant with all applicable requirements, each one benefitting from integral bunding, large capacity tundish and removable strainer. A selfpriming contents gauge can also be supplied as an extra-cost option. This range is available in a choice of seven capacities, up to 2,500 litres. Bunker Storage Harlequin Storage Bunkers are available for the storage of solid fuel, salt/grit, garden waste and garage/ household items. Harlequin bunkers are available in 3 sizes and come in a range of colours. AdBlue Storage and Dispensing Harlequin’s range of Adblue Storage and dispensing tanks are rotationally moulded from a premium grade of Adblue resistant medium density polyethylene and are available with a wide range of AdBlue dispensing accessories on request.

Water Storage Tanks Harlequin offer a variety of Potable and NonPotable Water tanks as part of its extensive tank range. All potable water tanks have been approved in the United Kingdom by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). Rainwater Harvesters Rainew Rainwater Harvesters are rotationally moulded from medium density polyethylene. This range of exceptionally manufactured aboveground rainwater harvesters are available in Rainew AG and Rainew AG Plus options and are ideal for domestic installations. For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross or John Lawson on 01467 623010

Dales Marine Services Ltd, Imperial Dry Dock, Leith Work for Dales Properties Scotland Ltd

With the royal backdrop of the Royal Yacht Britannia, Filpumps supplied and was at the installation site of Scotland’s first Graf Anaerobix Septic Sewerage System. An old collapsed septic tank was removed and replaced with the Graf Anaerobix System which with a cleaning performance of 90% does not require power or pumps. The sewage system was replaced to ensure a cleaner outflow and to help extend the life span of the soakaway.

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

CPD Seminar

GRAF UK is a leading supplier and installer of storm in association with water management solutions In association with

The Design and Use of SBR Package Waste Water Treatment Plants As more properties are built in less accessible locations it is imperative to have resilient systems in place to deal with all aspects of water management and especially the treatment and disposal of waste water . This CPD explores the pros and cons of the options available including the disposal of the treated effluent. We then explore in more detail the sizing, the design and use of Sequence Batch Reaction Systems with their built in adaptability to peaks and troughs in the flow rates. The seminar covers: Regulations and Guidance Codes Pollution and treatment levels System types SBR systems and how they work Sizing and choosing the right package Dealing with the discharge Installation and Maintenance

RIBA core curriculum: These CPDs fall under the following headings in the RIBA core curriculum Compliance: Legal, regulatory and statutory frameworks and processes Design and Building it: Design, construction, technology and engineering Climate: Sustainable Architecture Knowledge level: General Awareness As a RIBA core curriculum CPD, double points are available.

ars Overview

ons, rainwater harvesting systems and waste water treatment plants to the UK construction industry

NEW CPD FOR 2016 Effective Stormwater Management & Retention Systems Stormwater Management is not just of concern to the designer, contractor and general public, it has become a political issue and a planning requirement. This CPD explores the aims of Sustainable Drainage Systems, looking at both traditional and modern systems, both above and below ground. It looks at the latest methods of 'source control SuDs' and the pros and cons of various systems. The seminar covers: The reason for an aims of SuDs The Flood and Water Management Act Problems and Solutions Design Considerations Installation Inspection and Maintenance considerations. For more information, dates or to book please contact Syd Ross Water & Wastewater Specialist Thainstone Business Park Inverurie Aberdeenshire AB51 5GT Phone 01467 623010 Mobile 07884 738792

Borehole Drilling Does your private water supply need improving? Filpumps of Inverurie have been successfully drilling water wells for 25 years in the North East of Scotland. With our own modern drilling methods and equipment Filpumps can deliver a fast and effective turnkey solution from drilling to completion with pump and controls and water treatment providing safe drinking water for your family or business. Why not contact us to arrange a free estimate with price match guarantee (terms and conditions apply) and join an already long list of satisfied customers. Let Filpumps look after you and your private water supply keeping it in safe hands.


For more information on the above please contact Russell Mann on 01467 623010 or 07980 613149

Cordach Steading, Royal Deeside Architect - Gerry Robb, Aboyne Builder - Birselands Ltd Drainage Installer - RF Dinnie & Sons

Filpumps were asked to provide a solution for a septic system and soak-away for two existing properties and a new conversion on the banks of the River Dee in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire. Instead of a more traditional herringbone type soak-away, we offered the Graf Infiltration Tunnel soakaway, which has a small foot print but large volume capabilities and along with the soak-away we also offered a Graf One2Clean 14 person system to accommodate all 3 houses. 14 Infiltration Tunnels replaced 25m3 of herringbone type soak-away and the One2Clean was chosen due to its high quality discharge and location (less than 500m) from the River Dee. The main advantage of the system offered is that it cannot block up and has ventilation to aid bacteria growth. It can be inspected and cleaned out if required. The drainage installer RF Dinnie & Sons found the tanks to be strong and robust on site, the installation of the tanks good and the infiltration tunnels very good to put together and easy to install.

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

Thinking of a reed bed? Think again. In theory treating sewage with a reed bed is simple, oxygen is transferred from the leaves to the roots in the gravel bed encouraging colonisation of micro-organisms that digest the sewage pollutants. However in practice, when not designed, installed or maintained properly then some very serious problems can arise. There have been reports of owners and operators of reed beds contracting dangerous and deadly infections from the reed beds. From Water Technology Engineering - “ Our client had a pub/restaurant and contracted an infection from the sewage effluent via a reed cut on his arm. He collapsed 2 hours later and was rushed to Intensive Care. The specialist told him that if he had been delayed by only another 1/2 hour, he would have needed his arm amputating. “ Compared to other sewage treatment systems reed beds are not a cheap or easy option. A reed bed installation for a single house can cost up to £7000 and that is not including other equipment needed such as tanks and drain field installations. Other equipment could cost up to another £6000 for a septic tank, balancing tank, pumping station and soak-away drain field if there is no waterway near by to discharge the clean treated water to. A complete sewage treatment plant on the other hand costs around £2000 - £3000 with another £2000 £4000 for installation depending on size and site requirements.

Why choose a septic system over a reed bed? • During cold and freezing conditions, the reed beds can completely freeze and therefore cannot process the raw sewage and other systems have to be in place to use in these conditions.

• The people who are required to carry out maintenance and checks on the reed bed will inevitably come into contact with dangerous bacteria and viruses so vaccinations for diphtherias, typhoid, tetanus, polio, leptospirosis and hepatitis are kept up to date. Even so, there is so guarantee against most infections.

• Fencing must be erected around the reed bed to prevent people and animals coming into contact with the raw sewage. Fence repairs must be carried out immediately so the area stays secure.

• If the gravel beds become clogged, the area must be cleared and new gravel placed in the beds and the area replanted. A clogged reed bed will not process the waste.

• Reed beds tend to attract rats and mice, so an additional pest control system needs to be in place.

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

2016 Shows

We are exhibiting at the following shows. Come and visit us for a chat and some refreshments and to see some of our products including our new drilling rig.

June Royal Highland Show - Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th June Royal Highland Centre Ingliston Edinburgh EH28 8NB

July Scottish Game Fair - Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July Scone Palace Perth PH2 6BD Turriff Show - Sunday 31st July and Monday 1st August The Haughs Queen’s Road Turriff Aberdeenshire AB53 4EF

August Black Isle Show - Wednesday 3rd to Thursday 4th August Mannsfield Showground Muir of Ord Ross-Shire IV6 7RS

EcoBloc Inspect Flex The third generation of GRAF infiltration and attenuation system BBA Agrément Certificate Number 15/5200 and Komo certified

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Universal use: For rainwater infiltration, retention or rainwater harvesting Twice the volume per truck: To save space during transport, two EcoBloc Inspect flex modules are stacked one inside the other. This halves transport costs and CO2 emissions. Easy to install: GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex modules are easy to transport and install. The modular system structure requires few accessories. Easy to inspect: The standard inspection channel allows the entire infiltration system to be effectively monitored. The ability of the EcoBloc Inspect system allow access by inspection cameras that are commonly found on the market. This has been confirmed, by several independent testing authorities. Can be cleaned by high pressure jetting: GRAF EcoBloc Inspect system can be easily cleaned by high pressure jetting. Highly flexible: Each EcoBloc Inspect flex module has a volume of 205 l, a area of 800 x 800 mm and a height of 320 mm. The system size and load-bearing can be adjusted individually to suit requirements of traffic and of non-traffic area. Lorry-bearing: The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect has a heavy-duty lorry-bearing capacity of 60 tons with a 800 mm earth covering. Installation depth of up to 5 metres: Even under very heavy loads, GRAF EcoBloc Inspect system can be installed at a depth of up to 5 metres. This means that up to 14 layers are possible. Connection up to DN 200: Large infiltration volumes require large pipe cross-sections. This isn‘t a problem for GRAF EcoBloc Inspect: it has DN 100, 150 and 200 connections on all sides. DN 100 connections are positioned eccentrically at the side for complete de-aeration. Designed for decades of use: A durable product design ensures sustainability. Built to offer double safety, the GRAF EcoBloc Inspect is designed for a service life of over 50 years. High infiltration rate: The GRAF EcoBloc Inspect system is designed to have high rate of infiltration and barrier free inspection.

Check with us for design package or design and build package.

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

Cala Homes, Milltimber, Aberdeen Client - WM McDonald

Products used: Time on site:

GRAF EcoBloc Inspect flex Attenuation Tanks Tank built in one day, including site preparation and membrane welding, two days

Tank Specifics: • 23.2m x 7.2m x 1.32m • 1044 EcoBloc Flex Modules, 261 Base Plates, 2420 Connection Elements, 36 End Plates • 655m2 1mm Geomembrane Liner • 655m2 300g/m2 Geotextile System Features and Benefits: • Membrane is welded rather than taped ensuring a superior hold • Welding process creates a chamber that can be used to test for leaks in the seal • GRAF EcoBloc System can be inspected with a camera via the standard inspection channel • GRAF EcoBloc System can be cleaned with a high pressure jet

For more information on the above products please contact Syd Ross on 01467 623010 or 07884 738792

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Company newsletter summer 2016  

Company newsletter Summer 2016. Information about our new products and services.

Company newsletter summer 2016  

Company newsletter Summer 2016. Information about our new products and services.