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Wind Energy - pros and cons Ă˜stervangskolen, Denmark

NIMBY NIMBY is slang for Not In My BackYard. Which basically means that people think that something is a great idea, you just don’t want it anywhere near yourself. You can use NIMBY on things like: Windmills, nuclear power stations, highways and homes for people with mental disorders, criminals etc.

Survey Survey from 2011 in Denmark* 88% wanted more power from wind energy. 72 % wanted the wind mills placed in the water 14 % wanted the mills on land. 8 % replied ”don´t know” *TV2/Megafon 2011

Survey 2012

(Jysk Analyse, 2012)

•Building of new windpower in Denmark (Danmarks Vindmølleforening og Vind-mølleindustrien 2009 and 2008 2020 •Windpower, of DK energi consumption Ca. 3 % 8, 5 % •Windpower, electricity alone Ca. 20 % 50 % •All in all Windmill effect Ca. 3200 MW 6400 MW •Number of mills Ca. 5100 3400 2008: 4900 stk. (4685 on land and 215 on the sea) 2020: 3400 stk. (2650 on land and 750 on the sea)

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