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Sustainable housing By Jasmijn, Deli, Justin and Thomas

We and our school  We come from Emmen, in the North of the Netherlands.

 We are on the same school; Carmelcollege Emmen

 We all do TTO (bilangual education)

Triple glazing window (window with three layers of glass)

Solar roof tiles

Paper insulation Wool bricks

Reuse of water in a toilet

Vegetable garden

Water reservoir

Going further ď‚„Earthships ď‚„ Completely self-sustainable

houses made from recycled materials

How can we promote our idea?  Media: Facebook/Twitter, website Flyers, YouTube

 Government: subsidies, promoting, make things easier

 Press: articles, television, activating, ask attention, give suggestions

 What could we do?

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Carmelcollege Netherlands presentation for the Comenius Project Green Skills for Global Change. Portugal Meeting, 2014 January 15th-19th