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Every citizen in Turkey has the right to education which is free of charge for the compulsory education. Since 2012, twelve years of education has been compulsory for boys and girls, which is divided into 4+4+4 years of schooling.

SOME GENERAL POINTS ABOUT TURKEY’S EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM The Ministry of National Education runs educational administration of the country. The academic calendar generally begins in Mid-September and finishes in Mid-June. The school day usually has a morning session and an afternoon session; but in overcrowded schools, there is a split session. The students have to attend school for 5 days (from Monday to Friday) in a total of 35-40 hours. There is a two-week winter break between January and February.

The Turkish National Education System is composed of two main parts: A. Formal Education 1)Pre-primary Education 2)Primary Education - 4 years of Elementary school - 4 years of Middle School 3)Secondary School 4)Higher Education B. Mass Education - Distance Education

SECONDARY EDUCATION Secondary Education is classified as follows: ● ●

General Secondary Education Vocational-Technical Secondary Education


General Secondary Education

a) Anatolian High Schools b) Science High Schools c) Anatolian Fine Arts d) Anatolian Teachers High School e) Evening High Schools f) Anatolian Religious High Schools

The objective of General Secondary Education To provide the students with a common general culture. To prepare them for higher education and the university entrance examinations.


Vocational-Technical Secondary Education

a) Technical High Schools b) Trade High Schools c) Tourism High Schools

The objective of Vocational – Technical Secondary Education

To educate students for the fields of occupation . To meet the need for qualified staff essential to Turkey.

The Education Sytem in General Secondary School The first year academic curriculum is common to all students.

CURRICULUM The core program includes;  Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Health Information  Mathematics  Turkish Language and Literature  Geography, History, Psychology, Philosophy,  Foreign Languages  PE, Art, Music  Religious Education and Ethics

In the second year, Students declare a concentration on the following streams: - Natural Sciences and Mathhematics - Literature and Mathematics - Social Sciences - Foreign Languages - Art

In the third and fourth year, Students take courses in accordance with their streams they specialize in.

The Education Sytem in Vocational – Technical Secondary School

The first year academic curriculum is common to all students. In the second, third and fourth year, students take vocational and technical courses.


Every teacher, except principals and vice-principals, has to have at least 21 hours of lessons a week. Teachers act as a guide on the way to knowledge.


Teachers should prepare exams, activities related to the topics, and daily lesson programs. Teachers should also guide a student social club.


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