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Dutch - Culture Mrs A. Brink

Today O General introduction

- Name + country O Learning Dutch culture O Learning Dutch language O Do and don'ts in your culture

Learning the Dutch culture O Culture = Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

O The characteristics of Dutch culture

Fill in the words for each sentence 5.15

Answers O Cheese = kaas O Low-lands = Lage landen O Dikes = dijken O Rotterdam = Rotterdam O Mondriaan = Mondriaan O Tulips = tulpen O Cows = koeien O Amsterdam = amsterdam

Nederlands leren spreken O Tell something about yourself in Dutch O Individual:

First fill in the English words, then try to fill in the Dutch words. O Pairs:

Introduce yourself in Dutch.

Do and don’ts in your culture O Form pairs O Do the reading exercise about do and don’ts

for dinner in other cultures. O Then write down 3 do and 3 don’ts for your

culture (in general) O Speak about it with each other

Examples Do O Three kisses on cheek O Go to a friend by bike

Don’t O Smoke a joint on the streets O Walk on the bike lanes

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