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Steinhart Proteus GMT (LE) ... a Special Edition, this time for Watchuseek, pretty too as I find.

The dimensions match the sell my watch online deep sea, housing is made of titanium, the bezel is however non-swivel base. Two lunettes to switch are supplied, she cost to 500,-euro. She is really horny! Am very excited about. If I would login now, could I get in yet? You've ordered one already and what betrayed not gell? I'm looking forward to the pictures! There are still some copies have, are the remaining then over rock hard sold? Does anyone have maybe a link to the data of the clock? But has arguably the diameter of 45 mm or? 45mm are also there unfortunately. Otherwise really nice with nice, playful details, such as the modified optic of indexes, if the GMT - or hour supplement. And the Green is very pleasing on the images. I thought... really a nice watch but with the 45mm for some, as well as for me, unfortunately too big. Looks as a concept quite well. Is also already the second Luèní will look like? Here you will be helped:

WUSSE Proteus - SUMMARY THREAD - modem melter - Watchuseek, world's largest & most visited watch Forum site. Really well done. I find something too dominant compared to the hour and minute hands, only the GMT hand. But maybe that was Yes. I say: No. I like the deep sea Deulich-better. But just another thought through my head is shot me.

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