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Secure Cloud Storage Solutions at the Click of a Mouse Security is our top priority! At, we take the security of all user data seriously. There are numerous requirements in place that are designed to determine and guarantee a certain level of security for those institutions. These include HIPAA, ISO and FISMA compliance and there is ongoing monitoring and penetration testing to ensure the highest level of service performance and continuity. The latest encryption and data security algorithms are employed for the transfer and storage of all information at multiple global locations. Instant access is guaranteed at anytime from anywhere in the world.

What does this mean for day-to-day operations? The bottom line is that provides secure cloud storage solutions. This is important to know across the board because it affects everything that is produced and stored in any enterprise system. Starting at the beginning, this means that once a representative has helped a client set up the most appropriate system for their needs, the only way anyone at can access that data is through specific, direct permission. In terms of the actual company, an administrator is appointed to manage the SaaS system. This person controls all aspects of system management from a centralized console where are

access protocols are

determined. What this means is that levels ofaccess, permissions and passwords are assigned based on the hierarchy of need related to any particular data. For example, the lowest level of access may limit a user to a particular work station and only one particular file like billing and appointment scheduling or read only and enter only materials. Higher up the chain, a department head or project manager would have greater latitude of access while only the highest level of access would provide unlimited use of the files. Complete records of all data access are kept by the system administrator to determine patterns of usage among individuals or groups. This provides an audit trail of logins uploads and downloads for specific files or within a particular date range. Archived files are maintained as data is altered so that it is always possible to go back and follow the progress of a project or avoid accidental loss.

Using the system is easy and cost effective. Once the system is established, all users can have access to approved files and folders through familiar Microsoft Office software. Documents can be opened, edited and saved conveniently and the automatic filing capability of the Cloud Connect Drop Box and Smart Filing features provide immediate secure cloud storage solutions and online data backup. Essentially, each user has access to the same ‘portable file cabinet’. Because provides all the software needed, each company does not have to invest in extensive equipment, licenses, IT personnel or updates. The process is streamlined for better enterprise coordination and that allows the back office to supply the best support possible.

There is no duplication of effort when different parties need the same file and real time collaboration is possible even when group members are not in the same location. With access to the cloud with, any company’s computing needs are simplified, streamlined, secure and cost effective. It is a relief to know that all data is backed up and protected with secure cloud storage solutions.

Secure Cloud Storage Solutions at the Click of a Mouse  
Secure Cloud Storage Solutions at the Click of a Mouse  

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