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Promote Your Film Career With Short Film making Short films are becoming popular day by day in every field. Starting from scientific research to engineering applications and short stories to comedy clips, short films are applicable to all fields. If you are a teen and loves to make short movies, this is one of the best endeavor to boost your film career. All you need is a digital camcorder or high resolution smart phone, a computer and a small or large team to assist you in movie-making. But what after finishing with a movie? Is there any way to promote your work and boost your film career? It has become possible with increasing opportunities through short film festivals. These festivals held at cinemas or special screening venues where movies are presented in organized manner before the audience and broadcast on TV. Based on people choice, jury selects winning movies and presents festival awards to filmmakers. How to make an award winning short movie? With the availability of modern film making and editing tools, smart cameras, it has become easier to make movies. Still, there are few basic things to keep in mind for making an outstanding short movie. ďƒą Come up with a story: As a filmmaker, first come up with a story that you want to tell through short movie. The story must be simple and short centred on single idea because with short films, you may not have time to picturise a novel length story. If you have partner to fetch the theme of movie, it is great. After banking on an idea, write down a script in proper format and ask someone to read it for you. ďƒą Schedule the location and time for production: Make the time schedule for each and every detail of movie production, pre production and post production. Also, decide the right location for movie making. The location selected must be easily accessible by team members, must be facilitate with proper electricity, water and other essentials. ďƒą Cast actors and other crew members: Now, it is time to cast actors that best suit the roles. For this, it is good to hire professional actors. But in case of low budget, you can cast family members or friends for suitable roles. But these individuals may not have professional acting skills. Alternatively, ask your mates at acting school to work for you in case of low budget. In turn, offer them recognition and small monetary benefit. Creating a short movie is as challenging as creating a featured movie. Representing the whole idea in a few minutes through a small video clip is really very difficult. To get more creative idea, watch short films made by other movie makers. To promote your movies, upload these on websites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc and share video's link on social networking sites. Young Cuts film festival promotes young filmmakers and give them opportunities to boost their film career. People can make their own short films and submit on young cut's online website. Every year, 80 winning filmmakers are selected based upon people liking. Submit your short film now.

Promote your film career with short film making  

Short films making has become a great career opportunity for young film makers. Let's follow few tips for making a winning short film for fi...

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