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By Karl N., Jens S.and Linn R.

GARMENT 1: He wears a purple shirt and a dark blue slipover. To the shirt he is wearing a tie. He got dark hair and dark sunglasses, the sunglasses are from the brand, Ray’ban. He got a oil coat that’s dark green. The pants he is wearing are dark blue chinos.

GARMENT 2: This person got dark hair that mathes the dark sunglasses. He got a normal outfit for going party as a man. He is wearing a blue shirt with orange stripes and buttons, the shirt is from the special edition from the brand “Stenströms Sweden”. The pants are orange which is very popular this summer. T he pants comes from the brand “Morris”. The shoes are from the brand Gucci and the model is “classic” for men. By jens.

GARMENT 3: • This man got a classic look for men, when going party. • He got a white shirt and a black slipover. • He got black hair with gel that makes it shiny. • To the shirt he is wearing a butterfly. • By jens.

GARMENT 4: This person is slim and got dark hair and got dark eyes, that matches the dark jeans. He got a checked shirt where the sleeves are rolled up. The shirt are in the colours, red, white, yellow, green and blue. He also got a white pair of shoes. BY Karl.


She is slim and she is really attractive. She is tall and she has a lovely figure. She has an oval shaped face with thin eyebrows. Her eye colour Is brown and she has healthy teeth and smooth skin. She has shoulder length hair and it’s brown and wavy. She is wearing tight black jeans and a multi-coloured shirt and she has a black bag over her shoulder. She is wearing a bracelet on her left hand



She is slim and quite curvy. She is really pretty and she has blonde hair in a ponytail. Her hair is straight and healthy. She has an oval shaped face with blue eyes and thin eyebrows. She is of medium height. She is wearing an elegant long red dress and she has a black envelope bag in her hands. She has a white pearl necklace and a white pearl bracelet on her right hand. Written by Linn Rosenkvist 8c


By Aida and Cristina (4d)

GARMENT 7: Pamela is wearing a black and silver dress and sandals. She is wearing accessories as long earings, a bracelet and a necklace. She is carrying a handbag.

GARMENT 8: Maria is wearing a white dress and white sandals. She is wearing luxurious accesoriess as a necklace and earrings. She has a glass of wine in her hand.


Eric is wearing black trousers, a red shirt, a white jersey and white shoes. Mireia is wearing a short light and navy blue dress and a high-heeled sandals. They look very attractive.


Alexandre is wearing checked black trousers, a white T-shirt and a checked blue and white shirt. He is also wearing blue shoes.


• Michael is wearing with a black shirt and a red sweatshirt, he is wearing torn jeans and a black and white sports shoes.

GARMENT 12: • Brenda is wearing a pair of long black boots, grey trousers, a white t-shirt and a black jersey. She is very beatiful for going partying.

GARMENT 13: • Linda is wearing a black and grey longdress. It is the latest fashion to glitter in the party. The hair is curly and brown. She looks so beautiful.

GARMENT 14: • Elizabeth is wearing a short white dress and a jacket over it in a very elegant black color. She is also wearing very appropiate black sandals which go with the dress. She is wearing a necklace and earrings set with a dress.

GARMENT 15: • Marissa is wearing a short red luxurious dress open in the front and black sandals with a white flower. She is carrying a red handbag, the same color of the dress. She is wearing a pair of earrings and a very pretty necklace.

GARMENT 16: • Amaia is wearing a blue shirt with blue and stripes with a blue flower. She is also wearing shiny grey trousers and brown sandals. She is wearing beautiful pearl earrings.

GARMENT 17: • BEACH PARTY DRESS It's a beach party garment. It could only be worn in summer. She is wearing a blue short dress. She is also wearing blue sandals and a white necklace. It's a glamorous dress but also perfect for parties on the beach.

GARMENT 18: • RED PARTY DRESS • It's a short red silk party dress. It has frills and also a red belt. It's for summer parties. She is also wearing white sandals.

GARMENT 19: • BLACK PARTY DRESS She is the famous top model Agness Deyn. She is wearing a black dress and black highheeled shoes. This dress is perfect for all kind of parties. She is also wearing a silver bracelet designed by Marta.

GARMENT 20: • This dress is from the Valentino Spring 2010 Collection. It's glittering black and short. It has a big ribbon. She is also wearing black high-heeled shoes. It's ideal for glamorous parties.

GARMENT 21: • MALE PARTY GARMENT He is Robert Pattinson. He is wearing a black Tshirt with a white sign, a pair of jeans and a pair of black trainers with white stripes. This garment is for informal parties.

GARMENT 22: The girl is wearing a light short Brown and green garment , sunglasses with heart form, and a headband with a blue and yellow flower. She’s also wearing a pair of white high heeled sandals. This dress is ideal to wear on hippy beach party. The diadem and the glasses are perfect accessories!

GARMENT 23: • DISCO LOOK: The girl is wearing a brown glittering dress with purpurine, the girl is also wearing a brown and silverling Belt, and a high heel red sandals with laces. She is wearing a square gold and brown neck lace and a black and gold bracelet. This look is ideal to go to the disco.

GARMENT 24: COCKTAIL LOOK: This is the perfect look to go out for a cocktaill. The girl, is wearing a White silverling short dress and a black and gold high heel shoes. Accessories: She’s wearing a silverling Bracelet, and a set of brilliant silverling and Green neck lace and the same design for earrings.

GARMENT 24: • A LOOK TO HAVE DINNER OUT: This is an ideal look to stay well if you have to meet your boyfriend’s parents on a restaurant. The girl is wearing a purple short skirt with fringes, a White vest and a short jersey. She is also wearing brown high heel sandals and a brown purse. She’s also wearing a black bracelet, a pink and purple hat and a pair of earrings with star form.


by Gerda and Monika (8a



This photo is from avant-garde party. Milda is wearing a dress made of papers, Vaida is dressed in plastic colourful skirt and black blouse, Oksana has a white plastic fancy dress on, Simona is wearing a blouse of different matched material and a short scrapped skirt and green trainers, Gerda’s dress is combined of corset and plastic white skirt decorated in pink ribbon.

GARMENTS 26: • Gerda is wearing a pink woolen sweater and blue tight jeans, black belt and heeled grey shoes, Mido has a magnificent silk yellow and green flowery costume on. Accessories: sun glasses, and a retro style wig.

GARMENTS 27: • Monika is dressed in grey dress and tight leggings. Gerda is wearing a white dress, and black leggings.Accessories : a black belt , pendants , earrings and a leather bag .


• Gerda is dressed in pied dress, black leggings and high-heeled shoes. Monika is wearing a grey dress, tight jeans and shoes.

GARMENTS 29: • Monika is wearing a turtleneck sweater, tight jeans, black belt and shoes.Gerda is dressed in a pink blouse, tight blue jeans and shoes.

GARMENTS 30: • Milda is wearing a black golf, red t- shirt, tight jeans and shoes.Simona is dressed in a pied jumper, tight dark jeans and shoes.Gerda is wearing a white shirt , black cardigan , tight jeans and shoes.Monika is dressed in yellow shirt, tight jeans and shoes.Accessories : bags,pendants and belts.

Copyright: fashionable students from Sweden, Lithuania and Spain

Some images taken from and other free online dress-up games. Others from students themselves.


designs from students of the three schools

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