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"",'uw,,. of ,ha C.non 514XL·$


Superior Sound Quality Spectacular innovations through Canon's advanced technol-

ogy has at last enabled Super 8 Sound movies 01 superior

quality. The 514XL·$ fcalurl!$ extremely Quiet operation, a unique Autom1l1ic Level Connol IALC) with a versatile Audio

A Bright, Clear SlR Viewfinder The 514XL·S mes the same sharp lens for its viewfinder system as it does lor shooting, Split·image focusing is accurate and e8$y WIth such a bright. clear image. And complete filming in/ormation is inCluded right in the viewfinder.


level Dial, a special Tone $elect Switch, an auxiliary input and sound monitonng, plus tWO sOund filming speeds.

A Tr uly Marvelous fll.4 5X Power Zoom Lens The 514XL·$ offers you a last filA lens that performs excellently under even the dImmest 01 illumination. II has,


in addition, a 5X zoom thaI features both manual and power

operatton, plus a mechanIsm Ihal pe.mllS macrocinematography ;'1 either 0111'110 different ranges,

XL Sound Filming Anytime, Any Place Through· t he·lens AE metering assures accurate exposure in almost any exist ing light condit ion. A highly sensitive CdS phOtocell having an extremely wide range is incorporated. And a wide 2200 shutter opening angle enhances its XL performance with a longer effective exposure.


An Extremely Slim. lightweight Body The 514Xl-5 features a fully collapsible gr ip and built·in rubber hood. while all sound controls are arranged together lor simple. Quick operation. Its slim, compact body represents truly the best design for Super B Sound movies.


Hi9h Qualitv Accessories Many high quality accessories are available to expa nd the 514Xl·S·s applications, such as a Boom Microphone BM701 BM50, Lighting Adaptor LA·l. Headphone HP·M, Selftimer E, Interval Timer E. C·S Wide Attachment Lens 43, Remote Switch 60/3. Power Pack 9V, Connecting Cord C300L, Ex· tension Cord E450L. plus various 43mm filters.


Rubber Hood

To ne Select Switch Accessory Shoe Aud Io L8V{!1 Dial Foo tage Co un ter Di a l Lo ck BUlIon Ballery Check BUlIOn Distance Scale

Filming Speed Dial External

Recording Head Pad


Shuller Release

Zoom Lens

Lever -----~


Jack l Au x. Inpot Jack Remote Contro l Jack l Single Frame Shoot""9 Jack

MOl"" Switch

CCA Filter Switch The CCA filter is automatically ca nce ll ed whenever a dayl ight· type film cartridge is uSed . But with Type A film cartridges, juS! se t this swi tch to cancel the fil ter manually. Leve l Dial serves as a mauer con trOl for t he inptJt level. There are two se ttings! Auto level setting. for normal rKording and a Low level selling for loud volume condi tions . It can a lso be used for sound fading ellects and to switch to an auxiliary direct source input. Tone Selecl Swilch This special Tone Select Switch has two positions: "Soft" for normal recording and "Clear" for sharper. more distinct results. Cue Light The LED Cue Light illuminales upon release of the shutter as a clear visual indica tion that filming is now under way . EE Lock Me<:hanism The Canon 514XL·S has an EE lock lever to fix a local reading of the subject for correct expo$ure unde r baCklit conditions.

Remote Control. Auxi liary Input and Earphone Jacks With the main switch in its "RL" se tting. the microphone or a remota control switch can be used 10 aClivate filming . An auxiliary input jack enables direct recording from audio sources. such as television. etc. And with the earphone connected into the ea rphone jack . you can hear jU$l what is being picked up upon switchi ng on the microphone. Power Zoom Switf;h The 5 14XL·S's 5X zoom f;an crea te beaut iful transitions from one Kene to another. Just prU$s th e " T" of the power zoom switch on top of the camera for telephoto or p ress the "W" for wlde·angle. The power zoom funct ions only while filming.

Manu.1 Zooming Lever Sy IUrni ng this lever, you can control zooming ma nua lly at different speeds, as opposed 10 the lixed speed of power zooming. Macro·Setting Lever By rotating the mac ro· setting lever for I8lepholo macroeinema· tography. the lens focuses 8t 8 point 600mm fr om the fi lm plan e indicator. Wide·angle milCrocinemetography is possible. 100. at a distance of 227mm from the film plane.

1 -·,. t.•. ~


.., '!,I,





;: <,

,, ~




Footage Counter The film footage counter indicat" the amount 0 1 f ilm whic h has been exposed. Upon removal o f the fi lm cartridge. it au toma t ically resets to "5".

Batterv Checker The battery check button is located near the film footage cou nter. Press it and you can check the batter ie5 cha rge by the red LED in the viewf inder. Built-In Rubber Hood Th e 5 14XL·S features a built·in rubber hood that fully collapses for carr yi ng purpOSe5. It contributes to eliminating lIare and ghost caused by glaring side sources of lighl.



'- A


Single Frame Shooting The " 1" posit ion of the main switch is for single frame shooting to Crea le ti t le5 and an iffi8tion. Remo te control AE shooting is po$$ible with the Remot e Switch 60.



::"~' .... :,

Electromagnetic Shutter Release The 514X L-5 employs an electromagnetic shutter release the offers high reliability and precision . It requ ires much less pressure than conventiona l shutter releases and it greatl y contribUIes to the remarkabl y lightweight and compact design.

Adjustable Eyepiece The eyepiece of the Canon 514XL·S is adjustable to your particular viSion within a range from -4 to +2 diopters. For eve n easier viewing, a comfortable rubber eyecup is provided.



Now' Superb Canon Quality in Sound and Image

Canon introduces the most compact, high·performance X L movie camera for Super 8 Sound, the Canon 514XL-S. Indeed only with Canon's vast experience and advanced technological know· how could such a marvelous, new camera have been developed . The 514XL·S is first remarkable for its extremely q uiet opera· tion. It uses a minimum of moving gears and parts having optimum p reciSion and balance. Moreover, the cover of the film compartment has been insulated w ith a sound·proof mate· rial . The sound of it running is little more than a whisper, so that no mechanical noise is ever recorded. The 514XL-S incorporates Canon's unique Automatic Level ContrOl that assures excellent recording for all sorts of acoustical levels and conditions. The ALC quickl y responds to all kinds of fast changing situations so that you can film wherever and however you like, since the audio level is always perfectly set. But most unlike other sound cameras available today, the 514XL·S sets the level according to both the volume of sound and the duration of sound. This gives quicker, better response for more natural sound reproduction. Not only does it assure proper audio level contrOl, but it is sensitive to both close and d istant sounds and voices so that background like background and the foreground like foreground, just as you would naturally hear it. Moreover, there is never any cancelling effect with changes between loud and quiet sounds at shooti ng locations such as airports. train stations, etc .. The versatile Aud io Level Dial serves as a master control for the input sensitivity of the ALC. The maximum setting "Auto", is the best level for normal recording purposes. However, under cert~in high-<:Jecibel level conditions, such as a jet take off. etc., the low level setting is advisable in order to avoid distortion. Both settings are provided with slight click -stops for easy reference and the dial can be locked in either of these positions with the lock button. With the AudiO Level Dia l. you also perform sound fading effects. It masterfully con trols the sound in the same w ay that a ~oom varies the image. Just turn it cou nter, clockw ise an d the sound gradual ly decreases and fades out; t urn it cl ockwise and the sound fades in. This dia l also serves as a switch for an auxiliary i nput from direct sources.

The special Tone Select Switch has two positions to adapt the tone charar.teristic to different sounds and acoustical conditions. The "Soft" position permits a natural effect with a normal frequency response. This is useful when recording a person's voice. music in studio conditions, etc. The "Clear" position causes a low frequency cut of about - 10 dB at 100 Hl for sharper, more distinct results when recording with the micro· phone at close proxi mity to the subject or to eliminate a low background noise, etc. The 514XL-S also features an auxiliary input for recording from sources such as a telev ision, radio. record player, taperecorder, etc., connected directly by means of the optional Connecting Cord C300L. Extraneous sounds and background noise can be eliminated in this way for higher f idelity. Sound monitoring is also possible with the earphone connected to the earphone jack. Everything can be heard just as it is recorded on film by the camera as soon as you press the shutter release lever at the first step. The earphone is ex· tremely small and light to fit comfortably into your ear. The 514X L·S is exceptional in that features two d i fferent speeds for direct sound filming. In addition to the normal filming speed of 18 fps. a faster speed of 24 fps is availalble with the mere flip of a switCh. Both speeds are completely adequate for sound filming. The faster filming speed of 24 fps enables a smoother, higher quality moving image and betler sound qua· lity. The film drive of the 514XL·S employs two ele<;tric motors controlled by tacho generato~. And like quality taperecorders, a capstan system is used for sound fi lm transport. No other Super 8 Sound camera around offers so much performance for wonderful sound movies.

Cano n 514XL·S Soun d Sy st em

The Canon 514XL-S features an eKtremely fast lens with a large maK;mum aperture opening of 1/1.4. Th is gives you great advant<JgeS for shoo ting under aU X L conditions. And with the use of today's high-speed films, eK ua lighting equipment is never necessary. eyen when shootin.g the most dimly lit subjects. so that you can LlSII 'Kisting light for much more spontaneous movies_ This remarkabl' I.ns is one 01 the smallest and most compact lenses around . It consiUS 01 13 elements in 11 groups that assure sharp pictur. images without fare and eKcelient color balance at full apertur •. In addition, it offers you a 5X zoom with either manual or power operation. There is a wide range within the lens' variable focal length of 9mm - 45mm. Wit h such versa tility, you can rea ll y be crea tive. arranging imerest in.g compositions and adding beautiful transi t ions to your filming. A zoom also all ows you to follow your subject smoothly without ever changing you r stance and avoids unnecessary camera movement. The rocker switch located on top o f the camera controls both telephoto and wide·engle zooming when the shutter is released. Manua l zoom can also lend many different degrees of variation. Just move the manua l zooming levar, wh ich doub les as the macro-setting lever, up or down fo r the rate and amount of zoom you want. There is II special attachment lens. the Canon C.g Wide Attachment Lens 43. to further eKpand its wide-angle applications.

Wide-angle Telep hoto Macroci nematography One of the most un iQue and remarkable performance features of the Canon 51 4X L-S is i15 mac rocinematography mech an ism at both WIde-angie and telephoto. EKcltmg dose-up photography is possible at either of these two different range:l without attachment of any othe r accessories. The macrocinematography feature is operated by turning the macrO-$euing lever to its wide-angl. or telephoto SlItting. In telepnoto, the lens focuses at a point 600mm from the lilm plane indicator which is perfect for nature shooting_ Wide-an gle macrocinematography is performed at a distance of 227mm from the film p lane and is ideal for making titles or animations.

Macroci nematography


Telephoto Macroc inemalograph y

L Sound Filming Anytime, Any Plac.

The Canon 5 14XL·S meters light right through the lens, eKactly like th e fil'lest SLR camera. This system lets you see e Kactly what you are actually filming, which coincides at the same time with that which is beil'lg metered . Ligh t transmitted through the lel'ls is read by a highly sel'll itive CdS photocell that accurately determinllS the proper eKposure_ It has an eKtremely wide range - from 1/1.4 at 18 fps wi t h ASA 250 10 f /32 at 24 Ips with ASA 25 _ Al'ld the 514XL-S accepts five differel'lt film speeds; ASA 25, 40, 100. 160 and 250, whiCh are automatically SlIt upol'l loading the cartridge into t he camera. The 2200 shutler opening angle of the Cal'lon 514XL-S is al'lother one of its oUl$tandil'l9 XL features . This shutter openil'lg arral'lgemel'lt greatly el'lhan<:e$ il$ perlormal'lce and enables the 514XL-S to film any subject il'l just about al'ly iUumil'lation. AI'I effective e Kposure of 1/30 of a second at 18 Ips is ideal for gel'leral filming. And especially for filmil'lg from video sources or under low· ligh t conditiol'ls, it gives you considerable adval'ltages .



Bright, Clear S l R Viewf inder

• -8

Overexposure Warning Mark Index Aperture Scale

Split ImJge Screen

The Canon 51 4XL-S is unique as a Super 8 Sound movie camera in that it features a slim, lightweight body and fully collapsible grip. The grip swings out on a sturdy double hinge and locks securely into its extended position. To fold it away, simply press the lock button on the right side of the grip and it tucks neatly away against the camera body, The grip itself is wide and comfortable to hold for firm, steady camera support. It includes a comfortably molded shutter release lever and contains the six penlight-size batteries that power all the camera's great electronic feat\lres. The 514XL-S is truly the pinnacle of integrated optical design with its small, slim camera body. Its compact zoom lens features a built-in collapsible rubber hood and uses small diameter 43mm filters and accessories. All sound controls are arranged on a single panel for fast, easy adjustment and a rUbber mat is included for extra comfort. Every feature of the 514XL·S is really packed with performance for great Super 8 Sound movies.

Recording leve l Indication

~,.\, -----,


An Extreme ly Slim, Light weight Bod y


Battery Check / Fi lm End Warning Lamp

Film Transport Indicator


High Quality Accessories

out of focus



The Canon 514XL-S offers you a single lens reflex viewfinder using the same spectacular lens that it does for shooting. Not only is the lens aperture large but the e xit pupil of the viewfinder is exceptional ly large, too, in order to deliver an image of the very brightest and sharpest quality. Under dim light conditions in which XL cameras excell this is imperative, since viewing becomes extremely critical. And perfect focus is easy by simply matching the two halves of the image in the viewfinder. With a viewfinder image that is always crystal clear, the 514XL-5's split-image focus is ama~ingly accurate. And its viewfinder displays everyt'ling you need to know right before your very eyes in an easy·to·read format. Complete filming information for recording level, apertu re scale, oattery check l film end warning lamp, film tra"sport indicator, overexposure and underexposure warning marks are found in the viewfinder. The indication of the aperture opening which has been automa tically set by the CdS photocell is very unique and convenient. And the recording indicator lights to show when sound filming begins so you can join in the filming fun.


To expa"d your photograph ic horizons , a whole assortment of accessories is available for the 514X L- S. Sou"d-wise, there is "0 situation for which you will be unprepared if you have either the Boom Microphone BM70 or BM50, both unidirectional, alo"g with the standard Dy"amic Microphone DM30R i" your possess ion. The Headphone HP.M is available for monitoring the sound at the same time of recordi"g. PhOtographically, the co"ve"ie"t Lighting Adaptor LA- ' lets you attach both a movie light and boom microphone to the camera so you don't have to carry them separately. There are also the CB Wi de Attachment Le"s 43, Sell-timer E, Interval Timer F. Remote Switch 60f3 and a complete line of filters for special image effects. And the Power Pack (9V) enables you to do extended filming or film in cold places. Whatever y our filmi"g interest, Canon makes an accessory to cover it.

Power Pack 'III

C-8Wfde A'tJochmen, Lens 43

mo m In'. ",a l Time, E

Viewf ind er System

Se lf -timer E

• Avail.bIe ""'y in con. in .,.ebO.

Type: SLR type lor Super 8 Sou nd and silent XL lilming. Size of Picture Frame: 5.8 x 4.2mm l ens: 111.4 9mm- 45mm local length, 5X zoom ratio. l ens Construction : 13 elements in I I groups, Spectra Coating; lilter thread soze: 4 3mm; lens cap soze: 45mm; rubber hood : buil t ·in . Mec roci nemetOflnpl!y Mechenism : It can be switched to wlde·angle or telepho to macroclnematography by the macro setti ng lever. When the distance scale is set to _, close.... p shoo ting dostance and lield size are: 221mm, 14 x 102mm for wide,angle macrOClnematography 6OOmm. 44 x 6 1mm for telephoto macroci nematography Focusing Adjust ment: Rotating fron t component Distance Scale: fl 4 5. 10 30 m 1.2 1.5 2 3 5 10 Zooming: Power zooming by electric motor, besides manual zooming. Pow er zoomin g speed i$ about 8 seconds. (18 fps) Viewfind er: Single lens reI lex viewfinder with split-i mage focusing . Information : R~ording level indication . ape rture scale, over, underexposure warning marks, battery checklfilm end warning lamp and li lm Transport indicator. Dioptric Adjustment : Diopt ri cally adjuHable from _ 4 10 +2 dpt.; Wilh lockable eyecup. AE Mechanism: Automatic exposure mechanism coupled to ASA film speed and filming speed. Th rough ,the-Iens AE with CdS photocell. light Mete ring R~nge : ASA 250, 1/ 1.4, 18 Ips. to ASA 25, 1132,24 fps. Fil m Speed: Artificial light: ASA 40 160 250 Daylight: ASA 25100 160 Film ASA Setting: Automatically sel when cartridge is loaded. Color Te mp ...a ture Adj ustment Filter : Built-in. Automatic cancellation when daylight·type film carlr idge is inserted. Manual removal is also possible by switch lOCated on the outer camera body. Manu.1 Exposure Cont rOl: For manual exposure control. Ihe aperture value can be fixed with Ihe EE loc k lever. Shutter Release Mechanism: Electromagnetic release system; remote control is also possible. Filming Speeds: 18 and 24 Ips. (with both silent and sound cartrid~), besides single frame (for silen t cartridge only). Angle of Shutter Opening: 220 Drive System: High .performance electr ic micromotor lor film drive and power zooming. Ma in Switch: Positions for "OFF", "A" (Runningl, "AL" (Running loek! and '"I" (single frame shooting!. A red mark con firms that power is on. Power Source: The power source that is used for Ihe film drive system, power zooming, e~posure metering and recording consists of six 1.5V penlight batteries Which are loaded into the grip. Battery Checke r: A lEO lamp lights in the view finder to confirm battery power when the battery check button is pressed. Battery Ufe: Under normal temperature conditions, batteries are serviceable for more than 10 cartridges. or one cartridge or more for single frame shooting. Footaie Counter: COunts exposed film footage and autOmatically returns to S upon cartridge removing. Cue U ght: A red lEO lamp lights on the lower right front of the camera while filming. G

Fi lm End Warnin g: The film end warning lamp lights in the viewfinder about 2 It . before the end of film. Sound Recording System : Magnet ic stripe recording with Super S sound cartridge (continuous film tra nsport via capstan). Capstan Motor : With AC tacho generalOr. Recording l evel : Automatic level Control (A LC ), Two settings, Auto l Low lewl . Tone SIItec: t Swi tc h: Two se1tiogs, SoftlClear. Sou nd Fading: Possible with Aud io level Dial. Input Monitor: By the earphone and the rec ord ing level indica t ion. Microphone Input: Impedance about 3 KI1, 3.5mmo mini jack. Minimum l."pUt sensitiVity; - SO dB (0 dB = I V). Micropho ne: Impedance 500 11 (Dynamic Microphone\. Sen· sitivl ty - 18 dB (0 dB - 1 V lu bar 1 kHzl. Aux Input: Impedan ce more 50 KI1, 3.5mmo mini jack. Minimum input sensitivity; - 20 dB (0 dB = lV J. Earphone OUlput : Impedance B 11. Remot e COntrol : With remote con tr ol switch or m icrophone remote swi tch (mini jack 2.Smmol. Film Compartmen t: Accepts sou nd and silent cartridges. Opened by film compartment opening knob . Grip : Collapsible; se rves as be ttery compartme nt. Acce$SOry Shoe: For attach :ng the Boom Microphone BM10lBM50 a nd Lighting Adaptor LA·\. External Power : 9V D.C. wi th Ext ernal Power PaCk. Dimension s and We ight : 210 ~ 136 ~ 64mm (B·1f4"x5 ·3IB" ~2 - 1 12") (le$s grip, hood an d eyecup!; 1495g (3 tbs. 4 ozs.) !including batteries.) Accessories: Included; Soft C8$e, 45mm lens Cap. Dynam ic Microphone DMJOR (wi th windscreen, sland and clip) Earphone E, Remote Switch 60, Finder Cover. OptiOnal, Boom MIcrophone BM10I BM50. llghllJ'lg Adaptor lA·,. Headphone HP·M. 43mm Filter. C·S W,de Anachme", lens 43. Power Pack 9V, Self·tlmar E, Interva l T,mer E. Connect· ing Co rd C300l, Microphone Extension Cord E450L, Remote SwitCh 3. Subject 10 change wi t hout notice

Canon 514xl-s Brochure  

Through· t he·lens AE metering assures accurate exposure in almost any existing light condition. A highly sensitive CdS phOtocell having an...

Canon 514xl-s Brochure  

Through· t he·lens AE metering assures accurate exposure in almost any existing light condition. A highly sensitive CdS phOtocell having an...