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The magnificent

Bolex 16 mm sound projector

is the result of many years of intensive research and a tradition of fine Swiss craftsmanship almost 150 years old. Highly versatile, the Bolex 5-221 projects both optical and magnetic sound films, on single or double perforated film. Simple controls make it easy to get highly professional results in recording sound effects, music, and narration on striped films. A combination of superb quality construction and the latest technical advances make the 5-221 the ideal projector for discriminating amateurs, professionals, and specialists in education, science, and industry.

The Bolex S-221 Gives You Top Performance On All Five Requirements For Perfect Sound - Movie Projection



The sound head is as easy to thread as the projector itself, and absolutely constant film movement through it is assured by two massive, perfectly balanced flywheels. It is designed for optimum reproduction of music, sound effects, and narration, from both optical and magnetic sound tracks. Optical sound reproduction has a frequency range from 50 to 7000 cycles Âą 5 decibels; magnetic sound reproduction from 50 to 10,000 cycles, Âą 5 decibels. The magnetic sound head can be used for full, half, and quarter width tracks with no adjustment. Size of the projector Cover Cover Cover

closed 20 'I,"~ x II" x 17" removed, arm in position, without spools removed, with spools 25 'I, x 17" x 31"

Weight of the projector:

55 Pounds


x 17" x 241/,."


=-- Power suppl The Bolex S~221 proiector~an be connected 0 C currenT; 50 or-60 cycles 110 to 135 Volts. A transformer, supplied separately, can be used for other voltages.

SOUND HEADS Optical sound head has standard 4 V, 0.75 amp. exciter lamp fed by a 40,000 cycle high frequency current, eliminating all noise. The lamp is extremely easy to change. Adjustable focusing of the accurately centered lightbeam ensures maximum sound quality regardless of whether the emulsion or base side faces the sound head. Large surface photoelectric cell. Optical sound system protected, sealed, and completely shielded from ligllt from valves or other sources. Magnetic sound head is ruggedly constructed for greatest resistance f wear and tear. Erase head operates on a high frequency magnetic field to assure complete erasure of previously recorCled souna. lhe erase head is located next to the recording head for instant switching when required. The wide range, simplicity of use and robust construction of the sound"Unlf are another three highly appreciated advantages, to add to the many already boasted by the S-221 projector.

The precision amplifier has centrolized controls for easy operation. A rugged, high fidelity unit, its 15 watt audio power output makes it ideal for use in large auditoriums as well as in smaller rooms. The speaker

is built into the projector cover and is designed r("Ilge_ of onal qunlity. It is supplied with a 50 foot extension cord, has a 6 watt power-output, and is 8 inches in diameter.

-ro- prt-dl;~e-reithf~lIy-O -wide..

AMPLlFIEJl Accidental erasure of recorded sound and other errors are impossible because all controls are centrally located and include safety devices. Separate volume controls for microphone and pick-up, radio or tape recorder; independent tone controls for bass and treble. A built-in mixer permits professional results through the combination of sound effects, narration, and music. A neon lamp provides a visual control for magnetic recording. Separate aural control, by means of earphones, over sound quality and volume. Voltage selector for maximum efficiency. High impeCiance input channels for microphones, pick-up, radio, or tape-recorder. 6 Ohm output channel for speaker and 50 Ohm output for earphones. The amplifier of the S-221 projector can be used in a public address system and so allows one to give a commentary or sound effects when projecting a silent film.


A unique condenser-reflector provide maximum brightness

system is built into the S-221 to and equal light distribution.

Three fast projection lenses are available in 35, 50, and 75 mm focal lengths. Each lens is composed of six elements and conforms to the most rigid standards of optical precision. Fully corrected for aberrations, these ÂŤHI-FIÂť lenses are you, guarantee of perfect color and freedom from distortion. The claw mechanism and film guides on the S-221 are made to exacting tolerances to ensure absolute steadiness of the projected image. Picture flicker is completely eliminated because the shutter can be regulated for two or three light interruptions per frame, either while the projector is running or stopped. At any projector speed, with the screen at any distance, pictures are bright, sharp, and flicker free.



Every part of the Bolex S-221 that will touch your been specially engineered to protect its perforations, and sound track.

film has surface,

Tension on the film remains constant from the beginning to the end of the reel, in forward or reverse run in re-wind and regardless of how full the take-up reel may be. ' The sprockets and the sound track.





the frame


The film gate and pressure pad are highly polished and precisely positioned. Easy to clean because the lens holder swings out completely. The claw

~ forotions:






Streamlined and compact, the Bolex S-221 sets up easily in seconds. The loudspeaker in the cover can be quickly detached for location in another area of the room, and the projector height adjusts instantly at the turn of large, convenient leg controls. A table lamp can be connected to the machine for automatic on-off operation. Film is threaded in seconds through automatically closing sprocket guides. The lens holder swings out a full 1800 to eliminate fumbling the film onto the claw mechanism. The film automatically moves into position on the claw as the lens holder is returned to projecting position. Tension on the film placed in the sound head is adjusted automatically. No need to change the reels for rewinding. To simplify operation even more, all projector controls are grouped in a panel on one side. Even in the dark, foolproof projection is guaranteed because the control panel, stroboscope, and watt meter are illuminated. A centralized quick.







mechanism is precision designed to protect the perEven urn films can be projected without da~ger'

of tearing. The magnetic sound heads are aligned and cannot damage the picture.

with extreme

The optical sound drum is made from anti-magnetic, steel, polished to a high finish, and machined with accuracy.

accuracy stainless extreme

Separate film paths for optical and magnetic sound so the optical track cannot be damaged by the magnetic heads.





Everyone of the thousands of parts that comprise the Bolex S-221 is precision machined and carefully tested before final assembly. As with all Bolex movie equipment, it takes many months of painstaking work to complete a projector. Only the finest raw materials are used, and they are chosen after careful consideration of the particular function which the finished part will perform. The drive mechanism, for example, is milled from extra hard, chrome-plated, tempered steel, and the cam is milled to a tolerance of 2/10,000 of an inch. Certain parts in the magnetic sound head are made to a tolerance even greater than 1/10,000 of an inch. The finished projector, as a result of this unhurried and precise manufacturing, will give years of prime performance.


Standard 750 (code: BENGE) or 1000 Watt (code: BERSO) projection lamp is mounted on hinged lcmphouse door for most convenient changing. Lamp current can be adjusted and measured on built-in meter to provide brightest picture and longest lamp life. Aspheric reflector and condenser system has three coated elements which can be cleaned easily on both sides. Swing out lens holder for easy cleaning of film gate and aperture. Framing is conveniently regulated with a knurled knob which moves the film and does not disturb the centering of the image. Lenses available include 35 mm f/1.3, code: SOPRO - 50 mm f/l.3, code: SOCAN, and 70 mm f/1.6, SOSEP. The shutter is adjustable in order to eliminate flicker while projecting.



Universal type motor with high starting torque. It runs silently, has push button stop and three position switch for reverse and forward with or without lamp. The speed is variable from 18 to 24 f.p.s. and is accurately stabilized by a ~overnor activated by electronic Impulses. A built- in illuminated stroboscope shows n precise 18 or 24 f.p.s. running ""--O""';;;.-L~~_ speed. Built-inframe counter with manual zero setting automatically shows every ten frames and can be read easily while the projector is running. This is an invaluable aid when recording and a particular part of the sound track must be picked out quickly and accurately.


Voltmeter (0 to 260 volts) For checking the power supply on the projector. Code: VOlEM.

Microphone (included with S-221 projector) High-fidelity dynamic microphone ... directional; 13 foot of cord with jack. Code: SOMIC.

Auditorium Speaker 12" diameter, 15 Watt with 50 foot electric cord on reel with permanent contacts. In handsome lined case. Sides fold down to form a base. Has space for many accessories. Weight: 28 V2 Ibs. Code : SOCOF.

Reels Of grey enamelled steel, no~warping. 2 sizes available: for 2000 and 800 ft of film. Codes: 800 ft reel: DOSlE; same reel with can: DURHO; 2000 ft reel: BOSON; same reel with carton: BOBSI. Earphone (for monitoring recording) Impedance: 50 ohms at 1,000 cycles - Double channel - 5 ft cable and jack. Code: SOECO.

Extension cable 65 ft long for loudspeaker. Code: SOHEP.

Power distributor If two speakers are used simultaneously this accessory permits distributing the power to the two speakers in any proportion desired. Auditorium speaker kit Includes this power distributor -. Code: SOPUI.

Transformer Portable: in metal case with carrying handle - Has 5 different inputs from 90 to 295 volts, 50 or 60 cycles - Rated power: 1350 VA - Safety fuse - 5 ft long leads - Weight: 32 Ibs. Code: SOTRA.

.1 N T ERN Extension cable '.; 16 ft long. Code: SOREX.


211/95 Angl.,. - Printed In Swllzerland

Travel case (included with S-221 projector) Of canvas, with stiff bottom insures perfect protection of lined case; Room to store 2 reels of 2000' each in their containers. Code: SOHOU.




Over 130 Paillard centers throughout the world are available to service the Bolex 5-22116 mm sound projector. Each is staffed with expert, factory trained mechanics. Your Bolex Dealer. can easily arrange for your rare repair or adjustment problem. Wherever you are you are sure of full service in the least possible time.

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Bolex 16mm Sound Projector S-221  

ND PROJECTOR . . supplied with a 50foot extension cord, has a 6 watt power-- output, and is8inches indiameter. C currenT; 50 or-60 cycles 11...