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Immediately feel at home

For the man who designs the world's most sophisticated Super 8 cameras ­ not according to his own iudgement but to that of professionals and of the specialized press of numerous coun­ tries - it was a fascinating challenge to turn to another, iust as important. as­ pect of film -making: bringing quality sound -filming within the reach of most amateurs. Marcel Beaulieu has tried tastep into the .>hoes of those who film for the pleasureof it, and are in constantquest of quality without having ally wish to become cine-camera pros or recording technicians. He has attempted to smooth out all the practical difficul­ ties encountered by amateurs, more particularly when beginners, in faith­ fully recording both picture and sound. The basic idea behind the design llnd construction of every detail of the BEAULIEU 1008 XL sound cine-came­ ra is that a camera's primary purpose is to allow any amateur, even if a com­ plete llovice,tomake successful films. immediately and without difficulty. 1 - Accessory shoe 2 - Film companment door 3 - Zoom len s 4 - Handgrip control button 5 - Trigger 6 - Power supply switch 7 - Handgrip 8 - Battery compan ment cover

9 - Focusing ring 10 - Zooming/macro ring 11 - Zoom/macro lever 12 - Powered zoom button [7 ---> 45 1 13 - Powered zoom button f45 -. 71 14 - Zooming speed switch 15 - Fade control button 16 - Power test indicator

with your cine--camera

First contacts are all-important. Your camera should at once feel like an extension of yourself.

The hand The hand is quite relaxed. T he ca mera grip rests on the palm, between thumb and forefinger. It poims forward at an angle calculated to give you the stea足 diest hold, with no trace of fatigue. T he BEAULIEU 1008 XL is compact, and weighs on ly 1,775 kg (3 lbs 15 ozl _

The eye

17 - Power tCSt button 18 - Counter scale 19 - Vic v.tfinder adjustment ring 20 - Filming speed control

21 - Backlight control button 22 - Viewfinder shutter 23 - Cue light 24 - Trigger locking button

25 - Mike/line input socket 26 - Sound level switch 27 - Flash synch ronization socket 28 - Earphone socket 29 - Remote control socket 30 - External power socket 3 1 - Viewfinder cup

The eye chooses the pictures, fram es them and is kept permanentl y inform足 ed. T he wide viewfinder-indicator tells you whether thc picture is in foc us, whethcr exposure is correct, whether your are fil mi ng in the automatic or the manual mode, and whether the camera isOK for sound . And it warns you when you only have enough film for20 more seconds' filming.

T he ear At all times, the ear can monitor the sound recorded by the camera, by means of an earphone.

Take fine pictures,at once

Pin-point focus The first condition for a film to be good is that t he pictu res should be sharp. For

the 1008 XL, Marcel Beaulieu has chosen a so-called "dichroic" focusing system, with which mistakes are practically im­ possible. You aim at your sub ject. If it has blue and orange fringes round it, yOllC picture is out of focu s. All you have to do is to rotate the focu sing ri ng

Steady pictures until the fringes disa ppear. Now you are cerrain to be in perfect focus - the m ore so that your BEA U LiEU l008 XL's zoom len s is a high-precision onc made up of 16 optical elements. It guarantees perfect pin-point sharpness, at any fo­ cal, length, from infinity to the macro setting.

There is nothing more unbearable, when projecting a film, than pictures t hat jump about incessantly becau se of over-e nthusiast ic use of zoomi ng. It shou ld be remembered that, in the telephoto setting, a zoom lens such as that of the BEAULIEU lO08 XL is as powerful as a 35 mm camera 280·mm telephoto lens. This is as much as can be managed with hand filmi ng. At any greater focal length, the slightest ca me· ra sha ke would interfere with picture sh arpness and steadiness. And you can not always {and do not always want toJ film with a tripod.

This is why Marcel Beaulieu has chosen fo r the 1008 XL a 7-45 mm zoom lens. Its 6 1/2 X amplitude offers all the zoom· ing possibilities you could wish for with out any ri sk of "shake". For yet greater s:lfety, the BEAULIEU 1008 XL's zoom is electri c, with two pe rfectly conStant speeds.

Well-rendered colours W hen proj ecting, it may happen sud· denly, in the middle of a sequence, t he pictures either pale or Qecome tOO d:lrk. You certa inly want to avoid such faults (due to incorrect exposure) in your own films. And it can not happen to you with your BEAULIEU 1008 XL. Its dia phragm automatica lly corrects the ex posure. You ca n do a pann ing shot from a shady area to one in bright sunshine, or vice versa; the diaphragm will increase or decrease the aperture, just as the eye would, so that your pictures remain perfectly ex posed throughout.

Film all you want to film, at once

Slow down or speed up movemenrs by rotating a knob You might want to analyse a moveme nt - for instance, a gymnaSt going through his exercises - in order to highlight the beauty of each gesture. So you will film at 36 fps slow moti on . All you have todo is to rotate the filming-speed ring.

If on the contrary you wish to accele rate a character's steps to achieve a comic effect like those of the old silent movies, it is no less easy to set to accelerated motion with 9 fps. The BEAULlEU 1008 XL has 5 filming speeds: framc-by-framc, 9, 18,24 and 36 fps.

IIBlowing-up" small objects, without auxiliary gadgers

Get close up to a distant subject, without moving

Shoot low-light scenes without auxiliary lighting When film ing with sound, you ohen film indoors. To keep a souvenir of a fami ly reunion, or to captu re children at play. But you ha ve not necessarily followed a lighting-specialist's coursc, and wou ld like to film with w hatever light is ava ilable. And you cando it with your BEAULIEU IOO8 XL, fo r 3 reasons: The lens a pcnure is a very wide on e: f/ 1.2. It is com mon knowledge th at th e wide r th e a penurc, thc less the a mount of light requircd. T hc optical ele ments arc so mountcd th :n light loss through the lens, marc particularly round the edges, is minimized . Th e cell's sensiti­ vity range has bec n exte nded from 25 to 400 A$A in order to all ow the use of any film at present ava ilable, including Ek­ tachrome G , wh ich is suita ble for any form of lighting.

You might be afraid to sca re away birds you have spotted in their nest , To bring them into a close-u p shot, all you have to do is to press the electric zoom ing control until you ha ve the requi red framing. Two zooming speeds are a va il­ able.

You may have been told that, for e x­ tre mely close-up work, you had to add accessories to your lens. T his is quite un necessary on the BEAULIEU 1008 XL , All you need todois to lift the zoom control lever, and you can film at any dis­ tance be tween 5 feetandrightupagamst the from of the lens. You can fill the whole screen with a butterfly's wing. And focusing is as simple as at any other distance.

Master sound recording, at once

Many an amateur gets a shock when he views his first sou nd film. The rustle of a sheet of paper sounds like a thunde r­ storm, the whispering wind like the wail of a siren, From your very first film, MarcelBeaulieu wants to help you side-step th e pitfalls of sound recording, so that whe n pro­ jecting you recapture as closely pos­ sible everything you hea rd when film­ 109. The important thing is siting your mi ­ crophone properly. This you wi ll achie­ ve by playing on the 2 available levels of automatic recording, and by using the indications in the viewfinder as guidelin es. If the green LED flick ers, your mike is suitably si ted. If it fails to light, it IS too far from th e source. If it sta ys all, the sound is too loud. You can then flip the switch into the -lOdeci bel setting. In every case, a built-in device tones down excessive sound, and raises the level when it is toO weak.

An earphone supplied with the came ra allows you to monitor all sounds record­ ed by the C;lmera.

Retain the right to experiment

with special effects

As you have seen, to simplify filming, the BEAULIEU 1008 XL's functions are automatic . But there is nothing to pre­ vent you from using them manually wh enever you wish, Just for fun. Or to achieve some effect. Or to attempt the discovery of a new expression form.

Choose your £Istop, for instance. Suppose you wish to bring out a detail by purposely throwing the background out of focus. Choose your own stop to obtain the depth of field you want. Sup­

pose you want to film against the light. Set your f/stop while aiming at the cen­ tral subject, which will thus be perfectly exposed, even with very st rong back lighting. You can also momentarily overexpose by one stop, by pressing on the "diaphragm corrector" button.

Separate your sequences more interestingly As the cinema and television pros do, you can smooth out the transition from one sequence to the next by the fade­ in/fade-out technique. Just a button to press. A t the beginning of the sequence, the picture lightens while the sound

becomes louder, while at the end the picture grows darker and the sou nd dies


Dub in music, or a commentary You can connect the BEAULIEU 1008 XL toa tape recorde r or to a hi-fi system, and mix music and commentary on the fi lm's sound track by mean sof a special m ixing box. You can monitor the entire operation through your earphone.

Sub-title your films. The BEAULIEU 1008 XL can film one frame at a time. As on ;l profession;l l titling bench, you can trip the ca mera bymeansof the remote control, at what·

Accentuate zooming effects. By oper;lting the zooming ring manual­ ly, you can further accelerate or retard the "approach" or "recede" effects of zoommg.

ever rate you sl:lcct. And if you have the talent land th e patience!) why not try your first animated cartoon?

Further features for ease of use

-"Shooting" pilot light to let the actors

and sound-recorder know they are "on".

- Continuous tripping by trigger lock

when shooting long, uninterrupted

sequences; or for frame-by-frame film­

ing on a tripod.

- Viewfinder eyepiece shutter to ex­

clude stray reflected light when filming

on a tripod .

- Viewfinder eyepiece adjustable to

operator's eyesight.

_ Frame-by-framc synchronous flash


- Frame counter.

- Battery-charge check.

- "Test" trigger position for all checks

in the viewfinder prior to shooting.

- Folding grip_

Accessories for the Beaulieu 1008 XL

~urphc,j wllh the C;"Ucl~ -Unid irecti onal monng COIl microphone with cord and stand Impedance . 500 ohm,. Scns,uvl\}' 10 mV (a l. Earph one [si ngle "ori. Lens hood


CX",. .RctnO!c""ontrol load IbL MIxI ng box lei, 800m microphone Idj btun.] power ,upply lpoc\:c' bolder housing blghcr-p0,,"wod b,, "cflcsl,C. rr ying bag lei.

Technical data

Counter Sh utter Frame exposure time: _ at 9 fps.lf l 4 second Automatically resets to "start" when unloading - at 18 fps . 1/28 second film. - at 24 fps 1/37 second Power s u p ply - at 36 fps 1/56 second Six 1.5 V, AA·type batteries Speeds External power supply possible (six 1.5 V, HI' 11 size hallerics) 9, IS, 24 and36 frame s per second Lens Three·positlOn power supply switch. Heaulieu 7·45 mm f/1.2 zoom, with macro ca­ Single-frame

Fade pability. Exposure meter

Fade-in and fade-out (pictu re + sound ) Equipped with ruhher hood. CdS photo cell

Sockets • Diap hragm Film specd scale :ASA 25 · 400

Mike/line Fully automa tic se tt ing of aperture pro vtdc d by Dcnsity control possible

Earphone a servomotor. Manual override. Red LE D m the Remote comrol viewfinder in case of manual control. Camera loading

• Zooming Instant loadmg with 15 m {50 Itl sound or silent External power Flash sync hronization Two-speed power zoom. Supe r-8 canridges.

Manual zooming Sound Filter

Il.ecording on magnetic striped film Viewfi nd er Wratten 85 - type (I). Built·in.

Built-in ampJiiler

Reflex. Indicator LED in the viewfinder fo r artificial Picture/so un d gap: IS fps (standard )

DichroYc focusing. light setting.

Indicator LED in thl' Viewfinder in case of

Film transport IIldicator. sound recording. Release

IndIcation of lens aperture. Artif icial light, exposure control, sound level, Trigger

(II Wratten is a registered trademark of the Jnd end·of·film in dicator LEDs. Il.emote control possible

Eastman Kodak Company Specifications Format Super-So Dimensio ns: - Overall length : 230 mm _ Overall width : 72 mm - Overall heIght 215 mm Weight 1.775 Kg



"w· 0

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