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B&T's Little Film Notebook #5

April 1991

888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 KODAK MAKING PLANS FOR



Last summer, Eastman Kodak took on the task of researching Super 8mm film with an eye towards finding out who was using it and to developing the right strategies for the next five years. The corporate study uncovered a few surprises in the USA and Kodak is now looking hard at their other large Super 8 market, Europe. Kodak shared some of its findings. First and foremost, Kodak restated its commitment to 8mm film and to their loyal filmmaking customers. We think it an extremely favorable sign that this company has put such energy and time into what is clearly a declining format for them. Kodak terms the filmmakers we know "advanced users" and says we only make up 5% of the population of Super 8 film buyers in the USA. Kodak found we have a "usage rate that is 4 or 5 times greater than that of amateurs" estimating "at most, 20% of the total film volume is attributed to advanced users." While both groups consider Super 8 film expensive, amateurs are significantly more price sensitive. Many amateurs indicated fear of being forced to use video if the price of film goes up too far, w~i~h we iI?~gine will lead Kodak to develop pncmg polICIes that take this into account. Strategic planner Gerry Quindlen does not predict "drastic" price increases; in fact he spok of the "c.aut!ous r?ute" of moderate increases to keep up wIth mflatIon rather than the "harvest mentality" some companies take with a declining format. To Kodak's surprise, a third of the filmmakers surveyed have used a video camera in the past year but they also shoot movie film and "find Super 8 appealing because of its superior image quality." Amateurs who have not used a video camera "use Super 8 because they do not have a alternative method for recording sound and J?otion." These filmmakers are "less likely to thmk of advantages Super 8 might have over video cameras" presumably because they haven't had their hands on video to see the difference.

Half of both groups mentioned having a difficult time locating movie film which Kodak knew but admits "the overall magnitude of the problem was unknown." Kodak has rededicated itself to lubricating the supply chain in awareness of this life-or-death issue. Kodak's survey found the majority of filmmakers aged 35-45 or 55 and over, better educated than the general population and from higher income households. We have brainstormed with the researchers how to best to facilitate the flow of film supply and how they can spread the word that Super 8 is alive, more beautiful and longer lasting than video images. Many thanks to Kodak's planner John Rex for his work and care in looping back to filmmakers who wrote him. We got copies of correspondence from many, many filmmakers and thank you all for writing Kodak. John Rex was transferred to Brazil, a move he was looking forward to since before the S8 research began. Rex's Super 8-responsibilities have been picked up with excellent continuity by Gerry Quindlen, Consumer Imaging Division, (8th floor, bldg 10), Eastman Kodak Co, 343 State Street, Rochester, NY 14650.

888888888888888888888888888888888 FILMSTOCK SUPER 8 FILM HARD TO FIND? Jesse Chambless is offering stock bought in quantity at 20% off list price. Tel: 404-767-5210. The best discount prices are Unique Photo, tel: 800-631­ 0300 or Film Lab, tel: 215-435-8133. Cheap film? Adventuresome artists always needy. Keep us informed if you find any. Thanks to Jeff Arsenault for the best tip so far this year. He found a bin in Woonsocket Plaza (RI) with Ektachrome at 99¢ and Kodachrome at $2.50. None left there now but KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! Beware buying or shooting old or discontinued stocks because the processing can get expensive with marginal results.

April 1991

B&T'S Little Film Notebook #5

HARDWARE New Mic: Jim Carpenter sent us a versatile, small, new unidirectional mic to try, the Sennheiser MKE 300. Bob recommends it for Super 8 or camcorder users who are looking for brighter audio, more intelligibility in speech and relative freedom from distortion. At about $150 delivered, it even includes a fine windscreen. Ask us for a one page tech note Bob Brodsky wrote or call JAC Cine, 814-333-8672.

Black and white Super S film is available direct from Kodak's Cash & Carry, tel: 800-634足 6101. B&W S8 is carried by Kodak's Motion Picture & Television Division which explains why many Kodak consumer division dealers can't seem to find it for you.

888888888888888888888888888888888 LAB NEWS

Steadicam, Jr. Tim Wright and Karen Ellzey tracked the junked iron in Boston's elevated subway system to Japan. They returned with great footage that showed off their use of Cinema Products' Steadicam Jr. This new petite unit dampens lightweight camera's moves amazingly well at an affordable price helping you get that fluid look. Tim and Karen bought their Jr. direct from CP (tel: 213-478-0711) or you can find one at around $600 from serious video retailers. For the high end user, SuperS Sound offers a Jr. package with appropriate accessories, lenses and video tap to combine with a Beaulieu 7008 camera body.

KODALUX Processing Lab in Palo Alto, CA has changed some policies which affect Super 8 filmmakers. A modest charge has been added if you request that your films be returned on big reels. The splicing surcharge is $5.95 (200') or $9.95 (400'). Kodalux also implemented a $60 surcharge on one-day rush processing. This may not impact the big budgets of music video types but it'll force many artists we know to plan carefully. S8's premiere customer serviceperson, Dixie Matthews, tel: 415-494-7555, reports that the lab may soon have to convert to a totally prepaid system so stay tuned for news. Processing costs $8.69 a roll or use a PK-59 mailer, cheapest at Unique: $5.15 each. =--

Buy/Sell: In our equipment folder we keep notes on filmmakers looking for esotenc items like Canon wide angle adapters, cameras with occulting shutters .... Call us, we'll network you.

Kenny Krauss, Berkeley B&W, 801 Camelia St. Berkeley, CA 94710, tel: 415-528足 8622, has set up to process 16mm and Super S B&W. He can process R8 also but cannot split it. A filmmaker himself, Kenny has taken over Palmer's machines and decided to concentrate on a service he cares about. You can drop off film for him at FAFs offices in SF.

888888888888888888888888888888888 GIGS 37th Robert Flaherty Seminar has an open call for works (until May 1) for consideration for the week-long forum of fIlm and discussion held in upstate New York, August 3-10 this year. Contact: Sally Berger, IFS, 305 W. 21 St. NY NY 10011, tel: 212-727-7262.

Rocky Mountain Film Lab, 145 Madison St. Denver, CO S0206, tel: 303-399-6444, is the place to get out of date or unusual filmstocks processed. They will run anything as soon as they get a batch of it but want you to know they cannot guarantee results. Totally understandable since they see emulsions years old or images that were shot and sat in the camera decades under unknown conditions. We are just glad someone can, for a price and a wait, make the images come up. Write them for a detailed price list.

C-Hundred Film Corp. (that's Jim McKay and Michael Stipe) wrote with their new address: P.O. Box 423, Athens, GA 30603 tel: 404-353足 1494, and to tell us about their new releases: music videos, a James Herbert tape and the Direct Effect PSA series. These social issue PSAs created by artists are being aired by MTV Sundays at midnight. Local cable channels are picking them up, too, with Jim working to make the loop from the artist to the public complete.

PAC Lab: B&W processing daily, tel: 212-674足 8958. Note change of mailing address to Suite 111, 4 W. 4th ST. NYC 10012.


April 1991

B&T's Little FUm Notebook #5

AIVF, 625 Broadway, 9th floor, NYC 10012, announces publication of "Alternative Visions: Distributing Independent Media in a Home Video World" by Debra Franco, a valuable addition to AIVF's excellent selection of titles that help working indies. Write AIVF for details and their book list.

Newton Television Foundation, a strong enabling and advocacy center, is soliciting proposals from independent producers for documentaries on issues of public concern. For info: 1608 Beacon St. Waban, MA 02168. Artists License wrote us to say they are offering $2000 for feature length scripts and want to explore hiring Super 8 producers and financing "super low budget" feature films. We don't know them but maybe they'll make your dreams. Contact Frank Coccaro, tel: 916-446足 8044, at 1808 Q St. Sacramento, CA 95814.

Steve Osborne, publisher of "Coming Attractions" recently wrote from Kettering, Ohio, and sent a British publication to our attention. "Camcorder User" apparently aimed at videomakers, got a stunning pile of letters of praise when it included an article about Super 8/Single 8 film in its October issue.

AFI Independent Film and Videomaker Program: If you have at least one completed work, you can apply for funding. It is quite competitive but we have seen several S8 filmmakers receive grants. For guidelines, write the Grants Coordinator (tel: 213-856-7743), American Film Institute, PO Box 27999, 2021 N. Western Av. LA, CA 90027. In fact, ask to be put on the mailing list as AFI has a screenwriting, minority fellowships and women's directing programs also.

MAIN (Media Arts Information Network) is a service of NAMAC, the National Alliance of Media Arts Centers. The MAIN Travel Sheet is a listing of touring alternative and independent media arts works. It is also a forum for exhanging long range programming ideas. If you are an artist with a new film available to tour, or have put together a touring package of films, network your news to programmers at the Centers through MAIN. Communicate via electronics to America Online: NamacMain, or VIa post to the office at 4go-Potrero Ave., SF, CA 94110, tel: 415-861-0202.

VIDEOSPACE: Kevin Lindenmuth wrote askmg fIlmmakers to subnut work to filS publIc access TV anthology show which is cablecast nationally. It's non-profit but helps get your work seen. Send a SASE for his guidelines to him at 37-33 28th St. #24, Long Island City, NY 11101, tel: 718-361-2102.

ENCUENTRO: Kino Garcia sent us a copy of the new magazine, Encuentro (Revista de Cine y Video, publicada por Taller de Cine La Red, Inc. in San Juan) about the time of Taller's festival last fall. The group stays very active including bringing a prescence overseas to UNICA.

ITVS: Lots of action up in St. Paul. Round one for the Independent Television Service solicitations closed mid-March but be sure you are on their mailing list as they attempt to impact public television with indy works. Send your name to ITVS, P.O. Box 75455, St. Paul, MN 55175, tel: 612-225-9035.

888888888888888888888888888888888 FESTIVALS


11th FESTIVAL INT'L DU JEUNE CINEMA will be held 7-12 May 1991 in Montreal. New artistic director Roger Markowski. Tel: 514-252-3024.

PIPELINE is the newsletter of the newly formed Independent Media Distributors Alliance which now has a coordinator and a home: Bob Gale, IMDA c/o ArtBase, PO Box 2154, St. Paul, MN 55102, tel: 612-298-0117.

UNICA (the International Union of Non足 Professional Cinema) is a interesting group more than fifty years old that is always asking us to send them good American programs of films. Any suggestions from you will be appreciated. The UNICA audience converges on a different



April 1991

B&T's Little FUm Notebook #5

"Skyway" tape, "Roadkill Revival" recently received honorable mention at the Golden Gate Awards Competition and a prize at the MediaMix festival as did their beautiful film "Remembering Lao" which was also lauded at Mill Valley Film Festival. So far the Konkapot collection includes 35 works of humor. animation. documentary. drama and satire. We recommend that you give this refreshing work to someone you love for their birthday. Write them at Konkapot. Monterey. MA 01245-0338.

city from allover the world each summer to watch good movies by amateurs and to share information about clubs. festivals and activities. As the attendees are multi-cultural and multi足 lingual. it helps if the films and videos are short. cinematic. and do not depend on English or Americanizations for comprehension. KELIBIA 1991: We're hoping that this Tunisian festival will be sending us details and dates (late summer) pretty soon. This year more than ever. we think it would be important to send some American films to share US artists' viewpoints with the North African audience which has probably been pummelled with media images of US military force. Suggestions are welcome of films which can speak from our diverse cultural and political viewpoints here across the perceived chasms of culture. religion. recent history. geopolitics or language.

KAZ TAKEUCHI deserves special praise and has already garnered some awards for his film "Shimon" about the Japanese law which requires fingerprinting of Koreans who live among them. Ostensibly an historic documentary, the film artfully leads the viewer to question long-held assumptions about racism in all societies. Available through Visual Communications, 213足 680-4462. Kaz is shooting another film which fights racial stereotypes. a portrait of Sammy Lee. the first Korean-American Olympic gold medalist and extraordinary personality and diving coach of current Qlympic champions.

THE 13th INTERNATIONAL SUPER 8 FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL will be held November 12-17. 1991 in Brussels. Deadline October 15. Contact Centre Multi-Media, 12 rue P-E. Janson, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium. EUROPEAN--- MEOOA ART- FESTIVAL will be held in Osnabruck Spetember 4-8, 1991 . This festival welcomes experimental film, video and installation work. Deadline May 4. Postfach 1861, Hasestrase 71.D-4500 Osnabruck. Tel: 0541-21658. Fax: 0541-28327.

SAUL LEVINE, PHIL SOLOMON and HOWARD GUTTENPLAN had one man shows at Berks Filmmakers writes Gar y Adelstein. Gary and the Berks just moved into a new 100 seat theatre designed with Super 8 projection in mind and installed with a Sony Superbright projection system. Sounds like a nice place for a show! Congrats to all.

888888888888888888888888888888888 MAKERS NEWS

WILLIE VARELA had sceenings of his magnus opus "Making is Choosing: A Fragmented Life" A Broken Line: A Series of Observations" at major sites in Houston. San Francisco, LA, Boston and NY. He also finished a new short collage film "Detritus" shown in LA. Willie is very happy with reaction to his El Paso Public TV show "Out of the Mainstream: a Television Showcase for New Film & Video". As executive producer and on-air host. Willie highlighted works of Robert Breer, Henry Hills, Lewis Klahr. Irene Segalove. Bruce and Norman Yonemoto. George Kuchar, Michael Wallin and Chick Strand. Estimated viewership was 20,000.

JIM HIGGINS & JOAN ROSS premiered their new film. "The Music Makers: Seamus Connolly & Friends" to a packed and lively house at the Lowell (MA) National Historical Park. The 30 minute documentary about traditional Irish music was filmed on location in Ireland. New York and Massachusetts. It was shot largely in Super 8. post-produced on Betacam and looks and sounds great. Fans of Irish music. telephone 508-454-4248. SANJIBAN writes that KONKAPOT, the "big boys in Super 8." has just released their fourth videotape. The single "Don't Wake the Wicked" joins compilation tapes "Skyway". "Bag A Buck" and "Pinnacle Man". each containing award winning short films. On the

ANNE ROBERTSON had a one-women show at Cornell Cinema earlier this winter. CC 4

April 1991

B&T's Little Film Notebook #5

decorated map of La Isla Encantada set up with her image technology at community arts centers.

Director Richard Herskowitz sent her a sterling letter (suitable for framing, Anne) which read in part: "We were just bowled over by your work, and have beeen talking about it ever since. While some of your footage was among the most emotionally raw art we have ever seen, it never seemed like home movies or amateur fIlmmaking: it was always art at its most powerful--artfully controlled, multi-valanced, fomally lovely. We were struck by the beautiful, muted colors; by the way the grain of the film made it seem hand­ worked and at times elegiacally antique; and by your intimate framings, which could seem either harsh or tender. And the range of moods was amazing, from almost unbearable sadness to wacky self-irony to political outrage. It would be exciting to see film criticism rise to the challenge of such knowing, and telling, work. We want to see more of your films and we want more people to see them." Hear, hear.

888888888888888888888888888888888 DID YA HEAR THE ONE ABOUT••• I'd like to try a new bit in the next newsletter to help us keep our perspective, sense of humor and courage up in the face of atrocities in the Gulf, cutbacks in the arts and social services, censorship by defunding, popularity of misguided leaders and whatever else personally has gotten so many friends down this winter. Please send your humor, poetry or cartoons for us to print. In the meantime, write Congress and the press. Act up with a friend. Listen to old Motown records loud. Make a loving gesture to a grumpy stranger. Dig your garden. Use your public library. Take your child for a walk. Enjoy the summer, feed your soul. Renew, reclaim, recycle, renovate, restate, refresh, restore, reinvent, recreate. Tip the balance. As an old friend said, "keep your chins up, dearie!" WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER AND IT'S DEEP!

CINDY KLEINE, PHIL SOLOMON, MARK LAPORE and PIA MASSIE shared an evening at BFNF with an impressive and expressive full house to see each of their new works in video, 16mm or Super 8.

IT HUEI-WEN HUANG premiered an installation, a 20 minute loop on 2 video monitors and illuminated panel at a show at RISD. "Portraits" makes an interesting visual statement about portraiture, anthropology and head types. Huei is working on another provocative portrait of young men in a hip rock n'roll band and their lifestyles since immigrating to the US from Southeast Asia.

Notes: PLEASE, PLEASE SEND US A POSTCARD WHEN YOU MOVE, IF YOU FINISH A FILM, WIN A PRIZE, OR HAVE ANY INTERESTING OBSERVATIONS TO SHARE. It costs time, computer list updating, printing and almost a buck in postage for each wrong address for a filmmaker in the nomadic Super 8 film community. Besides, it's more fun if you communicate with us. Spread the word, shoot lots of Ko­ dachrome, and please ask permission before reproducing anything in our newsletter. Thank you.

Congratulations to filmmakers D A V I D SUTHERLAND (grand prize), Konkapot, Christine Diekman, Irene Fizer, Ahmed Zir, Jem Cohen, Todd Verow, Huey, Anne Robertson, Jim Auer, Tracy Flannigan, winners at the 1991 Mediamix 8mm Film Festival. Another full house, and thanks go to director Al Nigrin for his work.

Bob and Toni POLl MARICHAL on the road! The New England Foundation for the Arts review panel recommended highly that they tour artist Poli Marichal's new work around the country. "Dilema I: Burundanga Boricua" is a multi-media film/slide installation on Puerto Rican identity that we helped to premiere in Massachusetts last year. We hope the logistics can be figured out to get Poli's 16 foot palm tree and her colorfully

©1991 Brodsky & Treadway


B&1's Little FUm Notebook #5

tel; 617-666-3372

hey .............................. Super

April 1991



but this newsletter and a lot of our advocacy and communications to keep Super 8 film and services available need your financial help. The IC8FV has received another matchjne grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. This newsletter and other activities need to be underwritten by this grant, so the match has to come from you or we don't get it. A few of you have already sent contributions. Thanks. We cannot count on any contributions from the media centers and schools that receive the newsletter. Student filmmakers are also underwritten. If our tips have saved you time or money please consider a minimal donation of $10. Donations will help match the NEA grant and continue advocacy for Super 8 filmmakers. Make your check payable to "The International Center for 8mm FUm & Video" or simply "IC8." A considerable cost could also be saved if you would let us know immediately when your mailing address changes. Thank you for participating, sharing and caring.

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B&T's Little Film Notebook #5 April 1991  

B&T's Little Film Notebook #5 April 1991

B&T's Little Film Notebook #5 April 1991  

B&T's Little Film Notebook #5 April 1991