Issue 015 London 2018

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ROSA AND THE BLACK TULIP Adapted Script by Gena Ellis

I am the award-winning writer and coproducer of Angela’s Decision (Australia). My U.S.-set short story and adapted script are in my book, Angela’s Decision: A Journey of Adaptation, on Amazon. I recently adapted my BBC-awarded radio drama into a TV pilot. I co-produced two films, Crick in the Holler (an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant winner) and

For George On His 30th Birthday, both written/ directed by Ursula Ellis, my daughter, who I thank for her guidance. I have original scripts also, revising one set in a U.S. coal mining town with global implications. If interested in ROSA, script and synopsis available upon request. Winner of multiple awards and a Live Read by Ariana Marquis in Toronto.

Falsely imprisoned while growing the impossible black tulip, an unlikely war hero falls for the humble prison keeper’s daughter, who secretly desires to read and ends up saving them all in this witty, romantic drama set during the 17th century’s highly-charged political and religious backdrop resonating today. She dared to grow the impossible! A great tagline, then and today. Alexandre Dumas’ The Black Tulip begins with the historical lynching of the De Witt brothers and the fictional prize money offered by the Haarlem Botanical Society for the black tulip. However, with film’s linear style, Rosa not only shares the stage with the tulip but towers over it. I wrote a few original scenes with Rosa on page one, giving a glimpse of what Rosa truly has at stake as a woman. True to Dumas’, ROSA deals with themes of greed, corruption, desire and obsession wrapped around a single flower’s stem. From Rosa and Cornelius’ blossoming romance to the jealous neighbor Boxtel and the ambitious Prince William, we’ll see ourselves in this global story, when the most powerful country was to be toppled. But not a tulip. And not Rosa.