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Film Acting Classes

GREAT SUCCESS STORY: Long time FABA Acting Student Jazlyn Yoder got cast in one of the lead-roles in Tribe of the Wild (a new TV show from the creator of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", the hit TV-Series). link to Tribe of the Wild. FABA acting-students Ian Campbell-Jones and Chidozie Nwokocha recently signed with the prestigious Stars Agency. In the last two years alone, 10 of our other acting students have signed with prestigious Talent Agencies in San Francisco: Serena Lee, Nika Ericson, Ashanna Andrews, Mia Perez, Ria Pullin, Rick Lasquete, Greg Cala, Erica Luttenegger, Alex Hero with Stars, Steve Nichols and Maaika Westen with JE Talent.

Casting Oppor tunities Our unrivaled Classes and Workshops provide our Acting Students of all levels extraordinary Casting Opportunities in Movies, TV, Internet and highly-paid Commercials. Writers & Directors - who take them vastly improve their existing Scripts and advance their skills to work with Actors toward superior performances. Their collaborative work often leads to highly original and successful short and feature-length Films, TV and Internet-based Projects of all kinds. Professional - Directors, Producers, Casting-Directors from all over San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Student. Filmmakers - from Ex'pression College, Berkeley Digital Film Institute, UC Berkeley, Academy of Art University, Berkeley City College, SF Art Institute and other schools) enthusiastically seek out and work with our Acting Students in record numbers in all their projects, and often with good pay.

Acting Students The Will – trailer - Cast: Cathy Lerza, Gretchen Suess, Anastasia Pritchard, Taura Musgrove, Celik Kayalar, Noreen Lee, Christopher Damm, Galina Pasternak, Rob Nilsson Directed by Rob Nilsson Cinematography by Vincent Leddy Edited by Rob Nilsson and Galina Pasternak Trailer edited by Celik Kayalar and Galina Pasternak Trailer original music by Christopher Damm Story conceived and improvised by cast and crew in Rob Nilsson's "Expressivity for the Actor" class at Film Acting Bay Area (2011) The Valiant. The Valiant - Cast: Christopher Damm, Galina Pasternak Directed by Celik Kayalar Cinematography by Mick McGuinness Edited by Celik Kayalar, Christopher Damm, and Galina Pasternak Original music by Christopher Damm Actors coached by Celik Kayalar and Brian Degan Scott Project initially developed in Brian D. Scott's "Advanced Film Acting" class at Film Acting Bay Area (2011) Official selection for Life Fest, Once A Week Online Film Festival, and Albany Film Fest. The Suitcase - Cast: Galina Pasternak, Ashana Andrews, Anastasia Pritchard, Catherine Lerza, Sharmin Sehat, Eduard Stancu, Sarah Chen, Cynthia Sabo, Ria Pullin, Britney Young, Christopher Damm Directed, cinematography, and edited by Brian Degan Scott Original Music by Brian Degan Scott & Christopher Damm Project conceived, cast, rehearsed and shot in Brian D. Scott's "Advanced Film Acting" class at Film Acting Bay Area (2011)

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film acting classes  

Study acting where films are made. Film Acting Bay Area offers film acting classes of all levels. Classes are taught by actors, directors an...