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Preparing your team for the boss's holiday . . . Julia McGinn, Stone Moor Business Services If you’re a small business owner on the verge of deciding whether you’re brave enough to take a holiday and leave your team to cover without you for the first time, this is for you! Communicate with clients ahead of time Find out what your clients have planned! Taking the time out to have a chat with all of your clients will give you the opportunity to not only inform your clients of your absence and your possible limited availability, but also to get an understanding of what they have planned and how your team can ensure that you can assist when needed. Delegating

do every day but it’s even more important during a time when your resources are lower than normal. Handover Creating handover notes is a useful resource to provide the team with all the information to support your clients in your absence. This helps to avoid any additional queries which may arise while assessing what information the team is unaware of. Ideally start writing the handover notes at the start of the week leading up to your holiday and update them with the latest information just before you leave the office on your last day. For some clients, it was as simple as stating “nothing in the pipeline at this time”. Contingency plan

possible event that might happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try! By documenting a detailed handover, you can give the team a brief forecast of anything expected to come in. Also, give your team a point of contact for any emergencies or if there is a decision that just needs another opinion. I think this one is crucial, as sometimes a fresh pair of eyes or another voice can help make a difficult decision a lot simpler and the team won’t need to disturb you on your much needed holiday. Finally, enjoy your holiday, turn your email notifications off on your phone, pop it on airplane mode, trust your team and take a break!

You can’t realistically plan for every

We talked about delegation in the last edition of Marketing Matters but here are some key things to consider. Take time to understand which clients will be impacted and what work will need to be carried out. It’s a great time to review your processes for supporting each client and create a plan of which clients and tasks are to be completed by a particular member of staff. Make sure you let the affected clients know who will be looking after them in your absence. Arrange for your email to be monitored in your absence to enable a smooth process for your return. Keep your clients updated During your absence, it’s essential for the team to keep clients updated with deadlines and progress of work.This maybe something you


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