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How powerful are images in marketing? Adam Winfield from Through the Lens photography explains... In an ever changing connected world where social media and digital content rule, it may come as something of a surprise that high quality still photography, first used in advertising over a hundred years ago, remains one of the most powerful marketing tools. But when interaction, 3D, 360 degree and virtual reality are grabbing all the headlines why is the humble, old school photograph still punching way above it's weight? It's a simple answer, immediate impact. Recent studies have discovered that the human brain can process an entire picture in just 13 milliseconds! When well-established research tells us that we have just 5 seconds to hook a potential customer before they flip the page or browse to another site it suddenly makes perfect sense to grab their attention with a well-placed, good quality, relevant picture.


Pictures don’t need us to open them, to navigate around them or to click on them, their impact is instantaneous, it just happens.

chances are it’ll hook your audience too.

With a little preparation the impact a picture creates can make us laugh, make us cry, ask questions or form instant judgements but they get noticed straight away.

4. Be relevant. To begin you don’t need professional photos, if you’re tweeting from your phone snap a photo of your location, something you’ve seen or an item you’re speaking about.

In future articles we’ll look at what makes a good picture, how to best create impact with pictures in your business and how best to present them but for now here’s our top tips for putting pictures to work in your marketing, straight away:

5. Use the power of faces. Instagram report pictures including faces receive 38% more likes. Including a photo of yourself/your employees is a great way to develop a trusting relationship with your audience.

1. Add a photo to your tweets. Last month Twitter stopped counting characters for media attachments, there’s no reason now not to use pictures every time you tweet.

6. Finally, be genuine. We all know photos can be manipulated & ‘photoshopped’ but pictures still build trust & authenticity.

2. Combine text & images across all content. Social media engagements increase by up to 94% when a picture is included so...

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3. Include bright, clear pictures with bold, eye catching colours. Think about what grabs your attention,

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