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Lifing the lid on the press. How to connect with journalists . . . Jon Grubb from Grubb Street Media talks to Rachael Smith from Marketing Matters Magazine about how he got into public relations... Are you struggling to connect with journalists? Do you find it difficult to get the press to cover your stories? This is the topic of our November Marketing Academy, with guest speaker, Jon Grubb from Grubb Street Media. In 2011, Jon started his own business, Grubb Street Media, offering public relations, media advisory services and crisis communications. However, PR has not always dominated Jon's life. In fact, he worked in the media for 25 years prior to setting up his own business, with 10 of those years being editor of daily newspapers. In his time in journalism, Jon covered some of the biggest stories in the UK, including the Fred West case in 1993. "I decided I wanted to be a journalist at the age of 13. Probably because I was very nosey! After university, I wrote to every newspaper from Aberdeen to Exeter until I got interviews. While I waited for my first break, I worked a variety of jobs from a turkey farmer to a building site labourer. " "I eventually got my first job at a weekly newspaper in Buckinghamshire and then went onto a career that took me from there to Gloucester (where I covered the Fred West case), to Nottingham, Scunthorpe and eventually Lincoln."


As well as running his own business and managing public relations for a number of big companies in Lincolnshire and the UK, Jon also teaches at the University of Lincoln as a part-time senior lecturer within the journalist department, inspiring the next generation of budding journalists. Speaking to Jon, I asked him what motivates him to do what he does, "I tend to have different motivations in different circumstances. I am passionate about protecting and helping clients grow and trying to ensure that I feel part of the client’s business even if I’m working as a consultant." "When I’m teaching I try very hard to instil a sense of curiosity and determination in my students and like to think I’m doing my part to create the next generation of great journalists."

Jon Grubb will be “lifting the lid” on life inside the media, helping us to understand what makes journalists tick, what they are looking for and the best way to handle them when you need to at the Fill the Gap Marketing Academy on the 30th of November in Lincoln. To book your Academy Pass for this event, please visit For more information about Grubb Street Media and his range of public relations, media advisory and crisis communication services, please visit or call 07780 953 575.

Marketing Matters Magazine - October Edition 2016  

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