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Monday, July 2, 2012

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Volume 27 Issue 31

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Chatfield reviews resident survey By K aren R eisner

Crystal Narvesen runs Serenity Massage as part of the Lanesboro Day Spa.

Photo by Jade Sexton

Lanesboro Day Spa has new massage therapist runs Serenity Massage by Crystal. She received her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Stone Mill Hotel and Suites Massage Therapy from the Minin Lanesboro is not only a place nesota School of Business, and where people can spend the she enjoyed her education. night when they visit the area, “I originally went for medibut a place where they can be cal transcription, but I realized pampered as well. Package deals I really enjoyed contact with are available with rooms that people,” shared Narveson. include a visit to the Lanesboro At school, Narveson learned a Day Spa. Recently, the spa lot about anatomy and physiolacquired a new massage thera- ogy, kinesiology, and patholpist to help make your visit ogy of diseases. She especially enjoyed the technique classes. relaxing and therapeutic. “It was very fun,” she said. “It Crystal Narveson lives in Chatfield with her daughter didn’t feel like school at all.” Kyra. She came to Lanesboro Narveson added that it doesn’t to work in March, and now feel like she is working at her By Jade Sexton

job, either. “That’s when you know you’re in the right place!” Serenity Massage joins Prana Healing Massage Center, which is run by Sue Betts, and is also a part of the Lanesboro Day Spa. According to Narveson, Prana Healing Massage Center uses more traditional eastern medicine techniques, where Narveson uses more western techniques, although they do share some services. Narveson does several different types of massages for people, including hot stone massage, in which hot stones are placed on different parts of the body to

New LaNdING behind outfitters for tubing Tuesday is Tubing

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Intern Jordan Boysen detailed the results of a resident survey at their June 25 meeting. The city participated in the State Auditor’s Performance Measurement Program. The intention of the survey is to measure the effectiveness of city services and elicit opinions of those services from city residents. Mayor Don Hainlen and councilor Josh Thompson were absent. City Clerk Joel Young noted about 1,000 surveys were sent out, from which there were 225 responses. He added that public comment helps out. Space for commentary was next to each question. Boysen said most questions elicited a satisfactory response or better from about 90 percent of respondents. Nearly 60 percent of respondents have been residents of the city for 20 or more years. The two greatest concerns

were the number and condition of empty store fronts and the city’s water pressure. Comments were made citing a need for the city to draw in more business. Most all residents feel safe with less than two percent feeling somewhat unsafe. Residents were generally satisfied with fire protection and the quality of the streets. There was some dissatisfaction with the street surfaces, especially in the west Chatfield area. Although residents were satisfied with the responsiveness of the snow plows, there was some negative comment about snow build-up on sidewalks. Residents were satisfied for the most part with the water and sewer systems, but there were complaints about the cost. Some suggested there should be a senior discount. Garbage service was not part of the survey, but some respondents felt there should be competitive pricing. There were positive comments See CHATFIELD Page 8 

County to apply for grant and loan funds for Greenleafton as the fiscal agent for the Greenleafton sewer project. Most age systems in the community Steps toward a possible reso- are non-compliant and the lots lution to the sewage problems are too small for new drain fields. of the Greenleafton community At that meeting it was suggested were taken at the county board’s that the Total Maximum Daily June 26 meeting. A proposal Load (TMDL) grant would from Stantec was approved. cover up to 50 percent of the Their services and expertise in construction cost. Another 25 preparing a grant application percent of the cost may be able will cost the county up to $500. to be covered by a Small Com A request was made at the munity Wastewater Treatment April 3 county board meeting Program. The last 25 percent asking Fillmore County to act See COUNTY Page 20  By K aren R eisner

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• Friday, June 29, 9-11:30pm ~ Pop Wagner • Sunday, July 1, 5-9pm ~ Root River Jam • Wednesday, July 4 5-9pm ~ Michelle Lynn


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Monday, July 2, 2012

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Rushford looking at more infrastructure upgrades By Kirsten Zoellner Already having completed countless upgrades in just the last 5 years, since the flood of 2007, Rushford is continuing to have to consider further upgrades to both its wastewater and electric systems. Bill change and Jim Stremel, of BDM Consulting

Grill Out

Engineers and Surveyors were on hand to give a detailed analysis following a water modeling study of the city. While much work has been completed in the last seven years, including a new wastewater plant in 2009, and water main replacements in 2005, 2006, 2007, with more

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scheduled in 2014, it appears that there is still much to do. “You’ve done quite a bit to improve existing system,” noted Chang. “You have sufficient supply and storage and meet both primary and secondary drinking water standards. But there are still issues and they need to be addressed. Our goal in this study was to identify the deficiencies in the water system, develop options for improvements, and evaluate the costs and benefits for each option.” Chang’s model, based on current demand information, led to eight exclusive scenarios. Four of the scenarios look to solve low fire flow issues, including those on Mill Street, between Park and Harry Streets, the southwest industrial park, along Industrial Road, the Southview Court area, and on Home Street. In all three cases, an upsize in the underground pipe would remedy the situation, along with a loop from both Southview Court to Stevens Avenue and from Home Street to Humble Avenue in the latter two. A volume rather than velocity issue, the size increases would vastly improve the areas. The Mill Street issue currently stems from 6 and 8 inch sand cast pipes that date from the 1890s. That project is already included in the upcoming Highway 43 project work, scheduled for 2014. The price tags for the other three projects are $75,000 (Industrial Road), $65,000 (Southview), and $95,000 (Home Street). Three further issues highlight low

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velocity in east Rushford and the Center Street areas, as well as low pressure in the Home Street and Enterprise Avenue area. A direct pipe, along with a booster pump was recommended to solve the east Rushford issues, at a cost of $350,000. For Center Street, a 6-inch pipe loop from Hillcrest to 1st Street would remedy the issue at a

cost of $95,000. The low pressure issue is the most costly, at an estimated $400,000, but it would create a separate pressure zone for the area, which services the entire Good Shepherd Lutheran Nursing Home and Assisted Living campus. Currently, the pressure measures at only 46 pounds. 75 psi is recommended. “In hindsight, the See RUSHFORD Page 13 

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Monday, July 2, 2012

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C ommentary Is the Supreme Court too politicized? By Karen Reisner No matter what your opinions are on the recent rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court, there is a concern that like Congress, the court and their law clerks are being reduced to a mere appendage of the two powerful political parties. Has the court become too political? The Supreme Court needs to maintain the people’s respect and trust. The court is the ultimate appellate Karen Reisner authority. They are a legal institution, not a political body. Unfortunately, it seems to many that the justices are increasingly swayed by political leanings. In June 2012 the New York Times and CBS News conducted a poll that found that only 44 percent approve of the job the court is doing and 75 percent believe decisions are sometimes influenced by the justices’ political or personal opinions. If the court is politicized, has their authority been sullied in the eyes of the American people? The court by its very nature decides issues that are politically sensitive, polarizing, and therefore elicit strong feelings from

the public. Over the last century, the percentage of 5-4 rulings has risen dramatically. Prior to the 1930s, 5-4 rulings comprised less than 4 percent of the total. Since 1980, 5-4 rulings have consistently been north of 20 percent of the total. The narrow rulings are reflective of the political polarization of the country. Extreme partisanship has infected the process of nominating and confirming judges. The U.S. Constitution designed the judicial branch to be separate from the legislative and executive branches, for “checks and balances.” The Supreme Court generally has been a trusted authority. However, if the court is seen as being too political, then that trust will be eroded. Respect for the court and the integrity of the justices is what maintains their authority in the eyes of the public. The court in essence stands as a referee of our political system, they are the arbiters of the law. Their authority is the final authority. Bush v Gore is one decision that made many question the court’s ability to make ‘apolitical’ decisions. Article III, Section I of the Constitution reads, “The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in the Supreme Court.” Section II

says, “The Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact.” I’ve often heard statements like the court’s job is to strictly interpret the Constitution and the court should not legislate from the bench. Often these statements are made by someone who disagrees with the court’s ruling. When the court hands down a decision, the justices support their vote with their “opinion.” The word “interpretation” is to explain or decipher which naturally makes the interpreters of the law open to differing opinions. Five Recent Rulings Let’s look at the court’s recent rulings and the number of 5-4 rulings. In the current make up of the court, four “so- called conservative” judges including Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito often are of a similar opinion. Four “so-called liberal” justices including Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan often are of a similar opinion. Justice Anthony Kennedy often serves as the swing vote to make the 5-4 split. Of course, the ruling that received the most attention is the 5-4 landmark decision on the Affordable

Letter about the Constitution To the Editor, A Celebration Of the People, By the People, and For the People. “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” The Preamble to our Constitution clearly charges you and me, ordinary citizens, with the responsibility to “form a more perfect

union”. We collectively form our national, state, and local governments to address problems beyond the capability of individuals or profit-motivated enterprise. We charge government, a body that is accountable to the people, to administer, protect, and oversee shared resources, such as fresh air and clean water. Government provides transportation infrastructure, safe food and pharmaceuticals, and education for all. Amendments to our constitution explicitly recognize human and civil rights, acknowledging the dignity and values of people irrespective of race, religious beliefs, gender,

and socio-economic status. They illustrate how, over the years, we’ve grown as a nation to recognize that discrimination in any form leads to a loss of diversity and individuality that weakens our country. The remarkable flexibility of our constitution continues to provide opportunities to eliminate discrimination on the basis of age, disability, and sexual orientation. The day will eventually come when universal health care is a right for all, young and old, rich and poor. The essence of our democratic society is to promote the general welfare. On this Independence Day celebration, think about our personal

Editorial Cartoon

Care Act. It was a 5-4 decision, but not with the so-called anticipated conservative-liberal split. Chief Justice Roberts broke with the conservatives and served as the swing vote siding with the “liberal” side. Roberts distinguished himself by taking politics out of the constitutional interpretation of the law. The individual mandate is upheld under the power of Congress to tax. The core of the law is upheld. The four liberal justices signed on to the opinion of Roberts although some apparently believed it would have also been constitutional under the commerce clause. The individual mandate stands. For those unwilling to obtain health insurance there could be a line on their tax return to pay the tax for not complying with the mandate. The court did give the states that don’t want an expansion of Medicaid a way out. They won’t be penalized by the federal government if they don’t expand coverage. Seven of the justices agreed on this ability of the states to opt out. The Arizona Immigration law ruling was a split decision. The law was struck down with the exception of one provision which will allow police to ask for “papers” to check the immigration status of anyone who is cited or arrested for something else. This was a 5-3 decision as Justice Elena Kagan didn’t participate. This responsibility to put aside self-interest and to work for the common good. The tool available to move America forward is our right to vote. Accept the challenge to “form a more perfect union”, educate and inform yourself, and vote in the fall elections. Our future depends upon it! Kay Spangler Preston, MN

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decision did not follow the 5-4 split as Chief Justice Roberts was of a similar opinion as the three “liberal” justices and Justice Kennedy. Mandatory life without parole for juvenile offenders convicted of murder was struck down with a 5-4 vote. This one fit the 5-4 vote with Justice Kennedy siding with the “liberals.” The century old Montana law that limited corporate political spending was struck down in a 5-4 decision. Justice Kennedy sided with the “conservative” opinion. The Montana law was at odds with the 2010 Citizens United v Federal Election Commission ruling which opened the flood gates on political cash. With the Citizens United ruling, no limits are allowed on “political speech” from nonprofit or for profit corporations. A 6-3 vote was also handed down saying it is no longer a crime to lie about receiving a military decoration as it would be an unconstitutional infringement of speech. Conclusion While the court seems to be swayed by the power of the political parties and their own personal views, the actions of especially Chief Justice Roberts on the Affordable Care Act demonstrate the ability of justices to stand on strict interpretation of the law. The polarization of the parties tends to have nominees for the Supreme Court who have a history either of being liberal or conservative rather than moderate. Justices are not immune from politics, but I believe generally try to interpret the law before all else.

Government this week • Monday, July 2, Lanesboro City Council, Lanesboro City Hall, 5:30 p.m. • Monday, July 2, Preston City Council, Preston Council Chamber, 6:00 p.m. • Monday, July 2, Whalan City Council, Whalan City Hall, 5:00 p.m. • Tuesday, July 3, Ostrander City Council, Ostrander Community Center, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, July 3, Rushford Village City Council, Community Center, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, July 3, Fillmore County Commissioners, Courthouse, 9:00 a.m. • Thursday, July 5, Fountain City Council, Fountain City Office, 7:30 p.m. • Monday, July 9, Wykoff Council, Wykoff City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, July 9, Houston City Council, Houston City Hall, 7:30 p.m. • Monday, July 9, Rushford City Council, Rushford City Hall, 6:30 p.m. • Monday, July 9, Spring Valley City Council, Spring Valley City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, July 9, Chatfield City Council, City Hall, 7:00 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

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C ommentary One Moment, Please... The loss of a leader By Jason Sethre Publisher of the Fillmore County Journal & Olmsted County Journal Cell phone: 507-251-5297 When I first heard about John Edstrom passing away on Sunday, June 24, I was in disbelief. I knew he had been battling lung cancer for some time, but Jason Sethre I didn’t realize

the extent of his illness. For those of you who didn’t know John, he was the co-founder and co-owner of the Winona Post, along with his wife Fran. Up until his passing, he was always involved in his newspaper that he and his wife started in 1971. From my observation of history in this region, the Winona Post was the precursor to newspapers like the Fillmore County Journal and Olmsted County Journal. John and Fran pioneered a foreign concept 41 years ago that would pave the way for a belief that free community newspapers could become the thriving

y o j n E

norm so valued by readers in every household served. As a matter of fact, after our company launched the Olmsted County Journal in April 2011, John Edstrom, a long-time active Director serving on the board of the Minnesota Free Paper Association (MFPA) contacted me by phone to encourage me to get the Olmsted County Journal onboard as a member of MFPA. Of course, that was already on my radar, since the Fillmore County Journal had enjoyed the benefits of an MFPA membership for many years. But, John Edstrom calling me out of the blue to encourage me to get our newspapers involved showed how passionate he was for bringing people and newspapers together. He understood the value of uniting the newspaper industry. While every media company under the sun currently appears to be poised in a defensive mode, demonstrating a jealousy-amongst-thieves mentality, John was reaching out with an unassuming invitation. Over the past few years, I’ve had quite a number of conversations with John Edstrom. From time to time, I have visited his website to see what his newspaper is working on; often getting some ideas. We even trade newspapers. John has always sent us his newspaper, and we always sent him our two newspapers to his office in Winona. In February 2012, the Winona Post shared with its readers the good news about winning awards at state and international levels for editorial content and advertising design. And, I could go on and on about what a great product they put out with the

Winona Post. It’s really an outstanding free community newspaper; the one that everyone reads in that area. Actually, because of John, when I was recently asked to accept a nomination for the board of directors with the Minnesota Free Paper Association, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes.” While I don’t necessarily have a whole lot of extra time on my hands with all the irons in the fire that our company juggles on a daily basis, I felt it was important that I make time to get involved in my indus-

Have A Safe and Happy 4TH of July from all of us at Park Lane Estates

try in some greater capacity. There will always be a reason to not get involved, such as being too busy. Unfortunately, I won’t get to serve on the board of directors of MFPA with John Edstrom. Instead, I can only hope to try to contribute in the same manner he would have if he were here today. This past week, Winona lost a community leader who left behind a legacy that will continue through the pages of a newspaper he and his wife started from nothing.

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Monday, July 2, 2012


nieces and nephews, and a greatgreat-great-niece, and sister-in-law, Lorene Sartell of Mesa, Ariz., survive Stanley. Stanley N. Allen Stanley N. Allen, 96, of Cresco, His parents, sisters, Sister LorIowa passed away on Tuesday, June raine Allen, Theresa Schieffer, 19, 2012, at Regional Health Ser- Audrey Hanson, and his brother vices of Howard County in Cresco, Hillary preceded him in death. A Mass of Christian Burial was Iowa. held Saturday, June 23, 2012, at Stanley N. Notre Dame Catholic Church Allen was born with Father Dennis Cahill officiaton August ing. Burial was in Calvary Cem1, 1915, in etery. The American Legion Post Mabel, Minn. #135 accorded military rites. The to Albert and Hindt-Hudek Funeral Home was Agnes (Gagen) in charge of arrangements. Allen. On April 20, 1944, Stanley N. Allen Michael Scott Aske Stanley enlisted in the United States Army and Michael Scott Aske, age 67, of served in World War II. After he Mabel passed way Wednesday, came home from tour in Italy, June 27, 2012, at home with his Stanley was honorably discharged family by his side after a 2 ½ year on July 7, 1946.He married Arvil- battle with prostate cancer. la Lageson on June 3, 1948, in Mike was born July 30, 1944 Caledonia, Minn. Together they in St. Paul, Minnesota to Richard shared 65 wonderful years of mar- and Mary (Lobland) Aske. He riage. Stanley enjoyed playing grew up in Whalen, Minnesota. cards with friends, especially crib- He served in the United bage, watching sports on TV, and States Army during the Vietnam refinishing furniture. He was a era from 1962 – 1965. He worked member of the American Legion for Gjere Construction in Mabel Post #135 for 66 years and the for 40 years before retiring in VFW. Stanley and Arvilla doted 2009. On February 29, 1972, on their nieces and nephews, treat- he married Nancy Pederson in ing them as if they were their own Lanesboro. They lived their married life together in Mabel raischildren. His wife, Arvilla of Cresco, and ing two children Kari Aske Justin many nieces and nephews, great- (Paul) and Rick Aske. Those two nieces and nephews, great-great- children were the joy to him. Mike

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enjoyed fishing, went on numerous fishing trips with his Mabel Buddies, and also enjoyed small game hunting. Mike is survived by his wife Nancy of Mabel; his daughter Kari (Paul) Justin of Stewartville; son Rick Aske of Mabel; two grandchildren Samantha and Elliot of Stewartville; sisters Marge (Hyatt) King of Dallas, Texas, Valrie (Dale) Olson of Whalan, Bonny (Dick) Engen of Whalan, and Glady (Rick) Nord of Stewartville; brothers Robert Engen of Whalan and Tom Engen of Mabel; brother-in-law Dick Pederson; sister-in-law Gloria (Arden) Vang; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents Richard Aske and Mary Lobland Aske Engen. Per Mikes wishes he was cremated. A visitation was held Sunday, July 1, 2012, at the Mengis Funeral Home in Mabel. A private burial will be at a later date in the Mabel Lutheran Cemetery.

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips! She is survived by one son, Robert (Peggy) Baker of Chatfield; six grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; one great-great-granddaughter; four step-grandchildren; nine step-great-grandchildren; and one brother, Lyle (Lorraine) Meeker of Chatfield. She is preceded in death by her parents, John and Mary; one daughter, Ruth Rolfson; one brother, Lloyd Meeker; and one sister, Hazel Asher. The funeral service was held Monday, June 25, 2012, at the Pioneer Presbyterian Church in Chatfield, with the Rev. Timothy J. Gerarden officiating. Burial was in the Chatfield Cemetery. Riley Funeral Home in Chatfield was in charge of arrangements.

both had parts in a play at the College of Saint Teresa. John earned his bachelor’s degree at Lawrence, and he and Frances Muraine Bowler married on August 16, 1969. He began his career as an English teacher at Winona Junior High, and left after a year to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Washington. Again unable to ignore the call of the Hiawatha River Valley, he returned to Winona and found his life’s work when he and his wife began the Winona Shopper in 1971. After surviving the first few very lean years, the publication grew into what is known today as the Winona Post, a thriving newspaper that has won many state and national awards for journalism and art, including many for John’s editorial writing. John is survived by his wife, Frances; his daughters, Cassidy (Angie Ause) and their son Harold, and Morgan (Dan Gish) and their daughters Peyton and Andalucia; his mother, Josephine; his siblings, Lee (Kathy), Tom (Roxanne Pergola), Nancy (Steve Bachler), and Nick (Lori); his aunt, Mary; his many cousins, including Winona cousins Steve, Patty, KRS, Kate, and Kim; nieces, nephews; in-laws, John Bowler, Susan Bowler and Mary Ann Bowler; and Omaha family, especially Kay and Paul Bashus, and Mary Borowiak. He is preceded in death by his

John Owen Edstrom John Owen Edstrom, 65, of Winona died from lung cancer, unrelated to smoking, on Sunday, June 24, 2012. He died peacefully at his home, surrounded by his family. He was born August 31, 1946, Helen R. Baker Helen Rose Baker, 91, of in Winona to Harold Edstrom and Chatfield, died Thursday, June Josephine Kjelland Edstrom. He 21, 2012, at Saint Marys Hospital received his primary and secondin Rochester. Helen Rose Meeker ary education in Winona Public was born Jan. 12, 1921, in Jor- Schools. He began his bachelor’s dan Township, Fillmore County, degree at Lawrence University, rural Chatfield, to John and Mary then left to explore big-city life and study at Columbia University. (Baker) Meeker. She graduated from Chatfield After having had his fill of New High School. On Aug. 21, 1941, York, he returned to Winona and she married Harold J. Baker in met the love of his life when they See OBITUARIES Page 8  Chatfield. The couple lived in rural Chatfield and moved into Fillmore County Church Directory town in 1959. Helen was a cook for the high school and then secretary Elstad Lutheran Church ....................................................... Sundays - 10:30am 37784 Dogwood Rd, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3769 for People Natural Gas, retiring in 1985. Harold was a custodial engi- Greenfield Lutheran Church ................................ Sundays - 9:00am & 10:30am 235 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3272 neer for the Chosen Valley High School for 25 years. Helen was a Harmony United Methodist Church .................................... Sundays - 10:30am 60 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-6851 past deacon and elder at the PioPreston United Methodist Church ......................................... Sundays - 8:30am neer Presbyterian Church, founder 212 Saint Anthony St N, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2503 and past member of the Chatfield Satersdahl Lutheran Church ................................................. Sundays - 9:00am Saddle Club and a member of the 21447 Co. Rd. 30, Rural Harmony, MN Eastern Star. She loved to fish, dance and read books. She also loved cooking lunch for anyone and was an excellent chocolate cake baker.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

5, 1999, and together they enjoyed a great adventure, riding horse and motorcycle and dog sledding, spending time with family and friends, caring for their many animals and the farm. For 10 years they faced the challenges together of surgeries and treatments for her cancer. Kristi is survived by Gary Kneeskern; her special daughter, Trista (Adam) Rowland; grandchildren, McKenzie and Carson; siblings, Cindy Mensink, Preston, Brad Kraling, Harmony, Brent Kraling, Harmony and Stephanie Kraling, Rochester; nephews, Corey (Shari) Mensink, Owatonna and Chris (Carrie) Mensink, Preston; great-nieces and nephews, Payton, Zac, Brock, Macy and Jake, Lauren and Annika; and her special horse Sonny. Kris continues to give of herself, donating her body to the Mayo Clinic so that others can learn from her. A memorial service was held Saturday, June 30, 2012, at St. Paul’s (Big Spring) Lutheran Church near Harmony, MN.

at the St. Mary’s Rectory in New Ulm. After marriage he owned and Continued from Page 6 operated Martinka Motors. He son, John Harold (Jake); his father, also owned and operated Martinka Harold; his in-laws, John Bowler Ambulance Service in New Ulm and Margaret Bowler; Terri Bowland provided the funeral coach for er; Michael Bowler; and favorite Minnesota Valley Funeral Home uncles, Ev Edstrom and Roy Stark. in New Ulm. In 2007 he sold his His memorial service was Sunbusiness and retired. Red enjoyed day, July 1, 2012, at First Congresinging with the St. Mary’s Church gational Church in Winona, with choir and being a soloist at various Tom Schoen and Pastor Timothy functions, working with his hands, Forester presiding. creating stain glass items, hunting, fishing, playing cards, and spendKristi Ann Kraling ing time with his children and On June 21, 2012, Kristi Ann grandchildren. Kraling found her peace, together Red is survived by his wife, with her family and friends , at Betty Martinka of New Ulm; Methodist Hospital in Rochester daughter and son-in-law, Jean and after a 10-year battle with cancer. Randy Frederickson of Willmar; Kristi Ann Kraling was born sons and daughters-in-law, David October 5, 1956, to Elaine (Jacoband Lynn Martinka of New Ulm, son) and Allan “Buddy” Kraling in Steven and Becky Martinka of Preston, Minn. She was raised on Spicer, John and Holly Martinka the family farm of Chatfield; 12 grandchildren; 11 in Big Springs, great-grandchildren; and a sister near Harmony, and brother-in-law, Mariann and Minn. Connie Schmid of Shakopee. He After graduwas preceded in death by his parating from ents; son, Bradley Martinka on Harmony February 27, 1998; a sister, JerHigh School mayne Leavitt; and a brother, Fr. in 1975, Kris Eugene C. “Red” Martinka Stanley Martinka. attended Roch- Kristi Kraling Eugene C. “Red” Martinka, 88, Mass of Christian Burial was ester School of New Ulm died Wednesday, June held Monday, June 25, 2012, at St. of Cosmetology and worked as a 20, 2012 at the New Ulm Medical Mary’s Catholic Church in New beautician in Rochester, and then Center in New Ulm. Ulm with Monsignor Douglas owned and operated the Family Eugene Charles Martinka was Grams celebrating the Mass. BuriHair Center in Preston. Many still born on March 30, 1924, in Lucan al was in the New Ulm Catholic remember their own or their chil- to Alphonse and Marie (Goblirsch) Cemetery with full military honors dren’s first haircut there. She sold Martinka. He served in the U.S. conducted by the New Ulm Area the business in 2002. Navy during WWII. On Sep- Comrades of Valor Honor Guard. Kris and Gary Kneeskern began tember 4, 1948, he was united in their partnership in life on March marriage to Elizabeth Dannheim


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The FCJ reaches over 12,000 households each week. them down in the fall. French said they replace flags every year Continued from Page 1 as needed. The flags are dison the city’s recreational facili- played from Potter Auditorium ties. It was suggested there could to Stevens Motors. The council be a bicycle trail connecting approved $2,000 for one-time Chatfield with another city. funding to help with the purOther Business In Brief chase of new flags and poles. •Tom French explained the •Dave Morrill, McGhie and request from the Chatfield VFW Betts, described the areas for for monetary help from the city water distribution improvement to purchase new flags and poles. projects for 2012, including He said they would like to be Winona Street to Main Street able to do it before Western and Second Street to CR 2. Days. The VFW has been put- Approval was given to advertise ting up the flags in the spring for bids. for about 10 years and taking


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I love summer when it’s sunny, about 75 degrees, a little breezy and no humidity! And how often is the weather just like that here in Minnesota!!! I think I could count on one hand the number of perfect days just like the one I described! Anyway, when it is nice I love sitting outside in my glider or swing. For several years I had a wooden swing that my husband hung in the frame of his old metal swing set. That swing lasted many years before it finally wore out. It sat out all year long in the winter and in the summer months. The wood finally gave out but the old frame is still good and down behind the barn. After that swing I went and bought a new “2-seat glider” with a canopy. Had to pay a friend to put it together as there were way too many pieces to screw together for me to tackle. Needless to say that cheap swing only lasted three summers! Last year my husband bought a wooden glider for me at a garage sale and I am really enjoying it! I can sit in it for hours and read! Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Sometimes the old barn cats will wander up to the house and sprawl out in front of me enjoying the sun and breeze. I also have a reclining lawn

chair that I use when I get the urge to take a nap outside. I plop that chair under our big acorn tree, recline it back and sleep away. I usually don’t get to sit outside till after 3:00 as the sun is just too hot for me before then. By 3:00 the sun is over the garage and I have shade on the east side of the garage which is where my main lawn is. As a kid I don’t remember much about sitting outside. Seems like there was never any time to just sit and relax. Once in a while when it was really hot in the house we would sit outside after supper waiting for the sun to go down and the house to cool off. If mom was sitting outside she had her lap full of mending. She never just sat and looked around. The only chairs we had were two old metal lawn chairs that were in need of paint! Nowadays that type of chair is a collector item! Us kids usually sprawled out on an old blanket or rug and would lay there waiting for the stars to pop out. If we had enough ambition we would play hide-n-seek or croquet. We had an old set with worn out mallets and balls with the paint chipped off but we still

Mostaciolli Salad

Dressing: 1 ½ cups sugar, 1 cup vinegar, 1 tsp. salt, ½ tsp. pepper, 1 tsp. garlic salt, and 1 T. prepared mustard Mix all together, stirring occasionally to dissolve the sugar. Set aside. Cook a 2 lb. bag of pasta (Penne pasta is good) according to the directions on the bag. Drain and rinse in cold water. Dice 1 vidalia or sweet onion and 1 large cucumber with the skin on. Toss into the cooked pasta. Add one large jar of undrained pimentos. You can also add grape or cherry tomatoes or chopped bell peppers. Pour the dressing mixture of the pasta mixture. Toss together to coat. Refrigerate. Stir the salad occasionally as the dressing will settle at the bottom of the bowl and you need to keep the pasta coated. Best is made ahead of time.

Monday, July 2, 2012 had fun. I don’t ever recall eating outside either. I think it was just too much work. We didn’t have paper plates or plastic silverware. We didn’t own a picnic table, but dad did set up a big plank on a couple of sawhorses a time or two. But, it was just easier having everyone sit up to the dining room table and eat supper. A couple of times us kids did go on picnics by ourselves. Mom would wrap up bologna or peanut butter sandwiches in wax paper, toss in a couple of home-baked cookies, and fill a quart jar with water or Koolaid. She would put everything in an old sack and then we would load the food and an old blanket or rug in our wagon and head out to the woods. We thought that was great fun! We never got too far from home – always had the house in sight. We would spread that old blanket or rug out beneath some old tree and plop ourselves and our food down. We all drank out of the same quart jar and none of us ever died from the germs!! Sometimes the dog or cat would trail along with us. A couple of times we would ride our Shetland pony, “Nipper,” out to the woods for the picnic. That depended on Nipper’s attitude! If he let you put his harness on then he was willing to go. If you tried putting on the harness and he “nipped” you in the behind or on the back of your legs – he didn’t want to go so you had better just leave him alone! He could be very stubborn at times! Currently I do a lot of grilling during the summer months but we usually end up eating it in the house where we can enjoy the air conditioning!

The Fillmore County Journal publishes engagement announcements free of charge. Send your announcement and photo to

classes for fall; and not a prior scholarship recipient. Applications must be received at the Fillmore SWCD office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, July 27, 2012, and must include an essay, in 500 words or less, on “What Natural Resource Conservation Means to Me.” The scholarship winner will be chosen by the Fillmore SWCD Board of Supervisors at their August meeting. For more information, please contact Donna Rasmussen at the SWCD office at (507) 765-3878 ext. 3.

Birth Announcement Jordan Blake Pease Weston and Jill Pease of Rochester, Minn. are proud to announce the birth of their son Jordan Blake. Jordan was born on May 23, 2012. He weighed 9 lb. 6 oz. and was 22 inches long. Grandparents are Paul and Judy Frank of Spring Valley, Minn. and Don and Elaine Pease of Chatfield, Minn.

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Birth Announcement Samuel Lee Knoepke Ben and Sara Knoepke of Brainerd are pround to announce the birth of their son Samuel Lee. Samuel was Kern ~ Ramaker born June 17, 2012, at Brainerd. He Bridget Kern and Michael joins sisters Lily and Alison at home. Ramaker are pleased to announce Grandparents are Steve Knoepke their engagement and upcoming and Anne Knoepke of Preston wedding. and Dave and Sandy Romsos of Parents of the bride are Sandy Cameron, Wisc. Kern of Wykoff and the late Jim Birth Announcement Kern. Parents of the groom are Carson James Knoepke Thomas and Lynette Ramaker Adam and Nicole Knoepke of of Spring Valley. Eyota are proud to announce the The couple will be united birth of their son Carson. Carson in marriage on Saturday, July was born June 22, 2012, in 14, 2012, at the Faith United Rochester. He joins his sister Erin Methodist Church in Spring and brother Caden. Valley. Grandparents are Steve Knoepke Dance is at the Wykoff and Anne Knoepke of Preston, Community Hall at 8:00 p.m. Sally Bahl of Rochester, and Rick All friends are welcome to come. and Karla Honey of Winona.

Last call for volunteers! The planning committee for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life of Fillmore County would like to invite anyone interested in volunteering the night of Relay For Life (July 13, 2012) to contact Marilyn Schreier at 480-202-3027 or email Gabby Gatzke at glgatz- There are several different areas to help with, and we have a variety of shifts available. This is a great volunteer opportunity for all ages. For more information on this event please go to

Tuesday, July 3 Karaoke Joe 9 pm - 1 am Beer of the Month Busch Light Bottles $2.00

SWCD offers college scholarship Are you a college student returning to school this fall? Could you use an additional $500 for college expenses? Are you pursuing a degree in Natural Resources, Agriculture or related field? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you should apply for the $500 dollar scholarship being awarded by the Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). Applications are available at the Fillmore SWCD office located within the USDA Service Center at 900 Washington Street in Preston or online at To be eligible, you must be a returning college sophomore, junior, or senior; be pursuing a degree in Natural Resources, Agriculture or related field; be enrolled in



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Fillmore County Sports 2011-2012 county sports year in review By Paul Trende The 2011-2012 school year has come to an end. It goes out like so many before it, leaving memories of what was (and what will be) on the sports fields and in the gymnasiums across southeastern Minnesota. Here is the Fillmore County Journal Sports Year in Review. Back in the fall, Fillmore Central football highlighted county gridiron action. The Falcons began the year 5-0, securing their first state ranking in many years. In a battle of top ten teams, the Falcons staved off a last second comeback by Southland to move to 6-0 (#6 in A). An injury to standout tailback Tyler Eickhoff versus (eventual AA state champion) Caledonia helped derail the season, but it was still a memorable ride for the team and its fans. Chatfield, Mabel-Canton, and Lanesboro, behind tailbacks Jake Neis, Gabe Lind, and Niko Anderson, also put together plus-500 seasons. No team, though, advanced past the second round of the play-offs. The Gophers look most inclined to do so in 2012 with skill players Neis, quarterback Nate Skare, and Justin Viss (and others) returning. Lanesboro’s Anderson, only a juniorto-be, already has two impressive years of varsity football under his belt. On the volleyball courts, action was hot and heavy in the county. Four of the six schools had very good seasons. Chatfield, Rushford-Peterson, Fillmore Central, and Mabel-Canton each had an effective hitting duo: Kenna Moechnig/Erin Kammer, Kenzie Lind/Amy Todd, Alex Peterson/ Taylor Case, Belle Sand/Lydia Geving. They also had either able setters (Emily Culhane, Morgan Malley, Carly McCabe) and/or able defenders (Alex Duxbury, Kendra Crawford). In the end though, R-P bowed to L-A in round one of the play-offs, FC and M-C bowed to W-K and L-A in Sub-Section semifinals. Only Chatfield won a trophy/ medals, the Sub-Section 1AA East runner’s up (to Caledonia). Mabel-Canton looks most inclined to do damage in 2012, returning their entire squad (save

for one player), but the other three aforementioned programs also return some talented pieces. Rounding out the fall sports action, Chatfield’s Kayla Woltz and Karen Gomez each earned a trip to State in cross-country, as did Rushford-Peterson’s Austin O’Hare. It was Woltz’s fifth trip, and fourth top five finish. A soon-to-be senior, odds have Kayla likely returning in 2012. Gomez (a soph-to-be) and O’Hare (a junior-to-be) will have a shot at doing so also in 2012. Winter naturally brought basketball, and as has happened, seemingly forever, the RushfordPeterson Trojan boys jumped to the forefront. Behind the disciplined duo of Nick Thompson and Trent Vix, R-P won SubSection 1A East, the Section 1A, and advanced to State, defeating Mountain Lake/Butterfield/ Odin in the 3rd place game to snare yet another banner to adorn their gymnasium’s walls. With a plethora of young talent, and ‘The Vix System’ in place, R-P should again be a force in 2012. The Trojan boys weren’t the only basketball team with the word ‘State’ written near their name. The Chatfield girls made a play at winning Section 1AA, but ran into that Grinch named Hinsch from Zumbrota-Mazeppa. The Gopher girls settled for Section runner-up, but always have ‘the Keefe FT’ to remember. With Kirsten, MaKenzie Miller, and Sidney Irish returning, the Gophers look solid for 2012-2013. Kingsland’s boys battled R-P for county hardwood supremacy (split a pair of memorable games). They advanced to their Sub-Section final and had top seeded Byron down at the half, only for the Bears to awaken. The supersenior-six (Tanner Lange, Sam Eberle, Devin Pokorney, Spencer Klevan, Soren Grandall and Josh Thompson) put on a nice show for Knight fans. Lange etched his name in Kingsland’s annuls by going over 1,000 career points. He wasn’t the only county athlete to do so. Lanesboro’s Braden Hanson and Mabel-Canton’s Steve Smith

MABEL FLOWERS & GIFTS Check out the wagons out back of the shop. Odds/Ends on one wagon-Everything $1.00 each.

essentially did enough to stake a claim as ‘best male basketball player ever’ from their respective schools. Hanson topped his schools all-time scoring sheet (scored 47 in a game besides), the same for Smith with both scoring and rebounding. R-P’s Nick Thompson and Kenzie Lind gave the Trojans a male/ female tandem that went over 1,000 for their careers. On the area’s wrestling mats, Chatfield and Lewiston-Altura/ Rushford-Peterson had solid team seasons, though neither advanced deep into the postseason. Each sent representatives to the State individual meet though, Chatfield Hank Friederichs (106), Justin Viss (195), and Alex Haffner (132), L-A/R-P Greg Johnson (182) and Jordan Theede (145). Lucas Roe (152) and Noah Schlee (126) represented Grand Meadow/LeRoyOstrander/Kingland in St. Paul. Friederichs (5th) and Viss (6th) placed the highest. Only Schlee graduated, leaving the county with plenty of formidable grapplers heading into 2012-2013. In the spring, it was all about Chatfield’s sports programs. The Gopher softball team engineered a great run, an epic 4-hours in Austin. By defeating KenyonWanamingo in extra innings, and then arch-rival LewistonAltura for the first time in four tries, in back-to-back games, Chatfield earned a spot in the Section finale versus Blooming Prairie. They fell, but senior standouts Tori Woltz, Katie Jech, and Sarah Costello went out in very successful fashion. All four softball programs in the county had a large element of youth to them, meaning there is at the very least, cause for optimism in 2013. The Gopher girls’ track squad continued the Chatfield spring sports monopoly. Led by thrower Kyndra Neis, distance runner Kayla Woltz, sprinter Maddy Kammer, and the 4x100/4x200 Daylilies for Sale Thousands of Blooms Come see the colors! July 6, 7, and 8 9am - 5pm Between Harmony & Preston on Hwy. 52 6 miles north of Harmony or 2 miles south of John Deere (507) 696-3251

Summer Sale!!

105 S Main Street, Mabel, MN 507-493-5400 • 888-321-7875

Andy Todd, the quarterback of the Falcon football team in the fall, found the spotlight again. The senior also competed at the State golf meet, finishing in the top half of the field. If there were a ‘county cup’ for the most successful school (like in college athletics), Chatfield surely won it. With a Sub-Section volleyball runner-up, a SubSection baseball runner-up, and Sectional girls basketball and softball runner-up’s, plus multiple State entrants in all the individual sports (cross country, wrestling, track and field), the Gophers were head and shoulders above the rest of the county. R-P boy’s basketball was the best individual program. Erin Kammer (Sub-Section volleyball runner-up, Section basketball runner-up, State 4th and 5th place track finishes on relay teams), Kirsten Keefe (Sub-Section volleyball runner-up, Section basketball and softball runner-up), Haley Woltz (State participant in both cross country and track and field), and Austin O’Hare (State participant in both cross country and on the R-P basketball team) were the most decorated/successful athletes. In two-plus months, a new group of youngsters will get their shot at prep glory. Sports Correction: In the June 18th sports edition, Paige Hungerholt was incorrectly identified in a picture as the 4th person from the right. She was (correctly) the 4th person from the left, the fourth in line (left to right), coinciding with her 4th place finish.

1899 Independence Day celebration at Historic Forestville Join us for an Independence Day celebration with a flavor of the 19th century! The Grand Ceremony with the reading of the Decleration of Independence begins at 1:00 p.m. Enjoy a food concession provided by the Friends of Forestville which includes Keg Root Beer! Take in the 1860s-style baseball game between the Rochester Roosters vs. the Wisconsin Road Stars. Pie and watermelon eating contests, races for the kids, brass band and a whole lot of

fun and activities of the past! Then make it back home in plenty of time fo the fireworks! Adults: $7.00; Seniors $6.00; Youth $5.00. Located within Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park. State Park vehicle permit required.

20th Annual Lidtke Mill Benefit

l a e M & l a Soci F

July 5th-14th

Willow Tree Angels-50% off Doors/Windows/ Soaps & Lotions-50% off Screens for your projects on other Potpourri-Buy 1, Get 1 FREE wagon-$5-40 each. Spring/Summer Selected Items-50% off Selected Packaged Food Items-Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

team’s (M. Kammer, Erin Kammer, Ashley Baker, Autum Erickson), the Goph’s fell just short of winning Section 1A’s True Team crown. Each of the above athlete’s/team’s advanced to state individually. The relay teams, a perennial state participant, did best, finishing 4th (4x200) and 5th (4x100). L-A/R-P also sent a pair of athletes, throwers Adria Timm and Hans Lundberg, to State. Completing the spring sports sweep, the Gopher baseball team contended for the 3-Rivers conference crown for a spell and was the only county team to make it to Austin for the SubSectional 1A East final. A pair of disappointing losses ended their season (Sub-Section runner-up), but they were still the counties best baseball team. With their two best pitchers (Neis and Skare) only sophomores, they will likely remain the county’s best baseball team for at least a couple years to come. On the area golf links, Lanesboro’s girls out-shined everyone in the county (and a claim could be made they shined as brightly as nearly any single A program in the state). Paige Hungerholt ended her illustrious golf career with a 4th place finish at state. Johanna Bearson and Kiah Halvorson also finished in the upper half of the leader-board, as the ‘town by the dam’ sent ¾ of the counties state golf entrants. The Burros boys were also pretty good too, as was Fillmore Central. The year ended, from a literary perspective, poetically where it started. Fillmore Central’s

100 Main St. SW • Preston 507-765-4773

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Sunday, July 8, 2012 • 4:00-7:00pm Do Will nation! Community Center, Lime Springs, Iowa Our World Famous Texas Potatoes, Pulled Pork or Ham Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Pickles, Assorted Homemade Pies & Cakes, Ice Cream, Coffee & Lemonade

irs Proceeds for Lidtke Mill Maintenance Souven e l a Tours of the Mill & Mill House from 1-4pm for S Memorial Day-Labor Day

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2000 water reservoir should have been 20-40 feet higher to compensate for needed pressure in the area,” noted Public Works Director Jeff Copley. The tower would need to be isolated and put in a separate pressure zone to rectify the issue. The last issue, the only to focus on water quality, is in the Jerusalem area of Rushford. A booster pump, likely located at the city garage, would vastly improve the quality. However, the equipment would easily run $250,000 in construction costs. A second alternative, a booster pump at Mill and Elm instead, could also work, but it could be even more costly and would require the acquisition of property easements. In total, all eight scenarios would cost an estimated $1,230,000. At least four of the scenarios could be handled by the Public Works Department. However, the remain-

ing three, the most expensive, cannot. The water quality issue in Jerusalem may qualify for PFA (Public Facilities Authority) funding. “We’ll apply where eligible,” stressed City Administrator Steve Sarvi. “We won’t leave any stone unturned.” For now, the city will consider the plan, update the water rates, and evaluate the potential rate impacts by the proposed improvements, prioritizing the issues and planning for the future. “My advice,” added Sarvi, “Is to make it right with existing businesses, focus on water issues in Jerusalem and Brooklyn, and pull trigger on north end when we need it.” Copley agrees, but stressed that the current lack of pressure in the north end is a critical issue, citing a ripple effect. “It has the most potential growth for city and I think we should maximize the benefit. With no pressure, we can’t bring in new industry. No industry, no jobs.” In regards to the wastewater treatment plant upgrade, it is nearly com-

Fillmore County Court Report James Wayne Richards, 27 of Mantorville, MN, appeared before Judge Robert Johnson for sentencing at the Fillmore County Courthouse on June 11, 2012. He was found guilty of predatory offender, knowingly violating registration requirements or giving false information. He was sentenced to 16 months at the MN Correctional Facility in St. Cloud, which was stayed for five years. He must serve 15 days at the Fillmore County Jail, with credit

given for 11 days served. He will have supervised probation for five years, and must pay $1,290 in fees and fines. On June 17, 2012, Scott Brian Sefton, 41 of Preston, appeared before Judge James Fabian for sentencing. Sefton was found guilty of possession of pornographic work on a computer disk. He must serve 30 days in the Fillmore County Jail on work release, and was given credit for three days served. He was


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plete. Committed to the project three years ago, Public Works has worked diligently to make the most of it, including netting the city a savings of $29,938.92. As luck would have it, the savings are only temporary as a damaged mechanical screen in the headworks building will need to be purchased, at an additional cost of $68,495.26. Thankfully, the MPCA, the regulatory agency, and PFA, the funding authority, are supportive to include this equipment in the current project due to the urgency of the issue. In addition, the replacement is already approved under existing PFA funding to the city. “I waffled back and forth and back and forth on whether or not to purchase this equipment,” noted Copley. “If we decide to do Phase 2 of the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade, it may not be needed.” Should the city opt to go forward with Phase 2, it could take as much as two years to get the project off the ground and the equipment will not hold up for that

duration. “I feel like there should be an easier way, but there isn’t,” added Copley. “Jeff, it stops hurting when you stop beating your head against a wall,” responded Sarvi, who along with City Clerk Kathy Zacher, recommended that the city move forward with the equipment purchase. Further costs continue to roll into the city as electric provider Dairyland Power has passed down significant wholesale rate increases and the city still has five years’ worth of electrical infrastructure or upgrades to complete. The Rushford Municipal Electric Commission (RME) has recommended a electric rate increase of 7.2 percent to cover both. The electrical fund is finally trending in the right direction, but the RME would like to continue those trends while completing the work and piggybacking on wholesale rate increases. “We’re trying to reach the balance point in upgrading the system. We’ve been fortunate, frugal, and opportunistic.

We need to make sure electric fund stays viable,” added RME member Vern Bunke. The plan would include $150,000 per year for projects and is paid for by a $50,000 payment in lieu of taxes and the rate increase. To the individual, or single phase user, the change will be roughly 4 per month in the non-summer months and $15 per month in the summer, or higher rate, months. RME had hoped to make the rate increase retroactive to June 1st, since Tri-County Electric began their rate increase in May and the summer rate jumped in June. However, the council opted to make the increase effective July 1st. “I don’t like making increases retroactive. If people know something is coming, they can plan for it,” cautioned Councilor Mark Honsey. The next regularly schedule council meeting is Monday, July 9th, at 6:30pm, at city hall. The public is encouraged to attend.

placed on supervised probation for five years, must attend counseling and attend a sex offender program, no access to Internet, alcohol, controlled substances, or pornographic or sexually explicit material. He must also pay $390 in fines and fees. Gregory Carl Beckman, 56 of Eyota, appeared before Judge Robert Benson for sentencing on June 18, 2012. Beckman was found guilty of malicious punishment of a child. He was sentenced to the MN Correctional Facility in St. Cloud for 12 months and one day, which was stayed for five years. He must serve

60 days at the Fillmore County Jail on work release, and was given credit for one day served. He was also given five years supervised probation, must have no contact with the victim, and pay $1090 in fines and fees. Dillon Lee Draper, 21 of Lanesboro, appeared before Judge Benson for sentencing on June 18, 2012. He was found guilty of drugs in the 5th degree, not a small amount of marijuana. He received a stay of adjudication, and upon successful completion of probation all charges will be dismissed. He received five years of supervised probation, and

must serve 30 days in the Fillmore County Jail on work release. He was given credit for four days served. He must also pay $4,700 in fines and fees. Jonathan James Juneau, 21 of Delano, MN, also appeared before Judge Benson on June 18. He was found guilty of theft and sentenced to 30 days in the Fillmore County Jail on work release. He was also given 10 years of supervised probation and must pay $2057 in fines and fees. Upon completion of probation all charges will be dismissed.

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Job Jeff does. Limit one per customer.

cLip & save $20 on any pLumbing


Monday, July 2, 2012

Job Jeff does. Limit one per customer.

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 households each week.

And doEs All typEs of plumbing jobs. • new construction • remodels, • toilet & faucet repair or replacement

Kingsley Mercantile, inc. Harmony, MN 55939 • 507-886-2323

Hrs: Mon - Fri 7:30am-6:30pm; Sat. 8:00am - 5:00pm; Sun. 11:00am - 2:00pm

Shop online 24 hours a day at

2012 Fillmore County Fair July 24-28, 2012


Held at the Fairgrounds in Preston, MN Welcome to the Fillmore County Fair

Grandstand shows

Fillmo County re Fair

Grands $5 - Bull Riding tand B u $10 - Rodeo tton s $ $5 - TDevon Worley Band $5 - Divas Through The Decades $10 Demolition Derby


6 years and under all FREE

! E M I T R I A F J concessions &rides


Rides • Food • Games Wednesday • Armbands 1-5 pm Thursday & Friday Armbands 1-5 pm & 6-10 pm Armbands are available from 4-H Clubs or Extension Office


Riding Tuesday July 24 7:00 pm

Wednesday July 25 • 7:00 pm Triple B Rodeo Company

Iron Horse Country Music

Thursday, July 26 8:00 pm Grandstands


Through the Decades

Friday, July 27 7:30 pm Grandstands

Friday, July 27 9:00 pm Grandstands

demolition Saturday July 28 7:00 pm


Come Cheer for your favorite driver!

Pre-registration forms are available at


MON–SAT: 7:00am – 9:00pm • SUN: 8:00am – 7:00pm


MON–SAT: 7:00am – 9:00pm • SUN: 8:00am – 9:00pm


MON–SAT: 7:00am – 9:00pm • SUN: 7:00am – 9:00pm

Prices Effective July 2nd-July 8th 2012 Mon.














56 Oz. • Assorted

Kemps Ice Cream Squares



10.5-11.5 Oz. • Assorted

Frito Lay 9 $4.2 Doritos Save



*Safe Cooking Temps* with $15 in Meat Purchases WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

32-36 Oz. • Heinz

Simply or Squeeze Ketchup


$ 88

Family Pack

Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks


$ 19 Lb.

Velveeta Coupon

19 Oz. • Assorted • Johnsonville

Bratwurst or Sausage




Oreo Coupon

8 Count • Grandma Alice’s

Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns



12 inch • Assorted

Tombstone Original Crust Pizza


Maxwell Coupon





299 $ 99 Jon Donaire Ice Cream Cake...........12 $

14 Oz. • Assorted


13 Oz. • Assorted • Hillshire Farm


14 Oz. • Assorted • Hillshire Farm


Smoked Sausage or Kielbasa Rope.........


Smoked Sausage or Kielbasa...................

399 $ 99 Shredded Meat in BBQ Sauce...........3 $ 99 Deli Fresh Shaved Meat.................. 2 2/$ Bologna or Cotto Salami....................... 4 $ 39 Natural Casing Wieners....................4 5/$ Carl Budding Thin Sliced Meat............. 3 $ 49 Hormel Thick Sliced Range Bacon.....6 2/$ Festive Ground Turkey......................... 3 $ 19 Turkey Sausage Roll....................... 2 $ 95 Alda Cod Cello Fillets.....................19 $ 19 Alaskan Pollock Fillets................... 2 2/$ Klements Brat Burgers..........................6 $

24-28 Oz. • Assorted

Shurfresh Danish Coffee Cake...........

Gourmet Dining Meals.......................

2.5 Lb. • Assorted

Hormel Cure 81

Boneless Half Ham



99 Lb.

Hormel Cure 81


Boneless Whole Ham



Pork Sirloin Chops



$ 99



18 Oz. • Assorted • Lloyd’s

7-9 Oz. • Assorted • Oscar Mayer

16 Oz. • Assorted • Oscar Mayer

14.3 Oz. • Assorted • Schwigert


Pork Sirloin Roast


$ 89 Lb.

Pork Spareribs



Center Cut Bone-In Thick, Rib or Loin Pork Chops





19 Lb.

2 Oz. • Assorted

2 Lb.

16 Oz.


Chairman’s Reserve • Boneless

New York Strip Steak



99 Lb.



Chairman’s Reserve • Boneless

Pork Loin Chops



Beef Chuck Roast





09 Lb.

16 Oz. • Jennie O’ Breakfast Lovers

5 Lb. Box

Per Lb.

12 Oz.


Hormel Always Tender

Pork Baby Back Ribs



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Chairman’s Reserve • Boneless

Beef Chuck Steak




93% Lean Ground Beef




19 Lb.

Produce 3 Count



Honeydew Athena Melon Musk Melon








$ 69 Per Lb.

Dole Cole Slaw Mix




2 Lb. • Bolthouse Farms

Red or Green

Seedless Grapes

Mann’s Romaine Hearts

14 Oz.





Yellow Onions



5 Lb.

Baby Carrots



15 Oz. • Assorted • Jimmy’s

Vegetable Dips




24 Oz. • Assorted

2 $ 29 Classic Honey Wheat Bread.......…2 $ 49 IGA Apple Pie Filling.................…1 2/$ Old Orchard 100% Juice Blends........ 5 5/$ Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides.................... 5 $ 69 Old El Paso Dinner Kits................. 2 2/$ Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce..........…3 4/$ Old El Paso Taco Shells or Tortillas...5 2/$ Old El Paso Refried Beans.............… 3 ¢ Old El Paso Taco Seasoning Mix 79 $ 99 Special K Chips or Crackers......... 2 $ 09

24 Oz. • Village Hearth

Cottage White Bread..................

IGA Pancake Syrup


$ 89

20 Oz. • Sara Lee

12 Oz.

IGA Vanilla Wafers


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128 Oz.

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IGA Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix

Ice Cream Cake Cones



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8-12 Count • Assorted


Capri Sun Drinks

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Family Size Tea Bags


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Ice Cream Toppings



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3 Febreze Air Effects...................… 2 IGA Designer IGA Twist N $ 99 Paper Plates Store Containers Liquid Dishwashing Detergent.........1 3/$ 2/$ 5 $ 99 5 5 2/$ Gladware Containers.............................5 2/$ Press N Seal Wrap................................. 5 $ 99 Bounty Paper Towels......................8 $ 29 Bic Multi Purpose Lighter................3 Ultra Liquid Cascade $ 29 Laundry Detergent Action Pacs Crest Toothpaste............................. 2 $ 49 $ 99 2/$ 6 5 Secret, Speed Stick, or Old Spice.......... 5 80 Count • Assorted • Bounce or Downy

$ 99 $ 89

Fabric Softner Sheets...............… 9.7 Oz. • Assorted

24-48 Oz.

2-3 Count • Assorted

24-30 Oz. • Joy or Ivory

120 Oz. • Cascade

Gel or Powder Dishwasher Detergent. 5 Count • Assorted

$ 99

handise general merc 34 Oz. • Assorted

Downy Liquid Fabric Softner Each • Assorted • Bounce Fabric Softner $ 99 Dryer Bar



70 Ft. • Glad


88-200 Count • Assorted

Puff’s Facial Tissue


$ 99

8 Rolls


6.4 Oz. • Assorted

2.3-3.25 Oz. • Assorted • Deodorant

100 Oz. • Assorted • Era 2X

32 Count • Assorted

200 Ft.

Glad Cling Wrap



20 Count • Assorted

Tampax Tampons




Dairy Gallon • Assorted

Kemps Fruit Drinks


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Northland Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bars or Cones..............


IGA American Cheese Singles


349 $ 49 Ice Cream Cones or Sandwiches 3 $ 29 Concentrated Lemonade .............1 $ 69 Louisa Ravioli or Tortellini ........ 3 8/$ Totino’s Party Pizza ............... 10 6 Coun • M&M’s

12 Oz. • Assorted • Minute Maid



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Shedd’s Spread Country Crock

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Kemps Fat Free Sherbet


4 Qt.


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Ice Cream Sandwiches or Cones


8-8.6 Oz. • Assorted

Healthy Choice Select Entrees



s Beverage


$ 99



6 2/$ Frito Lay Tostitos or Lays Potato Chips..........7 $ 99 Fisher Peanuts....................................... 2 2/$ Microwave Popcorn ...................................... 5 2/$ Pringles Potato Chips.................................... 3 2/$ Old Dutch Puffcorn..........................................4 2/$

8.5-9.5 Oz. • Assorted

Frito Lay Ruffles ............................................ 14.5-18 Oz. • Assorted • Family Size

12-14 Oz. • Assorted

12 Pack • Assorted

Pepsi & Mountain Dew Products

24 Pack

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Sobe Lifewater or Sobe Juice






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6-9 Oz. • Assorted


6 Pack • Assorted


2 Liter


Snapple or Fiji Water................... 8 Pack • Assorted • 12 Oz.

Coca Cola & Dasani Products



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Coca Cola Products




Rushford Foods • Harmony Foods • Preston Foods

1.25 Liter • Assorted

Coca Cola Products



• Dry Cleaning Pick-up & Delivery • Rug Doctor Rental • WIC Accepted

We reserve the right to limit quantities • Not responsible for graphic or typographical errors

Fanta, Mello Yello, Barq’s, Minute Maid, Nestea or Seagram’s Pop.............

• Minnesota EBT Cards Accepted • Gift Certificates

• We Accept:

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Monday, July 2, 2012

2nd Annual Rushford Days silent auction Grace Place is celebrating Rushford Days with its 2nd Annual Silent Auction. This year it will take place at the Norsquare (outside the Pharmacy), 115 W. Jessie St, Rushford, MN. Store volunteers have been collecting antique toys, small furniture, and special edition prints all year. It will also

feature gift certificates from local businesses. A selection of these items and more can be found on our website at The bidding will begin at 8am on Saturday, July 14, continue through the week Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm

and will close on Saturday, July 21 at 10am. All proceeds will benefit this year’s Winona Dancing with the Stars event fundraiser with each dollar raised equaling one vote (Jonelle Moore will be dancing for Grace Place on Saturday, August 11, 2012, at St Mary’s University Field House). At the end of


the competition, funds collected through the Silent Auction and various fund raisers will be used to upgrade Grace Place’s computer software and technology. During Rushford Days, Wednesday-Saturday, the Rushford Store will also be having a 50 percent off everything sale.

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Grace Place’s mission is to provide Christian guidance, support and encouragement for women with unplanned pregnancies and for families experiencing brokenness and change, so that they may become strong, God-centered families and productive citizens of their community.

Tee Off Specials OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK OPEN TO THE PUBLIC “...the most beautiful golf course in Southeastern Minnesota.”


Seniors Play 9 Holes



Monday Mornings (Except Holidays)

8600 Maple Valley Road SE Rochester, MN 55904 507-285-9100

Swing Sequence Swing Timing

Swing Speed



Stop Guessing. Schedule Your K-VEST Evaluation Today!

Ryan Bonser, PGA Instructor


Play 12 Area Golf Courses for FREE (Cart Rental Required)

2011 MN PGA “Teacher of the Year” Finalist

Call 507-254-5009 or email

July Special


1700 48th Street SW, Rochester, MN


Call 507.285.0305 for your tee time today!

• 18 Holes • All Irrigated • Driving Range



Thursday Men’s Day 12:00pm - Dark

Voted Best of Bluff Country Golf Courses 6 years running!

18 Hole Green Fee, ½ Cart Burger Or Hot Dog, Chips And Fountain Pop


Tuesday Women’s Day 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Special Rates for first year members!


     

Expires 9/30/12

Coupon FCJ

Golf Club

507-886-5622 • Harmony, MN tee times required Great NoGift For

Tee Off Before Noon

Mon., Tues., Wed.





by Minnesota Golfer Magazine

How Efficient is Your Swing?


9 Holes w/Cart

‘The Best 9-hole Golf Value in Bluff Country’

Visit website for more details



Located 25 miles south of Winona, MN. A mature course opened in 1931, nestled in the hardwoods & bluffs setting 2 mi east of Rushford, MN on Hwy 16.


Green Fees 9 Holes $14 18 Holes $19 Cart Rentals (Per Rider) 9 Holes $8 18 Holes $12.50 Various Daily Specials!


2 Golfers 18 Holes w/ Cart





2012 Rivers’ Bend Season

Coupon FCJ



Located 3 miles NE of Preston off Co. Rd. 17 507-467-2512 Under New Ownership

Always Open to the Public


4 Miles South of Spring Valley on Hwy 63

Join Here and Play 13 Area Courses for Free*

Restaurant Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner

*Cart Rental Required

9 Hole Course


9-Hole Golf Course 1460 West 5th St. Winona, MN 55987 507-452-6901

Special 9 Holes and a Cart $ 00 



Monday thru Wednesday 7am until 12pm Coupon FCJ

Expires 9/30/12


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would have to be a loan. County Coordinator Karen Brown said it will take a lot of work and time to set up a subordinate district. A grant application resolution was adopted as was a resolution for “TMDL grant reimbursement of expenses for possible development of Subordinate Service District for the Greenleafton community septic system.” The grant and loan application will be made to the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority. The Subordinate Service District is to be established so only those residents within the district who will benefit will be charged. Brown said the county will have to accept the grant if it is awarded. Commissioner Marc Prestby stated that nothing we are doing today will commit

Monday, July 2, 2012

us to anything. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud said if we get the subordinate district, at some point it will be turned over to the Greenleafton residents or the township. Fred Scheevel, York Township, was concerned about future maintenance costs, which could put the township at risk again. He said property will have to be purchased to put this system in. Commissioner Duane Bakke said residents will need to take responsibility; eventually people that own the property will be on the hook. CSAH 5 The lowest of two bids to do the concrete paving on CSAH 5 was accepted. The low bid of $1,849,029.45 from Flynn Company was about $175,000 over the estimate. The work is to be completed by the middle of October. Regarding the CSAH 5 project a motion was approved declaring that a temporary location of a

concrete plant for this project is exempt from the moratorium on the extraction of material as described in Section 721 of the Fillmore County Zoning Ordinance. Zoning Administrator Chris Graves said if the temporary concrete plant were to be located in an existing permitted sand pit or quarry there would be no need for a CUP. Other Business In Brief •Permission was granted to take the Veterans’ van to Branson, Missouri, for an annual parade. All expenses will be paid by individual veterans. •A Pre-Conception grant with Houston County was accepted for a two year period ($30,600 for Fillmore County and $29,400 for Houston County). The grant is from the Minnesota Department of Health and is to help with risk factors of child bearing age women prior to pregnancy. Obesity, as well as low weight are a concern. Preconception health

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 household each week. interventions prevent or reduce birth defects. •Kathy Dahl, Preston Tourism Director, and Julie Kiehne, Executive Director Lanesboro Chamber of Commerce, addressed the board to thank them for their 2012 contribution of $1,043 (5 cents per capita) and to request financial support for 2013. It was noted that for every dollar spent to market tourism, $4.60 is produced in state and local taxes, $20.40 is made in wages, and $53.00 in gross sales is generated. In 2010 Fillmore County’s leisure and hospitality industry saw nearly $19 million in gross sales, produced $1,320,112 in sales tax, and provided 559 private sector jobs. •Auditor/Treasurer Shirl Boelter asked for and received approval to use township and city clerks and head election judges for temporary help for election equipment testing and absentee voting as needed for the upcoming elections. Additional

monies of up to $2,000 for the temporary help was granted. •There was further discussion on medical examiner and morgue services. The county has been looking at working with Hennepin County Medical Examiner. The county has not yet received a quote from Mayo Clinic. Sheriff Daryl Jensen said he would like to see what Mayo has to offer. Hennepin wants an answer in July. •The amendment to zoning ordinance 711, which will allow a limited number of camping cabins and park models in campgrounds, was approved as recommended by the Planning Commission. One camping cabin or park model (attached to a concrete slab) will be allowed per six recreational camping vehicle sites. The camping cabins and park models must be out of the flood plain and will be owned by the campground with the intention of renting them out.

Rushford gets kids biking safely Walz staff takes a tour of National Trout Center By Kirsten Zoellner It’s been nearly 20 years since Rushford has held a bike safety clinic for its young people. This past Wednesday, thanks to tenacious part-time Rushford police officer Chris Frick, the community once again saw kids practicing the basics on the school play yard. In a little over three weeks’ time, Frick was able to collect more than $1,800 in donations for the event, including a donation match from the Rushford Masonic Lodge. Frick even went so far as to take a day off of his regular job to solicit the donations, which came from The Rushford Womens’ Club, TriCounty Electric, the Horihan Agency, State Farm, Hammell Equipment, Farmer’s Elevator, the Creamery & Nordic Lanes, Rushford State Bank, Winona Health, and the Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce. The donations were intended to support organization of the event, which was a collaboration of the Rushford Police Department and the Rushford Ambulance Service. Participants without helmets had their heads measured for a proper fit and will be able to pick up their helmets at Rushford Hardware at a later date, which donated them at a

discounted rate. Kwik Trip in Rushford also joined in, donating cookies and bags for booklets. News of the upcoming clinic also traveled to Winona, where a Rushford resident solicited their employer, WalMart, to donate a gift certificate to be used towards a new bicycle. The six, one-hour classes were conducted by Frick, assistant and part-time officer Wade Anderson, and by members of Craig Colbenson’s high school class. Julie Scudiero, Rushford Ambulance Director, was also on hand to help out, as well as giving the participants a tour of the ambulance. The kids, for their part, learned bicycle basics, including hand signals, street crossing safety, and riding skills. They were divided into an under 10 and 10 and over age groups for the classes. Despite the high temperatures, all were smiling and enjoying the classes. Julie-Ann Frick, Chris’ wife and a city hall employee, saw to pre-registrations. Prior to the start of the classes, 40 were registered, but several drop-ins had already showed up in the first morning class and Frick expected the number of actual participants to be between 45 and 55 by day’s end.

By Jade Sexton Staff members of Congressman Tim Walz visited Preston on Monday, June 25 to tour the National Trout Center (NTC). They were there to learn more about the Trout Center, what they have done, and what their future plans are. Cathy Enerson, Director for the Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA), welcomed Judy Bird and Peder Kjeseth to Preston and spoke to them about the National Trout Center. “We are emulating the business plan of the National Eagle Center in Wabasha,” explained Enerson. She added that the National Eagle Center has visitors from 80 countries, and 100,000 people visit there each year.

According to Enerson, they had a feasibility study done on the NTC and she believes they could have an estimated 20,000 visitors a year. “Just like Lanesboro has been designated the B&B capital of Minnesota, we would like to be designated the trout capital,” said Enerson. They are also hoping to be designated as the official National Trout Center. Enerson said she believes this could bring a lot of people to the area. Bird asked if there are certain criteria that must be met for the designation of National Trout Center. George Spangler, who is on the NTC board, said they have looked into it, and have found no rules, and there seems to be no reason they can’t have the title.

“You have to just grab on and decided that’s what you want to be,” said Enerson. She showed Bird and Kjeseth a document outlining reasons that the NTC should be designated the official National Trout Center. Enerson also described the new site they are looking at to build a new facility. “We have a site picked out that is better to showcase the assets of the driftless area,” she said. To finish the tour, Walz’s staff members were shown the site in Preston where they are hoping to build a new interpretive center. The area will be perfect for trout fisherman, as well as learning about trout and the geography of the area, and is sure to bring visitors to Preston.

SMIF announces $100,000 in grants available As part of its effort to invest in economic growth within the region, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) is offering $100,000 in Incentive Grants to 501(c) nonprofit organizations or units/agencies of local, state or federal government. Grants up to $20,000 are available to support collaborative projects or programs in early childhood and entrepreneur development areas. Applications for this grant round are due August 30, 2012, with awards announced in October. “We want to focus on very specific early childhood and entrepreneur development issues that we believe are critical to the long-term economic vitality of our region,” notes Tim Penny, President/CEO. “These Incentive Grants are designed to support projects that involve collaboration and achieve sustainable, measurable results.” SMIF is looking for grant applications that encourage new assetbased approaches on issues within our focus areas. SMIF’s Focus Areas •Early Childhood Development: Strengthen children’s social and emotional health and school readiness •Entrepreneur Development:

Strengthen and grow the local business community Fourteen Incentive Grants totaling $247,668 were awarded by SMIF in the past year. Examples include a $20,000 grant to the MN Licensed Family Child Care Association support a mentoring program for licensed family child care providers and a $20,000

grant to the Fillmore County EDA to support a county-wide business succession project. Applications and guidelines can be found at under “Applications.” For more information email Jennifer Heien, Grants Associate, at or call 507-455-3215.

Chosen Valley Care Center, InC. A Senior Living Community

Are you ready to down size? If your answer is “yes” then choose Chosen Valley Independent Living in Chatfield, MN as your new home. Our Facility offers:

•Daily Noon Meal •One Bedroom Unit •Secured Entrance •Parking •On Site Laundry

•Planned Activities •Emergency Call System •Water, Sewer and Garbage Fees Included

To set up a tour or for more information please contact Suzette at 507.867.2735

FillMore CounTY

July 2, 2012

July 3, 2012








Partly Cloudy


July 4, 2012

July 5, 2012

July 6, 2012






mostly sunny


71° 93°

mostly sunny

* this is a projected forecast, for the most up-to-date weather go to and click on the weather icon.



July 7, 2012

July 8, 2012









Weather art

Sun & Moon MoonriSe & MoonSet 7:55pm 4:20am 8:45pm 5:27am 9:27pm 6:39am 10:02pm 7:51am 10:32pm 9:02am 10:59pm 10:10am 11:25pm 11:15am

Date: SunriSe & SunSet 07/02/12 5:31am 8:54pm 07/03/12 5:32am 8:53pm 07/04/12 5:32am 8:53pm 07/05/12 5:33am 8:53pm 07/06/12 5:34am 8:52pm 07/07/12 5:34am 8:52pm 07/08/12 5:35am 8:52pm

Moon PhaSeS ~ June - JulY Full


July 3


July 10


July 18

July 26

“dreams do Come true” By: Breanna Volker age 7 Chatfield, mn

WeaTher arT WanTed!

all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. send your picture to Fillmore County Journal P.o. Box 496, Preston, mn 55965 or email it to: or drop it off at the Fillmore County Journal 136 st. anthony st., Preston, mn Be sure to include Child’s First and last name, age, town and title of art Work.

Preston equiPment Jct. 52 & 16, Preston, MN Ph: 507-765-3803

new TracTors • 7230 R • 6190 R MFWD • 6430 ST. MFWD • 5085 M

combines • ‘11 9670 STS 300 Sep • ‘11 608C Stalkmaster • ‘09 JD 608C Cornhead • ‘04 9560 STS Duals • ‘03 JD 9750 STS • ‘97 JD 9500 • ‘90 JD 9400 Hopper Topper • ‘87 JD 7720 Titan II

2.9% FoR 5 yeaRS oR 1.9% FoR 3 yeaRS on aLL uSeD Hay & CoMBIne equIpMenT

“a Beautiful day” By: madelynn murley age 8 rushford, mn

used TracTors • ‘10 JD 6115 D MFWD Cab • ‘10 JD 4720 MFWD/Cab, 72” Deck/ Loader • ‘10 5075e MFWD, 180 Hrs, 553 Loader • ‘08 JD 5525 MFWD/563 Loader • ‘05 JD 7520 MFWD IVT • 3255 MFWD Cab, 265 Loader • ‘08 Kubota 3240 MFWD, 72” Deck & Loader • ‘99 KCX95 MFWD/Cab/Loader

miscellaneous • JD 3955 Chopper 5 1/2 Hay Head • JD 936 MoCo Impl • JD 735 MoCo • JD 730 MoCo • 2) 568 Round Baler • 2) JD 567 Round Baler • JD 566 Round Baler • ‘04 JD 320 Skid Loader • JD 115 6 Row Stock Chopper

Call on used finanCing speCials

Lawn & Garden SpeciaLS lawn tractors

HD l&G tractors

• ‘02 JD LT180, 48” Deck, Powerflow

• ‘01 JD 445, 60” Deck, AWS

• ‘05 JD, LX280 54” Deck, Hydro

• ‘04 JD X485, 62” Deck, AWS/3Point

• ‘05 JD LX280, 42” Deck, Hydro

• ‘05 JD X485, 54” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift • ‘05 JD X485, 62” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift

• ‘08 JD X320, 48” Deck, 2 Bag Powerflaws • ‘05 JD X485 62” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift • ‘07 JD X720, 54” PS/Hydl Lift • ‘07 JD X324, 48” Deck, AWS

Miscellaneous • ‘09 Toro ZTR, 42” Deck, Zero Turn • ‘08 KAW 610 MULE, SUV/4X4 • ‘05 JD 757, 60” Deck, Zero Turn • ‘05 JD 620I, XUV/4X4 • 04’ JD HPX, Gator/4X4 • 04’JD F687, 60”Deck, Zero Turn • 02’ JD 737, 54” Deck, Zero Turn • JD 850 Cut, 72” Deck, Diesel 2X4

Your Southeast Minnesota John Deere Super Store

• ‘09 JD X720 SE, 54” Deck, 3 BAG PF • ‘10 JD X724, 54” Deck, 3 Bag PF • ‘06 JD X744, 62” Deck, AWS/DIESEL • ‘07 JD X744, 62” Deck, AWS/DIESEL • ‘08 JD X728, 62” Deck, 4X4

GarDen tractors • ‘00 JD GT235, 48” Deck, 42” ST • ‘01 JD 335, 54” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift • ‘99 JD 345, 54” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift • ‘02 JD GX345, 54” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift • ‘03 JD GX345, 54” Deck, PS/Hydl Lift • ‘02 JD GX345, 54” Deck, PS/Hyd Lift • ‘04 JD GX345, 54” Deck, PS/Hyd Lift • ‘04 JD GX355 54” Deck, Diesel/PS/HL • ‘06 JD X500, 48” Deck, Hydro • ‘06 JD X540, 54” Deck, PS/Hyd Lift • ‘07 JD X540, 54” Deck, PS/Hyd Lift • ‘10 JD X540, 54” Deck, PS/Hyd Lift

Jct. 52 & 16, Preston, MN • Ph: 507-765-3803

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relax the muscles. She also does deep tissue, circulatory, and Thai massage, which involves a lot of stretching. There are many reasons people see Narveson for a massage, and it’s not just for fun. “People come to relax,” she said. “But we see a lot of sore muscles, back pain, and physical therapy follow up.” Narveson mixes and matches the different massage techniques to fit the person’s needs. She has lotions, gels, and essential oils that she likes to use. There is also body polishing that is available, in which Narveson uses a salt or sugar body scrub to exfoliate and refresh the skin. Narveson not only helps visitors to Lanesboro enjoy their stay, she has 25-30 regular local clients as well. She also works out of an office at Elder Chiropractic in Chatfield, and teaches massage at the Minnesota School of Business 2-3 days a week. “I really enjoy that,” she shared. “It’s something different.” Serenity Massage has taken off faster than expected, and things are going very well for everyone. They would like to expand in the future and offer even more services, such as manicures and pedicures, to make the spa experience even more enjoyable. “It’s definitely a fulfilling career,” said Narveson.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 household each week.

Tri-County Electric awards $16,950 in scholarships Rushford, MN— Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TEC) recently awarded $16,950 in scholarship to 47 local high school students. Since 1991 the cooperative has given $211,187 to area high school graduates. The money for the scholarships is funded through unclaimed capital credits. The cooperative is a non-profit organization where margins remaining after the cost of providing electric service are returned to members as capital credits. TEC attempts to contact owners of the capital credits for seven years before the capital credits are considered unclaimed. Scholarship recipients are chosen by their high school to receive TEC’s scholarships. TEC issues the unclaimed capital credits to 17 school districts

within its service territory. The amount of unclaimed capital credits issued to each school is determined by the number of TEC members residing in the school’s district. Recipients of this year’s TEC scholarships are: •Caledonia High School: Kennan Bruening, Ryan Frank, Troy King, Taylor Schulte and Jessica Trudo. •Chosen Valley High School: Lydia Becker and Erin Kammer. •Cotter High School: Patrick Cochran. •Fillmore Central High School: Luke Bergey, Tyler Eickoff, Stephanie Henderickson and Zachary Olstad. •Houston High School: Erin Chapel, Taylor Laschenski, Katie Olson, Tyler Peplinski and Whitney Wieser.

Crop management tour Jerrold Tesmer, Extension Educator for Fillmore/Houston Counties The 2012 Crop Management Tour will be held at the University Center, Rochester, on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Re g i s t r a t i o n begins at 8:30 am. The tour Jerrold Tesmer will provide research-based information for crop producers, crop consultants, agribusiness staff, farm managers, government agency per-

sonnel, and anyone involved in agricultural crop production. The first wagon tour will leave at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning, July 10 with additional wagons departing as they fill. Field trials are signed, and visitors are welcome to view trials not discussed during the tour. Visitors are also invited to return and view trials on a later date to monitor changes. In the event of inclement weather, the program will be cancelled. There is no charge for attending this event. DIRECTIONS TO UNIVERSITY CENTER, ROCHESTER: Field plots are located directly east of University Center, Rochester, at the

•Hope Lutheran High School: Curtis Harrison. •Kingsland High School: Spencer Klevan, Michaela Douglas, Shannon Merkel and Kathleen Roberts. •La Crescent High School: Cody Beeson, Loralee Onstad and Eric Veglahn. •Lanesboro High School: Hayley Larson and Katarina Miehlisch. •Lewiston-Altura High School: Laine Halverson and Michael Unruh. •Mabel-Canton High School: Amy Adkins, Jacoby Bigalk and Bailey Hanson. •Rushford-Peterson High School: Anna Hanson, Lindsey Merchlewitz and Fred Scaife. •St. Charles High School: Benjamin Krause and Katherine Muschler.

•Spring Grove High School: Samuel Ellingson and Derek Johnson. •Stewartville High School: Danielle DeGeus. •Winona Senior High School: Gabrielle Anderson, Mark Habeck, Ciara Morcomb, Elias Nagle, Daisy Nottleman, Aimee Olsen and Jordan Tschumper. TEC is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative serving three counties in Minnesota including Winona, Houston and Fillmore and parts of Olmsted and Mower counties in Minnesota and Howard, Winneshiek and Allamakee counties in Iowa. It provides electricity to more than 12,800 services in the area. TEC is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.

intersection of Hwy. 14 and Co. Rd. 22 (E. Circle Drive). The topics and speakers you will hear include: Southern Minnesota Corn and Soybean Weed Management Trials, Jeff Gunsolus, Extension Weed Specialist, UM Agronomy and Plant Genetics, Lisa Behnken, Extension Educator, and Fritz Breitenbach, IPM Specialist; Technology in Spraying, Dave Nicolai, Extension Educator, Crops & Institute for Ag Professionals Coordinator; Fertilizer Trials in MN-Focus on Corn & Soybean Micro Nutrient Trials in So. MN, Daniel Kaiser, Extension Soil Scientist, Nutrient Management; and Alfalfa Pests and Pest Management Opportunities-Insects and Disease, Ryan Miller, Extension Educator,

Crops. Visit the SROC website for more information on events at http://sroc. to inform you of upcoming events electronically, and reduce mailing costs, please send an email to In the subject of your email, simply write: Please add me to the SROC events listserve.


Round Baling and Bale Wrapping

507-951-0138 Matt McCabe~Chatfield, MN

Monday, July 2, 2012


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CALENDAR OF EVENTS TUESDAY, JULY 3 Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30 Sylvan Manor, Lanesboro and 10:30-11:00 Kenilworth Apartments, Lanesboro. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic 11-11:30pm, Thurber Building, Chatfield. Knit it Together, 3:30-4:30pm, Preston Public Library. Knitting for all levels. For fundraiser info, call 507-867-3583.* Bluff Country Toastmasters meet, 5:30pm, Spring Valley Public Library.* AA Meeting, 7pm, Faith United Methodist Church, Spring Valley. “Living in the Solution.” Newcomers welcome.* Adult Children Anonymous (formerly known as Adult Children of Alcoholics) meeting, 7pm. Call Deb 507-765-5336 for info.* Chatfield AA meets, 7:30pm in the Pio­neer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St., Chatfield.* AA Closed Meeting, 8pm, Presbyterian. Church, Mill St, Rushford.* WEDNESDAY, JULY 4 Preston Public Library- Story time for children aged 0-6 years. 10am. Fillmore County Public Health provides free blood pressure checks in Spring Valley, 9:30-10:30 a.m. at Hillside Apartments, 409 S Hudson

Ave. and 10:45-11:15 a.m. at the Community Center. Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, 2-5pm. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley.*

THURSDAY, JULY 5 Free Senior Coffee, 9am, Heritage Grove, Harmony.* Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 9:30-10:30am, Fountain Bank Lobby, Fountain. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30am, Good Shepherd Community Room, Rushford. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 12-12:45pm, Community Center, Ostrander. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10:45-11:15am, Tenborg Center, Rushford. Storyhour, Harmony Public Library, 225 3rd Ave. SW, 11:00 – 11:45, Preschool ages, No School No Storyhour.* Canton Senior Citizens meet at 1pm for cards and visiting, Canton Community Center.* Merry Meeters Birthday Club- Betty Jensen’s House, 2pm. Roll Call: Show or tell your hobby. Preston Historical Society Meeting, 7pm, Methodist Church. Public invited

Heimbygda Sons of Norway meeting7pm, Lanesboro Lodge Hall. Program: Norwegian Folk Art and Cultural Skills

FRIDAY, JULY 6 Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, Senior Citizens Day, 9am-10am. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley, MN.* Chatfield Public Library: “I Love to Read” program with Jack Pearson. 10am, free to public Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 11:15-11:45 a.m., Community Center, Canton. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 1-1:30pm, North Manor, Harmony and 1:30-3:00pm South Manor, Harmony. Chatfield NA meeting, 7:30pm, Pioneer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St. Chatfield.* Harmony AA Group- Harmony Community Center, 8pm, For more info call 507-272-5857 * SATURDAY, JULY 7 Fundraiser for local scholarshipsAll you can eat pancakes, sausage, coffee, milk, juice, 8am-10:30am, Rushford Masonic Lodge. www. Lanesboro Farmer’s Market- 9-12 Sylvan Park. May-Oct. * Lanesboro AA Group, 8:00pm, Bethlehem Lutheran Church. For more info, call 507-251-1771 or 765-2518.* Hike to Indian Monument- Houston Nature Center, 7pm. For more information call 507-896-4668

SUNDAY, JULY 8 Fillmore Central Booster Club brunch- Preston Golf Club, 10am-2pm. Historic Lenora Church- Old Time service with circuit rider and special music, 3pm. Near Canton on Highway 23. NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-399-6089. * Fountain AA Group closed meeting, 7:30pm. Fountain Lutheran Church, south Main St. and Highway 52.* MONDAY, JuLY 9 Community Coffee, 9am, Park Lane Estates, Preston.*

Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30am, Cherry Wood Apts, Mabel and 10:30-11:15am Fire Hall, Mabel. Preston Seniors potluck luncheon, 11:30am, Legion Club TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) Meeting, Spring Valley Care Center Activity Room. Weigh-in from 5:456 p.m. Meeting from 6 to 6:45 p.m. Questions contact Judy at 507-3462469.* NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-399-6089. *


• • •

ProfeSSional Guide dentAL


major & company tax preparation, accounting & payroll services enrolled agents 409 Spring Ave., Preston, MN 55965 • 507-765-4444

Ron SchReieR, eA

Tim mcLAughLin, eA

Pamela ristau, cPa

Personalized service to accommodate your needs. Accounting, Auditing, Tax Preparation 209 St. Anthony Street, PreSton, Mn 55965 507-765-2180 or 507-765-3671 Office Opening July 9, 2012

Teri Klaehn CPA,


ruShford d e n ta l

c l i n i c

Gary M. Marcoux, d.d.S.


208 S. Elm Street Rushford, MN

(507) 864-7773

• Family Dental Care • Cosmetic Dentistry/Whitening • New Patients Always Welcome

Keith Casella, D.M.D. • Chalsey Niece, D.D.S. * Complete Family Care * Cosmetic Dentistry

* Dentures/Partials * Tooth Colored Fillings

New Patients Welcome! 507-346-7281 823 N. Broadway Ave, Spring Valley, MN


137 West Fillmore Street, Suite 3 • PO Box 78 Preston, MN 55965

F&M Insurance servIces

For info on becoming a client call -

Cell: 507-438-1837 or email -

Assisted Living

Park lane estates assisted living 111 Fillmore Place SE Preston, MN 55965 507-765-9986

“Where Life Begins Again”

COUnseLing 8:00am - 4:30pm, Mon-Fri 1-800-422-0161

65 Main Avenue North, Harmony Marcy Allen, LPC; Paul Broken, MA; Mark Bronson, MS, LICSW; Alan Rodgers, LICSW

Walter Bradley, FIc Financial associate

102 Sheridan Lanesboro, mn 55949



©2003 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


Psychotherapy, psychiatry, case management, adult rehab mental health services

VicTiM serVices

- a service of DFO Community Corrections.

Sexual Assault Program ~ Victim/Witness Assistance Program Advocacy, information & assistance for victim/survivors of sexual assualt & All services other felony crimes. Community & professional education & consultation. are free & Located in the Fillmore County Court House - Preston, MN confidenital Mon-fri 765-2805 or call 24 hr crisis line Toll-free 1-877-289-0636

To advertise your business in the professional guide call or email us today! 507-765-2151 or 1-800-599-0481 (Toll-free in 507 area)

PhysiCAL theRAPy 124 Main St., Preston, MN 206 Main St., Chatfield, MN

Lisa Stensrud, DPT

Balance / coordination training general aches & Pains

Ph. 507-765-3353 Fax 507-765-2225 email:

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Monday, July 2, 2012


507-765-2151 Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise Callorit offer in! news tips! 800-599-0481

Call 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 (in 507 area code) FAX 507-765-2468 or e-mail: Call it in! 800-599-0481

(507 area code)





EXMARK ZERO TURN MOWERS Jonsered Chainsaws, Grass N Brush trimmers plus blowers. Repair, Service & Sales at South Branch Outdoor Equipment, Preston, MN. 507-765-4979. s9/26tfn- o

BILL’S GUN SHOP. Hours 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm M-F, Sat 8am to 8pm. Sunday by appt. We buy, sell, trade & repair. 1-1/4 miles south of Carimona, 19708 Kava Rd, Preston. 507-765-2762. s9/29eow- o

FOR SALE: Classic antique cast iron radia- FOR SALE: Internet-ready, eMac computtors from the original Park Hotel in Preston, ers, 1ghz, 80gb, 512mb RAM, InDesign MN. Many sizes and colors. Excellent Master Suite Collection software. All prodcondition. Would be perfect for restoration ucts for media desktop publishing included. of an older home. Priced from $200 to $500 Asking $249 or best offer. Call Jason at depending on which size. Call Jason at 507- 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x 251-5297. s6tfn- x MEL’S GOLF CARS, LLC. New and used FOR SALE: High back wall-mount white gas and electric Yamaha Golf Carts are in porcelain bathroom sinks from original Stock! Other New Models are available Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Excellent along with over 50 used Carts to choose condition. Perfect for restoration of older from. Now demonstrating the all New home. Priced at $150 per sink. Call Jason 2012 Fuel Injected Yamaha Gas Golf Carts. Printed with Soy at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x Will take trades. Mel’s Golfink Cars provides thehighest quality in all their golf carts. TWIN BEDS, 2, mattress, box spring, bed Stop and Shop at 132 Garfield Avenue, frame. $75 & $100. Excellent condition. Albert Lea, MN or Call Mel at 507-438Call 507-421-3282. s2- o 2705. s6/25-7/30- x

MANTIS Deluxe NEW! FastStart FAXTiller. it in! engine. Ships FREE. One-Year Money507-765-2468 Back Guarantee when you buy DIRECT. Call for the DVD and FREE Good Soil book! 888-695-5991 (MFPA)

ELIMINATE PRINTED WITHYOUR SOY heating INK bills. OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE from Central Boiler. Theobald Heating Solutions 507-533-4523. swk1tfn- o

trailers, running or not. Serving SE MN and northern IA. Luke Junge, Preston, MN. Call 507-259-4556. w30tfn- o

Rochester, MN 866-657-4910

103 20th St. NE, Stewartville , MN ~ Just off Hwy 63 Used eqUipment skid loaders

• JD 325 • Bobcat 763 • Bobcat S250 • Bobcat S330 Cab • Bobcat T190 Cab

New Featherlite trailers • New 4 Horse LQ's In Stock • New Fuel Trailer • 16' Bumper • 7x20 Stock • 20' Wd Flr • 7x24 Stock • 16' GN Stock Used Featherlite trailers • '01 24' Stock • '08 7'x20' Stock • '98 20' Stocksold Combo • '04 4 H GN


• 2) Bobcat 542 • Bobcat S220 • Bobcat S185 Cab • Bobcat T180 • Bobcat S130 Cab • Bobcat 873

• JD 4520 • JD 7630 w/Loader • JD 2950 w/Loader • JD 2350 w/Loader • NH TC33 w/Belly Mower • MF 1540 MFWD w/Blade • Ford 8N Boomer w/Loader

EZ-GO & Yamaha GOlf Carts . SaleS & Service New & USed


e-mail it in! FOR SALE: 30 acres oat straw. Phone 507886-2593. h2,9- x


NEED TO THANK SOMEONE? Call the Journal at 507-765-2151 or 800599-0481 (507 area code) and we’ll take Wanted: trucks, buses, and semi yourCars, message over the phone.

Printed on recycled paper

For Sale: Pianos, Digital Pianos, Church Organs - New, Used, Sales & Service - Call DEWEY KRUGER MUSIC, Northwood, PRINTED ON Iowa, 800-933-5830, deweykrugermusic. com.RECYCLED s18,25,2- x PAPER

Ivan Vreeman harmony, mn 507-273-6928


PROfessiOnAl seRviCe Guide CALL THE JOURNAL to sell your extra stuff! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481.



CALL THE JOURNAL to sell your old pLUMbINg CONSTRUCTION vehicle! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481

in the 507 area code to list your vehicle. Specializing in Roofing All line ads are seen on our website • Remodel • New Home Construction • Siding • New Homes • Replacement Windows • Remodeling • Concrete Sidewalks • Air Conditioning • Flat Pours ✽❆❋❊❉❆❋❉✽❋❉ Licensed & Insured #20450126

We fix Wet Basements! Mention this Ad and Receive $100 off Basement Waterproofing System Free Estimates • 507-259-7776 •

servicemaster of Chatfield

The clean you expect Jeff Hebl, Owner The service you deserve 507-467-4798 • Lanesboro, MN

CONSTRUCTION Bakke Cement & masonry Logix insuLated concrete forms with more foam for insulation value

• Block Basements • Additions • Footings • Floors • Driveways • Patios • Walks

35 Years of Serving Our Area

DAN SERFLING 25988 County 14 Preston, MN 55965 Ph/Fax 507-765-2537 Cell 507-951-0731 • Custom Cabinets • Remodeling • Roofing • gaRages • siding • sheds & moRe • gRaniCRete CounteR tops H:507-268-4949 C:507-272-3624 Lic# BC474301

HungeRHolt caRpentRy Many Years of Experience

PLuMBiNg, HeatiNg & CooLiNg, LLC

ELECTRICaL1x column fill 1

Mn ContraCtors liC. #20382343

PETERSON, MN 55962 • 507-875-2496 We Carry

• Dryers • Grain Bins for Drying & Storage -Fans -Heaters -Roof Vents -Floors (And More!)

the First Bin DesiGneD For the 21st Century

507-493-5282 • Free Estimates

J.W. ElEctric

Plumbing & Heating

Let Me “PLug” you Into A better DeAL

• CommerCial • trenChing Joel Walbridge Fountain, mn

• residential • Farm

(507) 268-4367 Cell (507) 273-0829

haRdWaRE Fast, Friendly, Honest service!!

kingSley Mercantile & rental

pEST CONTROL Charlotte’s Web

• Rodents • Ants • Cockroaches • Asian Beetles • Other Pests

Pest COntROl licensed Professional exterminator Commercial/Residential Charlotte Treat Free Estimates Call 507-251-0589 •

To adverTise your business Call 507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481 or email

• Insured • Septic systems • New Construction • Remodeling

Dave Swenson Don Tollefsrud Matt Swenson Lic. #008399pJ

Lic. #008744pJ

Lic. #7046

pROpaNE gaS KRuegel gaS SeRvice PROPAne seRviCe instAllAtiOn deliveRy

Maytag Amana Husqvarna

507-886-2323 • Toll Free 877-886-2323 PO BOx 214 • 2 Main ave. n., HarMOny, Mn 55939 Kerry & Jane Kingsley, Owners •


30 Ton, 136 ft Boom Truck Service


Schulte BuilderS

Appliances • Hardware • Small Engines • Furnace • Air Conditioning Commercial & Residential Repair

For aLL your building and remodeling needs. • Marty hunGerholt, 507-467-2203 • ranDy harMon, 507-467-2410 • riCharD nepstaD, 507-765-3621

Dave’s Plumbing & Heating, Air Conditioning LLC

• New Construction • Remodeling IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE • Insured • Free Estimates • Licensed in 507 area code 800-599-0481 507-743-8325 Mabel, MN •507-459-0401 507-765-2151 • 800-599-0481 SEE uS FoR aLL youR HEatINg & CooLINg NEEdS 20 Yrs Experience • Quality Craftmanship Randy Newman - 507-421-2536 - geoSystems

Diamond Shelter Sales of Minnesota, LLC

Fountain, MN

Call us. 507-765-2151

• New Roof • Reshingle Fillmore County Journal • Flat Roofs • Steel Shingles Appliance Sales & Service • New Used10,000 households. FREE to &over • Lawn Care • Snow Removal • Storm Damage • GutterAdvertising Cleaning New Construction &507-765-2151 Remodeling • 800-599-0481 works Certified Professional Installer • Chimney Flashings 507-765-2151• In-Floor Heat • Drain Cleaning • Workmanship Guaranteed • Competitive Pricing • 24 Hr. Res/Comm. Leak Call Dave or Dempsey • Cell: 507-259-4238 or 507-259-4239 Bonded, Insured and Licensed. Repair 126 St. Anthony Street, Preston, MN • Bus. 765-2173 Lic.# 20638833 Call now for Free Estimate • 507-251-9220

New Homes & Pole Barns Remodeling & New Additions

For Estimates Call - 507-467-2941 Lanesboro, MN

& Tear Down , Millwright, Grain Legs, Auger, and Conveyor Construction, Concrete Construction.

Carpet, Furniture, Floors, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Fire & Water Damage, Janitorial Service.


308 St. Anthony St., Preston • Furnace • Drain Cleaning

Calls welcomed any time!

Taylor ouTdoor Wood SToveS ~ radianT Floor HeaTing a-Maize-ing HeaT Corn FurnaCeS & BoilerS ~ gaS FurnaCeS & BoilerS air CondiTioning ~ SepTiC SySTeMS ~ neW ConSTruCTion ~ reModeling Need to thank someone? Free eSTiMaTeS ~ inSured

Professional Cleaning ~

and Cabinetry

Plumbing & Heating

507-765-2405 BRUMM’S PLUMBING & HEATING, MORE . LLc Tony Brumm • Mabel, MN PAGE 55954 . ✿ ❁ ✿ ❁ ✿ ❁ ✿ ❁ Phone: ✿ ❁ (507)493-5507 • Cell:507-251-9212


Al lArson & sons



SaTELLITE SERVICES Craig Stortz #PL07718

Power Limited Licensed

Stortz Satellite

Nick Stortz #PL07719

Serving the Tri-State area Residential & Commercial Accounts for Direct TV & Dishnet. Cable - Phone - internet - Wiring Canton, MN

Toll Free 866-862-5397 Bus 507-743-8486 Cell 507-259-1454

SEpTIC pUMpINg With 210 feet of hose!

We’re #1 in the #2 Business Pumping & Agitating

for fast Courteous service • Call 507-352-6790

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Darr realty lIStINGS!

690 Harrison St. Lewiston 445511 Hillview Drive Rushford, MN 3200 sq. ft.

home on 3 AC close to town. Gas frpl. up & down; hot tub; expansive master suite; wrap around deck w/ elegant landscaping; 3 car gar. & heated work shop.

Charming home completely remodeled from top to bottom both inside & out. Move right in for $95,000.

205 Maple St. S., Rushford Major price reduction! 121 N Elm, Rushford - New listing: Classic home w/ Classic home with original

hardwood floors, open staircase; new roof, windows, completely remodeled kitchen, large garage & added storage. Fenced yard, 3 BR, 2 BA, $129,900 207 Elm St. N, Rushford Successful going auto repair/ body shop/sales business & real estate: It all goes, including tools & equip. Be your own boss. Don’t miss out. $349,900.

woodwork, open staircase, New roof, windows, boiler, water heater and elect. Serv. 3 BR, 2 BA, impressive. $114,900.

905 Hillcrest, Rushford Major price reduction!

3 BR, 3 BA well maintained ranch on quiet cul-de-sac w/ cen. air, and many updates. Move right in for $110,000.

Build your dream home on 17.5 AC: South of Rushford on

109 Mill St., Peterson Charming 2 story home on a

huge lot w/3 BR, 2 BA mainfloor laundry and a large 2+ car att. garage. Open stair case, updated electrical and windows. $87,500.

HWY 43. $89,900.

Commercial Lot in Rushford: 1/2 acre lot zoned commercial adjacent to Minnesota State Bike Trail. $49,900 Buildable Lot in Rushford: $29,900. Put up a single family or multiunit.

201 Grove St E, Rushford, MN New roof; Completely

remodeled kitchen; new flooring; 3 BR, 2 BA, mainfl. laund. Close to school & shops. $89,900.

Jeff Darr Cell # 715-495-6948

Rodney Darr Cell # 507-951-3843


Rushford, MN

Brenda Sheldon, ABR, GRI

prime location near Forestville State park. $59,900 Over 4 acres of panoramic views, wooded lot and borders southern branch of Root River which is an excellent trout stream. Enjoy the wildlife and peaceful surroundings from your new home’s deck! xxxx Mayapple Lane, Preston, MN. (near Forestville State Park entrance).


& Associates

Real Estate, LLC


HOUSE FOR SALE or rent in Peterson. 3BR, single car garage. 1BA. Call 507-8752643. e26tfn- o

All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians; pregnant women or people securing custody of children under 18.

Preston Enjoy this 3 Bedroom 2 Bath split that offers privacy

BIG WOODS, TROUT, deer. Buildable 6, 11 or 17 acres, road, survey, electric, telephone. See WI-MN Real Estate. 608-385-8080. e21tfn- o


HOUSE FOR SALE: 212 Houston St. Preston. 2 BR, 1 BA, newly updated, 2 storage sheds, quiet location near bike trail. 507-259-6285. e2,9,16,23- o

with wooded area in backyard. Home features vaulted family room with Gas Fireplace, step saving kitchen and spacious living room. $118,000 $114,900 MLS#4036444 2 bedroom rambler has new carpet and fresh paint, newer windows and roof. 15547 Kiwi Rd, $52,000 $47,900 MLS#4035459

Page 25

REAL ESTATE HOUSE FOR SALE: 203 Coffee St. Downtown Lanesboro. 2 bdrm, 1 bath. 507429-5809 or 806-268-0194. e16tfn- o

Richard Milne

This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-6699777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.

Preston Great 1 1/2 story 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath and attached 3 season porch. One car detached garage and Flat Lot. $64,900 $59,900 MLS #4031651 Preston 3 bdrm, Rambler, MF Laundry, Large Garage,

AlwAys CAll RAndy BARnes

low maintenance exterior, Close to swimming pool park and trail. $4K carpet allowance $99,900 $89,900 MLS#4030099

Randy Barnes

RichaRd Milne


BRokeR, GRi, aBR

410 N. Main, Harmony, MN • (Across from Kwik Trip)

Home 507-765-2172 Cell: 507-951-3672 Fax: 507-765-5308 Email: daVid Milne 507-696-6730

new listing HARmony 3 Bedroom, Nice Neighborhood. $77,000. Call Randy Barnes for Details, 507-251-3271.

VeRy seCluded spot Lots of privacy. Twelve year old large modular home on 25 acres. Beautiful country setting. Hunter’s dream area. 40’ x 80’ pole shed of which 40’ is insulated shop. Could be handy man’s dream. Bring horses and four-wheelers, plenty of room and trails. 16165 351st Ave, Harmony. $165,000. Always call Randy Barnes for appointment, 507-251-3271.

d sol

For more inFormation go to

NEW LISTING - 117 CRoWN HILL Rd W, pRESToN Great 4.83 Acreage with barn & several outbuildings. Great trails within the property down to and near the Root River which borders the property. The home has many updates and also includes hardwood floors, natural wood work, 4 large bedrooms, 2 baths, main floor laundry, open staircase, formal dining, den/study and a mud room (or 3 season porch) off kitchen area. $184,900

Todd Hadoff

Website: E-mail:


(507) 346-2060 Cell: 507-951-2071 Toll-Free: 888-835-8141

715 North Broadway (Home Federal Bldg.), Spring Valley, MN Email - xxx 212 ST, pRESToN, MN. $79,900 - Approx 8.42 acre building site near Forestville State Park. 2 different possible building sites on this acreage. Panoramic views, wooded with slopping land.

Monday, July 2, 2012


HoBBY FARM • $198,500 Approx 10 acres of pasture, 21933 CoUNTY RoAd 20, pRESToN $109,000 Beautiful updated woods & cropland. 3 car det. 3 bdrm 2 full bath ranch style home. garage, barn & misc. outbuildings. New addition features family room w/ Many mature trees surround this gas fireplace & patio doors to outside beautiful site. The home has been covered deck. Lower level finished completely renovated - new sheet w/family room, full bath & lg. bedroom w/walk-in closet. Dinette rock, knock down ceilings, all new flring throughout, brand area in kitchen has useable work space & dining area. Tastefully new eat-in kichen w/hickory cabinets, new appliances & pantry, vaulted ceilings, formal dining rm, fireplace, new decorated on close to an acre of land w/new mound septic system. furnace - hotwater heater & updated electrical. Main flr Last house on the edge of Co Rd 20 in Greenleafton - Enjoy small separate ldry, mud room & 3 season porch awesome move- town living with the “feel” of country! Seller will consider a Lease or Rent to own. in condition property! 10894 State Hwy 16, Spring Valley

The Leader In The Real Estate Industry!


Cell 507-259-5454

CoMMerCial $95,000 6 fillMore St., Chatfield • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Wood Floors • 9’ Ceilings • 28 x 32 Garage

$124,900 217 2nd St SW, Chatfield • 3 Bedroom •D/O • Wood Floors • Main Floor Laundry • 2 Porches • Close to Mill Creek Park

$125,900 1015 WaySide St, PreSton • Ranch on quiet street • New siding • Heated garage • Deck • Great views • Updated

$92,000 408 line St., Wykoff • Ranch on 1/2 Acre • Deck • Bedrooms on Main • Storage Shed • Updated • 2 Car Garage

farMS & aCreage $259,900

$109,900 322 ProSPeCt St., Chatfield • 3 Bedroom Ranch • 2 Baths • 3 Season Porch • 2 Car Garage • Main Floor Laundry

920 grand St., Chatfield • 5 Bedroom • 6/10 Acre • 2 Bath • 3,600 Sq. Ft. • Main Flr Living • Heated Garage • 20 x 24 Garage • Black Walnut • Wood Fireplace w/ Brick Surround

$119,900 312 BenCh St. SW, Chatfield • 3+ Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Gas Fireplace • 2 Car Garage • New Roof • Vinyl Siding

$139,900 209 Main St., fountain • 4 City Lots • 3+ Bedrooms • 2 Gas Fireplaces • Wood Floors • Main Floor Laundry • Deck • 3 Car Heated Garage • Steel Siding

$45,000 513 SPring ave, PreSton • Knotty Pine Throughout • 2 Car Garage • Main Floor Laundry • Enclosed Porch

29991 Co. rd. 21, Chatfield

$187,500 851 eMerald lane, roCheSter • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Ranch • Private Fenced Yard • 3 Car Garage • Main Floor Laundry • Cul-De-Sac


$335,000 707 roChelle ave. S, laneSBoro • 2 Story • 3+ Bedrooms • 2 Full Baths • Main Floor Laundry • 2 Car Garage • Porch

• 220 acres • Woods • Tillable • Root River access • Open floor plan • In-floor heat • Fireplace • 3-car garage and basement •15’ ceiling • Deck • W/O • Gorgeous setting • 15 minutes to Lanesboro

$199,900 28089 everyday rd., laneSBoro -

$134,900 503 ave. C, Chatfield • Townhouse • Patio • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • W/O • Deck • Open Floor Plan


135 SaleM Pt. dr. SW, roCheSter • Townhouse • 4 Season Porch • Patio • Fireplace • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Main Floor Living

404 Margaret St., Chatfield 704 kenilWorth ave. S, laneSBoro • 3 Bedroom • 2 Baths • 2 Car Garage • Deck • Storage Sheds


$114,900 • Wood Floors • High Ceilings • Charcoal • 2 Car Garage

222 2nd ave., Whalan • Next to State Trail • 3 bedrooms • Hickory Cabinets 2 Baths • Deck

NEW LISTING - CoMMERCIAL BUILdING - LANESBoRo Great opportunity to own large commercial building in a high traffic area. Potential business could be retail, restaurant/bar, convenience store/grocery, crafts or many other uses. Can be divided off. Apartment above for rental or personal use. $89,900

lotS for Sale Chatfield - Fingerson & Donahoe - 1st Subdivison - Lots Starting At $29,900

$149,900 11687 deer road, MaBel

• 8 acres • Pasture for horses • 50x64 heated shop • • Cabin on 16 acres • Knotty Pine • Steel siding • New well & septic • Covered porch New well • New roof • 50 x 112 shed • In-floor heat • Loft area • Laundry • Outdoor wood burner for house and shop.

$299,900 33316 gaeliC rd., laneSBoro


CoMMERCIAL BUILdING - WYkoFF - Completely renovated building that is ideal for any type of restaurant, catering or other business opportunity. The lower level is finished for additional space. $199,900

• 14 acres • Great Views • Deck • Fireplace • Hot tub • 1 mi. from Eagle Bluff • 4-Season Porch • Sauna • Barn w/Heated Shop & Garage

$269,900 725 tree toP lane, oronoCo • 2 Acres • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 3 Car Garage • 30 x 40 Heated Shed • Cul-De-Sac • (2) Fireplaces • Sunroom • Circle Drive • Steel-siding


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The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, July 2, 2012






WANTED: Dependable driver 2-3 times a week in Rushford for evening shift to and from work. Leave message at 507-7290021. h25,2- o

COORDINATOR P/T: Locate and screen host families, provide support and activities for exchange students. Make friends worldwide! h25,2- x

THE CITY OF PRESTON has an opening for the position of Custodian. The position is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of City Hall and other City facilities. The position entails both inside and outside work. The position is part-time and will average 20 hours/week. Job application packets may be obtained by visiting Preston City Hall at 210 Fillmore St. West, calling (507) 765-2153 or online at www. Position will remain open until filled; however, first consideration will be given to applications received by July 9, 2012. h25,2- o

STRAIGHT TRUCK DRIVER, PT split shift as needed basis (substitute) w/class B CDL. Work based out of Rochester, southeastern MN location. Good driving record and work history required. Send resume to or mail to N811 Old River Rd, Stoddard, WI 54658. h25,2- x

GRACE LUTHERAN Church in Peterson, MN is seeking a pianist and/or electric keyboard player for church services beginning September 2nd. Please respond by calling 507-429-7324 or 507-251-8778. Applications due by July 20th. h2,9- o

PARAMEDICAL EXAM company seeking help with mobile life insurance exams in Harmony and the surrounding area. Applicants must be experienced in phlebotomy. Call or email Karen: 800-4839155x2 or h25,2- x

RELIABLE high school kid for farm help. Variable hours. Call 507-352-4377 leave message if no answer. h2- x

LANESBORO ARTS CENTER is seeking a sales associate. Retail experience necessary, some arts experience very helpful. Part-time some weekends. Please send resume to Lanesboro Arts Center, Attn: Robbie Brokken, PO Box 152, Lanesboro, MN 55949. h2- o TRADITIONS OF PRESTON is now hiring for kitchen staff on call and must be available to work some weekends. Please contact Chris at 507-765-3837. h2,9- o

Safe. Secure. Smart Featherlite, Inc., manufacturer of custom order and standard model specialty trailers located in Cresco is seeking motivated individuals to fill the following positions:

ASSEMBLERS Successful candidates should possess the ability to assemble products by interpreting print packets and bill of materials, be able to accurately measure components and assemblies, utilize a variety of hand, power, and air tools, and perform repetitive work within set standards. Previous experience is a plus.

Safe. Secure. Smart

Accounts PAyAble AdministrAtor Featherlite Trailers ( is seeking an experienced Accounts Payable Administrator for its Corporate Office. Duties will include organizing receiving and invoicing paperwork to perform the three way match, accounts payable invoice entry, receiving/pricing problem solving, application of cash receipts to accounts receivable invoices and daily transmitting of deposits to the bank. Additional duties would include scanning and filing. Qualifications include general computer knowledge, Excel, 10 key skills and attention to detail. Knowledge of sales and use tax desirable. Previous office experience is preferred. Featherlite requires a pre-employment background and drug screen. Featherlite offers attractive compensation and benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability, fitness program, and 401(k) plans. For confidential consideration, please send resume to:

ASSEMBLY WELDERS Must be able to accurately read and interpret print packets, instructions, and work orders for assigned jobs, and fabricate aluminum and/or steel components, subassemblies or assemblies as required using proper welding techniques. The successful candidates will be able to work with minimal supervision and will be selfmotivated. Previous welding experience is required. Wages are based upon experience. Featherlite offers a comprehensive benefits plan that includes health insurance, life and disability insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 125 Plans for Medical and Child Care Reimbursement, 401k, vacation and personal time, holiday pay, prescription safety eyeglasses program and others. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities currently available at Featherlite, please apply at our Cresco facility, 816 7th Street West, anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Human Resources Dept. Featherlite, Inc. P. O. Box 380 Cresco, IA 52136 EOE, M/F/V/D

Featherlite, Inc. does require pre-employment drug screening.


Roxanne Johnson, Cell: 507-458-6110

reS 21 AC 10252 351st Ave CAnton, Mn

Hard to find this many acres at this affordable price! 3 bdrm home w/partly finished walkout basement, det garage, shop, shed, barn, fenced pasture, creek, 3 Ac tillable. ONLY $177,500

Select Properties


re 4 AC

Brick home, open staircase, oak hardwoods, many updates, Out buildings, mature trees Super location ONLY $107,000 (additional 20 acres available)

32776 136th st HArMony, Mn

ROEHL DRIVER TRAINING CENTER America needs safe professional drivers! Develop the skills you need to become a driver today with RDTC’s 3 week program to get your class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Tuition assistance program. Minimal out-of-pocket costs. 17 day nationally recognized training program. Call today! 888/867-6347 or find out more about this great opportunity at MCAN $1,000 SIGN ON BONUS Midnite Express wants experienced OTR drivers & owner operators with Class A CDL. Lease purchase plan available. Call 800/726-8639. Apply online MCAN CHOOSE YOUR HOMETIME from weekly, 7/on-7/off, 14/on-7/off, full or parttime. Daily pay! Top equipment! Requires 3 months recent experience. 800/414-9569 MCAN

Office 507-886-4221


Cre 6.5 A

2 story home, 3 bdrms, 2 BA, office, updates include kitchen, windows, shingles, furnace. Plus 100ft x 32 ft machine shed/ barn & pasture $120,000

25562 140th st Preston, Mn



Super location on edge of town 3 bdrm, 3 bath home, office, master en suite, LL finished 3 car attach. PLUS 812 sq ft det hted garage/shop with ¾ bath. $277,500

3 bedroom, 2 bath, home. Updates include shingles, siding, & windows in 2005, patio door in 2008. attached garage. hard to find a home with no back yard neighbors! $80,000


NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500.00 weekly potential. Info. 1-985-646-1700 DEPT. MN-485. h2,9,16- x

Licensed Assistant


li NeW niagara Ct, HArMony, Mn


SOFTWARE ENGINEERS Programmers with C+, .NET or C# experience or training. High pay scale. Aatrix Software, Inc. A rapidly growing eFile provider. bruces@ MCAN

Kelsey Fischer


420 Parkside Drive, Preston, Mn



25 Center St. W, Harmony, MN 55939 • Toll Free: 888-839-2142

re l

1 AC

ROOT RIVER HARDWOODS is looking for a reliable person to work in the saw mill. Benefit package available, retirement plan. Apply at Hwy 52 N in Preston. 507-7652362. h2,9,16- o

WEB PROGRAMING POSITIONS: 1) Entry level. 2) 2yrs experience or moreapply at MCAN

Seasonal positions available.

Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI

KITCHEN HELP short order cook. Wednesdays and Fridays. Call Sheryl at 507828-9145. Lanesboro Sales Commission. h2,9- o

450 2nd st se, HArMony, Mn Just Listed Super location on tree lined street this 3 bedroom home is packed with potential. 1 car garage $52,000

355 3rd Ave se HArMony, Mn One level living , no basement, 2 bdrm 2 BA Ranch home Open kitchen breakfast bar, open to dining , att huge 2 car garage $109,900




109 spruce st, FoUntAin, Mn 2006 built, great layout, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car att, oak hardwood flrs, LL finished, backs up to park & trail $205,000




418 Preston st, Preston, Mn

120 4th st sW, HArMony, Mn 15545 Kiwi rd, Preston, Mn 312 Preston st nW, Preston, MN Open & Bright 3 bedroom, 2 bath town4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, home with many Quality built 3 bedroom ranch home on 2 bedroom Ranch home in Greenleafton, home with lower level finished walkout updates, & new 784 sq ft 2 car heated quiet street LL rec and storage area , CA, Updated kitchen, bath, main fl laundry, LL office and storage, CA, new shingles, att 1 living area, plus office. 1 car att. $119,000 garage $87,900 newer det garage $81,500 car, deck, semi private yard $59,900

730 3rd Ave se, HArMony, Mn Custom built 4 bdrm, 2 bath home w/master en suite, walk-in closets, open living space, vault, fireplace, LL finished w/huge family room & office. 2 car attach, backs up to country. $219,000


5 AC

11262 Cty 21, CAnton, Mn Grand 4 bdrms 2 story home with original details & charm, Very well kept. 30 x 45 garage /shop, summer kitchen, barn, gardens, & parklike yard.




15646 160th st, sPring VALLey, Mn 6 bdrm Ranch home w/walk out basement. 2 car garage 36 x 48 steel shed, loafing shed, fenced pastures w/creek $267,500



red 340 B 5th Ave se HArMony, Mn Relax & Enjoy! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, townhome. Great layout with generous sized rooms. Attach garage, CA, patio appliances $129,900

15523 Cty 9, Preston, Mn 506 e newburg MABeL , Mn 240 4th Ave se, HArMony, Mn Charming 3 bedroom, 2 story home, open 3 bdrm, 2 bath home w/main floor laundry, 3 bdrm home in Greenleafton, good sized staircase, oak hardwoods under carpet, generous living and eat in kitchen. LL fami- living space, main fl laundry, PLUS det nice basement offering additional space, 2 lyroom, office, att garage, CA, $69,900 garage and 24 x 40 building . $52,900 car det, great yard $79,900



red 340A 5th Ave se HArMony, Mn Comfort by Design this 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhome offers open living dining area, ample storage, att garage , patio, appliances $125,000



535 1st Ave se HArMony, Mn 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car det. Fireplace, large 3 season porch plus deck, great backyard $119,900

330 Main Ave s, HArMony, Mn 235 1st Ave se, HArMony, Mn 4 bedroom, 1 ½ bath 1 ½ story home , Updated 2 bedroom home , new kitchen, nice layout, fireplace, det. Garage plus bath, oak panel doors, Furnace, CA, deck, bonus shop and storage $78,500 2 car det garage $62,500



305 Locust st MABeL, Mn Mint condition 2 story , 4 bedroom, 2 bath, hardwood floors, great woodwork, porch, deck, garage, & garden space $105,000

401 north st nW Preston, Mn

644 Fillmore st e Preston, Mn 2 bedroom plus den cottage near bike trail & river (not flood zone) get a way or nice little investment $45,000

35 Main Ave n, HArMony, Mn

Church Hill school Condos LAnesBoro, Mn

Commercial building, main flr retail or office area w/ ¾ bath. 2nd floor 2 bdrm apartment w/appliances front & back entry, 2 car det., steel roof, siding, super deal $59,900

A unique opportunity & great location, Finished & unfinished units SOLD - 204 N 2nd St., Canton available, garage spaces, secured SOLD - 203 Elm St. E, Lanesboro access, sprinkler system, elevator, handicapped accessible, Starting at BUiLDing Lots $125,000

3rd Ave se, HArMony, Mn Investment opportunity! 7 lots offered at a reduced price of $11,900 each FArM LAnD for 2 or more) Walk outs pos94.75 Acres: CRP land, Bristol (discount sible on select lots, no assessments.

Township. Sets high & could be put back into production, Bristol Town- Drake road, LAnesBoro, Mn 2 Parcels Offered: camping site, hiking ship, call for details! trail open prairie on top Camp, hike,

30 3rd Ave nW, HArMony, Mn Brick 2 story , original features, hardwood You won’t believe the space in this 2 bdrm floors, 3 bedrm, 2 bath, walk out base- home. Beautiful oak hardwoods, updated Buildable Wooded: 46.88 acres windows, & shingles, private covered pa- buildable, driveway access Bristol ment, corner lot, garage $69,900 tio and large det garage $69,900 Township

hunt. Secluded setting offers a place to get a way from a busy world!

16.49 Acres @ $ 46,172 24.1 Acres @ $67,480

Share your thoughts at



CPA FIRM LOCATED in Rushford, MN is seeking someone for a part-time accounting/tax preparation position. This position would entail part-time hours during summer and fall with more than full-time hours from January through April. We are looking for someone with accounting and/ or tax preparation knowledge/experience. This person should be self-motivated, be able to work independently and have excellent customer service skills. Please send a resume to Engelson & Associates, Ltd, PO Box 712, Rushford, MN 55971. Resume deadline is July 13, 2012. h25,2- o

HELP WANTED: Part-time, seasonal housekeeper needed at Brewster’s Red Hotel in Lanesboro. Stop by the office or contact Pam 507-407-2999. h2,9- o RIVERSIDE ON THE ROOT has a position for a Line Cook. Contact Mike or Julie at 507-467-3663 or e-mail resume and inquiries to h2- o HELP WANTED: Taher Food Service has a cashier position open at Mabel-Canton Schools. Hours are approximately 4 hours a day Mon-Fri. Computer skills are needed. Applications can be picked up at the school office from Chris Mon-Thur. Contact Jane Hall, Food Service Director, 507-272-9363. h2,9,16- o

Monday, July 2, 2012




Ingram Barge Co., the leader in the inland marine community has openings for:

TowboaT PiloTs (FleeT & line Haul) Vessel engineers DeckHanDs Candidates must possess a current valid Driver’s License and High School Diploma/GED.Generous wages, bonus plan and advancement opportunities, along with a comprehensive benefit package, (paid retirement, 401K, medical, life & AD&D, etc.) Interested candidates must apply on-line at Safe. Secure. Smart

Page 27

SERVICES TRANSMISSION REBUILDING: Foreign and domestic, auto & light truck. 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Call for prices. Brown’s Tire, Battery, & Transmission. Rushford 507-864-2969 or 1-888-864-7049. v20tfn- o

TNT Lawn Service

make arrangements now for your lawn care

• Mowing • Stump Grinding • Fall Clean-Up • Snow Plowing • Ice Management

• Aerating • Power Brooming • Insured • Light Backhoe Work Call: 507-268-4977 or Cellphone: 507-429-6755

(Free Estimates)


Mechanical Designer Featherlite, Inc. has an immediate opening for a Mechanical Designer at our Cresco, IA manufacturing facility. This position shall use CAD and other software to create custom and standard layouts and assembly and detail drawings for our Sales, Production, and Engineering teams. The position may also require interaction with customers such as NASCAR and NHRA race teams, government contractors, and mobile medical providers. Must possess basic AutoCAD and solid modeling software skills and have hands on independent experience creating drawings. Associate’s degree from two-year college or technical school with 2-4 years of experience is preferred but not required. Featherlite offers competitive compensation and benefits including vacation, holiday and personal time off, medical, dental, life insurance, short and long term disability, and 401(k) plans. Featherlite requires a pre-employment background and drug screen. For confidential consideration, please send resume to: huMan resources Dept. Featherlite, inc. p. o. Box 380 cresco, ia 52136 EOE, M/F/V/D

This week’s Sudoku answers are located on page 29.


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Monday, July 2, 2012



We do small engine repair. Full-time mechanic on hand. Certified Husqvarna dealer. Fast, friendly, honest service. Kingsley Mercantile. Harmony. 507-8862323. v4eow- o

MARK’S PAINTING & REPAIRS. Siding washes, rolling and brushing wood and masonry. 30+ years experience. Spraying steel roofs, restore most anything wood. Insured. 507-459-0590. EOWv3/19-10/8x

A Perfect cut tree service - tree trimming and removal, hedge trimming, fenceline clearing. 15 years experience climbing and basket work. 507-743-TREE, Chad Wangen. Fully licensed and insured. Cell 507-272-0394. v7/20-7/30/12- x

Norby Tree Service: Stump grinding, tree trimming and removal. Call Dave Norby at 507-259-3118. v8/2tfn- o




11753 State Hwy 43, Mabel, MN 55954 Craig Henry Shop 507.493.5399 • Mobile 507.450.5573

Custom Hay Mowing, Raking & Baling



Shamiah Womeldorf, Rural Lanesboro

schroeder drywall ReSidential - CommeRCial

Drywall Hanging • Taping • Texturing Rusty Schroeder “Free estimates” 507-765-3648

Jason Mensink Construction


SMALL ENGINE 206 N. Robert St., Mabel, MN

Harmony, MN 507-951-1210

•Siding •Windows •Roofing •Doors •Decks •Drywall •Custom Cabinets & Woodworking Free •All Carpentry Needs Estimates

507-493-5379 (shop) 507-450-0645 (cell) Pick-up & Delivery Available Echo & Amsoil Dealer

Randy Haakenson • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural

M & F 8am-5pm, T-Th 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-2pm

326 Parkside Dr. SE Res 507-765-2297 Preston, MN 55965 Cell 507-251-5535

Ristau HauleRs inc 105 Crown Hill Rd., Preston, MN 507-765-4710 507-251-5033 (Cell)




CITY OF PRESTON SUMMARY FINANCIAL REPORT The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of financial information concerning the City of Preston to interest citizens. The complete financial statements may be examined at the Preston City Office, telephone 765-2153. Questions about this report should be directed to Joseph Hoffman, City Administrator/Clerk. REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES FOR GENERAL OPERATIONS (Government Funds) Revenues Total 2011 Total 2010 General Property Taxes $589,776 $574,564 Tax Increments $22,911 $29,118 Non-property taxes $21,071 $21,259 Special Assessment $73,729 $49,863 Licenses and Permits $6,817 $7,314 Intergovernmental $559,315 $555,041 Charges for Services $231,573 $223,316 Interest Income $7,892 $12,106 Refunds & Reimbursements $78,645 $70,131 Miscellaneous/Other Revenue $326,186 $360,306 Total Revenues $1,917,915 $1,903,018

Percent Increase (Decrease) 2.65% -21.32% -0.88% 47.86% -6.80% 0.77% 3.70% -34.81% 12.14% -9.47% 0.78%

Expenditures General Governement/Operating Public Safety Public Works Culture and Recreation Tourism Economic Development Capital Projects Bond Principal Retirement Interest & Fiscal Charges Total Expenditures

$413,334 $381,668 $242,846 $224,494 $60,208 $220,972 $26,845 $577,479 $46,327 $2,194,173

$412,778 $383.177 $195,838 $205,202 $54,045 $310,158 $157,730 $121,890 $50,493 $1,891,311

0.13% -0.39% 24.00% 9.40% 11.40% -28.76% -82.98% 373.77% -8.25% 16.01%

Total Long-Term Indebtedness




General Fund & Special Revenue Funds Unreserved Fund Balance December 31




CITY OF PRESTON, MINNESOTA STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS PROPRIETARY FUNDS DECEMBER 31, 2011 Storm Water Emergency Total Proprietary Assets Electric Fund Water Fund Sewer Fund Drainage Fund Service Fund 2011 Current Assets Cash & Cash Equivalents $1,196,413 $561,424 $242,213 $8,014 $258,957 $2,267,021 Interest Receivable $956 $130 $182 $1,268 Accounts Receivable $153,058 $20,345 $35,813 $2,072 $27,856 $239,144 Due from Other Funds $271 $189 $32 $11,802 $12,294 Inventories $80,751 $5,060 $534 $86,345 Prepaid Expenses $23,436 $5,152 $5,125 $1,594 $35,307 Total Current Assets $1,454,885 $592,170 $283,847 $21,888 $288,589 $2,641,379 Capital Assets Property & Equipment $4,741,283 Construction in Process Less: Accumulated depreciation $2,926,525 Capital Assets, Net $1,814,758






$1,141,413 $1,554,885

$2,182,215 $1,573,325

$134,693 $680,152

$200,757 $129,855

$6,585,603 $5,752,975

Other Assets Bond Costs-Net of Amoritization $9,100 Special assessments receivable Total Other Assets $9,100 Total Assets $3,278,743

$9,422 $197,660 $207,082 $2,354,137

$3,533 $17,564 $24,686 $28,219 $17,564 $1,885,391 $719,604 $418,444

$39,619 $222,346 $261,965 $8,656,319

Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities Current maturities of bonds payable $50,000 $100,999 $41,490 $75,700 Accounts payable $92,846 $1,055 $1,384 $143 $4,359 Accrued liabilities $86,362 $18,933 $39,069 $3,703 $84 Due toAd other Funds reach our office $15,921 must with pAyment by noon wednesday for monday’s Customer deposits $15,002 Total Current Liabilities $260,131 $120,987 $81,943 $79,546 $4,443

Classified ad form

Rock, DiRt, SanD Larry, Travis, Wynn, Josh


AsphAlt - RubbeR - MetAl

We Comply to All OSHA Crew Safety Requirements

Just C’sa!ll Bob

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Free estimates!

$268,189 $99,787 $148,151 $15,921 paper $15,002 $547,050

$8.50 minimum (15 words or less) per week. 10¢ each additional word.

Noncurrent Liabilities Price includes online listing Bons Payable, Net of Current Maturities $350,000 $510,317 Total Liabilities $610,131 $631,304


Ad copy as it will appear in paper:

$221,609 $303,552

$361,435 $440,981 $4,443

$1,443,361 $1,990,411

Continued on page 29 

Classified ad form

Ad must reach our office with pAyment by noon wednesday for monday’s paper

288-8379 or 1-800-851-Bobs 4006 Hwy. 14 East, Rochester Lic. #004842

$8.50 minimum (15 words or less) per week. 10¢ each additional word. Price includes online listing on Ad copy as it will appear in paper:

TRAILER SALES & SERVICE, Inc. 507-886-4600

70 4th Street NW • Harmony MN 1 block West of Kwik Trip next to Solberg Welding

We are pleased to announce we now sell & service Boss & Snowdogg Snow Plows. We have a selection of new and used trailers and we are an authorized dealer for Wilson, Kiefer Industrial, Road King, Alum Line, and Pacesetter trailers. We also provide service work when your trailer needs a tune up.

See us for all your trailer sale and service needs!

Category (CirCle one) Auto For Sale Employment Garage Sale Farm Lost/Found For Rent Notices

payment method

Min. charge Extra words x .10 No. of weeks Total

Real Estate Services Thank You Wanted

❏ Check

❏ Visa

❏ Mastercard

Card Number ________________________________Exp. Date_____________

Reach oveR 12,000 households weekly

Name _____________________________________________________________ C ategory (CirCle one) Min. charge $8.50 Auto For Sale Real Estate City/State _________________Zip __________ Address ________________________________ Extra words x .10 __________ Employment Garage Sale Services Phone __________________________________ Signature ________________________________ No. of weeks __________ Farm Lost/Found Thank You For Notices Total __________ mailRent this form with payment to:Wanted Fillmore County Journal, P.O. Box 496, Preston MN 55965

Owned by Dennis Solberg of Solberg Welding 507-886-4602

$8.50 __________ __________ __________

Credit cards orders may be faxed to 507-765-2468 • Phone ❏ Check ❏ Visa ❏507-765-2151 Mastercard payment method

Card Number ________________________________Exp. Date_____________

Reach oveR 12,000


Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!




Continued from page 28  Net Assets Invested in Capital Assets, Net of Related Debt $1,414,758 Restricted $405,924 Unrestricted $847,930 Total Net Assets $2,668,612

$943,570 $294,125 $485,138 $1,722,833

$1,310,226 $243,017 $129,856 $105,886 $165,727 $35,606 $284,145 $1,581,839 $278,623 $414,001

$4,041,427 $805,935 $1,818,546 $6,665,908




Operating Revenues Electric Fund Water Fund Sewer Fund Charges for services $1,662,255 $303,612 $228,811

Storm Water Drainage Fund $60,754

Total Liabilities & Net Assets $3278,743 $2,354,137

Operating Expenses Operating expenses, excluding depreciation & amoritization $1,551,173 Depreciation & Amoritization $99,001 Total Operating Expenses $1,650,174 Operating Income (Loss) $12,081

$227,694 $63,557 $291,251 $12,361

$210,994 $95,181 $306,175 ($77,364)

$22,854 $4,941 $27,795 $32,959


Emergency Total Proprietary Service Fund 2011 $108,992 $2,364,424

$133,624 $25,376 $159,000 ($50,008)

$2,146,339 $288,056 $2,434,395 ($69,971)

Nonoperating Revenues (Expenses) Interest expense ($16,571) ($12,612) ($6,306) ($3,127) Interest income $3,459 $1,506 $2,754 $9 $1,776 Other expense ($16,361) ($3,608) ($1,627) Other income $47,539 $21,230 $21,257 $4,577 Gain on sale of equipment Total Nonoperating Revenues $18,066 $6,516 $16,078 ($3,118) $6,353 Income Before Transfers ($43,655) $29,841 & Contributions $30,147 $18,877 ($61,286)

($38,616) $9,504 ($21,596) $94,603 $0 $43,895 ($26,076)

Capital Contributions Transfers in Transfers out Change in Net Assets $30,147 $18,877 ($61,286) $29,841 ($43,655) Net Assets, Beginning $2,638,465 $1,721,542 $1,626,236 $248,782 $457,656 Prior Period Adjustment ($17,586) $16,889 Net Assets, Beginning As Restated Net Assets, Ending $2,668,612 $1,722,833 $1,581,839 $278,623 $414,001

($26,076) $6,692,681 ($697) $6,665,908

Cash Flows From Storm Water Emergency Total Proprietary Operating Activities Electric Fund Water Fund Sewer Fund Drainage Fund Service Fund 2011 Cash received from customers $1,178,772 $303,612 $228,811 $60,754 $108,992 $1,880,941 Cash received from other sources $473,256 $2,312 $9,065 $484,633 Cash payment to suppliers ($1,285,239) ($130,854) ($87,140) ($6,846) ($12,201) ($522,280) Cash paments to employees ($249,363) ($84,228) ($117,548) ($3,106) ($68,069) ($522,314) Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities $117,426 $90,842 $33,188 $50,802 $28,722 $320,980 Cash Flows From Noncapital Financial Activities Contributed capital Other income/expense $4,577 Transfers in Net Cash Provided by Non-Capital Financing Activities $0 $0 $0 $0 $4,577 Cash Flows From Capital & Related Financing Activities Principal payments on bonds ($50,000) ($46,672) ($24,192) ($62,412) Bond costs Bond proceeds Special assessments collections $54,974 $7,254 Interest paid on bonds ($16,571) ($12,612) ($6,306) ($3,127) Purchase of capital assets ($116,892) ($20,460) ($7,897) ($3,025) ($122,398) Net Cash (Used in) Capital & Related Financing Activities ($183,463) ($24,770) ($31,141) ($68,564) ($122,398) Cash Flows From Investing Activities Interest received $3,459 Increase in Cash & Cash Equivalents ($62,578) Cash & Cash Equivalents, Beginning $1,258,991 Cash & Cash Equivalents, Ending $1,196,413 public hearing notice The Southeaster Minnesota MultiCounty Housing and Redevelopment Authority (SEMMCHRA) has amended its Agency Plan in compliance with the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998. It is available for review at SEMMCHRA’s office located at 134 East Second Street, Wabasha, MN 55981. SEMMCHRA’s hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition, a public hearing will be held on July 18, 2012, at 12:00 p.m. at SEMMCHRA’s office. Everyone is invited to attend. All interested parties will have the opportunity to comment on the Plan. Publish 2,9 notice The Fillmore County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment will conduct its next tour on Monday, July 16, 2012. They will leave the highway shop at 9:00 a.m. and visit a site in Holt Township where Gary Gibson has applied for a Variance to construct a new home within the setback of a trout stream. They will continue to a site in Arendahl Township where Rick and Kelly Brown have applied for a Conditional Use Permit for a Wind Generator. Chris Graves Fillmore County Zoning Administrator Publish 2 holt township MEETING CHANGE NOTICE The regular meeting that was scheduled for July 9, 2012, has now been changed to July 16, 2012, at 7:30pm at the Whalan Town Hall. Chris Gudmundson Publish 2,9

$4,577 $0 $4,577

($183,276) $0 $0 $62,228 ($38,616) ($2,70,672) ($430,336)





















City of peterson Resolution Adopting the Findings of the Report of the Attorney General’s Working Group on the Regulation of Sexually Oriented Business WHEREAS because of its small size, the City of Peterson lacks the resources to investigate and research the impact sexually oriented businesses would have on the character of the city’s neighborhoods; and WHEREAS the City of Peterson intends to rely on the Report of the Attorney General’s Working Group on the Regulations of Sexually Oriented Businesses, dated June 6, 1989, which is included as Appendix II to Chapter 119 of the Minnesota Basic Code, as a basis for regulating sexually oriented businesses in this city; and WHEREAS the members of the Peterson City Council have reviewed this Report. NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of Peterson does hereby accept the recommendations and conclusions of this Report and adopts the recommendations and conclusions by reference of the Report of the Attorney General’s Working Group on the Regulation of Sexually Oriented Businesses, dated June 6, 1989, and by passage of this resolution implements the provisions of Minnesota Basic Code Chapters 119 and 153. Judy Graham, Clerk/Treasurer June 12, 2012 Publish 25,2 public notice meeting date change Due to the 4th of July holiday the Harmony Township regular monthly board meeting has been rescheduled from Wednesday, July 4th to Thursday July 5th at 8:00 p.m. Kathy Whalen, Clerk Harmony Township Publish 2

Publish 2 AVAILABILITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT DOCUMENT FOR PRESTON - FILLMORE COUNTY AIRPORT ABOVE-GROUND FUEL SYSTEM EXPANSION Fillmore County encourages the public to review and provide comments on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Condensed Environmental Assessment Document, which was prepared for this project. The proposed project is located in Fillmore County, approximately four miles west of Preston. The purpose of the project is to provide a safer and more accessible fueling station for airplanes at the Preston - Fillmore County Airport. The proposed scope of the project includes installation of a 2,000-gallon above ground fuel tank and fueling island on the west end of the hangar area. The tentative schedule for construction is Summer 2012. Copies of the FAA’s Condensed Environmental Assessment, which documents the purpose and need of the project along with the anticipated social, economic, and environmental impacts, are available for public viewing beginning Monday, July 1 during business hours at the following locations: *Fillmore County Courthouse 101 Fillmore Street Preston, MN 55965 *Preston Public Library 101 St. Paul Street NW Preston, MN 55965 Comments can be mailed, prior to the close of the public comment period on Monday, July 30, to John Grindeland, Fillmore County Highway Department, 909 Houston Street NW, Preston, MN 55965. Documents – Alternative Format: To request any document in an alternative format, call 651-366-4718 or email Hearing Impaired: To reach any of the above numbers, hearing impaired persons can call the Minnesota Relay Service toll free at 1-800627-3529 (TTY, Voice or ASCII) or 711. Publish 2

Monday, July 2, 2012


Page 29


summary of minutes June 12, 2012 County Board Meeting The Fillmore County Board met in regular session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press. The following resolutions were adopted by the Board: RESOLUTION 2012-019: Conditional use Permit for Travis and Rochelle Willford and Craig and Tara Hanson for State Line Swine, Section 36, Harmony Township RESOLUTION 2012-020: Opt out of 12 county SE MN Human Services Redesign RESOLUTION 2012-021: Bond for bridge on CR #115, Canton Township RESOLUTION 2012-022: Bond for bridge on CSAH #112, Carimona Twp. RESOLUTION 2012-023: 2012 MN Office of State Auditor Performance Measures program The Board approved the following agenda items: • the amended agenda. • the following Consent Agenda: 1. June 5, 2012 County Board minutes. 2. Regular status for Kristina Kohn, Human Resources Officer, effective June 10, 2012. 3. Renewal of liquor license for the Brennaville Inc/Old Barn. 4. Application for display of fireworks for City of Chatfield on August 12, 2012. 5. Family and Medical Leave of Absence for employee #1165. • approval for City of Rushford to use five light towers for a planned electrical outage. • rehire of Catherine Ness, Office Support Specialist on a temporary basis for up to six months. • accept low bid from Minnowa Construction, for a culvert on CSAH #25, Project SAP 023-625-011. • apply dust control on County 5. • close meeting at 5:16 p.m. pursuant to M.S. Chapter 13 due to attorney client privilege. • re-opened meeting at 5:30 p.m • affirmed paid leave of absence for employee #1406. • proposed worker’s compensation claim settlement. • Release Agreement and Satisfaction of Claims arising from employment. • pull invoice to MN Supreme Court for lawyer registration from warrant list. • amount of $1,500/year for five years be proposed for renewal of lease agreement with MN DNR for antenna space. • addition of Automatic External Defibrillator policy to Fillmore County Personnel Policy. • accept proposal and enter into agreement with Kane and Johnson for architectural services for Highway Administration building remodel. • proposal and enter into agreement with Kane and Johnson for an asbestos survey for Highway Administration building. The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved: REVENUE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount First Student, services $500.00 MN State Bar Association, dues $583.00 Preston Service Plus, services $1,069.87 SimplexGrinnell, services $644.00 Stensrud, Lisa, services $739.41 US Auto Force, services $1,518.50 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $5,054.78 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (47 bills - not listed) $6,890.56 TOTAL REVENUE FUND $11,945.34 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Fastenal Company, supplies $1,324.04 Hanson Tire Service, Inc., services $1,975.71 LaCrosse Truck Center, Inc., parts $1,874.57 MN Counties Intergovernmental Trust, insurance $526.00 Newman Signs, signs $726.37 State of MN, services $2,482.62 Universal Truck Equipment, Inc., parts $8,120.63 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $17,029.94 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (21 bills - not listed) $3,047.30 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $20,077.24 The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566. Publish 2 summary of minutes June 12, 2012 County Board Meeting The Fillmore County Board of Appeal and Equalization met in special session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press. Shirl Boelter, Auditor/Treasurer, administered oath of office to following Board of Appeal and Equalization members: Thomas Kaase, Randy Dahl, Chuck Amunrud, Duane Bakke and Marc Prestby. Assessor Cynthia Blagsvedt reviewed role of Board. Blagsvedt continued with review of sales, valuation and new construction summary information. The appellant scheduled to present was: Red Essig; L & R Partners, LLC; Spring Valley; Parcel #R36.0228.000. • Torgerson Auto, Harmony City, Parcel #R15.568.000 has filed with small claims court. • approved to lower valuation to $200,000 on the Essig property, Parcel No 36.0228.000. The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566. Publish 2 notice of meeting date change Fillmore Township’s regular July meeting will be held July 3, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. Publish 25,2

carrolton township notice Due to the 4th of July holiday, Carrolton Township will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 11 at 7 p.m. Luanne Storelee Carrolton Township Clerk Publish 25,2

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Monday, July 2, 2012

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Fillmore County Journal 7.2.12  

The 7.2.12 weekly edition of the Fillmore County Journal.

Fillmore County Journal 7.2.12  

The 7.2.12 weekly edition of the Fillmore County Journal.