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Monday, December 3, 2012

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Chatfield increases water and sewer rates By K aren R eisner

What the new Rushford-Peterson Elementary School will look like if the referendum passes. Graphic provided

R-P approaches city prior to referendum By K irsten Zoellner

Likely the biggest topic in the community in recent days, R-P district superintendent Chuck Ehler and board representative Greg Smith addressed the city council this past Monday about the upcoming December 19 referendum vote. Along with a presentation highlighting the preliminary plan of the new $15 million elementary facility, the duo discussed several frequently heard talking points including issues discussed earlier in the night, in Peterson, at the first public referendum forum. “We’re trying to be sensitive,” stressed Ehler. “We’re not building the Taj Mahal here. We’re trying to build a viable, functional facility that meets our needs now and in the future.” The plan entails a new 69,000 square foot building situated just northeast of the district’s Niggle Athletic Field

which would house the 300 students in grades K through 5, plus the 86 children currently in early childhood classes, with room to grow. According to Ehler, R-P is the only district in Fillmore County with gaining enrollment in the last three years. He hopes a new elementary will draw younger families into the community. “There is a future here in RushfordPeterson,” he stressed. One of the biggest issues with the New School Initiatives is what will happen in Peterson. When the districts consolidated in 1990, the elementary and high school students were placed in the Rushford facility while middle school students were placed in Peterson. The facility now needs a new boiler, windows, flooring, and ventilation, which could cost over $1.2 million to remedy. Should the referendum pass, the district will retain ownership of the building and the parcel of land it sits on, but adjacent land goes back to the city of

Peterson for $100. It will be vacated, repurposed, and likely sold. “The school district is not interested in maintaining three facilities,” noted Ehler. “We are working with Peterson to find a collaborative, cooperative use for it. The options are wide open.” Losing the use of the Peterson facility is not favorable with all, as Ehler noted from the night’s earlier public forum. When questioned about the anticipation of losing students, he acknowledged that some indicated they would send their children elsewhere should the district move out of Peterson. “Some of those fund balances of other schools were built on the backs of R-P. The money followed the students who open enrolled there. I’m disappointed in the law that allows districts to bus students right See REFERENDUM Page 2 

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At the November 26 Chatfield City Council meeting an amended list of Particular Fees, Fines and Charges under Ordinance 406 was unanimously adopted. Councilor Paul Novotny was absent. All city fees, fines, and charges will remain constant with the following exceptions. The base monthly water rate fee will be raised to $9.18, a three percent increase. The per 1,000 gallons less than 2,000 charge will be raised to $3.17, a three percent increase. The sanitary sewer base monthly rate will increase to $38.10, a six percent increase. The per 1,000 gallons less than 2,000 charge will be $8.17, a six percent increase. The nonmetered monthly fee will be $50.36, a one percent increase based on 3,500 gallons. Ambulance transport (basic

life support) will be increased by $50 to $650. Ambulance transport (advanced life support) will be increased $50 to $850. The cost of an EMT class will increase by $75 to $800. The cost of an EMT refresher class will increase by $25 to $275. Hitching Post Robert Vogel, Historic Preservation Planner, discussed what he called a piece of street furniture which in its day was considered an important piece of street furniture. The last hitching post in Chatfield, probably dating back to the early twentieth century was damaged in the spring of 2010 during sidewalk snow removal. He said it was not a significant historical piece, but of educational interest. He recommended it be replicated on a different corner, moving it north a block where it will not See CHATFIELD Page 9 

Mining moratorium lifted By K aren R eisner

At the November 27 meeting of the county board the moratorium that was established February 28, 2012, was lifted after the mining ordinances were adopted. Commissioner Duane Bakke noted his attire this day, referring to his winter coat, is again what it was that day in February, illustrating the many changes in outer wear along the way through the seasons of this process. The board room was again filled with many of the same residents that have contributed to the process. After the lifting of

the moratorium and before the board concluded their business for the day, four applications for industrial mining had already been requested from the zoning office. Earlier during the citizen input portion of the meeting, two people spoke asking for more restrictive language in the industrial mining ordinance. Steve Hartwick noted he lives less than a mile from the Fillmore County line and was concerned about the water table. He asked why not require a barrier of 25 feet from the water table rather than just 10 feet, adding it should See COUNTY Page 24 

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REFERENDUM Continued from Page 1

from the community, right out of the district,” added Elher. The state dollars for the student may go to another district, but tax dollars for a referendum will stay within the district. “You’re gonna be paying taxes here,” he stressed. “I’ll be saddened and disappointed if they [go elsewhere].” It’s also hard to determine what the outcome of savings to the district will be. Without knowing the reuse of the Peterson facility, the district won’t see the biggest savings for 5-7 years, when it hopes to begin Phase 2 of the initiative, the construction of the middle and high school facility at the new location, and the massive

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rushford facility is also vacated. Ehler believes it makes no sense to stay in that facility. Foundation movement has led to plaster coming off ceilings and walls, brick walls calcifying and crumbling, and more. “When do you get to the point where you stop putting money in it?” he questioned. “It’s older than the Titanic and you know where that sits.” Another question that’s been posed by the public is why the similarly-built Rushford Lutheran Church is not seeing the same decay. “There’s not the same amount of activity. Also, TLC has not always been the case over here,” responded Ehler. “When I came here there wasn’t one roof vent working. We invested and fixed it. There were no eave troughs

Have fun witH Green! Preston equiPment Jct. 52 & 16, Preston, MN • Ph: 507-765-3803 •

and the water funneled down the sides of the building. There was black mold from the foundation to the top of the first floor walls. We fixed that. Now all surface water goes into the storm sewer. I want to go on record for what’s been done during my tenure; for people to say we haven’t done anything is baloney. We have.” “We have to think long term. We have to look down the road in this situation. It’s a step in the right direction,” added Smith. “We can’t continue to use the Band Aid approach. Someday, the taxpayers will have to make a decision if they want to do more or not.” Councilor Roger Colbenson, a staunch opponent of raising taxes questioned whether or not the district would utilize new technologies for the new facility. While the district and board aren’t ruling anything out, they have received preliminary costs estimates for geothermal at an additional $947,000, with a 25-year turn around on savings recoupment, and solar options at a whopping additional $1.5 million. It is anticipated, but not definite, that as much surface water runoff as possible will be reused with underground storage. The facility will take advantage of as much natural-light as possible, with large windows, including a row elevated along the center of the roofline. A nod to

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips! the natural beauty of the area is also expected with exposed timbers inside and out, as well as large stone columns. Surprisingly, another oftenasked question is why the district is bothering with a phased approach. The district’s earlier plan had called for the building of a $29 million early childhood through grade 12 facility, with the hopes that the state would contribute $20 million to the cause. After pushing for inclusion on various funding but being denied, the district board decided to move forward with the phased plan, hoping to show the state that the community was behind the New School Initiative and potentially garnering financial assistance from the state in the future. The district knows the community can’t build the complete facility on its own. “We can’t financially saddle our tax payers with that,” responded Smith. “Take the tax impact amounts and double them.”

“We’re not insensitive to the community. We’re also aware of the poverty level in Fillmore County, if we can’t do this, we can’t do that. It would blow us out of the water,” agreed Ehler. “You need to do something. If this is not the plan, then tell me what the plan is,” echoed Ehler. “It’s not fiscally prudent or responsible to continue to do nothing. That’s part of the problem, nothing has been done. You’ll always have some that are resistant to change. The board is very progressive right now. If it doesn’t pass, we’re not going to tuck our tails and run. You still need to do something. $15 million is a lot of money, I can’t deny that. But, I’m not giving up.” “We don’t want to see taxes raised, but it’s good to see investment in the community,” added Smith. “If we get voter approval, our board will dive in to work within the money. See REFERENDUM Page 10 

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Monday, December 3, 2012

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 households each week.

C ommentary A vignette of Christmas past By Yvonne Nyenhuis During the Depression, my Father, Mother and two older sisters, Althea and Evangeline went to live with Mom’s sister, Aunt Ora in a large Victorian house in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. She inherited the house from my grandparents and needed help maintaining it. We mounted the steps to the veranda and went through the front door where we were Yvonne confronted with Nyenhuis an oak staircase leading to the second floor. To the right was a room on the north side of the house which would be our family living room. There were two upright pianos. My Mother was an accomplished musician and gave piano lessons. There was a fireplace, a large, firm, wine colored sofa and a fake oriental carpet. My mother saved old woolen coats and rags and sent them to the Olsen Rug Company where the wool was processed and woven into carpets. Dad kept a fire burning cold winter evenings in the fireplace. Mom loved to sew and embroider and watch the flames curl

around the logs while my father read to her. On the South side of the hall was Aunt Ora’s living room filled with plants and sunlight and presided over by “Dicky bird,” a yellow canary. The fireplace in that room was used on special occasions. This home was the perfect setting for our family, for parties and celebrations. Leaves were put in the oak table in the dining room to accommodate extended family and friends. Thanksgiving, there was a twentypound turkey basted to perfection. Stem glassware held fresh fruit salad. The centerpiece was a basket shaped like a cornucopia with pomegranates, oranges, apples and grapes spilling from it in profusion. The light from orange candles reflected on the sterling silver and the white damask table cloth. There were whipped sweet potatoes topped with toasted marshmallows, French cut string beans in cream sauce, crisp flaky rolls, and red port to drink. For dessert there were pumpkin, apple and pecan pies topped with homemade vanilla ice cream. After Thanksgiving it was time for my sisters and I to stroll with Daddy down the railroad tracks following the Pennypack Creek and

winding through the woods. Dad carried a basket on his arm and a small trowel. We searched for flat rocks, bits of ferns, moss and small plants. A favorite tradition, each year, was re-creating the Christmas Representation. Dad built a wooden box about four feet long, open on one side and with another box extended out the back, a sort of stage. Mother clothed dolls about four to six inches high in bits of fabric to represent Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. There was a tiny figure wrapped in white linen, the baby Jesus. The wonderfully realistic flock of sheep were eighty years old. They were china with wool coats that had worn thin over the years. In November, Aunt Ora began baking Christmas cookies. There were brown and white pinwheels, rich nuggets dipped in powdered sugar, chocolate balls, lacy molasses cookies and of course cut outs of trees, wreathes and Santas. My sisters and I carefully arranged tiny red cinnamon balls, white peppermint candies and green holly leaves, sprinkled with red and green sugar and filled in areas with icing on the cut out cookies. We took pride in our artistry. The process went smoothly for the most part. There could be a problem. The oven was heated by wood or coal and it wasn’t easy to regulate the heat. One time the cookies burned. The kitchen

filled with smoke. Aunt Ora flew open the window yelling loudly in Pennsylvania Dutch, “Doner-vitzenall!” Christmas morning we would bound out of bed and scurry down the stairs and stare through the broad doorway into our living room. We were greeted with the smell of pine and the warm glow of colored lights that permeated the early morning haze. The Christmas tree rose majestically to the ceiling, twinkling and proud. A mountain of gifts were piled at the base, resplendent in brilliant red, green, blue, silver and gold wrappings. The stockings we had hung the night before were bulging with mystery and promise. We were allowed to take down our stockings and investigate their contents before Mom and Dad were awake. When they came down in their robes, we filed into Aunt Ora’s living room. Dad got a fire going in the fire place. The - Bible - was open on a table. In the center was a red satin marker with the Lord’s name in Hebrew. I lighted the red candles on either side of the Word. Dad lifted the paisley curtain on the Representation to reveal this year’s scene. He began to read. “And there were in the same country shepherds keeping watch over their flock by night ---” We prepared for the rigors of the day with a hearty breakfast. Then came the moment we had eagerly

Civic duty calls for educating yourself with facts By Andy Prinsen In a recent letter written by a Mr. Brett Kues, he admits over and over again that he is “confused,” and in reading your letter to the editor Mr. Kues, I will second that idea. First off, I would like to thank Mr. Kues for bringing to light some of the misconceptions floating around and Andy Prinsen allowing those that know the facts to respond. Much like many other people, I was raised with a strong sense of community and civic duty, one that calls on me to find out all of the FACTS before making an important decision. Many of the claims or insinuations you made in your letter seem

as though you wandered down the street and grasped onto any old rumor and falsehood available. I realize that you have been in town a short time and I welcome you to our community, but the educational facility issue in the RP school district was a preflood problem. Your letter also mentions that you are confused by the wording of the ballot and you insinuate that this money will be used to balance the budget. The FACT is that bonded money for building cannot be used in the general fund to balance budgets; it has to be used for building an educational structure. You also bring up the decade old rumor that there “isn’t enough land” to build a building due to the state requirements of having at least 35-40 acres on such a site as to build a school building. This myth has been debunked years ago as the state has allowed us to

use the park and activity field area adjacent to the school property as green space. Unfortunately you do not stop there, you take these two rumors/ falsehoods and come up with two paragraphs of “smoke and mirrors” which include a highly fictional, and laughable Plan A and Plan B. I will give you credit, when talking about the average tax increase for a home in the school district you do use the factual number of $269. But then you add “Personally, I think the estimate is low, and the actual increase will be much higher.” Once again, you feel the need to spread your knowledge of the Minnesota Property Tax System, or you are grasping at straws that aren’t there. You still didn’t stop there. Next, you became an expert in the area of school construction where you erroneously guestimated that the entire project would cost $45 million dollars down the road,

plus you came up with a seriously flawed projection of the tax impact. Is it your strategy to throw out really large but erroneous numbers to try to scare people? Spreading false information is certainly not an honorable act in any society. I could go on and debunk all of the rumor, myth and errors in your “commentary,” but I will get back to my main point. Every citizen of the RP school district must work to find the FACTS. Cut through the “smoke and mirrors” used in commentaries like Mr. Brett Kues’ and educate yourself so that you have the FACTS to make an educated decision. I am a property owner, I have kids in the school district , and I will be voting YES on this issue because I personally feel that it is my community and civic duty to support this project, but I will respect any and all citizens that work to base their decision on the FACTS.

Letter about R-P referendum To the Editor, I think everyone in Rushford would love to have a new school. The thing that concerns me is the cost to the tax payers. $15,000,000 is not something to deal with lightly. I know that the interest rates are very low, but we would still be paying millions in interest. It looks like the state has no plan at this time to help and I don’t think we should figure in our plans that we will get any help in the future.

Like everyone else, I have noticed my taxes climb every year since we moved into our house 18 years ago. When the city or county decides to raise it one percent or two percent each year it doesn’t look like much, but over a number of years it gets to be a lot. Add the fact that the value of our homes have gone down and some of us are paying double mortgages for the homes we live in, it gets to be a burden. We also have to look at the fact that a lot of people in our town are on fixed incomes.

I heard that there are a lot more people in our area having to use the food shelf. In the paper I saw that the school has a foundation now. I thought this would be great for a new school but it is for scholarships. Maybe we could set up a place in the foundation for a building fund. We could send memorials there. For the people that really want the school, maybe there would be a way that they could give the amount that their taxes would go up to this fund or for others they could give what they

feel they could afford and add it to their taxes. Maybe we could do fund raisers. I may be wrong but I feel we need to start some sort of a nest egg to get this thing rolling instead of just waiting and hoping the state will give it to us. Have an option to do something besides a yes or no vote and maybe build a complete new school instead of a partial fix while keeping the high school that is the main problem. Linda Hovland Rushford, MN

anticipated for weeks, the excitement of finding what was contained in the boxes with the bright paper and ribbons. There were sets of things to make; beadwork, embroidery, paints, dolls, books and perfume, jewelry and new clothes. The noise level grew to a deafening roar punctuated by squeals of delight, laughter and everyone talking at once. When the din subsided, Mom took her place at the piano and with great gusto, we sang carols. Dinner time was gaining on us. The table groaned under the weight of good things to eat. The center of the table was decorated with pine boughs, pine cones, red berries, shiny ornaments, and included red candles whose flame sustained a warm glow over all. Those who hung around for supper were invited to snack on leftovers and play cards. Holidays are created with a loving heart. Traditions carried on from year to year help us bridge the generations. Every year the sounds of bells and Christmas music, fragrances of pine and incense, the lights warming the dark, reminds us there is still love in the world. As we shop, we see our neigbors walking with a lighter step and smiling. “Merry Christmas to all!” Comment on this column at

Government this week • Monday, Dec. 3, Lanesboro City Council, Lanesboro City Hall, 5:30 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 3, Preston City Council, Preston Council Chamber, 6:00 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 3, Whalan City Council, Whalan City Hall, 5:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Dec. 4, Ostrander City Council, Ostrander Community Center, 6:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Dec. 4 Rushford Village City Council, Community Center, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Dec. 4, Fillmore County Commissioners, Courthouse, 9:00 a.m. • Wednesday, Dec. 5, Canton City Council, Canton City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Thursday, Dec. 6, Fountain City Council, Fountain City Office, 7:30 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 10, Wykoff Council, Wykoff City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 10, Houston City Council, Houston City Hall, 7:30 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 10, Rushford City Council, Rushford City Hall, 6:30 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 10, Spring Valley City Council, Spring Valley City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 10, Chatfield City Council, City Hall, 7:00 p.m.

Schedule subject to change.

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Monday, December 3, 2012


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C ommentary Letter about closing the middle school To the Editor, My name is Maynard Thompson. When the Rushford-Peterson middle school was started in 1990, I had been working on a middle level teaching degree. There is a degree for middle level instruction. This degree makes a teacher qualified to each grades 6-8. Without this degree a high school teacher teaches grades 7-8 and an elementary teaching degree works for grade six. I was fortunate to be the first middle school principal. This is just what I wanted because I was so excited about middle level kids and what could be done with their instruction. This is the last best chance to reach students and what a great setting to have twenty plus acres with athletic fields and gymnasium. The school has a fire land around the building with off-street bus unloading and is totally handicap accessible. You have acres of grass in which to work and play. The heating system is designed to take outside air, heat it and send into the classroom. A few years ago there was a movement to construct a new high school and close the middle school. I was a member of that committee and we met once a month for a year. The leaders of the group were people from outside our community. After a year’s time, the vote was taken and voted down five to one. How many million would it take to build a facility as good as the middle school we already have? We

industrial mines that can operate simultaneously in a single township, the Planning Commission (PC) advised residents to seek that protection from their townships. So the process has to be repeated more than 20 times by more than 20 different groups of people? Do residents even know who their township ordinance makers are? Is this efficient government? For mines to potentially operate 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays seems excessive to the many residents and visitors who value this county’s peace and quiet. Requests to further cap mine hours of operation seemed to also be ignored by the PC. Several weeks ago, Tom Barnes sent the PC the language a Wisconsin county included in their ordinance to Letter about frac mining require mining corporations to To the Editor, ensure no loss of pre-mining To the handful of big land property values within a cerowners and county officials tain radius of their mine. It is who will win the frac sand an excellent incentive for the lottery, congratulations. Many corporation to operate responmore residents of Fillmore sibly. All our county officials County fear the risks frac sand had to do was copy and paste, mining poses to our property but they did not. When leadvalues, air and water quality, ers fail to protect the interests noise levels, road safety and of the majority of residents, wear, tourism, farming, and you begin to question whether scenic landscapes. Not to men- financial conflicts of interest tion the downstream impacts are weakening our democratic to communities to which this process. Hopefully the County sand is ultimately shipped. Board will show greater leader The County’s proposed ship at their 11/27 meeting. industrial mining ordinance Jennifer Meadows offers some assurances, but Lanesboro, MN ignores a host of reasonable protections requested by residents. Letter about R-P referendum For example, despite multiple requests to cap the number of To the Editor, This letter is in response to the commentary featured The City of Lanesboro is seeking out volunteers for prominently in The Journal Board and Commission positions. on November 26, written by The City currently has the following Boards and Commissions: Park Brett Kues, about the school Board, Planning and Zoning Commission, Heritage Preservation referendum. I have never heard Commission, Public Utilities Commission, Library Board and of Mr. Kues, even though I’m Economic Development. If you would be interested in volunteering also a resident of Rushford, but for a future position, please submit an application to the City Office he explains that he’s new to the located at 202 Parkway Avenue South. Applications are available on area. Mr. Kues’ commentary the website at or can be picked up at the City is full of so many errors and Office. If you have questions, please call 507.467.3722 or misleading statements that it’s could spend a small amount of money to air condition the already well-insulated building and add a new music room. Students do not learn from the concrete and bricks but from the fine instruction that is made available. Also there are those special teachers that relate well to the middle school age group. What an asset to the community to have students who are successful. They can actually help a community and not be a burden such as can happen when a person is not steered in the right direction. I encourage you to get out and vote no again. Let’s continue to improve on a the wonderful middle school facility we already have. Maynard Thompson Peterson, MN


NOTICE TO PUBLISHERS Sealed bids will be received until 10am on Monday, January 7, 2013, By the County Auditor-Treasurer of Fillmore County, Preston, Minnesota, on behalf of the Fillmore County Board of Commissioners for the following County Printing for the year 2013. OFFICIAL PAPER PUBLICATION OF 2012 FINANCIAL STATEMENT PUBLICATION OF 2013 DELINQUENT TAX LIST The right is reserved to reject any or all bids and to waive any defects. Dated at Preston, Minnesota this 15


day of November 2012.

Shirl L. Boelter Fillmore County Auditor-Treasurer Preston, Minnesota 507-765-2666


In the November 26 issue under the headline “Mining ordinance sent to county board,” Beverly Crowson was misidentified as Beth. Also, she spoke of the family descendents of her grandfather, Louis Trulson who was born in Pilot Mound Township in 1872. She pointed to members of the Trulson family, not the Crowson family, that have lived and owned land in Pilot Mound Township without interruption for about 100 years. She made her comments as did several others asking the planning commission to restrict the concentration of industrial mines to two per township. This restriction did not get included in the final draft of then proposed Ordinance 736 regulating industrial mining.

hard to know where to start. He makes a lot of statements but never cites specific sources, unless you count Google maps, which he used to find out how far it is to Peterson (he could have saved time on Google because any local person would have been happy to tell him how far it is to Peterson). But what bothers me even more than all of his fear-mongering and untruths is his negative portrayal of the people of Rushford. Like Mr. Kues, I am not a Rushford native; I have been a property owner here for thirteen years. During that time I have witnessed the people of this town rise to great heights demanded by a lot of challenging situations. I’m very proud to be from Rushford, which is why Mr. Kues’ commentary made me angry. When you accuse our city leaders of being dishonest Mr. Kues, you’re not talking about some political leaders far away. You are talking about our own citizens - people who live in Rushford, have families, work here and have pride in our community, both present and future. For you to suggest that any of the boards or councils in Rushford are made up of less than honest, hardworking people is unbelievably insulting to all of us. Have you attended any meetings of local boards and councils? Well, I have, and what I see are sincere people who are willing to sacrifice their time to study issues of importance and make sometimes difficult decisions after careful thought. Maybe where you came from

leaders were dishonest and false in their efforts to improve their communities, but that’s not how we do things here. We all get one vote in the upcoming school referendum, Mr. Kues, and frankly, I don’t care how you vote. But I hope you’ll take the time to make sure you have your facts straight. More than that, I hope you’ll open your eyes and take another look at the people of Rushford because you’re reading us all wrong. Bonnie Prinsen Rushford, MN

Rushford-Peterson informational meeting Rushford-Peterson Schools will be holding an Informational Meeting regarding the upcoming Referendum for New EC5th Grade Building for Business Owners on Wednesday, December 5 at 6:00 pm. The meeting will be held at Stumpy’s Banquet Room (basement). For all referendum information, please see the Rushford-Peterson Schools website at

Notice of Meeting Change Due to the Christmas holiday, the Sumner Township Supervisors’ Meeting will be held on Monday, December 17 at 7:30pm at the Sumner Town Hall. Melinda Miller, Clerk



Absentee Ballots for the Rushford-Peterson Schools ISD#239 December 19, 2012 EC-5th Grade Center Referendum vote are now available. Any resident of the Rushford-Peterson School District ISD #239 who would like to vote by absentee ballot must fill out an application for the absentee ballot. There are three ways to get an application: • Call Laura Hahn, District Clerk at (507) 864-7785 ext. 1106 and request an application form be mailed to you. • Pick up an application in the District Office, 102 North Mill St., Rushford. • Go to and click on the New School Initiative tab located on the left hand side of the homepage. Print and mail the completed application to: Laura Hahn District Clerk Rushford-Peterson Schools P.O. Box 627 Rushford, MN 55971 To vote absentee by mail: Once the Absentee Ballot Application is received, the District Clerk will mail an official ballot and instructions on completing the ballot to the address on the application. To vote absentee in person: Once the application for absentee ballot is completed you may vote in person in the District Office up until 5:00 P.M. on the day before the vote (December 18, 2012). For additional information on absentee voting please contact Laura Hahn at (507)864-7785 ext. 1106.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

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Fillmore Central sells facility bonds for HVAC project


Continued from Page 1

be near a fire hydrant, at the corner of Second Street and Twiford Street. He suggested a plaque or sign be added noting its history. Vogel believes it would cost less than $1,000 to replicate. Councilor Ken Jacobson said replicating the hitching post should hinge on the power company helping to pay for it since it was their equipment that was responsible for the destruction of the original hitching post. The council approved the reconstruction of the hitching post contingent on the power company helping with the cost. Other Business In Brief •Approval was given to advertise for candidates to fill the position of Deputy Clerk/EMS Support. •Mayor Don Hainlen presented Councilor Josh Thompson with a certificate of appreciation for his service since 2009. Thompson had chosen not to run for reelection.

By Jade Sexton Patty Heminover of Springsted financial advisors gave the Fillmore Central School Board some great news at their regular meeting on November 27. She informed the board that the alternative facilities bonds were sold at a competitive sale that day, and that Fillmore Central had an upgrade in their Standard and Poors rating. The district is now rated at an A+, which helped them tremendously in receiving a lower interest rate. The bonds were sold at lower than projected at 1.74 percent. Heminover said it is the lowest interest rate the district has ever had. “That is really darn impressive,” said Heminover. She presented the board with a plaque congratulating them on their rating improvement. The bonds will be used to pay for the HVAC project at the high school, which will begin in May. Part of the reason the district was able to get a better rate was the increase in general fund over the last five years. According to Superintendent Richard Keith, the OPEB

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bonds from 2009 have saved the district $100,000 a year, and the HVAC project done at the elementary building has saved the district in operating costs. All of these things have helped them build up the general fund from $200,000 to over $2 million in the last five years. Audit Report The board approved the audit report as presented by Jason Boynton of Smith & Schafer. Boynton shared that the district is doing well, and has a strong general fund balance. The student numbers, which had been declining for several years, remained steady compared to 2011. Boynton went over the expenditures and revenues for the year. The Community Ed. expenditures were up a little, and the food service revenues and expenditures were both up. The food service has a zero balance, which Boynton said most schools have. The district is paying down their debt service fund. Boynton said it was a strong year for the general fund, and the OPEB bonds in 2009 have helped the dis-


trict a lot. Chairperson Ross Kiehne thanked Boynton and everyone for their work. “We are definitely going in the right direction,” said Kiehne. Technology Committee Keith told the board that the technology committee is moving forward with the one-to-one program in which the students in grades 9-12 will be receiving Mac Air laptops. They would like to get the policies and financing in place to start this program for the 20132014 school year. Keith explained the year after that they would like to include grades 7-8, and would like to get more iPads in the elementary school. The infrastructure upgrades needed for this technology was completed over the summer, and the district hired Barb Thompson full time for technology needs. Personnel The school board approved the resignation of Scott Stockdale as a custodian. They also approved the hire of Jill Miller as a paraprofessional at the high school for 6.75

r For all you ry oce holiday gr ! needs Artwork involved.....maybe a Fooseball table and or a shuffleboard and or a Bar and Barstools.

hours a day, and Genevive Hanson as a day care aide. Keith Larson was hired as the head coach for baseball. Other Business Principal Heath Olstad told the board about a program headed up by Melanie Olstad in which some high school students will be volunteering their time to help out at the Harmony Habitat for Humanity house. The board approved another program in which people can bring food shelf donations to all home games in December and receive one dollar off the price of admission to the game. A change to the employee life insurance policy was approved, with a lower premium and more coverage. The board approved an open enrollment request from a family that moved to the Lanesboro School District. The Truth in Taxation hearing will be before the regular school board meeting on December 18 at 6:30 in Preston.

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Page 10


Monday, December 3, 2012

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

can be found at money.” The preliminary presentation Approximate tax impact Continued from Page 2 and tax impact brochures are statement brochures have been The homework has been done; available through the district mailed to property owners withthe reality is we can do it now office or online for viewing at: in the district. Those wanting or we can do it in ten years and Online, click to know the exact impact for pay more.” the “New School Initiative” tab their property can call Ehlers’ “I trust you guys to be doing on the left side of the screen Financial Services – Education the right things,” said Coun- and then the desired document Team at 1-800-552-1171 or cilor Vern Bunke. “We’re not at the bottom of the subsequent email mnschools@ehlers-inc. short on ideas. We’re short on page. Additional information com. Please have your parcel ID numbers ready. R-P staff and board reprelaB MIx sentatives will be meeting with Pet of the Week I don’tBoxer/Black act tough like my name, I am actually a pretty businesses December 5, at friendly guy. I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover. I am tall dark 6pm, at Stumpy’s Restaurant and handsome, I have long slender legs, and I wiggle my butt when I walk and when I am happy. I have a in Rushford, in the lower level really short tail so I never have to worry about that banquet room. being in my way or yours. I can get excited sometimes, A second public forum but I can also be pretty mellow at times. I am very regarding the referendum is smart and I use the toilet outside like good dogs do. scheduled for Monday, DecemIf you are interested in adopting or have questions on a pet, please feel free to call us at ber 10, from 6-8pm, in the 563-745-8627. Rushford elementary cafeteria. Noah’s Bark, Inc. is located at: The public is encouraged to 3874 Co Rd W 20, Decorah, Iowa 52101 IA Rocky Phone: 563-745-8627 Email: attend.


Give to the Max Day challenge results Give to the Max Day was November 15, a day that anyone could make online donations to local non-profit organizations. The Spring Valley Area Community Foundation challenged the Preston Area Community Foundation to see who could get the most donations in the 24-hour period. The Preston Area Community

Foundation received the largest amount of money donated. With 52 donors, they received $11,905. The Spring Valley Area Community Foundation had 91 donors, and received $5,445. The presentation of the Miken Sports Equipment will be Friday, January 18 in Preston during the Fillmore Central basketball game.

Fillmore Central holiday band concert to come The annual Holiday Band Concert is this coming Monday, December 3 at 7:30 PM in the high school varisty gym in Harmony. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend! Come hear the Fillmore Central jazz bands and concert bands as they proudly present

the music of the holiday season. Included in the performances are several popular carols, traditional holiday arrangements, Mainheim Steamroller classics, and a world premiere of a new composition written by director, Lane M. Powell. We hope to see you there!

Holiday Weekend Party!!! Friday, December 7TH Karaoke Joe 8:30pm-12:30am 9-11pm • 2 for 1 Drinks!!! Saturday, December 8TH Starting at Noon • Beer, Drink Specials & Door Prizes • Food at 2pm

Root River Saloon On & Off Sale 112 Coffee St • Lanesboro, MN • 507-467-3355

Thank You To All Kids For Their Great Art Work!

Aden J. Hershberger Age 11

Amos A. Age 3

Anna J. Hershberger Age 12

Annika G. Torgerson Age 8

Chriss Mast Age 6

David E. Hershberger Age 9

Edna E. Hershberger Age 11

Elsa Eickhoff 22 Months

Josh (Starken) Schad Age 6

Katie E. Slabaugh Age 11

Keely R. Age 4

Landon Sethre Age 5 1/2

Lester Detweiler Age 8

Logan R. Age 9

Lydia J. Slabaugh Age 6

Miamia M Age 6

Olivia Sethre Age 8

Rebekah D. Hershberger Age 8

Sara Yenter-Briggs Age 9

Timothy Age 5

Thank you to the Sponsors of the Thanksgiving Coloring Page for making the coloring page possible! Chic’s Pizza Place & Restaurant, Preston MN Preston Liquor, LLC, Preston MN Root River Hardware, Preston MN Preston Foods, Preston MN Pam’s Corner, Rushford MN The Creamery, Rushford MN Rushford State Bank, Rushford MN New Beginnings Salon, Rushford MN

Toby J. Hershberger Age 10

Page 12


Monday, December 3, 2012


A little of this, A little of that. By Kathy Little “Campbell’s Soup is M’m, M’m Good.” We knew that commercial was true because we had eaten a pantry full of their chicken noodle and tomato soup. Chicken noodle soup magically cured colds and tomato soup with grilled cheese was a gourmet delight. The Campbell’s kids, a redheaded boy and a blonde girl, were cute with their brown eyes and dimples. Sometimes the boy had blonde hair and the girl had red hair. Strange! We even saved the bright red labels to send in for free stuff. We wanted the soup bowls but our mother insisted that we send for the soup spoons with a U.S. President’s face on the handle. They weren’t breakable.

Raising four children had given my mother a phobia about broken dishes. I didn’t know why at the time. Those spoons are now sold at antique shops. How time flies. Campbell Soup merchandise is still being made and sold, too. Homemade soup when I was young was usually a way to serve leftovers. It was either that or a casserole of leftovers mixed with a cream soup from Campbell’s. Turkey noodle soup appeared after Thanksgiving and ham with split pea soup would appear after Easter. Thrifty cooks never threw anything away. A turkey car-

Kathy’s French Onion soup

4 Tbsp. butter melted l lb onions, peeled and chopped Brown onions in butter until soft Stir in 2 Tbsp. of flour and a pinch of salt, stir to mix Add 5 beef bouillon cubes and 4 cups of water Stir above and bring to boil, simmer for 1/2 hour Butter French bread slices on both sides and top with Swiss cheese...toast until crispy in oven (and cheese is melted) Put l bread slice in bottom of soup bowl and ladle soup over the top of it.

65th Wedding Anniversary

cass or a ham bone made a delicious broth. I always “made” soup for lunch when I babysat my two cousins. They loved chicken noodle soup. One loved the broth. One loved the noodles. Woe to the babysitter who put even one noodle in that broth. The broth lover then considered her soup contaminated and threw a hissy fit. I learned that lesson the hard way. When I married and began cooking from scratch, I learned that there were even soups that were served cold. These were never my favorite. I also discovered that soup could entice my family to eat more vegetables. Delicious and healthy - a wonderful combination. Collecting soup recipes became a hobby. Some soups required much chopping, which I find relaxing. Others required hours of simmering, creating a wonderful aroma in the kitchen. Still others had great garnishes like popcorn, sour cream, or taco chips. Eventually I purchased a chef-like soup pot and vintage rimmed soup plates and vintage soup spoons. Making soup made me feel like a pioneer woman cooking something in a black cast iron pot over a huge open fireplace. My favorite homemade soup is cheap, easy, and elegant. How often do those three adjectives go together? I clipped this French Onion Soup recipe out of a magazine, tried it and loved it. When I served it to my mother-in-law, a fantastic cook, she loved it so much that she put it in the Bremseth Family Cookbook. What a compliment. I felt honored. She traditionally serves it on Christmas Eve.

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Birth Announcement

Aiden Michael Jonsgaard Avrianna is proud to announce the arrival of her brother Aiden born on their mother’s birthday November 8, 2012, weighing 8 lbs, 21 1/2 inches long. Parents are Michael and Brianna Jonsgaard of Rochester. Grandparents are Danny and Rachel Dahl of Chatfield; Jeff and Jenni Jonsgaard; and Brenda Kuehn of Winona. Great-grandparents are Raymond Reese and Diane Hareldson of Preston; Linda Kern of Wykoff; Bob and Phyllis Dahl of Chatfield; Clar

. 1 col. x 3 ein black/whit

For only




Add color for $ a! only 3 extr

and Jean Kuehn; Pat and Arrin Jonsgaard, all of Winona. Great-great grandparents are MJ and Betty Taylor of Spring Valley.

Birth Announcement Taitt Christopher Lecy Kaylie, Koltan, Karter, and Trigg welcome their brother, Taitt Christopher. Taitt was born to Chris and Tonia Lecy on October 19, 2012. Grandparents are Ron and Linda Fishbaugher of Harmony and Norm and Barb Lecy of St. Charles. Great-grandma is Kathryn Fishbaugher of Harmony.


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Saturday, 8TH

Open House - 2-6pm Music by Gary Froiland - 2:30pm Please join us for our Christmas Open House!

Letters to Santa James & Violet (Gullickson) Hahn of Preston were married on November 30, 1947 at the Elstad Lutheran Church in rural Lanesboro

Happy Anniversary! Love, Your Family

Open House! Honoring Muriel Hanson’s 80TH Birthday will be hosted by her family on Friday, December 7TH, 2012 at the Preston Servicemen’s Club. The Open House Reception will be from 5-6pm. A dance will follow from 6-9pm with Casey & The Good Timers performing. Come & share a dance with the birthday gal!!!

Dear Children of Fillmore County, Please send your letter to Santa to the Fillmore County Journal and we will publish it in the Monday, December 24 newspaper -just in time for Santa’s visit. All letters to Santa should be submitted to the Journal by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 19. You can send them via e-mail to, or drop them off at the Journal in Preston, Minn., or mail them to the Journal at P.O. Box 496, Preston, MN 55965.

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Monday, December 3, 2012


In the service

Command, Great Lakes, Ill. as of November 9, 2012. During the eight-week program, Johnson completed a variety of training, which included classroom study and practical instruction on naval customs, first aid, firefighting, water safety and survival, and shipboard and aircraft safety. An emphasis was also placed on physical fitness. The capstone event of boot camp is “Battle Stations,” which gives recuits the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the fleet. “Battle Stations” is designed to galvanize the basic warrior attributes of sacrifice, dedication, teamwork and endurance in each recruit Patrick A. Johnson through the practical application of Navy Seaman Patrick A. Johnson, basic Navy skills and the core valson of Meg Johnson of Mesa, AZ ues of honor, courage and commit(recently relocated from Lanesboro) ment. Its distinctly “Navy” flavor and Doug Johnson of Preston, and was designed to take into account also grandson of Marilyn Soland of what it means to be a sailor. Lanesboro, completed U.S. Navy Johnson is a 2011 graduate of basic training at Recruit Training Lanesboro High School.

Happy 50th Anniversary

Don & Sharon Asleson



Happy Birthday Darrel Ray!

Married December 8, 1962

Page 13

Weddings | Engagements Birthdays | Anniversaries Birth Announcements Special Occasions!

Lokker~ Ortner Rebecca Lokker of Preston and Timothy Ortner, originally of Harmony, and currently from Orange City, Iowa; announced their engagement and upcoming wedding. Parents of the bride-to-be are Roger and Brenda Lokker of Preston, and parents of the future groom are Stephen and Monica Ortner of Harmony. The bride-to-be is a 2010 graduate of Fillmore Central High School and is currently attending Northwestern College in Orange

City, Iowa, where she is pursuing a double major in Elementary Education and Graphic Design. The future groom is a 2009 graduate of Fillmore Central High School and a 2011 graduate from Southeast Technical College with a degree in Automotive Technology. He is currently a diesel/auto mechanic at Precession Alignment and Repair in Maurice, Iowa. The wedding is planned for December 15, 2012, at the Greenleafton Reformed Church in Greenleafton.

Hansen ~ Cox Christine Hansen and John Cox, both of Elkton, South Dakota, were united in marriage on September 1, 2012, at Pioneer Lutheran Church in White, South Dakota. Parents of the bride are Peg and Paul Hansen of Madison, South Dakota. Parents of the groom are Nancy and Michael Cox of Harmony, Minn. John received his BS in Ag Systems Technology from South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota in

2008. He works at AES Wind Generation in Lake Benton, Minn. Christine received her BS in Animal Science from South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota in 2008 and her LPN from Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota in 2012. She currently works as an LPN at United Living Community in Brookings, South Dakota. The couple resides at their home in rural Elkton, South Dakota.

Welcome Charles Joseph Every!!!

Dec. 7th

Aiden Michael Jonsgaard

Love, Your Family

William W. Kremer, Jr. celebrated his 90th birthday at the Chosen Valley Care Center. His daughters and grand-daughters hosted the event.

Happy Birthday



was born November 8, 2012. He weighed 8 lb. and was 21.5 inches long. Parents are Michael and Brianna Jonsgaard of Rochester.

Born: October 30, 2012 11 Lbs. 1 oz. 22 inches long Parents: Nate & Stacy Every of Chatfield, MN Grandparents: DJ & Susie Gildner of Preston, MN Kevin & Joyce Every of Preston, MN Aunts & Uncles: Christy, Jim, Mathew & Joshua Bakken; Lindsi & Jarid Engle

Shop Spring Valley, Minnesota 7th Annual Christmas on Broadway December 8th •Supper with Santa 4pm-6pm (Free will offering with all excess donations going to the food shelf) •Root River Rebelers singing at 4:30pm •Bake Sale 12-6pm

•Purses & Pies 3-6pm •Light Parade @ 6pm •Fire pots on street with hot chocolate & smores •Angels with Paper Rings (Free), 3:30pm @ Community Center

Blizzard Date December 9th

Chad & Camri Harrington


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INSURANCE SERVICES Serving Southeast Minnesota

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Monday, December 3, 2012


Journal Writing Project

What’s a Championship? We’re from Minnesota! By Cody Hendrickson I am one of the biggest sports fanatics that you will find. I could watch/play them all day long. Whether it is cheering on all of Fillmore Central’s teams, watching College Game Day, or sitting on the couch watching NFL Sunday, I could do it all, all day long and that is why I plan to continue my education into Cody the world Hendrickson of sports as well. I plan on attending Bemidji State

University to major in Sports Management with a minor in Mass Communications. This will allow me to continue my passion for sports in a wide variety of ways including being a General Manager of a major sports team, and we all know that the ultimate goal is to win a championship, but with us being from Minnesota, most people can’t remember the last major sports title. So, in this week’s article I’ll recap Minnesota sports. The Minnesota Twins’ last World Series title was in 1991, with another one four years earlier in 1987. The Twins showed promise in the early 2000s but failed to get past the ALCS and now amidst a rebuilding project that is almost five years in the

making, the Twins show very little promise to bring another championship back to Minnesota. Hopefully Target Field is good enough for Minnesota fans, because if the Twins keep performing at this level it may be the team’s final stadium. The Minnesota Vikings have made it to the Super Bowl four times since the modern era going 0-4 in those games. They showed promise with Denny Green’s team in 1998 before falling to the Falcons in the NFC Championship game, thanks to Gary Anderson’s right foot. They again brought hope to Minnesota in 2009 with a miraculous season led by Brett Favre but yet again lost in the NFC Championship game. Like the Twins, the Vikings have been a rebuilding team for the past few years, and will continue to be one until Christian Ponder becomes a consistent NFL starter, or the Vikings draft an elite quarterback, along with keeping Adrian Peterson in the purple and gold. The Minnesota Timberwolves have been rebuilding for awhile. They had a streak of seven straight playoff seasons and reached the Western Conference Finals in 2004, but lost to the Lakers. The Wolves have been in a slide ever since they


14097 East Hwy 16 East Spring Valley, MN

traded Kevin Garnett to Boston in exchange for Al Jefferson. The team has showed promise over the last two years with Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, but with power houses like Oklahoma City, Miami, and New York, the Wolves aren’t very likely to win a championship in the near future. Minnesota has plenty of teams to cheer for however. The Minnesota Lynx did win the WNBA title just a year ago and you can always cheer for your Golden Gophers, even though you know they will disappoint you

at some point like they always do. Minnesota is a great place for a sports fan. It may not get the attention like New York or a Los Angeles, but we have everything you need in the sporting world. In the end it is about winning championships, but just be thankful you have the opportunity to cheer on your favorite teams. I mean it could be worse, we could be from Iowa. If you want to see some of my other thoughts follow me on Twitter: @CoachCody_09 Cody Hendrickson is a student at Fillmore Central High School. He is one of 8 area students participating in the Journal Writing Project, now in its fourteenth year.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

of Scales Mound, IL; 32 grandchildren, 64 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren for a total of 99 and Ethel Bunke Ethel Bunke, 79 of Rushford, counting; brother, Lyle (Bonnie) died Saturday, November 24, McElmury of St. Cloud; and 2012, at home surrounded by several nieces and nephews. Ethel is preceded in death her family. by her parents; brother, Don Ethel was ald McElmury; two sons, Richborn Februard and Ronald; granddaughter, ary 4, 1933, in JoNelle Bunke and great-grandMoney Creek son, Jackson Schneider. to James Funeral service was Tuesand Geneva day, November 27, 2012, at St. ( Johnson) Mark’s Lutheran Church with M c E l m u r y. Ethel Bunke Reverend Merlin Stephan offiOn April 24, 1948, she married Wilton Bunke ciating. Burial followed at St. at Rushford Lutheran Church. John’s Cemetery in Hart. Hoff Ethel was a member of St. Mark Funeral & Cremation Service Lutheran Church, its Ladies Aid was in charge of arrangements. and a Sunday School teacher. Richard Bruce Larson Ethel was a loving wife and Richard Bruce Larson, age mother of nine children. She 78, of New Hope, passed away loved to cook and take care of her family. It was a priority to November 10, 2012, after sevraise her children with a strong eral years of declining health. Christian faith. Ethel worked Bruce was born May 22, 1934, side by side with Willy on the in Spring Grove, Minn. to parfarms, and at Bunke Sales. Their ents Clifford and Ione Larson. love endures forever and her He grew up in Choice, Minn. and graduated from Rushford laughter will be missed by all. High School in 1952. After high She is survived by her husband, Wilton of 64 years, chil- school, he attended Winona dren, Susan (John) Magnuson State College; joined the army of Rushford, Donald (Lila) and was stationed at Fort Clayof Rushford, Duane (Ingrid) ton, Panama; and received his of Rushford, Kathryn (Larry) electrical engineering degree Eide of Rushford, Cindy (Jim) from the University of MinneSeverson of Plainview, Nancy sota. (David) Brommerich of Winona He married Yvonne Hasleand Terry (Richard) Crandall rud, who grew up in Rushford,

on Dec. 26, 1959. For a short time, he worked at Lightning and Transients Research in Minneapolis; the remainder of his career he worked at Honeywell in Hopkins. In retirement, he enjoyed tracing his Norwegian roots and growing his wood pile. Survivors include his wife, Yvonne; son, Brett of Bloomington; daughter, Rachel (Steve) Gibson of Eden Prairie; grandson, Brad Gibson; along with four nephews and two nieces. In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by two sisters, Diane Sudheimer and Sondra Hughes, and brother, Noel. A remembrance celebration for Bruce and his brother, Noel, who also passed away this November, will be at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, December 30, 2012 in the Highland Prairie Church Fellowship Hall. Marion Lingenfelter Marion Clara Lingenfelter, age 84, of Spring Valley, Minn., died suddenly Thursday evening, November 22, 2012, while visiting her sister in Stewartville, Minn. Marion was born February 7, 1928, in New Richland Township, Waseca County, Minn., the daughter of Earl R. and Tilda (Kjonaas) Krueger. She graduated from White Bear Lake High School in 1945. She married Robert J. Lingenfelter March 31, 1949, in Hartland,

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County Minn. The couple lived in the Rochester and Fremont areas before moving to Spring Valley in 1970. She worked for Lewiston Public School for eight years and for 18 years in the Superintendant’s Office in the Spring Valley school district before retiring in 1988. Robert died July 27, 1988. Marion was a member of Faith United Methodist Church in Spring Valley and was active in their Circles and the United Methodist Women. She was also a member of the Spring Valley VFW Auxillary and Piecemakers Quilters. She enjoyed family and friends and baking lefse. She is survived by four daughters, Cheryl (Dan) Boder of St. Paul, Minn.; Diane (Will) Cowell of Ramsey, Cambridge Shire,

United Kingdom; Louanne (Paul) Hamann of Fountain, Minn.; and Kathleen (Warren) Birch of Wyoming; 12 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; one brother, Charles (Phyllis) Krueger of Milaca, Minn.; and one sister, Elsie Andresen of Stewartville. She was preceded in death by her husband; son, Randall; two grandchildren, Bryan and Sarah Lingenfelter; sister, Florence Peterson; and two brothers, Donald and Henry “Buddy” Krueger. There was a memorial service Friday, November 30, 2012, at Faith United Methodist Church with Pastor Beth Perez officiating. Burial of her cremains was in Fort Snelling National CemSee OBITUARIES Page 17 

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Fillmore County Church Directory Fillmore County Journal • Preston MN 507.765.2151 VBC Video • Preston MN 507.765.2704 Visit Bluff Country • Preston MN 507.765.2151 A rendahl Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 10:30am Highway 30, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875-2477 Assembly Of God Church …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 610 Territorial Rd, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 Assumption Catholic Church ………Fri. - 8:30am & Sat. - 5:00pm 207 N May St, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-8320 Bethlehem Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:00am 200 Kenilworth Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3344 Calvary Baptist Church ………………Sundays - 10:45am & 6:00pm 910 Winona St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-4686 Canton-Scotland Presby terian Church...…………Sundays - 9:00am 104 W Fillmore Ave, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-2260 Chatf ield Lutheran Church …………Sundays - 8:00am & 10:00am 304 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-4721 Chatf ield United Methodist Christ ………………Sundays - 9:30am 124 Winona St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3529 Cherry Grove United Methodist …………………Sundays - 10:00am 18183 160th St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (Cherry Grove) (507) 937-3177 Christ Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am 509 Kansas St NW, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2161 Christian Science Ser vices …………………………Sundays - 10:00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2251 Elstad Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am 37784 Dogwood Rd, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3769 Emmanuel Episcopal Church ……………………Sundays - 10:00am 217 W Jessie St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2164 Faith United Methodist Church ……Sat. - 5:00pm & Sun. - 9:00am 617 Maple Ln, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2830 Fillmore Free Methodist Church …Sundays - 8:30am & 10:30am 19127 County 8, Wykoff, MN 55990 (Fillmore) (507) 352-5450 First Baptist Church …………………Sundays - 10:30am & 6:00pm 701 Kasten Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2840 First Baptist Church-Preston …………Sundays - 10:30am & 7:00pm 108 Chatfield Ave NW, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-4960 First English Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 10:00am 217 W Grant St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2793 First Lutheran Church of Highland ………………Sundays - 10:30am 22423 391st Ave, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3318 First Presby terian Church …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2854 Fountain Lutheran …………………………………Sundays - 9:00am Main Street, Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268-4413 Fountain United Methodist Church ………………Sundays - 8:30am Co. Rd. 8 and Cedar St., Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268-4456 Garness Trinity Lutheran …………………………Sundays - 11:00am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5905 Grace Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am 365 Park St, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875-2218

Brought to you by: SMG Web Design • Preston MN 507.765.2704 SMG Computer Solutions • Preston MN 507.765.2704 Greenf ield Lutheran Church …………………......Sundays - 9:00am 235 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3272 Greenleaf ton Reformed Church …………………Sundays - 10:00am Highway 9, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2546 Harmony United Methodist Church ……………..Sundays - 8:30am 60 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-6851 Henry town Lutheran Church …………………………Sun. - 10:30am PO Box 103, Harmony, MN 55939 (Henrytown) (507) 886-2425 Highland Prairie Lutheran Church ……………….Sundays -10:30am 43267 Bowl Dr, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 864-2731 Historic Lenora United Methodist Church (Special Occassions) Lenora, MN (Rural Canton) (507) 545-2641 Immanuel Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:30am 254 Main St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-2801 Lanesboro United Methodist Church ……………Sundays - 8:30am 507 Parkway Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2646 Mabel First Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:00am 202 N. Oak, P.O. Box 395, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5293 Mabel United Methodist Church …………………Sundays - 9:30am 111 W Newburg St, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5296 Nativity Catholic Church … Sun. (1st & 2nd) - 8:45am & (3rd & 4th) - 10:30am 640 1st Ave SW, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-2393 New Life Victory Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:30am 440 2nd Avenue Southeast, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3525 Newburg United Methodist Church 3.1 miles N. of Mabel on Hwy. 43; 2.2 miles W. on Co. Rd. 24 North Prairie Lutheran ……………………………Sundays - 10:30am 35957 Highway 30, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 875-2460 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church ……Sundays - 8:00am & 10:30am 805 S Broadway St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7251 Pilot Mound Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 9:00am 8 miles N. of Lanesboro on 250 then 4 miles W. on Hwy 30 (507) 875-2460 Pioneer Presby terian Church ………………………Sundays - 8:30am 206 Fillmore St NE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-4037 Preston United Methodist Church ………………Sundays - 10:30am 212 Saint Anthony St N, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2503 R iver Of Life Regional Church 220 N Money Creek St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2853 Root Prairie Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 10:30am County Rd 11, Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268-4455 Root R iver Church of the Brethren ………………Sundays - 10:00am 23553 County Rd 20, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-4772 Root R iver Community Church …………………Sundays - 10:30am 503 Nannestad Lane, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7074 Rushford Lutheran Church …………………Sun. - 9:00am & 5:30pm 101 S Mill St., Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7152

Olmsted County Journal • Rochester MN 507.288.5201 Daytripper • Rochester MN 507.288.5201 Studio-A-Photography • Preston MN 507.251.6372 Saetersdal Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 10:30am 21447 Co. Rd. 30, Rural Harmony, MN Scheie Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:30am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5680 St Columban Church ………………………………Sundays - 9:30am 408 Preston St NW # 2, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-3886 St Ignatius Catholic Church ………………………Sundays - 10:30am 213 W Franklin St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7565 St John’s Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 9:00am 241 Line St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-2296 St John’s Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 31497 Highway 43, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2585 St Joseph’s Catholic Church ………………………Sundays - 10:00am 103 N Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2257 St Mark ’s Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:00am 104 E North St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7111 St Marys Catholic Church ….......Sat. - 5:00pm & Sun. - 11:00am 405 Twiford St SW, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3148 St Matthews Episcopal Church ……………………Sundays - 9:30am 100 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923-1219 (507) 867-3707 St Matthew’s Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 9:00am Harmony, MN 55939 (Granger) (507) 772-4474 St Olaf Catholic Church … Sun. (1st & 2nd) - 10:30am & (3rd & 4th) - 8:45am 114 N Locust, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5268 St Patrick ’s Church Hall ………………………...…Sundays - 8:00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2480 St Paul Lutheran Church ………Sun. - 10:00am & Wed. - 7:00pm 128 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-4604 St Paul’s Lutheran Church ……………………....Sundays - 10:30am Harmony, MN 55939 (Big Springs) (507) 886-8175 Sumner Center United Methodist Church ………Sundays - 10:30am 9 miles N. of Spring Valley on Co. Rd. 1 (507) 378-4801 The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints-Sundays - 10:00am 21257 US Hwy 52 South Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-4551 Trinity Fellowship ELCA …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7211 Trinity Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 9:00am 204 South St, Ostrander, MN 55961 (507) 657-2203 Union Prairie Lutheran ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am Hwy 16, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3363 United Methodist Church …………………………Sundays - 10:30am 236 Gold St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-4136 Valley Christian Center …………………………....Sundays - 10:00am 610 Territorial Rd Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 W halan Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 9:00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (Whalan) (507) 467-2398

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etery in Minneapolis. Thauwald Funeral Home in Spring Valley assisted the family with arrangements. Donald E. Shofner Donald E. Shofner, age 90, formerly of Peterson, passed away on October, 23, 2012, at the V.A. Medical Center in Sheridan, WY. Don was born on March 31, 1922, in Aiken County. He was a WWII Veteran in the 52nd Armored Infantry. He served in the European Theater and was


CHristmas trees Cut your own tree. $30 Spruce or Pine



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Open Nov. 23 - Dec. 23, 2012 Thursday-Sunday 8am - 5pm Monday - Wednesday call for appointment! look for the sign on the south side of Hwy 16 between Wykoff & spring Valley. Phone 507-346-2389

21405 165Th AvE SpriNg vAllEy, MN

1 mileg

Spring Valley #16 N W 3.5 mileg



Wykoff 2.5 miles E

Tree Farm

honorably discharged in 1946. In 1947, he married Dorothy Tenney and had three sons and a daughter. In 1957, he married Eleanor Huston and had two sons, an adopted daughter, and cared for several foster children. Don spent most of his life farming until his retirement in 1985. In 2007 he moved to Buffalo, WY, to live with his granddaughter, Angelique (Rick) Langevin. In 2011, Donald moved into the Veterans home in Buffalo and in 2012 moved to Mountain View Living Center in Sheridan, WY. Don’s favorite past-time was fishing, even earning him the nickname “King Fisher.” He lived a long and full life and will be missed by all that knew him. Don is survived by his sons, Calvin (Shirley) Shofner, Wayne Shofner, Robert (Julie) Shofner, Larry (Mary) Shofner; daughter, Jackie Shofner; sixteen grandchildren; twenty-two great-grandchldren; ten great-great-grandchildren; two brothers, Harley (Geraldine) Shofner, Richard Shofner; numerous nieces and nephews. Don was preceded in death by his wife, Eleanor; first wife, Dorothoy; infant son, David; daughter, Mabel; four brothers, Earl, Marion, Ralph, and Lloyd; four sisters, Clara, Dorothy, Margaret and Elta. Memorial service will be held on December 8, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. at Grace Lutheran Church in Peterson. Inurnment will be in the Lanesboro Cemetery.

Monday, December 3, 2012


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Ban the bug week- it’s not too late to get the influenza vaccination! December 2-8 is National Influenza Vaccination Week and the statewide Ban the Bug effort to encourage Minnesotans to get vaccinated against influenza. Fillmore County Public Health (FCPH) is promoting these efforts by offering flu vaccinations via appointment. “It is not too late to get a flu shot,” said Fillmore County Immunization Coordinator Tina Peters. “The Ban the Bug Campaign seeks to remind people that there is still time to protect themselves against influenza.” Influenza vaccinations are recommended for all Minnesotans over age six months, but they are especially important for young children six months to five years old, seniors, people of any age

FC gives back During the month of December bring a non-perishable food item, new or gently used hats, mittens or gloves, non-wrapped Christmas gift item for a toddler through teen, to any home Fillmore Central basketball game or wrestling meet and receive $1.00 off your price of admission. All items will be donated to the Fillmore County Food Shelf/ Christmas in Fillmore County. Limit one dollar off per person per game.

with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, people living with or caring for those at high risk for complications from influenza, and healthcare workers. At Fillmore County Public Health, flu mist vaccinations are available for healthy individuals aged 2 to 50. The cost of the flu mist is $25.00 each. Both adults and children with a Minnesota Health Care Plan can receive flu mist free of charge if all health

insurance cards are presented during the appointment. FCPH also has flu vaccinations available for people with no insurance or whose insurance does not cover the cost of a flu vaccination. These vaccinations are available for anyone age six months or older. For more information about the Ban the Bug vaccination appointments, call Tina Peters at 507-765-3898.

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Chosen Valley Care Center, InC. A Senior Living Community

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Santa ClauS iS Coming to Canton! saturday, December 8TH

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Happy Holidays! to everyone in Canton from your friends at Enjoy Santa’s Visit on Saturday, December 8!

Happy Holidays

55 Center St. W., Harmony, MN • 507-886-2225

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Friday Night • Fish or Prime Rib Saturday Night • Prime Rib or BBQ Country Ribs

New Owners! Nick & Rene Prestby


Member FDIC

111 N Main St , Canton MN 507-743-2204 • Toll Free 1-877-457-5977 Lobby: M-Thurs 9-3, F 9-4:30 Drive-up: M-Th 8:30-4, F 8:30-4:30, Sat. 9-noon

3 Main Ave N, Harmony MN 507-886-6922 • Toll Free 1-877-886-6922 Lobby: M-Thurs 9-3, F 9-4:30 Drive-up: M-F 8:30-5:30, Sat. 9-noon

Tuesday-Thursday • 11am-9pm Friday & Saturday • 11am-10pm Sunday • Noon-7pm Bingo Every Tuesday Night at 7pm

canton Pub

110 N. Main - Canton, MN • 507-743-8565


MON–SAT: 7:00am – 9:00pm • SUN: 8:00am – 7:00pm


MON–SAT: 7:00am – 9:00pm • SUN: 8:00am – 7:00pm


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Chairman’s Reserve • Boneless

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The First State Bank of Fountain


December 13 9 am - 3 pm

Valuable prizes and special gifts, coffee, and hot cider. Christmas goodies provided by Terri Allen of Fountain

The First State Bank of Fountain

Fountain, MN • 507-268-4321

“Your Community Banks for Generations”

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not be a hardship for operators. Bakke said the DNR will comment on individual CUP applications and there may be a different number required for a particular CUP. Harvey Benson, Harmony, asked if livestock bedding production was commercial or industrial. Bakke explained bedding is commercial, adding that a mine operating under 736, industrial ordinance, can also produce a commercial product. However, a mine operating under 721, traditional construction materials, can not

Monday, December 3, 2012

produce an industrial product. Benson then asked that industrial mines be limited to two per township, suggesting they proceed with caution. There were no other comments from the public this day when the ordinances were discussed by the board as the public hearing for the ordinances had been held at the November 15 planning commission. At that time the planning commission voted unanimously to recommend adoption of each of the ordinances by the county board. 721 Zoning Administrator Chris Graves explained that during

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 household each week.

the review and study process, it was determined that two separate ordinances were needed, one for mining of construction materials (721) and one for industrial mining including frac sand mining (736). During the process 721 was strengthened. Commissioner Randy Dahl asked if materials produced for a wind farm would be under 721 or 736. Graves said they would be under 721 as the production of construction materials for a wind farm would not be a long term project. The amended ordinance 721 was unanimously adopted as presented. The moratorium last February had actually been

placed on this ordinance. 736 Graves maintained there had been a lot of helpful public comments throughout the process during which this ordinance was developed. He briefly listed restrictions specific to this ordinance including only five active industrial mines throughout the county at a time, a limit of 50 acres with only 25 acres in use at a time, clarifying definitions, a review by a technical evaluation panel for each CUP application, mining operation plans, covered loads, road maintenance agreement, and a beefed up regulation of blasting activity.

Dahl asked about how the application procedure will work with the 5-mine limit Bakke said an application will need to keep moving forward to complete the checklist needed. There will be a 60-day period after the checklist is completed for the application to be acted on. Dahl asked how long a mine can stay dormant before reclamation. Bakke explained active mines have to pay annual fees. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud asked about a scale at the mine. Graves said a scale will be required and reports will be made to the zoning office See COUNTY Page 26 

Super Bingo Name: _______________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________ City: _________________ Phone:________________________ E-mail: _______________________________

3 12 6 13 7

Contest will run 9 weeks from October 15, 2012 through December 10, 2012. Drawing Dates: Every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. starting October 23, 2012.

24 31 49 63 26 44 54 72 FREE 18 SPACE 57 69 19 30 50 66 $25 gift 20 36 59 60 certificate

COPA 6 Different Flavors

Contest Rules:

1. Within each advertisement on this page is a bingo ball. On this bingo card,circle the bingo balls found in the advertisements until you get a BINGO. You may use the free space as one of your five squares if applicable. A BINGO counts as five consecutive horizontal, vertical or diagonal squares with correct bingo balls identified. This is regular BINGO! 2. No purchase required. 3. Boxes will be available at participating businesses for bingo cards to be dropped off. 4. Entries may be delivered to the Fillmore County Journal office at P.O. Box 496,Preston, MN, 55965. 5. Must use original entry form from the Fillmore County Journal. May enter as often as you like. 6. Entries must be postmarked or delivered to the Fillmore County Journal office no later than 5:00 p.m. Monday prior to drawing. On holidays that fall on a Monday when the Journal office may be close, entries will be due by noon that following Tuesday. 7. Must be at least 18 years old to participate. Week 6 WiNNer 8. Businesses excluded from contest, residential only. Billie Sackett 9. Drawings will be held every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. starting October 23, 2012, with one winner drawn per week. Preston, MN 10. Winners will be announced in the Fillmore County Journal on this page.

You Could Win a

to use at one of the participating locations

Try Something NEW!!! Wine by the glass $


O 60


507-765-2565 • 811 Highway 52 North, Preston, MN

400 South Mill St., Rushford, MN 55971 507.864.2878 • Mon-Sun 7am-9pm

Preston Motor Mart

209 Kansas Street NW • on Hwy 52, Preston MN 507•765•3330

Hot Foods & Deli • Convenience Store Camping Supplies • Movie Rentals Lottery Tickets• Pay-At-Pump 24/7 G 50 Diesel Fuel • LP Exchange

Martin Oil Inc. & S&A Petroleum Bulk Fuels

Fillmore County Journal

136 St. Anthony St., P.O. Box 496, Preston, MN 55965

Phone: 507-765-2151 Fax: 507-765-2468 Toll Free: 800-599-0481




($25 Gift Certificate from Preston Foods )

For the “HARD TO BUY FOR” PERSON on your Christmas list. N 31 507-864-7949 105 State Road 16 Rushford, MN


407 S. Mill St. Rushford MN 507.864.7214



Big 16 Oz. Cans of Bud Light Lime



G 54

350 Mill St., Peterson, MN • 507-875-2826

If your business would like to be on the Bingo Page please call 507.765.2151

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Monday, December 3, 2012

“Historical Harmony” during Holiday Fest On November 17, as part of the Holiday Fest, the Harmony Area Historical Society will present its current display of pictures and other items that capture the history of Harmony. The display will be in the HAHS Interpretive Room at the Harmony Visitor Center on Saturday from 10:00-4:00 and Sunday from

2:00-4:00. The display includes guest registers and pictures of the old Harmony Hotel, which was located where the present Visitor Center is now. There are also numerous pictures of Harmony’s Main Street and private homes that show how many changes have come to Harmony since its incep-

Absolute ReAl estAte Auction saturday, December 15tH, 2012 • 11am Hasselmann trust (seller) sale site: Preston Golf & country club 27486 state Hwy. 16 W. • Preston, Mn

40 acres Farmland (more or less) located in bristol township, section 8, Fillmore county, Mn sect-08 twp-101 Range 011, sW 1/4 se 1/4 **All Acres survey to Govern** Directions to Property: From south edge of Harmony, west 8 miles on county road 44 to 241st Ave, then 1 mile north to 140tH street, then 1/4 mile west. terms: 20% non-Refundable down payment day of auction. balance due at closing Dec. 27, 2012 or upon clear and marketable title.

tion. A unique article is a large plat map from 1878 that shows which families owned particular sections of land around Harmony. One display case contains pictures and items that capture the history of Niagara Cave, while another case includes pictures of former Harmony businesses, buildings, families and individuals who were part of the Harmony community. There are also many other interesting exhibits--including one on the karst geology of the area--and old photographs. People who come to the display will be served coffee and holiday baking as well. Set aside some time during Holiday Fest to immerse yourself in the history and memories of Harmony. It’s a great way to learn about Harmony and to discover fascinating facts and figures about its history. New Crop of Apples!

Cameo, Jonagold, McIntosh, Cortland, Fireside, Empire, Golden Supreme, Haralson, Regent & Red and Golden Delicious

Fresh apple Cider Taking orders for Christmas Pies!

Christmas Trees are in! Stop by for your roping, wreaths and poinsettias! Fraser Fur • Balsam • White Pine

Matt Gehling, Auctioneer/broker 800.770.0347

Gift Boxes & Baskets Now Available!! FresH Baked Goods

OPEN 7 Days a WEEk 9am-6:00pm 507- 765-4486 Hwy 52, Preston, MN


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Antique • tools • HouseHold Auction

A u c t i o n saturday, dec. 8tH, 2012 - 9:00am Holiday Appreciation!

Lunch by Gleasons

sale to be conducted at the spring valley sales Auction

building, 412 east park street, spring valley, mn

AUCTIONEER NOTE: We will be selling a large selection of furniture, antiques, collectibles, tools and household items from 2 estates and several parties downsizing. Don’t miss this auction! Selling 2 Rings All Day • 14-16 Hayracks of Smalls Free Coffee & Treats!

For more info contact auction company or sAle ArrAnged And conducted by spring vAlley sAles compAny

Auctioneers: Dick Schwade Lic. 23-10018, 507-346-2183 or 7834, Cell 507-251-7313; Tom Jasper 50-113, 507-251-7654; Kevin Grabau 23-91, 507-951-1478 ringmen: Bob Root, Roger Becker clerk: Spring Valley Sales - Fax 507-346-2163. Announcements dAy of tAke precedence over Any Advertised or pre-printed mAteriAl All of tHe Above mercHAndise is selling As is, wHere is, witH no wArrAnty. terms: cAsH or good cHeck dAy of sAle. notHing to be removed until settled for. not responsible for Accidents or mercHAndise After sold. pleAse bring proper identificAtion.

Accepting mAjor credit cArds. • sAles tAx cHArged wHere ApplicAble.

Hay & Straw


12:00 noon

Monday, deceMber 10, 2012 NOTe: Sale iS 2Nd MONday Of each MONTh

SaLe PreSton daIry & FarM oF canton SIte: 1/2 mile West of canton, MN on hwy 52 TO cONSigN hay Or STraW Or fOr MOre iNfOrMaTiON: call don 507-743-2250 or gehling auction co. 507-765-2131 all hay MuST be ON The lOT by 3:00 pM The SaTurday priOr TO The aucTiON. all round bales & big square bales must be unloaded. No Sunday or Monday unloading. loader fee is $1.00 per bale. Only small square bales will be sold on trailers or wagons - there will be no exceptions. or email:


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quarterly. Amunrud suggested the word “haul” be changed to be more encompassing in 736.04 (4 and 5). The word “haul” was changed to “transport” and the words “haul back” were deleted. The board unanimously adopted 736 with those two minor language changes. After which, a resolution was unanimously adopted which removed the moratorium which had lasted about nine months. In a related issue Graves requested that the board consider raising the CUP permit fee for applications pertaining to Section 736 from $450 to $750. The increase in the fee will help cover the additional hours of work and review time that will be necessary for these applications. Graves estimated it will take 28 hours per application of his time. The increased fee was approved. •A CUP for Heusinkveld Farms, LLP, Section 28 Forestville Township, was approved to expand their existing feedlot to 600 animal units as recommended by the planning commission.

Monday, December 3, 2012

•A CUP for Gary and Matt Hellickson, Section 19 Carimona Township, was approved for a 720 animal unit feedlot. •Amendments to Sections 402 and 404 of the Fillmore County Zoning Ordinance were approved as recommended by the planning commission. The amendments will remove the requirement for a permit for any size portable agricultural building on skids. A permit will not be required for concrete or asphalt pads poured for non-agricultural uses, excluding foundations and footings. Other Business In Brief •Wanda Jensen, of the nonprofit Workforce Development, described the services they provide. They contract with Fillmore County to provide employment services. The county refers those individuals that come in for public assistance to the Workforce Development office to help them find employment. The goal is longterm full-time employment. Any job seekers can come in and use their resources, like computers. A 2013 purchase of service agreement with the Workforce Center, Inc. was approved. It was noted that of 150 clients

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

coming in from June to October, 83 have been placed at this point. •A grant was excepted to be used for adoption and foster care recruitment. The grant will be used for software licensing for a system which will be helpful in locating relatives. By law it is required to look for every relative placement that is possible. Bakke maintained we need a larger network of foster care parents within the county. •Jason Marquardt, VSO, noted that the Tomah, Wisconsin veterans clinic has suggested they can’t access the Minneapolis records of our vets. Marquardt said this isn’t so. Bakke suggested that authorization for a letter to Congressman Tim Walz be approved noting the difficulties in obtaining veteran services in Tomah and in Decorah for Fillmore County veterans. Beth Wilms, Community Services, insisted that the refusal to share records imposes an undue hardship on veterans. Authorization to draft a letter to Walz to be signed by the board chairman and also county attorney Brett Corson was given. •A veterans outreach grant will be used to purchase brochures for the office, sympathy

p o Sh

cards for families of lost veterans, and small calendars. •Mike Bubany described the request from Todd Jones, Spring Valley, for a nine-year economic development tax increment financing district to assist him in rebuilding the True Value store that was destroyed by fire. The TIF district will allow for a reimbursement of property taxes paid over a nine-year period. The board authorized county auditor Shirl Boelter to sign a waiver document to waive a thirty-day notice requirement, so construction can start yet this year. There was to be a

public hearing November 28 in Spring Valley. •The International Union of Operating Engineers, Local #49 Highway contract was approved effective January 1, 2013, through December 31, 2014. •An agreement with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP for 2012-2014 county audits was approved. •A used 2000 Sterling semitruck from Thompson Motors with trade-in of a 1991 Ford semi was approved at a cost of $7,600, as requested by Jon Martin, Sanitation.

Bloodmobile in Harmony on December 11 Harmony will be hosting a bloodmobile at the Harmony Community Center from 1-7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. All donors will be required to provide identification before donating, so please remember your donor card or driver’s license. Typically, all healthy men and women who are at least 16 years old and weigh 110 pounds or more are eligible to donate blood. Donors who are 16 must

have the written permission of a parent or guardian. Parental consent forms will be available on the day of the blood drive. There is no upper age limit, and the time commitment is minimal. While walk-ins are more than welcome, donors are highly encouraged to make appointments. To make an appointment, please call Marilyn Bratager at 507-937-3406.



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Twas-2 Weeks before Christmas, I ran through the house... Not one handmade gift, I felt like a louse. The teachers, the neighbors, the mailman and more... With so much to buy, what could I afford?


105 South Main Street, Mabel, MN • 507.493.5400

December 11 & December 18th 5pm-8pm

Christmas Open House December 8th 10am-3pm Serving Coffee & Cookies!

Happy Holidays from Mary!

Please remember to bring a Christmas stocking to fill with free gifts throughout the store! See you then! LeAnn & Staff at Mabel Flowers & Gifts

Rental Return Sale! – All Tractors Have Less Than 250 Hours

SOLD (PL) ‘11 JD 9630T, 154 HRS, #25740.. (SV) JD 7200R, #32561................... (NF) ‘11 JD 9360R, 150 HRS, #32316. .....................................$339,900 .....................................$148,000 .....................................$279,900

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for Details or Check Us Out Online: (877) Call 234-2994 (877) 233-5907 (877) 249-5504 (877) 232-4806

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(877) 234-2994 (877) 569-3199

(877) 233-5907

(877) 569-0299

(877) 249-5504

(877) 879-4479

(877) 232-4806

(877) 249-4256

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Monday, December 3, 2012


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Fillmore County Sports Basketball Previews

Girls Basketball CHATFIELD GOPHERS Head Coach: Brian Baum 2011-2012 finish: 14-4 in 3-Rivers (tied for 3rd), 21-8 overall; S-S 1AA-East champs; 1AA runner’s-up (lost 56-52 to Zumbrota-Mazeppa in Section final) Starters Lost: Sarah Costello (5’8” F), All-Conference; Erin Kammer (5’6” G), AC Honorable Mention Starters Back: MaKenzie Miller (6’1” senior C/F), A-C, led team in scoring in 2011-2012; Sidney Irish (5’4” junior G), A-C HM; Traci McDonald* (6’1” senior C); Kirsten Keefe* (5’7” sophomore G). *Basically split a starting spot. Other Key Returnees: Karlee Moulton (5’8” senior F); Candace Gould (5’8” senior G); Kileigh Dudek (5’7” senior G) Roster: 17 (6 seniors, 7 juniors, 4 sophomores) Prognosis: should compete at the top of the 3-Rivers with DoverEyota, Caledonia, and Southland. Could do a repeat of 20112012, if cards fall right, though its a tough section. RUSHFORD-PETERSON TROJANS Head Coach: Terry Pelzl (new, former R-P boy’s varsity assistant) 2011-2012 finish: 5-13 in 3-Rivers, 11-17 overall; S-S 1A East runner’s up (lost 67-35 to Spring Grove in Sub-Section 1A East finale). Starters Lost: Kenzie Lind (5’10” F); A-C; Katie Wolter (5’6” G) Starters Back: Amy Todd (5’9” senior F), A-C HM, led team in scoring in 2011-2012; Kendra Crawford (5’6” junior G), AC HM; Cody Manfull (5’7” senior G) Other Key Returnees: Sierra McNamer (5’9” junior F); Hope Morrison (5’7” junior F); Courtney Doerr (5’3” junior G); Mariah Mueller (5’6” senior G). Roster: 9 (4 senior, 5 juniors, underclassmen yet to be determined) Prognosis: could find it tough sledding against the upper echelon 3-Rivers teams, but should improve upon ’11-‘12’s conference record. A Sub-Section 1A-East run is very much possible. KINGSLAND KNIGHTS Head Coach: Jill Thalmann (new) 2011-2012 finish: 7-11 in 3-Rivers, 11-16 overall (lost 76-50 to Z-M in Sub-Section 1AA West quarterfinal) Starters Lost: McKayla Pruter (5’1” G), A-C HM; Nicole Swanson (6’2” C), A-C HM; Lindsay Tart (5’8” G/F), A-C HM; MacKenzie Marzolf (5’9” F) Starters Back: Cheyenne Losey (5’11” senior G/F), A-C Other Key Returnees: Jessi Kaster (5’10” senior G/F); Brianna Musel (5’9” junior F); Lizzie Tart (5’8” senior F); Haley Colton (5’3” junior G)

Roster: 16 (7 seniors, 9 juniors) Prognosis: should be competitive with ‘the rest’ of the 3-Rivers teams, behind D-E, Chatfield, Caledonia, and Southland. FILLMORE CENTRAL FALCONS Head Coach: Sarah Tollefsrud 2011-2012 finish: no 3-Rivers games; 4-15 overall (lost 49-47 to LeRoy-Ostrander in a 1A-East quarterfinal) Starters Lost: Alex Peterson (5’11” senior F/C), A-C HM Starters Back: Jordan O’Connor (5’5” senior G); Morgan Malley (5’6” sophomore G); Sammi Bakke (5’10” sophomore F); Leah Scheevel (5’9” sophomore F) Other Key Returnees: Kaitlynn Aug (5’11” sophomore F/C); Larissa Armstrong (5’5” freshmen G) Roster: 14 (3 seniors, 1 junior, 6 sophomores, 3 freshmen, one 8th grader) Prognosis: after a year hiatus from playing official 3-Rivers games, FC returns to the conference and, due to the youth (1 American senior, 1 junior), it’s going to be tough. Sub-sections offer more hope. LANESBORO BURROS Head Coach: Kelly McMillen (new, Lanesboro girl’s B-squad coach in 2011-2012) 2011-2012 finish: 12-6 in SEC (4th), 13-15 overall (lost to Houston 51-35 in 1A-East quarterfinal) Starters Lost: Paige Hungerholt (6’0” F/C), A-C; Bryn Harmon (5’8” F), A-C Starters Back: Alisa Warnes (5’10” senior F), A-C HM; Johanna Bearson (5’5” senior G); Kirsten Ruen* (5’8” senior F); Bailey Gartner* (5’7” sophomore G). *Basically split starting spot Other Key Returnees: Kaia Hongerholt (5’6” junior forward) Roster: 16 (4 seniors, 3 juniors, 8 sophomores, 1 freshman) Prognosis: loss of ‘H’-girls hurts, but SEC isn’t as powerful with Spring Grove devoid of graduated Richelle Mehus and Taylor Elton. MABEL-CANTON COUGARS Head Coach: Adam Wilder (new) 2011-2012 finish: 4-14 in SEC, 6-20 overall (lost 73-20 to Spring Grove in 1A-East quarterfinal) Starters Lost: **Bailey Hanson (5’8” F) Starters Back: Christy Welscher (5’9” senior F/C), A-C; Lydia Geving (5’7” junior G); Carly McCabe (5’4” junior G); Sara Lind (6’0” junior F/C); **Danielle Paul (5’4” senior G). **Partial starter. Other Key Returnees: Abby Hanson (5’7” junior G); Amanda Rasmussen (5’8” senior F) Roster: 14 (3 seniors, 5 juniors, 3 sophomores, 1 frosh, 2 8th graders)

Prognosis: with 8 upperclassmen, Cougars are in best position experience-wise they’ve been in the past two years. That should almost guarantee they improve upon last year’s records. Boy’s Basketball RUSHFORD-PETERSON TROJANS Head Coach: Tom Vix 2011-2012 finish: 15-5 in 3-Rivers (tied for 2nd), 26-6 overall; Sub-Section 1A-East champs; Section 1A champs, state 3rd place (beat Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin 75-58) Starters Lost: Nick Thompson (6’4” F), A-C. Trent Vix (5’9” G), A-C, Nate Kingsley (6’0” F) Starters Back: Jorli Hauge (6’1” junior F); *Austin O’Hare (6’2” junior G/F); *Seth Thompson (6’2” junior G). *Split a starting spot. Other Key Returnees: Cole Kingsley (5’10” sophomore G); Alex Vix (5’9” sophomore G); Phil O’Shaughnessy (6’1” Sr. G); Kyle Johnson (5’9” Sr. G) Roster: 18 (4 seniors, 6 juniors, 8 sophomores) Prognosis: R-P will have to somehow replace (likely by committee) the 35 points a game Vix and Thompson supplied. That is a task. With Coach Vix though, they are at least the/a favorite in Sub-Section 1A East. CHATFIELD GOPHERS Head Coach: Tom Bance 2011-2012 finish: 8-12 in 3-Rivers, 10-17 overall (lost to P-E-M 76-58 in a Sub-Section 1AAEast semifinal) Starters Lost: Jake Peterson (5’9” G); Tyler Lund (6’3” C); Josh Bernard (5’11” F) Starters Back: Nate Skare (6’2” junior G), A-C; Mitch Irish (6’2” senior F) Other Key Returnees: Jake Neis (5’10” junior G); Luke Isensee (6’3” senior G); Jayme LaPlante (6’3” junior F) Roster: 17 (5 seniors, 10 juniors, 2 sophomores) Prognosis: A breakout year? The Goph’s downed P-E-M, the Class AA state champ, a season ago (a possible harbinger of things to come). The trio of Skare, Neis, and LaPlante will be formidable. KINGSLAND KNIGHTS Head Coach: John Fenske (new) 2011-2012 finish: 15-5 in the 3-Rivers (tied for 2nd), 20-9 overall; Sub-Section 1AA-West runner’s-up (lost to Byron 55-48 in the Sub-Section 1AA-West final) Starters Lost: Tanner Lange (6’1” G), A-C; Sam Eberle (6’0” G), A-C; Spencer Klevan (6’4” F), A-C; Devin Pokorney (6’3” F); Soren Grandall (6’1” G) Starters Back: none Other Key Returnees: Marshall Oeltjen (6’2” senior F) Roster: 11 (2 seniors, 4 juniors, 4 sophomores, 1 freshman) Prognosis: after losing five starters and their top six players, the good news for the Knights is the 2012-2013 team played together all last season as the Knights B-squad. Filip Swanson (6’7”) is

also the county’s tallest player. FILLMORE CENTRAL FALCONS Head Coach: Aaron Janssen (new) 2011-2012 finish: 4-16 in 3-Rivers, 9-19 overall (lost to Spring Grove 73-62 in a Sub-Section 1A-East semifinal) Starters Lost: Zach Olstad (5’11” G); Tyler Eickhoff (5’10” G); Isaac Sveen (6’4” F/C); Mitch Johnson (6’0” F); *Andy Todd (6’1” F); *Ryan Baker (5’11” senior G) Starters Back: *Dan Gatzke (6’3” senior F) *Part-time starters. Other Key Returnees: none Roster: 16 (9 seniors, 7 juniors) Prognosis: only Gatzke returns, leaving FC inexperienced and finding new roles. That doesn’t necessarily bode well, though improving on last season’s four league victories isn’t exactly a big step-up. LANESBORO BURROS Head Coach: John Smith 2011-2012 finish: 15-3 in SEC (tied for 2nd), 16-10 overall (lost 71-61 to Houston in a SubSection 1A-East quarterfinal) Starters Lost: Braden Hanson (6’2” G), A-C; Cory Strom (6’0” G), A-C; C.D. Hanson (5’10” G), Joey O’Koren (6’2” F) Starters Back: Erik Peterson (5’8” senior G), A-C HM Other Key Returnees: Kole Ruud (5’11” junior G); Luke Rogers (5’10” junior G); Isaac Freese (6’3” senior F) Roster: 13 (3 seniors, 3 juniors, 7 sophomores) Prognosis: the outside shooting trio of Peterson, Ruud, and Rogers should keep the Burros again in the upper-half of the SEC. MABEL-CANTON COUGARS Head Coach: Doug Wyffels 2011-2012 finish: 11-7 (4th place), 13-14 overall (lost 75-62 to Fillmore Central in a SubSection 1A-East quarterfinal) Starters Lost: Steve Smith (6’3”

C/F), A-C; Jacoby Bigalk (5’10” G), A-C HM; Adam Fravel (6’0” F); Gabe Lind (5’10” F) Starters Back: Logan Henry (6’0” Sr C) Other Key Returnees: Noah Manning (5’11” Jr G); Hunter Johnson (6’0” Jr. G); Justin Ward (5’11” Jr F) Roster: 12 (3 seniors, 4 juniors, 5 sophomores) Prognosis: It’s the post-Steve Smith era. The Coug’s will certainly have a more guard-based system without the 6’3” 250pound beast down low. 3-Rivers All-Conference Football Chatfield: Co-Offensive Player of the Year - Jake Neis (Jr.), Defensive Player of the Year Justin Viss (Sr.), Jayme LaPlante (Jr.), Luke Isensee (Sr.), Nate Skare (Jr.) Rushford-Peterson: Zach Boehmke (Sr.), Dalton Bellock (Sr.), Alex Vix (So.), Cole Kingsley (So.) Fillmore Central: Dan Gatzke (Sr.), Jake Ristau (Sr.) Kingsland: Marshall Oeltjen (Sr), Justin Kraling (Sr.) Co-Coaches of the Year: Davin Thompson (R-P), Jeff Johnson (Chatfield) GBB Results 11-23 > Lanesboro 20, KassonMantorville 80 (L: Alisa Warnes 10 pts, 6 rebs. K-M: Erin Schlotthauer 22. Dover-Eyota Tournament) > Kingsland 51, Sioux Central, Iowa 42 (K: Lizzie Tart 15; Cheyenne Losey 13; Marissa Bornholdt 8. Byron Tournament) 11-24 > Lanesboro 39, LeRoyOstrander 35 (L: Olivia Haug 12 pts, 9 rebs, 3 assists; Johanna Bearson 8 pts, 3 stls. D-E Tournament) > Kingsland 44, Byron 55 (K. C. Losey 11 pts, 11 rebs; Melinda Woods 8 pts. B: Vanessa Anderson 19 pts, 17 rebs. Byron Tournament)

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Cattle feeder day 2012 Jerrold Tesmer, Extension Educator for Fillmore/Houston Counties Feeding and managing for efficiency in the feedlot while finishing cattle at heavier weights is the theme for the 2012 Cattle Feeder Day Program. As the US beef cow herd shrinks, and feeder supplies dwindle, the US industry has turned to relying on Jerrold Tesmer heavier end weights for finishing cattle. Concurrently, feeder prices have increased over 30 percent. These two fundamental changes in the cattle industry have significant implications on

1 Mile North of Preston on Hwy 52

Preston, MN • 507-765-2250


feeding and managing cattle to prevent losses in efficiency at various critical control points in the feedlot; namely, feedlot cattle health and nutrition during the receiving and finishing periods, increased reliance on combinations of co-products and farm-raised feeds with little grain inclusion, and ensuring that losses during feed storage, transport, loading, mixing and delivery are kept to a minimum. The University of Minnesota Beef Team is happy to announce that they have teamed up with two nationally-known experts to address these issues during the 2012 Cattle Feeder Days program. Tom Peters, consulting nutritionist, will speak about retaining efficiency in spite of finishing cattle at heavier weights. Chad Zehnder,

Holiday Hours until Christmas: Mon-Sat: 8am-7pm Sun: 1-5pm

Assisted Living of Preston


Holiday open House!!! december 7, 2012 From 1-3pm ribbon cutting

at 1pm For tHe FinisHed construction on our nortH end! public Welcome!

come & Have some cHristmas Joy oF yummy Food

& drink as Well as sHaring in tHe company oF some oF tHe nicest, Wisest people in toWn!

services include

- A wide range of room sizes & prices to accommodate everyone’s personal & financial needs - As much or as little assistance that you need with medication assistance or management provided - Variety of activities to fit everyone’s liking - Free on-site laundry (soap & dryer sheets provided) - On call RN & 24 hour awake staff - Home cooked dinner and supper - Continental Breakfast - Weekly housekeeping - Two snacks a day

24 Hour Emergency Response System

Monday, December 3, 2012 nutritionist with Purina Mills Feed, will speak about reliance on combinations of co-products and farm-raised feeds, and Alfredo DiCostanzo, of the University of Minnesota Beef Team, will address concerns with managing feed storage, transport, loading, mixing and delivery to retain efficiency. At the end of the program, speakers will host an open panel discussion to address


issues specific to local operations. The program will be held December 13, 5:30 pm at Rochester Events Center, 7333 Airport View Drive SW Rochester, MN 55902. A $30 registration fee will be charged at the door.

Winter Special!

The fee for additional attendees from the same farm or family is $15/person. Preregistration is encouraged but not mandatory. Please preregister by December 5 with Devan Paulus-Compart at 425-246-6131 or paulu058@

Salvation Army seeks local bell ringers and contributions

Salvation Army kettle season is right around the corner in Preston. You’ll find the kettle and bell ringers in Preston on Wednesday, December 19 at the F&M Bank corner from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. in front of Preston Foods. If you, your family or your group, would like to participate as ringers, half-hour shifts are available. To schedule a time, you can contact Barb Scheevel at or at (507)765-4948. Fillmore County’s Salvation Army budget is based on what is collected in the Fillmore County kettles, so it’s important to donate locally if you want to help your neighbors in need. Money donated in other counties, in the Rochester kettles or sent in the envelope you receive in the mail, will be part of those counties’ budgets and not be available to Fillmore County residents. If you would like to donate, but are not able to stop by a Fillmore County kettle, financial contributions can be dropped off anytime with Tammy Simonson at F&M Community Bank in Preston. For questions or more information, contact Preston’s Salvation Army Kettle Drive Coordinators: Sheila Craig, Barb Scheevel, Sue Hovey or Nancy Byrne.

Santa is Coming to Peterson 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Bag of treats ids for the kpe terson

of Compliments on american Legi

Stop in to hear about our

Page 30

Saturday, December 8th at 1:00 - 3:00 pm Judy’s Country Kitchen Coffee & Cookies


Light Up peterson

for the holidays Peterson Residents

Each holiday decorated home will be counted on the night of December 7th and a donation of $5 will be given in honor of each to the Food Shelf. The count will be displayed at the Santa Visit on the 8th! A non-perishable food item would be greatly appreciated in exchange of treats. Peterson residents, decorate your home and light up the town this Holiday season!

happy hoLidays! from the City of Peterson, Peterson American Legion, & Judy’s Country Kitchen

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, December 3, 2012


Page 31

CALENDAR OF EVENTS TUESDAY, DEC. 4 Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30 Sylvan Manor, Lanesboro and 10:30-11:00 Kenilworth Apartments, Lanesboro. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic 11-11:30pm, Thurber Building, Chatfield. Knit it Together, 3:30-4:30pm, Preston Public Library. Knitting for all levels. For fundraiser info, call 507-867-3583.* Bluff Country Toastmasters meet, 5:30pm, Spring Valley Public Library.* Magdlin- Gilbertson VFW Auxiliary Monthly Meeting- potluck supper at 6:30- bring a dish to pass and your own tableware. Reg. meeting to follow at 7:30pm at Preston Servicemen’s Clubrooms. In lieu of a gift to exchange, monetary donations will be collected for “Christmas in Fillmore County.” AA Meeting, 7pm, Faith United Methodist Church, Spring Valley. “Living in the Solution.” Newcomers welcome.* Adult Children Anonymous (formerly known as Adult Children of Alcoholics) meeting, 7pm. Call Deb 507-765-5336 for info.* Chatfield AA meets, 7:30pm in the Pio­neer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St., Chatfield.* AA Closed Meeting, 8pm, Presbyterian Church, Mill St, Rushford.*

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 5 Fillmore County Public Health provides free blood pressure checks in Spring Valley, 9:30-10:30 a.m. at Hillside Apartments, 409 S Hudson Ave. and 10:45-11:15 a.m. at the Community Center. Merry Meeters Birthday Club: 11:30 a.m., Pat Schwartz home. Pot luck, white elephant gift, foodshelf item. Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, 2-5pm. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley.* THURSDAY, DEC. 6 Free Senior Coffee, 9am, Heritage Grove, Harmony.* Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 9:3010:30am, Fountain Bank Lobby, Fountain. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30am, Good Shepherd Community Room, Rushford. Story Hour- Harmony Public Library, 11am. No school, no story hour.* Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 12-12:45pm, Community Center, Ostrander. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10:4511:15am, Tenborg Center, Rushford. Canton Senior Citizens meet at 1pm for cards and visiting, Canton Community Center.*

Preston Historical Society meeting, 7pm, United Methodist Church, Preston. Public invited. FRIDAY, DEC. 7 Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, Senior Citizens Day, 9am-10am. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley, MN.* Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 11:1511:45 a.m., Community Center, Canton. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 1-1:30pm, North Manor, Harmony and 1:303:00pm South Manor, Harmony. Chatfield NA meeting, 7:30pm, Pioneer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St. Chatfield.* Harmony AA Group- Harmony Community Center, 8pm, For more info call 612-251-3822 or 507-272-2191* SATURDAY, DEC. 8 Lanesboro AA Group, 8:00pm, Bethlehem Lutheran Church. For more info, call 507-251-1771 or 765-2518.* SUNDAY, DEC. 9 VFW Men’s Auxiliary breakfast: 8-12:30pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall. NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-3996089. *

Fountain AA Group closed meeting, 7:30pm. Fountain Lutheran Church, south Main St. and Highway 52.* MONDAY, DEC. 10 Community Coffee, 9am, Park Lane Estates, Preston.* Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30am, Cherry Wood Apts, Mabel and 10:30-11:15am Fire Hall, Mabel. Preston Seniors potluck luncheon, 11:30am, Legion Club TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) Meeting, Spring Valley Care Center Activity Room. Weigh-in from 5:45-6 p.m. Meeting from 6 to 6:45 p.m. Questions contact Judy at 507-346-2469.* NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-3996089. *

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Monday, December 3, 2012


Call 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 (in 507 area code) FAX 507-765-2468 or e-mail:






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FOR SALE: High back wall-mount white porcelain bathroom sinks from original Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Excellent condition. Perfect for restoration of older home. Priced at $150 per sink. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x

Snow Plow Snow Sales and Service, Featuring Snow-way and Hiniker Products, New and Used Units, go or call 877-338-7880. Ask for Brian. s3,10,17- x

Wanted: Cars, trucks, buses, and semi trailers, running or not. Serving SE MN and northern IA. Luke Junge, Preston, MN. Call 507-259-4556. w30tfn- o


BILL’S GUN SHOP. Hours 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm M-F, Sat 8am to 8pm. Sunday by appt. We buy, sell, trade & repair. 1-1/4 miles south of Carimona, 19708 Kava Rd, Preston. 507-765-2762. s9/29eow- o FOR SALE: Classic antique cast iron radiators from the original Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Many sizes and colors. Excellent condition. Would be perfect for restoration of an older home. Priced from $200 to $500 depending on which size. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x

FOR SALE: Internet-ready, eMac computers, 1ghz, 80gb, 512mb RAM, InDesign Master Suite Collection software. All products for media desktop publishing included. Asking $249 or best offer. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x ELIMINATE YOUR heating bills. OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE from Central Boiler. Theobald Heating Solutions 507-533-4523. swk1tfn- o Dry oak and elm firewood for sale. 507272-9089. s3,10- o

Rochester, MN 866-657-4910

103 20th St. NE, Stewartville, MN ~ Just off Hwy 63

NEw FeatHerlite trailerS iN Stock:

Wanted: All Motorcycles & Memorabilia Pre 1980: Running or not. Top Cash Paid. 845-389-3239 MFPA

EZ-GO & Yamaha GOlf Carts SaleS & Service New & USed


Ivan Vreeman harmony, mn 507-273-6928

THANK YOU everyone for the calls, cards, visits and rides. Pastor Jore, the Church family, for their support. God bless you, holiday greetings to all. Warren Cummings t3- x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE RON MILLER FAMILY would like to thank everyone for the cards, memorials, and coming to the celebration of life. A special thank you to Mark for all his help and Pastor Michael Smith. Ed & Cheryl Bruce & Sue t3- x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A SPECIAL THANKS from Wilton Bunke and family. Our most sincere and grateful thanks to all the wonderful friends and family that walked with us through this difficult time. Ethel was a beautiful person. We will miss her contagious laugh and the love she shared with all. Willy & Family of Ethel Bunke t3- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FARM ATTENTION LANDOWNERS! Looking to rent hunting land in 2013. You set price and conditions. I cover the landowner with insurance. Will pay a premium for good deer hunting. Call Pat: 952-492-5540 or email: f11/192/4- o STANDARD BRED GEHLDING 6 year old. Traffic safe. Jerry W. Miller, 34631 Co. Rd. 115, Harmony, MN 55939. s3,10,17- x

New Rebates!

• 4 Horse LQ's • 2013 Car Bumper Pull • 500 Gallon Fuel Trailer • 20' Wood Floor Stock • 7' x 20' Stock • 16' Bumper Stock • 16' Goose Neck Stock • 7' x 24' Stock • Custom Options Available USEd FeatHerlite trailerS: • '01 24'sold Stock • '08 7'x20' Stock • '09 7'x24' Stock USEd EqUipMENt: • Bobcat T180 • JD 4520 • JD 325sold • Bobcat 873 sold • JD 7630 w/Loader MFWD • Bobcat S185 Cab • Bobcat T200 • JD 4610 w/Cab & Loader • Bobcat S250 • NH TC 40 w/loader

A Great Read!

Walker-Coon Hound

Male, white with black and brown markings. Scar on one of his back legs. Was wearing faded green collar with tag. Goes by Frank.

Contact Kurt Lange Home: 507.875.5556 or Cell: 507-251-1118

Got a News Tip? Have a Story Idea? Contact the

507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481

Professional service Guide


Specializing in Roofing

• Remodel • New Home Construction • Siding • Replacement Windows • Concrete Sidewalks • Flat Pours Licensed & Insured #20450126

We fix Wet Basements! Mention this Ad and Receive $100 off Basement Waterproofing System Free Estimates • 507-259-7776 •

plUmbINg Dave’s Plumbing & Heating, Air Conditioning

New Construction & Remodeling• In-Floor Heat • Drain Cleaning

Appliance Sales & Service • New & Used Call Dave or Dempsey • Cell: 507-259-4238 or 507-259-4239 Spring Valley & Preston • Bus. 765-2173 or 346-7879



PLuMBiNg, HeatiNg & CooLiNg, LLC

servicemaster of chatfield Professional Cleaning ~

Lic.# 20638833

Carpet, Furniture, Floors, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Fire & Water Damage, Janitorial Service.

The clean you expect Jeff Hebl, owner The service you deserve 507-467-4798 • Lanesboro, MN


• New Roof • Reshingle • Flat Roofs • Steel Shingles • Lawn Care • Snow Removal • Storm Damage • Gutter Cleaning

Certified Professional Installer • Workmanship Guaranteed • Competitive Pricing Bonded, Insured and Licensed. Call now for Free Estimate • 507-251-9220


30 Ton, 136 ft Boom Truck Service

J.W. ElEctric

We Carry

Let Me “PLug” you Into A better DeAL

• Dryers • Grain Bins for Drying & Storage -Fans -Heaters -Roof Vents -Floors (And More!)

& Tear Down , Millwright, Grain Legs, Auger, and Conveyor Construction, Concrete Construction.

• CommerCial • trenChing Joel Walbridge Fountain, mn

Lic# BC474301

CONSTRUCTION HungeRHolt caRpentRy for all your building and remodeling needs. Many Years of Experience • Marty HungerHolt, 507-467-2203 • randy HarMon, 507-467-2410 • ricHard nepstad, 507-765-3621

Plumbing & Heating

• New Homes • Remodeling • Air Conditioning

308 St. Anthony St., Preston • Furnace • Drain Cleaning

Calls welcomed any time!


Plumbing & Heating

• Insured • Septic systems • New Construction • Remodeling

Dave Swenson Don Tollefsrud Matt Swenson lic. #008399pJ

lic. #008744pJ

lic. #7046

pROpaNE gaS KRuegel gaS SeRvice ProPane service installation delivery



SaTEllITE SERVICES Craig Stortz #PL07718

Power Limited Licensed

Stortz Satellite

Nick Stortz #PL07719

Serving the Tri-State area Residential & Commercial Accounts for Direct TV & Dishnet. Cable - Phone - internet - Wiring Canton, MN

Toll Free 866-862-5397 Bus 507-743-8486 Cell 507-259-1454

BRUMM’S PLUMBING & HEATING, LLc Tony Brumm • Mabel, MN 55954 Phone: (507)493-5507 • Cell:507-251-9212

Taylor ouTdoor Wood SToveS ~ radianT Floor HeaTing a-Maize-ing HeaT Corn FurnaCeS & BoilerS ~ gaS FurnaCeS & BoilerS air CondiTioning ~ SepTiC SySTeMS ~ neW ConSTruCTion ~ reModeling Free eSTiMaTeS ~ inSured

To adverTise your business Mn contractors lic. #20382343

507-493-5282 • Free Estimates

(507) 268-4367 Cell (507) 273-0829

Al lArson & sons • Custom Cabinets • Remodeling • Roofing • gaRages • siding • sheds & moRe • gRaniCRete CounteR tops H:507-268-4949 C:507-272-3624

• residential • Farm


the First Bin DesiGneD For the 21st Century

Fountain, MN

• Chimney Flashings • 24 Hr. Res/Comm. Leak Repair


PETERSON, MN 55962 • 507-875-2496

and Cabinetry

• New Construction • Remodeling • Insured • Free Estimates • Licensed 507-743-8325 SEE uS FoR aLL youR HEatINg & CooLINg NEEdS Randy Newman - 507-421-2536 - geoSystems

Call 507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481 or email

This space is available for your business!

Share your thoughts at



ON THE CRUNCHY SIDE in Harmony is hiring bartenders & wait staff, all shifts, ask for Lisa. Also hiring cooks & kitchen staff, all shifts, ask for Miles. Apply in person - fun place to work!! 507-886-5560. h1tfn- o

NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500.00 weekly potential. Info. 1-985-646-1700 DEPT. MN-485. h19,26,3- x

THE FALCON FIRE Junior Olympic Volleyball team is in need of coaches this season. If interested stop down to Preston Floral and talk to Denise Case. h12tfn- o BARTENDING SHIFTS available. Experience preferred but will train. Monday days, Tuesday nights, every other Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. Please contact Deanna at Bent Wrench 507-2684922. h12,19,26,3- o

ACCEPTING RESUMES from individuals interested in working full or part-tme with people in the community who have a mental illness. Looking for all levels of education/experience. Resume: P.O. Box 536, Austin, MN 55912. h19,26,3- x

Harmony Community HealthCare Nursing Assistant - Part Time

LPN/RN - Every Other Weekend Harmony Community Healthcare offers: Competive wages, Flexible schedule. Shift differentials & Training. For more information contact: Ruth McGarvey, RN, DON 507.886.6544 ext. 104

Monday, December 3, 2012




FULL-TIME CUSTODIAN needed at Fillmore Central Schools at the Harmony site. Application available online at www. or any school office. Send completed application to: Brett Bushman, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, Fillmore Central Schools, PO Box 50, Preston, MN 55965. Position open until filled. h26,3- o

MABEL-CANTON SCHOOL has immediate opening for room cleaner to work four (4) hours per day during the school year. Work hours will be from 4:00 to 8:00pm week days. Contact district office at 507493-5423 or at 316 W. Fillmore, Mabel, MN for application. Applications will be received until December 14, 2012. h3,10o

PCA FOR PERSONAL CARES: Housekeeping, cooking, cleaning. Night and day shifts. Must be responsible. $12.50/hour. 507-251-2978. h3,10- o

OTR DRIVERS Sign on bonus $1,000$1,200. Up to 45 CPM. Full-time positions with benefits. Pet policy. O/O’s welcome! deBoer Transportation 800/825-8511 www. MCAN

RN/LPN & NuRsiNG AssistANt PositioNs AvAiLAbLe Part-time RN & LPN evening shifts available, along with Full-time and Part-time Nursing Assistant positions. Will train and reimburse for CNA classes, if not on the registry. Bonus Pay on weekends and shift differential.

Contact: Nicky or stop by for an application

Green Lea Manor Nursing Home 115 N. Lyndale Ave., Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5436


…because the journey matters

Residential Account Representative NatioN’s leadiNg trailer maNufacturer seekiNg

assemBlers & Welders. Work for the Official Trailer of NASCAR® and IndyCar! Featherlite, located in Cresco, Iowa, seeks job applicants for assembler and welder positions. Featherlite is the nation’s top brand for horse, livestock, car and recreational/utility trailers, as well as large custom semi specialty trailers and professional race car transporters.

Preston, MN

Target Income $45-$55,000 $500 Sign-on Bonus DO YOU LIKE TO WATCH TV? Who doesn’t? We’re looking for representatives to sell services door-to-door that practically sell themselves – cable television, internet, and phone. FT positions, unlimited earning potential, work independently and full training. You also get discounted services at your home, many other extras –

GIVE US YOUR BEST SHOT! Apply today at or email

EOE m/d/f/v

Now HiriNg!

RN’s & LPN’s AssEMBLERs NEEdEd We offer an exciting opportunity to work alongside some of the most committed and driven people in the industry, building the industry’s top products. As an Assembler you will assemble products by interpreting print packets and bills of materials. To qualify you must be able to accurately measure components and assemblies, utilize a variety of hand, power and air tools and perform high quality work that our customers expect.

wELdERs NEEdEd This is an exciting career opportunity for entry level and experienced welders in the area of aluminum and/or steel component fabrication. Candidates will apply proper welding techniques to create aluminum and steel piecework and subassemblies, and read and interpret print packets and work orders for assigned jobs.


• • • •

• • • • • •

Competitive Hourly Wages Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance Life and Disability Insurance Flex Spending/125 Plan for Medical and Child Care Reimbursement 401(k) Retirement Plan Vacation Time Personal Time Off Paid Holidays Health Club Discount Prescription Safety Eyeglasses Program

Earn up to $0.70 more per hour for coming to work on time or doing your job safely!

APPLy Now!

We only produce high quality products. If you are a high quality individual, please apply at our Cresco facility at 816 7th St. West, between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm or online at our website Also, you can call us at 563-547-4725 and we will be happy to mail you an application. Featherlite, Inc. requires pre-employment background and drug screen. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, strongly encouraging diversity within our workplace.

$2,500 Sign-On Bonus

Chosen Valley Care Center has a great opportunity for RN’s and LPN’s to join our health care team. We are looking for nurses who are energetic and compassionate who want to put their clinical skills to work in a fast paced long term care facility working with a variety of complex clinical cares. We currently have a 12 hour Part-Time position coming open as one member of our team is retiring. Please send an application or resume to Attn: Director of Nursing, Chosen Valley Care Center, 1102 Liberty St. SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 or e-mail (EOE/AA)

Chosen Valley Care Center, InC. A Senior Living Community

Fillmore Central Community Eduction Position Openings • December 2012

•One Block At A Time Day Care and School Age Care Subs for Lead Teacher and Teacher Aides-on-call •ECFE (early childhood family eduction) Co-Coordinator Early childhood licensure required, part-time hours

Page 33

EMPLOYMENT DRIVER $0.01 increase per mile after 6 months and 12 months. Choose your hometime. $0.03 quarterly bonus. Requires 3 months recent experience. 800/414-9569. MCAN OFFICE MANAGER: Connaughty Industries, a growing local manufacturing company in Rushford, is seeking an experienced full-time Office Manager. Duties of this position including managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, payroll, and several accounting functions. Also involves communication with customers and vendors. Must have excellent communication skills and be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Accounting or business degree preferred. To apply please send a cover letter and resume to Connaughty Industries, 1000 Technology Drive, Rushford, MN 55971 or email h3,10,17- o Help Wanted!!! Make $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping Home-Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! www. (VOID IN SD) (MFPA) PART-TIME KIDS CLUB Supervisor, Rushford-Peterson Schools. Please contact Lisa Lawston, Community Ed Program Director at 507-864-7065 or via email at to obtain an application and job description. EOE. h3,10- o MABEL-CANTON SCHOOL District 238 has an opening for a part-time (20% to 30% FTE) Superintendent to begin serving the district on July 1, 2013. Apply before January 15, 2013 by sending a letter of application, updated resume, and three current letters of references to: Chris Hansen, Business Manager, Mabel-Canton Public School, 316 West Fillmore, PO Box 337, Mabel, MN 55954. h3,10- o

HELP WANTED Help needed through the end of the year to work on farm machinery clean up crew. Must have AG Equipment background and be able to travel. Transportation, metals, and food allowance furnished. Stop in at Gehling Auction Co. Preston, Minnesota for an application or call 507.765.2131

Textile Care Services seeks the following: • Delivery Driver: 4pm-11pm

• Cart Handler:

4am-12:30pm; 12:30pm-8:30pm

• Checker: (check out linen) 2pm-10:30pm

• Feeder/Folder:(folding linen) (part-time or full-time):

4:30am-1pm; 1pm-9:30pm; 2pm-10:30pm Apply online or in person: 225 Woodlake Dr SE, Rochester, MN 55904 507-252-7500 or 1-800-422-0945 EOE

•ECFE (early childhood family eduction) Child Teacher Early childhood licensure required, part-time hours •Long Term 4/5 School Readiness Teacher Aide Substitue 12-15 Hours/Week, Late February-Mid April, 2013 •Long Term 4/5 School Readiness Teacher Substitue 12 Hours/Week, March-May, 2013 Please complete school application or send cover letter and resume to Holly Kanengieter, Community Education Director, P.O. Box 50, Preston, MN 55965 or

A Great Read!

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The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, December 3, 2012






TRANSMISSION REBUILDING: Foreign and domestic, auto & light truck. 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Call for prices. Brown’s Tire, Battery, & Transmission. Rushford 507-864-2969 or 1-888-864-7049. v20tfn- o

WOOD CARVING CLASSES every Thursday night 7-9:30pm. Beginners welcome. Slim’s Woodshed, 160 1st St. NW, Harmony. 507-251-0546. v3,10- o

REBUILD ALTERNATORS AND starters for auto, truck, and farm implements. Same day service. Hi-Tech Rebuilders, Rushford. 507-864-7440 or 507-459-1504. v11/261/14- o

Nice 2BR apt. in Preston, $350/mo + util. Scott 765-3600. r8tfn- o

FOR RENT: 2 BR apt. for one person. Upstairs downtown. Very nice - appliances furnished. Available January 1st. No smoking, no pets. Private parking. $300/month plus utilities. Roy’s Barbershop, Chatfield. 507-867-4444 or 507-867-3590. r3tfn- o

Need to store snowmobiles, a classic car, or a boat? Do you need storage while in the process of moving? Space is available for rent in a building located in Preston. Call 507-251-5297. r28tfn- x

Norby Tree Service: Stump grinding, tree trimming and removal. Call Dave Norby at 507-259-3118. v8/2tfn- o




Custom Hay Mowing, Raking & Baling


Shamiah Womeldorf, Rural Lanesboro

Randy Haakenson • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural 326 Parkside Dr. SE Res 507-765-2297 Preston, MN 55965 Cell 507-251-5535

TNT Lawn Service

make arrangements now for your lawn care

11753 State Hwy 43, Mabel, MN 55954 Craig Henry Shop 507.493.5399 • Mobile 507.450.5573


schroeder drywall

• Mowing • Stump Grinding • Fall Clean-Up • Snow Plowing • Ice Management

• Aerating • Power Brooming • Insured • Light Backhoe Work Call: 507-268-4977 or Cellphone: 507-429-6755

Drywall Hanging • Taping • Texturing Rusty Schroeder “Free estimates” 507-765-3648

Experienced Caregiver and housekeeper/cook looking for work. Flexible hours and negotiable pay. Have cared for individuals with Alzheimers and Dementia. References available.

Call Diane 507-352-2966

NOTICES CENTER FOR CULTURAL INTERCHANGE seeks volunteer host families for exchange students arriving in January. For info, contact Mary Armstrong: 952/236-0745;; www. MCAN DISH NETWORK Starting at $19.99/ month Plus 30 Premium Movie Channels Free for 3 Months! Save! & Ask About same day installation! Call – 866/7855167 MCAN CANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90 percent on all your medication needs. Call today 866/927-9566 for $25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. MCAN

AUTOS DONATE YOUR CAR Truck or Boat to heritage for the blind. Free 3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of 888/485-0398 MCAN

BR WN TIRE, BATTERY & TRANSMISSION Hwy. 16 & 43, RUSHFORD, MN 507-864-2969 • 1-888-864-7049

YOUR COMPLETE FULL SERVICE SHOP • Auto, Truck & Farm Tires PER • Computerized Alignment O O C • Custom Exhaust S TIRE • Full Brake Service • Full Line of Auto Repairs • Transmission Repairs

TRAILER SALES & SERVICE, Inc. 507-886-4600

PO Box 273 • 70 4th St. NW, Harmony MN 55939 We are proud to offer these services: • DOT Inspections on your pickup & trailer • Install B&W gooseneck hitches • Install brake controllers • Trailer brake repair • Light repair on trailers • Wiring repair on pickups and trailers • Welding repair and modifications on steel and aluminum trailers •View our inventory at We are looking forward to helping you with all your trailer needs!

(Free Estimates)

ReSidential - CommeRCial

NOTICES EVER CONSIDER A REVERSE MORTGAGE? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & effective! Call now for your free DVD! Call now 888/610-4971 MCAN

REACH NEARLY 1 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS! Do you have a product, service, or business that would be helped by reaching 1 million households throughout Minnesota? The Minnesota Classified Network will allow you to reach these potential customers quickly and inexpensively. For more information concerning a creative classified ad call this publication or Minnesota Classified Network at 800-866-0668. (MFPA) Music Lessons for All Ages! Find a music teacher! TakeLessons offers affordable, safe, guaranteed music lessons with teachers in your area. Our prescreened teachers specialize in singing, guitar, piano, drums, violin and more. Call 1- 888-687-0047! (MFPA)

AUTOS 2004 Chevy Impala SS, black, V6 Supercharged 3.8L engine, All the bells and whistles -- Moon Roof, Spoiler, PW, PL, Automatic, XM Radio, OnStar, Leather, Dual Power Seats, Heated Seats, AM/FM Radio, Cassette, Multi-disc CD Player, Bose Sound System. 142,000 miles, and in great shape. $6,500 or best offer. Call 507-251-5297. a3tfn- x 1976 CJ7 JEEP FOR SALE. Jeep has original seat and interior. 304 engine, fiberglass body, hardtop and doors. Asking price $4,000. Call Jamie at 507-259-2771 for questions. a22tfn- x CASH FOR CARS: All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar paid. We come to you! Any make/model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145 MCAN

FOR RENT: Preston. 2 BR apt, stove, refridge, A/C, laundry hookups. NSNP. 507-467-2941. r12tfn- o NEWLY REMODELED 2 BR, 1.5 bath, furnished house with jacuzzi tub, all appliances including washing machine and dryer. Hardwood floors, lots of closet space with wrap-around porch. Located 2 blocks from downtown Lanesboro. Off-street parking. No pets, no smoking. References. $450 +utilities. 507-313-9527. r26,3- o HOUSE FOR RENT in Rushford. 2 BR. Call 507-273-9235. r26,3- o START AFFORDING YOUR RENT! Rent based on income in Mabel, Harmony, Lanesboro & Ostrander. Immediate openings! FREE applications & tours! Family & senior rentals. 800-676-6505 tdd 507-451-0704 Equal Housing Opportunity. r26,3,10,10- o

3 BR HOUSE for rent. $400. For more info. contact Gary at 612-242-2337. r3,10,17,24o Lanesboro, furnished house for rent or room for rent. 507-467-2261. r3- x

LAKEWOOD SENIOR HOuSINg, 420 Bench St. Chatfield. Easy yard work, no shoveling! For those who are 62 and older, handicapped/disabled. 1-bedroom apts. Heat paid. On-site laundry. Rent based on income. Off-street parking. Call (507) 867-4791.

Scenic View TownhomeS • Spacious 2 & 3 bedrooms • Attached garages included • Beautiful area • Starting at $505 Income restrictions apply. 507-864-7880 • Rushford, MN

Sell your items in 25 publications with over 238,000 households

for only $70 per week!!

Or place your ad in 5 publications

for only $35 per week!!

TO INVESTIGATE OTHER ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Call PaperChain at 931-922-0484 or e-mail (MFPA) SAVE 65 PERCENT & get 2 free gifts when you order 100 percent guaranteed, delivered–to- the-door Omaha Steaks Family Value Combo now only $49.99. Order today 888/740-1912 use code 45069SLD or fvc19 MCAN

Large lot in New Horizon Trailer Park in Preston. Available Immediately. 7652131 or 1-800-770-0347. r10/5tfn- o

a q q q q q q q q q q q q

Check 5 Publications for $35 or in all 25 Publications for $70

Fillmore County Journal (12,312) Albert Lea Tribune (M-F 6,392; S 6,963) Austin Daily Herald (5,233) Blooming Prairie Times (1,200) The Buffalo County Journal (1,000) Caledonia Argus/Shopper (6,559) The Cochraine-Fountain City Recorder (2,000) The Courier-Wedge (4,200) Cresco Times Plain Dealer & The Extra (8,400) Freeborn County Shopper (17,025) Grand Meadow Area News (3,200) LeRoy Independent (1,500)

q q q q q q q q q q q q q

Lewiston Journal (1,200) Lime Springs Herald (800) Mower County Shopper (18,001) Olmsted County Journal (62,000) Owatonna Free Press (S 7,364; Other 7,122) Plainview News (2,950) Riceville Recorder (1,400) St. Charles Press (1,300) The Star Shopper (10,000) Tri-County Advertiser (9,750) The Valley Shopper (3,500) Wabasha County Herald (3,250) Winona Post (24,447 Wed. & 21,237 Sun.)

15 Words Pre-Paid: Deadline Wednesdays at Noon. 10¢ per additional word per publication.

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________ Cash/Check ___________ Credit Card __________ Credit Card #: __________________________________ Exp. Date __________ Auth.# _______ Ad Copy – Please Print & Include Phone Number _______________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _______________ _______________ ________________ _______________ ______________ ________________ _______________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _______________ ________________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _______________ Mail this form to the address below with your payment. P.O. Box 496 Preston, MN, 55965 • 507-765-2151

AUCTION CALENDAR Sat., Dec. 8 - 9am - Selling furniture, antiques, collectibles, tools and household items from 2 estates. Auction held at Spring Valley Sales Auction. For more information contact Spring Valley Sales Auction online at www.springvalleysales. com or Listing in the Journal. Sat., Dec. 8 - 1:30pm - Land Auction 197+/- Acres. Auction located at Mabel, MN American Legion. For more information contact Grover Auction online at Listing in the Journal. Mon., Dec. 10 - Noon - Hay and Straw Auction. Auction held at Preston Dairy & Farm of Canton. For more information contact Gehling Auction at 1-800-770-0347 or online at Listing in the Journal. Sat., Dec. 15 - 11am - Absolute Real Estate Auction. Hasselmann Trust. Held at Preston Golf & Country Club 27486 St. Hwy. 16 W. Preston, MN. For more information contact Gehling Auction at 1-800-770-0347 or online at Listing in the Journal. To list your Auction 507-765-2151

PUBLIC NOTICES notice of mortgage foreclosure sale THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. DATE: October 29, 2012 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that default has occurred in the conditions of the following described Mortgage: INFORMATION REGARDING MORTGAGE TO BE FORECLOSED 1.  Date of Mortgage:  June 27, 2008 2.  Mortgagors:  Kimberly K. Brunsvold 3.  Mortgagees:   Jennings State Bank 4.  Recording Information: Recorded on July 1, 2008, as Document Number 365787, in the Office of the County Recorder of Fillmore County, Minnesota 5.  Assignments of Mortgage, if any: Assigned to Central Bank, a Minnesota banking corporation by written assignment recorded on August 23, 2010, as Document Number 379931, in the recording office stated in paragraph 4. I N F O R M AT I O N REGARDING MORTGAGED PREMISES 6.   Tax parcel identification number of the mortgaged premises:  15-0604-000 7. Legal description of the mortgaged premises:  Lot 7, Block 2, Lutes Scrabeck First Addition to the City of Harmony, Fillmore County, Minnesota. Check here if all or part of the described real property is Registered (Torrens) 8.   The physical street address, city, and zip code of the mortgaged premises:  820 3rd Avenue Southeast, Harmony, Minnesota 55939. other foreclosure data 9.   The person holding the Mortgage: [check one]    is a transaction agent, as defined by Minn. Stat. 58.02, subd. 30. The name(s) of the transaction agent, residential mortgage servicer, and the lender or broker, as defined in Minn. Stat. 58.02, is/are […]. The transaction agent’s mortgage identification number, if stated on the Mortgage, is […].    is not a transaction agent, as defined by Minn. Stat. 58.02, subd. 30. The name of the residential mortgage servicer and the lender or broker, as defined in Minn. Stat. 58.02, is Central Bank. 10.  If stated on the Mortgage, the name of the mortgage originator, as defined in Minn. Stat. 58.02, is Jennings State Bank. INFORMATION REGARDING Foreclosure 11.  The requisites of Minn. Stat. 580.02 have been satisfied. 12.  The original principal amount secured by the Mortgage was $ 25,275.14. 13.  At the date of this notice the amount due on the Mortgage, including taxes, if any, paid by the holder of the Mortgage, is: $7,726.65. 14.  Pursuant to the power of sale in the Mortgage, the Mortgage will be foreclosed, and the mortgaged premises will be sold by the Sheriff of Fillmore County,

Monday, December 3, 2012

Main Ave. Harmony

you See he at t es vi Mo


Cal lt Ver o ify Mov ie

507.886.7469 Tickets ~ $5 Adult • $4 Kids & Seniors Fri. Dec. 7.......................7:30pm Sat. Dec. 8.......................7:30pm Sun. Dec. 9.......................7:30pm PG-13

Run Time: 2 Hrs. 23 Min.

Bring your own bucket for popcorn EvEryday & save!

PUBLIC NOTICES Minnesota, at public auction on January 3, 2013, 10:00 a.m., at Fillmore County Courthouse, Main Lobby, 101 Fillmore Street, Preston, MN 55965-1080. 15. The time allowed by law for redemption by Mortgagor or Mortgagor’s personal representatives or assigns is 6 months after the date of sale. 16. Minn. Stat. 580.04(b) provides, “If the real estate is an owner-occupied, single-family dwelling, the notice must also specify the date on or before which the mortgagor must vacate the property if the mortgage is not reinstated under section 580.30 or the property redeemed under section 580.23.” If this statute applies, the time to vacate the property is N/A. THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. Name and address of Attorney for Mortgagee or Mortgage Assignee: Joseph M. Paiement 221 East Myrtle Street Stillwater, MN 55082 Name of Mortgagee or Mortgage Assignee: Central Bank Publish 5,12,19,26,3,10 notice of mortgage foreclosure sale Date: November 5, 2012 YOU ARE NOTIFIED THAT: 1. Default has occurred in the conditions of the Mortgage dated March 21, 2007 executed by Allyn R. Earles and Robyn Earles, husband and wife, as Mortgagors, to Wells Fargo Financial Wisconsin, Inc., as Mortgagee, and filed for record on March 28, 2007 as Document No. 357855, and assigned to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., pursuant to a Corporate Assignment of Mortgage, dated April 5, 2012, recorded on April 16, 2012 as Document Number 388304, in the Office of the County Recorder of Fillmore County, Minnesota. The land described in the Mortgage is not registered land. 2. The original principal amount secured by the Mortgage was $102,006.67. 3. No action or proceeding at law is now pending to recover the debt secured by the Mortgage, or any part thereof. 4. No mortgagor has been released from financial obligation on the mortgage. 5. The holder of the Mortgage has complied with all conditions precedent to acceleration of the debt secured by the Mortgage and foreclosure of the Mortgage, and all notice and other requirements of applicable statutes. 6. At the date of this notice the amount due on the Mortgage, and taxes, if any, paid by the holder of the Mortgage is $140,897.12. 7. Pursuant to the power of sale in the Mortgage, the Mortgage will be foreclosed, and the land described as follows: Legal Description: Outlot 4 in the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SW ¼ SW ¼) of Section 11, Township 101 North of Range 10, in the City of Harmony, except the North 75 feet thereof, and except the East 87 ½ feet thereof and except that part of Outlot 4 shown as parcel 204B on Minnesota Department of Transportation Right of Way Plat Numbered 23-48 as the same is on file and of record in the office of the County Recorder in and for Fillmore County will be sold by the Sheriff of Fillmore County, Minnesota, at public auction on January 10, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the main lobby of the Fillmore County Courthouse, 101 Fillmore Street, Preston, Minnesota. 8. The mortgagor must vacate the property on or before 11:59 p.m. July 10, 2013, if the mortgage is not reinstated


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under Minn. Stat. Sec. 580.30, the property is not redeemed under Minn. Stat. Sec. 580.23, or the redemption period is not reduced under section 582.032. 9. The time allowed by law for redemption by Mortgagors or Mortgagors’ personal representatives or assigns is 6 months after the date of sale. 10. THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. 11. THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Foreclosure Data required by Minn. Stat. Sec. 580.025 1. Property Address: 510 Main Avenue North, Harmony, Minnesota 55939 2. Transaction Agent: Not Applicable 3. Name of Mortgage Originator (Lender): Wells Fargo Financial Wisconsin, Inc.; assigned to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A 4. Residential Servicer: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A 5. Tax Parcel Identification Number: 15-0016-000 6. Transaction Agent’s Mortgage ID Number: Not Applicable Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Attorneys for Mortgagee James T. Keig STEPHENSON, SANFORD & THONE, P.L.C. Suite 220, 1905 East Wayzata Boulevard Wayzata, MN 55391 (952) 404-2100 15-0447 Publish 12,19,26,3,10,17

amherst township meeting change The Amherst Township Regular Meeting on December 10, 2012, at 8:00 p.m. was rescheduled to December 17, 2012, at 8:00 p.m. Publish 3,10

water needs of the properties within the Greenleafton Subordinate Service District and provide for the planning, construction financing, hook-up, and long-term maintenance and operations of wastewater collection and treatment system(s) in order to provide for accountability and continuity for the benefit of all of the property owners in the Greenleafton Service District area. The Greenleafton Subordinate Service District will be financed by the property owners benefited within this said district, will be overseen by the Fillmore County Planning and Zoning Office, and will begin thirty (30) days after publication of this resolution. The resolution is available for review at Publish 3

notice to residents of carimona township The December meeting of the Board will be held on Tuesday December 4, 2012, at 7pm at David Mensink’s. The regular monthly meetings will now be held on the first Monday of each month beginning in January at 7pm until further notice. Linda Marzolf Carimona Township Clerk Publish 26,3 holt township The Holt Township meeting will be changing from December 10 to December 17 at the Whalan Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. Publish 3,10 STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE COURT DIVISION Court File No. 23-PR-12-842 Marjorie L. Eide Decedent NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS Notice is given that Informal probate of the Decedent’s will dated August 1, 2001, has been filed with the registrar. The application has been granted. Notice is also given that the Registrar has informally appointed Gary Eide and Keith Eide, whose addresses are 31587 State Hwy 250, Lanesboro, MN 55949 and 203 Kenilworth Ave North, Lanesboro, MN 55949 respectively, as Personal Representatives of the estate of the above decedent. Any heir, devisee or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as personal representative or may object to the appointment of the personal representative, and the personal representative is empowered to fully administer the estate, including, after 30 days from the date of the issuance of her letters, the power to sell, encumber, lease or distribute real estate, unless objections thereto are filed with the Court (pursuant to Section 524.3-607) and the Court otherwise orders. Notice is further given that all creditors having claims against the said estate are required to present the same to said personal representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this notice or said claims will be barred. Dated: November 28, 2012 /s/ James D. Attwood Registrar JAMES D. ATTWOOD Court Administrator Publish 3,10

public notice Fillmore County Board of Commissioners held a public hearing regarding the formation of a Greenleafton Subordinate Service District on November 13, 2012 and approved Resolution No. 2013-059. Following is a summarization of the resolution: The purpose of the Subordinate Service District is to identify the waste-

summary of minutes November 13, 2012 County Board Meeting The Fillmore County Board met in regular session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press. The following resolutions were adopted by the Board: RESOLUTION 2012-059: Establish Greenleafton Subordinate Service District The Board approved the following agenda items: • amended agenda. • remove November 6, 2012 Board minutes from Consent Agenda. • November 6, 2012 minutes with amendments. • following amended Consent Agenda: 2. Addition of 128.25 hours of paid time off for Employee #944. • advertise for 2013 printing. • accept quote from Whitewater Wireless for a desktop controller. • hire of Tim Melver as intermittent dispatcher at LELS union scale. • on-site supervision by Construction Analysis and Management, Inc for Highway Building remodel. The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved: REVENUE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Al Larson & Sons Plumbing & Heating, Inc., services $1,626.62 Fillmore County Journal, advertising $2,739.50 Fillmore Soil & Water Conservation District, services $12,520.68 MN Office of Enterprise Technology, telephone $1,300.00 Schindler Elevator Corp., services $773.94 Spring Valley Tribune & Bluff Country Reader, advertising $1,440.00 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $20,400.74 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (50 bills - not listed) $8,541.26 TOTAL REVENUE FUND $28,942.00 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Advanced Sandjacking, Inc., services $5,420.00 Fastenal Company, supplies $773.48 Fillmore County Treasurer- Credit Card, postage, other travel expense, misc. $2,020.86 Grainger, supplies $573.15 Hovey Oil Co., Inc., gas $8,729.25 LaCrosse Truck Center, Inc., parts $1,177.73 State of MN, services $898.85 Winona County Auditor, Treasurer, rock $1,912.46 Ziegler, Inc., parts $1,591.59 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $23,097.37 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (18 bills - not listed) $3,434.29 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $26,531.66 SANITATION FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Liberty Tire Recycling Services MN, services $1,457.28 TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $1,457.28 TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (2 bills - not listed) $116.33 TOTAL SANITATION FUND $1,573.61 The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566. Publish 3

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Monday, December 3, 2012

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The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County




All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians; pregnant women or people securing custody of children under 18.

FOR SALE: 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the country with heated shop. 507-259-6961. e30tfn- o

FLEA MARKET: Rochester Mayo Civic Center, Sunday December 9, 2012. 10am-4pm. Antiques, collectibles, jewelry, new, old. Admission $2, tables $15. Phone 641-832-2700 or 507-269-1473. g19,26,3- o oTo Visit oVisited

FOR SALE: New 4 bedroom 3 bath, 3 car garage. Fountain. 507-259-6961. e29tfn- o NEWER HOUSE & POLE BARN, 101 acres 74 cropland/CRP two 45 acre building eligibilities, ponds, woods. MLS 4041200 WI-MN Real Estate 608-385-8080. e3- o

This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-6699777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.

Find Your Dream Home or Apartment

AlwAys CAll RAndy BARnes

Randy Barnes 507-251-3271

410 N. Main, Harmony, MN • (Across from Kwik Trip) PRICe RedUCed-HARmony 3 Bedroom, Nice Neighborhood. $69,000. Call Randy Barnes for Details, 507-251-3271.

Richard Milne

Darr realty lIStINGS! OpeN HOuSeS!

& Associates

Real Estate, LLC Preston Great-3 bedroom, 2 full

bath. Country living chalet type feeling with the soaring to ceiling wood burning brick fireplace in the open and inviting living room. Oversized 2 car heated and insulated garage. Great views from inside and from the deck. New furnace. $179,000 MLS#4038709

In the Classified ads of the

Open house! Sunday, 9TH • 10:30am-Noon

dMill St. Peterson ol109 s Price reduced: 2 story home on a huge corner

Preston - Picturesque, approximately 900 ft of Root River frontage, 4 bed, 2 bath, 27 aceres, sportsman’s paradise with many updates. Proposed bike trail runs next to property. 36 x 56 pole shed for all your toys. $279,000 MLS#4020938

lot with 3 BR, 2 baths,mnfl. laund.& large 2+ car att. gar. Open stair case, updated electrical and windows, $74,900

Open House! Sunday, Dec. 9TH • 12:15-1:45pm

RichaRd Milne

BRokeR, GRi, aBR

Go to

Beautiful home with new carpet, freshly painted, updated baths, heated garage with 3rd stall for lawn equipment, large main floor laundry, plenty of storage updated baths on both levels. $126,500

For more inFormation go to



100 N Money Creek St. Rushford

Home 507-765-2172 Cell: 507-951-3672 Fax: 507-765-5308 Email: daVid Milne 507-696-6730

The RENT and REAL ESTATE section is the place to look for renting, buying or selling! Call 507-765-2151 or go to









• 4 Bedrooms • 0.40 ac • 135’ of Highway 52 frontage • Nice View of Mill Creek Park • 2 Car Garage COMPLETELY REMODELED RANCH




• 4 Bedrooms • 5 baths • Brick exterior • Main floor living • 3’ doors • 9’ Ceilings • 4,784 sq. ft. • 1.3 acre lot • Private Drive • LL previously used as mother-in-law residence


• 4 Bedrooms • 2 baths • 2 Car garage • Hardwood floors • Open Staircase • Sunroom • Remodeled 2nd floor • Steel Siding • New roof • Fenced backyard






• 5 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Open layout • Cherry cabinets • Quality windows • Paneled doors • Maple floors • 9’ ceilings in lower level • Fireplace • Deck • Great cul-de-sac location • ½ acre lot • Storage shed

• 6 Bedroom • 3 Bath • 2 lots • 4,966 sq. ft. • Pocket doors • Crown moldings • 2 staircases • Leaded windows • Built-ins • Butler pantry • Finished walk-up attic • Sauna • 2 car garage





$69,900 315 SILVER ST N, WYKOFF


• 3 Bedroom • Main floor living • Deck • 2 car garage • Maintenance free exterior • New roof & windows • Just move-in


$16,500 • 1 Bedroom • Cheaper than renting • Currently rented • Conveniently located • Sold in the “AS-IS” condition




• 2 Bedroom • Quality Built in 2006 • Steel Siding





• 3 Bedrooms plus den • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Exceptional layout • .47 acre lot • Patio • Quality windows • Maintenance free exterior • Backyard has no neighbors and is very private

+/- 5 ACRES


$129,900 #4040771

• 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Manufactured home • 30’x40’ Shop with 32’ pole shed attached • Storage shed • Good well & septic




• 2-2 Bedroom Units • Numerous updates • Live on main floor and renter make payment • Great Location across from School • Easy convert back to 4 bed, 2 bath, single family home



• 3 Bedroom • 2 bath • Fully furnished • Totally remodeled from the studs in 1992 • Oversized 2 car garage (24’x34’) • Main floor living • Move-in-condition



• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Main floor laundry


• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Main floor living,



• 2 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Wood/vaulted ceilings • 3 Car garage • No backyard neighbors









• Updated Commercial building • Professional office space or retail • 2 bedroom apt (425/month), 1 bedroom apt. ($300/month) • Great location across from courthouse


• 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Private lot with great view • Main floor living • Maple floors & cabinetry • In floor heat on both levels • 2 fireplaces • 0.90 acre lot • Heated 3 car garage • Sprinkler system • Invisible fence



$399,900 #4036698

• 3 Bedroom • 3 Bath ranch built in 2001 • Heated shop w/bath • 2 pole sheds • 2 Cattle sheds • Calf shed • Just off the blacktop • 15 min to Rochester • Additional Land Available


208 ST. PAUL STREET SW, PRESTON $27,000 • Professional office space or retail • Display window • hardwood floors • ½ Bath • 1 Bedroom apartment on second floor


212 MAIN ST S, CHATFIELD $64,900

• Updated main floor w/1,320 sq ft & bath • 2-1 Bedroom apartment’s w/separated utilities


• 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Gas Fireplace • Great Location • 2 Bedroom plus den • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage

• 3 Bedroom • 384 sq. ft. Garage


• 3 Main floor bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2 Car Garage • Main floor Laundry • Great room w/gas fireplace • Formal Dining • Updated Kitchen & Bath • New roof • flooring • vinyl siding • central air unit



• 2 Bedroom • Erect wall for 3rd • 3 Bath • Wet bar







• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Open layout • 3 Finished levels

• 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Walkout • Fireplace

• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2 Car Garage • 3,000 sq. ft. • Walnut cabinets • Island • Upgraded appliances • New roof, windows & flooring throughout • Fireplace • Partial fenced yard • 0.48 acre

$139,900 #4039553






CHATFIELD – Fingerson & Donahoe First Subd. Covenant controlled neighborhood with lg cul-de-sac, walk-out lots w/private backyards. Lots starting at $29,900. NEW PRICING AND ADDITIONAL LOTS AVAILABLE! FOUNTAIN - Two outlots for the price of one! Large level lot (132’ x 300’) on the corner of dead end street in an established neighborhood. $19,900 #4037960 LANESBORO – 1.43 acre building site within city limits. Great views, walkout, city utilities, protective convenants apply. $44,900 #4031256 RACINE – Lyman’s Second Subdivision. Located in newer development on cul-de-sac street with city utilities, choice of builder and covenant controlled. Hurry only 3 lots available. Prices starting at $19,900. WYKOFF/FILLMORE AREA – 2 approximately 25 acre rural building sites with spectacular views and CRP. #4040787 & #4040788 priced at $149,900/each.




• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2,496 sq. ft. • New windows, roof, vinyl siding, driveway • Tons of hardwood & ceramic tile floors • Finished LL • Gas stove • Deck • Patio


• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Main floor laundry


• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Original woodwork • Leaded windows • Paneled doors • Hardwood floors • 2 Enclosed porches • Numerous improvements



ELCOR Realty Co.






E-mail: 272 Main St. North Chatfield MN 55923 Ph: 867-9100 Cell: 259-9110






• 3+ Bedrooms on same level • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Numerous updates • Move-in cond.


For more information on these listings and others visit...

CHATFIELD ORCHARD RIDGE LOTS –BANK OWNED Townhome lots with private backyards (4 walkout, 2 level). This upscale neighborhood is on a paved dead end road with city utilities. Only $20,000/each.


$335,000 105 MAIN ST S, CHATFIELD


• Great Opportunity to be your own Boss! • Turn Key, Call for details!

Share your thoughts at Roxanne Johnson, Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI Cell: 507-458-6110

Select Properties

25 Center St. W, Harmony, MN 55939 • Toll Free: 888-839-2142

Charming well cared for house in the village of Lenora. Rural setting, newer garage with attached greenhouse. Heated Amish built summer kitchen. Additional lot available. $74,900



Lis New

38608 Cty 24, CAnton, mn

330 main Ave S, HArmony, mn


Monday, December 3, 2012




25 3rd Ave nW, HArmony, mn

450 2nd St SE, HArmony, mn

405 Spring St. nW, PrESton, mn

45742 Cty 29, mABEL, mn Quality built ranch home on 11.4 acres offers a picture perfect setting overlooking a trout stream. Geothermal heat, Custom Amish cabinets, floors, and millwork. Professionally landscaped & cedar fencing. $259,900

3rd Ave SE, Harmony Investment opportunity! 6 lots offered at a reduced price of $8,500 each. Walk outs possible on select lots, no assessments.

312 Preston St nW PrESton, mn Surprisingly spacious 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath home. Updates include siding, windows, furnace & central air. 784 sq ft 2 car heated garage $85,000

Scenic location on edge of town with countryside views! 3 bedroom, 3 bath home, master en suite, finished basement, 3 car attached. PLUS 812 sq ft det heated garage/ shop with ¾ bath. $269,900

210 Center St. W HArmony, mn

401 north St nW PrESton, mn

210 Park St. PEtErSon, mn Move in ready! Well kept 3 bedroom, 1 ¾ bath, nicely updated kitchen with access to composite deck, finished family room on lower level, 2 car garage. $109,900

212th Street Preston 100 acres of woods, meadows and a creek bottom provide excellent deer and turkey hunting. 25 tillable acres in alfalfa/clover, adjoins Forestville State Park. $315,000

XXX Cty 24, Canton Wooded lot, zoned agricultural, buildable for storage shed or barn. Located on black top road on edge of Lenora. $9,500

Super location just north of Preston, a few building options. Approx 15 acres of crop land, deer and turkey, and not far to trout fishing and the Root River Trail System. 41.3 acres, mixture of woods and crop land. $190,000

XXX County 30 Harmony Buildable Wooded Scenic location in SE MN, near the Upper Iowa River. Wooded parcel offers a Beautiful spot to build or a super camping & hunting spot. $164,080

340 A 5th Ave SE, HArmony, mn A unique opportunity & great location, Comfort by Design this 2 bedroom, 2 bath 2 finished units, purchase together or townhome offers open living & dining separate, garage option, rent to own option, North Unit $110,000, South Unit $125,000 area, ample storage, att garage , patio, appliances. $123,000

340 B 5th Ave SE, HArmony, mn Relax & Enjoy! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, townhome. Great layout with generous sized rooms. Attached garage, CA, patio, appliances included. $123,000

Church Hill School Condos

A unique opportunity & great location, 1 finished unit on first floor, 1,106 sq ft with garage $150,000, 1 unfinished unit on top floor with panoramic view 1,478 sq ft with garage $150,000.

You won’t believe the space in this 2 bedroom home. Beautiful oak hardwoods, updated windows & shingles, private covered patio and large det garage $68,000

Jewel road PrESton, mn

109 Spruce St, FoUntAIn, mn

Fantastic newer home, landscaping. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, vaulted ceiling, open floor plan, LL finished family area, office, & more,2 car attached garage, deck, backs up to park & trail $195,000

Spacious 3 bedroom, 1 ¾ bath home with an updated galley kitchen open to family room, and a nice wooded backyard. Large family room addition with fireplace. Basement features a rec or hobby area. $110,000

3 bedroom home, great location on quiet tree lined street. Hardwood floors under carpet. Main floor bedroom, 1/2 bath, and laundry with roomy kitchen. Full bath & 2 bedrooms up. Det garage. No back yard neighbors.$52,000

Pretty & Practical! Nicely updated 2 bedroom home, new kitchen with solid surface counter tops, updated bath, oak panel doors, CA, deck, 2 car det garage. $61,500

30 3rd Ave nW, HArmony, mn

Kelsey Fischer Licensed Assistant Office 507-886-4221


Spacious 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch home on a quiet street with hardwood floors in kitchen and living room. Family room with stone fireplace. Backs up to country, no backyard neighbors! 3 season porch to enjoy views. $104,900

Page 37

420 Parkside Dr, PrESton, mn

Church Hill School Condos

Lovely turn of the century home. 9 ft ceilings, pillars, decorative moldings, hardwood floors, & original cabinetry detail. Eat in kitchen, plus a large dining room. Large 3 season porch. $94,900

125 St. Paul Street PrESton, mn

Traditional brink home. Original oak hardwood floors & woodwork on the main floor. Walk in pantry, plus built-in, main floor bedroom & open staircase. 1 car detached garage. $59,900

Great opportunity and super location! Located on the courthouse square. Main floor 1298 sq ft of space. Upstairs has additional 3 offices, bathroom & spacious break room area. Basement is equipped with shelving & storage. $60,000

SoLD - 32776 136th St. Harmony SoLD - 19731 Aurora rd. mabel

401 County rd 8, FoUntAIn, mn

A must see! 3 bedroom ranch home. Eat in kitchen w/ newer counter tops, center island & pantry. Updated windows, siding & shingles. Lower level family room, bedroom, 3/4 bath & office. $103,900

355 3rd Ave SE, HArmony, mn

285 niagara Ct, HArmony, mn

Great backyard with no backyard neighbor! 3 Bed- Everything is ready! One level home on a room, 2 bath. Updates include shingles, siding, win- corner lot! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen open dows & patio door, LL offers great storage & room to dining, breakfast bar, att 2 car garage. to expand. Att garage. $78,000


Brenda Sheldon, ABR, GRI

Newly painted, move in ready! 3 bedroom ranch home on quiet street, open living & dining, access to back yard from kitchen. LL rec and storage area & 1 car det garage. $78,000

74709 ST. HWY 16, GRAND MEADoW $279,000

If you are looking for small town quiet living look no further. In the small village of Greenleafton you will find a beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 bath walk out ranch style home. The lower level is completely finished with new updated neutral carpet, bath, office area currently used as guest room, and large family room. The upper level has 3 bdrms, bath, eat in kitchen, main floor laundry, dining area and deck off kitchen area overlooking back yard. The back yard is private with many mature trees. It is move in ready! Seller will consider a Lease with option to purchase or rental contract.

Cell 507-259-5454

$117,500 630 MAin ST. ChATFiELd

14 WinOnA ST ChATFiELd

Wood Floors • 2 enclosed porches • 2 Baths Steel Siding • New Roof • All new sheet rocked walls • Main floor laundry

Ranch Home • New Roof • New Windows Wood Floors • Remodeled bath • Gas Fireplace 3-season porch

80 acres near Ostrander. 52 acres coming out of CPR fall of 2012. Estimated tillable acreage is 63 acres with conversion of the pasture acres to the east of the site. The building site is estimated at 3 acres with 8 acres woods and old gravel pit to the south of the site. New planting of evergreen trees on south line. Good soils, Racine, Ostrander silt loams, Floyd & Clyde silty clay loams. The property - including house, well & septic are being sold “AS IS” . This is an estate sale



NEW lISTING - CoMMERCIAl BUIlDING lANESBoRo Great opportunity to own large commercial building in a high traffic area. Potential business could be retail, restaurant/ bar, convenience store/grocery, crafts or many other uses. Can be divided off. Apartment above for rental or personal use. $89,900

13947 117 ST. SE ChATFiELd

CoMMERCIAl BUIlDING - WYkoFF Completely renovated building that is ideal for any type of restaurant, catering or other business opportunity. The lower level is finished for additional space. $199,900



11214 160TH ST. oSTRANDER $520,000

I Show All MlS lIStIngS

Estate Industry!


2.8 acres • Private setting • Steel Siding 3-car Heated Garage • 2 Fireplaces • W/O • Patio Abundance Of Wildlife • Wood Floors • Main Floor Laundry/Mudroom • Open Floor Plan

Great hobby farm all set up for horses on 30.41 acres in SE MN. Spacious home with spring fed creek and panoramic views of the countryside. The 2 car tuck under garage is insulated and has a heated workshop. 36x48 shed used for horses plus an open shelter in pasture area. The home is spacious with up to 6 bdrms, 3 baths and finished lower level walk out. Over 3,000 sq ft of living space!

The leader In The Real



PEnDInG - 18245 160th St Cherry Grove

15646 160TH ST. SPRING VAllEY $249,900

Great 4.83 Acreage with barn & several outbuildings. Great trails within the property down to and near the Root River which borders the property. The home has many updates and also includes hardwood floors, natural wood work, 4 large bedrooms, 2 baths, main floor laundry, open staircase, formal dining, den/study and a mud room (or 3 season porch) off kitchen area.

Todd Hadoff

PEnDInG - 10252 351st Ave Canton

House & Shop! Spacious 4 bedroom, 1 ½ PEnDInG - 16108 305th Ave Harmony bath 1 ½ story home, nice layout, fireplace, det. Garage plus bonus shop and storage! PEnDInG - 15523 Cty 9 Hwy Preston $76,500

117 CRoWN HIll RD W PRESToN $149,900

15478 CoUNTY 9, PRESToN $109,000

Website: E-mail:

235 1st Ave nE HArmony, mn


(507) 346-2060 Cell: 507-951-2071 Toll-Free: 888-835-8141

715 North Broadway (Home Federal Bldg.), Spring Valley, MN Email -

Awesome property on a small 2.5 acre parcel on black top road. The house was built in 1991 and has over 3,200 sq ft! Many extras and updates including oversized 3 car garage that is completely finished with poly floor & heated, new kitchen countertops, 24x36 storage shed, diving pool, finished lower level with "hidden" doors leading to storage area. Newer neutral carpet, ceramic tile and hardwood floors. This property is in mint, turn key condition and ready to move in to.

120 4th St SW, HArmony, mn

SoLD - XXX Drake rd. Lanesboro


2 acres • 3 bedrooms on main floor • 2 baths 24x24 family room w/maple ceilings • Wood Floors Gas fireplace • Vinyl siding • 2 car att. garage • 30x32 shed w/ heated shop Edge of town • Overlooks city

Chatfield - Fingerson & Donahoe - 1st Subdivison - Lots Starting At - $29,900 $99,900



312 BEnCh ST. SW ChATFiELd

3 Bedroom Ranch • 2 Baths 3 Season Porch • 2 Car Garage Main Floor Laundry

3+ Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Gas Fireplace 2 Car Garage • New Roof • Vinyl Siding


New Lis





19405 ST. hWy 80 WykOFF

3 Bedroom on main floor • Wheel Chair Assess. In-Floor Heat in House & Garage •3 Baths Main Floor Laundry • Fireplace $119,900


2 Story • 3+ Bedrooms • Porch 2 Full Baths • Main Floor Laundry • 2 Car Garage

4 + acres • 4 bedrooms on main floor Main floor laundry • Large deck • 720 Sq. Ft. Garage Large Ranch • Enclosed Breezeway $149,900

$45,000 418 WinOnA ST. ChATFiELd

513 SPRing AvE PRESTOn

4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Wood Floors • 4 Season Porch • 9’ Ceilings Maple Kitchen Cabinet • New Windows & Doors • 988 sq. ft. garage w/ heated shop • 6/10 acre lot • Porch • Patio • Main Floor Laundry • Alot of Storage Garden • Firepit • Formal Dining • Living room

Knotty Pine Throughout • 2 Car Garage Main Floor Laundry • Enclosed Porch

605 1/2 CALhOun AvE. LAnESBORO

3 Bedroom • 2 full baths • Walk-out insulated garage • Living room • Dining room • Family Room

$335,000 135 SALEM PT. dR. SW ROChESTER

Townhouse • 4 Season Porch • Patio • 3 Baths Fireplace • 3 Bedrooms • Main Floor Living

11687 dEER ROAd MABEL Cabin on 16 acres • Knotty Pine • Steel siding New well & septic • Covered porch In-floor heat • Loft area • Laundry

FillMore counTy


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December 9, 2012

“a good day in the rain” By: Sophie Morken, age 7 Mabel, Mn

all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. Send your picture to Fillmore County Journal P.o. Box 496, Preston, Mn 55965 or email it to: or drop it off at the Fillmore County Journal 136 St. anthony St., Preston, Mn Be sure to include Child’s First and last name, age, town and title of art Work.

Preston equiPment Jct. 52 & 16, Preston, mn Ph: 507-765-3803


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Ody’s CouNtry Meats & Catering

Hours: 7:30-5:30 M-F 7-12 SAT

Spring Valley, MN Ph. 507-346-9836

LeRoy, MN Ph. 507-324-5260 e-mail: Phone: 507-765-4432

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Ronald Schreier

EBT Customers Welcome

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409 Spring Ave. Box 316 Preston, MN 55965

Gehling Auction Co. 507-765-2131 or email:

Nick Smith Auto Repair

Contact SMG Web Design for more information 507-765-2704 or 877-282-0647

Full Service & Repair Nick Smith, Owner 106 N. Sheridan St., PO Box 906 Houston, MN 55943 507-896-3731 • Fax 507-896-2589 • Cell 507-458-3998



Root River Saloon On & Off Sale

112 Coffee St. E. • Lanesboro, MN 507-467-3355 S & A Petroleum - Locally owned and operated

Lanesboro bp Food Shop,100 Sheridan St. on Highway 16 West, Lanesboro mabel bp Food Shop Highway 44 & Locust, Mabel Preston motor mart, Hwy 52 & 16


105 Fillmore St. W., Preston, MN 507-765-2465 55 Center St. W., Harmony, MN 507-886-2225 400 S. Mill St., Rushford, MN 507-864-2878

313 S. Elm, Rushford, MN • 507.864.2757

809 Highway 52 North, Preston, MN 55965

888-378-2896 • 507-765-2533

Located minutes from the root river state and harmony Preston Bike traiLs. 40 Beautifully Decorated Rooms 6 Whirlpool Suites • Indoor Pool and Spa Free Continental Breakfast

your local advantage

With 210 feet of hose!

We’re #1 in the #2 Business Pumping & Agitating

For Fast Courteous Service • Call 507-352-6790

Preble Farmers Mutual Insurance


Serving Southeastern MN since 1880 205 Parkway Ave. N., Lanesboro, MN

food DriNks FuN

507-765-2205 • Preston, MN

Fountain Building Center

• Paint • Hardware • Doors • Ceilings • Paneling • Deck Supplies • Lumber • Tools • And much more!

507-268-4343 • Fountain, MN

Proud to be an american

507-765-2704 or 877-282-0647 Commercial & Residential Computer Repair, Upgrades & Training

SMG Computer Solutions

35 W. Center St., Harmony, MN 507-886-6111

Steve & Sherry Hines

S&S automotive/ napa auto Parts

11748 St. Hwy. 43 • Mabel, MN • 507-493-5217

Start Right. Start Here.®

Find the right supplies for your projects, plus expert, local advice.

100 St. Anthony Street N., Preston • 507 765 3823 229 Main St. N., Chatfield • 507 867 1605

“We Make Banking Easy!”TM

F & M CoMMunIty Bank

the FoLLowing buSineSSeS encourage you to diSPLay thiS FLag in obServance oF nationaL PearL harbor remembrance day, Friday, december 7, 2012

Harmony State Insurance Group

• Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

216 St. Paul St., Preston, MN Phone 507-765-3333

Call 507-765-2151 136 St. Anthony St., Preston, MN Email -

110 St Anthony St. S, Preston, MN • 507-765-9956


Sweet Stop & Sandwich Shoppe

M-F 7:30 - 7:00

Insurance of All Kinds

17 Center Street E, Harmony, MN 55939 Jim Lutes • MN License #20287036 507-886-2100 • Toll Free: 877-385-8837

Printed by the Fillmore County Journal, December 3rd, 2012

CREAMERY PIZZA & ICE CREAM NORDIC LANES & LOUNGE 407 & 403 S. Mill Street, Rushford, MN 507.864.7214 507.864.7799

Preston Liquor, LLc

Phone - 507-346-7326

811 Hwy. 52 North, Preston, MN PH.507-765-2565

Hours: M-F 7am-7pm • Sat 7am-4pm

Napa auto parts of spriNg valley

1010 N. Broadway • Spring Valley, MN 55975

Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Al Larson & Sons

Preston, MN • 507-765-2405

We do Septic Pumping

Canton, MN • Harmony, MN

First southeast Bank

Quality Service with a Personal Touch

24 Hour ATM • 24 Hour Telephone Banking Online Banking

Call Tyler Today for all your computer needs! 507-765-2704 or 877-282-0647

Apples • RAspbeRRies bluebeRRies • stRAwbeRRies

OPEN 7 Days a WEEk 9am-6:00pm

507- 765-4486 Hwy 52, Preston, MN

10 Year Anniversary

Spring Valley


Greenhouse & Floral

507-346-7440 720 N. Broadway • Spring Valley, MN

Rushford 864-7771 Houston 896-3127 St. Charles 932-4100 Lewiston 523-2277

Goodview / Winona 452-4241

Are you looking for a high quality brochure at the best possible price?

507.251. •

wiLLie’S Grocery & Locker

Fountain, MN • 507-268-4488 Willie’s - Summer Sausage • Bologna Brats • Dried Beef • Jerky Custom Slaughter and Processing Willis J. Cambern Owner

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