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Monday, December 17, 2012

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Preston Equipment still in the family By Jade Sexton

Preston Equipment has had its spot right outside of town for 39 years, and has been selling John Deere products to the Fillmore County area that entire time. Since then, the company has undergone changes and growth, and has overcome difficulties in order to still be standing where it is. Harvey Ille owned and operated Preston Equipment with his family until he passed away last winter. His son Steve has now taken over, and the company is still going strong. “Many people thought we were going to shut down,” shared Ille. “Even our employees.” In fact, the John Deere cor-

porate office gave them an ultimatum. They were to join with SEMA Equipment, Inc. or close down. Ille gathered a team of employees and they traveled to the Twin Cities to give the corporate office a three-hour long presentation about their business plan, as well as plans for the future. As long as Steve Ille stayed on and ran the business, they were allowed to remain independent. “We wanted to stay with John Deere,” said Ille. “We’ve done really well here.” Speaking of all the people that work for the company, and how they are friends and relatives of all the customers, Ille Preston Equipment employees (L to R): Scott Trouten, Andrew Borgan, Kyle Smith, Richard Hasksaid, “To close the business was ovec, Mike McCaulley, Craig Tammel, Jenny Dornink, Sierra Haugerud, Corey Whalen, Melvin Meiners, Ryan Srsen, Lynn Eich, Jeff Johnson, Dean Underbakke, and Steve Ille. Not Pictured: See FAMILY Page 14  James Rediske. Photo by Jade Sexton

R-P referendum forum hits at questions before big vote By K irsten Zoellner

There was a packed house with more than 100 local residents at the second R-P referendum open forum last Monday evening. Administration staff, school board members Angela Colbenson, Daniel Munson, John Nitecki, and Greg Smith, and representatives from both architectural firm ATS&R and consultants Ehlers & Associates were on hand to field questions from those in attendance following a slideshow presentation. Four and a half years into thorough building evaluation, legislative lobbying, and several committees, task forces, and

forums, the district is asking district residents to pony up for a new, $15 million early education through grade 5 facility north of the athletic fields. With a projected interest rate of 3.9 percent over a bond length of 20 years, the facility, if approved, will cost the district $22,848,109 (principal and interest, less $126,904 in state aid), when it’s all said and done. Many argue that this is too steep a price to pay for local residents. Should the R-P referendum pass, commercial properties with a taxable market value of $500,000 would see projected additional taxes of $2,113. The state average is $3,132. In contrast, a home at a $125,000

How your property taxes are determined

market value would have a projected $415 tax price tag. The state average is $462. Agricultural homestead, which makes up a large portion of district residents, is the most difficult to calculate. They are taxed as the house, garage, and one acre. In this case, an agricultural homestead with a market value of $500,000 could see an additional $497 in annual taxes, while one valued at $1,000,000 could see an additional $711. Other acreage is taxed per acre and is dependent on land value. Some argued that the district should instead set aside funds and work towards a new school without incurring debt. See REFERENDUM Page 10 

Monday-Wednesday - Closed Thursday - 4-8pm Friday - 4-9pm Saturday - Noon-9pm Sunday - Noon-8pm 109 S. Parkway, Lanesboro, MN 55949




could lessen the burden on other properties in that taxing district. The assessor’s market value of The factors and formulas that an individual property is multidetermine your property taxes plied by the the state mandated for a given year are many and not class rate appropriate for the easily understood. The county property, which can lower or assessor’s office determines the raise the potential tax burden or estimated market value of each tax capacity for that property as parcel in the county and that compared with other classes of figure will be used to calculate property. taxes the following year. Each Minnesota has numerous year a change in the market classes and subclasses of property value of some properties in a like residential homestead, comtaxing district affects the share mercial, seasonal, agricultural required from other properties homestead, non-homestead, and to satisfy the total property tax so on. Each kind of property is levy. Simply put if some go up assigned a class rate which could others will go down assuming change year to year. When the the levy is constant. If new con- state changes classification rates, struction adds to the total tax capacity of a taxing district, it See TAXES Page 2  By K aren R eisner

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it can, in affect, be adjusting the portion to be paid by each type of property owner of the total property taxes paid in a taxing district. The state can in this way shift the burden. For example, residential homes may comprise about 50 percent of the total market value in the state, but by use of the class rates the actual property taxes paid by residential home owners may be less than that. However, commercial and industrial properties may pay considerably more because their property market values are multiplied by a class rate of 1.5 or two percent. Property taxes are affected by county, city or township, and school district levies, or special taxing districts. The property tax levied in each taxing district is spread across all taxable property in the district based on the value of each property multiplied by the class rate appropriate for that property. Due to classification rates imposed by the state commercial and industrial properties along with apartments and public utility properties pay a larger share. Class rate percentages can reduce the share of property taxes owed on lower value homes and farm land. Of course, with the boom in farm land prices over the last decade,

Monday, December 17, 2012

agricultural land owners can see increases in their tax burden due to increased valuations. Many residential property owners have seen their tax burden reduced in recent years. This is in part due to reduced valuations of their property. But, it could be due to the Homestead Market Value Exclusion. Their taxes in many cases have gone down even though the amount of revenue needed by the county, city, township, or school district has increased to some extent. If most residences are paying less, then that means other property owners are paying more. Some of that burden in the county and townships will be taken up by agricultural land owners due to higher valuations on their property. Much of the rest has fell onto commercial/industrial properties especially in cities. Homestead Market Value Exclusion Farm homesteads and homes which have a market value under $413,800 are subsidized with the exclusion. These qualifying properties have a reduction in the taxable market value due to the exclusion. This reduces the value that is subject to property tax. This subsidy causes property taxes on other classifications of property to be higher to make up the difference. The state doesn’t pay for this subsidy to homeowners, so property owners that don’t qualify for the subsidy including busi-

nesses and high value homes pay the for the subsidy. Property taxes in Minnesota for some classes of commercial and industrial property are high compared to similar properties throughout the country. Referendum Levies Referendum levies must be levied against the market value of all property in the district with the exceptions of agricultural land and seasonal/recreational properties. In the case of school referendums, formulas have the effect of shifting a greater burden onto residential property classes, which are usually taxed at lower rates. State General Tax Most property owners are not subject to the state general tax. State General Property Tax and school district operating referendum levies only are imposed by the state on certain types of property. The The Fillmore County Minnesota Assessor’s office reported that for 2012 taxes the state tax rate for commercial/industrial was 51.1 percent and for seasonal/ recreational it was 20.75 percent. These rates in preliminary reports are expected to go up to Display Ad 53 percent and 23 percent for Network 2013. Youris an newspaper This additional tax burhasputagreed to parden on specific properties ticipate in cases the 2x2 and in most the higher theDisplay value ofAd theNetwork property subject by running to program the general tax, the higher thethese tax ads will inbe.theInmain 2005 state lawnews was section changedoftoyour require 95

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips! percent of the state general tax to come from commercial/residential tax capacity at a uniform rate and five percent to come from seasonal/recreational tax capacity at a uniform rate. The state general tax is found on the tax statements of properties affected and paid to the county treasurer with local property taxes. The treasurer forwards the portion collected for the general tax to the Department of Revenue. It is deposited in the state general fund. The imposition

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and purpose of the tax was laid out in the Property Tax Reform Act of 2001, which changed the source of school funding. The general tax was put into place to increase money going into the state’s general fund from which school aid is paid. Money does not go directly to the school district which is in the same location as the property taxed. The state has a history of delaying payments to school districts in order to balance the state’s budget. Tabby Grey Mix

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Monday, December 17, 2012

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C ommentary Why vote ‘YES’ for R-P Referendum? By Angela Colbenson R-P School Board Chair On December 19, Rushford Peterson school district will be asking their voters to approve up to 15 million dollars to be utilized for building a new elementary building plus utilize a small portion to rehab the current elementary to house the middle school students. I’ve read a lot of comments in the paper, and Angela heard a lot of Colbenson rumors around the community. My purpose of writing this letter is to clarify as much information as possible. Why are we moving kids into Rushford, when Peterson is not as old? Currently we are experiencing problems with all of our buildings. Peterson is currently housing our middle school kids and we are cramming 22 kids into classrooms that were built for 16 kids. Our library is partitioned off to include a special education area, we are utilizing a small storage room for a special education room (which does not have a fresh air room handler), the doorway for the lunchroom provides a large congestion problem for the flow of students. Our boiler needs to be replaced. We simply do not have the room at the building to move more students from the high school in Rushford into the Peterson Middle School. We do have room at the Rushford building to house the additional middle school students. Optimally, it would save us money to have one site. We would save money on staffing, food service, busing, heating and other utilities. At Rushford, we have issues from the flood and issues because of the age of the building. If you enter my daughter’s ECFE classroom, you will notice cracking tile against the outside wall, which was newly replaced after the flood of 2007. This is caused from the movement under our footings in the ground. As a result, some classroom floors are dropping a couple of inches in the upper level of the building. We hired a professional architect to verify it was safe for students. We also have plaster that has fallen from the ceiling and onto our false ceiling in our district office. Pipes have disintegrated in the ground. We have crumbling, dusty bricks. The list goes on. If we want to compare it to restoring to the White House, for example, just realize that it will cost us considerable money, and we would always need to earmark money meant for student learning into cost of maintaining the building. This option is up to the public. The state of Minnesota’s funding for school building caps the amount given at 50 years of age. That means we’re getting the same money for our 106-year-old building as another school with a 50-year-old building.

We have invested in the buildings. At Peterson, for example, we’ve removed the greenhouse that was causing air quality concerns, we’ve painted many classrooms, fixed roof leaks. In the band room, we paid for radon gas abatement, and have a fan to make the air safe for kids to breath. We still have issues from the original contractor that decided to place cement blocks on top of each other, instead of how most do it by staggering the blocks. As a result, the water gets into the blocks and flows all the way down. To combat this, we paid for landscaping and gutters to pull the water away from the building. We’ve also spent money on our Rushford building. To get a list, please contact the district office in Rushford. Why not just build it all now? If the 15 million dollars is approved by the taxpayers, our average school bond amount will be just under the state average for schools. Currently at $0 dollars, we will join schools such as Lanesboro, St. Charles, and Lewiston-Altura which are under the state average. If we voted to move ahead with a K-12th grade facilities, we would be higher than all the schools in our area, and higher than the state average. It is our hope that the state will come back with funding for Rushford Peterson in the future. The R-P Superintendent, myself, a community business person and other board members have made various trips to the capital to seek specialized funding for our new building. Over the several trips to the capital, many questions were asked of us such as 1) When is the last time you asked our voters to provide a new school (2002) and 2) When is the last time your taxpayers invested in a school building (43 years). Their reaction sent a subtle message to me that they would not help unless we verified our community couldn’t fund a portion of it. We personally sat at the Governor’s desk with a team of people for 45 minutes. The Governor said he would support our new school if the bill reached his desk. Unfortunately, that ball was dropped by the house of representatives. How are you going to fund the additional 6-12 school building? Currently, we are getting only $6,000 to $7,000 each year in state debt redemption aid to help pay for our new K-5 school. In 2002, the state was willing to contribute 75 percent of the building. If we would have been approved back in 2002, we would have been “locked in” for the state’s contribution amount. It is our hope that legislators will give more funding to build schools. It is also our hope they will earmark funds specifically for R-P after our commitment to build the K-5 facility. In my past, I worked as a Director of Finance for a school that built an addition to their high school building. At that time, their ratio was 80 percent state funded and 20 percent local funding. Another interesting item was that

they weighted the payback heavily on the last 10 years of the 30-year bond payback schedule. So, when taxpayers voted, it barely impacted their first 20 years, and the last 10 matched their first 20-year rate of payment. Perhaps that is an avenue we could take, with the hope that we get the same state aid that was given to other schools. To proceed with a K-12 all at once now, would be to guarantee very little money or help from the state. It would also “lock in” our tiny amount of funding from the state. How do we know the costs given are accurate? If you spend time on the internet trying to research, first let me thank you for trying to find the facts. However, everything you find on the internet is not always “fact.” For example, if you Google “average cost of an elementary school building,” you get a reference from RS Means Company. The website shows you that a 45,000 square foot building is $6.5 - $7 million. This cost information is only for the building. It also appears they want you to purchase their product to get all the information to cost a building project. What the website neglects to indicate is the year the building data is from and it does not include various items that our building costs do include such as: 1) we’re projecting a 68,700 square foot building, 2) 7 acres of site development (parking lot, entry drives, sidewalks, underground utility pipes, playgrounds for Kindergarten and grades 1-5, PE fields and play fields, site lighting, grass seeding and sodding, trees and landscaping, water retention ponds, signage, and much more, 3) remodeling of the existing elementary school for middle school needs, 4) furniture for new school, 5) technology for the new school and 6) construction testing for the new school. When you put our size of building at 68,700 square feet plus the items listed above, plus inflation to our bid date in 2013, your cost of $15 million matches the national average costs. Each year we put off building adds $45,000 of cost to the taxpayers. (source: ATS&R) Has the school district balanced its budget? Yes, Rushford Peterson has balanced their budget for several years. The data is available to you to review at: http://education.state. . Do we have enough space to add a 6-12 facility in the future? Yes, the state has allowed us to use the park and activity field area adjacent to the school property as green space, which allows us to more than meet the 35-40 acre requirement. (source: MDE) How much more will the 6-12 addition cost? That depends on how long we wait. The impact to local taxpayers also depends on how much the state will give us in the future. If we would have built the K-12 with this bond referendum, the price tag would have been $30,000,000. (source: ATS&R) Why are we paying it back over a 20-year time period? As your school board, we elected to choose to pay

for the school over a 20-year time period rather than a 30-year time period. If you picked a house valued in our district at $125,000, it would mean an increase from $220 (30 year) to $269 (20 year). In shortening the time period, we would save taxpayers in our district a cumulative interest amount a little over 5 million dollars. As a board, we felt it was well worth the 49 extra dollars each year to save millions over time. (source: Ehler’s and Associates) What are our options if we don’t approve it? We would continue to operate in our current facilities. However, we may not pass future inspections of our buildings. The state could close our facilities. If that were to happen, we may not be given enough time to go to our voters to approve a referendum. We could also consolidate with other schools. If we did, we absorb their building bonds and levies for learning and our taxes go up. (Houston is at the highest of our schools in the area, Lewiston and Lanesboro are under the state average of costs) (source: Ehler’s and Associates) Again, this option could be up to the public if the referendum doesn’t pass. Be aware we will have to house students elsewhere while construction goes on. Our school has great test scores, why do we need a different facility? Academic prowess is paramount for a district and community to continue to serve the children for the future. We believe this prowess comes from a curriculum that can be delivered to students and a facility that enhances the curriculum. A new facility has many advantages to an older facility. Advantages such as more fresh air in the classroom, better natural light at the teaching stations and various sized spaces in the school will serve the specialized needs of each learner. Each of these components is proven to improve student learning and the health of the staff and students. (source ATS&R) What are we doing with the money? First of all, we are uti-

Government this week • Monday, Dec. 17, Preston

City Council, Council Chamber, 6:00 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 17, Kingsland School Board, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Dec. 17, RushfordPeterson School Board, Rushford Computer Room, 6:30 p.m. • Tuesday, Dec. 18, Rushford Village City Council, Rushford Village Community Center, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Dec. 18, MabelCanton School Board, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Dec. 18, Houston School Board, 7:00 p.m. • Thursday, Dec. 20, Lanesboro School Board, Lanesboro School Office, 7:00 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

lizing cost estimates to arrive at the $15,000,000 from our consulting professionals. Once the voters approve it, one of the future steps will be to bid out the costs for various items of the school building process. That is why the ballot states “up to 15 million.” Please be assured that all the money will be used to go into the building and lot improvement. It is against the law to utilize the money for other things, such as labor negotiations. The money is put into a fund completely separate from the general fund, food service fund or community service fund. The board will approve construction purchases (as well as all other checks) at our public monthly school board meeting. The money will also be audited by our independent auditor, LarsonAllen. The school board works for the kids and the community. The school board doesn’t work for the school board or the superintendent. If you vote no, please be aware that option for the future of R-P Schools will be very limited. We have a very creative community and if you vote no, I would greatly appreciate the viable options you would recommend. When you go to vote, please do so for what you feel is best for our students and what you feel you can afford. We live in a wonderful community; we’ve shown pride in our past by donating to a beautiful athletic facility, we’ve banded together to help clean and fix up after the flood, we all worked together to build the Creekside park, and we’re generous to others in need. Even 106 years ago, think of the community pride and ambition we had to haul the huge limestone rocks for our current school’s foundation. Please don’t forget to vote on December 19, 11 am to 8 pm at the high school gym lobby.

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Monday, December 17, 2012


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C ommentary Why vote ‘NO’ for R-P Referendum? By Jon Peterson Ten years ago the residents of the R-P school district, in a bonding referendum, overwhelmingly told the district they wanted their current facilities maintained and improved. Several things the district deemed necessary were done (such as new bleachers in the HS gym, new flooring in the cafeteria, new gym floor in Peterson, handicapped accessible bathrooms in Peterson lobby, resurfaced the playground in Rushford, as well as Jon Peterson upgrades to the lower level of the Rushford school); accomplished through community support, volunteer hours and taxpayer dollars. To abandon our facilities now would be wasteful and foolish.

Yes, those that came before us built new school buildings because there was a NEED due to closing of country schools and population increases and not just because they were a mere WANT. They built quality buildings expecting them to be maintained and upgraded and not disposed of in 20 years. As one looks at literature, press releases and web content released by district administration, the only facts in them are that taxes will rise and the real tax impact will be more than double what is printed if all phases of their plan are approved, making R-P the highest taxed district in the area. To say academic programs, safety and efficiency will be enhanced is purely district opinion. These things could be done with the proper management of the current facilities. Class offerings and choices are more affected by union contracts and administration than any inadequacies in facilities.

Letter about R-P referendum To the Editor, When I mentioned to a proponent that increased taxes for a new school are problematic for people on a fixed income, she said, “There are a lot of old people with money here. They are just greedy.” The 2007 flood was absolutely devastating as we all know. The city has nowhere near recovered. Taxes in Rushford are already too high given purchases of land at over $80,000 an acre plus construction on a white elephant and a road to nowhere. Next year’s tax assessment was increased by 2.9 percent. 2009 median income for R-P is 27.7 percent less than the rest of the state. Today the country’s median income has also fallen by more than $4,000. The cost of living index for Rushford is 85 on a scale of 100. We spend winters in California. The fact is that it is more expensive to live in Rushford than here. Our taxes are almost half of Minnesota’s, electrical rates are lower as is natural gas, and cost for water isn’t that much different either. When the Bush tax cuts expire, all will pay more in federal taxes. Add also the coming requirement to buy expensive Obamacare health insurance. Increased taxes will also force owners of rental properties to raise rents. Our country’s economy is flat. It will not recover soon. Obama has promised however, that we are all going to have share pain. We do not need a new school. There are buildings throughout the world being used that are over a thousand years old. R-P has sound school structures. There is no point in abandoning

them for a sparklier too expensive building. Ehler says he will not give up. Perhaps there are greener pastures for him somewhere. Where old people really do have a lot of money and aren’t greedy. Stan Gudmundson Rushford, MN

We have been told by administration that the 1906 building is sinking in sand; this is not true. The structural condition survey dated July 18, 2011, for the 1906 and 1936 buildings done by SDG of Rochester makes no mention of the buildings settling or sinking. The report says remedial action needs to be taken on foundation walls to stop deterioration. Deterioration is exclusively from water damage due to improper maintenance. Just prior to the levy of November 4, 1997, taxpayers were assured that during the five years the proposed levy would be in place the roof of the 1906 building would be replaced along with tuckpointing and envelope repair - “REPAIRS THAT WERE NEVER DONE!” (Ref.: Tri-Co Record of 10/16/97, cover page) These repairs could have prevented the deterioration that we are told took place. The same report states that the 1936 building is in relatively good condition with need

for roof and windows; a roof that was also promised to be replaced with the 1997 levy. The deliberate neglect of our facilities should be considered criminal. In the air quality tests done for radon dated January 24, 2012, by IEA, 30 detectors were analyzed and only one showed levels high enough for action to adjust HVC controls. The Peterson building Facilities Walk-Through report is a consultant-generated list of repairs with prices reminiscent of Pentagon budgets with $15,000 toilet seats and $10,000 hammers (i.e., $10,000 for exterior signage in Peterson), The likelihood of the state legislature paying a major portion of new facilities is slim to none ,as every district would then expect one. It is just another example of the administration and the school board’s double talk when they said they wouldn’t pursue new facilities without grant money. The administration and Board’s use of the flood and the emotional guilt trip of not having new facilities they lay on the community is disgusting,

as the heavy tax impact to those homes and businesses who were truly affected will be onerous. What if the district was managed with the students and the taxpayers as the #1 priority instead of managing for the next referendum? What if, instead of spending 85 percent of the over $6 million dollar budget on wages and benefits, we spent 80 percent and came up with a 10 to 20 year plan of repairs and upgrades? Close examination reveals that this referendum is really about funding the budget process and how finances are allocated and not about the inadequacies of the facilities. Let’s send a strong message to the district administration and Board that we want a quality, affordable education in properly maintained (current) facilities and that they should take an introspective look at why three different schools pick up students in the R-P district. Please vote NO on December 19 and demand an efficient and accountable R-P Administration and Board.

same time but with a $15 million price upgrading it. When you need a new you need to fix something in it, so why tag. That means we give up “luxury” roof, are you going to go buy a new do we “need” a new school because we items and build a much smaller facility house? When you need new floors, need to replace parts of it? We don’t. that will have more shared facilities, are you going to go buy a new house? I would invest in a new school for larger number of students per classroom When you need new windows, are you the kids if it was necessary, but it is and simple but efficient infrastructure. going to just go and buy a new house? not. I will not waste my money on This would be in line with the reality If you answer yes to any or all of those everything new. And I will definitely of shrinking student population over questions, either you have a lot of not waste it on a school that has an the next 20-40 years with a price tag money to waste or you are asinine. administration that never supported Letter about R-P Referendum the community is more likely to afford. Just as you cannot live in a house me or my decisions during my entire To the Editor, This plan could be a viable alternative without repairs, you cannot maintain high school career there. Voting “yes” I attended the RP referendum meet- to keeping and repairing current facili- a school without proper repairs and on December 19 is the most prepostering, took the tour of the facilities and ties. upgrades as well. The lifespan of a roof ous request this school has ever asked listened intently to presenters, numerMike Machutt is about 20-25 years, windows should of me and the entire Rushford-Peterson ous questions and answers. I learned Rushford, MN be replaced maybe every 25 years, and School District. new facts and gained greater underdepending on the floor type, you may I voted no. Will you? standing of what assumptions were Letter about R-P referendum need to upgrade every 30 years. Kaitlyn Peterson used in developing the plan. As the To the Editor, EVERYTHING that goes into Peterson, MN meeting progressed, it became clear to This is Preposterous! a building needs to be upgraded or me that the plan is simply untenable Tell me how you can live in a replaced sometime. You’re not going and unaffordable in its current form. house without constantly repairing and to move out of your home every time The proposed K-5 school is a beautiful, state of the art learning facility but NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION costs more than the community can INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 239 afford. I appreciate all of the hard work RUSHFORD-PETERSON SCHOOLS the superintendent, board, and the STATE OF MINNESOTA community representatives have spent to develop and present the current NOTICE IS BEREHY GIVEN, that the special election has been called and will be held in and for Independent School proposal they feel is in the best interest District No. 239, Rushford-Peterson, State of Minnesota, on Wednesday the 19th day of December, 2012, for the of the district and sellable to the com- purpose of approving bonds for an Early Childhood – Fifth Grade Center. The ballot shall provide as follows: SCHOOL DISTRICT QUESTION BALLOT munity. It is obvious to me that the INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 239 current staged proposal is untenable. RUSHFORD-PETERSON The district will continue to utilize the SPECIAL ELECTION building that is most troublesome and December 19, 2012 costly to maintain thus almost guaranTo vote, completely fill in the oval next to your choice, like this: teeing that the other phase would have _______________________________________________________________________ To vote for a question, fill in the oval next to the word “YES” for that question. to be approved. That puts the real price To vote against a question, fill in the oval next to the word “NO” for that question. tag at $40 plus million assuming $30 SCHOOL DISTRICT BALLOT QUESTION million in principle and $10-12 million APPROVAL OF BONDS FOR EARLY in interest. That price tag conservaCHILDHOOD-FIFTH GRADE CENTER tively doubles property tax on average. YES Shall the School Board of Independent School District No. 239, I propose the board postpone the Rushford-Peterson, be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to Dec 19 vote and develop an alternative exceed $15,000,000 to provide funds for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and proposal that builds all phases at the facilities, including the construction of a new

Public Notice

The City Of Peterson will hold a public hearing for the purpose of a variance for Chuck’s Feed and Grain on the 27Th day of December at 6pm in the City hall. Variance needed for the 35 foot height restriction now in place in the commercial district. Judy Graham, Clerk / Treasurer City of Peterson


Early Childhood-Fifth Grade Center?


Voting will take place from 11:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. in the Rushford-Peterson High School Gymnasium Lobby, 102 North Mill Street, Rushford, MN. Any eligible voter residing in the school district may vote at the above mentioned polling place. Voters must be 18 or more years of age; a citizen of the United States; a resident of Rushford-Peterson School District. Voters must maintain residence in Minnesota for 20 days immediately preceding the election. A voter must be registered to vote to be eligible to vote in this election. An unregistered individual may register to vote at the polling place on Election Day. Dated: December 5, 2012 BY ORDER OF THE SCHOOL BOARD /S/ John Nitecki Board Clerk

Faith & Worship

St. Columban’s Catholic Church A Diocese of Winona Parish 408 Preston St. NW, Preston, MN • 507.765.3886 Mass Every Sunday at 9:30am

St.Columban’s Beginnings

The name of the early Church was St. Joseph’s and wasn’t changed to St. Columban’s until 1882. The first Catholic Masses in the Preston area were celebrated in about 1857, with St. Joseph being a mission church of about 40 members. Visiting priests would arrive by rail, then driven by horse and buggy to visit the sick and to say Mass. The ladies would provide dinner and the priest would be taken to the depot for his return home. In 1864, Bishop Thomas Grace of St. Paul purchased a 120’x120’ lot in the Village of Preston at the corner of Preston and Franklin streets in the John Kaercher’s addition. This was where the first church was built. From that time until October of 1879, when the church was completed, visiting priests from Rochester, Caledonia and Lanesboro served Preston area Catholics. The present church and rectory were built under the supervision of Father Michael Doyle. He first built the rectory in 1924 followed by the church in 1928 at a cost of $30,000. Father Doyle was pastor here for 26 years. In 1857, a group of Catholic settlers in the Greenleafton and Carimona area built a church just west of the Jim and Ann O’Conner farm on County Rd. 14. According to Fillmore County history, the parish was called St. John’s. The church has since been torn down but the cemetery remains today, and is called St. Ligouri’s. St. Ligouri’s and Calvary cemetery, located north of Preston on County Rd 17, are joined as one and known as Calvary Cemetery Association. Today, St. Columban’s is a thriving and vibrant community with 125 families. We are clustered with St. Patrick’s in Lanesboro, and St. Mary’s in Chatfield. Our current pastor, serving all three parishes, is Father Patrick Arens, whose home town in Kellog, MN. We are also blessed to have a retired priest, Monsignor Father Francis Galles, who celebrates daily Mass two mornings a week. The Mass schedule for our Tri-Parishes is: Saturdays 5:00p.m. in Chatfield; Sundays 8:00a.m. at Lanesboro, 9:30a.m. at Preston and 11:00a.m. in Chatfield.

Christmas Mass Schedule Christmas Eve:

4:00PM at St. Mary’s in Chatfield 6:30PM at St.Columban’s in Preston 8:30PM at St. Patrick’s in Lanesboro Midnight Latin High Mass at St. Mary’s in Chatfield

Christmas Day:

9:00AM at St. Mary’s in Chatfield

“A Light will shine on us today: the Lord is born for us”!

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Preston, MN

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Obituaries Vyla C. Blough Vyla C. Blough, 100, of Waterloo, Iowa, died at Friendship Retirement Center on Saturday, December 1, 2012, of natural causes. Vyla Crystal Tammel was born March 17, 1912 in Preston, Minnesota, daughter of Jake and Jessie Broadwater Tammel. She married Edgar Blough May 24, 1942, in Preston at the Root River Brethren Church; he died September 16, 2001. She graduated from high school and attended one year of college at John Fletcher Academy in University Park, Iowa. Continuing her education, she attended Normal School Teacher’s Training in Preston. She taught school in rural Minnesota for seven years and then married Edgar in 1942. Vyla and Edgar farmed together in Orange Township from the day they were married and until moving to Friendship Village. She was a member of South Waterloo Church of the Brethren where she had been a financial secretary for a number of years, taught Sunday School and was a member of Women’s Fellowship. For many years she was the Hudson Herald’s correspondent for Orange Township. She was active as a 4-H Leader. Her pies and canned goods won numer-


Monday, December 17, 2012

ous blue ribbon awards at the Cattle Congress. Vyla is survived by son Richard and his wife Susan of Waterloo; daughter Shirley Miller and her husband Richard of Taylor, Wisc.; daughter Sharon Blough of Waterloo; granddaughter Rachelle (Matt Kutz) Miller of Madison, Wisc.; granddaughter Angela (Mike) Headlee of Bemidji, Minn.; grandson Joshua (Rachel) Blough of Waterloo; five great-grandchildren; sister Gayle Hodgson of Waterloo; brother Juan Tammel and his wife Lois of Harmony, Minn.; and sister-in-law Marilyn Tammel of Harmony. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, granddaughter Tanna Sue Blough, brothers Dwight and Donne Tammel, and sister Cathleen Hatling Cathleen passed away at her daughter Patty Barton’s home December 10, 2012, in Eitzen. She was born July 5, 1928, in Harmony to Harold and Irene Flynn. She graduated from Harmony High School. Cathleen was married to Rolf Hatling September 8, 1956 at the Nativity Catholic Church in Harmony. They farmed in Preble Township until they moved to Rushford in 1959. She worked at Berger and Hilda Halvorson’s grocery store and other local stores until she began a 29 year career at the Rushford Municipal Liquor

Store. She was a member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Rushford. She enjoyed walking, cooking, baking, taking drives to eat at the area supper clubs, and being with her family. Cathleen is survived by her daughter Patty Barton, (Ken), Eitzen Minn.; son Jeff Hatling (Lee) Kernersville, N. Carolina; six grandchildren; and two brothers Jim (Sonja) Flynn of Rockford, Ill., and Donnie (Jean) Flynn of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was preceded in death by her husband Rolf Hatling, her sister Dorothy Amdahl, and her parents. A funeral mass was held Friday, December 14, 2012, at St. Olaf Catholic Church in Mabel with Father Shawn Haremza officiating. Burial was in the Calvary Cemetery in rural Canton. Mengis Funeral Home assistedwith arrangements. Ethel Highum Ethel L. Highum, 102, of Rushford, Minn. died on Monday, December 10, 2012, at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Home in Rushford. Ethel was born on March 26, 1910, in Arendahl Township, Fillmore County, Minn. to Thomas and Agnes (Moldrom) Lee. She was raised at Arendahl and attended Peterson Schools. On December 12, 1929, she married Gorman Highum. Ethel

farmed along-side her husband in the Arendahl and North Prairie areas for many years. She was a member of Rushford Lutheran Church and was very active in her church in many capacities. She enjoyed crocheting, sewing and spending time with her family. She is survived by five daughters: LaVaughn Helleland of Rushford; Donna (Roger) Trester of Rushford; Doris Holger of North St. Paul, Minn.; Gayle (Harvey) Taipale of Lake Elmo, Minn.; and Kay (Robert) Feine of Inver Grove Heights, Minn.; a very special niece whom she raised, Louise (John) Marier of Ladysmith, Wis.; seventeen grandchildren; 35 great-grandchildren and 32 great-greatgrandchildren.

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She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, three sonsin-law, a granddaughter, and two great-grandchildren. The funeral service was on Friday, December 14, 2012, at Rushford Lutheran Church with the Rev. Roger Michaelson officiating. Burial was in the Rushford Lutheran Cemetery. The family prefers memorials to be directed to Rushford Lutheran Church or the Good Shepherd Lutheran Home. Noel Larson Noel David Larson, 69, of Larkspur, Colorado, passed away November 5, 2012 after a long illness. Noel was born December 25, 1942, to parents Clifford See OBITUARIES Page 8 

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Fillmore County Church Directory Fillmore County Journal • Preston MN 507.765.2151 VBC Video • Preston MN 507.765.2704 Visit Bluff Country • Preston MN 507.765.2151 A rendahl Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 10:30am Highway 30, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875 -2477 Assembly Of God Church …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 610 Territorial Rd, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 Assumption Catholic Church ………Fri. - 8:30am & Sat. - 5:00pm 207 N May St, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-8320 Bethlehem Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:00am 200 Kenilworth Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3344 Calvary Baptist Church ………………Sundays - 10:45am & 6:00pm 910 Winona St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4686 Canton-Scotland Presby terian Church...…………Sundays - 9:00am 104 W Fillmore Ave, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-2260 Chatf ield Lutheran Church …………Sundays - 8:00am & 10:00am 304 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4721 Chatf ield United Methodist Christ ………………Sundays - 9:30am 124 Winona St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3529 Cherry Grove United Methodist …………………Sundays - 10:00am 18183 160th St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (Cherry Grove) (507) 937-3177 Christ Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am 509 Kansas St NW, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -2161 Christian Science Ser vices …………………………Sundays - 10:00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2251 Elstad Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am 37784 Dogwood Rd, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3769 Emmanuel Episcopal Church ……………………Sundays - 10:00am 217 W Jessie St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2164 Faith United Methodist Church ……Sat. - 5:00pm & Sun. - 9:00am 617 Maple Ln, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2830 Fillmore Free Methodist Church …Sundays - 8:30am & 10:30am 19127 County 8, Wykoff, MN 55990 (Fillmore) (507) 352-5450 First Baptist Church …………………Sundays - 10:30am & 6:00pm 701 Kasten Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2840 First Baptist Church-Preston …………Sundays - 10:30am & 7:00pm 108 Chatfield Ave NW, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 - 4960 First English Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 10:00am 217 W Grant St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2793 First Lutheran Church of Highland ………………Sundays - 10:30am 22423 391st Ave, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3318 First Presby terian Church …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2854 Fountain Lutheran …………………………………Sundays - 9:00am Main Street, Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268- 4413 Fountain United Methodist Church ………………Sundays - 8:30am Co. Rd. 8 and Cedar St., Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268- 4456 Garness Trinity Lutheran …………………………Sundays - 11:00am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5905 Grace Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am 365 Park St, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875 -2218

Brought to you by: SMG Web Design • Preston MN 507.765.2704 SMG Computer Solutions • Preston MN 507.765.2704 Greenf ield Lutheran Church …………………......Sundays - 9:00am 235 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3272 Greenleaf ton Reformed Church …………………Sundays - 10:00am Highway 9, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -2546 Harmony United Methodist Church ……………..Sundays - 8:30am 60 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886- 6851 Henry town Lutheran Church …………………………Sun. - 10:30am PO Box 103, Harmony, MN 55939 (Henrytown) (507) 886-2425 Highland Prairie Lutheran Church ……………….Sundays -10:30am 43267 Bowl Dr, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 864-2731 Historic Lenora United Methodist Church (Special Occassions) Lenora, MN (Rural Canton) (507) 545 -2641 Immanuel Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:30am 254 Main St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-2801 Lanesboro United Methodist Church ……………Sundays - 8:30am 507 Parkway Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2646 Mabel First Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:00am 202 N. Oak, P.O. Box 395, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5293 Mabel United Methodist Church …………………Sundays - 9:30am 111 W Newburg St, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5296 Nativity Catholic Church … Sun. (1st & 2nd) - 8:45am & (3rd & 4th) - 10:30am 640 1st Ave SW, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-2393 New Life Victory Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:30am 440 2nd Avenue Southeast, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3525 Newburg United Methodist Church 3.1 miles N. of Mabel on Hwy. 43; 2.2 miles W. on Co. Rd. 24 North Prairie Lutheran ……………………………Sundays - 10:30am 35957 Highway 30, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 875 -2460 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church ……Sundays - 8:00am & 10:30am 805 S Broadway St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7251 Pilot Mound Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 9:00am 8 miles N. of Lanesboro on 250 then 4 miles W. on Hwy 30 (507) 875 -2460 Pioneer Presby terian Church ………………………Sundays - 8:30am 206 Fillmore St NE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4037 Preston United Methodist Church ………………Sundays - 10:30am 212 Saint Anthony St N, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -2503 R iver Of Life Regional Church 220 N Money Creek St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2853 Root Prairie Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 10:30am County Rd 11, Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268- 4455 Root R iver Church of the Brethren ………………Sundays - 10:00am 23553 County Rd 20, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 - 4772 Root R iver Community Church …………………Sundays - 10:30am 503 Nannestad Lane, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7074 Rushford Lutheran Church …………………Sun. - 9:00am & 5:30pm 101 S Mill St., Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7152

Olmsted County Journal • Rochester MN 507.288.5201 Daytripper • Rochester MN 507.288.5201 Studio-A-Photography • Preston MN 507.251.6372 Saetersdal Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 10:30am 21447 Co. Rd. 30, Rural Harmony, MN Scheie Lutheran Church ……………………………Sundays - 9:30am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5680 St Columban Church ………………………………Sundays - 9:30am 408 Preston St NW # 2, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 -3886 St Ignatius Catholic Church ………………………Sundays - 10:30am 213 W Franklin St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7565 St John’s Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 9:00am 241 Line St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352-2296 St John’s Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 31497 Highway 43, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2585 St Joseph’s Catholic Church ………………………Sundays - 10:00am 103 N Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2257 St Mark ’s Lutheran Church ………………………Sundays - 9:00am 104 E North St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7111 St Marys Catholic Church ….......Sat. - 5:00pm & Sun. - 11:00am 405 Twiford St SW, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3148 St Matthews Episcopal Church ……………………Sundays - 9:30am 100 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923-1219 (507) 867-3707 St Matthew’s Lutheran Church ……………………Sundays - 9:00am Harmony, MN 55939 (Granger) (507) 772- 4474 St Olaf Catholic Church … Sun. (1st & 2nd) - 10:30am & (3rd & 4th) - 8:45am 114 N Locust, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5268 St Patrick ’s Church Hall ………………………...…Sundays - 8:00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2480 St Paul Lutheran Church ………Sun. - 10:00am & Wed. - 7:00pm 128 Fillmore St SE, Chatfield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4604 St Paul’s Lutheran Church ……………………....Sundays - 10:30am Harmony, MN 55939 (Big Springs) (507) 886-8175 Sumner Center United Methodist Church ………Sundays - 10:30am 9 miles N. of Spring Valley on Co. Rd. 1 (507) 378- 4801 The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints-Sundays - 10:00am 21257 US Hwy 52 South Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765 - 4551 Trinity Fellowship ELCA …………………………Sundays - 10:00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7211 Trinity Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 10:30am 204 South St, Ostrander, MN 55961 (507) 657-2203 Union Prairie Lutheran ……………………………Sundays - 9:00am Hwy 16, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3363 United Methodist Church …………………………Sundays - 10:30am 236 Gold St S, Wykoff, MN 55990 (507) 352- 4136 Valley Christian Center …………………………....Sundays - 10:00am 610 Territorial Rd Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 W halan Lutheran Church …………………………Sundays - 9:00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (Whalan) (507) 467-2398

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and Ione Larson. He grew up in Choice, Minn. and graduated from Rushford High School. Noel worked for the USDA Forest Service his entire career, living in many states and serving multiple forests. Upon his retirement in 1999, he moved to Colorado where he continued to enjoy the outdoors he so loved. Survivors include his wife of 30 years, Jan; daughter Deb (John) Espesete of Portland, Oregon; son, Craig (Linh) Larson of Anoka, Minnesota; grandchildren Eric, Breanna and Kim. In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by two sisters, Diane Sudheimer and Sondra Hughes. His brother, Richard Bruce Larson, passed away November 10, 2012, after several years of declining health. A remembrance celebration for Noel and his brother, Bruce, will be at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, December 30, 2012, in the Highland Prairie Church Fellowship Hall. Ramona Swenson Ramona Swenson, age 83 of Harmony, Minn., passed away on Sunday, December 2, 2012, at Unity Hospital, Fridley, Minn. Ramona Elise Swenson was born on June 11, 1929, in Cresco, Iowa to Frederick and Marguerite (Seekatz) Radechel. She was baptized in Big Springs Lutheran Church, rural Harmony, and confirmed in Immanuel Lutheran Church, Cresco, Iowa. She went to country school and then was a graduate of Cresco High School in 1947. She worked as a waitress at Elms Cafe and at National Cash Dime Store. After high school she worked as a secretary in the

Monday, December 17, 2012

January 4, 1930, to John Kappers and Louise (Tienter) Kappers in Spring Valley, Minn. and was baptized March 08, 1931 at the Lutheran church in Ostrander, Minn. Betty attended school through the 10th grade and was united in marriage to Harold Westphal on September 25, 1948, near Ostrander at the home of Betty’s brother, Vernon Kappers. She was confirmed on October 22, 1950, at First English Lutheran Church following her marriage to Harold. Betty worked at the CoastTo-Coast in Spring Valley for 14 years and for the Spring Valley Lumber Yard where she also worked for 14 years. She enjoyed sewing, quilting, making crafts and crocheting. Her greatest joy was spending time with her loving, caring husband and family. She is survived by her husband Harold of Spring Valley, Minn.; a daughter Carol Daugherty of Byron, Minn.; and a son Gary (Diane) Westphal of Alexandria, Minn.; two grandchildren; Bradley (Stephanie) Westphal of Lino Lakes, Minn.; and Corey Westphal of Minneapolis, Minn.; two great–grandchildren; Kellen and Tyler, and a sister Bess Berg of Ostrander, Minn. She was preceded in death by her parents, one son Jerry in infancy, a grandson Kyle, a son-in-law Jim Daugherty, six brothers and three sisters. In lieu of flowers the family would appreciate your monetary support of the Spring Valley Cemetery. Funeral services for Betty J. Westphal were held Wednesday December 12, 2012, at First EngBetty J. Westphal Betty Westphal, age 82, of lish Lutheran Church in Spring Spring Valley died early Satur- Valley with the Rev Loel Wessel officiating. Burial took place in day December 8, 2012. Betty Jean Westphal was born the Spring Valley Cemetery.

high school, and also as a clerk and bookkeeper at Goodyear Service Store, all in Cresco. She also worked a short time at Heco in Harmony. On June 27, 1950, she married Stanley Swenson in Cresco, Iowa. They farmed together on a farm near Fountain then in York Township for 34 years, during this time raising their family. They retired on an acreage then moved to Harmony, Minn. in 2000. Stanley passed in 2001. Ramona prided herself in being a “farmer’s wife.” She enjoyed sewing, reading, crossword puzzels, crocheting, painting scenes, refinishing furniture, flower gardens, collecting glassware and dishes. She loved cats and had a special fondness for Elvis. She held offices in Ladies Aid in Saetersdal and taught Sunday school and Bible study. Survivors include three daughters, Laura (Dave) Lynch of Waucoma, Iowa; Deb Swenson of Harmony, and Kari (Steve) Schroeder of Harmony, Minn.; one son Mark (Jean) Swenson of Ramsey, Minn.; 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, brother, Cyrrel, son Carlton and granddaughter, Angela. While her family will miss her, they trust that she is now with God and all of the family that passed before her. Memorial service was held at Saetersdal Lutheran Church, rural York Township, Minn. on Saturday, December 8, 2012, officiated by Pastor Maureen Hagen.

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Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Supervisor, Fill Vacancy through March 2015. One Tresurer, 2 year term Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00. Linda Griggs • Clerk, Yucatan Township

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice of filiNg areNdahl towNship

Notice of filiNg forestville towNship

Notice of filiNg pilot mouNd towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Treasurer, 2 year term. One Supervisor, 3 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Keith Brown, Clerk • Arendahl Township

Bonnie Heidtke, Clerk • Fillmore Township

Connie Morger, Clerk • Forestville Township

Walter Laumb, Clerk • Norway Township

William Sullivan, Clerk • Pilot Mound Township

Notice of filiNg Bristol towNship

Notice of filiNg fouNtaiN towNship

Notice of filiNg preBle towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Eunice Biel, Clerk • Bristol Township

Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00. Daniel L. Graskamp, Clerk • Fountain Township

David Larson, Clerk • Preble Township

Notice of filiNg caNtoN towNship

Notice of filiNg harmoNy towNship

Notice of filiNg prestoN towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00. Kathy Whalen, Clerk • Harmony Township

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2013 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasure, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

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Notice of filiNg NewBurg towNship

Notice of filiNg sumNer towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 12, 2013 will be open on January 1, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 15, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Faye Garness, Clerk • Canton Township

Linda Marzolf, Clerk • Carimona Township

Genette Halverson, Clerk • Newburg Township

Curtis Bisek, Clerk • Preston Township

Melinda Miller, Clerk • Sumner Township

Notice of filiNg carroltoN towNship

Notice of filiNg holt towNship

Notice of filiNg amherst towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2013 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2013 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2013 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2013. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Treasurer, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2013. Filing fee is $2.00.

Luanne Storelee, Clerk • Carrolton Township

Chris Gudmundson, Clerk • Holt Township

Hugh F. Fendry II, Clerk • Amherst Township

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Monday, December 17, 2012


grandkids in the R-P schools, so I have no emotional ties to Continued from Page 1 the school or this issue. That “Couldn’t we be putting aside affords me the luxury of looking money instead?” asked Linda at this issue from a purely anaHovland. “Would that show lytical perspective,” stated Mike the state a good faith effort or Machutt, who owns 60 acres would that hurt us?” south of Rushford. “I believe Superintendent Chuck Ehler in full and honest disclosure insisted that the district had of all information surrounding done all it could to find funding this issue. It is clear to me assistance. “We’re still working from the discussions here this with them. We haven’t given evening that we are looking  at up on that avenue,” he stated. a $30 million price tag not $15 The district’s original plan was million and that means we are suggested with the plan of a looking at least a doubling of 70/30 split on debt equalization. current property taxes if not However, since the state has more.  Rushford will not be able shifted its funding formula, and to attract new, younger families with declining values, state aid in any numbers because there has eroded, according to Gary simply is not the business infraBenson. Should the referendum structure that  can attract these pass, the district’s debt level new young families.  Rushford would then qualify them for is much more likely to attract more state aid. “We’re attempt- people such as myself who are ing to move things forward,” looking to move to the country said Ehler. after the kids are grown and But, getting to that second moved away.  These people will phase, by passing the referen- look hard at property taxes in dum and raising taxes, wor- making their decision to move ries some who contend that to an area.  If my property residents can’t afford the tax taxes were double or triple what on the second phase of the they are now, I don’t know that project, which could happen in we would have bought property another 5-7 years. “What’s the here.” reasonable tax rate when sec- Again, the question for why ond phase of project kicks in?” the district is building in phases they questioned. The answer was posed. “In the 2002 bondwas unclear. However, Benson ing proposal, you blew us out did offer up that the tax rate of the water. It was, at that time, on the $15 million is roughly $18.75 million to build the 25 percent, while the initial whole thing,” he stressed. “Look, $29 million, complete facility we can’t afford to sit still. Interwould have been closer to 48 est rates are at an all-time low. percent. He also suggested that It’s a competitive bid, but the the district could structure the estimated rate in referendum is debt to allow bigger payments conservative because of any shift for the second phase near the that might occur between now completion of the debt service and bidding.” for the first phase to keep the Still, constructing only a new rate steady. elementary facility is concern “In the interest of full dis- ing for some. “With the uncerclosure, we have never had tainty of being able to complete any kids in the RP schools and Phase 2, my concern is that even we will never have any kids or with a new elementary, we’ll still

Super Bingo week 8 winner This week’s winner is

nancy Gartner, Preston, Mn ($25 Gift Certificate from a participating BINGO sponsor)

Fillmore County Journal • Phone: 507-765-2151 • Preston, MN

Christ Lutheran Church of Preston Advent/Christmas Worship Schedule

Sunday, December 16 - 3RD Sunday of Advent 9am Worship/Holy Communion With Sunday School Christmas Program Sunday, December 23 - 4TH Sunday of Advent 9am Worship Service Monday, December 24 - Christmas Eve 4:30pm Candlelight Service 9pm Candlelight Service Tuesday, December 25 - Christmas Day 9am Worship/Holy Communion Sunday, December 30 9am Worship Lessons & Carols of Christmas All Are Welcome!

have students in this building.” The construction costs of the building, which were detailed on a budget breakdown, also worried some. In response to questioning about average construction costs for school projects, as well as the high cost of engineering and architectural fees associated with the project, ATS&R partner Dean Beeninga gave a relatively vague answer, but noted the down market and that every project is unique. This project, he acknowledged, is priced at a high level of quality. So, why not just fix the building? “It would take a $10-12 million investment in this building and $1.5-2 million at the middle school. Our board looked at that and the cost to build new and thought this was our better option.” “As the architect pointed out, buildings can last indefinitely but that parts of them need to be replaced, such as roofs, mechanical systems, and windows. With a new school, what we will get is a block building, which is what we have now, with a roof that will need to be replaced in 20 years and mechanical components that will need to be replaced in as little as five years,” noted resident Jon Peterson following the forum. “Given the current board and administration’s track record, it will either be ignored or they will come to the taxpayers asking for an excess levy which may or may not be used for the necessary maintenance.  So then we would have a massive tax burden for a new building and additional tax levy for maintenance of that building. It appears as though if someone questions any part of the current referendum or questions the administration or board’s agenda, you are labeled as a ‘community divider’ or that you are against change, progress, or growth of the community.  The reality is that change would be taking a proactive approach to budgeting appropriately and timely for the repairs on our current facilities without excess levies.” Indeed maintenance and repair costs, as well as heating and electric costs, have long been an issue for the district in its current facilities. For 2012, the maintenance and repair costs, including electric, plumbing, building repairs, boiler,

From all of us

GreetinGs of the season! May you be blessed with good health and good fortune this holiday season and throughout the new year. We thank you for the privilege of serving you.

Butch Johnson Insurance 507-864-2800 200 Mill Sreet, Rushford

Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas! We thank you for your patronage. Thank you for doing business with us! Season’s Greetings from all of the gang. Engelson & Associates Ltd. 310 S. Mill St., Rushford, MN


Curt’s Place

30559 Meadow Ave., Rushford


Happy Holidays!! Thank you for your continued support and friendship. May the spirit of christmas warm your hearts and home. Roy’s Small Engine Repair 209 St. Rd. 16, Rushford


We thank you for you patronage and hope you will be surrounded by good fortune, good friends and good health throughout this festive season. LAW OFFICE OF

RichaRd a. NetheRcut a pRofessioNal associatioN

Dick & DeAnne Harmony - 886-6131 Mabel - 493-5088

See REFERENDUM Page 11 

Spring Ahead

Learning Center

located in lime SpringS, ia

is now accepting enrollment for childcare services. please call or email Sandy at 641-220-4361 or springaheadlc@ for enrollment packets and additional questions.

openings for ages six weeks old to t welve years old.

Opening date is Monday, February 4, 2013.

We wish you joy and God’s blessings in the new year. From all of us at Rushford • Houston St. Charles • Lewiston Goodview/Winona

Monday, December 17, 2012

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From all of us Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas & New Year! s Gift Card for Available ! Christmas

With our thanks for your support. THE


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Rushford looking at no levy increase mittee’s plan. “It’s my first time By Kirsten Zoellner Municipalities within the seeing this.” state must certify the levy to the City Clerk Kathy Zacher county auditor on or before five maintains what the city will have working days after December 20 to spend hasn’t changed, ratheach year. With that date rapidly er where revenue will be spent approaching, a Rushford bud- has shifted. “What’s going to get subcommittee of city staff, change between now and then? Mayor Chris Hallum, and coun- $740,000 three years in a row,” cilor Robert Dahl, has spent a sig- said Hallum, noting the last levy nificant amount of time pouring increase being for 2011. “How over the proposed 2013 budget long can you stay flat like this?” looking for potential savings. Fol- “That depends on how much lowing a three-hour final meet- you can keep saving,” stressed ing, the subcommittee put forth Bunke. a budget recommendation that If the city does certify the levy meets the goal of a zero percent at zero percent and find further increase in the levy for 2013. savings throughout the year, any Until the date of certification, the excess funds will go into building council may adopt or lower the the city’s general fund back up, proposed amount, but they may which was suggested by last year’s not raise it past 2.9 percent, or audit. “I’m comfortable with this. $762,000, preliminarily certified There’s no fat in the day to day to the county auditor this past operations,” responded Hallum. “You’re entitled to your opinSeptember. “This is pretty lean. The coun- ion,” said Bunke. “I’m just asking cil wants a zero percent increase? for time, so I really know what Mission accomplished,” noted I’m voting for.” Hallum. “We looked at the bud- The council will certify the levy at the next council meeting, get line by line.” “I wouldn’t feel comfortable scheduled for December 17, at GREAT MUSICAL AGESnote city ALL hall. Please offering a budget lowerINSTRUMENTS than 6:30pm, atFOR that,” added City Administrator the change in date, due to the Steve Sarvi, who also noted that Christmas holiday. the subcommittee spent a great In other news, the city has deal of time discussing Public acknowledged a generous Works Capital Projects fund, as donation of $10,000 from the well as how to drive down debt Rushford Community Foundation and $5,000 from Southern service aggressively through every ITEM A SINGLE $199+ Minnesota Initiative Foundation opportunity. 888.927.4982 CODE:Grant MFHOLIDAY15 Matching Funds towards “This CALL is difficult to doAND on USE the COUPON ENDS 12/22 playground fly,” cautioned councilor Vern the Brooklyn ParkOFFER Bunke, looking at the subcom- project.

am& er2x4 re2x2 y ads to run ONE TIME, the week beginning 12/16/2012

paper par2x2 work nning main Thank you for your your support in 2012! t the on of r). At Darr Auctions & Realty, LLC tisers 1-800-852-0010 • Rushford, MN • pecifwever, ultiRushford Houston each 507-864-7733 507-896-3147 may eased Caledonia Spring Grove to fit 507-725-3306 507-498-5321 zes.

ill for have e call /279ou.

flooring, heat and vent, roofing, health and safety total $307, 474.30. The five year total is $1,103,328.80, with an average annual cost, based on the last five years, of $220,665.76. Heating costs for 2011-2012 were $42,788.85 and electric costs were $50,654.02 Some claim the district hasn’t kept the building up as it should. “Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve budgeted for it,” Ehler asserted. “Aid has shifted and there are other costs we incur. I would love to just budget for it.” “I’ve spent six years on board,” added Greg Smith. “We’ve done basic maintenance on building, as much as budget allows. But, we have to look at the big picture. These problems go back a long way.” “We’re in a bind,” said Ehler. “We need to look down the road. This is an investment long term. It’s our school and we have to decide what we’re going to do. Ehler officially closed the open forum at nearly three hours after it began. Many arms were still raised with question or comment and the public lingered around an additional half hour talking with Ehler, ATS&R or Ehlers & Associates. “We have a great school here, folks. I want you to leave with that. We have a veteran staff and test scores second to none. We’ve adopted the motto, ‘Always our best.’ That’s what we’re asking of you. Give us your best.” Those still looking to find the projected tax impact for their property can call Ehlers & Associates at at 1-800-552-1171 or email mnschools@ehlers-inc. com. You will need to specify that you are seeking the impact for the R-P referendum and provide both your property ID numbers and the county in which it’s in. Only those property owners residing in the R-P school district may vote in the referendum.




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Letters to Santa

Merry Christmas from the Farmers Co-op Board & Staff

Season’s Greetings from all of us to all of you! To our valued customers we extend our sincere gratitude and best wishes for a season that’s filled with good health, good fortune and good friends.

Gehling Auction Company Preston • 765-2131

Dear Children of Fillmore County, Please send your letter to Santa to the Fillmore County Journal and we will publish it in the Monday, December 24 newspaper -just in time for Santa’s visit. All letters to Santa should be submitted to the Journal by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 19. You can send them via e-mail to, or drop them off at the Journal in Preston, Minn., or mail them to the Journal at P.O. Box 496, Preston, MN 55965.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

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re monotes from a country kitchen by Vicki Christianson

Christmas always brings back childhood memories. I remember one Christmas about 40 years ago that still stands out in my mind. It was Christmas Eve and my sister and her four-year-old son, Jeffrey, were spending the night and all the next day with us at my parent’s home. Jeff loved staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s, but not that particular night! He was frantic with worry because he knew that Santa Claus wouldn’t know he was in Canton and not at his own house in Rochester. He was sure he wouldn’t get any Santa gifts. We all tried reassuring him that Santa knew everything and wouldn’t forget him but he just wouldn’t believe us. He refused to eat any supper because his tummy was all in knots with worry - at least that’s what he said. My dad finally came up with an idea. Out in the back shed was an old leather strap with about six big bells on it that had been used on a horse and buggy team years ago. He

went out to the shed, got the strap, and hung it on a nail in the back porch. None of the kids even missed him. He told mom to keep everybody busy in the living room while he snuck out to the back porch, jingled the bells and yelled “Ho-Ho-Ho!” Hopefully all the kids would think it was Santa. When all of us kids heard the noise, mom was to usher us all out back to see if we could see anything. While we were out back dad would sneak around the house and back into the living by way of the front door. All the Santa presents were hidden on the front porch and he would bring them in and put them under the tree. We were busy playing in the living room when all at once we heard bells jingling and a deep voiced “Ho-ho-ho!” Jeff and my two little brothers’ heads popped up and their mouths dropped wide open!

Weddings | Engagements Birthdays | Anniversaries Birth Announcements Special Occasions!

Everyone got very quiet and looked from one to another. Mom finally said, “I bet that was Santa Claus. Maybe we should go out to the back porch and see if we can see him or his reindeer.” Needless to say, everyone dropped what they were doing and ran like crazy for the back porch. Without thinking about coats or hats, out the boys ran! They looked all around the yard, up on the roof, and into the sky but couldn’t see anything. Finally mom called them all back into the house. Their long faces were filled with disappointment. They were sure they had missed seeing Santa or any of his reindeer. Mom said they might as well go back into the living room and clean up their toys. It was bedtime. Dad was sitting in his usual chair in the dining room working a crossword puzzle. He casually looked up and asked the boys if they were able to see Santa. They all replied a quiet, “No.” They slowly sauntered into the living room and all three of them let out a blood curdling scream and under the tree they

flew. They couldn’t believe their eyes! There were presents there for them that hadn’t been there earlier! They finally decided that while they were out back looking for Santa he had walked right in the front door and left all the presents! Mom said that someone had to be first

Happy 2nd Birthday Waylon boy!!!

Happy 11tH Birthday Morgan!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

You’re the best!

Love, Lori & Family, Steve & Family

Ritz Cracker date cookies

on the list each year and this year it was us. “See, Jeff, Santa does know everything!” This is one of my favorite Christmas time cookies. They are made with dates but most people can’t tell what the filling is made up of so they eat and enjoy!

Happy 4th Birthday Rylan!

Love, Momma Daddy, Barb Grandpa & Bailee Lorraine Pfremmer

1 cup dates and 1 cup sweetened condensed milk Cook the above two ingredients together over a low heat until softened and thick. It burns easily so watch it closely. Cool slightly. You can add ½ cup chopped nuts at this point if you want to. Spread a teaspoon full of the mixture onto a Ritz cracker. Lay the crackers end to end on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake them at 350 degrees for 8 minutes - no more as they will burn. While still warm, frost with the following: 2 ½ cups powdered sugar, 3 ounces Cream Cheese, 1 tsp. vanilla and enough milk to make spreadable. Will keep in a cool place for several days.

Weighing 8 lb. 12 oz.

Love Mom & dad

.750 Liter Disaronno Gift Set w/2 Italian Glasses ievable Unbel rice! P



Born to John & Heather Pfremmer on December 4, 2012

Love, Grandpa Bruce & Grandma tracy

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1206 10120 p



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not an option.” The economy has struggled everywhere, but agriculture in southeast Minnesota has remained steady. “When the farmers make money, we make money,” said Ille. “That’s how we’ve built our business.” Preston Equipment employs

Monday, December 17, 2012

about 16-20 people right now, and they are looking at hiring anywhere from five to nine more. Ille said part of their future plans are to expand on their building for a new shop area. John Deere is not the only brand sold at Preston Equipment. They also sell Ski-Doo, Can Am, and Sioux Steel chainsaws and other products. They sell a lot of snowmobiles in the fall for people getting ready for

the winter season. And they also have a gift shop with unique items such as toy tractors and John Deere clothing. Providing a great service for the local residents has always been high priority for the family at Preston Equipment. “Fillmore County is an important area for us,” said Ille. “We sell things all over, but if you take care of local people, you’ll be fine. Ille has taught school in

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 households each week. Lanesboro, Fillmore Central, and Rochester, but also worked with his family at Preston Equipment for the last 20 years, taking care of the financial side of the business. His siblings are also an important part of the family business. Ille shared that customer service was extremely important to his father, and that’s the way he did business. The family wants to continue that tradition. Tak-

ing care of the employees is also important to them. “The people working for us are friends and relatives to our customers,” said Ille. There are employees that have been with the company since the beginning, 39 years ago, and some that have been there for at least 30 years. For more information on Preston Equipment and all they offer, visit

Fillmore Family Advocates looks to courthouse for office space By Karen Reisner Anne Detlefsen addressed the county board at their December 10 meeting to update them on the progress of establishing Fillmore Family Advocates and to see if she might be provided with temporary office space for the organization. It is being established to replace the former Fillmore Family Resources (FFR) which lost needed funding to continue operation. In a letter to the commissioners, Detlefsen writes, “Facing down family violence takes a community to decide it simply isn’t acceptable.” The new organization has acquired a certificate of incorporation from the state with 501(c)3 status pending. It has a temporary advisory board and its near term goal is to provide victim advocacy with a volunteer staff, secure donated office space and to fund raise. Detlefsen has been operating out of the extension office, which does not provide adequate privacy. She has been volunteering her time. The goal is to have two full time staff by summer and to develop a volunteer base. As income grows they will have paid staff. The focus is on providing community education and awareness, emergency shelter, a supervised exchange program, and prevention programming. Over a three-year period they hope to grow their services and have six full-time staff. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud asked about grant writing. Detlefsen said she had written grants for FFR and will be seeking grants. Sheriff Daryl Jensen assured the board that

every board member of the FFR will support the new concept. A couple of possibilities in the courthouse that could be used as an office space were discussed. Commissioners appeared to be in favor of providing office space if possible. A couple of options will be explored. AED Kickoff Program, Public Event Sheriff Jensen maintained the odds are so much better with the availability of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) for saving a life. Fillmore County was awarded a competitive three-year grant through the Health Resources and Services Administration Division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide AEDs throughout the county. The grant is intended to make AEDs accessible in rural communities that have longer average response times. The grants will be dispersed over three years contingent on available funding and will total over $171,000. On Wednesday, December 19, 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. a kick-off event celebrating the award will be held in the boardroom in the courthouse. The guest speaker will be Dr. Roger White, Mayo Clinic Department of Internal Medicine/Cardiovascular Disease and co-medical director of Mayo’s Medical Transport/Gold Cross ambulance service. Jensen and county commissioner/Rochester police officer Tom Kaase will also be speaking. Other Business In Brief •Sheriff Jensen requested and received approval to purchase 10 ARMER radios with two “0” match grants totaling $32,238.53. The radi-

os will be purchased from Motorola Solutions with a fourth quarter discount of $400 per radio. These will be duel head radios to be used in fire and EMS vehicles. Jensen explained that the grants don’t provide for the warranty, which will be $121 per radio. The $1,210 for the warranties will be the responsibility of the county. Chairman Kaase noted that the county had requested 40 radios free of charge at the Regional Radio Board. Fillmore County will not get all of the 40, but will get 27 radios free of charge. •Terry Schultz, Building Maintenance, requested and received approval to purchase a snow blower at the

lower quote of $1,300 from Preston Equipment. •Ronald Gregg, Highway, outlined a detour agreement with MnDot for the period of time they will be working on Highway 16 from Spring Valley to the north edge of Preston. The detour will be on CSAH 12 from Spring Valley and CSAH 5, and Highways 80 and 52. The detour will be used while culverts are being replaced on Highway 16. The agreement allows for about $4,500 payment to the county for reduced life of the county roads. The agreement was approved. A second agreement with MnDot was approved for a Highway 16

detour for the section between Preston and Lanesboro. The detour will be on CSAH 17 and CSAH 8. Reimbursement for use of county roadways will be $3,060. •The first payment to Schwab, Inc. for $17,575 was approved for the ongoing remodel of the Highway Administration Building. •Kaase noted that the Minnesota Veteran Affairs Commissioner Larry Shellito at the recent Association of Minnesota Counties annual conference had said that he was impressed with the site of the proposed Veterans’ Cemetery adding it will be a showcased as a model for other cemeteries.

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Monday, December 17, 2012


Page 15

Fillmore County Sports An eventful Tuesday

athlete of the week

By Paul Trende The first full night of both girl’s and boy’s basketball action was an apropos opener. Six county squads faced each other. One contest went to overtime.

One county boy’s team nearly was on the bad end of an epic collapse. Another, that ended last season with a victory, squared off with squad that also ended last season smiling in a

Lucas RogeRs Lanesboro Wrestling

Lanesboro G Lucas Rogers is Athlete of the Week. The 6’1” junior notched a pair of double-doubles versus Mabel-Canton (15 pts, 14 rebs) and Grand Meadow (22 pts, 10 rebs), both conference wins for the Burros. He held off his teammate, Kole Ruud, who was similarly instrumental, similarly impressive (averaged 21/game on the week including nailing 6 of 8 3’s, 11 of 14 total FG’s, in scoring 29 versus GM). Photo by Paul Trende

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battle of powers. That contest went to OT and featured a 47-point scorer. It was an early December evening to remember. In county-versus-county action, Kingsland and Fillmore Central did battle. On the girl’s side of things, the Knights ho-hummed their way to a 28-19 halftime lead. But in the 2nd half, the fledgling Falcons, led by sophomore Morgan Malley, made a run. The 5’6” guard scored seven points of a 9-0 FC spurt that trimmed the Kingsland lead to 30-28. The Knights replied back, as senior G/F Cheyenne Losey accounted for eight points of a 10-0 run that put King in control again (40-28). Down by as many as 17 (53-36), the Falcons didn’t go away. Malley did all the scoring in a 10-2 FC run late. However, time wasn’t on FC’s side. The Knights fended off the scrappy Falcons 57-48. Malley finished with 23 (19 in the 2nd half). Losey was ever-present and impressive, very assertive offensively (27 pts) and on the glass (15 rebs). On the boy’s side of things, it was a match-up of two new-look teams and two new coaches. John Fenske’s Knights hosted Aaron Janssen’s Falcons. Kingsland took control in the 1st half and went to the break up 17. The script then reversed itself in the second stanza. Keyed by Dan Gatzke’s 19 points, FC rallied to force OT, score tied at 58. There, Kingsland got the win 71-64. Guards Jacob Rindels (11 for 13 at the FT line) and Jordan Meskill (four 3’s) paced the Knights

with 16 apiece. Marcus Plaehn and Marshall Oeltjen each had 10. For FC, Gatzke had 21 (10-13 FG’s). Jake Tammel and Nick Powell had 15 and 14 respectively. Kingsland held a big edge at the FT line, making 28 of 40 to FC’s 8 of 16. The Mabel-Canton and Lanesboro boys competed in the third countycounty game of the night. The end of the 1st half was key. Trailing 17-14, Lanesboro scored the final 11 points to lead 25-17 at the intermission. They would lead the rest of the way, typically by single digits. M-C never closed to a one-possession game. The closest margin was 43-39. Lanes’ prevailed 46-39. Though struggling from long-range (4 of 21), Luke Rogers (15 pts, 14 rebs), Erik Peterson (13 pts), and Kole Ruud (13 pts) led the Burros offensively. Isaac Freese grabbed 14 rebounds (3 pts). Noah Manning (14 pts, 7 rebs, 4 assists) and Justin Ward (10 pts, 7 rebs) led the Cougars. In Chatfield, the Gopher boys came into their contest with Dover-Eyota with high expectations on the season. After shaking off some first game rust, they built a 53-32 midway through the 2nd half. Then they went to the concession stands. Nine or so minutes later (0:40 left) they returned to find Eagle Joseph Reiss at the FT line with a chance to tie the game at 56. The sophomore only made one of two. A few seconds later, Nate Skare stepped to the FT line, his team clinging to that

56-55 lead. The junior, the Gopher’s best shooter and second year starter, sank both freebies. D-E heaved a desperation three, that was rebounded and put back in just before the buzzer, making the final 58-57. Chatfield survived the wrong end of an 18-0/23-3 run where D-E made 10 of 13 FG’s and 3 of 4 FT’s (to the Goph’s 1 of 10 and 1 of 3). Starters Skare (10 pts, 7 rebs) and Mitch Irish (10 pts), plus 6th-man/6th starter Luke Isensee (11 pts, 8 rebs), paced the Gophers. Travis Austin (16) and Gunnar Schwartz (14) led D-E. Finally in Plainview, a pair of heavyweights did battle, one not confined to 36 minutes. P-E-M, the (9th ranked) defending Class AA state champs, hosted R-P, the defending Class A 3rd place squad. R-P led 40-36 at halftime but trailed by 12 with 5:00 left, only to pull even on a Cole Kingsley bucket with 0:05 to go. P-E-M nailed a subsequent shot, but after the buzzer, and the game went to overtime tied at 77. There, P-E-M got it done 90-81, with FTs being a critical factor. The Bulldogs made a whopping 42 of 47 freebies to R-P’s 15 of 35. Beau Nelson ‘chipped in’ 24 points for P-E-M, as junior teammate Nick Shanks had 47. Both sank a bunch of FT’s. With a combined 62 fouls and 82 FTs shot, the refs sank their mouths in ice afterwards. Jorli Hauge (17 pts, 7 rebs), Kingsley (16 pts, 5 stls, 4 assists), Seth Thompson (13), and Alex Vix (12) all made double figures for R-P. Four See SPORTS Page 16 

Page 16


Monday, December 17, 2012

Fillmore County Sports From all of us

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Preston • 765.9871

A “bandaged” Justin Ward puts the moves on a LeRoy-Ostrander defender. The junior forward was huge in leading MC to a comeback victory over the Cardinals. Photo by Paul Trende


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Trojans (three starters) fouled out. Cougar Boys Rally Big-Time Late For three-quarters of the MabelCanton/LeRoy-Ostrander boy’s basketball affair, the Cardinals controlled. They didn’t do so convincingly. M-C just couldn’t seem to get started offensively. They missed 14 of their first 15 shots (fell behind 12-2), many solid mid-range looks. Even after closing (down 14-12), M-C only lagged behind again (trailed 25-16 at the half). For the first nine or so minutes of the 2nd half, it was more of the same. L-O led 36-26, but then something happened. M-C upped its intensity, trapping full-court. The Card’s maybe tired. M-C exchanged solid mid-range shots for super-duper close-range layups. Cougar Justin Ward was a catalyst. Not every offensive rebound was his, it just seemed that way. Back-to-back put-backs by the soaring 5’10” forward got the Coug’s to within six (36-30). A Dom Lazzara 3-pointer stemmed the tide, but Cougar F Mac Nelson responded with a 3-point play. That sequence of events began a 34-15 M-C run to close the game, one that paved the way for a 60-51 Cougar victory. Ward’s stat-line was ever indicative of his all-around play; 25 points (12 of 19 FG’s), 9 rebounds, 6 steals, 3 assists, and 2 emphatic blocks, plus one band-aid (courtesy of a 1st half collision with something behind the stage). Hunter Johnson had 16 points and 7 rebounds. Nelson led M-C with 11 rebounds (off the bench). Lazzara’s 13 paced the Card’s. It was the Coug’s first win. They are 1-2 in the SEC/overall. BBB 12-06 •R-P 69, St. Charles 51 (R-P: A. Vix 19; J. Hauge 11; C. Kingsley 9 pts, 7 assists. SC: Talon Mercer 20. Trojans led 35-29 at halftime, broke game open with 12-0 run. They forced 32 TO’s. R-P is 1-1 in league/overall) •FC 45, Chatfield 56 (C: N. Skare 17 pts; L. Isensee 12 pts, 9 rebs. FC: N. Powell 20 pts (three 3’s), 7 rebs; D. Gatzke 11 pts, 12 rebs. Gophers got ahead early (17-9), stayed there. FC is

0-2 in league/overall) 12-07 •Pine Island 59, Chatfield 62 in OT (C: Reid Danielson 16 pts (3-3 from distance, 4-4 total FG’s, 5-6 FT’s), 7 assists; Jake Neis 13 pts, 5 assists; N. Skare 12. PI: Ben Warneke 23; Colton Sinning 15. Gophers generally led. Warneke hit a three with 0:12 left to tie it at 56. Neis missed a two and Warneke a desperation three in the final 0:12. In OT, Danielson’s driving lay-up was the first score. He then made 3 of 4 FTs in the final 0:22 to help ensure Gopher victory. He had 5 of Chatfield’s 6 OT points. Gophers are 2-0 in league, 3-0 overall) •GM 36, Lanesboro 77 (L: K. Ruud 29 pts (6-8 on 3’s, 11 of 14 total FG’s); L. Rogers 22 pts (4 triples), 10 rebs; E. Peterson 15 pts (all triples), 5 assists; I. Freese 12 rebs. Burros nailed 16 trifectas, led 56-20 at half. They are 2-0 in SEC, 2-1 overall) •Kingsland 35, Caledonia 68 (K: Quinn Larson 14. C: Nathan Rohrer 13. King is 1-1 in league, 1-2 overall) GBB 12-04 •P-E-M 61, R-P 50 (R-P: Kendra Crawford 21 pts, 5 stls; Amy Todd 17 pts, 10 rebs) •Chatfield 43, D-E 69 (C: Morgan Henry 10; Brook Irish 10 pts, 6 rebs. D-E: Sarah Pease 20 pts, 6 rebs, 5 stls; Brandi Blattner 11 pts, 13 rebs; Krista Horn 10 pts, 7 rebs, 6 stls. FT’s: C 10-11, D-E 24-33) 12-06 •Kingsland 22, #8 in AA Caledonia 64 (K: C. Losey 9. C: Taylor Winjim 19 pts, 8 stls. Knights are 2-2 in 3-Rivers, 3-4 overall) •Chatfield 64, FC 28 (C: MaKenzie Miller 19 pts, 5 stls; 10 other Gophers scored, nine in 1st half. FC: M. Malley 8; Jordan O’Connor 7 pts, 6 rebs. Gophers are 2-2 in league, 3-2 overall; Falcons are 0-4 in league/overall) 12-07 •St. Charles 33, R-P 56 (R-P: Sierra McNamer 19 (three 3’s); K. Crawford 12 pts, 5 stls; A. Todd 11 pts, 7 rebs. TO’s: R-P 12, SC 31. Halftime score: R-P 21, SC 20. Trojans are 1-3 in league/overall) •M-C 62, L-O 34 (M-C: Sara Lind 22 pts (9-13 FG’s), 11 rebs; Christy

Welscher 13 pts, 11 rebs, 4 blks; Lydia Geving 11 pts, 8 rebs. L-O: Jessica Jennings 21. M-C led 32-12 at half. Cougars are 2-1 in SEC/overall) •Lanesboro 43, Grand Meadow 53 (L: Johanna Bearson 10 pts; Olivia Haug 16 rebs. GM: Audra Durhman 19 pts, 8 rebs; Rio Landers 14 pts, 10 rebs. FT’s: L 6-20, GM 20-37. Burros are 0-2 in SEC, 1-3 overall) Wrestling 12-06 •L-A/R-P 33, GMLOK 18; L-A/RP 49, Rochester-John Marshall 27; JM 58, GMLOK 13 (For LARP, McCoy Tekautz (#10 at 106), Tucker Speltz (152), and Greg Johnson (182) wrestled their way to two wins. For GMLOK, Jace Bunne (132) wrestled out two wins. LARP is 5-4, GMOK 0-2) 12-08 •Cottage Grove-Park Invite (Class A Lean and Mean Chatfield defeated Goodhue (51-21), AAA Lean and Mean Stillwater (66-11), AA #12 Kimball Area (42-37), and Cottage Grove-Park (53-25) to go 4-0. Jared Goldsmith (106), Hank Friederichs (#4 at 120), A.J. Riley (132), Harvey Friederichs (#5 at 138/145), Alex Haffner (#9 at 152/160), and Cody Bly (170) all went 4-0 (the Friederichs boys won all eight matches via pin). Jacob Bleess (195/220) went 3-0. Justin Viss is also ranked in state (#3 at 195). He wrestled 220 (2-0) and 285 (0-2). Gophers are 9-1 in duals, falling by a lone point in their only loss) •Dave Scharberg Memorial Tourney at Byron (L-A/R-P lost to Byron (4330) in Round 1, beat D-E (48-29) in Round 2, and lost to W-E-M/J-W-P (47-30) to take 3rd of 4. G. Johnson (182/195), Nick Puetz (220), and Evan Bain (285) were all 3-0. They won via pin in each of the nine matches) •La Crosse Logan Invitational (FCLMC took 2nd (145.5) to Arcadia Wisconsin (149.5) of 9 teams. Chris Collett (120), Niko Anderson (170), and Monty Holm (182) all took 1st. Collett pinned his way through the tourney. Connor Hanson (132) and Andy Love (138) took 2nd. Alex Fishbaugher (136) and Dalton Mart (285) took 3rd. Trevor Barnes (145) and Jarrett Brown (220) took 5th).

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(SC) ‘12 JD 9460R, #34360 . .‘12. .JD. .9460R, . . . . . . . . .......................................$299,900 SOLD ..$299,900 (SV) ‘12 JD 7200R, . . . . .$132,500 . . . ‘12 . . . JD . . 6140D, . .(PL) . . .‘12 . 225 .JD . $148,900 IVT,.#32567 HRS, #33216 . ...(WA) 50 HRS,(SC) DUALS, ............ (SV) #34360 ‘12 JD 5065M, #33665 (PL) ‘12 8285R, (WA) ‘12 JDJD 6170R, #32555 ...#33799 ...................................(NF) 8285R, #34447 ............‘11 ........JD ......6170R, ..$214,900 ........‘12 ...JD ...JD .6170R, .....7200R, ....#34229 ..........#32568 ....$229,900 ...............................SOLD ....................$148,900 ....$57,900 (PL) #32555 .....9560R, .............#30751 ........$132,500 ......$339,900 $44,900 ‘12..JD . .JD . .9560R, . .........#30751 ....... .. .......................................................$339,900 (PL). .‘12 (SV) (WA) ‘12 ...................................$132,500 (PL) ‘12 JD 8310R, ILS, #33494........................$254,900









............SOLD ................$339,900 ..$339,900 (WA) ‘12 JD JD 6210R, #32557.#34950 ...................................$149,900 8310R, ILS, IVT, #35788 .......9630T, ......$274,900 (PL) ‘11....JD #25740(PL). . ‘11 . . .JD. .9630T, . . . .#25740 . . . .............SOLD SOLD (SV) ‘12 7200R, . . . . . . . . . .(PL) . . .‘12 . .JD . $151,900

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(PL) ‘12 JD 8285R, IVT, #33799........ (NF) ‘12 JD 6140D, 225 HRS, #33216. (WA) ‘11 JD 6170R, 50 HRS, DUALS, .....................................$229,900 .......................................$57,900 #32555............................$132,500

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Ostrander city council October minutes The monthly meeting of the Ostrander City Council was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Mayor Linda Schwenn. All council members were present. Approval of Consent Agenda Motion by Kunert, and seconded by Start and unanimously carried to accept the consent agenda. VISITORS Carole Hodson, John Schraeder, Norbert Skaran, Pam Kunz, Heidi Jones, Erin Brugh, Cheryl Perry, Michelle Miller, Harlan Mensink, DEPARTMENT HEADS Public Works Director— Jimmie Dean—Was present. Council approved monthly report. Fire Chief—Jimmie Dean— Was present. Council approved monthly report. Police Chief—Tom Mosher— Was present. Council approved monthly report. OLD BUSINESS Jimmie Dean brought up a past due bill that had been discussed last month. Rhonda had spoken to the City Attorney and she said that we couldn’t make someone else responsible for that bill since it wasn’t originally in her name. Motion by Start, and seconded by Kunert and unanimously carried to rescind the previous motion to have a past due bill paid by October 1st. Rhonda will send a letter to try to get payment or the balance will need to be assessed to property taxes. NEW BUSINESS Discuss boiler issues—

Michelle Miller was present and said they raised their smoke stack. Thank You!! Update on Special Meeting on 9/13 @ 6:30 p.m.—2013 Levy and preliminary budget, water/sewer bills. Sealed Bid info for the old squad car (Crown Victoria)— Motion by Nesler, and seconded by Thompson and unanimously carried to accept Pam Kunz sealed bid for $513. Rhonda will call or send out letters to others involved. 2012 Federal Labor Law Poster—Motion by Kunert, and seconded by Start and unanimously carried to order a new Poster for $9.95. Council Member Nesler is questioning the pop machine issues. Rhonda will look into the contracts. Spring Valley Ambulance Service is seeking their annual per-capita payment. The price hasn’t changed since 2007 ($7.00/capita). Motion by Kunert, and seconded by Start and unanimously carried to their per-capita payment for another year. OTHER Training for Jimmie; Friday, October 19th @ Cabela’s Northwoods Conference Center—6 credit hours and costs $30. Motion by Start, and seconded by Thompson and unanimously carried to let Jimmie attend. Aksamit Resource Management. Rhonda received an email regarding Municipal Commercial Size Wind Turbine—Heidi

Jones commented before we move ahead on this to check into it further. Life Style, Inc, PrairieView Apartments is holding an open house on Sunday, October 7th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rhonda will need to get a liability waiver for Cheryl Perry for working at the new office. Rhonda questioned about our old banners going to businesses around town. Motion by Kunert, and seconded by Thompson and unanimously carried to let the old banners go to businesses that will utilize them. Michelle asked what the rules were for cats and chickens. Police Chief Mosher discussed these issues in further detail. It was questioned if the Community Center Rental and deposit amounts should be raised. The council agreed that Jimmie Dean would put together a checklist to be at the Community Center and to go out with the mailing of the rental agreements. Carole was wondering about the coffee group’s coffee pots being used. Mayor Schwenn commented that when coffee pots go out, the city will purchase them for the Community Center and that they shouldn’t need to be responsible. Motion by Start, seconded by Thompson and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 7:15 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for November 13th, at 6 p.m.

SEMAC awards arts grants On November 20, 2012, the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, Inc. (SEMAC) awarded 45 grants for a total of $261,581 in funding to applicants throughout southeastern Minnesota. This included 24 Arts & Cultural Heritage Grants for $204,981, six Small Towns/Rural Areas Grants for $16,100, and fifteen Presenter/ Production Assistance Grants for $44,500. SEMAC is the State Arts Board-designated granting authority for local/regional arts producing and sponsoring organizations and disburses funds allocated for this purpose by the Minnesota State Legislature. The SEMAC region includes the counties of Dodge, Fillmore, Freeborn, Goodhue, Houston, Mower, Olmsted, Rice, Steele, Wabasha, and Winona. Grants were awarded to each of the following organizations: Fillmore County •Chatfield Brass Band received a $3,000 Small Towns/ Rural Areas grant for Music in the Park Summer Concert Series. •Commonweal Theatre Company received a $10,000 Arts & Cultural Heritage grant for

Commonweal Theatre’s Ibsen Tour. •Dreamery Rural Arts Initiative received a $2,000 Small Towns/Rural Areas grant for Flourish Summer Camp in Arts and Agriculture. •Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center received a $9,750 Arts & Cultural Heritage grant for 2013 Stringwood Music Festival. •Lanesboro Art Center

received a $8,950 Arts & Cultural Heritage grant for Lanesboro Artist Residency Project. •Lanesboro Barn Dance received a $2,100 Small Towns/ Rural Areas grant for Four Old Time Barn Dances. •Southeast Minnesota Bluegrass Association received a $3,000 Small Towns/Rural Areas grant for May 2013 Bluegrass Festival.

Semcac looking for volunteers Semcac Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is looking for volunteers 55 and older who are interested in helping at Fillmore Central Schools. Help is needed in various positions during school days participating as Breakfast Buddies,

ME, the week beginning 12/16/2012

Reading Buddies, math helpers, technology and other support. If you are available and interested please contact: Sharon Rustad, Retired and Senior Volunteer Project Director at 507-864-8227 or 507-8647741.






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Harmony City Council looks at street project

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By Jade Sexton Brett Grabau from Bonestroo was at the Harmony City Council meeting on December 11, 2012, to discuss the street repair projects on 1st Ave SW. It is a county road, and the county is planning on doing a reclaim and repave to that entire stretch of road. It will not be a total reconstruct, but the city needs to do work to the utilities underneath the road at the same time as this project. “They are not going to pour money into something if the city isn’t comfortable with the utilities underneath,” said Grabau. Grabau said Maintenance Employee Chris Johnson and City Administrator Jerome Illg looked at the utility needs and came up with some estimated numbers. The sanitary sewer under that road is working, but it will need to be televised. Also, there is clay pipe under there for a few blocks, which will have to be upgraded. The water main will have to be reconstructed from Center Street to Third Street. Johnson said right now there are 4-inch cast iron pipes under there, which are dinosaurs. They need to have at least 6-inch pipes to get good enough water pressure for fire protection. There will also need to be utility service, storm sewer, and street improvements. The total estimated cost of all of these is around $200,000. There was some discussion about assessing property owners on the sanitary sewer, water main, and utility service improvements at 25 percent. There was also discussion about contacting the county to see what kind of cost share they could get. The council approved getting the ball rolling on getting more information, designing the project, and informing residents. Police Car Deputy Jesse Grabau spoke to the council about the purchase of a new squad car. He received thre bids for three different cars, and they discussed the pros and cons of each. The council approved the purchase of a 2013 Dodge Charger at an approximate cost of $23,500. They will also need to buy a new digital camera system, as Grabau said they are still using VHS

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and tapes are getting hard to come by. The Charger will have a higher resale value than the other choices. There is sufficient money in the capital projects fund for the purchase. Grabau’s current vehicle has more than 80,000 miles on it and is a 2008 model. It will be taken to auction and could bring from $3,500 to $4,500. Budget and Levy Illg reminded the council that they now have to think about the 1st Ave SW project when finalizing the budget. They were not aware of the project when the preliminary budget and levy were approved in September. Illg’s thoughts about the project were to finance it from within their budget, using water funds, sewer funds, and assessments. Council member Gerald Shuck mentioned that interest rates are low right now, so maybe they could keep the budget the way it is, and finance the project externally. Illg also mentioned that they are refinancing the USDA bond right now, and maybe it would be possible to throw in another $200,000 at that interest rate. He is going to talk with Mike Bubany about it. The council approved adding back the money that was cut from each department at the last meeting, and approved the levy at $537,200. Ambulance training Eileen Schansberg spoke to the council and requested an incentive for ambulance crewmembers that have to take a refresher course. There are new state regulations that say they need to take a transition course, which is a lot more intensive than the usual refresher course needed to get recertified. According to Schansberg, the course includes online quizzes, skills refresher courses, and tests. She noted that other communities, such as Lanesboro,

have had problems with decreasing numbers on their ambulance crews. She asked that each member who successfully completes the course receive $500 as an incentive to keep people on. “Harmony needs this,” said Schansberg. She added that it is a lot of extra work for them, and she has concerns about what could happen with their small crew. She also said they have the money in the ambulance fund, and the council approved it. Park Board Dan Tieffenbacher noted that the layout for the playground at Selvig Park was approved, and they also approved using pea rock. They are looking for volunteers to help install the equipment in the spring and are going to ask the Conservation Club, the fire department, church members, and students over the age of 16 to help out. The Lions Club has donated funds and will also help. Other Business Illg informed the council that at the end of the year, there would be money left over from the TIF District #1, as it will be expiring. There will be around $85-90,000 left over, which will go back to the state, and 75 percent will be given back and distributed to the city, county, and the school. The EDA has requested the amount that the city gets back to use for a loan program similar to the commercial rehab loans. They would like to use those funds to possibly expand the industrial park. Jesse Grabau, council member Jim Bakken, and Illg will be getting together to discuss the policy on driving golf carts and ATVs on the streets, as there have been some issues. The council thanked Dan Tieffenbacher for his years of service to the council, as it was his last meeting. They also welcomed Lynn Mensink, who will be on the council as of January.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Questions about at Fillmore County budget/levy hearing By Karen Reisner Six property owners attended the public hearing, peppering the commissioners with questions during the December 11 budget and levy hearing, which is required by law. It was noted during the hearing that these public comment hearings are required of local governments, but there is no corresponding hearing for legislators. County coordinator Karen Brown started by saying 2012 was a busy year. She invited questions during her presentation and they came almost immediately. She noted that the county had purchased equipment mostly with grants to be compliant with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) narrowbanding mandate. The total project costs were more than $1 million with only about a third of that being paid for with county funds. Most of the rest was paid for through federal grants. Rich Horihan, Lanesboro, was upset saying he had recently had a fire, called 911 on a smart phone which connected him with a Rochester dispatcher. After an interview the Lanesboro Fire Department was finally called. He questioned the process, the mandate, and the delay in response time. Sheriff Daryl Jensen said it is part of the process, and they are getting it worked out so that this doesn’t happen. He said the technology needs to catch up and he is looking forward to the day when you can call from Fillmore County on a cell phone and get the Fillmore County dispatcher. A call from a land line or a new cell phone should go to the local dispatcher now. Responding to questions, Jensen explained the mandate by the FCC was for all public safety communications. The narrowbanding allows for more space

for more frequencies. The higher frequencies are dedicated for public safety. MnDot has been responsible for the towers which have been built. Chairman Tom Kaase explained that improved interoperability has been the goal. It was asked where the funds for the improvements were in the budget. Brown explained that the county couldn’t budget for the necessary equipment or they wouldn’t have been eligible for the federal grants. Commissioner Randy Dahl stated, because of the the mandate, this was something we had to do. Originally, it looked as though it could cost upwards of $4 million. Dahl praised Sheriff Jensen who he said has done an extremely good job by going slowly, obtaining grants, and thereby, keeping the county’s cost down to just a few hundred thousand. Jensen explained further that during this transition period, they have avoided bonding and have taken a different pathway, accomplishing what we had to while being as responsible as we can be. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud added that a lot of counties in the state spent a lot of money to get up and running quickly and may wish they had gotten there like we did. He insisted Fillmore County did it right by not rushing into it, adding it will be better for our residents over time. Brown continued reviewing 2012, noting the county’s participation in the study process to determine if establishing a Southeast Minnesota Human Service Delivery System for 12 counties would be beneficial and cost effective. Participation ended due to the potential cost of the 12 county system. It was likely that the much higher salaries of Olmsted County would have been the baseline. Fillmore County is still working on collaborative

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efforts with some of the counties. Two full time positions have been eliminated in an effort to be more efficient. Fillmore County shares a Community Services Director with Winona County. Brown sees the open, transparent process of the county as being showcased by a citizens input time during each board meeting, extensive public input in the development of the Industrial Mining Ordinance, and a public budget process. An electric document management system has been approved with a 47 percent federal reimbursement. It is expected to improve efficiencies, customer service and allow staff to handle higher case loads. Looking forward to 2013 the county plans to continue to improve efficiencies and eliminate redundancies, pursue additional shared services with other counties, and complete the remodel of the Highway Administration building. Amunrud expects they will be hearing something by this summer on the funding for the Veterans’ Cemetery. Mayo Health systems will be providing medical examiner services going forward. Trends in Expenditures and Revenues Total expenditures for the county have been up and down over the past six years. Budgeted expenditures for 2013 are about $200,000 higher than those in 2007. The largest increases in 2013 over 2012 will be in general government, public safety, and highway, airport and sanitation. Social Services, Health, and culture and recreation have slight increases. Conservation of natural resources, general obligation debt service, and unallocated expenses are down somewhat. Total revenues are also up and down over the same period of time. The portion of the revenue coming from the county portion of the tax levy has increased over $200,000 from 2012 to 2013. The state paid portion of the tax levy is down over $150,000. The budgeted use of fund balances was increased for 2013. The preliminary levy, which would have had a 4.79 percent increase, would have a per capita cost of $411.47. The county board will set the final levy on December 18. The increase could be decreased to an increase of less than three percent, which would reflect a reduction of about $150,000. The per capita cost for the final levy of 2012 was $392.68. The preliminary budget for 2013 showed a 7.6 percent increase. An increase of $167,871 in the cost of DFO Corrections for 2013, which is nearly double, equated to an increase in expenditures resulting in a three percent levy increase. Dahl noted that due to this increase they would be looking at the state contract as another option in the coming year. The other major impact on the 2013 budget is the revenue reduction of $158,135 in County Program Aid from the state. Budgeted road and bridge revSee BUDGET Page 21 

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Delivering Our Best Wishes! Happy Holiday’s from the 136 St. Anthony Street, PreSton, Mn • 507-765-2151

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enues and expenditures for 2013 have increased by $1,704,031. Fund balance used in 2012 was $305,448 and in 2013 fund balance to be used is $320,000. Fund Balance Discussion Rich Horihan asked, noting the county’s savings or fund balance has dropped over the years, “Are we kidding ourselves a little bit?” Brown said they have tightened it up so as not to levy more than necessary to pay the bills. Commissioner Duane Bakke said the fund balance for several years was around 54 percent and it now will be at 35 percent. Amunrud said they have been advised by their auditors to lower the fund balance, adding we don’t anticipate going below 35 percent. Commissioner Marc Prestby maintained that if the county keeps too big of fund balance, the state can come in and take it. Bakke said they have cut on the expenditure side, adding there can be big swings due to the projects to be done in a given year. Horihan worried about expenditures continuing to rise at 7.6 percent as the preliminary budget shows.


Horihan asked about future years when the county will have to rely less on fund balance due to it being already drawn down. Looking forward will you be going more to the tax payers for funding? Dahl noted they have been using the fund balance for infrastructure improvements. After the remodel of the Highway Administration building, the only thing left is the jail remodel. He doesn’t see substantial infrastructure improvements after that. Horihan, who owns RLH Grain, said his property taxes have quadrupled in the past several years, insisting it can’t continue at this rate. He commented, that for most of us, if there is not money in the checkbook we wait. Horihan said he was here tonight to tell the board about the business community in small towns. “If you can tell me the business community is doing well, well you need some glasses.” His property taxes went up 27 percent. Horihan stressed he can’t keep doing it. There needs to be some balance brought back. Horihan said, “If you want to get back in office, don’t tax homeowners,” but rather, tax businesses, there are not as many of us. He concluded saying

Fillmore County District Court On December 10, 2012, Michael Ray Laumb, 66 of Rushford, appeared before Judge Robert Benson at the Fillmore County Courthouse. He faced charges of Assault in the 4th Degree- municipal/ volunteer fire dept./emergency medical personnel, which has a maximum penalty of two years in jail, $4,000, or both. He was also charged with two counts of DWI- operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, 0.08 blood alcohol concentration within two hours, and Assault in the 5th degree- fear

Area resident is a Lottery winner

Congratulations to Ryan Stamer of Chatfield. Stamer won $20,000 by playing the Lottery’s Neon 2s scratch game. Stamer claimed the prize on November 29, 2012. The winning ticket was purchased at Kwik Trip, 415 Main Ave N in Harmony. Proceeds from the Minnesota State Lottery benefit all Minnesotans. Since 1990, the Lottery has raised more than $2.1 billion for state programs. The General Fund has received over $1.2 billion to help fund important functions such as education, public safety and health and human services. More than $850 million has funded critical environmental programs. Visit for information about the Minnesota State Lottery, including winning numbers and unclaimed prizes. Players can also get winning numbers 24 hours a day by calling (651) 634-1111.

of bodily harm or death. The charges stem from an incident in which an ambulance crew called the police for help with a man who was allegedly intoxicated. He allegedly admitted to driving home, and he failed sobriety tests. He resisted getting handcuffs on, and was taken to detox. An ambulance crewmember told police Laumb had allegedly squeezed her hand very hard and she was afraid for her safety. Laumb was released on his own recognizance with $12,000 unconditional bail. His next court appearance is December 17, 2012.

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he doesn’t want to pay everybody else’s tax. Dahl said that they do lobby legislators about the commercial tax going to the state. Horihan said most people don’t even know what the ‘state general tax’ is. It is 29.6 percent of his property tax. He suggested the commissioners have their spokesman at the Association of Minnesota Counties work to stop this stuff. He said tax shifts are totally illegal. A brief note on the state general tax. All commercial-industrial and seasonal recreational property owners pay state general tax to the county where the property is located. The state is levying this tax which is shown on the local property tax statement. The tax originated in the 2001 Property Tax Reform Act. The act changed the way schools were funded in the state. The tax does not go directly to the school district where the property being taxed is located, but the money from the tax is forwarded to the Department of Revenue for deposit in the state’s general fund. The state has borrowed from what it owes the school districts, delaying payment, to balance the state budget. Bradley Dean Schwartz, 50 of Rogers, Minn., appeared before Judge Benson for sentencing on December 10. He was found guilty of issuing a dishonored check, which has a maximum penalty of five years in jail, $10,000, or both. He was sentenced to five years supervised probation, 60 days home detention monitoring, and $2,090 in fees and fines. Michelle Renae Root, 33 of Chatfield, was found guilty of Assault in the 3rd Degree- substantial bodily harm. She was sentenced to 30 days at the Fillmore County Jail on work release, with credit for two days served, electronic home monitoring for 30 days after serving, and five years supervised probation.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Chatfield 2013 final levy increase less than two percent By Karen Reisner During the Chatfield city council’s last meeting of 2012, councilors approved the final 2013 levy and budget. City Clerk Joel Young detailed the numbers for the city. The preliminary levy had been approved in September at an increase of just less than five percent. Young explained that changes to the preliminary budget, consisting of cost reductions and revenue increases totaling $34,847, allowed the 2013 levy increase to be reduced to 1.95 percent. Reductions in the wage increase for city employees to 1.9 percent, from three percent contributed to the savings. One other reduction was managed through reduced swimming pool expenses. Increases in revenue from both the swimming pool and an increase of police aid from the state also contributed to making up the difference. Even with the uptick in the levy, most private residences will experience a decrease in next year’s property taxes. Young noted that overall real estate value for the city saw about a $3 million loss in value, mostly from residential property values. When some classes of property go up in value and others go down, there is a shift in the tax burden. Business and industrial properties will likely

experience a higher increase in their total property taxes than the city’s levy increase of 1.9 percent. County, school district and city property values and funding is all baked into the cake. The city strove to “limit the financial burden on residents during this time of economic stress.” Young noted that costs of doing business continually go up. He maintained that the city’s goal is to maintain strong safety departments and continue to invest in infrastructure and facilities, while protecting the city’s strong bond rating. The main cost drivers in the budget included personnel costs, fire department services, library services, EDA allocation, and the general fund subsidy to the sanitary sewer. Center for the Arts funding did not contribute to the levy increase. Young said the Center does have a declining fund balance and use of the facility continues to increase. No additional debt was issued by the city in 2012, but refunding of the 2008 series resulted in interest savings of $328,000 over the life of the bonds. The reduction of $17,000 per year in debt service payments saved 1.4 percent from being added to the levy. There was no comment from

the public during the public comment period on the 2013 budget and levy. The council debated whether $20,000 should be allocated to the EDA to support the effort to grow new businesses. The funds were requested by the EDA as a way to put together property to redevelop the Twiford Street area. This funding made up 1.7 percent of the levy increase. Councilors considered whether or not they should allocate these funds. No allocation would keep the levy increase nearly flat. Councilor Paul Novotny explained his support for the allocation was only for one year. Councilor Russ Smith said he supported including the funding in an effort to step toward the goal of getting more businesses in town, adding “plant a seed and it will grow.” Mayor Don Hainlen agreed that more resources are needed to improve opportunities. Councilor Josh Thompson was in favor of helping development, but suggested they need a long-term plan. Like Novotny, Thompson questioned the allocation becoming a yearly expense. He added that the city shouldn’t be in the business of buying property and suggested they also need dedication and work in the downtown area. Hainlen said they should look at it on a

year-to-year basis. Councilor Dave Frank said it will take time to see any results. Councilor Ken Jacobson noted he had planned to ask to remove the allocation, but said the allocation will indicate to the city’s businesses that the council is concerned. No action was take to remove the allocation to the EDA. The operating budget and tax levy were approved with the 1.95 percent levy increase. The total budget increase for 2013 will be $23,451. A resolution was adopted with the pay grid adjustment of 1.9 percent. The upward adjustment is consistent with the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers which recently published a 1.9 percent increase in prices. Other Business In Brief •Action on plans for 2013 improvements to Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Streets on the blocks east and west of Main Street was postponed until January when the new council meets. The plans would include street surfacing, curb and gutter, sidewalk/ramps, and repairs to a few storm sewer catch basins. •The council approved the city’s participation in a Health/ Resource Fair which will be sponsored by Help Our Neighbors and Olmsted Medical Center on Saturday, January

26 from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Expenses for the city are not to exceed $200. •The second consideration and publication of Ordinance #406, Fees and Fines, was approved. •Approval was given for the firefighters to be the official sponsor of the Chill Fest Polar Plunge to be held January 26. Dean Irish and Jay Hanson are organizing the plunge with benefits going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. •The generator is in place on city hall. It was to be tested on Tuesday, the next day. The council approved a payment of $51,474.90 to Southeast Electric, Inc. This is 93 percent of the total cost. •This was Josh Thompson’s last council meeting. He said it has been a pleasure to serve, a great experience, and acknowledged that it was harder to leave than he had expected.

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More than receiving By Ashley Bue Children always think of Christmas as a time for Santa Claus and presents. Every year on that special morning millions of children around the United States Ashley Bue run down the stairs to find the presents Santa left the night before. But, usually, one thought never runs through these young children’s minds: what about the children

or adults who do not have this luxury? Are they able to have Christmas? Thanks to millions of donations and helpful volunteers, these people are able to have Christmas. Christmas in Fillmore County, the Red Kettle, and the Salvation Army’s Sharing Tree in Rochester are all worthy places to give back to your community. Each year the Fillmore County Ambassadors, a local youth organization associated with 4-H, plans a day to shop in Rochester for Christmas in Fillmore County. Christmas in Fillmore County is an organization that provides gifts to

Monday, December 17, 2012 children and teens who may not get them otherwise. This organization relies on donations from community members and groups like the Fillmore County Ambassadors. This year the Ambassadors shopped for about fifty children and teens. This fulfilling deed helps the Ambassadors understand the needs of others. The Red Kettle was started in 1891 by Joseph McFee, a Salvation Army captain in San Francisco, California, who wanted to help the overwhelming number of poor people in the city. McFee came up with the idea of the Red Kettle. This one, small idea exploded, and 120 years later there are Red Kettles all over the world. Donations in the kettle go to


fund Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys for families in need. None of this would be possible, though, without the volunteers who stand in the cold, winter weather to ring the bells. After hours of work, each volunteer may be physically frigid but feel a warmth of happiness from the joy of giving. So next time you see one of those frigid volunteers all bundled up to ring the bells, drop a few cents into the Red Kettle and remember that the money goes to a good cause. Finally, another worthwhile cause is the Salvation Army’s Sharing Tree in Rochester. Each year my family donates to this tree. When I was younger, my family would buy something I wanted for Christmas and I

Page 23

would donate the gift to the sharing tree. All the unwrapped gifts under this tree are given to children and teens in need around the local area. Over the years this experience has provided me with an understanding of the need to give back to the community that gives so much to me. All of these organizations provide the participants with a self-fulfilling feeling. Community members can give back to people in need. Thanks to all who have donated, and remember the donations go to good causes. Ashley Bue is a student at Lanesboro High School. She is one of 8 area students participating in the Journal Writing Project, now in its fourteenth year.

Dan Chouinard to host the annual Old-Fashioned Holiday sing-along at St. Mane Theatre Lanesboro, Minn. - “Can’t get your fill of sing-alongs? Me neither,” says Dan Chouinard. Back by popular demand, Minneapolis-based musician Dan Chouinard ( will host an OldFashioned Holiday Sing-along on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, 7:30 p.m. at the St. Mane Theatre. Dan will host the evening, with his fantastic piano and accordion playing, and his gentle spirit and genuine appreciation

for sharing stories with the audience. He will bring along special guest Beth Gilleland, actor, playwright, and longtime company member of Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop (Minneapolis). The evening will also feature local talent including the Bethlehem Boyz, the Rutabaga Brothers, the Rhubarb Sisters, Accordionation (duo of Barb Keith and Bill Swanson), the Lanesboro High School Carolers, Walter Brad-

ley and Tom Schramm, and our favorite whistler Carla Noack. Come share your holiday spirit with Dan and everyone! Tickets are “free-will donation” (suggested minimum donation is $10), with proceeds benefitting the St. Mane Theatre. Advance purchase recommended; tickets are available at Lanesboro Arts Center, 507-467-2446, and at the door, space permitting. The St. Mane Theatre, at 206 Parkway Ave

N., is handicapped accessible. The Old-Fashioned Holiday Sing-Along is presented by the Lanesboro Arts Center, serving the community as a regional catalyst for artistic excellence and educational development in providing diverse art experiences for people of all ages. The St. Mane Theatre is located at 206 Parkway Ave N., in Lanesboro, Minnesota; theatre seating is handicapped accessible. For more informa-

tion: 507-467-2446 / info@ / This activity is made possible in part by a grant provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature from the State’s general fund and its arts and cultural heritage fund with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

Melinda Lutes, new owner of Coffee Street Fitness in Lanesboro Cottage House, LLC of Lanesboro, MN is pleased to introduce Melinda Lutes as the new owner of Coffee Street Fitness and Dance located in downtown Lanesboro. The sale of the property and business

occurred November 20 with Ms. Lutes taking possession, and beginning operations January 1, 2013. Cottage House, LLC which has owned and operated the facility since 2006 has been in negotiations with

TORGERSON’S PAINT & FLOOR COVERING, INC. We Will be closed december 24, 25, 31 & January 1

Ms. Lutes since August in order to structure as seamless an ownership transition as possible. Cottage House President, Eric Bunge, commented, “It is rare to find someone of Melinda’s fitness expertise and experience who understands the commitment it takes to run a business, together with the passion to serve customers. We are thrilled that Melinda has decided to join the Lanesboro business community.”

A resident of Harmony, Ms. Lutes is certified in fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching. In addition to current classes and activities the fitness center is already offering,  plans are in the works to add new programs to help clients reach their complete  fitness and wellness goals. Personal training, group training, and nutrition programs will be offered starting January 1, as well as fitness and weight loss challenges. Because Ms.

Lutes is committed to the success of healthy families, she also plans to conduct wellness activities and events in area communities. For information on fitness center schedules, upcoming events, and activities please refer to

a safe & Happy Holiday 2x2Have & 2x4 ads to run ONEseason! TIME, the week beginning 12/16/2012


Harmony, MN 507-886-4257 • Caledonia, MN 507-725-3443

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Monday, December 17, 2012

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Jewelry designer Liz Bucheit wins first place in New York Jewelry Design competition

The Longest Night Service evening of Winter Soulstice Christmas can be a painful time for some. It may be the first Christmas without a loved family member who has recently died; it may be a time that has always been difficult The constant refrain on the radio and television, in shopping malls and churches, about the happiness of the season, about getting together with family and friends, reminds many people of what they have lost or have never had. The anguish of broken relationships, the insecurity of unemployment, the weariness of ill health, the pain of isolation—all these can make us feel very alone in the midst of the celebrating and spending. We need the space and time to acknowledge our sadness and concern; we need to know that we are not alone. Our spirits sink, as the days grow shorter. We feel the darkness growing deeper around us. We need encouragement to live the days ahead of


us. For these reasons, Lanesboro United Methodist Church is offering “The Longest Night” service on Friday, December 21, 2012, at 7:00pm. Come out and join with us in sharing and hearing prayers, scripture, and music that acknowledge that God’s presence is for those who mourn, for those who struggle-and that God’s Word comes to shine light into our darkness. Everyone, regardless of church background (or lack of it) is welcome. The short service will be followed by a brief time for light refreshments and fellowship. If you know of someone that this service would help, please offer to pick them up and bring them to this special service. If you have questions please call the church office @ 507-467-2646 or Ann Weaver @ 507-467-2458.

Jewelry designer and goldsmith Liz Bucheit of Lanesboro, Minn. is a first place winner in the Bridal Wear Category of the Women’s Jewelry Association’s “Dazzle Diva” Design Competition. The Women’s Jewelry Association, founded in 1983, is the preeminent association of professional women in the jewelry, watch and related businesses. WJA, which operates

through the national office in New York, comprises a network of 12 regional chapters and an international affiliate in India. WJA hosts an annual “Diva Design” competition for jewelers and designers with a different theme each year. Bucheit placed first in the Bridal Wear Category for her “Queen for a Day” bridal tiara hand-fabricated from sterling

silver wire, hand-cut drusey quartz leaves and black and white pearls. As a winner she will travel on an expense paid trip to New York City in March 2013 to the WJA Members Gala Event to receive her award. Liz Bucheit is the owner of Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, Minn. Contact Liz at: 612-756-2908 www.

Need Copies ? f Let the staf al at the Journ u! o y office help


8.5x11......... 25¢ each

When you buy from a mom or pop business, you are not helping a ceo buy a third vacation home. you are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college.


8.5x11......... 50¢ each


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our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones We strive to make happy. 136 St. anthony Street, Preston P 507.765.2151 • F 507.765.2468

thank you for supporting small businesses!

A ribbon cutting and open house was held at Traditions of Preston on Friday, December 7, and members of the Preston Area Chamber of Commerce were there to help celebrate. Front row from left to right are Scott Springer, resident Violet Olson, Andrea Attwood, Sarah Wangen, Kathy Dahl, and Tim Kiehne. Back row is Jim Bakken and Charlie Sparks. Photo by Jade Sexton

Don’t miss out on the chance to advertise your business in the 2013/2014 SE Minnesota ~ NE Iowa ~ SW Wisconsin Visitor’s Guide distributed throughout Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Highlighting the following communities:

Burr Oak • Caledonia • Canton • Charles City • Chatfield Clermont• Cresco • Decorah • Elgin • Elkader Fountain • Harmony • Houston • LaCrescent • LaCrosse Lanesboro/Whalan •Lansing • LeRoy • Lime Springs Mabel • Marquette/McGregor • Nashua • Osage • Peterson Postville • Preston • Riceville • Ridgeway • Rose Creek Rushford • Spring Grove • Spring Valley • St. Ansgar St. Charles • Stewartville • Waukon • Winona • Wykoff Exclusively showcasing Historic Bluff Country, this magazine provides maps for hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, or a relaxing Sunday drive. 50

Trout Fishing Map 88

Paralell Horse

Bike Trail Ma p

Horse trail being developed 2007

M in SE Minnesota ~S EnE iowa Wisconsin | 2012-2013 | Visitor’s Guide | FREE ne so~taSW S~ E n ME in n ioew s oat a~ S W W is ~ n E i o co ns in | 20 12 wa ~ -2 01 3 | V is it SW or ’s G ui W is de | F con REE s in | 20 12-2 013 | V is it o r ’s G u id e

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Visitor’s ViVsitor’Guide isitosr Guide ’s Gu ide A G u id e


H is to ri c

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nesota trout streams Southeastern Min

of the streambeds. and sedimentation that ute to land erosion covers the gravel runs and riffles very differt The stern Minnesota are springs and This fine sedimen and invertebrates need to survive. from The streams of southea trout need to spawne trees takes away the underwater root streams. Most rise ent from North Shore . The limestone and alluvial soils clearing of shorelin in which trout find cover from current thus are cool in summer hard, nonacid ic, alkaline fallen trees simply aren’t and streams streams wads the these of streams make many the in drainages North Shore and predators. Finally,trout find little cover. So, while ive. Wherea s the fish large of and very product aquatic insects, the southea st streams and pounds large, 300 very may produce up to s, caddis flies and have relatively few measure-18-inchers best of these streams hatches of mayflie production by any imagination. produce frequent g food for trout. per acre-excellent s, as figment s of the midges-all providin st trout streams do have problem may be scarce except ry and productivity of these streams Nonetheless, southea ure. Fence-to-fence grain farming page 51 Because the chemist Continued on contribbottoms most related to agricult river the pasturing of on the uplands and

Call 507-765-2151 for more info In affiliation with the Fillmore County Journal


A pu b l i c At i o n by A pu b l i c At i o n by A p ubl Thiseit icA V FBillu lmffotC io re on C unobtr uynyty

The Fillmore County Journal Visit Bluff Country ThiseitF V Journal Billumffo reoC C unoturny ww ty Jo w w ww.vis it blu ffcouurnntarl .vis

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m nt r y .c o m

Blu ff c ou n tr y

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Bl u f


c ou n


t ry


Page 26


Monday, December 17, 2012

Spring Valley discusses CR 1 By Gary Peterson Fillmore County Commissioner Chuck Amunrud appeared before the City Council with a proposed agreement between the County and the City which outlines a cooperative effort to re-route and upgrade CR 1 in Spring Valley. Amunrud said that the County is willing to rebuild CSAH 1 and maintain the upgraded highway for ten years, at which time it will be turned over to the City. At this point the City would agree to maintain from that point forward. The City is concerned that after year 10 they might be inheriting a road that needs an overhaul and the City would the have to “foot the bill.” Amunrud pointed out to the Council that CR 1 would have a roadway similar to highway 44 which has required very little maintenance. Mayor Struzyk said that he “doesn’t want to take action now when that action might affect decisions of the Council ten years from now.” When

asked about the project, Commissioner Chuck Amunrud said that there really aren’t any other options but indicated that the County would be willing to study a sample agreement by the City’s attorney and then discuss it at a future date. The City Council has approved the 2012 Final Property Tax Levy and adopted the 2013 Budget. The total Tax Levy has been set at $914,632. The General Levy will be $370,000, the Library $109,736, EDA $20,000, and Parks $120,000. City Administrator Deb Zimmer stated, “We kind of cut things down to bare bones.” Todd Jones brought forward the name of Mike Zimmer to be appointed to the Spring Valley Fire Department. Jones said that Mike’s background in several areas will be an asset to the Department. The Council approved the appointment. The next meeting of the Council will be on December 26 when payroll checks will approved.

Spring Valley Senior Living

For the Seasons of Your Life Ask About Our Apartments! • Housing with Services • Care Center

• Home Health • Therapy

Call For Details 507-346-7381

800 Memorial Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975

Rushford 507-864-2845 Harmony 507-886-2255

Chatfield 507-867-4910 Eitzen 507-495-3326

It’s been our pleasure to work with you.

Wishing you and your family a very

Merry Christmas & Happy New

First Presbyterian Church in Rushford releases new cookbook First Presbyterian Church of Rushford, along with Trinity Fellowship ELCA and many friends, have compiled a new cookbook, “Chicken N Biscuits and Apple Pie.” Recipes from the congregation’s annual fall dinner are featured, along with histories of the congregations, exerpts from a favorite sermon by sous chef Pastor Kristin Schmor Rice, original poetry, and heartwarming memories. In addition to the more than 500 mouth-watering ideas, there are directions for child-friendly play items and tips for repelling unwanted backyard visitors (“Not Tonight, Deer”). The books may be purchased for $12 and are available at Rushford Foods or from any church member. Cookbooks and additional information may be gotten from Mary Kleist (507-864-7891), Ione Loerch (507-875-2655), or Geri Schlueter (507-450-6318) or by calling First Presbyterian Church (507-864-2854).

Thank you for 2012, looking forward to 2013 The Lenora Pioneer Church Society which cares for the historic Lenora United Methodist Church has accomplished much in 2012 and gratitude is being expressed! In recent years a new wood-shingle roof has been installed on the 1856 Lenora Church and work has progressed on the Lenora House located next door to the old church. The Lenora House is being remodeled for church-related and community activities and events like small wedding receptions, small group meetings, Bible study groups, family gatherings, and special events. The house is almost done, but still needs work on the interior: trim work, flooring, cabinets, and installing antique wainscoting from the old Lenora Town Hall. The exterior of the house is essentially completed with landscaping to be done in the spring. The Lenora Pioneer Church Society is an official 501c3 (tax exempt) organization that is working diligently to care for the old Lenora Church. The Lenora Pioneer Church Society expresses profound appreciation for all of the generous support over the last year. It is very much appreciated. Additional gifts are needed to complete current projects and to move restoration of the old church forward in 2013. Gifts may be made out to: Lenora Pioneer Church Society (501c3) and sent to Treasurers Bart and Pam Seebach at P.O. Box 10 Eyota, MN 55934

From all of us

Happy Holidays!

Hope your Holiday is covered in Blessings!

Wishing you a Picture Perfect Holiday Season!

May the Christmas season bring you and yours happiness and good fortune in great measure. Thanks for your support and friendship. We look forward to serving you.

Thanks for your patronage.

Torgerson PainT & Floor covering inc. Harmony - 886-4257 & Caledonia - 725-3443

studio-A-photography Amanda Sethre

507-251-6372 • Preston, MN

Have a ball... It’s CHrIstmas!

Open Christmas Eve 507.765.3333 7am-Noon Preston, MN Closed Christmas Day

H a pp y Holid a y s from

c hil l B a r r y Chu r at

Bluff Country Computer Works 35 1st Ave. NE., Harmony, MN

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ys!!! a d i l o H Happy

Solberg welding

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May your season be blessed with joy and success. Merry ChristMas!

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Monday, December 17, 2012


section of Houston CounHouston County land rent shows slight increase cross ty. For those townships with Jerrold Tesmer, Extension Educator for Fillmore/Houston Counties Based on the results of the recently completed Houston County Land Rent Survey, farmland rent continued to increase. There were seventy usable surveys exactly the same as last year. However, there were considerable more acres this year with 7,241 compared to 4,935 acres of tillable crop land last year. I want to thank all those that r e s p o n d e d Jerrold Tesmer to the flyer. Due to budget cuts at USDA, the Houston County FSA Office was unable to do the traditional newsletter mailing. The range of survey responses for 2012, were from $50 to $375 /tillable acre. The 2012 average rent per tillable acre reported was $159.32 /acre, slightly lower than the 2012 projection of $162.45 in last year’s survey. The projection for 2013 is $173.75 /acre. No one projected a rental decrease. While preparing for the Land Rent Workshops held last month I looked at average increase in Houston County land rent. From 2005-2007 the land rent basically had no change. The increases have been in the last five years, 2008 - 2012 Since 2008, the increase has averaged $11.88/acre/year or close to 10 percent. I question whether a 10 percent yearly increase is sustainable! 75 percent of those who filled out the survey form responded to the question, Operator or Landowner. Of those that did fill in that box, 83 percent were landowners. I started breaking out the results by parcel size a few years ago. The survey showed parcels of less than 20 acres averaged $137.46 /acre, while

those parcels from 20-79 acres in size averaged $169.81. It would appear small parcels are discounted $22/acre while the mid-size parcels were not discounted at all. Other information gathered with the survey include: 24 percent rent from a family member, and averaged $142.29 /acre; 16 percent have other facilities such as grain bins or pole sheds included. Grain bins were the most common item mentioned. When rental payments are made is also of interest. The most common remains a first half payment in the spring and the second half in the fall. Completed responses included: ½ spring, ½ fall 73% All fall 14% All Spring 12% Other Schedules 1% 2005-2013 Houston County Land Rental Survey Results 2005 Average Cash Rent Reported: $98.55 /tillable acre 2006 Average Cash Rent Expected: $98.45 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $22.00 $130.00 /tillable acre 2006 Average Cash Rent Reported: $101.97 /tillable acre 2007 Average Cash Rent Expected: $ 99.43 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $16.00 $135.00 /tillable acre 2007 Average Cash Rent Reported: $99.88 /tillable acre 2008 Average Cash Rent Expected: $98.83 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $40.00 $180.00 /tillable acre 2008 Average Cash Rent Reported: $124.53 /tillable acre 2009 Average Cash Rent Expected: $129.38 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $40.00 $200.00 /tillable acre

2009 Average Cash Rent Reported: $126.42 /tillable acre 2010 Average Cash Rent Expected: $126.08 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $22.00 $200.00 /tillable acre 2010 Average Cash Rent Reported: $138.46 /tillable acrre 2011 Average Cash Rent Expected: $142.45 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $10.00 $210.00 /tillable acre 2011 Average Cash Rent Reported: $157.17 /tillable acre 2012 Average Cash Rent Expected: $162.45 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $37.50 $300.00 /tillable acre

No Sale Wednesday, December 26Th

Special Slaughter Cattle Auction Friday, December 28Th At 8:30 am. Starting With Overnight Cows & Bulls, Overnight Fats, Followed By Regular Friday Auction Taking In Cattle New Years Day For Wednesday, January 2ND Sale

DECORAH SALES COMMISSION No Sale On Monday, December 24Th

Special Feeder Cattle Auction Wednesday Dec 19Th At 11:00 am. 2012 World Champion Auctioneer Bailey Ballou Elgin, OK Will Be Selling This Sale. Taking In Cattle On Sunday Dec 30Th For Monday, December 31ST Sale.

click on Publications, then Farm Management, and finally “Rental Rates for MN Counties – 2012.” They do not list Houston County separately due to a lack of Farm Management participants in Houston County, but you can see results from other counties. These numbers are extracted from FINBIN -- a database of farm record summaries of nearly 2,400 Minnesota farmers. The farmers participate in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Farm Business Management program as well the Southwestern and Southeastern Minnesota Farm Business Management Associations.

2012 Average Cash Rent Reported: $159.32 /tillable acre 2013 Average Cash Rent Expected: $173.75 /tillable acre Range of Responses: $50.00 $375.00 /tillable acre This is my eighth year for the Houston County Land Rent Survey. Each year, something unique appears. This is only the second time that the reported rents came in lower than the projected rents from the previous year’s survey. There were responses from sixteen townships, so a good

machinery • Beef cows • feed

aUcTion friday, december 28, 2012 • 10am

Lunch served by Gleasons

snow date - monday, december 31, 2012

Directions: From Preston, MN 12 miles SW of Cty 14 to Cty 9 to Greenleafton, then 1 mile West on Cty 20 or 10 miles South of Spring Valley, MN on Hwy 63 to Hwy 44 then 8 miles West of Harmony, MN on Hwy 44 to Cty 9 then 2 1/2 miles North on Cty 9 to Greenleafton, MN then 1 mile West on Cty 20. Follow auction arrows. Auctioneer Note: As the Roots are changing their farming operations they will sell their maintained and serviced farm equipment along with their well bred stock cow herd at public auction to the highest bidder. Don’t miss this auction!


• 2009 Kabota M9540 w/ 1353, 3200 hrs. SN D59122 • JD 4630 PS Duals SN 002733R, 3500 hrs on overhaul and rebuilt transission • JD 4430 OR Dauls, SN 048934R • 1994 Bobcat 763 Skidloader, 5200 orig. hrs, 2000 hrs on new engine

Hay & Forage


three or more responses I do a township average and range. To discuss these results or receive a copy, contact the Houston County Extension Office at 507-725-5807 or tesme001@, or check the University of Minnesota Extension website at www.extension.umn. edu scroll down the page, near the bottom it says “Offices,” click and the Minnesota map will appear, click on Houston County. Another source of land rent information is at the Center for Farm Financial Management at

Page 27

• 2011 NH Br760 Round Baler Crop, Cutter/ Silage Special, less than 2500 bales baled • JD 336 Square Baler w/ #40 Kicker • 2005 JD 730 MoCo 9’9” Hydro Swing • Batzer 1500 Stalk Chopper w/ 15’ Windrower • Gehl 12 Wheel Rake • 4-8’x16’ Steel Kicker Racks (3 w/ JD gears) • OMC 30’ Bale Conveher • Round Bale Wagon w/ Steel beams • Hutchinson 10” x 30’ Auger (10 hp elec. motor)

Beef Cows & Bulls

• 60 Black & Black cross stock cows 3-7 years old bred to Black or Herford bulls • 3 Black breeding bulls 3-5 years old from Jenson Angus Farms • 2-4 year old Hereford bull form Jones Hereford Farms (Pregnancy checked - completed vaccination programs - bulls turned out July 7)

Tillage Equipment

• Glencoe 12’ Soil Finisher • 9 Shank 3 pt Chisel Plow • JD 4 Section Drag w/ Hyd Cart •JD 7000 6 R N Planter LF • JD Van Brundt 10’ Grain Drill Hyd. DD & Grass Seed attachment • JD 8300 12’ Grand Drill 6” spacing DD & Grass Seed attachment

Semi Tractor & Tractors

• 2003 Frightliner Columbia Cummins ISX Engine, Eston/Fuller, Super 10 Transmission, Jake Brake, Wet Kit, Day cab, Very good condition, 890,000 miles, Good rubber, New clutch • 1999 Freightliner Century Classic Detriot 60 430/500 Engine, Fuller 13 Speed Transmission, Jake Brake, Wet Kit, King Cab Sleeper, Aluminium Wheels, 780,000 miles, 350,000 on new engine. Good rubber. • 1981 International CO 9670 Cab-Over with Single Bed Sleeper, Cummins 400 Engine, Fuller 13 Speed transmission, Jake Brake, Wet kit, Air Ride Suspension, Rubber at 70%, A very clean truck for its age. • 1977 Butler 4000 gal Alum. Tanker w/pump

Misc. Equipment

• Luck Now Mixer 900 Cu.Ft. Vertical Twin Screw 2290 2 sp trans, w/ stainless steel liner & back discharge door • 2009 Knight Slinger 8118 Spreader • 2010 Haybuster 2650 • Allied Loader 295 JD Mounting Brackets w/ material bucket & bate spear • Frontier 9’ 6 way hyd. blade • Noich Feeder Wagon • H&S Feeder Wagon • 6’ Tire Scraper • JD 148 Loader w/ bucket & bale spear Schuler Feeder Wagon • E-Z Flow Gravity Box w/ E-Z Trail running gear • Dakon 230 bu Gravity box w/ JD gear • 16’ Tilt Bed Trailer w/ beaver tail • 2-2T Farm Master Creep Feeders 2 yrs. old • 12 Calf Tel hutches 1 yr. old w/ hardware • 3 Lick tanks • 2 Cat 2 Quick hitches 1 Hayrack of Farm. Misc. & Parts


• 500 Big round bales corn stalks • 100 Big round bales bean straw

Owners: Rock-N-R Farms, 21387 Cty Road 20, Preston, MN Harry & Chris Root 507.951.2606 or 507.937.3442 Michael & Emily Root 507.951.3674

For more information contact auction company, or

Sale Arranged & Conducted By

SPRiNg VAllEy SAlES COMPANy AND PETE’S AuCTiON & PHOTO iNC. Auctioneers: Dick Schwade Lic. 23-1001B 507.346.2183 or 7834, Cell 507.261.7313 Norman Peterson Lic. 23-12005 507.352.4162 or 507.421.3890 Ringman: Kevin Grabau 570.951.1476, Bob Root 507.272.3755, Brad Peterson 507.273.2710


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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Canton Senior Citizens meet at TUESDAY, DEC. 18 1pm for cards and visiting, Canton Semcac Bus to Rochester, bus Community Center.* picks up for shopping, 9:35am at Chic’s, Preston; 10:00 am at Fountain State Bank. Call 800FRIDAY, DEC. 21 944-3874 to ride. Fillmore County Public Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, Health Blood Pressure Clinic, Senior Citizens Day, 9am-10am. 10-10:30am, Lakewood Building, 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley, Chatfield. MN.* Knit it Together, 3:30-4:30pm, Chatfield NA meeting, 7:30pm, Preston Public Library. Knitting for Pioneer Presbyterian Church, 206 all levels. For fundraiser info, call Fillmore St. Chatfield.* 507-867-3583.* Harmony AA Group- Harmony Bluff Country Toastmasters meet, Community Center, 8pm, For 5:30pm, Spring Valley Public more info call 612-251-3822 or Library.* 507-272-2191* AA Meeting, 7pm, Faith United SATURDAY, DEC. 22 Methodist Church, Spring Valley. “Living in the Solution.” Newcom- Lanesboro AA Group, 8:00pm, ers welcome.* Bethlehem Lutheran Church. For Chatfield AA meets, 7:30pm in the more info, call 507-251-1771 or 765-2518.* Pio­neer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St., Chatfield.* SUNDAY, DEC. 23 AA Closed Meeting, 8pm, Presbyterian Church, Mill St, Rushford.* NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19 Call Jay for info 507-399-6089. * Printed with Soy ink Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, AA Group closed meet2-5pm. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Fountain ing, 7:30pm. Fountain Lutheran Valley.* Church, south Main St. and Highway 52.* THURSDAY, DEC. 20 PRINTED WITH SOY INK Free Senior Coffee, 9am, Heritage MONDAY, DEC. 24 Grove, Harmony.* Community Coffee, 9am, Park Story Hour- Harmony Public. Printed on recycled paper Library, 11am. No school, no story Lane Estates, Preston.* hour.* PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER

TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) Meeting, Spring Valley Care Center Activity Room. Weigh-in from 5:45-6 p.m. Meeting from 6 to 6:45 p.m. Questions contact Judy at 507-346-2469.* NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info507-765-2151 507-3996089. * Call it in! 800-599-0481

Do you have Call it in! (507 area code) 800-599-0481 more DVDs or MusicFAX it in! CDs507-765-2468 than you need? e-mail it in!

NEED TO THANK SOMEONE? Call the Journal at 507-765-2151 Donate them toor 800599-0481 (507 area code) and we’ll take your local library. your message over the phone. Contact your library for more information.


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Monday, December 17, 2012


Call 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 (in 507 area code) FAX 507-765-2468 or e-mail:





EXMARK ZERO TURN MOWERS Jonsered Chainsaws, Grass N Brush trimmers plus blowers. Repair, Service & Sales at South Branch Outdoor Equipment, Preston, MN. 507-765-4979. s9/26tfn- o

Snow Plow Sales and Service, Featuring Snow-way and Hiniker Products, New and Used Units, go towww.mnsnowplow. com or call 877-338-7880. Ask for Brian. s3,10,17- x

ATTENTION LANDOWNERS! Looking to rent hunting land in 2013. You set price and conditions. I cover the landowner with insurance. Will pay a premium for good deer hunting. Call Pat: 952-492-5540 or email: f11/192/4- o

Wanted: Cars, trucks, buses, and semi trailers, running or not. Serving SE MN and northern IA. Luke Junge, Preston, MN. Call 507-259-4556. w30tfn- o

BILL’S GUN SHOP. Buy, sell, trade, and repair. We are your local MUCK BOOT dealer. Hours: 7pm-10pm M-F, Saturday 8am-5pm, Sunday by appointment. 1 1/4 miles south of Carimona, 19708 Kava Rd. Preston. 507-765-2762 s10eow- o FOR SALE: Classic antique cast iron radiators from the original Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Many sizes and colors. Excellent condition. Would be perfect for restoration of an older home. Priced from $200 to $500 depending on which size. Call Jason at 507251-5297. s6tfn- x FOR SALE: High back wall-mount white porcelain bathroom sinks from original Park Hotel in Preston, MN. Excellent condition. Perfect for restoration of older home. Priced at $150 per sink. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x FOR SALE: Internet-ready, eMac computers, 1ghz, 80gb, 512mb RAM, InDesign Master Suite Collection software. All products for media desktop publishing included. Asking $249 or best offer. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x

HUGE CHRISTMAS SALE: Handcrafted gifts, decorations, jewelry, collectibles. Many items 50% off. Holiday hours: W,Th,F,S 10am-5pm. Uncommon Charm, 152 Main, Preston - behind courthouse. 507-208-3657. s10,17- o MIXED FIREWOOD: $45 per face cord or $50 per pickup load. You haul. Located between Fountain and Wykoff. 507-2721686. s17,24- o

Wanted: All Motorcycles & Memorabilia Pre 1980: Running or not. Top Cash Paid. 845-389-3239 (MFPA)

New Haybuster 2655 short-cut bale processor, list $24,200 sell for $21,400 will take bale processor or tractors in trade. f10,17,24,31- x

EZ-GO & Yamaha GOlf Carts SaleS & Service New & USed

Farmi 3 pt. logging Winches, Valby 3 pt. PTO chippers, New 3 pt. rototillers, loader attachments, 3 pt. attachments, New log splitters. 866-638-7885 threeriversforestry. com (MFPA)

PUPPIES to a good home. Maltese toy poodle mix, one female, 4 males born Oct. 24th. Very friendly, cuddly, loveable, makes very good lap dog! Asking $150. Contact cell: 507-429-7716, Peterson, MN. s17,24- o


Ivan Vreeman harmony, mn 507-273-6928

Rochester, MN 866-657-4910

CHAIRS, SET OF 4. Highback, ornate, hardwood chairs. Fine condition. $250. 507-676-4981. s17- x

103 20th St. NE, Stewartville, MN ~ Just off Hwy 63

NEw FeatHerlite trailerS iN Stock:

TIRES, SET OF 4. LT 265/75/R16 - Load range C. Good condition. $250. 507-6764981. s17- x

New Rebates!

• 4 Horse LQ's • 2013 Car Bumper Pull • 500 Gallon Fuel Trailer • 20' Wood Floor Stock • 7' x 20' Stock • 16' Bumper Stock • 16' Goose Neck Stock • 7' x 24' Stock • Custom Options Available sold USEd FeatHerlite trailerS: • '08 7'x20' Stock • '09 7'x24' Stock USEd EqUipMENt: • Bobcat T180 • JD 270 w/Cab • Bobcat S250 • Bobcat 873 • JD 4610 w/Cab & Loader • Bobcat S350 • Bobcat T200

TOTAL WOOD HEAT. Safe, clean, efficient and comfortable OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE from Central Boiler. Theobald Heating Solutions 507-533-4523. swk3tfn- o

• Bobcat S185 Cab

• Bobcat S650

• NH TC 40 w/loader

Please help support our students by sending memorials and donations. Local Dollars Support Local Students! Donations to Fillmore Central Dollars for Scholars may be sent to: Joyce Hellickson 23997 County 14 Preston, MN 55965 – or – Vicky Tribon, CPA 15 Center Street PO Box 305 Harmony, MN 55939 – or – dropped off at Fillmore Central Schools, Preston Public Library, or the office of Vicky Tribon, 15 Center St. in Harmony.

Supporting Local Students for 20 years!

Professional service Guide


Specializing in Roofing

• Remodel • New Home Construction • Siding • Replacement Windows • Concrete Sidewalks • Flat Pours Licensed & Insured #20450126

We fix Wet Basements! Mention this Ad and Receive $100 off Basement Waterproofing System Free Estimates • 507-259-7776 •

plUmbINg Dave’s Plumbing & Heating, Air Conditioning

New Construction & Remodeling• In-Floor Heat • Drain Cleaning

Appliance Sales & Service • New & Used Call Dave or Dempsey • Cell: 507-259-4238 or 507-259-4239 Spring Valley & Preston • Bus. 765-2173 or 346-7879



PLuMBiNg, HeatiNg & CooLiNg, LLC

servicemaster of chatfield Professional Cleaning ~

Lic.# 20638833

Carpet, Furniture, Floors, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Fire & Water Damage, Janitorial Service.

The clean you expect Jeff Hebl, owner The service you deserve 507-467-4798 • Lanesboro, MN


• New Roof • Reshingle • Flat Roofs • Steel Shingles • Lawn Care • Snow Removal • Storm Damage • Gutter Cleaning

Certified Professional Installer • Workmanship Guaranteed • Competitive Pricing Bonded, Insured and Licensed. Call now for Free Estimate • 507-251-9220


30 Ton, 136 ft Boom Truck Service

J.W. ElEctric

We Carry

Let Me “PLug” you Into A better DeAL

• Dryers • Grain Bins for Drying & Storage -Fans -Heaters -Roof Vents -Floors (And More!)

& Tear Down , Millwright, Grain Legs, Auger, and Conveyor Construction, Concrete Construction.

• CommerCial • trenChing Joel Walbridge Fountain, mn

Lic# BC474301

CONSTRUCTION HungeRHolt caRpentRy for all your building and remodeling needs. Many Years of Experience • Marty HungerHolt, 507-467-2203 • randy HarMon, 507-467-2410 • ricHard nepstad, 507-765-3621

Plumbing & Heating

• New Homes • Remodeling • Air Conditioning

308 St. Anthony St., Preston • Furnace • Drain Cleaning

Calls welcomed any time!


Plumbing & Heating

• Insured • Septic systems • New Construction • Remodeling

Dave Swenson Don Tollefsrud Matt Swenson lic. #008399pJ

lic. #008744pJ

lic. #7046

pROpaNE gaS KRuegel gaS SeRvice ProPane service installation delivery



SaTEllITE SERVICES Craig Stortz #PL07718

Power Limited Licensed

Stortz Satellite

Nick Stortz #PL07719

Serving the Tri-State area Residential & Commercial Accounts for Direct TV & Dishnet. Cable - Phone - internet - Wiring Canton, MN

Toll Free 866-862-5397 Bus 507-743-8486 Cell 507-259-1454

BRUMM’S PLUMBING & HEATING, LLc Tony Brumm • Mabel, MN 55954 Phone: (507)493-5507 • Cell:507-251-9212

Taylor ouTdoor Wood SToveS ~ radianT Floor HeaTing a-Maize-ing HeaT Corn FurnaCeS & BoilerS ~ gaS FurnaCeS & BoilerS air CondiTioning ~ SepTiC SySTeMS ~ neW ConSTruCTion ~ reModeling Free eSTiMaTeS ~ inSured

To adverTise your business Mn contractors lic. #20382343

507-493-5282 • Free Estimates

(507) 268-4367 Cell (507) 273-0829

Al lArson & sons • Custom Cabinets • Remodeling • Roofing • gaRages • siding • sheds & moRe • gRaniCRete CounteR tops H:507-268-4949 C:507-272-3624

• residential • Farm


the First Bin DesiGneD For the 21st Century

Fountain, MN

• Chimney Flashings • 24 Hr. Res/Comm. Leak Repair


PETERSON, MN 55962 • 507-875-2496

and Cabinetry

• New Construction • Remodeling • Insured • Free Estimates • Licensed 507-743-8325 SEE uS FoR aLL youR HEatINg & CooLINg NEEdS Randy Newman - 507-421-2536 - geoSystems

Call 507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481 or email

This space is available for your business!

Share your thoughts at



2004 Chevy Impala SS, black, V6 Supercharged 3.8L engine, All the bells and whistles -- Moon Roof, Spoiler, PW, PL, Automatic, XM Radio, OnStar, Leather, Dual Power Seats, Heated Seats, AM/FM Radio, Cassette, Multi-disc CD Player, Bose Sound System. 142,000 miles, and in great shape. $6,500 or best offer. Call 507-251-5297. a3tfn- x 1976 CJ7 JEEP FOR SALE. Jeep has original seat and interior. 304 engine, fiberglass body, hardtop and doors. Asking Printed with Soy ink price $4,000. Call Jamie at 507-259-2771 for questions. a22tfn- x

2005-2006 PETERBILT 387’s - C-15, 13 speed, platinum interior. Trades welcome, financing available with approved credit $29-34,000. Call TMC Truck Sales 877/285-8752 or www. MCAN DONATE YOUR CAR Truck or Boat to heritage for the blind. Free 3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of 888/485-0398 MCAN


Monday, December 17, 2012


TNT Lawn Service

make arrangements now for your lawn care

• Mowing • Stump Grinding • Fall Clean-Up • Snow Plowing • Ice Management

• Aerating • Power Brooming • Insured • Light Backhoe Work Call: 507-268-4977 or Cellphone: 507-429-6755

(Free Estimates)

CASH FOR CARS: All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar paid. Printed with Soy inK We come to you! Any make/model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145 MCAN

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TRANSMISSION REBUILDING: Foreign and domestic, auto & light truck. 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Call for prices. Brown’s Tire, Battery, & Transmission. Rushford 507-864-2969 or 1-888-864-7049. v20tfn- o

LICENSED RUSHFORD daycare with food program has immediate openings. Kristin Luhmann 507-450-1082. v12/101/14- x

Norby Tree Service: Stump grinding, tree trimming and removal. Call Dave Norby at 507-259-3118. v8/2tfn- o

EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER available in the Houston/Rushford and surrounding area. WillPrinted assist in any daily Soy functions with inkas needed. Please contact Beth at 507-4294717. References available. v17- o

REBUILD ALTERNATORS AND starters for auto, truck, and farm implements. Same day service. Hi-Tech Rebuilders, Rushford. 507-864-7440 or 507-459-1504. v11/26-1/14- o WOOD CARVING CLASSES every Thursday night 7-9:30pm. Beginners welcome. Slim’s Woodshed, 160 1st St. NW, Harmony. 507-251-0546. v3,10- o

Printed on recycled paper

Printed with

Soy inK

Printed on recycled paper

11753 State Hwy 43, Mabel, MN 55954 Printed on Craig Henry recycled PaPer Shop 507.493.5399 • Mobile 507.450.5573


Printed on recycled PaPer

TRAILER SALES & SERVICE, Inc. 507-886-4600

70 4th Street NW • Harmony MN 1 block West of Kwik Trip next to Solberg Welding

We are pleased to announce we now sell & service Boss & Snowdogg Snow Plows. We have a selection of new and used trailers and we are an authorized dealer for Wilson, Kiefer Industrial, Road King, Alum Line, and Pacesetter trailers. We also provide service work when your trailer needs a tune up.

See us for all your trailer sale and service needs!

Randy Haakenson • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural

schroeder drywall

326 Parkside Dr. SE Res 507-765-2297 Preston, MN 55965 Cell 507-251-5535

Drywall Hanging • Taping • Texturing Rusty Schroeder “Free estimates” 507-765-3648

207 South Elm, Rushford, MN • 507-864-7711

SUV 4x4 Season!

2005 Buick Rendezvous CXL, Black, 98,425 mi, air, tilt, cd, cruise, air bags, p/locks, p/win, $10,696

2008 kia Sorento LX AWD, White, 66,943 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, cd, air bags, $13,988




Custom Hay Mowing, Raking & Baling


Shamiah Womeldorf, Rural Lanesboro

Sell your items in 25 publications with over 238,000 households

for only $70 per week!!

Or place your ad in 5 publications

for only $35 per week!!

Owned by Dennis Solberg of Solberg Welding 507-886-4602 DLR 21604

ReSidential - CommeRCial


Check 5 Publications for $35 or in all 25 Publications for $70

q Fillmore County Journal (12,312) a q Albert Lea Tribune (M-F 6,392; S 6,963) q q q q q q q q q q

Austin Daily Herald (5,233) Blooming Prairie Times (1,200) The Buffalo County Journal (1,000) Caledonia Argus/Shopper (6,559) The Cochraine-Fountain City Recorder (2,000) The Courier-Wedge (4,200) Cresco Times Plain Dealer & The Extra (8,400) Freeborn County Shopper (17,025) Grand Meadow Area News (3,200) LeRoy Independent (1,500)

q q q q q q q q q q q q q

Lewiston Journal (1,200) Lime Springs Herald (800) Mower County Shopper (18,001) Olmsted County Journal (62,000) Owatonna Free Press (S 7,364; Other 7,122) Plainview News (2,950) Riceville Recorder (1,400) St. Charles Press (1,300) The Star Shopper (10,000) Tri-County Advertiser (9,750) The Valley Shopper (3,500) Wabasha County Herald (3,250) Winona Post (24,447 Wed. & 21,237 Sun.)

15 Words Pre-Paid: Deadline Wednesdays at Noon. 10¢ per additional word per publication.

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________ 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Maroon, 81,498 mi, air, tilt, cruise, cd, p/win, p/locks, air bags, $12,196 tRuCkS

2009 Ford Escape, XLT V6 FWD, Red, 80,179 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win/locks/ seat, $14,989 2007 toyota Rav 4, Green, 47,866 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, CD, air bags $16,286 2005 Chevy Colorado CXL, 4x4, White, 55,453 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win/locks, $13,789 2004 Ford Ranger, Ext. Cab 4x4, Green, 85,522 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win/locks, $9,383 WE FEaTuRE

2008 Ford Escape XLt 4x4, White, 114,398 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, cd, air bags, $11,456 CARS

2010 toyota Corolla LE, Gray, 38,549 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win/locks, CD, air bags $13,999 2008 Chevy Impala Lt, Gray, 63,323 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win/locks, CD, air bags, $12,253 2007 Buick Lucerne, Burgundy, 86,693 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, CD, air bags, $11,898 2005 Ford taurus SE, White, 106,103 mi, air, tilt, cruise, air bags, CD, p/win, p/ locks $6,888 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, Green, 115,136 mi, air, tilt, cruise, air bags, CD, $8,778


__________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________ Cash/Check ___________ Credit Card __________ Credit Card #: __________________________________ Exp. Date __________ Auth.# _______ Ad Copy – Please Print & Include Phone Number _______________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _______________ _______________ ________________ _______________ ______________ ________________ _______________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _______________ ________________ ________________ _______________ ______________ _______________ Mail this form to the address below with your payment. P.O. Box 496 Preston, MN, 55965 • 507-765-2151

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The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, December 17, 2012






FOR SALE: 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the country with heated shop. 507-2596961. e30tfn- o

Nice 2BR apt. in Preston, $350/mo + util. Scott 765-3600. r8tfn- o

NEWLY REMODELED 2 BR, 1.5 bath, furnished house with jacuzzi tub, all appliances including washing machine and dryer. Hardwood floors, lots of closet space with wrap-around porch. Located 2 blocks from downtown Lanesboro. Off-street parking. No pets, no smoking. References. $450 +utilities. 507-313-9527. r17,24- o

THANK YOU ALL who remembered us with cards and gifts on our 50th wedding anniversary, November 3rd. A very special thanks to Debbie and Steve for hosting a supper in honor of us with our children Douglas, Denise & Jason, Dusty & Emily, and Brandon and our six grandaughters Brittney, Caitlin, Ellie, Shaya, Sophie & Addision; and great-grandaughter Braelyn. It was a wonderful time to remember our special day with our grandaughters being the greatest gifts. Our daughters and sonin-law Diann and John Berry will host us on a wedding trip with our children to Scottsdale, Arizona and Rocky Point Mexico to their condo on the beach. God bless each of you as he has blessed us on 50 years. Darrell & Doris McCabe t17-x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I WOULD LIKE to thank everyone who attended my 90th birthday open house. It was wonderful to see everyone. I would also like to thank my family for all their work hosting. It was a great weekend with many memories I will treasure. Dorothy Torgerson t17- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU to everyone who remembered us on our 50th wedding anniversary. A specialPrinted thank you towith our family for ink all of Soy the surprises! We had a great time. Love you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don & Sharon Asleson t17- x Printed with Soy inK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

thanks so much to everyone who remembered our 40th wedding anniversary, starting with the picture in the paper, to the phone calls, cards, gifts and the evenings out! We sure enjoyed the celebration!! Thanks again, Chuck & Joan O’Connor x Printed with Soyt17ink

FOR SALE: New 4 bedroom 3 bath, 3 car garage. Fountain. 507-259-6961. e29tfn- o FOR SALE by owner: 65 acres wooded land located in bluff country area. Not even a mile SE of Rushford. Building site with existing buildings. 507-459-3945 e10,17,24,31- o 101 ACRE WINTER WONDERLAND, Newer home and pole barn. 25K planted trees, ponds, woods. MLS 4041200 WI-MN Real Estate 608-385-8080. e17o

Large lot in New Horizon Trailer Park in Preston. Available Immediately. 7652131 or 1-800-770-0347. r10/5tfn- o Need to store snowmobiles, a classic car, or a boat? Do you need storage while in the process of moving? Space is available for rent in a building located in Preston. Call 507-251-5297. r28tfn- x FOR RENT: Preston. 2 BR apt, stove, refridge, A/C, laundry hookups. NSNP. 507-467-2941. r12tfn- o START AFFORDING YOUR RENT! Rent based on income in Mabel, Harmony, Lanesboro & Ostrander. Immediate openings! FREE applications & tours! Family & senior rentals. 800-676-6505 tdd 507-451-0704 Equal Housing Opportunity. r26,3,10,17- o FOR RENT: 2 BR apt. for one person. Upstairs downtown. Very nice - appliances furnished. Available January 1st. No smoking, no pets. Private parking. $300/month plus utilities. Roy’s Barbershop, Chatfield. 507-867-4444 or 507-867-3590. r3tfn- o

2 BR TRAILER for rent in Lanesboro. 888384-7185. r17tfn- o FOR RENT: 2 bdrm apt. with garage and off-street parking. 507-259-6961. r17tfn- o

Scenic View TownhomeS • Spacious 2 & 3 bedrooms • Attached garages included • Beautiful area • Starting at $505 Income restrictions apply. 507-864-7880 • Rushford, MN

3 BR HOUSE for rent in Preston. $400. For more info. contact Gary at 612-242-2337. r3,10,17,24- o HARMONY - HARMONY MANOR: Rent 30% of Income! 1 & 2 bedroom apartments now available for seniors 62+ or disabled. New siding and windows. On site laundry, large community room for family gatherings. Call ROSIE (507)886-2137. Equal Housing Opportunity. r10,17,24,31- o

Richard Milne & Associates

Real Estate, LLC Preston Great-3 bedroom, 2 full

bath. Country living chalet type feeling with the soaring to ceiling wood burning brick fireplace in the open and inviting living room. Oversized 2 car heated and insulated garage. Great views from inside and from the deck. New furnace. $179,000 MLS#4038709 Preston - Picturesque, approximately 900 ft of Root River frontage, 4 bed, 2 bath, 27 aceres, sportsman’s paradise with many updates. Proposed bike trail runs next to property. 36 x 56 pole shed for all your toys. $279,000 MLS#4020938

NICE 2 BR in Preston. $400 monthly includes everything. 651-212-1524. r10,17x

Home 507-765-2172 Cell: 507-951-3672 Fax: 507-765-5308 Email: daVid Milne 507-696-6730

Printed on recycled PaPer

This week’s Sudoku puzzle is located on page 28

A Great Read!

PRICe RedUCed-HARmony 3 Bedroom, Nice Neighborhood. $69,000. Call Randy Barnes for Details, 507-251-3271.




• 4 Bedrooms • 0.40 ac • 135’ of Highway 52 frontage • Nice View of Mill Creek Park • 2 Car Garage


$119,900 521 MAIN ST S, CHATFIELD

d sol



• 3+ Bedrooms on same level • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Numerous updates • Move-in cond.





• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Original woodwork • Leaded windows • Paneled doors • Hardwood floors • 2 Enclosed porches • Numerous improvements LARGE BI-LEVEL HOME BUILT IN 2000






• 4 Bedrooms • 2 baths • 2 Car garage • Hardwood floors • 3 Bedrooms plus den • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Exceptional layout • .47 acre lot • Patio • Open Staircase • Sunroom • Remodeled 2nd floor • Quality windows • Maintenance free exterior • Steel Siding • New roof • Fenced backyard • Backyard has no neighbors and is very private INCOME POTENTIAL IN LOWER LEVEL

• 2 Bedroom • Quality Built in 2006 • Steel Siding

• 2 Bedroom • Erect wall for 3rd • 3 Bath • Wet bar

$132,900 • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2 Car Garage • 3,000 sq. ft. • Walnut cabinets • Island • Upgraded appliances • New roof, windows & flooring throughout • Fireplace • Partial fenced yard • 0.48 acre

• 1 Bedroom • Cheaper than renting


• 3 Main floor bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2 Car Garage • Main floor Laundry • Great room w/gas fireplace • Formal Dining • Updated Kitchen & Bath • New roof • flooring • vinyl siding • central air unit


• 5 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Open layout • Cherry cabinets • Quality windows • Paneled doors • Maple floors • 9’ ceilings in lower level • Fireplace • Deck • Great cul-de-sac location • ½ acre lot • Storage shed


212 MAIN ST S, CHATFIELD $64,900



• 6 Bedroom • 3 Bath • 2 lots • 4,966 sq. ft. • Pocket doors • Crown moldings • 2 staircases • Leaded windows • Built-ins • Butler pantry • Finished walk-up attic • Sauna • 2 car garage CLEAN & ENERGY EFFICIENT

• Updated main floor w/1,320 sq ft & bath • 2-1 Bedroom apartment’s w/separated utilities


$299,900 NEW PRICE



• Great Opportunity to be your own Boss! • Turn Key, Call for details!






• 4 Bedrooms • 5 baths • Brick exterior • Main floor living • 3’ doors • 9’ Ceilings • 4,784 sq. ft. • 1.3 acre lot • Private Drive • LL previously used as mother-in-law residence


$69,900 315 SILVER ST N, WYKOFF


+/- 5 ACRES



• 3 Bedroom • Main floor living • Deck • 2 car garage • Maintenance free exterior • New roof & windows • Just move-in



• 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Manufactured home • 30’x40’ Shop with 32’ pole shed attached • Storage shed • Good well & septic



• 3 Bedroom • 2 bath • Fully furnished • Totally remodeled from the studs in 1992 • Oversized 2 car garage (24’x34’) • Main floor living • Move-in-condition







TOWNHOME LOTS $279,900 #4041628

CHATFIELD ORCHARD RIDGE LOTS –BANK OWNED Townhome lots with private backyards (4 walkout, 2 level). This upscale neighborhood is on a paved dead end road with city utilities. Only $20,000/each.

• 3 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • Private lot with great view • Main floor living • Maple floors & cabinetry • In floor heat on both levels • 2 fireplaces • 0.90 acre lot • Heated 3 car garage • Sprinkler system • Invisible fence

• 2 Bedroom plus den • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage

• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Main floor laundry








$399,900 10 ACRES 601 CHATFIELD AVE NW, PRESTON SOLD • 2-2 Bedroom Units • Numerous updates 549 EAST 4TH ST., ST. CHARLES 7189 90TH ST SE, STEWARTVILLE • Live on main floor and renter make payment OLD • 3 Bedroom • 3 Bath ranch built in 2001 S • Great Location across from School • Heated shop w/bath • 2 pole sheds • 2 Cattle sheds • Easy convert back to 4 bed, 2 bath, single family home 1314 LONE STONE CT SE, CHATFIELD • Calf shed • Just off the blacktop • 15 min to Rochester SOLD • Additional Land Available 301 PLEASANT ST NE, PRESTON OLD S For more information on these listings and others visit... 410 BURR OAK AVE NE, CHATFIELD SOLD 121 WASHINGTON AVE SE, EYOTA SOLD 255 1ST AVE NE, HARMONY

• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Open layout • 3 Finished levels












410 N. Main, Harmony, MN • (Across from Kwik Trip)


CHATFIELD – Fingerson & Donahoe First Subd. Covenant controlled neighborhood with lg cul-de-sac, walk-out lots w/private backyards. Lots starting at $29,900. NEW PRICING AND ADDITIONAL LOTS AVAILABLE! LANESBORO – 1.43 acre building site within city limits. Great views, walkout, city utilities, protective convenants apply. $44,900 #4031256 RACINE – Lyman’s Second Subdivision. Located in newer development on cul-de-sac street with city utilities, choice of builder and covenant controlled. Hurry only 3 lots available. Prices starting at $19,900. WYKOFF/FILLMORE AREA – 2 approximately 25 acre rural building sites with spectacular views and CRP. #4040787 & #4040788 priced at $149,900/each.

Printed on recycled PaPer

Randy Barnes

For more inFormation go to


Printed on recycled paper

AlwAys CAll RAndy BARnes

RichaRd Milne

Realty Co.

Soy inK

Place your ad online at

Printed on recycled paper

SPRING GROVE - SPRING GROVE MANOR: Rent 30% of Income! 1 bedroom apartments now available for seniors 62+ or disabled. New siding and windows. On site laundry, large community room for family gatherings. (507)498-5780. Equal Housing Opportunity. r10,17,24,31- o

BRokeR, GRi, aBR

E-mail: 272 Main St. North Chatfield MN 55923 Ph: 867-9100 Cell: 259-9110

LAKEWOOD SENIOR HOuSINg, 420 Bench St. Chatfield. Easy yard work, no shoveling! For those who are 62 and older, handicapped/disabled. 1-bedroom apts. Heat paid. On-site laundry. Rent based on income. Off-street parking. Call (507) 867-4791.

Printed with


208 ST. PAUL STREET SW, PRESTON $27,000 • Professional office space or retail • Display window • hardwood floors • ½ Bath • 1 Bedroom apartment on second floor




• Updated Commercial building • Professional office space or retail • 2 bedroom apt (425/month), 1 bedroom apt. ($300/month) • Great location across from courthouse DOGPATCH BAR & GRILL



• Business Opportunity • 2.3 acres • Trout Creek • Totally remodeled Tavern of yesteryear • Bar w/ fireplace, Dance Area, Kitchen/Prep area • Remodeled 2 bedroom house w/ carport



Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Roxanne Johnson, Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI Cell: 507-458-6110

Select Properties


25 Center St. W, Harmony, MN 55939 • Toll Free: 888-839-2142

Charming, historical Victorian home with ced! an addition featuring office/business space redu with finished basement below. Wonderful original woodwork. Updated kitchen and 235 1st Ave nE bathrooms. $349,900 HArmony, mn



611 Kenilworth Ave S, LAnESboro, mn

210 Center St. W HArmony, mn

Church Hill School Condos

Jewel road PrESton, mn

Kelsey Fischer Licensed Assistant Office 507-886-4221


House and Shop! Spacious 4 bedroom home, bright & open floor plan with step saving kitchen. Two good sized bedrooms upstairs with super storage space. Detached garage also has an attached workshop with full basement and storage shed. Located on dead-end street! $69,900

Quality built ranch home on 11.4 acres offers a picture perfect setting overlooking a trout stream. Geothermal heat, Custom Amish cabinets, floors, and millwork. Professionally landscaped & cedar fencing. $259,900

45742 Cty 29, mAbEL, mn

340 A 5th Ave SE, HArmony, mn Comfort by Design this 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhome offers open living & dining area, ample storage, att garage , patio, appliances. $123,000

212 Street PrESton, mn 100 acres of woods, meadows and a creek bottom provide excellent deer and turkey hunting. 25 tillable acres in alfalfa/clover, adjoins Forestville State Park. $315,000

Everything is ready! One level home on a corner lot! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen open to dining, breakfast bar, att 2 car garage. $104,900

You won’t believe the space in this 2 bedroom home. Beautiful oak hardwoods, updated windows & shingles, private covered patio and large det garage $68,000

XXX Cty 24 LEnorA, mn Move in ready! Well kept 3 bedroom, 1 ¾ bath, Charming well cared for 2 bedroom 2 bath- Wooded lot, zoned agricultural, buildable nicely updated kitchen with access to compos- room home. Rural setting, newer garage with for storage shed or barn. Located on black ite deck, finished family room on lower level, 2 attached greenhouse. Heated Amish built sumcar garage. $109,900 mer kitchen. Additional lot available. $74,900 top road on edge of Lenora. $9,500

401 north St nW PrESton, mn Traditional brink home. Original oak hardwood floors & woodwork on the main floor. Walk in pantry, plus built-in, main floor bedroom & open staircase. 1 car detached garage. $59,900

312 Preston St nW PrESton, mn Surprisingly spacious 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath home. Updates include siding, windows, furnace & central air. 784 sq ft 2 car heated garage $85,000

Lovely turn of the century home. 9 ft ceilings, pillars, decorative moldings, hardwood floors, & original cabinetry detail. Eat in kitchen, plus a large dining room. Large 3 season porch. $94,900

Church Hill School Condos

405 Spring St. nW, PrESton, mn

A unique opportunity & great location, 2 finished units, purchase together or separate, garage option, rent to own option, North Unit $110,000, South Unit $125,000

Spacious 3 bedroom, 1 ¾ bath home with an updated galley kitchen open to family room, and a nice wooded backyard. Large family room addition with fireplace. Basement features a rec or hobby area. $110,000

210 Park St. PEtErSon, mn

38608 Cty 24, LEnorA, mn

SoLD - 32776 136th St. Harmony

355 3rd Ave SE, HArmony, mn

25 3rd Ave nW, HArmony, mn

340 b 5th Ave SE, HArmony, mn Relax & Enjoy! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, townhome. Great layout with generous sized rooms. Attached garage, CA, patio, appliances included. $123,000

Super location just north of Preston, a few building options. Approx 15 acres of crop land, deer and turkey, and not far to trout fishing and the Root River Trail System. 41.3 acres, mixture of woods and crop land. $190,000

A unique opportunity & great location, 1 finished unit on first floor, 1,106 sq ft with garage $150,000, 1 unfinished unit on top floor with panoramic view 1,478 sq ft with garage $150,000.

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30 3rd Ave nW, HArmony, mn

Spacious 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch home on a quiet street with hardwood floors in kitchen and living room. Family room with stone fireplace. Backs up to country, no backyard neighbors! 3 season porch to enjoy views. $104,900

285 niagara Ct, HArmony, mn

Great backyard with no backyard neighbor! 3 Bedroom, 2 bath. Updates include shingles, siding, windows & patio door, LL offers great storage & room to expand. Att garage. $78,000

120 4th St SW, HArmony, mn

Newly painted, move in ready! 3 bedroom ranch home on quiet street, open living & dining, access to back yard from kitchen. LL rec and storage area & 1 car det garage. $77,990

SoLD - 19731 Aurora rd. mabel SoLD - XXX Drake rd. Lanesboro

203 Coffee St. LAnESboro, mn

SoLD - 18245 160th St Spring Valley

Quaint 2 bedroom, 1.5 story home with view of north bluff, easy access to downtown, trail, theatres & river. Great Location! $59,900

PEnDInG - 10252 351st Ave Canton PEnDInG - 16108 305th Ave Harmony PEnDInG - 15523 Cty 9 Hwy Preston

450 2nd St SE, HArmony, mn

3 bedroom home, great location on quiet tree lined street. Hardwood floors under carpet. Main floor bedroom, 1/2 bath, and laundry with roomy kitchen. Full bath & 2 bedrooms up. Det garage. No back yard neighbors.$52,000

Brenda Sheldon, ABR, GRI

Great opportunity and super location! Located on the courthouse square. Main floor 1298 sq ft of space. Upstairs has additional 3 offices, bathroom & spacious break room area. Basement is equipped with shelving & storage. $60,000

(507) 346-2060 Cell: 507-951-2071 Toll-Free: 888-835-8141

715 North Broadway (Home Federal Bldg.), Spring Valley, MN Email - 22826 OAk HIll DRIVE, SpRING VAllEy $189,000 Executive home on approx 1.5 acres of land in Oak Hill Drive subdivision. 4 bdrms, 4 ba., 2 story Colonial w/hdwd flrs, main floor sep lndry, formal living & dining areas, family rm w/fireplace, potting shed, storage shed, fenced, new mound septic system, perennial gardens & luscious landscaping. LL finished - used as a home photography business. Could easily have a home business run from the abundance of rooms w/various sizes.

125 St. Paul Street PrESton, mn

If you are looking for small town quiet living look no further. In the small village of Greenleafton you will find a beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 bath walk out ranch style home. The lower level is completely finished with new updated neutral carpet, bath, office area currently used as guest room, and large family room. The upper level has 3 bdrms, bath, eat in kitchen, main floor laundry, dining area and deck off kitchen area overlooking back yard. The back yard is private with many mature trees. It is move in ready! Seller will consider a Lease with option to purchase or rental contract.

Great 4.83 Acreage with barn & several outbuildings. Great trails within the property down to and near the Root River which borders the property. The home has many updates and also includes hardwood floors, natural wood work, 4 large bedrooms, 2 baths, main floor laundry, open staircase, formal dining, den/study and a mud room (or 3 season porch) off kitchen area.

Todd Hadoff

Website: E-mail:

10245 ST. Hwy 16, SpRING VAllEy $229,000



$389,900 630 MAin ST. ChATFiELd

14 WinOnA ST ChATFiELd

Wood Floors • 2 enclosed porches • 2 Baths Steel Siding • New Roof • All new sheet rocked walls • Main floor laundry

Ranch Home • New Roof • New Windows Wood Floors • Remodeled bath • Gas Fireplace 3-season porch


2.8 acres • Private setting • Steel Siding 3-car Heated Garage • 2 Fireplaces • W/O • Patio Abundance Of Wildlife • Wood Floors • Main Floor Laundry/Mudroom • Open Floor Plan

COMMERCIAl BuIlDING - wykOFF Completely renovated building that is ideal for any type of restaurant, catering or other business opportunity. The lower level is finished for additional space. $199,900 NEw lISTING - COMMERCIAl BuIlDING lANESBORO Great opportunity to own large commercial building in a high traffic area. Potential business could be retail, restaurant/ bar, convenience store/grocery, crafts or many other uses. Can be divided off. Apartment above for rental or personal use. $89,900



80 acres near Ostrander. 52 acres coming out of CPR fall of 2012. Estimated tillable acreage is 63 acres with conversion of the pasture acres to the east of the site. The building site is estimated at 3 acres with 8 acres woods and old gravel pit to the south of the site. New planting of evergreen trees on south line. Good soils, Racine, Ostrander silt loams, Floyd & Clyde silty clay loams. The property - including house, well & septic are being sold “AS IS” . This is an estate sale

i show all Mls listings

Estate Industry!


11214 160TH ST. OSTRANDER $520,000

If you are looking for over 12 acres of land on a hard surface road...look no further! This home has been renovated and remodeled - updated and new kitchen, main floor master bedroom with master bath, hardwood floors, family room with fireplace, loft area, mud room/laundry area on main floor, 2 porches, 30x36 w/heated work shop & 2 10’x8’ doors, 50x36 pole barn & other small buildings & lean to for storage of firewood. The land consists of grassland that has been chemical free over 20 years, groves of mature trees and numerous perennial gardens. The property has been professionally landscaped with walk way paths leading to house and garage.

The leader In The Real Cell 507-259-5454

330 main Ave S, HArmony, mn

Pretty & Practical! Nicely updated 2 bedroom home, new kitchen with solid surface counter tops, updated bath, oak panel doors, CA, deck, 2 car det garage. $61,500

May the spirit of ChristMas touCh your heart and fill your hoMe with love. there is no better tiMe than this to say thank you and to wish you a happy holiday season! froM My faMily to yours, brenda sheldon

117 CROwN HIll RD w pRESTON $149,900

15478 COuNTy 9, pRESTON $109,000

401 County rd 8, FoUntAIn, mn

A must see! 3 bedroom ranch home. Eat in kitchen w/ newer counter tops, center island & pantry. Updated windows, siding & shingles. Lower level family room, bedroom, 3/4 bath & office. $103,900




13947 117 ST. SE ChATFiELd


2 acres • 3 bedrooms on main floor • 2 baths 24x24 family room w/maple ceilings • Wood Floors Gas fireplace • Vinyl siding • 2 car att. garage • 30x32 shed w/ heated shop Edge of town • Overlooks city

Chatfield - Fingerson & Donahoe - 1st Subdivison - Lots Starting At - $29,900 $99,900



312 BEnCh ST. SW ChATFiELd

3 Bedroom Ranch • 2 Baths 3 Season Porch • 2 Car Garage Main Floor Laundry

3+ Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Gas Fireplace 2 Car Garage • New Roof • Vinyl Siding


New Lis





3 Bedroom on main floor • Wheel Chair Assess. In-Floor Heat in House & Garage •3 Baths Main Floor Laundry • Fireplace $119,900

19405 ST. hWy 80 WykOFF 707 ROChELLE AvE. S LAnESBORO

2 Story • 3+ Bedrooms • Porch 2 Full Baths • Main Floor Laundry • 2 Car Garage

4 + acres • 4 bedrooms on main floor Main floor laundry • Large deck • 720 Sq. Ft. Garage Large Ranch • Enclosed Breezeway $149,900

$45,000 418 WinOnA ST. ChATFiELd

513 SPRing AvE PRESTOn

4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Wood Floors • 4 Season Porch • 9’ Ceilings Maple Kitchen Cabinet • New Windows & Doors • 988 sq. ft. garage w/ heated shop • 6/10 acre lot • Porch • Patio • Main Floor Laundry • Alot of Storage Garden • Firepit • Formal Dining • Living room

Knotty Pine Throughout • 2 Car Garage Main Floor Laundry • Enclosed Porch

605 1/2 CALhOun AvE. LAnESBORO

3 Bedroom • 2 full baths • Walk-out insulated garage • Living room • Dining room • Family Room

$335,000 135 SALEM PT. dR. SW ROChESTER

Townhouse • 4 Season Porch • Patio • 3 Baths Fireplace • 3 Bedrooms • Main Floor Living

11687 dEER ROAd MABEL Cabin on 16 acres • Knotty Pine • Steel siding New well & septic • Covered porch In-floor heat • Loft area • Laundry

Page 33



you See he at t es vi Mo


Cal lt Ver o ify Mov ie

507.886.7469 Tickets ~ $5 Adult • $4 Kids & Seniors Fri. Dec. 21.......................7:30pm Sat. Dec. 22.......................7:30pm Sun. Dec. 23.......................7:30pm PG-13

Run Time: 2 Hr. 49 Min.

Bring your own bucket for popcorn EvEryday & save!

AUCTION CALENDAR Fri., Dec. 28 - 10am - Tractors, Hay & forage, Beef cows & bulls, Tillage equipment, Semi tractors & tractors, Feed and Equipment auction. Auction held at Spring Valley Sales Auction. For more information contact Spring Valley Sales Auction online at Listing in the Journal. To list your Auction 507-765-2151

We’re Not Clowning Around... Classifieds sell fillmore County Journal 507.765.2151

Fax 507.765.2468

Monday, December 17, 2012





ON THE CRUNCHY SIDE in Harmony is hiring bartenders & wait staff, all shifts, ask for Lisa. Also hiring cooks & kitchen staff, all shifts, ask for Miles. Apply in person fun place to work!! 507-886-5560. h1tfn- o

HELP WANTED: Housecleaning services in Preston. Mature, reliable person. One day a week - $50. Things such as laundry and household chores. Call Bernice at 507450-5204. h17,24- x

$1,000 SIGN ON BONUS Midnite Express wants experienced OTR drivers & owner operators with Class A CDL. Lease purchase plan available. Call 800/726-8639. Apply online MCAN

Got a News Tip? Have a Story Idea?

THE FALCON FIRE Junior Olympic Volleyball team is in need of coaches this season. If interested stop down to Preston Floral and talk to Denise Case. h12tfn- o Spring Valley Senior Living is currently looking for a part time dietary aide. Approximately 50 hours per pay period. Every other weekend worked required. If interested please send application or resume to Spring Valley Senior Living, Attn: Human Resources, 800 Memorial Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 or e-mail EOE h10,17- o Spring Valley Senior Living is looking for a part-time universal worker for the evening 4:30-7:30 shift in our housing with services setting. Every other weekend worked required. If interested please send application or resume to Spring Valley Senior Living, Attn: Human Resources, 800 Memorial Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 or e-mail EOE h10,17- o ROOT RIVER HARDWOODS looking for reliable person to work in sawmill. Benefit package available. Retirement plan. Apply at Highway 52 North, Preston. 507-765Printed with Soy ink 2362. h17,24,31- o

Printed with

CHIC’S PIZZA IN PRESTON is looking for a responsible, part-time cook/waiter willing to work weekends and week nights. Please stop in and get an application or talk to Ib at 507-765-3333. h17,24- o RIDESHARE NEEDED: Special needs individual needs rideshare to work at ABC in Rochester from rural Wykoff. Begin ASAP after December 10. Could leave either from home or meet in Spring Valley, Wykoff, Preston. Flexible work start time between 8am-9am (M-F). If you would be willing to help, please contact 507-3524053 and leave message or email rideshare. h17,24- o WANTED: LIFE AGENTS Earn $500 a day, great agent benefits. Commissions paid daily. Liberal underwriting. Leads, leads, leads. Life insurance license required. Call 888/713-6020 MCAN

Preston Emergency Service Printed on recycled paper

Seeking Emergency Medical Technicians Printed on Preston Ambulance is currently recycled PaPer

seeking applicants that are willing to take the EMT class. Classes are held two nights a week or online classes are available. EMT’s are compensated for on-call time, responding to calls and are eligible for other benefits. All trainings, required equipment and uniforms are provided at no cost with a one year commitment. Applicants must be 18 years old at the time of testing and should have completed or expect to complete high school next spring.

Green Lea Manor Nursing Home 115 N. Lyndale Ave., Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5436


…because the journey matters

Good Shepherd Lutheran ServiceS

has current openings for experienced, mature and caring individuals

Apply online at or call Cherie at 507-765-2107 EOE Providing services for people with developmental disabilities for 30+ years!

NatioN’s leadiNg trailer maNufacturer seekiNg

assemBlers & Welders. Work for the Official Trailer of NASCAR® and IndyCar! Featherlite, located in Cresco, Iowa, seeks job applicants for assembler and welder positions. Featherlite is the nation’s top brand for horse, livestock, car and recreational/utility trailers, as well as large custom semi specialty trailers and professional race car transporters.

If you would like to be considered as a member of our team, you can pick up an application at Preston City Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, or contact Ryan Throckmorton at

Contact: Nicky or stop by for an application

Full-Time Position in Rushford Available.

507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481

Soy inK

Will train and reimburse for CNA classes, if not on the registry. Bonus Pay on weekends and shift differential.

Full-Time, Part-Time, & Late Night Positions in Preston Available.

Contact the

OTR DRIVERS Sign on bonus $1,000$1,200. Up to 45 CPM. Full-time positions with benefits. Pet policy. O/O’s welcome! deBoer Transportation 800/825-8511 www. MCAN

Part-time RN & LPN evening shifts available, along with Full-time and Part-time Nursing Assistant positions.

100 Main 2 S.E., Preston

OFFICE MANAGER: Connaughty Industries, a growing local manufacturing company in Rushford, is seeking an experienced full-time Office Manager. Duties of this position including managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, payroll, and several accounting functions. Also involves communication with customers and vendors. Must have excellent communication skills and be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Accounting or business degree preferred. To apply please send a cover letter and resume to Connaughty Industries, 1000 Technology Drive, Rushford, MN 55971 or email h3,10,17- o

DRIVER $0.01 increase per mile after 6 months and 12 months. Choose your hometime. $0.03 quarterly bonus. Requires 3 months recent experience. 800/414-9569. MCAN

RN/LPN & NuRsiNG AssistANt PositioNs AvAiLAbLe

Maple Leaf Services, Inc.

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Dietary Aid


Dietary Aid

Part-Time Day Shift

Part-Time Evening Shift

Part-Time Evening Shift


Nursing Assistant

Part-Time Night Shift

Part-Time Evening Shift

• Convenient and close to home and school • Quality and caring staff, loving residents, rewarding work • Child care on-site with employee discount • Flexible scheduling, shift differential, no mandatory over-time or shift rotation • Wages based on education and experience • On-site Fitness Center For more information contact Kelly at GSLS PO Box 747, Rushford, MN or call 507-864-7714. Or visit our website at to fill out an application.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Services Creative Christian Living and Human Service

Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider

AssEMBLERs NEEdEd We offer an exciting opportunity to work alongside some of the most committed and driven people in the industry, building the industry’s top products. As an Assembler you will assemble products by interpreting print packets and bills of materials. To qualify you must be able to accurately measure components and assemblies, utilize a variety of hand, power and air tools and perform high quality work that our customers expect.

wELdERs NEEdEd This is an exciting career opportunity for entry level and experienced welders in the area of aluminum and/or steel component fabrication. Candidates will apply proper welding techniques to create aluminum and steel piecework and subassemblies, and read and interpret print packets and work orders for assigned jobs.


• • • •

• • • • • •

Competitive Hourly Wages Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance Life and Disability Insurance Flex Spending/125 Plan for Medical and Child Care Reimbursement 401(k) Retirement Plan Vacation Time Personal Time Off Paid Holidays Health Club Discount Prescription Safety Eyeglasses Program

Earn up to $0.70 more per hour for coming to work on time or doing your job safely!

APPLy Now!

We only produce high quality products. If you are a high quality individual, please apply at our Cresco facility at 816 7th St. West, between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm or online at our website Also, you can call us at 563-547-4725 and we will be happy to mail you an application. Featherlite, Inc. requires pre-employment background and drug screen. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, strongly encouraging diversity within our workplace.

Share your thoughts at




Customer Service Technical Account Manager Harmony Enterprises is seeking someone who is friendly, hardworking and thrives to make sure the customer is satisfied. Job Description: Work closely with customers, manage all logistics of orders including shipping, install and service. Majority of time will focus on working with 3rd party service technicians, General administrative tasks, Respond to internal and external inquiries via email, phone and face-to-face in timely manner. Required skills/experience: Excellent communication skills, Warm approachable manner, Extensive MS Office software skills, Database management systems skills, Able to work in Team Oriented Environment. Preferred Skills: Background in hydraulics/electrical systems, Previous customer service experience, Multiple languages (Spanish and/or French). Pay will be based on experience. Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is a leading equipment manufacturer for the waste management industry. Visit our website for more information about our company: Interested candidates, please submit resume to Ramon Hernandez at or mail to Harmony Enterprises, Inc. 704 Main Ave N, Harmony MN 55939 by Dec. 27, 2012. Please no telephone inquiries.



DISH NETWORK Starting at $19.99/ month Plus 30 Premium Movie Channels Free for 3 Months! Save! & Ask About same day installation! Call – 866/7855167 MCAN

notice of mortgage foreclosure sale Date: November 5, 2012 YOU ARE NOTIFIED THAT: 1. Default has occurred in the conditions of the Mortgage dated March 21, 2007 executed by Allyn R. Earles and Robyn Earles, husband and wife, as Mortgagors, to Wells Fargo Financial Wisconsin, Inc., as Mortgagee, and filed for record on March 28, 2007 as Document No. 357855, and assigned to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., pursuant to a Corporate Assignment of Mortgage, dated April 5, 2012, recorded on April 16, 2012 as Document Number 388304, in the Office of the County Recorder of Fillmore County, Minnesota. The land described in the Mortgage is not registered land. 2. The original principal amount secured by the Mortgage was $102,006.67. 3. No action or proceeding at law is now pending to recover the debt secured by the Mortgage, or any part thereof. 4. No mortgagor has been released from financial obligation on the mortgage. 5. The holder of the Mortgage has complied with all conditions precedent to acceleration of the debt secured by the Mortgage and foreclosure of the Mortgage, and all notice and other requirements of applicable statutes. 6. At the date of this notice the amount due on the Mortgage, and taxes, if any, paid by the holder of the Mortgage is $140,897.12. 7. Pursuant to the power of sale in the Mortgage, the Mortgage will be foreclosed, and the land described as follows: Legal Description: Outlot 4 in the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SW ¼ SW ¼) of Section 11, Township 101 North of Range 10, in the City of Harmony, except the North 75 feet thereof, and except the East 87 ½ feet thereof and except that part of Outlot 4 shown as parcel 204B on Minnesota Department of Transportation Right of Way Plat Numbered 23-48 as the same is on file and of record in the office of the County Recorder in and for Fillmore County will be sold by the Sheriff of Fillmore County, Minnesota, at public auction on January 10, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the main lobby of the Fillmore County Courthouse, 101 Fillmore Street, Preston, Minnesota. 8. The mortgagor must vacate the property on or before 11:59 p.m. July 10, 2013, if the mortgage is not reinstated under Minn. Stat. Sec. 580.30, the property is not redeemed under Minn. Stat. Sec. 580.23, or the redemption period is not reduced under section 582.032. 9. The time allowed by law for redemption by Mortgagors or Mortgagors’ personal representatives or assigns is 6 months after the date of sale. 10. THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED

CANADA DRUG CENTER Canada Drug Center is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 90% on all your medication needs. Call today 800/259-1096, for $10.00 off your first prescription and free shipping. MCAN EVER CONSIDER A REVERSE MORTGAGE? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & effective! Call now for your free DVD! Call now 888/610-4971 MCAN SAVE 65 PERCENT & get 2 free gifts when you order 100 percent guaranteed, delivered–to- the-door Omaha Steaks Family Value Combo now only $49.99. Order today 888/740-1912 use code 45069SLD or fvc19 MCAN Highspeed Internet everywhere By Satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up.) Starting at $49.95/ mo. CALL NOW & GO FAST! 1-866796-2843 (MFPA) REACH NEARLY 1 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS! Do you have a product, service, or business that would be helped by reaching 1 million households throughout Minnesota? The Minnesota Classified Network will allow you to reach these potential customers quickly and inexpensively. For more information concerning a creative classified ad call this publication or Minnesota Classified Network at 800-866-0668. (MFPA) TO INVESTIGATE OTHER ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Call PaperChain at 931-922-0484 or e-mail (MFPA) Music Lessons for All Ages! Find a music teacher! TakeLessons offers affordable, safe, guaranteed music lessons with teachers in your area. Our prescreened teachers specialize in singing, guitar, piano, drums, violin and more. Call 1- 888-687-0047! (MFPA) Gold and Silver Can Protect Your Hard Earned Dollars Learn how by calling Freedom Gold Group for your free educational guide. 877-371-2354 (MFPA) ATTENTION SLEEP APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. Get FREE CPAP Replacement Supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, prevent red skin sores and bacterial infection! Call 888-859-7796 (MFPA)

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IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. 11. THE RIGHT TO VERIFICATION OF THE DEBT AND IDENTITY OF THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR WITHIN THE TIME PROVIDED BY LAW IS NOT AFFECTED BY THIS ACTION. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Foreclosure Data required by Minn. Stat. Sec. 580.025 1. Property Address: 510 Main Avenue North, Harmony, Minnesota 55939 2. Transaction Agent: Not Applicable 3. Name of Mortgage Originator (Lender): Wells Fargo Financial Wisconsin, Inc.; assigned to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A 4. Residential Servicer: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A 5. Tax Parcel Identification Number: 15-0016-000 6. Transaction Agent’s Mortgage ID Number: Not Applicable Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Attorneys for Mortgagee James T. Keig STEPHENSON, SANFORD & THONE, P.L.C. Suite 220, 1905 East Wayzata Boulevard Wayzata, MN 55391 (952) 404-2100 15-0447 Publish 12,19,26,3,10,17

Unless objections are filed, and unless the Court orders otherwise, the personal representative have the full power to administer the estate, including, after thirty (30) days from the issuance of letters of testamentary the power to sell, encumber, lease or distribute any interest in real estate owned by the decedent. Notice is further given that subject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801, all creditors having claims against the decedent’s estate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court within four (4) months after the date of this notice or the claims will be barred. Dated: 12/12/12 /s/ James D. Attwood Registrar James D. Attwood Court Administrator Attorney for Personal Representative William P. Volkmar Dunlap & Seeger, P.A. 206 South Broadway, Suite 505 Rochester, MN 55904 Attorney License No: 113104 Telephone: (507)288-9111 FAX: (507) 288-9342 Publish 17,24

meeting notice There will be a meeting of the FillmoreHouston Joint Board of Health on Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at the Creamery Restaurant, 407 S Mill St, Rushford, MN. The meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m. Publish 10,17

Minnesota Secretary of State CERTIFICATE OF ASSUMED NAME Minnesota Statutes Chapter 322B 1. State the exact assumed name under which the business is or will be conducted: Tulip tree studios 2. State the address of the principal place of business. A complete street address or rural route and rural route box number is required; the address cannot be a P.O. Box. 11700 County road 15 Harmony, MN 55939 3. List the name and complete street address of all persons conducting business under the above Assumed Name, OR if an entity, provide the legal corporate, LLC, or Limited Partnership name and registered office address. valor mechanical, inc. 11700 county road 15 harmony, mn 55939 4. I, the undersigned, certify that I am signing this document as the person whose signature is required, or as agent of the person(s) whose signature would be required who has authorized me to sign this document on his/her behalf, or in both capacities. I further certify that I have completed all required fields, and that the information in this document is true and correct and in compliance with the applicable chapter of Minnesota Statues. I understand that by signing this document I am subject to the penalties of perjury set forth in Section 609.48 as if I had signed this document under oath. Dated: 11/27/12 Signed: /s/ Mark E. Utz Publish 10,17 NOTICE City of Canton will be hosting their Monthly City Council meeting on the Second Wednesday of every month starting January 2013 at 7:00pm in City Hall. Lolly Melander Clerk/Treasurer Publish 10,17 Notice City of Whalan will be hosting their Monthly City Council meeting on the Second Monday of every month starting January 2013 at 5:00pm in City Hall. Lolly Melander Clerk/Treasurer Publish 10,17 STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE DIVISION Court File No. 23-PR-12-876 In Re: Estate of Steven James Siegle NOTICE OF INFORMAL APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is given that an Application for Informal Appointment of Personal Representative was filed with the Registrar. No will has been presented for probate.The Registrar accepted the application and appointed Cynthia L. Siegle, whose address is 30477 Quintet Drive, Stewartville, MN 55976, to serve as the personal representative of the decedent’s estate. Any heir, devisee or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as co-personal representatives or may object to the appointment of the personal representative. Any objection to the appointment of the the personal representative must be filed with the Court, and any properly filed objection will be heard by the Court after notice is provided to interested persons of the date of hearing on the objection.

Vehicle towing in forestville township Any vehicle stuck in the snow in a manner that does not allow snow removal equipment to pass on a Forestville Township road will be towed at the owners’ expense after attempts are made to contact the owner. Connie Morger Clerk-Forestville Township Publish 10,17

summary of minutes November 27, 2012 County Board Meeting The Fillmore County Board met in special session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press. The following resolutions were adopted by the Board: RESOLUTION 2012-060: Conditional Use Permit for Heusinkveld Farms RESOLUTION 2012-061: Conditional Use Permit for Gary and Matt Hellickson RESOLUTION 2012-062: Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Section 4, General Provisions RESOLUTION 2012-063: Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Section721, Extraction of Minerals, Open Pits and Impounding of Waters RESOLUTION 2012-064: Amendment to add new section to Zoning Ordinance, Section 736, Excavation and Mining of Industrial Minerals and Materials RESOLUTION 2012-065: Ending of sand mining interim ordinance and moratorium The Board approved the following agenda items: • the amended agenda. • remove Item #5 from Consent Agenda. • the following amended Consent Agenda: 1. November 13, 2012, County Board minutes. 2. Merit increase for Denise Zwart, Eligibility Worker. 3. Merit increase for Kimberly McCabe, Eligibility Worker. 4. Replacement of Commissioner Amunrud with Acting Engineer Ronald Gregg to serve as 2012 delegate for Association of MN Counties annual meeting. • payment of invoice from West Central Environmental Consultants for testing. • 2013 Purchase of Service agreement with Workforce Development, Inc. • accept grant award for Adoption and Foster Care Recruitment. • authorized letter to Congressman Tim Walz concerning problems related to veterans’ access to services in Wisconsin and Iowa. • purchase of brochures and sympathy cards to be used for outreach to veterans. • purchase of calendars, pens and a tablecloth to be used for outreach to veterans. • hire of three part-time intermittent deputies. • hire of replacement Home Health Aide. • internal transfer of Sheila Buenger, as replacement Office Support Specialist for Assessor’s Office. • hire of intermittent dispatcher. • dental insurance coverage through United Healthcare Dental. • elimination of current Dearborn National Dental plan effective January 1, 2013. • 2013-2014 International Union of Operating Engineers, Local #49, Highway Labor Agreement. • authorized Auditor/Treasurer to sign waiver of 30 day notice requirement to create a Tax Increment Finance District. • change to Zoning Fee Schedule. • purchase of used 2000 Sterling semi-truck from Thompson Motors with trade-in. • payment of ARC invoice for plan printing for Highway Administration Building remodel project. • agreement with Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP for 2012-2014 audits. The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved: REVENUE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Dilaveri Law Firm, services $980.00 Earl F. Andersen, Inc., signs $779.09 Farm & Home Publishers, Ltd., publications $920.00 Fillmore County Treasurer, fuel $620.10 Himec Mechanical Service Division, services $705.43 IBM Corporation, asset purchase $1,418.00 Marco, Inc., equipment purchase $4,500.00 Red Wing Software, software $698.47 Werner Electric Supply, supplies $699.48 Wingert, Bruce, feedlot cost share $5,000.00 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $16,320.57 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (58 bills - not listed) $6,003.18 TOTAL REVENUE FUND $22,323.75 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Cargill, Inc., salt $96,756.18 Hovey Oil Co., Inc., gas $8,912.62 Advanced Sand jacking, Inc., services $732.00 Bauer Built, Inc., services $575.50 G & K Services, supplies $611.50 Milestone Materials, Inc., rock $5,209.57 RDO Equipment Co., parts $527.87 Ronco Engineering Co., Inc., supplies $651.81 State of MN, services $4,703.95 Universal Truck Equipment, Inc., parts $1,098.39 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $119,779.39 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (14 bills - not listed) $1,788.83 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $121,568.22 SANITATION FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS OVER $500 (NONE) $0.00 TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (3 bills - not listed) $246.89 TOTAL SANITATION FUND $246.89 AIRPORT FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Deters, Isaac, services $1,768.00 TOTAL AIRPORT FUND $1,768.00 The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566. Publish 17

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Fillmore County Journal 12.17.12  

Fillmore County Journal Newspaper 12.17.12

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