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Monday, October 8, 2012

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Volume 28 Issue 3

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Diane Hernandez brings her photography to Harmony By Jade Sexton

There are moments in life that only happen once, and capturing those moments to remember them forever is important to many people. Diane Hernandez loves helping people record those moments and milestones with her photography. She has opened her own studio, Diane H Photography, in Harmony. Hernandez hails from Texas, and has lived in Minnesota for two years now. She lives in Preston with her husband Ramon and their daughter, Kaylee. When she was in college in Texas, she took photography classes and enjoyed them, but studied graphic design, as she thought that would make a good job. Making photography sort of just happened for Hernandez. “When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to try newborn photography,” she said. “It Diane Hernandez at her studio in Harmony. just kind of happened.” Photo by Jade Sexton

Lanesboro City Council approves partial street vacation By Jade Sexton

A public hearing was held before the regular Lanesboro City Council meeting on October 1 regarding the request by Rick and Cheryl Lamon for the city to vacate a portion of Beacon Street. The Lamons are planning on bringing in a building that is 28’ by 48’ and will be a duplex. Their request is to vacate the grassy area of the street to allow for entrance into the building. From the middle of the street,

40 feet on each side belongs to the city. With the vacation of the portion requested, no changes will be made to the street at all. Rick Lamon said they are going to try to do something that fits in with the city and its historical aspect. There was a question about snow removal, and Andy Drake said he does use part of the grass to pile the snow. He said it should work anyway, but he would like to see how the house would be sitting on the property. There were some questions by

community members at the meeting about why the vacation was needed, and how the house would be set. After the meeting, Lamon went with a couple of people to the site to show them how it was staked out. The council approved the vacation with the conditions that if no improvements are made to the property in a year, it will go back to the city. Also, the city will retain easements for utilities See LANESBORO Page 9 

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Tuesday & Wednesday - Closed Monday & Thursday - 4-8pm Friday - Noon-9pm Saturday - 11am-9pm Sunday - 11am-8pm 109 S. Parkway, Lanesboro, MN 55949


When she moved to Minnesota, it all fell into place. She found a space for her studio, established her business and a web site, and things happened from there. Newborns are her specialty, but Hernandez also enjoys taking senior pictures and family pictures. She prefers working with people, and she loves working with kids. She does not photograph weddings at this time. “I would rather chase a toddler around,” said Hernandez. “It’s more fun!” Using her trusty Nikon, wearing comfortable clothes with her hair pulled up, Hernandez crawls around on the floor with the kids, getting down to their level and trying to capture their personalities. During a photo shoot with a senior, Hernandez likes to help them express themselves with their pictures. “It’s fun,” she says of the experience. “They are at a stage in life, they are so unique, and it’s a fun time to try to figure out how to

get their personality to show. It’s also fun to see mom watch their kids get their photo taken. It’s a milestone, and it can be very emotional.” The goal she has is to get the best picture she can, something that they can be proud to hand out to friends and family. Hernandez offers baby packages that start during pregnancy and continue through the baby’s first year. She has really enjoyed getting to know people in the area this way. The studio in Harmony is not the only place Hernandez works. She travels often for photo shoots, including the Twin Cities area and her home in Texas. She also does a lot of outdoor photo shoots in the area. Capturing these moments for other people has been very fulfilling for Hernandez. “I love editing See HERNANDEZ Page 15 

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R-P continues working towards new elementary facility By K irsten Zoellner

At the September 17 board meeting, Dean Beeninga, of architectural firm ATS&R, and Gary Benson, of ICS Consulting, were on hand with updates on the proposed early childhood through grade 5 facility. A “Review and Comment,” required by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), was submitted by Benson earlier in the month. Superintendent Chuck Ehler was confident that it would be expedited by the MDE quickly, so the district may proceed with plans for a building referendum

December 19. Potential tax impact amounts have been calculated for the $15 million project at 20, 25, and 30-year variables and will be a key area of the campaign leading up to the referendum vote. A proposed floor plan, as well as the timeline for the scheduled referendum, was also presented. The Facilities Committee, including board members Kathie Ingram, John Nitecki, and Dan Munson will meet Monday, October 8, at 5:00pm to discuss the project. The district has long sought various funding for their New See R-P SCHOOL Page 14 

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

Come To Lanesboro For Ladies Weekend! Martini November 2 - 4 ~ Lots Of Activities To Be Announced! Lounge

November 17TH Riverside’s Fall 5 Course Wine Dinner!

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Rental Return Sale! – All Tractors Have Less Than 250 Hours



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Call for or Check Us Out (NF) Online: (LE) LEROY, MN Details(AU) AUSTIN, MN NORTHFIELD, MN (CA) CALEDONIA, MN

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JAC’s Bar and Grill opens in Chatfield By Barb Jeffers JAC’s Bar & Grill has opened in Chatfield, Minn. Jeff and Candi Hare opened their new business beginning October 1, 2012. The business is located in the former TaCade’s building on Main Street in Chatfield. Jeff and Candi have been very busy, working full-time, to get the business up and running. Candi stated, “It has been a fun and learning experience getting things ready.”

It has been a lifelong dream of Jeff’s to open a restaurant, and when he and Candi got married in 2009, it became a shared dream. The name JAC’S comes from shortening and combining the owners names, Jeff and Candi. JAC’s specializes in burgers, of which they have 14 to choose from, and wraps. Breakfast is offered every day and the new owners have brought back cran-

Mabel First Lutheran Church Is Celebrating And Having A





Monday, October 8, 2012

berry French toast by popular demand. JAC’s offers daily specials as well. On Friday nights they hold a fish fry, and Sundays the special is all you can eat broasted chicken. There is also a happy hour Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. with drink specials. JAC’s will hold a Grand Opening along with a Halloween party on October 27, 2012, with a DJ from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. The owners plan on having DJs and Karaoke on a regular basis for customers to enjoy. The couple plans on employing 12-15 people.

Jeff and Candi, who live in Chatfield, are very excited about their new business and want people to know that JAC’s Bar & Grill is owner-operated, so they will be there to greet their customers the majority of the time. They

Page 3

have both quit their previous jobs and are dedicated to making their business a success with their goal being that everyone leaves happy. Jeff’s motto is “We want people to have to go home, not want to go home.”

When: Sunday, October 14TH - Food served from 11am-1pm Where: Church Basement What: BBQs, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Beans, Dessert & Drinks

Other Events

Bean Bag Tournament in the street - South Side of the Church Registration at 11am, begins at 11:30am ($20 per team) Kids’ Game South Side of the Church


A Great Read!

Candi and Jeff Hare, owners of JAC’s Bar and Grill in Chatfield. Photo by Barb Jeffers

3rd Annual Tasty Temptations

Saturday ~ O ctOber 13th S 5:00

Calling all the Best Cooks of Bluff Country!

erving pm until SOld Out all-you-can-eat • carry-outs available

The Fillmore County Journal is sponsoring a

American Legion Post 40 • Lanesboro, MN • 507-467-3440

cooking competition that will result in a selection of the

SpOnSOred by the SOnS Of american legiOn Of laneSbOrO Banquet Room available for meetings & special events Meat Raffle every Friday at 6:30pm

top three recipes in each of the following categories:

Free Cordless On Hunter Douglas Silhouettes Lots Of Rebates Available On Many Styles Of Hunter Douglas Shades! 20% Off The Purchase Of New Drapes & Shades Expires - Dec. 15, 2012


201 Main Steet. S. Chatfiled, MN

Youth Pool or Dart School!

Graduation Party

1-Hour Classes for 6 Weeks


on the final week including a Pizza Party and a FREE CUE or FREE set of DARTS!

Starting October 20th

To sign up call Cheryl at 507-226-0366 (League Office) 2207 7th St. NW, Rochester, MN • 507-282-7682

Come Celebrate The Savings

MOHAWK ANNIVERSARY SALE Special Financing Available!

September 26th-November 6th 2012

Gift CertifiCates - Appetizers & Beverages Total contest payout of sponsored by: $765 in gift certificates just - Soups, Salads & Vegetables in time for the holidays to - Main Dishes & Casseroles spend at Harmony Foods, all the Best Cooks of Bluff Country! - Calling Meat, Poultry & Seafood Preston Foods and - Breads & Rolls Rushford Foods. The Fillmore County Journal is sponsoring a - Pies, Pastries & Desserts *Participants may win in more cooking competition that will result in a selection of the - top Cakes, Cookies & Candy than one category. three recipes in each of the following categories: - Dips, Sauces & Spreads

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- -Special Diet Appetizers & Beverages

(i.e. gluten-free, - Soups, Salads & Vegetablesegg-free, - Main Dishes & Casseroles

shellfish-free, peanut free,ofmilk-free, etc.) Total contest payout $765 in gift certificates just in time for the holidays to spend at Harmony Foods, Preston Foods and Rushford Foods.


- Meat, Poultry Contest Rules: & Seafood 1. Participants may enter one - Breads & Rolls recipe per category based on Name: *Participants may win in more - Pies, Pastries & Desserts the categories listed above. than one category. - Cakes, Cookies & Candy 2. No purchase required. 3. Entries may be delivered to the - Dips, Sauces & Spreads Address: Fillmore County Journal office at - Special Diet P.O. Box 496, Preston, MN, 55965. (i.e. gluten-free, egg-free, shellfish-free, peanut free, milk-free, etc.) 4. Must use original entry form from the Fillmore County Journal. 5. Entries must be postmarked or Contest Rules: E-Mail: delivered to the County 1. Participants mayFillmore enter one recipe per category based on the categories listed above. office required. no later than 2.Journal No purchase Phone: October 24, 2012. 3. Entries may be delivered to the Fillmore County Journal office 6. Businesses contest, at P.O.excluded Box 496, from Preston, MN, 55965. residential only. Sethre Media 4. Must use original entry form from the FillmorePlEASE County Journal. SuBMIT THIS ENTRy FORM Group, employees excluded MayInc. enter as often as you like. AlONG wITH yOuR RECIPE competition. 5. from Entries must be postmarked or delivered to the Fillmore County Journal office 7. Recipe and taste testing to be held at Harmony Foods on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012 from no judging later than November 3, 2010. 6:00pm-7:00pm. 6. Businesses excluded from contest, residential only. 8. The top three recipes of each will be published in the November 19, 2012 Sethre Media Group, Inc. category employees excluded from competition. “Top Chefs of the Region.” 7. The top three selected winners of each category will be asked to provide a sample of thewill food for judges finalize theand placement of those top three accordingly. The judges conduct theirtotaste tests, the following prizes will bewinners, awarded per category: The1st judges will conduct their taste tests, and the following prizes will be awarded per category: Place will receive a $50 gift certificate for use at 1st Place willFoods, receive aPreston $50 gift Foods certificate use at Harmony Harmony andfor Rushford Foods Foods, Preston Foods and Rushford Foods 2nd Place will receive a $25 gift certificate for use at Harmony 2nd Place will receive a $25 gift certificate for use at Foods, Preston Foods and Rushford Foods 3rd Place willFoods, receivePreston a $10 giftFoods certificate use at Harmony Harmony and for Rushford Foods Foods, Preston Foods and Rushford Foods




Torgerson’s Paint & Floor Covering, Inc. 70 Main Ave. N, Harmony, MN 507.886.4257 131 E. Main Ave., Caledonia, MN 507.725.3443

8. The three category will be 3rd top Place willrecipes receiveofa each $10 gift certificate forpublished use at in the November 15, 2010 “Top Chefs of the Region.” Harmony Foods, Preston Foods and Rushford Foods.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

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C ommentary We need a president who will serve “all the people” By Yvonne Nyenhuis Foreign Policy The Bush administration saw leadership in terms of fear at home and abroad. They talked about “The War on Terror,” the “Axis of Evil,” and “You’re Either With Yvonne us or Against Nyenhuis Us.” We were warned of the Mushroom Cloud and subjected to red and orange alerts, signaling to us the degree of danger of which we should be afraid. President Obama has said that while the danger is real, we should not allow fear to rule our lives. If we do, the terrorists will have won. The Bush administration claimed that only “their” administration could keep us safe. President Obama is more realistic. He has promised to do all that is in within his power to keep us safe. The Bush administration sought to control and dominate the world with threats and intimidation. They saw dropping bombs on our enemies as a way to solve conflict. They never seem to figure out that you don’t win hearts and minds by bombing people. Invading Iraq didn’t make the world safer! John Bolton and the neo-cons that advised Bush are now advising Romney. Niether Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan have any military or foreign policy experience. They have performed a disservice to our country by criticizing the President at this time when the world is a volatile place. The president is privileged with information at a high security level. That Romney and Editorial Cartoon

Ryan would make inflammatory remarks pretending that they are wiser and know more than the president is inconscionable and irresponsible. They accuse President Obama of being “weak, an appeaser and leading from behind!” This from a president who took out Bin Ladin and 26 of Al Queda’s leaders. Regarding the Economy Before the mid-term election John Boehner and Mitch McConnell both stated emphatically that they were for “outsourcing and deregulation.” I was stunned! Why would anyone vote for a party that was “for” outsourcing and deregulation? Deregulation of the banks brought the scions of Wall Street to their knees. They relied on the Federal Government, who they deride on an ongoing basis, to bail them out. Lack of regulation and oversight gave us the BP oil spill where 19 lives were lost, and the Masse mine disaster where 29 miners lost their lives. Financiers and Corporate CEOs put profit ahead of the health and welfare of workers and the environment. Romney touts his business experience as preparing him to be President. There is a difference between creating wealth and creating jobs! A good part of Romney’s wealth was accrued by outsourcing jobs to other countries. He believes in the “free market” when it comes to housing “let them bottom out!” - the car industry “let them go bankrupt!” But when it came to Wall Street suddenly a government bail-out was okay! Republicans didn’t complain about the deficit when Bush was President. He started two wars, installed a drug plan for seniors and supplied tax cuts for the rich, none of which was

paid for or in the budget. He dismantled FEMA, which he called “an entitlement program!” When Katrina struck, the federal government was unprepared to assist local government in dealing with the disaster. A thousand people died in that debacle. I couldn’t believe it. As Isaac lapped at the doors of the Republican convention, Romney could be heard echoing Bush’s words. He announced that he would cut funds to FEMA. That it’s an “entitlement program.” (?) Presently, Corporate America, Wall Street, and Special Interests control the government. They contribute obscene amounts of money to political campaigns. They pay lobbyists to obtain access to politicians to generate laws and policies that will advance their interests, and they spend millions on PR people who flood the media with lies and misinformation. The effort to make healthcare more affordable and expand access to more Americans has been vilified and misrepresented by those who profit in healthcare as it is. For the last 30 years, the divide between rich and poor has been growing. Romney hopes to get rid of Unions, cut funding for food stamps and school lunches, “repeal” healthcare, dispose of Planned Parenthood, privatize Social Security, turn Medicare into a voucher program, and cut funds for Medicaid. He seeks to limit women’s healthcare choices, including access to contraceptives. (If Romney becomes president, American men will have to get used to sleeping on the couch!) And oh, yes, he will increase tax cuts for the wealthy! President Obama has fought

valiantly for the middle class and those that are struggling to survive, in spite of obstruction he’s met in Congress. He proposed a jobs plan over a year ago which Republicans have not allowed to come to the floor for a vote. According to some experts, the economy could be at seven percent unemployment instead of the eight percent if this plan had been implemented. Mitch McConnell said that the main objective of Republicans should be to see that President Obama should not be re-elected! They don’t want to create jobs or grow the economy. I have a great suggestion for them. Do everything you can to promote jobs and build the economy. You can take credit for it! You know, the way you did during the Clinton administration. Clinton worked with a Republican congress and had a great economy. Republicans are eager to point out that Clinton’s success was to due to them. That’s okay, you do the work, we’ll let you have the credit. Americans are busy people. The swing voters may say, “The ecnonomy is not good, maybe the other guy can do better!” Our future may be decided by those who are not engaged and who have not “picked up the rock to see the bugs crawl-

Government this week • Monday, Oct. 8, Chatfield City Council, Chatfield City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 8, Rushford City Council, Rushford City Hall, 6:30 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 8, Spring Valley City Council, Spring Valley City Hall, 6:00 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 8, Houston City Council, City Hall, 7:30 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 8, Wykoff City Council, City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Oct. 9, Peterson City Council, 6pm, City Hall • Tuesday, Oct. 9, Harmony City Council, Harmony City Hall, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, Oct. 9, Fillmore County Commissioners, Fillmore County Courthouse, 9:00 a.m. • Wednesday, Oct. 10, Mabel City Council, Mabel City Hall, 7 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 15, Kingsland School Board, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, Oct. 15, RushfordPeterson School Board, Rushford Computer Room, 6:30 p.m. •Monday, Oct. 15, Chatfield School Board, 7pm, High School Media Center Schedule subject to change.

ing beneath it.” I try to console myself. For four years we have had a President who is not driven by ego, or a desire for wealth and power; who is thoughtful and makes decisions based on facts instead of wishful thinking; who truly desires nothing more than to serve all the people of the United States and do what is best for our country.

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Letter about marriage amendment To the Editor, Gay marriage in Minnesota will be an everyday occurrence if the people telling you to vote no on the marriage amendment get their way. They’ll confuse you so you don’t vote and a non-vote is counted the same as a no vote. Iowa was once like us until an activist judge ruled that gay marriage can be legal. Iowa didn’t have a constitutional amendment on the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman, that’s what we are voting on. The same non vote can be said about the voter ID Amendment on the ballot, a blank vote is really you saying you don’t think your constitutional right to vote should be protected by showing your ID. Cut this out and stick it on your refrigerator or take it with you on Election Day so you won’t be confused. Remember to vote YES on these 2 amendments on the ballot this election. Minnesota’s future depends on you. Please check the following website., www.protectmyvote. com Muriel Hanson Preston MN

Online Reader Poll Results: Considering the State of Minnesota’s government budget challenges, should state workers receive a 2% pay raise? • Yes... 28.6% • No... 71.4% Next week’s reader poll question:

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Monday, October 8, 2012


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C ommentary Letter about frac mining To the Editor, Frac Sand: What is the benefit/impact to Fillmore County? I have followed the discussion of frac sand mining ordinances over the past six months. Frac sand supporters have touted that jobs will be created to support this industry. It is common when a new business locates in an area that there is an estimate of the number of people it will employ. I would like to have an idea of the number of Fillmore county jobs this industry could create. How many more families will be able to live in Fillmore County and send their children to our schools? I was pleased to see plans to limit the number of operating sand mines in Fillmore county.

This must be a component of the final ordinance. The ordinance must be strengthened to regulate the location and the volume of mined sand. The most visible impact of sand mining in Fillmore county will be the increased truck traffic on our highways. How many more hundreds of trucks will be rolling through our towns as a result of this industry? There must be controls placed on the volume of truck traffic in towns where there is significant pedestrian traffic. This is a matter of public safety. Fillmore County has a number of business districts that are located on state highways: Highway 139 through downtown Harmony, Highway 43 through downtown

Letter about Tschumper To the Editor, I was reminded this weekend that our communities in Southeast Minnesota have come a long way since that day in August 2007 when eighteen inches of rain fell in our corner of the State. My neighbor recalled that our State Representative, Ken Tschumper, was instrumental in bringing a delegation from the State House

to visit the flood ravaged area and bringing the Disaster Relief Bill back to St. Paul for a vote; adding to the efforts of citizen volunteers committed to rebuilding our communities. We can all be proud of the way that we pulled together to revitalize bluff country. Theresa Coleman Lanesboro, MN

Rushford, Highway 52 through downtown Chatfield and Highway 250 through downtown Lanesboro. Many of these routes also have schools where students park on the street and children

are often near the street. The permits for sand mines must regulate the volume and routes of heavy truck traffic through our downtown districts. If the ordinance does not specifically

regulate truck traffic, permitted uses have the potential of uncontrolled volume of truck traffic. Marv Eggert Lanesboro, MN

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Minnesota Property Owners Second Half Real Estate Taxes Due October 15th Shirl L. Boelter, Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer reminds all property owners of the October 15th deadline for payment of second half real estate taxes. A 2% penalty on homestead property and a 4% penalty on non-homestead property will be assessed on second half payments received or postmarked after October 15th, 2012. The penalty will increase on November 1st, as indicated on the penalty schedule printed on the back of your property tax statement.

Open House

Prairie View Apartments 408 Minnesota St. Ostrander, MN

Sunday, Oct. 7TH 11am-3pm Free Tours Of Our Spacious Apt. Homes.

Open & Ready To Move In! Rent Based On Income Plus Free Heat, Water, Trash, Snow Removal!

507-346-7428 800-676-6505 tdd 507-451-0704

NewfouNdlaNd dog/Black laB MIx My name is Bunny. I was born August 12, 2012. I am part Newfoundland and black lab. I am a chubby little honey and when I play it’s kinda funny. I am all black and there were 9 in my pack, and I am very sweet, with a personality that can’t be beat. So when it gets sunny, come and see me, “Bunny.” If you are interested in adopting or have questions on a pet, please feel free to call us at 563-745-8627. Noah’s Bark, Inc. is located at: 3874 Co Rd W 20, Decorah, Iowa 52101 IA Phone: 563-745-8627 Email:

IF YOU OWN A FARM… You will have until November 15th to pay the second half taxes on property classified by the County Assessor as agricultural property. A 2% penalty on homestead property and a 4% penalty on non-homestead property will be assessed on second half payments received or postmarked after November 15th, 2012. The payment due date is shown on your 2nd half tax stub and tax statement. Please look over the due dates on your property taxes, in case you have one or more parcels that do not qualify as agriculture and are due on October 15th, 2012. WE HAVE MOVED THE PAYMENT DROP BOX THAT WAS LOCATED ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE COURTHOUSE NEAR THE PARKING LOT. THE NEW PAYMENT DROP BOX IS LOCATED UNDER THE AWNING ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE BUILDING TO THE LEFT OF THE FRONT DOOR. FILLMORE COUNTY NOW OFFERS DIRECT PAYMENT FOR PROPERTY TAXES USING ACH (AUTOMATIC CLEARING HOUSE). THE PINK INFORMATION SHEET WAS INCLUDED WITH YOUR PROPERTY TAX STATEMENT. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL THE AUDITOR/TREASURER’S OFFICE AT 507-765-3811. Property tax information and property tax statement are available by parcel number or address on the Fillmore County web page. Go to and select Property Tax Search. This will take you to the Auditor/Treasurer’s page and you will need to select Property Tax Search again. You may search by parcel number or enter the address of the parcel. Please remember bare land does not have an address so you will need to search by parcel number. There is an option to print the tax statements. Please contact the Auditor/Treasurer’s office if you have any questions about the web offering. Shirl L. Boelter Fillmore County Auditor/Treasurer 507-765-2666


FireFighters Chief: Jon Nordsving Assistant Chief: randy gossman treasurer: Larry hosting secretary: Jim Davis training Officer: Dan gulbranson Pres. of relief Assoc: Jason Magnuson Members: Dean Bergey, Dennis Bergey, Blaine Coyle, gary Darling, steve hanson, Josh hosting, Jamie Kelly, Brad Kerns, ryan Lange, Bill richardson, Chad Wangen, Larry Wangen. SponSored by

Canton, MN • Harmony, MN

FireFighters save Lives every Day thanks for your courage, strength and dedication when our communities need you most!



Chief: Keith Bradt Assistant Chief: Dave Vogen Assistant Chief: Dean irish safety & training: Dan Jaquith secretary: ryan Priebe treasurer: tim Danielson

Chief: Bill hanlon Assistant Chiefs: Chris skaalen, rod Johnson secretary/treasurer: randy Mayer training Officer: Dennis solberg emergency Management Director: stuart Morem


Members: Jason Baldner, richard Bell, Brian Burkholder, Leif erickson, Peter erickson, Clint Forbes, Jacob Lane, Joseph Mandt, Mike Mandt, Chris Musty, Allan Neis, Michael Pederson, shane radcliff, Luke schieffelbein, Lucas thieke, Kevin tuohy, Michael Vogen, Clint Westrum.


Members: ross Bahl, steve Donney, Blaine gatzke, Jesse grabau, Craig hanson, Don hanson, Kyle heibel, harvey hershberger, todd Kiehne, Br Koliha, Brian Michel, Craig Morem, Kyle Morem, Chad Olson, Keith Mcintosh, Mike Peterson, Miles Petree, gavin Wangen, Blaine Whalen, Corey Whalen. SponSored by

SponSored by

Member FDIC Chatfield 507-867-4120 • 1-888-766-8748

fountain FireFighters

Chief: Brent Miller Assistant Chief: Darrin Cambern 2nd Assistant Chief, secretary: elliot riggott training Officer: Matt Bradt Members: Chad Danielson, Jordan Dohrmann, Duane gilbertson, John hanson, terry hanson, Bryan Ostby, Justin redalen, Matt reinhardt, ted reinhardt, Jason schwarz, Jason sethre, Wayne thomas, Nick Vold, Jason Wright, Chad Wangen. SponSored by

Canton, MN • Harmony, MN

lanesboro FireFighters

Chief: Rob Wagner 1st Assistant Chief: Jerod Wagner 2nd Assistant Chief: Ryan Peterson 3rd Assistant Chief: Creighton Horihan Training Officer: Keith Eide Safety Officer: Jim Peterson Members: Deane Benson, Bryan Benson, John Dollar, Andy Drake, Kevin Drake, Trent Eide, Ken Grainer, Jason Harvey, David Haugen, Jim Iverson, Steve Klotz, Pat Schmidt, T.J. Stettlar, Scott Strom, Mike Willford

SponSored by Celebrating 110 Years! Fountain 507-268-4321 • 1-888-801-7664

Preble Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Lanesboro, Mn • 507-467-3797

Fire Prevention Week By Jade Sexton The week of October 8, 2012, is Fire Prevention week, and many fire departments are taking advantage of this time to educate young people about fire safety. The Harmony Fire Department will be having an Open House on Wednesday, October 10. During this time, children will be able to see what the firemen look like when they are wearing their gear. According to Fire Chief Bill Hanlon, many children can be scared of the sight of a firefighter in their home and try to hide. “I think it’s important they see us in our gear, and see that we’re not monsters,” said Hanlon. “When they get home, parents can talk to their kids and explain to them what to do.” Every family should have an escape plan and discuss it before a fire happens. Each room should have two exits, with the first exit being the door. If a room is not on the ground floor, and there is no porch roof to jump out onto, rope ladders can be purchased at a reasonable price that work well for getting out of the home. It is also important to establish a meeting place outside the home. Smoke detectors are critical, and checking SEE NEXT PAGE

to be sure the batteries work is very important. Hanlon said kids should also hear a smoke alarm so they know what it sounds like and what to do Chief: Robert Schutte when they hear that Assistant Chief: Tim Mengis sound. Assistant Chief: Kelly Sand “If it goes off when Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Weidemann you’re cooking, that’s Members: Mike Aasum, Rick Aske, Wayne Buxengard, a good opportunity Brian Erickson, Trever Falck, Steve Geving, Joel to go over with them Graves, Mike Kleiboer, Chad Loppnow, Nick Manning, what to do,” he said. Adam Olson, Jeff Rein, Orel Tollefson, Paul Tollefsrud, Fires are common Jason Vickerman, Carl Westby in kitchens, especially grease fires. According to Hanlon, many people panic when there is SponSored by a grease fire and try to throw water on it. This will only make the fire worse. What a person should do is cover the fire, and turn off the 101 East Newburg, Mabel, MN heat. If the fire isn’t covered, it could flare (507) 493-5426 • 1-888-439-2329 up again. Many people have been injured in these kinds of fires. Scented candles and clogged dryer vents are also big fire hazards in the home. Hanlon said it is important to keep gas appliances cleaned and maintained. The Harmony Fire Chief: Jimmie Dean Jr. Department will also Assistant Chief, President of Fire Relief: be sponsoring a Fire DJ Start Safety poster contest Assistant Chief, Treasurer of Fire Relief: at Fillmore Central Brian Miner Elementary this week. Training Officer: Jon Lechner The Open House will Secretary: Lucy Drinkall be from 6-8pm on Members: Derek Grabau, Amanda Miner, Mel Wednesday, October O’Groske, Cheryl Perry 10 at the Harmony Fire Hall. Refreshments will be served. SponSored by




ostrander FireFighters


Fire Chief: Paul Corcoran First Assistant Chief: Dale Brand Second Assistant Chief: Chad Rasmussen Secretary/Finance: Jeffrey O’Donnell Training Offcers: Dennis Overland Maintenance: Curt Courrier, Brent Johnson Members: James Dailey, Ryan Diepenbrock Tim Diepenbrock, Gerrad Eide, Travis Eide, Michael Evenson, Wayne Exe, Jordy Graham, Craig Hanson, Kenny Highum, Mark Honsey, Jeff Jackson, Stephen Kingsley, Gene Lawston, Doug Lind, Dave Lombard, Evan Meier, James Roberton, Travis Skalet, Jeremiah Smith, Rich Smith, Nick Smith

SponSored by

RushfoRd, MN • 507-864-2757

spring Valley FireFighters

Chief: Chris Czapiewski Assistant Chief: James McCabe Assistant Chief: Troy Lange Members: Kevin Beck, Tyler Broadwater , Brian Danielson, Jamie Fenske, John Fenske, Josh Fenske, Troy Harwood, Jim Hindt, Rick Jahn, Matt Jacobson Todd Jones, Barb Keefe, Mike Lee, Todd Kruegel, Chris Rolli, Scott Sweeney, Jim Steinmetz, Greg Stender, Nevin Stender, Tony Struzyk.

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Lewiston, MN (507) 523-2161 Wykoff, MN (507) 352-2321 Ostrander, MN (507) 657-2285 Spring Valley, MN (507) 346-9899

Spring Valley, MN 507-346-9836 LeRoy, MN • 507-324-5260 e-mail:


preston FireFighters Chief: Doug Keene Assistant Chief: Dave Keene Secretary: Stuart Quanrud Members: Dustin Arndt, Jeff Bennett, Matt Benson, Greg Bremseth, Chad Finseth, Caleb Fischer, Leigh Larson, Heath Mensink, Devin Nagle, Jerry Olson, Stuart Quanrud, Kurt Reicks, Travis Ristau, Josh Ristau, Daniel Root, Ron Schreier, Steve Schroeder, Tony Severson, Brian Soland, Guy Soland,Erik Topness, Mike Woellert

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Members: Tim Austin, John Baker, Wade Baker, Tim Benike, Cory Bremseth, Jerico Bushman, Jeremy Comstock, Ernie Domasky, Troy Erding, Jeremy Grabau, Jason Hare, Michele Hitchcock, Jordan Hutsell, Mike Lund, Chad McCourguodale, Brody Mensink, Cody Meyer, Bob Niemeyer, Mike Rollie, Al Williams, Mike Zimmer

SponSored by

Lewiston, MN (507) 523-2161 Wykoff, MN (507) 352-2321 Ostrander, MN (507) 657-2285 Spring Valley, MN (507) 346-9899

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Monday, October 8, 2012

socialscenes The Working Mom By Tammy Danielson

Stortz ~ Hoff Danette Stortz and Matthew Hoff of Maynard, Iowa are pleased to announce their engagement and upcoming marriage. Danette is the daughter of Dean and Deb Stortz of Mabel, Minn. She is a graduate of MabelCanton High School and is pursuing a teaching degree at Upper Iowa University. Matt is the son of Greg and LuAnn Hoff of Preston, Minn. He is a graduate of Lanesboro High School and is studying criminology at Upper Iowa University. The couple will be married October 13, 2012, at Christ Lutheran Church in Preston, Minnesota.

Happy 2nd birthday Lillie! October 4 th

Love, Mom, Dad, Alex, Grandma & Grandpa Kessel

Remember When… This Remember When column is inspired by a photo in my recent hometown newspaper of my senior year football cheerleading squad. That photo was in the Remember When section of the newspaper---almost 30 years ago! Holy crap… where has the time gone? Seeing that photo had me thinking of all the changes that have come along and how most of us have adapted. For instance, I just received a Facebook friend request from my high school neighbor who I haven’t seen since high school. What a treat that was. Without online media though, I would have been trying to find her address or waiting to get pictures in the mail with the letter she might send. Letters---remember those? When we were in junior high, having a pen pal was the “it” thing and so was sending a postcard chain letter to see how many postcards we could get from outside the United States. It was also a time that we remembered our friends phone numbers. In today’s world, I store your number in my cell phone and simply click on your name; I have no clue what the phone numbers are. However, I can still recite some of the phone numbers of my best friends from high school. We would sing “Jenny, Jenny or the 867-5309 song” as many call it and would add our last four digits instead---because Chatfield

Park Lane Estates

had the 867 prefix. Cool, I know. Hey…can you remember a time when no one used cell phones? Hmmmm…think hard. In the old days without caller ID, we truly didn’t know who was calling---it was a surprise every time! And then, there were moments of craziness as we ran through the house to find mom or dad because someone was calling

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“long distance.” Yes, that was a big deal. “Make it quick…,” mom would say! It is so odd to think that so much communication is now through texting. There was also a time when you actually had to ask for a date by conducting a face-to-face conversation or a telephone call. Now, of course, many of those conversations are by text... asking out AND breaking up. And finally, with my recent start back to college, it was interesting to hear the professor talk about times changing for him as well. He said he was

Mini Halloween Cheesecakes (adapted from Martha Stewart)

Preheat oven to 275 degrees F. Line a cupcake/muffin baking pan with cupcake liners. 21 Halloween Oreo cookies, 15 left whole, 6 crushed 16 ounces (1 pound) cream cheese, softened – That’s two blocks of cream cheese 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup sour cream 2 large eggs, room temperature and lightly beaten 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract orange gel food coloring Place 6 whole Oreo cookies in a food processor and grind them up. If you don’t have a food processor, put them in a plastic bag and crush them. Set aside. Put 1 Halloween Oreo in each cupcake liner. In a bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment (a handheld mixer works fine) on medium speed, mix the cream cheese until smooth. Add in the sugar and mix until combined. Then add in the vanilla extract. Slowly add in the lightly beaten eggs and continue mixing. Now add in the sour cream and mix to combine the ingredients but don’t over mix. Once the ingredients are combined, use a spatula to ensure that all the ingredients are combined. Add in a small amount of orange gel food coloring and stir with a spatula in order to color the entire cheesecake batter. Throw in the Oreo crumbs and stir to combine. Using an ice cream scooper, fill each cupcake liner with the cheesecake batter, almost to the top. Bake at 275 degrees F for 22 minutes. Halfway through the baking time, rotate the pan. Once the cheesecakes are done baking, chill them in the refrigerator overnight. (keep them in the cupcake pan)

Everyone is Invited to a

Wedding dance for

Danette Stortz & Matthew Hoff

Lillian Turner 100 Years Young!

Open House Baby Shower for Michael Alan son of Erin (Underbakke) and Alan Dahlen.

October 13, 2012 7:00pm • Wheelers Harmony, MN

Assisted Living

Saturday, October 13 10am-Noon at

111 Fillmore Place SE, Preston, MN

(507)765-9986 • 507-259-3291 Open House Saturday, October 13TH From 1-4pm Green Lea Manor 115 N. Lyndale Mabel, MN 55954

Where new friends are made and past friends reunite Move in and receive: • Cook, (3 homecooked meals and 2 snacks, 7 days a week) • Housekeeper • Free laundry service • Chauffer • Gardener/maintenance man • 1st alert pendants • On-duty staff 24 hours a day ALA,LPN/RN • Daily Music & Activities • As much or as little help with daily cares as you need

shocked the first time a student asked to take a photo with her iPhone of the notes on the whiteboard. He says that is now as normal as a #2 pencil was in 1983. So, have a great week and Remember When as much as you can. Save the good memories and throw out the awkward ones (ha!) and be thankful for the fact we still have great local newspapers so you can read this article. I am sharing this next quick recipe because of the Halloween season coming up, but also because I am a kid at heart who still loves her treats!


Happy 55TH Anniversary Mom & Dad On October 12TH

Monday, 8TH Coffee Ladies - 9am Lunch Out - 11am

Henrytown Lutheran Church. Registered at Babys-R-Us, Target and Walmart

Happy 60TH Anniversary On October 18, 2012 Orvey & Darlene!!

Tuesday, 9TH Bingo - 1:30pm Thursday, 11TH Halloween Craft - 1:30pm Friday, 12TH Dale Blanshan - 1:30pm Bingo - 6:30pm For A Day Or Month We Now Have Respite Care Available If Help Is Needed For A Loved One

We Love You! Your Family

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Operation Round Up grants $3,600 to local causes Rushford, MN— Tri-County Electric Cooperative’s Operation Round Up Trust Board met on September 14 and elected to donate $3,600 to the following worthy organizations: •$600, Semcac, Rushford, Minn., to support its energy assistance program for low income individuals and families. •$500, Bluff Country Learning Center, Hokah, Minn., to support the Positive Behavior Interventions (PBIS) program that recognizes students for high levels of attendance, academic achievement and respectful behavior. •$500, Houston County Care & Share, to provide Christmas

gifts for less fortunate children and grocery gift certificates for their families. •$400, Friends of the Houston Nature Center, to help build a natural playground in Trailhead Park. •$400, SE Minnesota Education and Resource Center, St. Charles, Minn., to support its energy assistance program for low income individuals and families. •$300, Camp Winnebago, Caledonia, Minn., to help with the installation of fluorescent lighting as part of an electrical upgrade project. •$250, Ready Set School, to help purchase school supplies and clothing for students in

Fillmore County 4-H General Livestock team competes at State Fair Fillmore County had one General Livestock Judging Team that competed in the 4-H Judging Contest at the State Fair. The team consisted

of Jordy Markegard, Josef Pettit, Jordan Bergan and Ben Markegard. Jordan Bergan placed 1st overall in the beef division.

Bake Sale & Supper First Lutheran Church of Highland Rural Whalan

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bake Sale & Supper at 5pm Music by Larry Schmidt & His Friends at 5:00 - 6:30pm Auction at 7pm Quilt Raffle - Drawing for cash following auction Mark Boyum - Auctioner Highland is the place for food, fellowship, and fun!

LaneSbOrO United MethOdiSt ChUrCh 507 Parkway Ave. S., Lanesboro, MN

Fall Festival & Bake Sale Sunday, October 14 11:00am-1:00pm

Roast Beef Sandwich, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Glazed Carrots, Coleslaw & Apple Crisp Adults $8 • Children 5-12 $5 • Kids 5 & Under FREE

HAM & MeAtbAll SuPPeR

At Greenleafton Reformed Church Greenleafton, MN

Friday, October 19, 2012 • 4:00pm to 7:30pm Ham, Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Rutabagas, Coleslaw, Rolls, Pie, Milk and Coffee

All Welcome!!!

Adults: $10.00 • Children: 6 - 12: $5.00 • Preschool: Free

Pork Dinner

Sunday, October 14, 2012 10:30am - 1:00pm

St. Columban Catholic Church Preston, MN

Boneless Pork Loin, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Dressing, Corn, Cole Slaw, Applesauce, Buns, Homemade Pie, Coffee, Milk

Adults $10.00 • 5-10 yrs $6.00 • 4 yrs & Under Free • Carryouts Available Raffle Tickets Available For Drawing After Dinner

Monday, October 8, 2012 Winona County. •$250, St. John’s School, Nodine, Minn., to make improvements to the school’s playground which is used to host several community events in the Nodine area. •$200, City of Caledonia, to help with their community pool improvement project. •$100, Empty Bowls of Harmony, to support the event that raises money for the Fillmore County Food Shelves. •$100, Rushford-Peterson Home Run Club, to help the cost of adding outdoor carpeting to a batting cage used by the club and community education programs. Operation Round Up is funded by donations made by members of Tri-County Electric Cooperative who voluntarily have their electric bill rounded up to the next dollar. About 1,200 members currently participate with the average of $6 a year per member. It truly shows that small change can make a difference. To learn more about Operation Round Up visit www. Tri-County Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric distribution cooperative serving three counties in Minnesota including Winona, Houston and Fillmore and parts of Olmsted and Mower counties in Minnesota and Howard, Winneshiek and Allamakee counties in Iowa. It provides electricity to more than 12,800 services in the area. TEC is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.


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ed $300,000 from the MN Historical Society, and the DNR Continued from Page 1 (Department of Natural Resourcand any possible sidewalks. es) matched the city’s $450,000 Storm sewer repair plus another $450,000. They There was more discussion still have $600,000 to come up about the storm sewer repairs with, and are looking into other that need to be done. The storm grants. sewer line that goes under the Other Business Riverside on the Root restaurant Vickerman informed the needs to be repaired or they need council that the ambulance to reroute the line to go a differ- service received a grant from ent way. The cost of relining the AgStar for $1000, and the counpipes was estimated at $43,000, cil approved using that money where the cost to reroute, along toward radios. with engineer costs, would be The council also approved the closer to $56,000. The coun- following items: cil approved doing a feasibil- •A theater liquor special ordiity study that will look at both nance restricted to wine and options. strong beer, for persons attend Vickerman said the project ing events at the theater, as of would be hard to assess to any January 1, 2013 property owners, as the water •Having the city be a fiscal comes down from the hillside, agent for a grant the Sons of and not from the property where Norway is getting for building repairs will be made. repairs “It’s something that has to be •A liquor license for the dindone, no matter what,” com- ner dance mented Mayor Steve Rahn. •Allowing the school to use Dam Update the community center as needed Vickerman said of the $1.8 for a mock accident million needed for dam repairs, •Putting out an ad for bids they have now raised or acquired on the piano at the community $1.2 million. They were award- center


MeMbership Dinner


OctOber 13tH 6:30pm - Happy Hour 7:30pm - Dinner

Halloween Bash Casey & The Good Timers October 20TH Old Tyme Band

October 26 & 27TH Great Pumpkin Ride!!!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

and the Rushford Electrical Commission. Morrie is survived by his wife, Dorothy; five children, Mike Morris Carl Anderson Morris Carl Anderson, 84, of (Sue) of Dodge Center, Maureen Rushford, died Monday, October Hurley of LaCrescent, Karen (Steve) Culhane of Rushford, 1, 2012, at his home. Morrie was born on July 27, Kathy (Lance) Jameson of Eagan, Minn., Jeff (Jill) of Superior, 1928, to MelWisc.; 14 grandchildren; five vin R. and great-grandchildren; one sister, Catherine Mildred (LaVerne) Johnson of (Humble) Mabel; three sisters–in-law, Bev Anderson Benson of Houston; Dagny in Norway Anderson of Lanesboro; Marian To w n s h i p , Anderson of Preston; and many Fillmore nieces and nephews. County. He He was preceded in death by was raised in Morris Carl Anderson his parents, two brothers, one Lanesboro sister, two brothers–in–law, one and graduate from Lanesboro High School in sister–in-law, one granddaughter and one great-grandson. 1947. In 1950, he entered the Unit- Funeral Service was Thursday, ed States Air Force as a staff October 4, 2012, at Rushford Sargeant of Finance. He was sta- Lutheran Church with the Revertioned in Denver, Colorado and end Roger Michaelson officiating. Burial took place at Rushford discharged on August 5, 1954. On May 5, 1951, Morrie was Lutheran Cemetery. united in marriage with DoroMarjorie Lou Eide thy Larson in Austin, Minn. In 1968, the Anderson’s moved to Marjorie Lou Eide, 81, of Rushford. Morrie was employed Lanesboro, died Friday, Sept. 28, in the banking system and later 2012, in Lanesboro. She was born July 29, 1931, in as an insurance agent. Morrie was an active mem- Lanesboro, to Joseph and Berber of many Rushford commu- tha (Bremseth) Northouse. She nity organizations. He was a 50 graduated from Lanesboro High year plus member of the Lions School with the class of 1949. Club, the Rusford Lutheran On Jan. 14, 1950, she married Church and their Mens Club, the Glen H. Eide at the Bethlehem Rushford Saddle Club, Ferndale Lutheran Church in Lanesboro. Golf Course, American Legion Glen passed away Jan. 4, 2002.

Marjorie was a homemaker. She was a member of the Legion Auxilliary, the North Prairie Lutheran Church and the WELCA. She enjoyed bowling, golf, music, playing cards and cooking. She is survived by three sons, Gary of Lanesboro, Keith (Charlene) of Lanesboro and Kevin (Sandy) of Mahtomedi; two daughters, Gayle (Richard Horihan) Burdick of Lanesboro and Beth (Ryan) Vitse of Peterson; 15 grandchildren; two step-grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. Marjorie is preceded in death by her parents, three brothers, one sister and a son-in-law. Funeral service was held Monday, Oct. 1, 2012, at the North Prairie Lutheran Church, in rural Lanesboro, with Pastor Ronald and Janet Warnes officiating. Burial took place in North Prairie Cemetery. Johnson Riley Funeral Home handled arrangements. Penny Rae Laganiere Penny Rae Laganiere, age 56, of Ramsey, Minnesota, formerly of Lanesboro, died Saturday, September 22, 2012, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota following a brief illness. Penny was born on December 1, 1955, in Lanesboro, Minnesota to Austin and Alvina (Rasmussen) Randall. She attended Lanesboro High School and stayed in the

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County area until moving to Ramsey, Minnesota in 1988 where she had worked as a Paraprofessional in the Anoka School District. Penny enjoyed animals, especially her cats and dogs, her vegetable garden, flowers, cooking, and spending time with family. Penny is survived by seven children Tricia Laganiere-Sand of Mabel, Minnesota, Matt of Galliano, Louisiana, Essica Laganiere (Fred Lett) of Bloomington, Minnesota, Kyle (Ashley) of Farmington, Minnesota, Ryan (Bobie) of Preston, Minnesota, LaMonte, Jr. (Kristi Nordby) of Anoka, Minnesota and Angelique Lerdall of Ramsey, Minnesota; twelve grandchildren Addy, Asjha, Belle, Fred Jr., Gabby, Michael, Katelyn, Amari, Cameren, Austin, Matthew Jr., and Ryan, Jr.; a brother

Merlin (Gloria) Paulson of Rochester; and special friend Bryan Lerdall of Ramsey. She was preceded in death by her parents. Memorial services were Friday, October 5, 2012, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Lanesboro, Minnesota with the Rev. Kerry Eversole officiating. Private burial was in the Lanesboro Cemetery.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

New Victim Services Agency requests funding By Karen Reisner Anne Detlefson, a victim advocate and on the board of Fillmore Family Advocates, requested funding from the county at the board’s October 2 meeting. She requested the same gift from the county ($3,000) or more that had previously been given to the former Fillmore Family Resources (FFR), a non-profit agency that was recently defunded by the office of Justice Programs, Minnesota Department of Public Safety. FFR provided services to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Due to the defunding FFR has discontinued services and is in the process of closing. The mission of the new victim services agency will be to help all who witness violence or fear violence, according to Detlefson. The agency will be dedicated to community violence awareness, education and prevention. The agency is being formed in response to the void left by FFR. Detlefson said they have some donations pledged and have a temporary office in Harmony. They hope to have a permanent office in Preston within a month. Commissioner Duane Bakke asked whether they will be able to get the large funding source necessary to operate continually. Detlefson said their plan

includes having people in Fillmore County provide advocacy to people in the county. She expects to be funded as locally as possible with some grants, adding the beginning budget goal is $168,000. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud asked if there was a chance to apply for something similar to the grant that supported FFR. Detlefson said five domestic agencies were defunded and three were given new grants. She said they are applying for a grant as a new agency. Amunrud acknowledged that the organization is in its infancy and can provide a basic and needed service. Bakke said he would vote to support the new agency as they did FFR. He said maybe the county could provide some space for them to operate. Commissioner Randy Dahl suggested she speak to Wayne Stenberg, executive director of Semcac, about possible office space. He added the overhead for office space is a big cost. The board seemed to generally signal that they would support the new agency as they had FFR. Other Business In Brief •The purchase of a second Storage Area Network (SAN) was approved to be installed in the Fillmore County Office Building. The first SAN is in

the courthouse. Jeff Cooper, Information Systems, said it will help them manage data better. Bakke asked how much of the information being stored could be removed. County Coordinator Karen Brown said there are regularly scheduled reviews to see if folders and some files can be removed. The installation of the SAN costing $31,240.39 was approved using budgeted Information Systems funds and un-allocated funds equally. The purchase of one laptop and nine PCs was approved due to the fact that Windows XP versions will no longer be supported by Microsoft by early 2014. All computers will need to be upgraded to Windows 7 by that time. •The board approved the removal of Ostrander from 606.01 of the county zoning ordinance, as the city now has its own zoning ordinance. •The board approved the amending of the Wind Energy Conversion Systems Ordinance to allow Micro Wind Energy Conversion Systems in the Ag District to be built without the completion of the CUP process, but with just a permit. Micro systems are those that generate up to one kW and have a tower 75 feet high or less. •A Conditional Use Permit for Jim Koenig to build a total confinement hog building for

FARM REAL ESTATE FOR SALE The Former Erlin Stortz Farm Real Estate consisting of two parcels is for sale.

Parcel 1 consisting of approximately 171.28 assessable acres with 119.3 tillable acres including 9.0 acres in CRP, 5.1 acres in CRP Wildflower/Native Grasses Program and 51.98 acres of timber. Said real estate is described as follows: The Northeast Quarter of Section 20, Lot 2 of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, and Lot 2 of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 21; all in Township 99 North, Range 8 West of the 5th P.M., Winneshiek County, Iowa, except that part thereof condemned by the State of Iowa by condemnation recorded in Book 292 on Page 486. Parcel 2 consisting of 14.02 assessable acres with 12.7 acres of the real estate in the CRP or the CRP Wetland Program. Said real estate is described as follows: Lot 1 of Lot 2 of the Southwest Quarter of Section 29, Township 100 North, Range 8 West of the 5th P.M., Winneshiek County, Iowa. (The residence is not included.) The property shall be shown by appointment only by contacting Gary Stortz at 563-546-7722. For informational packets and any questions you may have, please contact Attorney Lee Wilmarth at (563) 382-2959. Written bids shall be submitted to: Anderson, Wilmarth, Van Der Maaten, Belay & Fretheim 212 Winnebago P.O. Box 450 Decorah, IA 52101-0450 on or before October 26, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. All parties submitting a written bid(s) shall do so for either or both parcels and will be given an opportunity to submit a higher bid on November 9, 2012, at 1:30 p.m., at the Anderson, Wilmarth, Van Der Maaten, Belay & Fretheim Law Office, 212 Winnebago Street, Decorah, Iowa. The successful bidder(s) will be required to pay 10% of the total purchase price on the day of sale. The balance due will be paid 40% on December 27, 2012, and 50% on January 4, 2013. The sellers reserve the right to reject any and all bids.


2400 hogs in Section 9, Beaver Township was approved with no conditions. Anne Koliha, SWCD, said the CUP fit within the county ordinance. Bakke reviewed the Planning Commission public hearing discussion and concerns about odor voiced by a neighboring land owner. He noted that the distance from the neighboring dwelling is within the odor offset limits,

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which were developed by the University of Minnesota. •A payment of $4,575 to Kane and Johnson for additional architectural services for the Highway Administration Building Remodel was approved. Kane and Johnson had reduced the additional charges by 25 percent. The additional services were to make changes to the original design.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

er b O t


2012 State Fair 4-H results By LeeAnn Howard, Fillmore County 4-H Program Coordinator State Horse Show Results •Heather Apenhorst: 17th in Key Race grade 7, 15th in Jumping Figure 8 grade 7, 26th in Barrels Grade 7, 27th in Poles grade 7 Also competed in Horse speech contest: •Jackie Apenhorst: Competed in hunt seat equitation grade 9, hunt seat pleasure grade 9, western showmanship grade 9, barrels

grade 9, and horse speech grade 9 •Jenna Blumer: 6th in Western Pleasure grade 12. Also competed in Hunt Seat Equitation grade 12, hunt seat pleasure grade 12, western horsemanship grade 12, western showmanship grade 12 and trail grade 12 •Lexie Eberley: 9th in Key race grade 13, 12th in Jumping Figure 8 grade 13, 10th in Barrels grade 13.

This 4-H Salute is brought to you by the following area businesses: 660 Agronomics Rushford • Preston • 507.429.0084 Alton Erickson Real Estate Sales And Krage Insurance Agency Lanesboro • 507.467.3783 • 507.467.3309 Associated Bank NA Lanesboro • 507.467.2145 Member FDIC Bluff Country Computer Works Harmony • 507.886.9675 Brown Tire & Battery Rushford • 507.864.2969 Chuck’s Feed & Grain Peterson • 507.875.2247 Dennis Overland Insurance Rushford • 507.864.2757 Essig Agency Spring Valley • 507.346.7244 Farmers Co-op Elevator Rushford • Houston • Caledonia • Spring Grove First Southeast Bank Canton • 507.743.2204 • 877.457.5977 Harmony • 507.886.6922 • 877.886.6922 Member FDIC Gehling Implement & Auction Co. Preston • 507.765.2131 Hammel Equipment Inc. Rushford • Chatfield • Harmony • Eitzen Harmony Telephone Company Harmony • 507.886.2525 Harrington Enterprises Spring Valley • 507.561.2282 Himlie Construction Rushford • 507.864.7219

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!



201 , 3 1 -

Also represented Fillmore County as our grand entry rider •Maggie Haugstad: Competed in Horse Related •Autumn Kappers: 7th place in Western Showmanship grade 11. Also competed in hunt Seat equitation grade 11, western horsemanship grade 11, western pleasure grade 11 and trail grade 10-11 •Kalli Kohlmeyer: 1st place in Horseless Horse •Tanner Lecy: 42nd in Key Race grade 9, 23rd in Jumping Figure 8 grade 9, 29th in Barrels grade 9, 28th in poles grade 9 •Michala Morrow: 35th in key Race grade 9, 12th in Jumping Figure 8 grade 9. Also competed in barrels grades 9 •Nashia Soland: Completed Step 6 of Achievement. Competed in western horsemanship grade 13, western pleasure grade 13, western showmanship grade 13, Training Step 6 •Austen Whitacre: Competed in Horse Related Hippology Results There were two individuals that competed in the hippology contest at the state horse show. Out of a field of 94 participants here are their results: Exam: Maggie Haugstad 28th, Abbie Yonts 31st Stations: Maggie Haugstad 54th, Abbie Yonts 48th Judging: Maggie Haugstad 24th, Abbie Yonts 14th Overall: Maggie Haugstad 37th and Abbie Yonts 39th Horse Judging Results The following members competed in horse judging: Jackie Apenhorst, Jenna Blumer, Maggie Haugstad, Autumn Kappers, Haley Schwinefus, Nicole Sebastian and Austen Whitacre. The team of Jenna Blumer, Autumn Kappers, Haley Schwinefus and Nicole Sebastian were an alternate for a national trip with Haley taking several individual honors. Dog Show Results •Stephanie Sukalski: Beginner Agility grades 9-13, Blue; Jumpers 1 Agility grades 9-13 Blue; Beginner A Obedience grades 9-13 Reserve Champion •Gabriella Yonts: Beginner Agility grades 9-13 Blue; Elementary Agility grades 9-13 Blue; Jumpers 1 Agility grades 9-13 2 Blues (one with each dog); Beginner B Obedience grade 9 Blue; Novice Obedience grade 9 Champion 4-H State Shoot Results Hunter Jorgenson, Marcus Plaehn and Steven Skifter were on a team of Archery, Intermediate Class C and placed 14 out of 69 teams. Marcus Plaehn placed 27 in Intermediate trap with Steven Skifter placing 101st out of 115 participants. Mabel/Canton/Harmony •Hunter Aggen: Registered Black Angus Jr Yrlng, Purple •Margaret Alexander: Global Connection, Blue •Kayla Biel: Demonstration; Blue;

Purebred Senior Buck Rabbit, Purple •Cody Hendrickson:Video, Blue •Megan Hendrickson:Health, Blue; Mini Lop Senior Buck, Purple •Nicole Sebastian: Exploring Animals Blue •Austen Whitacre: Shooting Sports, Blue •Alvin Williams: Pigeons -- Fancy Young Birds, Blue •Megan Witt: Registered Limousin Steer, Blue Rushford/Peterson •Jordan Bergan: Registered Hereford Jr Yrlng, Blue/Reserve Champion •Jerad Brown: Commercial Jr Yrlng, Blue •Treyten Chiglo: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Meat Market Goat Showmanship, Blue •Tristen Chiglo: Crossbred February Gilt, Blue •Clay Johnson: Purebred Simmental Jr Yrlng, Purple •Marshall Johnson: Dairy Market Goat, Blue •Marshall Johnson: Market Goat Showmanship, Blue •Paige Johnson: Dairy Market Goat, Blue; Market Goat Showmanship, Purple •Tyler Johnson: Foundation Simmental Jr Yrlng, Purple/Champion •James Knudsen: Commercial Jr Yrlng, Purple •Preston Lecy: Crossbred Barrow, Purple •Donnie Lind: Registered Hereford Steer, Red

•Kjersta Lind: Registered Red Angus Jr Yrlng, Purple/Champion; Registered Red Angus Jr Yrlng, Champion Int Heifer Showperson •Pierce Lind: Registered Hereford Jr Yrlng, Purple •Sara Lind: Registered Hereford Steer, Purple •Ben Markegard: Registered Yorkshire Barrow, Blue •Jordy Markegard: Crossbred March Gilt, Purple •Jordy Markegard: Crossbed March Gilt, Champion Breeding Gilt Showperson •Hope Morrison: Registered Holstein Spr Jr Yrlng, Purple •Tanner Morrison: Registered Holstein Fall Calf, Purple/Champion •Josef Pettit: Shooting Sports, Blue •Ryan Ruberg: Registered Yorkshire Feb. Gilt, Blue •Hudson Stensgard: Dairy Steer, Blue Preston/Lanesboro •Ashley Bue: Crossbred Steer, Blue; Corn, Blue •Nick Drinkall: Jersey Cow -- 3 and 4 Yr Old, Purple •Michael Fishbaugher: Speckle Face Market Lamb, Blue •Dane Gillespie: Plant and Soil Sciences, Red •Maggie Haugstad: Exploring Animals, Blue •Lea Jensson: Child Development, Blue •Jared Kelly: Citizenship, Blue •Kirstin Lawstuen: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue •Kyle Lawstuen: Black Face MarSee FAIR RESULTS Page 13 

The Fillmore County Senior Dairy Judging Team: L to R: Haely Leiding, Travis Troendle, Kayla Leiding. Photo submitted

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ket Lamb, Blue •Haely Leiding: Registered Holstein 2 Yr Old, Purple; Registered Holstein 2 Yr Old, Reserve Champ Int Showperson •Kayla Leiding: Registered Holstein 3 Yr Old, Blue •Caroline Mayer : R e g i s t e r e d Black Angus Jr Yrlng, Purple/Res Champion •Kimberly Morrow: Californian -- Senior Buck, Blue •Michala Morrow: Purbred Senior Buck -- Rabbit, Blue •Steve Rein: Crossbred February Gilt, Red •Cody Ristau: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue •Bailey Ruen: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue; Consumer Education, Blue •Karlee Ruen: Quilting, Purple •Leah Ruen: Food and Nutrition, Red; Black Face Market Lamb, Blue •Taylor Ruen: Lawn and Landscape, Blue •Rianna Ryan: Mini-Lop Senior Buck, Blue •Madeline Snyder: Registered Duroc Jan. Gilt, Purple/Reserve Champion •Nashia Soland: Photography, Purple •Jared Troendle: Entomology, Blue; Crossbred February Gilt, Blue •Travis Troendle: Computer, Red; Crossbred Winter Calf, Purple/ Champion Net Merit Spring Valley/Wykoff/Ostrander •Gretchen Corson: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Meat Market Goat Showmanship,Blue; Purchased Clothing, Blue •Hannah Corson: Crafts , Red •Erica Earley: Dairy Steer, Purple/ Res. Champ Div 4 (Auction) •Lisa Earley: Quilting, Purple •Valerie Earley: Dairy Steer, Purple •Ben Gruszynski: Mini Lop Senior Doe, Blue •Jenise Hebig-Stier ChickensBrown Egg Production, Purple •Tyler Jannsen: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Meat Market Goat Showmanship, Blue •Tyler Kappers: Registerd Holstein 4 Yr Old, Purple; Veterinary Science, Purple •Duncan McDonald: Geology, Red •Tom Mettler:Potatoes, Blue •Kayla Mulhern:White Face Market Lamb; Purple •Kyle Mulhern: Crossbred Dairy Steer, Blue •Neal Mulhern: Reg Other Breeds Cow/Calf, Purple/Champion •Danielle Schultz: Meat Market Goat, Blue; Market Goat Showmanship, Blue; Water/Wetlands, Blue •Amy Welch: White Face Market Lamb, Blue; Quilting, Purple •Matthew Woods: Black Face Market Lamb, Red; Club Community Pride, Purple •Melanie Woods: Constructed Fashion Revue, Participated •Melinda Woods: Constructed Clothing, Blue; Registered Holstein Fall Sr Yrlng, Red Chatfield •Jenna Blumer: Black Face Market Lamb, Purple (Auction Participant) •Jessica Boyum: Registered Simmental Steer, Red

•Logan Boyum: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue •Morgan Boyum: Speckle Face Market Lamb,Purple/Reserve Champion (Auction ) •Alex Coe: Nubian Milking 2 Yr Old Doe, Reserve Champion •Alex Coe: Dairy Goat Showmanship -- Int., Champion; Exploring Animals, Blue •Jerico Drogemuller: Nubian Dry Yrlng Doe, Blue; Dairy Goat Showmanship -- Int., Red •Jessica Fenske: Market Gilt, Red; Exploring Animals, Purple •Noah Fenske: Market Gilt, Red •Jared Goldsmith: Comm White/ Speck Ewe Lamb, Blue •Tyler Goldmsith: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue •Payton Guenther: Dairy Market Goat, Purple; Market Goat Showmanship, Blue; Vegetable Gardening, Blue •Abby Hopp: Holstein Grade 4 Yr Old, Blue/Champion Net Merit •Megan Hopp: Purchased Fashion Revue, Participated

Monday, October 8, 2012 •Ethan Kappers: Black Face Market Lamb, Red •Colton McGraw: Black Face Market Lamb, Red •Camille Rasmussen: Constructed Fashion Revue, Participated •Isaac Thompson: Black Face Market Lamb, Red •Katie Winslow: Market Gilt, Blue; Youth Leadership, Blue Racine/Stewartville •Travis Capelle: Dairy Steer, Purple •Andrew Gathje: Market Pen of Chickens, Purple; Indoor Gardening, Purple •Bennett Gathje: Home Environment, Blue; Breeding Pen of Chickens, Blue •Jacob Goeldi: Brown Swiss Aged Cow, Blue/Res. Champ. Net Merit •Krista Kenning: Crafts, Blue •Mitchell Osterhus: Black Face Market Lamb, Blue; Photography, Red •Rural Rookies: Club Banner, Blue


•Eleni Solberg: Needle Arts, Purple; Chickens -- Bantam Brd Pen, Reserve Champion Showperson; Chickens -- Bantam Brd Pen,

Page 13

Purple •Stephanie Solberg: Chickens -Bantam Brd Pen, Blue

This 4-H Salute is brought to you by the following area businesses: Hyland Motor Co. Spring Valley • 507.346.2433 J.R. Motors Spring Valley • 507.346.7582 Lanesboro Sales Commission Lanesboro • 507.467.2192 Kelly Printing & Signs Preston • 507.765.9805 Marburger Insurance Spring Valley • 507.346.7646 Matt’s Body Shop & Tire Service Spring Valley • 507.346.2161 Napa Auto Parts Spring Valley • 507.346.7326 Norman’s Electric Service Inc. Rushford • 507.864.2891 Norsland Lefse Rushford • 507.864.2323

Kjersta Lind with her Champion Red Angus Heifer and Champion Intermediate Breeding Heifer Showperson. Photo submitted

Oak Meadow Meats Harmony • 507.886.6328 Ody’s Country Meats Spring Valley • 507.346.2579 Preston Equipment Preston • 507.765.3803 Preston Apple & Berry Farm Preston • 507.765.4486 Root River Ag Lanesboro • 507.467.2402 Rushford State Bank Rushford • Houston • 507.864.7755 Village Farm & Home Mabel • 507.493.5217

Madeline Snyder with her Reserve Champion Duroc Breeding Gilt. Photo submitted

Zeimetz Motor, Inc. Spring Valley • 507.346.7737

Congratulations 4-Hers!

Tyler Goldsmith

Jared Goldsmith

Isaac Thompson

Ethan Kappers

Great Job at the MN State Fair! ~Vern & Kay Ristau Family

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School Initiative, some of it out of the norm, including $7.5 million through a Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) grant

Monday, October 8, 2012

aimed at business development. Recently, the district received word it would not be given consideration for its DEED grant application. Still there’s always hope. An interest in the school’s struggles by the Ellen DeGeneres

The FCJ reaches over 12,000 households each week.

Show has many in community crossing their fingers once again. Somehow the show received word of the district’s difficulty in securing funding for the project and both emails and local conversation about it has been a hot topic. Apparently, the show has

historically helped other districts and many in the community are aiming to bring enough of the show’s attention to the initiative that they may also get support. They are encouraging people to log onto the show’s website,, and leave up

to a 1,500-word comment about how the school might benefit the community. The next regularly scheduled board meeting is Monday, October 15, at 5:30pm, in the high school biology room. The public is encouraged to attend.

Keeping your family in the ‘picture of health’ with

Walk-In Community Flu Shot Clinic at the

Mabel Clinic

Wednesday, October 24 Noon – 3:00 pm These clinics are for ages 9 and older, offer the injection form of the vaccine only, and cost is $25 – payable at the time of service. We will accept cash, check, credit card or Medicare cards. No private insurance claims or Medicare Advantage plans will be submitted. For patients under age 9, those wishing to submit to insurance or those preferring the mist form of the vaccine, please call our clinic to schedule an appointment 507-493-5115. 114 South Main Street, Mabel, MN


Stortz Satellite LLC Canton, MN 866-862-5397 or 507-743-8486 Hours: M-F 8am - 6pm

Everyone 6 months and older should receive the vaccine, unless they are: Allergic to eggs, egg products, or to any component of the vaccine, have a history of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), or anyone who is sick or has a fever.

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County that happen every day but you don’t always see. It’s kind of an Continued from Page 1 art.” Hernandez also enjoys putting the photos,” she said. “Every sesher photos on Facebook and seesion I get so excited that I got the shot. I like to grab the moments ing how much other people enjoy them. The joy that parents feel about the pictures of their children are what fuels her desire for this career, in spite of all the behind-the-scenes work she puts The Fillmore County Journal into it. publishes engagement “It fills my cup,” she said. “Then announcements free of charge. I’m ready for the next time.” Send your announcement Business has spiraled for Herand photo to nandez beyond what she ever expected, and she is having a lot of fun. People from many areas, including northern Iowa, are driving to Harmony to get photos taken in her studio. This time of year is particularly busy, but she doesn’t mind at all. Check out photos and information at



Monday, October 8, 2012

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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Fillmore County 4-H Dairy Judging Teams compete well at State Fair Fillmore County was represented by two judging teams at the state fair 4-H contest. One senior team and one Intermediate team. The intermediate team placed 3rd overall and was led with a tie between team members Abby

Hopp and Tyler Kappers. Others on the team were Jared Troendle and Megan Hopp. Abby placed 3rd overall, followed by Tyler in 4th. The team placed 5th in reasons with Abby finishing 12th individually. The senior team placed 9th over-

all and was led by Haely Leiding who had a 13th place individual finish. Other team members were Travis Troendle and Kayla Leiding. The team also placed 9th in reasons with Haely placing 19th individually.

Seven members of the Preston High School class of 1947 met for lunch on September 25, 2012, at the Branding Iron to celebrate the 65 years since they graduated. Back row: Cloy Kneeskern, Frank Schwartz, Bob Gossman and Norrin Storelee. Front Row: Anna Marie (Mathison) Roche, Donna (Bestor) Gartner and Phyllis (Drury) Toloken. Photo submitted


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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Fillmore County Sports By Paul Trende On September 9, R-P and FC met for a 3-Rivers volleyball contest. The Falcons beat the Trojans 25-18, 25-21, and 25-16. R-P is better than that loss. FC is darn good. All that made the LeRoy-Ostrander Tournament, where both schools were participants, intriguing. Could the teams (play to form and) find a way to meet (in the title game)? FC had no problems, vanquishing there four pool play opponents, PEM (25-12, 25-10), the host Cardinals (25-15, 25-11), Riceville, Iowa (25-8, 25-2), and Glenville-Emmons (25-3, 25-7), in sweat-less fashion. Things were quite so perspirationless for the Trojans. They opened the day dropping set #1 to Blooming Prairie 20-25, only to rally to win set #2 (25-16) and the match (scored more total points). R-P treaded through Alden-Conger (25-14, 25-23). They beat Hope Lutheran (27-25, 25-18), but only after trailing 24-25 in game #1 (with reserves playing) to the non-powerhouse Patriots. R-P then beat Grand Meadow (25-20, 25-17) to win their pool. And thus the Trojans got what they wanted, a re-match with the Falcons. There, their intensity picked up. R-P scored the first three points and led most of the early going of set #1. FC held a brief advantage, but R-P then went on a 5-0 spurt. They wouldn’t trail again (won 25-20). The Trojans kept it up in set #2 (best of three series), again jumping out 3-0. FC, dominant throughout the course of the day, was pressed by the Trojans spirited/competitive play. R-P was just motivated/focused. After a couple early ties, the Trojans took

a 12-6 lead with a 7-0 spurt. They didn’t look back enroot to a 25-15 win. They got revenge. They avenged themselves. They were crowned L-O Tournament champions. In the title match, Amy Todd (11 kills, 3.5 blocks, 10 digs), Emily Wade (11 assists, 4 kills), and Sierra McNamer (2 kills, 3.5 blocks) came up big. Taylor Case (7 kills) and Morgan Malley (15 assists) led the way for FC. The Falcons are 6-1 (3-Rivers), 17-3 (overall), tied for 2nd with AA #7 Caledonia (6-1, 13-4) behind A #1 W-K (6-0, 20-0). Chatfield (5-2, 12-7) is 4th. R-P (3-3, 18-8) is tied for 5th with St. Charles (3-3, 7-9). Trojan Football Takes Shot at #1 Caledonia is the number one ranked football team in Class AA, the two time defending state champions. They’ve won 18 straight. Any squad that wants the biggest test, needs only to look to the week in which the Warriors are the opponents. Week #5 of 2012 was it for 3-1 Rushford-Peterson. When the battle was done, it was unknown who was tested the most though, the emerging Trojans, or the vaunted Warriors. Caledonia struck first with a Levi Schmitz 21-yard FG (3-0). Early in the 2nd quarter, R-P got a big play. Tyler McClellan found Zach Boehmke for a 45-yard gain to the Warrior 13-yardline. The drive was stopped though by a Jacob Swindell pick in the end zone on a 4th and 6 from the nine. On Cale’s next play, QB Alex Varney went around right end 80 yards for a TD (9-0 Warriors). In the 3rd quarter, R-P recovered a fumble, and promptly intensified the game.

Hammell equipment inc. Rushford 507-864-2845 Chatfield 507-867-4910 Harmony 507-886-2255 Eitzen 507-495-3326

McClellan swept right for a 25-yard TD making it 9-7. Caledonia seemingly answered immediately. Ryan Pitts returned the ensuing kickoff 93-yards for six, but a penalty saved the Trojans. The Warriors still started near midfield. Six plays later, Varney found paydirt from 7-yards out. The PAT was missed, keeping it a one-possession game at 15-7. From there, R-P ventured into Warrior territory three times (to the 35, 41, and 48-yardlines). The last intrusion came around the 2:00 mark. It was stopped when, on 4th and 6, Casey McClellan ran for 5 ½ yards. The Warriors got a first down. They ran out the clock. They prevailed 15-7. Yardage was close; R-P 201 total (139 rush, 62 pass), Caledonia 240 (189 rush, 51 pass). The teams were a combined 9-29 passing, for 103 yards, 0 TDs, and 4 INT’s (three by Trojan QBs). Each squad had 3 turnovers. Boehmke (74 total yards), Steve Adcock (13 carries, 62 yards), and T-McClellan (10 carries, 42 yards, TD; 4-14 passing, 62 yards, 2 INTs) led R-P. Varney did the damage (11 carries, 114 yards, 2 TDs) for Caledonia. The Trojans fall to 3-2 (1-1 in 3-Rivers). Home(coming) Cooking In college and the NFL, football teams love to play at home. It’s all about the home-cooked meals. In high school, that theory doesn’t apply as much (no one’s too far from home). After wrecking Southland’s homecoming (newly anointed Class AA #10) Chatfield had their homecoming. They feasted on Fillmore Central. The Gophers didn’t stuff themselves immediately. Ryan Meeker took a bite with a 1-yard TD run (7-0). FC answered right back, giving the Gophers a plate full of 6’2” 195-pound senior RB Dan Gatzke. The Falcons had 18 offensive plays that amassed yardage in the 1st half. Gatzke had 14 of them, including a 46-yard 1st quarter TD reception from Brandon Breitsprecher that made it a 7-6 game. Chatfield answered that, getting a couple Nate Skare to Jayme LaPlante completions, and then an 8-yard helping of Justin Viss (14-6 Gophers). Chatfield added a third TD just before the half (0:20), a Nate Skare 15-yard strike to Reid Danielson, on 3rd and 11. It extended the Goph’s lead to 21-6 at halftime. They gorged themselves in the second stanza, getting unanswered TDs from Jake Neis (28-yard INTret), Cody Bly (10-yard run), and Alex Bradt (40-yard run). The final was 41-6. Neis had 17 carries for 114 yards, getting help from sophomores Meeker (9 carries, 65 yards, TD) and Bradt (3 carries, 58 yards, TD). Viss played sparingly (two carries), and Alex Haffner sat, due to injuries. Gatzke accounted for 153 of FC’s total 241 yards (81 rushing, 73 receiving). FC is 1-4 (0-2). Chatfield is 5-0 (2-0). The #10 Gophers will meet #1 Caledonia (5-0, 2-0) in week 6 marquee match-up. Volleyball 09-24 •FC 3, Crestwood (Cresco, IA) 0 > 25-22, 25-16, 25-10 (FC: T. Case 12 kills, 11 digs; Leah Scheevel 12 kills, 2.5 blocks; M. Malley 29 assists; Victoria Peterson 7 kills)

09-25 •#1 in A W-K 3, Chatfield 0 > 20-25, 11-25, 21-25 (C: Alex Duxbury 11 digs; Kirsten Keefe 10 digs. W-K: Katie Cavalco 18 kills, 18 digs, 3 aces; Lexi Vaplon 19 digs; Kenzie Freihammer 18 digs) •# 7 in AA Caledonia 3, Kingsland 0 > 11-25, 15-25, 12-25 (K: Jessi Kaster 6 kills; Gabriel Drees 12 digs; Lizzie Tart 10 assists. C: Maria Fruechte 17 kills; Taylor Winjum 32 assists. Knights are 1-6, 4-9) •#6 in A M-C 3, Spring Grove 1 > 25-12, 27-29, 25-15, 25-22 (M-C: Belle Sand 16 kills, 23 digs; Lydia Geving 15 kills, 10 digs; Carly McCabe 38 assists, 27 digs, 6 kills. SG: Addy Cross 22 assists, 8 kills, 7 digs, 3 blocks) L-A 0, R-P 3 > 25-10, 25-22, 25-23 (R-P: A. Todd 24 kills, 2 aces; E. Wade 30 assists; K Crawford 16 digs) 09-28 •Chatfield 3, St. Charles 2 > 25-22, 25-18, 22-25, 23-25, 15-9 (Gophers are 5-2, 12-7; in 4th) FC 3, PEM 0 > 25-15, 25-19, 25-15 (FC: V. Peterson 10 kills; T. Case 9 kills, 14 digs; M. Malley 24 assists) Hope Lutheran 3, Lanesboro 1 > 30-28, 22-25, 25-27, 13-15 (Burros are 1-7, 1-10) R-P 0, #7 in AA Caledonia 3 > 24-26, 17-25, 12-25 (R-P: A. Todd 10 kills, 3 aces; K. Crawford 21 digs; E. Wade 20 assists. C: Emma Lange 16 kills; M. Fruechte 12 kills, 3 blocks; T. Winjum 40 assists) Houston 0, #6 in A M-C 3 > 25-11, 25-12, 25-22 (M-C: B. Sand 12 kills, 7 digs; C. McCabe 28 assists, 9 digs; Christine Lee 14 digs, 3. M-C was 70-73 serving (14 aces). H: Vanessa Lee 15 assists, 6 kills, 4 blocks, 3 aces) 09-29 •Pierz Tournament (M-C went 5-1, beating St. Cloud-Cathedral (25-15, 25-20) and Swanville (255, 25-15) in a Round 1 three-team pool. They beat Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (25-16, 25-18) and Pierz in a Round 2 three-team pool (1st place

athlete of the week

R-P Volleyball extracts revenge

teams from Rd #1). They then lost to LP-GE (17-25, 19-25) and beat Mounds View (25-18, 25-14) in a Round 3 three-team pool (the top two teams from Round 2’s 1st place pool, the top team from Round 2’s 2nd place pool). Stat leaders: kills and digs (B. Sand 57 and 55), assists (C. McCabe 108). Cougars are 8-0, 23-5) Football 09-28 •Lanesboro 44, Lyle/Pacelli 51 (L: Niko Anderson 31 carries, 325 yards, 3 TDs; Gabe Decker 8 carries, 54 yards, 2 TDs; Kole Ruud 15-yard TD pass from Will Semmen. L/P: Garrett Lester 26 carries, 213 yards, 3 TDs, 84-yard KO return TD; Sean Shapiro 19 carries, 79 yards, 2 TDs; Daniel Bollingbrook 46-yard TD pass from Jordan Hart. Lester had a 55-yard TD run with under 3:00 to play to give L/P the lead and snap a 13-game losing streak. Burros played without three starters and lost three more during the game. They are 2-2 (3rd place), 3-2 overall) L-O 12, M-C 52 (M-C: Hunter Johnson 24 carries, 275 yards, 4 TDs; Justin Ward 6 carries, 77 yards, TD; Noah Manning 10 carries, 47 yards, TD; Collin O’Bieglo 2 of 7 passing, 56 yards, 2 TDs; Donnie Lind 2 receptions, 56 yards, 2 TDs. L-O: Jace Bunne 16 carries, 56 yards, TD, 7 of 16 passing, 72 yards, TD; Tony Steinkamp 13-yard TD catch. Second half scoring: M-C 26, L-O 0. Cougars get first win. They are 1-3 in the SEC, 1-4 overall) Southland 20, Kingsland 19 (K: Marshall Oeltjen 31 carries, 93 yards, 2 TDs, FR, INT; Jacob Rindels 19 carries, 40 yards, 5 of 8 passing, 64 yards, 18-yard TD pass to J.J. Fenske. Knights scored late in the 4th quarter to pull to within one, went for two (the win), but couldn’t convert. TOs: S 4, K 0. Kingsland is 1-4 (0-2 in 3-Rivers)) Cross Country 09-25 •Kingsland Invite (Chatfield’s boys finished 5th, Kingsland’s 6th (of 8 full See SPORTS Page 25 

hunter johnson Mabel-Canton Football

Mabel-Canton junior RB Hunter Johnson is A.O.T.W. The 6’0” 170-pound junior ripped the LeRoy-Ostrander Cardinals for 275 yards and 4 TD’s on 24 carries (he has 935 yards and 14 TD’s on the season). He helped get his Cougars their first win of the year 52-14. Photo by Paul Trende

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Monday, October 8, 2012

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Preston reviews street assessment report By Karen Reisner Brett Grabau, Stantec, reported on the street assessment completed by his firm at the Preston City Council’s October 1 meeting. Councilman David Harrison was absent. The purpose of the detailed street assessment is to help the city council and staff plan for street replacement and maintenance. Grabau said they had looked at every street in town and graded the condition of each of them on a ten point scale. He described six types of preventative maintenance and estimated the cost per square yard for maintenance. Grabau noted that some streets that have recently been reconstructed are in very good condition. Most of the street ratings fall on “one end of the spectrum or the other.” They are either in good condition or poor condition. Once road ways get to a certain point of wear, without proper maintenance the condition falls off quickly. The plan takes into account underlying utility problems. Costs almost double if preventative maintenance is not routinely completed. Grabau detailed many recommendations including but not limited to a dedicated city maintenance budget and a review of the streets every few years. In the report the estimated total cost to make all the suggested improvements to the city streets

including both reconstruction and maintenance was $4.9 million. City Administrator Joe Hoffman said this is a big number, but manageable. This is not going to be done in one year. Current street bonds will be paid off in four or five years. Some of the cost will also be paid by assessments. The study will be reviewed over the next six months. Any construction will not occur until 2014. Hoffman noted that 40 percent of the streets were graded on the high end of the scale. Grabau called the report a starting point. Voter ID Councilwoman Kay Spangler passed out some information that she had gathered on the proposed Minnesota Voter ID Amendment which will be on the November ballot. She asked that the other council members take it home and read it and suggested they might discuss it at the next meeting. She stressed that the voter ID proposal is an “unfunded mandate,” which means that local governments will foot most of the bill. “In the first year alone costs are projected to be almost $70 million, of which $63 million will come directly from local governments.” Spangler maintained this is relevant to local government, insisting nothing in the amendment says how it will be paid for. She also said that same day registration will no longer be a

possibility, adding that Minnesota has been one of the highest voter turn out states in the union. It was stated that the apparent reason for the amendment is to cut down on voter fraud, but the “evidence

of voter fraud due to unverifiable same-day registration in 2008 was 0.221 percent.” Councilman David Collett called the proposed amendment “highly discriminatory.” However, he questioned whether it was the council’s place to take a position

on it. Spangler said that other municipalities and counties have made statements concerning the proposed amendment. Mayor Kurt Reicks said it is tough to take a position on this. Councilman Charles Sparks added we have to See PRESTON Page 26 




Bidding ends on Wednesday, October 10 at 6pm. PARTIAL LIST: Dale Earnhardt #3 Die cast car; Dale Jr. Budweiser mirror; 10+ beer steins; Budweiser glasses; Beer mirrors; Schlitz Malt Liquors light; Hundreds of thousands of sports trading cards – baseball, football, basketball & some hockey (most are baseball); This collection has many unopened boxes, packets & sets including Fleer, Topps, Upper Deck; Coins include half dollars from 1951-1970’s; Wheat pennies; some bicentennial .25’s. Terms: 10% buyer’s premium on all items; 3% credit card fee; all items are “as is” with buyer confirming condition & accuracy; MUST PAY IN FULL AND PICK UP ALL ITEMS ON PICKUP DAY. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND PICKUP DAY, PLEASE DO NOT BID. Buyer to authenticate all items. Buyer to confirm validity & condition and card set completions. We accept cash, major credit card or good check payable to “Darr Auctions”. Viewing days: Sunday, Oct. 7th – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. & Tues., Oct. 9th - 3 PM to 7 PM. Pickup day: Thursday, Oct. 11th from 8 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. . at Darr Auctions facility at 909 Larson Lane in Rushford, MN. North end of town off Hwy. 43 behind M & M Lawn & Leisure. From Hwy 43 go West on Enterprise Dr.; then right on Larson Lane. Watch for signs Go to for complete viewing, photos, bidding and terms. Ph- 800-852-0010 COMING SOON: Another online auction with an excellent collection of antiques, collectibles, guns, furniture, atvs and a Deutz tractor!

Skid Loader Mowers And others on hand


Rodney daRR

Himlie Construction 307 Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 56, Rushford, Mn 55971 507-864-7219 Grain Drying &Storage Systems Since 1955 Fax 507-864-2766 Email

a world of gr ain ves mo

the world over

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!


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teams). Lanesboro was incomplete. Knight Richard Swanson defended his home grass, winning the event by 0:41 seconds (his third win this season). Gopher Christian Bance took 5th. Knight Ryan Swanson took 9th. Burro Erik Peterson finished 12th. Chatfield’s girls finished 4th (of 6). Kingsland and Lanesboro were incomplete. Gopher Kayla Woltz (ranked #7 in A) took 2nd to United South Central’s Emily Mantor (#2 in A) by 0:26 seconds.

Teammate Karen Gomez took 4th. Knight Erica Earley finished 10th) 09-27 •Z-M/K-W Invite (L-A/R-P’s boys finished 10th (of 13), the girls 8th (of 10). Ryan Ruberg (8th place) and Bailey O’Hare (28th place) were their top finishers) 09-29 •Roy Griak Invitational at the U of MN (Kingsland boys finished 43rd (of 48). Richard Swanson finished 9th of 455 runners. Ryan Swanson finished 213th. Knight girls were incomplete. Erica Earley finished 116th out of 415 runners)

Funny how they find the camera so quickly! R-P Trojan volleyball players are quite happy after winning the LeRoy-Ostrander tournament. Photo by Paul Trende

Monday, October 8, 2012


A Dog Spot in Lanesboro By Barb Jeffers There is a business in Lanesboro, Minn. that is for the dogs. “A Dog Spot” is a small boarding facility for canines. The business is owned by Jill Kelly, Shalise Keating and Sandy Cattanach, who have been involved with dogs their entire lives. The three women were interested in living in a rural area and working with animals in some way. Jill and Shalise used to camp near Lanesboro, and loved the area, so Shalise said the three “pooled their resources” to make it a reality in the form of “A Dog Spot.” Shalise and Jill are former owners and trainers of Paws Abilities Dog Training in Rochester, Minn. and Sandy was employed there as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Shalise was among the first people in Minnesota to become a CPDT-KA. The women originally met through the Rochester Dog Obedience program. The Kennel is in the lower level of the owners’ home, and is designed to make the visiting dogs feel at home as well. There is a large playroom for the dogs, and 10 kennel runs. There is also a very large fenced in area outside for the dogs to get exercise when weather permits. To reduce stress on the dogs, they are not able to see each other from their kennels unless a dog is being moved in or out of a kennel. Dogs that enjoy playing with other dogs are able to do so under supervision, or if they prefer to be by themselves

they are given private space to play. When asked if it is hard for owners to leave their dogs at the kennel, Shalise stated, “It depends on the person. Some people call every day while they’re gone, which is fine, I would do the same thing.” Many services are provided at “A Dog Spot” along with kenneling such as flea baths, nature walks and nail trimming. The owners of “A Dog Spot” are very knowledgeable about behavioral problems with dogs,

Page 25

and have three dogs that come from the Twin Cities for training. The owners offer obedience classes and interested persons can call “A Dog Spot” at (507) 875-2600. Dogs must have certain vaccinations before coming to “A Dog Spot” so be sure to check with the owners or their website,, for details. There are also specified pick up and drop off times listed which minimize stress on the dogs as well. “A Dog Spot” can be a second home for your pets when you are not able to be home with them.

Shalise Keating and Quint welcome you to The Dog Spot in Lanesboro. Photo by Barb Jeffers



Antiques/Collectibles/Very nice furniture/Duetz tractor/Guns/Tools….& so much more

Bidding ends on Tuesday, October 16 at 5:30 pm

Dealer Consignment auCtion

Thursday, November 1, 2012 9:30am

sale site: Gehling Implement and auction Company Preston, minnesota

Selling Tractors • Combines • Heads • Fall Tillage Equipment • Forage Equipment • All Other Types • Miscellaneous Farm Machinery • Farm Related Items • Trucks Trailers & Vehicles Advertising Deadline Tuesday, October 16, 2012 To Consign a single item or complete farm line or for more information Call Gehling Auction Co. 1-800-770-0347 or email

PARTIAL LIST: Collectibles: Dan Barnhouse plate collection; glassware; (20) Hummels; Collection of old small cars; smoke pipe collection; 9 guns; Snowmobiles: 1989 Bombardier Safari; 1996 Polaris Indy Storm 800; ATV’s: 2001 Polaris Magnum 500 4x4; 2001 Arctic Cat 300 4x4; 2005 Honda Rincon 650 4x4; 2006 Arctic Cat Prowler XT 650 utility vehicle; Misc: 6 gal. Red Wing Crock (nice); Pendulum clock; American Eagle gun safe; Maytag W & D; Fishing rods & reels; 80+ traps; 70+ VHS movies; 10 x 20 canopy; Snow blower w/elec. start; 38” snow blower attach. for J.D. LX series; Ford Ranger topper (white); prints & paintings; Furniture (very nice!): Dbl. & queen beds; Oak office desk; Mirrored dressers; (2) dining room sets; Antique spindle chairs; Antique tables & chairs; patio set (like new); Tools: Hand sprayers; (2) Kerosene heaters; LP heater; Seed spreader; Remmington pole saw (elec.); 6’ & 4’ levels; Hedge trimmers; Bench grinder; 6-12 volt battery charger; 10” Delta table saw; Craftsman router 200 amp breaker panel w/breakers; Deutz 6275: 4WD, dual hyd. Terms: 10% buyer’s premium on all items; 3% credit card fee; all items are “as is” with buyer confirming condition & accuracy; MUST PAY IN FULL AND PICK UP ALL ITEMS ON PICKUP DAY. IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO ATTEND PICKUP DAY, PLEASE DO NOT BID. We accept cash, major credit card or good check payable to “Darr Auctions”. Viewing days: Tues., Oct. 9th - 3 PM to 7 PM & Sunday, Oct. 14th – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pickup day: Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 8 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. . at Darr Auctions facility at 909 Larson Lane in Rushford, MN. North end of town off Hwy. 43 behind M & M Lawn & Leisure. From Hwy 43 go West on Enterprise Dr.; then right on Larson Lane. Watch for signs Go to for complete viewing, photos, bidding and terms. Ph- 800-852-0010 Rodney daRR

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realize it will be costing a lot of money. Hoffman stated he didn’t want to say no or yes, but said if the amendment was approved by the electorate, the photo ID would be needed even in a city council election. Other Business In Brief •Kathy Dahl, Preston tourism, presented a letter from the Root River Trail Towns group. The group promotes trails and all cities along the trails. She said she had been asked by Julie Kiehne to take the letter back to their communities. Dahl noted that most of the communities have chosen to remain neutral. She said she didn’t want to independently decide whether or not to attach the city of Preston to a letter addressed to the Fillmore County Commissioners and the Frac Sand Committee. The letter encourages the committee to make ordinance revisions that set “reasonable limits

Monday, October 8, 2012

and mitigate the adverse impacts of large scale mining of sand.” The group wants to protect and preserve our area for many generations. Reicks said it is tough for the four of us to take a stand on this issue for all of Preston. Reicks, Collett and Sparks all suggested they remain neutral. Spangler asked if the committee has looked into Lanesboro’s list of concerns as to the economic impact. Reicks said they can address the issue in the future if they need to. •Approval was given for the purchase of a new Henderson Stainless Steel tailgate sand/salt spreader at the low quote from Universal Equipment, Galesville, Wisconsin. The council approved an amount of up to $5,000 for the spreader and a retrofitting of a dump truck to make it compatible. Hoffman noted there was money in the budget for the purchase. •Personnel policy was discussed relating to workers compensation. Hoffman noted that there is a state


BaRBeR shop In Chatfield, Minnesota Will be closed for Hip Replacement October 11TH Hope to be back on duty November 1ST

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

law that has a three day waiting period before workers compensation kicks in. He suggested that employees be allowed to use sick

leave to cover those three days. Language to that effect will be drafted and brought back to the next meeting.

•The council approved the payment of $35 for membership dues to the Southeast Minnesota League of Municipalities (SEMLM).


SATURDAY OCTOBER 13, 2012 AT 10:00 A.M. on the farm at 42339 Co. Rd. 12, Mabel, MN Located 7 miles north of Mabel, MN On Hwy. 43, then left ½ mile on Co. Rd. 12

AUTOMOBILE: 1995 Buick LeSabre, white, 110,000 miles & good tires. HOUSEHOLD & COLLECTIBLES: Lefse grill & roller; Louisville Slugger ball bat; kerosene lamps & lanterns; 1950’s yellow kitchen table; drying racks; square Maytag wringer washer, works; pine wash bench & galv. Wash tubs; Wallace’s Farmer sign; Rooster Windmill weights, 12ft. #2 &Hummer S184; garden gate; galv. Sprinklers; 3 Wolf’s Head oil cans; Prest-O-lite battery sign; horse & cow weather vanes, arrow & blue lightning rod balls; galv. Oval bath tub & coal buckets; Schmitt Beer sign; shoulder jugs; egg baskets; lawn windmill; Edison wind up phonograph; RCA console radio mod. 29k; youth Honer accordion; feed sacks; Kark Rendering dust pan; nail kegs; 25 new pocket knives; Solje Pin Earrings & select costume jewelry; Waltham pocket watch; History of the US President’s coins & Indian Heads; Turquoise Hobnail bowl; carnival bowls; Hull #56 basket; pink depression cracker jar & others; German painted pieces; 12 place set china-Pink roses; cobalt blue canister set; Fillmore Co. atlas 1983, 2003; Fenton; linens, bedding, rag rugs, tie quilts& hankies; Herschede mantle clock; stained glass; Gilbert pendulum kitchen clock, Geranium #3, new movement; clock shelf; paper ad calendars, Norman’s Electric; celluloid tie box; Donald duck paint box; Dick & Jane book; reflector lamp bracket; Spring Valley Rendering pitcher; Mabel ad pictures; En-Ar-Co Motor Oil ad; DeLaval Cream Separator sign & clean glass ware; wooden bowl & spoons. FURNISHINGS: Oreck vacuum; curved glass secretary/china hutch; flat screen 19”Insignia digital TV; glider rocker; 6 leg dining table w/6 chairs & 2 leaves; Minnesota Mod.A4 drawer treadle sewing machine; library table; plant stands; birds eye maple dresser w/wish bone mirror; trunk; Singer elec. Sewing machine; flat ware; drop front spoon carved desk; Crosley 15 cft. Refrigerator. SHOP FULL OF TOOLS: Rayn & Mayer metal turning lathe w/5 ft. bed; ¾ HP Craftsman bench grinder; 6” bench vise; Chicago 5 sp. HD drill press on wheels; Wards PowrKraft arc welder; Craftsman bench vise; 75 lb. blacksmith anvil 22” long; post hole digger, shovels, many garden tools; fencing tool & crowbars; wall mount HD ¾”drill press; twin cyl. HD air compressor; lg. asst. nuts, bolts & hardware; Wards metal band saw; bottle jacks & gear pullers; elec. Motors; Craftsman drills, sanders, saws of all kinds; come-a-longs & parts bins; sev. Sets combination wrenches; ½, ½ & ¾ sockets sets new & used; lots of new wrenches; crescent wrenches, hammers, mauls, hatchets, bits & carpenter tools; implement ratchet jack; pipe wrenches & plumbing tools; 96 bin wooden bolt bin with all the bolts sold as unit; welding supplies; battery chargers; Craftsman 9” disc sander; Stanley #45 plane; stainless milk cans; . 3 wagon loads of tools & shop items; Newport 12 ga. SS shotgun. Pittsburg cutting torch w/tanks & cart; log chains; twin cyl. 20 gal. air compressor; wheel barrows; Handi-man jack; 8ft. Homemade trailer w/2ft. Sides; 28 ft. alum ext. ladder; piles elec. Wiring. FARM MACHINERY: Oliver 880 gas tractor w/Snap-Tach trip bucket loader, 15/5/38 tires & wheel weights; snow blade for 880 loader; fenders for Oliver 155 tractor; 15/5/38 hiway tractor chains; 3 pt. bale mover w/grapple; 8 ft. double disc Van Brunt steel wheel grain drill; pull type gopher machine; pull behind hydraulic round bale mover; Renk HD-3pt. 8ft. Blade; 100 steel fence posts & elec. Fence posts; 2 -300 gal. fuel barrels; junk HMI 8C skid loader; New Idea 216 PTO manure spreader; JD #68 auger wagon; White 5-16 semi mounted plow; 10 ft. grain head fits 410 Massey Combine; Flex King #12H off set 4 wheel disc; Thrifty 4 row 3pt. Cultivator; Caterpillar 2J3 steel wheel road grader; Hesston #1091-9ft. Haybine; 4 section drag on cart; Massey Ferguson 10ft. Chisel plow; Electric 8 ton flat bed hay rack; Kewanee 12ft. Cultivator/packer/mulcher; #258 New Holland hay rake; 16ft. Bale conveyer; piles of scrap iron. LAWN EQUIPMENT: John Deere LT166 mower, 48” cut, 16hp. Hydro drive; Bolens 1220 lawn tractor as is; Homelite gas weed eater. OWNER: Harry Housker, has moved to retirement facility having never had a farm sale on this farm. We will sell in 2 rings beginning at 10:00am LUNCH BY: Scheie Lutheran Church


See these items on website - Auctioneer: Mac Greentree, Decorah, IA (563)419-3457 MN Lic.#2308016


Ken Olson of Chatfield harvested this rare Piebald near Zumbrota, MN which scores 176. Photo courtsey of Smitty’s Taxidermy

Dr. Anderson of Rochester with the New Mexico Elk 423 class. Photo courtsey of Smitty’s Taxidermy

Allan Stubstad of Racine with his 172 inch Whitetail. Photo courtsey of Smitty’s Taxidermy


NEW! 2013 RANGER XP® 900





� � �

Choose from gas engines up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel. Choose from 2- and 4-passenger mid-size models or 3- and 6-passenger full-size ® models All models feature On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to maximize traction CLASS-LEADING 60 HP Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories


NEW! 900




ARTISTIC SMITTY’S TAXIDERMY • 14501 Prairie Lane, Spring Valley, MN • 507-378-2840


Any shoulder mount brought in before December 1st will be completed by Christmas. Our team of craftsmen take the utmost care to ensure the highest quality from start to finish. Our consistent turn around time is one reason so many folks choose Artistic Smitty’s Taxidermy for their trophies.


� � �

Choose from gas engines up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel. Choose from 2- and 4-passenger mid-size models or 3- and 6-passenger full-size models All models feature On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to maximize traction Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories


M & M Lawn & Leisure

906 Enterprise Dr. Rushford, MN 507-864-7781

516 N. Main St. Pine Island, MN 507-356-4155

Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety training course. Contact ROHVA at or (949) 255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

To advertise in the Hunting Guide call 507-765-2151 for details. Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall

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Monday, October 8, 2012


Donated blood saves lives of transplant patients This October during National Liver Awareness Month, the American Red Cross encourages people across the country to focus on liver health. Recently, two patients at a hospital served by the Red Cross Mid-America Blood Services Division underwent liver transplants and received more than

130 units of red blood cells. Liver transplant patients often require large amounts of blood transfusions during surgery. Thanks to our dedicated blood donors, the Ref Cross was able to meet the needs of these two patients and countless others. Liver transplants are the second

Antiques • tool • HouseHold Auction

A u c t i o n

sunday, october 14tH, 2012 - 9:00am sale to be conducted at the spring valley sales Auction

Lunch by Gleasons

building, 412 east park street, spring valley, mn

AUCTIONEER NOTE: We will be selling a large selection of furniture, antiques, collectibles, tools, and household item from 2 estates and parties downsizing. Don’t miss this auction! Selling 2 Rings All Day

12-14 Hayracks of Smalls For more info contact auction company or sAle ArrAnged And conducted by spring vAlley sAles compAny

Auctioneers: Dick Schwade Lic. 23-10018, 507-346-2183 or 7834, Cell 507-251-7313; Tom Jasper 50-113, 507-251-7654; Kevin Grabau 23-91, 507-951-1478 ringmen: Bob Root, Roger Becker clerk: Spring Valley Sales - Fax 507-346-2163. Announcements dAy of tAke precedence over Any Advertised or pre-printed mAteriAl All of tHe Above mercHAndise is selling As is, wHere is, witH no wArrAnty. terms: cAsH or good cHeck dAy of sAle. notHing to be removed until settled for. not responsible for Accidents or mercHAndise After sold. pleAse bring proper identificAtion.

Accepting mAjor credit cArds. • sAles tAx cHArged wHere ApplicAble.

most common transplant, following kidney transplants. According to the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, 6341 people in the US received a liver transplant in 2011. There are a variety of ways to help protect your liver from disease. The American Liver Foundation offers these guidelines: Eat a healthy diet low in fatty foods, limit alcohol intake, manage medications appropriately and limit contact with toxins. More information is available at Upcoming blood donation opportunities: •Mabel Community Blood Drive at the Mabel Legion on Thursday, October 11, 2012, from 2-7 pm How to donate: Simply call Bev Williams at 507 493-5284 or 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit to make and appointment or for more information. All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. A blood donor card or driver’s license or two other forms of identification are required at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental

Harmony blood drive exceeds goal by 3 The Harmony blood drive held on September 25, 2012, exceeded its goal of 61 by collecting 64 units. There were 65 donors presenting, of which seven were first-time donors. In addition to exceeding our goal, the following milestones were reached by these donors: •Brian Bratager – 3 gallons •Anna Hershberger – 1 gallon •Eli Hershberger – 3 gallons •Chris Johnson – 8 gallons •Jane Montgomery – 4 gallons •Andrew A. Slabaugh – 1 gallon Thank you to all the dedicated donors, as well as those who volunteered their time or donated food for the canteen. The community’s outstanding support in this effort is greatly appreciated. The next bloodmobile will be in Harmony on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call Marilyn Bratager at 507-937-3406 or schedule one online at http://www. New Crop of Apples! McIntosh,Cortland,Empire Honey Crisp,GoldenSupreme ,Haralson,Regent & Red and Golden Delicious Fresh Apple Cider & Caramel Apples! Wagon Rides Every Sunday Afternoon! Now available squash, Fall Mums, Gourds and Calico Corn

Pick Your Own Pumpkin! Serving slices of Apple Pie & Cinnamon Ice Cream Daily!

FresH Baked Goods

OPEN 7 Days a WEEk 9am-6:00pm 507- 765-4486 Hwy 52, Preston, MN

permission), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and others 18 years of age and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements. About the American Red Cross: The American Red Cross provides shelter, food and clothing to

Page 27

victims of disasters; supplies more than 40 percent of the nation’s blood; teaches lifesaving skills’ ministers international humanitarian aid’ and supports military members and their families. The red Cross is not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or join our blog at blog.

Collectibles & Farm Machinery


Sale held on farm, go West off Hwy. 52 at Kwik Trip in Harmony for 2.4 miles to 295th Ave., then South for 1/4 mile. Watch for signs. At 11:00 a.m. we will go to two rings, 2nd ring will start on tools, then farm equipment. Small household items will be sold inside shed, bring your own chair. COLLECTIBLES Edison Cylinder Portable Phonograph w/Horn & Holder, Excellent Shape 17) Cylinder Record Hawaiian Tremoloa w/Case Violin Ceiling Light Fixture w/Prisms, Converted Electric Mantle Clock Cuckoo Clock Ornate Wall Shelf 20 Gal. Salt Glazed Butterfly Signed Crock Red Wing Pitcher Red Wing Vase Stoneware Mixing Bowls Misc. Crocks Rayo Driving Lantern Press Back Chairs Large Press Back Arm Rocker Slant Front Desk Commode w/Towel Bar Gulbranson Upright Piano Dresser w/Beveled Edge Mirror Sewing Rockers Wood High Chair Spool Leg Parlor Table w/Glass Ball Claw Feet Parlor Table Cane Bottom Sewing Rocker Child’s Rocker Large Primitive Rocker 2 Door Wardrobe w/Bottom Drawer Andrak Wall Phone Toy Wall Ranch Phone Teadle Sewing Machine Flat Top Trunk Ornate Iron Bed 5 Leg Table Wood Hawkeye Washing Machine 2) Wood School Desk Oval Curved Glass Picture Frame Many Misc. Wood Chairs Perfection Oil Heater National Biscuit Co. Jar w/Lid Sweet Cuba Fine Tobacco Tins 4 & 5 Drawer Chest of Drawers Cast Iron Pot Deering Cast Iron Impl. Seat Kerosene Lamps 1940’s Outdoorsman Magazines 1930’s Country Gentleman Magazines 1940’s Air Force Magazines 1970 Western Horseman Magazines Rugs & Quilts Many more interesting boxed items. GLASSWARE & HOUSEHOLD Includes Carnival & Depression Souvenirs of Harmony, Cresco, Spring Valley Knicknacks Assorted Glassware & Dishes Flatware Pots & Pans, & Kitchen Utensils Canning Jars Amada Washing Machine

Frigidiare Dryer Chest Freezers Occasional Chairs Several Metal Beds Pride Power Recliner Misc. Tables, Plant Stands, Etc. GUN Iver Johnson Single Shot 410 VEHICLE 2000 Buick Century Limited, Full Power, 84,000 miles, V6 Auto SHOP & MISC. Drill Press 5/8 12 Ton Shop Press Model 928 Forney 180 Amp Welder Handyman Jack Many Hand & Power tools Shovels & Racks Knipco Heater Agro Power PTO Generator, 15,000 V.A., Never used Old Harness & Eveners Wood Pulleys Wheelbarrow 20 HP Husqvarna 42” Lawn Tractor MACHINERY & FARM EQUIPMENT JD 3010 Gas, Narrow Frt. w/Cab SN 3D1032061 JD 4030 Diesel, Wide Frt. w/Cab & 148 Loader, 8,500 Hrs. 3 PT., SN 009650R JD 2840 Diesel, Wide Frt., 3 PT., w/Hiniker Cab Mini Mac Kohler 18 HP Skid Loader NH 273 Hayliner Kicker Baler Bear Cat 950 Mixer Mill NH 519 Spreader Woods J80 Pull Mower JD 5 Bar Hay Rake JD Hydraulic 4 Section Drag Big Rhino HD 7’ Blade 4 Row 3 PT., Cultivator Gopher Machine 4 Row Stalk Chopper PTO Driven Port Huron Post Driver 4 Sets Duals 2 1/12 Ton Galvanized Self Feeder Approx. 5 Ton Sioux Bin w/16’ unloading Auger 10 Hog Crates Hog Feeders Bale Mover Fanning Mill Windmill Platform Scale Numerous Cattle Gates Misc. Used Lumber Barb Wire Netting OATS Approx. 100 Bushels Many Other Misc. Items

Millard Runge Estate & Anita Runge Harmony, MN

This is a century farm and not many items were thrown away. Sale Bill at Auctioneers: Murt Boyum, Lic. #2312002 Ron Vikre CLERK: BOYUM AUCTIONS 43991 Cty. Rd 10, Rushford, MN 507-273-6941 TERMS: Cash/Good Check LUNCH: On Grounds


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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

CALENDAR OF EVENTS TUESDAY, OCT. 9 Knit it Together, 3:30-4:30pm, Preston Public Library. Knitting for all levels. For fundraiser info, call 507-867-3583.* Bluff Country Toastmasters meet, 5:30pm, Spring Valley Public Library.* AA Meeting, 7pm, Faith United Methodist Church, Spring Valley. “Living in the Solution.” Newcomers welcome.* American Legion Auxiliary #166 Meeting, 7pm at Preston Servicemen’s Club. Adult Children Anonymous (formerly known as Adult Children of Alcoholics) meeting, 7pm. Call Deb 507-765-5336 for info.* Main Ave. Harmony


Call you See e Verifto h t t THEATRE a ies Moviy v o M Tickets ~ $5 Adult • $4 Kids & Seniors e Fri. Oct. 12........................7:30pm Sat. Oct. 13........................7:30pm Sun. Oct. 14.......................7:30pm PG-13

Run Time: 1 hr. 51 Mins. Bring your own bucket for popcorn EvEryday & save!

VFW Men’s Auxiliary Meeting: 7pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall. Chatfield AA meets, 7:30pm in the Pio­neer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St., Chatfield.* AA Closed Meeting, 8pm, Presbyterian Church, Mill St, Rushford.* WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10 Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, 2-5pm. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley.* VFW and Ladies Auxiliary meeting, 7pm, Spring Valley VFW Hall. M-C Trailbusters meet-7:30pm at the Mabel American Legion. THURSDAY, OCT. 11 Free Senior Coffee, 9am, Heritage Grove, Harmony.* Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 9:3010:30am, City Hall, Wykoff. Tri-County Retired Educators Autumn get together. 10am, Commonweal Theatre, Lanesboro. Play: The Philadelphia Story. Story Hour- Harmony Public Library, 11am. No school, no story hour.* Canton Senior Citizens meet at 1pm for cards and visiting, Canton Community Center.* Chatfield Growers Market, 3-6pm, City Park, Chatfield.*

FRIDAY, OCT. 12 Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, Senior Citizens Day, 9am-10am. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley, MN.* Preston Farmer’s Market, 11am, Trailhead, Preston.* Chatfield NA meeting, 7:30pm, Pioneer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St. Chatfield.* Harmony AA Group- Harmony Community Center, 8pm, For more info call 612-251-3822 or 507-272-2191* SATURDAY, OCT. 13 Lanesboro Farmer’s Market- 9-12 Sylvan Park. May-Oct. * Lanesboro AA Group, 8:00pm, Bethlehem Lutheran Church. For more info, call 507-251-1771 or 765-2518.* SUNDAY, OCT. 14 1st Presbyterian Church in Rushford: Chicken and Biscuit dinner, 11am-2pm. Carryouts available. Corner of Mill and Park Street. Houston Public Library: Awardwinning author Julie Kramer at Houston Community Center, 109 West Maple St., 1pm. Call 507896-READ for more information. NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-3996089. *

Fountain AA Group closed meeting, 7:30pm. Fountain Lutheran Church, south Main St. and Highway 52.* MONDAY, Oct. 15 Community Coffee, 9am, Park Lane Estates, Preston.*

TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) Meeting, Spring Valley Care Center Activity Room. Weigh-in from 5:45-6 p.m. Meeting from 6 to 6:45 p.m. Questions contact Judy at 507-346-2469.* NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-3996089. *

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Monday, October 8, 2012


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Call 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 (in 507 area code) FAX 507-765-2468 or e-mail:






EXMARK ZERO TURN MOWERS Jonsered Chainsaws, Grass N Brush trimmers plus blowers. Repair, Service & Sales at South Branch Outdoor Equipment, Preston, MN. 507-765-4979. s9/26tfn- o

BILL’S GUN SHOP. Hours 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm M-F, Sat 8am to 8pm. Sunday by appt. We buy, sell, trade & repair. 1-1/4 miles south of Carimona, 19708 Kava Rd, Preston. 507-765-2762. s9/29eow- o

FOR SALE: Internet-ready, eMac computers, 1ghz, 80gb, 512mb RAM, InDesign Master Suite Collection software. All products for media desktop publishing included. Asking $249 or best offer. Call Jason at 507-251-5297. s6tfn- x

WHIRLPOOL WASHER/DRYER. $150 for pair OBO. Still work great. Call 507459-5040. s1tfn- x

Mel’s Golf Cars, LLC. Closeout on 2012 New Yamahas. Out with the 2012 and in with the New 2013. Special pricing on overstock gas and electric 2011 and 2012 carts. Over 30 used models to choose from. Now demonstrating the all new 2012 and 2013 fuel injected Yamaha gas golf carts. Will take trades. Mel’s Golf Cars provides the highest quality in all their golf carts. Stop and shop at 132 Garfield Avenue, Albert Lea, MN or call Mel at 507-4382705. s8,15,22,29,5,12- x

Rochester, MN 866-657-4910

FOR SALE: Remington 12 Ga. 870 slug gun, 20 in. rifled barrel, cheek rest, 2 3/4 or 3 in. shel, new - still in box, never fired. 507-765-4979. s1,8,15- o

100% WOOD HEAT, no worries. Keep your family safe and warm with an OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE from Central Boiler. Theobald Heating Solutions 507-533-4523. swk2tfn- o

103 20th St. NE, Stewartville, MN ~ Just off Hwy 63

NEw FeatHerlite trailerS iN Stock:

WANTED: GOOD, USED SHOTGUN and/or rifle. Reasonable. Cell: 507-2067605, Rushford. w17,24,1,8- x

Pallets for sale for $3.00 each. Lots of 20 or more available. Call 507-2515297. s3tfn- x

• 4 Horse LQ's • 2013 Car Bumper Pull • 500 Gallon Fuel Trailer • 20' Wood Floor Stock • 7' x 20' Stock • 16' Bumper Stock • 16' Goose Neck Stock • 7' x 24' Stock • Custom Options Available USEd FeatHerlite trailerS: • '01 24'sold Stock • '08 7'x20' Stock • '09 7'x24' Stock USEd EqUipMENt: • JD 325 • Bobcat T180 • JD 4520 • Bobcat S330sold Cab • Bobcat 873 • Bobcat S185 Cab • JD 7630 w/Loader MFWD • Bobcat S750 • Bobcat S250 • JD 4610 w/Cab & Loader • Bobcat T200

FOR SALE: 12” x 12” Champagne Frostex interlocking ceiling tiles - staple to furring strips - used, good condition - 460 full squares plus misc. pieces. $200 or BO. Call 507-459-4643. s8- x

NORMAN HOUSE’S 2009 1100 Kubota Diesel 4x4 w/cab, air conditioning and heater. Call 507-990-2430. s24,1,8- o

FOR SALE: Guns in very good condition. Remington Model 12, 22 cal rifle, made 1929. Remington Model 29, 12 gauge pump, made 1930. Marlin 30/30 Model 1893, made 1900. H&R 32 cal pistol, double action. Call 507-467-2505 to arrange to see. s8,15- x

EZ-GO & Yamaha GOlf Carts SaleS & Service New & USed Ivan Vreeman harmony, mn 507-273-6928

MARK 5 SHOPSMITH. Good working order. All attachments $395 or best offer. 507-206-3466. s15- x

WANTED Wanted: Cars, trucks, buses, and semi trailers, running or not. Serving SE MN and northern IA. Luke Junge, Preston, MN. Call 507-259-4556. w30tfn- o A LOVING FAMILY for 2 older playful cats. They need to stay together and be inside. We are moving and can’t take them with. w8- o

PROfessiOnAl seRviCe Guide




Specializing in Roofing • Remodel • New Home Construction • Siding • Replacement Windows • Concrete Sidewalks • Flat Pours Licensed & Insured #20450126

We fix Wet Basements! Mention this Ad and Receive $100 off Basement Waterproofing System Free Estimates • 507-259-7776 •


BRUMM’S PLUMBING & HEATING, LLc Tony Brumm • Mabel, MN 55954 Phone: (507)493-5507 • Cell:507-251-9212

Taylor ouTdoor Wood SToveS ~ radianT Floor HeaTing a-Maize-ing HeaT Corn FurnaCeS & BoilerS ~ gaS FurnaCeS & BoilerS air CondiTioning ~ SepTiC SySTeMS ~ neW ConSTruCTion ~ reModeling Free eSTiMaTeS ~ inSured

Dave’s Plumbing & Heating, Air Conditioning

servicemaster of Chatfield

New Construction & Remodeling• In-Floor Heat • Drain Cleaning

Carpet, Furniture, Floors, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Fire & Water Damage, Janitorial Service.

Call Dave or Dempsey • Cell: 507-259-4238 or 507-259-4239

Appliance Sales & Service • New & Used

Professional Cleaning ~

Spring Valley & Preston • Bus. 765-2173 or 346-7879

The clean you expect Jeff Hebl, Owner The service you deserve 507-467-4798 • Lanesboro, MN

aSphaLT SacKey’S aSpHalt paving 25% summer sPeciAl RESIDENtIAl/CommERCIAl DRIvEwAyS, PARkINg lotS, PAtCHwoRk, SEAl CoAtINg No job too lARgE oR SmAll 25 yEARS SERvINg youR AREA. FREE EStImAtES lICENSED & boNDED. All woRk guARANtEED 507-285-4985 800-308-4985

with more foam for insulation value

and Cabinetry

Fountain, MN

Lic# BC474301

Joel Walbridge Fountain, mn

Mn contractors lic. #20382343


30 Ton, 136 ft Boom Truck Service

(507) 268-4367 Cell (507) 273-0829

Fast, Friendly, Honest service!!

kingsley Mercantile & rental

507-886-2323 • Toll Free 877-886-2323 PO BOx 214 • 2 Main ave. n., HarMOny, Mn 55939 Kerry & Jane Kingsley, Owners •

Pest COntROl licensed Professional exterminator Commercial/Residential Charlotte Treat Free Estimates Call 507-251-0589 •


We Carry • Dryers • Grain Bins for Drying & Storage -Fans -Heaters -Roof Vents -Floors (And More!)

the First Bin DesiGneD For the 21st Century

• Rodents • Ants • Cockroaches • Asian Beetles • Other Pests

Al lArson & sons Plumbing & Heating

• New Homes • Remodeling • Air Conditioning

308 St. Anthony St., Preston Calls welcomed any time! • Furnace • Drain Cleaning


• Insured • Septic systems • New Construction • Remodeling

Dave Swenson Don Tollefsrud Matt Swenson Lic. #008399pJ

Lic. #008744pJ

Lic. #7046

pROpaNE gaS KRuegel gaS SeRvice PROPAne seRviCe instAllAtiOn deliveRy

Maytag Amana Husqvarna

Appliances • Hardware • Small Engines • Furnace • Air Conditioning Commercial & Residential Repair

Charlotte’s Web

Many Years of Experience

& Tear Down , Millwright, Grain Legs, Auger, and Conveyor Construction, Concrete Construction.

• residential • Farm


For aLL your building and remodeling needs.


Plumbing & Heating


HungeRHolt caRpentRy • Marty HungerHolt, 507-467-2203 • randy HarMon, 507-467-2410 • ricHard nepstad, 507-765-3621

507-493-5282 • Free Estimates

Let Me “PLug” you Into A better DeAL

• CommerCial • trenChing

For Estimates Call - 507-467-2941 Lanesboro, MN

• Custom Cabinets • Remodeling • Roofing • gaRages • siding • sheds & moRe • gRaniCRete CounteR tops H:507-268-4949 C:507-272-3624

• New Construction • Remodeling • Insured • Free Estimates • Licensed 507-743-8325 SEE uS FoR aLL youR HEatINg & CooLINg NEEdS Randy Newman - 507-421-2536 - geoSystems

J.W. ElEctric

35 Years of Serving Our Area

PLuMBiNg, HeatiNg & CooLiNg, LLC


CONSTRUCTION Bakke Cement & masonry Logix insuLated concrete forms • Block Basements • Additions • Footings • Floors • Driveways • Patios • Walks


• New Roof • Reshingle • Flat Roofs • Steel Shingles • Lawn Care • Snow Removal • Storm Damage • Gutter Cleaning Certified Professional Installer • Chimney Flashings • Workmanship Guaranteed • Competitive Pricing • 24 Hr. Res/Comm. Leak Bonded, Insured and Licensed. Repair Lic.# 20638833 Call now for Free Estimate • 507-251-9220



SaTELLITE SERVICES Craig Stortz #PL07718

Power Limited Licensed

Stortz Satellite

Nick Stortz #PL07719

Serving the Tri-State area Residential & Commercial Accounts for Direct TV & Dishnet. Cable - Phone - internet - Wiring Canton, MN

Toll Free 866-862-5397 Bus 507-743-8486 Cell 507-259-1454

SEpTIC pUMpINg With 210 feet of hose!

We’re #1 in the #2 Business Pumping & Agitating

for fast Courteous service • Call 507-352-6790

This space is available for your business!

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Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Call it in!

507-765-2151 800-599-0481


Journal Happy Ads 1x2 (no picture) $6.75 1x3 (with picture) $11.00



Fillmore County is accepting appliSPRING VALLEY SENIOR LIVING is MABEL-CANTON SCHOOL has the folcations for part-time intermittent DEPUTY currently looking for a full-time RN Home lowing openings: Long-term Sub - 1st SHERIFFS. The Deputy Sheriff is responHealth Director. Qualified applicants must grade teaching position; position will last Call it in! sibleBessie for preserving law and order, enforcTurn Old possess a current license to practice (507 nurs-area code) approx. 12 weeks; begins near December 800-599-0481 ing lawsCow and protecting the rights of all ing in the state of MN, have great customer 1st. Long-term Sub - Instrumental Into Music/a Cash persons. Minimum Qualifications: Must be service skills and be able to perform full General Music teaching position; position POST licensed or eligible by the applicaFillmore Journal nursing care from admit to diswill last approx. 12 weeks; begins County near spectrum tion deadline, have valid driver’s license, be 507-765-2151 EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT Professionals charge. Knowledge of OASIS helpful. If January 18th. “B” squad PH: Girls BasketballOR 1-800-599-0481 a U.S. citizen, be able to perform essential is hiring in your area! We are currently interested, please send cover letter and Coach. Junior High Girls Basketball functions of the position and free of any FAX it in! seeking laborers, welders, and producresume to Spring Valley Senior Living, Coach. Appropriate school licensure for disqualifying criminal or driving record tion employees. Apply in person at our Attn: Human Resources, 800 Memorial teaching positions necessary with com507-765-2468 history. Successful applicants must underRochester location, 2518 NorthBroadway Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 or email plete set of credentials. Send letter of intergo a physical and psychological examinaor inquire at 507-285-1616. h1,8,15,22- o EOE. h8,15- o est, resume, 3 letters of recommendation tion and successfully complete a backand/or license to: Attn. Jeff Nolte, PK-12 ground check. Starting salary is $20.30 PCA FOR PERSONAL CARES: Principal, Mabel-Canton School, 316 W. per GOOD hour. DEALS Application materials may be ROUND UP SOME Housekeeping, cooking, cleaning. Night Fillmore, Mabel, MN 55954. Open until obtained online, and day shifts. Must be responsible. filled - Applications reviewed 10-5-2-12. in the Fillmore County in person at the Fillmore County Human e-mail $12.50/hour. 507-251-2978. h8,15-ito in! EOE. Details on school website: www. Journal Classifieds. Resources Office, 101 Fillmore Street, P.O. h1,8- o Box 466, Preston, MN 55965, or by phone City Of Rushford Village (507)765-4566. Applicants must complete O all application materials to be considered; Printed withClerk Soy ink City Position Opening resumes may be included, but will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. NEED TO THANK SOMEONE? The City of Rushford Village will accept applications for the Application Whether you’redeadline: Friday, October 19, Call the Journal at 507-765-2151 or 800position of City Clerk until Noon on October 12, 2012. This will be buying or 2012 atselling, 4:30 the p.m. EOE h1,8,15- o 599-0481 (507 area code) and we’ll take Journal Auto Page is a full-time position that may be shared with theyour City of Peterson. the place to look message over the phone. Home-and CommunityThe projected start date is on or about November 1, 2012. An PRINTED WITH SOY INK Based Services Liaison Application and a job description may be obtained during regular Our growing home-and office hours at the City of Rushford Village Office, 43038 State community-based services agency Highway 30 (507-864-7974). Both may also be requested by . Printed on recycled paper covering the Mower, Fillmore, and e-mail to, or found online at P Winona County Area isLlooking for Get the job done E Liaison ED H a part-time Community T Find the Now help you PRINTED ON Compensation will be based on experience and qualifications. Accepting Applications N deserve by advertising RECYCLED PAPER with focus on business WA and homeFor Pizza Delivery Drivers! with us! based technology development. Must Have Valid Drivers Fillmore County Journal Classifieds! Position available for a self-starter, License & Proof Of Insurance CALL THE JOURNAL to sell your extra 507-765-2151 • experienced in marketing/sales, stuff! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481. social work, or nursing with ON THE CRUNCHY SIDE in Harmony is hiring bartenders & wait staff, all shifts, ask for Lisa. Also hiring cooks & kitchen staff, all shifts, ask for Miles. Apply in person - fun place to work!! 507-886-5560. h1tfn- o

Everyday People, Extraordinary Contributions


REDUCE • REUSE • RECYCLE preferred home care background Starting Wage - $8.50 or experience. NatioN’s leadiNg Plus Tips And Delivery CALL THE JOURNAL to sell your old To Learn More Compensation trailer maNufacturer seekiNg vehicle! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 And To Apply Online in the 507 area code to list your vehicle. Find your dream home Stop IninAt 605 South Main St. Visit All line ads are seen on our website the Journal Classifieds Stewartville, MN or Call 888-381-3205 Or Apply Online At Work for the Official Trailer of NASCAR® and IndyCar! Featherlite, located in Cresco, Iowa, seeks job applicants for assembler and EOE, Drug-Free welder positions. Featherlite is the nation’s top brand for horse, EOE Workplace, 12-G0322 livestock, car and recreational/utility trailers, as well as ✽ ❆large ❋❊ ❉❆❋❉✽❋❉❆ custom semi specialty trailers and professional MORE . race car transporters.

assemBlers & Welders.

✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁✿❁ Need to thank someone? Call us. 507-765-2151 Advertising works 507-765-2151

AssEMBLERs NEEdEd We offer an exciting opportunity to work alongside some of the most committed and driven people in the industry, building the industry’s top products.•As an Assembler 507-765-2151 800-599-0481 you will assemble products by interpreting print packets and bills 1x ofcolumn 1 materials.fill To qualify you must be able to accurately measure components and assemblies, utilize a variety of hand, power and air tools and perform high quality work that our customers expect.

wELdERs NEEdEd This is an exciting career opportunity for entry level and experienced welders in the area of aluminum and/or steel component fabrication. Candidates will apply proper welding techniques to create aluminum and steel piecework and subassemblies, and read and interpret print packets and work orders for assigned jobs.


Help Wanted!

136 St. Anthony St. • P.O. Box 496 Preston, MN 55965 507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481 • FAX 765-2468

Agricultural/Commercial Lender

Rushford State Bank, a community-oriented, locally owned, independent SE MN bank, is currently looking for a motivated Fillmore County Journal individual to handle agricultural and commercial lending, along with FREE to over 10,000 households. 507-765-2151 • 800-599-0481some consumer. Responsibilities will include managing an existing loan portfolio and promoting new business development. The position requires an outgoing personality, a customer-satisfaction focus, detailed orientated with thorough understanding CLASSIFIEDS of agribusiness and REAP THE REwARds commercial credits, 3 to 5 years of lending experience. Experience THE PLACE TO FIND • Competitive with FSA, SBA, Farmer loan software and Precision THE MAC, BESTARTA DEALS Hourly Wages core systems a plus. We offer an exciting work environment, • Health, Dental, and competitive salary and benefit packages, and continuous educational IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE Vision Insurance in 507 area code 800-599-0481 opportunities. • Life and Disability Advertising in the For consideration, please send yourJournal resume in confidence to: Insurance isSteve a SNAP. Murley • Flex Spending/125 Sr. Vice President Plan for Medical Rushford State Bank and Child Care 219 S Mill St/P.O. Box 648, Rushford, MN 55971 Reimbursement • 401(k) Retirement Plan • Vacation Time • Personal Time Off • Paid Holidays has current openings for experienced, mature and caring individuals • Health Club Discount • Prescription Safety Eyeglasses Program Must be 18 or older. Earn up to $0.70 more Every other weekend scheduled and opportunities to pick up shifts during the week. per hour for coming to work on time or doing your job safely!

APPLy Now!

We only produce high quality products. If you are a high quality individual, please apply at our Cresco facility at 816 7th St. West, between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm or online at our website Also, you can call us at 563-547-4725 and we will be happy to mail you an application. Featherlite, Inc. requires pre-employment background and drug screen. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, strongly encouraging diversity within our workplace.

Good Shepherd Lutheran ServiceS

Part-Time Bremmer Suites Assisted Living Aide Part-Time Cook

Includes every other weekend and Holiday. Will train. • Convenient and close to home and school • Quality and caring staff, loving residents, rewarding work • Child care on-site with employee discount • Flexible scheduling, shift differential, no mandatory over-time or shift rotation • Wages based on education and experience • On-site Fitness Center For more information contact Kelly at GSLS PO Box 747, Rushford, MN or call 507/864-7714. Or visit our website at to fill out an application.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Services Creative Christian Living and Human Service

Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider

Help Wanted Full & Part-Time

Organic Food Production Near Harmony Required Attributes: • Honest And Reliable • Detail Oriented • Able To Closely Follow Specific Instructions • Self Starter, Able To Work Independently • Basic Computer Skills • Experience In Agriculture/Food Production Helpful

Call 507-886-4854 or email to request application. Harmony Community HealthCare LPN/RN & NuRsiNg AssistANt (evening shift) For more information Email: Ruth McGarvey, RN, DON

PARt time dietARy Aide For more information call: Shelly Dolley 507-886-6544 ext. 105

PARt time housekeePiNg/ LAuNdRy For more information call: Randy Mohs 507-886-6544 ext. 109

Harmony Community Healthcare offers: Competitive wages, flexible schedule Shift differentials & Training

AUCTION CALENDAR Sat. Oct. 13 9:30am Collectibles and Farm Machinery Auction. Located at Millard Runge Estate & Anita Runge, Harmony MN. For more information contact Boyum Auctions at 507-273-6941 or go to Listing in the Journal. Sun. Oct. 14 9:00am Antiques, Tools and Household Auction. Selling 12-14 Hayracks of Small. Located Spring Valley Sales Auction Building, 412 East Park Street, Spring Valley, MN. For more information contact Spring Valley Sales Company at Listing in the Journal. Sat., Nov. 10 10am - Highly productive 159.55 acre in Olmsted County. Farm located at 6446 20th Ave. SE. Rochester, MN 55904. For more information contact: Tony Montgomery Realty & Auction at 507.421.0232 or at Listing in the Journal. On-line AucTiOn infOrmATiOn

Bidding ends on Wed. Oct. 10th at 6pm Thousands of sports cards, Nascar Diecast cars, beer collectibles, coins and more! Viewing days: Sun., Oct. 7 from 11am-3pm and Tue. Oct. 9 from 3pm to 7pm at Darr Auctions facility at 909 Larson Lane in Rushford, MN. For more information contact Darr Auctions at 800-852-0010 or go to Listing in the Journal. Bidding ends on Wed. Oct. 16th at 5:30pm Antiques, Collectibles, Very Nice Furniture, Duetz Tractor, Guns, Tools and more! Viewing days: Tue., Oct. 9 from 3pm-7pm and Sun. Oct. 14 from 11am to 3pm at Darr Auctions facility at 909 Larson Lane in Rushford, MN. For more information contact Darr Auctions at 800-852-0010 or go to Listing in the Journal. To list your Auction 507-765-2151

Call the FCJ at 507-765-2151 to advertise or offer news tips!

EMPLOYMENT NEEDED at Fillmore Central Schools: Junior high girls’ basketball coach. First day of practice is November 12, 2012. Submit letter of application to: Chris Mensink, A.D., Fillmore Central Schools, P.O. Box 50, Preston, MN 55965. Open until filled. h1,8- o

EMPLOYMENT STRAIGHT TRUCK DRIVER needed with Class B CDL for Rochester to La Crosse area. 6 days a week. Regular parttime split shift. Good driving record and work history required. Send resume to, fax to 608-457-2656, or mail to N811 Old River Rd., Stoddard, WI 54658. h8,15- o

MANAGER: Would you like to become a Manager for a 900 sow farm? We are searching for a dependable individual with great people skills, experience in all aspects of swine caregiving, including gestation and farrowing, and ability to work fulltime. Competitive wages and benefit package are available. Please call: 507-3245901 ext. 101 weekdays from 8am to 5pm. Applications and resumes will be accepted weekdays 8am-5pm. h1,8,15- o


Loan Administrative Assistant

Full Time Mechanic, Welding Skills, Knowledge Of Diesel & Trailer Repair, Farm Experience, CDL Preferred But Not Required.

This position will assist in preparing loan documents for loan officers for all loan types, maintain and continuously improve loan operation procedures and performance, ensures full compliance of loan files and documents, resolves loan documentation with lending team, provides the main support for secondary market loans, provides general information to customers, accepts loan documentation information, and provides a variety of duties related to the processing of loan documentation. Two years of experience preferred. Knowledge required in Word processing and/or computerized loan processing programs. We offer an exciting work environment, competitive salary and benefit package, and continuous educational opportunities. For consideration, please send your resume in confidence to:Rushford State Bank Attn: Jim Roberton, P.O. Box 648, Rushford, MN 55971 or e-mail to

brenda sheldon, abr, gri

(507) 346-2060 Cell: 507-951-2071 toll-free: 888-835-8141 10894 st. Hwy 16 sPring Valley $198,500

Great opportunity to own a 10 acre parcel of country property! The home has been newly renovated with new kitchen w/hickory cabinets, new appliances, pantry, all new flooring, new sheet rock & knockdown ceilings, 3 bdms, 2 baths, perm siding, new furnace, hot water heater & updated electrical. 3 car detached garage and other outbuildings excellent for storage. Pasture, wooded & cropland.

Beautiful updated 3 bdrm 2 full bath ranch style home. New addition features family room w/gas fireplace & patio doors to outside covered deck. Lower level finished w/family room, full bath & lg. bedroom w/walk-in closet. Dinette area in kitchen has useable work space & dining area. Tastefully decorated on close to an acre of land w/new mound septic system. Last house on the edge of Co Rd 20 in Greenleafton - Enjoy small town living with the “feel” of country!


i NEw List



630 maIn sT. chaTFIeLd Wood Floors • 2 enclosed porches • 2 Baths Steel Siding • New Roof • All new sheet rocked walls • Main floor laundry




3 Bedroom on main floor • Wheel Chair Assess. In-Floor Heat in House & Garage •3 Baths Main Floor Laundry • Fireplace


s NEw Li



Rock, DiRt, SanD Larry, Travis, Wynn, Josh in tHe last 18 montHs oVer 85 listings and sales. witH multiPle listing serViCes, i am your loCal ConneCtion to tHe roCHester area and surrounding Communities. i also sHow all mls listings. Call on me for all your real estate needs! 15478 County 9, Preston $109,000

117 Crown Hill rd w Preston $174,900

Great 4.83 Acreage with barn & several outbuildings. Great trails within the property down to and near the Root River which borders the property. The home has many updates and also includes hardwood floors, natural wood work, 4 large bedrooms, 2 baths, main floor laundry, open staircase, formal dining, den/study and a mud room (or 3 season porch) off kitchen area.

If you are looking for small town quiet living look no further. In the small village of Greenleafton you will find a beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 bath walk out ranch style home. The lower level is completely finished with new updated neutral carpet, bath, office area currently used as guest room, and large family room. The upper level has 3 bdrms, bath, eat in kitchen, main floor laundry, dining area and deck off kitchen area overlooking back yard. The back yard is private with many mature trees. It is move in ready!

I Show All MlS lIStIngS 22 years exPerienCe serVing roCHester and se mn LOTs FOr saLe Chatfield - Fingerson & Donahoe - 1st Subdivison - Lots Starting At - $29,900 $117,500 14 WInOna sT chaTFIeLd

Ranch Home • New Roof • New Windows Wood Floors • Remodeled bath • Gas Fireplace 3-season porch

Farms & acreage xxx OLd shady WOOd dr. sprIng vaLLey

6 Acre Building Site • Completely Wooded Across frm Good Earth Village • $34,900


NEw Lis





322 prOspecT sT. chaTFIeLd 3 Bedroom Ranch • 2 Baths 3 Season Porch • 2 Car Garage Main Floor Laundry


507-765-4710 507-251-5033 (Cell)

NEw Lis

310 mapLe sT. LanesbOrO

326 Parkside Dr. SE Res 507-765-2297 Preston, MN 55965 Cell 507-251-5535

105 Crown Hill Rd., Preston, MN


2103 margareT sT. chaTFIeLd

Randy Haakenson • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural

Ristau HauleRs inc


NEw List


2.8 acres • Private setting • Steel Siding 3-car Heated Garage • 2 Fireplaces • W/O • Patio Abundance Of Wildlife • Wood Floors • Main Floor Laundry/Mudroom • Open Floor Plan

Call for a frEE EstimatE! Chad Cordie 507-261-5244

estate industry!

Cell 507-259-5454

TRANSMISSION REBUILDING: Foreign and domestic, auto & light truck. 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Call for prices. Brown’s Tire, Battery, & Transmission. Rushford 507-864-2969 or 1-888-864-7049. v20tfn- o

Fully Insured & Owner Operated Serving Olmsted & Fillmore Counties

the leader in the real

Website: E-mail:


residential & Commercial

Townhouse • Patio 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths W/O • Deck • Open Floor Plan


217 2nd sT sW chaTFIeLd

3 Bedroom •D/O • Wood Floors Main Floor Laundry • 2 Porches Close to Mill Creek Park

605 1/2 caLhOun ave. LanesbOrO

503 ave. c chaTFIeLd


3 Bedroom • 2 full baths • Walk-out insulated garage • Living room • Dining room • Family Room

19405 sT. hWy 80 WyKOFF

Next to State Trail • 3 bedrooms • Hickory Cabinets • 2 Baths • Deck

4 + acres • 4 bedrooms on main floor Main floor laundry • Large deck • 720 Sq. Ft. Garage Large Ranch • Enclosed Breezeway $199,900


209 maIn sT. FOunTaIn

707 rOcheLLe ave. s LanesbOrO

4 City Lots • 3+ Bedrooms • 2 Gas Fireplaces Wood Floors • Main Floor Laundry • Deck 3 Car Heated Garage • Steel Siding

2 Story • 3+ Bedrooms 2 Full Baths • Main Floor Laundry 2 Car Garage • Porch $114,900


3+ Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Gas Fireplace 2 Car Garage • New Roof • Vinyl Siding

222 2nd ave. WhaLan



312 bench sT. sW chaTFIeLd

Page 31


Mowing • Trimming • Edging • Aerating Overseeding • Mulch (Colored/Natural) De-thatching • Spring & Fall Cleanups Light Tree Trimming • Shrub Pruning Firewood • Garden Tilling • Powerwashing Snow Removal • Delivery (Material Hauling)

21933 County rd. 20 Preston $109,000

todd Hadoff

NEw Lis

Professional Service - Affordable Price

Send Resume To: PO Box 366 Lanesboro, MN 55949

715 north broadway (Home federal bldg.), spring Valley, mn email -

Great hobby farm all set up for horses on 30.41 acres in SE MN. Spacious home with spring fed creek and panoramic views of the countryside. The 2 car tuck under garage is insulated and has a heated workshop. 36x48 shed used for horses plus an open shelter in pasture area. The home is spacious with up to 6 bdrms, 3 baths and finished lower level walk out. Over 3,000 sq ft of living space



Help Wanted!

15646 160 st. sPring Valley $249,900


Monday, October 8, 2012

513 sprIng ave presTOn

704 KenILWOrTh ave. s LanesbOrO

Knotty Pine Throughout • 2 Car Garage Main Floor Laundry • Enclosed Porch

Wood Floors • High Ceilings Charcoal • 2 Car Garage

135 saLem pT. dr. sW rOchesTer

Townhouse • 4 Season Porch Patio • Fireplace • 3 Bedrooms 3 Baths • Main Floor Living


CommerCial building - wykoff Completely renovated building that is ideal for any type of restaurant, catering or other business opportunity. The lower level is finished for additional space. $199,900 new listing - CommerCial building - lanesboro Great opportunity to own

large commercial building in a high traffic area. Potential business could be retail, restaurant/bar, convenience store/grocery, crafts or many other uses. Can be divided off. Apartment above for rental or personal use. $89,900

28089 everyday rd. LanesbOrO 8 acres • Pasture for horses • 50x64 heated shop New well • New roof • 50 x 112 shed Outdoor wood burner for house and shop


11687 deer rOad mabeL Cabin on 16 acres • Knotty Pine • Steel siding New well & septic • Covered porch In-floor heat • Loft area • Laundry


Page 32




schroeder drywall ReSidential - CommeRCial

11753 State Hwy 43, Mabel, MN 55954 Craig Henry Shop 507.493.5399 • Mobile 507.450.5573

Drywall Hanging • Taping • Texturing Rusty Schroeder “Free estimates” 507-765-3648



Custom Hay Mowing, Raking & Baling



Shamiah Womeldorf, Rural Lanesboro


PO Box 273 • 70 4th St. NW, Harmony MN 55939 We are proud to offer these services: • DOT Inspections on your pickup & trailer • Install B&W gooseneck hitches • Install brake controllers • Trailer brake repair • Light repair on trailers • Wiring repair on pickups and trailers • Welding repair and modifications on steel and aluminum trailers •View our inventory at We are looking forward to helping you with all your trailer needs!

TNT Lawn Service


8-YEAR-OLD 15 2 hand gelding broke to ride and drive. Used as a trail horse. Cathy

2004 Chevy Impala SS, black, V6 507-259-3291. f1,8,15- o Supercharged 3.8L engine, All the bells and whistles -- Moon Roof, Spoiler, PW, PL, HOG BUILDINGS - Erickson farrowing barn, new floors. 24x30 nursery. Must be Automatic, XM Radio, OnStar, Leather, Dual Power Seats, Heated Seats, AM/FM moved. Accepting offers. Call 507-867Radio, Cassette, Multi-disc CD Player, 2974. Rural Spring Valley. f1,8- x Bose Sound System. 142,000 miles, and HAY FOR SALE: 54 big round bales of in great shape. $8,300 or best offer. Call mixed hay: alfalfa, brome and orchard 507-251-5297. a3tfn- x grass. Baled w/ a big John Deere baler. All net wrapped, no rain. 507-467-2333. f8,15,22- x


make arrangements now for your lawn care

• Mowing • Stump Grinding • Fall Clean-Up • Snow Plowing • Ice Management



Norby Tree Service: Stump grinding, INTERNATIONAL PLOW. 720 6-18 inch. tree trimming and removal. Call Dave Good condition. $2,750. Uniferth head Norby at 507-259-3118. v8/2tfn- o moving trailer - 25 ft. With lights, nice. $3,400. 507-875-2630. f17,24,1,8- o HEAVY-DUTY roadside brush cutting 23’ boom. Fully insured. Call Peter Norby 507- FOR SALE: 4-year-old Morgan Standard 743-8568. v8/27-10/15- x bred cross mare. Traffic safe and sound. Menno P. Mast, 20313 Co. 19, Lanesboro, MN 55949. f1,8- x



The Official Legal Newspaper for Fillmore County

Monday, October 8, 2012

• Aerating • Power Brooming • Insured • Light Backhoe Work Call: 507-268-4977 or Cellphone: 507-429-6755

(Free Estimates)

FALL HARVEST: Need help harvestcombine. Experience most w/John Deere equipment. References available. 507-993-9878. f8,15o

ing your crop? I’ll run your TIRE, BATTERY & TRANSMISSION

Hwy. 16 & 43, RUSHFORD, MN 507-864-2969 • 1-888-864-7049


YOUR COMPLETE FULL SERVICE SHOP • Auto, Truck & Farm Tires PER • Computerized Alignment O O C • Custom Exhaust S TIRE • Full Brake Service • Full Line of Auto Repairs • Transmission Repairs

Printed with Soy ink

DISH NETWORK Starting at $19.99/ month Plus 30 Premium Movie Channels Free for 3 Months! Save! & Ask About same day installation! Call – 866/785-5167 MCAN PRINTED WITH


Call The JOURNAL to sell your extra stuff! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481.



210 Park St. Peterson, mn

too new For Picture!!!

120 4th St SW, HArmony, mn 3 bedroom ranch home on quiet street, open living & dining, access to back yard from kitchen. LL rec and storage area & 1 car det garage. $78,000

355 3rd Ave SE, HArmony, mn

Move in ready! Well kept 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath, updated kitchen, finished family room on lower level, 2 car garage. $109,900

285 niagara ct, HArmony, mn Large backyard with no backyard neighbor! 3 Bedroom, 2 bath. Updates include shingles, siding & windows in 2005, patio door in 2008, LL offers great storage & room to expand. Att garage. $78,000

30 3rd Ave nW, HArmony, mn

One level home, corner lot! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, You won’t believe the space in this 2 bedroom kitchen open to dining, breakfast bar, att 2 car home. Beautiful oak hardwoods, updated windows, & shingles, private covered patio and large garage. $104,900 det garage $68,000

25 Center St. W, Harmony, MNall 55939 line ads are seen on our website • Toll Free: 888-839-2142 ®

15523 cty. 9 Hwy greenleafton, mn

210 center St. W HArmony, mn Lovely turn of the century home. 9 ft ceilings, pillars, decorative moldings, hardwood floors, & original cabinetry detail. Eat in kitchen, plus a large dining room. 3 season porch. $98,000

235 1st Ave nE HArmony, mn

Affordable living, well kept 3 bedroom home. Main floor laundry and full basement. Includes a 24 x 40 detached building with high ceilings offers room for storage, workshop. 12 x 40 detached garage. $52,000

Quality custom built ranch home (2009) located on 11.4 acres offers the serenity of a picture perfect setting overlooking a trout stream. Geothermal heat, Custom Amish cabinets, floors, and millwork. Professionally landscaped & patio, with cedar fencing, call for details! $259,900

Licensed Assistant

Office 507-886-4221 Very nicely remodeled 2 bedroom ranch home. New windows, siding, shingles, decking. Freshly painted, new flooring, good sized bedrooms and bath. Move in ready with large yard. Wonderful country views. $75,000

18245 160th St

✽ ❆ ❋ ❊ ❉ ❆ ❋ ❉cHErry ✽ ❋grovE, ❉ ❆mn



150 2nd St. nE HArmony, mn

340 A 5th Ave SE, HArmony, mn

Neat, well laid out space. Family room, living room, Comfort by Design this 2 bedroom, 2 bath large bathroom, laundry & utilities on main floor. townhome offers open living dining area, 3 bedrooms upstairs and a large attached garage. ample storage, att garage , patio, appliFenced yard! $79,900

Need to thank someone? Call us. 507-765-2151 ances. $123,000

401 county rd 8 Advertising works FountAin, mn 507-765-2151 Surprisingly spacious 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath 3 bedroom ranch 312 Preston St nW PrESton, mn

garage $85,000

340 B 5th Ave SE, HArmony, mn

Relax & Enjoy! 2 bedroom, 2 baths, townhome. Great layout with generous sized rooms. Attached garage, CA, patio appliances. $123,000

Fillmore County ing iStJournal ew l households. FRee to overn10,000 507-765-2151 • nW 800-599-0481 312 St PAuL St PrESton, mn

3/4 bath & office. $103,900

church Hill School condos

church Hill School condos

45742 cty 29 mABEL, mn

Kelsey Fischer

home. Eat in kitchen, Property sold “as is” in present condiHouse & Shop! Spacious 4 bedroom, 1 ½ bath 1 ½ story home, nice layout, fireplace, det. Ga- home. Updates include siding, windows, fur- center island & pantry. Generous living & tion. Remodel or a super lot to build oak hardwoods. Updated windows, siding & nace, central air. New 784 sq ft 2 car heated rage plus bonus shop and storage! $76,500 shingles. Lower level family room, bedroom, new. $20,000

LotS & LAnD 16108 305th Ave. Harmony - 1880’s Country Farm Home on quiet country road, pasture with mature oaks & creek. Use as cabin or build new. Additional land available. Close to great hunting & fishing & bike trail. 4 acres. $50,000 212 Street, Preston - One of the best trophy deer hunting parcels in Fillmore County! 100 acres of woods, meadows and a creek bottom provide excellent deer and turkey hunting. 25 tillable acres in alfalfa/clover. Adjoins Forestville State Park. $315,000 Jewel road, Preston - 41.3 acres, mixture of woods and crop land. A few options of buildable sites. $190,000 Farm Land: 94.75 Acres - CRP land, Bristol Township. Sets high and could be put back into production, Bristol Township, call for details! Buildable Wooded - 46.88 acres buildable, driveway access, Bristol Township Drake road, Lanesboro: 2 Parcels offered: Camping site, hiking trail open prairie on top. Camp, hike, hunt. Secluded setting offers a place to get away from a busy world! 16.49 acres @ $ 42,874 24.1 Acres @ $62,660 3RD Ave SE Harmony: Investment opportunity! 7 lots offered at a reduced price of $11,900 each (discount for 2 or more) Walk outs possible on select lots, no assessments.


Call The JOURNAL to sell your old

vehicle! 507-765-2151 or 800-599-0481 Select Properties in the 507 area code to list your vehicle.

Roxanne Johnson,

liS new

NEED TO THANK SOMEONE? Call the Journal at 507-765-2151 or 800599-0481 (507 area code) and we’ll take your message over the phone.

Printed on recycled paper


Call it in!



Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI

thank you so much everyone, for cards, gifts and good wishes for our 60th wedding anniversary. Big thank you 507-765-2151 to our family for making our day “special.” God bless 800-599-0481 love to all. Allen & Lilah Ellingson t8- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE WANT TO THANK our girls and their families for the nice open house they had it in! for our 50th Call anniversary. Thank you to all that came, sent or gave cards, (507 and area gifts. code) It 800-599-0481 was greatly appreciated, and we really had a good time. Dean & Mavis Brunsvold t8- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE FAMILY OF CORINE KRAHN it in!thank you would like toFAX offer a heartfelt for all of 507-765-2468 the flowers, memorials, support and kind words in the unexpected and sudden loss of our wife/mother. Also, a special thank you to Larry and Melissa Schmidt for their wonderful music, Pastor Mark Rader and Pastor Marty Palermo for their very meaningful service and the ladies of the Faith United Methodist Church for their e-mail it remain in! in our lovely lunch. Corine will hearts forever. Shorty Krahn and family. t8- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

109 Spruce St, FountAin, mn

2006 Build. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, vaulted ceiling, CA, open floor plan, LL finished family area, office, & more, 2 car att, deck, backs up to park & trail. $195,000

A unique opportunity & great location, 1 finished 507-765-2151 800-599-0481 A unique opportunity & great location, 2•finished unit, purchase together or separate, unit on first floor 1,106 sq ft with garage $150,000, garage option, rent to own option, North Unit 1 unfinished unit on top floor panoramic view 1.478 sq ft with garage $150,000 $110,000, South Unit $125,000

1x ncolumn fill 1 g

203 coffee St. TO ADVERTISE IT PAYS in 507 LAnESBoro, mn 800-599-0481 area code

Quaint 2 bedroom, 1.5 story home with view of north bluff, easy access to downtown, trail, theatres & river. Great Location! $59,000


nan er Fi


10252 351st Ave cAnton, mn Hard to find this many acres at this affordable price! 3 bedroom home with part finished walkout basement. det garage, shop, shed, barn, fenced pasture, creek, 21 acres! $175,000

420 Parkside Dr PrESton, mn Great location on edge of town 3 bedroom, 3 bath home, office, master en suite, LL finished 3 car attached. PLUS 812 sq ft det heated garage/shop with ¾ bath. $269,900 g din


401 north St nW PrESton, mn

302 Bench St SW, cHAtFiELD, mn

Original oak hardwood floors & woodwork on Quality built home with eat in kitchen, open formal dining area and the main floor. Walk in pantry plus built-in, and living room with wonderful windows. Master bedroom with patio door to 12 x 24 four season room. Lower level family room, guest open staircase. 1 car det. garage. $59,900 bedroom and bath. Attached, insulated 2 car garage $153,000

730 3rd Ave SE, HArmony, mn Custom built 4 bedroom home, master en suite, walk ins, Open living space, vault, fireplace, LL finished. 2 car attached, backs up to country. Contract for deed available & rent to own option. $197,500

450 2nd St SE, HArmony, mn

Super location on tree lined street this 3 bedroom home is packed with potential. 1 car garage $52,000

g din


44596 Hillview Dr., ruSHForD, mn Fantastic property on dead end, with country views. This custom built ranch is loaded with detail! Great kitchen, center island open to dining area. Large entertainment area with built in media center, billiards room. XL-2 car heated garage. $189,900

35 main Ave S HArmony, mn Commercial building with excellent main street location. Steel roof pitched, steel & vinyl siding, and updated windows. Main level retail with counter & sink area, 3/4 bath & storage. 2nd level 2 bdrm apartment. Detached garage. $ 59,900

330 main Ave S, HArmony, mn Updated 2 bedroom home , new kitchen, bath, oak panel doors, Furnace, CA, deck, 2 car det garage. $61,500

SOLD - 15545 Kiwi Rd. Preston SOLD - 22562 140 St. Preston PENDING - 19731 Aurora Rd. Mabel PENDING - 418 PrEStON St. PrEStON PENDING - 32776 136 St. HarmONy PENDING - 420 2 avE. SE HarmONy

Share your thoughts at


Monday, October 8, 2012

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FOR SALE: 3 bedroom home in the country with heated shop. 507-259-6961. e30tfn- o

Nice 2BR apt. in Preston, $350/mo + util. Scott 765-3600. r8tfn- o

Large lot in New Horizon Trailer Park in Preston. Available Immediately. 7652131 or 1-800-770-0347. r10/5tfn- o

Need to store snowmobiles, a classic car, or a boat? Do you need storage while in the process of moving? Space is available for rent in a building located in Preston. Call 507-251-5297. r28tfn- x

LAKEWOOD SENIOR HOuSINg, 420 Bench St. Chatfield. Easy yard work, no shoveling! For those who are 62 and older, handicapped/disabled. 1-bedroom apts. Heat paid. On-site laundry. Rent based on income. Off-street parking. Call (507) 867-4791.

TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE or rent: 2 BR, bath &1/2. Attached garage. 508 West Fillmore St, Preston. Available Nov. 1st. Contact Andy Bunge 507-251-7952. e8,15,22,29- o


1 BR, 4-PLEX in Canton. $325, water & trash included. Stove, refrigerator. Available November 10th. 507-273-9036. r8,15- o

FOR RENT: Lg. 2 bedroom apt. with garage, Fountain. 507-259-6961. r30tfn- o


AlwAys CAll RAndy BARnes

FOR RENT: Preston. 2 BR apt, stove, refridge, A/C, laundry hookups, off street parking. NSNP. Available Nov. 1st. 507467-2941. r24tfn- o

Randy Barnes 507-251-3271

410 N. Main, Harmony, MN • (Across from Kwik Trip)

Richard Milne

PRICe RedUCed-HARmony 3 Bedroom, Nice Neighborhood. $69,000. Call Randy Barnes for Details, 507-251-3271.

Real Estate, LLC

Darr realty lIStINGS! NEW LISTING - 611 Grove St. E, Rushford -

100 N Money Creek St. Rushford- Beautiful home

with new carpet, freshly painted, updated baths, heated garage with 3rd stall for lawn equipment, large main floor laundry, plenty of storage updated baths on both levels. $129,900

Charming 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with updated bath, newer roof, maintenance free; all appliances stay. So affordable - move right in! $98,000

ld so 4309 State 76, Houston - Excellent 23 AC Hobby 121 N Elm, Rushford - Classic home w/hardwood

floors, open staircase; new roof, windows, completely remodeled kitchen, large garage & added storage. Fenced yard, 3 BR, 2 BA, $125,000

Farm w/Creek; 10 tillable; 4+ BR home, main floor laundry, 2 frplcs., good roof, vinyl siding; outbuildings; 20 mi from Winona & La Crosse. $289,900

Lot - 44536 Oakview Loop, Rushford 400 S Broadway, Spring Valley - 3 BR, 1 BA home on corner lot : Updated kitchen and newer 4 AC Lot - Beautiful views in this quiet bluff valley furnace; property being sold “as is”; subdivision. All blacktop and a community well. Surveyed and ready to go! $39,900

Motivated seller so make an offer.

Build your dream home on 17.5 AC - with spring fed

& Associates

Preston Great-3 bedroom, 2

HARMONY - HARMONY MANOR: Rent 30% of Income! 1 & 2 bedroom apartments now available for seniors 62+ or disabled. New siding and windows. On site laundry, large community room for family gatherings. Call ROSIE (507)886-2137. Equal Housing Opportunity. r1,8,15,22,29- o

Preston Enjoy this 3 Bedroom

SPRING GROVE - SPRING GROVE MANOR: Rent 30% of Income! 1 bedroom apartments now available for seniors 62+ or disabled. New Siding and windows. On site laundry, large community room for family gatherings. (507)498-5780. Equal Housing Opportunity. r1,8,15,22,29- o

full bath. Country living chalet type feeling with the soaring to ceiling wood burning brick fireplace in the open and inviting living room. Oversized 2 car heated and insulated garage. Great views from inside and from the deck. New furnace. $179,000 MLS#4038709

2 Bath split that offers privacy with wooded area in backyard. Home features vaulted family room with Gas Fireplace, New Shingles in 2010, New Furnance in 2011, step saving kitchen and spacious living room. $112,000 MLS#4036444

Home 507-765-2172 Cell: 507-951-3672 Fax: 507-765-5308 Email: daVid Milne 507-696-6730


For more inFormation go to

Rushford, MN

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13th 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM



• 2 Plus bedroom • 2 Bath • Large corner lot • Main floor living • Totally updated • All appliances • Move-in condition • CA





TIM DANIELSON E-mail: 272 Main St. North Chatfield MN 55923 Phone: 867-9100 Cell: 259-9110


CHATFIELD – Fingerson & Donahoe First Subd. Covenant controlled neighborhood with lg cul-de-sac, walk-out lots w/private backyards. Lots starting at $29,900. NEW PRICING AND ADDITIONAL LOTS AVAILABLE! FOUNTAIN - Two outlots for the price of one! Large level lot (132’ x 300’) on the corner of dead end street in an established neighborhood. $19,900 #4037960 LANESBORO – 1.43 acre building site within city limits. Great views, walkout, city utilities, protective convenants apply. $44,900 #4031256 RACINE – Lyman’s Second Subdivision. Located in newer development on cul-de-sac street with city utilities, choice of builder and covenant controlled. Hurry only 3 lots available. Prices starting at $19,900.




• 3 Bedrooms plus 2 dens • Main Fl laundry • Numerous updates, steel siding • Huge 2 car garage, deck movie-in-condition


• 3 Main floor bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage • Main floor Laundry, Great room w/gas fireplace • Formal Dining, Updated Kitchen & Bath • New roof, flooring, vinyl siding, central air unit


• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 2,496 sq. ft. • New windows, roof, vinyl siding, driveway • Tons of hardwood & ceramic tile floors MOVE-IN-CONDITION



• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Main floor laundry • Updated Kitchen w/custom cabinets • Steel Siding • New flooring and roof • Conveniently located across from High School



• 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Gas Fireplace • Great Location

615 MAIN ST S, CHATFIELD • 4 Bedroom • 3 Bath • Updated


SOLD SOLD 616 CLIFF ST NE, CHATFIELD LD • 4 BedroomsS • 2O Baths • Lg Foyer


• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Original woodwork • Leaded windows • Paneled doors • Hardwood floors • 2 Enclosed porches • Numerous improvements



• 3 Bedrms • Den • 2 Baths • Fireplace • Workshop • Open floor plan • Great Room • 2508 sq. ft. • Newer furnace & central air • Finished LL








• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Main floor laundry • Open layout • New stainless steel appliances • Tons of ceramic tile • Modern colors • Bar area • Fenced yard • Deck • Heated garage • New roof



• 4 Bedrooms • 2 baths • 2 Car garage • Hardwood floors • Open Staircase • Sunroom • Remodeled 2nd floor • Steel Siding • New roof • Fenced backyard






• 3 Bedrooms plus den • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Exceptional layout • .47 acre lot • Patio • Quality windows • Maintenance free exterior • Backyard has neighbors and is very private



• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Main floor living, • 2412 sq. ft. • paneled doors • deck • Quality • Built in 2002 • fireplace • granite tops • Steel siding • 0.32 acre • no backyard neighbors



• 4 Bedrooms • 5 baths • Brick exterior • Main floor living • 3’ doors • 9’ Ceilings • 4,784 sq. ft. • 1.3 acre lot • Private Drive • LL previously used as mother-in-law residence



• 3 Bedroom • 2 bath • Fully furnished • Totally remodeled from the studs in 1992 • Oversized 2 car garage (24’x34’) • Main floor living • Move-in-condition









• 2 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Wood/vaulted ceilings • 3 Car garage • No backyard neighbors



$16,500 $69,900

• 3 Bedroom • Main floor living • Deck • 2 car garage • Maintenance free exterior • New roof & windows • Just move-in


$109,000 135 GOLD ST SOUTH, WYKOFF


• 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bath • 2 Car garage • New roof • Updated throughout • Original • Gorgeous French Second Empire cottage

For more information on these listings and others visit...



$399,900 #4036698

• 3 Bedroom • 3 Bath ranch built in 2001 • Heated shop w/bath • 2 pole sheds • 2 Cattle sheds • Calf shed • Just off the blacktop • 15 min to Rochester • Additional Land Available



• 2 Bedroom • Erect wall for 3rd • 3 Bath • Wet bar • Main floor laundry • Paneled doors • Fireplace • Master suite with whirlpool tub • Separate shower • Brick/Stone work inside & out • Private backyard


$59,900 • 2 Bedroom plus den • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Hardwood floors • Fireplace • Newer roof • 2 lots




2 AVE B NE, CHATFIELD • 2 Bedrooms • 0.52 Acre lot • No backyard neighbors 933 GRAND ST SE, CHATFIELD • 4 Bedrooms, Main floor living, Appliances







• 3+ Bedrooms on same level • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Numerous updates • Move-in cond.


• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Open layout • 3 Finished levels






• 4 Bedroom • 3 Bath • 2 Car garage







SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13th 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM




Saturday Open Houses

notice The Fillmore County Planning Commission will conduct a meeting on the evening of October 18, 2012 in Room 601L in the Fillmore County Courthouse at 101 Fillmore Street Preston, MN starting at 7:00 p.m. There will be a public hearing on a Conditional Use Permit request by Heusinkveld Farms LLP for a Feedlot expansion in Forestville Township. There will also be a Public Hearing for an Ordinance Amendment on the Fillmore County Zoning Ordinance to remove the City of Whalan from Section 606.01 of the Fillmore County Zoning Ordinance and a discussion on the proposed amendments to Section 721 and (proposed) Section 736 pertaining to construction aggregate and industrial sand mining. There may also be a discussion on other Zoning topics. Chris Graves Fillmore County Zoning Administrator Publish 8

Scenic View TownhomeS • Spacious 2 & 3 bedrooms • Attached garages included • Beautiful area • Starting at $505 Income restrictions apply. 507-864-7880 • Rushford, MN

RichaRd Milne

Rodney Darr Cell # 507-951-3843

notice of annual meeting for the lanesboro historical preservation association The Annual Meeting for The Lanesboro Historical Preservation Association will be held at the Lanesboro Museum on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 12:00 Noon. All members 18 years old and over with a current membership are eligible to vote at this meeting. Publish 24,1,8

LANESBORO: Lovely 1 BR on Parkway. $430 includes utilities, kitchen and laundry appliances. No smoking or pets. Available November. 651-492-9620. r8- o

BRokeR, GRi, aBR

Commercial lot in Rushford, MN - 1/2 acre lot zoned commercial adjacent to Minnesota State Bike Trail. $49,900


HOUSE FOR RENT in Greenleafton. 3 BR, $450/month plus utilities. 507-4219794. r8,15- o

Preston - Picturesque, approximately 900 ft of Root River frontage, 4 bed, 2 bath, 27 aceres, sportsman’s paradise with many updates. Proposed bike trail runs next to property. 36 x 56 pole shed for all your toys. $279,000 MLS#4020938

stream for horses, South of Rushford on HWY 43. $89,900

Jeff Darr Cell # 715-495-6948

FOR RENT: 2 BR apt. in Harmony. Appliances furnished. $400/month. No pets. 507-452-6335. r1tfn- o


• 1 Bedroom • Cheaper than renting • Currently rented • Conveniently located • Sold in the “AS-IS” condition


CHATFIELD ORCHARD RIDGE LOTS –BANK OWNED Townhome lots with private backyards (4 walkout, 2 level). This upscale neighborhood is on a paved dead end road with city utilities. Only $20,000/each.



212 MAIN ST S, CHATFIELD $64,900


• Professional office space or retail • Display window • hardwood floors • ½ Bath • 1 Bedroom apartment on second floor

• Updated main floor w/1,320 sq ft & bath • 2-1 Bedroom apartment’s w/separated utilities






• 3 Bedroom • Main floor laundry • Level corner lot • New windows, roof, siding, boiler, water heater • Recently updated kithcen & bath, deck • Patio



• Great Opportunity to be your own Boss! • Turn Key, Call for details!

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Monday, October 8, 2012




notice of hearing Please take notice that a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights of biological children of Jose Israel Galvez Zavala was filed with the Fillmore County Juvenile Court on September 19, 2012. Pursuant to law, Jose Israel Galvez Zavala is a party to this proceeding. The court has scheduled an Admit/ Deny hearing regarding the Termination of Parental Rights Petition on October 25, 2012, at 8:30 a.m., at the Fillmore County Courthouse, Preston, MN 55965. You are required to appear at the hearing on the date and time above. If you fail to appear at the hearing, the hearing may take place in your absence, the Court may find you in contempt of court, or it may issue a warrant for your arrest, or all of the above. The Court may find the statutory grounds set forth in the Petition have been proven, or the Court may issue an Order granting the relief requested in the Petition, which may include terminating the parental rights of the parents. As a party to this matter you have numerous rights and a responsibility, therefore, your presence at the hearing is required. /s/ James D. Attwood Fillmore County Court Administrator James D. Attwood

Complete the form and fax along with copies of your checks to 763.694.0216. Plan deposits and mailing fees are to be sent to ARC at 3005 Ranchview Lane North – Plymouth, Minnesota 55447. Bidding Documents may be examined at the office of the Architect-Kane & Johnson Architects, Inc., 2460 Highway 63 North, Suite 100, Rochester, Minnesota 55906. Telephone: 507.288.1839/ Fax: 507.288.1830 and the office of the Construction Manager, Construction Analysis & Management, Inc. – 7398 University Avenue N. E., Fridley, Minnesota 55432, Telephone: 612.669.8525; the Owner – Fillmore County, and the following plan rooms: McGraw Hill Construction Rochester Builders Exchange South Central Builders Exchange Mid-Minnesota Buildings Exchange Austin Builders Exchange Albert Lea Builders Exchange Minneapolis Builders Exchange Mankato Builders Exchange LaCrosse Builders Exchange St. Paul Builders Exchange Southwest Builders Exchange iSqFt/AGC Planroom Reed Construction Data A Bidder’s Bond (AIA Document 310) or certified check made out to Fillmore County in the amount of five percent (5%) of the total Base Bid shall accompany each proposal as a guarantee that the bidder will enter into a contract with the Owner for the work described in the proposal. If awarded a contract, each successful bidder will be required to furnish performance and payment bonds covering the faithful performance of the contract and the payment of all obligations arising under such contract. Such bonds shall be the latest edition of AIA Document A311/ CM, in the amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) payment. If the contract is less than $50,000 an Irrevocable Letter of Credit drawn from a financial institution will be acceptable under the same terms and conditions of Performance and Payment Bonds. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids or parts of bids and to waive informalities therein, and to award the contract to other than the lowest bidder if in their discretion the interests of the Owner will be best served thereby. All bids will be received lump sum. Make proposal on bid form supplied in the project specifications. Bid may not be withdrawn or modified within forty-five (45) days after the bid closing time and date indicated herein. A PRE-BID CONFERENCE is scheduled for 10 a.m., local time, Thursday, October 4, 2012 , at the Fillmore County Highway Department, 909 Huston Street N.W., , Preston, MN 55965. BID PACKAGE THREE - FINISHES Publish 1,8,15

PROPERTY Susan K. Kolling has filed a Petition for Determination of Descent with this Court. The Petition represents that the Decedent died more than three years ago, leaving property in Minnesota and requests the probate of Decedent’s last will, if any, and the descent of such property be determined and assigned by this Court to the persons entitled to the property. Any objections to the Petition must be filed with the Court prior to or raised at the hearing. If proper, and no objections are filed or raised, the Petition may be granted. IT IS ORDERED and Notice is further given, that the Petition will be heard on October 30, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. by this Court at Preston, Minnesota. (1) Notice shall be given to all interested person (Minn. Stat. 524.1-401) and persons who have filed a demand for notice pursuant to Minn. Stat. 524.3204. (2) Notice shall be given by publishing the Notice and Order as provided by law and by: Mailing a copy of this Notice and Order at least 14 days prior to the hearing date. ROBERT R. BENSON Judge JAMES D. ATTWOOD Court Administrator By: /s/ Lynn Benson Deputy Date: 10/1/12 Attorney for Petitioner Ward & Oehler, Ltd. William Oehler MN # 0081012 1765 Greenview Drive SW Rochester, Minnesota 55902 Telephone: (507) 288-5567 Publish 8,15

Lee Novotny Assistant Fillmore County Attorney PO Box 307 Preston, MN 55965 Publish 1,8,15 STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE COURT DIVISION Court File No. 23-PR-12-661 In Re: Estate of Clarence M. Hegna also known as Clarence Hegna, Decedent NOTICE OF INFORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND CREDITORS Notice is given that Informal probate of the Decedent’s will dated June 2, 2004, has been filed with the registrar. The application has been granted. Notice is also given that the Registrar has informally appointed Ilene Peterson, whose address is 13672 451st Avenue, Mabel, MN 55954, as Personal Representative of the estate of the above decedent. Any heir, devisee or other interested person may be entitled to appointment as personal representative or may object to the appointment of the personal representative, and the personal representative is empowered to fully administer the estate, including, after 30 days from the date of the issuance of her letters, the power to sell, encumber, lease or distribute real estate, unless objections thereto are filed with the Court (pursuant to Section 524.3-607) and the Court otherwise orders. Notice is further given that all creditors having claims against the said estate are required to present the same to said personal representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this notice or said claims will be barred. Dated: September 24, 2012 /s/ James D. Attwood Registrar JAMES D. ATTWOOD Court Administrator ATTORNEY FOR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE Richard A. Nethercut (MN # 130072) Richard A. Nethercut, PA 32 Main Avenue North PO Box 657 Harmony, Minnesota 55939-0657 Telephone: (507) 886-6131 Facsimile: (507) 886-2711 Publish 1,8 bid package three- finishes ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS `Sealed bids for the construction of: FILLMORE COUNTY HIGHWAY BUILDING ADMINISTRATION REMODEL, Preston, Minnesota, will be received by the Owner, Fillmore County, at the office of the County Coordinator – Karen Brown, Fillmore County, 101 Fillmore Street, Preston, MN 55965 until 1:00 P.M.., local time, MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud. If bids are sent through regular mail address them to Fillmore County Courthouse, Coordinator’s Office, P. O. Box 466, Preston, MN 55965. Bids received after stated date and hour will be returned unopened. Bids will be submitted in Duplicate. NO FAXED BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Bidding Documents prepared by Kane & Johnson Architects, Inc. Documents will be available to bidders on or about Friday, September 28, 2012. Please contact ARC, Communications Department, at telephone number 763.694.5910 to order bid documents and expedite your request OR go to, click on Planwell to obtain the fax order sheet to request project bidding documents or view bidding documents.

STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE COURT DIVISION Court File No. 23-PR-11-545 In Re: Estate of Emery Eickhoff, Decedent ORDER FOR HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR ORDER OF COMPLETE SETTLEMENT OR ESTATE AND DISTRIBUTION AND FOR MAILING NOTICE The Personal Representatives of the above named estate having filed their Final Account and Petition for Order of Complete Settlement of Estate and Distribution and allowance thereof and for Decree or Order of Distribution to the persons hereunto entitled; IT IS ORDERED, that the hearing thereof be and on October 23, 2012, at 9:40 o’clock AM, before the above named Court in Preston, Fillmore County, Minnesota, and that all persons having an interest in said estate present objections, if any they have, why said petition should not be granted. This Order shall be served at least 14 days prior to such date of hearing by mailing copies hereof to all distributes and interested persons according to law. Dated: September 25, 2012 Robert R. Benson JUDGE James D. Attwood, Court Administrator By /s/ Lynn Benson Clerk Matthew J. Opat, P.A. Attorney for Personal Representatives PO Box 455 Chatfield, MN 55923 Phone: 507-867-4080 Publish 1,8 STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT PROBATE DIVISION THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court File No. 23-PR-12-690 In Re: Estate of Jeffrey W. Kolling Decedent. NOTICE AND ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION FOR DESCENT OF

NOTICE OF HEARING FOR A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT FILLMORE COUNTY ZONING REGULATIONS HEUSINKVELD FARMS LLP FEEDLOT EXPANSION Notice is hereby given that the Fillmore County Planning Commission has been presented an application from Heusinkveld Farms, LLP, represented by Jeff Heusinkveld of 17526 County 5, Spring Valley, MN 555975 for a Conditional Use Permit for an expansion to a 600 animal unit Feedlot located in the in the SW ¼ of the NW ¼ of Section 28 Forestville Township. The land is located in an Agricultural District. Notice is further given that said petitioner Heusinkveld Farms, LLP, represented by Jeff Heusinkveld will be heard at a monthly meeting of the Fillmore County Planning Commission on October 18, 2012 at 7:02 p.m. in Room 601L of the Fillmore County Courthouse at 101 Fillmore Street, Preston, MN, 55965 at which time all interested persons will be heard. If you would like any further information on this project it is available in the Fillmore County Zoning Office during regular office hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Information will be available at that time as to when the Fillmore County Board of Commissioners will act upon this petition. Dated: October 5, 2012 Chris Graves Fillmore County Zoning Administrator Publish 8

notice The Fillmore County Planning Commission will conduct its next tour on Monday, October 15, 2012. They will leave the highway shop at 9:00 a.m. and visit a site in Forestville Township where Heusinkveld Farms, LLP has applied for a Feedlot Expansion. Chris Graves Fillmore County Zoning Administrator Publish 8 Independent School District No. 2198 (Fillmore Central), Preston, Minnesota Per Minnesota Statute 123B.59 sub 3 the district is required to publish the following project notification: The district shall complete the following projects in 2013

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Summary of Minutes September 25, 2012 County Board Meeting The Fillmore County Board met in special session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff, citizens, and two members of the press. The following resolutions were adopted by the Board: RESOLUTION 2012-047: Final payment of $93,356.31to Midwest Construction for Project SAP 23-624-04 in Canton Township RESOLUTION 2012-048: Renewal of 2012-2013 Joint Powers Agreement with MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension The Board approved the following agenda items: • the agenda. • the following Consent Agenda: 1. September 11, 2012 County Board minutes. 2. Regular status for Jason Marquardt, Veteran Services Officer. 3. Re-appointment of Cynthia Blagsvedt as County Assessor for four year term. 4. Amendment of SE MN Chemical Dependency Pilot project agreement. 5. Publication of 2011 Financial Statement. 6. Overnight stays for Auditor/Treasurer and Finance Officer to attend regional meeting. 7. Tobacco licenses. • lease Konica Minolta Bizhub C35 from A+ Imaging Systems. • agreement with Developmental Achievement Center for nurse consultation services. • acceptance of UCare grant shared with Houston County. • purchase of computer and docking station for Public Health Educator. • FY 2013 Natural Resources Block Grant agreement. • renewal of agreement with Marco for technical support. • advertise for bids for remodel of Highway Administration Building. • Kane & Johnson to obtain quotes for asbestos abatement of Highway Administration Building. • notify Hennepin County about 2013 Medical Examiner Services. • low quote from Quality Construction for sidewalk repair. • low quote for purchase of replacement air compressor for sprinkler system at Office Building. • support participation in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lawsuit. • hire of Dan Dornink, Dispatcher, as replacement Harmony-Mabel-Canton deputy. • internal advertisement for replacement full time dispatcher. • advertise for part-time deputies to develop a list. • amend hire date for incoming County Engineer. • resignation to retire from Alice Terbeest, Office Support Specialist. • 2013 Toward Zero Death Grant agreement. • Code Red Emergency Communications Network proposal and enter into agreement. • approve sale of 2006 Chevrolet Impala squad car at Auction Associates. • low quote from Schwarz Surveying related to Greenleafton waste water project. • quote for appraisal services from Warfield for Greenleafton waste water project. • purchase of GIS hot key enhancement for CAMA system. The following Commissioners’ warrants were approved: REVENUE FUND Vendor Name, Descriptionq Amount Bear Graphics, Inc., supplies $1,287.63 Best Western Kelly Inn, other travel expense $834.10 Bluff Country Newspaper Group, advertising $630.00 Continental Research Corp., supplies $681.21 Mayo Clinic, services $500.00 Michael Benson Construction, LLC, services $785.00 MN Dept. of Corrections, services $38,556.00 MN Office of Enterprise Technology, services $1,522.00 Omodt & Jorde Farms, feedlot grant $5,000.00 Preston Service Plus, services $1,811.51 Sanofi Pasteur, Inc., supplies $910.73 Tri-County Publishing, Inc., advertising $683.60 Uniforms Unlimited, Inc., uniforms $904.54 Werner Electric Supply, parts $573.76 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $54,680.08 TOTAL REVENUE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (57 bills - not listed) $8,899.21 TOTAL REVENUE FUND $63,579.29 INFRA FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Integra Telecom, services $1,202.81 TOTAL INFRA FUND $1,202.81 ROAD & BRIDGE FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount A+ Imaging Systems, copier contract $709.03 Erickson Engineering Co., services $19,020.71 Fastenal Company, supplies $700.23 Hammell Equipment, Inc., parts $513.06 Herman’s Service, services $547.19 Hovey Oil Co., Inc., fuel $7,330.75 LaCrosse Truck Center, Inc., parts $4,142.75 Midwest Contracting, LLC, services $93,356.31 Milestone Materials, Inc., rock $10,658.47 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $136,978.50 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (18 bills - not listed) $2,975.90 TOTAL ROAD & BRIDGE FUND $139,954.40 SANITATION FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Green Lights Recycling, Inc., services $764.31 TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS OVER $500 (listed above) $764.31 TOTAL SANITATION FUND BILLS UNDER $500 (4 bills - not listed) $282.32 TOTAL SANITATION FUND $1,046.63 AIRPORT FUND Vendor Name, Description Amount Professional Engineering Services, Ltd., services $6,959.25 at the High School located in Harmony MN. The project includes removal of asbestos containing building materials in support of a new Unit Ventilation system (HVAC) for classrooms, along with Direct Digital Controls for the monitoring of fresh air and classroom temperatures. Total

bond amount shall be in the amount of $970,000.00. The district is also required to post the total amount of district indebtedness shown below: Publish 1,8

Aggregate Debt Service DATE 2006A GO Capital Facilities Bonds - PS 02/01/2013 02/01/2014 02/01/2015 02/01/2016 02/01/2017 02/01/2018 02/01/2019 02/01/2020 02/01/2021 02/01/2022 02/01/2023 02/01/2024 02/01/2025 02/01/2026 02/01/2027 02/01/2028 02/01/2029 Total

99,800.00 101,400.00 102,800.00 104,000.00 - - - - - - - - - - - - - $408,000.00

2008A GO Taxable OPEB Bonds - PS 105,925.00 109,262.50 107,102.50 109,942.50 107,512.50 109,700.00 111,575.00 108,137.50 109,562.50 110,662.50 111,437.50 111,712.50 111,650.00 111,250.00 110,300.00 109,000.00 112,350.00 $1,867,082.50

2009A GO School 2010A GO Alt Bldg Ref Bonds (01A) - PS Fac Bonds - PS 243,587.50 248,525.00 262,650.00 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $754,762.50

161,387.50 159,187.50 161,987.50 159,112.50 160,662.50 157,062.50 158,462.50 159,712.50 160,812.50 161,425.00 161,525.00 161,450.00 161,200.00 - - - - $2,083,987.50

TOTAL 610,700.00 618,375.00 634,540.00 373,055.00 268,175.00 266,762.50 270,037.50 267,850.00 270,375.00 272,087.50 272,962.50 273,162.50 272,850.00 111,250.00 110,300.00 109,000.00 112,350.00 $5,113,832.50

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Weather Forecast October 8, 2012




mostly sunny

October 9, 2012

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October 13, 2012



32° 59°


* this is a projected forecast, for the most up-to-date weather go to and click on the weather icon.

October 12, 2012





Partly sunny

October 14, 2012




mostly cloudy

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Sun & Moon Date: SunriSe & SunSet 10/08/12 7:14am 6:36pm 10/09/12 7:16am 6:35pm 10/10/12 7:17am 6:33pm 10/11/12 7:18am 6:31pm 10/12/12 7:19am 6:29pm 10/13/12 7:20am 6:28pm 10/14/12 7:22am 6:26pm

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“snow day” By: Josh hrstka, age 7 chatfield, mn

Moon PhaSeS ~ ocTober laSt

oCt. 8


oCt. 15


oCt. 21

“spring Butterfly” By: Brooke, Grade 2 Kingsland elementary


WeaTher arT WanTed!

oCt. 29

all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. send your picture to Fillmore county Journal P.o. Box 496, Preston, mn 55965 or email it to: or drop it off at the Fillmore county Journal 136 st. anthony st., Preston, mn Be sure to include child’s First and last name, age, town and title of art Work.

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