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Conlenls UNI T1 My Home is my Castle(pp. 5-19)

househol d & appl i ances; dw el l i ngs chores;colours& rooms;home safety

ln Searchof the Perfect e H ome(mul ti pl choi ce) TheCharmingPast:Blarney Castle- DunnottorCastle

UNI T2 While there's life, there's hope ( pp. 20- 33)

feelings; stagesin facialfeatures; w ork l i fe;fami l yrel ati onshi ps;

A DreamComeTrue (gappedtext) Extractf romJack& Jill

& weather;typesof holidays hol i dayresorts; hol i dayequi pment; tips; holidaytroubles;traveller's festivals

Getti ngaw ayfromi t all ( m u l t i p lm e atching) S oectaculN arature' WhiteCliffsof DoverTheRockies

pl anetE arth;envi ronmental problems; energy conservation; preservati on of ani mal & s cri si s; pl ants

TheA nsw eri s B l ow i ngin the Wind (gappedtext) TheLittleLond(poem)

dai l yrouti nes; heal thprobl ems; describing stress& relaxation; adjectives character feelings;

C anyou feelthe rhyt hm ? (mul ti pl choi e ce) NaturallyHot. Rotorua Hot Springs Ainsworth

at home;el ectrrcal technol ogy typesof offence; appliances; of objects descriptions

(matching No MoreSecrets to paragra phs) headrngs Extractfrom TheTime Machine


Self-AssessmentModule 1 (pp. 34-371

UNI T3 Travel Broadens t he M ind (pp.38-s1)

travel; holidays; festivals



UNI T4 Earth is Dearer t han G old


Self-AssessmentModule 2 (pp. 66-69)

UNI T5 Earlyto Bed ... ( pp. 70- 83)

h e a l th ; d a i l yro u ti n e s

rn (u




UNIT5 Better Safethan


I technology; I crime

Module 3 (pp. 98-101) Self-Assessment

UNI T7 Penny Wise, Pound Foolish (pp.102-11s)

shopping; advertising

shops& departmentstores; clothes;products;creditcards; onl i ne compl ai nts; shoppi ng shopping

the PerfectPresent Picking (mul ti pl e matchi ng) In the Marketfor a B ar gain. RoodMorketPortobello Market QueenVictoria

UNIT8 You Are What you Eat ( pp. 116- 12e )

food; healthyeating; e a ti n gh a b i ts

kitchen typesof food; recipes; waysof cooking;placesto utensils; eat;di ners'compl ai nts

How to burn fat all day long(gappedtext) Extractfrom OliverTwist

places& typesof sports;qualities; equipment;free-timeactivities; the typesof entertainment; paralympics

Slhaun(mult iple D aredevi choice) TrophyHunters:Wimbledon TheSuperBowl


Module 4 (pp. 130-133) Self-Assessment

sports& entertainment


(u f


Speadthe News ( pp. 1a8- 161 )

I disasters

Self-AssessmentModule 5 (pp. 162-165) Section(pp. 166-175) GrammarReference W o r dL i s t( p p .1 7 6 - 1 8 1 ) AnswersSection(pp. 182-183) Suggested (pp. 184-186) Tapescripts

the news;natural/man-made TV Guide; newspapers; disasters; cinema;typesof films

| I

- E-books the booksof the future?(gappedtext)



presenttenses;adverbsof frequency;stateveros Phrasal verbs:BREAK, BRTNG

note-takin g; f lF statements; matching speakers to statements

comparetypesof houses; suggest waysto makehousessafeforchildren;rentinga house; expressing sympathy; requesting servrces

pasttenses;usedto/would Phrasal verbs:CARRV COME

matchingspeakers to statements;TlF statements

discuss importantthingsin life; express opinionson familymatters; talkaboutmemories of earlv childhood; breaking the news; describing people;introducing people

futuretenses;Conditionals TypeO & 1; the definite article Phrasal verbs:CUTDO

note-takin g; T/F/ discuss weekendactivities; Doesn'tsay;multiple speculations; holidayexperiences; choice accepting/refusin g invitations; cancelling a hotelreservation; rentinga vehicle

compansons;too/enough; -ing form/infinitive Phrasal verbs:FALL, GET

n o te -ta k i n gm; a tc h i n g suggestwaysto protectanimals speakers to from extinction; suggestsolutions statements to improvethe environment; complaining; offeringsolutionsto problems; expressing hesitation

-ing/-edparticiples; modal verbs;makingdeductions; questiontags Phrasal verbs:G\VE, GO

Yes/Nostatements; m u l ti p l ec h o i c e ; matchingspeakers to statements

mu l ti p l em a tc h i n g ; pros& consof usinq discuss n o te -ta k i n gm; a tc h i n g computers;discusseffects6f speakers to moderntechnology on our lives; statements "filler" phrases;reportinga theft; givinginstructions

causativeform; reported speech(statements, questions,orders) Phrasal verbs:LET LOOK

note-taking;Yes/No statements; multiple cnotce

askfor information; discuss pros/ consof advertising; discuss dress code;expressing opinions;makinq complaints; buyingclothes

quantifiers (some,any,no, (a) linle, (a)few);countjblet uncountable nouns;reported speech(specialintroductory verbs) Phrasalverbs:MAKE, \IJT

T/Fstatements; mu l ti p l em a tc h i n g ; mu l ti p l ec h o i c e

giveadvice;comparejunk food to homecookedfood;accepting/ refusinginvitations; doingyour shopping;orderinga mealifast food

mu l ti p l em a tc h i n g ; note-taking

famouspeople'sprofiles a narrative

a letterof complaint a semi-formal transactional letter

a set of rules an essayprovidingsolutions to problems

discuss waysto relax;speculating; an informalletterdescribing giveadvice;losingyourtemper; a personal problem maki ngan appoi ntment; descri bi ng a for and againstessay symptoms

orderof adjectives; the passive; relatives; relative clauses Phrasal verbs:HOLD,KEEI

C o n d i t i o n a l s T y p e 2 & 3 note-takin ; g; TlF wrshes; would rather statements; matching Phrasal verbs:RuN,SEE,SET speakers to statements

- an advertisement - an informalletterdescribinq a housefor rent

a newsreport an optntonessay

describe clothesfor a fashion magaztne an articledescribing a visitto a place

giveopinions;guesscontent;talk abouthobbies;askingfor permission & politerequests; takinga phonemessage; invitinga friendto a sportingevent

instructions for a magictrick a letterto the editor

comparetypesof films;express preferences; talk about disasters; gossip;makingarrangements; maKtngexcuses

a newsreport a formaltransactional letter

Lead-in proverb. Thetitle aboveis takenfroman English Whatdo youthinkit means?


a. Whichof the houses in the pictures: has:fivestoreysanda houseon top; a fibreglass shark;brickwalls;a thatched roof;a chimney; a rock on the roof;woodenstairsup to the front door;stone walls;a pitchedroof;a tiledroof? is: builtunderground; a castle; builton stilts? b. Usetheadjectives to describe eachhouse. Givereasons. . economical . cramped . impractical . cold. spacious . airy. comfortable . eccentric o attractive House it doesn't costverv Aiseconomical because tomaintain muchtoheatandcool.

frve-storey building

England Suffolk, Zimbabwe Portugal England Headington,

d. Describe the houses A-D.Thinkabout: . typeof house. location. spectal features . general description islocated inZimbabwe, Thehouse inpicture Aisa huton got It has a thatched roofandwooden stairsupto thefrontdoor. quiteairy. It'scramped butit\ probably you liketo livein? e. Whichhousewouldyou/wouldn't Givereasons. veryattractive tome. l'd liketolivein thehuton stiltsbecause it looks cold. lwouldn't liketoliveintherockhouse it mustgetvery because


r would you like to live in a castle, a tree or even underground'? This might not be as unusual as you think. It seems that these days more and more people want to live somewhere special and out of the ordinary, and if they can't buy what thel' -' want they are quite prepared to build it from scratch.

For JohnMew and hiswife Josephine,their home really is their castle. They have built their own English castle in the Sussex countryside. The buildingis brand newwith all the luxuriesyou would expectfrom a housethat costmore than f350,000to build. However, when you first see it from the outsideit would be easyto think that you arelooking at an ancientmonument.The building has a lot of -: the featuresof a traditionalcastle,includinga keep. a moat and a drawbridge."My choiceof houseis somewhateccentricand building it was very hard work, but we've got the perfectplaceto live," Mew says.Although somewould say that the building is impracticaland maybe cold in harshBritishwinters. he certainlyhasgot a uniqueand spacioushome. If you don't look carefully,you might not evensee the home that JonathanRidley-Jonesand Shanon Ridd built at all! That's becausethe house is a convertedundergroundwater tank. The only thing that can be seenfrom the surfaceis a door leading into the hillside."We've neverwantedto live rn an ordinaryhouse,"Shanonsays."Living belowground meansthat our homeis quiet and verycosy- noneof the usual draughts. It doesn't damage the local surroundingsand has very low fuel bills. Some of our friends find it dark and feel shut in when thev first visit,but they soonget usedto it!"


l f l

Reading: mu iple choice; matching prompts to elementsrnth text Vocabulary:dwellings& appliances; furniture;cotours & rooms;household chores;homesafety Grammar: presenttenses;state verbs; adverbsof frequency Use of English:prepositionsof place; adverbsof frequency; phrasalverbs(break,bring);linkers L i s t e n i n gl:i s t e n i n g f o r s p e c i f i cr n f o r m a tn ; m u l t i p l e m a t c h i n g ;n o t e t a k i n g ; T / F s t a t e m e n t m a t c h i n g speakers to statements S p e a k i n g :d e s c r i b i n ga r o o m ; t a l k i n g a b o u t y o u r house; comparing& contrastingtypes of houses; suggestingways to make a housesafe for children; note-taking; giving information about a house; startrnga conversation; expressing sympathy; rentinga house;requesting services Intonation:expressing sympathy Writing: an advertisement; a short descriptive article; j an informalletter

c. Explain the task Playthe cassetteSsdo the exercise CheckSs'answers AnswerKey(See overprinted answers) d. Writethe headings on the board Elicitanswersfrom S s a n d c o m p l e t et h e t a b l e .S s c o p y h e c o m p l e t e d t a b l e i n t o t h e i r n o t e b o o k st ,h e n u s t h e n o t e st o describe eachhome AnswerKey TYPE OF LOCATION : SPECIAL HOUSE : FEATURES huton stilts limbobwe thatchedroot, roof, : woodenstairs I

on theroof,small

ilii;;sjorev iuiol<, building

a. Ask Ssto look at the pictures,Ask them what tooks u n u s u a l R e a do u t t h e l i s t A s k S s t o m a t c h t h e words/phrases with the housesin the pictures

r I rf

Ir f f


AnswerKey fivestoreysanda houseon top:C a fibreglass shark:D brickwalls: D a thatchedroof:A a chimney:C a rockon theroof:B woodenstairsup to thefrontdoor:A stonewalls:B a pitchedroof:C a tiledroof:D built underground: (none) a costle:(none) builton stilts: A $. o


Readout the list of adjectives and eliciVexplain t h e m e a n i n go f e a c ho n e b y a s k i n gS s t o g i v e synonyms,opposttesor examplesAlternatively, S s c a n J o o k u p e n y u n k n o w nw o r d s i n t h e i r dictionaries. Sswork in pairsand dgcidewhichadlectives best describeeach housegiving reasonsCheck Ss, answersaroundthe class,than ask some Ss to t a l ka b o u te a c hh o u s e

Suggested AnswerKey HouseA: economical, cramped,impractical, airy HouseB:cold,cramped, impractical HouseC:impractical, spacious, airy,eccentric HouseD: eccentric, comfortable, spacious



' chimney


fibreglass shark : in theroof


,impracticat, spacious, airy,

'i;:;:;tl:, eccentric, comfortable

Suggested AnswerKey - Thehousein pictureB is a rockhouse. lt is locatedin Portugallt hasgot stonewalls,a rockon theroofand o small door. lt is probablyquite cold, crampedond impractical. - Thehousein pictureCisa five-storey buildinglt is locaiec in Suffolk, England. lt hasgot a houseon top ond o bt9 chimney. lt iseccentric andimpractical, butprobablyquite spacious andairy. - Thehousein pictureD is a terraced is locotedirt Headington, England. lt hasgotbrickwallsanda fibreglass shark in the roof. lt is spacious,but probablyquite impracticallt'salsoa bit eccentrrc.

Suggested Answer An Englishman takespridein hishome



'fl\i,i,:, a;,t";r,

-, ,'iiliacia -- ' uearlinsiti;i, bi;iiikwlilts,

Readout the title Explainthat this is taken from the Englishproverb "An Englishman,s homeis hiscastle,'. Elici| what a proverb is (a popularsayingusedto express a wellknownfact).Then elicitwhat the title meansby asking comprehensionquestions.(Whatis a castle?What were castles usedfor?Whywouldsombone callhishousea castle? etc)



'Kiif[l;![ portusatifutint'flif,!)el,ro rockhouse




e . 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s , a n s w e rb s y a s k i n gs o m eS st o p r e s e ntth e r ro p i n i o n s to theclass Suggested AnswerKey lwouldn'tliketo livein therockhousebecause it looksverycold to me. I wouldlike to live in the five-storey buildingbecauseit looks veryspacious to me lwouldn'tliketo livein theterraced housebecause it looksvery eccentrrc to me.





j. rp ol io' ii"e,ciie


1"9_eof S,sbookfor thesametapescript i _l: ::..1:l:l.j_"_"p ,the Al

T h e r ew a s a r e a l l yi n t e r e s t i npgr o g r a r n moen T V l a s tn i g h ta b o u rs r r a n g e houses.



I k n o w w h i c ho n e y o u m e a n l t , sc a l i e d, T h eH o u s ei n t h e C l o u d s , a n di t a s o n t h a t p r o g r a m m el t ' sa c i a p b o a rbdu i l d i n gw i t h a p i t c h e dr o o fa n d g chimney Y e st,h a t ' st h e o n e A n d t h e r e , a s n o t h ew r e i r dh o u s ei n B r i t a i n with a shark I n t h e r o o f ,i s n ' tt h e r e ?

A: t h e nt h e r e ' tsh i sg r e a tb i g s h a r ki n t h e r o o f l Well,there'sno accountingfor somepeople,s taste So,what other houses w e r ef e a t u r e d o n t h a t p r o g r a m m et h, e n ? Cont. p 7(T)


a. .

Suggested AnswerKey

R e a do u t t h e t i t l eo f t h e a r t i c l ea n de l i c i S t s 'i d e a s aboutthe contentof the articleandwhat typeof (newspaper, publication magazine, encyclopaedia, e t c )i t m i g h tb e f o u n di n b y a s k i n gq u e s t i o n s ,

TheMews'castlehasmanyadvantages. Firstly, it is brandnew. It is alsoluxurious, uniqueandhasan impressive appearance. ln addition, it is spacious.However,there are certain disadvantages, it wasexpensive to is too.Forexample, alsoimpracticaland cold in the winter.Nevertheless, I would like to live in a houselike thisbecause it is so uniqueand tmpresStve.

Suggested AnswerKey Thearticlemustbeaboutvarious typesof houses. Thisarticlemightbefoundin a magazine. .

[. o


ln pairs,5s write ten words connectedto the theme AskSsto reportback Writethe wordson t h e b o a r dS sc o p yt h e m i n t ot h e i rn o t e b o o k s

[. r

E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a do u t t h e t i p P o i n to u t t h a t Ssneedto followthisadvicein orderto complete the tasksuccessfully Allow Ssthreeto four minutesto silentlyreadthe 'l t e x t D o q u e s l i o n w i t h 5 s R e a do u t t h e p a r to f t h e q u e s t i o ni n b o l da n dw i t h S sf i n d t h e p a r to f l line the text the questionrelatesto (paragraph 6 ) R e a do u t t h e o p t i o n sA - D a n d h e l p S s t o B: underlinethe key words (A;liveunderground, haveexactlythe home theywant, C: cheaperthan buying,D: modernluxuries)Help 5s to decideon the correctanswerby a processof elimination (Thecorrectansweris B because the textsays;'ifthey can'tbuy what theywant theyarequitepreparedto buildit' (0.5-6)) Focus5s' attention on how the informationhasbeenrephrasedSscompletethe t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sA s kt h e mt o j u s t i f yt h e i r choices

AnswerKey Suggested My idealhousewouldbe a wouldbe madeof stone. wouldhavea gardenand a pool,whereI couldspendmytimein summer. lt wouldbecool and verycomfortable to livein,andveryeconomical. .

Suggested AnswerKey harsh:severe spacious:roomy ordinary:normal a. .


*";";;.;;; ;;;;*, ;; il;; ; ;.;.;;; ;nJ;. thatchedroof and was on st lts with stepsup to the front door,but my favouritw e a st h s r e a l l tyi n y l i t t l er o c kh o u s ei n P o r t u g a l B: W h a tw a ss o u n u s u aal b o u ti t ? A: It had a ow roofwhrchwas a big rock,stonewalls,one smallwindowand a s m a ldl o o r I c a n ' ti m a g i naen y o n e l i v i n gt h e r e B: L i k e s a i d t, h e r e ' sn o a c c o u n r i nfgo r s o m ep e o p l es r d s t e

persuade convince: setup:establish resist:keepfrom

W r i t e t h e h e a d i n g so n t h e b o a r d a n d e l i c i t answersfrom 5s lo cornpletethe rable 5s copy , en the completed t a b l e i n t o t h e i r n o t e b o o k st h u s et h e n o t e st o t a l k a b o u tt h e p r o sa n d c o n so f e a c nn o u s e G i v e 5 s t h e f o l l o w i n gu s e f u ll a n g u a g et o u s e w h e nt a l k i n ga b o u te a c hh o u s e To list points: Firstly , To start with , One ( d i s ) a d v a n t ai g s e , I n a d d i t i o n, , A l s o , e t c To give an opposingviewpoint:However, , On t h e o t h e rh a n d , e t c


- '-i


-l 'disAoiAr{ilrcii"""

AoiiuleGri"""- ', -i,--dr'iiiit i ^i;il{ iipeniiietobiiira, , iiw,iii;ii;;;; i--" ,

appearance, , impressive

impractrcal, coldin

.. :----.".-, -.: !.'!.q!e:i-Po!i"o|?:.


.., -..:...

As an extension,Ss can collect picturesof u n u s u ahl o m e sa n d p r e p a r ea p o s t e rf o r t h e i r class Alternatively, Sscan collectpicturesof traditional t v n e s o f h o r s e s f r o m v a r i o u sc o u n t r i e sa n d preparea posterfor theirclass Ss can practiseReading aloudusing the S's CD/ cassetteSslistento the text and followthe Iines Ss listenagainwith pauses,then readout from the text

Tapescript for Exercise 2c (p. 6) Cont. i Sscanreferto p 189 of theS'sbookforthesametapescripti

AnswerKey(Seeoverpintedanswers) c . H e l p S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s i n b o l d b y g i v i n g , su s et h e i rd i c t i o n a r i e s e x a m p l eosr s y n o n y m T s henS t o f i n d s y n o n y mfso r t h e h i g h l i q h t ew dords Check 5s'answers

A l l o w 5 s t w o m i n u t e st o t h i n k a b o u tt h e i r i d e a l h o u s ei n c l a s sT h e n ,a s k v a r i o u sS s t o d e s c r i b e t h e i ri d e a h l ouse,


5l't t'4

'tl trs i 1

Reading Readthe text I $

quicklyto get a general a. Lookat the idea of what it is about. titleof the Look at the first part of the guestion, article.What then find the part of the text the question do you think refersto. Go throughthe choicesand choose it is about? the answerthat best fits. Keep in mind that Wheremight the informationmay be rephrased.Evenif you think you l<nowthe correct answer, you readit? alwayschecl<that the otners are not Saywordsyou appropriate. Checl<your answer expectto find i n i t . againstthe text.




b. Readthe article a n d a n s w e rt h e q u e s t i o n s . c . E x p l a i nt h e w o r d si n b o l d ,t h e n s u g g e sst y n o n y m s for the highlightedwords. 1

M o r ea n d m o r ep e o p l eb u i l dt h e i ro w n n o m e A s o t h a t t h e yc a nl i v eu n d e r g r o u n d ( [ 5 - 6 )@ s o t h a t t h e yc a nh a v ee x a c t ltyh e h o m et h e yw a n t C b e c a u siet i s c h e a p etrh a nb u y i n ga n e w h o u s e D b e c a u steh e yw a n t a l l t h e m o d e r nl u x u r j eyso u f i n d i n a newhome 2

J o h na n d J o s e p h i nM e ew

tri an undergroundhome doesn,tappeal to you, 35 ( l 1 7 - 1 9@ ) k n o wt h a t t h e i rc h o i c eo f h o m ei s u n u s u a l - '.-.about living in the tree tops? Dan Garner, a B f o u n dt h a t c r e a t i n tgh e i rd r e a mh o m ew a se a s y -:: surgâ&#x201A;Źoo from Gloucestershire, certainlythinks C w a n t e dt o l i v el i k e p e o p l ew o u l d h a v er n t r a d i to n a . .: thisis the wayto go up in the world. castles \\-henour familybecameshort of spaceat home D converted an ancientburlding intoa modernhome -: :olution was to build a luxury tree housein the 40 -::ien. The tree houseis built into a sprucetree six 3 W h a t d o J o n a t h a nR i d l e y - J o n ae ns d S h a n o n -'-ires abovethe ground.It has one main room, a R i d ds a ya b o u tt h e i r h o m e ? -;Jroom and a balconyrunningaroundtwo sides.,' A l t ' sj u s ta n o r d i n a r hy o u s e :.:ner is so happy with this practicalextensionto B T h e ya l w a y w s a n t e dt o l i v eu n d e r g r o u n d .. home that he thinks he can convince more 45 ( l 3 1 - 3 2@ ) l t d o e s n ' ht a r mt h e e n v t r o n m e n t :;,-'pleof the benefitsof living in the trees.He wants D T h e yd o n ' t p a ya n y t h i n gf o r h e a t i n ga n d l i g h t i n g , : set up his own enterprisemaking more of the ;;,uxe tree dwellings,saying,,,Treehousesare airy, 4 W h y d i d D a n b u i l da t r e e h o u s ei n h i sg a r d e n ? :-cure and comfortableand the only disadvantage is A H ew a n t st o p e r s u a dpee o p l et o b u yo n e thet they might not be suitable for people who 50 B H i sf a m i l yw a n t e dt o l i v ei n a t r e eh o u s e sufferfrom hay feveror a fear of heights!', C H eb u i l d st h e mf o r a l i v i n g Even people who live in more o.dinury settings ( : o ; @ H i sf a m i l yn e e o e om o r er o o m Sr-rm",r-"r can't resist doing somethingto make 5 The'Headingtonshark' :hem stand out from the crowd. One extreme erampleof this is Bill Heines'housein Headington,55 A w a sc r e a t e db y B i l lH e r n e s Orlordshire.Until one morning in 19g6,his house B crashed intothe roofof BillHeines, houseonenight looked much like all the others in his street,when C wasimmediately popularwith everyone in the town ( ! 5 7 - 5 9 ) w a sb u i l tw i t h o u ta n yw a r n r n g suddenlyovernight a 7.5 m long fibreglass shark @ appearedto have crashedthrough the roof. The sharkwas a sculpture by local artist John Buckley.60 Follow-up -\t first some people complainedthat it might be a. Listthe advantages dangerous or that it spoilt the look of the anddisadvantages of Mew's, 4 Ridd's and Garner's neighbourhood,but engineerschecked that the dwellings, thentalkabout them. sculpturewas safe and the ,Headingtonshark,has become a well-known and poputai landmark. It 65 b. Whatwouldyouridealhousebe?Describe it giving seemsthat no matterwhereyou live,you can always reasons. do something to make sure your house says Myidealhouse wouldbea castle. lt wouldbemadeof ,. somethingaboutwho you are.


ln a. Whichof theseitemsarein yourhouse? whichroom?


D w e l l l n gasn dA P P l i a n c e s a. Gothroughthetableandlookup the wordsyoudon'tknowin yourdictionary'


c0/, lw-o*u

heater ' vacuumcleaner electric . refrigerator ' ' humidifier . washing microwave machine . hairdryerdishwashercooker . airconditioner

thewordsthat best andunderline Listen the oneswhichbest Circle house. Ann's describe house. John's describe

- kitchen refrigerator Whichof thesehave b. Matchthecolumns. you/haven't 1lougot in Yourhouse?

(semi) vlLla,




---+l^ LC)L C

residential located, city,centrally village, on a r e ac, l o s et o t h e s h o P s , the outskirts,isolated,


$me: low priced,overPriced, economical


is"' cottage tnthecountry'The cottage ina tradrtional Annlives then,in pairs,listthe spectal a. Readthe advertisements, of eachpropertyunderthe headings: features lnside- Outside

ildetachcd-loo'*' t"::Tl;;Jdininsroorn i-u*d'oo*"0 "'*- o,u$$ ''qTlT;i;ffi ;'::T"rJ,'I nenr ffiernr ilffi F* !,.

?P t




u4u ixitson Te\,

,ffillIi';:,,ffi transport'-

-" ...:

room." largelounge/dining A: tnside: garage, drivewaY Outside: ". .:::. 'tOR SALE s399.986 GoldersGreen,London. A superbfirst.floor 2-bedroonerlflat' Fully-furnishedwith a large balcony,doubleglazing':'... a n d a i r c o n d i t i o n i n gF.u t l y ' e q u i p p ekdi t c h e na n d modernsecuritysystem"Minutes from tube statio-n'

' fu U.4g"i tr at Pri mary Propert ies: 029,*8,,1!tf..q8tf

yourhouse? arethereinside/outside b. Whatfeatures


wardrobes kitchen Ing


Ann'sandJohn's c. Usethe wordsto describe thendescribe houses, Yourhouse.




gtoLtt t9


6ehsnAt Fgsenp"nong


system h aIl

in ourhouse. arebuilt-inwardrobes There



built-in central fitted double entrance private

check. A: Hellot B : G o o d m o r n i n g l ' m c a l l i n ga b o u t t h e h o u s e for rent in Paddington advertised A: Ohyes? B : l w o n d e r 1 ) i f y o u c o u l dg i v em e a b i t m o r e i n f o r m a t i o nP,l e a s e A: Of course2) What wouldyou liketo know? B: Firstof all, 3) couldyou tell me exactlywhere t h e h o u s ei ss i t u a t e d ? Drive A : Yes,it'son 15, BaYswater B : A n d t h e l o u n g ea n d d i n i n gr o o m a r e t h e y separate? A Yes,but they'rejoinedby a slidingglassdoor B : And do all the bedroomshavefitted wardrobes? A: No,onlythe two largestbedrooms B : O n e l a s tq u e s t i o nl s t h e g a r a g el a r g ee n o u g h for two cars? A : O h ,d e f i n i t e l y B: lt soundsperfect4) When do you think I could seeit? thisevening? A : 5) Howabout6 o'clock fine seeYouthen B : That's b . In pairs,take rolesand act out dialogues

in Ex.6. abouteachof the advertisements AGENT OWNER/ESTATE


- a s kf o r i n f o r m a t i o n g'eetrnq greeting (e.9.exact l rasl.yourquestions agreeto giveinformation features) answerthe questions*y' lo.ut'on special agreeon a viewing**}t

arrangea viewing

5 a. .



[. r


E l i c i V E x p l atihne m e a n i n go f t h e s u b t i t l eb y askingquestionsor givingexamples(A terraced houseis a type of dwelling.A fridgeand a washing machine areappIiances.) Explain that when we think of a type of dwelling we need to considerits style (howit is built); its location(whereit issituated);its size(howbig/snallit ri); its cost (howmuchtherentis/ifit is economical to maintain);and its generaldescription (whatit islike) S s l o o k u p a n y u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a rTy h e n ,r e a d o u t t h e w o r d si n t h e t a b l ea n de l i c i t h e m e a n i n g o f a n yu n k n o w nw o r d sb y g i v i n ge x a m p l e s . Explain that Ssare goingto listent two people t a l k i n ga b o u tt h e i rh o u s e sE. x p l a i n e t a s k .p l a y the cassette and askSsto underline e adjectives that Ann uses.playit again.Sscircle e adjectives t h a tJ o h nu s e s Playthe cassetteagain Sslistenand checktheir ANSWETS

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) c. Explain the task Ssusethe promptsto describe each p e r s o n 'hso u s eT h e nS sd e s c r i bteh e i ro w n h o u s e s Suggested AnswerKey I livein a modernflatin iscentrally locatedand ctose to the is a large 3-bedroomedapartment that is comfortable, wellmaintained andfullyfurnished. 6 a. Ask 5s to look at the two textsand elicitwherethey can be found (in a newspaper). Read out the a d v e r t i s e m e nat sn d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r d s E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .S sw o r k i n p a i r a n d l i s tt h e s p e c i a l featuresof eachproperty. Check s, answers. AnswerKey A lnside:3 bedrooms,large lounge/diningroom, fireplace, entrancehall,modernfittedkitchen,attic,centralheating, built-inwardrobes Outside:garage,driveway,largefront gardenwith shared fence,rearpatio,pool B Inside:2 bedrooms,fuily-furnished, double glazing,air conditioning, fully-equi ppedkitchen, modernsecuntysystem Outside:largebalcony, modernsecuritysystem b. Allow Sstwo minutesto preparetheiranswersThen, a s kv a r i o u 5s st o t a l ka b o u tt h e i rh o u s e s 7 a. .


R e a do u t t h e l i s to f h o u s e h o ladp p l i a n c e a sn de l i c i t what they are used for Alternatively, ask Ss questions to find out if they know what they are: Wherecan we cleandirty dishes? (tn the dishwasher.) Wherecanwecookfood?(ln/onthecooker.)etc Explain the task Elicitnamesof roomsand write them on the board(utility room,lounge, efc).WhenSs havecompleted the task,checktheiranswers(ln multi-lingual classrooms, compareand contrastSs, answersAsk Ssto givereasonsfor the locationof theseitems)

Suggested AnswerKey - utilityroom;electric vacuumcleaner heater_ bedroom/lounge; washing machine- kitchen/uti Iity room/bathroom; - kitchen;humidifier- bedroom/lounge; microwave - Iounge/bedroom; air conditioner hairdryer_ bathroom/ bedroom; - kitchen;cooker- kitchen dishwasher


A s a n e x t e n s r o nS,s w o r k i n p a i r sa n o d r a w a b e d r o o mO n e d e s c r i b ewsh a t t h e r ei s i n h r s / h e r b e d r o o mt,h e o t h e r l i s t e n sa n d d r a w sr n e r r e m s drawntheirbedroomcorrectly

b. Allow Ss a minuteto completethe task CheckSs, answers Then Ss make up sentencesabout their houses Pointout that Ss can use eitherstructure (There is/isn't/are/aren't or Wehave/haven,t got.) AnswerKey(Seeoverpilntedanswers) 8 a. . . . .

Ssreadthe dialogue quickly andsaywhatit isabout (Apersonisinterested in thehouseadvertised in Ex.6a.) 5swork in pairsandtry to comple the dialogue. Playthe cassette. Sslistenandche theiranswers Choose s o m ep a i r st o r e a do u t t h e d i a l o g u e

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) [. o .

Explain t h e t a s k G o t h r o u g ht h e p r o m p t sa n d elicitusefulphrases: greeting: Hello!Hi!etc S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g Check5s' performance aroundthe class, then somepairsto actout theirdialogues in frontof the class

Suggested AnswerKey A: Hello! B: Goodmorning.I wonderif couldyou giveme samemore informationabouttheflatin Golders Green. A: Ofcourse, whatwouldyou liketo know? B: Firstof all,couldyoutellmeexactlywheretheflatis situated? parkDrive. A: Yes,it'son Riverside B: Anddoesit havea separate diningroom? A: No,it doesn't.There isa combined loungeanddiningroom. B: I see.Dothebedrooms havefittedwardrobes? A: Yes,theydo. B: Onelastquestion. Doesthekitchenhavea dishwasher? A: Ohdefinitely. B: lt soundsperfect.Whendoyouthinkt couldseeit? A: Howabout6 o'clockthis evening? B: That'sfine- seeyouthen. :."'.-'".'--.'""*Tupescript for Exercise 5b (p. g) i


r Sscan referto p 189of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescript J o h nH ; o wa r ey o u s e t t l i n gi n t o y o u rn e w h o m e ,A n n ? A n n :F t n et,h a n k sJ o h n N o w l ' v eg o t t h e h o m el , v ea l w a y sw a n t e d a , traditiona cottageIn the country J o h n ; S o u n dl osv e l yH o w b i g l s i t ? A n n :a h , i t ' so n y s m a l l b, u t t t , sr e a l i yc h e a p John:lt soundsgreat Ann:lt is And it'sverycornfortable. too J o h n : D a eist n e e da l o t o f f i x i n gu p ?

John:l u a l l yt,h a n k sf o r a s k i n gl , m m o v i n gi n t o m y n i c en e w m o d e r n f l a tn e A n n :T h a t ' sg r e a tn e w s lT e l m l e a l a b o u ti t J o h n : W e l lt,' s p a r to f a 3 s t o r e yb u i l d i n gi n t h e s u b u r b s Ann;ls it far from the city?

A n n :l ' d l o v et o


d: . .

thetask G o t h r o u g ht h e t a b l e sa n de x p l a i n aloudand focusSs'attention Readthe examples on the variousstructuresExplainthat we use: both,as well as,besidesand o/so to link similar but and ideas,whereaswe use:although,whereas, however to linkopposingideas. o S sm a k er n s e n t e n c eC s h e c kt h a t 5 su s et h e linkerscorrectly

AnswerKey Suggested houseBhasn'tgotone. House A hasgota poolwhereas BothhouseA andhouseBhavegota garden. BothhouseA andhouseBhavegotan attic. houseBhasn'tgotone. House A hasgota patioalthough havea fence. butit doesn't HouseBhasgota garden, houseA hasgotairconditioning. havinga balcony, Besides House Bhasn'tgota balconybutit hasgotairconditioning. system. havegota security Bothhouses HouseBhasgota cellarbutit hasn'tgota fireplace. it hasn'tgot a cellaror However, HouseA hasgot a fireplace. built-inwardrobes. havecentralheating Bothhouses houseBhasntgot one. Whereas houseA hasa fittedkitchen, Also,it hasa garden House A hasa poolanda garage. house system, anda security Aswellashavingairconditioning Bhasalsogotcentralheating. it has got central AlthoughhouseB hasn'tgot a fireplace, heating Writing Project Ssneedto use b. Explainthe task Elicitthe vocabulary i n t h e w r i t i n gt a s k .H e l pS st o d o t h e t a s ko r a l l yt,h e n assignit aswritten HW

up Dadneverdoesthewashing OnMondaysit'smyturnto dothedusting. Mysrster usuallydoesthevacuuming. Mymumdoesmostof thecleaning. .

anynewvocabulary 1 1 a. o Gothroughthetableandpresent Sscan miming,etc Alternatively, by givingexamples, lookup the unknownwordsin theirdictionaries. . Explain that Ssaregoingto listento a persontalking abouthow the coloursof a roomcanmakeusfeel . Playthe cassette.Ss do the exerciseCheckSs' anSwers answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e t taeg a i n 5 s t h e n d o the exercrse AnswerKey Suggested greenbecause it makespeople bedroom I wouldpainta child's feelrelaxed I wouldpaint a play areared becauseit makespeoplefeel active. it makespeoplefeel I wouldpainta livingroomyellowbecause happy. it makespeoplefeel bluebecause t wouldpaint a classroom confident 12 .

B For RentLargedetachedhousewith centralheating,air with Allbedrooms system. andmodernsecurity conditioning Largeattic.Frontgardenwith private burlt-rnwardrobes. drivewayand largegarage.Availablefor long lease.Full 89426851. Agents:TeL020 details atN Estate t h a t h o u s e h o lcdh o r e sa r eb y g i v i n qe x a m p l e s 1 0 a . E l i c iw (Washing chore.)5s work in the dishesis a household pairsand completethe exerciseCheckSs'answers often,always, Elicitadverbsof frequency(sometrmeg etc) and write them on the board Ss make up s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e p h r a s e s answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted (Ss'own answers) I alwoysmakemybedbeforeI leavehomefor work. I hatedustingthefurniture. etc b. . Explainthe task Ss work in pairsand complete , sm a k eu p s hen5 t h e e x e r c i sC e h e c k5 s ' a n s w e r T sentences


AnswerKey Suggested ironing; do thewashingup;do thedusting; do the do thecleaning do thevacuuming;

Readout the listof nouns Checkthat 5s knowthese words by asking them to point to the relevant nhiort< in the nirtrrro

Suggested AnswerKey housewith garden,patio' A ForSaleLondon.Largedetached balconyand pool.Fittedkitchenwith centralheatingand with a fireplace' Fullyair-conditioned latestsecurity system. Privatedrivewayand large garage. Attic suitablefor conversionCloseto shopsand public transport.Contact BrysonProperties: TeL0208253 6 149.

mimesone As an extension, choosea leaderHe/She try to guess activityfromEx10 Ss,with booksclosed, correctly what the activrtyis The one who guesses the new leaderandthe gamecontinues. becomes


of place Positionyourself Quicklyreviseprepositions (l'm and ask:Whereaml? in the classroom somewhere next to George.Tim is behindGeorge.Billis in front of etc Sscanwork in pairsand askand answer George.) questiona s b o u t t h e p o s i t i o no f v a r i o u sS s i n t h e cl:ss CherkSs'nerformance


( q m : k o rv Yn < ahnrrt thp nirtttre ' rtLt' r n a o q J ! rc n

AnswerKey Suggested Thereisa lampnextto thesofa. isa windowbehindthesofa. There Theglasscoffeetableisoppositethefireplace. on thesofa. There aresomecushions andthewindow. thefireplace Thereisa paintingbetween Thereisa plantabovethefireplace isa candlestick in themiddleof theglasscoffeetable There o As an extension,Ss work in pairs One 5 drawsa livingroomand then theytaketurnsto instructeach coffee armchair, other whereto put the furniture(sofa, eIc) table,lamp,cushions, e g SA: Drawa coffeetablein the middleof the room SB:Now,you draw an armchairnextto the coffeetable etc


ixerciser ruip. sl Tap'escript'for

"' -

t sametapescript. I 5s can referto p 189of the S'sbookfor the W h a t c o J o u rasr et h e r o o m si n y o u r h o u s ep a i n t e d ?W o u l d i t s u r p r i s yeo u t o learnthat the coloursaroundyou can affecthow you feel?'strue, colour affectyour mood So it makessenseto surroundyourselfwrth can drastically c o l o u r tsh a t y o u l i k ea n d o n e st h a t w i l l p u t y o u t n t oa p o s i t i v fer a m eo f m r n d Cont p 13(T)


a. Usetheprompts andthe linkers to makeupsentences

b. Whichof theseverbscanbe changed to do+ ing formof the verb?Makeup sentences about yourfamilyusingthesephrases.

for eachhouse,asin theexamples.

Mumalways doestheironingonSaturday.

e bothr aswellas o alsor besides . whereas. but . although . however

in connection with eachcolour.

A . driveway / . chimney ,/ . garage / o pool ,/ . garden ,/ o attrc ,/ o patio ,/ . fence X

B ./ X ./ X ./ ,/ X X

r . . . . o o .

A 0atcony a i rc o n d i t i o n i n g secu|tysystem cellar x fireplace built-inwardrobes centralheating fitted kitchen


/ Listenagain.Whatcolourwouldyoupaintthese rooms? Why? . a d i n i n rgo o m. a c h i l d bs e d r o o m . a p l a y a r e.aa l i v i n rgo o m. a c l a s s r o o m

Bothhouse AandBhavegota driveway. House Ahasgota chimney, but house B hasn,t got one. House Ahasgota driveway aswellas a garage. Besides havinga garage, house Ahasgota driveway.

lwouldpainta dining roomorange because it stimulates the appetite. 'll

WritingProject b. Lookat the pictures A andB andwritean advertisement for eachhouse.Sayif it isfor renVsale, what kindof houseit is,how muchit costs, whatspecial features it hasgot andgivea telephone numberfor contact. Usethe advertisements in Ex.6aasmodels to helpyou.

Usethe prepositions andthewordsin the listto describe the livingroom. o in frontof . nextto . behind. opposite. on o between. above. in the middleof . fireplace . candlesticks r carpet. parntings . sofa . armchair . cushions . plantr glass coffee table owindow. lamp

H o u s e h oC l dh o r e s to thenouns. 1 0 r. Matchtheverbs wash d ust

thebeds tha r:rna+<

the clothes thedishes the windows the floors thelawn thefurniture

Whichof thesehousehold choresdo youdo? Howoften?Whichdo you like/notmind/hate doing? I sometimes washthedishes in theeveninas.

There isa glasscoffeetablein frontof thesofa.

tenseof theverbin brackets. 1 5 Fillinthecorrect

r t e 5 e tt t L c r 5 e s Drnrnn+


G r a m m aR r eference 'l


1 A : l sJ a n es t i l lt h i n k i n g( J a n e / s t i l l / t h i nokf )r e n t i n g that house? B: Yes,why? A: Well, some people think (think) that it is

ldentifythe tensesin bold,then matchthem to t h e i ru s e . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

TheEarthrevolvesroundthe Sun T h et r a i nl e a v e sa t 5 : 3 0 J o h ni s l o o k i n gf o r a n e w h o u s e S h ec a n ' tp l a y S h eh a sb r o k e nh e rl e g H ei s a l w a y sb i t i n gh i sn a i l s | havebeentrying to callyou for an hour He is flying to Madridtomorrow lt's getting colderand colder


h au n t e d

I d e c a f h

a c t i o nw h i c hs t a r t e di n t h e p a s ta n dc o n t i n u eusp i sn d u r a t i o n t o t h e p r e s e nwt i t h e m p h a s o b law of nature c e x p r e s s i ni rgr i t a t i o n d a c t i o nh a p p e n i nagr o u n dt h e t i m eo f s p e a k i n g of a pastactivityin the present e resulVconsequence in the future f fixedarrangement g timetable h g r a d u adl e v e l o p m e n t

2 A: Mark is tasting(taste)the curryto see if we needto add anymorespices. B: I don't think we do It tastes(taste)delicious a st t t 5 3 A : W h y a r e y o u s m e l l i n g( y o u / s m e l lt )h e m i l k ?| o n l yb o u g h ti t t h i sm o r n i n g ! B : W e l l ,i t s m e l l (ss m e l lo) f f t o m e l


1 6-

r. Talkabout Britishhomes,usingadverbsof frequency,as in the examPle.

i . ,i i , , i i : ,.l,. l,ltl.'t'I


Stateverbs We do not normallyusebelieve,forget, hate,know, like, love, need, prefer,realise,remember,suppose, u n d e r s t a n dw, a n t , a p p e a ri n c o n t i n u o ut se n s e s

Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correctpresent tense,then identifytheir use. 1 Sheis moving(move)housenextweek 2 Carland Mary are lookingfor a new house The landlordhasevicted(evict)them from theirflat 3 Haveyou beenwaiting(you/wait)a longtime? 4 Theyare converting(convert)the old mill into a b e a u t i f unl e w h o m ea t t h e m o m e n t 5 Waterfreezes(freeze)at 0" C 6 Herflightarrives(arrive)tonightat 7pm 7 Are you signing(you/sign)the contractfor the housenextweek? The Earth rs becominq(become)warmer and 8 warmer 9 The bus comes(come)everyten minutes 1 0 J a c ka n d M a g g i ea r e s t i l ls e a r c h i n(gs t i l l / s e a r c h ) for the perfecthouse 1 1 B o bc a n ' tm o v eh o u s en o w b e c a u shee h a ss i g n e d (sign)a two-yearcontract




o f t e n. . . .

. . . . . . .a. g a r a g e

25% 10%




you. NOT I believe Theverbsthink, taste, see,look, smell,feel and have in tenses,but there is a difference can havecontinuous meanrng (= l believe)BIJT(m thinking about I think he is desperate. (= house. 1'p considering) moving

| {


water. haverunning always British homes homes. in Britrsh water running There isalways homes. waterin British frndrunning Youcanalways chartabouthomesin b. ln pairsdrawa similar yourcountry, thenpresentit in class. 17

talkabout: In pairs, . . .


whatyoudo/don'tdo in yourfreetime whatyouaredoingthisweekend whatyouhavedonesofartoday

sinceyouwerefive muchhaveyouchanged $ How asin theexample. yearsold?Makeupsentences, I'vegrownmyhairlong.

pairs,actout dialogues, asin the example' 1 9 In . sleep visita castle'bein a treehouse outdoors. ' redecorate ' stayat a campsite yourownbedroom . stayin a house pool its own swimming with . havea powercutat yourhomet movehouse A: B: A: B: A:

Haveyou eversleptoutdoors? youevervisited a castle? Have No,thaven't. I have. Yes, wasthat? Really? When youever...?etc ago.Have Twoyears

: . - . r e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h S s S sw o r k i n p a i r s r rl ire exercrse CheckSs,answersAs an extension. ''-i(e up sentencesfor each use ReferSs to the -ar Reference Sectionfor moredetail : ^: ter Key(Seeoverprinted answers) :'.:?'1t Slmple 5 present continuous : '::entsimple 6 presentpeffectcontinuous :'a;2'ttcontinuous 7 present continuous :'::ett perfect 8 presentcontinuous :=.1 out the theory box. Ask Ss to make up : = ^ : e n c euss r n gt h e v e r b si n b o l d R e f e r S s t o t h e :-.-:nrar Reference Sectionfor moredetail - c,../5s two minutesto complete the exercise , ^ e c k S s ' a n s w e r so n t h e b o a r d S s j u s t i f yt h e i r _





i 1/trr<

answers) ": ,verKey(Seeoverprinted ' ':d arrangement in thefuture -'::.tlt/consequence ofa pastactivity in thepresent : ::.;on whichstartedin thepastand continues up to the :'esentwithemphasis on duration t on happeningaroundthetimeof speaking ', of nature ^etable ' 'ed arrangement in thefuture ,':lual development : ^'etable ::.tcn happening aroundthetimeof speaking '.-s,.tlt/consequence of a pastactivityin the present =:'. 55' 31'15yygrs on the boardwhile they readthem

: 's,',er Key(See overprinted answers) :


Qurcklyrevisethe adverbsof frequency. Elicitthe adverbs from Ss (always,sometimes, neverfelc). iVrrte: - Heis late for work.Heworks/afe._ on the ooard. Ask5sto put alwaysin the correctplacein these sentences Elicitfrom Ssthat adverbs of frequency go beforea main verb (Healwaysworkslate.)but after auxiliary/modal verbs (Heis alwayslatefor ,\/orK.) . G o t h r o u g ht h e d i a g r a mw i t h S s R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l e sP.o i n to u t t h a t S s c a n u s ea n y o f t h e :hree structures (have,there is,you can find) to .nakeup sentences. Ssthen completethe task. ;" agested AnswerKey :: - :' lcmesusually havea gardenor a yard. -'="= s oftena garagein Britishhomes. - - : i " sometimes finda cellarora basement in British homes. : . :' ^omesrarelyhavea swimming pool. -:-'. s never a stormcellarin Britishhomes. :

17 .


Eljcitdifferentfree-timeactivjtres from Ss(reada book, watchN gardening,ridea bike,meetfriends,surfthe net, go to the cinema,play games/sporf,etc) and write t h e mo n t h e b o a r d E x p l a itnh e t a s k R o l ep l a yw i t h a S T h e n S , sw o r k i n p a i r s a n d a s k a n d a n s w e rq u e s t i o n sC . heckSs, answers. Asksomepairsto act out theirdialogues in front of the class.

Suggested AnswerKey A: Whatdoyou usuallydo in yourfreetime? B: Well,I usuallygo to the cinema.Sometimes, I surfthe net. Whataboutyou? A: I don'tlikethe cinemaso I usuallywatchW or play board games. B: Whatareyoudoingthisweekend? A: fm visitingmy aunt.Shelivesin thecountryside. Howabout you? B: l'm goingto a party. A: That'snice.Whathaveyoudonesofar today? B: t!/ell,l'vemademy bed,l,vehad breakfastand l,veplayed footbalI. What aboutyou? A: l'vefixedmy bikeandl,vetakenmy littlesisterto herfriend,s house. 1 8 E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .E l i c rftr o m S sw h a t t h e s ec h a n g e cs a n be: height, weight, appearance,etc. Aljow Ss t\,vo m r n u t e tso t h i n ko f s e n t e n c etsh, e n a s ki n d i v i d u aSlst c readout theirsentences Suggested AnswerKey lh a lot taller. t'veput on weight. I'vedyedmyhair.etc 1 9 R e a do u t t h e l i s to f p r o m p t sC h o o s et w o S sa n d m o d e l t h e d i a l o g u e S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t s r m r l a r dialogues. CheckSs'answers, then choosesomepairsto a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s Suggested AnswerKey A: ...beenin a treehouse? B: No,I haven't.Haveyou everstayedat a campsite? A: No, I haven't. Have you ever redecoratedyour own bedroom? B: Yes, I have. A: Really? Whenwasthat? B: Lastsummer.Haveyou everstayedin a housewith itsown swimming pool? A: No,I haven't. Haveyoueverhada powercutat yourhome? B: Yes, I have. A: Really? Whenwasthat? B: A weekago.Haveyouevermovedhouse? A: Yes, I have, B: ReallyT Whenwasthat? A: Twoyearsago.

: <ciainthe task and set it for homework Ask -CividualSs to present their tablesto the class :rternatively, draw a similartableon the board Elicit oeasfrom 5s about what a typicalhome in your :cuntry has/hasn't got and completethe table Ss .opythe iableintotheirnotebooks, thentalkaboutit


answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See present continuous arrangementthus 1 fixedfuture simPle thusPresent 2 ttmetable up to the 3 acttonwhichstartedin thepastand continues on durationthuspresentperfect present with emphasis conunuous of a pastactivityin the presentthus 4 result/consequence perfect present up to the 5 actionwhichstartedin thepastand continues on durationthuspresentperfect present with emphasis continuous

the task Readout the prompts,then choose Explain two Ssto readout the examPle G o t h r o u g ht h e p r o m p t sa n dc h e c kf o r a n yu n k n o w n s heck w o r d s S i w o r k i n p a i r sa n da c t o u t d i a l o g u e C S s 'p e r f o r m a n cteh,e n c h o o s es o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s

. .

AnswerKey beendoing? haveyou 2 A: Youlooktired.What homework. mY B: I'vebeendoing doneT A: Whathaveyou my Mathsand writtena composition, B: Wel[t'vefinished butI haven'tstudiedforthetestyet 24 a. . Whathaveyoubeendoing? 3 A: Youlookexcited a PartY. B: l'vebeenorganising A: Whathaveyoudone? . B: Wetl,l've sentout the invitationsand bookedthe butI haven'tbookedthebandyet caterers, Elicitfrom Ss how we use thesetime adverbsAsk do weusewiththepresent questions:Whichtimeadverbs structuredo sentence What (yet, since); for, perfect? already, we use wtth yet'? (We use yet in the negativeand e.g.I haven'tcookedyet' of thepresentperfect. interrogative do we use structure Whatsentence Haveyoucookedyet?); of the the affirmative in (We already use with already? perfect. present e.g.I havealreadycooked')etc A l t e r n a t i v egl yi v, ep r o m p t sa n da s kS st o m a k eu p s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e I i s t e dt i m e a d v e r b s Suggestedprompts:Mary/gofishing;Ann/sendout a car,etc TonY/buY invitations; W h e ny o u a r es u r et h a t S sh a v eu n d e r s t o otdh e u s e , sk them to make up a n d s e n t e n c es t r u c t u r e a themselves about sentences




AnswerKeY Suggested I haven'tdonetheshoPPing Yet pro1ect I am stillworkingon myscience paper. morning's read this I hovealready )ohnfor3years. I haven'tseenmycousin myfriendMarysinceMarch I haven'tseen at themomenL t amdoingmyhomework lwakeup earlyeverydaY. I amsittingat mydesknow. I amseeingJeffnextSaturdaY' .

. .

thehouse.l havebeencleaningthe Write: I havecleaned - on the board' Ask: l/Vhlch o'clock housesince10 to thedurationof theaction?(2) givesemphasis sentence (1) action? isabouta finished Whichsentence t h e r e s to f t h e g o t h r o u g h D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e n words unknown any for itemsand check A l l o w S st w o m i n u t e st o d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' answers while 5s read out their sentences completethe task orallyin class,then Alternatively, assignit aswrittenHW

AnswerKey 2 Hehasbeensittingin thesunallmorning forhours. 3 | havebeenwatchingW 4 Hehasstudiedhard. 5 Hehasbeenonadiet. 6 Shehasboughta newhouse' t h e t a s k 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e i Explain A l i o w t h e m t w o m i n u t e st o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k t h e n checktheiranswersAsk Ssto justifytheiranswers

workswith Appendix1 Explainthat this exercise t e t a b l ei n t h e a t t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k P r e s e nt h & Bwith Ss A l e t t e r s g o t h r o u q h a n d Appendix S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC' h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sT h e n ,S st r y t o e x p l a i nt h e p h r a s e bs y g i v i n g e x a m p l e s s, y n o n y m s ,e t c S s s h o u l d m e m o r i steh e s eP h r a s e s answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

A P P e n d i1x( P .1 1 ) , Sscanreferto p 182 of theS'sbookforthesameappendix 1 A . absentfrom (adj). abstainfrom (v)' accordingto (prep)' accountfor (v) . accusesll of (v). accustomedto (adj)'acquainted wrth (adj)

. amusedaVwth/by(adl). angry at what sb does(adl)

. (un)aware of (ad1) . . . . .

B (v) ' bad at (ad;)(but; Hewas verybad to me ) ' baseon (v) beg for (v)' bet on (v) begin with (v) ' believein (v)r 6q16.t to (v)' benefit from (v) b e w a r ee f ( v ). ( p u tt h e )b l a m eo n s b ( n )o [ 1 3 6 " s b f o r s r h blamesth on sb (v) ' boast abouvof(v)' boredrvith/ofiadl) t t ( a d j )' b u s yw r t h l a d l l b o r r o ws t h f r o ms b ( v ) ' b r i l l i a n a

b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k 5 s d o t h e a c t l v r t yH e l pt h e mw h e i ' e lf 5s havedifficultydoingthe taskyou can necessary t h r e a do u t e s u g g e s t eadn s v / e ! ' k ebye l o w

20 Usethe promptsto actout

dialogues, asin the example. '!

exhausted- work/garden . planVflowers(/) . prune/bushes (/) . water/lawn(X)

A: Youlookexhausted. What haveyou been doing? B: l'vebeenworking in the = garden. Whathave youdone? planted Well,l've some flowers andprunedthe butlhaven't thelawnyet. - do/homework . finish/Maths (/) o writey'composition (/) o study/test(X) - organise/party sendouVinvitations (/) o book/caterers (,/) . book/band(X)


Makeup sentences about yourself, present using tenses andthe timeadverbs in the list. r yet o still e already. for . since r at themoment ' everyoayI no* . nextSaturday I hoven't donemyhomeworkyet.


Usethe promptsto write sentences, asin the example. Use present perfector present perfect continuous. 1 Anncan'tgetintothehouse (lose/her key) Anncan'tgetintothehouse. She haslostherkey. 2 Tom's sunburnt(sit/inthe sun/all morning) 3 My eyeshurt (watchTV/ hours) JohnpassedhisMathsexam (study/hard) Nickhaslosta lot of weight (be on a diet) Amy looksso happy!(buy/ new house)

thecorrect tense. f J Circle 1 l ' m a f r a i dI c a n ' t m a k e t o n i g h t I o'clock. A see @ am seeing C haveseen 2 T h ef i l m . . at 7:30 A hasbeenstartingB hasstarted 3

the estateagent at 7 D havebeenseeing

C is starting @ starts


to flnda cleaning womanfor a monrnnow has been trying B tries C istrying D hastried @ 4 Look!You coffeeall overmy deskl A h a v eb e e ns p i l l i n g C w e r es p i l l i n g D spill @ havespilt 5

He the propertysectionof the newspaper everyday,but h e s t i l lh a s n ' ft o u n da n y t h i n g B is reading C haveread D read @ frasbeenreading

Prepositions Appendixj


Fillin the correctpreposition,then explainthe phrases.

1 Ann hasbeenabsentfrom work for two weeks 2 it hastakenMarka longtime to becomeaccustomed to the Australian climate 3 Theyaccusedhim of stealingthe car. 4 We needto agreeon a time to meet. 5 Heapologisedto Maryfor beinglatelastnight 6 Emmahasappliedto LeedsUniversity for a placeon the Historycourse. 7 Some people don't approve of the council,splan to build a new shoppingcentrein town 8 Theold manwas beggingfor food 9 Do you believein magic? 1 0 Robhasbeenbusywith the redecoratinq allweek

b . ChainStory.Readthe beginningofthe story,then, one after the othel continuethe story usingthe phrasesin bold from Ex.24a. JohnSmithworkedasan office

manager. Hewasvery goodat hisjob,but unfortunately he wasn't abletogoto workbecause he wasveryill.Hewas absentfrom workforthree weeks.


Fillin the correctPrePositions. 2 5 Then and chooseany five Phrases usingthem' makeup sentences

1 out of the ordinarY;2 from 4 to scratch;3 in the countrYside; expectsth from sb; 5 in the winter; 6 to appealto sb;7 to liveIn a tree top; 8 to becomeshort of sPace; 9 an extensionto his home, 10 to c o n v i n c ep e o P l eo f s t h ; 1 1 t h e benefitsof sth; 12 suitablefor sb; 13 to sufferfrom haYfever;14 fear


Filin the.correct word derlveoTrom the word in bold.

of heights

Verb Phrasal

2 APPendix

Replacethe words in bold 2 6 ^ with the approPriate

Phrasal verb formed with breokor bring. My computer has stoPPed working (= brokendown) My favourite band have just releasedtheir new album (= broughtout) Schoolsfinish for the summer tomorrow (= breakuP) holidays Shewas raisedbYhergrandma

(= broughtup) The burglarsentered bY force and stole all our valuables (= brokein) A fire began suddenlYon the second floor of the building (= brokeout) my old neighbourhood Visiting 7 always makes me recall memoriesof familY holidaYs (= bringsback) two countries ended The 8 diplomatic relationswith each ago.(= brokeoff) othertwo Years

Game Competition


oneof the Phrasal b. Choose verbsin Ex.26aanddrawa pictureaboutit. In teams, showyourPictureto the Theteamwhichguesses class. verbfirstgetsone the phrasal the game point.Continue untilallof Youhaveshown Theteamwith yourPictures. the mostPointsisthewinner.

Can you imagine anything worse than returning home to find that burglars have broken into your this happens to about I house? 0) tJnfortunotely, m i l l i o n p e o p l e i n B r i t a i n 1 ) a n n u a l l y .H o w e v e r ' i f y o u want better 2) protection against burglars, there are several things you can do. To improve 3) security, check all the locks on your doors and windows' The 4) installation of lighting all around the house will make sure a burglar is 5) unable to hide in the shadows. An alarm system is another good 6 ) p r e v e n t a t i v em e a s u r ey o u c a n t a k e . Startinga 7) neighbourhood watch group is also a

s is when your neighbours'help away on ho1 . Ask them to collect your mail, is most l0) open and close your curtains etery day, switch your lights on and off and even mow your lawn to make your houselook occuPied.





Explain t h a t t h e p h r a s e si n t h i s e x e r c i saer e t a k e n l r o mt h e a r t i c l eo n p p 6 - 7 D o i t e m1 w i t h S s t, h e nS s '.vorkin pairs and completethe exerciseCheckSs, answers 5s choosefive expressions and make up sentences Alternatively, assignthe exercise as written HW Ss creparetheirsentences for the nextlessonCheckSs, answerS

)nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) :t CWnAnSWerS)

e .

Explainthat this exercise workswith Appendix2 at the backof the book . Ask Ssto think of any phrasalverbsformedwith b r e a ko r b r i n g W r i t et h e m o n t h e b o a r d E l i c i t t h e i rm e a n i n gbsy a s k i n gS st o g i v ee x a m p l e s r D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e n S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d completethe exerciseCheck Ss, answers Ss s h o u l dt h e n m e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s avle r b s 4nswerKey(See overprinted answers) Appendix2 (p. 12) -:n referto p.185of the S,sbookfor the sameappendix

-ri;:r;,r I n : , r 3 i v n = 1 )( i n t )( o f m a c h i n e r y ) bring about = (tr) causeto happen . _ ' . t g ; 2 ) ( i n t )( o f a p e r s o nl )o s e bring back= (tr)cause to recall : : " e e l i n g s 3; ) ( i n t )( o f bring down = (tr)causeto fali : : r: - ationsetc)fail;4) (tr) bring forward = (tr)movesth to dn . r - = _ i d e rh e a d i n g s e a r l i edr a t eo r t i m e : : : . I = i r n t )e n t e rb y f o r c eo r bring in = (tr)createprofiVmoney bring on = (tr)cause.ususth : i:, rto = 1) (tr)enterby force; unpteasant - errupt b r i n go u t = ( i r )p u i o n t h e m a r k e t : ' : : , : f f = ( t r )e n da r e l a t i o n sph/ b r i n gr o u n d= ' i 1 1i c a l r s reo r e g a r n c o n s c l o u s n e2s)s( ,t r )p e r s u a d e b ,r i n g : : ; . l J t - , 1 1 f)o -w d r ,e t c rb e g i n over (to) bring up = 1) (tr)raisea child,2) (tr) : : : . : - r o u g h= / r n ra) o v a r c re, r s p r L e mention/introduce a sublect



: : : , : : = i i r ) t e l l( u s ub a dn e w sr)o :. :wa! : . : . _ p = ' t) ( i n t )( o f s c h o o l se,t c ) ; : : - - l | d a y s2 ) ( i n t )e n da

T e a m A5 1 : T h ec o m p u t ehr a sb r o k e nu p T: No, it hasn't TeamBS'1: Thecomputerhasbrokendown T: CorrectOnepointfor team B Pre-Reading: Ask Ssto look at the title of the article and the picture Ask Ssto sayhow this housecould be broken inlo (throughthewindow,ctimbingontothe balconyand getting in throughthe door,etc). Ask Ss: Whatcan wedo to protectour houses (put fromburglars? locks on the doors/windows,have an alarm system installed, efcl Ask Ssto skim the text quicklyand say what the articleis about, Explainthat the words in bold are the stem from whichthe missing wordsarederived o R e a dt h e t e x t a l o u du p t o t h e e x a m p l e E l i c rtth a t unfortunatelyis an adverb Continuewith item t Elicitwhat the missingword is by askingquestions: /s it a verb?(No,thesentence hasgota verb*,happens,.); lsit an adjective? (No,thereisno nounafter it.);lsit an adverb? (Yes, it is.);Howdo wenormallyformadverbs? (Byadding -ly to the adjective.);What is the missingword, then? (annually) Write the answeron the board Repeatthe same process for the restof the itemsin the exercise . When Ss have completedthe exercise, choose i n d i v r d uS a lst o r e a do u t t h e t e x t

2 7 o

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) .

Post Reading:Sswork in pairsand desiqna leaflet o n h o w t o b u r g l a r p r o oyfo u r h o m e . S s c a n a d d picturesand helpfuladvice o A s a n e x t e n s i o na,s k S s t o m a k e a tablein their notebookswith 5 columns.Writetheseheadingson the board: verb,noun(person), noun(abstract), adjective, adverbSscopythem into theirnotebooks. . Startfillingin the tablewith the words in bold from Ex 27 Then, ask Ss to think of derivativesto c o m p l e t et h e t a b l e , 5 s c o p y t h e t a b l e i n t o t h e i r notebooksAsk Ss to updatethis table each time theycompletea word formationexercise ADJECTIVE

b . P l a yt h e g a m ea s i n s t r u c t eidn t h e S t u d e n t ,Bso o r


S sc o m p l e t e 3 0 . E x p l a itnh e t a s D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s T h e n Ask Ssto look backat pp 6-7 and list Pre-Reading: necessary if dictionaries their sing exercise, the mi t h S sa n dl r s to t h e r t h e u n u s u ahl o u s e sB r a i n s t o rw answers Ss' Check u n u s u ahl o u s etsh a t S sh a v eh e a r do f Ssaregivena text answers) overprrnted . Explain Key(See that in this kindof exercise Answer form of the in mistake a contain llnes some which in . A s a n e x t e n s i o na,s k S s t o t h i n k o f s i m i l a ri d i o m s out an extraword whrchneedsto be removedRead u s i n gc o l o u r si n t h e i rm o t h e rt o n g u e T h e n 'e x p l a t n Ask the title and elicitwhat the text might be about t h e s ei d i o m si n E n q l i s h ' guesses 5s to skimthe text silentlyto checkif their '1 the tiP the werecorrectPresent the task Do item with Ss,then Sscomplete 31 Explain . Readout the first sentenceFocusSs' attentlonon exerciseCheckSs'answers and the word to Ask 5s to explainwhy to is extra answers) modalverbsdo not takea tooverprinted Key(See Answer thereforewrong (because outdoors infinitive) 1 on themove,usuallY . Readout the secondline of the text Elicitthat it differences resolvetheir 2 to containa mistakePointout that Ssneed doesunot comPletelY 3 disaPPear by sentence not line, by line read the article 4 insistent sentence 5 to notgo alongwithsth . Ask Ssto readthe third line and look for a mlstaKe wtthoutcomProm$tng 6 makeadeal always Continuewith the restof the text Ssshould '"* '*'-"I ..-:''"*"'" '. *'--'"': justifYtheircorrectlons 11a (p' 9) Cont' Exercise for Tapescript 1 individual ask . When Sshavecompletedthe exercise' sametapescript. I the for book S's the p.1 of 89 to refer .un S, text i;., ...,-.-.5sto readthrouqhthe corrected answers) overprtnted Key(See Answer whenthe pronouns afterrelative 1 we do not usepronouns same the are subiect the and pronoun short arnountof time eachdaY relattve a pronoun without of' not'many but many' say'of we can 3 together 5 wedo notuseboffithe nounandthepronoun and the verb the between preposrtion 6 we do notpur a obiect arttcle and doesnotneedthedefinite 7 'insrze'isa setphrase 'if'ln thisstructure lmpatlenr with 9 wecan'tuse'even' is quality becausethe adiective the before wedo notneed,so, li it issimplybeingstated. notbeingemphasized a pastparticiple before to-rnfinitive ,on'iurc *, 12 we are 14 we only usetheconiunctton'that'wtth'so'when the text is here somethtng for the reason introducing event next the to referring simPlY bedrooms . P o s t R e a d i n gA : s k 5 s t o d e s i g nt h e i r i d e a lh o u s e a d d a n d E n c o u r a g5 es t o u s e t h e i r i m a g i n a t i o n s The designs featuresthat reflecttheir personalities classroom canbe Put uP in the o u r c o l o u r s c h e m e sw h e n t h e (an T h e r e f o r e ,w e s h o u l c lt h l n k c a r e f u l l ya b o u t . As an extenslon,ask 5s: f4lhottypeof wntingis rt? can affect how we feel colours different because cornes to reclecorate (a newspaperor found? be it rely or our own taste could s h o u l d w e Where t h o u g h , artrcle); number of ways That said, a n d f e e l c o m f o r t a b l ew i t h . U s e s u r r o u n do u r s e l v e sw t r n t n e c o l o u r sw e l i k e magazne)

28 .


29 o


that the Presentthe tip and readitem l Pointout as meanlng secondsentenceshouldhavethe same the use should 5s that the first one Also point out the w o r d i n b o l dw i t h o u tc h a n q r n igt a n d c o m p l e t e words five to two gaPwith Do item 1 with Ss Elicitthe grammarstructure the tested Then Ss work in pairs and complete exerciseCheckSs'answers

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 'eve( wtth perfect present and 1 superlative 2 j 4 5


PresentPerfectwith'fo/ PresentPerfectcontinuous andPhrasalverb Passivevoice phrasalverb

ron Horand ateadr line.

ldioms& FixedPhrases 30


Fillinthecorrect colou(s). Then explain theexpressions inbold.

ttat hthere, write ct the lines,asin

Sophiegoesto the cinemaonce in a blue moon. Shedoesn't likeit much.(= rarely) Jackfell down the stairsanq ne is black and blue all over. (= bruised) Angela definitely has green fingers- evefihing rn hergarden grows really well. (= good at gardening) Heis a bit green- he hasn'tgot muchexperience in this kind of work. (- inexperienced) Theyknewthat if shefoundout the truth it would hurt her feelingsso they told her a little white lie (= fib) She doesn't want to say anythinguntil she hasseenthe factsin blackand white.(= 6;ss1 a n ds i m p l e )

KeyWordTransformations t!)

Complete thesecond sentence usingthe word in bold.Youcanusetwo to fivewordsincluding the wordgiven.Don't changethe wordgiven.

1 I'veneverseensucha tiny house ever lt'sthe tiniesthouseI haveeverseen 2

lt'sa longtime sincehe lastvisitedus. for He hasn'tvisitedus for a longtime.


lt'sa yearsincehe startedworkinghere. been He hasbeenworkingherefor a yearnow.


Hisnew bookwill be on the marketnextMarch out Hisnew bookwill be broughtout next March

5 Two menforcedtheirway into Sally,s flat lastnight broke Two men brokeinto Sallv's flat lastniqht


Underline thecorrect word,then explain thephrases. lan is veryactive.He is always out and round. After the argumentthey both did their bestto cleon/cleorthe arr. I can'tfind my keysanywhere theyseemto havevanished into thh/delicateair. Matt lsverydetermined to buy the cottage.Hewon't accep no for an answer Theywantedto builda holiday resorthere,but the ownersof thosebeachfront cottages niedto play ball Theyknewtheywould haveto drivea difficul bargain if theywantedto buy the house at a pricethey couldaffo..l


c4 32 Ttvepeopre

as true (IJ Listenagainand mark the sentences or false (F).

:. :.:

talkingabout problems theyare havingwith theirhouses. Listenandmatch (A-F) the problems (1-5). to thespeakers Thereis oneextraproblemwhichyoudo not need ro use. A B C D E F

badlyfittingwindow centralheatingdoesn'twork t ork a i rc o n d i t i o n edro e s n 'w l e a k i n gr o o f not enoughspace drivewayneedsrepairing

S p e a k e1r 2 rF-] Speaker l r l 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5 Speaker


1 MarshaWardis a writerand a parent T 2 1 , 0 0 0c h i l d r e inn B r i t a i nh a v ea c c i d e n t s F at homeeachyear more accidents have 3 Youngchildren T t h a no l d e rc h i l d r e n 4 Thebathroomisthe mostdangerous F r o o mi n t h e h o u s e

pictures talkabout: and,inpairs, J $ Lookatthe o thedangers faceat home children hiitis*i; sfi{e i'Jt *hri*}l'+:n h*w (* ri:;kr {--rijr


Usethe promptsbelowto helPYou.


them. andcontrast Compare JJ Lookat thepictures. you. belowto help Youcanusetheexpressions

. WhrchhousewouidYou Grvereasons \rketo iivein? similar house . uo* is Your ones the from toidrfferent in the Pictures? Yo-:. miS-l\t . What Problems r house of tYPe facein each s' neiqhbour r]lint unout' noise' s/facilities' cefrom shoP di stan elc s\ace'heating'

o electrical sockets/hot stoves - lril{:'ty {ti",'/.sjf1 . chemicals/cleaningproducts/medicine-'ltj il-l i:llJ{l;l i'ij:}

r . . r

cupboards& drawers- r;ri*i! {.fii*il+:ss:rr: r+ils swimmingpools - q'-l;,:r'r{ staircases rnfely 1*ie: knives/irons- ireer*fl:Lxl,;l i#ii{fi

childrencan because areverydangerous Electrical sockets put shouldbe on. covers Safety beelectrocuted.

cA I /h'c'ck6 34 -

Youaregoingto heara womantalkingabout Whichof thesewordsdo you homesafety. expectto hearandin what context?Listenand check. . falling. burning' drowning . headache . scaldrng r poisoning . choking. toothache ' tndigestton o cutting. electrocution tohearthewordheadache' I wouldn't expect heartheword'falling'. Iwouldexpectto accident'" "Fatling household isa common downthestairs


the house.

3 2 .

P r e - L i s t e n i nE g :x p l a i tno S t h a t t h e y a r e g o i n gt o listento five peopletalking bout problemsthey are h a v i n gw i t h t h e i r h o u s e s .E j i c i tv a r i o u sp r o b l e m s people can have (noisyneighbours, brokenwindow, leakingroof,no centralheating,notenoughroom, eIc). Ask Ssto readthe problemsA to F.Explainthat Ss areexpected to matchthe speakers to the problems Poino t u t t h a t t h e r er so n ee x t r ap r o b l e m E x p l a itnh a t S ss h o u l dl i s t e nt o e a c hs p e a k ecra r e f u l l y a n d w a i t u n t i l t h e y h a v ef i n i s h e ds p e a k i n qb e f o r e t h e y m a t c h t h e m t o t h e p r o b l e m sb e c J u s et n e s p e a k e rcsa n u s e m i s l e a d i nign f o r m a t i o np o j n to u t t h a t t h e yw i l l l i s t e nt o t h e t a p e s c r i pttw s ice Playthe cassette5s listenand do the exerciseCheck Ss'answers

:"swerKey(See overpintedanswers) .


+s an extension, playthe cassetteagarn pausethe :assetteaftereachspeakerAskSsto write down the .',ordsrelatedto each problem,then use them to -ake up sentences (badly fitting window:double; tzing,feelthedraught,gap,coldair comesin.My house't got double-glazing. Whenthe frontdooris openI : :. feelthedraughtin thelounge. ln winter, coldair comes , ^derneath thebackdoor.) - - : r n a t i v e l ya,s k S s t o t a l k a b o u t o t h e r p r o b l e m s : = : c r ec a nh a v ew i t h t h e i rh o u s e s

Choking ona pieceof foodisa commonhousehold accident. Poisoningfrom drinking cleaningproductsis a common household accident. Scaldingyourselfwith hot wateris a common household accident. Cuttingyourselfwhilepreparingfoodis a commonhousehold accident. Electrocution causedby faultywiringis a commonhousehold accident. r PIaythe cassetteSscheckthejranswers b. Ask Ssto readitemsI -4 playthe cassette again Ss markthe sentences astrue or false AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 35 o A s k S st o l o o k a t t h e v r s u apr r m p t s a n d s a yw h a t a c c i d e ncto u l dh a p p e ni n e a c hs u a t i o n . o G o t h r o u g ht h e w r i t t e n p r o m p t sa n d h e l p S sw i t h a n yu n k n o w nw o r d s . A l l o w5 so n e m i n u t et o p r e p a r teh e i ra n s w e r s Check 5s'answers Suggested AnswerKey Hot stovescanbe dangerous because childrenmay burn themselves. Safety covers shouldbeusedon cookers.. Chemicals, products cleaning andmedicine aredanqerous because childrenmayswallowthemandbepoisoneld. They shouldbekeptin lockedcupboards. Cupboardsand drawersmay contain itemsw*hichare dangerous forchildren. Safetycatches shouldbeput on so thatchildren cannotopenthem. Swimming poolscanbe dangerous because childrenmay fall in and drownin them.Childrenshouldbe supervised nearthemanda guardrailshouldbebuilt. Staircases can be dangerousbecausechildrenmay falt downthem.Theyshouldbeclosedoff withsafetveatesso children cannotgo upstairs alone. Hot irons are dangerousbecausechildren mav burn themselves on them.They shouldbekeptoutof reach. Knivesaredangerous because childrencancut themselves on them.Theyshouldbekeptoutof reach.

: , : : r t h et a s k E l i c iwt h a tt y p e so f d w e l l i n g t h et w o - :.-'es show (4: cottage,B:blockofftats) Ask Ss to : : : : - c e e a c hp t c t u r e ! - . ^ . o u g ht h e e x p r e s s i olni sst e dE x p l a itnh a t w h e n - - - : - c a r e a n d c o n t r a stth e t w o p i c t u r etsh e y n e e d - - s . : r e s ee x p r e s s i o nEsl i c iith e p o i n t sS sn e e dt o , - , r o r d e rt o c o m p l e t teh e t a s k W r i t et h e mo n .a'. type,size,location,specialfeatures, price,etc. - ' e i u l v o c a b u l a r tyo h e l p S s c o m p a r et h e = ' 5 sd o t h e t a s k ,t h e na n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s : AnswerKey :: :^c,udwellrngs ' - ,',:3 cottagebutpictureBshowsa blockof flats. ' : ::ire A isin thecountryside, perhapsin a village. -' .'e otherhand,is in a city or largetown and : :,:) notn road :t livein thecottagein pictureA because t like a?. . :iite differentfrom the onesin the pictures : j :,',,o-storey houseon a quietstreetin a small * sr to picture A because it hasa garden.It is : t ctureBbecause it ismadeof brick. ^:,teproblems with theheatingin ' :. ctedandquitefarfromthelocalshopsand ': .,eproblems with thenoisefromthe street :^ nay bedifficulttopark,too. and the task 5s do the

: 'zir theword'toothache' or 'indigestion,. ,' lhe cookeris a commonhousehold -nrng pool is a common household

3 6 o


Pre-Listening: Ask Ssto lookat the form Elicitwhat it is for (detailsof typeof housesbis lookingfol andwho wouldhavesucha form (estate agent) Ask Ss to read t h e f o r m a n d a s kq u e s t i o ntsh e e s t a t ea g e n ti s l i k e l y to be asked Then,elicit possibleanswers (Type of house:detached, flat, etc) Playthe cassette twice Sslistenand fill rn the form C h e c kS s 'a n s w e ros n t h e b o a r d

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) o As an extension, askSsto usethe completedform to talk aboutthe houseor write an advertisement for it Tapescript for Exercise 32 (p.1a) -+ Seep. 16(T) Sscanreferto p 190 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript Tapescript for Exercise 34a (p. 14)-+ Seep. 16(T) 5scanreferto p 190 of theS,sbookforthesametapescript Tapescript for Exercise 36 (p. 14)-+ Seep. 17(T) Ss c:n

r c f o r iL ^ Up n np 1r rOun -- Ir y O 1r o ^ ff t+h h ^e c , . h ^ ^ ,

^" S ' sb o o k fr o r t h e s a m et a p e s c r i p t


E x p l a i nt h e t a s k , G o t h r o u q h t h e p i c t u r e sa n d havea fireplace kitchen, rdentifytheir content (remodel built, have a swimmingpool built, add a second Write on the boardsome usefulphrases bathroom) but right;Yes, (That's a goodidea;Yes,you're need 5s will true;l'm afraidI don'taqreewithyou' '; youknow...;That's



etc) w i t h a S T h e n5 s w o r k I n p a l r s M o d e lt h e e x a m p l e d i a l o g u eM s o n i t o rS s 'p e r f o r m a n c e , t h e i r o u t a n da c t then askthem to swap roles Ask somepairsto act s f r o n to f t h e c l a s s o u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei n

AnswerKeY Suggested bathroom. A: t thinksheshouldadda second anotherbathroomwould four, so got of a family Yes, she's B: bereallyuseful. is tryingto get in the morningwheneveryone A: Especially readyforworkandschool! B: An extrabedroomwouldalsobea goodidea.Thatway,the wouldhavemorePrivocy. children A: Thatstrue.Theycouldstudyor evenlistento mugcin peace andquiet. B: Youknow,anothergood idea wouldbe to remodelthe kitchen. workplace you' wouldmakeit a morepleasant A: Yes, get together tc family whole place the for and alsoa nice eat and would really Iike?A butdo youknowwhat I think everyone B: Yes, pool! swimming joking! A: You're l'm B: No, not.lf sheput rn a swimminqpool,thenthewhole and enioythe familywouldbe ableto get someexercise in summer' esPeciallY outdoors, wouldstayathome chrldren right.The absolutely A: You're poolwould begreat! a theirfriends,too.Yes, bring and a. .


s here R e a do u t t h e h e a d i n gE l i c ipt o s s i b lpel a c ew such a dialoguemay take place (of an estate of a house on thepremises overthetelephone, agent's, to rent,etc) Playthe cassetteSsanswerthe question

answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See [ . o 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' answers,then ask 5s to read out from the dialogues answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted .

G o t h r o u g ht h e p r o m p t sS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n da c t o u t t h e d i a l o g u e sP o i n to u t t h a t S sc a n u s et h e d i a l o g u ien E x 3 8 b a sa m o d e l

AnswerKeY Suggested A: Howdoyoulikeit,then? but it'sa B: Wetl,it'sin a niceareaandtherearefourbedrooms, longwayfromtheshoPs. A: That'strue,but thereisa busstopnearby. B: Andthereisno centralheating. A: Mmm,yes.Butthereisa logfire' either' B: t thinkit will surtourneedsAnd it'snotsoexpensrve' definitely we are that agent estate tell the Let's A: Okay,then interested. etc

39 a. .

E l i c i tw h a t k i n d so f s e r v i c es b c o u l d r e q u e s t (plumber, locksmith,etc) Explain the electrictan, task Playthe cassette5s answerthe question

answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See .

C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r st h, e na s kt h e mt o r e a do u t t h e dialogue

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprrnted b

. Go through the list of prompts,Elicitvariou: problems (air conditioning- not working,bathroon-' window- broken,kitchentap - leakingetc) Then Ss that Ss work in pairsand do the exerciseExplain in Ex39aasa modelCheck5s' canusethe dialogue answers,then ask some pairsto act out thelr in frontof the class dialogues

AnswerKeY Suggested HowcanI helPYou? & Sons. Brown A: B: Hello.MynameisAnnSmith. A: HelloMsSmith.WhatcanI do foryou? B: l'vegota problemwithmyairconditroning. A: What'swrongwithit? B: lt'snot working. to lookat it rtghtaway' A: l'llsendsomeone thatwouldbegreat B: Thankyou, A: Whatisyouraddress, Please? B: 21, MarketStreet. 40 a. Elicitpossiblesituationswhere we can expressour sympathy(failingan exam osingyouriob, not gettinga promotion, etc) Explainth task Playthe cassetteSs do the exerciseCheck5s' answers AnswerKey t havinga caraccident 2 gettinglockedout

3 sbbeingevrcted

b . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k ,t h e n S sd o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' anSwers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted c. Readout the list of phrases,then go through the the task, Explain andcheckSs'understanding situations pairs andact in Ss work a 5 with a dialogue then model then ask out their dialoguesCheckSs' performance, in frontof the class somepatrsto actout theirdialogues AnswerKeY Suggested a firein thebasement! A: There's B: Howterrible! Shefelldownthestairs. A: Myauntisrnhospital. worried. verY B: Youmustbe A: I drdn'tgettheflqtI wanted a shame! B: That's burntherhandon thecooker' daughter A: Myfriend's toobad. B: That's 4 1 P l a yt h e c a s s e t t eS sI i s t e na n d f o l l o wt h e l i n e sP l a yt h e in pairs again,then Ssreadout the exchanges cassette

Yourfriend,who'sgot a familyof four;hasinherited f10,000 andsheisthinkino of makingsome improvements to herhouse. ln pairs,decide whichwould bethe bestandwhy.


F n rr L ^v V

y -ff \

Listen andsaywhateach


dialogue isabout. b. Readthe exchanges and phrases underline the that express sympathy.

:: I thinkshe should adda second bathroom. j: Yes, gota bigfamily, she's soonother bathroom wouldbevery useful.

1 A : l ' m a f r a i dt h a t t h e p l u m b e r w o n ' t b e a b l et o c o m e t o d a y H e ' sh a da c a r accident B: Will he be all r i gh t ? 2 A : O h ,n o l l o c k e dm y s e lof u t ! B: That'stoo bad 3 A : T h e S m i t h sa r e g o i n gt o b e evtCte0 B:

) e c i d i n go n a h o u s e

38 b. Completethe dialogue,then usethe promptsto act out similar dialogues. l : H o wd o y o u 1 ) l i k ei t , t h e n ? B Well,it's nicelydecoratedand the gardenis lovely,but the kitchenis very2) small A : T h a t ' st r u e B u t i t i s 3 ) f u l l ye q u i p p e d B: And thereareonlytwo bedrooms A: Mmm,yes.Butwe can usethe 4) atticas anotherbedroom B : I t h i n ki t w i l ls u i to u r n e e d sA. n d i t ' sn o t s o e x p e n s i veei,t h e r A: Okay,then Let'stellthe estateagentthat we aredefinitely 5) interested . nrcearea(+) . four-bedroomed (+) . a longway from the shops(-) . a busstopnearby(+) . no centralheating(-) . log fire(+) . well maintained (+) . garden(+) . no garage(-) . parkon the street(+) . no fence(-). modernsecurity system(+)

c. Usethe phrasesto make up dialoguesexpressing sympathyin the following situations. o How terrible/awful/sad I o That'sterrible/awful/a pity/a shame/toobadI o You mustbe veryworried/ upset . l'm (really) sorryaboutthaV to h e a rt h a t 1 2 3 4

fire in the basement a n a u n tf e l ld o w nt h e s t a i r s not gettingthe flat you wanted a friend'sdaughterburnt her handon the cooker.

herfront doordoesnot lockproperlyNow matchthe exchanges.

[T6-l Brown& SonsHowcanI help you? Mssmith.what canI lZld-lHetto, do foryou? l:lil what'swrongwith it? someone to lookat it l4lEl l'llsend rightaway lSlcl wf,atisyouraddress, please?

a Wellit doesn'tlockproperly b H e l l oM y n a m e ' sA n n Smith. c 21, MarketStreet d l'vegot a problemwith my front door e T h a n ky o u ,t h a t w o u l db e great

b. Usetheprompts to makeup similar dialogues. A


exchangesin pairs. .

A: I haveto moveoutl B : T h a t ' sa s h a m e .


A: My flat was brokeninto last night. B : l ' m s o r r yt o h e a rt h a t


A: I can'taffordthe rent B: Youmustbe veryworried


A : M y a n t i q u et a b l ei s r u i n e d B : H o ws a d l


42 a.

Howdoesthe title relateto the pictures?

b. In what contextdo youexpectto findthe followingwordsin the texts? Blarney Castle o touristattraction. in ruinsr battlements . interesting . well-kept historical site grounds Dunnotar Castle . cliffs. exciting past. theScottish CrownJewels . lodgingsr stables . the strongest fortresses . oooular o storehouses withbirdwatchers Blarney isa famous touristattroction. Castle


youwouldliketo ask a. Thinkof threequestions Readthe textsandseeif you abouteachcastle. cananswerthem. b. Readthe textsagainandanswerthe questions. Castle) or B (forDunnottar WriteA (forBlarney Castle). Whichof the castles 1 2 3 4 5

was usedto hidesth precious? hasa specialstone? G-] isassociated with a famousfilm star? l p hassomething that nobodyreallyunderstands? standson a cliff?



c. Explain the wordsin bold.Whichwordsare Wherecould to wordsin yourlanguage? similar pieces youreadsuch of writing? d. Findthe synonyms. TextA the city of Cork you will Eightkilometresnorth of . ({ 9) psyment of the.fa,lous Blarney . ( 0 find BlarneyCastle,home 13) e n d u r e believedto give . merit(0 24) Stone. This stone is traclitionally of eloquentspeech'Built whoeverkissesit the gift King of Munster' 5 in 1 aa6 by Dermot McCarthy' a history' lt is believedthat BlarneyCastlehasa rich 4'000 men to help Robert pastking of Munstersent in 1314'His of Bannockburn the Brucewin the Battle half of the Stoneof Scone' reward was said to be BlarneyStone' 10 whichwasrenamedthe B l a r n e y C a s t l e t o d a y i s a v e r y . p o p uMany lartourist of it is in ruins' most although attraction and the like the features remain,though' .tower to kiss vi'ito's who wish narrow spiral staircu'J'' a very narrow winding 15 the stone musr climb up battlements'then lie on staircaseto the top of the over the edge of the their back and lean slightly Visitorscan also enjoy a tower to reachthe stone' well'kept grounds' walk through the beautiful' Rock Close' This is a 20 where they will find the stonesand treesthat mysteriousplacewith ancient were usedbYthe druids' historicalsite interesting BlarneyCastleis a very you a visit' lt is one place and definitelywell worth chanceto go to Southern 25 mustnot missif you getthe lreland.

TextB " o situated (0 3) . deserted (0 11) . modern (0 15)


R e a do u t t h e t i t l e S sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n

Suggested AnswerKey -'. titlerelatesto thepictures because theyshowcastles that ',.'e buiitin thepast.These castles arecharming,interesting -'a ottractive. o

Readout the list of wordsand explainany unknown vocabulary. Alternatively, Sscan look the wordsup in rieir dictionaries. Ssexpress theiropinions

SiLggested AnswerKey ' ': st of thecastleisin ruins -': ',,iew fromthetopof thebattlements isamazing. , .ars can enjoy a walk through the beautiful,well_kept - -inds. :,ney Castleisa veryinterestrng, historicalsite. "'-'eoresteepcliffson threesides. ,'nottar hasa longandexciting past. -. Scottish CrownJewelswerekeptin thecastle. ,.',nattarwasoneof thestrongest fortresses in thetJK. - z,earelodgings forguestsin thecastle. : ,cokthehorseto thestables -^ e storehouses werefull of vegetables andotherfood. '? reais popular with birdwatchers because of the many : :: iful birdsfoundthere :


H e l p5 st h i n ko f q u e s t i o ntsh e yw o u l dl i k et o a s k in termsof . datebuilt;material; reason built;location, efc Sswrite down theirquestions e Allow Ssthree minutesto silenilyreadthe texts a n ds e ei f t h e yc a na n s w etrh e i rq u e s t i o n s

:: cwnanswers) I


Explain the task AllowSsthreeto four minutesto silentlyreadthe texts Do rtem j with Ss,then allowSsthreeminutesto complete the task Check 5s'answersSsshouldjustifiT therranswers

4nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) ' TheScottishCrownJewelswerehiddenat DunnottarCastle in the 17thcentury.(N. B-9) - Homeof thefamousBlarneyStone. (0.2-3) : Usedas one of the locationsfor the film 'Hamlet,starrtng (t.16) MelGibson. : Thisisa mysterious placewithancientstones andtreesthat

AnswerKey payment:reward endure:remain merit: worth

SS can relcto

n 1qn u n rf .( hr roc J( ' <r u r

situated:located deserted: abandoned modern:recent

-h^.,-^ ft n u . L tt q ) d [

-a^ac.r e t d p c s l t , i J^ r+

S p e a k e1r

c a t c ht h e w a t e r D o y o u t h t n ky o u c o u l dc o m ea n ds o r ti t o u t , p l e a s e ? S p e a k e2r

S p e a k e3r

S p e a k e4r Yes,it'sa veryniceflat,two big roomsanda big balcony. overthe parktowardsthe river, soyou don,tfeelciosedin rswonderful. Soit wasfineforjustthe two of us,but now family- twins,too - we realy haveto,sa pity,but

ood vtew too feelingof space goingto havea areI

S p e a k e5r We'vehad someonein to checkit - he saysthere n o t w o r k i n gp r o p e r l yI .m e a n ,j t , sr e al y h o t o u t s i d a t l e a s t t ' sg o i n gt o b e c o o la t h o m e .B u tw h e n I w a r ma r W e ' l lh a v et o t a k e i t b a c kt o t h e s h o p i r o K e e pm e c o o l .

Tapescript rorrxerliiei?l' tp.'r?i

l, "::.:9"..i-uf:i l,?p-l-e!gl-lh9::b?-"!.1?i lh:":9r." !1q::.:i!t , S e c u r yeo u rh o m e ;S a v ey o u rc h i l d, ,W e l c o m eM , arsha Marsha:fhankyou lt's greatto be here

Marsha:DefinitelyDid you know that more than a m llion chrldrenn Britain

Withsheercliffson threesides.(9.3-4) c. Ss explainthe words in bold by givingexamples or iookingthe words up in their dictionariesAsk Ss where they could read these texts (travelbrochure, newspaper, magazine,etc),then ask them what the wrlter's purposewas (to recommend theseplacesto a visitor)

H o s t : W o u l dy o u s a yt h a t t h e b a t h r o o mi s t h e m o s td a n g e r o urso o mt n t h e n o U s1e

(Ss'own answers) d. Allow Ssthreeminutesto findsynonyms for the words rntne text,


answers) 44 a. (Ss'own on the board Choosea castleor a b. Writethe headings famous building in your country Elicit sufficient the table Ssusethe tableto to complete information t h e b u i l d i n g t a l ka b o u (Ss'ownanswers) 45 . Ss use the plan to write their own article Elicii a n d w r i t et h e m o n t h e p h r a s eos f r e c o m m e n d a t i o missthechanceto vrsit (/t3 Don't visrt; wellwortha board Sscan theplace;Avisitthereisa'must';etc)Alternatively, u s et h e i n f o r m a t r oi n E x 4 4 b t o w r i t et h e a r t i c l e (5s'ownanswers) .


askSsto draw a castleand labelits As an extension, the p a r t s S s t h e n u s e t h e i r d r a w i n g st o d e s c r i b e castle saywords 5s,in teams,sayif the word Alternatively, is relatedto a castleor not Eachcorrectanswergets '1point Theteamwith the mostpointsisthe wtnner Frenchwt ows, Suggestedlist of words: barracks, r u i n s ,a t t l c , p a t r o ,b a t t l e m e n t sh,u m i d i f i e r , b l e s , storehouses,basement,fortress,lodgings,cellar, , tc l o u n g ew , i n d i n gs t a i r c a sdeo, u b l eg l a z i n g e T: barracks e g, TeamAS1: Yes,a castlecanhavebarracks windows T: French TeamB51: No,a castlecan'thaveFrench windowsetc 36 (P. 14) for Exercise Tapescript

Sscanreferto pp 190-191 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescrlpt

M o n d a ya b o u tb u y i n ga h o u s ea n d y o u a s k e dm e t o p h o n eb a c kt h i s m o r n l n g

l a n t e da b i g g a r d e nd, r d n ' ty o u ? b e s u l t a be Y o ue s p e c t ya w C/ientiYes,that'sr ght My husbandand I areboth keengardeners

f r o n ta n db a c kg a r d e n s C/lentiHmrn that soundsinterestingHow rnuch s it? Agent:fhey areaskingfor f400,000 Qultea good pricefor the area Estote C/ient:I see What sort of age is the house? lt was built in the 1930sso it's farrytyplcalof the tinre very Agent:Well, Estote w e l lb u l l t C/iertjWhat about parking?Thoseod housesoften don't havea garageand w e d o n ' tw a n t t o l e a v et h e c a ro n t h e s t r e e t E s t o t e A g e nNto: p r o b l e mT h e r e 'as l a r g ed o u b l eg a r a q e C/ient;GoodI Now,how aboutthe inside?

t h e c h i l d r ed n e f n t e l yn e e dt h e i ro w n e a t h r o o ma n dt h e r el s a l s o h se,m a n b e d r o o mh a sa n e n - s u i t b E s t a t e A g e n t : Yt e a n o t h eor n e u p s t a i r s Doesit havea TV room? C/lenfiWhat about downstairs? : e L l ,i t s t h e u s u a la r r a n g e m e nst :i t t l n gr o o m ,s e p a r a t ed i r f q EstatA e g e n tW

w h i c ht sa n e x t r af e a t u r et h a t l ' m s u r ey o u rf a m iy w i I a p p r e c l a t e C/ient:WeLl,it doessoundlust what we're ookinqfor Whetrcan I seeit? EstoteAgent:Let'ssay lfade]


ffin"g*t*a:& 44

u. Whichof thetwo buildings wouldyoumostliketo visit? why? b. Arethereanybuildings likethese In yourcountry? Talkaboutthem. Thinkabout: . location . historicai details . exterior/interior

Writing {l

Writea shorlarticleforyourschool magazine abouta famous historic buildinginyourcountry. Intheflrst paragraph, writeitsnameandlocation.ln thesecond paragraph, writeitshistorical details.ln thethirdparagraph, writea description of itserterior/interior. Endyour afticlewith a recommendation. such scotlond is full of costles,eoch wiih its own myths ond milesfrom the city of costle is DunnottorCostle on Scotlond'seost coqst, 15 sheercliffs on three Aberdeen.Locotedon o huge outcropof flot rock with been one here since sides,it is the perfect ploce for o fortress,ond there hos the l3th ceniurv. Mory Queen ot Dunnottorhos o long ond excitingpost. Williom Wolloce, oll ployed o port in Scots,King Chorlesll tnd the Morquisof Montrosehove "Honoursof Scotlond",were hidden its rich hisLry. The ScottishCrown Jewels,the destroythem' here in the lzth centuryso ihqt oliver cromwell couldn't Scotlond'However' 10 Dunnottorused to be one of the strongestfortressesin decoy until 1925' into fell it the costle wos obondonedin the l8th centuryond see the l4th century when viscountesscowdroy begon repoirs.visitors con is still intoct'There ond ]392 keep, which wos built by Sir Willlom Keith in ore olso borrocks,lodgings,stoblesond storehouses' sincethe site 15 The cqstlehos becomeo lot more populorin recentyeors "Homlet"storringMel wos used os one of the locotionsfor the film becouseof its locotion.Whotever the reoson is olso populorwith birdwotchers for your visit, it will certoinlybe memoroble'

a ModelText Analysing 47 .'. five paragraphsWe start our letter with Dear+ our .. friend'sfirstname

thetopic theletterandunderline a. Read themwith thenrePlace sentences,

Introduction ,, 'r, In the first paragraph,we write our openingremarks ::, and the reasonfor writingour letter. ain BodY the locationof ,:r In the secondparagraph,we describe rent give the of details house and the ,,t In the third paragraph,we describethe exteriorof the house(whatit is madeof, garden,etc) the interiorof ln the fourth paragraph,we describe the house (e g floors, rooms, furniture, special features,etc) We start each main-bodyparagraph (i e a sentence whichintroduces with a topicsentence ;r

t hse p a r a g r a p h ) or summarise Conclusion In the last paragraphwe write our closingremarks and sign off using Yours,Bestwishes,etc + our first name We can use a variety of adjectivesto make our to the reader mo"einteresting descriptions

theRubric Analysing


phrasea s nd R e a dt h e r u b r i c ,l o o k a t t h e u n d e r l i n e d questions. answerthe Peterhasbeen lookingfor a summerhouseto rent on the coastfor August.He hasaskedhis l: friend , Laura,to find a housefor him. Laurahas ft founOa suitablehouseand is going to write ff eetera letter describingthe houseand givinq T rentaldetails. 1 Who is goingto write a letter?To whom?What is t h e i rr e l a t i o n s h i o ? 2 What styleis approPriate? inauthoritY f o r m a -l t o s o m e o n e semi-formal to someonevou do not know very well informal- to someoneyou know verywell 3 Whichof the followingwouldyou expectto find in letter?Tick(/) accordingly Laura's . . . . . .

of the outside description d e s c r i p t i oonf t h e i n s i d e location of the house d le t a i l s historica weatherconditions rent

l'll tellyouallof mYnewsthen YOUTS,

Laura doesLaurauseto describe b. Whichwords/phrases In which of the house? the interior/exterior these? paragraphs doesshemention

Style of informal c. Studythe table,thenfindexamples letter. stylein Laura's

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InformalstYle e g.I'vegot abbreviations s i m p l el i n k i n gw o r d se . gb. u t , s o , a n d , e t c'dlrketoseeyou shortersentences personal tone e.q.I'vegotsomegreatnews a lot. e.g Thanks everydayexpressions Formalstyle e.g.lhavegot no abbreviations formallinkingwordse.g.despite l o n g e sr e n t e n c e s Ionee.g.passive impersonal e.q.llookforwardto hearing formalexpressions


_:: red words.Explainthat theseare the ey words : - r v t l h e l pS s u n d e r s t a nw d h a t t h e y a r a s k e dt o = S sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s -':,,,,er Key -ouraisgoingto writea letterto peter.Theyarefriends - -- '.{crmalstyleis appropriatebecausethey are friends ' - --: , - '. t ?a-t.otherverywell.


:r! ,nurErq- ti 5 3,r'6F,,them tWO minutes tO read the

-: :, c,'riry an0unoerllne the topicsentences HelpSs to suggest alternative oneswherenecessary. AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 't islocatedin a great area. rromtheoutsidethe houseisveryattractive. Thehouseislovelyandcosyon theinside,too. b. Sswork in pairsand find the wordsthat relateto the interior/exterior of the house CheckSs,answers AnswerKey Para3: exterior:charming;old brickfarm building;holiday cottage;patio;beautifulgarden interior:niceand comfortable; two floors;cosyliving room;kitchenwith modernequipment;diningroom; WC;two smallbedrooms; bathroom;fullvfurnished c

R e a do u t t h e t a b l e .5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d g i v em o r e e x a m p l e tsh, e nd o t h e e x e r c i s e .

AnswerKey obbreviations: Hopeeverything s OK;l,mwriting;l,vefound; It'sin;lt'san;lt'sgot;l'll seeyou;t,tttellyou simplelinkingwords:but;so;and;aswellas; AIso shorter sentences: How areyou?;HopeeverythingsOK;lt hastwo floors. personaltone:l'm wilting to let you know;I'vefound the perfect summercottage for you; with ail the modern equtpmentyou would expect;you don,t need to worry aboutthat;if you likethesoundof it; t hopet'll see you;l,lltell youall of mynewsthen. everydayexpressions: Hopeeverything,s OK;the bestthinq aboutit is;youdon'tneedto worrv;Letmeknow


d. ' '

(The Elicit what opening/closinqremarks are to start/endhisletter) whichsb uses senrcnces S sf i n d L a u r a 'osp e n i n g / c l o s irnegm a r k sC h e c kS s ' answers

A: Howmuchistherent? B: It is f800Permonth. ano the task Ask questlons the plan-Explain Present plan the to compiete answers elicit e g T: Whatareyougoingto writeafterDear? firstname S1: MYfriend's couldyouwrite? T: What openingremarks are How 52: You? T: Verygood Anothersuggestion? 53: l'vegot greatnewsfor You' T: ExcelleniNow,whereisthe houselocated? 5 4 : I n t h e s u b u r b sa n d c o n v e n i e nfto r p u b l i c transPort T: That'sright How muchisthe rent?etc . Assignthe letteraswritten HW

50 o

etc) colloquialisms useof rnformalstyle,contracttons' c an t h a t t h e o n e s c h o o s e S s g i v i n gr e a s o n sF'i n a l l y , remarks Laura's replace AnswerKeY Howareyou?Hopeeverything's ' Laura'sopeningremarks:

AnswerKeY Suggested Peter, Dear Howareyou?| thinkl'vefoundtheperfecthouseforyou' It in a really nicelocation' lt's in the suburbsand for publictransport'Also,therentisfB00a month' convenrent I think' quitereasonable Outstde,the housets veryattractive'lt is a big wooden wrtha frontgardenanda garage' house there Upstairs' iscosytt rsfullyfurnrshed' the house lnside, is a there Downstairs' bathroom' a and oearooms two are a and fireplace a hugelivingroom with an old bathroom, kitchen' fitted isalsoa modern dinrngroom.There goodto you'lf youwant'youcantalKto TZilmeif it sounds it Seeyousoon' about Mr Jones, theowner,

oK' a andc canbeusedinstead Letmeknowif you likethesound ' Laura'sclosingremarks: of it.I can,otily tolkto theowner'Mr Smith'foryou'I hope you heresoon't'tltellyou allmynewsthen' l'll see d ande canbeusedinstead istooformal thelanguage ' b andf cannot beusedbecause then 4 8 G o t h r o u g ht h e t a b l e E x p l a iann yu n n o w nw o r d s ' S sc a n h o u s e h e i r S su s et h e c o l l o c a t i o nt os t a l k a b o u t they if unit this in learn have they useany otherwords wish AnswerKeY Suggested


51 .

AnswerKeY Suggested you will find everything ' You don'tneedto travelbecause youneedat home. ' YouwilllearnbeautY at home' in their quotations . As an extension, ask5sto findsimilar themin English mothertongueandexplain

pairsand 49 a. Choosea 5 to readout the rubric'5swork in then 5s necessary' the keywords Help5s if underline answerthe questtons answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See givinginformation friend a to letter 1 Aninformal theletterto a friendof mine' 2 I amsending is to 3 An informit styleis appropriatebecausethe letter I knowverYwell' someone rent' of interior' descrrption of exterior' description 4 Locatton, 5 SuggestedAnswerKeY Hr,howareyou?'How'sit going? remarks: Opening remarktLetmeknowwhatyouthink'etc Closing in the b' Explainthe task Playthe cassette 5s fill m i s s i n ign f o r m a t i o nC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See and c . E x p l a l tnh e t a s k T h e nS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d a s k t a b le' t h e i n a n s w eqr u e s t r o nuss i n gt h e i n f o r m a t i o n AnswerKeY Suggested B: .-'at 32,BeachLane,Deighton' of thehouselike? A: Whatistheexterior garden B: lt is a big, attractivewoodenhouse'lt has a front anda garage. of thehouselike? A: Whatistheinterror room'a witha largelivrng/dining furnished fully and is cosy tt B: two and bedrooms a modernfittedkitchen'two fireplace,



one at a time and help5s to Readout the sentences them interPret

for Exercise9b (P. 19) Tapescript Sscanreferto p

.191 the S'sbookfor the sametapescrlpt of

A: R.

A: B: A: s e r v i caesw e l l ,w h c h r v l l b e h a n d yi f y o u d o n ' td r i v e B: A:

f u l l yf u r n i s h e dl s. t h a t r i g h t ? v"rat-,u,Scorrect.Let'ssee,therearetwoveryspaciousbedr andthâ&#x201A;Ź b a t h r o o mu p s t a l r sT. h e nd o w n s t a i rtsh e r ei s a n o t h e rb a t h r o o r n ' t h e r e ' st h e d i n i n l i v i n gr o o m ,w h i c h h a sa b e a u t l f uol l d f i r e p l a c eT' h e n from the kitche r'ooi, .na a largemodernkitchen Ah and there'sa door B: A:

f o r t h i sP r o p e r tIyt h l n K EjYes,thatsoundsexceJ|entCou]dImakeanappointmenttoc the house? A : O f c o u r s em a d a mi,f I c a nj u s t t a k e s o m eo f y o u r d e t a i l s

Cpen ing/Closing Remarks

c. Useyournotesto askandanswerquestions, asin theexample, thentalkaboutthe house.

d. What are Laura'sopeningand closingremarks? Which of the following can you useinstead? Why can't you usethe others? a b c d e f

Thanksfor your letter I feelobligedto write to informyou SorryI haven'twrittenfor so long Get in touchwith me soon Lookingforwardto hearingfrom you I lookforwardto receiving a promptreply

Descriptive Writing {$

Usethe phrases to describe the buildingwhereyou live.

A: Where isthehouse located? B: It islocated ... in Ex.49bto answerthe $Q Usethe information questions plan. in the canusethe letterin Ex.47aasa model.


"o, om rniture

Dear (yourfriend's first name)

lntroduction (Para1)


! livein a detached,s got...

Main Body

Discuss & Write


therubric andunderline thekey 49 r. Read words. Then, answer thequestions.

(suggest tapic sentences)

Whereexactlyis the house?How muchis the rent?


What is the exteriorlil<e?(material,garden, ttc)


. He/Shehas

What is the interior like? How many Jloors/ roomslfurniture?

Conclusion 'l

What typeof writingis it? 2 Who is sendingthe letter?What is the relationship betweenyou andthe recipientof the letter? 3 What styleis appropriate? Justify 4 What informationdo you needto include? andclosingremarks canyou use? : J you had with an conversation estateagent and completethe table. Location

1 ) 3 2 B e e c hL a n eD , eighton


large2) gardenat the fron! garage


fully-furnished; upstairs: two bedrooms; a 3) bathroom downstairs: bathroom;livingroom;old 4) fireplace; diningroom;largekitchen


5) f800 a month


What shouldyou do next: givephonenumber/ book it? cl osingremarhs

Yours, your first name

thesentences belowinyourownwords. 51 Explain

A man travelsthe world over in searchof what he n e e d s ,a n d r e t u r n sh o m e t o f i n d i t . GeorgeMoore (lrish author/poet) Strengthof charactermay be learnedat work, but beautyof characteris'learnedat home. Henry Drumm ond ( 1I 5 I - I 897) (Scottish naturali st)

Lead-in a. Whichof the followinglifeeventsmatchthe pictures (1-4)? Whatotherlifeeventscanyouthinkof? ' movinghouse' having a baby . engagement ' o graduationwedding . retirement

fittt*$ t4

belowto talk in piirs,usethe adjectives someimportanteventsin yourlife. ' thrilled' excited ' sad' happy' scared ' irriiated . pleased . worried. disappointefl I feltveryscared' myfirstdayat school. forget l'llnever gorgeous shelooked wedding stster's atmy I wassohappy lt wasunforgettable! tnherwhitedress '?

adults a. Lookat thechartandseewhatAmerican events' life to be the top ten stressful consider asin the examples' Thenmakeup sentences, 73% Divorce

6 3 %D e a t hi n t h e f a m i l Y

'ilt = 3 6 7 .C h a n g i n jgo b s Marta

losinE Y o u rj o b


school 26"/"Starting/leaving 2 3 %T r o u b l a et w o r k


h a v i n ga b a b Y l e a v i n sgc h o o l

Bill& Terry


2 0 %M o v i n gh o u s e

Seventy-thr percent af conside , Americans tobethemos divorce eventin ltfe. stressful of SrxtY-three Percent a death constder Amertcans tobe inthefamilY moststress thesecond inlife event

lifeevents b. Whicharethe threemoststressful for you?Givereasons'


,:-i: 1,,,....

I couldn'tbelieveit when I failed my driving test.I was so disappointed. I wasthrilledat mycoming-of-age party.lwasan adultat iast. WhenI got my firstcar l washappyand worriedat thesame ttme.



r a p p e d s e n t e n c e lr; e a d i n gf o r s p e c i f i c ; , -, 5Canntn a gt e x t : -..- - .,y: life events;stages in life; describing . '=: -gs& emotions - . - . . i o a s t e n s e su; s e dt o / w o u l d - - : ' E n g l i s h :p r e p o s i t i o n p s ,h r a s a vl e r b s( c c _ r m e , , , :rd formation; open cloze; key_word - --'ltons; i d i o m sa n df i x e dp h r a s e s = - ^g: s t e n i n gf o r s p e c i f i ci n f o r m a t i o nl i,s t e n i n g : , - s t e n i n gf o r d e t a i l ;m u l t i p l em a t c h i n gn; o t e

3 a. .

. : . : . - g : t a l k i n ga b o u t p a s t e x p e r i e n c edse; s c r i b i n g . = . a i k i n ga b o u t i m p o r t a n tl i f e e v e n t s t; a l k i n g ':-ri res; talkingabout two differenttypes of -. expr ing opinions; introducing people; , - :,edict s ' - _- : : r o n : c o n t r a s t i vset r e s s . ^g:a story


AnswerKey Fifty-threepercentof Americansconsiderpersonalinjury or illness to bethethirdmoststressful eventin life. Fiftypercentof Americans considermarriageto be the fourth moststressful eventin life. Forty-fivepercentof Americansconsiderretirementto be the fifthmoststressful eventin life. Thirty-nine percentof Americans considerbringingup children to bethesixthmoststressful eventin life. Thirty-six percentof Americans consider changingjobsto be theseventhmost stressful eventin life. Twenty-six percentof Americansconsiderstartingor leaving schoolto betheeighthmoststressful eventin life. Twenty-three percentof Americans considertroubleat workto betheninthmoststressful eventin life. Twenty percentof Americans consider movinghouse to be the tenthmoststressful eventin life. . As an extension, askSsto write the life eventsin t h e g r a p ho n a p i e c eo f p a p e ra n d n u m b e rt h e m rn order of how stressfulthese eventsare for t h e m C o l l e cS t s 'a n s w e r sA n a l y s teh e r e s u l t os n t h e b o a r da n d d r a w a c l a s sg r a p h A s k S s t o c o m p a r teh e A m e r i c a g n r a p ht o t h e i ro w n


l e a d o u t t h e t i t l eo f t h e u n i t E x p l a itnh a t i t i s a croverb Elicitwhat ihe title means(While sth/sbis strllalive,we canhavehopeor faith aboutthe future.) Elicitfrom Ss other proverbsthey can think of relatedto ltfe (Lifeissweet.Everydayof yourlifeis a pageofyour history.etc) . Matchthe lifeeventsin the listto the pictures, : 's,',,er Key - ovinghouse 3 graduation - ^avinga baby 4 wedding ,:"er life events: starting/leavingschool;getting a job; ' :.ce,etc l

ilicit words from Ss and write them on the board Allow5stwo or threemjnutesto makeup sentences JStng t h e m ,t h e na s ki n d i v i d u aSlst o r e a dt h e mo u t

b. Sssaywhich are the three most stressfullife events f o r t h e m .A s s t o m a k eu p s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e i r choices. 5ssh d justifytheiranswers.

Sttggested AnswerKey - Thecoupleinpicture2 havejusthada baby.They arein the hospitalroom.They bothlookvery pleased. : Thegirl in picture3 is at her graduationceremony.She,s wearinga cap and a gown. She is probablywith her mother.Theybothlookveryexcited. : Thegirl in picture4 is at her wedding. Sheis wearinga lovely white wedding dressand a veil. She,s hotdinga bouquet.Sheis probablywith herfather.Heis wearinga tuxedo.They bothlookveryserious.

Suggested AnswerKey Themoststressful eventin lifeis deathin is a very d istressi ng experie ncefor everyon e. Thesecondmoststressful eventin life is personal injuryor illness. lt canchangeyourlifeforever. Thethird moststressful eventin life is bringingup childrenlt involvesa lot of responsibility. i


Readout the prompts playthe cassetteSslistenand m a t c h t h e p e o p l et o t h e p r o b l e m sC h e c k S s , answersEIicithow Ssthink eachpersonfeeis

P r e s e nt th e b a r c h a r t E l i c i th o w s u c ha c h a r ti s made (Asurvey isconducted andpeopleareaskedto ranka numberof itemsin orderof importance on a scaleof l-10,whereI isnot importantat all and l0 is very important. The results are collected and percentages arecalculated, whicharethenrepresented by thebarsin thechart)Readout the examples.Ss m a k eu p s e n t e n c e s .




Tapescript for Exercise Za (p.20) tr to. the S,s book for thesametapescnpt p:]^?l i "- -9?-.f"-f"l .of Marta

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) b. Elicitvariousiife eventsfrom the Ss(firstdayat school, sister's wedding,changingschools, failingyourdrivingtest, comingof age,gettingyourfirstcat etc).Write them on the board Ask Ssto matchthe adjectives to the life eventsSswork in pairsandtalk aboutthe lifeevents Suggested AnswerKey l'll neverforgetchangingschools whenI was nineyearsold.I wassad to leavemy old friendsbut I wasalsoexcitedabout starting something new.


cont p 24(T)


because GrahamBellwashardworking t thinkAlexander inventions' his on time free hrs all spent he he GrahamBellwas patientbecause t thtinkAtexander mutes,'.. young deaf with spentmostof hislifeworking i dor', tnirk that AlexanderGrahamBell was indifferent hecaredaboutchildren. because

the man ls 4 a . L o o k a t t h e p i c t u r e E x p l a i nt h a t E x p l a i tnh a t t i t l e t h e A l e x a n d eGr r a h a mB e l l R e a d means which expression set is a A DreamComeTrue t i m ea n d o f l o t a a f t e r t r u e c a m e f i n a l l y thata dream quickly then effort Ask Ssto answerthe questions' scanthe articleto checktheiranswers AnswerKeY Graham Bellinventedthe telephonein 1876' Alexander famrly' Bellcamefroman average-sized Graham Alexander




t h e t a s k E x p l a itnh a t b . G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p a n de x p l a i n to completethe order in advice thls Ssneedto follow the sentences out read to S a Ask successfully task out (A-l).Sssilentlyfollowthe text Read the example (ltcontains the and elicitwhy F is the correctanswer'did 'absorbed' notice' not to refers which word reference lt continuesthe story')Ss sentence from the prevrous justifyiheir completethe task CheckSs'answersSs chotces answers) overprinted Key(See Answer It gtves in thenextsentence' f amily' words:'whole 1 reference abouthisfamtlY' information 'the It sentence' words: two men'tn theprevious 2 reference men' two the about givesmoreinformation 'brotherswere kitted'rn the prevtous 3 ieferencewords: lt provides in the nextsentence' and'Canadian' sentence theresultof thefirstevent' 'continuethe work' in the previous words: 4 reference the lt continues ana sobusy'rnthenextsentence sentence story. 'she'and 'losther hearing'rn the next words: 5 refelrence a newcharacter' lt introduces sentence' John Henry'in the previous words:'Professor 6 reference aboutthrsperson' tt gNesmoreinformatron sentence. 'mechanical transmftte(in the voice words: 7 reference lt nextsentence' in the words' and'first sentence prevtous

the S'sCD/ RemindSsto practiseReadingaloudusing lines Ss the follow and text the to Sslisten cassette. text' the from out read then pauses, with again listen lrfe; Early Write these headings on the board: to minutes two Ss Allow life;Telephone Professional q u e s t i o ns: S s a s k t h e n a g a i n , a r t i c l e r e a dt h r o u g ht h e young (Started teaching 16? age at do Alexander did What deafmutes)elc. Write 5s' answerson the board,in note form' under 5s copythesenotesinto their the correctheadings. use them to talk about then and notebooks A l e x a n d eGr r a h a mB e l l ' lsi f e

AnswerKeY Suggested a fewyears to' Earlylife:at 16 started Canada to moved family dted, tatetbotnbrothers taughta groupof Mohav''' scientist, life: teacher, Professional Speec" taughtVisible tn Boston, in Canada,teacher lndians prtva:'' gave school' own his opened becamesuccessful,

wfthPatentoffice invention

thestorY. continues 6

c. '


Allow 5s two or threemrnutesto readthe article by again Ask 5s to explainthe words in bold or synonymsSscan look up the grvrngexarnples wordsin theirdicttonartes e g transmitted:sentfrom one placeto another for to find synonyms Ssthen usetheir dictionary w o r d s ' thehighlrghted

AnswerKeY Suggested inventing creating: attained achieved: allowed:let giveup:abandon

s &

withthePatentofftce. invention to wasaboutto:wasreadY changed influenced: engrossed absorbed: goal:obiective

the d. Read the list of words and eliciVexplain w o rds w h i c h d e c i d e p a i r s a n d i n m e a n i n g sS. sw o r k 5s' C h e c k w h y a n d B e l l G r a h a m A l e x a n d e r describe" ANSWCTS

AnswerKeY Suggested hekept because . Alexander GrahamBellwasverypersistent give up' dtdn't He inventron' his on on workrng . I don'tthiik Alexander GrahamBellwassensttive' GrahamBellwas a daydreamer . t don't thinkAlexander heworkedverYhard' because he . t think Alexander GrahamBellwasstubbornbecause dream his grve on uP didn't


r .

of Bell'sinventton Sstalk aboutthe importance Ssto chooseanother ask you can extension, As an famouspersonandwrite an articleabouthim/herfor the schoolmagazlne

5./'scl,f,oa& z

c-vct. a theftrstsounu sound. planto invent _,., unii*ort inaudible l u u v i l t th.athe t't" tr . irrghi a w a s -.,lEhu *ii, Themachrne transmrlri transmfier voice voice human I1:"I'*"11" "Y:,:"1 B'il. ;ffi

Graham re{used -.^u l$il,li;'',.''ii;#l*' .lil,lnil.';;ilnffi;,; _ -anatomy, 'roirO :, -: ''g years

28 ,i,.,.rv

ulrryr'o JLq'r"'"'as

o::lT nl: rrrJurvq"" up up earuslllg ioglvu sive and t0 electricity ^::,nlil**[:'JH1',l].:I[:,TJ,lt {il';f lfll*l:ll tfp designof the human e{{ect same

illl'Tlit;1t;'!l31;Y oi'ir'e'1ne i!'Hlr"'ro;#;i^'r.llti; ,J;:iffig :-,rived il:l'll',:'.il'#il,llru;';'i' *urrd;ft-;iy::fll-*ilff"Tjlt,o|L,T; inrhestudy tan Arexander soon and rris olh9*:o^,,.,lli[ilT:ilfi""";^;ils'wort<with ,..]#liJ,ii: .iiil#''*,iuinoor' 1$1ts sisnlanguage I0rIIrur brvr'u'rv"*v-

a ;"ffi; -=::i creailng ascreating wellas aswell ::,;as

ffip-ty:*yl,::-,T,#?\tff"t *.t:rtin:Ti:rffirJ.i;';r*'*U.Uf Hewas gt monev' olmonev' out outol

.l,l ''',";'11"p":Sl^l# Arexande*l^::91'^:11.t:l'i,X':::,'it 16 "',Lni,H;T11"ip ,;ao{ il n,'Ii,.t u6u"ot'o -jl,lioiJ*'Jdil:!:.."r', .r*'.'lti'.y:d Y'JT;:,,;i,,:l; JJf.l'trfi:'Lli,i:1'1i'[*[ lra'srrrr'lr';f,;** vrlrce the th'

sPeech'. ,rble

throush comins I il;Iil'uutliffi I ffi;]]r*unoo *rt t*o mechanical il$ffi!:l'{,ilff:1';'Ji[: thefirstwon 1876' ng'nliJ';lml il::lru%;'#iK'il',H'-,1]'H.'l'ffiif March nisffii E i;;5Y, in ;; rote important olavanil'ilii;'i f'fff l'ffi 31F'* onoJln,, 'B;iain time ',ately, bi'thdav brnn0av utlT^ll'il;::;n il;.; this q*:T"ft'1"1'"^Xii 2eth tt\ryut :',i;; notn 0nhis2eth

ilF,at0l!, lI wdb dtuut'''O"t,rouqf, -1t'"'vjl.l,^I*^""ni"ntna and both Britainand

sqre-a PlaguesP$ ln whiteplague '::#":";; to^a AlexanderGrahamBell ieaching '"'"'"*was u I Alexander AlexanoelYi: Alexarruu' tL!-l I tl --- .s hr^thorq -,:,'3) 3) died. his died. died.31 brorhers brothers reqistered lu"rd registered

Readthetextthrough' tl'nn ofwhatinformation ., might bemissing Read

therist or small-c::1*T":t-Il the 'n-1 in_a with rndians in,ientionwitn 'i.*o- *o'*r ,.'il;on:*'il inurntion ,,':il",i ,tl1"r:liltT.rt#l and, ffit-:il:ffi"::;:Tij:[:H::1[Jj p.irrtotlice ffi; ih; B;tlonBold:^^^nr{nr rrear rnures *l*,, dear

u.t*:schootror ,.J.,'i',iin, uin',u,'.ew inr'iin ;l ,j, ,',lll,fli;litrl?::i:ff,':"T:il;,T:il:;" ,j,,1.,'i ::t?:J::-l?tiH:? ffi;;r;il;;ffi ropicorrhemissinssentencewiththetooico to m.9vg!f31T:,:til\^,2s rrappy ',"uJilirl';j'il very very r,r,:,:der ,i,rroii*ul was neverseen nru?l::11 ls0 so was he uo*rur,, '. ':i;*:":::T'"1f l1q u ,-. he had "'istartedin +im6rn on fris anythinglil ","rr, . i ' r E ! : , l d e fW a S V e { Y l r d P P Yt w

iljhltr*:lni,:nl*: n*lll;'f I;j;THi'iTX1J','Ji'il,1',H,l3ii'*'l;:fi"il beforeor after eachgap.Checkthat the sentence you choosefitsgrammatically andmakessense. Readthe completedtext to seeif it maKes sense.

F Hewastotallytbsolbed,inhisstrangemachinewhich he hadbeenworkingon for aboutthreeyears G As a result Alexanderand his parentsleft the c o u n t r ya n d m o v e dt o C a n a d a H On that summerafternoonin 1g75,whenAlexander heardthe firstsoundtransmitted overhis machine

Reading 'iVhatdo you know aboutAlexander Graham Bell? Whatdidhe invent? When?Didhecome froma big family?Readthe articleandfindout. Choose fromsentences, A-1,the onethat best fitseachgap1-7to complete the text.There is oneextrasentence youdo not needto use. :'cfessor Henry realised rmmediately thatAlexander -ad madeanamazing discovery andencouraged ^ r to continue withhisexperiments r. thattimehe hadanother student who greatly inffuenced, hislife Hisgrandfather had inventeda systemto help c e o p l ew i t h s p e e c h problems D H ew a si n s p i r ebdy t h e B a r o n ,wso r ka n dr e f u s e tdo g i v eu p h i sd r e a m E M r A l e x a n d eEr l l i sa, p r o f e s s oorf p h i l o l o g ya,n d S i r CharlesWheatstone,an expert in telegraphy, s t a r t e dh i mt h i n k i n ga b o u ts e n d i n sg o u n d tsh r o u g h a machine

herealised thathehadfinally achieved hisEsal He became so successful that he soonopenedhrs ownschool "TheSchool physrology,, called of Vocal Readthearticle againandexplain thewordsin bold.Givesynonyms for the highlighted words. Whichof the followingwordsbestdescribe Alexander Graham Bell?Givereasons. . persrstent . sensitive . daydreamer . stubborn . hardworking r patient. indifferent

Follow-up 5

Readthe articleagain and make notes a0out Alexander Graham Bellslife.Then, talkabouthislife. Howhashisinvention changed ourlives?



b.. Listenandmatchthe jobs above' to the famousPeoPle E n g l i sthe a c h e r r ' forestfirefighter

c h e c k o uct l e r k





asin the example' Talkabouteachperson, A: B: A: B: A: B: the tablewith asmany b. ln pairs,complete Then,usethe aspossible' phrases or adjectives wordsto describe Yourself.

rnuscular tall,slim' brcad-shauldered, , Height/Build: bald'curly long,(9oing) cropped, wavy,straight, Hair',

thick,thin, bushY Eyebrows:.lrched,

born? Pferffer wasMichelle When wasborntn 1958? She shelooklrkeT Whatdoes hairandblueeyes' got Shehas longblonde anactressl she dobefore became Whatdrdshe clerk. wasa checkout She

Project Writetheirjob' a posterof famouspeople. Prepare your of each'Decorate ageanda shortdescriptron projectwith Pictures.

in Life Stages agesfor peoplein a. Listenandfill in the average asin the sentences, up make the USA,then example.

, i g ,a l m o n d - s h a p e d E y e sg: r e e n , b r o wbnl,u e ,g r e y b

school startelementarY

lhlc( lon9,short Eyelashes:

go to college/unlverslty

N o s e s: n u bp, o l n t e dh, o o k ,b u t t o n ,s t r a i q h tc' r o o l < e d

get married

teein M o u t h :w i d es, m a l lf,u l ll l p s c, r o o k e d jaw C h i n :P o i r f e dd o r , o l e5, q u a " e I am talland sltmand"' I am in myearlyteens.



at theageoff school elementary start usuallv Amertcans

: -' -.,cr'mwith Ss AskSsto sayasmanywordsas . - = , : - n t h i n ko f t o d o w i t h d e s c r i b i npge o p l ea n d .- .: .aem on the board (longhail shorthair,thin :: .,te eyes,tall,short,old,young,middle-aged, etc). - . . S sr o g r o u pt h e s ew o r d su n d e rt h e h e a d i n g s : =,-=ctlld, facialfeatures : : : : c u t t h e l i s to f w o r d sa n d e l i c i V e x p l a i n their -=i^.lgs b y g i v i n g e x a m p l e so r p o i n t i n gt o : - : . s f a c i afle a t u r e s : . . ' ,; . k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' r :. ,t;'


R e a d o u t t h e l i s t o f j o b s E l i c i V E x p l aar n y u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a r p y o i n t o u t t h a t t h e s el o b s a r e w h a t t h e p e o p l ei n t h e p i c t u r e sd i d b e f o r e they becamefamous . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S s l i s t e na n d m a t c h C h e c kS s , answers AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) .


t': - : ^ : .s a centreparting,straighthait a wideforehead, a

)t - "r <','.,;nkles, a wideforehead,sideburns j :-.'''.:, =s,crooked teeth, a wideforehead,straight hair :



: ' : a t n t h e t a s k 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t e . ^ : : a b l e C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r so n t h e b o a r d S s _ . . , a n y e x t r av o c a b u l a riyn t o t h e i r t a b l e s S s - : ^ d e s c r i bteh e m s e l v e s -i ei extension, dividethe classinto two teams l-rcse a leader. He/She thinksof a classmate The .=:-s taketurnsandaskquestions to findoui who -: cersonis The teamthat guesses correctly earns : - : o o r n tC h o o saen o t h elre a d ear n dc o n t i n uteh e

Project As instructedin the Student'sBook 8 a . R e a do u t t h e l i s to f e v e n t sE x p l a itnh e t a s k p l a yt h e cassetteSs lisien and do the exerciseCheck Ss, answers, then 5s makeup sentences AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) Suggested AnswerKey Americansusuallygo to college/university at the age of eighteen. Americans usually leavehomeat the(average) ageof eighteen Americans usuallygetmarriedat the(average) ageof twentystx. Americans usuallyhavetheirfirstchildat the(average) ageof twenty-seven. Americans usuallybuya houseat the(average) ogeof thirtyfive/in their mid-thirties. Americans usuallyretireat theageof sixty-five.


, : . - t h a t t h e p i c t u r es h o w f a m o u sp e o p l eE l i c i t - =: eachperson's - actress, Pfeiffer Rod 1obis (Michelle :.,',c,t- singer, Harrison Ford- actor,JohnMalkovich :_.-.jting-singer)AllowSssufficient timeto prepare, . - = ^ 5 sd e s c r i beea c hp e r s o nC h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s - - 1:estedAnswerKey ' :^ eilePfeiffer isin her.... Shehasgotlongblondehairanda : -: : ':ce withhighcheekbones. Hereyebrows arethin and : --:: :,.d shehasgot blueeyes. Hernoseisstraightandshe ":-:_...',,idemouth. ::.t Stewartisin his.. . Hehasgotshortspikyhair. He hasgot : , -:'3.e, bushyeyebrows andbrowneyes. Hehasalsogot a : : '.t. thinlipsanda pointedchin. -:'r,isonFordis ...withshortspikygreyhair. Hehasgot small '. : ,',' zyes anda crooked nose.Hehasalsogotwrinkles. . : " n Malkovichisin his.... Hehasgot shortbrownhairandis ^ - '- cald.Hehasgotsmallbrowneyesandhe wearsglasses. -: ' :s alsogot wrinkles, a moustache anda beard. :: ng s in his.... Hehasgot shortblondehairandan angular ': -= ,',,ith a wideforehead. Hehasgotsmalleyesanda pointed - ::: ie alsohasthinlipsanda squarelaw.

A s a n e x t e n s i oa n s k S st o f i n d o u t w h a t o t h e r famouspeopledid beforethey becamefamous and shareit with the classAlternatively, Ss can w o r k i n g r o u p sa n d m a k ea q u i zf o r t h e r e s to f t h e c l a s st o g u e s sw h o d i dw h i c hl o b s

c. Choosetwo 5s to readout the exampleSswork in p a i r s a n d a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e sC h e c k S s , a n s w e r s t, h e n a s k s o m e p a i r s t o a c t o u t t h e i r d i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s

= : TeamA S1: ls it a boy? Leader:Yes,it is T e a mB 5 1 : l sh e t a l l ? Leader:Yes,he is T e a mA 5 2 : H a sh e g o t r e dh a i r ? LeaderN : o ,h e h a s n ' t etc -r,eaily teens.lam tall and slimand I'vegot blonde -. '. i vegot a round faceand rosycheeksl'vegot thin - ',: cnd almond-shaped blueeyeswithshorteyelashes. ::: s pointedand my mouth is small.l've alsogot a :_, :. in,



Tapescript for Exercise 7b (p.22)


S p e a k eAr S t i n gi s o n e o f t h e m o s t p o p u l a rs o o a r t i s t sr n t h e w o r l d a n d h a s h a d h u g e s u c c e sw s i t h h i s i a t e s tw o r d t o u r S t i n g ,o r , t o u s e h i s r e a l n a m e ,G o r d o n S u m n e rh, a sa i w a y so v e dg u i t a rm u s i c a , l t h o u g hh e w a s t r a i n e oa s a p t a n i s r

h i sh o m e t o w no f N e w c a s t laen d m o v e dt o L o n d o nt o p u r s u eh s c l r e a m S p e a k eB r M a n yo f H o l l y w o o dq' sr e a t e sst t a r ss e e mt o h a v ec o m ef r o m ' p o obr a c k g r o u n d s o n l yt o r n a k ei t b i g o n t h e s i l v e sr c r e e nH a r r i s o F n o r d , lsi f es t o r y s j u s t o n e o l t h e s er a g st o r i c h e st a l e s I n h i se a r l yc a r e e rH, a r r i s ohna dv e r yl i t t l em o n e ya n d evenhadto teachhirnselfcarpentryin orderto find work Theseoays,nowever, h e l s o n e o f H o ly w o o d ' sb i g g e snt a m e sw r t h m i l l i o nos f d o l i a r si n t h e b a n ka n d a never-endin g p p l yo f e a d i n gr o e s su S p e a k eC r I l u s t o v e M i c h e l l eP f e l f f e Ir t h n k s h e ' sa f a n t a s t iac c t r e sas n d , v es e e na l h e r f i l m s I n m y o p i n i o n s, h ej u s t g e t sb e t t e ra n d b e t t e r t m u s t b e r e a l l yh a r Cr o b e c o m ea s u c c e s s ffui l m s t a r Y o u h a v et o b e v e r ya m b i t i o u sM l c h e l l ep f e r i i e r

a r eJ U snt a t u r a l ltya l e n t e dt;h o u g h ,a r e n ' t h e y ? cont p 24(T)

""'i,p#,ipi -', i; i;;i,; rii"rp.'Dj'-s"" p.ttiii i..::_.:i :.-lgt..:

pp.,:s.2.1s:of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript


thelr S s w o r K l n - p a l r sa n d m a k e a t a b l e a b o u t 5s Then necessary country. Help 5s where think to try to Ss Ask .otpur" the two countries

[. r

there feelsafeand comfortable

thecassette55||stenandmarkdownhowtheyfee|a the sounds eachsound Then5swork in pairsand match sentences up make and to the feelings answers) overprinted Key(See Answer (Ss'own answers)


1 2 o

(Ss'own answers) AnswerKeY Suggested Peopleln JaPan school- + 6 startelementar4 '+ 18 go to college/universitY + 27 home leave getmarried+ 27

llGothroughthe|istandcheckcomprehensionbyas (Whena police waiting? enmightweheara siren qr.i,ionti rrvn Play accrdent') an passes byon thewayto caror an ambulance

+29 havefirstchild buya house'+ 40 retire+ 60

o A s a n e x t e n s l o nS,su s et h e i rt a b l e st o t a l k a b o u t aswrittenHW' theircountryAssignthe exercise (5s'ownanswers) Go through the diagramand explainwhat tt usingthe Ask5sto makeup sentences represents. they that to show table informationIn the under (Ababy is someonewhois titles the understand ask5squestionsWhatdo old')Alternatively, oneyear whois25yearsold?(Anadult') wecaltsomeone the ta thenreadout the exampleSswork Explain pairs andd he exerciseCheckSs'answers' in

c. .


AnswerKeY Suggested A babygetsa name A toddlerlearnsto talk' to school' to readandwrite/goes A chrldlearns a school/college/university/gets high goes to A teenager drivinglicence. a house An adultgetsmarried/haschildren/buys grandchildren' promoted/has gets person A niddle:aged healthproblems' pension/has a retires/claims citizen A senior 9 a . G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s to f a d j e c t i v eEs l i c itth e i rm e a n i n g s to give examples5s work in pairsand by asking'Ss Check5s'answers exercise do the

look likefacialexPresstons' first Co throughthe symbolswith Ss Readout the do Ss symbols. the r.rrug". 5, respondusingone of Ss extension' an pairs As in the reit of the exercise papers exchange messages, write pairs and work in a n dt h e na n s w eer a c ho t h e ru s i n gt h e s y m b o l s ' As further practice,ask Ss to look on the lnternet and find some more of thesesymbols,write them d o w n w i t h t h e i rm e a n i n gasn d p r e s e ntth e m t o t h e classin the nextlesson AnswerKeY Suggested 1 $ ) : 2 :)\o/ -D

3 :'-( : (

o 4

\o/ :)


5 X = 6 :e :-(

1 3 G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s to f a d j e c t i v eE l i c itth e i rm e a n i n g sS s do the Jxercise,then make p sentencesusing the collocations answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted AnswerKeY Suggested afterhislongjourney' Hefeltexhausted whenthebusdrdn'tcome Paulastartedto feelworried fortheaccident' responsible feeling help Tomcouldn't 10 (P.23) for Exercise Tapescript Sscanreferto p 193 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript

answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See [. r

E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e nv a r i o u sS st a l k a b o u tt h e i r own experlences

AnswerKeY Suggested lt wasduringa thunderstorm' thatlwas terrified time Thelast was lastMondayeveningandI wasat home'Myparentshad it startedrainingheavily"' etc goneout.Suddenty &.

ft a

w i t h m e a n d I l e f tt h e b u i l d i n g l Speaker2 It wasthe lastthingI expectedl'd anivedhomeiatefrom h u n g r y . T h e h o u s e w a s u n u s u a l l y d a r k al lnedt m q uyise t j lounge Srddenly,the lightswent on and everyone wasthe bestblrlh "suririset"We hada fantastic

(5s'ownanswers) .

As an alternative,dividethe 5s into groupsof on pleces four Ask them to write the adjectives o f p a p e r T h e n ,S s c o l l e c t h e p i e c e sa n d p u t them in a container5s take turnsto draw out a relatedto pieceof paper,think of an experience group the to it describe and that adjective

once 5s listenand do the task.PIaythe cassette 10 Explain the cassetteagain Play Check5s' answers the exercise. speakerfelt the each why explain to Ss with pausesfor way he/shedid answers) overprrnted AnswerKey(See Suqqested


evena student,iust a visitor!

was reallyscary

p i l eo f c a r d sI r e a l l ym u s tf i n da m o r ei n t e r e s t r nj ogb

wastiredand alkedintoth and shouted r had

b. Makea similartablefor yourcountry. Howdoes yourcountrydifferfromthe USA?

youwouldfeel.Then,makeup sentences, asin the example.

Studythe diagramandin pairs,thinkof two eventstypicalof eachstage.

s i r e nw a i l i n g dogsbarking


irritated nervous


messa thund Whenever I heara sirenwailing,Ifeelnervous. A sirenwailingmakesmefeelnervous. 'f 1-2

2-12 13-19 20+



Thesesymbols, or emoticons, areusedin e-mails and chat roomsto suggestfeelings.Studythem and thenusethe symbols to respond to the comments.

Abobylearns tocrawl. ! toddler learns to walk.



a. Writethe adjectives on the correctline. . r . .

. worried terrified. bored. delighted r . cheerful. sad tmpatrent calm. annoyed r ecstatic. furious. miserable depressed . nervous. relaxed. frustrated pleased

.Q.qteQ, in,.leIgte.d rerrified, worried,impatienr,sao, annoyed,depressed, furious,

1 2 b- Choose oneadjective fromeachcolumn.When wasthe lasttimeyoufelt likethis?Whathad happened to causethisfeeling?

ysubelieve Con it?lleueh00id ulilm!:-/ $I millisn Guesswhot? [ got engaged!

3 4

TrwfusttimeI feltannoyed waswhenthetrainwaslate....




to 1 3 Fillin be and/orfeel.Thenusethe collocations felt.Whydid . ,l-kilenandwritehow eachspeaker eadrspeakerfeelthat way? 1 : ' - r i o u s- p o o rs e r v i c e - surprise 2: re ighted/thrilled birthdayparty 3: a^royed- lecturecontinuously interrupted tl: :e..;fled- scaryrollercoasterride 5: co'ed- repetitive work

makeup sentences aboutyourself. 1 2 3 4 5

feel/beconvinced 6 feel/beexhausted 7 bekind 8 be pathetic 9 feel/beworried 10

ho ovnro<<irro

be easy-golng be forgiven be interested be/feelresponsible

Hefelt/wasconvinced that shedidn't likehim.


"Did you work (you/work)late lastnight?"

tenses Past GrammarReference

14 ".

" Y e s , a c t u a l l YI d i d n ' t l e a v e (not/leave)until 11 Pm "

ldentifythe tensesin bold,then matchthem to their use'

She had visited (visit) France beforebut she only went (go) to Parislastmonth

(pastsimple) sixyears Sheleft university Hewas waiting for the busyglen the accidenthappened(past continuous) finishedhisreportwhen hisbossaskedto seehim 3 c He had (pastperfectsimPle) she got 4 a She had been working as a clerk for two years promoted(pastperfectcontinuous)

1 b 2 d

Jamie A: Did you see(You/see) at the partylastnight? B: No, by the time I got (get) there, he had alreadYleft (already/leave)

r a s ta c t i o nw i t h e m p h a s iosn c o n t i n u a t i o n a h a p p e n ebde f o r ea n o t h e p t i m o h a p p e n eadt a s p e c i f i c e i n t h e p a s t happenedbeforeanotherpastaction at a certaintime in the past o was in oroqress

usedwith eachtense.what other the timeadverbs b. underline canyouthinkof whichcanbe usedwith thesetenses? adverbs usingthem. Makeup threesentences promptsfromeachcolumnto makesentences' 1 5 Matchthe


1 0 Amy was walking(walk) home when she heard (hear) her m o b i l ep h o n er i n g

| /

Underlinethe correctwords. 1 When she enteredher flat she that someone had found/ /broke in Hehad beendriving home yqlg/after he crashed into a tree /had arrived When Laura at the restaurant,Tony /had beengone home WhenAffhileI walked into the /Yet finished room,they had t h e i rd i n n e r ,



Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correctpasttense'Justifyyour answers. ) i sa r mw h i l eh e w a sp a i n t i n q( p a i n t )t h e w a l l 1 P a ub l r o k e( b r e a k h

/lived After they two YearstheY there since to decidedto buildan extenslon theirhouse 'been He didn't shave/hadn't s h a v i n gt h i s m o r n i n gb e c a u s e he hadn't had trme

he graduatedfrom While 2Sandrafinal|ypassed(pass)theexamShehadbeenstudying(study) /wasjoining he university, reallyhardfor months the army 3A:HowlonghadMarybeenworking(Mary/work)herebeforeshe I She retired(retire)? /since Tom watched TV B: Morethan twentyYears c a m eh o m e . 4 W h i l eI w a s w a l k i n g( w a l k )h o m e l a s tn i g h t ,I b u m p e d( b u m p )i n t o had a bathwhen He SallY out. the lightshad gone ) n d t h e b i r d sw e r es i n g i n g( s i n g )a s w e T h e s u nw a s s h i n i n g( s h i n e a ever been to 1 0 She had weredriving(drive)towardsthe village before/after SouthAmerica We had finished(finish)the maincourseand werewaiting(wait) for dessertwhen the firealarmrang(ring)


: , . c i a i nt h e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h S s S sw o r k p a r r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s ee u i c k l yr e v i s et h e tenseforms Ss say the appropriate -ple pasttenseform CheckSs'answers Suggestedverb list: answer,take, swrm,read, --cpen, d r i v ew , o r k ,e a t ,s l e e pe, t c = : T. answer S1: answered T: take 52 took t h e s a m et o e l i c i t h e p a s tp a r t i c i p lfeo r m = c T. answer Sl: answered T: take 5 2 : t a k e n ,e t c :='er 5sto the Grammar R eference Sectionfor r+h^r !rrcr


j" tp zOjconi. Tapescript for Exercise , !: _:.l.l.Tf-llg_g1e1of theSs bookfor thesametapesclpt Laura


l^+^;l ucLdtl

- s a n e x t e n s t o na,s kS st o u n d e r l i n ae l l t h e p a s t . e n f o r m si n t h e a r t i c l et n E x 4 , t h e n i d e n t i f y e a c t e n s ea n d i t s u s e .

t er Key(Seeoverprinted answers)

B i l la n d T e r r y

: , c l a i nt h e t a s k S sc o m p i e t teh e t a s k H e l pS sw h e r e - e c e s s a r tyh, e n a s k i n d i v i d u aSl s t o r e a do u t t h e i r ::ltenCeS

- : ,',erKey(See overprinted answers) -'er adverbs:since/already/yet (past perfect);while (past :





, lEestedAnswerKey :,,',tatching W whileTom washavinga shower. - :i been in NewYorkfor threemonthswhenhedecided to

-'--.. -'

Tapescript for Exercise 7b (p.22)Cont. of thes s bookfouurrl. t1q::..,ilLl. i -:'.:"l lg1._,19.p 1"?,2 r

S p e a k eD r


: a n the task Ss work in pairsand do the exercise - =ck Ss'answers :swerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) : a r nt h e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e -eck 5 s 'a n s w e rasn da s kS st o l u s t i f yt h e i ra n s w e r s . : nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) pastactioninprogress interrupted byanotheraction happened beforeanotherpastactionwith emphasis on continuation happened beforeanotherpastaction pastactioninprogress interrupted byanotheraction actionsin progress at a certaintimein thepast - happened hadfinished beforeanotherpastaction werewaiting- past actioninterrupted by anotherpast actrcn(rung) happened at a specific timein thepast - happened hadvisited beforeanotherpastaction went- happened at a specific timein thepast Didyousee- happened at a specific timein thepast hadalreadyleft- happenedbeforea specificactionin the past(ge0 pastactionin progress interruptedby anotheraction

S p e a k eE r W h o ' s m y f a v o u r i t ea c t o r ?W e l , l , d h a v et o s a y l o h n M a l k o v r c hH e , sb e e n w o r k i n gi n t h e f l m i n d u s t r yf o r a l m o s t w e n t yy e a r sa n d h e h a ss t i l lg o t t h a t s p e c r aql u a l t y t h a t m a k e sa b r j l l i a nat c t o r H e c a n t a k e o n a n y r o e a n c lr e a l l y m a k ei t w o r k ,r f y o u k n o ww h a t m e a n H e , sh a c a l v e r yi n t e r e s t i nlgi f e ,a sw e l l . D r dy o u k n o wt h a t h e u s e dt o w o r k a s a f o r e s tf i r ef i g h t e ri n a n a t t o n apl a r kt n C a n a d a ?l t ' st r u e . H e a s o h a d j o b sa s a d l s h w a s h earn d b u s d r i v e rb e f o r eh e b e c a m ef a m o u s

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S s d o t h e e x e r c i sien p a i r s C h e c kS s , answers AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)


Game to each of . Lookat the picturesand elicitwhat happened thepeople AnswerKey 1 breakarm 2 cut hisfinger

3 hit hishead 4 burnhishand

BooK Playthe gameas instructedin the Student's AnswerKeY Suggested 2 Hewasmakinga satadwhenhecut hisfinger' Hewaspruningthebushwhenhecuthimself' 3 Hewaspaintiig hisroomwhenhefellofftheladderandhit hishead. He was walkingdown the streetwhena pot fell on his head. whenheburnthishand' 4 Hewasmakingan omelette Hewasfryingfishwhenheburnthishand' etc Readout the theory Draw Ss' attentionto the examplesRefer5s to the GrammarReference Sectionfor moredetail Write: - a) | usedto wakeup earlywhenI wasfive' b) | usedto livein a cottagewhenI wasfive' on the used to sentence which in say to Ss board.Ask o) Explatn can be replacedby would (sentence that both usedto andwould canbe usedto talk a b o u th a b i t u aal c t i o n isn t h e P a s t Ssdo the exerciseCheckSs'answers

1 8 a. .



Lookat the photographAsk Ssto Pre-Reading: readthe first sentence.Ask 5s: Whois thisT(Alex Mortoil Whatdoeshe do?(He'sa writer')Whatis he doingnow?(He'sreading')elc the exercise . A l l o wS st h r e em i n u t e st o c o m p l e t e CheckSs' answersby askingthem to read out from the text answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted

[. o

Post Reading:Ask Ssto think of a suitabletitle for the article.Any answeris correctprovided5s can justifyit Explainthat the B ker Prizeis a most literaryprizefor fictionwriters lt Britain's award. importantliterarY other llterary askSsto research As an extension, in the next class the to prizesand presentthem hasa country their if 5s ask lesson.Alternatively, literaryprize,lf so,askSsto find out the prevlous fivewinnersand the titlesof their books Sscan presentthem to the classin the nextlesson



G o t h r o u g ht h e p o i n t sa n d e l i c i tusefulphrases for eachone Write theseon the boardand Ss copythem into their notebooks e R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l et ,h e n a l l o wS ss o m et +r^m llr LdIN 5 s V a r l o u s m o n o l o g u e s t h e i r to prepare aboutan olderrelative SuggestedPhrases: c h i l d h o o d :w a s b o r n , m o v e d h o u s e ,l i v e d i n ' in, etc PIaYed education:startedschool,left school'entered studied(Math , graduatedfrom' etc university, work: joined(the police appliedfor (a post as)' looked for a job, found a position as' got P r o m o t e de,t c family:got engaged/marriedto, starteda family' h a dc h i l d r e ne,t c achievements:a successfulcareer,a happy etc win a Prize/award, familY, later years: retired, travelleda lot' took up g a r d e n i n ge,t c

c. .


answers) overpnnted Key(See Answer [. o

Expla the task.Go throughthe list of activities a n d p l a i na n y u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a r yP l a yt h e cassetteSsdo the task Check5s'answers

answers) overprtnted AnswerKey(See AnswerKeY Suggested drdn'tuseto havetheirownpr:ate telephone Samand Sarah Itnes. 5amandSarahusedto playoutdoors' usedto playwiththeirfriendsin thestreet' iam and Sarah SamandSarahusedto go fishrng' in theriver' SamandSarahdidn'tuseto goswrmming doors' locktheir to use didn't Sarah and Sam SamandSarahusedto do lotsof chores' SamandSarahusedto haveearlynights' SamandSarahusedto weara uniformto school' SamandSarahdidn'tuseto go schoolsixdaysa week' in theschool Samand Sarahusedto visrttheirgrandparents

(5s'ownanswers) .


holidays. .


5s can askeachother questtons As an extension, and what they used to do themselves about when they wereyounger'Sscan usethe phrases i n t h e e x e r c i saesw e l la st h e i ro w n i d e a s ' e g SA:DidYouPlaYin the street? 58: No,I didn't Didyou useto walkto school? SA:Yes,I did I usedto walkto schooleveryday

of oneof Sswritea shortbiography As an extension, present it in and photograph a attach theirrelatives, classin the nextlesson Sswork in pal and take roles Ss Alternatively, act out interviewsabout th r favouriterelattve' Ask somepairsto act out therrinterviewin front of theclass e g S 1 : W h o a r ey g o i n gt o t a l ka b o u tt o d a y ? 5 2 : l ' m g o i n g t a l ka b o u tm Yu n c l e 5 1 : W h a ti sh l sn a m e ? 5 2 : H l sn a m el s P e t e r S 1 \ \ ' i e r e r " a sh e b o r n ?e t c

** for exerciie'i8th.Tli"'*rapescript I . '9-::' --e5'sbook :: : rere" .un s, ,--."9?_-e1.-t, !o1]!

c. SuggestedAnswerKeY in thestreetwhenI wasa child' toplaybasketball t used t usedto go to bedearlY' etc 1g a. Explainthe task 5s read the two sentencesand a n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See

2s(r) L

you rer:-::'-l

, :-: -::l::

s t e nl n O n U S ?

C o n t p _Z 9 ( T )

cP /rtra.el lt

3anne f] Lmk at the cartoons. thenin teamstry to explainwhat happened to eachof the people t'tsrng pasttenses.Eachcorrect sentence gets1 point.Theteam with the mostpointsis the wtnner.

Listento SamandSarahandtick(/) the thingsthat theyusedto do whentheywerechildren andcross(l) the thingsthat they didn'tuseto do.Thenmakeup sentences, asin the examole. playwlth computers havetheirown private t e l e p h o n lei n e s playoutdoors p l a yw i t h t h e i rf r i e n d si n t h e street go fishing go swimmingin the river

l o c kt h e i rd o o r s do lotsof chores h a v ee a r l yn i g h t s weara uniformto school go to schoolsixdaysa week v i s i t h e i rg r a n d p a r e nltnst h e schoolholidays

SamandSarah didn'tusetoplaywithcomputers. c. Talkaboutwhatyou usedto do duringyourchildhood.

,le fell off the ladderwhilehe was oainting thewallandbrokehisarm. ,1ehod beenplayingfootballfor an nourwhen...

Used to / Would GrammarReference

theexamples. Inwhich 18 r. Study ofthe sentences 1-6canyou usewouldinsteadof usedto? Tick(/) accordingly. Heusedto/wouldgojoggingbefore (pastroutine) breakfast. Heusedto livein York asa student. @oststate) NOTHe veinYorkas a student. I usedto comeherewhen I was young/ Jack'sparentsused to live in Canada Louise used to have a m o t o r b i k eb u t I t h i n ks h en a sa car now. Caroline used to play tennis every week when she was a c h i l d/. When they were younger,they usedto go for longwalksin the countryside/ Grandma used to make porridgefor breakfast. /

thetwo examples. Whichsentence refers to thepast? 19 a. Study g They mettenyearsago.

b. They havebeentogether since then.

b. Putthe verbsin brackets into the pastsimpleor the presentperfect. ex Morton is a talented writer who l) has led (lead) a very sting life.He was born in 1945 in Manchester, and he was the of six children. From the moment he could read, he never without a book in his hands.He was an avid reader


his schooldays,and he soon 2) showed (show) talent for writing, too. In fact, his teachers 3) gave (give) extra assignmentsiust to be able to read more of his After he 4) left (leave) school he went to Mancnester

By the time he got his BA, he hadalreadypublished ifhiversity. t.tnumber of short stories,and his first novel was almost ,rinished. Over the next few years he 5) wrote (write) non_stop and each of his bool<swas more successfulthan the last. Desoite beingso busy with his worl<, Alex still 6) found (find) time for romance. iHe met FionaJones while he was at universityand they were married in :il97l.They have two children. He 7) has always been (always/be) a devoted i,r Alex Morton 8) has written (write) over twenty books so far and his name

9).hur o""n (be) on the best sellerlist more rimesthan he can remember. :ver,the pinnacleof his career was when he l0) won (win) the Boolcer f o r F i c t i o ni n l 9 9 5 . S i n c et h e n , A l e x I l ) h a s c o n t i n u e d( c o n t i n u e )t o w r i t e

you cantalkabouthis/her: c' Talkaboutoneof yourolderrelatives. ' childhood r education . work. famiry (eg marriage/chirdren) . achievements . lateryears My grandfather is calledHarry.Hewasbornin Brighton in 1920. whenhe left school hejoinedthelocalfirebrigade. Hegotmarried whenhewastwenty-six. He andhiswife Adahadseven children. Hesaysthat hisfamity washismostimportant achievement in life.Mygrandfather retired threeyearsago.sincethen,heandmy grandmother havespenttheirtimetravelling andgardentng.

' Preposrttons

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A P P e n d i1x the correct 2 0 ^ Underline preposition, then exPlainthe p h r a s e isn b o l d . r doingit J u l i ei s c a p a b l e o n h e ro w n Simon You can dependt He'sveryreliable o He shouldn't comment that whenhe doesn'tknowallof the facts l as I t w a sv e r yu n f a i rt h a t P a u w /of his 1ob dismissed T h e c r i m i n ahl a s b e e nc h a r g e d burglary forl They'realwayscomPlainingof/ something Children are very curious for/ t h e w o r l dt h e Yl i v ei n Julian is very serious and dedicatedtolothiswork S h e i s f i n d i n g i t d i f f i c u l tt o concentrateon/toherstudies 1 0 S a l l yi s a m a z i n gI d o n ' t k n o w t her job, how she copes a n d h e rk i d sa t t h e s a m et i m e

b. Fillin the correctpreposition. anYthreePhrases Thenchoose using and makeup sentences them. in sth; 1 in fact; 2 to beinvolved 3 to moveto Boston;4 to sPend on sth; 5 a waste timeandmoney of time; 6 an experton sth

Verbs Phrasal A p P e n d i2x

21 a

Fillin the correctparticleand e x p l a i nt h e p h r a s avl e r b s . . out (x2) . up with ' into . acrosso round . away. on r off r down with carried The fansgot completelY a w a yw h e nt h e i rt e a ms c o r e dI n t h e l a s tm i n u t e the newsPaPer N e i lw a sr e a d i n g when he cameacrossan article a b o u ta n o l d f r i e n do f h i s


W h e nL u c y ' us n c l ed i e ds h ec a m et n t oa l o t o f m o n e y ' 5 u ea s k e dR i c ka n dC l a i r et o c o m er o u n df o r d i n n e rt o n i g h t ' Dannycarriedhisspeechoff perfectly afterhisfatherretires Jasonis goingto carryon the business Theauthorhasa new novelcomingout nextweek L i zh a sc o m eu p w r t ha n e x c e l l e nsto l u t i o nt o o u r p r o b l e m Doctorswill carryout moreteststo find out what the problemis J o h ni s i l l ;h e h a sc o m ed o w nw i t h c h i c k e n p o x

b. Lookup other meaningsof comeoutandcome(a)roundin your dictionary.Then make up sentencesusingthesemeanings'

WordFormation 22

Fil in the correctwordderivedfromthe word in bold.

MAJOR of people say that they Although the 0) maiority 'for the moneylthe l) financjalreward isn't FINANCE work, actually the only thing that they think about' 2) Recently,researchhas shown that peopleconsider RECENT

srudents showed that after 5) graduation they woultd GMDUATE s f o r jjoobbss t h a t a l l o w e d t h e m t o b a l a n c et , h â&#x201A;Ź i r be looking PERSON 6 ) p e r s o n a ll i v e s w i t h t h e i r w o r k l i v e s . I t ' s n o t j u s t t h e y o u n g e r g e n e r a t i o nw h o t h i n k l i k e t h i s e i t h e r T h e r e l . r a se v e n b e e n a n i n c r e a s e i n t h e n u m b e r o f r n i d d l e - a g e d7 ) r ' v o r k e r sw h o a r e m o away from highly-paid executive positions tnto 8) stressiul jobs. They are looking for somet w h i c h i s m o r e 9 ) e nj o y a b l e a n d g i v e st h e m m o r e l e time. All this has meant that l0) employers r e a l i s i n gt h a t t h e y n e e d t o d o m o r e t h a n j u s t o f f e r wagesif they are going to keep their workers h a n d m o t i v a t e dI


1-. r;'

1 a t t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k G o t h r o u g ht h e l e t t e r s C&DwithSs . P r e s e nt ht e t a b l ei n t h e A p p e n d iax n dg o t h r o u g h it with Ss o 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s , a n s w e r sS ss h o u l dm e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s e s AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) A p p e n d i x1 ( p . 2 6 )


j: :anrerer,to to1..!.'?T.:,ugp.n9i1 q Lq? ; "r"l!.::'_?go.f ' ' ' ' :

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I ' ' '


C :n::bje of (adj). careabout (v). carefor sb (v)(- ike). (take)careof (n) ::'e ':r sth (v)(= liketo do sth). carefulof (adj). carelessabouVwithadj) ::-se :f (n) . certainof (adj). chargefor (v) . chargesb with (a crime)(v) : -: r re for (n) . choicebetween/of(n) . cleverat (adj)(but: 1twas very : . = ' o f y o ut o b u yi t ) . c l o s et o ( a d j ). . o r r " ' . ' a o n ( v ). c o m m u n i c a t e . comparewith (v)(howpeopleandthingsarealikeand how theyare : : : . compareto (v)(showthe l kenessbetweensb/sthand sb/sthelse) : t : : : . s o nb e t w e e n( n ). c o m p l a i no f ( v )( = s u f f e rf r o m ). c 6 p 1 p 1 urlon r O : (= beannoyed a t ) . c o m p l i m e nst b o n ( v ). c o m p l yw i t h ( v ) : - : : - t r a t e o n ( v ). ( h a v ec) o n f i d e n c ien s b ( n ). c o n g r a t u l a tseb o n s t h ( v ) : ' - : : : r o n b e t w e e n( n )( b u t .i n c o n n e c t i o n w i t h ) . c o n n e ct o / w t h ( v ) :' ; : : Js cf (adj). 6q65;51.f(v). q6n1".,between(n)(but:in contactwith) : '::.t ' ih (ad;). contraryto (prep). contributeto (v). convertto/into(v) r :: :- v) . correspond toiwith(v). crashinto (v). cra2y26o11116,; : '::C , 'th (adl). cruelto (adj). curefor (n). 6u1t6rtabout(adj) D : ' : : : : . r r o ( v ) . d a t e f r o m( v ) . d e a l w t h ( v ) . d e a r t o ( a d ] ) d. e c i d e o n / . decreasein (n) . dedicateto (v). deficientin (adj). delay in (n) : : : : ^ : - r v ) . d e l i g h t ew d i t h( a d j ) .d e m a n df o r ( n ) . d e m a n df r o m( v ) : : : : : ' : m ( v )o i g p s r t r r e f r o m( n ). d e p e n do n / u p o n( v ). d e s c r i b e sb/ : - : :e (v). descriptionof (n) o 6;s oflfrom (v). die in an accident(v) -: ' ' r 1v). (have)differencebetween/of(n) . differentfrom (adj) - :- :y r/with (n) . disadvantageof (n) (but:there,sa disadvantagein -: ::' . disagrew e i t h ( v ). d i s a p p o i n t ew d i r h / a b o u(ra d . ]. ) 6 ; t " O O r o u " ' : i c o u r a g ef r o m( v ). d i s c u s s i oanb o u V o n( n ). d j s m i s sf r o m( v ) ::::::led with(adj).distinguish b e t w e e n( v ) . d r e a ma b o u t( v ) . d r e a m ^ . g r n e ) = . d r e s s e di n ( a d j )



: x p l a i nt h a t t h e p h r a s e si n t h i s e x e r c i saer e t a k e n ' r o mt h e a r t j c l eo n p 2 1 D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e n S s ,,,/ork in pairsand completethe exerciseCheckSs, arswers,then 5s choosethreeexpressions and make -p sentencesAlternatively, assignthe exerctseas ,vrittenHW Ss preparethe sentences for the next e s s o nC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s answers) "swerKey(Seeoverprinted


c o m ea c r o s = s ( i r )f i n d / m e ebt y chance comeby = (ir) obtajn c o m ed o w n 1 e= ( t r )b e p a s s eodn t o sb by inheritance c o m ed o w n * ; 1 6 = ( t r )b e c o m e i l l .9 0 down with comeinto = (tr)inherit comeoff = (rnt)succeed '1 comeout = ) (int)(of flowers)begln t o b l o s s o n2r),( i n t )b e p u b l i s h e d ,(3i n) t ) (of stains)beableto be removed

b . A l l o wS ss o m et i m et o l o o ku p t h e p h r a s avle r b si n t h e i rd i c t i o n a r i e a sn d m a k eu p s e n t e n c eTsh e na s k individua Slst o r e a do u t t h e i rs e n t e n c e s Suggested AnswerKey . comeout: 1)(offlowers) - Roses beginto blossom comeout in spring.2) (of stains)be ableto be removed- Thisstain willcomeoutif youusebleach. . come (a)round:recoverconsciousness - Whenshe came round,shewason thekitchenfloor. (Ss'own answers) 22 .

Pre-Reading: Ask Ss to look at the picture Ask Ss: Whereare thepeoplegoing?(to work) Howdo peoplein yourcountryusuallytravelto work?(catbus,train,walk,etc) o Ask Ssto lookat the title of the article,skimihe texi q u i c k l ya n ds a yw h a t t h e a r t i c l ei sa b o u t . E x p l a i nt h a t t h e w o r d s i n b o l d a r e t h e s t e m f r o m w h i c ht h e m i s s i nw g o r d sa r ed e r i v e d . Readthe text aloud up to the exampleElicitthat 'j majorityisa noun Continue with item Flicit whatthe missingword is by askingquestions: (No,the tsit a verb? sentence hasgot 4 verbs- 'say,work,thinlTisnt,.);ls it an adverb?(No,it isn' doesn'tcomeaftera verb.);ls it an (Yes, adjective? it comesbefore a nounanddescribes/ gives moreinformation aboutthenoun.)Whatisthemissing word, then?(financial) Write the answeron the board Repeat the sameprocess for the restof the itemsin the exercise . When Ss have completedthe exercise,choose individual Ssto readout the text AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) o

:: )Vr'nAnSWefS)

" .


E x p l a itnh a t t h i se x e r c i sweo r k sw i t h A p p e n d i x2 at the backof the book o Do item 1 with 5s,then Sscompletethe exercise C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sS s s h o u l dt h e n m e m o r i s e thesephrasalverbs

4nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) Appendix2 (p 26) : . ' r e f etro p 1 8 5 . ot fh eS sb o o kf o r t h es a m e appendix '-0 away = be veryexcited : - = : r ) h a n d l ea d i f f i c ut , ' . -ccessfully : ^ ( w i t h )= ( t r )c o n t i n u w e th

carryout = (tr)conductan experiment c a r r yt h r o u g h= ( t r )c o m p l e t e successfully in spiteof difficuty

c o m er o u n d= 1 )( i n t )v i s i tc a s u a l y ; 2) (int)recoverconsciousness cometo = (tr)amountto a total c o m eu p = 1 ) ( i n t )b e m e n t i o n e d ; 2) (int)arise;occur c o m eu p t o = 1 )( t r )a p p r o a c h ; 2( t)r ) equal;(of expectations) be up to comeup *;16 = (tr)find (ananswer, solution,etc)

R e m i n dS so f t h e t a b l et h e y s t a r t e di n t h e p r e v i o u s u nj t D r a wt h e t a b l eo n t h e b o a r da n d c o m p l e t e the c o l u m n sa c c o r d i n gbl yy e l i c i t i n a g n s w e r fsr o m S s S s c o p yt h e t a b l ei n t ot h e i rn o t e b o o k s

NouN r No{JN




, iottcitvt

t'eowna-' ,


: ) recent -. '-

thoose . graauarc graaua persoiialisb work..

lchoice qroduatton


recently i


5fres5 enloy employ




P o s tn " . O i n g ' R e a dt h e a r t i c l ea g a i na n d u n d e r l i n e the reasons why peoplework Ask Ss:lsit thesametn yourcountry? Whatotherreasons canyouadd? As an extension,ask Ss Whattypeof writingis it?(an article)Wherecouldit befound?(anewspaper orjournal)

26(r) {_

C h e c kS s ' Readout the title AskSs.Whyisyourfamily 2 6 E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S s ,i n p a i r s d, o t h e e x e r c i s e ' Pre-Reading: the expresslons explain then 5s answers, you? provide for importqnttoyou?Whatdoesyourfamilydo/ answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p . E x p l a i tnh a t S s n e e dt o f o l l o w task successfully the to complete in order this advice 1 lrkelyto happen Explainthe task Ask Ssto readthe text quicklyto thathelpsotherpeople 2 something g e tt h e g t s t obvious 3 explainin a waythatmakesit easyto understand/ R e a dt h e e x a m p l eA s k 5 s t o e x p l a i nw h y h a s i s t h e 4 isunaware perfect3rd verbfor thepresent correctanswer(auxiliary 5 angry form) personsingular 8a (P.22) for Exercise Tapescript Do item 1 with Ss Ask them to look at the words the on decide gap then and beforeand after each *T-"-t1p-ll-'|P f-"l"lhs !."..9r 9,-1' missinw g o r d . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e i::-'u!.:ut"'":9fl-:1e?:1.e1-?lif A i S o ,w h a t d o y o ut h t n ko f L i f ei n E n g i a n dA, m y ? CheckSs'answerson the board

2 3 o a

answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See on 1 depend beforetheverb a subiect,'there', requires 2 clause 3 usedto 4 more...than an ideathat appearsto contradict introduce 5 'Despite'to themainstatement 6 thinkof to thegroupofpeople that sthbelongs 7 indicates beforenoun 8 quantifier 9 at home 10 more..than 11 wouldbe ..if 12 spend(time)with/ bewithsb 13 workedtoohard 14 pastperfect

8 ; O h , I d o n ' tt h i n ki t s q l lt h a t d i f f e r e l t o m i f El I A m e r c a ,r e a ] l y A i O h ?H o w ' st h a t ? 8 ; W e l l ,p e o p l et e n dt o d o f h e s a n et h l r l g sq t t h e s a r n es t a g e si n t h e l rl l v e sW e h a v et h e s a m em i l e s t o n eisf ,y o u k n o ww h a t I m e a n A ; H m m ,l ' m n o t s u r eI d o G i v em e a n e x a m pe B ; O K W e l l ,c h i l d r e nh e r ej n B r i t a i ns t a r te l e m e n t a rsyc h o oal t t h e a g e o f f i v e , d o n ' tt h e y ? Aj Yes,that'sriqht 8 : W e l l ,i t ' st h e s a m ei n t h e U S

scnoo to Secondar)/ inthe tis 8: Yesb , u t t h e yl e a v es c h o oal t t h e s a m ea g ea sc h l l d r e n

a w a y ,b u t ] f y o u l e a v ea t 1 8 , y o u c a n e i t h e rg e t a i o b , o r y o u c a n g o t o



PostReading:Do a classsurveyto find out what the fa y is likein theircountryAsk5s:lsthisthe average sameas th veragefamilyfortyyearsagoTHow is it the Ss can work ln pairsand Alternatively, same/different? f a m i l i e s t h e i r t a l ka b o u As an extenston,ask Ss: Whattypeof writingis it? oriournal) (article);Where couldit befound?(newspaper



24 Explainthe task.Ss do the exerciseCheckSs'answers structuretested whilethey identifythe grammar/lexical answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprtnted 1 2 3 4 5 6

wrth'fo( perfectcontrnuous present usedwithpaststmple timeexpression 'since' pastsimPle wrth usedwithpastsimple trmeexpression phrase fixed fixedphrasewitha Phrasalverb

a t a s " . a s i s u s e dt o E x p l a itnh e t a s k .E l i c i V E x p l tahi n i n s o m ew a y E x p l a i n i s e q u a l s h o wt h a t s o m e t h i n g t h a t t h e r ea r em a n yt r a d i t i o n aals . ' . a s e x p r e s s i oinns then EnglishSsdo the exerciseCheckSs'answers, theidioms S se x p l a i n answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted 4 verydifferentin all asPects 1 veryquiet 5 wellbehaved ill 2 physically 3 strong/noteasilYuPset 6 veryeager

meansthat they can eavewhen they aretwenty A : I s e e S ot h e e d u c a t l osny s t e masr es m l l a ri n b o t h c o u n t r l e s B ; Y e a h ,b u t i t ' s n o t o n l yt h a t P e o p l ei n t h e U S a n d i n B r r t a i nt e n d t o L e a v e a t a r o u n dt h e s a m ea g e st,o o h o m e ,g e t m a n i e da n d h a v ec h i l d r e n A: Do ey? that's 8 : Y e a P e o p l eu s u a l l ye a v eh o m e a t 1 8 i n b o t h c o u n t r i e sb, e c a u s e

m a r r i e dt ,h e n ? 8 : T h e a v e r a g ea g e f o r m e n i s a b o u t 2 7 , b u t w o m e n a r e u s u a l l ya l i t t l e b i t y o u n g etrh a nt h a t - a r o u n d2 5 s ot h a t ' sa n a v e r a gaeg eo f a b o u t2 6 W o m e n

you fo 8 : W e l l ,I

d out? n t e l ly o u t h a t p e o p l ej n A m e r i c au s u a l lby u yt h e i rf i r s th o u s ew h e n

25 .

s their . S s c a n t h e n t h i n k o f s i m i l a re x p r e s s i o ni n m o t h e rt o n g u e


27ff) I

6 2 ,t h o u g h

l i v ea r o u n dt h e w o r l da n dc o m p a r eL r f ei n d r f f e r e ncto u n t r i e s A ; A n d w h i c hc o u n t r yw o u l dy o u m o s tl i k et o l i v ei n ? B : O h .I w o u l dh a v et o v l s i t h e ma Lbl e f o r eI c o u l dd e c i d eo n s o m e t h i nlgi k et h a t l

1-rfrri*:- v F -


We haven'thada holidayfor years ages lt's (been)agessincewe (last)had a holiday

! v a L

W e h a v e n 'bt e e no u t s i n c el a s ts u m m e r time The last time we went out was last SUmmer

fiâ&#x201A;Ź word ,vhichbest .qtseach gap-Use rrr,} ONE rrroRDin eadrgap.

5 After hoursof discussion, they finallysucceeded in r e a c h i nagn a g r e e m e n t managed Theymanagedto reachan agreement afterhoursof discussion 6 S h ew a s n ' ti n v o l v e idn t h e a r g u m e nat t a l l nothing She had nothing to do with the a r g u m e nat t a l l

ldioms& FixedPhrases

2 5 Underlinethe correctword,thentry to explainthe idioms.

. . . : . E u r o p ea n d t h e fe 0) hcs changed :ver the last forty years, : = f a m i l i e tsh a t d e p e n d1 ) o n b o t h P a : - . ' , ' o r ko,r w h e r e2 ) t h e r ei s o n e p a r e n tr a t s t n g : - : f n e , i s m u c hg r e a t e trh a n i t 3 ) u s e ctlo b e : - : n o r ep e o p l em o v e a w a y f r o m t h e i r f a m i l i e s = , : ' b e f o r e . 5 )D e s p i t teh e s ec h a n g e sm, o s tp e o p l e 6 ) 3 ' t h e i rf a m i l ya s o n e o f t h e m o s ts i g n i f i c a n t r

1 Let'sput on'sas gravein here

He'sgot food poisoningand he'sbeenas sickas a o f a l lw e e k Don't worry about Maggie;she'sas tough as old shoes/boots T h e M a r t i nc h i l d r e n a r e n o t a t a l l a l i k e T h e y ' r ea s different as chalk and cheese/milk

-- r-lives

- ':centAmericansurveyshowedthat 8) many/most - r t n k t h a t s p e n d i n gt i m e 9 ) a t h o m e i s m o r e 1 O ) t h a ne a r n i n ga h r g h s a l a r yo r h a v i n ga 1ob The majorityof young peoplesurveyed ' . . r h e y1 1 ) w o L r l d b e h a p p yt o e a r nl e s sm o n e yi f : r ' r o r e t i m et o 1 2 )s o e n d / bw e i t h t h e i rl o v e do n e s . - : : o p l e a l s o c o m m e n t e dt h a t t h e y h a d w o r k e d r a r d i n t h e p a s tw h e n t h e y s h o u l dh a v e1 4 )b e e n : - - . r rf a m i l i e s1 5 )E v e nr f t h e t y p i c a fl a m i l yd o e s n ' t ; : . n et r a d i t i o n aml o d e lt o d a y ,i t i s s t i l la v i t a lp a r t o f :S



uretas the

5 l'll look after Jo anytime Really, she'sas good as silver/9old 6 Ben can't wait to get startedon the project He's as keen as ketch


Circlethe correctword, then explainthe expressions in bold. 1 Thingsare goingverywell at work at the moment, I t h i n ka p r o m o t i o nm i g h te v e nb e o n t h e A books @ cards C letters D papers 2 Chris does lots of work for charity.He,salways d o i n gs o m e t h i nfgo r a g o o d A aim B e x a m p l e@ c a u s e D r e a s o n 3 Youhaveto makeit

:. to herexactrv now vou

F^^l I ccl


Complete the sentences usingthe wordsin bold. Youmustusebetweentwo andfivewords, including thewordgiven. 1 Hestarted to playgolffiveyears ago. for Hehasbeenplaying golffor fiveyears now 2 Howlongisit sinceyoumovedhere? ago

How longago did you movehere?

A easy 4

B straight C clean

@ clear

Helenis a lovelygirl, but shealwayshas her head in the . . S h en e v e rn o t i c e w s h a t ' sg o i n go n a r o u n on e r A sky B stars @ clouds D air

5 lt was only a sillyargument,but they were both gettrngvery underthe collar. f'ot B red C heated D warm @

'/ -X, h'&, t' J "


) t 7

Youwill hearfivepeopletalkingaboutthe most importantthingin theirlives.Listenandmatch Thereisone to the statements' the speakers whichdoesnot matchanyof the statement


to m?tih keywglds getsplentyof 1 Rachel lre words in withsimilar fromn"r narents1 attention thescriPt' her F sPoil 2 HerParents F lonelY feels never She 3 hada brother F she wishes 4 Shesometimes withanyoneF things wantto share 5 Shedoesn't herownroom T 6 Shelikeshaving canbeasgoodassistersT friends that thinks 7 She

speakers. A We havea greatrelationship securityis veryimportant B Financial m e to N o t h i n gi s a s i m p o r t a n ta s y o u r health D They'relikemYfamilY to me E My familyis everYthing My careeris mYlife T

andmarkthe Listen f (true) sentences (false). orF


Speaker1 I r l 2 Speaker S P e a k e3rtn] t_v__.) -;l S p e a k e4r l A l s P e a k e5r

talkaboutYourfamilY' b. ln pairs, isyourfamily?Whatdoeseach big How of yourfamilylooklike?Whichfamily member do youadmiremost?Whoisyour member Why?Howoftendo yousee favouriterelative?

D Listenagainand write one reasonwhy each personfeelsthis waY'


andthe visualprompts' Lookatthe surveyresults thefollowing: discuss Then,in pairs, . .

to be Whichof thesethingsdo youconsider not? in YourIife?WhY/whY important asotherthings? justasrmportant Aresomethrngs Givereasons ones? Whrch

yourrelatives? your Then,in pairs,express the pictures. Describe about: ooinions



thinginmyhfe rmportant tifeisthemost A: lthinkfanity me' myfamilyhelpandsupport because thing rmportant arethemost t thinkfriendships B: Really, etc friends' my with everythtng I share because

100peoplewere questionedabout what theYthoughtwas the 28% most imPortantthing in their lives.This is what they sald.

of eachtypeof anddisadvantages theadvantaqes family the theproblems in each children typeof family mighthave howeachfamily to )/our compares own





i PictureA shows , whereas I t h i n k , l b e l i e v e, l n l { m y o p i n i o n , l t s e e m tso m e h-



true/ You'rerighVThat's I q u i t ea g r e ew i t h Y o u

18% I



think so? Do you (really) N o , l ' m a f r a t dI c a n ' ta g r e withyou,

and aretheparents a largefamtty'There A shows Picture or twogirlsanda boyTheylookEuropean children; three doYouthink? What American. happy.etc lookvery right.They B: t thinkyou're

{riendshipsgoodhealth relationship

says.Thereisoneextra whatthe speaker matches whichyou do not needto use' statement







I s i m p l yd i d n ' tw a n t t o d o r t experience ( n o : L c r ? lt was an unforgettable (ne:kpr ? l'veneverbeenso afraid (no:I pr 4 lt wasthe bestdaYof mYlife I was reallyexcited 5 Speaker I d i d n ' tk n o ww h a tw a sg o i n go n




Pre-Listening: Write theseheadingson the board: family- financialsecurity- health- friends- cereerrelationship. Ask 5s to saywhichof the aboveis the mostimpoftantto them Ssraisetheirhandsto show theirpreference Pointout that theycanchooseonly one Write the resultson a graph Ask Ss to give reasons for theirchoices, After SshavedoneEx 28, theycompare the class' graphto thatin Ex 28 . R e a do u t t h e s e n t e n c eAs- F a n d t h e n p l a yt h e c a s s e t t eS sd o t h e e x e r c i s C e h e c kS s , a n s w e r s :,nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) :

) l a yt h e t a p ea g a i n A s kS st o l i s t e na n d m a k en o t e s c n t h e s p e a k e r sj u' s t i f i c a t i o nC s h e c kS s , a n s w e r s a r o u n dt h e c l a s s

Suggested AnswerKey Sgeaker1 (family):we are veryclose;we loveeachother/we .:-ild do anythingfor eachother;yourfamitywiil alwaysbe :':,e foryou;a strongfamilywillmakeyou moresecureand -. '':ident Speaker2 (career):I lovemy work;t get a lot from myjob; t . - iy theresponsibility, respectfrommy colleagues; I getpaida -: cf money;thefeelingof greatsatisfaction Speaker3 (friends):my friendscertainlymeana lot to me; I , ::e d mostof my timewiththem;I carewhattheythink;I can ': ': t9 il1spaboutanything;we're alwaysthereforeachother Sseoker4 (relationship): weclickedfrom thestart;we haveso " -:h in common;we talk for hours on end; we share .. z'ything;importantto havesbyou canrelyon and who will - _..3ortyou jceaker5 (health):you canenjoyliving;you can do anything : -' want;you canlivelifeto the fullest;withoutgoodhealth : -:havenothing -s< Ssto lookat the graphandthe picturesReadout the --:. question pornrour and then starta classdiscussion -a: Sscan usethejustifications in Ex 2jb to supporttheir :'rrments 5scanthenworkin pairsanddiscuss the points --en, individual pairscanpresent theiropinions to the class

n e e dt o i h i n k a b o u t i n o r d e rt o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k Write them on the board(theamountof money/trme/ attention/etc requiredfor eachchild,etc) Elicit usefu v o c a b u l a rtyo h e l p 5 s c o m p l e t et h e t a s k T h e n S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n dd o t h e t a s k Suggested AnswerKey . PictureA showsa largefamily.Thereare the parents and threechildren,two girlsand a boy.TheylookEuropean or American. Theylookveryhappy.Theyaredressed in casual clothes. lt mightbesummer. . PictureB showsa smallfamily.Therearetheparentsand one child,a little boy.Theylook Europeanor American. mightbespring/autumn. . A: I thinkonedisadvantage of beingpartof a largefamilyis thatyouhaveto shareallyourtoys B: That'strue However, an advantageis that you always havesomeone to playwith. A: You're right.On the otherhand,it seems to me that a disadvantage of beingan onlychildis thatyou would getlonely. B: Doyouthinksol I thinkthatyouwouldspendmoretime withyourparents andsothatwouldbean advantage. . A: ln my opinion,childrenin a largefamilycouldbejealous of eachotherandthatmightbea problem. B: I quiteagreewithyou.However, t alsothinkthatan only childmighthavea problemmixingwithotherchildren A: Doyoureallythinkso? . A: ln my familytherearetwo childrenso wearenot similar to eitherof thefamilies in thepictures. B: Really? ln my familythereare threechildrenso we are similarto thefamilyin pictureA.

31 . .


:s ownanswers) a .


Pre-Listening: 5s read items 1 to 7 Ask Ss to g u e s si f R a c h ei sl a n o n l yc h i l da n dt h e ng o o n t o predictthe answers to the questions Ask Ss to undedinethe key words in the statements(Keywords:1 gets- attention- parents; 2 - had- brother;5 parents- spoil;3 never- lonely;4 wishes -withanyone;6friends - asgood- sisters) notwant- share Explain that 5swon't hearexactlythe samewords inthelistening b ,u t t h e m e a n i n w g i l lb e t h e s a m e Playthe cassette5s do the exerciseCheckSs, answers by playingthe cassette againwith pauses

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o n s5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d t a l k a b o u tt h e i rf a m i l j e sC h o o s es o m e p a r r st o p r e s e ntth e i rd i a l o g u et so t h e c l a s s lSs'ownanswers) E x p l a i nt h e t a s k E l i c i tw h a t t y p e o f f a m i l ye a c h plctureshows (A:bigfamily,B:smallfamily).Ask Ssto describe the pictures G o t h r o u g ht h e e x p r e s s i o nEsx p l a r tnh a t w h e n S s e x p r e stsh e i r o p i n i o n sa b o u t t h e t w o f a m i l i e st h e y need to use these expressions Elicitthe points Ss

. .

Pre-Listening: Explain to Ssthat theyaregoingto listen to five peopletalklngabout a pastexperienceFlicit various pastexperiences andwritethemon the board Ask Ssto readthe statements A to F.Explain that Ss areexpected to matchthe speakers to the statements P o i not u t t h a Lt h e r ei so n ee x r r as t a t e m e n t E x p l a itnh a t 5 ss h o u l dl j s t e nt o e a c hs p e a k ecra r e f u l l y a n d w a i t u n t i l t h e y h a v ef i n i s h e ds p e a k i n gb e f o r e t h e y m a t c h t h e m t o t h e p r o b l e m sb e c a u s et h e s p e a k e rcsa n u s e m i s l e a d i nign f o r m a t i o np o j n to u t t h a t t h e yw i l l l i s t e nt o t h e s p e a k e rt sw i c e Playthe cassetteSslistenand do the exerciseCheck Ss'answers A s a n e x t e n s i o n5,s i a l k a b o u ta p a s te x p e r i e n coef theirs

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) Tapescript for Exercise27a(p.28) -+ Seep. 31(T)



Sscan referto p 194 of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescript i

Tapescript for Exercise 29a (p. 28) --+Seep. 31(T) I Sscanreferto p 194 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript : Tapescript for Exercise 31 (p. 28) -+ Seep. 31(T) j 5scanreferto pp 194-195 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript I


3 2 Ask Ss to look at the pictures Elicitmhat the scenes to depictR , e a do u t t h e e x a m p l eA l l o w S st w o m i n u t e s a b o u ta t a l k t o S s i n d i v i d u a l A s k a n s w e r s t h e i r prepare memoryto the class. AnswerKey A fancydressPartY B startingschool

C a birthdaY PartY D ridrnga bike

(Ss'own answers) a. Explainthe task Playthe cassette5s do the task CheckSs'answers


AnswerKey 1,4- givebadnews 2,3- givegoodnews

the intonationMonitor5s' performance practise

then asksomepairsto act out their performance, d i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested gotengaged Sharon A: l'vegotsomethingtotellyou happy' very be must She brrttiant. B: That's Tobygota bigpromotion' A: Haveyouheard? B: Wow!Congratulationstohtm' Markwasin a ternble' A: l'm afraidt'veiustheardsomething caraccident. B: Ohno!Howawful!

b . G o t h r o u g ht h e e x p r e s s i o ni ns t h e b o x M o d e l a dialogue*itf, u S ThenSswork in pairsand act out e h e na s k t h e i r " d i a l o g u eMs o . n i t o r5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c T f r o n to f t h e i n d i a l o g u e s s o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t t h e i r class AnswerKeY Suggested A: Sam,comeandmeetmYParents' t LertatntY. Mr andMrsLeeMumandDad' aremyparents, A: Sam,tnese thtsisSam. Mr andMrsLee' to meetyou, It rsa pleasure to meetYou,too,Sam Pleased youto myemployer' David,l'd lrketo rntroduce of course. B: Yes, Mr Brown'Mr Brown,thisismy A: David,thisismy employer, David. husband, B: Howdoyoudo,Mr Brown? to meetyou,David' C: Howdoyoudo!lt isa pleasure of associate I wouldlikeyouto meeta business A: MissScarlet,


mtne. B: Certainly. Mr Black'Mr assoctate, thtsis my business A: MissScarlet, Scarlet. Btack,thtsis Miss to meetyou,Mr Black B: lt isa pleasure C: HowdoYoudo,MissScarlet?


rrpli.tipi ror.r"eiliselautp zi) iont

< , L- d- l^l I,q^l rs o " +t wn n 1r JoJ ? vnr { r! n e S ' sb o o r r o t t h e s a m e r a p e s c r , p l P



r ver. H e s a i dt h e c u r r e n t S o r a h : I h a tr' sl g h t ,b u t h e w o u l d n e v e rl e t u s s w i mt h e r e

mYexams' what!I Passed A: Guess done brilliant!Well B: That's what!I've7otmydrivinglrcence A: Guess mustbePleased. Wow!You B: Alexlosthisiob' A: Haveyouheard? a ptty.Hemustbereallyupset' B: That's 54

Playthe cassette.Ss listenand underlinethe stressed again Ssreadout the exchanges words Playthe cassette Inpalrs answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See

3 5 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs listen and answerthe questton answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See the task.5sdo the task CheckSs'answersby b. Explain u r l i n g , o t " S s t o r e a d o u t t h e d i a l o q u ei n t h e . o r r " l t o r d e r .T h e n , 5 s a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s basedon the Pictures answers) overprinted Key(See Answer listen 36 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs a n da n s w e trh eq u e s t t o n answer) overprtnted AnswerKey(See


choreseverYdaY. I usedto feedthe chjckensand collectthe eggs SdrohiN,4mm. Sam:And I hadto chopthe wood everyday for the stove u r w e l g h ta r o u n dt h e h o u s e S a r a h : Y eW s .e a l lh a dt o us go to bed earlyeveryn ght Dad and Mum And Sam: I niqhts fhe teachersat schoolwere ratherstrict on especially Sarah:Yes, too, weren'tthey?

awful,weren'ttheY? s . l m iY e s I, h a dt o w e a ra t i e a l ly e a rr o u n d ll t w a st e r r i b l e l though And schoo and Sundays' Sarah;But we were alwaysfreeon Saturdays G r a ndma ndGrandp v ! s i t t o u s e d W e t o o f u n , o f l o t s a l w a y s w e r e holrdays t h e a n i m a l s ' w i t h s u r n m e r w h o l e t h e o n t h e f a r ma n ds p e n d

li.mkat the picturesand identifywhat theyshow. Wf{<hof thesebringbackmemories of yourearry dddhood?Talkaboutyourmemories. meet?Diana b. Matchthecolumns to forma dialogue. Then,in pairs,actout similardialogues for the peoplein the pictures. rtrisisa greatparty, 1 No problemLet'sgo overand l'llintroduce you Fred


Yes,I am, but who's that overthere? F-T_-t IL I Z I

T h eg i r lw i t h t h e l o n g



b l o n d eh a i r . 4

O h ,t h a t ' sD i a n aS h e ' jsu s t startedwokingin my office Do you want to meetherT ThanksAre you havinga g o o dt i m e ? Who?

w o u l db e g r e a t .

tlf nanerforgetmy firstfancydressparty.I wasdressed oso was...

Spre ,', -a L L -

' .a. Listenandidentifywhichextractsgivegood/ badnews. b. Readthe exchanges andpractise the intonation. Then,usethe promptsto actout similar dialogues. . r o . r o

Yoursisterhasgot engaged Yourbrotherhasbeenpromoted Yourfriendwasin a caraccident Youpassed yourexams Yougotyourdriving licence Yourfrrend losthisjob.

1 A: l've got somethingto tell you. l,m afraidI failedmydriving test B: That'sa pity.Youmustbereallydisappointed 2 A: Haveyouheard?| wona tripto Florida B: Wow!Congratulations! Youmustbethrilledl 3 A: Guess what! l'vegota newjobI B: That'sbrilliantlYoumustbeveryhappy 4 A: I'm afraidI'vejust heardsomething terrible. Simon crashed hismotorbike B: Ohno!Howawful!

markthe stressed words,thenrepeat. ,' Listen, " . A: Didyoumakea chocolate cake? B: No,I madea fruitcake . A: Doyouwantthreeboxes of chocolates? B: No,I want boxes . A: DidyouaskMrJohnson? B: No,I asked Missjohnson

l, n, ,t rLn' rv' lvrvt r! i,n ,aY rp e o p l e

place?At a business meeting b. Readthe dialogue.Then usethe expressions in the box to introduce: . . .

your new friendto yourparents yourhusband/wife to youremployer two business associates to eachother

A : M i s sL a n e l,' d l i k et o i n t r o d u c yeo u t o a c o l l e a g u e of mine. B: Certainly A : M i s sL a n et,h i si s m y c o l l e a g u eM, r K e n t M r K e n t , t h i si s M i s sL a n e B: How do you do? lt is a pleasureto meet you, Mr Kent. C: lt is a pleasure to meetyou too, MissLane INTRODUCTIONS Formal Informal May I introduce T h i si s I wouldlikeyou to meet C o m ea n d m e e t I would liketo introduce you to H i ,h o w a r ey o u ? How do you do? H it h e r e ! It isa pleasure to meetyo. Pleased to meetyou

27 u


Whatdo youthinkthe novelisabout? biography. Readthetitleandtheauthor's havehelpedherwritethe novel?Lookat HowcouldAlcott'sown experiences doing? what timeof yearis it?what arethe children the picture. then with theirdescriptions, a. Readthe extractandmatchthe characters thewordsin bold. explain aboutthem.Finally makeup sentences

Minot l1lZlFrank Boo 12TFlLittle Ir lElrd oevlin l+Ia ltack lSfdlritt

a w h i t et e e t h ,g o l d e nh a i r b shortlegs,roundface c t a l l ,k e e ns p a r k l ien h i se Y e d blackeyes,redcheeks rosYcheeks e sweet-faced,

popular; good-natured; clever; is: serious; Whichof the characters which thewordsiphrasesisentences potient? Underline protective; implythe character. them. Describe canyouseein the pictures? whichof the characters in the list' wordsto theirsynonyms Matchthe highlighted . b o V .s e r i o u ss.m a r t e rg. u y . g a t h e r e' dp l a y f u' lg e n e r o u s l y e shy r protected . first-rate do youthinkmight Whatcatastrophe

is calledTheCatastrophe. 3 9 a Thischapter next' predict whatyouthinkisgoingto happen pairs, In happen?

JoeandJack' rsgoingtobea fightbetween t thinkthere

Project to enterthe LouisaMayAlcottdrawingcompetition. Youhavedecided a sceneto drawfor the competition Readthe extractagain,thenchoose

AnswerKey congregated: gathered solemn:serious lad:boy mischievous: playful chap:guy

i : - : a dt h e b i o g r a p hayn da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s - - :::sredAnswer Key .'e novelis abouta groupof childrenwho livein the ig. Lo-uisa May Alcottprobablyusedher diaryand '-.,i of herownchildhood to helpherwritethisnovel. . 3.

m e t t m e t o l o o k a t t h e p i c t u r e sa n d uestions.

,:r Key

3 9 a . E x p l a i nt h e t a s k E i i c i ti d e a s / s u g g e s t i o n s from Ss a b o u tw h a t t h e y t h i n k m i g h th a f i p e nn e x t S s work r n p a i r sa n d m a k e p r e d i c t i o n sA s k s o m e p a i r s to reporttheirpredrctions to the class Suggested AnswerKey l.think somethingterriblemight happenon theway home f1om, on the way to, theparty.Thile might be an accident. 9r Somebody mayfaltthroughthethin iceor fZllin thesnow. etc

iren areoutsideenjoyingthesnow.Thechildrenare , c i a i nt h e t a s k A l l o w S sf o u r t o s i xm i n u t e st o =rtly readthe extract Allow sometime for Ss


-'a<e u p s e n t e n c eA s s k i n d i v i d u aSlst o r e a do u t .-: r-sentences - : ( S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s / p h r a s jens boldby - . -g synonymsor examples.Alternatively, Ss : . ^ t o o ku p u n k n o w nw o r d si n t h e i rd j c t i o n a r i e s rcposed: relaxed,rested) :' Qy Seeoverprinted answers) tallboywitha keensparklein hiseye. : -t shortlegsanda roundface. - :. ^,isa sweetJaced boywithrosycheeks. ' :.; got whiteteethandgoldenhair. ' :, lct blackeyesandredcheeks - - : r a t s o m e o f t h e c h i l d r e n ,csh a r a c t e rasr e -r led i n t h e e x t r a ca t n d t h a t S sw i l l h a v et o .-: :ext for thesewordsas well as synonyms to : . : t h e t a s k .D o t h e f i r s ti t e mw i t h S st h e n ,i n : > : o m p l e t et h e t a s k .C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s .

shielded:protected brighter:smarter tiptop:first-rate timid:shy handsomely:generously

b. Play the cassette Ss listen a n d c h e c k if their predictions werecorrect Project E x p l a itnh e t a s k A s s i g nt n e t a s ka s H W S sm a yp r e s e n t their pic in the next lessonAlternatively, u s et h e p i c t u r e tso ma c l a s sm u r a l . a



Tapescript for Exercise 39b (p 30) 5scanreferto p.195 of the S,sbookfor the same tapescrpi

l u : k , l n 9 J i l ld e c i d e dt o t r y a g a i n T . h e yw a l k e du p t o t h e t o p o f t h e q u i c k l yj u m p e do n t h e i rs r e d T h e yw e r e s t i I t a l k i n ge x c i t e d r sy o, J i l l h o l dt i g h t a n d J a c kf o r g o tt o s t e e rc a r e f u l l T y h e yk l p t g o i n f f a r t . , a Theycrashedthroughthe fence,went overthe steepbankaridttew in W r t ht w o l o u dc r i e st,h e yl a n d e di n t h e m i d d l eo f the road.

l l ,

:,i : - :' , - ...vr,hich provedwhat a favouriteshewas.(1.54) : -..:: ,. , ::< - Jackhad shielded ...,,Fraidcat.,, (1.45_47) 'r;:i-_ ., _co-.,.triedtocare...patience.(l 69_70) . -

: : - . ' . . . h e c h a r a c t e r st,h e n u s e w o r d s from the : - - . . t : e s c r i b et h e m

: , f brownboots.Jill hasgot blackeyesandhair, : ':7 andshelooksveryhappy.She,s wearinga red :::t o greyskirtanda pairof boots.She,s waving '. coy an the brownsledgeis GusBurton.Heis ^ :"e hill His headisat thebottomand hisheels .',2.innga greycap,blueishscarf,bluejacket, .'c,.",/n trousers, whitesocks andblackboots. .:.


u p t h e h r g h l i g h t ew d o r d si n t h e i r


for Exercise:1(P' 28) TaPescriPt to pp 194-195 of theS'sbookforthesameTl:scrl . S,.un l.uf.|.

; then readout fromthe text listenagainwith pauses, Jackandlill and As an extension,5s can readthe novel write a book review 27a (p' 28) for Exercise Tapescript '1 thesametlptttnP: -. l Sscanreferto p 94 of the S'sbookfor

i"" - -.,"-



t h a t n o o n e w o u l d b o t h e rm e l O f c o u l

mY i l t h a d b e e n r a t n t n go u t s i d ea n d

n g f a m i l yb e h i n dt h e m i s m o r es e c u r e er

behind I hatedthe ideaof chanqing fact that I would be leavlngall my friencls

get a lot from mYjob I enioYthe resP m v c o l l e a q u easn d I g e t P a L da tleoer r n - o o ' t a n t o m e , t h o u q n i, ' t h a t d c l e v e dm y g o a ' sa f [ e 'a o r f tc " l r d a y S p e a k e3r T h e r e 'as s a y t n g c h o o s ey o u r f r t e

tome,spe ,ot

was fine and everything weeks,but I soonmadenew friends

y o uc a n y o u c a n ' tc h o o s e y o ufra m i l yb u t m e a na a l l yt r u e a n c lm y f r r e n d sc e r t a i n l y

l.^l,iliftijljlll#J;;:Ji;llili snd o f g o o df r r e n d a crrclu

I t h u u "u s m a i l gooo any one of us needsanything lt's a if other each tor there we are always feeling S p e a k e4r . e m a t t h e m o m e n t s m y -f i a n c 6w T h e m o s ti m p o r t a npt e r s o ni n m y l i f e j1:l^-tl:::d' vou Know' rnonths'n" y" three and got ensased university we talk for hou Sometirnes frornthe start We naveso much in common each other everything l thrnk t"ff *t unJ everytnlng share end. We with lxPeriences

a n d m e d r c abl i l l s t, h e n w h a t ' st h e P c

I i

for the sametapescrrpt "l ,, .un referto p 94 of the S'sbook ,, -




s t i l ls e eo n eo f t h e s c a r s ! b r u i s eas l lo v e rm y l e g s L o o k y, o u c a n

5peaker4 s lo I r e m e m b ew r ,h e n I w a sf o u rY e a r o

the car and Dacldroveto the hospiti 5oon as we arrived,mY n"lotnerwas

brother! S p e a k e5r f o r g e t F o rm e 't T h e r ea r ec e r t a l nt n l n g sw f t c h y o u n e v e r parentstook my time tire !s memory my in standsout theColosse seeing a b o u te i g h ty e a r so l d ,b u t I r e m e m b e r t h a t h a dt a k e n [ i q i r # " . i " f f i " g m e a b o u tt h e f i g h t s t h e r es i n c eb' u t t h a t i m p r e s s e Idc, a nt e l ly o u l v e b e e n m e t o t h e m o s tm e m o r a b l e

o n eo c c a s l own n l c r to ltaly l was only a n dl i s t e n l ntqo r n c e t h e r e I w a sv e r t v i s i tw i l l a l w a y si l (

's CA l7eeK 3

v' "mufrr the lulla!" was the general cry on a bright atternoon, when all the boys and girls of n \ illage were out enjoying the first good snow of

llG !ea-{r1n.Up and down three long coasts they went as &uq u* legs and sleds could carry them. One smooth path

fun and sparkle, as she waved Jack,s blue tippet like a 35 banner with one hand, and held on with the other. "Jill goeswhereverJack does,and he lets her. He,s such a good-naturedchap, he can,t sayNo.,, "To a girl," slyly addedone of the boys,who had wished to borrow the red sled, and had been politely refused 40 becauseJill wanted it. "He's the nicest boy in the world, for he never gets mad," said the timid young lady, recalling the many times Jack had shielded her from the terrors which beset her path to school, in the shapeof cows,dogs, and boys who 45 made facesand called her ,Fraidcat,. "He doesn't dare to get mad with Jill, for she,dtake his head off in two minutes if he did,,, growled Joe Flint. "She wouldn't! She's a d,ear!you needn,t sniff at her becauseshe is poor. She'sever so much brighter than you 50 are, or she wouldn't alwaysbe at the head of your class, old Joe," cried the girls, standing by their friend with a unanimity which proved what a favourite she was. Joe subsidedwith as scornful a curl to his nose as its chilly state permitted, and Merry Grant introduced a 55 subject of general interest by asking abruptly, ,,Who is going to the candy-scrapetonight?,, "All of us, Frank invited the whole set, and we shall have a tiptop time. We always do at the Minots,,,, cried S u e .t h e t i m i d t r e m b l e r . 60 "Jack said there was a barrel of molassesin the house, so there would be enough for all to eat and some to carry away. They know how to do things handsomely,,,and the speaker licked his lips, as if already tasting the feast in store for him. 65 "Mrs Minot is a mother worth having,,,said Molly Loo, coming up with Boo on the sled; and sheknew what it was to need a mother, for she had none, and tried to care fbr the little brother with maternal love and patience. "She is just as sweet as she can bel,' declared Merry. 70 enthusiastically.

.:: meadow,and here the littte folk congregated; r , . r uroup of lads and Iassessitting or leaning on a If,EEll :,r rest after an exciting race, and, as they reposed, *rn-u-râ&#x201A;Źd themselveswith criticising their mates. :': -',_rmes Frank Minot, looking as solemn as a p- --ned one, as a tall fellow of sixteen spun by, with a iutlrkahout the mouth and a keen sparkle of the eyes, ud m dre distantgoal with a do-or-die expression. "fl.flry-:'s \folly Loo and Little Boo,', sang out another: 'fluw: came a girl with flying hair, carryinga small boy fat that his short legs stuck out from the amrihis round face looked over her shoulder like a l&rr1a_


Gus Burton; doesn,the go it?,, and such a very S fn:'r rhizzed by, that it looked almost aBif his heels u :he top of the hill when his head was at the ffirm3n tbr Ed Devlinl', and a general shout greeted a lad with a laugh on his lips, a fine colour on I]ynn@r.-heek,and a gay word for every girl he passed. '*0.,aur-l and Lotty keep to the safe coast into the lMlw. end Molly Loo is the only girl that dares to try llil.firr{ rrrrâ&#x201A;Źro the pond. I wouldn,t for the world; the ice rrasktrn_er-et,though it is cold enough to freeze one,s rdi- :aid a timid damsel,who sat hugging post a and rrlle\.er a mischievouslad shook the fence. '*rhr. :oc isn't. Here,sJack and Jill going like fury.,, -![fis+: :he track for jolly Jack!,, sang the boys, who had .an',inicknames for nearly everyone. @utlr -:amea gay red sled, bearing a boy who seemed ind sunshine,so white were his teeth, so golden miis his hair, so bright and happy his whole air. Behind him clung a girl, with black eyes and hair. cheeksas red as her hood, and a face full of


:" ir:"'

r, ir'i:--l:'rli.r'':).i":ii;li:'



a ModelText Analysing


To write a storywe first decide the tYPeof storY,the Plot and ,,, on r. the maincharactersOur storycanbe a '..: comedY,a sPY storY,a thriller' an a :,. adventurestory, a detectivestory' ,. fairYtale etc .r: lntroduction we write when paragraph, first the In :) h a P P e n e dw' h o e v e n t t h e . andwhere i', the peopleln the storywere and what


Whattenseshasthe writer a. Readthe storyandfill in the linkers' used? ' bythetime o while' then ' but ' assoonas ' as before/after b. Whichscenedoesthe pictureshow?Whathappened it?Whodo Youthinkthe writeris?

first r:' haPPened M a i nB o d Y i: 'l w e b o d Y m a i n ln the Paragrapns, describethe eventsin the order they -'. h a p p e n e dO n e o f t h e e v e n t ss h o u l d: , be the climaxevent We can use so" because,and, also elc to Joln our 'l or ideas sentences Conclusion In the last paragraph,we write what '' h a p p e n e di n t h e e n d a n d h o w t h e . ' ' . peoplein the storyfelt We can use a to make or adverbs varietyof adjectives i our story more interesting We . normallyusepasttensesin storles

a Rubric AnalYsing {Q

the Readthe rubricandanswer questlons.

ENTERNOWANDH E YOURSTORYPRINTED IN TEENS! What is Your most unforgettable c h i l d h o o ed x P e r i e n c e ? 0 o r d s f) o r S e n di n y o u rs t o r y( 1 2 0 - 1 8 w your chanceto win a two-week allexpensesPaid triP to DisneYland' P a r i s R u n n e r s - uwpi l l r e c e i v ea o n e to IEENSI yearsubscription d a t e :1 O t hD e c e m b e r Closing R e s u l tasn n o u n c e d1:7 t hF e b r u a r Y

WherewouldYouseethis a n n o u n c e r n ePnut b l i s h e d ? What is the announcernent about? Who are You going to write about? What could Your story be



to Whenever I lool<at that photograph,it takes me back important so was those earlyyearswhen every new experience lt was towardsthe end of the school that it was almostunbearable' I had been year - my first year at primary school that it haPPened' eagerness' loolcingforward to that day with such as I went out I can still rememberthe shoutsof the spectators Earlierthat weel<| had onto the sportsfield with my classmates' loolcingaround'I oualifiedfor the finalsof the 100 metres'Now'

wavlng spectators, and I saw my proud Parents I lined up as 2) fast My heart was pounding enthusiastically. my whole that with the other eagercomPetitors'I felt so excited deep breaths and body was shaking.I braced myself,took some soundedand I set off waitedfor the signal'3) Then the startingpistol down the tracl<. but the noise l cou|d hear the crowd shouting excitedly,4) not looking at ' seemed very far away.I sprinted as fast as I could' line I the finishingline'5) By the time I crossedthe anything "*."p. soon as I heardthe was so exhaustedI could hardlybreathe'6) As I collapsedon result announced,I realizedI had won! Overioyed' the soft grasswith a broad grin on my face' me "Well done!" said the Headmasterlater'as he presented and happy so fe|t never had |.. : with the winner's certificate.I proud in mYlife.


r=.d out the r u b r i c G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o nasn d : : . answersfrom Ss

- -;;.sted Answer Key ' : :nagazine; on a schoolnoticeboard ;-; rywritinQ competition. '

rtmewhenI metmy bestfriend;something I didforthe trme;winninga contefi,etc.

' ' . ,:r Key(See overprinted answers) -:' Ss to look at the picture a n d a n s w e rt h e " . :5ttons '-.,,a(Key . _ -.rre showsthe end of the race itself.Before this the . . linedup with the othercompetitors, readyto go. : e wontherace,thenhecollapsed on the grass.The : -' betheboyin blackshorts anda whiteT_shirt.


(e'9'"Well done!"said directspeech' At theend,thewriteruses winners the with me presented he as the Headmaster, certificate ) your childhood? Do you have prcasantmemoriesfrom (beginning) 'l me presented w'assoh-ippyandproudwhentheHeadmaster my of days lt wasoneof thebest with my winne* certificate' Itfe.(ending)

patrs' the task Readout the sentencesSs'tn Explain answers Ss' put them in the correctorder'Check answers) AnswerKey(ieeoverprinted answersCheck 42 a. Allow 5s sometime to preparetheir readout their to Ss Ss'answersby askingindividual synonyms to suggest Ss some ask sentencesThen, adjectives the for answers) AnswerKey(ieeoverprinted the phrases b . S s r e a dt h e s t o r ya g a t na n d u n d e r l i n e other suggest to Ss Check Ss' unr*t" Then ask palrs In worK Ss board the on adverbsWrite these t h e m u s i n g s e n t e n c e s a n d m a k eu P AnswerKeY dly usiastically,breathing heavrly'shouting excite waving enth

and the task Ask questions the plan Explain 46 a. Present plan the complete to elicrtanswers e g T: WherewereYou? 5 1 : I w a si n t h e s c h o oYl a r d T : W h e nd i d i t h a P P e n ? d h e nI w a ss i xy e a r so l d S 2 : l t h a p p e n ew T : W h a th a P P e n e d ? wtth 53: I was watchingsomechildrenplaying s c h o o l a b a l li n t h e Yard'

(Ss'own answers) from Ss(sight'hearing'touch'taste' c. Elicitthe fivesenses down the smelt).Ss readthe story againand write each sense what Ask uni*tit Ss' fhrur", Check P h r a su es e s , AnswerKeY myheartwas (hearing/sight); crowdof spectators bustling excitedly shouting crowd the hear pounding(hearing); (hearrng) away far seemed noise (hearing);the (Ss'own answers) e l i c i V e x p l ati h ne 4 3 a . R e a d t h e p a r a g r a p ha l o u d a n d task the Explain words meaningof any unknown In palrs Allow5ssometime to rewritethe paragraph to answers their out read to Ss individual Then,ask HW written as thismaybe set the classAlternatively,

AnswerKeY Suggested Main bodY road'- Tom Thebalt bouncedoverthe fenceand intothemain thesound heard We teacher get the Brownwentafterit. | ranto time in -The Tom grabbed teacher iust screeching' of brakes Conclusion foractingquickly Tomwasokay.- lwaspraised


the task Go througheachof the itemsto be b. Explain in the text Assignthe taskaswrittenHW' rncluded AnswerKeY Suggested ACCIDENTALHERO yardso longago'lt l'll neverforgetthatdayin the school -my yearat schoolfrrst was a dull,griy FridayoTt"noo'

answers) overprtnted AnswerKey(See [. r

correct E x p l a i nt h e t a s k S s u n d e r l i n et h e what ask Then' answers Ss' Check sentences uses' senseeachword/Pnrase

AnswerKeY Suggested flashof lightning(sight); brttliant to see(sight); madeit difftcult loudly(hearrng); (hearing); crashed of thuinier crash dieafentng (sight) nervously other lookedat each of the 44 Explainthe task Ask Ss to read the beqinning wasokay' relievedthat everything T h e n 'a s k q u e s t i o n s t h e a b o u t i t o r y u g u i na n d t h i n k of: who' one at a time and helpSsto individual5s to try to answerthe questions 47 . Readout the sentences w h e n ,w h e r ea n dw h a t i n t e r P r et h t em e g T: Who is the storYabout? AnswerKeY Suggested S 1 : T h ew r i t e rh i m s e l f ' lt is notels1to beYourself' T: Whendoesthe storYtake Place? in yearat thewaypeoplethinkif youbelieve ' lt is possibl'e to change 52: On SportsDaywhen he was in the first beliefs' these to according live alwiys and something schooletc PrimarY that the 45 Go throughthe theorybox and elicittechniques ask Ssto find similarquotationsin . As an extension, paragraphs writerusedAllowSssometimeto rewritethe t h e i rm o t h e rt o n g u ea n de x p l a i tnh e m i n E n g l i s h in class 5sto readout theiranswers Then,askindividual AnswerKeY Suggested (e'g'Whenever to hisfeeltngs' thewrfterrefers At thebeginning, earlyyears those to back me it takes photograph t lookat that rt was that when everynr* i*p"'"'e was so important unbearable')


e of events H

TostarVenda storyyou can: . Use direct speech.(e g ,'Hurry upl,'Jimshouted, as herandownthe stairs.,,We aregoingto belate!,) . Ask a rhetoricalquestion (e g Haveyou ever wonderedwhatit wouldbetiketo escape for a day?) o Referto feelings/moods(e g lt was a bright,clear Sundayafternoon,and I wasexcitedby thethoughtof theadventure ahead.) o use our senses to begina story (e.g.Thesunwas shining brightly,and the birds were singingas )m pulledon a lightjacketandranoutof thehouse.)

fre storyagainandputtheevents inthe


Itthsct off 5 f,ilrcrunnerslinedup for the race 3 fihfimishedthe race 7 iltbtvaspresentedwith a certifrcate 1 0 ftfturalkedto the start. 2 ']llNt'le resultwas announceo 8 lfhttent veryfast. 6 tlthestarting pistolsoundeo 4 lft collapsedon the grass 9 llf'henteredthe sportsfiero 1

Whattechniques hasthe writerusedto start/end hisstory?In pairs,rewritethe firstandlast paragraph usingdifferenttechniques.


Dmcriptive Techniques Fil in the adjectives fromthe story.ln pairs, think of synonyms for eachadjective. ll eagercompetitors I p*r'oud parents 3 oroadgrin I b,ustling crowd

5 6 7 8

Discuss & Write

soft grass deepbreaths startingpistol f i n i s h i nlgi n e

a, Youhavereadtherubric in Ex.40 andyouhave decided planyour to enterthecompetition. ownstorybyanswering thequestions below


b- Underline the verb/adverb collocations the uniterused.Canyouthinkof otheradverbs usedwith theseverbs? Writethemdown,then makeup sentences usingthem.

lntroduction (Paral)

c Thewriterusedhissenses to describe the event. Readthe storyandfindexamples.

MainBody (Paras2-4) 'Whatexactlyhappened? (List thee\tentsin chronological order) What was the climax event?

tfushouts ofthespectators a Usethe adjectives andadverbs in the listto makethe paragraph moreinteresting.


. : . . f e n i n g. h e a v y .w i n d i n g. b r i l l i a n tg. l o o m y .h u g e


I s u d d e n l.y l u c k i i y. n e r v o u s l .y l o u d l y. slowly , ' ,e w e r e d r i v i n gs l o w l y a l o n g t h e w i n d i n g r o a d :rrough the gloomy forest, on the way to my g r a n d m o t h e rh' so u s eT h e h e a v yr a i nm a d ei t d i f f i c u l t to see where we wefe going Suddenly, there was a c r r l l r a nftl a s h o f l i g h t n i n gf o l l o w e db y a d e a f e n i n g c r a s ho f t h u n d e rA h u g et r e e c r a s h e d l o u d l yi n t o t h e road in front of us Luckily, my fatherstoppedthe car i n t i m e W e a l l l o o k e da t e a c ho t h e rn e r v o u s lW y hat werewe goingto do now?

'Where wereyou? Whendid it happen? What happened?

What was the outcome?How did you Jeel?

b. Write your story.Checkyou have: .

m a d ey o u rb e g i n n i n ign t e r e s t i nbgy a p p l y i n o gne o f t h e t e c h n i q u ems e n t i o n e d o useda varietyof adjectives and adverbs . put the eventsin the correctchronological order o e n d e dy o u rs t o r yb y u s i n go n eo f t h et e c h n i q u e s mentroned o g i v e ni t a s u i t a b ltei t l e


Explain thesentences belowin yourownwords.

b. Underline t h e w o r d sa n d p h r a s e tsh a t u s et h e sensesto makethe story interesting.

Beginnings/Endings 44

Read thebeginning of thestoryin Ex.41again. Whatdoesthewritersayabouttheplace/time his storytookplace? people involved? event?

It takescourageto grow up and becomewho you really are. e e cummings (USpoet) Liveyourbeliefs andyoucanturn theworldaround. H D Thoruu(IJSpoet)

L i s t e nA! s i r e ni s . . . . . . . . ... . . A barki ng@ w ai l i ng C crashi ng D splashing

& Grammar Vocabulary Fillin the missingword.

A n n h a sg o tf r i z z yh a i ra n da . . . . . . . . . . . "c.h. i n . A wide @ pointed C crooked D sPikY

A fire brokeout in the schoolcafeterialastnight' They'retired.Theyhavebeenpaintingall morning' A r ey ou h a v i n ga g o o dti me ,J i m ? B illis nin e te e ns,o h e ' ss ti l li n h i ste e n s . When he reached65 he retiredfrom work. Oh nol I haven'tfinishedmy homeworkyet!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

B i l lhasgot a w rde.. @foreheadBbuild

the flu, so he won't be 9 Ji mhascome abl eto come. @ down with B uo with C on with D in with

He usuallymowsthe lawnon Sundays. Peterwas washingthe disheswhen the phone r ang. 9 lsJ anett h i n k i n go f mo v i n gto l ta l y ? 10 We usedto playfootballeveryday when lwas a teenager. of cheatingon the test. 11 Jasonwas accused from his you John was dismissed that know 12 Did job? 13 | don't know how she copeswith a full-timejob and a family. 14 | go to the theatreoncein a bluemoon. 15 Sarahwascleaningthe atticwhen shecameacross silvernecklaceher grandmother's of a childhoodillnessshelost her hearing' 16 Because

andw ri nkles. Dface Cchin

for a small 1O He givesprivatelessons B money C PaYment D receiPt @ fee (10 marks)

Useof English


Completethe secondsentenceusing the word in bold. You can use two to five words includingthe word given.Don't changethe word given. 1 lt'sa monthsincehe startedworkinghere. He hasbeenworkingherefor a month. been 2 How long is it sinceyou went to Russta? How longago did Yougo to Russia? ago 3 Their new album will be on the market next

Now shecan't hearat all. into thin air! 17 My wallethasdisappeared 18 Reading my old diaries always brings back of my childhood. memories 19 l'm afraid I just don't approveof this kind of behaviour! 20 The fans got reallycarriedaway when Beckham

month. Their new album will come out next out month. in passingher exams. 4 Shesucceeded managedShemanagedto passherexams. , 5 Theyhaven'tbeenout for months. lt's beenagessincetheywent out. ages

scoreda goal. (10 marks)

(5 marks)


Circlethe correctitem. 1 Theycouldn'tfindwhattheywanted,sotheyhad to buildit from A begin B scrape @scratch

D first


w h e ns h eh e a r dt h e n e w s ' . .a. p e d H e r. . . . . . . . . . . .l e D stomach C mind A head @ heart


.' and big eyes' Sheis verypretty,with rosy C face B mouth A nose @ cheeks


. , so it'sreallywarm' My new flat hascentral parking @ heating B system C wardrobe D

5 J a n eb e c a m e. . . . . . . . . . . .a.s. s. h ew a sw a i t i n gf o r T o m

to turnup. A easy-going B exhausted

@ i mp a ti e n t D depressed


Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold. 1 Jimseemsto havefinancialproblems. FINANCE womanin her 2 Jennyis an attractive ATTRACT earlythirties. system security a to have 3 Theydecided SECURE i nstal l ed. 4 Hewas unableto find a solutionso he ABLE askedfor help. 5 After graduationhe startedlooking for a job.

GRADUATE (5 marks)


Read the sentences.lf a sentenceis correct put a tick (./). lf it has a word which should not be there, write this word on the line. 1 2 3 4 5

TheSmiths'house,whichit is in the suburbs, it was brokeninto the lastnight.Theowners the wereat the theatreat the time to celebratingto theirtenth weddinganniversary. Surprisingly ,/ the alarmdidn't go off althoughit was switchedon. / (5morks)

Communication 6


Completethe dialogue. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A:

Memoriesof unusualhouses Hand-made furnishings Largebut almostempty Builtfor anotherpurpose Expensive fittingseverywhere An escapefrom city life

Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker (10 marks)

(prioritising) SpeakinQ 9

Leohasdecidedto go on a ten-daytour of Portugal. Lookat the visualprompts,then,in pairs, decidewhat he needsto takewith himandwhat you canalsosuggest he doesn't,givingreasons. otherthingshe cantakewith him.

Hi Ben,it'sJanet.1) How areyou? Oh hi, Janet.l'm fine.How 2) areyou? l'm okay.Look,are you busyon Saturdaynight? No, as a matterof fact, l,m not. l'm havinga partyat my house.Would3) you like to come? l'd loveto. 4) What time? Anytimeafter g. Soundsgreat.5) Seeyou on Saturday, then. l'll be there.

(SeeSuggested AnswersSection)

(5 marks)


Complete theexchanges. A: B: A: B:

What doesshelook like? She'sgot shortfair hairand greeneyes. Mr Smith,this is MrsJames. How do you do? lt is a pleasure to meet you. A: Whereis the the post office? B: lt's on AppleStreet,five minutesfrom the tube station. A: Hello,M r S m it h C . a nI h e l py o u ? B: Yes.l've got a problemwith the roof. A: What'syouraddress, please? B: 21 Blueberry Street. (5 marks)

Listen ing


a. Youwill hearfivepeopletalkingabouttheir childhoodhomes.Whatdo you thinktheywill talk about? typeof home,location, size,furniture, etc

statements(A-D.Usethe lettersonly once. Thereis one extraletterwhichyou do not need to use.

Usefulphrases Invitingspeaker: o What do you think? o lsn'tthat right? o Don'tyou agree?

I | | |

ngreeing/Disagreeing: . I couldn'tagreemore, . I thinkyou,rewrong. . Yes,you'reright. o I don't agree.

(10 marks)


fromthe list heading the mostsuitable .t n youareq;nq to reada briefsummary of the book" BlackBeauty".Choose t isan There you need to use' which do not " (n-H)foi"..i part(1-6)of thearticle.Thereisoneextraheading (0). at thebeginning example

BIACKBEAUTY ENCLAND CENTURY IN NINETEENTH THELIFEOFA HORSE case,thisoftenproved in BlackBeauty's animals. Unfortunately, or misused. to be harmful.Hewasofteneitherneglected F


wrote only one novelduringher Anna Sewell(1820-1878) blackhorse, the lifetime,a bookdescribing lifeof a beautiful, and animals about very concerned was BlackBeauty.Sewell in horses of treatment terrible the usedthe bookto writeabout view point of the from written is The book at the time. England that the influence of the horse,whichhelpsus to understand Black story. in the horses the had on goodand badtreatment Beautyhad a greateffecton the treatmentof animalsand the waythat peoplethoughtabouthorses. changed



greenfield BlackBeautyspenthisearlyyearsin a picturesque, rt wastime when young colts. with hismotherandsomeother patiently gently and was for himto be trainedto servemen,he bridle, and a saddle wear to Helearned brokenin by hismaster. andcarrya humanquietlyon hisback. 1


of BlackBeautylearntaboutthe way horsescansufferbecause in a huntingexpedition men veryearlyin life. He witnessed whicha horsewaspushedtoo hardandfastby an inexperienced weretragic.Therider rider.Theconsequences andoverconfident took a fallthat killedhim andthe finehorsebrokehislegand wasthenshot.



At his next home,one of the horseswith whom he shareda This stablehad the reputationof beingwild and aggressive. shehad beentreatedvery horse,Ginger,saidthis was because badlyat a youngage.Gingerwastakenawayfrom her mother, not long after birth,and was trainedto work, in a veryrough Althoughhernew manner, by menwho did not carefor horses. were verykind,she couldnot help masterand his employees of men. beingsuspicious



kind ownerwas forcedto moveabroadfor the BlackBeauty's of a string sakeof hiswife'shealth.Thismarkedthe beginning Some were wellof owners with different personalities' intentionedbut allowedtheir groomsfull controlof their

aftersometime BlackBeautywas boughtby Jerry Fortunately, Barker,a kind cab owner.There,he was treatedverywell' Althoughbeinga cabhorsewasveryhardwork,BlackBeauty he enjoyedpleasinghis master. alwaysdid his best because BlackBeautywasverywellcaredfor.Hewasgivengoodfoodto eat, a warm stableto sleepin and lots of kind words'Black Beautylearnedmanythingsfrom his new owner,suchas the of not beinggreedyandof beingfairandkrndto all advantages Beautyspenta coupleof very happyyears Black creatures. there. A


lifecameto a suddenendwhenJerrywasforced Thisoleasant otherowners,BlackBeautywas After several to sellhishorses. had to workeverydaywith no rest, He Skinner. soldto Nicholas Althoughhe was poor accommodation' food and insufficient various Beauty's Black world. stilla cabhorse,it wasa drfferent Black Eventually, him. whip driverswould swearat him and bad and work hard this Beautybecamevery lll from all could he when him killed to have Hisownerwanted treatment. to allow Skinner a vet convinced no longerdo the job. Luckily, that he so him, sell then and BlackBeautyto restand recovel the to have agreed profit. owner The would makea bigger money' of for the sake but only spared, horse's'life 6


After spendingyearson London'sstreets,BlackBeauty'snext Afternursing farm,with a caringmaster. homewasa pleasant that BlackBeauty him backto goodhealth,the farmerdecided thana farm.Hesold neededto be in a placemoreappropriate who livedon a pleasant to two kindyoungsisters, BlackBeauty countryestatewith a large,greenmeadow.Herethe wearybut contenthorsefinallyfoundthe restandpeaceof mindthat he anddeserved. sodesired A B C D E F G H

A crueland greedyowner Unableto trust Timeto take lt easY A gentleteacher In the wrong hands work Hardbut satisfYing Lifeas a cart horse A fatalaccident (15marks)

S i n gA l o n g !

Writinga first-person narrative ,,ADay 1 1 Usethe notesto writea shortstoryentitled OttttoRemember" (120-180 words).Usethe notesas wellasyourownideas. (SeeSuggested AnswersSection)

Jimmyworked in an office Fromeighto'clock1) till four Hisjob was satisfying But he 2) longedfor somethingmore He was waiting for a sign


Andheknew there'd

(Para l)

come a time When a turning point would changehis life And bring a chance for him to shine

oneafternoonlast summer- friend cameto your home- invitation- o bike ride

Main Body (Para 2) (hra 3)

- setoff - early morningmode sandwiches countrylanes- openfields - niceweather field - stopf or lunch- picnic - butt ron at us -



^'i'1,,;"!,'),t Conclusion (Fara 4)

bach home- f ett hoppv - tired ::#^::; (20 marks) (Total= 100 morks)

WhatcouldJimmybe 12 a. Lookat thepicture. dreaming about? promotion,own business, buyinga house,etc




Ji mmyhadan ol d gui tar People 3) lovedto hearhim play And he knew he couldbe 4) famous lf he couldonlyfind a 5) way He was waiting for a sign ... WhenJimmyplayedat a party : Hisdream6) life becamereal A 7) recordproducerheardhim And offeredhim a 8) deal


He was waiting for a sign ... Jimmymadea record It went straightto 9) numberone He'dfoundthe life he wanted He'dfound his 10)placein the sun He'd beenwaiting for a sign ...

Progress Update How do you rateyour progress? Tick(/) the box that appliesto you. Excellent Good OK Coulddo better **** *** ** *

Vocabulary & Grammar

b. What areyourdreams?What do you think you shoulddo to makethem cometrue? (Ss ' o w na n s w e rs )

Listening Speaking Reading Writing Communication

t{ :l




I L I rneCzech Republic




d *'S


. seepeople dress in traditiona . admire interesting archttecture

Lead-in In luhich to the pictures? Howisthetitlerelated Whatdo continent iseachplacein the pictures? Haveyouever youknowabouttheseplaces? you iiketo vistt? i , visited them?Whichwould why? do youthinkyoureamdo b . Whichof thefollowing Youcanaddyourown ideas. in eachplace? . visitgalleriesimuseums/ancient castles/historical sites . s e ea n i msai nt h e i n e ln v i r o n m e n t r atura ngikayaking/ Lng/hrki drvLng/snorkell " go scuba rafting white-water . walkalongwhitesandy beaches o trydelic!ous cuisine locaL . seespectacular falls . takelesurely strols . buyhandmade rs souven


galleries, castles youcanvisrt ancient museums, ln Russia sttes.You canalso... andhtstorical


to thetypeof andmatchthe people a. Listen is in the pictures Whichof the places hoiiday. goingto? eaehperson Carl Sonya Rick Moira

a d v e n t u rheo l i d a y c u l t u r ahl o l i d a y packagh eolrday islanh doliday

b. Listen againandwritedownwhateachperson asin isqoingto do,thenmakeup sentences, theexample. Hersgoingto visit Carlisgotngona culturaltourof Russia. Museum. lheHermitage yourholidays: by e. Wheredo youlikespending Why?Whichcountry thesea?on an island? n'ouldyou mostliketo visit?Why?

b . G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s t o f p r o m p t sa n d e x p l a r na n y u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a rSy sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s

' : : i i n g : m u l t i p l em a t c h i n g ; reading forspecific -. --:tion; s c a n n i nag t e x t : : : c u l a r y :w e a t h e rh; o l i d a y sh;o l i d a tyr o u b l e s ; : : :r''stips;festivals l ' : ' n m a r : f u t u r et e n s e sc;o n d i t i o n atlysp e sO a n d 1 ; = : : a i n i t ea r t i c l e - t : c f E n g l i s hp: r e p o s i t i o npsh; r a s avle r b s( c u t ,d o ) ; . : e choicecloze;errorcorrection; key-word . - . - : ' m a t i o n si,d i o m sa n df i x e dp h r a s e s - ' : : ' r i n g : l i s t e n i nfgo r s p e c i f iicn f o r m a t i o nl i;s t e n i n g . . . d e d u c i nm g e a n i n gn;o t et a k i n gm ; ultiple , - - r g ; l i s t e na n dt i c k ;m u l t i p l e choice; = :' se/Doesn't say - : : < i n g : p r e d i c t i ntgh e w e a t h e rd, e c i d i n o gn r . . d e s t i n a t i o ndsi ;s c u s s i nhgo l i d a a yctivities; ' . ' : 1 g h o l i d ae y x p e r i e n c egsi v; i n ga d v i c e ; , - . . : 1 g a f e s t i v adl ;i s c u s s r w n ge e k e n da c t i v i t i e s , '; a c c e p t i nagn d r e f u s i n gc;a n c e l l i nagh o t e l : - : : o n ; r e n t i n ga v e h i c l ec;o m p a r i nagn d . = . : ; n gn a t u r afle a t u r e s ' -: - ation: s h o r ta n s w e r s : n g : a s e m i - f o r mtar la n s a c t i o nlaelt t e ra; n a r t i c l e .

Suggested AnswerKey A ... see the beautifulnatural sceneryand admtreme interestingarchitecture. Youcan alsotry the localcuisine andbuyhandmade souvenrrs B ln Australiayou can see anrmalsin their natural environment. Youcanvisitthebeachresorts andthemany nearbyislands. Youcanalsovisitmanyothernaturalsites. C ln the CzechRepublicyou can visit galleries,museums, ancientcastlesand can also take leisurelystrolls,admire interestingarchitectureand see peoplein traditionaldress. D ln Canadayou can see animals in their natural environment You can also go kayaking,white water raftingor hikingandseespectacular falls. a. Readout the prompts Playthe cassetteSslistenand m a t c ht h e p e o p l et o t h e t y p e o f h o l i d a yC h e c kS s , a n s w e r sE l i c iw t h e r ee a c hp e r s o ni sg o i n g AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) b. Playthe cassetteagain Ss listenand write down w h a t e a c hp e r s o nt sg o i n gt o d o i n e a c hp l a c e

.Read out the title Explarn that it isa proverbElicit ,.vhatthe proverbmeans (youcanlearna lot about lhe worldand itspeopleby travelling.) Ask Ssto look at the picturesand readthe namesof the places Elicithow the title is relatedto them (lfyoutravel ond visitnewplaces, you get to knowotherpeople,s habits,customs, culture,etc,therefore you expandyour <nowledge (Asi4 ) Elicitthe namesof the continents Africa, North America,South America,Antarctica, Europe andAustralia) andwrite them on the ooaro Eiicitthe continentin which each country is ocaled (Australia is in thecontinentof AustraliaThe Czech Republic isin thecontinentof EuropeRussia isin the continentsof Asiaand Europe.Canadais in the continent of NorthAmerica.) Ellcitfurtherinformation abouteachplacefromSsaroundthe classSsmay usean atlasor encyclopaedia if available

Suggested AnswerKey Heis alsogoing to visitthe Grandpalace,takea tour of the gardensandpavillionsandget ticketsfor theKrov Ballet. Sonyais goingon an islandholidayin Australia.Shetsgotng to walkalongthebeaches andgo surfing.Sheisalsogoingto go snorkellingand scubadivingand go on a glassbottom boattour. Rickisgoingto theCzechRepublic on a packageholiday.Heis goingto visitancientcastlesandadmirethearchitecture. Heis alsogoingto visittroditionalvillages.Heisgoingto seepeople in traditionalcostumesandeattraditionalfood. Moiraisgoingto Canadaforan adventure holiday.Sheisgoing hikingand she will see lots of animals.Sheis alsogorng kayakingand white-waterrafting and sheisgoingto seethe NiagaraFalls. c. . Elicitanswersfrom Ssaroundthe class

- ,;gestedAnswerKey


youcanvisitmuseums andart galleries or enjoya " Russia :tllet performance. ' Australiayou can swim in crystalclear watersand : 'nbatheonsandybeaches Youcanalsoseekangaroos. ' theCzech Republic youcanvisitmuseums or walxarong ',ecobbled streets. ' Canadayou can enjoy magnificent scenery,snow:cppedmountains andhugelakes. . T h e n ,S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d i s c u sw s h i c hp l a c e s they would liketo visitand why.Ask somepairs t o p r e s e ntth e i rd i a l o g u ei sn c l a s s

:,ggestedAnswerKey - Theplacel'd liketo visit mostis Russia. I get veryexcited cboutthiscountry's longhistory. - That'strue.ltscultureis fascinatingtoo,and l,vereadthat thepeopletherearewarmandfriendly.etc . As an extensron,5s can researchone of the countries in the library/on the Internetand makea poster.Posters canbe displayed in the classroom

(Ss'own answers) o As an extension, Sscan designa travelbrochure/ posterfor the placetheywould mostliketo visit Ss collectinformationabout what a visitorcan do/seethere Ss can decoratetheir brochures/ posterswith pictures Tapescript for Exercise 2a (p. 3g) 1:ql.fl::-:,:

bookfor rhesametapescr pr t'.1:,-9_gl.!l:.s'


yearntngto actuallyseeit for myselfAt last,l,m off _ the day after tomorrow

d a t e sf r o mt h e 1 8 t hc e n t u r ya n dt a k e a t o u r o f t h e g a r d e n as n d p a v i l l i o nt h s at a r es c a t t e r etdh r o u g ht h e p a r k S t p e t e r s b u rtgs t h e h o m eo f t h e K i r o vB a l l e t , to l ' m d e f i n i t e igy o i n gt o t r y t o g e t t i c k e t sI c a n , tw a i t l t , sg o i n gt o b e a fa rctrip Cont p 39(T)



AnswerKeY Suggested PortmanHotel SAS Name:Radisson London : Central Locotion : deluxefourstarhotel Description menu,fully roomservice extensive cableTV, Facilities: rants equippedgYm,tworestau Thingsto see/do:go shoppingin OxfordStreet,visit of Parlrament andtheHouses Palace Buckingham

aloud a. Readthe titleof the articleandthe subheadings what (England) and in places are the country what Elicit 5swouldexpectto find in the texts information AnswerKeY Suggested I would expectto read about the facilitiesavailableat the sitesto visitand thingsto differentplaces,aswellasinteresting place each of area the surrounding do in

PortmanHotelin centralLondonisa deluxefour5AS Radisson menu'a roomservice starhotel.lthasgotcableW,an extenstve Duringyourstaythere gymandtworestaurants' futlyequrpped you can go shoppingin OxfordStreet,or vrsitBuckingham of Parltament andtheHouses Palace

E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sf o r mt h e i rq u e s t i o nuss l n gt h e KeYwordsglven

[. o

AnswerKeY Suggested isthehotelsituated?lsit modern? Where rthaveroomservice? Does lsrtcloseto theshoPs? canYoudo? lsrtrnthecountrYside? Whatactivitrcs thehotelhave? does Whatfactlities lstt bythesea? . As an extension,brainstormwords relatedto maid' booka room,roomservtce' hotels(recepfionrst, hotel,etc) pool,four-star swimming


the task Sscompletethe task Al rnatively' b. Explain this task can be set as written HW Ssca illustrate theirshortarticleand presentit to the class AnswerKeY Suggested Hotel Name:Balmoral Edinburgh Location: Description: Iuxury five-star hotel cablery gym' restaurant, excellent realfireplaces, Facilities: room steam and sauna swimming Pool, shopin thecity Castle, visrtEdinburgh Thingsto see/do: go andseea PlaY centre,

keyword hotel.Thetext whichdoesnot containthts word isthe answerto the questionAllow5sthreeto'l four minutesto silentlyreadthe texts Do question w i t h S s ,t h e n S s ,i n p a l r so r o n i h e i r o w n , c o m p l e t e the task CheckSs'answers

hotel'lt is a luxuryfive-star TheBalmoralHotelin Edinburgh W as cable and restaurant excellent an got fireplaces, has real poolanda saunaandsteamroom' wellasa gym,a swimming Castleand go Dur'hgyourstaythereyou can visitEdinburgh go a play' see and you can or rnthecitycentre shopping

answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See d . H e l p S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s i n b o l d b y g i v i n q for or synonymsSsmaylook up synonyms examples 5s' C h e c k t h e h i g h l i g h t ewdo r d si n t h e r rd i c t i o n a r i e s c l a s s a n s w e ras r o u n dt h e AnswerKeY Suggested chic stylish: trendi est:m ostfashionabIe sample:trY dine:eat in situatedin: located amazing:wonderful

fascinating: interesttng feel experience: fans:admtrers wander:stroll appealto:interest alike:similar


- "-


Sscanreferto p 196 of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescript r

t o t o u c hl t L l s l a n d1m a ye v e ng e t t h e c h a n c e

AnswerKeY Suggested PortmanHotelin London 5AS A: t'd ltketostayat theRadisson What it'sa luxurrcushotelwith lotsof facilities' because aboutyou? aren'tto mytaste'lprefersmallqutet hotels B: Well,luxurtous to go to OldOxenhope l'd choose in thecountryside hotels HallCottage. etc (5s'ownanswers) .

s n t h e b o a r di n a t a b l e E l i c i t 4 a. Writethe headingo answersfrom Ssto completethe table Then'5scopy t h i st a b l ei n t o t h e i rn o t e b o o kasn d u s et h e n o t e st o talk about one of the hotels Ask someSsto report backto the class


t o o , l i k eg o u l a s hd, u m p L i n gasn ds a u e r k r a uItc a n ' tw a i t l

aloudustngthe 5's RemindSs practiseReading and follow the text CD/ casset 5s listento the p a u s e st ,h e n r e a do u t w i t h l i n e s S sl i s t e na q a i n text the from

f o r w a r dt o i t l t ' sg o i n gt o b e t h e t r i p o f a l l f e t i m e !

'/ \ c.Dfra4 V : : - '-- ish reading,go bacl<to the questions :-: rry to answerthem one by one ":'erringro the texts.Keepin mind inar some informationmaybe rephrased.

Reading a. Lookat the subheadings of the article.Inwhichcountry aretheseplaces situated? Whatinformation do you expectto read? 3

A Radisson SAS Portman Hotel, London For thosewho enjoy the finer things in rife, a break at the Radisson SAS Portman Hotel will be right up your street.This deluxe four-star hotel is just a minute'swalk awayfrom Marble Arch and a stoners throw from the iitlifi boutiques of oxfgrd Srreet. Afrer spending a day shopping and sightseeingin London's trendiestarea,you can relax in your room, iratch cableTV and enjoy somethingfrom the extensiveroom servicemenu. At this hotel, you will also be in the ideal place to visit the many sishts of London such as Buckinghamparaceand the Housesof must also be sure to allow yourserfthe time to enjoy the leisure facilities of the hotel itself. The hotel has a fully equipped gym and two fantastic restaurantswhere you can:sam$l*gourmetcuisine. B Langley Castle Hotel, Northumberland For a touch of medieval magicwhy not take the time to visit Lanslev castle Hotel. Setin its own ten-acrewoodlandthis fabulouscastlehotel aaiesbact< to 1350.All guest rooms have got private facilities and are lururious. some have specialfeatures such as four-poster beds, stained glass windows and window seats.The hotel is the perfectbasefrom which to exploreHadrian's wall and the Northumberlandcountryside,as wel as the ScottishBorders

b. fuk questions aboutthe hotels,usingthe keywords: situated? shops? countryside? sea?modern?roomservice? rtivities?faciIities? c Readthearticleandanswer fi$im questions 1-13.WriteA,B,Cor D. place(s): 5 -'r: a

C The Metropole Hotel, Cornwall


F , ,l * t t ,

drEsâ&#x201A;Ź -! '

r a luxurybreak?

r,'ri"sthe chanceto visita famous ne":cn'shome? 5l E 5 , : r a t e do n a h i l l ?


- l

e.E'rot far from shops?

D Old OxenhopeHall Cottage,West yorkshire Faos,ofEnglish Literature should not missthe opportunity to spenda few daysat old oxenhope Hall cottage. This attractive17th centurybuilding is just five minutesfrom the village of Haworth, where the famousBronte sisterslived. Their house,Haworth parsonage,isopen to the public and is well worth a visit. The moors, where they would'w,,fudeifor hours, are perfect for those who enjoy walking. The cottage iirett is fully selfcontained and has been restored to a high stanclardof comfori. tt ,, furnished with all the modern conveniences,and wiil certainry appeallio; history lovers and aspiring writers dika

=I:t r-:r-.i_:-r )l+llblLl

ir-e's the chanceto eat outdoors?

?Til ' t - l s .titable for fitnessfanatics? o l .-rl l o I -ear s the sea? qTi| -l t

s rot jn the countryside? Jol-al --l l o

r!,3sbuilt more than 100 Vearsaqo?

@E@ Readthearticle againand explain thewordsin bold. Then,givea synonym for the highlighted words.Canyou findanywordsin the text similar to yourlanguage? Whichplacewouldyou like to stayat?Why?

Follow-up 4

a. Readthe articleagain,chooseone hoteland makenotesunderthe headings below.Then,useyournotesto talkaboutit. . name. location. description . facilities . thingsto see/do b. Makenotesunderthe sameheadings for a placeyou havestayeoon holiday. Thenuseyournotesto writea shortarticleaboutit. you canusethe articlein Ex.3 asa model.

,' ['t'i 'J) c t

lV ,?



Whattypeof holidaysuitsyou best?Dothe quiz"lo findout.

andfill in the gaps' to theweatherforecast a. Listen thentalkabouttheweatherin theseplaces'

E r


How do you feel when you go sho'pping or sightseeing during your holiday?,',r ,r'

Havana:hot, drY,sunnY, highthirties temperature

H o n gK o n g :r a i n Ys e a s o nh,o t , n . l - n i dt,e m P e r a t u r3e5 C

You're staying in an old family friend's house for your summer holiday. How do you thank them?

A lnvite them on an adventureweekend' B lnvite them to your house for a long weekend' Geneva:warm,drY,Dteezy'

18"C belowfreezing temperature temperature isinthe temperature ttshotdryandsunny'The ln Havana highthirttes. Report youarea weatherreporter' b. lmagine weather' tomorrow's +k snowy

sunny lk rainy ::ii"tcloudy "' foggl

35aC boitinghot; 3OoC hot,25aC warm, 15aC cool; 5"C cold; -5oC freezingcold 415gn5 {:iif 15oC Barcelona 17aC B u d a p e s ti i i l r '1 O o C c h l c a g o# 2 o C

lstanbuli:,rtr1OoC Kiev;:, 8oC Madrid Milan

2AaC \-lac

4oC Moscow_tiai 5o6 Prague.rl,ii{ *,? 33"C Singapore .!i:i;lZaC Warsaw


lnvite them for a weekend out on the town'

D lnvite them to a health sPa. A friend suggests a trip to a country you've never visited before' What do you ask him about first? A B C D

the nationalParks the beaches the nightlife the best restaurants

What's your ideal sPring break?

A Walking over the ruggedYorkshiremoors' B Wanderingalongthe beachinTahiti'


A stopoverin NewYork citY.

cruise' D A luxuriousMediterranean

of 15oC' witha temperature It willbe coolandrainyin Athens



whichof the itemsbelowyouwould In pairsdiscuss in Ex'5a' packif youweregoingto eachof theplaces

umbrella boots gloves i rucksacK gogglesl,'':,.::'moneybelt creditcard sandalsshorts kit gu i d e b o o k ,a15 : i 'r:::'' 1 u o 1 o co o mp u te r camera raincoat


takemyboots t woulddefinttely CapeTown, A: lf I vtsited rtiscoldandwetthere. because isabsolutely Araincoat more. "' agree B:t couldn't

forest. MostlyB)'s,you enioygentlerpasiimes'You whereyou can relax A secluded haoorest'somewheie mountainresortor a sandy,palm-fringedbeachwhere you need do nothing but lie back and relax ts the pedectspot for You. MostlyC)'s,you want to be with people You would be happiest in a bustling city centre where you car' and fill youi days shopping in elegant bouti-ques your eveningssamplingthe non-stopnightlifeof the area'strendiesthot spots. Mostly D)'s, you appreciate comfort and luxury Glamorous resods, upscale hotels and first-class cruiseswere createdwith you in mind Your holidays are the time when you want to experienceall the finerthingsin life.


Readthe heading Elicitwordsrelatedto it from Ss (windy,freezingcold, below }oC, cool, it,sraining,etc) E x p l a i nt h a t S s a r e g o i n g t o l r s t e nt o a w e a t h e r report.Ask Ss to look at the picturesand readthe prompts Playthe cassetteSslistenand write down the missingwordsfor eachplace CheckSs,answers S st h e n u s et h e p r o m p t sa n d t h e i r a n s w e r st o t a l K a b o u tt h e w e a t h e ri n e a c np r a c e

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) HongKongit is the rainyseasonand it is hot,humidand : :ickywith a temperatureof 35oC. below ;' CapeTownit is wet and cool with temperatures Genevait is warm,dry and breezywith a temperatureof irc 3 o G o i h r o u g h t h e l i s t a n d e l i c i V e x p l a itnh e m e a n i n g os f t h e w o r d s R e v i e wp l a c en a m e si n t h e t a b i e a n d h e l p S s l o c a t et h e m o n a m a p . Allow Ss two minutesto preparetheir answers. Thenask some Ss to presenttheir forecastsfor differentcitiesto the class Suggested AnswerKey - ,'till be cooland sunnyin Barcelonawith a temperatureof ---c.

J c

E x p l a iw n h a t a q u i zi s a n d h o w i w o r k s E x p l a itnh e t a s k . R e a do u t e a c h q u e s t i o n n d S s c r r c l et h e i r or Ds

(5s'ownanswers) .

A s a n e x t e n s i o nS,sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d m a k eu p r n e t r own holidaq y uiz

Tapescript for Exercise 5a (p. 40) thes,sbookforthesametapescript i - ,:: ,:?l i:f:j"t?"!:]*?-6. .gl Weatherforecaster: G o o da f t e r n o o nl ' m G aI W j n t e r sw i t h t h e w e e k l yw o r l d w i d ew e a t h e fr o r e c a s t

w e r e g o r n gt o h e a dr i g h ta c r o s tsh e p a c i f i cO c e a nn o w a n d t a k ea l o o ka t

.',,illbe chillyand cloudyin Budapest with a temperature of


,'. becoldandsnowyin Chicagowith a temperature of 2oC. ', bechillyandrainyin lstanbulwith a temperature of lToC. .', I be chillyand rainy in Kev with a temperature of BoC. ,', I be warm and sunnyin Madridwith a temperatureof becoolandsunnyin Milanwith a temperature of l7aC. ".ill ',illbecoldandcloudy in Moscowwitha temperature of 4oC. becoldand cloudyin praguewith a temperature of 5oC. "ill ',:llbeboilinghotandrainy in Singapore witha temperature of "'il .


. .

bechillyandfoggyin Warsawwith a temperature of | 2oC. A s a n e x t e n s i o nS,sc a nd e s i g na s i m i l atra b l ef o r towns/citiesin their own countryand say the weatherforecast.

Read out the list of items and eliciVexplain the meaning o f a n yu n k n o w nw o r d s Explain the task and readout the exampleAllow Ss two minutesto completethe task,thenaskindividual Ssto readout theiranswers

Suggested AnswerKey lf I visitedHavana,t woulddefinitetytakemy sunglasses, shorts,T-shirt andsandalsbecause it ishot anddrythere. I agree.I'd alsopacksunscreen becauseit,sveryhot and sunnythere. lf I visitedHongKong,I woulddefinitetytakemy umbrella andraincoatbecause it istherainy season there, An insectrepellent isneededtooas it,ssohumid. lf I visitedGeneva lwould takea camerabecause thereisa lot of beautifulscenery there. l'd alsotakewalkingshoesas you can go walkingin the countrvside.


C h e c kS a n s w e r s S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e t a l k b o u tt h e u n O. * p t u i na n yu n k n o w nw o r d s S st h e n p l a c et h e ys p e n t h e i rl a s th o l i d a y s answers) Key(5eeoverprtnrcd Answer AnswerKeY Suggested I spenta lotoftimelool<ng ltwasfantastic' Spain' I wentto Lastyear thelocal l alsosampled andbuyingpresents' trendyshops around lt wasdelictous. cutsine. twtce Ssdo the exerciseCheckSs' 9 a. Playthe cassette answerS answers) overprinted Key(See Answer C h e c kS s ' b . S s l i s t e na n d c o m p l e t et h e s p i d e r g r a m s make up t o t i m e s o m e S s a l l o w t h e n answers, by answers Ss' sentencesfor each place Check s e n t e n c e s t h e i r o u t a s k i n gi n d i v i d u a5 lst o r e a d AnswerKeY Suggested pool'gym'staff'manager' swimming Hotel:roomservrce, restaurant crew'setsail'on board' CruiseIiner:pool,experrenced pool passenger, 'Caravin: fully equippedkitchen'homecomforts'bur dininghalls'sharerooms' io,ititi'l,,communal cooki'ng Hiostel: baqs sleePing bunks,

s s 'a t t e n t i o no n t h e u s e 1 1 a . R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l eF o c u 5 tense'so that+ (' in case + present of the conjuctions CheckSs' exercise + can..') Ss completethe subiect anSwe15 AnswerKeY in caseanyofyour 3 - d Takeouttravelinsurance arelostor stolen' belongrngs or embassy ofyourcountry's 4 - c Findiutihe localaddress at goes wrong serious something tn case consutate Yourdestination' sothat andpassport ofyourtrckets 5 - b Makephotocopies lost' if moreeasily theyc'anbereplaced b . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k AnswerKeY Suggested youvisita before Findoutaboutthelocallawsand customs anyone place 'lf sothatyouwon'toffend onto youareflyiig,makesurethatyoudon'tcarryanythtng illegal' something it is case in tie planeforanyoneelse, revise 12 a. Readout the promptsin the table Quickly lndta-lndian; nationality adjectives(Japan-Japanese; etc) Ss'in pairs'complete Spain-Spanish; Poland-Polish; answers the task CheckSs' answers) overprinted Key(See Answer

AnswerKeY Suggested takesplacein Thailand'TheThaipeople TheRocketFestivat do the Ss cassette the Play prompts etc the andsetttngofffireworks' 10 a. Readout it by makingrockets celebrate exercise'ElicitotherunpleasanthoIidayexperlences in thetr from Ss [ . o 5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d t a l k a b o u ta f e s t i v a l ask then and performance answers) 5s' (See overprinted Monttor Key country. Answer class' the to Ssto presenttheiranswers individual s st a l ka b o u tt h e i ro w n e x p e r l e n c e s b . V a r i o uS Sscanwrite a shortarticleabout ' As an extension, also the festivalfor the schoolmagazine5s can W r i t i n g( P . 4 1 ) from festivals showing photographs collect thetr poster . Explainthe task ElicitphrasesSs need to use in varlouscountrLsand preparea festivals make to drsappointed' was the dtssaitisfaction' of name the write wrrtinq lasKlexpress for therrclass Ss should place under it takes mattersworse,overcharged,writtenapology'partialrefund) country/date festivaland the . Elicitthe plan5sneedio followandwriteit on the board eachPlcture Plan Suggested (5s'ownanswers) forwritrng- exactdatesof stay lntroduction(Para1): reason -'.." 9a (p' 41) MainBodY Para2): com7latnts iup"t.tipt for Exercise actton state complaint Conclusion (Para3): restate ' 1?,?'1?.1?f I?'t!' :-'T''liP'::1pl to betaken lf : s.:b9?k expected ' s:.?fl"lg'lop.? a s l t . H e l pS st o d o t h e t a s k o r a l l yi n c l a s st'h e n a s s l q n written HW AnswerKeY Suggested n d a f u l l Ye q u i P P eqdy m ,s o I c a n k e e P (Ss'own answers)

a n d t h e r e ' sa v e r yc o s yl o u n g e

f i t d u r i n gm y s t a y l h e r e s t a u r a nl st f a n t a s t i c DearSir, recent my with drssatisfactron my I am writtngto express from7th Mayto stayat theMilton Hotel'l stayedat thehotel a bit of luxuryl 14thMaYthisYear roomand pleasant' Whilet washappywith the spacious whichI ordered food' the that afraid quietatmosphere,'t'im bookeda firstclasscablnandI can'twaii fromroomservrce,wasnotofthequatityt'hatlwou|dexpect' andthe Thesoupwaswatery' wasdreadful' ThemealI received I was e n t e r t a i n m e n t , l 'e ms p e c i a llloyo k i n that feel I worse' b o r e d ,b u t t h e r e sg o l n gr o D e p l e n t yo f was cold'Tomakematters maincourse for first clas privileqe a special is which iabie' i"*.r.f a dlningai the captain's for thismeal sun the up overcharged pool soaking the by ljust can'twait tillwe aresitting l believe passengers disappotnted' Asyou canimagine'lwasextremely Cont P 42(T at leasta partialrefundand written thatI am entitled'to ptly pro with dealt be can I hopethatthrsmatter apology'

faithfullY' Yours ltmLaurte



iou tp +ri- seep' 4zti) ixercise iapescript?oi



Guessthe noun which goeswith the adjectives, thenusethemto describe the placeyouspentyour holidays lastyear. 1 clean,sandy,dirty,sec/udedb e a c h ue"sond-hand,souvenirsh o p. e i n o - g , c o b b l e d st r e e t ffirlrmlfut,fue.sta1 Victorianh o t e I ,dldhco;s,\oca\,gourme\cu\ s \ n e t ro\,snosr-tappedmp \ \ \ a \ n 7 e x o t i c , t r o p i c a l , d e s e rIt i sa n d

LastyearI wentto a tropical islandin theCaribbean. lt was great.I spentmostofmydaysonthesandybeaches.


lmagine that youareTim.Writea letterof complaint to the Manager of TheMiltonHotel. lncludethesepoints: , r,.,y.:*tr *,*i*s *f_l o ee*:p{*intt. #{ii#n*;r6:ect*d t* b* t*k*n

\rave\\e(s\\ps with ii: s:=r* 1"1 a. Jointhe itemsfromthetwo columns or s* thatto formsentences, asin the examples. Be carefulin crowded a r e a so r a t n i g h t 2 Let your family know yourtraveiplans

Speaker1 5 p e a k e2r Speaker 3 S p e a k e4r

hostel carava crut5e



3 4 rounge

c. Listen aqain andcomplete the spidergrams with words

be lostor

t t

which match

a they/ g e rI n r o


r"-,iif]","rlrir,i;,. I

eachplace. ,f,.jf]Ii,i,l, Useanyfour wordsto make up sentences. $,,;:,iili,;fi ;l;:1i I

I e- Becareful in crowded areas orat nightin casethereare pickpockex ormuggers about. 2 a Letyourfamilyknowyourtravelplanssothattheycan getin touchwithyouinanemergency. b. In pairs,thinkof othertraveller's tipsandwrite themdowngivinga reason.


'{'2 a. Some hotels havegota swimming pooland a gym. '1l,. '|

Matchthe festivals with the events. Thenmake up sentences, asin the example.

Holiday Troubles

andunderline the t0 '.a.' Lrstento thespeakers

problems theyhadwhileon holiday.Whatother unpleasant holiday experiences canyouthinkof? robbery, lostpassport, firein hotel,caraccidenr. erc


f l i g h td e l a yl,o s tl u g g a g e ,


b. Talkaboutoneof yourbadholidayexperiences. Saywhereyouwere,whenit happened , then describe whathoppened you to in detail.

TheHoliFestivoltakesplacein lndia.Thelndianpeople celebrate it bythrowing dyelilledwaterbombs. b. In pairs,talkabouta festivalin yourcountry. Say whenit takesplaceandhowyoucelebrate it.


tenses Future


1 to 4' thenreadsentences at the question, I'-J Look arranged? a futureactionalready Whi.hsuggests: an uncertainty/possibility? an intention/plan? basedon evidence? a prediction

job 3 He'llpayus backwhen he gets(get)a wa': 4 We're not goinq out now We're going to (arrive) untilSandraarrives tc 'dl 5 As soonas he comes(come)back,l'll tell him


futureformof theverbsin thecorrect 17 Fil in brackets. 1 Theweatheris gettinghotterand hotter I'm g o i n gt o s p e n dt h e s u m m eor n m y y a c h t 2 l ' m t o u r i n gM a l t a 3 I d o n ' tk n o wY e t I t h i n kl ' l l 9 o t o R i o a 4 I ' m w o r k i n ga l ls u m m ebr u t l ' m g o i n gt o s p e n d few daYsin Majorcain SePtember


yourplansfor yournextholiday' lnpairsdiscuss Talkabout: ' means of transPort o destination ' lengthof staY . people to gowith ' thingsto do r placeto stay A: B: A: B:

onyournextholiday? dotnganything Areyou inEdinburgh' a friend visiting Yes,l'm goingwithyou? ts anybody nice. Thatwittbe yet' etc but willcome he'snotsure t thinkmybrother

*t below'Whichexpresses: Readthe sentences 1 5 u. r-"=f{*r? leq**:t' * p:c:+iit*'* hi:r:t' * f**r' *l: Whichtenseis usedin all of thesesentences? SimPle Future lateto coming 1 l'm afraidhewillbe firedif he keeps work a fear callyoutomorrowa promlse 2 l'lldefinitely


| hopeshewon't be late We haven'tgot mucn time todaYa hoPe

b. Think of anothersentencefor eachuse' f Th" or"r"nt simpletensecan alsobe usedto talk about future eventswith time words,suchas after' while, before,as soon as,until, unless,when etc e g I'mgoingto meetsomefriendsclifur/ f,i$isir work' Col/meerss*e:nesyouk*+rr whatyouaregoingto do'

l'm 1 A: Are you doinq anythingthis afternoon? you're going (go) to Marco's for lunch if interested (be) in B: Oh that soundsgood l'm goingto be you after I (meet) town this morninq l'll meet (finish)my shopptng finished finish/have 2

A: l'm going (go) to the baker's Do you neeo anYthing? a loafof bread B: Yes,Please, (get) get l'll A: OK, Youone

3 A: We'regorng(go)to the parklater' B: Are you crazy?Lookat the clouds lt'sgolngto rain(rain).Youwillget (get)soaked 4

A: Wrll you help (you/help)me cleanthe house todaY? B: Yes,of course l'm picking(pick)Janeup from the stationat threeo'clock,but lwill help(help) (get)back Youas soonas I get

correcttense' 1'-R Put the verbsin bracketsinto the Ho* do you feel about holidaysin space?

of ' want a holidaYthat is reallYout inp ticketsfor two weeks in outer writers f< am of science-fiction this soon that 16 turLL'r are predicting Pl lt seemsthat a real possibilitY. . (also/realise) that there rs

Compare: l'llphoneyouwhenlqm ready(timeword) (questionword) Dovouknowwhenhe'llbebqckZ

tense' intothecorrect in brackets verbs ! $ tut the Jennyis goingto finishher essaybeforeshemeets (meet)herfriends work tonight? WhenwillSamfinish(5am/finish)



: , < p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h 5 s S sw o r k i n p a i r s :-d do the exerciseCheckSs'answersReferSsto the l'ammar ReferenceSectionfor more detail As an : , ' e n s r o n , 5m s a k eu p s e n t e n c ef o s r e a c hu s e :,nswerKey . a predictionbasedon evidence : c futureactionalreadyarranged : cn uncertainty/possibility - en intention/plan - , : a i nt h e t a s k .S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d m a k eu p d i a l o g u e s -'::rt their plans for their holidays Monitor Ss, : : - - o r m a n c ae r o u n dt h e c l a s s SLggested AnswerKey ,A/here areyou staying? At myfriend'sflat. low areyougettingthere? 3y train. tlowlongareyoustaying? i'mnotsureyet.I thinkl'llbetherefora week. ,r/hatareyougoingto do? V/e're goingto visithistorical sites andmuseums. etc E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e n d o r t e mI w i t h S s S sw o r k i n carrsand do the exerciseCheckSs'answers tswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)




rrpeslript roi i*eriiii s; tp.4il co;t.

t9 pg:1?6].]e: of the5'sbookforthesametapescript . 1lr :u1",:f._f S p e a k e3r

W e ' v e e v e n g o t a f u l y e q up p e d k i t c h e n E v e r y t h i nigs v e r y c o m p a c t T h e f u r n r t u r ee i t h e rc o n v e r t si n t o s o m e t h i n ge s e , o r f o l d s a w a y t o m a k e e x t r a s p a c el t ' s r e a l l yi b e r a t i n gt ,o o f w e d o n , t l k e a c e r t a i na [ e a ,w e c a n s i m p l y T n o v eo n T h e b e a u t yo f b e i n gm o b t l ei s t h a t w e c a n t o u r a w h o l ea r e aa n d choosethe llest placesto stop S p e a k e4r W e l l ,m y f r e n d sa n d I a r ea l la t u n i v e r s i tayn, dw e d o n , th a a o t o f m o n e yt c s p e n do n h o l i d a y sW. e h a v ea b u d g e t o s t i c kt o e v e r yd a y , w e t r y t o f i n ctl h e c h e a p e sptl a c e tso s t a y O . f c o u r s et ,h e a c c o m m o d aotn i sv b a s t cW . e usually h a v et o s h a r er o o m sa n d s e e p i n n a r r o wb u n k sa n d w e u o u r o w n s l e e p i n g b a g s ,a s s h e e t sa n d b l a n k e t a s r e n o t p r o v i d e dT h eg o o d n g a b o u tt h e m i s t h a t t h e y h a v ec o o k i n gf a c i Lei ts a n d c o m m u n adl i n i n gh a l s , w h e r ey o u c a n m e e t t r a v e l l e r sf r o m a l o v e r t h e w o r l d T h a t , sg r e a t , b e c a u s ey o u c a n s o m e t r r - npei cs ku p t i p so n o t h e rp l a c e tso s t a y a , sw e l la so n p l a c e tso a v o i d l

lxplainthe task Elicitanswers fromSsaroundthe -- t )d \^\ - -

S,tggested AnswerKey - nfraidwe'lllose game the if wedon'tplaybetterin the ::tnd half. :'inise l'lltellyouassoonasI knowwhat,shappening. ', ' youpick Heather up fromtheairportT -elpyouwiththatif you like. - -ce we'llbeable to affordto go awaythissummer. .

As an extension,ask Ss:Whatkindof writingis it?(an article); Wherecould it be found? (a newspaperor magazine);What doyou thinkofthistypeof holiday? PostReading:Sscarryout research in the library/on t h e I n t e r n e ta n d f i n d o u t a b o u t t h e p l a n e t sa n d complete a table (distancefrom the sun,diamete4 temperature, etc) Alternatively,Ss could make a modelof the solarsystem

Read out the theory Draw Ss' attention to the examples Refer 5s to the Grammar Reference Sectionfor moredetail Allow 5s two minutesto completethe exercise C h e c kS s 'a n s w e ros n t h e b o a r d


T a p e s c r i pf ot r E x e r c i s1e0 a( p . 4 1 ) I Sscanreferto p 197 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript Claire

p o s s i bi ti y t h a t m y l u g g a g em i g h tg e t l o s ts o I h a da s p a r ec h a n g eo f c l o t h e sn m y h a n d l u g g a g eI e v e nw o r r i e dt h a t t h e f i g h t m i g h t b e d e l a y e ds o I h a d a book to readto passthe tirne Nevertheless, I had no dea that my worst fears w o u l d c o m et r u e a n d t h e p a n e w o u l d h a v et o s e t d o w n i n t h e m d d e o f n o w h e r ed u et o e n g r n et r o u b l e Tim

c l e a n I c a n ' ts t a n ds t a y i n gi n t i n y r o o m s T h eo t h e rg u e s t sk e p tr o r f e r s 3 : : a n d d l d n ' tm a k et o o m u c hn o i s eI o n l yo r d e r e dr o o ms e r v i coen r e o e c a r s :: - = f o o d w a s s o t e r r i b l eb , u t w h e n l g o t t h e b i l l l n e a r l y h a d a h e a r ta i i a : i c o u l d n 'b t elievh e o w m u c hI h a dt o p a y i t w a sd l s g r a c e f u l l

: , c l a i n t h e t a s k A l l o w S s t h r e e m i n u t e st o d o t h e = ' e r c i s eC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sb y a s k i n gt h e m t o a c t o u t d i a l o g u ei sn p a i r s

Pam 1n e v e tr h o u g h ts o m e t hn g i k et h a t w o u l dh a p p e nt o m e I a m a v e r yo , c - - : = l

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)

b a t t e r yw o u l dg o f i a t a n dI w o u l db e u n a b l et o r e c h a r giet o n s i t eb e c a u siei e . e



Pre-Reading A:s k S s t o l o o k a t t h e t i t l e a n d t h e plcture Ask Whatdo you think the articleis about? (Earth,planets,space)Elicitthe names of the other planets (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus,Neptune,P/uto) Ask Ss to read the first sentence Ask lf you couldhavea holidayon oneof the planets,whichwouldyouchoose? Why? Explainthe task Ss completethe task CheckSs, answersby askingindividual Ssto readfrom the text

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)


. . .

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k a n d r e a d o u t t h e e x a m p l eA l l o w S s s o m et i m e t o n r e n a r et h e i r a n s w e r sA s k v a r i o u sS st o r e a do u t t h e i rs e n t e n c e s

thesequestionscan be set as written Alternatively, HM/ Ss nrenAretheir answersfor the next lesson CheckSs'answers E x p l a i tnh e t a s k Q u i c k l yr e v i s et h e u s eo f t h e , S a y names5s,in teams,add the wherenecessary High Street, Suggestedlist: America,Nile,Everest, Atlantic,Earth,etc ofl T: America T e a mA 5 1 : n o t h e T: Nile T e a mB 5 1 : t h e N i l e Refer Ss to the GrammarReferenceSectionfor furtherdetail Do item 1 with Ss Allow Sssometime to complete the taskthen checkSs'answersby askingvarious5s to readfrom the text

AnswerKey Suggested I Nextyearl'm goingto buya car. 2 I'mgoingtojoin thepolicewhenlfinishcollege, are so quicklythat computers is advancrng 3 Technology goingto controleverything soon. graphics. 4 | hopelwill beableto studycomputer 20 .

Explainthe task 5s do the exerciseCheck Ss' ANSWCTS

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted .

0 is usedfor lawsof Elicitrulesand use from Ss (Type nature.Type1 is usedfor a real situationin the future.) P o i n Io u t t h a t w h e n t h e i f - c l a u sper e c e d etsh e m a i n c l a u s et,h e t w o c l a u s easr e s e p a r a t ebdy a c o m m a Alsopoint out that unlessmeansif not ReferSsto Sectionfor furtherdetail the GrammarReference


answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted I 2 3 4 5 6 7 B 9 t0 l1 12 13 14 15

on the board.We'llgo to the 2 1 a. Write thesesentences improvesWe'llgo to thebeachwhen beachif theweather Elicitthe differencein meaning theweatherimproves. (ifmeansthattheweather meansthat mayimprove;when Explainthat both if theweatherwill definitelyimprove.) a n d w h e n c a n b e u s e di n s o m es e n t e n c eTs h e n ,S s do the exerciseCheckSs'answers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted - lf therarnstops,wewillgo out. - Whentherainstops,wewillgo out. - lf I seeTom,l'll invitehim to theparty. - WhenI seeTom,l'll invitehimto theparty. - lfyouneedhelp,youcanaskJoanne - lf he worksovertime, he willfinishtheproiectin time. - lf you lose youshouldreportit immediately. yourpassport, - lf shehassomefreetime,shewillcallon us. - Whenshehassomefreetime,shewillcallon us. s ook b . P l a yt h e g a m ea s i n s t r u c t e idn t h e S t u d e n t ' B O t h e rs i t u a t i o ncsa nb e u s e da sw e l l e g l f A n n g o e st o S p a i n , etc l f S a l l yl o s e sh e rj o b ,

22 a . E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n d r e a do u t t h e e x a m p l e sS sc o p y t h e d i a g r a mi n t o t h e i r n o t e b o o k sa n d m a k e u p sentences aboutthemselves, (5s'ownanswers) b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e nS sd o t h e t a s ko r a l l yi n c l a s s AnswerKey Suggested geta goodiob. lwill probably degree, lf lget my university lf I becomefamous,I willdefinitelybeon W. lf I getsometimeoff work,I maygo to NewYork. lf I getmarried,I willprobablyhavechildren.

23 .


P r e - R e a d i n gG: e o g r a p h yQ u i z G a m e D i v i d ec l a s s into teams Ask quiz questionsGiveone point for eachcorrectanswerTheteam with the most points i st h e w i n n e r - ln SouthAmerica . Where isVenezuela? . Whatrsthecapitalcity?- Caracas

- Spanish Whatistheofficiallanguage? - PicoBolivar mountain? Whatisthehighest Whatis thelongestriver?- TheOrinocoRiver



countryname name continent physical environment sea ocean physical envrronment physical environment mountaingroup physical environment physical environment already known expression therersonlyone capitalname placename

16 17 |8 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

thereisonlyone thereisonlyone placename physical environment therersonlyone placename thereisonlyone superlative placename river nameof singlemountain alreadyknown river placename thereisonlvone

As an extension,ask Ss.Whattypeof writingis it?(an or magazine couldit befound?(newspaper, article);Where travelguide) Post Reading:Ss collectinformationand write a s i m i l aar r t i c l ea b o u tt h e i rc o u n t r y


Writetwo sentences aboutyour: w i l ld e f i n i t e l y w i l lp r o b a b l y could may might


plansfor nextyear NextyearI amgoingto portugalfor myholidays. 2 ambitions 3 o r e d i c t i o nasb o u tt h e f u t u r eo f t h e w o r l d .* ropes/fearsfor the future

- t'llprobably l'lldefinitely gotoParis thisspring. visitthe EiffelTower. I couldstayina S-star hotel.- l mayvisitthe - | mighthirea car. Louvre.

londitionals Types G r a m m aR r eference landl

b. Usethe prompts to makesentences about yourself.

Hll in the correcttense,then saywhat type of conditionaleachsentenceis. 1 S h ew i l l m i s st h e t r a i n u n l e s ss h e c o m e s( c o m e ) row (type1) 2 f y o u m i xr e da n d b l u ep a i n t y, o u g e t ( g e t )p u r p l e -'rpe0) 3 ,vrllcome(come)to the concertif there are any :'cketsleft (typel) 4 ; you wear that coat, you will be (be) too not _ v p er ) 5 He'llgo to university unlesshe fails(fail)hisexams :'rPe '1) 5 f you pour(pour)oil on water,it floats.(type0)

a- Useif/whentomakeup sentences, asin the example. *L

lf I getmarried, I

willdefinitely goto Newyork

lf lfinda wellpaidjob,twillprobably buya house.

TheDefinite Article GrammarReference


Fil inthewherenecessary, justifying youranswers. Where mightyoufinda textlikethis?

'l) -

: < e/ t r a t n : r-l/ StOp :ee TOm

Venezuelo is o beoutif ul countryin 2) - SouthAmericowhichhos somethingto offer to every

,--:J/hep tve rttrne

- lassport ::-'eetme

f ),outakethetrain,youwillgettheremorequickly. Mosi people,however,cometo see 19)the noturolwonders

lompetition Game b. Chainstory:ln teamscontinue the storyusing type1 conditionals. Eachcorrectsentence wins a point.Theteamwith the mostpointsisthe wtnner. lf Tomwinsthecompetition ... Team A 51: lf Tomwinsthecompetition, he'llwin lotsof money. Team BS1:lf Tomwinslotsof money, he'llbuya sports car.erc e. Usethe diagramto makeup sentences about yourself.

to 29) -

HochoFolls lt will be 30)the experience of o lifetime

When he readthe article,he found that the most excitingpart had b e e nc u t o u t ! 5 lt'scoldtoday,so makesureyou do up yourcoat. 6 I couldreallydo with a cup of coffeerightnow 7 Sooneror laterwe will haveto do awaywith room keysand haveonly cardkevs


Prpnncitinnc A p p e n d i x1 prepositions, 24 ^' Fillin the correctphrases in then explainthe bold.

On the day of the sale,crowds of peoplegatheredbeforethe s h o p o p e n e d ,a l l e a g e r f o r a bargain Anne has reallyput a lot of effort into planningthis holiday, so she hopesshe will have a reallygoodtime The managementalwaysputs special emphasison the comfort of its guests The whole class was really enthusiasticabout the trip to Disneyland Paris. Are you familiarwith this part of town? is famous for its San Francisco magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. All of our agentsareexperienced in allaspects ofthe business I et's sneak to leff He's an expert on travelin Asia

b. Fillin the correctpreposition, then chooseany five of the phrasesand make up sentencesusingthem. 1 to datebackto 1350; 2 to dinein style;3 situatedin an area;4 to standon a hilltop; 5 trip to a place;6 idealfor sb; 7 opento the public;8 to be furnishedwith; 9 to appealto sb

Phrasal Verbs 25


particle, and Fillinthecorrect thephrasal verbs. explain 1 Tomalwayscuts acrossthe park on hisway home. 2 John is trying to cut down on the amount of sweet food he eats everyday. 3 She forgot to pay the bill, and now her phone'sbeencut off!


M u l t i o lC e h o i cC e loze f $ Readthe text andcirclethe answer A, B,C or D,whichbestfitseach gap(1-15). Thereisan example at (0). the beginning

Look at the title of the text to get an idea of what the text is about.Reac the text once to get the generalidee Readthe text again,looking at the r before and after eachgap.Then,look choicesand decidewhichword fits be Do not leaveany blanks.Finally,reac the completed text to see if it makes sense.

The four-hourrail journeyto Machu On Picchu isnothing0) shorr of spectacular either1) of the tracksyouwill above towering seesteepmountains Astheoutlines of the2) loom out of the mist,you vvill yourfirstglimpse of the 3) ........ 'lost city', silent ruins of the whichstandon a highridgewith a great4). . . of the Andes Mountains.5) opposite sides of the ruins,youwillbe able to 6) .........straightdown at Youcanfollow rivervalleys different stoneroad,7) . ... leaves anancient .. asthe thesiteto climbto a gap8) 'Gateof the Sun'.9) the climbis 10)..... ... an the astonishing scenery exhausting, . cluesbehind experience Eventhoughthe lncasleft 11) unforgettable to it'sbelieved MachuPrcchu some500years12) whentheyabandoned . . A w a l k i n 1 g 4 ) . . . . of o f t h e h o m e s t h e r o y a 1 l 3 ) . . . . of h a v eb e e no n e will be the sitewill takeyouaboutfouranda halfhours,but the experience 15)... . . worththeeffort 0 1 2 3 4

A except @ side A previous A grasp A picture

s@on 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

A watch @ which A called A When A m a k e su p A little @ aso A team @ tour A fairly

: :.-.:-.:t-rt::..-.=::.,:i:-;,,

@ B B B B B B B B

short bank past

take sight From view whose understood n lthough @ makes for @

@ te* B B B B

before group trip rather

C less C edge @ ancient @ catch C scene C Over @ toot< C where C thought C Even C makesoff C many C later C people C journey @ well

D D D D @ D D D @ D D D D @ D D

other part old hold view For see who kno*n Despite makesof much after family travel quite

: , c l a i nt h e t a s k R e m i n dS st h a t t h i se x e r c i swe o r k s , : n A p p e n d i x' 1 a t t h e b a c k o f t h e b o o k G o - ' o u g ht h e l e t t e r s E & F w i t h S s S sd o t h e e x e r c i s e l ^ e c k S s 'a n s w e r st ,h e n S s e x p l a i nt h e p h r a s e sS s , - : l d m e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s e s

4\ i.

n 1R? nf tho ('.

Sscanreferto p 185of the S'sbookfor the sameapoendix r: -,ti


bookfor the sameappendix i

2 6 .

E . . . i ) . ( p u t )e f f o r t i n t os t h ( n ). e m p h a s i o s n ( n ). s 6 g 6 g g 6; . . : n g a g e dt o s b ( a d j ). e n t h u s i a s t iacb o u t( a d j ). e q u a lt o ( a d j ) : : : - ' : r ( v ). e x a m p l eo f ( n ). g 1 q . | 1 . . *a t ( a d j ). e x c e p t i o nt o ( n ) . : . : e p t l o no f s t h / s b= t r e a ts b / s t ha sa s p e c i acla s e. t a k e e x c e p t i o n : r - ::r ro sth) e qx.6r.t. sth for sth else(v) . s16;1s6about (adj)


, = ::^ skilled a t ) . e x p e r ta V l n l o n( s t h / d o i nsgt h )( a d j )( = d o n ew i t h r , ng greatknowledge). expert with sth (n)(= good at usrngsrnT : : . r - r n )( = p e r s o nk n o w l e d g e a bal eb o u ta s u b j e c t ) F -: : n e x a m()n ). f a i t h f u lt o ( a d j .)6 " r ; 1 ' u r r o r b ( a d(j=) ( 6 e y y n 1 6 t g y - :- , in (adj)(= haveknowJedge oD . famousfar (adj). fed up wrth " - ::- ,rvithsth else(v) . fond of (adj). forget aboutsth (v) . f61g;u" . -riendlywith/to (ad]). fp;n11,"n"O of (ad'l). full of (adj) : -i , r s b a b o u t / ast t h ( a d ] )



Explain that the phrases in this exercise aretaken from the articleon p 39 Do item 'l with Ss,and then Sswork in pairsand completethe exercise CheckSs'answersThen5schoosefiveexpressions and maKeup sentences o Alternatively, assignthe exercise as written HW 5s preparetherr sentences for the next lesson Check5s' answers :'siver Key(See overprinted answers) ,_ )r/nonswers) .


cut across= (tr)takea shorterway do away with = (tr)abolish cut back(on)= (tr)reduce(expenses, do down = (tr)speakbadlyof sb production); cut down on d o j n = ( t r )k i i t c u t i n = 1) ( i n t )m o v es u d d e n liyn f r o n t do up = (tr)fasten;tie o f a n o t h ecr a r , 2 )( i n t )i n t e r r u p t do with = (tr)want cut into = (ir) interrupt d o w i t h o u t = ( t r )I i v eo r c o n t i n u e cut off = 1) (tr)disconnect; 2) (tr) wlthout havingsth/sb solate(usuplaces) cut out = (tr)omit be cut out forlto be = be suted for (a prolessron) c u t u p = ( t r )c u t i n t os m aI p i e c e s

- : ,,,er Key(See overprinted answers) . t1t orexpect something interesting or enjoyable ' :,< hardandspend timeto achieve something : ? something extraor special importance ,:',,interested andexcited aboutsomething ,'.v/ing or understanding something , z,iknownbecause of something : lavedoneajob or activityforsometime , 'c'u a lotaboutsth -:-er

nppendii )"(p.44t

:xplainthat this exercise workswith Appendix2 at : r e b a c ko f t h e b o o k . Ask5sto think of any phrasalverbsformedwith cut c r d o W r i t et h e mo n t h e b o a r d E l i c itth e i rm e a n l n g s cy askingSsto giveexamples . D o i t e m 1 w i t h 5 s , a n d t h e n 5 s w o r k i n p a r r sa n d completethe exercise. CheckSs'answers. S ss h o u l d memorise thesephrasalverbs :,nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)

Pre-Reading A:s k S s t o l o o k a t t h e t i t l e a n d t h e pictureand try to guesswhat the articleis about.(an ancientsite/city/civilisation) Ask Whatwouldyou expect to find there? (remainsof buildings/stones/pieces of pottery/etc) G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p E x p l a i tnh a t S s n e e dt o f o l l o w this advicein orderto completethe tasksuccessfuly E x p l a itnh e t a s k A s k S st o r e a dt h e t e x t q u i c k l ya n d s i l e n t ltyo g e t t h e g i s t R e a dt h e e x a m p l a e n de x p l a i n t h a t n o t h i n gs h o r to f i s a f i x e dp h r a s ew h i c h i s u s e dt o e m p h a s r z-e: . g r e a t s o m e t h i n gi s T h e n d o j t e m 1 w i t h 5 s - j them to lookat the wordsbeforeand aftereacr :::, thenthinkof a word that wou/dfit Thentheys"c- : l o o kt o s e ew h i c ho f t h e o p t i o n sm a t c h e w s hat .-:. t h i n kt h e m i s s i n w g o r d i s 5 s d o t h e e x e r c i s eC - . . . 5 s 'a n s w e r sM. a k es u r e5 se x p l a i w n h y t h e r e s to : : - = distractors do not fit an answer e g 1 A except(usually followedby for) C l e s s( n e e d st h a n o r a n a d j e c t i v e / a d v e r o after it) D o t h e r( u s u a l lgyo e sw i t h t h a n )

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) 1 on eithersideof sth:fixedphrase 2 ancientsite:collocation 3 catcha glimpseof:fixedphrase 4 a greatviewof sth:fixedphrase 5 on oppositesides:collocation 6 lookdown:verb + prep= to seewhatisbelow 7 which:to starta non-defining clause 8 knownas:fixed phrase 9 although: introduces a subordinate clausewhichcontrasts with themainclause 1 0 makefor:phrasalverb= causes or resultsin sth 1 l few:usedwithcountable nouns 1 2 ago:beforenow 1 3 royalfamily:colIocation 1 4 walking tour: collocation t 5 well:usedbeforecertainverbsforemphasis a

As an extension,ask Ss Whattypeof writingis it?(an article); Where could it be found? (a newspaper,a magazineor travelguide);Howdoesthearticlemakeyou feel? etc Post Reading:5s can do some researchinto a historicalsite jn the library/onthe Internet and presenttheirfindingsto the restof the class


b . E l i c iitd i o m sf r o mS sa r o u n dt h e c l a s s e their eyesand rmagrne Ask 5s to Pre-Reading: see? Whatcanyou Ask Ss: theyarein i hot-airball (5s'ownanswers) Whatareyoudoing?Howdoyoufeel?Compareanswers a r o u n dt h e c l a s s 30 E x p l a itnh e t a s k D o i t e m1 w i t h S s S s w o r k i n p a i r sa r : Ssaregivena text that in this kindof exercise Explain completethe exerciseCheckSs'answers i n w h i c hs o m el i n e sc o n t a i na m i s t a k ei n t h e f o r mo f AnswerKey an extraword that needsto be removedReferSsto andsympathetically p 1 listencarefully ecessary. 1 3 if tip on the 2 toosoonto besureaboutsomething Readout the firs line of the text Elicitthat it does a lot of money costrng 3 veryexpensive; not containa mistakeReadout the secondlineand to explain Ss excited Ask or on interested word the 4 bevery focus5s' attentionon on can't 5 copeor managefinanciallY why on is extraand thereforewrong (because be isedwith getin thrsstructure)Pointout that Ssneed to read the article line by line, not sentenceby sentence Ask 5s to readthe third lineand look for a mistake Continuewith the restof the text Ssshouldalways justifytheircorrections a ,s ki n d i v i d u a l . W h e nS sh a v ec o m p l e t etdh e e x e r c i s e text corrected the through Ssto read

2 7 o

answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted 2 wedo notuseboththepronounand[henountogether 3 incorrecttense 'asfarawayas'isa setexpressron anddoesnotneeda 4 second PrePosttion 6 wedo notuseboththenounandthepronountogether in thrssentence 7 wedo notneeda preposttion 'amemberof isa prepositional phrasethatdoesnot 8 a second require PrePosition tense 10 incorrect asa prefix formdoesnotrequire'so' 11 theinfinitive 'includes' phrase' nota noun mustbefollowedbya 12 15 .

28 .


PrePosition article thedefinite thrsnoundoesnotrequire Post Reading:Ask Ss to talk about a festivalthat they have attended They can talk about: festival recommendation names;dates;mainactivities; sentence t u t t h a tt h e s e c o n d E x p l a itnh e t a s k P o i n o a st h e f i r s to n e A l s o s h o u l dh a v et h e s a m em e a n i n g p o i n to u t t h a t 5 ss h o u l du s ei h e w o r d i n b o l d w i t h o u tc h a n g i n igt a n dc o m p l e t teh e g a pw i t h betweentwo and fivewords D o i t e m 1 w i t h 5 s .E l i c itth e g r a m m asr t r u c t u r e t e s t e dT h e n5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e exerciseCheck5s'answers

answers) overprrnted AnswerKey(See 1 phrase 2 threat simPle 3 in case+ Present = if not 4 unless 5 timewordfollowedbypresentsimple 6 -ingformafterno Pointtn 2 9 a . E x p l a itnh e t a s k D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s T h e n ,S ss h o u l d c o m p l e t et h e e x e r c i s eu s i n g t h e i r d i c t i o n a r l eisf CheckSs'answers necessarY AnswerKey 1 travelsomuchit won'tbeworthunpacking 2 writea letter 3 relax 4 hurryup 5 unwell

6 arrhetastmoment 45(T)

Error Correction Readthe text below and look carefullyat each line.lf the line is correct,put a tick (/). lf it has a word that shouldnot be there,write this word on the line,as in the examples.

ldioms & Fixed Phrases 29 a. Fillinthewordsfromthelist. Thentryto explain the phrases in bold. r feet r time o suitcase . mover line o weather 1 Thisnewjob in salesmeansthat l'll have to live out of a suitcase for months. 2 l ' l l d r o p y o u a l i n ea s s o o na s I get there and let you know w h a t ' sg o i n go n . I can't wait to put my feet up and forgetaboutwork. C o m eo n ! I f y o u d o n ' t g e t a moveon, we'll missthe train l've been feeling a bit under the weatherall week We arrived in the nick of time. The show was about to startaswe sat down

b . A r e t h e r es i m i l a ri d i o m si n your language?What are they?

KeyWordTransformatio ns Complete the secondsentence usingthe word in mustuse betweentwo andfivewords,including the wordgiven. We aregratefulfor all yourhelpin the matter. appreciate We reallyappreciate all yourhelpin the matter Hewill neverusethat travelagentagain last lt'sthe lasttime he will usethat travelagent l ' l l l e a v em y m o b i l ep h o n eo n s o t h a t y o uc a nc a l lm e case l'll leavemy mobilephone on in caseyou need/have/ want to callme lf you don't leaveimmediately, you'llmissyourflight. untess your You'llmiss flight unlessyou leaverightaway 5 Thefirstthing l'll do when I get to the hotelisto havea hot shower 500n l'll havea hot showerassoonas I qet to the hotel 6 Youneedn'twait for me l'll be a lonqtime point T h e r e 'ns o p o i n ti n w a i t i n gf o r m e l ' l lb e a l o n gt i m e

thecorrect wordand JQ Underline thenexplain thephrases. That's what we like about P h o e b e5 h e ' sw i l l i n gt o l e n da n and giveheradvice lt's early mes yet Pete hasnot yet madehisdecision. I can't believe you'regoingon a cruisethis summer;it must be costing thefortun You haveto see that new film a t t h e R i a l t o ;I w a s o n t h e corne of my seatuntilthe veryend We're finding it reallydifficult to make ends gether job sinceJasonlost his at the factory


, What was the first Placehe went? A To the beach. @ to the hotel. C Tothe Carnival

ra holidayin Walesand fill in the missing Do not information. usemorethanthree wordsin eachgaP.

! What doesDavesayabout the dancers? @ ff,ey weretireless B TheYweretiring C TheYweretired 4 How long doesCarnivallast? A 1 0h o u r s B 10days

@ s oays


5 What doesDavesayabout the nightlife? mix A lt'san interesting B H ed i d n ' tg o o u t m u c h weregreat @ rne nightclubs

' ^^^'l nlaceto t 15a guuu Y

6 What is Janetgoing to do? A TakesomePhotos@ rook at somePhotos C Get somePhotosdeveloPed


Youhavejustcomebackfroma trip' Tella friendof yours: whyyouwentthere howyougotthere andwhere howlongyoustaYed stay whatyoudidduring1lour

a a

and,in pairs, Lookat thepictures 32 ^. listed. thePoints discuss

a a

to gothere? A: Sowhydidyoudecide

sayby alse/Doesn't MarkeachstatementasTrue/F box. tickingthe aPProPriate

Who b. Talkaboutyourmostexcitingweekend' madeit What you do? wereyouwith?Whatdid (' 33


betweentwo conversation For ut a recenttriPto Brazil. following the of 1-6,decidewhich ouestions A, B or C isthe bestanswer' choices 1 WhYdid Davego to Rio? triP A Ona business B Togo to thebeach' Carnival @ ToexPerience

whileyouwereon a badexperience -]fi,- Youhad relate: back, are NowYou holiday. . . .

what the Problemwas whereyou wereandwhat you weredoing who helpedyou and how the problemwassolved

I hadwas"' ' I was"' Oneof theworstexperiences


Go throughthe tip Explainthat Ss needto follow ihis advicein orderto completethe tasksuccessfully Pre-Listening: Explalnthe task.Readthe sentences A. Elicitfrom Sspossible missing words. B: e g 1 s e e m st o b e a n o u nm i s s i n g 2 n u m b e rm i s s i n-g p r i c e 3 numbermissing- century 3 5 . 4 n o u nm i s s i n-g p l a c e 5 n o u nm i s s i n-g a c t i v i t y - facilities 6/7 nounmissing . e g pool 8 noun missing- food 9 n o u nm i s s i n*g m o n t h )lay the cassette twice.5s completethe task Check Ss'answersby playingthe cassette and pausingafter :ach pieceof informationis given

: "swerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) . Post Listening5 : s , i n p a i r s ,c a n w r i t e a s i m i l a r advertisement for a hotelin theircountry :

rsk 5s to look at the picturesReadout the points : , r c i t a c t i v i t i e sp e o p l e d o i n t h e i r f r e e t i m e . + l t e r n a t i v e lSy s, c a n w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d i s c u s tsh e r o i n t sa n dt h e np r e s e ntth e i ro p i n i o ntso t h e c l a s s : g A : I l i k et o s p e n dm y f r e et i m e p l a y i n gs p o r t s . W h a ta b o u ty o u ? B: l'm not a sportsperson I prefergoing to t h e c i n e m ao r p l a y i n gm y g u i t a r

Pre-Listening: Elicitfrom Sswhat probiemssomeone can experience while on holiday(e.g.missing luggage; missa flight;etc) Explainthe task Ss read the items 1-6 Ask Ss to underline the keywordsin the statements.Explain that, for someitems,Sswon't hearexactlythe same wordsin the listeningtaskalthoughthe meaningwiii be the same.Also,explainthat other itemswill not be mentionedat all. Playthe cassetteSs do the exerciseCheckSs' answersby playingthe cassette a g a i nw i t h p a u s e s

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 36 Explainthe task. Elicitpossibleholidayproblems(/osr luggage,missedflight,flat tyre,travelsickness, etc) Allow Ss s o m e t i m e t o p r e p a r et h e i r a n s w e r s M o n i t o r S s , performance, and then ask some studentsto present their experiences to the class.The classcan assess each S'sperformance Suggested AnswerKey Oneof theworstexperiences I had waswhileI wasin Germany. I waswaitingfor my transferflightto Munich,enjoyinga cupof coffee.Theman sittingnextto me movedsuddenly and the coffeespilt on my trousers.Thankfully, t stillhad my hand luggagestillwithmesoI wentto the men's toiletto changemy trousers. WhenI finished,I put my dirtytrousers in my bagand hurried towards the gate, as my flight had just been announced. etc

. - :wn answers) :

three.I had bookedhotel rooms,so I didn,t have any pro0rcms. I see.Didyou buyanything? Oh yes!I bought lotsof postcardsfrom all the placest visitedandbeautifulvasesfromVenice.etc

{ s k s o m e 5 s t o t e l l t h e c l a s sa b o u t t h e i r m o s t -.xciting weekend -: g Lastweekendwas the most excitingweekend of my life I went to a fishingvillagewith some f r i e n do sf mine

*"- -:-l rapesiiipi roirierciie":iii;%i-

-. cwnanswers) .


P r e - L i s t e n i nEgx: p l a i tnh a t S sa r e g o i n gt o l i s t e nt o s o m e o n tea l k i n ga b o u ta t r i p t o R i o ,E l i c iw t h e r eR i o :s (in Brazil),then Ss think of three questionsthey w o u l d l i k e t o a s k a b o u t R i o S s c h e c ki f t h e y c a n answerthe questions theywrote aboutRioafterthey n a v ed o n et h e l i s t e n i ntga s k E x p l a i tnh e t a s ka n d g o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o n sp l a y the cassetteSslistenand completethe task playthe cassetteagain if necessaryCheck Ss' answersby playingthe cassette with pauses

(< ran

rafar fn n

tez9i1f9!,sn_?"-!.I"-i .lf.::9 TSl9.p9l9!B: _.i

Why not treat your fan:rlytA a_great winter weekendin Walesthis month? Breakaway ts offering special family weekend breaks wnn tuxury a c c o m m o d a t i oi nnt h e S n o w d o n irae g t o nf,o r . l u sft2 0 0 With its relaxinglog fires, stunning lakesidevrew, extensivegardensand w o o d l a n dw a l k s t, h e b e a u t i f u1l 8 t h c e n t u r yB r o n - y - B y H t ho t e li s t h e i d e a lb a s e

of the most :!9:ta!.11lorlgs in the wortd

:nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) : , c i a i nt h e t a s k R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l eS sw o r k i n p a i r s = ^ l c o m p l e tteh e e x e r c i s M e ,o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n caen,d . -:r asksomepairsto present theirdialogues to the class Suggested AnswerKey .. going to ltaly. I always wanted to see its famous museums, theLeaningTowerof Pisa,etc.So,I feltverylucky to betherelastsummer. Lucky you.Howdidyougetthere? Bycar.l'd nevermissthegreatltaliancountryside Howlongdidyoustaythere? Twoweeks. Wheredidyoustay? I spentthe first weekin Rome,then in the secondweekI went to Florencefor threedaysand Venicefor another

happy All 9!.-s!49_lQqrns are attractivelydecorated and provide airconditioning a ,c o { o utre l e v i s i o tne, l e p h o n a e n de v e na h a i r d r y eO r t h e rf a c i l i t i e s

which delrcioustraditionalWelshdishes Be surenot to rnissa tasteof roastWelshlambwith mint sauceor a fine selectionof tastyWelshcakesand cheeses

a 1 8 A2 2 7 8 9 5 4


;tlp. ;;-

": i"" o.'+gitl ;

Sscanreferto p '198 of theS'sbookforthesametapescriptf Tapescript for Exercise 35 (p. a6) -+ Seep. 49(T) Sscanreferto p 198 of theS'sbookforthesametapescflpt



37 a. Explainthe task Playthe cassetteSs completethe task CheckSs'answers answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See b . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t t h e d i a l o g u e sM o n i t o r S s 'p e r f o r m a n caen d t h e n a s ks o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested a reallygoodplayon at theEmpire 1 A: t heardthatthere's at themomentShallwegoandseeit? I tryandgetussometickets? B: Thatwouldbegreat.Shalt 2 A: (m havingdtnnerwith Kateand Suetonqht Would B: A: B: 3 A:


youliketo come? areYougorng? Where Gianni's Street, Thatttalianplaceon Bridge l'm not sureI can Oh that place'sreallyexpensrve affordit at themoment at the theweekend Ninaandlaregoingto Cornwallfor to like you would if wondertng l was month the endof us. Jotn l'd loveto

howcanI helpyou? Monsieu*Brstro, A: Goodafternoon. wtthyou about a reservatron I made B: Goodafternoon, ago.MynameisBarryWhite. sixweeks a tablefor Ah,yes.Youreserved Justa mtnute,please. Eve. sixforNewYear's B: Yes,that'sright.rm verysorrybut canyou cancelrt' please? yott that thedeposit althoughyoudo realise A: Certainly, paidrsnon-refundable? nota Problem. B: Ithoughtso.That's 40 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs listen a n da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See [. o Write:- What'shisname?lwonderwhathisnameis on the board.Elicitthat the first sentencets a isan whereasthe secondsentence directquestion, structure the in erences indirectquestionElicitdi Focuso the positionof the verb of the sentences in eachsentence

38 a. Expla the task Readout the extractsand modelthe i n t o n i o n . S s w o r k i n p a i r s a n d p r a c t i s et h e intonation Monitor Ss' performancelf necessary' p l a yt h e c a s s e t taeg a i n

notebooks e g C o u l dY o uP l e a stee l lm e W o u l dY o ul i k et o t e l lm e I w o u l dl i k et o k n o w

e i t h a S ,t h e nS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d b . M o d e la d i a l o g u w a c t o u t t h e i r d i a l o g u e sM o n i t o r5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c e ' a n dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o a c to u t t h e i rd r a l o q u e s AnswerKeY Suggested ' 51: Pathasn'tcalled,hasshe? 52: ldon'tthinkso '


theinvttations? 51: HasAnnPosted 52: lthinkso etc

39 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs listen a n da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n answer) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted b . A l l o w 5 s t w o m i n u t e st o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c k Ss' answersby asking some 5s to read out the d i a l o g u ien t h e c o r r e cot r d e r answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted e ith a 5' . o d e la d i a l o g uw c . G o t h r o u g h e p r o m p t sM t h e n S s w o i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t t h e i r d i a l o g u e s ' M o n r t oS r s 'p e r f o r m a n caen, dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested ' A: Goodafternoon AzarAirlines,howcanlhelpyou? withyouabouttwomonths B: Hello.I madea reservatron ago.MYnameisTinaCharles' two seats A: Justa minute,pleaseAh,yes'Youreserved August' 22nd on the to Madrid ftight 10 am the on B: Yes,that'sright.l'm verysorrybut canyou cancelit' please? you thatthedeposit althoughyoudo reahse A: Certainly, is non-refundable? Paid nota Problem' B: lthoughtso.That's


C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sT h e na s ks o m eS st o r e a do u t u s i n gi n d i r e cqt u e s t i o n s thedialogue AnswerKeY Suggested you Would liketo tellmehowI couldhelpyou? Couldyou tellmewhattypeof caryouwouldlike? lwould liketo knowhowmuchrtisgoingto cost' pleaset Couldt askyouto showmeyourdrivinqlicence, e itha S' p t s .M o d e la d i a l o g u w c . G o t h r o u g ht h e p s and act out theirdialogues t h e n S sw o r k i n M o n i t o r5 s 'p e r f o r m a n caen, dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested , A: Goodmorning. HowcanI helPYou? B: Hello.l'd tike to hire a motorcyclefor the weekend' please. Whattypeof bikewouldyoulike? A: Certainly. please. Howmuchisit goingto cost? B: A 125cc, itwill costf50' theinsurance, rncluding A: Wett, fine. B: That's please' A: I needto seeyourdrivinglicence, are. HereYou B: Ofcourse. A: Now,if youwillsrgnthecontracthere,l'llgetthekeys' .

A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A:

lhelPYou? Goodmorning.Howcan please' Hello.t'd tiketo hirea boatfortheweekend, Whattypeof boatwouldyoulike? Certainly. please. Howmuchisit goingto cost? A speedboat, it willcostf'!75' theinsurance, Wetl,including frne. That's please' I needto seeyourdrivinglicence, are' Ofcourse.HereYou Now,if youwrllsignthecontracthere,l'llgetthekeys'



b. In pairs, actout similar dialogues. Mindthe intonation.

a.' Listento the dialoguesand write A (accepted), R (refused)or N5(not sure)for eachone. I R I

2 A

3 R

4 N S

A: Oh hi SteveHow areyou? B : F i n eL i s t e nl ,' m m e e t i n gG e o r g ea n d M a r yf o r l u n c hi n a n h o u r W . o u l dy o u l i k et o j o i n u s ? A : T h a n k sl.' d l o v et o b u t I ' m w o r k i n qt h i s afternoon

2 A: B: A: B:

HiMatt! Oh, hi Ann I haven'tseenyou for ages. I know haveyou got time for a coffee? That'sa great idea.

3 A: Shallwe go to that new restaurant for dinner tonight? B: No, l'd rathernot l'm not keenon Chinese food 1

A: I heardthat there'sa reallygood film on at the Odeon Why don't we go? B: I don't know l'vegot to finishthis report l'll let you know how l'm gettingon later.

b. In pairs,act out similardialoguesusingthe prompts and the phrasesin the box. . . .

ncelling a hotelreservation Listento the dialogue.Who arethe speakers? Theyarea customer(Vanessa Bryce)and a hotel receptton tst b. Readand matchthe exchanges. A lTk-l cood afternoonTne Palace Hotel,how can I y o help u? J u s ta m i n u t e p, l e a s e Ah, yes You reserveda doubleroomfor two nights l 3 l a I C e r t a i n l ay l, t h o u g hy o u do realise the deposit you paidis nonrefundable?

B I thoughtso That's nota problem. b Yes,that'sright l'm verysorrybut canyou


r,anrpl it



H e l l oI m a d ea reservation with you abouttwo weeks ago My name's VanessaBryce

c . U s et h e p r o m p t st o a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s . . .

AzarAirlines/2 monthsago/Tina Charles/ 2 seats/1 O am flightto Madrid/22nd August Monsieur'sBistro/6weeks agoltable/Barry White/ tablefor 6/NewYear'sEve

go to the theatre havedinnerat an expensive restaurant s p e n dt h e w e e k e n di n C o r n w a l l

probablytakesplaceat a carrentalagency

Inviting WC

don't we/you. about we should . could. you liketo .. wonderingif

Accepting/Refusing l'd loveto but l ' m a f r a i dI c a n ' t I supposeso (not)fanry,(not)keenon, (not)like I d o n ' tr e a l l vf e e lr r nt o i t . l'd loveto Thatwould be great. A n o t h e tri m e p e r h a p s l ' m n o t s u r eI c a n

lntonation(short answers)

b. Readthe dialogueand changethe questionsin bold into indirectquestionsas appropriate. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: A:

G o o dm o r n i n gH . o w c a nI h e l py o u ? Hello l'd liketo hirea carfor the weekend,please CertainlyWhat type of carwould you like? A smallhatchback,pleaseHow much is it going to cost? W e l l ,i n c l u d i ntgh e i n s u r a n c iet ,w i l l c o s tf 1 0 0 That'sfine. May I seeyour drivinglicence,please? Of courseHereyou are Now, if you will signthe contracthere,l'll get the keys

c. Usethe promptsto act out similardialogues. A : T h ep l a n ew i l l b e o n time. B: I hopeso A : J o s hi sc o m i n gw i t h u s ,i s n ' th e ? B : I t h i n ks o A: lsVickycomingtoo?

B : I hopenot A : HasBethcancelled the milk? B : I d o n ' tt h i n ks o A : HasTimbeenthere before? B: I supposeso.

Whatdo theseplaceshave a. Lookat the pictures' -At I Wheredo youthinktheyare? in common? wordsin b. In what contextmightyou find these the texts? views' chalk' coastline TextA: ' stunning ' strateglc locatlon ' shiowrecks ' s h i p p i nlga n e s scenery TextB: 'slopes'spectacular ' tribes 'wild game lndian peaKs ' railroad route' snow-capped offerstunningviewsof the of Dover Ctiffs TheWhite Channel. English Readthe textsandwrite A or I for each question.

42 a.

. feature(s) Whichnatural animals?B of ancient the remains contains hasbeenusedto guardthecountry? A A country? allowsYouto seeanother B ranges? different ismadeup of several B allows Youto seelocalwildlife? A tunnels? contains move to travellers for madeit difficult B west?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

a b. Whichtext maybe from an encyclopaedia? touristbrochure? the

the wordsin bold'Then,match 43 Explain words' belowto the highlighted synonyms . because of 'sight o visito ptoneers . . passes. sectlon obstructed


the Readthe textsagainandin pairs,talkabout Then of theseplaces' anddifferences similarities why' and visit to like saywhichplaceyouwould

WritingProiect Writea shortarticleaboutoneof the most naturalareasin yourcountryfor yout interesting Writeabout: schoolmagazine. .




. r .

details historical there whatyoucando/see recommen0atlon

from theEnglishChannel Whencrossing thefirst England, Dover, to Europe continental of Cliffs White sightyou seeis thefamous old and years Oovei.ffreyarealmost70 million were sincedinosaurs havebeenin existence white characteristic Therr roamingthe earth. colourii due to thefactthattheyaremadeof chalk.Theyarebelievedto grow15meffes everymillionyearsand arenowaround250 metreshigh. i.,&â&#x201A;Źidtf'eir strategiclocationtheyhave beenusedto helpdefendthe coastfrom history'During England's invasionthroughout dug Into were tunnels thetrmeof Napoleon, the attack could the cliffsso thatsoldiers were tunnels These invadingFrencharmies. asWorldWarll' Thereare usedas recently manyshipwrecksto be foundin the baysano the atongtne beachesbelowthe cliffsbecause ::dtfii{:ffi of g ly rough alon this sea'rsexceptional the coast.

What'smore,thereis plentyto seeanddo area'Youcanvisitoneof inthesurrounding or castles heritage manyspectacular Dover's fortat nearbyRichborougn' eventheRoman areanexcellent' themselves TheWhiteCliffs viewsof placeforhiking,andofferstunning lanes'On shipping busiest oneoftheworld's a cleardaY,Youcaneven seetheFrench A visitto coastline.

wouldnot England without becomPlete at this


!!'' :

5s lookat the picturesand answerthe questions

S,tggested AnswerKey ::. ,^theseplaces arenaturalwonders. --: ,,t/hite Cliffs of Doverarein England. --: Rockies arein NorthAmerica. '" -xplainthe task Readout the list of wordsand the exampleAsk Ssto express theiropinions. Suggested AnswerKey -ext A ' TheWhiteCliffsof Doverarewhitebecause theyaremade of chalk. ihe White Cliffsof Dover make the Englishcoastline nemorable. ,\,4any shipwrecks canbefoundbelowthecliffs. Thestrotegiclocotionof theWhiteCIiffsof Doverhelpedto protectEnglandfrom itsinvaders. TheEnglishChannelis oneof the world'sbusiestshipping lones. kxt B Forests covertheslopesof theRocky Mountains. TheRockies havesomeof themostspectocularsceneryin thecountry. TheRockies arefamousfor wild gome. Manylndiantribesusedto livein the Rockies. A railroadroutepasses throughthe Rockies. Visitors canseesnow-cappedpeaksin the Rockies. a

Explainthe task Allow Ssthree to four minutesto silentlyreadthe texts.Do item 1 with Ss,then allow 5s three minutesto completethe task CheckSs' anSwerS


Elicit useful languageto expresscontrast (whereos, however, but,on theotherhand,etc); similarity(also,the same,furthermorc, etc) EncourageSs to use these phraseVlinkers in theirdialogues.

Suggested AnswerKey A: TheRockies arelocatedin NorthAmerica. B: Did you know that The WhiteCliffsare older than the Rockies? A: Really? B: Yes.TheCliffsare70millionyearsold,whereosthe Rockies are65millionyearsold. A: Well,I didnt know thot. The Rockies are taller than the Cliffs.etc Writing Project Explain the task,then assignit as written HW Explain that Ss needto do some research in the library/onthe Internetand make notes under each heading before they write their article

A,nswer Key(Seeoverprinted answers) :

n pairs,Ss do the exercise givingreasonsfor their choice

: nswerKey TextA: TextB:

tourist brochure (it's chatty; ends with a recommendation to thevisitor) (it's written in a formal style with encyclopaedia - contains subheadings facts)

: . e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s i n b o l d b y g i v i n ge x a m p l e so r : c k i n g u p t h e w o r d s i n t h e i r d i c t i o n a r i eT s h e n ,S s - - a t c ht h e s y n o n y mt so t h e h t g h l i g h t ewdo r d s C h e c kS s ' :'swer5 Suggested AnswerKey Synonyms dueto:because of stretch:section stopover:visit feature:sight 11 .

hampered:obstructed settlers:pioneers runs:passes

Drawtwo columnson the board;one for eachplace. Elicitcharacteristics of the two placesandwritethem down Sslook at the completedtablesand, in pairs, discusshow the two placesare similar/different MonitorSs'performanceAsk somepairsto act out t h e i rd i a l o g u e i n f r o n to f t h e c l a s s


l 33 (p' 46) for Exercise Tapescript : , sscanr:fert: p 198of thes'sbookfo1.the..same fapescript


J o n e t : D a vIet h , o u g h ty o uw e r es t l Liln B r a z i l l Dave;No I got backlastweeK J d n e tW i h a t w a st h e t r l p f o r ; b u s l n e sosr p l e a s u r e ? and lt was fantasticDeflnitelythe trip of a lifetiryq' Ddve;I went for Carnlval, l e a l La b o u tL t J o n e t : O o hTle l m l l u t w ' h e nI a r r l v e d1w a s O o u "W , " t t ,t h e f l i g h tw a sa b l t t l r i n g l t t o o k 10 h o u r s ' n e a rt h e C o p a c a b a nBae a c h J a n e i r o d e R l o i n h o t e l a l u x u r y t l o w h i s t < esdt r a l g h t n a P w h e r eI h a da s w i ma f t e rm Y l a si t a sg o o da se v e r y o n e l e a b o u tt h e c a r n i v aW J a n e t : I h a t s o u nldosv e l yT e l m says? j n c r e d i b l et 'o o I w e n t t o t n e s a m b aa l J n i g h t l o n g T h e c o s t u m e sw e r e Sambodromo,astreetwnlcnis,speciallydesigneclforsambaparades'and d a n c e dt h e n i g h ta w a yt,o o D d v e l: w e n t f o r 1 0 d a y s C a r n i v aol n l y r e l a x i noqn t h e b e a c h f e s t i v awl a so v e rI t r l e dt o s p e n dt h e r e s to f m y h o L i d a y tried? mean You Jdnet;What do You t o g o o u t a Ltl h e t i m e T h e r e D a v eW ; e l l ,t h e n i g h t l l f et ss o g o o di t ' sd i f f i c u lnt o t n r g h t c l u b st o' o t ' s a r e al y a r e s o m e g r e a t r e s t a u r a n rasn d r e a l l yf a n t a s t i c i n t e r e s t r npqe o p l e c i t i w l t h s u c ha m i xo f n a t i o n a l i t i eI sm e t l o t so f excitinq from your holidayl to recover holiday a you need me Janett-DonitteLl if you'd l i k et h a t l l ' v eg o t m y p h o t o sd e v e l o p e dt h' o u g h D a v e : Y e ss,o m e t h i n g a n d h a v ea l o o ka t t h e m l i k et o p o p r o u n do n ee v e n i n g J a n e t\:' d l o v et o , t h a n k s

, , :t

g5 (p' 46) j for Exercise Tapescript I tapescrrpt -. refert: p 198of the"Ss bookforthesame

News ltem 1


h a d n o i d e aa t t h e t l m e t h a t o n e o t years m y s t e rtyo u r a r o u n dt h e w o r l df o r t h e n e x tt n r e e mi r p o r ta n d w e n t r o e a s m s l a b e l J eadt B r r m i n g h a a A p p a r e n t l yt h, e s u i t c a sw wherethe to LA Lnternational' redirected was it there From in Spain Malaga, pt r o p e r t yo f f i c et h e r e L o S t h e l n s o m e o n e p l a n e s a , n d W l | l ] a m hs a d C h a n g e d w h e r el t s a t , u s t r a l l ao,n t h e b a s l so f a n o l d l a b e l ' f o r w a ' c l eidt t o M e b o u r n eA unc]aimedforthenextlsmonthsFinally,theCaSeWaSopenedand|tWas f o r w a r d etdo M r W i l l i a mast h i sh o m ea d d r e s s "lthoughtitwasLostforever "lttookrnetotallybysurprlse,"saidMrWilliams 'm w h a t t o t e l lt h e l n s u r a n cceo m p a n "y Jusa t b i t w o r r l e dn o w a D o u t Newsltem Z


h o m eb e f o r e a n x i o utso s a i L t o t h e m a n l a n dw i t h M r 5 o rc l a i mh ew a se x t r e m e J y r m p o s s i b lweh e n f e t u r n t h e i r m a d e l o u r n e y c o n c l l t r o n s w e a t h e r Jung.row n e d t h a t h e a n d P a u lh a d a s k i w h y t h e y h a d m i s s e dt h e b o a t ' D a r r e ne x p l a s i d eo f t h e i s l a n d p h i l es u n b a t h i nogn a b e a c ho n t h e o t h e r f a l e na s l e e w



:.:-te .:.:*

TheRock{es The RockyMountainsarethe largest mountain system irrfl\orth,Amenca-.The Rocl<y Mountain chainextendsfor morethan4,80CI lcrnthnough the UnitedStates andcanada.visitors to the Rockies enjoysparl<frng lal<es, snow-eapped peaksand other spectacular scenery. The regionis alsofamaus{onlts slqiresortsandwild game.someUS andcanadian national parl<s canbe foundthere"severar nvers, suchasthe Colorado,the Missouri,theArl<ansas anriorher.s heginin the Roclcies" chief ranges of the Rockies inciudethe Sourhernfltocr<ies, rhe Middle Rocl<ies, the NorthernRocl<ies, the eanadian Roe!<les, rhe selwynandMaci<enzie mountains andthe Brool<s R.ange. Plant and Animal life: Fonests of pifronpineseo,reirhe rowerslopesof the Southern Rocl<ies. In the higherareasof the F,oel<ies fi;'s,pinesandspuueeseanbe found.Mountain goats, ell<,bears, deer,n'rourltain lions,squinrels andotheraninnals livein the Rocl<ies. History:TheRocl<ies wereformedover65 rnillionyea-rs ago"The srdesof the mountains containfossilsof animals whichoneelivedin tire seaaswell as rocl<s thatwereformedin the hot interiorof the eartn. ManyIndiantribesusedto livetherewhen fiunopeans first arrivedin N|nrt[-r America.The first Europeans to reach the Rocl<ies weneSpanish explorers, n,he establisheda colony nearwharis nowSantaFe,N:ewlo4exie--, in ISgE" TheRocl<ies hampered transportation duning the lE00's whenexpronens and settlersweremovingwestward"The first railreadroutethnough them wasbuiltin theWyoming Basinin lE6,E.Terriay lntersiatei-lighway E0 runs &' throughthe Wyomiing


a ModelText Analysing .,tl::::.'

- - i' to 'respond --"""'" rletter E ( L L r to Lldll)dLLlulror d a transactional Ilte write VVe W We ii a letter':) -' be r r r v v r "may r r r r J input r r r P u ( This w l l L t e l l input '", ofl written ll]u u kind S oflle K some an invitation,notes, etc' or a an advertisement, of these combination letter,we haveto: Whenwe write a transacttonal the key' . R e a dt h e r u b r i cc a r e f u l l yu, n d e r l i n i n g


1 .:;:l



words/phrases Choosea writingstyledependingon who we are or formal) writingto (informal,semi-formal i n f u l ls e n t e n c e s ' r u b r i c t h e i n p o i n t s t h e a l l Cover

W e s h o u l du s eo u r o w n w o r d s :


l l



theRubric Analysing {$

Readthe.rubric,underlinethe key words and answerthe questlons. Youarea teacnerandyou aretakinga groupof Youhavemadea studentson a skiingtrip to France' nowthe and hotel the preliminary bookingat you managerhascontacted for moredetails' assistant Readpartof the letterandthe notesyou havemaoe' hisquestions' thenwrite a letteranswering dates are the same


outtheinappropriate theletterandcross LG a. Read your phrases in bold.Justify choices'

Dear Maria, youfor yourletter.1) Here'swhatyouneedto Thank knoVlhavetheinformation yourequested andI alsohavea fewquestions ofmyown. changed ffi"Firstly,2) thedatesstayastheyarelwehaven't thedates. Weshallbecoming the 30th.Also,3) hereareourflightdetails/our flightdetaits are asfoffows, wewillarrive onflightBA257at 10.20am. 4) Our pailywill consistoflThere will be twentystudents in totat, twelve boysandeight girls.There willalsobetwoadults, myself andanother female teacher. b) Withregard to/And thespecial requirements, there willbefourvegetarians inourparty. youkindlyinformmeif the @" nlso,6) canyoutellme/could special priceis stillavailable? discount Finally, 7) wouldit be possible lor youto/canyouorganise ourski lift passes in aovance. g) t amlooking.lorward evefihing. to @ t nopethiscovers yousoon/lcan'twaittoseeyou. seeing 9)Yours truly/Love from, Jennifer Taylor

20 students 2 teachers (female)

b. Lookat the notes.Havethe exactwordsbeen usedin the letter?Haveallthe pointsbeen Whatisthe topicof eachparagraph? included?

- 8 girls L2boYs

First of all, you have booked from -, the 16th to the 30th January. Can you confirm these dates.please?Also, I would like to know tf you have the final numbersof boys and girls so we can assignthe rooms to you. Secondly, I will need to know if any of your studentshave any specialr-reeds. Finaily, could you let me know your flight


(tvle -/l7'

to the semi-formal Matchthe informalsentences Then,identifythe type onesof the samemeaning. / refusing of letter eachpair camefrom - accepting on invitation,thonk-youletter,askingfor / giving givingadvice' information,opologising,

detailsso I can make arrangements


for r u r your J U u r transfer from the airport'?

meyourmotorbike' a lot for lending FTcl Thanks in the beginningof room free a you have l-ZTfloo May?

Yours sincerely. Maria Reeve Flight details

, ^ . t i t t 2 p p l i e s ?. : : ' : ' : , ' : " ' ,, . g f ' - i i i " ; i " * u'"'' or Special S - Cp oe nr r d r discount ," in lltl,lri - r , i ll il ft rt ."*.. n Padsr Js "e"s " skl l6th l0:20am th" arrange



play' l3TaI [O loveto cometo your school lastSaturday 14T6lSorryfor not beingableto makeit soon book you should [5T6-lt tfrint< thisyear' l6Tdl t'm 2Oyearsold l'm at university STYLE SEMI-FORMAL

1 Who areYouwritingto? 2 What stylewill you useto write this Ietter?Why? 3 Whichof the followingptecesof information shouldYouincludetn Yourletter? . dateof arrival' trmeof arrival' durationof stay . flightnumber numberof students ' students'specialneeds . numberof boys/girls wouldYouask? 4 What questions


a I would be happyto attendthe schoolplay' b lf I wereyou,I would makethe bookingsassoonas possible. c Thankyou verymuchfor the useof yourvehicle' student' university d l'm a twenty-year-old for not managingto meetyou e l'd liketo apologise f

conference. at lastSaturdaY's In if you haveany vacancles know to I would like earlyMaY.

. : : h r o u g h t h e t i p a n d r e a do u t t h e r u b r i c H e l p5 s t o = : : g n i s ea n d u n d e r l i n et h e k e y w o r d s T h e n . e l i c i t -:i1/ers to the questions :nswerKey r\tordsto beunderlined:teacher, a groupof students, skiing -" : preliminary c bookingat thehotel,assistant managerhas - :':acted you for moredetails,writea letteranswerinq his --- :-rilons ' theassistant managerof a hotel. - Semi-formal becauseyou have contactedthis person cefore. . Cateof arrival- timeof arrival, durationof stay . flightnumber.numberof boys/girls. students, special 'teeds DoesthespecialdiscountpricestitlapptyTCanshearrange -<<i lift passes in advance? :xplain that this task tests Ss, abilityto recognise ,','ritingstylesand that the semi-formal styleis the --tly appropriatesty/efor this fetter.5s comp(etethe - : s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s . :"'swerKey rere'swhatyou needto know- informal :.e datesstayastheyare- informal rcreareourflightdetails- informal )ur partywillconsistof - formal -nd the- informal+ incorrect :tuld you kindlyinformme- formal :an you- informal t can'twait to seeyou- informal Lovefrom- informal :

*-* *-d;;"r;;;;;"'d"(p:




Sorah:Yes,l'm ready Kdfâ&#x201A;ŹiRtghtnow can I just double-check thosedates,then?

t i m ef o r l u n c h Kate:Great Now,let'slook at the rooms There,llbe the two of us, and .l5, no 16 girlsaltogether. So we'll needone twin room for the teachersand I think we shouldput the girlsin four,four-bedrooms Accordingto the brochurethat Joe sent us, that will work out the cheapest;especially with their schooldiscount Oh, do we needanotherroomfor the driver?

/(dte:That'ssomethingto be gratefulfor. Now just haveto rernemberto ask them what sportsfacilitres they have Sorah:Yes, and do we haveto bookthesefacilitiesbeforewe usethem? Kate:Good idea Sarah:Don'Lforget to ask for informatlonabout the localarea Joe satdthat t h e y c o u l do r g a n i s e s o m et h i n g sf o r u s C a n h e a r r a n g ea v i s i tf r o m a l o c a l h i s t o r ina? Kdte:Right 1'vewritten that down, too I think i,vegot everythtngI need now t o w r i t et o J o ew i t h t h e f n a ld e r a i r s

5sanswerthe questionsCheckSs'answers

!nswerKey --.exoctwordsfromthe noteshavenot beenusedin theletter, ' -,',,ever all of thepointshavebeenincluded. :apicsperporograph )ara l: openingremarks/reason for writing )aro 2: details/answers to questions tara3: furtherquestions tara 4: closingremarks rr!- :, clain the task. Ss complete the task Check Ss' : - ii /efS

4nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) thqnk-youletter askingfor information occeptingan invitation tpologising givingadvice givinginformation




1 il

then Ss' tn 48 Explainthe task Do the first item with 5s' by asking answers pulii, .otpfute the task CheckSs' sentences variousSsto readout their

out' then Ss 5 1 G o t h r o u q ht n e r e m a r k s1 - 4 R e a dt h e m which are a n d r e m a r k s o p e n i n g a r e i d e n t i f yw h r c h r e m a r k sT h e n ,5 s d e c i d ew h i c ha r e a p p r o p r i a t e closrng a n dw h i c ha r en o t g l v l n gr e a s o n s

AnswerKeY Suggested on 1 t wouldliketo knowif thereareany ftightsto Portugal the2ndAPrrl. withour 2 lfeelI mustinformyou thatwewerenotsatisfied cabin. of the children for the noisybehaviour 3 | mustapologise duringtheirvisitto themuseum' q i iiib be gratefulif you couldlet me knowwhat timeI needto arr:eatthestation' informme what time peoplewill be 5 Ciuld you please arriving? b o xa n dt h e 49 E x p l a itnh e t a s k .R e a do u t t h e p h r a s eisn t h e answers Ss' Check task the complete 5s example.



AnswerKeY 2 lwoutdtiketo knowhowmuchit willcostaltogether' areauailable? 1 Couldyou tellmeif any schooldiscounts whetherthehotel me tell could you if grateful + t *oria be chtldren' young for f acilities any has it if you couldlet me knowwhatttme 5 | wouldappreciate theflightarrives' usat the A t woid liketo knowwhetheranybodywill meet airport. in pairs 50 a. Choosea S to readout the rubric Sswork

AnswerKeY aPProPriate 1 oPening, - tooinformal inappropriate 2 closing, aPProPrtate 3 closing, - tooinformal rnappropriate 4 opening, q u e s t i o n as n d 5 2 P r e s e ntth e p l a n E x p l a i nt h e t a s k A s k as elicitanswersto completethe plan Assignthe letter writtenHW AnswerKeY Suggested Para1 Toconfrmthearrangements forour - | am writrngto confirmthearranqements visitto HawthornParkschool / timeof arrrval September) of thestay(6-16th Para2 - dates of travel(bus)/ sizeof party(2 (12:45)means / numberof rooms(5) rcache, 16students) dotheyhave? Para3 - Whatsportsfacilrties a localhistor n? - Canhearrange avtsitfrom mesho dyou nothesitatetocontact Para4 Pleasedo anYfurthertnformation require

DearMr Benson, for our school I am wrfttngto confirmthearrangements vistttoHawthornPark'talsohaveacoupleofquestt

and underlinethe key words Help Ss if necessary' T h e n ,S sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s

answers) Key(5eeoverprinted Answer b

the task.Playthe cassettess ltstenand fill in Explain t h e m i s s i n ign f o r m a t i o nC h e c k5 s 'a n s w e r s '

answers) overprinted Key(See Answer a s ka n d c . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .T h e nS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d notes' t h i n a n s w eqf u e s t l o nuss i n gt h e i n f o r m a t i o n e

roomsforthegirls' fourfour-bed at areavailable facilrtres you tellmewhat sports Also,could be would it whether know to like also would | Hawthotrn? durtnq foryouto arrangea visitfroma localhtstorian possible

ourvisit. to contactme shouldyou requtre do not hesitate Please lookingforwardto seetngyou am l anyfurtherinformation soon. YourstrulY, KatePeterson

AnswerKeY Suggested B: Theywtttteaveon the 16thSeptember' arrive? A: WhattrmewilltheY 12:45. at arrive will B: TheY 5s to A: HowwilltheYtravelthere? 5 3 R e a do u t t h e s e n t e n c eosn e a t a t i m e a n d h e l p bus willtraveltherebY B: TheY i n t e r P r et h t em A: Howmanypeoplewilltherebeintheparty? AnswerKeY Suggested and 16 students' B: Therewitlbe2 teachers tnthe ' need? lf youtravelfromeastto west,youaretravelling A: HowmanYroomswilltheY you are time' same the At sun' as the direction same B: TheYwill need5 rooms' didin explorers the as ask? direction to want same the in teacher the travelling does questions A: What startedfromtheeast Canada,etcTheexplorers B : T h e t e a c h e r w a n t s t o a s k w h a t s p o r t s f a c i l i t i e s t h e y h a v e Americi, historian' local a a visitfrom coastandmovedwestwards' shecanarrange andwhether ' lf you travel, youlearnmanythingsaboutthewoild' youwillontylearnaboutthe 5s vartous you don'ttravel, from if H'owever, answers d. Elicitappropriate thatYou e !n'lf Place AnswerKeY Suggested ' youarealwa on themove,youdon'thavea chanceto at Couldyou tell me what sportsfacilitiesare available buildrelationshiPsHawthornPark? ' for you to I wouldliketo knowwhethertt wouldbe possible 50b (p' 51)--r Seep' 50(T) for Exercise Tapescript hrstorian' a local from arrangeavisit t, ...n referto.p 1e8"ofthe"Ss O":l l:' tl"t.:ut" ]:Ttti'0.' ,


Itrrite the following sentencesin semi-formalstyle.

c. Lookat yournotes.Then,in pairs,askand answerquestions, asin the example.

I 2 3

Are thereanyflightsto portugalon 2nd AprilT We weren'tverypleased wrth our cabin l'm sorrythe childrenwere so noisvdurinq their vrsitto the museum. 1 Can you tell me what time I shouldqet to the station? 5 Letme know what time the peoplewill get here

park? A: When willtheyarriveat Hawthorn B: On6thSeptember. A: When willtheyleave? etc d. Rewritethe questions the teacheris goingto askin a semi-formalstyle.

hndirect Questions

. . . .

Whichof the followingareopening andwhichare closing remork?Whichareappropriate for this letter?


Lryrite thesedirectquestions as indirectquestions, ch theexample. Usethe phrases belowto helpyou. Couldyou (tellme/letme know) I would liketo know iflwhether I wouldbe gratefulif . . I wouldappreciate it if .

1 | am writingto confirmthe arrangements for our park school visitto Hawthorn 2 Callmeif youwantto knowanything else 3 Please do nothesitate to contactmeshould vou require anyfurtherinformation. 4 Youaskedmeto giveyousomedetails rnwritinq


Canwe hirea carat the hotel? Cutldyou tellmeif wecanhirea carat the hotel? I How muchwill it costaltogether? 3 Are thereanyschooldiscounts available? I Doesthe hotelhavefacilities for youngchlldren? S What time will the planearrive? 6 Will somebodymeetus at the airport?


Answer thequestions intheplan,thenwriteyour youdonotneedto include letter(120-180 words). anyaddresses. Usetheletterin Ex.46asa model.

Discuss & Write a. Readthe rubricandunderline the keywords/ phrases. Howwelldoesthe personwho isgoing to writethe letterknowthe recipient? What wouldyou expectto readin the letter? a

lntroduction Dear (+ recipient'sfull name,) (Para 1)

. Youhavehada telephone conversation withthe

Why areyou writing the letter? How canyou start the I etter?

MainBody (Para2) (Para3)

onthephone. Read thefaxandthenotes you ! discussed

WharinJormationareyou giving? What questions do you want to ash?


-[-,'Readthe faxcarefully. Then,listento the conversation

oo|, ripr n_1:-9l]!:!g- about thesch Isk* _l_Bff ,^ ' Rcsidential - -Pork ---,----..,,-:_ -,-awthorn


(para 4)

How canyou end theletter?

Yours sincerely / yours truly, (Yourfull name)

Explain the sentences belowin yourown words.

Acfivifg Cen*ra

(Activity Leader) From:JoeBenson,


. "-i.. ,,j .

He who travelswest,travelsnot only with the sun but with history. Hal Borland(USjournalist) The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page. SdintAugustine (Ronan philosopher) A rolling stone gathersno moss (traditional)

What sportsfaciljties do they have? 2 Can he arrangea visit from a locai


Lead-in (1-5)andsayasmany a. Lookat the pictures wordsasyoucanrelatedto eachone'Howis the titlerelatedto the Pictures? existin in the pictures b. Whichof the problems Usethe promptsto makeup yourcountry? Youcanuseyour asin the example. sentences own ideas. . greenhouse gases. smog . cars. factories . . . trees water peOple aremoreondmorecarsontheroads. There livingrnthecities andmorepeople aremore There


a. Lookat the listof wherewe get ourenergy fromtoday.Whichof thesearemostlyusedin Whichof thesearerenewable yourcountry? andwhicharenon-renewable? . wood r 693lo watero gas . oil . wlnd . sun

! r {Y.f*

W(forwind b. Listenandwrite5 (forsolarenergy), nextto each power)andH(forhydropower) asin theexample' use.Then,makeup sentences


o o . r . . . o

r u n s m a lgl a d g e t s for wholectties createelectricity p o w e rg r a i nm i l l sa n ds a w m i l l s heatwater r u n h o m e sa n dc o m m u n i t i e s heatand coolfactories powet-battenes p u m pw a t e r

to runsmallgadgets Wecanusesolarenergy

: - i 3 S , r e a d i n gf o r s p e c i f i c ,: ; a iext - -:lurdI!: P l a n e tE a r t h ;e n v i r o n m e n t aplr o b l e m s ; _ :- s e r v a t t o n :

i r a m m a r : c o m p a r i s o n st;o o / e n o u g h ;- i n g f o r m / - 'initive Jse of English:prepositions; phrasalverbs(fall,get); ' :"C formation; key word transformations; open - - : e ; i d i o m sa n df i x e dp h r a s e s - -r:ening:listeningfor spedficinformation;listenrng - ,-. steningfor main points; ltsteningfor detail; - ^'.a.tng; note taking; multiplematchng; : : a K e r st o s t a t e m e n t s - : a k r n gs u g g e s t i o nasb o u t c o n s e r v a t i o n ; : : :ivironmentap l r o b l e m sc; o m p a r i n gp a s t : . : - : c o m p a r i nagn i r n a l sa;n s w e r i nqgu e s t i o n s = r a n g e r e ds p e c i e st;a l k i n ga b o u t r e c y c l i n g ; ; s o l u t i o n tso p r o b l e m sc; o m p l a i n i n gp,l a y i n g - --e -::-ation' k e yw o r ds t r e s s ' ' r\t\ng: an essayprov\d\ngso\u\ons \o prob\ems .-tic\e;a poem




R e a dt h e t i t l e o f t h e u n i t E x p l a i nt h a t i t i s a B u l g a r i apnr o v e r bE l i c iw t h a t t h e p r o v e r bm e a n s (that the earthis the most valuablething we have) Elicitwhat Sswouldexpectto find in the unit (rhe earth,theenvironment, endangered species, etc) Ask Ssto look at the picturesone at a t\me and saywhat they see Sswork in pairsand think of as manywordsas they can which are relatedto e a c ho n e

SuggestedAnswerKey heavytraffic,busyroads,trafficpollution crowdedcities,smog,overpopulation, airpollution watershortage, poverty,ThirdWorld,developing countries trees,deforestation, rainforest,Ioggers {octories,air pollution, industrial waste, smoke, filters, gases lreenhouse -le title suggeststhat the earthis verypreciousand we ' uld takegoodcareof it.Weshouldnot destroyit in the 'sshownin thepictures.

2 a. Elicitwhat energyis (power)Readout the list of e n e r g ys o u r c e sa n d e l i c i t h o w w e c a n u s e e a c h resourceto produceenergy.(Wecanburnwood,coal, gasand oil to produceheat.Wecanboil waterto produce steam.Wecancollectthe heatfromthe sunand usethe windto turna rotor.)Elicitanswersto the questions from various5s aroundthe class, AnswerKey Renewable energysources:watetrwind,sun Non-renewable energysources:coal,gas,otl..,.'caa b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e . . :S . the correctletternextto eacho :^-t. AnswerKey(See overprinted answersl Suggested AnswerKey 'a' ,' ': a . Wecanusehydropower to createelecrrt:,.. powergrarnandsawmills/to cities/to pur^: .',:..:' . Wecanusesolarpowertoheatwater,'ta hec.a- a :--3, foctories/to powerbotteries. . Weconusewindpower to runhomes andcommunities. Tapescript for Exercise 2b (p. 52) :

Sscan referto p 199ol tl-e S'sbookfor rhesamerapesc'pr

S p e a k e 1r S o l a rp o w e ri s s a f ea n d c l e a n l t d o e sn o t p o l u t e t h e e n v t r o n m e natn d i t i s a v e r yp o w e r f u lc, h e a pr, e n e w a b lree s o u r c eS o l a p r o w e rh a sa l w a y sg v e nu s i g h t a n d h e a tb u t n o w t h a n k st,o s o l a tr e c h n o l o g w y ,e a r ef i n d i n gw a y st o s t o r et h s po\Ne{and use\\ as an a\ernalwe sourceol energy So\arenergycanbe turned l n t o e l e c t r i c l tayn d u s e dt o r u n s m a l g l a d g e t sl i k ec a l c u l a t o rlst i s a l s ou s e dt c

s u n ' se n e r g ys o t h a t i t c a nb e u s e dw h e n n e e d e d S p e a k e2r

thrsenergyinto electrcity.Thewind turbineshaverargebladeswhrchca1chthe w i n d T h e s eb l a d e sa r e c o n n e c t e d r hichp.t:_:.: -:::- ::, t o a g e n e r a t ow W i n df a c t o r j eosr f a r m sa r eu s e dt o c r e a t ee n o u g he l e c t r , c l t. ,c: i u . - - ^ : ) ; - c communrt Unfortunately, areaswhrch don,t get enoughwrno naveto use o t h e r : o u . o I p o w e ra sw e l l . Speaker3

: : tne problemsTheremay be more than one -.,'. er for each picture Ask Ss which of the '': emsexistin theircountryReadout the prompts ': : ' e e x a m p l easn dt h e nS sm a k eu p s e n t e n c e s " ;;:s:edAnswer Key - =:,,.' lraffic,airpollution : .': cpulated cities, smog '.'-. thortage, poverty ..4-Jtestatrcn oirpollution, industriol wosre There ismoreandmoresmogin our cities. There is lessand lesswateravailable. Therearemoreandmorepeopletivingin poverty. Therearemoreandmoretreesbeingcutdown. There aremoreandmoregreenhouse gasesbeingproduced by factories. Thereis moreand moreindustrialwastebeingproducedby factories.

s2I) r

a. o Ask Ss to look at the pictureat the bottom of p 53 Elicit what the picture shows (wind to find Sswork in pairsand brainstorm turbines) a s m u c hv o c a b u l a rays t h e yc a nw h i c hi s r e l a t e d to the pictureand the subjectof wind power Ss write thesewordsin their notebooksSsreadthe it to l i s to f w o r d si n t h e c o u r s e b o oakn dc o m p a r e n n yu n k n o w n t h e l i s ti n t h e i rn o t e b o o k sE x p l a i a voca0ulary . G o r o u n dt h e c l a s sa n de l i c i w t h i c hw o r d sc a nb e which are merely p i c t u r e a n d t h e seen in with it associated AnswerKey In the picture:wind farm, wind turbines,slim towers'rotor blades [. o Allow Ss two minutesto readthroughthe first paragraph Ask them to think about what Readthroughthe informationmight be misstng. (A-H)and elicitwhy E is list of missingsentences words the correctanswer (lt containsthereference 'new' and 'energy'from the continuesthe topic.) Allow Ss five minutes to completethe taskin pairsRemindthemto match with the topicof sentence the topicof the mrssrng gap and to each after and before the sentence check that the sentence they choose fits grammaticallyand makes sense Check Ss' answersThen,askSsto lustifytheiranswers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverpnnted warming'and gases','global words:'greenhouse 1 reference 'climatechange'in thenextsentence whichreferto'these methods' sentence in theprevious word:'what' 2 reference likeHollandand years','in countries words:'many 3 reference sentence theprevrous Denmark'in sentence in theprevious word:'pole' 4 reference 'offshore and sentence in theprevious word:'sea' 5 reference windfarms'in thenextsentence number'in thenextsentence words:'this reference askSshow the title is relatedto As an extension, tttles the article5scanthensuggestalternative (e.9. Anewformof energy.)


Help Ss to explainthe words in bold by givinq or oppositesSsmay look up synonyms examples, wordsin their of the highlighted synonyms aroundthe class answers 5s' Check dictionaries

c. .

AnswerKey run out: finished emit:produce contributeto: addto entire:whole damaging:harming .

shoreline coastline: shutdown:turnoff takeup:use significant: important

do you As an extension,ask 5s: Whatnationality How do you know?(He thinkthe authorrs?(British); of thesamesocieW);What asa member refers to himself typeof writingisit?(anarticle);Wherecouldit befound? (anewspaPer ormagazne)

answers) d. (Ss'own .


aloudusingthe S's RemindSsto practiseReading

CD/ cassetteSslistento the text and followthe l i n e s S sl i s t e na g a i nw i t h p a u s e st ,h e n r e a do u t from the text E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sr, e a dt h e a r t i c l ea g a i n s .h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sa n d a n d u n d e r l i n teh e a d v a n t a g e C elicitanyfurtheradvantages AnswerKey sourceof energy, Advantagesto be underlined:alternative and practical, cheapto setup andmaintain,highlyproductive generate as formof energy, aboveallkrndto ourplanet,reliable buthavenoneof energy, fuelsandnuclear muchpoweras fossil makehardlyanynoiseand they windturbines thedrawbacks, look at, they are often locatedon to are not unpleasant sitesor in areasthatcanalsobe usedfor farming unoccupied a singlewind buildingwind farmsat sea is alsopossible, to power375homes, turbinecanproduceenoughelectricity wind poweroffersa solutionto all our energyproblemsby of energyand iti: cleanandsafesource beinga renewable, easyto liveandworkwtth ourer=': usefossilfuelsordeplete Otheradvantages: doesn't reS0urces (5s'ownanswers)

Reading . . . . . ' ' ' :

,','rrch of thewordsberowcan ,.r seein thepicture on p. 53? '_els . :,, generate power - _: :l\,ver . windfarm - =a'cowerstations , -. -.: vefofmof energy :: .,.bines. slimtowers -- ' : adesr unoccupied sites - - .li winddirection ::ed the articleand fill in the ::rtences(A-H)whichbestfit =:chparagraph (1-6).Thereis :re extrasentence whichyou :c not needto use. -. ile momentiltere are only . : - n d s i x t y w i n fda r m si n B r i t a i n : - .1 on landandoffshore 'r'e i m p o r t a n t lt yh,o u g ht,h e s e " =.rodsof erecrriciry generation ' ' : h a r m f ut o l t h ee n v i r o n m e n t - 'act, the strongerwinds ::'.eratedat seamakeoffshore ', .d farmsa practical alternative - 'act,today it isthe world's ?,'esl-g.owtng source of energy. -^is n e wa l t e r n a t i vseo u r c eo f =- e r g ym u s ta l s ob e p r a c t i c a l , - - e a pt o s e tu p a n dm a i n t a i n , - g h i yp r o d u c t i v e a n da b o v ea r r . rd to ourplanet , ' . ' e lal ,s p e o p l ea r ei n c r e a s i n g l y - r r i n g t o r e a l i s et h, e a n s w e irs e a r o u n du s . y'indpowerhasbeenusedfor -]anyyearsto pumpwater -ihis p o l e i s c o n n e c t e dt o a J e n e r a t ow l h e r et h e e l e c t r i c i t v s made Explainthe words in bold, then givesynonymsfor the highlightedwords.Where couldyou readsuchan article? F i n dw o r d ss i m i l a ri n y o u r language.

Follow-up ,,t| qi

Read thearticle againand rnderline theadvantages of rvindpower.Canyouthinkof anyothers? lswindpowerused in yourcountry?

Britain is in the middle of a seriousgnergycrisis!we are desperatelyin need of a new form of energywhich will be capableof generating enough power to see the country's homes, businessesand industries into the 's not twenty-firstcentury.But, that's all! alll[9|lThis is certainlya tal1orderl At the moment, more than 90% of Britain,s engrgy needs are met b\, burning fossil fuels or generated in nuclear power stations. Unfortunately, these gg_lgJ renewablesourcesof energy,and once tne1, haverun out, that'sit. They emit harmful greenhousegases.which contribute to global wa How then can we produce enough energy to power an entlre countrv without damaging the environment?what can we use as an alternative. reliable form of energy,which will generateas much r as fossil fuels and nuclear energy,brrt have none of the d Wind power! wind power is an aLternativeenergy source which has been used for many years in countries ljke Holland and Denmark. Strangely FTtl enough,even though it is one of the windiest countriesiiEulurope,Britain has been slow to take advantageof wind power. The strong winds which blow around Britain's coastlinecould easilybe used to provide us with all our energyneeds.AII we need to do now is set up somewind farms. wind farms are actuallyarrays of electricity-generatingwind turbines. which are tall, slim towers with two or three rotor blades at the top. The wind turns the blades,which spin a pote.JZT4There can be as ferv as one and as many as thousandsof wind turbines in a single arrav. computers monitor the wind direction and speed,and can shut down the turbines if the wind becomestoo strong. What is more, wind turbinesmake hardly any noise and they are not unpleasant to look at, certainly not as ugly as nuclear power stations! Although wind farms ,do take up a lot of space,they are often located on unoccupied sites or in areas that can also be fbr farming. Building wind farms at sea is alsi possibte.lsTlOffshore wind farms also mean rha much larger turbines can be built, wj objections from the public. A single wind turbine can produce e e l e c t r i c i r yt o p o $ e r 3 7 5 h o m e sa n d t h e s e farms are alreadymaking a small but sienifictnt difference.lGTo ler this number increases,wS may well see wind power supplying as as l)c/o of world's electricitydemands up to 20Vcof Britain'stotal. So, why delay? Wind power offers a all our energyproblemsby being a renewable, and safe source of energy which is easy to live work with. Isn't it about time we started bui, more wind farms in Britain and protecting

ment for


andtheir to theireffects a. Matchtheproblems in as pairs discuss, theexample' Thenin solutions. Effects

Problems A B C D

G l o b aw l armtng Pollution Hunting/Overfishing Deforestation




Effects of the rainforest 1 destruction 2 manyanimalsand fishwiPedout 3 c h a n g ei n w o r l d ' sc l i m a t e- o c e a nl e v e l rsi s i n g extremeweatherconditions 4 v e r yp o o ra i rq u a l i t yi n c i t i e s- r i v e r sa n d l a k e sf u l l waste of industrtal Solutions

Earth Planet

t^ it,q ? u-!)

h c t Vs

4,000 km Circumference:4Q.-QQ0/1 l'l 2J-|-Okm Diameter: 17,260 of surfaceareacoveredby oceans:40% / 7-O'/9Percentage Highestpoint: Mt Everest Q,-8i8/'888 m Lowest ooint: DeadSea 800/4,0!-m below sealevel is.., circumference TheEorth's

ronmentalProblems Envi 5

H a v es t r i c t elra w sa n d h a r s h epr u n i s h m e nftosr i l l e g ahl u n t i n ga n df i s h i n g rl b E n c o u r a gceo u n t r i etso c o n t r otlh e n u m b e o treesthat arecut down c Reducegasesemittedfrom factoriesUsepublic transportinsteadof cars of sources d Reduceuseof aerosolsUsealternative


the correctpieceof Listenandunderline thentalkaboutit. aboutthe Earth, information

to the environmental a. Matchthe headlines oroblems.

Pushfor whale

Greenhousegases blamed for

sanctuary in South


rise Population will

t" rfl|]jffi; to rO billion PeoPte

energy A: Whatistheeffectof globalwarming? a changerntheworld's B: Globalwarmtngiscausrng more andweareseeing risrng are levels Ocean climate. somethrng to do We need condrtions. weather extreme beforett'stoolate. A: Whatcanwedo? Wecouldalsouse the useof aerosols. B: Wecouldreduce etc ofenergy. sources alternative

Writing b. UseideasfromEx.7a aswellasinformation to writea shortarticle fromothersources then aboutglobalwarming.Statethe problem, writewhatwe it. Finally, writewhat hascaused cando aboutit. to form Matchthe columns using makeup sentences them.Finally explain r ub b i s h

Problems Overpopulation Lackof resources G l o b aw l arming



il Deforestation / ! s p e c i e s Endangered


do youthinkisthe Whichof theseproblems Whodo Youthinkis mostworrying? for solvingtheseproblems? responsible

54 E

relatedto fromnewspapers Findheadlines present themto and problems environmental the class.

9as acid gree ozone urban cycle

layer path mask sprawl

isleft rubbish dump:aplacewhere rubbish of townisan dumpontheoutsktrts Therubbrsh eyesore.


: < p l a i nt h e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e t t e5 s l r s t e na n d , : d e r l i n et h e c o r r e c ti n f o r m a t i o nT h e n5 s w o r k i n : a i r sa n dt a l ka b o u tt h e E a r t h -'svverKey(See overprinted answers)

: , cgested AnswerKey -: larth's crrcumference is 40,000kmand its diameteris -5Ckm percentof theEarth's Seventy surfaceareaiscovered ::eons.Thehighestpointon theEarthis MountEveresr at :-tm andthelowestpointistheDeadSeaat 400mbelowsea

As an extension, Ssmaycollectinteresting informatron about the Earthfrom encyclopaedias, the Internet, Geography books,etc and presenIit to the class Read the heading Elicit various environmental problemsfrom students (cuttingdown trees,hunting animals, efc) Explainthe task Readout the headlines and the problemsEliciVExplain the meaningof any unknownvocabulary by givingexamples, synonyms, opposites,etc 5s completethe task Check 5s' answerS !nswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) :

Read out the questionsand elicit opinionsfrom ',rarious Ssaroundthe class,

:tggestedAnswerKey " inkthemostworrying problemiswatershortage. t alsothink :- ji everyindividualshoulddo as muchas theycan to help . - te these problems together withthegovernments andruling : : aiesof theworld. AskSsto collectas manyheadlines astheycanrelated to environmental problemsSspresenttheirheadlines to the classTherestof the classmatchthe headlines to environmental problemsAs an extension, 5s can preparea short news bulletin using one of the headlines that theyhaveselected. a .

G o t h r o u g h t h e p r o m p t s a n d e x p l a i na n y unknownvocabularyDo the first item with Ss Then,Sswork in pairsand completethe exercise C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s o M o d e lt h e d i a l o g uw e i t h t w o 5 s ,t h e na s kv a r r o u s p a r r st o p e r f o r mt h e i r d i a l o g u eisn f r o n t o f t h e class

4nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) Suggested AnswerKey A: Whatis theeffectof pollution? 8r Wel[pollutioncausesverypoor air qualityin cities. Rivers andlakesarefullof industrialwaste.Weneedto do somethingbeforeit'stoolate. A: Whatcanwedo? B: Wecouldreducethe amountof gasesemrttedfrom factories.Wecouldalsousepublictransportinsteadof cars. Whatistheeffectof huntingandoverfishing? Huntingandoverfishing causemanyanimalsandfish to be wipedout. Weneedto do somethingbeforeit's toolate.

A: Whatcanwedo? B: Wecouldhavestricterlawsandharsher punishments forillegalhuntingandfishing. A, Whatistheeffectof deforestation? B: Deforestation causesthe destructionof the rainforest. Weneedto dosomething aboutit. A: Whatcanwedo? B: Wecouldencourage countries to controlthenumberof treesthatarecutdown. b. Elicitwhat globalwarmingisandwhat causes it Then, discuss what canbe doneto solvethe problemAssign it as written HW Ss may collectmore information from the library/theInterneVGeography text books/ etc CheckSs'answers by askingsomeSsto readtheir articles aloudto the class Suggested AnswerKey Globalwarmingis an increasein the averagetemperature of the earth'ssurface. Theburningof fossilfuelssuchas oil and gasproducegreenhouse gases,whichtrap the heatfromthe sunin theearth's atmosphere. globalwarmingWe Thiscauses can solvetheproblemof globalwarmingby decreasing the amountof greenhouse gasesthatareemittedWecando this by reducinggasesemittedfrom factoriesand encouraging peopleto usepublictransport more. FliciVExplain what a compoundnounis (Acompound noun isa singlenounthatismadeup of twoorthreenouns.)Explain the task Sswork in pairsandcomplete the task CheckSs' answersby askingindividual pairsto readtheir answers atouo, AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) gas mosk:a maskwe wearoveroLtrfaceto protectourselves frompoisonous gases acid rain: rain pollutedby acid from factories,car exhaust fumes,etc greenhouse effect:gradualrisein theEarth's temperature ozoneloyer: the part of the atmospherethat protectsliving creatures fromharmfulultra-violetradiation urbansprawl:expansion of a cityor town cycle path: specialpath for cyclists,separatefrom motor vehicles Suggested AnswerKey Thefirefighters put on theirgas masksandenteredtheblazing houseto savethefamily. Acidrain isdestroying thetropicalforestsof theAmazon. Thegreenhouse effecthasled to manyiceareasmeltingand sealevelsrising. Aerosols, toxicfumesand gasescausethe hole in the ozone Ioyer to increase,which makesthe sun rays all the more dangerous. Theurbansprawlhasgivenriseto mega-cities with scores of problems likepollutionandcrime. Scandinavian countrieshavea richnetworkof cyclepaths to protecttheir cyclists. Tapescript for Exercise 5 (p. 5a) -+ Seep. ss(T) Sscan referto p 199 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescrjpt





Readthe title Ask Ss: Whatproblemis impliedin the title?(the damagethat we causeto the environment) Allow 5s two minutes to complete the task read eachquestionand Ss circletheir Alternatively, answersAt the end of the quiz,do a quicksurveyof the classto find out how manySsscoredmostlyAs, Bsor Cs.AskSsif they agreewith the survey. As an extension, ask Ssto think of other waysthey (usenaturallightasmuchas can helpthe environment paperratherthanbuyingnewpaper, possible, userecycled usebiodegradable washingpowder,useold newspapers and water to clean windows,read books instead of games, useclothinstead watchingW orplayingcomputer of papertowels,napkins,etc) Ss can work in smallgroupsto producetheir own q u e s t i o n n a i raen d h a v e i t p u b l i s h e di n t h e s c h o o l newsoaoer or circulateit to otherclasses.

a. EliciVExplain what is meantby conserve(tosaveand protecttheenvironment), Explain the task AIlowSstwo m i n r r t c st o c o m n l c t et h e t a s k C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s a r o u n dt h e c l a s s answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted Suggested AnswerKey To use lesspetrol for transportation,we can use public transportatrcn. Touselesselectricityinsideour houses,we can switchoff the lightswhenweleavea room. wecan usefluorescent Touselesselectricity insideour houses, lightbulbs. to heatourhomes,we Touselesscoal,gas,petrolandelectricity canwearwarmerclothesin thewinter. we to heatourhomes, Touseless coal,gas,petrolandelectricrty caninsulate ourhouses. [. o

the meaningof any unknownwords EliciVExplain Explain the task,Ssworkin pairsandlistotherways to reduceour consumptionof non-renewable roqnr rr.oqSsnresent in class theiranswers

Suggested AnswerKey Touselesspetrolfortransportation, wecanavoidusinga caror motorcycle to covershortdistances. Touselesspetrolfor transportation, wecandrivemoreslowly. cookerwhen we Touse lesselectricity, we can usea pressure cook. Touselesselectricity, we shouldn'topenthe fridgedoor more thanweneedto. Touselesscoal,gas,petrolor electricityto heatour homes,we canclosedoorsandwindowstightlyto keeptheheatinside. to heatourhomes,we Touselesscoal,gas,petrolor electricity sources suchassolarenergy. canusealternative energy .

Sscan preparea leafletof the As an extension, Theleafletcanbe dosand don'tsof conservation handed out to studentsin other classes, p u b l i s h eidn t h e s c h o onl e w s p a p eorr p i n n e du p on the class/school noticeboard.

1 1 E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dt h i n ko f t w o p o i n t s for eachprompt CheckSs'answersby askingindividual oairsto reporttheir ideasto the classSsthen ask and answer questionsabout the prompts Monitor Ss' performance aroundthe class

ss(r) I.,

Suggested AnswerKey . A: ...makesurethat we turnoff thetap tightlywhenwe frnishusingit. a goodidea. B: That's .

A: Whatcanwedo to createlesslitter? ourrubbish. B: lt wouldbea goodideato recycle A: That'strue.Wecouldalso buy productsthat we can reu5e. B: That's a goodidea.


airpollution? A: Whatcanwedo to reduce B: lf we usedour cars less,then therewould be less pollution. A: That'strue.Anothergood idea would be to fine factories thatproduce toomuchsmoke.

Ssneedto complete 12 Readthe task Elicitthe vocabulary the writingtask Explain that whenwe write rules,we use on its own always,never;we avoidusingthe imperative the task in classand then as this soundsrude Discuss assignit aswrittenhonework, AnswerKey Suggested Alwaystakeshortshowers. Alwaysturnoff thetap tightlyafterusingit. Neverlet thewaterrunwhileyouarebrushingyourteeth. Alwaysreusewaterwherepossibleto waterplantsor for cleaning. Neveruserunningwaterto washyourcar.Usea bucketof waterinstead. trpescriptfor Exercise 5 (p. 5a) l i Sr.un referto p 199 of the5'sbookforthesametapescripti iil*..***-..,,*,--,",.-.,"--".", Children'sTV presenter: N o w l t ' st i m e f o r " D i d y o u k n o w ' T o d a ya I o u r I n t e r e s t i nfga c t sa r ea b o u to u r o w n p l a n e t- t h e E a r t h o k a y ,h e r ew e g o D i dy o u k n o w t h a t t h e E a r t hi s t h e of 40,000 km fifth biggestpLanetin our solarsystem?lt has a circumference a n da d i a m e t eor f a b o u t12 , 7 6 0k m a l t h o u g ht h s c h a n g eds e p e n d i nogn w h e r e you arebecause the Earth sn't perfectlyround of a I its D r dy o u k n o w t h a t f r o m o u t e r s p a c et h e E a r t hl o o l . sb l u e b e c a u s e waler?7jIo of our planet'ssufaceareais coveredby seasand oceans,9Ja/oof t h e w o r l d ' sw a t e ri s s a l tw a t e ra n do n l y1 % r sg o o de n o u g hf o r u st o d r i n k Okay,now Jet'sreadsomeviewers'lettersand seehow muchyou know about the Earth Here'sone from SarahBrownin Boltonwho says:" Didyou know that Everestat 8848 m abovesea the highestpojnt on Earthis the top of N,4ount l e v e l ? "W e l l d o n e , S a r a h T h a t ' sv e r y i n t e r e s t i n g" D o y o u k n o w w h a t t h e l o w e s tp o i n ti s ,t h o u g h ? "W e l l ,R y a nJ o n e sf r o m L e e d sd o e s H et e l l su st h a t r t ' s t h e D e a dS e aw h i c hi s 4 0 0 mb e l o ws e al e v e iT h a n ky o u ,R y a nS a r a ha n d R y a n w i l l b o i h r e c i e vae ' D i dy o u k n o w 'p e n Now it'stime for thisweek'scompetrtion

Answerthe questionnaire to seeif youare environ mentally aware.

Conservation 10

a. Therearemanythingswe cando to conserve our non-renewable resources. Matchthe followingsuggestions (1-6)to the correct headings below.Thenmakeup sentences, asin the example. 1 2 3 4 5 6

switch offthelights whenweleave a room wearwarmer clothes inthewrnter ridea bicycle insulate ourhouses usefluorescent lightbulbs usepublic transoort To uselesspetrolfor transportation we can: 3,6 To uselesselectricity insideour houses we can: 1 5 Touselesscoal,gas,petrolandelectricity to heatour homeswe can. 2,4

do yot r off al '/e One

Touseless petrolfortransportation wecanridea bicycle. b. Canyouthinkof anyotherwaysto reduce consumption of our non-renewable resources? 11

fn pairsthinkof two waysthat we can:save on water;creotelesslitter;reduceairpollufion.Then,ask andansweLasin the example. Making Suggestions Why don't we We can / couldalso It would be a good ideato If , then

A: Whatcanwedotosaveonwater? B: Agoodideawouldbetotakeshorter showers. A: That's true,wecouldalso... etc

Writing 12

UseideasfromEx.10aswellasinformation from othersources to writeyourown setof ruleson how to saveon water.Writeat leastfiverulesand pinthemup on yourclassnoticeboard.

/-^*^^.;-^^LUr rl.Jdil)ur r) Reference Grammar formsin the comparative andsuperlative {. JQ Underline

pairs,usethe pictures andthe promptsto 1 6 tn compare lifenow andin the past.Thinkabout:life; people;dwelling;tronspottotion ; work;cities;streets. . hard/easy . work shorVlonghours . noisy/quiet . healthy/unhealthy . slow/fast. exciting/boring . inconvenienVconvenient . safe/danoerous

the sentences. How aremoreand most used? 1 J e n n yi s t h a nK a t e 2 Theexamwas than we expected than the one we 3 Thisrestaurant is w e n t t o l a s tn i g h t

Ponnlo rrco.l tn

T h e s ed a y s. . . M o s tp e o p l ei n t h e p a s V n o w a d a y s; . ( T h e .). . u s e dt o b e . .

5 Theroadsin the cityarebecomingmoreand crowOe0

7 8 9 10

h ew i l lb e . T h eA f r i c a ne l e p h a nitst h e l a n dm a m m a l L o n d o ni st h e c i t yi n t h e U K Sheis the mostbeautifulwoman I know T o n yi s t h a nB i l l y

but now ...

aspossible, asinthe 14 Makeupasmanysentences example.













A train Abicycle isnotveryfast.A carisfasterthana bicycle. isthefastest ofall.A carisquitefast.A trainisveryfast. 'l

the sentences usingthe correctformsof $ Complete the comparative or superlative. (happy)todaythan 1 Ruthseemsmuchhappier rraciarderr


t h a nm a t h s It wasone of the mostdifficult(difficult)thingshe haseverhadto do. The earlier(early)we leave,the sooner(soon) we'll arrive

1 0 l'm sureyou can do better(good) than that Try



tn pairsusethe promptsto askandanswer questions listed,asin the aboutthe animals examote. . elephant . lizard. mouse . cobra. centipede r tiger r morlylegs. large. tall. small. fast. slow r l n r r d r n o i c n n n rr c

gotthemostlegs? A: Which aninalhas B: I thinkit'sthecentipede. Which animal ...


S o m es c i e n t i s t sh i n k t h a t g l o b a lw a r m i n gi s t h e biggest(big)problemfacingthe world today It's becomingharder(hard)and harder(hard)to find a job nowadays Steveis definitelythe best (good) playerin the team Veniceis the mostbeautiful(beautiful)city I have evervisited He feelsmuch healthier(healthy)sincehe started thatdiet Tim finds history more interesting(interesting)


A: Lifeusedto beharder in thepastthanit isnow. B: I agree.These dayslifeseems tobequiteeasy.

Tr vnva // LFrnr nv vr:r' rn' h oruttrr


thesentences usingeithertooor enough. I $ Complete 1 Tom hasn't got enough money to move to a biggerflat. 2 Theriveris too pollutedto swimin 3 E r i c a 'osl d e n o u g ht o m a k eh e ro w n d e c i s i o n s 4 Do you thinkthat it'stoo heavyto carry? 5 lt might be too late to savesome endangered specres 6 ls it warm enoughfor you in here? 7 Theexamwas too difficultfor me 8 The hole in the ozone layermeansthat partsof the earth do not get enough protectionfrom radiation ultraviolet

: - :re task Thendo item 'l with 5s 5swork in pairs :: :re exercise Elicitstructures usedfor comparatives .-cerlativesRefer5s to the GrammarReference : - .or moredetail : ,, erKey(Seeoverprinted answers) . usedbeforesometwo-syllable adjectives and adverbs cdjectives and adverbswith morethantwo syllables to :' ecomparativedegree. : usedbeforesometwo-syllable adjectives and adverbs cdjectives and adverbswith morethantwo syllables to ^esuperlative degree. : - . '- the taskand the key.Thenreadout the example , : ^: afterthe other,makeup a sentence - - ; gestedAnswerKey . :!?isnot verynoisy.A carisnoisierthana bicycleA train 'cisiestof all.A carisquitenoisy.A trainisverynoisy. s not veryclean.A trainiscleanerthana car.A bicycleis :snestof all.A trainisquiteclean.A bicycleisveryclean. , aleisnot veryexpensive. A trainismoreexpensive thana :. : e A caristhemostexpensive of all.Atrainisquite : !'sive,A carisveryexpensive r the task,then do item 1 with Ss Sswork in pairs :o the exerciseCheckSs' answerson the board. emphasis on correctspelling ' :,'terKey(Seeoverprinted answers) : : r i h e t a s k E x p l a itnh e p r o m p t sa n dt h e nr e a do u t t h e : - c i e A l l o w S s t w o m i n u t e st o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k , - t o r S s ' p e r f o r m a n caer o u n dt h e c l a s sa n d t h e n a s k -: pairsto modeliheir dialogues in frontof the class )ggested AnswerKey Deople usedto worklongerhours. lhat'sright.Mostpeoplenowadays workquiteshorthours. Dwellings usedto bequiteinconvenient in thepast. '/es,butnow theyareveryconvenient. !n thepast,transportation wasmuchslower. You're right.These daystransportation isveryfast. Lifeusedto bequitedangerous in thepast. I agree.Nowadays it'smuchsafer. ! : t h r o u g ht h e l i s to f a n i m a l as n d t h e p r o m p t sE x p l a i n -e task and read out the exampleSswork in oairsto ::mpletethe task MonitorSs'performance aroundthe : . s sa n dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o m o d e tl h e i rd i a l o g u ei n s -''rrt of the class S,tggested AnswerKey isthelargest? Theelephant. Whichanimalisthetallestof all? Ithinkit'stheelephant.Which animalisthesmallest of all? Themouse. Whichanimalisthefastest? I suppose it'sthetiger.Whichanimalistheslowest? I thinkit thecentipede. Whichanimalistheloudest of all? It'stheelephant. Whichanimalisthemostpoisonous of all? Thecobra,of course! Writeon the board:Heistoooldto driveHeisoldenough todrive. Elicithow the sentences are formed(tooonold enough).Refer Ss to the GrammerReference Section for moredetail Explain the task Do item 1 with 5s Sswork in pairsto completethe exercise. Check5s'answers AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)


19 completethe exerciseCheckSs'answers AnswerKey (inq form) peoplethrowingrubbishin thestreets' I can'tstand (infinitive withoutto) species' Wecanallhelp saveendangered ( group' to-infinitive) an environmental to t'dlike ioin

Game Book (TellSs in the Student's Ssplaythe gameasinstructed words the to useall ) that it is not necessary AnswerKeY Suggested

20 E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n d d o i t e m 1 w i t h S s S s o r k i n p a i r s

e .h e c kS s 'a n s w e ras r o d t h e c l a s s ' a n dd o t h e e x e r c i s C Sectionfor more Reference the Grammar to ReferSs detail answers) overprrnted AnswerKey(See


whosaid,"l'msorrySir,but flrght5129lefttw: manat the counter, hoursago."

AnswerKeY Suggested forbeinglate. 2 Heapologised 3 | wouldloveto go to thecinematontght' 4 Shelovesgoingto thezoo 5 Youshouldtryto cometo themeeting' 6 l'm tookingforwardto goingto thebeachthisweekend' the taskanddo item 1 with 5s 5swor in pairsto 2 1 Explain CheckSs'answersAsk s to justify completethe exercise thetranswers answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See -ing (for acttvities) form 1 go + 2 modalverb+ inf withoutto + to-tnf 3 for+ noun/Pronoun 4 wouldlove+ to-inf to + -ingform 5 lookforward + -ingform + verb 6 Pre7osttion 7 wouldlike+ to-inf + -ingform 8 preposition 9 modalverb+ inf wtthoutto + -ingform 10 verb+ PrePositron

22 Explainthe taskand do item 1 with 5s Sswork in pairs the exerciseCheck5s'answers andcomplete answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted forget=notrecall stop= finish,giveuP stop= stopbrieflyin orderto do sthelse = notforget remember = recall remember want--intend try = do sthasan exPeriment

2 3 4 5 6 7 8

23 Explainthe task and do item 1 with 5s' Allow Ss two

minutesto completethe task MonitorSs' performance 5s to readtheir aroundthe classand then ask individual class. to the aloud sentences answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted Suggested


-ilnrg form/ lnfinitive

22 Grammar Reference

Filinthe -ingformor to-inf.Thenexplainthe wordsin bold. He forgot fo puf (put) out the fue (forget= not remember to do sth) l'll neverforget visiting(visit) Italy for the first time . J a m i ceo u l d n ' ts t o p t h i n k i n g( t h i n k )a b o u tw h a t h a dh a p p e n etdh e n i g h tb e f o r e Sorryl'm a bit late i had to stop to buy (buy) petrolon the way overhere Did you rememberto get (get) some mjjk when you wereout? I r e m e m b etra l k i n g( t a l k )t o y o u rf r i e n dD e b b i ea t the party

tlatch the itemsin the two columnsto make otplete sentences. Underline andlabelthe -rng trr the to-infinitiveform;the infinitivewithoutto hrlrl,.

peopletoloinanenvironmental stand group GilA'I

throwing rubbish inthestreets. helpsave endangered species.


Hewanted to catch(catch;the B o,ciocktrain but he was too late 8 Sandratried writing (write) him a letter bur ne d i d n ' ta n s w e r the sentencesusing to-inf, inf withoutto 23 Complete -ingform. or

tf/hat does each group of words take: to-inf, inf tithoutto or -ingform? Give an examplefor each. 1 2 3 4 5 6

go (+ activity)+ -ingform verb+ preposition + -ing form would love/like/hate + to -inf like/love/hate + -ing form modalverbs+ inf withoutto can'tstand/help, lookforwardto + -ing form

I oftengo swimmingat weekends.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Joshisn'tinterested in attendingthe lecture He refusedto cleanup hisroom P a u l a 'kse e no n p l a y i n gf o o t b a l l , lf they'vegot enoughtime,they,llgo for a stroll T h e s ed a y sw e c a nf i n d i n f o r m a t i oqnu i c k l yo n t h e Internet S h er e a l l yh a t e sw a i t i n gi n q u e u e s J a s o nc a n ' th e l pl i k i n gh e r D o y o u l i k ep l a y i n g c o m p u t egr a m e s ? Y o us h o u l di m p r o v e y o u rh a n d w r i t i n g We're lookingforwardto visitingDisneyland next summer

Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correctform. 1 He goesswimming(swim) everymorningbefore WOTK,

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Georgeisn't here;he must be (be) on his way to work We'restillwaitingfor him to arrive(arrive). | would loveto visit(visit)lndiaone day. Lisais lookingforwardto meeting(meet)you H e o n l y f i n i s h e dt h e e s s a yo n t i m e b y w o r k i n g (work)all night Comehere I wouldliketo tell (tell)yousomethrng L a u r a d i d n ' t w a n t t o l e a v ew i t h o u t s p e a k i n g (speak)to Dan W e s h o u l dd o ( d o ) m o r e t o h e l p e n d a n g e r e d spectes H e i st h i n k i n ga b o u tc h a n g i n (gc h a n g ej )o b s

Game ChoinStory.In turnsusethe wordsin the listto makeup a storyusing-ingformor infinitiveforms Crossout the wordsusedeachtimesothat vou won'tusethemagain. . like . love . manage . mlnd . writer threaten r hope. must . starto finish . hate r regret . avoid. arrange . afford. look forwardto . want . can't stand. decide Johnlikes travelling abroad. Oneday...



D ronnqitinnq I rLYvJt ndix 1


Fillin the correctPrePosition, then exPlainthe Phrasesin bold.

fromthewordin bold' wordderived inthecorrect 26 Fill

She was grateful to all the for theirhelP. volunteers 2 The chemicalfactorY'sowner w a s f o u n d g u i l t Yo f d u m P i n g barrelsof chemicalsinto the


TREE region with The tundra is a cold, dry, 0) lreeless i t s o f O n e r a i n ' l i t t l e v e r y c o l d t e m p e r a t u r ea n d DISTINCT m o s t l ) c l i s l i n c t i v ec h a r a c t e r i s t i c iss t h e P E RMANENT c a l l e d g r o u n d ayerof 2) peri.nane URPRISE gi)', th"s" extreme permafrost VAR\ of a wide 4) r'arict'r' conditions people w j l d l i f e . l n f a c t , s e v e r a lg r o u p s o f l n u i t f i s h i n g for their a n d h u n t i n g o n r e l y i n g live there, SURVIVE . h e a n i m a l l i f e i n c l u d e ss u c h s p e c i e s 5 ) s c i - i ' r i ' a iT l n s e a l s ' a n d w o l v e s a s a r c t i cf o r e s , r e i n d e e r , The COLOUR , p r i n g , 6 ) c o l o u r [ ' u if l o w e r s c o v e r t h e g r o u n d ' P ROTECT a l l o w i n g p l a n t s ' s u c h t o s n o w o f f e r s7 ) l - ' l - o t e c [ i o n t t H o w e v e r ' t h e m t o r e s i s tt h e c o l d t e m p e r a t u r e s POSSIBLE to live i s 8 ) i r r r p o s s i b l ef o r t r e e sa n d l a r g e r p l a n t s in this environment. T h e t u n d r a i s e x t r e m e l yf r a g i l e ,s o a n y c h a n g e s caused b1 increasing t e m p e r a t u r e sa n d h i g h POLLUTE 9)polluLion levels will , have a 10)considerable CONSIDER

nver. Did you hear about the Environmental Weekend at Woodfordin June? Localauthoritiesare anxiousto hear from anyone who maY have seen the waste betng d u m p e di n t h e P a r k 5 Have you ever heard of the effect? greenhouse at beenhoPeless He hasalwaYs b s p e a k i nign P u b l i c b. Fillin the correctprepositions, then chooseanYfive Phrases and make uP sentencesuslng

effect on the environment' We need to safeguard this delicate environment for the [uture.

them. of; 3 to 1 in needof; 2 caPable in; 4 to contribute be generated to; 5 to Protectsth from sb; 6 to of sth;7 to take advantage providesbwith; 8 to be usedfor sth

Verbs Phrasal ) { --

2 ndix

Replacethe words in bold with the correctPhrasalverb formed with fall or get' 1 You can alwaYsrelY on me for nelp 2 Do Youthinkthat theYaregotng to escapewithout Punishment for theircrime? 3 | reallYlike Alice,she'ssuch a friendlY Person It took TonY a long time to recoverfrom hrsillness I can't belreve they were deceivedbYthat old trick. The plans for the new sports



centrefailedto be comPleted' He'sgoing to try to finish the firsthalfof that rePorttonight

a7 1'

in bold' You must use Completethe secondsentenceusingthe word given' betweentwo and five words includingthe word moneysheearnsnow 1 Emmais findingit difficultto manageon the sne Emmahasdifficulty(in)managingon the money difficulty earnsnow 2Nooneseemedtowantto;ointhetheatregroupthisyear joiningthe theatre Thereseemedto be no interestln interest g r o u Pt h i sY e a r Shedidn'tsaYgoodbYelastnight Sheleftwithout sayinggoodbyelastnight without l a nh a sm a n a g e tdo g i v eu Ps m o k t n g in givingup smoKlnq succeeded lanhassucceeded rs 18,so he canvote Richard is old enoughto vote Richard old

24 a. Explain that thisexercise workswith Appendix1 at the back of the book. Go throughthe lettersG & H Explain the task.Ssdo the exercise. CheckSs,answers andaskSsto explainthe phrases. AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) I wantingto thanksbfor sth 2 havingcommitted a crimeor offence 3 findoutaboutsth 4 recetve a tetterorphonecallfromsb 5 knowaboutsthbut notin a lotof detail 6 verybadat sth A p p e n d i x1 ( p . 5 8 )

s' .:n

R e m i n dS so f t h e t a b l et h e ys t a r t e di n u n i t s1 a n d 2 D r a wt h e t a b l eo n t h e b o a r da n d c o m p l e t h e t a o r e accordingly by elicitinganswersfrom Ss. copythe c o m p l e t etda b l ei n t ot h e j rn o t e b o o k s .

Answer Key(See overprinted answers) ' vERb NouN(p,eio;n) NouN ADJECTIIEAovrns ._.

.. -. ,.


.. -, . t[.egdistiiilni

ailbii;e.-- - consider


ttreeless '' ,distinici, dtstinctivety I distinctive permanenI permanently surprised, surprisingly


' 'rvue jl: lt.!,::....\,same_appendix I lgi:,.,--o..9_ 1-93_.:l i si'iivor

ioii ;



p_rolgs! : p.!.olgcl9r. H

Ss preparethe sentencesfor the next lesson C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s . )nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) : S ' O W nA n S W e r S )

E x p l a i tnh a t t h i s e x e r c i swe o r k sw i t h A p p e n d i x 2 at t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k . Ask Ssto think of any phrasalverbsformedwith fall o r g e t .W r i t et h e o n t h e b o a r dE l i c itth e r rm e a n i n g s o y a s k i n gS st o g e x a m p l e s . D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,a n d t h e n S s w o r k i n p a i r s and completethe exerciseCheckSs,answers.Ssshouro m e m o n steh e s ep h r a s avle r b s :nswerKey fallbackon 4 getover 6 fellthrough - getawaywith 5 fellfor 7 getthrough : geton with


2 7 E x p l a itnh e t a s k .S sd o t h e e x e r c i s eR e m i n d S st h a t t h e s e c o n ds e n t e n c em u s t h a v et h e s a m er n e a n i n g as the first Ss completethe exercise. CheckSs,answersand a s kS st o i d e n t i f tyh e g r a m m a t i csatlr u c t u r b e e i n gt e s t e d AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) t havedifficulty(in)+ -ingform 2 thereisinterestin + -ingform 3 without+ -ingform 4 succeed in + -ingform 5 be+ adj + enough+ to _inf A p p e n d i x2 ( p . s8) 5-scanreferto pp 185-l86of the S,sbookfor the

fall apart = (int)cometo pieces fall backon = (tr)turn to sb/sthfor h e l pw h e no t h e rp l a n sh a v ef a j l e d fall behindwith = (tr)failto keepup with fall for = 1) (tr)fal in lovewith so; 2) (tr) be deceived f a l l i n = ( i n t )c o l l a p s e


fall in with = (tr)agreewith f a l l i n t o = ' 1 )( t r )b e d i v i d e di n t o ( c a t e g o r i e s )(;t2r )b e g i ne; n t e rd s r a i e f a l l o n = t ) ( t r )a t t a c k ;2 ) ( t r )e a r hungrily f a l lo u t w i t h = ( t r )q u a r r e f a l lt h r o u g h= ( i n t )f a i lt o b e completed

, - : i1


.1.1hen Ss have completedthe exercjse,choose - d i v i d u aSl s t o r e a dt h e t e x t a l o u d

get across= (tr)successfully c o m m u n i c a itdee a s g e t a i o n g= ( i n t )c o n tn u ed e s p i t e difficulties g e t a l o n gw i t h = ( t r )b e o n f r i e n d l y terms,get on with get at - (int)mean get awaywith = (tr)escape puntshment for a wrongful,illegal act get back= (tr)recover possession of get down = 1) (tr)swallouy w th difficulty;2) (tr)depress get down to = (tr)startdoingsth s e ro u s l y

g e t o n = 1) ( t r )e n t e r( b u st,r a i n ,e t r ) , 2 ) ( i n t )m a k ep r o g r e s s get on with = (tr)be on goodterms wrth get out = (int)(of news)become KNOWN

get over = (tr) recoverfrom get round= (tr)persuade; bnng round get roundto ftr) = find time to do sth g e t t h r o u g h= j ) ( t r )f i n i s h( a p i e c eo f

get throughto = (tr) reachby pnone get up = ( nt) rrsefrom bed



6 not+ adi+ enoughforsb as 7 not+ as/so... P r e - R e a d i n gA:s k S s t o b r a i n s t o r ma l l t h e l i v i n g (pandas,tigers, thingsthey know that areendangered etc) whales, AskSsto skimthe text quicklyto get the gist Readthe exampleAsk Ssto explainwhy first is the correctanswer(the+ firstto showorder) Do item 1 with Ss Ask Ssto lookat the wordsbefore a n d a f t e rt h e g a p a n d t h e n d e c i d eo n t h e m i s s i n g

2 8 .

o I



answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted mind to come 1 2 notmany+ noun 3 tnrac( 4 more..than 5 oneof themaior/main clause pronounto begina relattve 6 which- relative from 7 come/derive from 8 arecollected 9 suchas 10 valuedforsth ad1 11 havebecome+ l2 moreandmore | 3 awareof 14 Thereis/are 15 aswellas

arttcle);Wherecould it be found?(in a newspaperor magazine) z9

CheckSs'answers' Explainthe task.Ssdo the exercise. Thena , l l o w5 st w o m i n u t e tso t h i n ko f a n ys i m i l aird i o m s Elicitidiomsfrom Ss Ask5s:/sthis rntheirown language. How? similarto/differentfromanyof theidiomsin theexercise? AnswerKey 1 2 3 4

admire busyandactive notmove bekind

5 criticise disaPPointed 6 become for 7 notshowgratitude 8 remaincalm

(Ss'own answers)

30 .

CheckSs'answers' the task Ssdo the exercise Explain t h e nS se x P l a itnh e i d i o m s

answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See or excited l beverynervous twothingsyouwantratherthanone 2 beableto achieve 3 do sththatyou feelyouhaveto doeventhoughtt isdifficult or unpleasant tears orsincere 4 notgenuine part sth of largest 5 the


in pairsandwrtte AllowSstwo minutesto brainstorm d o w na s m a n yo t h e ri d i o m sw i t h a n i m a las s p o s s i b l e Elicitidiomsandwritethemon the board 5scopyinto theirnotebook

AnswerKeY Suggested unwrsely choose beton thewronghorse: tikea bullin a chinashop:personwithno tactwho upsets

trouble eata lot eat likea horse: wait;bePatient holdone'shorses: throw sb to the walves:sendsb into dangerwithout protecttonetc

It'stoo coldfor us to go to the parktoday. not lt's not warm enoughfor us to go to the parktoday. Theticketsfor the concertwere moreexpensive than I hadexpected as Theticketsfor the concertwerenot aslsocheapas I hadexpected


Fillin the correctanimalfromthe list,thenexplainthe phrases in bold.In pairs,thinkof other idioms with animars.

CpenCloze Readthe text andthinkof the wordwhichbestfitseachgap.Use onlyONEWORDin eachgap.

When people mention endangeredspeciesthe 0) first . ^ n g s t h a t c o m e 1 ) t o m i n d a r e p r o b a b l yw h a l e s ,p a n d a so r : ;ers Not 2) manypeoplewould think of plants,but, in 3) fact, -ere are far more threatenedspeciesof plants 4) than of .-'eatened m a m m a l sf i,s h ,b i r d sa n d i n s e c tcso m b i n e d One of the 5) major/main threatsto the survivalof many : i n t s i s i n d u s t r i a l i s a t i oTnh,i s c a u s e sp o l l u t i o na n d a c i d r a i n , 5) ,,nich destroy forests and harm many speciesof plant :-other threat is manI Many products that man uses 7) :ome/derivefrom plants. For instance,many plants g) are :: lectedfrom the Amazonand are usedto make medicines J t l e r p l a n t s9, ) s u c ha sm a h o g a ntyr e e sa, r ev a l u e d1 0 ) f o r t h e i r : r b e r a n d a r e v e r yp o p u l a rb u i l d i n gm a t e r i a l sT h e r ea r e e v e n : a n t st h a t 1 1 ) h a v eb e c o m ed e s i r a b lceo l l e c t o r si t,e m s L u c k i l y , 12) more and more peopleare becomingaware 1 3 ) o f t h e p r o b l e ma n d c h a n g ei s o n t h e w a y 1 4 )T h e r ea r en o w a n u m b e o r f orqanisations that are working to protect endangered ' " p l a n t sa s 1 5 ) w e l l a s a n i m a ls p e c i e s and preserve all livingthingsfor the future

dioms & Fixed Phrases Matchthe phrasesin bold to the definitions.Haveyou got any similar tdioms/phrasesin your language?How do they comparewith those in the exercisebelow? . criticiseo busyand activeo be kind . not showgratitudefor . admire . remaincalm . become disappointed. not move 1 I reallytake my hat off to those eco-warriors. At leastthey are standingup for what they believein 2 He'sexhausted, he'sbeenon the go all day 3 If youjust hold still for a minute,I canexplainevefihing to you 4 Shemayseemstrictbut underneath shehasa heart of gold. 5 I don't know why shewas havinga go at wasn,thisfault. 6 Environmentalists mustn't lose heart evenwhen it seemslike some peopleareignoringthem. 7 l'm happyto helpherout but I don,twant to be taken for granted 8 M a r t i nk e p t h i sh e a da n dd i d n , tp a n i cd e s p i t e t h e c h a o sa r o u n dh i m .

Ben was so nervoushe had butterflies in his stomach beforehe gavehisspeech lf I go into town to visitMark,I mightaswellkill two birdswith one stone and do some shoppingon the way home. I don't want to tell Lizthe truth but I supposeit's time to take t h e b u l lb y t h e h o r n sa n dg e t i t overwith l'm sureJeanwasn'treallyupset; thosewerejust crocodile tears Peter has done most of the work, so he should get the jion'sshareof the money



L D Q f u1 {

? ^ t

?? rr

Listento the peopletalkingaboutproblemson B(for Bill)or J ir islandandwrite 5 (for Sandra), (for Janet).

is an 1 JohnMcKenzie activist.

Which speaker: . didn't heara warning o thinksthe factorycausesair pollution . exoecteda warning . believesthat everyoneis responsible . saw somebodylittering . mentionsa new buildingProject . is worriedabout wildlife . suggestsdoing something

e's)awareness 2 Johnisworkingto ralse species' aboutthe problemof our endangered


We arewiPingout the o f m a n ya n i m a l s .


) ;

environment lf we look afterthe moreanimalswill survive.


who 5 We shouldrePortPeoPle animalsto the Police. kill hunt and



b. UsethePromPts belowaswellasanY ideasof Yourown,to asin theexample' solutions, possible suggest . fit filtersto factorychimneYs o plant moretrees o write to the governmenr . fine peoplewho droPlitter . improvePublictransPort

thequestions' andanswer ^. Lookat thepictures

1 What dangersdo theseanimalsface? 2 How is the title relatedto the pictures? 3 What canwe do to Protectanimals? "The 4 What do you think this quotationimplies: a n i m a l s "? m o r el k n o w p e o p l et,h e m o r el l i k e b. Give a one-minute monologuesuggestingways

f nn ezU lt

A good ideawould be ...;Why don't we "'; We should/could...;lf we ...,then "; we should ..; I think "' Perhaps

isai whichtheislandfaces Ar Oneof theproblems pollution. if foctoryownersfitted I couldn't agreemore.Youknow, beso thentherewouldn't to thef actorychimneys, filters



4 We needto be more carefulabout the we buy souvenlrs

them' at the picturesanddescribe 32 ^' Look the problemsfacedby Sandra's pairs,discuss


will hearBartof a radiotalkabout (1-6)'complete Forquestions eredspecies. says' speaker the what eswhichsummarise

to Protectanimals.

Youwill hearfivepeopletalkingaboutrecycling

There to thesentences' Matchthespeakers ideas.

whichdoesnot matchanyof the onesentence speakers. A Thiswill savelives. the Publicabout B Teaching recycling. work and helPingthe Providing environment.

Speaker1 2 Speaker Speaker3 4 Speaker 5 Speaker

D Thingscanbe usedmorethan once' whYwe shouldall recYcle' E Reasons F Thishelpscut down energyuse.


P r e - L i s t e n i nE g :x p l a i nt h e s i t u a t i o n E . l i c i tf r o m S s . , r a t p r o b l e m si s l a n d e rcsa n f a c e ( e g t o o m a n y .:lrists;litter;not enoughwater,etc) ::ad out the promptsand then play the cassette .,','rce Ssdo the exercise. CheckSs'answers by playing .-e cassette againwith pausesSs,then,checkwhich :'the problems theymentioned was in the script -:,verKey(See overprinted answers)

- s k S st o l o o ka t t h e p i c t u r eas n de l i c i t h e p r o b l e m s ceforestation/cutting down toomanytrees,air pollution/ .-og/littel ss work in pairsand describe eachof the : c t u r e s M o n i t o r5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c et h, e n a s k s o m e : r a r rtso a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn c l a s s - - 2gested AnswerKey -te first picture showsdeforestation. Thereis a man, :'obablya lumberjack, cuttingdowna treewitha chainsaw. es,and thetreelooksveryold,doesn'tit? 'cu'reright.Then,in thebackground I can seeothertrees .tot havealready beencutdown. etc :,"/nanswers) o Readthe promptsand helpSsmatchthe prompts to the problemsThen, Ss work in pairs and suggestsolutionsto the problem Monitor Ss, performance aroundthe classThen,asksomeSs to actout theirdialogues in frontof the class . A s a n e x t e n s i o na,s kS st o l i s tt h e e n v i r o n m e n t a l problemsfaced by their village/town/country. T h e n ,S s c a n w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d i s c u sps o s s i b l e s o l u t i o ntso t h e p r o b l e m s . -qgested AnswerKey :

3 4 a . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k R e a dt h e q u e s t i o nasl o u d S sw o r k i n p a i r s a n d a n s w e rt h e q u e s t i o n sM o n i t o r S s , performance aroundthe class.CheckS answersby askingsomepairsto reportbackto the lass. Suggested AnswerKey I These animalsareallthreatened withextinction. Someof the animalsin thepicturesaredead,othersareseriously injured. 2 Thetitleshowstheendangered animalsaskingu to help them.Theyareaskingus to stopdestroyingtheir abitats andto helpthemto survive. 3 Thefirstthingwecando toprotecttheseanimalsistoprotect theirenvironment andprovidethemwitha safeplaceto Iive. Anotherthing that we can do is to stopbuyingproducts madefromthefut skin,teeth,etcof endangered species. 4 Thequotationimpliesthat animalsaremorelikeablethan humansand that theyareeasierto alsoimplies thatif youdon'thurtthem,theywon,thurtyo.. [. e

Explainthe task In pairs,Ss brainstorm different ways we can protect animals Then, Ss work i n d i v i d u atl o l yp r e p a r teh e i rm o n o l o g u eH e l pS si f necessaryCheck Ss' answersby asking Ss to presenttheir monologues to the class Other Ss canthenassess the monologues Alternatrvely, this can be set as written HW and presented to the classin the nextlesson Suggested AnswerKey

disappearing littleby little.Weshouldall do sometntngrc save them.Onethingwecando is . . As an extension,encourageSs to contact -: Anotherproblemwhichtheislandfacesisdeforestation. environmentalgroups to adopt an antmal :-; I couldn'tagreemore.youknow,I thinkweshouldstart Alternatively, they, as a class,can fill in an plantingmoretrees. endangered animal's adoption form Suchformscan i . You're right.Thatwill replacethe treesthat are being be foundin magazines suchasNationalGeographic cutdown 3: It willalsohelptheendangered species to survive. 35 r Pre-Listening: Elicitfrom Sswaysto recycle, and why {i Perhaps weshouldalsowriteto thegovernment peopleshouldrecycle. and tellthemabouttheproblemsfacedbytheisland.

4 : Theislandalsohasa problemwithlittering. 3: That'strue.Youknow,a good idea wouldbe to fine peoplewhodroplitter. .4: That's a greatidea.Wecouldalsoput morebinsouton thestreets andpublicareas. '


A: Anothergood idea would be to improvepublic transport. B: That's a goodidea.That wouldmeanthatbothtourtsr, andlocalscouldusetheircarsless.

Pre-Listening: Explain the situationSssuggestways to protectendangered species . Explain the task Readout sentences I to 6 and askSs to guesswhat kind of informationis missing(/ odjective;2 noun;3noun;4noun;5noun;6verbs)Expl n that this is a notetakingexercise and that Ssneed o iistencareful for the keypoints.RemindSsthat they shouldn'twr e any morethan threewords playthe cassette. Ssdo the exer se.playthe cassette againso that Sscan checktheir nswers.Ask Ssto maKesure that theiranswersfit the meaningand the structure of the sentenceCheckSs' answersby playingthe cassette againwith pausesSs,then, checkwhich of theirsuggestions wereheardon the tape AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers)

exercrse CheckSs'answers AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) o As an extension, playthe cassetteagain Ask Ss to identifywho isspeaking in eachcase,andwhereeach monologue couldbe heard Suggested AnswerKey - makinga speech Speaker1- student ora reportat thefrontof theclassroom / Speaker 2 - reporter-outside thecityzooduring a news/currentaffairs broadcast/ Speaker3 _ someone - on theW or radio/ Speaker speaking in an advertisement 4_ reporter- at theshopcalled'Scrap for play,duringa reportor a currentaffairsbroqdcast/ Speaker5 - someone speaking in an - on theTVor radio advertisement Tapescript for Exercise I 31 (p. 60) -+ Seep. 63(T) : 5scanreferto p 199 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript Tapescript for Exercise 33 (p. 60) -+ Seep. 63(T) 5scanreferto p 200oftheS'sbookforthesametapescript Tapescript for Exercise 35 (p. 60) -+ Seep. 63(T) 5scanreferto p 200of theS'sbookforthesametapescrjpt


Ask Ssto look at the posterElicitthe purposeof the poster(toencouragepeopleto recycle)Explainthe task ilrcit the thingsthat can be recycledand how they etc:madernto magazines, d (newspapers, can be recycle paper,usedfor artsand craftsactivities- plastic recycled bottles- aluminium madeintorecycled an'dglassbottles: aluminiumproducts- rubber cani:made rntorecycled - clothes:usedby other garden pots the for tyres:make etc) people, usedforcleaning, o S sw o r k i n p a r r sa n d a n s w e trh e q u e s t i o n sM o n t t o r aroundthe classAsk somepairsto Ss'performance in front of the class act out theirdialogues

36 .

AnswerKeY Suggested bin andcansto therecycling A: Wecan alsotakebottles B: That'sright Theycan be thoroughlycleanedand used agarn,or theycanbeusedto makenewbottles' cans. A: Don'tforgetaluminium B: Of courie.Aluminiumcan be usedagainand again to products etc makecansandotheraluminium o As an extenslon,5s can designtheir own poster one or more forms of recyclingThese encouraglnq or aroundthe postersian-beput up in the classroom school the 37 a. Explainthe task Playthe cassetteSs answer questionCheckSs'answers answer) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted the task Ssdo the task CheckSs'answers b. Explain answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See c. ReferSs to the box of usefullanquageon p 60 , sw o r ki n p a i r sa n d e itha S ThenS M o d e la d i a l o g uw M o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n c e d i a l o g u e s t h e r r o u t act a r o u n dt h e c l a s sa, n dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t in front of the classTheotherSscan theirdialogues a s s e st sh e d i a l o g u e s


AnswerKeY Suggested ' A: I can'tbelieve howmuchlitterthereiseverywhere' arecoveredwithlitter' rtght'Our streets B: You're A: Youknow,l've iusthad a brrlltantidea'Whydon'twe camPaign? starta clean-uP a greatidea.Wecouldpickup litterandcleanup B: That's at thesametime' ourneighbourhood A: Let'sstartrqht now.Who'sgoingto ptckup the first pieceof litter? thereiseverywhere' ' A: I can'tbelteve howmuchconcrete being right'Therearemoreandmorebuildings B: You're daY' builteverY A: Youknow't'veiusthada brilliantideat thinkweshould camPagn' starta tree-Planting B: That'sa greatidea'Wecouldmakeour town a more Placeto livern' Pleasant goingto plantthefirsttree? A: Let'sstartrrghtnow.Who's the 38 a. Explainthe task Playthe cassetteSs answer a n s w e r s S s ' q u e s t i o nC h e c k answer) overpnnted AnswerKey(See


b . E x p l a rtnh e t a s k .S sd o t h e t a s k C h e c k5 s 'a n s w e rb y a s k i n gs o m e S s t o r e a d o u t t h e d i a l o g u ei n h e correctorder

d i a l o g u el sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested . A: John,couldlhaveawordwithyou,please? uP? Pete.What's B: Sure, abou: rfyoucoutddo something wondering was I A: Well, yourdirtYgardenPond' abou' to dosomething l'vebeenmeanrng B: Ohright.Yes. busY verY that,butl'vebeen it if youcouldcleanit up assoonas A: I wouldapprectate possible. you'reright'l'llgetrighton it' B: Yes, . A : Tina,couldI havea wordwithyou,please? up? B: Sure,Tim.What's abou' tf youcoulddo something A: Well,t waswondering at thebackof thehouse' of bottles the prles abott: B: Ohright,yes.l'vebeenmeaningto dosomething that,butI keePforgetting it if youcouldsortit out assoona: A: t wouldappreciate Possible you'reright l'llgetrighton it' B: Yes, the task Playthe cassetteCheckSs'answers 39 a. Explain answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sd o t h e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s answers) overpr'inted AnswerKey(See c

w i t h a S T h e n ,5 s w o r k i n p a r r . ' M o n i t o ra d i a l o g u e a n d a c t o u t t h e d i a l o g u e sM o n i t o r5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c : a r o u n dt h e c l a s sa, n dt h e n a s ks o m ep a i r st o a c t o L ' t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s

AnswerKeY Suggested . A: ShattwegotothebeachonSaturday,Joe? B: Letmesee''.'erm.'.1don'tknow' '

A: HowaboutPlantingsometrees? B: Oh...well.'.I don'tthinkso'


A: lthinkweshouldcleanupthebackgarden' abouttt B: Mmm .'l'mnotsure

the task.Playthe cassetteSsdo the task Chec" 40 Explain again,then Ssreadout th= Playthe cassette Sslanswers. sentences answers) Key(5eeoverprinted Answer

look at the poster.ln pairs,talk aboutwhat we can rrycle andhow.Then,explainwhy it is important br everyone to recycle.

mplaining Listento the dialogue. Howarethe speakers related? Theymustbeneighbours. b. Matchthe sentences to forma dialogue. A


lTf6l.tohn, couldI havea woro with you,please? Dlcl wett, I waswonderingif y o uc o u l dd o s o m e t h i n g a b o u ta l lt h a t r u b b i s hi n front of your house lSlal t wouldappreciate it if you couldsort it out as soonas possible, please

a Yes,you're right. l'll g e t r i g h to n i t b 5ure, Linda What's . up? c Oh right, yes. l've beenmeaningto do somethingabout it, but I keepforgetting

c. Followthe patternand usethe promptsto act o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s .

. o


k First ofall,wecanrecycle newspapers andmagazines. &- Yes, wecanputthemintotherecycling binsin our neighbourhood. Then, theycanbeusedtomake recycled paper.

feringsolutions to problems Listen to thedialogue. Whatisthe problem? Thereistoo muchtraffic

dirtygardenpond pilesof bottlesat the backof the house

Listento the dialogues. Whichof the sentences showhesitation? Thesecond sentence In each exchange b. Readthe dialogueand underlinethe words which suggesthesitation. 1 A: Are you busytonight,Bob? 2 A: Shallwe go out nextSaturday?

Readthedialogue andfill in the missing phrases. r Let's. Haveyouthoughtabout r I can'tbelieve. I know . That's a qreatidea

3 A: Haveyou madeup your mindyet? B: Mmm ..but , c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e u c . I n p a i r sa s s i n gt h e

1) | can't believehow muchtrafficthere is on the roadsthesedays 2) | know. lt took me two hoursto driveinto the city centretoday Youknow,l'vejust hada brilliantidea 3) Haveyou thoughtaboutstartinga carpool? 4)That'sa great ideal We would savemoneyand helpreducethe amountof trafficat the sametimer A 5) Let'sstart right away Who is going to drive tomorrow? C

Usethe promptsto actout similardialogues.


littereverywhere/start a clean-up campaign/pick up litter/clean up neighbourhood

prompts. . goingto the beach o plantingsometrees r cleaningup the backgarden

L0t Intonation(keywordstress) tr zi .) 40 \ v

2 T h em a i n

3 The 4 A bicycleis 5 Many extrncton

c i t yi sa i r p o l l u t i o n . of energyiswind power s h o u l du s e . a r ei n d a n g e or f

concreteeverywhere/start a tree-plantin g campaign/make pleasant our town a more olace to live



. e a d o u t t h e t i t l eo f t h e p o e ma n d a s kS st o l o o ka t . - e p i c t u r eo n p 6 3 E l i c i it d e a sf r o m S sa b o u tt h e :cntentof the poem


: - ggested AnswerKey -- ^..thepoem isaboutthesmallplantsandanimalsthatlive ' :,'cund us Perhaps thepoemisabouttheplacewherethese " iil animalslive. l

Ssreadthe firstverseof the poem and the author,s b i o g r a p ha y ,n dt h e na n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s

Saggested AnswerKey : tbertLouisStevenson probablywroteaboutsomething that - e imagined or dreamed aboutwhenhewasalonein hisroom. : z,hapsit issomething that hesawwhenhe visitedtheRoyal :.tanic Garden. Perhaps he sawthemanysmallanimalsand -."enhe imagined thelandthattheylivedin. -

3, Explain the task Playthe cassette, pausingaftereach v e r s e5 sd o t h e t a s k C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s Suggested AnswerKey ,'ersel: 1 RobertLouisStevenson/a chtldof about ten yearsof age 2 theLandof play 3 theLittlepeople ,/erse 2: 1 spider,fly,ants,ladybird,swallows Wecanseeants,ladybirdsandswallowsin the ptcture. 2 Thespide6thefly andtheantsaremarching. Theantsarecarryingparcels. ;/erse 3: 1 in therain-pool at hisfeet 2 a smallleaf ,,/erse 4: 1 sailingby in hislittleboat 2 Hecanseesmallcreatures sittingon thebanks of the rain-pool.Thereare animalsof many different colours.They arealllookingat him. y'erse 5: I in hisbedroom 2 sad- He wishesthat he couldbe backin his imaginaryland becausehe doesn'tlikethe woildhelivesin. c. Playthe cassette again Ask Ssto closetheireyesand listento the poem Suggested AnswerKey . makesmefeelpleasedthat I haveexperienced sucha place.I ,iso feel relaxedfollowing the descriptionof the place as : rcrythingthereiscalmandquiet.



AnswerKey No,it isnot consistent throughoutthefirstverse. In the lostfour lines,thewordsrhymewith thoseof everyalternateline. c. Readthe theory box Explainthe meaningof any unknownwords Playthe cassette. Ask Ss to close theireyesand claptheir handson the stressed word Explain that this is the rhythmof the poem Ss read the firsttwo linesaloud,followingthe rhythmof the poem Ss, in turn, can then read the whole poem aloud AnswerKey Whenat homealoneI sit Andam verytiredof it. 61. o

Readthe theory box and explainany u n k n o w n words Explain the task Ssdo the task Check5s' answersaroundthe class

Suggested AnswerKey theclover-tops aretrees therain-poolsarethe seas theleaves, liketiny ships thedaisytree .

Explain the task Sswork in pairsto completethe task CheckSs'answers

Suggested AnswerKey And theantsgo marchingby, Carrying parcelswiththeirfeet Project Explainthe task Assignthe task as HW 5s may presenttheir picturesin the nextlesson 44 .

Explainthe task Assignthe task as written HW Ss mayreadtheirpoemsaloudin the nextclass

Suggested AnswerKey Aslwaslyingin mybed I lookedaround- all wasred I put thepillowundermyhead. Thena softvoiceinsidemesaid, "l'mhungry, I haven'tbeenfed." . RemindSsto practiseReadinig aloudusingthe S,sCD/ cassetteSslistento the text and followthe lines Ss listenagainwith pauses, then readout fromthe text

Readthe theorybox. Explainany unknownwords lf possible, giveexamples of thesetypesof poemsin Ss own language Readthe question Ss answerthe questionAsk5sto justifytheiranswer

AnswerKey '.isa narrative because it tellsa story. [. r


Readthe theory box and explainany unknown words Explain the task Ask Ssto lookat the last wordsof eachlineand matchthe pairsof rhyming w o r d s S sd o t h e t a s k C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s As an extension, 5s canfollowthe rhymethrough the wholepoem


f'or.ilirciie:i tp.oo) tapescr'pt' ( < r : n r o f e r t. "o n 19 - - 9 o f t n e S ' sb o o k f o r t h e s a m e Y did you hearthe smogalerton the newsthis morning? Jonet:sand(a,

a n dI h o p ey o uw i L cl o m eb a c k

c o m i n gt o t h e i s l a n dd o n ' th e l pe r t h e r 8il/iWhatdo you rnean,Janet herea ' n dt h a t J d n e f : W e yl l o , u k n o w ,t h e ya l l r i n gt h e i rc a r sa c r o sos r h l r et h e m d o e < n 'hLe . p e s i l u a to n d t a l ' w h o l ei s l a n di s S a n d r a : l In' s j u s t t h e a i r p o l l u t l o nt,h o u g h l t s e e r ntsh a t t h e


-- ^-" "i#;i;irii'iJi'Eieidise jB (p."60j"'

9T"9.1"9!"::]l!-l fi"-!i,9p.:?99-,?1i1"""s-:"!-9-o!f9'-t 1""*::-:ll

rubbrsd h u m p sa n dl a n d f i lsl t t e s

for the nearfuture s o m e t h i ntgo g e t o u r b e a u t i f ui ls l a n db a c k

i#iftiiis'e3i-(p"boitapesciipt I s:.9nt9l-.1,1-o.p,:2*90-91J1"9.,!,:!:g!.Joi,llgl3-T-e-.!a-p--:s5i-ipi-:' c a nb e u s e da g a i nn e x ty e a r a n dt h e n e x t ,,"'

p r o b l e mo f o u r e n d a n g e r esdp e c i erse a l l yl s e r ea w a r et h a t c e r t a i na n l m a l s JohnY : o u ' r ea b s o l u t e Jr iyg h t F r a n M o s tp e o p J a t u t , u n f o r t u n a t e ltyh,e m e d i at e n d st o f o c u s gxtincb r f becomine a r ei n d a n g e o s n dt i g e r sT h e r ea r ec o u n t l e s s o n l yo n t h ! e x o t i ca n i m a l lsi k ee l e p h a n t sp,a n d a a fact' there are other animals,birdsand fish that are alsobecomingextinct ln t h i c ha r en o t i n d a n g e r ! v e r yf e w a n i m a l os n o u r p l a n e w

them to I Fran:OK

find food do So what the listenersand I needto know' is what we can

tnem In our own F r a n :W h a t a b o u t a t h o m e , i s t h e r e a n y t h i n gw e c a n d o g h b o u r h o o d s ? ne


o pick up the usedcardboardfrom localbusnesses s h r e d d l nm g a c h i n eT' h es h r e d d ecda r d b o a rldst h e n u s e i t t o m a k e w a r m b e d d i n gf o r t h e i r a n i m a l s b t r a n l n ga n d e m p l o y m e nf to r p e o p l ei n n e e d 'w h l l t h e s a m et m e h e l p i n gt h e e n v i r o n m e n t Speaker5 dinneT h e n e x t t l m e y o u u s e y o u r p h o n e c a r d t o c a l Ja f r i e n d o r m a k e A ne' r e s e r v a t i o nyso, u c o u l d b e h e l p i n gt o f e e d a s t a r v l n gc h i l d i n I n d l a k l t c h e nf o r ' s c h e m em e a n st h a t e a c hc a r dc a nb e t r a d e di n b y a c h r l da t a s o u p p h o n ec a r d sa n : y o u r o l d s a v e S o , d e s s e r t a n d v e g e t a b l e s l e n t i l s , b r e a d , o f meal recyclethem Youcouldbe savinga child'slife


When at home alorreI sit And am very tired of it, I havejust to shut rry eyes To go sailingthroughthe skiesTo go sailingfar away To the pleasantLandof Play; To the fairy land afar Where the LittlePeopleare; Where lhe clover-topsJre lrees, A n d t h e r a i n - p o o lasr et h e s e a s , And the leaves,like littleships, Sailabouton tiny trips; And abovethe Daisytree Throughthe grasses, High o'erheadthe BumbleBee H u m sa n d p a s s e s . In that forest to and fro I can wander,I can go; Seethe spiderand the fly,


Throughthat forestI can pass Till, as in a looking-glass, Hummingfly and da'sytree And my tiny self I see, Paintedvery clearand neat On the rain-poolat my feet Shoulda leafletcome to land Driftingnearto where I stand, StraightI'll boardthat tiny boat Roundthe rain-poolseato float. Littlethoughtfulcreaturessit On the grassycoastsof it; Littlethingswith lovelyeyes S e em e s a i l i n gw i t h s u r p r i s e . Someareclad in armourgreen(Thesehad sureto battlebeenrlSomeare pied with ev'ry hue, B l a c ka n dc r i m s o ng, o l da n d b l u e ;

And the antsgo marchingby,

Somehavewingsand swift aregone;B u tt h e ya l l l o o kk i n d l l o n .

Carryingparcelswith their feet Down the greenand grassystreet.

When my eyesI onceagain

I can in the sorrelsit Wherethe ladybirdalit. I can climb the jointedgrass A n do n h i g h Seethe greaterswallowspass In the sky, A n d t h e r o u n ds u n r o l l i n gb y H e e d i n gn o s u c ht h i n g sa s l .

t !

O p e n ,a n d s e ea l l t h i n g sp l a r n : High barewalls,greatbarefloor; Creat big knobs on drar,r,er and door; Creatbig peopleperchedon chairs, Stitchingtucksand mendingtears, E a c ha h i i l t h a t I c o u l dc l i m o , And talkingnonsenseall the time O dearme, T h a tI c o u l db e A sailoron the rain-poolsea, A climberin the clovertree, And just come backa sleepy-head, Lateat nightto go to bed.

it$.!+ '!



1 Who is goingto readyour pieceof writing? z What problemsdo animalsface nowadays?Think about their habitats,who huntsthem and why, the problemssuchasvariousforms of environmental effects etc of pollution, y o u t h i n ko f a n yw a y st o h e l pa n i m a l s ? Can

a ModelText Analysing wordscanyouthinkof relatedto the title 46 a. What of the article? in the b. Readthe articleandput the paragraphs correctorder,thenanswerthe questions'

etc newspapers, asarticlesin magazines, To make our pieceof writinq more interestinqto the ll to start or end it fi reader,we can usecertaintechniques suchas: il . a d d r e s s i n tgh e r e a d e rd i r e c t l yl.f y o u w a n t t o h e' l:pl i i t 'i! thereqrelotsof thingsthatyou cando' theenvironment,


elseto go ' thisisall wehave" havenowhere t h a t m a k e sl u s i n ga r h e t o r i c aql u e s t i o n( a q u e s t i o n an answer) a statementratherthan expecting species? lsit importantto protectendangered

V*il&Fill,*'fiY LI5EFLIL To makesuggestions: I t w o u l dh e l pi f / b e a g o o di d e ai f ; would be to A / Anotherusefulsuggestion Thesituationcouldbe improvedif / by ; shouldbe takenin orderto solve/ deal Steps/ Measures

p r o m o t e d u c a t i o na b o u ' I A T 3 ]R n o t h e rs o l u t i o ni s t o re aware of the people endangeredspecies lf problem,then they will buy fewer productsmadeo' suchas ivorYor fur materials therearemanywaysto makeour worlc .. I BI5l ln conclusion, ' 3 betterplacefor animalsWe all needto do whateve' i * " c a n ,A s M a l c o l mB r a d b u rsya i d ," l f y o u ' r en o t p a r I of the solution,you'repartof the problem"

We neel extinctand manymorearenow endangered fastbeforeit istoo latefor them to do somethrng to be taken to protect ot. lDITl Firstly,measuresneed w i l d l i f e .T h e d e s t r u c t i o no f t h r e a t e n e da n i m a l - ' h a b i t a t s h o u l db e i l l e g a lw, i t h l o n gp r i s o ns e n t e n c e : for peoplewho breaktheselaws Thiswould protec'

wrth . To presentresultsand consequences: In thisway ; Thiswould ; Then ; lf , the result / resultof would would be ; Theeffect/ consequence be

the Rubric Analysing {$

the keywords'Then Readthe rubricandunderline answerthe questions.


a n i m a las n dt h e e n v t r o n m e nt thse yl i v ei n parks arFinallywe should createmore n lsto livear: Thiswouldallow areas. conservatlon breedsafelyin theirnaturalhabitatsAs a result,the wouldnot dieou andspecies wouldincrease numbers 1 Underlinethe topic sentencesin each of the paragraphsin the main body. What supportinq doesthe writergive? sentences Which linkinq the writer'ssuggestions? are What 2 one?Wha: each lntroduce to used words has he 3




resultsdoeshe exPect? How doesthe writerstartand end the article:witf the question?a quotation?addressing a rhetorical o' beginning another Suggest reader directly? e n d i n gt o t h e a r t i c l e

= , C o u t t h e t i p a n d t h e u s e f u lv o c a b u l a rby o x ' : a i na n yp o i n t st h a t 5 sh a v ed i f f i c u l tw y ith = e do u t t h e r u b r i cH . e l pS su n d e r l i nteh e k e yw o r d s r i n r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o nasn de l i c i ta n s w e rfsr o mS s : ^s,',,er Key(9eeoverprinted answers) . -;,1ested AnswerKey -':e readers of theIocalnewspaper. . \abitats: Whenwe destroythe environment, we also ,.stroytheanimals' naturalhabitats. iVhohuntsthem:Poachers andhunters tVhy:fortheirfur,skin,teeth,tusks andbones iffects of environmental problems: Deforestatron ,3stroys animals'naturalhabitats. As wedumpmoreand -.ore industrialwasteinto our oceans,we are destroyrng '.anyspecies of marinelife. :irst,weshouldtakemeasures to protectour wildlife,such csmakingthedestruction of animals'habitats illegal.Also, icvernments shouldeducatepeopleabouttheproblems facedby our planet.Finally,we shouldcreatemoreparks and conservation areas. :

i, - ini i,iiriir '- piiotrtlL', Theresultsthe writer suggestions



E x p l a itnh e t a s k A l l o wS ss o m et i m e t o r e a or n e t e x ts i l e n t lay n dp u t t h e p a r a g r a p hj ns t h e c o r r e c t order E l i c i V E x p l tahi n emeaning o f a n yu n k n o w nw o r d s i n t h e t e x t . T h e n ,c h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sb y a s k i n g i n d i v i d u a5ls t o r e a dt h e t e x t F i n a l l yS, sa n s w e r t h e q u e s t i o n sC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s


- -;

Key(Seeoverprinted answers) "',,er -apicSentences


' Firstly, measures tFirstly :,needto betakento i : protectour wildlife.; I neaestructton of j i threatened ' animals'habitatsi, : shouldbeillegal. i


: Anothersolutionis ;Another :.topromote isolutionis : education about ito . : endangered i

'ilf peopleareaware of the tproblem, thentheywill ,buyfewerproducts made materials suchasivory iof



.- ,, Finally,weshould ,r:tnaily : ":crearcmore nailonatparKsand i ,.conservation areas.:i

A s k S s t o l o o k a t t h e t i t l e a n d w o r k i n p a i r st o brainstorm as manywordsas possiblerelatedto the u n i t C h e c k5 s 'a n s w e ras r o u n dt h e c l a s s

SLggested AnswerKey .'Tangeredspecies, panda,environment, habitat,nature,laws, ' .:Jre reserves, wildlifeparks,parkrangers, etc


1 l

',This wouldprotect :animalsandthe .environmentstheyIive

:Of luf.

. Thiswouldallow themto liveand breed safelyin their i : naturalhabitats. l . Asa result,their i numbers would l increase andthe ; species wouldnot die out.


Thewriterstartsthe articlewith a rhetoricalquestion.He endsthearticlewitha quotation. Alternative Beginning: Ifyouthinkthatourplanetisa safe placefor animals,youarewrong AlternativeEnding:Thequestionis,whatareyougoingto do to tryto preserve ourplanetforfuturegenerations? .

A s a n e x t e n s i o na, s k S s t o e x c h a n g et h e i r b e g i n n r n g s / e n d i nagns d c o m m e n t o n e a c h o t h e r ' sw r i t i n g

ii i i i ")tii;ii s,'ni,i i,'

-' destrut:tioi ,.The oi tnr:iatdiei"-* , .eed to be takento animals'habitats shouldbeitIegal, atotectour lwithlongprisonsentences for . ',people ?lvtronment. whobreaktheselaws This i wouldprotecttheanimalsandthe I lenvironments theylivein. ";--""--.."". -'othersolution !lf isto peopleareawareof theproblem, '-'cmoteeducation then theywill buyfewerproducts ::cut endangered jmadeof materidssuchasivoryor ::cies. ifur. ' .ally,weshould :Thiswoutdallowthemto liveand .'.3temorenationalibreed safelyin theirnatural .,habitats. : :.<sand Asa result, theirnumbers - -',servation areas.iwouldincrease and the species 'iwould notdieout. : r<fh, m'on<,,ro, r


" t t


' \ v J s t

r J



Expiain the task around the class

5s do the task

Check Ss'answers

e;;;ii*-'' \.-- {;si!i;;na

AnswerKey Suggested A: beginning addressesthereaderdirectly question B: ending- asksa rhetorical - usesa quotation C: ending/beginning E x p l a i nt h e t a s k R e a dt h e s u g g e s t i o nasn d r e s u l t s a l o u da n d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r d s S sw o r k l n t u t t h a t S ss h o u l d p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k P o i n o table p 64 use phrasesfrom the usefulvocabulary C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s

48 .

answers) AnswerKey(\eeoverprinted AnswerKey Suggested and used our houses tt wouldbe a goodideaif we insulated energyefficientproducts.Thisway,we would uselessfuel to heatandcoolourhouses. if we createdmorenature Thesituationcouldbe rmproved way,we wouldhelp to This areas. wilderness and reserves species' protectthehabitatsof theendangered This wouldbeto stopusingaerosols' usefulsuggestton Another way,wewouldpreventdamageto theozonelayer' .

A s a n e x t e n s i o na ,s kS st o t h i n ko f o t h e rs u g g e s t i o n s a n dr e s u l t s

(Ss'own answers) 49 E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a dt h e t o p i cs e n t e n c easl o u da n da s k S st o c o m n l e t teh e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s AnswerKey Suggested Also, resources. 1 Firstly,fossilfuels are non-renewable burning fossil fuels to generate power causes problemssuch as acid rain and global environmental warmtng. 2 ln fact,therearesaidto be lessthan5,000bluewhalesand tf we don't act fast, 9,000bowheadwhalesworldwidetherewillsoonbenoneleft. 5 0 E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a dt h e r u b r i ca n d a s kS st o u n d e r l i n e t h e k e yw o r d s C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sT h e n ,S sw o r k i n p a i r s a n d l i s tt h e c a u s eos f a i r p o l l u t i o nF i n a l l y5,s m a k eo n e o r m o r es u g g e s t i ofno r e a c hc a u s eC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s a r o u n dt h e c l a s s answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See '

i Causes ofairpollution I Suggestions i ' scheme ride i T1a.fl.cPq$.qnd ..... I' !n!:gdy3e. . : Aeroplanes awayirom"th,e"M6vetheairpiori i i - - - " '







Result I

scheme burned recycling

and the task Ask questions the plan Explain b. Present the plan to complete elicitanswers e g T: What isthe problem? 5 1 : T h e r ei st o o m u c ha i rP o l l u t i o n it? T: What hascaused 52: Air pollutionis causedby too muchtrafficin pollutinqthe air,and the citycentre,factories too muchrubbishbeingburned etc AnswerKey Suggested Main Body - fewercarsin thecity . introduce a parkand ridescheme centre . createan industrial park- less smokeoverthecity - lessrubbishbeingburned . introduce scheme a recycling Conclusion Therearemanywaysto reducethelevelof airpollutionin our result wouldcertainly cities. Adoptingsomeof thesemeasures cityforusall. anda healthier in cleanerskres Cleaningup theAir in our CitY Toomuchtraffic Howcanwecleanup theair rnourcitres? pollutingthe air and too much in the crtycentre,factories to thedangerously rubbishbeingburnedhaveall contributed high tevelof air pollutionin our city.Weneedto takesteps beforeit istoolate. Firstof all,it wouldbea goodideaif thecouncilintroduced Theresultwouldbe fewercarsin the a parkand ridescheme. citycentreandlesstrafficoverall. parkin Anothersolutronwouldbe to createan industrial outof thecitycentre Thiswouldtakethefactories thesuburbs. and resultin lesssmokeoverthecity,whichwill makeour air to breathe. cleaner Finally,stepscould be token to introducea recycling Thiswouldmeanthat lessrubbishwouldbe burned scheme. therewouldbe lessblacksmokeoverthecity. andtherefore therearemanywaysto reducethelevelof air ln conclusion, would pollutionin our cities. Adoptingsomeof thesemeasures cityforusall.Afterall, and healthier resultin a cleaner certainly the earth well,it was not as the Kenyanproverbsays,"Treat given to you by your parents,it was loanedto you by your children."

"'' Eiucol,_ i fr;;tli;ri0b;;;la'ioii:s"peopyabdut^ ii[tinTj, 52 R e a do u t t h e s e n t e n c eosn e a t a t i m e a n d h e l p S s ' .'- "--^."' i'!'g;11t1n9-2-9fc Factory smoke rubbish Burning ': Heatingandcooling

park Buildan industrial scneme recyclt,ng lntroduce 1lJsealternative fuelsources

5 1 a . E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a do u t t h e b o x S sw o r k i n P a i r s a n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k CheckSs'answers

6s(r) L


AnswerKey . Of all the creaturesof our planet,man is the most to do harm one,ashehasdoneandcontinues dangerous notonlyto theplanetbutto hisfellowmanaswell . Wehaveto protectourplanetasfar aspossible, sincethrsis are going to liveand the placewhereour descendants lifeon Earth. continue




n g s- E n d i n g s ertractsbelow.Whicharebeginnings? rc endings? Whichwritingtechnique has in each?

Discuss & Write the keywords.In pairs $Q Readthe rubricandunderline thinkof the causes of airpollution andmakea list, thendiscuss the suggestions youwouldmake. Your teacherhas askedyou to

wl,ro i,ouliketo learnabout in school?In my sc*oolsshouldfocuson practicalskillsas well acaclemic subjects ,e* n all,I think that banningcarsfrom the citycentre m ar,,r excellentidea lt will make shoppingsaferand heaithierfor pedestrians as well as reducingtraffic ,ams.What morecouldthe peopleof this citywant? As ThomasJefferson said,"Our libertydependson the fteedom of the press" However, nowadayswith celebrities claiming that theirprivatelivesshouldremain orivatethe issueis no lonqerso straiqhtforward

Suggestions & Results Matchthe suggestions to the results, thenmake sentences, asin the example.


?" (120-180 words)

51 a

Match the causesto the suggestedsolutions and results.

too much trafficin the crtycentre

roo mucn rubbish being burned

Suoqestion 1 l d l u s er e n e w a b leen e r g ys o u r c e s . yourhouseand useenergyefficient [fTJl Insulate products ETbl Createmorenaturereserves andwilderness areas oon't use aerosol icFl sprays

l e s sr u b b i s h being burned

introducea recycling scheme r n t r o d u cpea r ka n d fewer carsin t crrycentre

'lntroduction (para l)

What is the problem? W h a th a sc a u s e di t ?

Main Body

I d - lt wouldhelpif weusedrenewable energysources.This w0y,wewouldusefewerfossilfuels,whichwouldreduceau pollutionandacidrain.


'What is your first suggestion?

(Para 3)

What is your secondsuggestion?

What would its resultsbe? What do you expectto happen? (Para 4)

Topic& Supporting Sentences

What is your third suggestion? What resultswould it have?


Readthe topic sentences; then usethe promptsto write appropriatesupportingsentences. 1 Usingfossilfuelsto generatepowerhasseveral majordisadvantages. non-renewable / burnfossilfuels/ cause environmental problems / acidrain/ globalwarming

c r e a t ei n d u s t r i a l parK

b. Useyouranswers to Ex.51ato answerthe questions in the plan.Thenwriteyourarticlefor the schoolmagazine. Youcanusethe articlein Ex.46basa model.

Result a Uselessfuelto heatand coolour houses. b Protectendangered species' habitats c Prevent damageto the ozonelayer. d Usefewerfossilfuels,whichwould reduceair pollution a n da c i dr a i n





How canyou summarise your opinion?

Explainthe quotations, then chooseone to start/ endyourarticlein Ex.51b.

Firstly, fossilfuels arenon-renewable resources. Also,... 2

H u n t i n gp, o l l u t i o n a n dt h e d e s t r u c t i oonf f o o d sourcesmeanthat manyspecies of whalesare now endangered s a i dt o b e/ l e s st h a n 5 , 0 0 0b l u ew h a l e s/ 9 , 0 0 0 bowheadwhales/ worldwide/ soonnoneleft



The only thing we have to fear on this planet is man. CarlJung (Swisspsychologisr) Tieat the Earth well, it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by

your children.


5 H e A will havegone B goes

& Grammar Vocabulary word. Filfin the missing

Mr Brown. We're lookingforward @to meeting A meeting D be meeting B meet

1 Many countriesuse fossilfuels, such as coal, to generateelectricitY. 2 Global warming is caused by high levels of dangerousgasesjn the atmosphere' 3 lt's freezingcold.Do up your coat. 4 Wind is a renewablesourceof energy. 5 Many speciesof fish have been wiped out by 6


.. into the Project. He put a lot of D struggle A exertion B sweat Oeffort l'll dropyou a A letter @ tlne

overfishing. Manyforestsin Europehavebeendamagedby acid

r aln. than BillY. 7 Tonyis morereliable 8 Shewill be latefor classif shedoesn'tleavenow' Jr r^,:,t-tclu,oyoo,t9


a n da n i m a l s . A place B house


ane. s-ss.srdqred.

a(s.\ q<rda<r<\q<ed



backto tltemrd'/800s. M 8g ?endates film I haveeverseen' 15 Thatwasthe mostinteresting lies. people tell who stand 15 | can't vvE

)f lr-rulU'

Vl t..rLcLt

ot tti t tqr5'

r tq(vruJ

harmfulrays. (10 morks)

(5 marks)

hasbeen building 1 TheoldVictorian



C refurbished D renovated

Anita is alwayswillingto got a problem. B provide C offer A give

l've @ lend


... in hisstomachthe wholetime Petehad he was on stage. C flies A birds D insects @ butterflies


H ec a n ' th e l p. . . . . . . . . s. .l.o w l y . C sPeak @ speaking

B to sBcak

bold. Youcanunetwo to five wolds)nc)ud)ng thewordgiven. wordgiven.Don'tchange


Circlethe correctitem. o ri g i n acl o n d i ti o n . A redecorated @ restored

Completethe secondsentenceusing the

1 lt's not worth tryingto grow orangesin England' point Thereis no pointtryingto grow oranges in England. 2 Juliacouldn'tdrinkthe tea as it wasveryhot. Thetea wastoo hot for Juliato drink. too 3 We havenevertravelledby busbefore. lt'sthe firsttime we havetravelledby bus. first 4 Jennyi s asol d asA l ai n. Jennyi sthe sameageasAlain. same 5 lf you don't leavenow,you'llbe latefor work. unless You'llbe late for work unlessyou leave


18 Unlessyou drive more carefully,you'll have an accident. 19 The museumis open to the public daily from 9 :0 0 a mto 6 :0 0 p m . 20 The ozone layerprotectsthe earth from the sun's


D hotel



13 Jeff didn't pay his bill, so now his electricityhas beencut off.



(10 marks)

11 Wind poweroffersa solutionto energyproblems' \asdas

when I arrive. D memo C note

shopsto l ookin' 10 Therearel otsof ...........' n qnpu[il,-,R si,,.!Fr,- C fesluqn-,,Ogendv-.

to buya newcar' money enough have 10 Hedoesn't \:)-

C be going @is going

D to bespeaking

Fill in the correctword derivedfrom the word in bold.


Adventuroustravellerscan go on ADVENTURE a trip down the river. Thereis a greatvarietyof plants VARY you can choosefrom. it is for me to do it as It'simpossible POSSIBLE verydifficult. of sources We shouldusealternative ALTERNATE energy. VisitingMaltawill be an FORGET unforgettableexperience. (5 marks)

Readthe sentences. lf a sentenceis correctput a tick (/). lf it hasa word whichshouldnot be there, write thiswordon the line.


I A visitto the Riowill neverbe complete th e 2 if you don't take part in the carnival ,/ 3 celebrations. lt is the world'smostbiggest most 1 streetpartyin whereyou can enjoyfantastic t n 5 costumes,bright decorations and a lotsof a danc ing.

1 Danis an aggressive person. 2 The'Act Now'groupplantedflowers to showpeoplehow they feel. 3 'Act Now' is for children. 4 Danwantsto teachpeoplehow to use fertilizers and pesticides. 'Act 5 Now'arranges publicprotestsand ' demonstrations. 6 Danknowslotsof famouspeople. 7 Danand hisgroupspenda lot of time on the computer.

(5 marks)

Communication Fnd the questionwhichmatches the answers. (SeeSuggested AnswersSection) Not really.

1 (hotel)?

I do, actually. 2


1 (rubbish)?




Noproblem. | don'tthinkso'

5 (weekend)? <\

F T F F T T T (10marks)

(making SpeakinQ decisions)

Why not?



It depends. 3

an interviewwith a memberof an environmentalprotectiongroup.Listenand mark the sentencesf (for true) or F(for false).

Yourschoolhasdecidedto join in a projectto help the environment. Lookat the pictures and,in pairs, decidewhichactivities youcouldparticipate in, givingreasons. (SeeSuggested Answers Section)

No,l'm not. (5 marks)

Completethe exchanges. A: How aboutgoingfor a gameof tennisafter work? B: No, l'm afraidnot. I haveto finishthis report. A: How muchdoesit costto rent? B: Well,it costsf50 per dayor f2OOfor a week. A: Do you acceptcreditcards? B: Yes,si4we acceptVisa,Mastercard and AmericanExpress. 1 A : Whenwill it be ready? B : Youcancomeand pick it up tomorrow m or nr ng. 5 A : Therearetoo manycarson the roadsthese days. It would be a good ideafor more people to take the bus. (5 morks)

plant flowers

straydogs -t--*

Usefulphrases o a o

a It would be a I t h i n k. . . W e shoul d... good ideato .. Whydon'twe ...? o Thatw ay ...

o So that .. o Then...




countries'Forquestions informationaboutdifferentEnglish-speaking you aregoingto readsomegeographical at the beginning' th. .;;;irv tn-cl.rnlr. is an example (1-tz\,choose

AJ O U R N EY WORLD THEENGLISH'SPEAKING THROUGH ffioublicoflrelandtakesupabout83%ottheislandof|re|and,whichis|ocatedinnorththerearehigh withanareaofiust70'285km2'Although is a smallcountry lreland Europe. western andusedforfarmland' isflatter partof lreland thecentral nearthecoasts, mountains and theyear'givinglrelandits greencountryside Mostof lrelandis mildandwetthroughout GLIMATE: lsle' it thenameTheEmerald earning 57%ofthelrishpeople onryabout city,However, andtherargest pEopLE: Dub'nis boththecapitar

since$en r ltwasthecens celticorisin l:Tli;Tiffi:il,T,'lTl?illli.Xlflii'T;x',:lffiJ$;;,.".'l,*anittrentotretanoaro ;d:Tl^lll'lll'tt'uno'000 populationare0f ,d ond thp

u y t r u l t ) ' v r ^ r r r Y oL 't ' v " v ' ' h a s b e e ni n v a d e da n dc o l o n l s g o

hasbeeninvadedandcoroniseotvcers'vitingps;;;ffi;il o weknowtodayasItith'*hi'h it ont thelanguage firstintroduced


hish' mainislands,theNorthlslandandthesouthlsland,aswellasanumberofsmallerislands'-The};j manv has rsrand south The mountains and hirrs tri':'lljj;TJilffiTffi, ilffii.niffi[i:rntry

ffiir asitsmanyrorests,

theNorth' than cooler much lsland thesouth with thevear, throushout rainy and ismird livesin population Zealand's

Aboutonethirdof New city,it is nottherargest. is thecapitar pE0pLE: weilington Arthough liveinruralareas' Zealanders 15%ofallNew tooay,onlyabout ci$ inNewZealand' thelargest of Auckland, numbers arealsoincreasing There settlers. of British aredescendants population 3,6g3,000 Mostof NewZealand,s

Zearand inNew fiving descent isrand Pacific and peopre o{Asian NewZearandisEngrish' T::|:i:"t||,J?ii::.]|'.1:l'-'|')t}ffinhli'll| Today,theofficiarransuaseof ||::ff:::fli:|iililffi;;';ffii,ffir*aso a|t ho u g h ma n y M a o ri s s p e a k th e i row n| anguage,Maori ,asw el l .

':T::10.1-*** coufltry largest km2,isthesecond withanareaof9,970,610 LAl{o:canada,

is pefiaFtsl canada thehp ol NortiAmerica "tss

ilt:tllttylll."'*"totCtntdttntou'redu'ithgreenforestsandcry knowntoritsva$size,anovarieVotnaturarwrrOemffi hills' therearerolling south, Further asprairies. areflatlandsknown whileinthecentre farnortharcticlandscape inthesouthto arcticinthenorth.lnfact,the fromtemperate ranges Thecrimate CLTMATE: areshortandquitecool' arecordandsummers lnthenorththewinters growthere. is socordthattreescannot thecentre' arewarm.rtiswetonthecoastsanddryin arecord,andthesummers inthesouththewinters whereas of over4 miltion' city,witha population is therargest butToronto of canada, pE0pLE: 0ttawais thecapital andthere immigrants British of arethedescendants of2g,450,000 popuration Morethanonethirdofcanada,s ,nr.h 2rc the nfficial the are andFrench official

ThisiswhvbothEngtish immigrants. orFrench H':H:i[ilfiilrrrndants American Native peopre' andAsian rtarian German, incrude immigrant rarge Other ofcanada. ranguages uponlya smallpa andlnuitmake lndians

Which country(ies) . i s s m a l l e r t h aonn l y o n e o t h e r

.:*:*,, .

hasone officiallanguage?


?: 3



. huu"..onr,un,.limatethroushout n ER 4, A theyear?

. .

6 nasan areawhere there are no trees? d i f f e r e n t a r em a d eu p o f m a n y


havea populationof about three

'll'l;i;;i';" . illl*;-,u.iat


7B 8:




I usd


,- I l n g

lb. t Listen againandfillin,thensing.

'our localcouncil isgoingto publish a brochure -lled Cleaning IJpOurTown. Thebrochure will rdudeshortarticles on howto improvethe svrronmentin havebeenaskedto 'tnte a shortarticlefor thisbrochure on improving :e qualityof the waterin the localriversandlakes. -se the planbelowto writeyourarticle. '20-180 words) (seesuggested Answers section)

I n trod u cti on r,-:


s fc t c y s r t t b lnet : r i v c r so n c l l o h c s l t o l l u t t d p c o p l c t h r o t yI i t t c r - J a c t o r i c sd u n t p i n d u s t r i a l l v d s t c- c ( 1 , 1 s' tr v i n r- c o n ' t t l r i n h t h c w l l ( r - n t u . s lr / o . s o n r c l h i r r g

\lain Body r:-.r 2)

o r - g a r r i soc c l c u n u p c c t m p o i g L- r v o l u r r f c c r s clcan up rivcrs ontl /ahcs - put oLtt tt1 ()t.c r u b b i s h l ; i n . s- l c - s ./si f t c r . i t l r r o t c r

::-a 3)

. f i n c J o r t o r i t s t h a t t l u n t l t i n d u s t r i u l r v o s t ci r r t o l a h c so n d r i v c r . -s t u t t t c pr o l l u t i o n w i l l c l c c r c a s -c c l c o n c r w o t c t .

Conclu si on r.:r.r 4)

tt-s/ott. ttltittiotr.'lt>crtlptoplc anclincluslry worh t o g t t h c r - c l c o n L t p( ) L t tl c t h c so n c l r - i v c r ._s c r n r swim ond usc f hc tuotcrogoitt

j rg Alongl

(20 marks)

(Total = 100 marks)

andthe titleof the song. .i, Lookat the pictures Whichof theseproblems do youexpectto hear about?Listen andcheck. : e f o r e s t a t i o nw , a t e r p o l l u t i o n ,e n d a n q e r e d s c e c t e se. t c

There'so s muchpol l uti on P o i s o n i nt hg e 1 ) a r r Therei s so much2) l i tter We canseeit everywnere 3) Wildlife i sd i s a p p e a r i n g W hi l eeveryone standsby Theworldwe loveis dying And we'rethe 4) reason w hy W hy are w e ki l l i ngour w orl d Why aren't we doing our share We can saveour planet We can help it survive All it needsis a little care ' l f w e al lw ork together S o m e t h i ncga nb e d o n e W e needa 5) cl eanup campai gn Whichinvolves everyone W e cansl owdow ngl obal6) w armi ng W e canstopthe aci drai n W e canhealour 7) pl anet W e canhel pi t l i veagai n W hy are w e ki l l i ngour w orl d ... l f w e don' tact qui ckl y Ourw orl dw i l l soonbe dead W e mustl eaveour 8) carsat home A nd usebi cycl es i nstead W e muststopusi ngchemi cal s A nd 9) burni ngfossifuel l s W e mustrecyclal e lour 10) w aste It'sso easyto do W e muststop ki l l i ngour w orl d W e muststartdoi ngour share...

ProgressUpdate Howdo you rateyourprogress? Tick(/) the box thatapplies you. to E xcel l entGood OK i C oul ddo betterr ** i


V ocabul ary & Grammar Lrsten ng Speaking Reading

W ri ti ng Communication




prmiJerh" The ii-rieis frmn'la weil-lEn*rmn q:*es l,qJha: ;t meanl it? i-an y*u rc,m$.-rlets \fi/hateint{oul th:epieLur.'son thls ,na'qe" h " ilie,qcriuhe arel :lir!nki.heireiaiiyr*"res uP? llrliiaritrnie eloyol-illsl,;ailiro,lial<* oI diolitll-'l''e:-':i Li|ilci!'tll"ouiro\l\;:11, L)oyr:t-l,,iiralq* an afrarmeilaelr? often h*ve {atenlc;[lts,nr d'r Ynulaluulrli" D0 5r0u,t *;-.rrlyi u;r:tn b,.-"d nei \iilhalr'i''li ;'rl-l d;i l1'tron'"0' l-irr'irtluhave ; stt ir-1. gr"ggr; Ldr-V;' ,si;;l![yelr: '-ie litii,,'iE.: tr'rrl' Llelcu.r r i,l,f ille 6:riini.:i ru:;irllrl t;1''11r'l;:ll, voti, jiLrenlrrIK;;illr: cleseri!:e 0 il'i'rtq r.iel'ltr,'. ;rr:irrr=rl,.:;


r urnsv,ciieir hai;eaacldenis ' of ier feeL g e t r Ln r c r e o i t e n t h a n o l h e r p e o p i e t , , l i o pf ; c r r i n d i E e s t t o n / h e a d a c heei cs r;ve irealilr problems(e.gheariproblein' poi i'tselc1 r;tttsct,tiar i r a v ea r e c L t l a i ' s l e ePPa i i e r n l-raver'-reais aL l'hesame ttmes everyciay

i ilrrtnoi,lstEi!,vclumsy. I coriraftenhcve accadefits" b. l-.lowe!r". ira,uf*ctr aafiLlivstll' i,1/hat lrfesifytr*?

you like ruound tu.rhange? U!'ny? eernXlar* uiitl"l ;tn:swel:;



* {

ir ff


b I' +tll,:,;t ,il! it

YourPartner. l::...a

i ,li:



R e a d i n gm : u l t i p l e. h " ; ; , , , a , 0 , .r u a . n i n g ;r e a d i n g 'o. s p e c i f iicn f o r m a t i o ns ;c n i n ga t e x t V o c a b u l a r yh: e a l t hp r o b l e m ss; t r e s sa n d r e l a x a t i o n ; descrrbing feelings; character adjectives G r a m m a r :o b l i g a i i o n ,p r o h i b i t i o ns; u g g e s t i o na n d recessrty; permission, request, abilityandpossibiy; past andperfectmodals; makingdeductions; questio tags Use of English:prepositions; phrasalverbs(give,go); nultiple choice cloze; error correction; key-word :'ansformations, idiomsandfixedphrases

: e d u c i n gm e a n i n gY; e s / Nsot a t e m e n tm s ;u l t i p l ce h o i c e ; -ratching speakers to statements Speaking: talkingabouthealthproblems; discussing ways .c relax; speculating aboutcauses; yourfriends; describing : ving advice; losing your temper; making an =cporntment; describing symptoms; talkingabouta resort F r o n u n c i a t i ow n :o r d sw i t h G r e e ka n d L a t i nr o o t s /Vriting:a for and againstessay;an article;a letter : c o u t a h e a l t hp r o b l e ma; s e to f r u l e s a Readthe title of the unit Elicitthe completeproverb from Ss (Earlyto bedandearlyto risemakes a manhealthy, wealthyandwise) Ssthen explainthe proverbAsk Ss what they would expectto find in the unit (health, Iifesty Ies,routines,eIc). c Ask Ss to Iook at the picturesone at a time and describe what theysee ThenSsanswerthe question. Suggested AnswerKey ' ln thefirstpicture,I can seetwoyoung womenworkingin an office.Theyseemto bediscussing somepapers,whichareon thedesk.Thedeskiscovered withpapersandeveryone tooks very busy.ln the backgroundthereare other desks.The womenprobablygetup eailyso that theycangetreadyfor work.Duringtheirlunchbreak,theycouldgo to theparkor a nearbyfastfoodrestaurant. Afterwork,theymaygo to e gym or go out with friends.Whentheygo home,they probablyhave dinner and watch W for a while. They probablydon'tgo to bedverylatebecause theyhaverc get upearlythenextmorning. ln thesecond picture,I canseea youngboy.Heis justabout to getontotheschoolbusandgo to school.Heis wearinga hoodedcoat,soit isprobablyquitecold.Heislookingback andsmiling.Heprobablydoesn'tneedto get upsoearly.He wouldhave lessons in the morningand afternoon. At lunchtime, probablvhave school he and hisclassmates dinners in the school diningroom.Heprobabiycomeshome fromschoolat aboutthreethirty.Afterthatt thinkhedoeshis homeworkand playswith hisfriends.Heprobablyhashis eveningmealandgoesto bedquiteearly. ln thenextpicture,thereis a seemsto be late at night and fairly cool becauseshe is coveredwith a blanket.Sheis smiting,so perhapssheis watchinga comedy.Sheis fairlyyoung,so shemay be a university student.Perhapsshegoesto lectures duringthe dayandhaslunchin thecafeteria at theuniversity. Then,in theevening,sheprobablygoesjoggingbeforeshegoesout with herfriendsWhenshecomeshome,shemay studyor watchTVbeforeshegoesto bed It thenextpicture,thereisa youngwomanwalkingto work. Shelookslikea business woman,so perhapssheis on her way to a business meeting.Sheis carryinga briefcase and seemsto be in a hurry.Sheprobablygets up earlyevery


morningand commutes to workby busor train.Duringthe day,sheprobablyattendslotsof meetings andspends a lotof timein herofficeworkingon presentations andreports.She probablywork lateeveryday.Bythetimeshegoeshome,it is probablyquiteIate,soI thinkshewouldgostraightto bed. ln the lastpicture,thereis a farmerdrivinga tractor.Heis casuallydressed.He probablygets up very early every morningsothat hecando all hischores. Heprobablyworks outdoorsmostof theday,caringfor theanimalsor making repairs.At lunchtime,he probably goes back to the farmhouseand has a cookedlunch.ln the afternoon,he continuesworkinguntil sunset,whenhe goesbackto the farmhouse for dinner. At nightheprobablywatchesTVfor a while.I thinkhe watchesthe weatherforecasteveryday.I thinkhealsogoesto bedveryearlyeveryday.

c. .

R e a dt h e q u e s t i o nasl o u d S s w o r k i n p a t r sa n o answerthe questionsMonitor Ss, performance aroundthe classAsk individual Ssto presenttheir answers to the class

Suggested AnswerKey I usuallywake up at about half past six. Howeveton the weekends, I liketo sleepin untilaroundnine. I needan alarmclocktowakeup. Duilngtheweekltry togo to bedearly.However, I stayuplateon FridayandSaturday nights. DuringtheweekI havea strictschedule. I get up at aroundhalf past six,and I get readyfor school.t ridemy bicycleto school everyday.I havelessons in themorningandthenI havelunchat aroundtwelvethirty.Mymotherusuallymakesmylunchandt sit withmyfriends andeat.Then, weplayfootballuntiltessons stort again After schoo[I go straighthome I have to do my homeworkandalsomy chores. Then,I canptaywith my friends fora while. At aroundeight,mymothercalls,andI haveto go it and get readyfor dinner.Thewholefamilyeatstogether. After dinner,I watchTVwithny familyfor aboutan hourbeforeI get readyforbed.I usuallygo to bedquiteearly. . As an extensjon, askSsto makea dailytimetable showing t h e i rd a i l ya c t i v i t i e s 2 a. Explain the taskandanyunknownwords Sscomptere the task Then,elicitthe adverbs gMays, of frequency usually, often,sometimes, rarely/seldom, never)Sswork in pairs and make up sentencesabout themselves Monitor5s' performance aroundthe classCheckSs, answersby askingindividualSs to read out thejr sentences Suggested AnswerKey I rarelyfeeltired. I nevergetill. I don'tgetill moreoftenthanotherpeople. I sometimes sufferfromheadaches. I neversufferfromindigestion lrarelyhaveanyhealthproblems. lalwayshavea regularsleeppattern. I alwayshavemealsat thesametimeseveryday. b. Readthe questionsAllow Ss sometime to prepare their answersThen,Ss work in pairsand compare theiranswers. Suggested AnswerKey A: I'm quitesatisfiedwith my life.I don,tthinkI wouldchange anything, really.Howaboutyou? B: l'm quiteboredwithmylifeat themoment. I thinkt needto dosonethingnew.t thinkI willlearntoplaytennis.


AnswerKeY Suggested hypothalamus (Greek),hormones (Greek),psychological (Greek), tempo (Latin),glucose(Greek), (Greek),synchronises fatigue evolution(Latin),revolution(Latin),routine(French), (F (French), e rench) negativ

a. Ask Ss to look at the pictureof the man at the sloud Elicit b o t t o m o f p 7 1 R e a dt h e q u e s t i o n a Ss. from answers AnswerKeY Suggested because Themanislookingat theclock.I thinkhefeelsstressed he hassomuchworkto do.He lookslikehe wantsto throwhis at theclock. briefcase aroundthe b. Readthe questionaloud Elicit5s'answers to get quickly text the classAsk Ssto skimthrough Ask 5s questions aqain the 5s answer the gist Then, arecorrect to raisetheirhandsif theirguesses AnswerKeY Suggested rthelpsme dailyroutineisimportantbecause I thinka standard day' busy in my to I need anddo everythrng to beorganised because is important routine daily a standard Thetextsaysthat andthishelpsto keepus ourbodyworkingin harmony, it keeps healthy.



order to complete the task successfully elicl iP from Ss. AlternativelY, to ur minutesto silentlyreadthe three AllowSs text. Do question1 with Ss.Readout the part of the questionin boldand,with Ss,findthe linethe questionrefersto. Elicitthat it refersto somethlng that hasalreadybeenmentionedin the text Read the whole sentenceReadout the optionsA-D Help5s decideon the correctanswerby a process the answeris C because of elimination (Thecorrect 'bodyclock'that says"we have a previoussentence controlsour body\ natural rhythm"') Focus Ss' attention on how the informationhas been rephrased.Ss complete the task Check 5s' anoasKthemto justifytheirchoices answers

answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See asa verbandmeansto workor functionin this 2 Tickis used sentence. 'it 3 The text says controlsmany things,rncludingour and alertness' immunefunctrons temperature, hormones, withan orchestra'' all theselikea conductor It synchronises 'Altering andwaking ourpatternsof sleeping 4 Thetextsays system'. ourimmune affects dramatically 5 Thetext says"Wefunctionbestwith a regularpatternof that is in tune wrth our natural sleepand wakefulness environment'. cuesarewhatkeepourbodyclocks Thetext says'Nature's workingin harmony'' and tickingrhythmically everything . As an extension,ask Ss:lVhottypeof writingis it? (anarticle)Wherecouldit be found?(in a iournalor magazine) q.

performance aroundthe classChoosesomeSsto to the class presenttheiranswers

71(r) -

(5s'ownanswers) .



o/oudusingthe 5's Remind5s to practiseReading and follow the text the to listen Ss CD/cassette l i n e s 5 s l i s t e na g a i nw i t h p a u s e st ,h e n r e a do u t from the text

R e a dt h e q u e s t i o nas n d e x p l a i nt h e t a s k A l l o w 5 s t i m e t o p r e p a r et h e i r a n s w e r sT h e n , a s k S s t o c o m p a r et h e i r a n s w e r sM o n i t o r 5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c e a r o u n dt h e c l a s sC. h o o s es o m ep a i r st o p r e s e ntth e l r to the class answers

AnswerKeY Suggested peopleta A: I thinkthewriterwrotethisarticleto persuade havea regularroutine.Whatdoyouthink? the writerwantsto tellpeopleabout B: I agree.ln particular, of thehealthbenefits havinga regularroutineArethere with? anypointsYoudisagree as a matterof fact'I don't A: Well,yes.Thereis something, functionbestwhen ourpatterns thinkthat wenecessarily are in tune with the natura of sleepand wakefulness Afterall, what aboutall the shift workers' environment. to beableto do theiriobsquitewellevenif thel Theyseem startor finishworkin themiddleof thenight'Whatdoyot think? thatyou didn'tknov' right.tsthereanyinformation B: You're beforereadingthearticle? A: Well,yes, I didn't know that our body clock was sc tmportant. B: Me neither.Also,I didn't know that we had killercell: I learntquitea lot aboutmy bod; in ourbodres. circulatrng clock. As an extension,ask 5s to write down their dail r o r t i n e t, h e nc o m p a r teh e i ra n s w e r s

'Routine, is usually


In an areaof our brainscalledthe hypothalamus, we havea 'body clock, 'j ttrrar h a t conlrols c o n t r o l sour our b o d yS ' snatural oooy n a t u r arhythms. rl h y t h m s lt l.t ttells e l l sus u s when w h e n it's i t , sthe t h e rright i g h ttime t i m eto t o Iine line,j2 ear, sreep, work and play. lt plays an importantpart in our physical and is, in fact, what makes us tick and it controlsmany line1 4 '!


things including our fig;pnnnac

iamnaratr "n


{..^^+i^^^ ^-r



synchronises all these likr ,,'' blings in al!!!e d1ffq1en! ,',,,i;:,;i lnslru,r1 . . "', r'or.:rr , 1.1:, try to ignore'our.body Clocks; ourselvesof much needed rest but we al. lgnoringyour body clock'and chan( depressed,anxious and accident pror example,heart disease, fatigue, ulcers, muscular pain, and frequent viral infections can all resultfrom trying to outsmart our bo q.qamatically affectsour immune syste

Read ing'.%"jfrJ:"[ff ilffili-:,:?:fl"1-: ourbloodstream for longerperiodsof timear a. Whatisthe man . berowrookinsat? ili,1?;::J,$TJ3ffi"fffiHilffi: "j.;ni1#::ilff'1"il" ":i,ifi3,#i How you do think he feels?Why?

We functionbest with a regularpatternof sleep and waf,efulness that is in tune-with our naturalenvironment.Nature'scues are wh.atkeep our body, clocks ticking rhythmicallyand everythingworking in o. ls it importantto havea harmony. So, next time you think a daily routineis borinq and predictable,rememberthat routinemay well' standarddaily routine? W h y / W h y n o t ? S a V e y o u r | i f e i n ' t h e | o n g r u n ' Readthe text to find out. 5 , Accordingto the text, we should : , R e a dt h e t e x t a g a i na n d c h o o s et h e c o r r e c t A d o t h i n g sw h e no u r b o d yt e l l su st o a n s w e LA , B , C o r D , f o r q u e s t i o n s1 - 6 . B o r g a n i soeu r b o d yc l o c ka c c o r d i ntgo a s t r i c t

s c h eu dl e u s e t h e n a t u reanl v i r o n m e n t t o w o r k o u t a r e g u l a r @ routine D havea boring,slow-paced lifestyle

'Vhatdoesitinline12referto? A o u r b o d y ' sn a t u r arl h y t h m s B the hypothalamus clock ! our body'sbiological D o u rb r a i n


, V h a td o e st h e w o r d f k k i n l i n e 1 4 m e a n ?' A check B motivate


Accordingto the text, our body clock c a nb e c h a n g e w d i t h o u th a r m d e t e r m i n ewsh e nw e s h o u l dd o t h i n g s C helpsus to fight sleep D is a boringroutine


f unction

' whatwayis our bodyclocklikethe :cnductor ductorof an orchestra? Thehypothalamus controls ouractions

d. Explain the words/phrases in bold.WhichrWolrds in the text do youthinkcomefromanother language? Arethereanywordsin the texl textthat arethesamein yourlanguage?

;i makesall the body'sfunctionswork : o g e t h ear t t h e r i g h tt i m e

' .',e changeour sleeppatterns,we : . . : lg e t a n i r f e c t i o n : I

Follow-up Whyhasthe writerwrittenthisarticle? Arethere anypointsin thearticle youdisagree with?lsthere anyinformation youdid not knowbeforereading the article? Compare answers with yourpartner.

, I d . s t u r bo u r i m m u n es y s t e m . r l lg e t h e a r td i s e a s e ; e t h r g hl e v e los f d a n g e r o ucse l l s





Explain the task Readthe information in the table a l o u da n de x p l a i a n n yu n k n o w nw o r d sS sw o r k i n pairsandcompletethe task CheckSs,answers As an extension,ask Ss to extend the list by a d d i n go t h e rc o m m o nh e a l t hp r o b l e m sT h e na s k 5s to do some researchin the library/onthe I n t e r n eat n dc o m p l e t a e s i m i l atra b l e

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) c . S s w o r k i n p a i r s a n d d o t h e t a s k M o nj t o r S s , performanceAsksomepairsto presenttheirideasto the class Alternatively, go through each protrtem indrviduallyAsk Ss: Haveyou everhad thisproblem? What are the symptoms?What causesit? fhen, Ss c o m p l e t teh e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s Suggested AnswerKey ' If you havedifficultybreathingandyou arewheezrng, men you probablyhaveasthma.Thisis usuallycausedby an allergyto dustor animals ' lfyoucan'tsleep, thenyou'veprobably gotinsomnia. Thisis usually caused by stress or anxiety. ' lf you can'tstopyawning,thenyou areprobablyovertired. Thisisusually caused bynotgettingenoughsleep. ' lf you havea headache, feverand achingmusctes, then you'veprobably gotflu.Thisisusually caused bya virus. ' lf you have a painful muscle contraction,then you've orobablygot cramp Thisis usuallycausedby doing too muchexercise. ' 'f you havespotsand red lumpson thefaceandneck,then ;/ou'veprobablygot acne.Thisisusuallycausedby bacteria tnder theskin. ' !you havea hightemperature, nauseaanddizziness, then'veprobablygot heat stroke. Thisis usuallycauseaoy soending toomuchtimein he sun. " ryou havea runnynoseandsoreeyes,andyou can,tstop ;teezing,thenyou'veprobablygot hayfever.This is usually :susedby an allergyto pollen. :

AnswerKey lf youhavea blackeye,youshouldputsomeiceon it lf youhavea sprained wrist,youshouldput it in a sling. lfyouhavetravelsickness, youshouldgetsomefreshair. lf youhavea pulledmuscle,you shouldresttheinjuredpart. lf youhavefoodpoisoning, youshoulddrinkplentyof fluids. lfyouhavea sorethroat,youshouldsuckon a throatlozenge. lf you havea streamingcold,you shouldask the doctorto prescribe somemedicine. lf youhavea nosebleed, youshouldpinchyour nose. c. Explain the task Sswork in pairsandactout dialogues MonitorSs'performance aroundthe classAsk some jn frontof the class pairsto actout theirdialogues Suggested AnswerKey . A: l'vegot a blackeye B: Really? Why? A: lwasin a fight. B: Youshouldput someiceon it


A: B: A: B:

l'vegota sprained wrist Really? Why? lwasplayingtennis. Youshouldput it in a sling. etc

Writing 7 E x p l a itnh e t a s k E l i c iw t h a t k i n do f l e t t e r5 ss h o u l dw r i t e (informal)Assignthe task as written HW Check Ss,

Suggested AnswerKey DearSally, Hi! How areyou?I'm writingto tellyou about a problem that l'vehadrecently.

E x p i a i tnh e t a s k a n d r e a dt h e p r o m p t sS s w o r k i n c a i r sa n d d o t h e t a s k C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s

:.-Egested AnswerKey . , :ouldsufferfromheatstrokeon a veryhot day. . - :culdsufferfroma coldif youget weton a coldday. :irclainthe task.Thenreadthe wordsand explainthe -eaningof anyunknownwords,Sswork in pairsand ::mpletethe task.CheckSs,answers. As an extension, :;< Ssto addto the listof healthrelatedcollocations ^s,verKey(See overprinted answers) : :k eye:Youmaygeta blackeyeif youarein a fight. .:'cined wrist:Youmaygeta sprained wristif youplaytennis. , tel sickness: Youmaygettravelsickness if you sitin theback :. tt thecar. -,,edmuscle:Youmaygeta pulledmuscle if youplay sports - )ut warming uppropeilybeforehand. :'id poisoning:Youmayget foodpoisoningif you eat meat : lasn't beencookedproperly. : -.,ethroat:Youmaygeta sorethroatif youhavea cold ::,eamingcold:Youmaygeta streaming coldif yougetweton : ::.7 day. -osebleed:You maygeta nosebleed if youfallover.

now I'm,getting quitegood.Thedoctorsaysthat my cast ll comeoffin anotherthreeweeks, butit willbea longtimebe â&#x201A;Ź Igo horseridingagain! Anyway, that'smynews.please writebackand tellme.,,,.:. youhavebeenup to since I lastheardfromyou Lotsof love, Emma

b . E x p l a i nt h e t a s k . R e a dt h e a d v i c ea n d e x p l n a n y u n k n o w nw o r d s .S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p t e t h e task.Check5s' answers.


R e a da n d e x p l a i nt h e t a s k R e a dt h r o u g ht h e s t r e s s f u l s i t u a t i o nasn d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r d s S s p u t t h e s i t u a t i o n isn o r d e r T h e n ,m o d e lt h e e x a m p l e as n d S s work in pairs and talk about them Monitor 5s' performance aroundthe classAsksomepairsto present vote on each their opinionsto the class Alternatively, situationand constructa classgraphof the mostto least situations stressful AnswerKey Suggested b-l c-6 d-3 a-5




' ' , ' '

h-8 l-9


A: Takingan exam is definitelythe secondmost stressful Whataboutyou? I getreallynervous! situatton. Well,not beingableto sleepat night is the secondmost situationfor me. I hate tossingand turningall stressful night. situationhasto be waitingin a A: Andmy thirdmoststressful queuefor a long time.Youknow,I iust hatewastingmy ttme.etc the task Focus5s'attentionon the structures a. Explain (prefer+ noun/'ing form + to + noun/-ingform; would rather+ bareinf + than+ bareinfl Ask 5sto look at the picturesand work in pairsto completethe task Monitor Ss' performancearound the class Ask to the class 5sto presenttheirsentences individual

b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k .E x p l a itnh a t S sw i l l h a v et o d e d u c e ' so r d sa n d t o n e o = t h e m e a n i n gf r o m t h e s p e a k e r w voice Playthe cassetteSs do the task CheckSs answers.As an extension,play the cassetteagar pausingafter eachspeakerAsk Ssto point out the that helpedthem to decideon the words/phrases correctanswer. answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 1 1 E x p l a i nt h e t a s k . S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e t a s k M o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n caer o u n dt h e c l a s s C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sb y a s k i n g i n d i v i d u a lS s t o p r e s e n t t h e

AnswerKey Suggested I prefergettingtogetherwith friendsto goingshopping. l'drathergo cyclingthango to thegym. I preferreadinga goodbooktopainting l'dratherlistento musicthanplaymusic b . E x p l a i tnh e t a s ka n d r e a dt h e s u g g e s t evdo c a b u l a r y S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e t a s k M o n i t o r5 s ' performancearound the class Ask some pairsto p r e s e ntth e i rd i a l o g u et so t h e c l a s s



a n d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r k s 5 s d o t h e t a s k CheckSs'answers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted b . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e r o u n dt h e c l a s s t a s k M o n i t o r S s ' p e r f o r m a n ca C h e c k5 s ' a n s w e r bs y a s k i n gi n d i v i d u a5ls t o p r e s e r : to the class theirdescriptions AnswerKey Suggested . t thinkBillisa perfectionist, tc hewantseverything because and won'tacceptanythinqthat is not asgooc beperfect, be. asit couldpossibly . I wouldn'tsay Sarahis arrogant,because she certatnl) thinksheisbetterthanotherpeople. doesn't . Jamesis veryreliable,because he canalwaysbe trustedtc you him to do. want do exactlywhat

1 0 a . E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a dt h e t h e o r yt a b l ea n dt h e l i s to f aloud Sswork in pairsand completethe adjectives task CheckSs'answers



andthe prompi: the task Readthe adjectives 12 a. Explain

A: I reallylovegoinghiking. I hatehiking,butlenioygoingto thecinema' B: ReallyT

AnswerKey Suggested , I feltdisappointed whenI fatledthe test. Failingthetestwasdrsappointing. , lfelt thrilledwhenlwenton therollercoaster' wasthrilling. Goingon therollercoaster . I felttiredafterI wentto thegym. Goingto thegYmwastiring. , lfelt embarrassed whenlfelldownthestairs' Fallingdownthestairswasembarrassing . lfeltfrightenedwhen I heardtheexplosion' wasfnghtening Hearingtheexplosion ' I fettexcitedwhenI sawBritneySpears walkout ontothe stage. walkoutontothestagewasexciting. Spears Seeing Britney ' l feltannoyedwhenI wasstuckin a trafficiam. Beingstuckin a trafficiam wasannoying


AnswerKey Suggested WhenI sawmy firstfootballmatchI feltveryexcited. Whenmygrandmotherwasin hospitalI feltveryworried etc

AnswerKey Suggested . A: lfind visitingan art galleryquiterelaxing. but |m notveryfondof going to art galleries, B: Really? park' the through quite keenonstrolling l'm .

rnthemuseum. whenI sawthedinosaurs lfelt fascinated rnthemuseumwasfascinating' thedinosaurs Seeing whenlheardtheproblem. lfelt confused theproblemwasconfusing. Hearing I feltworriedwhenmy sondidn'tarrive. MysonnotarrivingwasworrYing whenI listento music. lfeelrelaxed to musicisrelaxing. Listentng I feelboredwhenI havenothingto do. Havingnothingto doisboring whenI heardthenews. lfeltpleased Hearing thenewswaspleasing to bebackhomeat last. I feelrelieved at lastisrelrevrng. Beingbackhome



1 0 b( p . 7 3 ) for Exercise Tapescript for thesametapescript p book 201 of the S's Sscanreferto ( d i s a p p o i n t eOdh) n o l l ' v eg o t a l e t t e rf r o mt h e c o m p a n yI a p p l l e df o r a j c : w i t h l t s a y st h e y ' v ef o u n ds o m e o n e l s e lO h ,w h a t a s h a m e l w a s s u r el ' : g e tt h a t j o b ! ( c o n f u s e dW) a i t a m i n u t e I d o n ' t u n d e r s t a ntdh i s T h e m a n u a ls a y sp u : t a k ea n ys e n s e p l u gA i n s o c k e B t l t d o e s n 'm t , b u t I c a n ' tf i n d a s o c k eB ( r e l a x e dA)h l I c o u l dr e a l l yg e t u s e dt o t h i s lT h e r e 'ns o t h i n gl i k el y i n gb y t h â&#x201A;Ź l h:: p o o lo n a s u n n yd a yw i t h a w a i t e rb r i n g r n ygo u c o o lr e f r e s h l ndgr i n k sT i st h e l l f e

Stress andRelaxation

Describing Feelings

Lookat the listbelowandrankthe stressful situations from 1 to 9, where1 isthe leaststressful and9 the moststressful. yourlistto your Compare oartner's andtalkaboutthe situations.

thetable,thenchoose wordsfromthe 10 t. Study listandmakeuppairs of sentences, asinthe examples inthetable.

aTl belngstuckin a trafficjam Oorng\hehousework N ?Tl waiting in a queue fora longtime ETI beinglatefor school/work lETl missing thebus/train to school/work [TTl walking homealone at nrght IgT-l goingto thedentist lhTl takingan exam [l-fl notbeingableto sleepat night

Present/Past Particioles

\\e use-edparircrp\es \o descr\be howvrre\ee\l\eh. I feltsatisfied when passed t thetest, We use-ing participles to saywhat an experience islwas like;Possing thetestwos sotisfying,

. . r .

A: Tome,goingto thedentist isthemoststressfulsituation. I can'tstand drills! Whataboutyou? B: Well, I justhatebeingstuckin traffic jams.I reallyget stressed whenI haveto sitandwaitforages.

o disappointed . thrilled. tired satisfied r frightened r excited embarrassed . confused . worried annoyedo fascinated . relieved relaxed. bored. pleased

Listen andsayhoweachspeaker sounds, using wordsfromthe listabove. A disappointed


a. Lookat the pictures. Whichwouldyoudo to you can helpyou relaxwhenyouarestressed? addyourown ideas.

B confused

C relaxed

things- onepleasant andone 1 1 Talkabouttwo unpleasantthat happened to you.Saywhat happened andhowyou felt aboutit, asin the examples. When mydogwentmissing I feltveryworried. When ny dogcamehomeagaintfeltrelieved.

Character Adjeetives 12

Ipreferplayingtennisto goingto thegym. l'd ratherwatchN thanplaycomputer games. b. ln pairs,discuss whatyoupreferdoingto relax. Usethe tablebelow. '&li:.l:iti'i enloy/like/love/ -: oflinterested inl on lllfr:: . . quiteexciting/ reat ^g,/fascinating etc


I d o n ' tl i k e I hate/detesVcan't stand l'm not veryfond ofl interested in/keenon . I fjnd a biVratherboring/ t i r i n ge t c

A: lfindpaintingquiterelaxing. B: Really? lh notveryfondofdrawing, buttenjoyplaying squash.


Matchthe character adjectives to the definitions.

IJTFJsociable a l2Til sentimentatb l3Telconservative c IZTJIperfectionist d lSTil arrogant e confident f [6Th-l lTTll moody g reliable [ETd-l h practical lgTgl i impatient j h0TT-J

wantthinqsto beoerfect tikegoingloparties showpitv/love canbetrusted hatechanqe/new ideas can'twait]ortonq makesensible deisions besureof yourabilitres change feelings frequently thinkyou,rebetterthanothers

b. Whichof the adjectives abovebestdescribe you/yourfriends? Givereasons. Useadiectives of yourown aswell. I thinkl'mquitesociable, because I likegoingto parties and beingwithfriends, I wouldn't sayIh shy,because I don,tfeeluncomfortable withpeople l'vejustmet.


O b l i g a t i oPnr, o h i b i t i o n Srraaestion Necessity ' 13


another Canyousuggest $ Jointhesentences. ending to eachsentence?

ar Reference

Studentshaveto studyhard

in and matchthe verbs/modals Readthe sentences bold to their meanings.Whichexpress:obligotion? lack of necessity? prohibition? suggestion?necessity?

Athleteshaveto regularly exercise

Patients with a heart conditionmustavoid stress

lETcl You mustn't smokein here lOTeI Youdon't haveto driveme to the station Youshouldn'tbe rudeto yourmother. lgT6] tn the UK you have to be 17 to get a driving

Thisis necessary lt would be a good ideanot to do this Thisis veryimportant;it isessential

listento theirpatients. Doctors should usingthe aboutpatients, b. Writethreesentences verbsfisten,tell and visit. in asmany thesesignsintofull sentences t $ Expand Wheremightyou seeeachsign? waysaspossible.


No eoting!


No talking!

Youmustnotsmoke. isforbidden. Smoking Youarenot allowed tosmoke. We night find this place. signinapublic

because they mustkeepfit

or else

theywon't pass therrexams

Writea setof fiverulesaboutwhat studentsneedto do whileat school.

Request, Permission, ^


. 1 . ,

' l

' l ' .

ta \nvt"l 't'T) t\ / P n q q t n I t T \ / mar Reference

.l 7 Matchthe modalsin boldto the functions below. a t . p o s s i b i l i t.y l a c ko f a b i l i t y. p e r m i s s i o n . request. ability . lackof permission 1 Could/Wouldyou helpme with my homework? 2 Youcan't/mustn'Vmaynot smokein here. 3 Youcan/mayborrowmy dictionary. 4 H ec a n p l a yt h e p i a n or e a l l yw e l l 5 Hecould/may/mighthavethe flu 6 | can't speakFrench

andmakeupthreesentences 14 a. Usetheprompts andnurses. eachaboutdoctors m u s V m u s t n ' t l i s t e nt o t h e i rp a t i e n t s s t u d ym e d i c i naet u n i v e rtsY d o n ' th a v et o d o s h i f tw o r k st home v i s i t h e i rp a t i e n t a should/ beimpatient s h o ul dn ' t b e k i n dt o p a t t e n t s ought to/

theywill havea heartattack


licence. l t w o u l db e a g o o di d e at o d o t h i s T h i si s a r u l e Youarenot allowedto do this;it is forbidden l t i s i m p o r t a ntth a t y o u d o t h i s . but you can if you want to lt's not necessary,


Everyone should havea first-aidkit at home

must wear masksduringan operation lJTf I Surgeons Y o uo u g h t t o h a v ea n a n n u acl h e c k - u p l:T6-lYou must cleanyourteetheveryday You needto sleepfor at least7 hoursa night

a b c d e f g h

of anemergency

| $

Underlinethe correctmodal,then explainits use. it be OK if I left earlytoday?request 1 Could/ see without his qlasseslack of 2 He won't ability borrowmY car lack No, you would not of permission /canbe in the garden S h ei s n ' ti n s i d es; h e possibility go home if you aren't feelingwell You will/ permtSSron

Vlodals Past & Perfect GrammarReference

1 9 M a t c ht h e m o d a l si n b o l dt o t h e i r m e a n i n g . I s h o u l dh a v ep h o n e dm y m u mo n h e rb i r t h d a y we l2Tll vou needn't have bought a ticket,because hadan extraone Ue ought not to haveshoutedat hisneighbour 13T6-l lZTaI lim droveme to work, so I didn't haveto walk. lSTcl He couldn't/wasn'table to play footballuntil h i sl e gh e a l e d l6Tel He didn't need to go to the supermarket, b e c a u shei sw i f e h a da l r e a ddy o n et h e s h o p p i n g


Explain t h e t a s k , R e a dt h e s e n t e n c easn d e x p l a i na n y unknownwords. Refer5s to the GrammarReference Sectionfor furtherdetail.Sswork in pairsand complete the task.CheckSs'answersAs an extension, ask Ssto make up their own sentencesusing each of the verbs/modals.

AnswerKey Athleteshaveto exercise regularlybecause they mustkeepfit. Everyone shouldhavea first aid kit at homein caseof an emergency. Patients with a heartconditionmustavoid stress or etsethey willhavea heartattack.

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) Obligation: must(l),haveto Prohibition:mustn't Suggestion: oughtto,shouldn't Necessity: needto,must(3) Lockof Necessity: don'thaveto '4

a . E x p l a itnh e t a s k .R e a dt h e p r o m p t sa l o u da n de x p l a i n any unknownwords Sswork in pairsand complete t h e t a s k .C h e c kS sa n s w e rbs y a s k i n gi n d i v i d u aSlst o presenttheirsentences to the class Suggested AnswerKey )octorsmuststudymedicineat university. haveto do shiftwork. "lurses )octors don'thaveto visittheirpatientsat home oughtnotto beimpatient. "lurses )octorsoughtto bekindtopatients. ',ttrses needto enjoyworkingwithpeople. )octorshaveto worklonghours. ,-:cctors oughtto explaintreatments to theirpatients. b . E x p l a i nt h e t a s k E l i c i tp o i n t sa b o u t p a t i e n t sa n d write them on the board Allow Ss some time to completethe task CheckSs'answersby askingsome 5sto readtheirsentences aloud As an extension, ask Ssto makeup sentences usingotherverbs Suggested AnswerKey : etientshaveto listencarefully to theirdoctor'sadvice 'ttients shouldtelltheirdoctor whatmedicines theyaretaking. : stientsdon'thaveto visittheir doctor,s surgery. :ttients mustn't take any medication without a doctor\ :,escnptton.


I r c l a i n t h e t a s k . R e a dt h e s i g n s a n d t h e e x a m p l e : : l t e n c e s .5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k C h e c k !s' answersaroundthe class irggestedAnswerKey ' Youmustnotenter.Youare notallowedto enter. Youmightfindthissignon a doorforstaffonly. ' Youmustnoteat.Eatingisforbidden. Eatingisnot allowed here. Youmightfindthissignin a library. ' Youmustnot arenot allowed to tatk. Youmightfind thissignin an examination hall. ' Yaumust not feedthe animals. Feedingthe animalsis forbidden. Youarenot allowedto feedtheanimals. Youmightfindthissignat a zoo.

Suggested AnswerKey Students haveto studyveryhardor elsetheywittfait. Athleteshave to exerciseregularlyin case they have to compete. Everyone shouldhavea firstaidkit at homebecause younever knowwhentheywillneedit. Patients with a heartconditionmustavoidstress because it is harmfulto theirhealth. Writing Project Explain t h e t a s k ,E l i c i w t h a t t h i n g sS s n e e dt o d o w h i l e a t s c h o o l .A I l o w S s s o m e t i m e t o w r i t e t h e i r s c n o o tr u t e s Alternatively, assignas written HW Check5s,answersAs an leafletand distributed to otherclasses Suggested AnswerKey Students mustarriveat theirlessons on time. Students mustnotsmoke. Students mustdo all theirhomework. Students mustnot eatin theclassroom. Students mustalwaysbepreparedfor class. 1 7 E x p l a i tnh e t a s k R e a da n d e x p l a i nt h e s e n t e n c e R s efer Ssto the GrammarReference Sectionfor furtherdetail S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c kS s , answersAs an extension, ask Ssto write an additional sentence for eachfunction AnswerKey 1 request 3 permission 5 possibility 2 lackof permission 4 ability 6 lackof ability 1 8 E x p l a itnh e t a s k .R e a dt h e s e n t e n c easl o u d .S sc o m p l e t e t h e t a s k .C h e c kS s 'a n s w e rasr o u n dt h e c l a s s . AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) n

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .R e a dt h e n t e n c e sa l o u da n d e x p l a i n a n yu n k n o w nw o r d s R . e f e r t o t h e G r a m m aR r eference Sectionfor furtherdetail ss work in pairsto compl t h e i a s k .C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sA.s a n e x t e n s i o na,s kS s makeup alternative sentences for eachmeaning AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers)

: . c i a i n t h e t a s k R e a dt h e p r o m p t sa n d e x p i a i na n y , - < n o w nw o r d s S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k - ' e c kS s 'a n s w e rasr o u n dt h e c l a s s

7 4I)

Z O E x p l a itnh e t a s k 5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t teh e t a s k . CheckSs'answers answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted 21 Explainthe task Read the sentencesaloud Present nresent/oerfect infinitives Refer 5s to the Grammar Reference Sectionfor further detail 5s completethe task CheckSs'answers. answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprrnted t h a t m i g h tb e h a p p e n i niqn e a c h 2 2 E x p l a itnh e t a s k E l i c iw picture Sswork in pairsand completethe task Check 5 s ' p e r f o r m a n cbey a s k i n gi n d i v i d u aSl st o p r e s e ntth e t r to the class sentences AnswerKey Suggested 2 Shemustbetired. stayupsolateat ntght. Sheshouldn't untillatelastnight. Shemusthavebeenstudying Sheoughtto go to bedearlier. Shecouldbebored. 3 Hemustbefrustrated. Hemustbeat school. Hecouldbebored. hishomework. Hecan'thavefinished Heoughtto studyharder. Game in the Student's Playthe gameaccordingto the instructions Book t h e t a s k R e a da n d e x p l a i nt h e t h e o r yb o x 23 a. Explain Refer Ss to the Grammar ReferenceSectionfor further detail 5s completethe task Check Ss' completethe exerciseas a answers Alternatively, eachquestionaloud by reading activity whole class a n de l i c i t i ntgh e a n s w e r . AnswerKey 'rshe'and'didn'tshe'arequestion tags. asksforconfirmation. Thefirstquestion Thesecond sentence asksforinformation. Weform questiontagswith the auxiliaryor modalverbfrom pronoun' subiect andtheappropriate themainsentence b . E x p l a i nt h e t a s k 5 s c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c kS s ' answers Ask Ss which sentences ask for confirmationand which ask for informationCheck Ss' answersby asking individual5s to read the aloud CheckSs'intonation completesentence answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 1 confirmation(fallingintonation) 2 information(risingintonation) 3 confirmation(fallingintonation) (fallingintonation) 4 confirmation 5 information(risingintonation) (fallingintonation) 6 confirmation (risingintonation) 7 information (fallingintonation) 8 confirmation 9 confirmation(fallingintonation) (falltngintonation) 10 confirmation


2 4 a . E x p l a i tnh a t t h i s e x e r c i swe o r k sw i t h A p p e n d i x1 a t t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k G o t h r o u g ht h e l e t t e r sl , J & K E x p l a i nt h e t a s k 5 s d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c k 5 s ' thephrases a n s w e ras n da s kt h e mt o e x p l a i n answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted thesameassth 1 exactly donothavesth 2 feelenvrousbecauseyou 3 sayveryfirmlythatsthmustbedone in/ like 4 interested waytowardssth 5 behavein a friendly/helpful Appendix1 (P.75) Sscanreferto p 183 of the5'sbookforthesameappendix . i d e ao f ( n ). i d e n t i c atlo ( a d j )o i l l w i t h ( a d j )' i m p r e s s ebdy l wt h ( a d j ) . (p6ake an)impressionon sb (n) ' includeln (v)' increaseln (n) ' indifferen.t t o ( a d j ). i n f o r m a t i o na b o u V o n( n ). i n s i s to n ( v )' ( h a v en o )i n t e n t i o no f ( f l . interestin (n) . interestedin (adj). interferewithiin (v)' investin (v) . i n v i t a t i o nt o ( n ). i n v i t es b t o ( v 1. i n v o l v el n ( v )


. j e a l o u so f ( a d ; ) K . knockavon (v). know abouVof(v). keenon sth (adj)' keento do sth (adj). kind to (adt). key to (n) . knowledgeof (n)

a He didn'tdo it, because it becameunnecessary b H ed i d i t b u t i t w a st h e w r o n gt h i n gt o d o c H ed i d n ' th a v et h e a b i l i t yt o d o i t . d Hedidn'tdo it, althoughit was necessary e He didn'tdo it, because it wasn'tnecessary f Hedid it, althoughit wasn'tnecessary

udil tc

In teams,thinkof threesentences aboutthe followingsituations, usingappropriate modals. Eachcorrectsetof sentences getsa point.Theteam with the mostpointsisthe winner.

fill in could(n't)have, ought (not) to have, needn't lnve, should(n't)have or didn't need to. 1 We took our time because we didn't needto be t h e r e u n t1i l1 o ' c l o c k 2 You should have/oughtto have gone to see a doctorif you werefeelingso ill. 3 Andy shouidn'thave/oughtnot to havesaidthat t o J u l i eH er e a l l yu p s e th e r ,d i d n ' th e ? 4 I was busylastSatulday, so I couldn'thavegoneto hispartyevenif l'd wantedto. 5 You needn'thavecometo pick me up - thereare plentyof taxis. He should have/oughtto have arrivedoy now, because he left at leastan hourago We needn't have rushed,becausewe got there with plentyof time to spare l f y o u h a d s p r a i n e dy o u r a n k l e ,y o u s h o u l d n ' t have/ought not to havewalkedhere You ought to have/shouldhave let paul know what we weredoing- he waswaitingfor us 1 0 We didn't needto take an examat the end of the courSe

Suggested situations A B C D

Team ASl: You gotoschool. shouldn't 52: Yououghttoseea doctor. etc

Tags Question Grammar Reference 23

He isn'tin today,i

(t-9" of the answer)

Sheleft yesterday, didtiliez

(not sureof the answer)

b. Fillin the correctquestiontags.

Grammar Reference Whichof the sentences express certainty/ uncertainty? Present Past He mustbe tired He musthavebeenat work (certainty) He mightbe tired Hemighthavebeenat work.(uncertainty) Hecan'tbe tired. He can'thavebeenat work (certainty)

Hemustbestressed. Heshouldn't worksohard. Hemayhavegotaparkingticket. Heoughttorelax. Hisworkcan't begoing verywelLetc

a. Lookat theexamples andunderline the question tags.Whichasksfor confirmation? Whichasks for information? Howaretheyformed?


Making Deductions

Lookat the pictures. Write sentencesusingmust,could, shouldnt,ought,can't,etc, asin theexamples.

yourfriendisin bedwitha badcold yourfriendisupsetbecause shehasputon weight yourbrotherhasfailedhisexam yourunclehasbeenfiredfromhisjob

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Theyboughtsomeflowers,didn'tthey? H e h a s n ' ct a l l e dy e t ,h a sh e ? A n n l o o k st i r e d ,d o e s n 'st h e ? Stoptalking,will youlwon'tyou? Let'shavedinnertogether,shailwe? Hewill keepour secret,won't he? Youbookedthe tickets,didn'tyou? W e a r eg o i n go u t t o n i g h t a , r e n ' tw e ? D a dw i l l b e o n t i m e ,w o n ' t h e ? 5 h ew o n ' t f o r g e tw , i l ls h e ?

Prepositions' A p p e n d i x1


Underlinethe correctpreposition,then explain the phrases. Look!That dressis identical th the one Jane w a sw e a r i n gl a s tn i g h t I t h i n k h e i s j e a l o u sf o S a l l yb e c a u s o ef a l l t h e moneyshe'smakingthesedays We offered to help her but she insistedfo d o i n gt h e w h o l et h i n gh e r s e l f J a m e st h i n k si t ' s a n e x c e l l e npt l a nb u t l , m n o t s o keen o the idea Everyonehas been very kind f me sincethe accident

That book madea reallYstrong Emma She impressionwifh a b c a n ' ts t o pt a l k i n g o u ti t Cometo the fair - everyonels o thefun w e l c o m et o j o i n In recentyearstherehasbeena the number e l a r g ei n c r e a s o o f p e o p l ew h o t a k e n o r e g u l a r

e loze M u l t i p lC e h o i cC ] $ R e a d t h e t e x t a n d d e c i d e w h i c h a n s w e r - A , (0)' B,CorD-bestfitsea -at thebeginning Thereisan example ,pr.. (1-15).


al Owls are nocturnalcreatures'They'rewide 0) awake

b. Fillin the correctPreposition, then choosefive Phrasesand makesentencesusingthem. 1 at the crackof dawn;2 to PlaYa part in sth;3 in fact;4 to dePrtve s b o f s t h ;5 t o r u nt h e r i s ko f s t h ; 6 to leadto sth,7 for examPle; 8 t o b e i n t u n ew i t h s t h ;9 i n h a r m o n y1; 0 i n t h e l o n gr u n

Verbs Phrasal

A p p e n d i 2x

then particles, correct 25 Fillinthe verbs' thePhrasal explain 1 l ' v es e e nt h i sf i l m b e f o r e D o n ' t worrY,though - | won't give a w a yt h e e n d i n g 2 The fire was giving off a lot of heat 3 T h e c a r w a s r u n n i n gf i n e t h i s m o r n i n gb u t o n t h e w a Yh o m e t h e e n g i n es u d d e n lgYa v eo u t ' 4 It was obviousthat theYwould lose,but theYstillwouldn'tgive up 5 H e s a i dh e w o u l dd o i t - | c a n ' t b e l i e v eh e w e n t b a c k o n h i s word 6 | feel reallyill todaY;I hoPel'm not going down with flu maYbe 7 Ericaleft a bit suddenlY, y o u s h o u l dg o a f t e r h e r a n d c h e c ks h e ' sO H 8 Thedog went for him when he triedto oPenthe gate 9 l'm afraidtherewon't be enough foodto 9o (a)round


night and they sleep during the day. lf this 1) " " " " " like bliss to yor, ihen, like about 20 percent of the population

mostactiveat around9 pm, you findthemselves 2) ... ,' may fall into the same category3) .'....."""' our feathered Night owls often have difficultywaking up in the ' friend. morning,ind liketo be up lateat night.4) " " """' of animal j behaviourindicatethat being a night owl may actuallybe 5) . .. .. into some people'sgenes.This would explain those late{o-bed,lateto-risepeople find it so 6i . to changetheirbehaviour. difficult T h e t r o u b l ef o r n i g h to w l s i s t h a tt h e y j u s t 7 ) " " " " " " ^ ' t o be at olaces such as work and school far 8) """"" " early' This is when the alarm clock becomes the night owl's most i m o o r t a nst u r v i v atlo o l . E x p e r t s9 ) . . . . . . . . . . . t. h. 'a t o n e w a y f o r a their alarm niqht owl to beat their dependence 10)

clocksis to sleepwiththe curtainsopen.Thetheoryis,that,

they do so, the morning sunlightwill awakenthem ge

naturally. T h e 1 1 ) . . . . . . . . . . .i.s. . t h a t , u n l i k et h e human owls can't claim that a nocturnal

Theyare pr( lifestyle. their12).......... thed to be at theirbest13).............' . e tryto change 1 4 ) . . . . . . . . . . .i.f.w

Night is still the time \r o u rb o d y1 5 ). . . . . . . . d. .o. .v

B wakeful 0 A aware B hears s o u n d s 1 @ B whose 2 A when 3 A like @ut B Examinattons 4 A Research constructed 5 A @ uuitt B when 6@why 7 A ought @ huu. B enough 8@too B speak t e l l 9 A 1 0 A t n @on B honestY 11 @ truth B expected 12 A usual B throughout w h i l e 13 A 14 A Also @ ru"n B moves 15 @ slows

@ awaKe c c c

c c c c c c c c

lrstens which with E n qu i r t e s erected how must from inform to real ordinary tnrou9n Yet 9oes

D alert D


@ who D for @ studies D made D where D should D away

@ tuv D for D reason @ natural @ during D A s D falls

6 havea strongimpacton sb 7 participate B thenumber, levelor amountof sthbecomes greater Explainthat the phrasesin this exerciseare taken

s h o u l dm e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s e s . AnswerKey(Seeoverprintea answers) Ss'ownanswers) .

Explainthat this exercise workswjth Appendix2 at t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k . AskSsto thinkof anyphrasalverbsformedwith grve o r g o . W r i t et h e mo n t h e b o a r d E . l i c itth e i rm . r n i n g , by askingSsto giveexamples . Do item 1 with s, and then Ss work in pairsand c o m p t e t teh e e x c i s e C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r sS. ss h o u l d memorise thesephrasalverbs :nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)


R e a dt h e e x a m p l ea n d t h e n d o i t e m 1 w j t h S s A s k l o o k a t t h e o p t i o n sa n d d e c i d ew h j c h b e s tf i t s t h e

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) I soundslike(fixedphrse) 2 'who'refersto thewordpopulation 3 'same'is usuallyfollowedby'as, 4 behaviour issththatisstudied 5 builtinto (fixedphrase) 6'why'suggests reason/explanation 7 'haveto'expresses necessity B 'too'isusedto showdegree 9 'say'isusuallyfolloweiAytnat, 10 dependence on (fixedphrase) 1l thetruthis(phrase) 12'natural Iifestyle' isthestrongest collocation 13 'during'isalwaysfollowedbya nounphrase l4 Evenif(phrase) 15 slowdown:phrasalverb

A p p e n d i x2 ( p . 7 6 ) -.r referto p.186of the S,sbookfor the sameappendrx


: : , = T) ( t r )r e v e a l ; 2( t) r )g i v e :- :-arge : : . { = ( t r )r e t u r n - = rt) surrender; yield - r r )e m i t( s m e l l sh,e a t ,

giveout = i ) (int)cometo an encj, 2) (tr)distribute giveup = 1)(t0 abandon an attempvhabit, 2) (tr)surrender

: -::. = (tr)pUrsue g o o u t = ( i n t )s t o pb u r n r n g : - : : C = ( i n t )b e a l o w e dt o h a p p e n g o o v e r= 1 )( t r )e x a m i ndee t a r l sg;o : : ! , = ( n t )s t o p ,c e a s e through;2) (tr) repeai : . : . : o n = ( t t b r e a ka p r o m i s e / go round= 1) (int)be enoughfor everyone to havea share;2) (nt) ('.rews/diseaser - ' ; b a s eo n e ' st d e a so n so.ead;circJldre, get ^ with = (tr)become ill round ftr) attack;2) (tr)applyfor g o t h r o u g h= 1 )( t r )e x p e r i e n c e ; 2 ) ( i n t )( o f a d e a l a / r r a n g e m e nbte) c o ' r p l e l e dw r l l ^s J c . e s ) ; 3i l)r ) d . s c J s s n oetatl ' = nr) (of a nomh, p"n,nn" g o u p = ( l n t )( o f p r r c e sr i)s e : - : a r m )r i n g ; 3 )( i n t )( o f f o o d ) go with = (tr)match go without = (tr)endurethe lackof r - = {rnt)continue;carryort, s t h ;d o w i t h o u t v/



Pre-Reading: Ask Ssto readthe title,Ask;Whatisan earlybird?(apersonwhogetsup earlyin themorningand goesto bedearlyat night);Whatisa nightowP(aperson whogetsup latein themorningand goesto bed lateat Do a classsurveyand find out who is an early ?ight) b i r da n dw h o i sa n i g h to w l . R e f e rS s t o t h e t i p o n p . 4 4 . R e m i n dS s t h a t t h e y needto follow this adviceif thev want to complete t h e t a s ks u c c e s s f u A l l ys.k S st o s k i mt h e t e x t q u i c K r y t o g e tt h e g i s t


answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted Ask 5s to look at the picturesand Pre-Reading: in have foods these much what very food Ask Ss 1 lrkesweet identifythe foods you / Weoftenhavethemfor 2 to talkaboutsththathasbeenworrying common. (Theyareatl heatthy. whatsthis 3 you seeandidentifY Elicitother healthyfoods from Ss Ask 5s breakfast.) bythingsthatshockotherpeople 4 theyare notshocked whethertheyeaVlikethesefoods,givingreasons text given a Ss are 1boutsth of exercise, 5 youarecertain that in thistype Explain thatsbmeansonethingwhentheymeansthelse 6 suggest in whichsomelinescontaina mistakein the form of an extraword that needsto be removedReadout the task.Do item 1 with Ss.Sscompletethe task 30 Explain the title and elicitwhat the text is about.Ask Ssto guesses were quicklv their if to check CheckSs'answersand askSsto explainthe phrases' skim the text p if necessary 1 3 tip on the to Ss Refer correct answers) AnswerKey(ieeoverprinted Readout the first line of the text and focus Ss' peoplefeel relaxed that makes sth or do to say 1 is of why attentionon the word of. Ask Ssto explain of imitations do amusing 2 (you the PeoPle use cannot wrong extra and therefore thatyouarenotgoingto do sth 3 emphasising prepositionof withoutq definitearticleafteran -ing verb)' desireto travel a strong 4 have Pointout that 5s needto readthe artlclelineby line great success have to 5 bYsentence and not sentence . Readout the secondline of the text Elicitthat tt doesnot containa mistake . A s k S st o r e a dt h e t h i r d l i n ea n d l o o kf o r a m i s t a k e Continuewith the restof the text Ask Ssto justify t h e r ra n s w e r s a ,s ki n d i v i d u a l . W h e nS sh a v ec o m p l e t etdh e e x e r c i s e text aloud Ssto readthe corrected answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See 1 we do not needa linkingdeviceat this point in the sentence beforetheverb 4 wedo notneedto put a preposition formdoesnotrequrre'fo(asa prefix 5 theinfinitive 'havean influence on' is a fixedphrase,whichis not 7 to beingusedin thissentence 9 wedo not useboththepronounandthenountogether a quantifrer formdoesnotrequire 1 1 comparative article a defrnite 1 2 thisnoundoesnotrequire 1 3 wedo notuseboththepronounandthenountogethel 'nexttime'tnthiscontext 1 4 wedon'tuse'the'wrth 'apreceof isa setnounof quantitywhichisnotnecessary 15 in thissentence a

PostReading:Ask Ssto keepa recordof everything this that they eat for one day.5s canthen categorise into the food groupsand draw their own personal food pyramid

2 8 E x p l a itnh e t a s k .S sd o t h e e x e r c i s eR e m i n dS st h a t t h e secondsentencemust havethe same meaningas the first. Ss ompletethe exerciseCheckSs' answersand structurebelng askSst identifythe grammatical/lexical tested answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted suggestton expressing I presentperfectmodal lackof necessity 2 pastmodalexpressrng lackofnecessrry modalexpressing 3 present 4 fixedphrase 5 modalofProhibition 6 phrasalverb 29 Explainthe task.Ssdo the exerciseCheckSs'answers' 5 s e x p l a i nt h e i d i o m s .A s a n e x t e n s i o na,l l o w S s t w o m i n u t e st o t h i n ko f a s m a n yo t h e ri d i o m su s i n gp a r t so f t h e b o d ya s p o s s i b l eE.l i c iitd i o m sa n dw r i t et h e mo n t h e board Sscopythem into their notebooksAlternatively' a s k S s t o w r i t e d o w n s i m i l a ri d i o m s l n t h e l r o w n t h e mi n E n g l i s h l a n g u a gaen de x p l a i n I

I l . 1


r t\t)

Error Correction

6 You mustn'trevealthe secretto any0ody away You aren't allowed to give away the secretto anybody.

Readthe text belowandlookcarefully at each line.lf the lineiscorrect, put a tick(/). tf it hasa wordthat shouldnot bethere, writethiswordon the line.asin the examples.


ldioms & Fixed Phrases Ftllin the wordsfromthe listthen explain the phrases in bold.


. mouth. fingerr stomach o tooth r chest. bones Martin loves chocolate ano - he'sreallygot a sweet biscuits tooth Thanksfor listeningI neededto get that off my chest There'ssomethingwrong with the car,but I just can't put my fingeron what it is Surgeons needto havea strong stomach,because they can't let the sight of blood and injuries upsetthem. 5

l ' m s u r es o m e t h i n gi s g o i n gt o go wrong today.I can feel it in my bones


| didn't say that. pleasedon't put wordsinto my mouth

KeyWordTransformations Completethe secondsentenceusingthe word in can use two to five words, includingthe word given. I

thecorrect wordthen JQ Underline explain thephrases.

lt waswrongof him not to tell us assoonas he foundout. should Heshouldhavetold us assoonas he foundout.

2 Annadidn'tgo to hospital;it was onlya minorinjury. have Annadidn't haveto go to hospital;it wasonlya minor

1 At the startof the meetingthe bosstold a few jokes to break the ace. 2

Shes reallyfunny,shecan make impressionsof all sortsof famouspeople


He said that he would think about it, but in fact he had no pla of going.


Debbie has itchy oots _ sne neverstaysin one placefor more than a yearor two before shegoestravelling again.


| think the professorhas really knocke the jackpot with his latestinvention


3 lt isn't necessary to make an appointment- come in any time :omorrowmorning need Youdon't needto makean appointment _ comein any time tomorrowmorning. t - s speechhad an effecron everyone who was there. iimpressionHisspeechmadean impression on everyone wno was there 5 :a:ientsmustbe accompanied by a nursewhen they leavethe ward. allowed Patients arenot allowedto leavethe ward unless accompanied by a nurse


4 What is the doctor'sadvice? more A To exercise less @ To exercise C T od o s o m ew e i g h t l i f t i n g

Youaregoingto listento fourpeopletalking theirqualityof life. ut how theyhaveimproved their whichbestsummarise Matchthe statements (1-4).Thereis one ideas(A-E)tothe speakers whichvoudo not needto use' statement

'? 1'


S p e a k e1r

B ew i t h f r i e n d s Get backto nature with less Besatisfied Focuo s n thefamilY H e l pt h o s ei n n e e d .

5 p e a k e2r

. r

C T h em a nh u r ti t

3 Speaker (narr rlrtinn ry JVL!VluLrr

4 Speaker

then,in pairs, Lookat the tableandthe pictures, talkabout:


5 H o w d i d t h e w o m a nh u r t h e r h a n d ? @ S t r eb u r n ti t B S h et r a p p e di t i n t h e k i t c h e nd o o r

Who:is in a hurry?hasa Lookat the pictures. hashadan accident? headache? splitting

34 a.

waysto relax; different relaxation pfos& consof activeandpasstve

eachproblem? b. Whatdo youthinkcaused playing Hecouldhave football. Jackmighthavebeen pain' etc tn must be He down. andfallen tripped

Surveyresultsfor 500 teenagers




@b"pp-. ,

Readthe , ;'' instructionsto find out ' what the listeningtext is

@:E@ @@=@ Vo



/\ d\



Use wouldyougiveeachperson? c. Whatadvice your ideas. own well as phrases as below, the

{@@ @@ @p!eE@ @

';' !'

r\ /rnn


lf I wereyou,|


. / Whydon'tyou " / Youshould(n't)

bemorecareful. should Jack-You



\ givingadviceon ) Youaregoingto hearsomeone Listenandsaywhereyou howto reducestress. Howdo thespeakers mighthearthisdialogue. Why? sound? ListenagainandwriteYesor Nofor each (1-7). statement


1 2 3 4 5 6

aboutpeople's Youwillhearfiveshortdialogues A,BorC' item: the correct circle and Ith.Listen 1 W h a t h a p P e n e tdo t h e g i r l ? A Shecrashedher bicYcle B S h ec r a s h e hd e rc a r @ Shecrashedher mother'scar 2 W h a t i s w r o n gw i t h t h e m a n ? @ u . h a sg o t f o o dP o i s o n i n g B H e i sa l l e r g itco s e a f o o d C He ate too much 3 W h a t h a st h e m a n b e e nd o i n g ? A fighting B d r e s s i nhgi sc h i l d r e n @ V ' J1 o J g 9 i' n 9

7 8


Yes fromstress Thewomanissuffering Nc Sheoftengoesoutwithherfriends Yes herstress Shethinksherworkiscausing job Yes another find that she suggests Theman No Thewomancanworkfewerhours shetakesomemedicine No Themansuggests

out andwantsto Yourfriendis feelingstressed to his/herlifestyle. makesomechanges in ordertc o suggesr lifestyle his/her waysro change stress helpreduce . rejecthis/her for notbeingableto follow reasons alternatlves youradvice, andsuggest o express willworkoutwe yourhopethateverything

Pre-Listening: Explain the situationSssuggestways to improvequalityof life Explain the task Readout the statements and explain any unknownwords RemindSsthat theyareexpected to matchthe speakers to the statements, andthat there rsan extrastatementthat theydo not needto use E x p l a itnh a t S ss h o u l dl i s t e nt o e a c hs p e a k ecra r e f u r r y a n d w a i t u n t i l t h e y h a v ef i n i s h e ds p e a k i n gb e f o r e they matchthem to the problemsbecause they may g i v em i s l e a d i ni n gf o r m a t i o n Remind5s that the speakers may not useexactlythe samewords,and that Ss may haveto deducethe answers PIaythe cassettetwice and Ss do the exerciseCheck5s' answersby playingthe cassette a g a r na n d p a u s i n a g f t e re a c hs p e a k e r As an extension, ask 5s what words/phrases on the cassette helpedthem to deducethe meaning lnswerKey 6eeoverprinted answers) Explain the task Readthroughthe surveyresults wrth Ss Readout the firstpromptandbrainstorm with Ssto find out otherwaysto relaxand write the liston the board Go throughthe listof activities and categorrse themaccording to whethertheyareactiveor passive Sswork in pairsand talk aboutthe prosand consof actrveand passive relaxationMonjtorSs'performance 3 5 aroundthe classChoosesomepairsto oresenttheir d i a l o g u et os t h e c l a s s Alternatively,Ss work rn pairs and brainstorm differentways to relax Then, Ss talk about each activityand decidewhether it is activeor passive F i n a l l yS,st a l k a b o u tt h e p r o sa n d c o n so f a c t i v ea n d passive formsof relaxation Suggested AnswerKey A: WatchingW isa formof passiverelaxation.. B: Yes, youcansitquietlyandforgetaboutallyourproblems. A: That'strue.Also,you can travel all over the worrc withoutleavingyourlivingroom,so it'sverycheap. B: On theotherhand,you don'tget any exercise. lt can alsodamageyoureyesight. 36 A: Playingsportsisa formof activerelaxation B: You'reright. Whenyou exercise, you spendtime with friendsand teammates,andwinddown. A: However, youhaveto becarefulnot to getinjured. B: That'strue. Moreover,playing sportscan be quite expensive. Youhaveto buyall sortsof equipment and paymembership feesto clubsandgyms. etc


Suggested AnswerKey Jackhashadan accident. Jeanisin a hurry. Billhasa splittingheadache. b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dt a i ka b o u tw h a t c a u s e de a c h p r o b l e m M o n i t o r S s , p e r f o r m a n c e a r o u n dt h e c l a s s A s k s o m e S s t o p r e s e n t h e i r o p i n i o ntso t h e c l a s s Suggested AnswerKey . Jeanmightbeon herwayto work.Shecouldbestuckin o trafficjam. Shemay be late for a meeting.Shecouldbe talkingto herbosson hermobilephone. . Billmight havebeenworkingveryhard.He couldhave beenlookingat a computer screen fora longtime.Hemay havebeentryingto meeta deadline c . E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dg r v ea p p r o p r i a t e a d v i c e M o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n caer o u n dt h e c l a s s AsksomeSsto presenttheiradviceto the class Suggested AnswerKey Jean: Whydon'tyouget up earlier? Bill: lf I wereyou,lwouldtakean aspirin. a. r .

P r e - L i s t e n i nEgl:i c i ft r o m S sw h a t s t r e s si s ,w h a t causes it and waysto reduceit Explainthe task Play the cassetteonce Ss a n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n sC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s

Suggested AnswerKey Youmighthearthisdialogue in a doctor's surgery. Thewomansounds worried because sheissuffering fromsttess. Thedoctorsounds calmbecause heistryingto giveadvrce and helpthewoman. b . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e t taeg a i n S sd o t h e exerciseCheckSs'answers AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) E x p l a i nt h e t a s k a n d r e a d t h r o u g h t h e p r o m p t s Brainstorm w i t h S st o e l i c i tv o c a b u l a rayn d w r r r er r o n t h e b o a r d S sw o r k r n p a i r s O n e t a k e st h e r o l eo f t h e stressed personand the other givesadviceSscomplete t h e t a s k M o n i t o rS s 'p e r f o r m a n caer o u n dt h e c l a s sA s k s o m eS st o p r e s e ntth e i rd i a l o g u et so t h e c l a s s Suggested AnswerKey A: lt wouldbe a goodideaif you workedfewerhoursevery day.Youcouldalsotakea fewdaysoff. B: I can'tdo that.l'm too busy. A: Well,youjust can'tcarryon Iikethis,or you'llgetreallyrll. Whydon'tyou try to setasidesometimeforyourselfevery daywhenyou canrelaxa bit? B: I suppose I couldtrythat A: Good.Ihopethateverything willworkoutwellforyou.

G o t h r o u g hi h e t i p E x p l a i tnh a t S s n e e dt o f o l l o w t h i sa d v i c ei n o r d e rt o c o m p l e t teh e t a s ks u c c e s s f u r r y Remind5s that they may not hearexactlythe same wordsusedon the cassette and that 5s may haveto d e d u c et h e a n s w e r s Explainthe task Point out that Ss will hear five unrelateddialoguesand that there is one question relatedto eachdialoguePlaythe cassette twice,and 5scompletethe task CheckSsanswers by playingthe , Tapescript rorr*"r.'teii tp-ze;***G; cassette again,pausing aftereachpieceof information 5scanreferto pp201-202of theS'sbookforthesame tapescript is given.As an extension, ask Ss to say the words/ phrases that theyusedto deducetheiranswers Tapescript for Exercise 33 (p. 78) -+ Seep. g1(T) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) Sscar reier' to p 202of theS'sbookforthesametapescr pt a , A s k5 st o l o o ka t t h e p i c t u r e sE l i c iwt h a t i sh a p p e n i n g Tapescript for Exercise 35a (p. 78)-+ Seep. g1(T) i n e a c h p i c t u r e S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a n s w e rt h e ':':. Ss::' -c :tp 2a2-203of the S,sbookfor the sametapescript q u e s t i o n sM o n i t o rS s 'p e r f o r m a n caer o u n dt h e c l a s s Asksome5sto presenttheiranswers to the ctass


Writing Explainthe task Do the task orallyin class,then assignit as written HW AnswerKey Suggested DearJanet, at the Howareyou?I am sorryto hearthatyou areso stressed better' you feel make might that moment.Herearea fewthings Firstof atl,whydon'tyou try to cutbackon yourworkinghours' youcould Thiswouldsurelymakeyou feelbetter.lf that isimpossible, try to takea fewdaysoff.Youcouldgo awayfor a fewdaysand try to and pjutyourproblemsat workaside.Then,you wouldfeelrefreshed light. in a new everything wouldsee Anothergood idea would be to try to setasidesometime for yourselfeveryday.Youcouldreada book,listento music,or simply takea long,relaxingbath.l'm surethatyou will soonfeela lot better if youdo this. I hope that my advicehelps.Writeand let me know what happens. Yours,

Pam the task Playthe cassetteSsdo the exercise 37 a. Explain Check5s'answers answers) Key(Seeoverprinted Answer E x p l a i tnh e t a s ka n d r e a dt h e e x p r e s s i o an lso u d ' anyunknownwordsand phrasesSswork Explain in pairsand completethe exerciseThen' Ssact outthedialoques as o As an extension, askSsto usethe expressions w e l l a s t h e i r o w n i d e a st o m a k e u p s i m i l a r

[. o

dialogues AnswerKeY Suggested 1 l'm fedup with this!| can'tput up with this!l'm sickof this! t'vehadallt cantake!t don'tknowwhattodo! this! 2 |m fedup with this!| can'tput up with this!I'm sickof l'vehadall I cantake! 3 Forcryingoutloud!t don'tbelievert!Goodgrief! thts! + Forciyiig outloud!l can'tput up with this!l'm sickof take! J'vehadalll can 38


Exptain the task Read the words in the list aloud' Ss

use their dictionariesto complete the task in the library/ Sscan do someresearch Alternatively, on the Internetto completethe task answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted stoppingaftereachword 5srepeat b. Playthe cassette, t h e w o r d s C h e c k5 s ' p r o n u n c i a t i oTnh e n ,S s m a k e up sentencesusing the words Check 5s answers a r o u n dt h e c l a s s AnswerKey Suggested to listentoyourheartbeat' Doctors useGstethoscope illness. isa veryserious Pneumonia to takeourtemperature wecanusea thermometer byan allergyto animalfurordust canbecaused Asthmaattacks Youshoulddrinklotsof fluidswhenyouhavediarrhoeaPhysrcal activityhelpsusto stayhealthy' waitingforthedoctor. There aremanypattents Don'tforgetto takeYourmedicine. strong' will helpto keepyourmuscles Regularexercise


the task Playthe cassetteSsdo the exerclse 39 a. Explain Check5s' answers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a dt h e p r o m p t sS sw o r k i n p a i r s and do the task Monitor Ss' answers Check 5s' answersby asking some pairs to present their d i a l o g u et so t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested CanI helpyou? Surgery. Meadows A: Goodafternoon. with Doctor appointment an make B: Oh yes,ld tiketo please. Michaels, rson holidayat themoment'Would A: (m afraidDr Michaels to seeDrJonesinstead? you likean appointment B: Erm.. yes,alrightThatwouldbefine' A: Right.The first availableappointmentis on Fridayat DoesthatsuitYou? 2:30pm. shouldbeokay. B: Yes,that A: Good,CanI takeYourname,Please? B: Carol,CarolOrmerod' to betheProblem? A: Whatseems B: l'vegota badcough' we'llseeyouon Fridayat 2:30' A: Rightthen, B: ThankYou.GoodbYe.etc the task Playthe cassetteSsdo the exercise 40 a. Explain CheckSs'answers answers) Key(Seeoverprinted Answer t h e t a s k S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t t - : b. Explain d i a l o g u eC s h e c kS s 'a n s w e rbs y a s k i n gs o m ep a l r s: : t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s o u t act AnswerKeY Suggested ' A: Areyou okay,Betty? Youlooka bit pale' lfeelterrible' B: ActuallY, A: Oh,what'swrong? B: l'vegota burningfeelingin mychest' lf I wereyou'I wouldtt' to me likeheartburn' A: Sounds an antacidtablet. . A. A/evouokayBetty?Youlooka bitpale' B.' Actua/fu/ fee/tetib/e. A: Oh,what'swrong? B: lcan'tstopyawning. lf I wereyou,l would to me likeyou'reovertired. A: Sounds getan earlynight.


V l a k i nagna p p o i n t m e n t

]lger':,r ideasfromEx.36to writea letterof @111163 16yourfriendon howto reducestress. Start Irir{lri: r out'openingremarks. In the mainbodywrite nnr.r:dvice.Endyourletterwith closingremarks.

Listen to thedialogue andfill in the questions.


W h o i s T i n as p e a k i n g t o ? T i n ai ss p e a k i ntgo t h e receptionist at MeadowsSurgery G o o da f t e r n o o nM e a d o w sS u r g e r y1 ) C a n I h e l p you?


B : O h y e s , l ' d l i k e t o m a k e a n a p p o i n t m e nw t ith DoctorMichaels, please

r'ouwill hearfourshortexchanges about "L, ,ariousproblems. Listenandmatchthe (1-4)tothe problems :rchanges listed. --: diness 4 ,,:-'.VOfk


noise 2 f a u l t ya p p l i a n c e 1

B : E r m y e s ,a l r i g h tT h a tw b u l db e f i n e A : RightThefirstavailable appointment ison Thursda, a t 1 0 o ' c l o c k3 ) D o e st h a t s u i ty o u ?

Readthe exchanges andreplace the expressions n bold,whichshowthe speaker haslosttheir --empel with appropriate onesfromthe list. . . . .



A : l ' m a f r a i dD r M i c h a e lisso n h o l i d a a yt themoment 2 ) W o u l dy o u l i k et o s e eD r J o n e si n s t e a d ?

: :

B : Yes,that shouldbe okay. A : G o o d . 4 )C a nI t a k ey o u rn a m e ,p l e a s e ? B : T i n aT , i n aW i l c o x

::'cryingoutloudl. l'mfedupwiththis! ton'tbelreve itl o I don'tknowwhatto dol 3codQrief!o I can'tputupwiththisl r sickof this!. l'vehadallI cantake!

A : 5) What seemsto be the problem? B : l ' v eb e e nh a v i n gt r o u b l es l e e p i nlga t e l y A : R i g h t h e n ,w e ' l ls e ey o uo n T h u r s d aayt 1 0 o ' c l o c k B : Thankyou Goodbye

l'vehadenough!Goon-you fixthismachine I giveup! OK,I'lldo it Justcalmdown I can't stand it any more! Don't you know it's late and l'm trying to sleep?Turn down the m u s i co r l ' l lc a l lt h e p o l i c e A l r i g h ta, l r i g h tD o n ' tg o o n a b o u ti t l ' l lt u r n i t down

b. Usethe promptsbelowto actout similar dialogues. It


Haven'tyou finishedthat reportyet? You must be joking! Thephonehasn'tstopped r i n g i n ga l l d a y a n d l ' v e b e e n r u n n i n ga r o u n d afteryou Whendo you expectme to do it? For goodness'sake! | won't tell you againcleanup this messimmediately, please B : Oh comeon, Mum. lt's my room after all.You neverstopnaggingme

'1. 1i1; i1

thermometerB asthma B diarrhoea B




'ly :11

) o'olook

Carol Ormorod

6rian Towoll

(bad oovgh)


Describing symptoms Listen to the dialogue andfill in the missing words.What'swrongwith Betty?Beitvc-::a: hastheflu


. a c h e s. t h e f l u o p a l e

Readthe wordsandsaywhichlanguage each comesfrom.WriteG(forGreek), (for L Latin)or I (forBoth).Doyou useanywordsin your language whicharesimilar to these?

stethoscope G pneumonia G



f,ronu nciation

38 a.


physical c temperature L patrent L medicine muscles


Listen andrepeat, thenmakeup sentences using thewords.Becarefulhowyoupronounce them.

A B: A B: A

Are you okay,Betty?You looka bit 1) pale Actually,I feelterrible O h ! W h a t ' sw r o n g ? l ' m b u r n i n gu p a n d m y w h o l eb o d y2 ) a c h e st,o o S o u n dtso m e l i k e3 ) t h e f l u l f l w e r ey o u ,l w o u l d go to bed.

b . U s et h e p r o m p t st o a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s . .

b u r n i n gf e e l i n gi n m y c h e s t h e a r t b u r-n t a k ea n a n t a c l dt a b l e t o c a n ' ts t o py a w n i n g - get an earlynight you'reovertired



have Whatdo theseplaces a. Lookat the pictures. in common? belowareusedin thetexts.In b. Thewords/phrases you do expecteachto be used? what context asin theexamples. Makeup sentences, - highmineral content TextA: ancient ltmestone - darkand purposes relaxation and therapeutic bath steam humid cavesnatural - activevolcano geysers areasTextB: bubbling qualities mudpools hotspringspain-relieving - spas andneuralgia arthritis, rheumatism

Writing 45

Writea shortarticleabouta famoushealthspotin yourcountry. Writeabout: . .

for / whatit isfamous briefdescriptron of location (ifany) historical details


cnpri:l fc:tr rres


whatto dothere/ recommendation

limestone. ancient Text A: Thecaves contain geysers inNewZealand. Text B: There arelotsofbubbhng to the c. Howdo youthinkthetitleaboveisrelated oictures?


Whichof the followingcanyoufindin yourcountry: in caves areas? octivevolconic mudpools? hotspring? healthspas? mountains? naturalsteombaths? visitsuchplaces? Whymighta person

43 a.

1 2 3 4 5

whichhealthspot Readthearticles anddecide or refersto. WriteR(forRotorua) eachstatement (for the Then, explain HotSprings). A Ainsworth wordsin bold. Whicholace: wasonceusedbyminers? fromdeep haswaterthatcomes belowtheground? hasgot caves? isfamous for itsvolcanoes? canbefoundin anareaof natural beauty?


b. Readthe articles againandfindonesimilarity andonedifference betweeneachof the resorts. words.Then, for the highlighted Findsynonyms in whicharesimilar findwordsin the articles yourlanguage. titlesfor the articles. o . In pairs,thinkof alternative


What Whatsimilarresorts aretherein yourcountry? youarea touristguide, canyoudo there?lmagine aboutonesuchresort. andgivea talkto the class

T h e S e l l < i r kM o u n t a t Canada,are famous for with its ancient li springs.Thespringshavea content and have long been and therapeuticpurposes.rl

country's favourite holiday resorLs. The springs got their name from George Ainsworth from Oregon,who founded Hot SpringsCamp in 1882. At that time the only visitorswere local miners and prospectors, but in the 1920sthe springs were developed and caves and a pool were constr,uciedl,Meanwhile the mining industry declined,and all the mines were closed by the I 960s. From its source in the Cody Caves,the water worl<s its way down through the rocl<,and the deeper it goes, the hotter it gets. lt finally surfaces at Ainsworth Hot Springs,where the water temperature varies'from 35'C to 42"C.The cavesare dark and humid and with the hot spring water at waist height they act as a natural steam bath. The surroundingareais ofgreat naturalbeauty. There are fantastic views of Kootenay Lal<eand the PurcellMountains,and visitorscan go hikingin KokaneeProvincialPark.

a t t h e p i c t u r easn da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n

AnswerKey 1 form:makeup 2 constructed: formed j declined:dropped 4 varies:changes

r,xrit;,. : : ed Answer Key

. - " z.eplacesarespotsof naturalbeauty. Theybothhave -- ' : .c do withwater. : : - : r e t a s k R e a do u t t h e l i s to f w o r d sa n d t h e ' ; - - : : i A s kS st o e x p r e stsh e i ro p i n i o n sC h e c kS s , -= - so y a s k i n gS st o p r e s e ntth e i ro p i n i o ntso t h e

d . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e t a s k .C h e c kS s ' i d e aas r o u n dt h e c l a s s . Suggested AnswerKey TextA: NaturalBeauty;NaturalHeat;Cavesof Health;etc TextB: ThermalWonderland;Volcanic Health;etc

-,tulnr;cs::d Answer Key Tt'ri I

,:'r - :n mineralcontentof thewater hashealingproperttes. ,, : - :=:cle visittheAinsworth HotSprings forrelaxation and lrq-":ieuticpurposes. l" i , --,:_.:re darkandhumid. :i. - : - ^js comefromcaveswhich aredeepunderground , _:- .3<ea naturalsteambathin thehotsprings. â&#x201A;Źrl:

1::----- 's one of the world'smost famousactivevolcano -'.

:' : j,;sfilledwithmud pools. .,..:-- .eloxin thenaturalhot springs. 'i ::=r hasmanypain+elieving qualities. "1 , r.3ri can help peoplewith orthritis,rheumatismand re-.aigia. '"-- ,,e many healthspasin Rotorua. -- ::ad the question Elicithow the title is relatedto --: prctures :'-,!gestedAnswerKey '. ,,',opictures showwater.perhapsthiswateris warmed ' ;",'; ,y bytheheatof theEarth. : , : a ' r t h e t a s k S s w o r k i n p a r r sa n d l i s t t h e n a t u r a l -:i.-res whichexistin theircountry.pairsreportbackto --= c l a s sA , l t e r n a t i v e lS y ,s c a n d r a w a m a p o f t h e i r , - - i t r y a n dl a b etl h e s ef e a t u r eos n t h e m a p

5 humid:damp 6 relieve:ease 7 region:area


t h e yc a ns h o wt o t h e c l a s st o m a k et h e i rt a l k sm o r e i n t e r e s t i n gS s p r e s e nt h e i rt a l k si n c l a s sO t h e rS s can assess ihe talks Aliernatrvely, Sscan videotheir talksand presentthe vrdeoin class o A sa n e x t e n s i o n 5 ,sc a nm a k ea p o s t e ar d v e r t i s i nt hge r e s o rtth a t t h e yt a l k e da b o u t T h e s ec a nb e p u t u p i n theclassroom. (5s'ownanswers) 4 5 E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n d r e a dt h e p r o m p t sT h e na s s i g ni t written HW. Explainthat Sswill needto do research the library/onthe Internet/etc, make notes,and then wrrtetheir article Encourage Ssto fjnd pictures,etc, to i l l u s t r a tteh e i ra r t i c l e s . Alternatively, the articlescan be collectedto makea tourjstbrochurefor their countryand distrjbutedto ail tne 5s As an extension,ask Ss.Whattypeof writingis it?(an article);Wherecouldit befound?(ina touristbrochure, tn a travel guide,on a tourist web site, in a newspaperor magazne)

:s ownanswers) a . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .R e a dt h e p r o m p t sa n d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r d s T h e n ,a l l o w S s t h r e e m i n u t e st o completethe exercise, CheckSs,answersSsexplain t h e w o r d si n b o l d b y g i v i n ge x a m p l eosr b y l o o k i n g t h e w o r d s u p i n t h e i rd i c t r o n a r i e s .

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) b. Expiainthe task.Sswork in pairsand completethe task.CheckSs'answers, Suggested AnswerKey Sinilarity: Bothresortshavenatural hotsprings.Bothresorts ,'z usedfor relaxationas wellas therapeuticpurposes.Both =:irts wereoriginallyusedby nativepeopleIongago. )ifference:AinsworthHot Springsis famousfor its caves, ,'ereasRotoruais famousfor its geysers and mud pools. :::orLtais an active volcanoarea,whereasAinsworthHot l:.rngs rsnot. etc c

Ss use therr dictionaries to fjnd synonymsfor the h i g h l i g h t ewdo r d sT . h e nS , sf i n da n yw o r d sw h i c ha r e s i m r l ai rn t h e i ro w n l a n g u a g eC h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s ,


i;[d;dipiioil*"'ii'" ii (p.zsl

h a sb e e no v e r d o i nigt 4 A : W e l l ,l t l o o k sa st h o u g hs o m e o n e B: O h d e a r l s i t b a dn e w s ? A: N o t r e a L l Jy u s ta p u l l e dm u s c l eH a v ey o u b e e nd o i n ga n y s t r e n u o u s exercise? B: W e l l ,I d o q u i t ea b i t o f w e i g h t l i f t i n g A: A h , w e l l T h e r e ' s y o u r a n s wIewr o u l d t r y t o e a s eu p a b i t i f I w e r e y o u

l9"iil:".::n""Pp-'::llli,-r :.:.q9".! :::::l rr:l"l".p-p-.?O1:29?.qllh: '1 Speaker d a no n e a r t h I w a sw o r k t n gf o r a l a r g ec o m p a n y I u s e dt o b e t h e m o s ts t r e s s em

m p o r t a n t h i n g sr n t h i sw o r l dt h a n a f a t p a y j o b a n d f o u n d w o r k i n a m u c h s m a l l e rf l r p r e s s u r el t.o o k q u i t ea b i g d r o p n s a l a r yb,u t i j o b l s n o t t h e o n l ym e a s u roef s u c c e s si s,l t ) your |fe, then you aretru y successfuJ

t . T h a tw a s l t l g a v eu p m y heretherewas much less w o r t h i t H a v i n ga w e l l - p a i d e t h a t i f y o u a r eh a p p yw r t h

5 A : o w r B ec a r e f u lT! h a t ' sm y b a dh a n d l B: W h a t d o y o u m e a n y, o u rb a dh a n d ?W h a t ' sw r o n gw r t h i t ? A: l ' v eg o t a b l r s t eor n i t a n d i t r e a l l yh u r t s L o o k B: Ooh,that is nasty How did you do thatr A : I c a u g h ti t o n t h e o v e nd o o rw h e nI w a s m a k l n qd n n e r B: W e l l ,t h a t w a ss i l l yW h y d i d n ' ty o u u s et h e o v e ng l o v e s ?

35a (p. 78) for Exercise Tapescript 5scanreferto pp 202-203of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescrlpt D o s i t d o w n N o w ,w h a t s e e m tso b e t h e t r o u b l e ? g b i t o f a p r o b l e mr e a l l y l t ' sb e c o m i n a B: W e l l ,l ' m j u s tf e e l i n gv e r ys t r e s s e d A : H o wd o y o um e a n ? B: W e t l ,i t ' s a f f e c t i n gm y w h o l e i f e , a n d l d o n ' t s e e r nt o h a v ea s o c i a l i f = a n y m o r el j u s t w o r r ya l lt h e t i m ea n d I c a n ' ts e e mt o r e l a x A: I s e e W h a t d o y o ut h i n ki s c a u s i n tgh i ss t r e s s ? B:

h a p p l ear sa r e s u l t

A: B:

w a s n ' tv e r yh e a l t h yT.h e nl a s ty e a r , w e n t t o v i s i ts o m ef r i e n d sw h o l i v ei n a t i n y v i l l a g em , i l e sa w a y f r o ma n y w h e r eT.h er l i f e s t y lwea ss o m u c hm o r er e l a x eadn d peaiefulthat I decidedthereandthen to moveout to the country Now I livein a l i t t l ec o t t a g es, u r r o u n d ebdy f i e l d sa n d t r e e s I. w o r k f r o m h o m e ,s o t h e r ea r e eerson n o m o r et i r i n gj o u r n e yos n p u b l l ct r a n s p o rat n d I a r na f a r m o r ep o s l t l v p


Bi A:

ga c k f o r t u n a t et h a n I a m ,s o I t h l n ki t i s o n l yr i g h ti o t r y a n dg i v es o m e t h i n b

:3 (P.78) for Exercise TapescriPt

8; A:


s:.:.'i::f":t -i :': ?::!f::l,f':T'-!1P:,::',1: -l?t--?92.-"!.:h.: A: 8:

H o wa r ey o u f e e l i n g ) O h , n o t t o o b a d A l i t t l eb i t s h a K e n

a l l m y l i f ea sw h e nI s a wt h a t b c y c l ei n i r o n t o f m e A: Well,you'd betterget usedto beingscared n? 8: What do y t e i l M u m w h a t y o u d l d t o h e rc a r ,r e m e m b e r l A : Y o u ' v es t i l l A r ey a l r i g h t ? No. I el awful lt must havebeenthe seafood I don't think it was 100% fresh A : W e l l ,I h a d t h e p r a w n sa n d l o t s o f t h e m , a n d l ' m o K A r e y o u s u r e

A: 8:

r a t i n ga t t h a t s e a f o o dr e s t a u r a natg a l n s t o m a c hTl h a t ' st l l ' m n e v e e 3 A : Hil l'm backl B; a n Y t hni g I

B: A:


set you up for the day Hmm we'll see


h e ' l lg i v em e t h e s a c kl f I d o n ' tg e t e v e r y t h i ndgo n eo n t l m e H m m T h a t ' sn o t g o o d H a v ey o u c o n s i d e r ecdh a n g i n ygo u rj o b ? O h , y e s !| t h j n k a b o u ti t a l l t h e t i m e l T h e t r o u b l ei s ,t h e r e ' sl u s t n o t hn ! a v a i l a b lrei g h tn o w ,a n d I r e a l l yd o n e e dt h e j o b W e l l ,i n t h a t c a s e ,p e r h a p sy o u s h o u l dt a l k t o y o u r b o s sa n d a s kt o c ; ' down on the hoursYouwork O h , I d o n ' tt h i n kh e w o u l dl l k et h a t a t a l l l s n ' tt h e r ea n y t h l n ge l s ey o u c a suggest? Wel1.lf you reallywant to beat stress,the bestthrnq you can do ls Tna(: more tin'refor yourself You need to makesureyou use that time to c:

not at work I haveto take careof rnytwo children W h y d o n ' t y o u c o n s i d ecrh i l dm i n d i n go r d a y c a r ef o r y o u r c h i l d r e nT l ' : m i g h tb e t h e a n s w etro Y o u rP r o b l e m l i k et h a t B u t t h e t h l n g i s , I r e a l l yn e e c: I s u p p o s eI c o u l dd o s o m e t h i n g c u r en o w A r e n ' t h e r ea n yp i l l sy o u c a ng i v em e ? O f c o u r s e t, h e r e a r e p i l l st o h e l p p e o p l ed e a l w i t h s t r e s s b, u t t a k r ^ ; m e d i c j n ies n o t t h e b e s ts o u t i o n M y a d v r c teo y o u w o u l db e t o t r y t o t a ' :t h i n g se a s i efro r a w h i l e C u t d o w n o n t h e o v e r t i m ep, u t y o u rc h i l d r e n d a yc a r e O h ,a n dt r y t o f i n dt i m et o r e l a x l ' l lt r y t h a t a n ds e eh o w I g o W e l l ,t h a n ky o u f o r y o u ra d v i c e N o p r o b l e mI h o p et h i n g ss t a r tt o g e t e a s i efro r y o u

1878 when the\,"::: rsbt.or the world i. were discovered travelling by a o,":i r3unctthat a rth ri ti s;a ;';;'1 ; his bathingin the waters''"Ji,r.lll'-u':"t rh. P';;;;';a.iijp'''s becamekriownas rne Water frorr

acidic.;;";;_rr?il rhepriestSpringis deepbeloil;:'r"#jle volcanic rJck t e arrh, ,.urrf.t11^t-t, :f^'h varres from i, ,o,


"r,,1,,,Jil.0f;UH; comes


" ",,";"^jnd


A n a l y s i nagM o d e l l e x t ..tri..,rr:::i:ai.:-rii:.rtilii,::..,:,:ri:.:!ii.:::ir:..:i-i,:Lli.::i::i

We usuallywrite a for and againstessayin a formalstYle. ', Whenwe write the essaY, we need il to discuss both sides of the ll view ,,1:, argumentto givea balanced Introduction l; In the introduction we Present : , the topic, but do not give our lr1 'l: opinion ; t. VfainBody i give paragraPh we tfre second tn I ! t h e a r g u m e n t sf o r t h e t o P i c ., together with justificationsand . exampres In the third paragraphwe give the argumenta s g a i n st h e t o p i c We start each paragraPhwith

Which: linkers. thecorrect andunderline thearticle u. Read


r o

lisVaddpoints showcontrast

. .

introducereasons/examples i n t r o d u cae c o n c l u s i o n

about? b. Whatiseachparagraph


topicsentences appropriate Conclusion In the last paragraphwe write a b a l a n c e d p e r s o n a lo p i n i o n , o r s u m m a r i s et h e m a i n a r g u m e n t s f o r a n da g a i n s t We also need to use approprlate l i n k e rtso c o n n e cst i m i l aird e a sa n d introduceopposingideas

theRubric Analysing


;-Doyouknowhow stresscan dangerous be?lt affectsusboth physically andmentally, stressis so reducing thatwe something alltryto do. should feel Whilemanypeople thatthebestwayto get ridof stressissome there formof exercise, areotherwayswhich arejustaseffective.

which calledendorphins makeusfeelgood. 8) Lastbut not least/ln , thebest wayto combatstressin 5 ) l ifyouareout ourlivesisto livea Moreover, life.AsJames can healthy of physical of shape,exercise Thebenefits You Freeman Clarksays, bequitepainful. areobvious. exercise "Never Take or hurry. maypulla muscle 1)Moreove yourself. 6) Dueto plentyof exercise. your injure fithelPs keeping thefactthaV Alwaysbecheerful. bodystaystrongand may Takeallthesleepyou , exercrsrng healthy.2) evencausemoreslress need.Youmayexpect Becauseyouareless rt to bewell." likelyto getsickorsuffer 7)whatis more/ willaddto youralreadY fromstress-related hecticschedule.


the key Readthe rubric,underline questions. wordsandanswerthe ffi Your ffi askedyou to

hasthe writerusedto start/endhisarticle: c. Whattechniques Can a rhetoricalquestion? thereaderdirectly? addressing a quototion? yousuggest anotherbeginning/ending?


w reducestress.

1 What areyou goingto write? 2 Who is going to read Your pieceof writing? Should you use informal Why (not)? language? In pairs,think of two Positive of and two negativeasPects exercisingto reducestress Compareyour answerswith the restof the class


topic' a. Readthe articleagainandlistthe pointsforandagainstthe justifications/examples the does Aretheysimilarto yours?What writergiveto supporteachPoint? hasthe writerusedin the mainbody? b. Whattopicsentences ones. otherapproPriate Suggest


& 5. Write your articlein about 1 2 0 - 1 8 0w o r d s .

6/in addition to heart attacksand cancer. How4) ever,exerciseis a good way to get rid of frustrationand anger,



1-4fortheparagraph. topicsentence theappropriate Choose

teacheswomenthat good healthmattersmorethan bodyshape1 Society that theyarejudgedby theirweight2 Womenaregettingthe message is lessimportantthan it usedto be appearance 3 A woman'sphysical areconsidered and her personality intelligence a woman's Nowadays, 4 moreimportantthan her looks that theyarejudgedby theirweight On (2)Womenaregettingthe message thin women are consideredbeautiful, only and magazines, TV in films popularand successfulAs a result,manywomen feel that their liveswill womento improveonly if they loseweight Our soctetynot onlyencourages on it becomethin but almostinsists

G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p a n d r e a do u t t h e r u b r i c H e l pS st o r e c o g n i saen d u n d e r l i n teh e k e y w o r d s ,a n d t h e n e l i c i t a n s w e rtso t h e q u e s t i o n s AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 1 an article 2 otherstudents andteachers atyour school 3 No,because we usuallywritea for and againstessayin a formalstyle. 4 Positive:. your body will becomestrongand heatthy . youcangetridof frustration andanger Negative:.exercise can be quitepainful . exerctse may causemorestress a. .

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t e t h e t a s k C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s ,

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) . List/add points:1,4,6 , Showcontrast: 5 , lntroducereasons/examples:2,3,7 ' tntroduce g a conclusion: .


AnswerKey Thewriterhasstartedthearticlewitha rhe ricalquestion. Thewriterhasendedthearticlewitha quo tion. Alternativebeginning:tf you take time out of your busy scheduleto exercise regularly, it wiltbe of benefitto bothyour physical andmentalwell-being. Alternativeending:Afterall, isn,tit true that anythingis good foryou,aslongas it'sin moderation? 49 a

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k R e a d t h e t o p i c s e n t e n c e a s nd paragrapa h l o u da n d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r d s E l i c itth e m o s ta p p r o p r i a t eo p i cs e n t e n c eA,s kS st o justrfytheiranswer

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answer) Theparagraphcontainsthereference words:thin wamen,lose weight,become thin

As an extension, askSsto find otherappropriate linkersfor eachtype

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e -ask CheckSs'answers

::s,uerKel -.' :;,aph I presentsthetopic , :iraph 2 givesthe argumentsfor the topic, togetherwith 'cations andexamples. '. -r,aph 3 gives the arguments againstthe topic,together " andexamples. ..stifications : ::rapfi 4 summarises the arguments for and against and . :: a balanced opinion. :

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t e the . a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e ras r o u n dt h e c l a s s

i morestress : . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t e ihe t a s k .C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s . !,nswerKey -:t'agraph2:Thebenefits of physicalexercise are obvious. ::rograph 3: On the otherhand,if you are out of shape, . tercise canbequitepainful. - lernativeParagraph 2: Althoughexercise may takea lotof ' -.e andeffort,it willbe worthit in thelongrun. -:ernativeParagraph 3: Howevetexercising to reducestress : : eshaveitsdisadvantages.


b . S sd o t h e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s answer) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted Suggested and promptsaloudand explain 50 Readthe topicsentences CheckSs'answers anyunknownwords Ssdo the exercise

AnswerKeY Suggested 1 Firstof all,althoughdietpillsmayhelpin theshortterm, you willput on weightagainas soonasyou stoptakng takingdietpills meansthat therewill them.Furthermore, in yourdietforgood notbeenoughvitaminsandminerals takingdiet pillsmay havesideeffects health.ln addrtion, yourhealth' endanger whichwitlultimately is that surgeons surgery of cosmetic 2 Themarnadvantage in an accident' iniured are if they people's faces repair can removedand peoplecanhavescarsor blemishes Moreover, theirselfimageln addition,peoplecanchangeparts restore whichmakethemfeelunhappyordepressed' of theirbodies 5 1 S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d u n d e r l i nteh e k e yw o r d s .T h e n ,S s a n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n sC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted Suggested 1 a forandagainstessay 'the advantages and 2 Paragraph1: presentthe topic, of fastfood' disadvantaqes forfastfood 2:givethearguments Paragraph againstfastfood 3:givethearguments Paragraph themainporntsfor and against 4: summarise Paragraph fastfood ' 3 Pros:' our bodiesneeda varietyof differentfood it is convenient largeamountsofadditives Cons:'itis nothealthy'it contains 4 Wecanwriteouropinionin theconclusion question or a quotationor wecan 5 Wecanusea rhetorical thereaderdirectlY. address to oureatinghabits? Whatishappening Beginning: Asthesongsays,"Atittlebit of whatyoufancydoes Ending: yougood." s x p l a i na n y 5 2 a . R e a do u t t h e p o i n t sa n d j u s t i f i c a t i o nE Check5s' task the 5s complete unknown words answerS answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted b . S sw o r k i n p a r r sa n dd o t h e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s AnswerKey 1 Our bodyneedsa balanceddiet;whichmeansthat we andsaltin ourdret. needsomefats,sugars youwith provide it doesn't 2 Fastfoodis nothealthybecause andminerals' enoughvitamins you whenever sinceit is available 3 Fastfoodis convenient, wantit. asit isfullof largeamountsof additives, 4 Fastfood contains fatsandotherchemicals. saturated to the the task,Elicitanswers the plan Explain 53 a. Present questionsCheck5s'answers the toPic? e g T: HowcanYouPresent questionor talkingabout 51: By usinga rhetorical of fastfood the PoPularitY AnswerKeY Suggested Mainbody diet- weneedfats, (Para2) ourbodiesneeda balanced


- it's and saltin ourdiet;convenient sugars rt want whenever available You provideyouwithenough (Para3) nothealthy- doesn't largeamountsof addrtives vitaminsandminerals; fatsandotherchemicals fullof saturated ConclusionFastfoodwillnot harmyouprovidedit iseaten in moderation. b . - e . G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o nbs- e S sw o r k i n p a i r st o CheckSs'answers completethe exercises AnswerKeY Suggested tist pornts:ln the firstplace,Tostart/beginwith' add/ b. Finally,lnaddition,etc Secondly, Firstof all,Firstly, ' introducepros/cons:The main/first/mosttmportanr Another is,Anadditional/One/ advantage/disadvantage is, etc e ntag e/d isadva antag adv suchas . introduceexamples:for example/instance, etc because, for thisreason,therefore, like,in particular, but still, . toshowcontrast: However, hand, the other On Although,etc Nevertheless, Nonetheless, ' introduce conclude/sun ln conclusion,To a conclusion: etc LastlY, up, Allin all,FinallY, personal opinionin theconclusron' c. I willwritea balanced stylerna usuallyusethis we because style formal d. I willuse forandagainstessaY. e. Fastfoodhasa greatdealto offerus. On theotherhand,fastfooddoeshaveitsdisadvantages 54 Assignthe articleas written HW In the next lesson,as< i n d i v i d u aSlst o p r e s e ntth e i ra r t i c l etso t h e c l a s s AnswerKeY Suggested to our eatinghabits?ln today'sfast Whatis happenrng fastfoodfo' pacedsociety, moreand morepeoplesubstitute simplydon'thavethetimetoprepare meals.They homecooked istht: or theirfamilies.However, balancedmealsfor themselves us? tell experts trendreallyasunhealthyasthe Fastfood hasa greatdeal to offer us.Firstly,fast food i: you wantto eat' whenever it is available because convenient, peopleneedto beableto eattwenti Afterall,in today'ssociety, ourbodyneedsa balanceddie-'" four hoursa day.Furthermore, fats,sugarsand saltin ou' some we need that means which diet.Weneedto eatsmallamountsfromall of thefoodgroups in orderto maintaingoodhealth. On theotherhand,fastfooddoeshaveitsdrsadvantages it doesn'tprovid' Tobeginwith,fastfoodis nothealthybecause ln addition,fastfooc you withenoughvitaminsandminerals. asit isfullof saturatedfats largeamountsof additives, contains Eatingtoo many foods containing and other chemicals. healthin thelongrun. our will damage additives the best way to mqintain gooc Alt things considered, Asthe you want,but in moderation' healthis to eatwhatever good." you you does fancy songsays,"Atittlebit of what 55 .

Readthe quotationsone by one,helpSsto interpret them,elicithow they relateto the themeof the unit of goodhealth) areabouttheimportance Ihe quotations

AnswerKeY Suggested . Goodhealthis themostrmportantthingin life,so it must beguardedcarefullY' ' Steeping wellisan importantpartof goodhealth' . Healthismoreimportantthanwealth'

b. Suggest a topicsentence for the paragraph.


& e - ; : , e r v e i g h tc a ns e r i o u s al yf f e c yt o u rp h y s i c ahle a l t h . Es' instance, obesitycan put a strainon the heartwhich =n leadto heartdisease. Theextraweightalsoputsextra 3ressure on joints and bones,which makesit painfulas ,r,ellas,nO

Lookat the planbelow,anduseyouranswers to Exs51 and52ato answerthe ouestions.

Supporting Sentences & Linkers theprompts intofullsupporting sentences JQ Expand usingappropriate linkers. 1 Therearemanyarguments againsttakingdiet pills. o p u t o n w e i g h tw h e ny o us t o pt a k i n gt h e m . n o t e n o u g hv i t a m i nas n d m i n e r a l s . might havesideeffects/endanger health 2


Cosmetic surgeryhascertainly got its advantages o surgeonscan repairpeople,sfacesif they are injuredin an accident . peoplecanhavescarsor blemishes removed . peoplecan changepartsof their bodieswhich makethem unhappy/depressed


M ain Body

Which are the cons?

Conclusion What is your opinion?

hasaskedits readers

b. Whatlinkingwordscanyouuseto lisVadd points;introduce pros/cons; introduce examples; showcontrast; introduce a conclusion?

â&#x201A;Ź G Write your a article for


(Para 3)


G a

Whichare the pros?

Whdt examplescanyou thinh of ?

therubric andunderline thekeywords, then 51 Read answer thequestions.

t t


What examplescdnyou thinh oJ?

Discuss & Write

Your to

How canyou presenttfu topic? What generalremarkscanyou mahe?

the magazine in about 1 2 0 - 1 8 0w o r d s

c. Willyouwriteyourpersonal opinion? d. Whatstylewill you use?Why? e. Whattopicsentences will you use?

1 2 3 4 5

What typeof composition areyou goingto write? Whatwillthe topicof eachparagraph be? Thinkof two proVcons you which caninclude Inwhichparagraph canyouwriteyouropinion? Which techniquescan you use to starVendyour essay? Suggesta full beginning/ending

a. Matchthe pointsto their justifications. Whicn are positive,and which are negative? lTT6l ort


Useyouranswers to Ex.53 to write yourarticlefor the magazine. Youcanusethe articlein Ex.47 asa model.

5 5 Tryto explainthesequotationsin yourown words. Howdo theyrelateto the themeof the unit?

nceddiet (positive)

ETolnot lJlil.on lZlJl lurg. amountsof additives (negative) a full of saturatedfatsand otherchemicals b we needsomefats,sugarsand saltin our diet c it'savailable whenever youwant it d doesn'tprovideyou with enoughvitamins/minerals b. Jointhe ideasinto full sentences.

To get rich, never risk your health For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth. RichardBaker Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it. RalphWaldo Emerson (USphilosopher) The first wealth is health. RalphWaldoEmerson



Whichof the followingcanyouseein the pictures? . mobile phone. credit card. lDcard' ATM' CCTV . satellite r lanton screen comntrter dish. robot. radar useful? Whichitemdo youthinkisthe most/least Howoftendo you/yourparentsusetheseitems? do youusedaily? of equipment Whatotherpieces


to makesentences. Matchthecolumns

circuit1 ]ccrv ictosed - | v) carneras l : lDcards : i . Radars

iio roniioiio;il;;i




(arr rritrr q\/<tpmq

' - ' -' - " - i

t- ."".-.., - ..,- .,,,. ." .-.-.-"---,,.-l





I to identifyyou are i'- *'-.-r u s e d I t o l o c" a t es h i p sa n d p l a n e s i w h e nw e c a n ' ts e et h e m t o c o l l e cat n ds e n dr n f o r m i ationto and from space


iMicrochips ' -""-"' i'"'-' f nmnr

i t o s t o r ea n do r g a n t s e I I information I t o s t o r el a r g ea m o u n t so f I i I ii nnf nf ro mrr + nn nn rci rirrr cru i f <i t s mi nan t i oo l

l t o p r o t e c at b u i l d i n gf r o m l b u-=-,--.-" r g l a r..-,., s. !-..".,


I tn ellnrri vnrt tn t:kc


1m o n e yo u t o f t h e b a n k

areas. andpublic roads lo monitor areused CCNcameras

Reading 3

A-Handthetitleof the Readthe headings article. Whatdo youexpectto readin the text? Readthe articleandcheckyourguesses. Readthe text againandmatchthe headings Thereis A-Hto eachpart1-6of thearticle. whichyoudo not needto use. oneheading at the beginning. Thereisan example

tr ; h E




A s i n g l ec a r d A d i f f i c u ldt e c i s i o n Thepositiveside N o t h i n gi s h i d d e na n ym o r e K e e p i nw g a t c hi se x p e n s i v e C a p t u r eo dn f i l m Newformsof identification Nowhereto hide

i e a d i n g : m a t c h i n gh e a d i n g tso p a r a g r a p h sr e; a d i n g '--r specificinformatjon 'y'ocabulary: technologyat home; crime; ob1ects, : escp r it i o n Grammar:order of adjeciives; the passive; defirrrng_ - : n - d e f i n ign r e l a t i vcel a u s e s Jse of English:word formation;prepositions; phrasal :'bs (hold,keep);opencloze;key-wordtransformations; : cmsandfixedphrases l i s t e n i n g :l i s t e n i n g f o r s p e c i f i ci n f o r m a t i o nl i;s t e n r n g '::'gist; n o t e t a k i n g ;d e d u c i n gm e a n i n gm ; ulrrpre .-atching; m a t c h i n gs p e a k e rtso m e a n so f r e l a x a t i o n ; -::ntifyingspeakers > c e a k i n g :d e s c r i b i n go b j e c t s ;e x p r e s s i n og p i n i o n s ; I scusstng technologyand its effectson people,s lives; , . i n g i n s t r u c t i o nrse;p o r t i n tgh e f i s ^tonation:stress in listsof adjectives ''i riting:a newsreport;an opinionessay; a descriptron .


Suggested AnswerKey I think the articlewill be about technologyand personal privacy.I would expectto read about CCry n cardsand satellites watchingpeoplefromspace. b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a do u t t h e t i p p o i n to u t t h a t S s needto follow this advicein orderto completethe task successfully. Explainthe example Ss complete t h e t a s k .C h e c k5 s ' a n s w e r s .

R e a do u t t h e t i t l e o f t h e u n i t E l i c i tt h a t r t r s a proverbElicitthe meaningof the proverb(youneed to take precautionsin order to prevent sth bad from happening.) ThenSsspeculate on what the unit may be about (crime, technology, innovations, inventors, etc). Readout the list of prompts Ask Ssto look at the p i c t u r e sa n d s a y w h h o f t h e m t h e y c a n s e e .G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o na n d e l i c i ta n s w e ras r o u n dt h e class.

) nswerKey 'cbile phone(C),creditcard(D),ATM(A),laptopcomputer(B), ,,:ellitedish(F),robot(E) Suggested AnswerKey .'tinka laptopcomputeris the mostusefulbecause it auows ,.J thefreedomto do thingswherever youare. .tink a robotistheleastusefulbecause it isslowandclumsy. ,'.,'father useshismobilephoneand hislaptopcomputer every - :1. I usemy mobilephoneall the time.My parentsusecredit .:,dsquiteoftenandtheyuseATMs quitea lot, too. -se a mtcrowaveoven everyday.I also usean answering - tchine. etc : . p l a i nt h e t a s k E l i c i a t n y u n k n o w nw o r d s 5 s w o r k i n - : r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k C h e c kS s , a n s w e r s :nswerKey ) cardsareusedto identifyyou. ::dars areusedto locate shipsandplaneswhenwecan't see .'?m. :..unty systems areusedtoprotecta buildingfromburglars. -;:ellitesareusedto collectandsendinformation to andfrom --',4sareusedto allowyouto take moneyoutof thebank. ' :rochipsareusedto storelargeamountsof information on -smputers areusedto storeandorganise information. :

a R e a dt h e t i t l e o f t h e a r t j c l ea n d e h e a d i n gasl o u d . Elicitwhat informationSswould pectto find in the text then playthe cassetteSsfollowthe text and see if theirguesses werecorrect


answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted c . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e task.CheckSs'answersaroundthe class AnswerKeY Suggested everywhere;High techlD; Easyto Lossof privacy; Cameras lsit worthit? findyou; SmartCards;Advantages; d. o

H e l pS st o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d si n b o l d b y g i v t n g examplesor synonyms ss can also look the w o r d su p i n t h e i rd i c t i o n a r i eTsh e nS sa n s w etrh e questtons

AnswerKey streetcrimeandshoplifting' 1 Theyare usedto discourage we will not haveto 2 Theywiltsavea lot of timebecause waysfor different in different identifyourselves constantly purposes. 3 Wewill losemuchof ourPrivacY. aloudusingthe S's . RemindSsto practiseReading 5s listento the text and follow the CD/cassette. l i n e s S sl i s t e na g a i nw i t h p a u s e st ,h e n r e a do u t from the text 4

E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k ' s st o r e a do u t t h e i r C h e c kS s ' a n s w e rbsy a s k i n gv a r i o u 5 anSwers AnswerKeY Suggested keeptrack - discourage crime,watchforpeoplespeeding, CCTV of people /voiceand eye/ footsteprecognition scanning/face Finger usedto identifYPeoPle GPS- find out exactlywhereyou are,keeptrackof vehicles 'smarter' in one information allyourpersonal lD cards- stores place (Ss'own answers)


-t aLc,* I I C.

In pairs, thinkof otherappropriate headings.

n .i. l{: Readrhe lisc ,-.,1 , ,, ,Jj 'i -r' of headings quickly. i " Readthe text once and try to understandthe main point of each paragraph. Look at the headings againand underlinethe lceywords.Readthe text again, paragraphby paragraph,and try to find words/phrases that matchthe headings. The informationmight be phrasedin differentwords"Eachtime you choosea heading, cross

d . Explain the wordsin bold,thenanswerthese

questions, according to whatthe text says. 1 Howcansurveillance publrc increase safety? ) ln whatwayscanlDtechnologres offergreater conven ience? js What thedisadvantage of increased surveillance?

Follow-up 4

It OUt.

Readthearticle againandlistallthesurveillance technologies mentioned, makingnoteson what eachdoes.Thentalkaboutthetwo technologies thatyouthinkarethe mostusefulin yoursociety. Justifyyouranswers.

] ou know that somebody somewhere knows :hing about you * what you buy at the supermarket, , ou call on the phone, which videos you rent ancl t hat you like on your pizza'!Most of us are aware of .;t that every time we use a credit card, phone card, '.lrd or supermarketcard, our personal information . .rqlecorded somewhcre.This is the price we pay fbr -,rnvenience of using cardsinsteadof cash.We have rccepted the fact that nothing we dcl on our :rter is evercompletelyprivate. light think that you have never been on TV, but you \\ rong. CCTV (closed circuit TV) cameras are -,lhere! They are in shopping centres, at ATMs, ..Je buildings and even on our roads and motorways. -' are operated by the police and private security -:anies, and they are there to discouragecrimes such nuggings, shoplifting,and carjackings.They alsowatch :oads for people speeding, and more. In some *ings there are even cameras in smoke detectors. -,.Sofld exit signs.They keep track of where you are ,,hat you are doing all day, everyday. ri very near future you will no longer have to worry -. Iorgettlng your computer password,your cashcard - --r.r or evenyour kevs,becauseyour body will be your Finger scanning,which is similar to fingerprinting, is '- ,i) being used by large companies to identify --: rvees. Facerecognitionis anothergrowingareaof ID . -.i.1)logy, as are voice and eye recognition. Something - tr new on the market is footstep identification. Using ' : ,.'l floor tiles, computers are able to iclentifypeople -r- Ihe way they walk. This technology wil iet your - - .r\ er or your teacher know exactly where you are and





.ng you when you are not at work or at schoolis also ling easier. GPS (Global positioning Systems) - .rlogy alreadyexists,and in lessthan a minute it can

find out, via satellite, exactly where you are. Some car rental companies are already using this technology to keep track of their vehicles.Mobile phone companlesare even planning to use this technologyin aii their phones. This means that when someone makcs a call on their mobile phone, or even if they simply have their phone turned on, they can easilybe located. 4 A Identity cards are also getting 'smarter'. Many countries alreadyhavea systemwhich recluirestheir citizensto carn identification cards. Thesecardsusually incluclepersonal information such as name, addressand birth date as n,ell as a personalidcntification number. However, in the near future, thesecardswill also contain a microchip.r,vhichwill be able to store a lot more informaticln. Usin,e thi,s technology,one card will be able to replacevour driving licence, student card, medical card. library card. credit card, birth certificate and most of the other piecesof lD that we haveto carry around with us. 5


The benefits of all these new ID systemsare obvious. Imagine walking into yclur office at work. The flclor will know you have arrived and your computer will recognise your voice and automatically log you on. you will be able to walk up to your ATM, smile swcetll'and sayhello, and it will give you your monev. Your family will know exactly where you are, and you will alwaysknow where your car rs. Criminalsare going to find it a lot more clifficultto commit crimes,and the police will find it a lot easierto catchthem. 6 B The questionthat we have to ask ourselvesnow is how the rights of the individual will be preserved.We must ask ourselveswhether increasedpublic safetyanciconvenience will come at the cost of our privacy, and whether or not this is a price we are willing to pay. Is convenienceworth the loss of privacy as all our personal data from bank records to health information and employmenthistory is on lile and more readily availableeveryday?Are we really rcady to live in a world where our every move is bein!$ -,-.:.*.*.". watched'l

Addwordsto eachof the thenmakeuP spidergrams, usingthe words, sentences


n o l o g ya t H o m e A, B or C to Choose youa technophile or a technophobe? you. describes best d'ffiKsentencein the waythat


in an emergency only In emerg

u s ea m o b i l eP h o n e


machine only if I haveno choice A usean answering













when l'm in the mood wheneverI needto

lfrequentlyI usethe Internet


control remote

dish satellite


agaln now and again



* -** Tv disrtar


A .

,: ': .,1:i

"- :i

l L



:"t,ti\: :: l

C l .

b. I B

keyboard -,.'

f l o p p yd i s k n

-*--**'computer software ffii

phone onlyinanemergency. I usea mobile Thereis nothingto be technophobic MostlyA's:Youaredefinitely


,tr ii::t;r:,l-'

of Tryit - youmrghtlikeit! scared


MostlyB's:Youarewithoutdoubta technophileBe carefulyou don't forget how to usepenandpaper!



worldundercontrolwell done!lt's MostlyC's:Youseemto havethetechnical to helpyou,butnotletit runyourlife to beableto usetechnology important


** deposit

,.:. ../

'',,,'.''] lTIVll,.,, 't.

to talkabouthow oftenyou: b. Now,usethe wordsandphrases




onlrne . watchDVDs. listen to MP3s' buysomething ' . watchsatellite oven TV cookwitha microwave . withdrawmonevfromanATM player. gota DVD wehaven't watchDVDs, because I never 6


t t





a. Whichof thesehaveyougot at home?

WritingProject 1 fax machine 2 iron

3 camcorder 4 kettle

oven 6 blender 5 microwave

aboveto their useslistedbelow, b. Matchthe appliances


asin the example' thenmakeup sentences, . videoevents . cookfood ' liquidise food . boilwater . ironclothes . sendfaxes faxes. isusedforsendinq A faxmachine

aboutvarious information Collect (e.9. inventors dateof birth/death etc)andtheir nationality, (e.9.yeal inventions etc).Findor reason/use, andPrePare drawpictures a oosterof famous andtheir inventors

send, , creote, 7 a . Fillin:furnon,plugin,logoff out.I ne in mylaptopisrunnlng 1 Thebattery


(* uninstall) l'm goingto createa "birthday"fileto storemy friends'birthdays (* delete) 5 Yourprinterisn'tbroken- you JUstforgotto turn it on (+ turn offl 6 D o n ' tf o r g e tt o l o go f f w h e ny o u h a v ef i n i s h e du s i n gt h e I n t e r n e to, r y o u rp h o n eb i l lw i l l b e h u g e ( + l o g o n )

b . Findthe oppositesof the verbsabove.


' ''-i.'j " Divideintotwo teams.Oneteam " to technologY saysa wordrelated TheotherteammakesuPa usingtheword.Each sentence getsa Point'The sentence correct teamwith the mostpointsisthe wrnner. ATM TeamASl: toallowustoget Team B51: AnATMisused monev outofthebank.


Explainthe iask and eliciVexplain the meaningsof technophile/technophobe Sscomplete the task Check 5s'answers by askingsomeSsto readtheirsentences aloud At the end of the quizdo a quicksurveyof the class to seehow manySsscoredmostlyAs,Bs,or Cs

Writing E x p l a i tnh e t a s k E l i c i t h e v o c a b u l a rSys n e e dt o u s eI n t h e w r i t i n gt a s k .D o t h e t a s ko r a l l yi n c l a s sa, n d t h e n a s s i g ni t a s written HW Pinup postersin the classroom

Suggested AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)



P l a y i h e g a m e a s i n s t r u c t e di n t h e S t u d e n t , sB o o k Alternatively, say words relatedto technologySs in teams m a k eu p s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e w o r d s

E x p l a itnh e t a s k E l i c ist e n t e n c ef sr o m S sa r o u n dt h e class

SiLggested AnswerKey 'everlistento MP3s,butI often buythingsonline.I oftenwatch ;:elliteW but I rarelycookwith a mrcrowave oven I always :hdrawmoneyfromanATMbecause it'ssoconvenient. :


A s kS st o l o o ka t t h e p i c t u r e 1 s - 6 A s ka S t o r e a d o u t t h e w o r d sa n d e l i c i ta n s w e r fsr o mS sa r o u n d theclass

Suggestedlist of words: ATM, e-mail,lD (identification) card, operate,finger scanning,radar, microchip,security, system,locate,etc Suggested AnswerKey TeamB 52: e-mail TeamA 52: E-mailis usedto sendmessages fromonecompwerrc another. etc




As an extension, ask5sto listthe otherequipmenV appliances theyhaveat home


E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sc o m p l e t e t h e t a s k C h e c kS s , answerS

t nswerKey An ironisusedfor ironingclothes A camcorder isusedforvideoing events. A kettleisusedfor boilingwater. A microwave ovenisusedforcookingfood A blenderisusedfor liquidisingfood. . As an extension,ask Ss t o m a k e u p s i m i l a r sentencesfor the other e qu i p m e n V a p pnl icae s t h e yh a v ei n t h e i rh o m e s :

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k S s d o t h e exerciseCheck 5s' anSwers

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) b Elicitanswersaroundthe class lf necessary, Ss may u s et h e i rt h e s a u r u s e s 4nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) i

: ' l p l a i nt h e t a s k a n d e l i c i V e x p l atihne m e a n i n go f a n y , . i k n o w nw o r d s 5 . sc o m p l e t teh e s p i d e r g r a mCsh. e c kS s , : r s w e r s t, h e na l l o wS ss o m et i m et o m a k eu p s e n t e n c e s '-.r e a c hw o r d C h e c kS s ' a n s w e rbsy a s k i n gi n d i v i d u aSls . r r e a do u t t h e i rs e n t e n c e s AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) :omecountries haveover30different W channels. ','e mayall be watchingdigitalW soon. -cmputersoftware isquicklyoutdated Sittingin frontof a computer screen alldaycandamage youreyes. /oucantakemoneyoutof the bankeasilywithanATM. -here are lotsof transactions you cando at an ATMwithout iavingto go intothebank. Sometimes lcan'tgeta signalon mymobilephone. en storeall myfriend's numbers in thememoryof my mobile chone.


AnswerKeY Suggested

to write sentences definitions answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprtnted outof a countryillegally' or tnto things takes A smuggler to bea shopwhilepretending a from thiigs steals I sno/ifter customer. etconpurpose' setsfireto buildings/forests A arsontst them doesn'trelease and force by takessomeone A idnapper is untila ransom Paid. illegaltytakescontrolof a planeor othervehicle A hiiacker usingforce. rsonsproperty' Athiefstealsanot A forger coP/es deceive people.

of art/document5,/signatures

which 1 1 Go through the table and explainthe order in adjectives the Read sentence put in a be adlectives"should from Ss Readthrougl^ in the table Elicitotheradjectives itemsa-e Elicitthe correctorderof adjectives AnswerKeY jewellerY box a an oval,blue,enamel, Por b a prehistoricbrowa c/q4coo c a small,new,striPedcanvasbag d a pairof ugly,triangulalorange,plasticearrings vase Chinese antique, enormous, e a beautiful,

etc to

b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k 5 sc o m p l e t teh e t a s k H e l pS sw h e r e complete Check5s' answersAlternatively, necessary gnswers t h e t a s ki n a t a b l eo n t h e b o a r db y e l i c i t i n a f r o m a r o u n dt h e c l a s sT h e n5 s c o p yt h e t a b l ei n t o t h e i rn o t e b o o k s



AnswerKey - to smuggle - smuggling smuggler shoplifter- shoplifting- to shoplift - arson- to commitarson arsontst kidnapper- kidnapping- to kidnap hijacker- hijacking to hijack thief- theft- to steal forger- forgery- to forge

Itemsto beticked:A,B,C,D b . E x p l a itnh a t S ss h o u l du s et h e t a b l ei n E x 1 1 t o h e l p them with the orderof adlectivesDo the first item with Ss,then Sscompletethe taskCheck5s'answers AnswerKey Suggested A

1 0 a . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k R e a do u t t h e t i t l e o f t h e t e x t a n d a s kS sw h a t t h e yt h i n kt h e t e x t m i g h tb e a b o u t ( 5 b was arrestedfor a crimebut saysthat he is innocent') AllowSssometime to readthe text andwork in pairs to completethe task Ss can look up the words in t h e i r d i c t i o n a r i e sC h e c k 5 s ' a n s w e r st h e n e l i c i t for eachof the words definitions


AnswerKey Suggested please? A: CanI takeyournameandaddress, Street, Chigley. Edwards lt'sMarkGreene,6g, B: Certainly. A: RightNow,whenand wheredid thethefttakeplaceanc happenedT whatexactly Railway Stationabouthal' B: lt wason platform2 at Redford an hourago.lwason theplatformwaitingformytrain.MS bagwason thefloornextto me.I turnedawayfora seconc boardand whenI turnedbacki: to checkthe departures wasgone. thebagfor me,pleaseand tellme A: I see,Canyou describe whattherewasinsidein asmuchdetailaspossible? square,black,leathertravelbag B: is a brand-new, with a zip on the front.lnsidetherewas a blackleathe' pursewith aboutfiftypoundsin it andsomecreditcards small,silvercamerain a case Therewasalsoan expensive, aswellasa bookandsomemagazines.

s n dt h e nS sc o m p l e t teh e b . R e a dt h r o u g ht h e c o l u m n a task CheckSs'answers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted Writing


bluetrolleybag with c rectangular, tt'sa medrum-srzed, retractable handle. black,plastic,rnstamatrc lt'sa cheap,old, rectangular, camerg white,plasticcalculator. lt'sa small,rectangular, brown,leatherwallet. lt'san expensive, tt'sa cheap,plastic,alarmclockwith a white,roundface. pursewrtha silverbuckle. lt'sa darkblueleather

thetask the task Ssworkin pairsandcomplete c. Explarn andhelpwherenecessary MonitorSs'performance

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k E l i c i t h e v o c a b u l a rSysn e e dt o u s ei n t h e i r w r i t i n gt a s kb y a s k i n gq u e s t i o n s e 9 T : W h e r ed i d i t h a p p e n ? 51: At TescoSupermarket T : W h e nd i d i t h a p p e n ? 52. LastFridayafternoon T : W h a t d o y o ut h i n kh a p p e n e d ? he had 53: Theold manwasdoinghisshoppingHerealised no money,so he triedto stealsometinsof food instead T: W h e nd o y o ut h i n kh e w a sa r r e s t e d ? 5 4 : Whenhe was leavingthe store T: Whatdo youthinkhe saidwhenhe wasarrested? 5 5 : H ec o u l dh a v es a i d :" l o n l yd i di t b e c a u slew a sh u n g r y a n dd i d n ' th a v ea n ym o n e y" e t c i t a sw r i t t e nH W D o t h e t a s ko r a l l yi n c l a s sT h e na s s i g n

a. Explainthe task Playthe cassette Ss listen and completethe exerciseCheck5s' answers

[- r"ilffpt r"i'ri"ill* r zJ(p.'8tiJ seep.88(r) i

5scan referto p 203 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript




a. Matchthecriminals 1-8to thedefinitions a-h. thenmakesentences, asin the example.

Readthe headline below,thenwritea newsreport.

FTclburslar ETel smuggler FTllshoplifter ETa.larsonist

lll *uper kct *hcpllttinr Ellltght T$-wnr-ctfr

fETbl kidnapp.t [6Tg I hijacker

Write: . where/when it haooened . whathappened in detail . whatthecriminal said YoucanusewordsfromEx.10.

thief | 8Td I forset

a setsflreto buildingV e forestVetc on purpose b takessomeoneby force f anddoesn'trelease them untila ransomispaid c breaksintoa buildingin g orderto stealthings d copiesworksof arV documentVsignatures/ h etcto deceivepeople

takesthingsintoor out of a countryillegally steals thingsfroma shop whilepretending to be a customer illegally takescontrolof a planeor othervehicle usingforce stealsanotherperson's property


Studythetable,thenrewritethedescriptions beloW puttingthe adjectives in the correctorder. Whentwo or moreadjectives areusedtogetherto d e s c r i bteh e s a m en o u n ,t h e yu s u a l lfvo l l o wt h i so r d e r

Aburglar breaks intoa building inordertostealthings. b. Givethe nameof the crimeandthe verb relatedto eachof the criminals above. - burglary - toburgle burglar the correct wordor phrase, thenuse t 0 a. Underline yourdictionary to helpyouexplain the meaning

il ?4-year-oldSam Thorn of Leeds was l) charged with/ 5 yearsin prisonyesterdayfor car :teft. Afier Thorn was stopped for 2) skidding ast July,the police discoveredthat the car which he 'vasdrivingwas stolen. AlthoughThorn pleadednot guilty at his 3) courU , there were three 4) statements r/ho saw him smashthe window of the car and drive it : r/ay. -norn told the 5) /trial that it was his car but he -ad lost his keys.Unfortunately,he could not produce 5) defence that the car was his and it was : scovered that the real owner had reported it 7) robbed the sameday. m innocent" is allThorn would sayto the reporters : -'side the 8) /courtyard.

b. Matchthe columns to makecorrectsentences.

a b c d e

a(n)oval/jewellery/blue/enamel box a prehistoric/claylcooking/brown pot a striped/new/small/canvas bag a pairof triangular/ugly/plastidorange earrings a(n)antique/enormous/Chinese/beautiful vase



You will hearsomeonedescribinghisstolenbag and what it contained.Listenand tick (/) which


ofthe objects belowhe describes.


b . Describe eachof the objectsshownabove. Takerolesandactout a dialogue betweena policeofficer(A)anda person(B)who is reportingthe theft of theirtravelbag.



| $

Reference Grammar 'l


the passive Readthe sentences a-handunderline forms,thenanswerquestions 1-6. a

Customers i n s i d et h e s t o r e b T h em o t o r i s t is now c Breakfast d "Guernica" e Thetheft f R e n t a lssh o u l d g T h et e l e p h o n e

1 People b e l i e vh e e h a ss t o l e nf 1 m It isbelieved thathehasstolenf 1m. Heisbelieved to havestolenfl m.

to refrainfrom smoking

2 Theysayhe isworkingon a new softwarepackage 3 We expectthe companywill set up a computer networkthisyear

f 8 O f o r i l l e g apl a r k i n g in the GardenRoom byPicasso equipment with high-tech t o t h e m a i ng a r a g e b y A l e x a n d eGr r a h a m

Bell the fire h Thisis clearlya caseof arson,because with ragssoakedin petrol



T h ep o l i c et h i n kh ew a si n v o l v eidn t h e t h e f t


Everyone thinkssheisthe creatorof the robot-pet

intofull headlines Expand the newspaper asin the example. sentences usingthe passive,


above? the sentences 1 Where might you see/read Are they formalor informalin style? 2 How do we form the passive? the agent?Why?How 3 Whichsentence(s) contain(s) isthe agentintroduced? 4 W h y i st h e r en o a g e n ti n t h e o t h e rs e n t e n c e s ? of modalverbs? 5 How do we form the passive 6 Whendo we user,vlthtointroducethe agent? 'l

as in Usethe patternsin Ex.15 to makesentences, the example.


I P m f * * tms $ m s t * H $ ifi:,r;:;'Ti t*qff:,;i$ $$ri]$''ri

Usethe promptsto make completepassive sentences, as in the example.

byschools. Laptops arebeingtriedoutintheclassroom

my office/ breakinto/ lastnight Myofficewasbrokeninto lastnight. B : O h n o ! D i dt h e yt a k ea n y t h i n g ?


the text by puttingthe verbsintothe $ Complete voice. of the activeor passive correcttense/form

A : y o u/ i n v i t e/ t o B i l l ' sb i r t h d a yp a r t y ? B : No, I wasn't A : C a nI h a v em y b i l l ,p l e a s e ? B : Of course,sir Yourbill/ prepare/ now

Four high schoolcompute' (arrest) hackers0) werearrested of thef: yesterday andfacecharges

A : the new CCTVcamera/ install/ yet? B : No, not yet 5 A: ls theirwebsiteinformationup to date? B: Maybe but I visitedthe websitelastweek, a n d/ i t / n o t/ u p d a t e/ f o r m o n t h s

and fraud lt 1) is believed(believe) the four boys,aged between 16 and 18, 2) used(use)a complexlnternetschemeto stealcomputâ&#x201A;Źe q u i p m e n t T h e b o y s , w h o s e n a m e s3 ) h a v e n o t b e e r e l e a s e d( n o t / r e l e a s ey)e t , 4 ) a r e s a i d ( s a y ) t o 5 ) h a , . = broken (break) into a local Internetserverand 6) (hav:

linedup? 6 A: Why is everyone B : O u r l D c a r d s/ c h e c k/ t h e s e c u r i tgyu a r d s .

| $

Brazil. saythatheescapedto Active . People toBrazil. Passive. Heissoidto haveescaped . lt issaidthotheescaped to Brazil.


i ! 't

whichthey usedto 9o c' stolen(steal)creditcardnumbers, a g i a n t o n l i n es h o p p i n gt r i p A l t o g e t h e rt ,h e y 7 ) o r d e r :e (order)f20,000 worth of computerequipmentbeforethe.' Al were caught (catch) The equipment9) was deliver= ( d e l i v e rt)o v a c a n h , h e r ei t c o u l d1 0 ): = t o m e si n t h e a r e a w p r c k e du p ( p i c ku p ) a f t e rs c h o o lW h e nt h e b o y s1 1 ) w e = o u t s u c ha n e l a b o r a tsec h e n = a s k e d( a s k )w h y t h e yc a r r i e d they said they 12)were surprised(surprise)at how easy..



Studythe examples.How do the two passive sentences differ? i i

r - : ^ e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h S s S sw o r k i n p a i r s . : , -- 3 ete the exerciseCheck5s, answersReferSs - = : ' a m m a rR e f e r e n cSee c t i o fno r m o r ed e t a r l : ' : ,:' Key(See overprinted answers) ' - : gtis or noticesand in newspaper articles. Theyare '_ tl in style. '- 'crm the passivewith the verb'to be,and the past : . -. :iple -ne : agentisincluded whenit isa specific or importanr :?rsonor whenit is essential to the meaningof the :?ntence.The agentisintroduced with,by,. -= jgent ' is assumedto be unimportant, unknownor .. - , understood fromtheinformation given. .- 'orm thepassiveof modalverbsin thesame way as .' ctherverbsi.e.with the verb'to be,and the past _:': atple -.1 theagent uses an instrument, materialor ingreatent. . - . n e t a s k G o t h r o u g ht h e e x a m p l ea n d t h e n S s -- =.: t h et a s k C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s

Tapesript for eierciieiiu ti el" A: B:


C a nt h e p y o u ,s r r ?

w a sg o n e I s e e ,s r F i r s tl,' J ln e e dy o u rn a m ea n d a d d r e ssso w e c a nc o n t a cyt o u i f t , s f o und .

B: A: B: W e l l ,i t ' sa b l u et r o l l e yb a gw i t h a r e t r a c t a b h l ea n d l eA b o u tm e c l i u m szed A: A n d w h e na n dw h e r ed t dy o u / o s ei t ? B: A: B:

A: B: A: B:




'_.2youinvitedto Bill,sbirthdayparty? - -' cillisbeingprepared now. -:: :nenewCCWcamera beeninstalled yet? ;"d it hasnotbeenupdatedformonths. , -,,lDcardsarebeingchecked bythesecurity guards

r a t h e re x p e n s i vnee ws u i tt h a t I

: : i - t h e t a s k S ss t u d yt h e e x a m p l easn d a n s w e trh e .-i -an -':,,,,er Key = -'st passtve sentence is personal and thesecondpassive . -.-.:ers impersonal. : : ' r t h e t a s ka n d g o t h r o u g ht h e e x a m p l eS sd o t h e - : ' : 5 e C h e c kS s a ' nswers - ^s,verKey -


. issaidthatheisworkingona newsoftware package 'e issaidto beworking on a newsoftware package. : isexpected thatthecompanywill setup a newcompurcr 'etworkthisyear. -he companyis expectedto set up a new compurcr '.,etworkthis year. : isthoughtthathewasinvolved in thetheft 1eisthoughtto havebeeninvolved in thetheft. ,risthoughtthatsheisthecreatorof therobot-pet. Sheisthoughtto bethecreatorof therobot-pet.

: : a c io u t t h e h e a d l i n e s a n dt h e e x a m p l eS. sw o r k i n p a i r s : - i c o m p l e t teh e t a s k .C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s . -nswerKey -'editcardnumbers werestolenbyhackers. 'tbot surgeons arebeingtested in hospitals. -CN cameras aregoingto beinstalled in thecityparksby the ::lice. .


P r e - R e a d i n gA:s k S s t o r e a d t h e t i t l e E l i c i tt h e meaning of hacker (sb who breaksinto a computer systemin orderto getinformation) Explainthe task Readout the first few linesup to item 1 Do item 1 with Ss Sscompletethe exercise Check5s' answersby askingsome Ssto readfrom the text

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)


a . E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n d g o t h r o u g ht h e t a b l ew i t h S s S s and then answef work in pairsand do the exercise ReferSs to the answers' Ss' Check the questions. detail for more Section Reference Grammar AnswerKey peoplewhoshecantalkto' Lucylikes peoplewhoaren'tarrogant' Lucylikes areuseful' thrngswhich/that Lucylikes with' shecanmakesomething which/that thin-gs Luiylikes whosefamrlyyouhavemet Lucy, That's That'sLucy,whosebicyclewasstolenyesterday a We usewho/that to referto a person,which/thatto referto thingandwhoseto showPossession' t n s w e rasr o u n dt h e c l a s tso b . E x p l a itnh e r u l ea n de l i c i a the exercise comPlete AnswerKeY shecantalkto. Lucylikes PeoPle with' shecanmakesomething things likes Luiy We can leaveout the relativepronounin thesesentences theyareusedastheobiectrntheirclauses' because ts 20 Ask Ssto look at the picturesElicit what eachitem

the used for or what each person does Read out Ss' C h e c k t a s k ' t h e d o p r o m p t sa n d t n e e x a m p l eS s anSwers AnswerKey or a iudgeuses which/thatan auctioneer A gavelrs something attention' rc getpeo7le's use to Aiersonaldictaphoneis somethingwhich/thatwe people's voices' record which/thatwe takewhenpeople iiig,rip,ir'ttare somethtng arearrested. qnd which/thatwe useto climbmountains is something R;iope walls. restratn Handcuffsare somethingwhich/thatwe IJseto criminals. peoplein cou,rt' who/thatrepresents A lawyeris someone aboutthelawin decisions makes who/that judqe is someone A court. who/thatupholdsthelaw is someone A policeman

Ss' 21 Explainthe task Ss completethe task Check answers answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted rt isusedas pronounbecause 1 We canleaveouttherelattve theobiectof theclause. it isusedas pronounbecause 8 Wecin leaveouttherelative theobiectof theclause.

22 Presentthe theory box and go through the examples' Explainthe task and readout the example5s complete the task CheckSs'answers

AnswerKey 2 Hehasthreecars,oneof whichisa Jaguar' to theparty'mostof whomsaid invitedfrftypeople 3 Louise come' would theY that of q lne policearrested sixmen,twoof whomaresuspected thecrtme organising bothof whomwerelaterrecaptured escaped, 5 Twoprisoners bythePolice.


Relative Pronouns in De Relative Clauses


2 1 Fillin who,whoseor which.ln

whichsentences couldyouleave out the relative pronoun? Why?

Grammar Reference 19

1 Themanwho shewastalkino to usedto livehere

a. Useappropriate relativepronouns to matchthe mainclauses to the relativeclauses. Whendo we usewho,which/that or whose?

LucylikesPeoPle LucYlrkesthtnqs

He'sgot a new job, which/that is muchbetterthan hislastone That's the man whose wife workswith Steve The policearrestedthe burglar who/thatbrokeintotheirhouse S a r a hw , h o s ed o g l ' m l o o k i n g after,is on holidayin Spain We're lookingfor a restaurant which/thatservesltalianfood lsthat the girlwho/thatbought yourcar? The train which/thatwe were goingto take hasjust left My videorecorder, which/thatI boughtlastweek,costf2O0 1 0 I gave Joan, whose car nao brokendown,a lift to the office

areuseful a r e n ' ta r r o g a n t shecantalk to

That'sLucY, bicyciewas stolenYesterdaY

b Studythe rulebelow.Canwe leaveout the relative pronounin anyof the sentences above? Whichsentences, andwhv? We canleaveout the relativepronouns who. which and that if theyareusedasthe objectof a definingrelative clause.

with who/which aboutthe people/things in the 20 Makesentences pictures, asin the example.

Whom (for people)and which (for things)can be used wilh noneof ..., allof...,mostof.., anyof...,manyof.. , someof ...,bothof ...,eachof ...,neither of..., eitherof...,oneof...etc. He bought threejackets,all of which wereexactlythesamecolour. He'sgot two brothers,both of whom livein England.


lointhe sentences usingwhichor whom,asin the example. 1 MaryhasthreesistersOneof themismarrred Maryhasthreesisters, oneofwhom ismarried.

Astorage boxis something whichweuseto storedisks.

H e h a st h r e ec a r sO n eo f t h e m i sa J a g u a r Louiseinvitedfifty peopleto the party Most of them said that t h e yw o u l dc o m e . The police arrestedsix men Two of them are suspectedof o r g a n i s i nt gh e c r i m e . Two prisonersescaped They were both later recapturedby thepolice

fiveof the completed thenchoose o . Fillin the correctpreposition, phrases usingthem. andmakeup sentences

23 Fillin where,when or why. r e d a Yw h e n 1 D oy o u r e m e m b et h we firstmet? 2 Hisofficeis in the streetwhere M a r yl i v e s 3 Do you know the reasonwhY s h ed i d n ' tc o m e ? The housewhere he was born h a sb e e nb r o k e ni n t o 1 9 1 4w a s t h e y e a rw h e nW o r l d

1 2 3 4 5

to worryaboutsth to keeptrackof sth to makea callon yourmobilePhone i n t h e n e a rf u t u r e to beonfile

A o o e n d i 2x Replacethe words or phrasesin bold with the correctform of a phrasalverb usinghold or keep. ' l C a ny o uw a i t f o r a m i n u t e ?l ' l ls e ei f M r W a l k e irsa v a i l a b l (e= h o l do r | h a v e n 'fti x e dt h e p r o b l e mb, u t l ' l l c o n t i n u et r y i n gt o f i n d a s o l u t i o n (= keepon) 3 The childrenwere made to stay behind by the teacherafter schoo ( = k e p ti n ) 4 T h e yb u i l t a f e n c es o t h a t p e o p l ew o u l d n o t i n t r u d eo n t h e i r l a n c (= keePoff) of the flightfor a coupleof hours 5 The badweatherdelayeddeparture ( = h e l db a c k )


Cnmnptitinn C:mp for thinkof definitions ln teams, relative below using the nouns pronouns. Eachcorrectsentence getsa point.Theteamwith the mostpointsisthe winner. . CCTV. judge. court . arsonrst . burglar . satellite . microchip o prison. lDcardo shoplifter . hijacker. courtroomr gavel

tobeonTV to havea problemwith sth

6 7 8 9 10

Verb Phrasal f $

War I brokeout

be awareof sth to payfor sth to do sth on yourcomputer

WordFormation 26

Fflin the correctwordderivedfromthe wordin bold.

whichis ASl: CCNisa system Team and roads tomonitor used public areas. who... isa person Team BSl: Ajudge erc

I a

Prepositions A p p e n d i x1

24 ,. Up rnedpeorsl iint ietohnteh,ceonrer excPtl a i nt h e

which surveillancecamerasareused The0) frequencywith i s i n c r e a s i n gl ) s t e a d i l ay l l t h e t i m e , a n d d u e t o t h e 2 ) i n t r o d u c t i oon[ i m p r o v e dt e c h n o l o g yt h e y a r e b e i n g


u s e di n a 3 )v a n e t yo f n e w a n d u n u s u a lw a y s


C C T V c a m e r a si m p r o v e p u b l i c 4 ) s a f e t yi,t j s s a i d , b e c a u s et h e y h e l p t h e p o l i c e t o i d e n t i f y 5 ) c r i m i n a l s , olt crime nruch easjer which makes the 6) prevention


p h r a s e si n b o l d . H ew a sg i v e nt h e j o b , d e s P i t e experience hislack z

S t o pl a u g h i n g

o him

3 BecarefulThisareais notorious@"/ofstreetcrime Please don't leanatlonthe table it isn'tverystrong 5 lo is married o

th Jack

r She'sreallynervous the examb , e c a u sseh eh a s n ' t studiedfor it I often mistakeLyn from A n n a- t h e yl o o ks o a l i k e ! The new productwas named for/aftu irs inventor


Tiaffic cameras film those 7) guilty of speeding or 8 )d a n g e r od u rsi v i n g ,s o r e d u c i n gt h e r i s k o f a c c i d e n t s some of CCTVcameras, Despitethe general9)popularity they feelthat of their use,because people10) disappror,e is an invasionof privacy. any surveillance


2 3 E x p l a i tnh e anSwers

5 s c o m p l e t et h e s e n t e n c e C s h e c kS s ,

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) 3ame r ' y t h e g a m ea s a. o


i n s t r u c t eidn t h e S t u d e n t ,Bso o k

E x p l a itnh a t t h i s e x e r c r sweo r k sw i t h A p p e n d i x1 at the backof the book,a n dg o t h r o u g hl e t t e r sL

&M Ssworki n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s , answerS 5 ss h o u l dm e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s e s

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) I insufficient 2 makefunof sb 3 knownby badreputation 4 dependon sthfor support 5 to bethewife/husband of sb 5 worriedaboutsth 7 thinksbissbelse E givesbthesamenameasso etse

k e e pa f t e r= ( t r )c o n t i n u teo p u r s u e keepaway (from)= (tr)stayawdy keepback= (tf) conceal keepdown = (tr)causeto remainat a lowerlevel keepin = (tr)makesb stay ncloors (as p u ns h m e n t ) keepoff = (tr)stayawayfrom;avoid

2 6 .



Appendix1 (p. 90) :s canreferto p 183 of the S,sbookfor the sameapoenotx ::( r (v). lack of (n) . laugh at (u)-.l""n on/againsr (v). lend sth to sb . sten to (v). look at (v) M -.'rled t o ( a d j ). m e a nt o ( a d j ). m e n t i o nt o ( v ). 6 ; 5 1 " p "s b f o r ivl - { . . , t h( v ) N -:-e after(v). necessary for (adj). need for - :."; (adj). ro niceto (adj). (take)(no)notice

k e e po n = ( i n t )c o n t t n u de e s p i t e difficuties keepout = (tr)excludesb/sth keepup (with) = (tr)stayar the same ievelassb/sth keepup with = (tr)contrnue to be informed

P r e - R e a d i nAgs: kS st o l o o ka t t h e t i t l eo f t h e a r r r c r e a n d t h e p i c t u r e sB r a i n s t o r w mi t h S sa n d l i s ta l l t h e p l a c etsh a t s u r v e i l l a nccaem e r acso u l db e u s e d Explain t h a t t h e w o r d si n b o l d a r e t h e s t e m f r o m w h i c ht h e m i s s i nw g o r d sa r ed e r i v e d R e a dt h e t e x t a l o u du p t o t h e e x a m p l eE. l i c i t t f r e q u e n c yj s a n o u n C o n t i n u ew i t h i t e m j . E r whatthe missinw g o r d i s b y a s k i n gq u e s t i o n s/ s:/ t d verb?(No,thesentence hasgot a verb- ,increasinq,.); rsrt an adjective? (No,thereisno nounafterit.);lsit an idverb? (Yes, it is.);Howdo we normallyformadverbs? (Byadding -ly to the adjective.); Whatis the missingword?gteadily) Write the answeron the board.Repeatthe process f o r t h e r e s to f t h e i t e m si n t h ee x e r c i s e When 5s have completedthe exercise,choose i n d i v r d uS a lst o r e a do u t t h e t e x t

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) o

P o s tR e a d i n gA: s kS st o e x p r e stsh e r ro pj n i o n so n t h e usefulneo s sf C C T Vc a m e r a s

. nervousabout (adj) (n)

b o

Explain that the phrases in this exercise aretaken from the articleon p 85 Do item .j wjth Ss,then 5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e e x e r c i s C e heck S s ' a n s w e rtsh, e nS sm a k eu p s e n t e n c e s o Alternatively, assignthe exercise as written HW Ss preparetheir sentences for the next lesson C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sS s s h o u l dm e m o r i s et h e s e phrases

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) . .


E x p l a i tnh a t t h i s e x e r c i swe o r k sw i t h A p p e n d i x2 a l t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k Ask Ss to think of any phrasalverbsformed W I I N h o l d o r k e e p W r i t et h e m o n t h e b o a r d E l i c i t h e i r m e a n t n gbsy a s k i n gS st o g i v ee x a m p l e s , D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s , t h e n 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d completethe exerciseCheckSs,answersSsshould t h e nm e m o r r st eh e s ep h r a s avle r b s

lnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) Appendix2 (p. 90) :an referto p 186 of the S'sbookfor the sameaooendix

: : : < = 1 )( t r )c o n t r o(l t e a r s , '= 2 i ( n t )h e s i t a t e -: r ) t e s t r na :-- = ir) keepat a distance -^ = , rt) wart (espon the

hold out = 1) (int)last;2) (int)persist hold to = (tr)followexactly;keepto (a promtse, etr) hold up = 1) (tr)delay;2) (tr)use vrolencen orderto rob


Ask Ss to name as many electrical Pre-Reading: (oven,frrdge, usedin the home,as possible appliances etc), blendettoaster, humidifier, E x p l a i nt h e t a s k R e a do u t t h e t i t l e E l i c i tf r o m S s what the text might be about Ask 5s to skim the text quicklyto get the gist Readthe exampleAsk Ss to explainwhy by is the correctanswer(toshowthe tense) agentin thepassive Do item 1 with 5s Point out that Ss must pay attentionto the words beforeand after each gap a n d r e m i n dt h e m t h a t t h e m i s s i n gw o r d s c a n b e verbs,conjunctions, articles,modal/auxiliary adverbs, p r e p o s i t i o npsr,o n o u nos r p h r a s avle r b s the task When S sr e a dt h e t e x t a g a i na n d c o m p l e t e S sh a v ec o m p l e t etdh e t a s kt e l lt h e mt o r e a dt h e t e x t t h r o u g ht o c h e c ki t m a k e s e n s eC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s in encyclopaedias, PostReading:Ssdo someresearch the schoollibraryetc and find informationabout other electricalappliancesand how they were invented Ss can use the informationto preparea m o n o l o g u ew,h i c hc a nb e p r e s e n t et do t h e c l a s sT h e the monologue other5scanassess



answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 |0 11 12 l3 14 |5 28 .


to identrfy sb indefinitearticle to begina clause pronounshowingpossessron relative makea connection oneday lateron reachfor sth onlyto find =thethingthat pronoun relative form much+ comparative goontodosth be+ adjective sincethen givingus E x p l a i nt h e t a s k R e a di t e m 1 P o i n to u t t h a t t n e s e c o n ds e n t e n c seh o u l dh a v et h e s a m em e a n i n ga s t h e f i r s to n e A l s op o i n to u t t h a t S ss h o u l du s et h e the w o r d i n b o l dw i t h o u tc h a n g i n gi t a n d c o m p l e t e gap with two to fivewords D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s E l i c i tt h e g r a m m a rs t r u c t u r e t e s t e d T h e n S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e exerciseCheckSs'answers

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 2 9 E x p l a i nt h e t a s k G o t h r o u g h t h e e x a m p l et h e n S s u s i n gt h e i r d i c t i o n a r i ei sf t h e y c o m p l e t et h e e x e r c i s e w i s h C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprrnted 3 0 E x p l a itnh e t a s k D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e nS sc o m p l e t teh e exerciseCheckSs'answers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 1 2 3 4


worsen thesituation rarely travelling remember

O nan vvLr


| !tv4L

Readthetextandthinkof thewordwhichbestfitseachgap.UseonlyONEWORDin eachgap.

Didyou knowthat microwaves werefirstused0) bythe BritishArmyin WoridWarlt 1)to identifyenemy Infact,it was2) anaccident thatmadepeople awarethatmicrowaves couldajsocookfood "varplanes? ln 1945,Percy LeBaron Spencer, 3)whoseworkinvolved thetestingof radarwaves, became thefirstperson to 4) makethisconnection 5)Onedayat work,Spencer wasstanding neara machine whichwasemirrrng ragar waves later6) on,whenhefeltlikea snack, hereached 7) forthechocolate barhehadin hispocket- g) ^ a d m e l t e d ! W h e n h e t h o u g h t a b o u t i t , h e r e a l i s e d g ) w h a t h a d h a p p e n e d onlyto findthatit Theradarwavescomingfromthemachine 10)tha hichhe hadbeenstanding nextto hadmeltedhischocolate. Later, experiments showed that radarwaves :cntainmicrowaves thatcouldheatfood11)muchfaster thantraditional ovens Hiscompany went12)onto develop andmarket thefirstmicrowave ovens in 1954They13)were huge,bulky :"d expensive, butsince14)then, microwave ovens havebecome smaller, giving15)usthecompact models weseein :;r krtchens today.

KeyWordTransformations J$




l d r o m&s F i x e d Phrases Matchthe pairsof wordsjoined withand,thenusethephrases to complete thesentences.

completethe secondsentenceusingthe word in can usetwo to fivewords,includingthe word given.


1 Theydon't expectyou to finishall that work today expected Youarenot expected to finishall that work today (thepassive)

. saJe. alive. clean. hrt . taw . n g h t

2 T h e ya r eb u i l d i n ga n e wc i n e m ai n C a n n o nS t r e e t built A new cinemais beingbuiltin CannonStreet(thepassive) 3 That'sthe schoolwhichwe attendedwhen we wereyoung go That'sthe schoolwe usedto go to when we wereyoung. (usedto + infinitive) 4 Theweatherwasso hot that they went to the seaside such lt was suchhot weatherthat theywent to the seaside (such+noun+that) 5

N o b o d ya p a r tf r o m B i l lt h o u g h t h a t i t w o u l dw o r k only Bilw l a st h e o n l yp e r s o n w h o t h o u g h t h a t i t w o u l dw o r k (retaltve pronoun)


Expertshaveestimatedthat morethan half the populationof the uK now own a mobilephone been l t h a sb e e ne s t i m a t etdh a t m o r et h a n h a l ft h e p o o u l a t i o n of the UK now own a mobile phone (the passiveimpersonal)

7 Two men wearingski maskscarriedout the robberv,which was the t h i r ds u c hc r i m ei n l e s st h a na m o n t h was Therobbery, whichwas carriedout by two menwearing s k im a s k sw, a st h e t h i r ds u c hc r i m ei n l e s st h a na m o n t h . (relative pronounandthe passive) 8

. run . order. tidy . wrong o si-und. well Themissing c l i m b ew r asfound two dayslater,safeandsound C h i l d r e nh a v et o b e t a u g h tt h e differencebetween right and w r o n ga t a y o u n ga g e 3 She was knockedover in a(n) h i t a n d r u na c c i d e n t ' sb i st o m a i n t a i n A p o l i c e m a nj o l a w a n do r d e r I h a v e n 'st e e nh i ms i n c eh ew e n t to Americatwenty yearsago, b u t I k n o wh e ' sa l i v ea n dw e r r S h es p e n d sa l o t o f t i m e d o i n g housework Her flat is always c l e a na n dt i d y

thecorrect word,then JQ Underline explain thefixedphrases.

Peoplesaythat the ancientBabylonians knewa lot aboutastronomv, said TheancientBabylonians aresajdto haveknowna lot - personal) (thepassive aboutastronomy. 4

I thinkif you interfere you will only o mattersworse. I only see my grandparents o n c ei n a b l u es Salesstaffusemobilephonesto callthe officewhen they areon the roun Keep in ead that most softwaresoongoesorrtof date

-'" "-'9't


L i s t e nt o t h e p e o p l et a l k i n ga b o u tc o m p u t e r s as M (for Martha),B (for mark the sentences Bob)or 5 (for SallY).


. explain yourproblem. while . askyournerghbour onyourhouse to check you'reaway . thankyourneighbour andofferto returnthefavour

Who: t hasbeenworkinglongerhoursto store 5 information? saveon officespace? M 2 saysthat computers B 3 t h i n k sc o m p u t e rssa v et l m e ? sayspeoplecankeepup to datewhileon B theroad? n o u l ds p e n dl e s st i m e 5 w t s h e tsh e i rc h i l d r e w S usingcomPuters? g e t m u c h d o n ' t 6 t h i n k st h a t s o m ec h i l d r e n t o p r a c t i steh e i rc o m p u t esr k i l l s ? B chance 7 m e n t i o ntsh a t c o m p u t e rdsa m a g ep e o p l e ' s M eyes? 4

them. anddescribe at thepictures 32 ^. Look etc cafd. inanlnternet woman A shows ayoung Picture

Youaregoingawayfor a two-weekholidayand youareworriedaboutyourhousebeingburgled and whileyouareaway.Visityourneighbour


to the waysin Listenandmatchthe speakers way of relaxing is one There chtheyrelax. whichyoudo not needto use. A B C D E F

lnternet Gameboy T V B o a r dg a m e s Exercising DVD


1 -


S o e a K e r ll F l \na2rar<


S p e a k e4r (no:lzar


surveyreportbelow'Then,in pairs, JS, Lookat the the following: discuss r . .

time? ourleisure influenced Howhastechnology "couch potatoes"? we become Have closer? broughtpeople Hastechnology

b. Answerthe questions. . . .

W h e nd o y o u u s ea c o m p u t e r ? W h a ta r et h e a d v a n t a g easn dd i s a d v a n t a goefs u s i n gc o m p u t e r s ? affectedvariousareasot How havecomputers y o u rl i f e( e g w o r k ,h o m e ,h e a l t he, t c ) ?

to a policeofficergivingadviceon how to u,'Listen 33 r.protect our houseswhile we are away,and c o m p l e t et h e f o r m . Alwayslockyour 1 | d o o r s a n d w i n d o w s P u ta l ly o u r 2 |

jewellerY (valuable)

i^ - --r^ il | d


o n i nt h e 3 | light away y o u are l i v i n gr o o mo r b e d r o o mw h i l e


T h eb e s t h i n gt st o g e t a 4 | i n s t a l l epdr o f e s s i o n a l l y

b u r g l aar l a r m

neighbours to checkyour housefor you when you go on holiday,

Askyour 5 |

N e l g h b o u r h o o d6 | watch s c h e m ecsa nh e l pt o p r e v e nbt u r g l a r i e s 7 | s m o k ea l a r m n o m efromfire


ril ''



to protectyour

0nhowmodern fortheiropinions members ofthepublic Weasked ourlives.Thisis whattheysaid: affects technology

turning usinto technology lsmodern "couch potatoes"? bythenet? bereplaced Willbooks daY? everY DoyouusetheInternet DoyouwatchmorethanonehourofTV every day? lessthananhoura daywith Doyouspend your family? intouch tokeep DoyouusetheInternet withfriends andrelatives?

. .

Pre-Listening: Elicitfrom s reasons why computers areusefulto peopleand i what ways. Ss read items 'j to 7. Ask 5s to underlinethe key words in the statements.Explainthat Ss may nor hearexactlythe samewordsin the listening tasK,but t h a t t h e m e a n i n gw i l l b e t h e s a m e .S sw r l l n e e dt o deducethe answerplaythe cassette twice Ssdo tne exerciseCheckSs' answersby playingthe cassette a g a i nw i t h p a u s e s

34 Explain the situationandthe task Conducta conversatjon wrth a S, modellingthe first point,and then Sswork in parrsand completethe exercise. Sscanthen changeroles a n da c to u t t h e d i a l o g uaeg a i nM . o n i t o r5 s ,p e r f o r m a n c e , and then asksomepairsto presenttheirdialogues to the class. Suggested AnswerKey A: Hi,Bill.I wonderif you couldhelpne. |m goingawayfor two weeksand l,m worriedthat my housewill be burgled whilel,maway. B: HowcanI help? A: Couldyou checkon thehousewhilel,maway? could checkthe windows and thedoorsand collect the L B: Ofcourse. Noproblemat all.youjusthavea gooaumeon yourholiday. A: Thanks,,rea lifesaver. Now,besureto tetmeknow whenyou'regoingaway,soI canreturnthefavour.

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) As an extension, askSsto explainthe words/phrases that they usedto deducethe answer. Explain the task Ask Ssto descrjbe the pictures Suggested AnswerKey ' ln pictureA there is a young girl sitting in front of a computerwitha cupof coffeein herhands.Sheisprobably in an lnternetcafd.Sheis smilingand looksrelaxedand happy. ' ln pictureB thereis young a man sitting in front of a computer. Heis holdinghisheadas if he hasa headache andhe looksverystressed andupset.

35 o

Pre-Listening: Elicitfrom their favourrteway to r e l a xS. sj u s t i f yt h e i ra n s w e . Readout the itemsA-Fand then play the cassettess do the exerciseCheckSs,answersby playingthe cassette againand pausingaftereachspeakers. AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)

c . G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o n sE.l i c itth e p o r n t sS sn e e d to t h i n ko f i n o r d e rt o c o m p l e t teh e t a s k S sd o t h e t a s k . CheckSs'answers

d , i s c u s s iboyn a s k i n gi n d i v i d u a5ls t o g r v et h e i ro p a b o u th o w t e c h n o l o gayf f e c t so u r l i v e sA. l t e r n a t r v c a nw o r k i n p a i r sa n dd i s c u stsh e p o i n t sT. h e n ,i n d i p a i r sc a np r e s e ntth e i ro p i n i o ntso t h e c l a s s

S.tggested AnswerKey ' : usea computer in theevenings andat theweekends. ' aomputershave youcan usethem to many advantages. sroreand organiseinformation.Theyallow you to work auicklyand more can find out lots of ,tformation youcan usethemto send fromthe lnternet. :-mailsand instantmessages to your familyand friends. "oucanevenplaygameson them. lowevet therearesomedisadvantages, too.Forexample, :lcnnq at a computerscreenfor long periodsof time can semageyour eyes.Also,theyareexpensive to buy and to naintain asyou needto constantlyupdqteyour software :c keepup withnewdevelopments. lomputershavechangedthewayI work because thereis '.uch lesspaperwork involvedin my job now. I ao ..,erything on thecomputer. At home,I spendquitea bit of :'ne sendinge-mailson my computerand so my phone : ll is lessthanit usedto be.


Pre-Listening: Elicitfrom Ss wavs to orotect o u r ^:rses whilewe are awayand list them on rh^ ::ard After Ss have done the listeni task. they : ^ e c kw h i c ho f t h e i rs u g g e s t i o nwse r e a r d o n + h ^ - ac e - ' ; c l a i nt h e t a s k R e a do u t s e n t e n c e1st o 7 a n d a s k ) s t o g u e s sw h a t k i n d o f i n f o r m a t i o ni s m i s s i n g ' nouns;2 - ':out't). noun;3 noun;4noun;5 nounperson;6noun; Explain that this isa notetakingexercise and :^at Ss need to iistencarefullyfor the key points. : : r i n d S st h a t t h e y s h o u l dn o t w r i t ea n ym o r et h a n ,-'ee wordsin eachgap playthe cassettetwice Ss : , e a n d f i l l i n t h e f o r m . C h e c kS s , a n s w e r sb v - . , i g t h e c a s s e t taeg a i nw i t h p a u s e s .

\'stn,erKey(Seeoverprinted answers)

Suggested AnswerKey

entertainmentsuch as, Walkma Gameboys, Playstations etcastheirmainsource o creatjon. B: That'strue.Also,we now haveCDs,Mp3sand DVDs


typesof filmsbutthewayin whichwe listen andwatch haschanged thanksto moderntechnolog, A: I think we have becomea generationof ,,couch potatoes,'.

B: Whydoyouthinkthat? A: Because theyspendlesstimeoutso lisingand more timesittingin frontof a computer sc n. B: That'strue.Face-to-face communication is dyi ancl peopleare spendingmore time communicat via electronic media. .I

;Tapescript -^^---;-,;-'-'



'''--'-=" '

:-. for Exercrse 31 (p. 92) _+Seep. 95(T)


I Sscan referto pp 203-204of the S,sbookfor the sametapescriot T a o e s a r i n t ffor nr F v a r r i c a 33 ? l (p. /n o l \ _r . c ^ ^ p. r/y\ Tapescript Exercise 92) See^ ^95(T)

5scanreferto p 204 of the S,sbookfor the sametapescript


Tapescript for Exercise 35 (p. 92) _r Seep. 95(T) Sscanrefer1o pA 20

of the S,sbookfor the same{:no..,i^r i ..2_!l


a. Readout the question Playthe cassette5s listen a n da n s w e r h eq u e s t i o n

38 Explainthe task Playthe cassettewith pausesfor Ssto listen and repeat Ss work in pairs and practisethe plal' intonatron Monitor Ss' performancelf necessary agatn the cassette

answer) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted the b . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t e p a i r s t o act v a r i o u s b y a s k i n g t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s o u t t h e d i a l o g u ien f r o n to f t h e c l a s s


39 a. Explainthe task Playthe cassette Ss listen anc answerthe questions

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

with a S c . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k M o d e lt h e f i r s td i a l o g u e thetask Check T h e n ,5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t e 5 s ' p e r f o r m a n caen, d t h e na s ks o m ep a l r st o a c t o u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s AnswerKey Suggested . A: Goodafternoon, canI do foryou? str.What hasbeenstolen. B: I wantto reporta theft.Mybicycle A: Right.l'lliusttakesomedetailsWhatisyourname? B: MichaelCrawford. A: Whenandwheredidthethefttakeplace? B: About| 5 minutesagoat theCornmillCafeon Chapel Street A: Now,canyoutellmeexactlywhathappened? B: Wetl. t wasdrinkinga cup of coffee.My brcyclewas wasgone. WhenI wentoutsideagain,mybicycle outside. the theft,sr? A: Didanyonewitness B: ldon'tthinkso. A: Pleasefilt in this form with your details and a of thebicYcle. description B: Certainly. .

A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B:

A: B: A: B: . A : B: A: B: A: B: A: B:

A: B: A: B:


b . E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n d r e a dt h e l i s to f i t e m s( 1 - 8 ) P l a ' . the cassetteSslistenand markeachitem A or B answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted t h e t a s k a n d r e a do u t t h e s i t u a t i o n sE l i cc. Explain answersaroundthe class AnswerKey Suggested . lh sorry-l didn'tcatchwhatyousaid. whatyousaid' t'msorry1 didn'tquiteunderstand mean. whatyou l'm not sure I'mafraid It's- oh,what'stheword?'it's ... name?- it's... It's- oh,what'shrs/her ln otherwords,... I reallyhaven'tgot a cluelh afraid. 4 0 a . Plevf he .assetteSslistenand answerthe question answer) overprinted AnswerKey(See andfill in t-. b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sr e a dt h e d i a l o g u e g a p s C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r b s y a s k i n gs o m e S s t o a - ' o u t t h e d i a l o g u ien p a i r s

Goodafternoon,sir.Whatcanldoforyou? lwantto reporta theftMycamerahasbeenstolen. Whatisyourname? Right.l'lljusttakesomedetails. MichaelCrawford. Whenandwheredidthethefttakeplace? About15minutesagoat theCornmillCafeon Chapel Street. Now,canyoutellmeexactlywhathappened? Well . t wasdrinkinga cupof coffee.My camerawas on thetableI left thetablefor a momentand whenI mycamerawasgone. returned, Didanyonewitnessthetheft,sir? I don'tthinkso. Pleasefill in thrs form with your detailsand a of thecamera description Certainly. str.WhatcanI do foryou? Goodafternoon, a I wantto report theft.Mywallethasbeenstolen. Whatisyourname? Right.t'lljusttakesomedetails. MichaelCrawford. Whenandwheredidthethefttakeplace? About15minutesagoat theCornmillCafeon Chapel Street. Now,canyou tellmeexactlywhathappened? Well...t wasdrinkinga cupof coffeeMy walletwason the tabtet left the tablefor a momentand whenI my walletwasgone returned, Didanyonewitnessthetheft,sir? I don'tthinkso. Pteasefitl in thrs form with your details and a of thewalletanda full listof thecontents. description Certainly.

answers) overprinted AnswerKey(See c . E x p l a i nt h e i a s k , G o t h r o u g ht h e i n s t r u c t i o n s work in pairs and do the task Monitor performancearound the class Ask some pairs p r e s e nt th e i rd i a l o g uteo t h e c l a s s AnswerKey Suggested A: What'stheproblem,Judy? B: |m tryingto savemy voicemailboxnumbeLbut I can'tc ' tt. A: Here,Iet me see Well,firstyou haveto press"Menu"ar ' - Vo":. - VaiceMessages then 122 which is Messages mailboxnumber. B: Okay.l'vedonethat. A: Thenyou haveto enteryourmailboxphonenumberor: if you want to saveya-" press"OK"and thenpress"Yes" phone and "No" if ycvoicemailboxpasswordinyour don't. "Yes". Nowwhat? Allright.I'vepressed A: NoW just press "OK' and enter your voice mailbc' password. Finally,whenyou'vefinished iust press"OK". lsthatall?| thoughtit wouldbemoredifficultthanthat'

.:--i;;;;pil;i;";.,*1s;it s;ljl s""p giiir '

Sscanreferto p 205 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript


ri it

,Reporting a theft


youdidn'thear/understand what wassaid . youcan'tremember a word/name/etc o loUwantto gtvean ple/explanation exam o loUdon'tknowtheanswer to a question

'"a,'Listen to the dialogue. Wheredoesit takeplace? At a police station b- Matchthe columns to formthe dialogue. A B [i]T-lCooOafternoon,sir.What can I a MichaelCrawford do for you? b I want to reporta theft My T a l n i S h t t. ' l l j u s t a k es o m ed e t a i l s . briefcase was stolen W h a t i sy o u rn a m e ? c I d o n ' tt h i n ks o ElEl Whenand wheredid the theft d Well I was drinkinga cup take place? of coffee My briefcasewas r.l ruo*, canyou tell me exactly under the table I left the whathappened? table for a moment and SlZl oiA anyonewitnessthe theft, when I returnedmy briefcase sir? wasgone 5 Pleasefill in this form with your e A b o u t 1 5 m i n u t e sa g o , a t details, a descriptionof the t h e C o r n m i lCl a f eo n C h a p e l briefcaseand a full list of the Street conlents

Giving instructions 40

t o s e n da n e - m a i lb, u t s h ec a n ' t do it b. Completethe dialoguewith finally, first,now, then. A: What'sthe problem,Judy? B : l ' m t r y i n gt o s e n da n e - m a i lb, u t I c a n ' td o i t . A: Here,let me see Well, 1) first you have to click on "Create mail" B: Okay.l'vedonethat. A: 2) Then you haveto type your friend'se-mail addressin the box marked"To"

c Takerolesand makeup similardialogues about the objectsin the pictures. Thinkabout: a a

whatwastaken when/where it hennanad

o theeventin detail

B: All right l've got her address here.Now what? 3) Now just start typing in the box below 4) Finally,when you'vefinished, just clickon the " S e n d "b u t t o na t t h e t o p B : lsthat it? I thoughtit'd be more difficultthanthat.

Intonation(srress inlists ofadiectives) . ,'Listen and repeat. o r . .

dress- partydress- red partydress- long red partydress car- sportscar- bluesportscar- new bluesportscar bag- leatherbag- blackleatherbag- big blackleatherbag vase- chtnavase- white chinavase- beautifulwhite chinavase

Usethe instructionsto act out a s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e .

"Filler" Phrases inConversation Listento two interviewswith studentsof English.Who uses "filler" expressions? StudentA Who leaveslong pausesin the conversation? StudentB

'b) Listenagainand labelthe following itemsasA or B, accordingto which speakersayseachone. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

l'm sorry- | didn'tcatchwhat you said. I reallyhaven'tgot a clue,l'm afraid What? It's- oh, what'sthe word?- it's

A A B A I don't know B In otherwords, A B I'm afraidI'm not surewhat you mean A What phrases/expressions couldyou usein the following situationsin a conversation? You can useyour own ideas.

Listen to thedialogue. What isJudy's problem? Shewants



- Voice 122(Messages - Voice messages mailbox number). yourvoice Enter phone mailbox number.

: 1 Press ' - 4 a a

: 3 Press i 4



yourvoice ifyouwanttosave password mailbox inyourphone. Press Press

ifyoudon't. lfyouselected , enter yoursecurity c00e.

Press youryoicemailbox Enler password. : 8 Press

E x p l a i ni h e t a s k A l l o w S s s o m e t i m e t o r e a d t n e c r o g r a p hayn da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n sE l i c iat n s w e rfsr o m ' r a r i o u5ssa r o u n dt h e c l a s s Suggested AnswerKey i expectto readabouta time machineand perhapsa time iraveller. I thinkWellswroteaboutthistopicbecause thebiography says thathehada ratherromanticinterest in science. F x p l a i tnh e t a s k A l l o wS ss o m et i m et o s i l e n t l rye a dt h e i e x ta n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) .

E x p l a itnh e t a s k A s k S st o e x p l a i n t h e w o r d si n b o l d b y g i v i n gs y n o n y mosr e x a m p l e A s l t e r n a t i v eS l ys,c a n l o o ku p u n k n o w nw o r d si n t h e i rd i c t i o n a r i e s ownanswers) R e a do u t t h e w o r d si n t h e l i s t S sm a t c ht h e mt o t h e h r g h l i g h t ewdo r d st n t h e t e x t C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a dt h r o u g ht h e s e n t e n c eD s ot h e f i r s ti t e mw i t h S sa sa n e x a m p l et h, e nS sw o r k i n p a i r s a n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e rbs y p l a y i n g the cassette with pauses aftereachevent.

Tapescript for Exercise 39a (p. 93)

s'sbookforthesame tapescnpt, "..s_:_T::f.="!-_L:..:lln. StudentA / n t i W h a tc h a n g eds o y o ut h i n kw e ' l ls e e n c o r n p u t e rosf t h e f u t u r e ? A i l ' m s o r r y I d l d n ' tc a t c hw h a t y o u s a i d /nf;i wonderedrn what way you expectcomputersof the futureto be different

/ n f jD o y o u u s et h e I n t e r n em t uch? 4 : Y e sq , u i t ea o t / n t : S ow o u d y o u s a yi t ' sv e r yl m p o r t a nitn y o u rl i f e ?

/nL Do you useit for recreation morethan nforrnation? A :l ' m a f r a i dl ' m n o t s u r ew h a t y o u m e a n /nfrSorry- what I wastryingto saywas, (fade)do you useit


StudentE / n t : W h a ct h a n g eds o y o u t h i n kw e , I s e ei n c o m p u t e rosf t h e f u t u r e ? 8;What? / n f i lw o n d e r e dl n w h a t w a yy o u e x p e cct o m p u t e rosf t h e f u t u r et o b e d i f f e r e n t B:(pause) | don't know lpause) Faster, maybe muchsmaller / n t iD o y o u u s et h e I n t e r n em t uch? 8 i Y e sq, u r t ea l o t / n t : 5 0w o u d y o u s a yi t ' sv e r yi r n p o r t a f itn y o u rl i f e ? B:(paase) ll's er er (pouse) | Ihink rt'suseful,but I can lrvewithout it / n t iD o y o u u s ei t f o r r e c r e a t i om n o r et h a n i n f o r m a t i o n ? B: (longpause)Whal? lnt:Sarry- what I was trylngto saywas, (fade)do you useit for

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) o 5s can usethesesentences to retellthe eventsof the extract :

: x p l a i nt h e t a s k A s s i g nt h e t a s ka s H W S sm a yp r e s e n t . r e r rp i c t u r e isn t h e n e x tl e s s o nO t h e rS sc a na s s e stsh e :_resentatrons Ss'ownpictures) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinred answef


: x p l a i n t h e t a s k 5 s w o r k i n p a i r s a n d d i s c u s st h e : u e s t i o n sM o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n c et h, e n a s k v a r i o u s 3arrsto presenttheir viewsto the class Alternatively, start a classdiscussionand ask Ss to expresstheir c p l nt o n S Suggested AnswerKey thinkthe peoplein the room musthavefelt amazedand :urprised because that is how t wouldhavefelt.t believe time :ravelissomething thatonlyexists in science fictionandit isnot 'eallypossible. It istooincredible to betrue.

" : r n gP r o j e c t '


- x p l a i nt h e t a s k P o i n to u t t h a t d i a r ye n t r i e sa r ew r i t t e n r the first personand use pastand presenttenses Do : r e t a s ko r a l l yi n c l a s sT h e n a , ssign i t a sw r i t t e nH W , lemind Ss to practise Readingc/oud using the ) 5 lD/cassetteSslistento the text and followthe lines J 5 stenagainwith pauses, then readout from the rexr,


andwrite a Machine 5scan readTheTime As an extension, they can watch the film and book reviewAlternatively, write a flim review A:

31 (p' 92) fapescriptfor Exercise


Mortho:So"ryl'rn ate Therewas a problemwith one of the computersat worK a n dI h a dt o s t a ya n ds o r ti t o u t S o t l y : O hd,o n ' tt a l kt o m e a b o u tc o m p u t e r sM, a r t h aT h o s em a c h i n easr em o f e t r o u b l et h a nt h e y ' r ew o r t hI B o b : W h am t a k e sy o u s a yt h a t ,S a l l y ? we'vejust got a new computerat the doctor'ssurgerywhereI work Salty:\Nel,



f-t: :':.!":l"l"j'hili' l.lipli !i!"': i:'-:1':*,:::".?"0 3o-1-19ii

p a p e ra n y m o r e B o b ; 5 ow , h a t ' st h e p r o b l e m ? guesswho hasto type jn allthe informationMe, of coursel'vebeen Sally:\Ne)|, w o r k i n gl a t ee v e r yn g h t f o r a w e e kt r y i n gt o g e t t h r o u g hi t a l l g i i l b e o r g a n i s eadn d y o u ' l b e M o r t h o : Y e sb,u t w h e n y o u ' r ed o n ee v e r y t h i nw veryeasi'y ableto find everything Sal/y.Hmm I supposeyou'rertght Mdrtha:|'slikeour computersjn the office I mean,they do go wrongeverynow e e d o s p e n da l o t o f t l m e f i x i n gp r o b l e m sb,u t m o s to f a n dt h e n ,a n d I s u p p o sw t h e t i m e t h e y m a k el i f ea l o t e a s l e rO n t o p o f t h a t w e d o n ' t h a v et o h a v es o

t a k e m e a l o n gt i m e t o l e a r nh o w t o u s ei t p r o p e r yb, u t n o w I d o n ' t h a v eh a l f t h e t r o u b l e I u s e d t o h a v e w i t h j o b s l i k e d o i n g m y a c c o u n t so, r 0 l I n g c u s t o m e rA s n d I g e t e v e r y t h i ndgo n es o m u c hf a s t e rI t h n k t h e y ' r ew o n d e r f u l m a c h i n e sr e, ayl W o r k i n gw t h c a r sa. sI d o ,y o us e ej u s th o w u s e f utlh e yc a nb e Mortha:WhaIdo you mean? B o b ; W e Ltlh, e y h a v ec o m p u t e risn c a r st h e s ed a y s ,d o n ' t t h e y ?l t n r e a n st h a t l ews p e o p l ec a nu s et h e r nw h i l et h e ya r ed r i v i n gt o k e e pu p w i t h a l lt h e t r a v e n o r t o f i n d m a p so f w h a t e v ear r e at h e yw a n t S a l / yR : e a l l y rI d i d n ' t k n o w t h a t C o m p u t e r sa r e e v e r y w h e r ea,r e n ' t t h e y ? P e r h a p lss h o u l d n ' t g e t a n g r yw i t h m y k i d s f o r s p e n d i n gs o m u c h t l m e I n lnternetcafes M o r t h a : O hn, o T h e ys h o ud u s ec o m p u t e rass m u c ha s p o s s l b l eT h e yw i l n e e d t h e r c o r n p u t esrk i l l si f t h e yw a n t t o g e ti o b sw h e nt h e yl e a v es c h o o L S a l / y :k n o wt h a t l i u s t w i s ht h e yw o u l ds p e n dm o r et i m e r e a dn g a n d l e s st l m e s u r f i n gt h e n e t T h e yn e e d r e a d i n gs k j l l st,o o A n y w a y t, h e y h a v ec o m p u t e r g I t h e u s e f usl t u f ft h e r e e s s o nas t s c h o o ls, o t h e ya r el e a r n i n a , a l l yM o s ts c h o o ldso n ' th a v e B o b : l ' ma f r a i dl ' l l h a v et o d L s a g r ewer t hy o ut h e r e 5 e n o u g hc o m p u t e rfso r a l l t h e k i d st o g e t e n o u g hp r a c t l c eT h j n g sa r eg e t t l n g b e t t e rb, u t I t h i n kt h a t t h e m o r ep r a c tc e c h i l d r e cna ng e t i n t h e i rf r e et i m e ,t h e b e t t e r l f t h e ya r e n ' tf a m i L i awri t h c o m p u t e r st h, e yw o n ' t h a v ea f u t u r e l t ' sa s s l m p l ea st h a t Martha:Boh'sright Usingcomputersmay not be veryqood for their eyesight, b u i i t i s g o o df o r t h e i rm a r k s l S a l / y : Ow h e l l P e r h a pIss h o u l dg e t a c o m p u t ear t h o m ea n d g e t c o n n e c t etdo t h e l n t e r n e t ,h e n l B o b ;D e f i n i t e l yY o u w o n ' t r e g r e ti t a n d y o u c a n c h e c kt h e y ' r en o t s h o p p l n g o n l i n ew r t hy o u rc r e d i tc a r d s l S a l l y : O hd,o n ' t l l w o n ' t s l e e pt o n i g h tn o w y o u ' v es a i dt h a t l A l l :H a h a hIa

33 (P.92) for Exercise TapescriPt

tapescript same -!.:.!.9sk L:"l"-l,lI i!.9i"-:"::*l::1"9:I9".p-?9-a-9J A : W t h m e i n t h e s t u d i ot h i sa f t e r n o o ns P o l i c eI n s p e c t oNr e a lN ' 4 i t c h ewi lh, o t u r h o m e sw h i l e w i l l b e t e l l i n gu s a b o u tc e r t a i nt h i n g sw e c a nd o t o p r o t e c o r itchell, w e a r e a w a y o n h o l i d a yo, r i u s t o u t f o r t h e e v e n l n gI n s p e c t oM t h a n ky o u f o r j o i n i n gu s B: O h ,y o u c a nc a l lm e N e a l l ' r nn o t o n d u t ya t t h e m o m e n t l A : H a h aA l r i g h t N , e a l S o ,w h a t i s t h e m a l nt h i n gw e s h o u l dr e m e m b ewr h e n w e l e a v eo u r h o m e sf o r a n yp e r l o do f t i m e ? , ut you'd be 8; W e l l , t h e f i r s t t h i n g l ' d l i k e t o s u g g e s ti s f a i r l yo b v i o u s b s u r p r l s ehdo w m a n yp e o p l ef o r g e tt o d o i t Y o u s h o u l da l w a y sm a k es u r e y h e n y o u a r e g e t tn q t h a t y o u r d o o r sa n d w i n d o w sa r e l o c k e ds e c u r e lw r e a c ltyo g o o u t A n o p e nw i n d o wi s a n i n v i t a t i otno a b u r g l a r A: O f c o u r s e B: Y o u s h o u l da l s oc h e c kt h a t a l l v a l u a b e sa r e l o c k e du p s a f e l yl f y o u h a v e v a l u a b Lj eew e l l e r yf o, r e x a m p l ei t, t sa g o o dl d e at o l n v e s itn a s a f e B u r g l a r s t h e yc a ng e t t h e l rh a n d so n , s o n e v e rl e a v e w i l l h e l pt h e m s e l v et os a n y t h i n g a n y t h i n gp r e c i o ujsu s tl y i n ga r o u n d aresafeiust NealA lot of peoplethinkthat theirbelongings That'sgoodadvice, doesit? theirdoorsarelocked,but it doesn'thurtto lle extracareful, because




A B;

doesn'tAnothergoodideaisto leavea lighton in the housewhen It certainly that burglarsare you go out for the evening,but it's irnpoftantto remember not stupid I knowa lot of peoplewho leavetheirhalllighton, but how rnany peopledo you knowwho spendthe eveningsittingin the hall? Notmanyl y e ,l e t ' ss a y i, n t h e l i v i n g a l g h t o n w h e r ey o uw o u l dn o r m a l l b E x a c t l yLl e a v e r o o m ,o r i n t h e b e d r o o mT h a tw a y i t l o o k sa st h o u g hy o u a r ea c t u a l l iyn t h e h o u s e A s a n e x t r as a f e t ym e a s u r ey,o u c o u l dl e a v et h e r a d i oo n , o r t h e t e l e v i os n , s ot h a t t h e r e s s o m en o l s et o s c a r eo f f t h e b u r g l a r sD o n ' tl e a v ei o n t o o l o u d ,t h o u g h ,o r y o u rn e i g h b o u rwso n ' t b e t o o h a p p y- e s p e c tlay i y o u a r el a t eh o m e l G o o dp o i n t l the bestthjng you can do to preventyour housefrom be ng Now,obviously, eu , t t h e ya r e r l a r mT h e s ea r ef a i r l ye x p e n s l v b b u r g l e di s t o l n s t a la b u r g l a a b y f a r t h e b e s tw a y t o s e c u r ey o u r h o m e l t ' s b e s tt o d o t h i s t h r o u g ha r e p u t a b lsee c u r i tfyi r m i n y o u ra r e a R i g h t A n d t h e n o f c o u r s ey o u n e e dt o r e m e m b etro s e t i t e v e r yt i m e y o l e a v et h e h o u s e l H a h a lY e sA n o t h e rt h i n gy o u c a nd o , w h i c hI s t r o n g l rye c o m m e n dI s, t o l e ' y o u r n e i g h b o u rksn o w w h e n y o u a r e g o i n gt o b e a w a ya n d a s kt h e m t . k e e pa n e y eo n y o u rh o u s eY o uc a no f f e rt o d o t h e s a m ef o r t h e m ,t o o L i k ea n e i q h b o u r h o owda t c hs c h e m ey,o u m e a n ? d a t c h s c h e m e sa r e e x t r e m e l ys u c c e s s f u l ExactlyNeighbourhoow p r e v e n t i ncgr i m e l t ' s i r n p o r t a nt th a t w e a l lw o r k t o g e t h e rf o r t h e g o o d: -

tne co[nmunlty s h o p u t o u r h o m e sa t r i s kw h i l ei . : A : Y e s N o w ,N e a l ,i t ' s n o t o n l yb u r g l a rw areaway,is it? B : N o , y o u ' r ea b s o l u t e yr i g h i W e a l s oh a v e t o p r o t e c to u r h o m e sf r o m f r : N o w ,I k n o wt h l si s r e a l l yt h e f i r ed e p a r t m e n tj 'osb , b u t I w o u l dI k e t o a d v ' s : a I y o u r l i s t e n e rtso f i t a s m o k ea l a r mi n t h e l r h o m e sT h e s ea r e e s s e n i : gadgeta s n d h a v es a v e dt h o u s a n dosf h o m e sf r o mf r e d a m a g e A ; N e a l , ' m a f r a i dw e ' r e r u n n i n go u t o f t i m e , b u i l ' d l i k et o t h a n ky o u v e m u c h f o r l o i n i n g u s t o d a y l f y o u n e e d a n y m o r e i n f o r m a t l o na b c p r o t e c t i nygo u rh o m e , l f a d e ]


35 (p. 92) fapescriptfor Exercise

t13e;cri p!.20,1"!o-ok. lt I":.ll:::ry ,s':uI f*' lo S p e a k e 1r | flnd that the bestwav:passive formsof entertainment l'veneverreallyen;oyed activeThemlnuteI get ho: ' unwindat the end of a longdayis to do something f r o m w o r kl p, u t o n m y t r a i n e r s a n d g o f o r a r u n i n t h el tpr ae rakl l y g e t s r i d o:f-a: l L tenson that bu ldsup in methroughthe day | 90 to the gymfourtimesa week,tc : why don'tjust loungein frontof the W likethey:: My fr endsdon't understand whenl'm slttingarounddoingnothlnq but the truth lsthat I justdon'tfeelrelaxed S p e a k e2r h a sg o t t o b e t h e b e s t h i n gl ' v ee v e rb o u g h t l t w a se x p e nvse ' : T h i sm a c h i n e ^': c o u r s eb, u t i t w a s w o r t h e v e r yp e n n y N o w I s p e n da l m o s ta l l m y f r e et w a t c h i n gf i l m s I h a da v l d e ob e f o r eo, f c o u r s eb, u t t h i si s t h e n e x ts t e pu p ; ' ' \' :muchbetter Thequa ity Isfantastic,for a start,and you alsoget interviews t h e a c t o r sa, n d i n f o r m a t l oanb o u tt h e m a k i n go f t h e f i l m ,w h i c hy o u n e v e rc : o n v i d e o sT h ec lg i t a lq u a l i t yi s j u s ts o m u c hb e t t e rt h a n v i d e o sa, n d o f c o L - ' ; : e a y t o r e l a x1 n: - : t h e d i s c sd o n ' t t a k e u p n e a r l ya s m u c hr o o m M y f a v o u r i t w e v e n i n gtsh e s ed a y si st o c u r Lu p o n t h e s o f aw i t h t h e r e n r o t ei n m y h a n d S p e a k e3r r b i q f a no f m o d e r nt e c h n o l o guyn i i I b o u g h tl o yc o m p u t ear n d9 : ' I w a sn e v e a t e b s i t e-s' - ' g u t d i f f e r e nw o n l i n e N o w I s p e n dm o s to f m y e v e n i n gcsh e c k i n o n u t t h e r e- i t ' s a m a z i n g : s u r f i n gy, o u k n o w T h e r e ' s o m u c hi n f o r m a t l o o l e a r n ts o m a n y n e w t h i n g s a n d L ' v ee v e n m a d e s o m e n e w f r i e n d si n ' : c h a t r o o mls' v ev i s i t e dS o m ep e o p l es a yt h a t i t ' sa n a n ts o c l awl a yo f p a s s i n:g- : t i m e ,b u t I d o n ' t a g r e e M y s o c r alli f eh a si m p r o v e da, c t u ayl l ' v ef o u n dl o t s: b r i l l i a nst i t e sa n dl ' v el e a r n ta Lsl o r t so f t h i n g st h a t I n e v e rk n e wb e f o r e S p e a k e4r in this world of computersand high-te:It might seem a bit old-fashioned gadgets,but I haveto saythat I preferto makemy own entertainmentMy far : agreewlth me We hardlyever watch televisionand we don't even own s ,h e n t h e k i d sh a v ef i n l s h e dt h e i r h o m e w o r ka - l c o m p u t e r n t h e e v e r r i n gw w e ' v ea Lhl a dd i n n e rw, e u s u a l lgy e t t o g e t h ear n dp l a ys o m e t hn g f u n I t h i n k : : and they le:" the r spellingwith Scrabble, betterfor the kids Theycan practise factswhen we playTrivialPursuitlt's a greatway to impfc : all kindsof usefuL our brainsat the sametl:-: yourgeneralknowledgelt'sre axin9,but it exercises S p e a k e5r My mum boughtmethisfor rnybirthdayand now t hardlyeverplrt rt down I th you = with you everywhere rt'smuchbetterthana cornputerbecause cantakeit got loadsof gamesfor t, and I swapthem with my friendsat school,so I gel i: uststa'p l a y l o t s o f d i f f e r e n t t h i n g s a n d l n e v e r g el ft ibnodriet vde r y r e l a x il nJ g playwith it in my roomafterschoolandat the weekendsl'm alwaystry ng to be'Tnyastscorefor eachgameandto get a higherscorethan allof my friends

he thing the Time Traveller held in his hand was a glittering metallic framework, no larger than a small clock, and very delicately made. He took one of the small octagonal tables that were scattered about the room, and set it in front of the fire. On this table he placed the mechanism. Then he drew up a chair and sat down. The only other object on the table was a small lamp. There were also perhaps a dozen candles about, so that the room was brilliantly illuminated. I sat in a low armchair nearest the fire, and I drew this forward so as to be almost between the Time Traveller and the fireplace. Filby sat behind him, looking over his shoulder. The Medical Man and the Provincial Mayor watched him in profile from the right, the Psychologist from the left. The Very Young Man stood behind the Psychologist. We were all on the alert. It appears incredible to me that any klnd of trick could have been played upon us under these conditions. The Time Traveller looked at us, and then at the mechanism. "Well?', said the Psychologist. "This little affair," said the Time Traveller, resting his elbows upon the table and pressing his hands together above the apparatus, "is only a model. It is my plan for a machine to travel through time. You will notice that it looks quite uneven, and that there is an odd twinkling appearance about this bar, as though it was in some way unreal." He pointed to the part with his finger. "Also, here is one little white lever, and here is another."

The Medical Man got up out of his chair and looked into the thing. "It's beautifully made," he said. "It took two years to make," said the Time Traveller. Then, when we had all imitated the action of the Medical Man, he said: "Now, f want you clearly to understand that this lever, being pressed over, sends the machine into the future, and this other reverses the motion. This saddle represents the seat of a time traveller. Presently I am going to press the lever, and off the machine will go. It will vanish, pass into future Time, and disappear. Have a good look at the thing. Look at the table too, and satisfy yourselves there is no trickery. I don't want to waste this model, and then be told I,m a quack." There was a minute's pause, perhaps. The Psychologist seemed about to speak to me, but changed his mind. Then the Time Traveller put forth his finger towards the lever. "No," he said suddenly. "Lend me your hand." And turning to the Psychologist, he took that individual,s hand in his own and told him to put out his forefinger, so that it was the Psychologist himself who sent forth the model Time Machine on its voyage. We all saw the lever turn. I am absolutely certain there was no trickery. There was a breath of wind, and the lamp flame jumped. One of the candles on the mantel was blown out, and the little machine suddenly swung round, became indistinct, was seen as a ghost for a second perhaps; and it was gone - vanished! Save for the lamp, the table was bare.







our ,ii: An opinionessaypresents s o n a l o p i n i o n o n a p a r t i c u l a] r !;l i toprc.We needto state our opinioni: :.'tclearlyand supportit with examples ii or reasons lrurnooucloru o In the first paragraphwe present fho


-: n, d, - -c -t :-t r- J O U r O p l n l o n


l; t. ]"


Boov Mnrru


. I n t h e s e c o n da n dt h i r d p a r a g r a p h s we presentour viewpoints and give r o : c n n s / o y : m n l o qr P r L J

-h \!Av/ cL - ^ / ^ t-r^)^grl l L ^c 1 dLl I PI

in viewpoint, with reasons/examples, a



o JslJoroLE voro9raPr


In the fourth paragraphwe present t h e o p p o s i n gv i e w p o i n ta n d g i v e examples/reasons

t messagesin class

Corucrustotrt . I n t h e l a s t p a r a g r a p hw e r e s t a t e o u r o p i n i o nu s i n gd i f f e r e nwt o r d s .





they need helpor i

\ A / cr r srra l l vr r s pn r c q e ntte n s e si n t h i s krnd of writing and avoid using informallanguage suchascontractions (What's (l've,she's)and colloquialisms up?)eIc We can usephraseslikeln my lt seemsto opinion; | (strongly) believethat; methatto introduceour opinion We --^ r;^; ^^i^i^^ ilno oprnronessays ln newSpapers can or letters[o and magazines as articles the editor,etc

Linkers b. ldentifythe functionof the linkingwordsin bold,thenreplace fromthe listbelow. themwith synonyms . in additron . also. to sumup . although. asa result o in contrastr for instance . to beginwith . nonetheless the correctlinkingwords. Underline


ino-' burglar alarms whywe should allinstall 1 There areseveral reasons intheci:., cartheftisa bigproblem cars / Furthermore, phones Although{g andmoreefficient arebecoming smaller 2 Mobile theInternet allowyouto access , manymodels parents to teacha childrightfromwrongIn conclusion 3 lt isupto to ther , theymustlearnnotto takethingsthatdon'tbelong a: isa crime, it isnotnearly thatshoplifting 4 Tosumup,whileI agree or kidnapping /apartfrommurder serious asothercrimes

A n a l-v" s' vi nt' 'h a' 'e R u b r i c {f

the key Readthe rubric,underline questions. wordsandanswerthe Your askingreadersto



& the followingstatement: â&#x201A;Ź


R a ni q t e r

& &

,| What typeof writingis it? 2 Who is goingto readit? 3 What styleshouldyou use?

Analysing a ModelText 48


andputthe thearticle t. Read paragraphs intothecorrect order. Whatiseach paragraph about?

semi-formal. writtenin (formal, is eachparagraph 50 t. Whichregister is for youranswer. Whichparagraph informal etc)?Givereasons Why? foranopinion essay? suitable A

I strongly believe that we rely too much on technologt todcty. This means that we are losing imponant skills stLch as personol communication.For instance,people who spendlong hours in lront o.f a computerno longerknow how to talk to otherpeople,and may evert feel uncomfoftablein the companyof others.

B I think computergames are good stuff. They help us leam all about 'cctuseit'll help us to get ready technology.This is impofiant .for our jobs. jcfis computer skills. in the will need You know, all future future

'17 . .

G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p E x p l a iann yu n k n o w nv o c a b u l a r y R e a do u t t h e r u b r i ca n d h e l pS st o i d e n t i f yt h e k e y w o r d s S s t h e n a n s w e rt h e q u e s t i o n sC h e c kS s , anSwerS

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) 1 opinionarticle 2 newspaper editor 3 formalstyle :8

a. E x p l a i n t h e t a s k A l l o w 5 s s o m et i m e t o r e a dt h e a r t i c l ea n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k ,C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) additional viewpoint andreason conclusion andrestated opinton introduction and opinion opposite viewpoint andexample firstviewpoint andreason b . E x p l a i nt h e t a s k D o t h e f i r s t i t e m w i t h S s a s a n e x a m p l et h e n S s c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c k S s ' answerS AnswerKey -in addition/also - usedto list/addpoints Furthermore Forexample- for instance- usedto giveexamples - to sumup- usedto introduce ln conclusion theconclusron - nonetheless - usedto showcontrast However While- although- usedto showcontrast On the other hand - in contrast- usedto introducethe opposing viewpoint - also/inaddition- usedto list/addpoints It/toreover Firstly- to beginwith - usedto list/addpoints - asa result- usedto showresult Therefore

Tapescript for Exercise 52 (p.97) Sscanreferto p 205of theS'sbookforthesametapescript Jill:Ni,Frank Frank:Oh hi, )ill Jil/:How areyou?Are the kidsOK? Frank:Yes, we're fine The k ds are realy excitedat the moment J//:Oh why'sthat? Frank:fheuschoolhasjust boughta Jotof new computersfor the kidsto usein t h e i rl e s s o n s Jil/:That'sa great idea lt's so usefulfor the kidsto be earntngcomputerskrlls T h e y ' lrl e a l l yn e e dt h e mw h e nt h e ys t a r tl o o k i n gf o r a l o b FrankThat'strue Theyioveusingcomputersaswell Theteacherscan usefilms, cartoonsand soundeffectsto teachthings J l l f l t s o u n d sm o r el i k ea g a m et h a n a l e s s o nl t m u s tb e m o r ei n t e r e s t i ntgh a n t h o s eb o rn g o l d c l a s s ewse u s e dt o s i tt h r o u g h Fronk;I wonderwherethe schoolfound the money.though lt rnusthavecosta fortunefor allthosecomputers,not to mentionthe new softwareaswe r Jil/:Andthey'11 needto hiresometechnicalsupportstaff you know how often t h i n g sc a ng o w r o n g Frank:ll's strange,I heard that the schoo was going to hire a new Music teacheror Art teacherlastyearbut they decidedthey cou dn,t affordit J i l / l:t w o u l db e a s h a m ei f t h e m o r ec r e a t i vseu b j e d sg e t r g n o r e b d e c a u soef t h i s n e wt e c h n o l o g y F r a n k rsl u p p o steh e yt h i n kt h e k i d sc a nb e c r e a t i vw e i t h t h e c o m p u t e rA r t i s t si n t h e f u t u r ew r l lb e u s i n gs p e c i ael f f e c t sa n d c o m p u t egr r a p h i c isn s t e a do f p a i n t a n d c a n v a s s e sb u t I t h i n ky o u ' r er i g h t- t h e yn e e dt o f i n d a b a l a n c e

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k 5 s c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c k S s ' answers AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) a . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k ,R e a do u t t h e p a r a g r a p hasn d t h e n Sscompletethe taskgivingreasons for theiranswers C h e c k5 s 'a n s w e r s AnswerKey A formal- fullformsandno colloquialisms havebeenused B informal- contractions andcolloquialisms havebeenused Paragraph A is suitablebecause an opinionessayshouldbe writtenin a formalstylewithoutcolloquialisms or contracted forms.


b. Explainthe task 5s work in pairsand completethe task Check Ss' answers Ss can present their ^ ^ -A^g^t -A^P^t rL) 'i l^| L' tr ^d J"> '|h| e r e s to f t h e c l a s sc o m m e not n P6t o:eh

niora nf rnrritinn

AnswerKey Suggested games. they ln myopinron, I amstrongly tn favourof computer They andhelpusto learnabouttechnology. canbeeducational can alsohelp us to developimportantskillsthat will be of benefitto us whenwearereadyto start is commonly in the acceptedtodaythat computerskillswill be essential of thefuture. workplace 51 a

Explainthe task Do the first item with Ss as an e x a m p l ea n d t h e n S s c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c kS s ' anSwers

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted b . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d t h i n k o f s u p p o r t i n sge n t e n c e s CheckSs'answers Help5swherenecessary AnswerKey Suggested gamesattestto this. Thesalesof computer Therearealreadymanysoftwarepackageson the market that cancreatecomplexgraphicseasilyandquickly. and they will c Studentswill learn to work independently suchasproblemsolvingandmanualdexterity. developskrlls d A humanteachercan helpstudentsto talk about their thefeelingstheartist feelingsandhelpthemto understand or poetistryingto convey. whohaveto bepaidandit requiretechnicrans e Computers to keepup to datewithsoftware. rsalsoexpensive skillsthroughlackof f Theywill losetheircommunication practice andmaywithdrawintothemselves.

a b

5 2 E x p l a i tnh e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e t t eS s l i s t e n f, i l l i n t h e g a p sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k C h e c k5 s 'a n s w e r s answers) AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted 5 3 E x p l a i nt h e t a s k R e a do u t t h e r u b r i ca n d h e l p 5 s t o identifythe key words Then,Ss answerthe questions CheckSs'answers answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted 1 opinionarticle 2 magazine editor 3 formallanguageisappropriatefor thistypeof writing AnswerKey Suggested "Computers in everyclassroom" 4 5 ldisagree Studentswill get boredand will areexpensrve. 6 Computers feel lonelysitting in front of a computerscreenall day' Students do needcomputerskillsbut theydo not needto in everylessonto developthem.etc usecomputers

AnswerKey Suggested Main body (Para2) computersand computerlabsareveryexpenlve computers to setup andmaintain- for example, whohaveto bepaidandit ts requiretechnicians to keepup to datewithsoftware alsoexpensive (Para3) sittingin front of a computerscreenall day can makestudentsfeellonelyand bored- theywill skillsthroughlack of losetheircommunication practiceandmaywithdrawinto themselves (Para4) schoolsshouldusecomputersin the classroom as studentswill needcomputerskillswhenthey arelookingforajob in My Conclusion opinionis that computersare necessary suchaslnformationTechnology technicalsubjects but not in othersubiects Studtes and Computer Providedthat studentshave open accessto a to computerat schoolthen it is unnecessary providecomputers for usein all schoolsubiects. 5 5 Assignthe articleaswritten HW. AnswerKey Suggested Computersin everYclossroom Some people believe that schools should provide to usefor all of theirschoolsubiects for students computers tr that havingcomputers I believe with thisopinron. disagree for a numbera: and excessive is unnecessary everyclassroom reasonS. tc and computerlabsareveryexpensive Firstly, computers set up and maintain. For example,computersrequtre to keelwhohaveto bepaidandit isalsoexpensive technicians up to datewithsoftware. sittingin front of a computerscreenall da'; Furthermore, feellonelyand bored.Theywill losethei' can makestudents communicationskillsthroughlack of practiceand mal withdrawintothemselves. On the other hand,schoolsshouldusecomputersin the classroom asstudentswill needcomputerskillswhentheyare lookingforajob. rr are necessary I believethat computers ln conclusion, anc technicalsubjectssuch as lnformationTechnology Providedthot ComputerStudiesbut not in other subiects. to a computerat schoolthenit is haveopenaccess students forusein allschoolsubiects to providecomputers unnecessary 56 .

AnswerKey Suggested . Science hastaughtusthatanythingispossible. . Werelyon machines toomuchin ourlivesand whenthe; breakdownwe realisethis. . Aswetryto makemachines wtl' morehumanweourselves in ourways. become moremechanical .

and elicit the task,Askquestions the plan Explain 54 Present p lan t h e a n s w e rtso c o m p l e t e e g T: What isthe topic? S 1 : T h et o p i ci s " S c h o o lssh o u l dp r o v i d ec o m p u t e r s for studentsto usefor alltherrschoolsubjects" T : W h a t i sy o u ro p i n i o n ? 52: I completed l yi s a g r ewe i t h t h i ss t a t e m e n t


s n e a t a t i m e a n d h e l pS st c R e a dt h e q u o t a t i o n o interpretthem

A s a n e x t e n s i o na,s kS st o f i n d s i m i l aqr u o t a t i o nlsr t h e mi n E n g l i s h t h e i ro w n l a n g u a gaen de x p l a i n

for Exercise 52 (p. 97) + Seep. 96(T) Tapescript 5scanreferto p 205of theS'sbookforthesametapescript,

b. Rewrite the incorrect paragraph in the correct register.

Paragraph Structure a. Matchthe newspaper headlines 1-3to the topic sentences a-f.Therearetwo sentences for each headline. Saywhichtopicsentence agrees with the headline, andwhichdoesnot.


a b c


e f

M a n y p e o p l et h i n k t h a t u s i n ga c o m p u t e ri s a n pastime.(2 - agrees) enjoyable Soonall art will be createdon computers(1 - agrees) If we replacehumanteacherswith computers, we will developthe skillswe will needto liveand work in the officeof the future.(3 - agrees) Computerscannot teach creativesubjects,such as arl,musicandpoetryaswellasa humanteacher can. (3 - disagrees) Computersand computerlabsare very expensive t o s e tu p a n d m a i n t a i n( 1 - d i s a g r e e s )

1 2 3 4 5 6

What typeof writingis it? Who isgoingto readit? Shouldyou useformalor informallanguage? Why? C a ny o ut h i n ko f a n a p p r o p r i a t e itle? Do you agreeor disagree with the statement? Whatarguments canyou useto supportyour opinlon?

to 54 Lookat theplanbeloWthenuseyouranswers Exercises 51,52and53to answer questions. the

lntroduction ( P a r al )

Sittingin front of a computerscreenall day can makestudentsfeellonelyand bored (2 * disagrees)

W h a ti s t h et o p i c ? . W h ai st y o u r o p i n i o n ?

M ain Body (Para2)

b. In pairs,think of supportingsentences for each of the topic sentences above.

What is your Jirstviewpoint?What areyour reasonsand examples?



What is your secondiewpoint? What are

7'Listento the dialogueand fill in the gaps.Then, matcheachreason/example to one of the topic sentencesabove.


A Schools shoulduse1) computers in the classroom as studentswill needcomputer2) skillswhen theyare lookingfor 3) a job (a)

(Final Para) What is your opinionagain?

B Computersuse 4) films, cartoonsand 5) sound effectsto help studentsunderstand the materiai Studentswill think classes are more likea 6) game (b) ratherthana lesson. C Techniques for the 7) art of the futurecanbe taught jn the computerlab Studentscan learnto create 8) special effects and how to use computer graphics(c)

Discuss andWrite Readthe rubricandunderline the keywords,then answerthe questions. g Youhavebeenaskedto * * o ! thetopic

for a n

your reasonsand examples? What is the opposingviewpoint? What are the reasonsand examples?



you canuse Writeyourarticlefor the magazine. the articlein Ex.48aasa model.


Explain the sentences belowin yourown words.

M o d e r n s c i e n c ea n d t e c h n i q u e sh a v e t a u g h t mankind at least one lessonN : othing js impossible. (L)Sphilosopher) LewisMumt'ord 1t is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are. Clivelames(Australian critic) A s m a c h i n e sg e t t o b e m o r e a n d m o r e l i k e m e n , m e n w i l l c o m et o b e m o r e l i k e m a c h i n e s . WoodKrutch(USnaturalist) Joseph


, havea painf ulm uscle l f you have.........' .'you contraction. C insomnta @ cramP D sunburn B indigestion 8 He suffersfrom heart A infectionB attack @disease D pain of evidence' due to 9 Hewas released D C lack Point A need @ a f or James ' ...' ...." ' 1O S hehasbeenmarri ed 7

& Grammar Vocabulary Fillin the missingWord. 1 l've got a splittingheadache'I think l'll take an as p l rl n . 2 CouldI PaYbYcreditcard? 3 Shewas namedafter her great-aunt' 4 A shoplifterstealsthingsfrom shops' 5 Youshould carrya pump with you in caseyou have a Puncture. 6 TheTV isn'tbroken,youjust forgotto plug it in' 7 Trynot to makemattersworseby failing' 8 Peoplemustcarryidentitycardswith them in some countries. g Johnpreferstennisto squash' 1O That'sthe man whosesisterwas on TV' on cookingthe mealhimself' 11 Mr Jonesinsisted in the number beenan increase has there 12 Recently,

twenty years. B for A with


D by ( 10

Useof English


Completethe secondsentenceusingthe bold.Youmustusetwo to fivewordsi word given. Don't changethe word given'

of peopleusinga creditcard' 13 Thanksto ATMswe can withdraw money from a bankwheneverwe want to' 14 Thatgasheaterdoesn'tgiveouVoffenoughheat' 15 Twentypeoplecameto the party,three of whom l'veknownsincechildhood' 16 Youmusthavebeenawareof the dangers' 17 Thatstyleof jackethasgoneout of fashion' to two monthsimprisonment' 18 Hewassentenced 19 My flat was brokeninto last night, and my stereo

1 This puzzlewill needa lot of patience' This Puzzlewill have to be dor: have PatientlY. is a shopthat sellsfish' A fishmonger's is a shoPwhere A fismonger's where buy fish. 3 lt isthoughtthat the companyis expanding is thoughtto be ThecomPanY be


raPidlY. Turnoff the electricityin caseof fire' turned The electricityshould be turned caseof fire. 5 lt was wrong of them to givefalseinformali TheYwere wrong to have 9i given


was stolen. 20 l'd ratherwatchTV than reada comic' (10marks)



Circlethe correctitem. that the forestfireswerelit by """"" 1 lt is believed @arsonists A smugglers D kidnapPers B shoplifters speedingin the centreof for 50 got f a He 2 town YesterdaY. A sentenceB charge C arrest @tine this himin the library , 3 H e . . . . . . . . .b. .e.i n P a r i sI saw m o rn l n g . C shouldn't D oughtto A might @ can't 4 Thebatteryis flat.We needto """""" it' A install B operate @recharge D liquidise muscle,you shouldrestit' 5 lf you havea D sore @ pulled B strained C broken P eterw rote' t hat o n e th e to 6 T h a te s s a yi s ........' ... D the same @ identicalB matchingC alike


Fill in the correctword derivedfrom the bold. of newtechnology 1 Theintroduction 2 3 4 5

I hashelPedus a lot. for used been The springshave relaxationfor Years. He was found guiltYof theft. Thisplaceis one of the countrY's favouriteholidaYresorts' shouldbe takento helpthe Measures preventionof crime.

nead the sentences.lf a sentenceis correct put a ti* (/). lf it hasa word which shouldnot be there, rrite this word on the line. I Com put ertshe yp l a ya n i mp o rta nro t le th ey 2 I n our liv est od a y C . h i l d re a n reb e e nta u g h t b e en 3 how to usethem at school,asthey have ,/ 1 bec om epar tof th e s c h o ocl u rri c u l u mIn. th e ,/ 5 yearsto comeeverybody ,/ will be ableto useone' 6 marks)

_isten ing talkingin sixdifferent ., Youwill hearpeople situations. (1-6),choose Forquestions the best answerA, B or C. t






Youheara conversation between two peoplein a rvaiting room.Howdoesthewomanfeel? A s us pic ious B a n g ry @ nervous A m anist alk in go n th e p h o n e W . h a td o e sh e lvantto do? O t o buys om eo i l B t o m ak ean a p p o i n tme n t C t o c om plain a b o u tmi g ra i n e s A m anist ak ingp a rti n a ra d i oc h a ts h o w W h y has n e p h o n e di n ? A t o dis c usas h e a l thp ro b l e m a b o u tv i ta m i n th s at hebought @ t o c om plain C t o t alkabou th e a l thfo o ds h o p s A gir lappr oac h eyso u a t a s h o p p i n g c e n treWh . at doesshewant you to do? A t o enr olin a co u rs e B t o t alkabou tp a i n ti n g i n s o m e th i n g O t o par t ic ipa te W hilev is it ingan e x h i b i ti o ny,o u h e a ra m a n t alk ing.How c a ny o g ah e l py o u ? @ t t wit thelpy o u to re l a x . B lt will helpy o uto l o s ew e i g h t C lt will helpy o u b re a th e . A m anist alk ingo n th e p h o n eW . h e reh a sh ec a l l ed? A a florist C aclinic @acollege (10marks)

B : T h a n ky o u . l ' m afrai dhe' snot avai l ablat e the momenr 3) W oul dyou l i keto l eavea message? B : Y es.C oul dyoutel l hi mto cal lme at IC Bpl ease. A : Of course,Mr B anks. 4) W hat' syourtel ephon e number? B. lt's 823 764. (5 morks)


Thinkof a questionwhich matchesthe answers. (SeeSuggested AnswersSection) Not reallY'

1 (restaurani?<: \ 2

W hy not? I d o n ' tt h i n ks o .

(cri me)?

A ctual l yes. y 3



Never. 4

Of course

(bi i l )?

I na m i n u t e . N o,I can' t.

5 (machi ne)?

O K ,l ' l ld o i t (5 marks)

Speaking Describe the photographs, then,in pairs,compare andcontrastthem.Whichtypeof job wouldyou prefer?Why? (SeeSuggestedAnswers Section)

o workalone/meet lotsof PeoP.le/monthlY wage weeklY salary/ o 9-5/flexible hourVuniformYsmart clothes o pdrttime/full time/worklong a standard hours/have dailYroutine

Communication Completethe questions. A DM IT ec hnologSyh, i rl esyp e a k i n g1.) H o w c a nI helpy ou? 8 . l' d lik et o s peakto C h a rl eLs a w to n . A: 2) M ayI as kwho ' sc a l l i n gp l e a s e ? B: Y es M . y nam eis Ma rti nBa n k s . A: Holdt he lineple a s eMr , Ba n k sl.' l ls e ei f h e ' s av ailable.

(10 marks)

ing Read 10

(1-5)choosethe Forquestions Youaregoingto readan articleaboutrockets. correctanswerA, B,C or D.


TO THEMOON FROMFIREWORKS possibly At first glanceyou might think that there couldn't in festival century 13th a be anything in common between However China and the Apollo L1 moon landingin 1969'

Why did the Chinesefirst use rockets? A Theywanted to fire one tD moon. B Theywantedto frighten enemles. @ ffrey wanted to Protect themselves. D Theywantedto make explosives.

thereisalinkandthatisthattheybothreliedontheuse 5 ofrockets. The Chinesefirst developedrocketsby filling bamboo tubes with an explosivemade from saltpetre, charcoal'

2 The ancientChinesemilitrY rockets @ to defeatan invading B in orderto invade andsulphur.Thesealedtubeswouldbethrownontofires C againstthe North Afri it wasthoughtthat the loud because F Ouringcelebrations l0 Europeans. wouldprotectthem.when thesetubeswerenot explosions

D to burnenemyboats-

rocketswereusedto repel a Mongol realisedthe military potentialof thesedevicesand primitive quicklyspreadaroundthe world and invasion in1Z3ZAD. word of theseamazingnew weapons 15 North Africa and Europe' During the 15th soonrocketswerebeingusedin military operationsin to set fire to enemyships'fuound this and 16th centuriestheywere widely usedin navalbattles again' In 16th and 17th century purposes time they also startedbeing used for more peaceful popularform of publicentertainment' Europefirework displaysusingrocketsbecamea very defeatsat battlesin Seringapatam' In the late 18thcenturythe British armysufferedtwo serious Haidar Ali's armyincluded 2n prince, Indian the in India.The main reasonfor thesedefeatswasthat rocketswhichhad a rangeof hundredsof a corpsof rocketthrowers.Theyusedverylargebamboo mistakesand a British officer' william metres.The British were determinedto learn from their rockets'Within a fewyearsCongrieve Congrieve,beganwork on developingevenbiggerandbetter Theserocketswere successfully 3200m. over had deveroped14 kg iron rocketsthat courdbe fired 25 War of Independence' US the usedagainstNapoleonat the battleof Waterlooand during for used were developed'They By the 1880sother applicationsfor rockets were being ships' If a boat got into sinking from people rescuing signalling,for whaling, and even for to it would be fired out over the boat' trouble near to the shore,a rocket with a thin rope tied ashore.These traditional rockets survivorsin lifeboatscould use the ropes to pull themselves 30 are still usedasdistresssignalsonboatsand planes' the useof rocketstook placewith Howeverin the 1920sand 30sa great leap forward in the The new rocketswere so powerful' more introduction of liquid fuel. This made rocketsmuch using rockets to take about think impressivethat for the first time people began to seriously peopleinto sPace.

In the 1950sthe Sovietunion and 35 It didn,t take long for thesedreamsto becomea reality. spaceprogrammes'This lead to the the USA investedlarge amountsof money in their new in 1957'lrss than a month later launch of Sputnik L, the first artificial satellite,by the USSR Laika, into orbit' The usA sent its first they followed this with Sputnik 2 which carried a dog, The next step' putting a man in space satellite, Explorer L, into spaceearly the next year' in vostok 1. Eight years later Neil 40 followed in 196r when yuri Gagarin orbited the Earth surface' This was possiblymankind's Armstrong took those famous first stepson the lunar whose basic design had been greatest scientific achievementand it was all due to rockets thought up hundredsofyears before'

3 WilliamCongrieve new type of rocket A so that the BritishcorS captureSeringaPatamB which was madeof and couldtravelfor of metres. C with the helPof an prince,HaidarAli. @ which was usedin lag militarycamPalgns'ir'referto in 4 What does A a boat @ a rocket C the shore D a survtvor 5 Earlyin the 20th centuY improvedgreatlYbecat'e @ scientistsstarted with experimenting of fuel. B peoplestoPPedusi a fuel. C a numberof differelt countrieswantedto rocketsinto sPaceD peoPlebeganthinb differentusesfor

Writinga first-person narrative Yourclasshashada discussion aboutmodern Udrnology.Yourteacherhasaskedyouto write an Fsay,givingyouropinions on the following statement. Computers areon essential part of ourdaily lives, lrsethe planbelowto write youressay (120-180 words)' (seesuggested Answers section)

Introduction tPara l)

stqtetopic& your opinion:computersare usedin all parts of our lives- worh, school,leisure - m a k e o u r l i v e se a s i e -r b e t t e ro r g a n i s e-d c o n ' t live withoutthem

Main Body ( P a r a2 )

c o m p u t e rm s o k eo u r w o r h i n g l i v e e s a s i e -r accurate saye time - heepa lot of inJormation in oneploce- everythingweneedis right there in front of us

(hra 3)

usethe lnternetf or research, Jor worh and school - helpsus heepin contactwith and pleasure peoplearoundtheworld - hovefun as well as worh or study


not healthyto spendtoo muchtime sittingat q computer- can damageour eyes- we don't e x e r c i sa e s m u c h- d o n ' t t a l h t o o t h e rp e o p l e

Conclusion (Para5)

restoteyour opinion:computersore on important part of our livestoday- help us to worh and - we shouldn'tspendall studymoreefJectively

Listen andfillin.Then,listenagainandsing. Youknow someoneis watching Althoughthey arediscreet Youcanfeelthe 1) eyesuponyou As you'rewalkingdown the street tt Youdon't know wherethey're 2) hiding. i Or just how muchthey know. But you know that theycanseeyou. No 3) matterwhereyou go Whereveryou go Whateveryou sayor do Alwaysremember Big Brotheris watchingyou

i t

Therearecamerasin the 4) car parks Therearecamerasin the shops Big Brotherhaseyeseverywhere Thewatchingnever5) stops Theyknow aboutyoureverymove And what you do eachday They'rerecording every6) breathyou take And every7) word you say Whereveryou go ... Theyknow how you spendyour money Theyknowwhat you liketo 8) eat Theyknow exactlywhereyou are Theyknow exactlywho you meet There'sno usetryingto 9) hide Theywill find you anyway Youare underobservation Every10) moment,everyday Whereveryou go ...

of our time in Jront oJ a computerscreen (20 marks) (Total= 100marks)

S i n gA l o n g ! a. Lookat the picture. Whataretheydoing?Why? Howis the picturerelatedto the title of the song? watching CCTV; newsstation; security company

c. Haveyou everbeenphotographedby a surveillance camera?Where?How did you feel? (Ss'own answers)

ProgressUpdate Howdo you rateyourprogress? Tick(/) the box thatapplies you. to Excellent Good O K ould do better **** *** ** * Vocabulary& Grammar Listeninq Speaking R eadi nq Writinq C ommuni cati on

Lead-in friendsgo shopping? Howoftendo you/yourparents/your af parents/your do yourshopping: you/your friends Wheredo online? centres; shopping stores; deportment supermorkets; bycheque;by credit friendspay:in cash; How do you/yourparents/your card?

a a


presents? Whatwouldyoubuyforyour:sxDoyouenjoybuying ontheirbirthday? Choose year-old bestfriend/grandparents/boss brother/ fromthe list,givingreasons. ' clothes' a CD . anantique r jewellery ornamenVclock pen ' a diary . a pieceof art (eg. a painting). anexpensive . . . a leather wallet a bunchof flowers bathoils ' a book . trckets to thetheatre. perfume Listento the people.Whatwasthe bestpresentevergivento them?Whogaveit to them?


friend; & Dad;Lindaa mirror/best Tonykeysto a newcarlMum friends of holiday/group ticketfor a skiing Helen evergivento you?Whogaveit to you? b. Whatwasthe bestpresent Onwhat occasion?

Reading 4

yourpersonality' a. Whenwereyouborn?Whatisyourstarsign?Describe for whenyouchoosea present b. Whatdo youtakeintoconsideration preferences;their Do hobbies? theirstorsign;their theirposition; someone: starsigncanhelpyoudecide you believe that knowingsomeone's present? Readthe articleandfindout. on an appropriate 1-14,choose fromthe star c. Readthe articleagainandfor questions signsA-F.Someof the starsignsmaybe usedmorethanonce. Who... a o a o O a a o a o a o

to complain? is too well-mannered old ? something would appreciate isjob-oriented? someproperty? dreamsof receiving l i k e st o h a v et h e i rd a y sp l a n n e d ? touch? lovesgiftswith a personal practical gifts? appreciates likesitemsfrom abroad? the bestthat moneycan buy? appreciates i s l i k e l yt o r e m e m b ear g i f t ? w o u l dw e l c o m ea t r i p o r a n o u t i n g ? l i k e se x e r c i s i n g ?

0 1 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14


2 C 5



3 F

d. Readthe articleagainandexplainthe wordsin bold.Thenfindthe adjectives. of the highlighted opposites



of eachstarsignaswell asthe most Listthe characteristics presents for them.Then,in pairs,talkabouteachsign. appropriate

'.-.i i-.; ;11;-1;;',,;11,:

Suggested AnswerKey Thebestpresentevergiven to me was a pair of diamond earrings. My parentsboughtthem for me on my birthday.

R e a d i n gm : u l t i p l em a t c h i n gr;e a d i n g forspecific i n f o r m a t i o ns ;c a n n i nag t e x t Vocabulary: shops/departments; starsigns;clothes; a . . A s k 5 s t o l o o k a t t h e z o d i a cs i g n s E x p l a i tnh a t s h o p p i n cgo m p l a i n t s t h e r ea r et w e l v es i g n so f t h e z o d i a ca n dt h a t y o u r Grammar:causative form; reportedspeech s t a rs i g nd e p e n dos n y o u rb i r t hd a t e ,E x p l a itnh a t U s eo f E n g l i s hp: r e p o s i t i o npsh; r a s avie r b s( l o o k l, e t ) ; s o m e p e o p l e b e l i e v et h a t y o u r c h a r a c t e ri s : r r o rc o r r e c t i o no ,p e nc l o z ei,d i o m sa n df i x e dp h r a s e s , d e t e r m i n e db y y o u r s t a r s i g n E l i c i tf r o m S s ,',ord formation;key-wordtransformations w h e t h e rt h e y t a k e t h e i r z o d i a c s e r i o u s loyr i f L i s t e n i n gl i:s t e n i nfgo r s p e c i f iicn f o r m a t r o n l i ;s t e n i nfgo r r t h e y c o n s i d etrh e m a s j u s t f u n A s k S s i f t h e y : e t a i l e di n f o r m a t i o nl i;s t e n i nfgo r g i s t ;n o t et a k i n g ; i t h i n k y o u c a n k n o w s o m e b o d yb y s i m p l y i ' e s / N om; u l t i p l ec h o i c em ; atching t h es p e a k e r s ; k n o w i n gw h a t t h e i rs t a rs i g ni s Speaking:talkingaboutshopping/buying : presents; o Elicitanswersfrom Ss .akingaboutstarsigns;describingc|othes;complaints; :xpressingreference; Suggested AnswerKey agreeing/disagreeing; expressing tpinion;ta ingaboutthe senses; buyingclothes; makingi lwas bornon l0 September. lam a Virgo. lam neatandtidy :cmplaints andveryorganised. I likeart andreading l n t o n a t i o n :q u e s t i o n intonation W r i t i n g :a r t i c l ed e s c r i b i nagv i s i t o a p l a c eo; [. r Read the question and explain unknown 1 : escri ption" ol.-l_ol h u.n v o c a b u l a rE y l i c rat n s w e r fsr o mv a r i o u S s s A s kS s :1 1ll:r."1b? !l'__l?-i!:l if knowingsomeone's tar sign can help in . R e a do u t t h e t i t l eo f t h e u n i t ,E l i c itth a t i t i sa p r o v e r b d e c i d i no g n a n a p p r o p r i a tper s 5 6 n 1 llicrt the meaningof the proverb (people who are Suggested AnswerKey carefulwith smallamountsof moneyare oftenwasteful ',uith When I choose largeamounts.) a presentfor someone,I considertheir Elicitfrom Ssother proverbsthey preferences c a n t h i n k o f r e l a t e dt o s h o p p i n ga n d m o n e y ( Af o o l andtheirhobbies. I don'tthinkknowingsomeone,s cnd hismoneyaresoonpartedYougetwhatyoupayfor.A star sign can help me decideon an approprrate present oennyforyourthoughts.) because everybody isdifferent. . E x p l a itnh e t a s k E l i c iat n s w e rfsr o mS s . A l l o wS s5 m i n u t e st o r e a dt h e t e x tt o s e e ' - = :'Lggested AnswerKey werecorrect ' I usually go shopping oncea week. I domyshopping at supermarkets andshoppingcentres c . . E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a dt h e q u e s t r o nasn d e x c . ^ I payin cash. any unknownwords Refer5sto the tip or: o ,:9 ' i\4yporentsusually P o i n to u t t h a t t h e y n e e dt o f o l l o wt h i sa c t v r c -e go shopping twicea month. o r d e rt o c o m p l e t teh e t a s ks u c c e s s f u l l y Theydo their shoppingat supermarkets and shopping . A l l o w 5 s t w o m i n u t e st o r e a dp a f t B r n t h e t e x t centres andsometimes mymotherbuysthingsonline. a n d e l i c r tw h y B i s t h e c o r r e c ta n s w e ri n t h e t\4yparentsusuallypay in cashbut sometimes theypay by (ltcontains example thereference politeto words'too :reditcard hurtyourfeelings'). Ss complete task Check Ss' ' ',4y friends' shopping habitsarealmostthesameasmine. a n s w e r sA s kS st o j u s i i f yt h e i ro p i n i o n s .

R e a dt h e r u b r i ca l o u d a n d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w n ,rocabulaE r yx p l a itnh e t a s k E l i c iat n s w efrr o mS s

:',ggested AnswerKey ' I lovebuying presents. ' I would buy my six-year-old brothera book becausehe loveslookingat pictures andhavingpeoplereadto him. ' lwouldbuymybestfrienda diarybecause shelikes to write aboutthethingsshedoeseachday. ' I wouldbuymygrandparents ticketsto thetheatrebecause theydon'tgo out muchbut theyliketo do thingstogether and theyloveplays. ' I wouldbuymy bossan expensive penbecause it is useful andattractive. .

As an extension, askSsto listotherpossible gifts

a. Explain the task Playthe cassetteSsljstenandwrite t n d t h e p e r s o nw h o g a v ei t t o t h e m t h e p r e s e na Check 5s' answers Elicithow Ss feel about each present AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)

AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 61. o Allow Ss two or three minutesto readthe rext a g a i n A s k S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s i n b o l d b y g i v i n ge x a m p l eosr s y n o n y mT s h e na , s kS st o f i n d o p p o s i t eosf t h e h r g h l r g h t eadd l e c t i v eTs h e yc a n u s et h e i rt h e s a u r u s e i f sn e c e s s a r y . R e m i n dS st o p r a c t i sR e e a d i n g a l o u d u stihneg S ' s CD/cassette Ss listento the text and follow the l i n e s5 s l i s t e na g a i nw i t h p a u s e st ,h e n r e a do u t from the text AnswerKey antrque + polite + warm + traditional / grateful * low * typical +

modern impolite,rude cold,unfriendly modern, original unappreciative,ungrateful high different, unique,unusual

Tapescript for Exercise 3a (p. 102)--r Seep. 103(T) s sc a rr e f et o p 2 0 6o f t r e s ' so o o k' o r t h es a m et a p e s p c rt

b. Answerthe questions about yourself,then ask Ssto answerthe questions


o 5s read text again and write notes about the of eachstarsignand theirappropriate characteristics p r e s e n t sS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dt a l ka b o u te a c hs i g n AnswerKey Suggested likesto cook;sensitive Cancer - sentimental; - isa collector; - house;boat; antiqueornament;a piece of jewellery;whateverthey collect;krtchenthings like cooking utensils, tableware; family photograph in a frame Libra

- diplomatic; polite;lovesbeauty;indecisive - a pieceof art;an ornatemirror;a marblestatue; giftswhichwillenhancetheirbeautyeg.a trip to spreefor a new the beautysalon;a shopprng outftt

Capricorn- not sentimental;likesto feel materiallyand financially secure;appreciateshigh quality goods;ambitious;hardworking;dedicatedto wrthtime career; obsessed - traditionalgiftswith designer labels;businessrelatedpresent;watch; antique clock;stylish classic clothes Taurus

- hasconservative tastes;enioysluxury;romantic; makeswarm,faithfulfriend;doesn'tforgetgifts received - fineleathergoods,freshflowers,a pieceof land, money,wallet,mirror,familymemento,gifts of ticketsfor a nightat lotions,bathoils,perfumes, music of classical theopera,performance



practical, a bargain;perfectionist; appreciates likesto followroutrnes clothing; gift; socks; shirts;necessary inexpensive somethingthat can help organiselife; diary; bookcase;gift connectedwith health and dietbooks bathproducts; cleanliness;

- lovesto playgames;takerisks;likessports;openSagittarius minded;optimistic;lovestravelling - rollerblades,skis, foreign gifts especiallyif holidaY imported,an adventure .


As an extension,Ss can collectinformationabout star signs and prepare a poster for the class Sscan collectinformationabout other Alternatively, (Chinese), and and find Lhe similarities horoscopes Then,5scanpresenttheirfindingsto the differences class

' .rapesciipf"ioi E*""J" 1p.rfil-'i

5scanreferto p 206 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript

Tony to me? Oh that's easy lt was from my parentscThe best presentevergLVen r n y 2 0 t h b i r t h d a yt h a d j u s t p a s s e dm y d r i v i n gt e s t b u t I w a s r e a l l ys h o r tc ' m o n e ys o I w a s s t i l lt a k i n gt h e b u st o a n d f r o m w o r k e a c hd a y M u m a n d D a : had droppeda few hrntsbeforemy b rthdayand when the big dayarrrvedI wa: nh t e na l l m u mg a \ : r e a yl e x c i t e dl t w a sr e a yl h a r dt o h i d em y d i s a p p o i n t m ew m e w a s a s m a l lb o x b u t w h e n l o p e n e di t a n d f o u n dt h e k e y si n s i d el,w a s s : happy lt was the perfectpresent,so usefuland exactlywhat I wanted Linda I t ' ss o d i f f i c u l t o t h i n k o f j u s t o n e p r e s e n tM y b e s tf r i e n dA m y a l w a y sg e p e r f e cgt i f t sf o r m e W e ' r es o s i r n i l at h r a t s h ek n o w st h a t i f s h el i k e ss o m e t hn : then l'm boundto like rt too lvlaybeit's becausewe're both LibransYou cas e ew h a t s h e g o t f o r m e l a s ty e a r l t ' s h a n g i n go n t h e w a l l o v e rt h e r e l s n ' i b e a u t i f u l|?l o o ka t m y s e lrfn i t a l lt h e t i m e Helen A c o u p l eo f C h r i s t m a s a eg s os o m eo f m y f r i e n d sw e r eg o i n go n a s k i i n gh o i d ; . l w a s s o j e a l o u sy o u w o u l d n ' tb e l i e v et I h a d j u s t m o v e dh o u s et h o u g hs c e h e nt h e d a yb e f o r et h : . c o u L d na' tf f o r dt o g o w i t h t h e m l m a g i n em y s u r p r i sw weresupposed t o g o , t h e y a l l c a m er o u n dt o s e e m e T h e ys a i dt h e y h a : c l u b b e dt o g e t h e tro g e t a s p e c r aplr e s e nfto r m e a n d g a v em e t h e t j c k e t l t u . : a m a j o rp a n i ct o g e t e v e r y t h i nogr g a n i s eidn t i r n eb u t i t w a s d e f i n i t e ltyh e b â&#x201A;Ź ' : presentI haveeverhad

Donartments whereyoucan a. Matchthe itemsto the shop(s) asin the buythem.Then,makeup sentences, (Answers onthe willvarydepending example. c o un l r v l

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

p a c k eot f a s p i r i nA b u n c ho f f o w e r sE ,H sugaH r b l a c ks h o ep o l i s hB , G , H m a n g o eH s ,I l a m bc h o p sD , H pauof blackglovesF,G p a i ro f b l a c kl e g g i n gIs G b a ro f s o a pA , H b r e a dC . H

1',! 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20

f r s hH p a c k eot f b i s c u i tC s,H w a s h i n g - ul tpq u i dH carrotsH, i p a i ro f t i g h t sA , B , I G , toothpasteA, l-t c h o c o l a tcea k eC , H beefsteaksD, H t i n n e ds o u pH thermometerA ,S"'

ata chemist's. ofaspirin Youcanbuya packet asin theexample. b. In pairs, askandanswer, A: B: A: B:

Doyouneedanything? I'n goingtothebutchels. please. youpickupsixlambchops? Yes, Could Sure! Anything else? No,thanks.

Thenmakeup In pairs. thetable.Youcanaddyourown ideas, complete sentences asin theexample. o flui1o lacket ' carpet' toothpaste . cooker. hammer. envelopes

\\S$NNls\tr r\stt\\ ::.... -/a/r/2-l.urzrzz-etze/tsb

r Kq\tN\' K(-\\\\(q(\s\ ' (eq(q((N' qe(





' nails' tie . screwdrivercornflakes r shamooo. dress. bleach. necklace

e n v e l o p eps e , n ,b i eL i s " w a s h i r gp o w d e r , ' u r r i i r , rpr o f o o t h p a s t ed,e o d o r atr, s i a m P o o

j a c k e ts, h i r t ,d r e s st ,t e b r a c e l e rt ,i n g ,n e c k l a c e

) m),r,ro/

6 a . E x p l a i nt a s k a n d e l i c i V e x p l atihne m e a n i n go f a n y u n k n o w nw o r d s S sw o r k l n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t et h e task CheckSs'answers AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) Suggested AnswerKey 2 Youcan buy a bunch of flowersat a florist'sand a supermarket. 3 Youcanbuysugarat a supermarket. 4 Youcanbuyblackshoepolishat a shoeshop,department storeandsupermarket. 5 You can buy mangoesat a supermarketand a greengrocer's. 6 You can buy lamb chops at a butcher'sand at a supermarket. 7 Youcan buy a pair of blackglovesat a boutiqueand a department store. B Youcanbuya pairof blackleggings at a boutiqueand a department store" 9 You can buy a bar of soap at a chemist3and a supermarket. Youcanbuybreadat a bakeryanda supermarket. Youcanbuyfishat a supermarket. Youcan buy a packetof biscuitsat a bakeryand a supermarket. 1 3 Youcanbuywashing-up liquidat a supermarket. 1 4 Youcanbuycarrotsat a supermarket anda greengrocer's. 1 5 Youcanbuya pair of tightsat a chemist's, a shoeshop,a boutique, a department storeanda supermarket t 6 Youcanbuytoothpaste at a chemist's anda supermarket. t 7 Youcanbuychocolate cakeat a bakeryanda supermarket I B Youcanbuybeefsteaks at a butcher's anda supermarket. 1 9 Youcanbuytinnedsoupat a supermarket. 20 Youcanbuya thermometer at a chemist's. h

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k M o d e lt h e d i a l o g u ew i t h a S S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t t h e d i a l o g u e sM o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n c eA s k s o m e p a i r s t o p r e s e n tt h e i r d i a l o g u et so t h e c l a s s

(Ss'own answers) 7 E x p l a itnh e t a s k G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s ta n d t h e h e a d i n gisn the table Elicitthe meaningof any unknownwords by givingexamples or miming (hammer: Youusea hammer to (mimethe action)Sswork in pairsand compiete hitnails.) the table CheckSs'answersAsksomeSsto present their sentences to the class AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) Suggested AnswerKey Cookers, vacuumcleanersand washingmachinesare electrical appliances. Carpets, Iampsandmirrorsarefurnishings. pensandbirthdaycardsarestationery. Envelopes, powder,furniture Washing polishand bleacharecleaning products. Toothpaste, deodorant. andshampoo aretoiletries Fruit,ketchup,riceandcornflakes aregroceries. Jackets, shirts, dresses andtiesareclothing. Bracelets, ringsandnecklaces arejewellery. Hammers, screwdrivers andnailsarehardware.


a. .


c . E l i c i t h e n a m e so f v a r i o u sg a r m e n t sf r o m S s a n c which are worn by women/men/bothSs work rr' pairsand do the exerciseCheck5s' answers

is betweena shopand AskSswhat the difference a s h o p p i n gc e n t r ea n d w h e t h e rt h e r ea r e m a n y t hatkind s h o p p i n cg e n t r e isn t h e i rc o u n t r yE l i c iw o f t h i n g sc a nb e b o u g h ta t a s h o p p i n cg e n t r e , and questions Explain the task Readinstructions Plavthe .assetteSsdo exercise Check5s'answers againwith pauses. by playingthe cassette

AnswerKey Suggested leggings, tights high-heeled shoes, blouses, dresses, skirts, d . 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) r


Suggested AnswerKey . a wedding:l'd wearan eveningdressandhighheeledshoes . thebeach:l'dweara bathingsuit,shorts, a Tshirtandsandals . a friend'sbirthdayparty:l'dwearjeans,a shirtandflatshoes

After checking5s' answersaskwherethey might h e a rs u c ha t e x t a n dw h o m i g h tb e i n t e r e s t eidn i t a n dw h y

Suggested AnswerKey

Writing Project

Thetextisan announcement that wouldbeheardin a shopping where it explains in it because centre. Shoppers wouldbeinterested in theshopping centreandwhattheysell. certainshopsarelocated .

c e n t r ei n A s a n e x t e n s i o nS,st h i n ko f a s h o p p i n g t h e i r a r e a a n d w r i t e a s i m i l a ra n n o u n c e m e n t ReferSsto the tapescript sectionof theirbookso t h a t t h e yc a nu s et h e s c r i pftr o mE x 8 a sa m o d e l f o r t h e i r a n n o u n c e m e nA t lternativelS y ,s c a n t a p ei h e i ra n n o u n c e m eannt dp l a yt h e c a s s e t tien 10 classin the nextlesson

H e l p5 s b y b r i n g i n gi n f a s h i o nm a g a z i n easn d c l o t h i n g catalogues to showthem what they are expectedto dc f o r t h e t a s k ,E x p l a i tnh e t a s ka n d a n y u n k n o w nw o r d s A s s i o nt h e n r o i e cat sw r i t t e nH W Suggested AnswerKey Thisis a dressmadeof cottonlt is a casualdresssuitablefo, forf75 at HoltRenfrew. workor a nighton thetown.ltsells

b. Explain t h e t a s k M o d e lt h e d i a l o g u ew i t h a S 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d t a l k a b o u tw h a t t h e y n e e dt o b u y and wherethey can buy it MonitorSs'performance aroundthe classThenchoosesomepairsto present t h e i rd i a l o o l e tso t h e c l a s s

a . E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n dr e a do u t t h e l i s t E x p l a itnh a t t h e l i s t c o n t a i n sw o r d sd e s c r i b i nfgl a w sw h i c h c l o t h i n g m a y h a v e ,e v e n w h e n t h e y a r e n e w E x p l a i na n t u n k n o w nw o r d sb y m i m i n go r p o i n t i n gt o a 5 w h c has a zip, button, pocket,etc Playthe cassetteSs d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sE l i c i th o w t h e mansoundsfrom Ss

Suggested AnswerKey

answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

A: l'm cleaning myhousetomorrowandI needsomefurniture polish.Anyideaswhereto go? Theyhavea B: Trythecleaningproductsdepartmentqt Tesco. greatselection of cleaningsupplies A: Where's that? B: Onthegroundfloor. A: lh buildinga bookshelf andI needsomenails.Anyideas whereto go? Trythe hardwaredepartment Theyhavea at Homebase. greatselection of DIYsupplies. A: Where's that? B: Onthefirstfloor. etc a. Explain that the wordsin the list referto patternand style Do the exercisewith Ss Ask the 5s which personiswearinga suit;a dressetc answers) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted b . E l i c itth e m e a n i n go f u n k n o w nw o r d si n t h e p r o m p t b o x e sb y p o i n t i n gt o S sw h o a r ew e a r i n ga n e x a m p l e o f i t o r b y g i v i n ge x a m p l e sI n t u r n s ,S sd e s c r i bteh e clothesin the pictures,then describewhat their classmates arewearing, Suggested AnswerKey plaid shirt,baggyblueieans Jeffreyis wearinga long-sleeved andblacktrainers. dress,white socksand Suzyis wearinga floweryshort-sleeved whiteflatshoes. Markis wearinga bluepinstripesuit,a blueshirt,a stripedtie andbrownshoes. Nancyis wearinga redand whitepolka-dotdress,blacksocks andblackflatshoes.

[. o

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e t t eS s d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c k 5 s ' a n s w e r s E l i c i th o w t h e , womansoundsfrom 5s

AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) .

Choosetwo Ssto modelthe dialogueThen Ss w o r k i n p a i r s a n d a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s M o n i t o rS s 'p e r f o r m a n cteh,e na s ks o m ep a i r st o D r e s e nt ht e i rd i a l o o u et so t h e c l a s s (p. 105) I vJl tapescript for Exercise 'Pr v8a q \P. IJSJL'


an referto p.206of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript Helloshoppersl Welcometo LewstonShoppingCentrelOn the groundfoor, you wlll find W H Smith,the newsagent's, Boots,the chemist's andTescosupermarket - which Why not stopfor a coffeeat Starbucks or graba biteto eat at McDonald's arealsoon the groundfloor?Ne)t rshavng rtsendof season saleso why not pop in andcheckout the clothingbargains beforeyou headupstairs? O n t h e f i r s tf l o o r ,D e b e n h a nds e p a r t m e nstt o r ea l s oh a su p t o 4 0 % o f f s e l e c t e d i t e r n sH a b i t a ft u r n r t u r ser c : ; a s l o i so f g r e a td e a l st,o o , a s d o e sD i x o n sw h e r e t h i sm o r l t s s o e c a c e i . = l . - o a , e rf o r o n ' vf 1 9 9 :F a n c ay s p o ro f D I Yr h i s . ' . - . 1- - ! \ ' r - ev l ^ r ^ c v n . ,rrel l up d O n u w o u l dr a t l . e ' v, , i r rFv ru ' 1 1 \ , icVa n s a t i s f ye v e r yt a s t ef r o m \ , 4 o z a rt to r e l a xa n d | s t e : r c i : ^ - : - , : . M a r i l yM n a n s o ^. - : ' , : , : l c < n g f o r s o m e t h i nsgp e c i af ol r t h el a d yr ny o u r t [ eP , a y rE : - : ' - . . - : s o Q eo ' g o l da n d s l v e r l e w e lfl oe r' y o u t o e :.',' c h o o s fer o - ' . - . : : , : ' , : - . ' : - : i o b u v v o u ' r es u r et o f r n di t h e r ea t L e w s t o n S h o p o: : - : - . - : : : . , - : : ^ 9 '

Tapesc'c:'1E . x e r c i s1e0 a( p . 1 0 5 )- + S e ep . 1 0 6 ( 1 t i - - ' ' . . - : ' n e S ' s o ofoo"r t r e s a ' n e t a p e s c r i p l

-:.3s:' .