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children: Reinaldo, Rafael, Luz, Alejandro, Luciano, Natividad, and Tomas; studied in the Manila Hi8lh School, the Philippine Normal School, and the University of the Philippines, where he graduated with the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering; was a primary school teacher; instructor in Physics in the Philippine Normal School; instructor in Mathematics in the College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines ; Assistant Civil Engineer in Laguna and Tayabas, respectively; District Engineer of Mindoro, notOs Norte, and Camarines Sur; and at present District Engineer of Zambales. He belongs to no political palty. A Roman Catholic by religion. GONZALES, Inocencio H.

Lawyer; res.,

Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. Lawyer .. f01-mer Representative from Nueva Ecija; res., Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

GONZALES, laidoro -

Born in Gapan, Mueva Ecija, on December 10, 1881; married; completed his elementary education in the public schools of his hometown, his secondar-y course in a plivate school conducted by Don Rufino Villaruz at San Isidro, then the capital of the province, and in the San Juan de Letran College at Manila j graduated as Isidoro Gonznle9 Bachelor of Laws from the Escuela de Derecho de Manila, directed by the late Don Felipe G. Calderon, a.n.d was admitted to the practice of law in March, 1910. Since 1910 he has been practicing his law profession, and was professor and assistant director of the Instituto Filipino, established in Manila by the then Representative Emili'ano T. Tirana from Cavite, 190709; elected municipal councilor of Gapan, N.

E., 1912-16 j and elected Representative to the fourth Phil. Legislature from Nueva Ecija. 1916-19. At present a practicing attorney. a proprietor and a businessmaTL He is a N acionalista by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion. GONZALES, Jacobo Lnwyer; address: 2219 Azcu'fragu, Manila; tel. 2-17-85. GONZALES, Joaquin J. 1路es., Apalit, POImpanga.



Born in Apalit, Pampanga, on April 23, 1895; married; obtained his degree of BachelOl' of Science in Agriculture from the College of Agliculture, University' of the Philippines. at Los Banos; was the director of the Rice Growers Association of the Philippines for some time; donor of the Gonzales Scholarship medal given to the best graduating student in the College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines; member of the Municipal Council of Apalit, Pampanga; and munkipal Vice-President, 1928 to 1931, of the same town. He is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Manager, Dep(1f('tment of Revenue and Misctella:neous AucVitsl Gene1'al Auditing Office; res., 236/r Juar. Luna (Int.), Tondo, Manila.


Profess01'; Business Exec'U,tive; 101'me1' Chief. Statistics Division, DepClfftment of Agriculture and Commerce j res., 511 Perez, POf."O, Mani la.; tel. 5-53-54.

GONZALES, Leon Ma. -

Born in Arayat, Pampanga, April 11, 1894; !;On of Aureliano Gonzales and Anastacia Manalese; government pensionado, 1919-21; graduated from Harvard University, U. S. A., 1921, with t he degree of Master of Science in Business A:dministration; was field agent, Bureau Leon M. Gonzales of Commerce and Indu stry, 1919; assistant



c'h ief, Industrial Organization Division, Bureau of Commerce and Industry, 1921; assistaht chief, Research Division, 1922; acting chief, Research Division of the same Bureau, 1923 ; manager, Philippine Government Agency, 1929-30; chief Division of Sta tis tics aIJld Trade Analysis. Bureau of Conunerce, 1931-32; chief, Statistic Division, Department of AgricultuTe and Commer ce, 1933 to 1935 ; and managing editor, The Philippine Statistical Review, 1934 to 1936. Other positions held were Technical Assistant, D epar tment of Commerce and Commun ications, 1932; Technical Assistant, Special Commit t ee on Ta xation , Philippine Legislature, 1 933; Secretary, T'r ad e Committee of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce, 1935-36 ; member, Sub-Committee of Governor Gen eral's Committee on Trade Relations, 2933-35 ; secr etary, Committee on Californ ia Exposit ion, Depar tment of Agriculture and Commerce, 1936 ; member, Reorganization Co mmitt ee, Depa rtm ent of Agriculture and Commer ce, 1936; Technical Assistant, Government Survey Board, 1936; Dean, College of Business Administration, University of Man ila, 1922-23 a nd 1927-28; professorial lect ur er on Corporation and Finance, University of th e PhiUppines, 1928; lecturer on Statistics and Economics, National Uni versity, 1928-29; and professorial lecturer on Statistics a nd Economics for the Far Eastern Univer sit y, 1934-36. GONZALES. Leonardo Former Member, Provincial B Ofllrd of N u eva Ecija; re s.,, Nueva Ecija. Phalrmacisti former Municipal P""esident, res., Umingan, Pangasinan.

GO NZALES, Ma rceBno G . -

Born in Umingan, Pangasinan, on June 15, 1890; ma rried; studied in the public schools of his h ome town; a school teacher of Uminga n f ro m 1910 t o 1911; graduated from the T angasina n Provincial High Schoo) in 1915 ; obtained his degree of Bachelor of Science in Phannac Yl from the College of Pha nna cy, V.P., in 1918'; appointed Municipal Secretary of Umingan; elected Municipal

President of Umingan in 1931; and at pres.ent in private practice as a pharmacist in his town. He is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Lawyerj head, legal department, C. Tuason e Hijos, Inc.; 10 Fe'rnandez, SOI,n Juan, Rizal; ul.

GONZALES, Pastor A . -


Atty, Gonza'les was fonnerly a Division chief in the Bureau of Posts.

Lawyer and Fatrm Own er; Provincial Fiscal of Rizal; re8.~ S an Nicolas, Pasig, Rizal.

GONZALES, Primitivo -

Born in Tanauan, Batangas, on November 27, 1888 ; the son of Nicolas Gonzales and Albina Laurel; married to the former Miss Aurora Madlangbayan, of Gasan, Marinduqu e, and of their union were born twelve children, Nelly, now 19 years old; Jose, 18; Justo (d eceased); Ramon, 14; Fidela, 13; Ceferina, 12; Fe and Lea (twin sisters), 10; Luz, 8; Jo.esus, 7; Olival 6; and Salvador Primitivo, Jr., 4. Fiscal Gonzales received his early education in his hom.etown and was sent to Manila by his parents to' continue his studies in the Ateneo de Manila, where he graduated as Bachelor' of Arts in 1907; he then enrolled in the University of Santo Tomas, where he obtained his LL.B. degree in 1912, having passed the Bar examin !lrtions the same year with former Judge Guillermo B. Guevara and others. After his admission to the Philippine Bar, he began the practice of his law profession and devoted his attention to farming, until he was appointed Justice of the Peace of Tanauan, Batangas, ~n 1923, and held said position up to March 5, 1928, when he was made Provincial Fiscal of Mindoro, 1928-29; then promoted as Provincial FiscaU of La Union, 1929-31; designated as Provincial Fiscal of Albay, 1931-34,; returned to Ll. Union in the same position, 1934-37; and was appointed Provincial Fiscal of Rizal on April 22, 1937, but qualified on ' June 21, same year, whlch position he holds up to the present time. He belongs to no political party, and' is a Roman Catholic by religion.



Provincial T'reaSUfrer of Negros Oriental; res., Dum,aguete, Negros Oriental.

GONZALES, Severino D. -

Born in Manila, on November 8, 1883; educated in the private schools of Manila and Leyte during the Spanish regime, having completed his elementMY instruction in 1903, and his commercial course by correspondence with the International 'Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pa., 1915-16; passed the Third Grade Spanish in 1903, the Second Grade Spanish in 1906, and the Assistant Provin'cial Treasurer (English) examination, in' 1913. He has held the follovntng positions with the government: Deputy treasurer of Leyte, 1907-12; chief clerk and deputy treasurer of Leyte, 1912-14; chief and deputy treasurer of Tayabas, 1914-16; provincial treasurer of Zambales, 1916-17, same position, Cavite, 1917-18 ; same position, Samar, 1918-33; provincial treasurer and assessor of Sorsogon. 1933-34; and Pl'ovin~ial Treasurer and Deputy Assessor of Negros Oriental, from 1934 up to the presen t. GONZALES-JAM-IAS, Ev", -Dentist; Facul-

ty Member, Philippine Dental College; res., Quiapo, Manila; tel.

.1052 Bilibid Viejo, 2-81-89.

Businessm,an; president and general m,anager, A . C. Gonzalez & Co~ (Masonite Agents); office: 921 Crystal A1'cade, ESC(Jlta, Binondo; tel. 2-20-69; ,,路es., 196 V . Mapa Ext., Sannpaloc, Manila; tel. 6-75-91 .


GONZALEZ, A. F . - - Businessm<tn; assist.

ant manage-r and seClretatry, Insulf1lT Life ASSU1'ance Co., Ltd., and Philippine Guatranty Co., Inc.; res., 14th StJreet, New Manila, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-86-51. GONZALEZ, Antonio Lawyer; office: 14 Lack & Davis Bldg., ,110 Echague, Manila; tel. 2-81-59; res., 1057 Santa Mesa, SCVtn-

de Derecho de Manila (1917), is an eloquent orator and an able writer in Spanish. He was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands a.nd has teen the presiding officer of each of the organizations making up the Philippine Bodies of the Anciem.t and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and a Past Master of Luz Oceanica, Lodge No. 85, F. & A. M. He was also one of the leading officers of the Plaridel Masonic Temple Association and the Manila Masonic Club.

GONZALEZ, Bienvenido M. -Professor and Head of the D epart'l1wnt of Hus-

ba1Ulry, and Dean, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines; res., Los Ba')1os, Lagu:na. Born in Apalit, Pampanga, on March 22, 1893; graduated from the College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines, and studied in the University of Wisconsin, U.S., where he obtained his Sc.M. and Ph.D. degrees, and also in the Johns Hopkins University. He was a member of the Board of Regents, D .P., 1918-21; member of the board of directors, Pampanga Sugar Development Co., Inc.; editor of the IIPhilippine Agriculturist"; president of t he Philippine Society of Technological Agriculture; president of the Philippine Society for the Advancement of Research; president of the Los Banos Biological Club; and Vice-Cha'irman of the National Resea r ch Council.

GONZALEZ, (Mrs.) Carrnen P. de Tavera de -Vice-P1'esident, A. C. Gonzalez & Co.; res., 196 V. Mapa Ext., Sampaloc, Manila,' tel. 6-75-91.


Catalina -

Mayon D"'ug Store; Samtpaloo, Manila.





paloc, Manila. Attorney Gonzalez, a product of San Beda College (1912) and a gnduate of Escuela

Rev. Demetrio Coadjutor, Diocese of Cebu; res., San Nicolas, Cebu.




GONZALEZ, E. - Businessman; First VicePresident, Philippine Chamber of Commerce of /lOiiZo; and Presidem.:t , ChineseFilipino Association; res., 88 J. M. Basa St., City of Iloilo, Iloilo.

GONZALEZ, Emilio - - Businessman, Contraotor, and Caterer; res., 667 Echague, l)!fanila.; tel. 2-6/3-39.

GONZALEZ, F. N. -P1·ofesso'l·-Masseur .. 'I·es., IJ'BS Legcvrda, Swmpaloc, Manila; tel. 2-63-33.

GONZALEZ, J. - Me'l'chant; importer and explyrte'l' ; dealer in hats and fibers; res., 322 Misericordia, Santa Cruz, Manila j tel. 2-84-76. GONZALEZ, Dr. Jore A. - Physician and Surgeon; manager, Gonzalez Laboratories .. office: 1626 Ave. Rizal, Santa Cruz, M«nila; tel. 2-66-38. GONZALEZ, Leon G. - Associate Professor, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines; res., Los Ba'iios, Laguna. GONZALEZ, Manuel G. Proprietor and Businessman; assistant manager, Bacolo Murcia Milling Co.; res., Bacolod, N eg'l'fOs

Occid""-tal. Mr. Gonzalez was born in Iloilo, Iloilo, on May 10, 1890; the son of Jose Gonzaler. and Maria Garcia de Gonzalez ; married to the former Miss Lucia Tajalangit, of Tigbauan, Iloilo, on July 15, 1934. He is now assistant manager of the Bacolod-Murcia Milling Co., and a Mason of 32°.

GONZALEZ, Mariano Chief, Administra-tive Division, Civil Service Commission; secretOlry, Plwridel Temple Association, Inc.; res ., 981 Florida Extension, Malate, Manila.

GONZALEZ, Pedro B. Lawyer; res., 169 Dimasalang, Sannpaloc, Manila.

Bor,n in Kaifigin, San Rafael, Bulacan, on April 29, 1907; the son of Jose Gonzalez and Susana Borja; married to Elisa V. Maiigahas, of Manila, on February 29, 1936; and has at present one daughter, named Flordeliza. H e graduated with the degree of LL.B. from the University of the Philippines, and is at present a member of the Philippine Bar. He was fir&t Councilor of the Municipality of San' Rafael, Bulacan, 1934-37; secretarytrustee and general manager of the Benguet Gold Center Mining Co.

GONZALEZ, Teodoro Lawyer; Regist1:cvr of Deeds, Province of Rizal; General Commander, Legion de Veteranos de la, Re1)0lucion; res., Galoocan, Rizal.

Colonel Teodoro Gonzalez, lawyer and registrar of deeds for the Province of Rizal, was one of the signers of the Malolos Constitution and a member of the Revolutionary CongI"€ss, 1898-99. He is at present the General Commander of the Legion de Veteranos de la Revolucion, and a Nacionalista by political affiliation.

GONZALEZ, Rev. Vicente Pamh Pries t, Diocese \of TuguegCllrao; '1'es., Ivana, Batanes.

GONZALEZ-ESTRADA, Josefa - Instrueter in Education, Sociology, H istory and Social Psychology, University of Santo Tomas; res., 408 Pennsylvania, Ermita, Manila.

Dr. Gonzalez-Estrada is a holder of A.B. and B .S.E. degrees from the Holy Ghost College; M .A . and Ph.D., University of Santo Tomas. GOODIER, Ben D. GeologUlt; office, Wilson Bldg., 2nd Floor, Juan Luna, Binondo; tel. 2-97-37; res. , 5l-G Pinaglabanan, Sa71 Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-83'-87.


GOODLIFFE, A. D. Accountant, Fleming & Williamson, and Manila Polo Club; '!"eS., 100 Del Pan Ave., Pasay, Rizal; teL 5-10-7S.

Business Executive; assistant manager, Theo. H. Davies & Co ., Ltd.; advisory oommitue, EQ/f"'nSJulIw D'Jcks and H onolulu hon Works; altetl'itate secre. tary-flreasurer, Philippine S'lLgQIT Association," and president, Manila Club-Tiffin; res., 868 I Peral, Paco, Manila.



ide:nt of said town; yet, he did not have any inclination in public office, so much so that he declined on several occa.sions to be a candidate for municipal president or mayor of his hometown. His great inclination was in farm ing and business activities. He was a co-founder and first treasurer of the Cooperative Coconut Products, Inc., headed by Mr. Arsenio Escudero. He is a Catholic and a

mem,"r of the MaIinao Lodge,N o. 25, of the F. & A. M. of the Philippines. GOT, Adrian R. - Gen.

- ContraciAJT and Builder j office, Leyba Bldg., Manila; tel. 11-16-09; res., 7 Ortigas Ave., Pasay, Rizal; tel.



Lawyer ; attorn.ell, Suyo-Marapudo Mining Exploratio.n , Inc., and attorney, Ben.guet Auto LAne; res., Ba.guio, Benguet, Mountain Province.

GOROSPE, Fernando

Member, General Luna H os pital (Fo7'1'Mrly Baguw Maternity); res., Baguio, Benguet, Mt. Prov1:n.ce.




R. -

Coconut Planter, Proprietor and Bus'inessmanj res., 65 A. BoniJcwi4., Sam. Pablo, Laguna.

GOROSTIZA, Jose B. de -

Born in San Pablo, L aguna, on October 3, 1892; the son of Vicente A. de Gorostiza and Potenc'i ana Brion j married to the former Miss Rosario M. Fule, by whom h e has at present six children: Gregorio, Virgilio, Clotilde, Rodolfo, Cesar and J ose, Jr.j educated in the Ateneo de Man ila, wher e h e obtained his B.A. degree in 1911, and in the UnNersity of Santo Tom as, where he stu died medicine up to seco nd year. Mr. Gorostiza's father, Don Vicente, was the municipal treasurer of San Pablo for many years during t he early part of American occupation, while hi s grandfather, Don P edro de Gorostiz3, was the municipal pres-


Manage1', Compania Gen.eral de Tabaco s de F ilipinas .. res., 292 Marques de ComiUas, ETmita, Manila.

Born on April 13. 1883, in the Basque region of SpaiD; first studied in the Instituto de San Sebastian and later in France; worked with the Astilleros Karrparrd, shipbuilders, Pasajes, Spain,

1903; joined the Tabacalera in 1910 which

sent him to the PhilAdrian R. Got ippinesj became Secretary General of the firm and its administratoI' in 1927. In 1930 he went to Cuba to study the sugar situation in. that country, and upon his return to the Philippines, he introduced various improvements in the Tabacalera sugar pla.ntations and centrals; and he is at present president of the Centrales Azucareras de Bais and Tarlac; and director, Philippine Sugar Association, Manila Tobacco Associa~ion and member of other business and social organizations in the Philippines.

Businessman; partner . and superintendent, Vicente Gotamu;o H e1' ~ manos (Lumbe1' m&rchants) .. res., 430 Tantduay. Manila; tel. 2-63-18.


GOTANGCO. Dr. Antonio C. -Physiciam. and

SU1'ueon; Rice P1'oducer and P1'(Yprieto1' " res., Cabanatuan., Nueva Eciia.



Civil Engineer; res., 219 Soler, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-71-28.

GOTAUCO. John F. -

Mr. Gotauco is vice-president and civil e~gi ne er of Gotauco & Co., Inc.; treasurer. Min danao Lumber Co., Inc.; an,d supervising committe e, Manila Lumber Merchants' Asso ciat ion. GOTIAMTING, G. - Businessman and Prop-rietc1'; 'res., 10 Arsenal St., Iloilo, Iloilo.

Southworth as paTiner. He has been continuously engaged in the practice of his law profession since 1915, and is at present professor of civil law review, property and contracts and obligations, in the Manila Law College. He is a Methodist Episcopalian by r eligion . GOZON, Benjamin M. -

GOZUM, Leocadio

Residemt Engineer, Mackay Radio and T elegraph Company; res., 2 Valhalla Co ttage, F. B. Harrrison, Pasay, R izal ; te l. 5-22-45.

GOULD, George B. -

Lawyer, Professor, and Businessman ; office, 115 Crystal Arcade, Escolta, Binolndo; tel. 2-14-60; '1"es., 1 Colon, E1'mita, Manila.

GOYENA, Ma nuel G. -

Born in L ingayen, Pangasinan, on June 2, 1889 ; t he so n of Judge Florencio Garcia Goyena an d Francisca Cabr ero s ; atten d ed t he Victoria En g l is h Scho ol at H ongk on g, tt h e Anglo-Chinese Schoo l at Singapore, t he Liceo de Manil a a nd th e Man ila H igh at Man ila, School, wher e h e g r ad uat ed in October, 1910, a nd enr olled at the College of Law, University of t he Manuel G. Goyena Philippines, graduati ng with the degree of LL.B. in 1914, together with Secretary Yulo, Secretary Vargas, J udge Alexander Reyes, Judge J ugo, and oth er classm at es of hi s, and was ad m itted t o th e prac t ice of law immediately af ter pass ing the bar examinations that sa me yea r. H e was an instructor in the Philippine L aW School f rom 1915 to 1918, an d in 1 919 h e or ga n ized th e National Law College with J udge Cr ossfield a s its dean, and h e was part o wn er a nd lega l adviser of the sa me un til, in 1921 , h e sold h is l;ghts and in ter ests th erein t o t he University of Manila, and joined t he law firm of Judge L. M.

Lawyer; res., Ma-

lab on, Rizal.

General A.uditing Calapan, Mindoro.


P'1" Auditor, headquarter.,


Henry Businessman; office manager, L eo Schnurma.cher, Inc.; 55 Dom inga, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-13-10.


Business Executive; Signs per pro, Menzi & Co., Inc.; res., 1567 F. B. Harrison, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5·16 •• 5.


GRAFIL, Pelagia -

gado, City

Optician; res ., 116 Del-

01 Iloilo, Iloilo.

Born in Sibalom, Antique, on August 10, 1888; son of Juan GratH and Petra Ecraela; ma rried to the former M3ss Dominga Decena ; educated in the Antique Elementary School and Iloilo High School, where he complet ed his secondary course, and attended the Philippine College of Optometry, graduating on April 15, 1920, with the deg!'ee of Bach elor of Opt omet ry. While a stud ent of opt om etry he worked for four years in the optica l firm of Clark & Company, r esigning in 1921 t o open his own office in Iloilo. GRAFILO, Adolfo G . Lawyer; res., Bu· !Jan, Sorsogon . (Picture on pa ge 321) Born in Bulan, Sorsogon, on Februal'y 15, 1899 j son of Laurente Grafilo and Benita Guelan j completed his secondary course at the Association Institute in Manila; obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Manila in 1926 ; wa s President of tne class of 1926, Nat ional Law College, University of Manila; served as member of the Board of Directors of the first organization of students in the Philippine Islands;


elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the first district of Sorsogon in 1934; and at present a practicing attorney in Sorsogon. He belongs to the NationalistDemocratic party, and is the president of the Liga Bicolana undel' the same faction. A Roman Catholic by religion.

LawyM; res ., Ba,. (Picture on page 318)

GRAGEDA, Exequie l S. -

to, Carnarines Sur.

Born in Bato, Camarines Sur, on January 16, 1903; son of Felix Grageda and Agustina Siguenza; married to the fonner Miss Asuncion Limdiongco, by whom he has two children: Alfonso and Salud; p'aduated from the Naga Intermed iate School in 1917. Camarines Sur Provincial High School in 1921, and received his title of A, A., 1923, and LL.B. degree, 1927, from the University of the Philippines. Municipal Councilor of Bato, 1928 to 1931; elected member of the Provincial Board of Camarines Sur in 1931; elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention on July 10, 1934, from the 2nd District of Camarines Sur; an d at present a practicing attorney in Camarines Sur. He is affiliated with the Nationalist-Democratic party. A Roman Catholic. GRAJO, G. H. -P'Xoprietar and Cutter, G. H . (]-raio's Tailoring; r es., 654 Ave. Rizal, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-89-83. GRANADA, Dr. Pedro Dental Surgeon; re6., 2067 l pil, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-76-87.

Proprietor; res., 282 Libe-rtad, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-19-60.

GRANADOS. Vicente S. -

GRANFIL, Ine, F. MillinlW; 268-A M. H. dtd Pilar, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-64-84.


Chief, Insurance Division, and Second Deputy Insuramce Commissioner, Bureau of the Treasury; res., 25 Remedios, Malate, Manila ,. tel. 5-76-63.

GRAU, Cesare,! H. -

Born in Trozo, Manila, on October 21, 1899; the son of Antonio P. Grau and Roberta de Veraj completed his primary and intermediate courses in the pubIi'c schools of Manila and his secondary education in the Manila High School, wh ere he graduated in 1919. He studied commerce for two years in the National University, when he was employed as clerk in the Bureau of the Treasury in 1919, having been promoted to the position of Assistant to the Chief Clerk in 1922, Bond Clerk in 1923, and Examiner, Insurance Div:i&ion, in 1924. In 1925 he was appointed a Government pensionado to study insurance in the United States and he enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce (E.S.C.), in 1927. Immediately after his graduation, h~ practiced for six months in the office of Edward Brown. & So.ns, general agents for various insurance companies, and worked later on with the Insurance Department of California and then with the Industrial Commission of New York, and also in Ohio, after which he returned to the Philippines to resume his work as Examiner in the Insurance Division of the Bureau of the Treasury, and was promoted in rank in 1923 a s successor to Mr. Gervacio Garcia. In 1936 he was given another promotion and was made Chief of Insurance Division and Second Deputy InsUl.'ance Commissioner, which position he holds up to the present. lIe be10ngs to no political party, and is a Roman Catholic by religion. Single.

GRANT, Walter S. -MajCYr General, U.S.A.,

Commanding Pampanga.




General Grant arrived in the Philippines to assume corrunand of Fort Stotsenburg in May, 1938.

Businessman ; assistant manager, Alfred D. COOPM"; assistant to agent, Sam C(JfI'los MiUing Co., Ltd.; res ., 1,5-A Calleion Flores, Pasay, Rizal; tel.


5-22-41, .



GREGORIO, An.on;o L - LaWY&r; office: 194 S olana, IniJrwmuros, Ma1llila; tel. 2-3-5 .10; 1'es"


Taft Avenue Ext., Pa-

GR EGORIO, Dr. Higino V , - Physician and Surgeon; Far'n'l-aCia de Reinaldo; res., 2755 Berran, Santa Ana, Manila ; te l. 5-59¡ 91 .

say, Rizal; tel. 5-10..56.

G REGORIO, Ma teo- B-u,sinessman and Prop-

Civil Engin eer, BU1', of Public '-Yorks; 1'e8., 26 Blumentritt, San Juan, Rizal.

GREGORIO, Bernabe V. -

GREGORIO, Domingo H. -M ec/uJtl.ical and

Electrical Engineer; res ., City of Cebu, Ceb1â&#x20AC;˘. Born in San Fernando, La Union, on August 4, 1904; t he son of Eustaquio M. Gregorio and Candelaria C. Hufano; finished his elementary and secondary courses in his home province, and enrolled at the University of the Philippines, where he studied engineering for a year, 192425, and went to tlhe United States to finish his course in engineering at the Domingo H . Gregorio University of Michigan, graduating in 1929 with the degree of B.S.M.E., and in 1930 with the degree of B.S.E.E. While in the United States he worked as njght mechanic with the Ann Arbor Automatic Products Co., and upon his return to the Philippines he was employed in the Manila Electric Company, and later as Operating Engineer of the Visayan Electric Co. at CeL'll, Cebu. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American I nstitute of Electrical Engineers, Southern Islands Society of Engineers and Architects, and the American Institu te of Radi:o Engineers. A Methodist by religi on.

Bishop anl General Superintendent. Iglesia Evangelica .Metodista p.n las I slas Filipinasj res" 1401 Juan Luna, Tondo, Manila.

GREGORIO, Rev. Francisco -

rietor; manager, People's Shoe ODmpany; tel, 4-97-86; 1'es" 24,23 Andrade, Rizal PGJrk, Sta. Cru.z, Manila. Born in COl'l'egidor, Cavite, on January 6, 1889 ; son of Genaro GT'egol~i.Q and Mauricia Vita l ; married to Juana Ignacio, with whom he has six children : Elvira, Bernarda, Angel, Socorro, M,ateo~ J r ., and Generosa j completed his elementary course of instruction in the Instituto de Manila and San Nicolas Intermediate School, 1905, and Mateo Gregorio his commercial course, in 1908; worked as assistant bookkeeper for the California Lumber Co. ; bookkeeper, Philippine Products Co.; bookkeeper, and asst. sales manager, Hike Shoe Factory at Calle Gunao till it moved to Calle San Marcelino j cashier and general assistant, Roberts & McGrory Store; assistant bookkeeper and traveling salesman, Exchange Shoe Co.; assistant manager i.n charge of the office, R. M. McGrory; salesman in charge of the Grocery, Textile and Foodstuff depart.. ments of Behn, Meyer & Co.; general agent, H ike Shoe; and bookkeeper, General Machinery Co., having resigned from the last named company to organize the shops of the People's Shoe Comp"'1Y in 1929 for Chua Chong Pio & Co., of which he is now the technical adviser and t'usiness manager.

Civil Engineer; Assistant Civil EmgineeJr, BU1'eau of Pub lic Works; headquarters: Catbalogan, Samar.

GREGOR IO, P edro C. -

Accountant; 0/fice: 504, Ave, Rizal, Santa Cruz, Manila;

GREGORIO, Qui r ino C. -



tel. :2-22-05; res., 214 C. A rellarw, M alabO'/'l., Rizal.






2-37-84; res., 1855 Doruula, Pasay, Rizal;

tel. 5-14-78. GREGORY, R. H. - Bu.siness Executive; assistant manage;r, The Asiatic Peflroleum Company, (P. I.), Ltd.; res., 1498 Looban, PMO, Manila; tel. 5-68-72.

La.wyetr ; office: 145 Solana, JJntramwl'os; tel. 2-82-85.. res., 19 A. Flo1'e8, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-60-64.

GRUET, Alfredo - Customs Broke;r; office: 925 Juan Luna, Bind'ndo; tel. 4-83-36; res., 940 Santol, Santa iMesa, Manila; teL 6-71-84.

GREY. Jose -

Inswrance Executive; assistant manager, West Coast Life Inswrance Co ., of San Framcisco; office: Metropolt'tam. Thewter Bldg., tel. 2-57-72; 11es., fJ-B New Syquia, Apartments, Manila; tel.

GRIFFIN, Virgil M. -

GUAN CHIONG - .Merchant; propriet<禄-, Guan Chiotng Dry Goods Store; addrress: 196 Rosatrio, Binondo, Manila tel. 4-94-35. HING - Businessman; propriet(YT, Necktie Factory; address: 166 RosOh'io, Binon-do " tel. 4-92-41.



Born in Haleville, Oklahoma, U. S. A. ; $On of 'Vi1liam and Laura Ellen (Atwell) Griffin; graduated: as B.A., Rice Institute, Texas, in 1925; and has been connected with the \Vest Coast Life Insurance Company in various capacities since! 1925, and was appointed Assistant Manager, same company, since 1936.

Businessman; vice--president and treasurer, Luzon Stevedoring Co., Inc.; director, Am.erican Chamber of Cornnwrce of the Philippine Islands; director, Peeples Bank and Trust Company, Peoples Mortgage and Investment Co.; 1路es., Cordeleria, Sam.paloc, Maniln..; tel . 6-75-25.


GRINNELL, C. C. _ Business Executive; vice-president arnd general mamage1', GenG?'al Elect1'ic Co., (P. I .), Inc.; res., 207 Mango, Ave., Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-76-74.

GRONBERG, R. Technical Manager, Phuippine Match Comp(Jfl1.Y, Ltd.; res., Baoood, Santa Mesa, Sampaloc, Manila,' tel. 6-73.29.

Business Executive; assistant general manager, Pampanga Sugatr MillR and Calantba Sugar Estate .. director, Philippine Rice Mill, Inc. ; directo-r, Phil ippine Cocon'lLt Association, Inc.; and directoT, Unive1'8ifly Club; office: 6th FloM,

GRONKE, Kurt -

GUAN HING HONG Businessman; prop'I'ietoT, Guan Hing Hong Candy Factory; address: 925 !laya, Tondo, Manila; tel. 4-76-07. eUAN WAN General Merclw.nt; address: 251 Rosatrio, Binwndo, Manila; tel. 4-99-98. Vicar General and Pa1-ish Priest, Diocese of JQffO; res., Po to tan, Iloilo.

GUANCO, Very Rev. Marce lino-

Sec?'eta'l'y of the Provincial Board of Misamis Occidental; res., Misamis, Misamis Occidentctl.

GUANCO, 'Q'icente S. -

Born in Misamis, Misamis Occidental, on October 27, 1905; son of Candelario Guanco and Leonarda Saquin; a bachelor; educated in Silliman Institute, Dumaguete, Oriental Negros, where he received his title of Associate in Arts; and appointed Secretary of the Provincial Board of Misamis Occidental, a position which he stilI holds. He belongs to the Nationa:list-Democratic Party. A Roman Catholic by religion.

Civil Engineer; De3ignmg Engineer, Bureau of Publio Works; ohairman, BOOJrd of Examiner'S f01" Ci11il Engineerrs, res., Pasig. Rizal.

GUANIO. Domingo -



CUANZON, D. V. - Licensed Plumbing Cont'raolo?'; office: 434 Misericordia, Santa

Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-71-01; res., 404 Cahilom, Pandacan, Manila. F. Proprietor, Fanma.cia Nueva de Sto. Cristo ; res., 448 Sto. Cristo, SOIn Nicolas , Manila; tel. 4-89-19.


istry, University of Minnesota, 1932. He was Assistant in Sugar Technology, CoIl. of Agriculture, Univ. of the Philippines, 192529; fellow of the Univ. of the Philippines to U.S., 1929; appointed Instructor, department of agricultu ral chemistry, Un iv. of the Philippines, 1933 ; promoted to Assistant Prof. essor of Sugar Technology, same university, 1935 , which position he holds up to the pres-

ent. Proprietor and Businessman ,' forme'!' Municipal Presiden t of Kabankalan, Neg'ros Occidental; 'res ., Kabankalan, N eg1'os Occidental,

G'UANZON, Federico V. -

Born in Himamaylan, Occidental Negras, on October 16, 1889 j son of Pedro Guanzon and Petra VasqueZj m a rriedj studied i n the Iloilo Norma l School and the Iloilo Spanish Federico V. Guanzon Academy; was farm inspector, Palma Sugar Central; elected Municipal Councilor in 1925 j Mun icipal Vice-President in 1928; and Mun icipal President in 1934, Kabankalan, Occidental Negros. At present he is engaged in farming. He is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Sugatr T echnologisb; assistam~ p""ofessor of sugar teohnology, college of ag1"icultu1"e, Univ8'1'sity ol the Philippines; res., Agricultural College, Los Banios, Laguna.

CUANZON, Getulio A. -

Born in Dumaran, Palawan, on July 18, 1899; son of Antonio Guanzon and Justa Augusto; graduated as B.S.A., from the University of the Philippines, 1925, and o'...tained his Certificate in Sugar Technology in 1926; M. S. in Chemistry, Louisiana State University, 1930; Ph.D. in Agricultural-Biochem_

Proprietor, Businessman, and Politician; former P?'ovincial Governor of Pampan ga; res., 919 Florida, E?"mita, Manila.

GUANZON, Olimp io -

(M iss) Luz - Direotress and Vocal l nsttruotor, Manila Nlusic School; address: 1207 A1'legui, Quiapo, Manila; tel.


2-59 -28.

Miss Luz Guarifia, daughter of the late Senator Mario Guariiia from Sorsogon, was a pupil of the late Professor V. Canion, noted Filipino opera singer and instructor in voice culture. Miss Gual'ifia is the founder and directress of th e ]Vlanoila Music School which is making a name for her efforts to produce opera !::ingers and actors in the Philippines.

GUARINA, Mario- Lawyer; former Senator from Sorsogon. (Deceased. Picture on page 321 )

Born in Juban, Sorsogon; son of Mal':ano Gual'ifia and Maria Guerrero j married to the former Miss Agueda Dia by whom he had six children j received his degrees of A.B. from t he University of Sto. Tomas, and Ll.B. from the Escuela de Derecho j was Pl'ovincial Governor of Sorsogon ; Provincial Fiscal of Leyte and then of Batangas; Assistant Directo r of Prisons ; Senator from the Seventh Senato rial District from 1916 to 1919; Representative from 1925 to 1928; and elected Delgate to the Constitutional Convention from the 2nd District of Sorsogon in 1934. He was a Coalitionist by party affiliation and a Roman Catholic by religion.


Merchant; proprietor and manage'r, La Puerta ~el Sol (DepOIf'tment St01'e) , 52-54 Escolta; '1"es., 612 Kansas, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-62-84. (See picture on page 1559.)


Antonio -

Businessman; mana,ge'l", El Globo - Wine and Liquor Store - 405409 M. H. del Pilar, E'rmita" Manila; res ., same add1'ess; tel. 5-43路15.

GUERRA, Nicolas -

GUERRERO, Dr. Alfredo L. - Physician and Surgeon; office: 117 A. Mabi:n..i, E'1"mita;

tel. 5-77-79. Born in Ermita, Man'ib, on June 28, 1886; graduated with the degree of M.D. from the University of Santo Tol'lUis. GUERRERO. Dr. Augusto Ma. Physician and SU'1'geonj office: 156 Isaao Peral, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-65-70; res., address; tel. 5-66-82.

Born in Ennita, Manila, on December 19, 1904; the son of Dr. Luis Guerrero and Adela Henry; married to the former Miss Rosita Jose, of Manila; completed hi s secondary course in the Ateneo de Manila, and graduated as Doctor of Medicine from the University of Sto. Tomas, in 1930, and was licensed to practice his professlon the same year. GUERRERO, Bernardino Lawyer ; of/we, 2J,.0 Regina Bldg., Escolta, Binondo, Mami路 Wi tel. 2-1$-98; 'res., 774 LegOl1'da, Sann-

paloe, Manila; tel.


Auxiliary Bishop of Manila; res., Archbishop'S Palace, 96 Calle A'l'zobispo, Int1'llimuros, Manila.

GUERRERO, Very Rev. Ce sar Ma_ -

Physician and Sun-yean; ofhee, 403 State Bldg., Ave. Rizal, Santa Cruz, Mamila.; tel. 2-.58-.'35; res . ~ 88 P. Villanueva, Pasay, Rizal; tel.

GUERRERO, Dr. Fortunato S. -


Dr. Fortunato S. Guerrero was born in 1898, graduated as M.D. from the University of the Philippines in 1927, and was licensed to practice his medical profession the same


year. He is an instructor in the Mable College of Medicine, and a visiting physician, Saint Pau l Hospital, and St. Luke's Hospital.

Physicialn and Surgeon; Pr<Jfessor and Head, Department 0/ Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, Call. 0/ fttledicine, U.P.; res., 156 Is sac Peral; Ermita, Manila; tels. 5-65-70 & 5-66-82.

GUERRERO. Dr. Lois -

Dr. Luis Guerrero, Sr., was born in Manila in 1874; graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas with the degree of "Licensi.a-do en Medicina y Cirugia" (now, M.D.) in 1902, and was licensed to practice medicine the same year. H e has been professor and head of the department of pediatrics in the University of Sto. Tomas, and is now professor and head, department of tropical medicine and parasitology, col1ege of medicine, University of the Philippines, and chief, department of medicine, Philippine General Hospital; and also professor of medicine, Univ. of Sto. Tomas. He is also a Visiting physician of St. Paul's Hospital, San Juan de Dios Hos-pital, and Mercy Hospi.tal. He is the father of well-kno\vo physicians, engineer, and other professionals in the city of Manila. GUERRERO, Dr. Luis> -PhysiCian and Surgeo~.;

res., 156 Isaac Peral, Ermita, Mani. la; tels. 5-65-70 & 5-66-82.

Dr. Luis Guerrero, Jr., was born in Manila in 1907; graduated as M.D. from the University of Santo Tomas in 1932 and was licensed to practice his medical profession the same year. I-fe i's an instructor in pedriatics in the same university, and a visiting physician, Mary Chiles Hospital.

Chief, department oOf wades and industries, voeatronal division, Bu.reau 0/ Ed1Lcat1'an; ".es., 14 Liege, San Juan, Rizal.

GUERRERO, Miguel -

Captain, P.A ., Provincial Mili.tary Commander of Camarines Sur j res., Naga, CamCll1'ines Sur.

GUERRERO, Patricio -

Born in Paoay, Ilocos Norre, on March 16, 1889; son of Narciso Guerrero and Justa Espiritu; married to the former Miss Celes-



tina Medina by whom he has five children: J ase. Cecilia, Oscar, Thelma and Patricio; graduated from the Cagayan High School in 1912; and the Philippine Normal School in 1913; worked as Insular Teacher, 1913 to 1915, und er the Bureau of Education; joined the Philippine Constabulary, now the Philippine Anny, in 1915; and at present a Captain, P.A., and Provincial Militaxy Commander of Camarines Sur. He is a Roman Catholic. GUERRERO, Rafael P. - Lawyer and Surveyor; res ., Bacolod, Oce. Negros. Born in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, on May 21, 1895; son of Vicente Guerrero and catalina Palting; studied in Laoag Trade Sciliool from 1910 to 1913; the Philippine School of Arts and Trade from 1913 to 1916; took up Surveying Course, 1916 to 1918; obtained the degree of Bachelor of Laws from the University of Manila in 1923; married in 1919 the former Miss Nieves Tancioco, from Nueva Ecija, and has at present seven children: Catalina, Rafael, Nieves, Vicente, Lydia, Guillermo, and Francisco. He was a Surveyor, Bureau of Lands, 1916-25'; and at present a practicing attorney and surveyor in Bacolod, Occidental N egros, and Scout-Master of Troop 86, Philippine Boy Scouts. A Roman Catholic by religion.

Fhys1路cia:n. and Surgecnj of/ice, 176 Real, Inflramuros, Manilaj tel. 2-27-61; rts., 115 Florida, Malate, l~lanila; tel. 5-51-16.

Hospital; and associate member, Philippine Medical Protection, Inc.; res., 125 M. H. del Pilar, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-57-49. GUEVARA, Alberto Civil Engineer i address: 641 P . Noval, Sampaloo, Manila; tel. 2-53-96.

Pho;'I"macistj 1路es., San FfWnando, Pampanga.

GUEVARA, Bartolome -

Born in Masantol, P a mpan g a, 0 n Au gu IS t 23, 1898; widower; completed his secondary course in the P.rovincial Hi g h School of Pampanga; and received his degree of Bachelor Bartolome Guevara of Science in Pharmacy in Manila. Presently a practieing phannacist in San Fernando, Pampanga. No political party affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion.

GUERRERO, Dr. Renato Ma. -

Dr. Renata Ma. Guerrero was born in. Manila in 1907; graduated as M.D. from the University of Santo Tomas in 1930, and was licensed to practice the medical profession the same year. He is an instructor in pedriatics in the same university; visiting physician, Mercy Hospital j surgeon, San Juan de Dios Hospital; secl,etary, Phi1. Medical Protection, Inc.; and member of the Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico, and Journal Club, San Juan de Dios Hospital.

Physician and Surgeon; pr.ofessor of medicine, Univ. 0/ Sto. Tomas; analyst, San. Juan de Die

GUERRERO, Dr. Tristan Ma. -

GUEVARA, Dav;d Lawyer; office, 226 Regina Bldg., Escolta, Jl!lanilaj tel. 2-42-02;

res., Dampalit, Malabon, Rizal. Born in Manila on October 11, 1897; son of Placido Guevara and Francisca Lim; obtained his LL.B. degree from the National University in 1924, and was admitted to the practice of law in 1926. He married on July 30, 1924, the former Miss Paz Siochi, of Malabon, Rizal, and has at present five children: Jose, Francisco, Consuelo, Virginia, and Zenaida. He was i~ the government service from 1917 to 1926, and has been practicing his la\"'" profession since he resigned from his position with the Bureau of Posts in 1926. He was a membe,r of the municipal council of Malabon for three terms since 1928, and is a Mason.


Dioni,to Lawyer; assistant chief of division, Bu,reall, of Comme'l"ce; 'res.,


Naw, Cavite. Lawyer; assistant atf;Qrney, De Witt, Perkins & Ponce Enr拢le, SorianQ Bldg., Plaza Cerrvantes, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-2IrO#; res., Obando, Bulacatn.

GUEVARA, Domingo A . -

Domingo M. - Businessman; manager, Radio Wealth, Inc.; 131 Lega;rda, SOl1r/,.paloc, Manila; tel. 2-12-70.


GUEVARA, Donato M. - Lawyer; res., 1523 Dian & Ayala, Singalong Subdivision, M alate, Manila; tel. 5-50-79. GUEVARA, Dr. F elicisimo Y. - Phtysician and Surgeon; res路, San Fernando, Pwmpan-

gao Dr. Guevara is. not only a physician and a surgeon but also an accomplished musician, being a violinist and composer. He graduate,d from the University of Sto. Tomas with the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in 1935 and was licensedJ to practice his medical professio n the same year. GUEVARA, Dr. Francisco 306 San Ralael, Manila.

Dentist; 'res.,

Born in Manila on July 3, 1905; the son of Manuel Guevara and Urbana Francisco; graduated as D.D.S. from the Philippine Dental College in 1 928, and began the practice of his profession immediately after passing the Board's examinations the same year of his graduation. GUEVARA, Guillermo B.- Lawyer and Businessman; res., 188 Cuneta, Pasay, Rizal;

tel. 5-12-14. Judge Guevara began hi s work as a stenographer and studied Jaw while in the employ of t he government until he graduated as Bachelor o:fl Laws (LL.B.) and was admitted to the Bar by the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands; appointed assistant city f iscal of Manila, then auxiliary judge of the court of first instance, and lastly, City Fiscal of Manila. It was Judge Guevara who


prosecuted the employees of the Supreme Court and bar candidates who committed ir... regularities, frauds, falsifications and bribery in connection with the 1926-bar examinations, and after securing their convictions, he resigned from the government service to engage in private practice. H e was for several years an associate member of the law firm, Gue ..... ara. Francisco & Recto, and professorial lecturer in the ColIege of Law, University of the Philippines, and other private law schoo ls. He is also author of several law books. Married. A Coa litionist. Jose Lawyer; former City Councilor of Manila; res., San Pedro, La.Quna.


Treasurer, treas'wry depa;rtm..ent, Metropolitan Water Du;t'l'ict; 1路es., 5 J. M . Basa, San Juan, Rizal.

GUEV ARA, Marciano -

PrQlrmacist, Philippine General Hospital; r es., #10 Quiricada, Sam.ta Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-60-21.

GUEVARA, Mariano -

GUEVARA, Pedro - - LaWyer, Statesman, and Business Executive ; res., 115 Foch Ave., (Now Guev(]J)路a Ave.) S an Juan Rizal. (Deceased; picture on page 319)

Born in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, on February 23, 1879 j studied in the Ateneo de Manila, San Juan de Letran, and La Jurisprudencia, graduating from the latter institution with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1908; passed the bar examinations in 1909; was an aide-de-camp to General Cailles duling the revolution; was one of the first Filipino lieutenants of the Philippine Constabulary in the early days of American occupation; municipal councilor of San Felipe Nery, Rizal; Representative from the second district of Laguna, 1909-1916 i Senator from the fourth senatorial distl'ict comprising Mani la, Rizal, Laguna, and Bataan, from 1916 to 1923; a Resident Commissioner from 1923 to 1935 i and Delegate to the Constutional Convention in 1934 from the 2nd district of L 3,guna. He retired from public life in 1935 to engage himself in business as Mining Executive, and to continu e his law practice. He died of heart failure



L awyer ; depufly clerk of court, Municipal Court of Manila, bramch No.1; res., 2766 OToquieta Extension, Santa Cruz, Manila.

while defending a case in the Supreme Coul'l on January 19, 1938. He was a Nacionalista by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

GUlA. Jos'e de -

Romulo __ Physician and Surgeon; 'res" 1318 Mangahan, Sta. Cruz, Man'ila.

G U lA, Pablo de -


Lawyer; treasUff'er , flreaR ailiroad CO'lnpany ; res., 1004 San Andres, Malate, Ma?'lila; tel. 5-62-89 . sun} depOfftment, Manila

Born in Marikina, Rizal, on February 17, 1893; son of Simplicio Guevara and Sot ero Paz; grad uated as M.D. from the Dniv. GUIA, Pedro de Assistant Vete'rinwrian, of the Philippines, 1918; asst. instructol', aninwl division, Btt're au of Animal IndusV.P., 1918-19; instructor, 1919-21; asst. fJry; Bongabon, Nueva Eciiaj 'res" 4 San professor, 1921-29; and associat~ professor, Jorge, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-86-69. since 1930. He marri ed in 1929 Aniceta Barcelon, of Manila, and has at present two GUIANZON, Roberto LQ/UJye1f' ; P'I'ovincial children: R6mulo and Renato. He is an AsFiscal of Zamboanga; res., City 0/ Zambosociate of the National Research Council of anga, Zamboaptga.. the Phil. Islands; secretary, section of pharmacology, divisioin of medical sciences; member, Phil. Columbian Association, Manila GUIAO, Zacarias P. - Proprietor ; Municipal Medical S ociety, Phil. Islands Medical AssoTreasu'I'e'l'; SexmDan, Pannpanga. ciation, and fellow, American Medical Association; author of various articles and puh'Born in Magalang, Pampanga, on Novemlications on chemical extracts. ber 5, 1890; married; studied in the public schools of his Ihome province; worked for some time as Computer of Survey Party No. GUEVARA, Sulpicio G. Lawyer; res., 787 3, Bureau of Lands; and at present the MuSan Sebastian, Quiapo, Manila; tel, 2-56-01. njcipal Treasurer OD Sexmoan, Pampanga. Born in Marilao, Bulacan, on January No party affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion. 17, 1904j son of Severino Guevara and Marcela Garcia; graduated as LL.B., Univ. of the Philippines, 1930; member of the faculty, GUIDO, Jose P. - Lawye1'; M aior, P hilipFar Eastern University j author of Filipino pine Army ; res., 1J85 Sing along, Malate, Oratory, The Law on Insurance, The Law on Manila; tel. 5-7J-75. Insolvency, etc. ; and member, Lawyers' League of the Philippines. H e married on April 17, 1932, Urbana Buencamino, of San GUIDOTE, Eugen ia Accountant and AuMiguel, Bulacan, and has at present one son, dit01'; res., 988 L egan'da, S ampaloc, Manila; named Jose. tel. 2-27-32.

Provincial Auditor-at-Lrvrge, Gene-ral Auditing Office; res., 816 Bilbao, Tondo, Manila.

GUIA, Benito -

Physician atnd Sw,'yean; chief, division of epidemiology, B u 'I'eau of H ealth; 'I'es ., 515 Perez, Paco, Ma-

GUIDOTE, Dr. Jose -

nila; tel . 5-45-62.

Lawyer; chief attorney, law division, and Assistant to the Di1'ecto'l', Bureau of Laruls; res., 589 Figueroa, Pac.o,

CUIA, Higino de -

Manila; tel. 5-56-68.

GUlEB, M. A. -Businessman; manager~ 7'/16

Philippine Eqwip7nent Co.; 6J4 Ave. Rizal, Stu. C7'UZ, Manila; tel. 2-62-93.


GUILARAN, Amado B. - LCLWyer; a8sistamt attorney and notary public, Abeto, Seve1-, Gullas & Seva; res. , 92J.-F Mag dalena, TroZO, Manila. Born in Banate, Iloilo, on November 4, 1899 j son of Agaton Guilaran and PresentaCIon Bomaras; married to Rosa Mullen; educated in the Banate Elementary School, Hoilo Intermediate School, and Iloilo High School, wh er e h e finished his secondary course; came to Ma nila an d enrolled at the Nation al University where he graduated as LL.B. in 1925, and passed the bar examinations the same year. He wa~ a clerk, Bureau of L ands, 1 fl22-23; clerk, Bu. of Agriculture, 1923-25 j and clerk, Gen. Land Registration Office, 1 925-26 . Since 1926 he has been practicing hi s law profession in Iloilo, with his office located at 12 Iznart, Iloilo City, and at present in the C~ty of Manila..

GUILLERMO. Catalino L. - Civil Enginee.r; Dist'rict E ngineer, Bureau 0/ Public l1l 01'ks, {or the Province of Camarines Norte; f'es.,

Daet, Camwrines N01路teo Born in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, on April 26, 1902 j son of N icomedes Guillermo and Juana Lagmay ; married to the former Miss Matilde Palattao by whom he has four children : Andres, Carmen, Lourdes and Matilde; graduated from the: Provin cial High School of Ilocos Norte; r eceived the degree of BacheJOJ..o of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of the Philippines; was appointed asst. civil engineer in the Bureau of Public "'orks after g radu ation; promoted District Engineer with assignment at Nueva Vizcaya, then at Occidental Misamis, and now, at Daet, Camarines Norte. No political party affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion. GUILLERMO, Simon L. T eache1'; ex-Secreta.r y, P1'ovincial B oa'rd; res., !lagan, l sabela. Born in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, on Octocer 24 1905路 son of Nicomedes Guillermo and Ju'ana L~gmay ; m arried to t he former Miss


Rosario Ruiz j graduated from the provincial ltigh school of Ilocos Norte, and the College of Education University of the Philippines, with the degree of B.S.E.; was for one year an Elementary School teacher; for three years a High School Teacher; and later on he accepted Simon L. Guillermo the position of Secretary of the Provincial Board of Isatela, 1931-1937. He is a Nationalist by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion .

Lawye't; res" 61 BlJumentritt, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-88-05.

GUINGONA. Teopisto -

Born in Ilono, on Sept e m be r 20, 1883 j son of Vicente Guingona and Francisca Zam 0 l' a; married; joined the insurgent a1' m y when the revolution against' Spain broke out j beTeopisto Guingona came the first Municipal Treasurer of Nabales from 1899 to 1901; Municipal President from 1901 to 1902; graduated from the Escuela de Derecho in 1907 with the degree of Bachelor of Laws; ejected Representative from the second district of Negros Occidental in 1909 1 and re-elected to the same post in 1912 j served as Governor of Agusan from 1913 to 1917; acting Governor of the Dept. of Mindanao and Sulu from 1918 to 1920; first Director< of the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes from 1920 to 1921; appointed Senator for the 12th Senatorial District comprising Mindanao and Sulu in 1921;



for seven years fl'o m 1924, he ha s bee n chief of the legal departmen t of Levy H ermanos, Inc.; Judge of the Court of First I nstan.ce from 1930 to 1931; served again as Director of the Bureau of Non-Christian T libes u ntil its abolition jn 1935. At present he is practicing his law profession. G UINTO, Dr. Felipe A . - Dental SU1'yeon; 1·es., 348 Magallanes, Cebu, Cebu.

Born in eebu, Cebu, on March 21, 1903; son of Mariano Guinto and Camila Abendan; completed his elementary and secondary education in the public schools of eehu, Cebu; a munlcipal teacher at his hometown for three years; resigned his position in 1927 to con t.inue his studies in Manila, having enrolled at the Philippine Dental College, where he obtained his D.D.S. degree in 1930, and has si nce t hat time been practicing his profession as Dental Surgeon. GUINTO, Leon C. -Lawyer; Under-seCTeta'1'Y

of the Interior and fonner CO'nJ,1nissione1" (If Pu.blic Safety; res ., 1068 San Ma'l"celino, Man·ita; tel. 5-49-77.

tituto Burgos, E scuela Normal de San Javier and t he Escuela de Derecho, wh er e he g'raduated with honors as Bachelor of La ws in 1 920 . H e was a privat e secretar y t o Sena t e President Quezon pr ior to hi s elections for several terms a s P r ovincia l Governor of Tayabas and as Representative from t he second district of Tayabas to t he Philippine Legislature. H e organized t he League of P r ovincial Governors an d became its f irst president . H e was appoi n ted Un der-Secret ary of the Department of the Interior ; and , until recently, Commissioner of P ubl ic Safet y, wh ich p os it ion was abolished by the N a tional Assembly in May, 1938. He marrie d on Jun e 19, 19 38, t he f onn er Miss Remed ios L izares, of th e weB-kn own Lizares family of t h e Visayas.

L awyer; assistant attorney, Bureau of Justice ; res. , 1 068 Sun Marrcelino, Paco, Manila; tel. 5-49-77.

G UI NTO, Jr., Leon -

Member, P1·0.vincial Board of Cama1'ines Nort e; res ., Daet, Car ma'l"ines N orte.

GU INTO, R e gino Z. -

Businessman; owne r, bay and riVeT freight t1·ans p01·tation; res. , 2093 Azcarrraga, Satrnpaloc, Manila; t el.

G U ISON, Mariano -

2-60-25 .

Lawye1'; J oU'rnalis t; ,·es., Cebu , Cebu . (Picture on page 319)

GULLAS, Paulino A . -

Leon G. Guinto

Born in Bacoor, Cavite, on June 8, 1886 ; educated in San Juan de Letran College, Ins~

Born in Cebu, Cebu, on April 29, 1891; studi ed in th e San Carl os Coil ege, Cebu ; Cebu Norma1 School; Cebur H igh School; Manih H igh School and the Universit y of the Philippines, wh er e h e gradu ated with the degrees of .Ba chelor of Arts, a nd B a chelor of Laws; t opnotcher in the bar examina tions in 1916; twice president of the U.P. Alumni Association , Chancellor of the Philippine Barristers , and grand noble of the Rizal Center F,rater~ n ity ; for some time r eporter of the defunct Cabl enews-American; elected Represe ntativ e f rom the 2nd district of Cebu in 1925, and reelected to the same post in 1928 ; elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from


the 2nd district of Cebu in 1934; was the organizer and preside nt of t he Cebu Lawyers' League; and also or ganizer and president of the Cebu League for the Acceptance of the Hare-Hawes-Cutting! Act; and at present a practicing attorney and editor and publisher of The Freeman . A Roman Catholic. GU MANGAN, M;guel C. . Fwrme.. and Teache'l"; 1"es., Kiangan, I/ugao, Mt., Province. (Picture on page 320)

Born in Kiangan, Ifugao, Mountain Province, on F ebruary 28, 1905; son of Ildefonso Dulinayan Guman gan and Casilda; married to the former Miss Maria Likiayo of Kiangan, !fugao, Moun tai n Province. H e has four children: Amp aro, Beatl;z, Amelia and Suzana." H e graduated from the Trinidad Agricultural School in 1924; was for ten years a t eacher of the Kiangan Elementary SichoO'l; in structor in accounting at the Trinidad Agricultural School; elected Delegate to the Constitu t io nal Convention in 1934 from the District of liugao j and at present a farmer in his hom e town. Affil iated with the Nationalist-Democratic Party. A Roman Catholic by r eligion.


Former Repre8entative /'rom I sabel,a; res., !lagan, Isabela.

GUMPAL, Silvino M. -

Business Executive; jiTst vice-president and treasu1"er, Philippine Education Co~ Inc.; res., 418 Colo1'ado . Ennita, Manila; tel. 5-72-19.

GUNNEL, David G. -

Born in Buenavista, Colorado, U. S., on November 19, 1881; son of Volney and Eliza~ beth Medora (Small) Gunnell; attended University of Orego n; teacher, Bureau of Education, 1904-11. Mason. Member, Rotary Club.

Proprietor; Ex-Munic路 ipal President; res., Lu'l'UJ" La Union.

CURAY, Norb erto -

Born in) Luna, La Union, on November 3, 1890; married; educated in the public schools of his home province; served as a Municipal Teacher from 1909 to 1915 j a clerk in the Bureau of Constabulary from 1915 to 1919 j Municipal Treasurer of Balauan, La Union, from 1921 to 1928; elected Municipal President on June 5, 192 8, of Luna, La Union, and re-el ected for a seco nd term in 1931. He belongs to no political party. A Roman Catholic by reHgion.

Lawyer, Farrrwr, and GUSTILO, Eleuterio J . Lawyer .. assistJournalist; address c/o Nat't In/ormation ant attorney, Bureau of Justice; res., 5.17-A Pennsylvania, Ermita, Manila. Board, Manila. (Picture on page 318) Born in Pavia, Iloilo, on December 25, GUSTILO, 'Josue H. -Lawye-r; chief, colec~ 1890; studied in the Instituto de Molo, Iloilo, tion departnnent, C. S. Sal'7TW~ General where he obtained tne degree of Bachelor of Agent, Insular Life Asswrance Co ., Ltd.; Al"ts a nd in t he La Jurisprudencia, where he office, Tn-sular Life Bldg., Plaza M01'aga, grad u at ed with the degree of Bachelor of tel. 2-21,.-31 .. 1'es. , 428 Bambang, Star. C1't(,z, Laws. He was a member of the editorial staff Jl.fanila. of the "EI Adalid" j editor of the Spanish journal known as "Nuevo Heraldo"; founded GUTHRIE, (Miss) Anne - Social Worker; the vernacular paper known as "Palahayaadvisory consultant, Young Women's Christgan"; elected Municipal President of his ~'an Association (Y. W" C. A), and secrenative town; appointed Just ice of the Peace ta1'Y, Wom.en's Club of Manila; res. , 2859 of Municipal Districts of Wawa-Ojot and He1'ran, Santa Ana, Manila; tel. 5-5.1 -06. Umagan, Agusan, serving 1n this capacity for eight years, during which t ime the wTote 3 GUTIERREZ, Dr. Aureo F . - Physician and sel;es of articles on the "Manobo Legends" j SU1"U eOn j 1'es., 268 Sue1"te, Pasay, Rizal; tel. elected D elegate to the Constitutional Convention from the district of Agusan in 193 4; 5-12-89. and at pre~ent a confidential agent, wliter in Dr. Gutierrez was born in 1898j gradHongo, and speaker, National Information uate d as M.D., University of the Philippines Board, Manila.

GUMBAN, Delf in G. -



in 192 5, and was licensed to Pl'3ctice m edicine t he sam e yeaI'. He has been assistant in medicine and junior resident, college of medlcme, V .P., and president, Iba-Zambales Chromite Mines. Inc. ' He has his clinic at

an trophic Fashion School; and editor, Catirnawan; .office, 931 R. Hidalgo, Quiatpo, Manila; tel. 2 -i6 -65.

present at the Kneedler Bldg., and is a mem-

GUTIERREZ DAVID, Jo,' -Lawyer, Auric- ulturist, and write')"; Judge, itk judiciai district, Courts of Fl.,rst I nstance; res., Capiz, CGlPiz.

ber of the American Medical Association of Vienna. GUTIERREZ, Dionisio - Lieutena:nt-Colonel, P. A.; jo'rmer Go.vernor and Provincial

Milita'ry Cornrnande'1' of Cotabato; now DisC. i nspector, Philippine Constabula'ry; res., 737 Zamora., Pasay, Rizal j tel. 5-.19-18. Born in Batangas, Batangas, on October 9, 1891; the son of L ucio G"Jtierrez and Fcl'nanda Borbon; completed his elementary education in the public schools of his hometown in 1909, and graduated from the Manila High School in 1913; entered the Constabulary Academy at Baguio, graduating in July, 1913, as Third Lieutenant; promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on March 16, 1915; 1st Lieutenant on May 24, 1917; Captain on F ebruary 4, 1919; designated Assistant Provincial Commander on May 5, 1919; Provincial Commander of. Cotabato, August 1, 1919; appointed Provincial Governor of Cotabato on July 1, 1922, and was promoted to the rank of Major on December 10, 1927, and to thaq of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Philippine Army in the latter part of 1937, when he was reljeved of his position as Provincial Governor and Provincial Military Commander of Cotabato. He served as Constabulary officer in the provinces of Bataan, Cavite, Laguna. and Cotabato, and, prior to his appointment as provincial governOr of Cotabato, he was Deputy Governor and Ex-Officio Justice of the Peace. He is now a District Inspector of the Philippine Constabulary detailed at the General Headquarters, Manila.

Su,perintendent of Register of Deeds, General Land Registration Office; res., 904 Pennsylvania, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-J,.1-49.

GUTIERREZ, Domingo C. -

GUTIERREZ, Faustino P __ Di'1'ector Met')路opolitan Business College; president: Phil-

Born in Bacolor, Pampanga, on J anuary 9, 1899 i son of Mateo Gutierrez and Gabriela David; married; obtained his degree of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the Escuela de DCl'echo de Manil3l; served as Justice of t h e Peace of San Fernando, Pampanga, from 1921 to 1922; elected Municipal Councilor of San Fernando in 1928 and re-elected to the same office on June 2, 1 931; elected De]egate to the Constitutional Conven tion on July 10, 1934, and was DirectorGeneral of the most successful ParnpMlga Carnival a.n d Exposition; a Pampango vernacular writer and poet, an agricultUTist, and a busmessman. He Jose Gutierrez David has been ap pointed Judge of th e seventh jud icial district, Courts of First Insta nce, with Tesidence at Capiz, Capiz. A Roman Cath olic by r eligion.

GU TIERREZ, Juan M. Member, bOO/l'd of directo'rs, and maintenance supe1路intendent, engineertin.lf d;;pOlrtmt!lnt, .11.1am.ila 'R,ailJroad Company ; rp.s., 208 L amayan, Santa A na, Manila.

Mercha.nt; rnanager, Come4"cio de Fili pinas; r es., 444 Evangelista, Quiatpo, M animo



GUTIERREZ, Leopoldo-Business Executive'

manager, Philippine Crown and prest'd ent, " El Aguila" Tabaoo s y Cigarillos, Ino.; diana, Malate, Manila; tel.

Oork Facwn' y, - Fabricf.l, de res ., 918 In5-61-01 .

Businessman; proprietor, Philippine Crown. Cork Factory; res., 121.'2 Vergara, Qwiapo, Manila.

G UTIERREZ, Lizardo -

Businessman; Pha1'macy Clerk; .,-es_, Vigan, !locos Sur.


Born in Vigan, Iloco s Sur, on May 4, 1890; married; educated in the public schools of his home province; was Vice-President of IITi Gimon Ti Saranay", and Dignatar io del Gremio Monico F. Gutierrez No. 1 de los Defensores de la Libertad; served as a Municipal Councilor from 1931 to 1934; and at present a businessman and pharmacy clerk in v,xgan, Ilocos Sur. No political party affilia.t ion_ A Roman Catholic by religion.

Physician. and Surgeon; office, 204 Kneedler Bldg., Ccur)'icdo, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-68-07 .. res., San J'uan, Rizal.

GUTIERREZ, Dr. Perpetuo


Born in Florid:ablanca, Pampanga, on April 8, 18 89; son of Leon Gutien'ez and EUena Songcp; graduated as M.D., Northwestern University Medical School, U.S., 1911, and was licensed to practice the medical profession in the Philippines, 1911. Dr. Gutierrez was appointed Juni or Medica.l Inspector, Bur. of Health, 1911; inspector, asst. resident , Phil. General Hospital, 1912; senior resident, 1917; executive officer, 1918; asst. professor, Vniv, of the Phili-ppines, 1918;


post graduate work, dermatology, Johns Hopkins and Columbia University; asso. professor, dermatology and syph., Univ. of the Philippines, 1925. He is a member, Manila Medical Society, and PlliI. Islands Medical Assn. Re malTied the former Miss Concepcion Tirona, of Imus, Cavite, on February 17, 1919, and has at present three children: Guillermo, Perpetuo, and Mario. GUTIERREZ REP IDE, Eduardo - Lawyer; .,'es" 553 f t. Mabini, Ermita, Manila; te Z. 5-66-29.

General Broker, stocks and bonds; member, Matnila Stock Exchmngej office, 132 Juan Luna, Binondo; tel. 4-93-46.. res" 520 San Luis, E1'mita, Manila; tel. 5-72-57.


Minerva P. Journalist; managing editor, Woman's Home Journal; 1'es., $507 Taft Ave. Exwnsion, Pasay,


Rizal; tel. 5-12-41 .

Business Executive; setYretwry, Cooperative Realty and Investment Corporatiort, and cashier, Aseguradores de las Islas Filipinas (Philip" pine Underwriters) j res., 37 S . Valenzuela, San Juan, Rizal.

GUZMAN, Agapito J. de _

GUZMAN, Alejandro F. de - Lawyer; office : 664 Isaac Peral, Ermita; tel. 5-51-23; res .,

,l32 Gastanl.bide, Sa1npaloc, Manila,. 2-6J-1J . (Picture on page 319)


Born in Bauang, La Union, on February 24, 1889; son of Pelagio de Guzman and Graciana Floirendo; married to the former Miss Rosario Flor by whom he has six children: Pedro, Alejandro, Jr., Jaime, Rodolfo, Antonio and Angusto i graduated from the University of the Philippines in 1918 with the degree of PlacheLol' of Lawls; elected RepremntaJtive from the 4th district of Pangasinan in 1916, and reelected to the same office in 1919; Senator from the 2nd Senatorial District comprising Pangasinan, La Union and Zamba.les, from 1925 to 1931; a member of the Board



of Regen ts of t he Ullivers ity o f t he Philippines from 1917 to 1922, a nd f rom 1929 to 1931 j a m.ember of t h e textbook hoard from 1917 to 1922 ; techn'ical a dviser of th e Philippine Senate; elected Delegate to t he Constit utional Co nvention in 1934 f rom t he 2nd district of La Union; and at present a practicing a t t orney and businessman. He is a Nat i ona lis t by party affiliation and a Rom a n Cath olic by re'Jigion.

F arm Owne1' and Businessman, res., En'rile, Cagayan. (Pic-

GUZMA N, A nton io G. -

ture on page 318) .

Born in Enrile, CagaY'aD, on November 14, 1887 j son of Vicente Guzman an路d Paula Gar ciaj studied in the Ateneo de Manila, w here he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1906; took u p the study of law u nder his father but has never taken the ba r examination; was Justice of the Peace in h is home to",'ll from 1912 to 1925 j elected Representative from the second district of Cagayan in 1925 j Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the second district of Cagayan in 1934; and at present Chief of Staff of the NInth Division of the Philippine Veterans Association im Cagayan, and a farm owner in his home town. He belongs to no political party. A Roman Catholic by religion.

Pharmacist ; former Municipal President; res., A ngat, B.ulaca,n.

G UZMAN, Atilano S. -

Born in Angat, BulacanJ on October 5, 1897; m a T ried; graduated from the B ulacaT1\ Provincial High S chool, and stu died pbarm acy in Man il a j elected Municipal President of Atilano S. Guz man Angat, Bulacan, in 1925, and re-elected t o t he same post in 19 31 j and at present he is pract icing his

professio n a s a pharma cist in Angat, Bulacan. H e belongs t o n o political party. A Roman Cathol ic by relig ion. GUZMAN, Bernabe de - Lawyer; res., Bali ang, La UnUm. (Picture on page 321)

Born in Bauang, La Union, on July 15, 1882 ; so n of P elagio de Guzman and Gracia路 na F loren do; r eceived hi s degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Liceo de Manila, and Bachelor of Laws from the Academia de Leyes; elected Re present a eiJVe to th e Philippine Leg isla ture f rom the fifth district of Pangasinan from 1916 t o 1919; Senator from the s econd senatorial d istrict cOmprISIng Pangasina n, La U nio n and Zambales, from 1919 to 1925; Delegate t o th e Constitutional Convention from the 5 th di stlJict of Pangasinan in 193 4; and a t prese nt a practicing attorney in La Union. He belong s to the Nacionalista pa rty. A Roman Catholic by r e ligion. Bernardo de- Member, Provincial Bowrd of Batanes ; res ., Basco, Batanes.


GUZMAN, Eligio de Civil Engineer .Pas ay Realty j r e8. 5 Cementina, Pasay, Rizal. ; te l. 5-22-03. E n gi neer Elig io d e Guzman was born. in Pasay, Rizal, in 1910 j the s on of Irin eo and Alejandr a d e Guzman.

Business Executive; manage?' and 'P'J'op1'ieto'1", M az-ima Laperal de Guzman J ewelry and Diatmon d. Sto'J'e; office, 8 50 A v e. Rizal, Sta. Cruz, Manila ; tel. 2 -19-07.

GUZMAN, Esteban de -

Born in Ma nila on August 3, 1871; married to .M axima Laperal j attended the Es路 cuela Normal during the Spanish regim e and took bookkeeping course, and studied in the Instituto de Manila, and later in th e E scuela de D er echo de Manila, where he obtained his LL.B. degree in 1907. He is a member of the Dapitan Lodge and of the Camara de Comercio de las I slas Filipinas.


L awyer' 0ffice, 1098 R. Hidalgo, Quiapo; t el. 2-2~-22' r es ., 1390 Trabajo, Sampaloc, Ma.nila路

GUZMAN, Fra n cisco P . de -





Division Superintendent of Schools of Zambales', res ., I ba, Z ambales.

GUZMAN, Gonzalo -

Born in Mexico, Pampanga, on January 10, 1893; t he son of Fla.viano Guzman and Florenc.ia Lar a; ~ompleted the elementary course In t he pubhc schools of his hometown, 1909, and t he secondary course at the Pampanga Hi gh School in 1913j appointed instructor in mathematics in the College of Agricult ure , U . p" at Los Banos Laguna wh er e he t ook the regular course ieading t~ the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture , bu t was not able to finish said course by r easo n of his transfer to the Bataan High School as instructor in gardening, science and ma thematics, 1914-20. In 1917 he passed th e senior teacher examination with a gener a l average of 73 0/0 . He was appointed a Superv ising Teacher in the district of Maasin, Leyte, in 1920, and transferred to the district of Ormoc, Leyte, in 1923, when he . passed t he Division Superintendent's examination wit h a n average of 76.06 % . In 1924 he was appointed Division Academic Supervisor in Ilocos Norte, and was transfen-ed to Riza l province, in 1930, in the same capacity, and on several occasions he was designat ed as Acting Division Superintendent of schools in R izal, Tayabas, and Antique, and n ow, Division Superintendent of Schools of Zambales since June, 1938.

Assistant Trust Officer, Phili pP1:ne T'rust Company; res., 729 F. B. H Offr ison (int.) , Pasay, Rizal.


GUZMAN , lrin eo de _ P'Y'Oprieto rr ; cl~, Cas hier and Disbursing Officer section, Bwreau '0/ Posts; res., 5 Cementina, Pasay, Rizal; t el. 5-22-09.


GUZMAN, Jose J. de -President and Treasurer, Coope1"ative Realty & Investment

Corporation; president and direc:tor, Ase9,:,,"adores de .las Islas Filipinas (Philippme Unde;rwn.ters).; ,attiOrney-in...fact and manager, Tagaytay Central Subdivision; I3tC.; res., 97 Valenzuela, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-85-77. Born in Dagupan, Pangasinan, on July 4, 1900; son of Lazaro de Guzman and Maria Jovesj attended La Salle College; married to the former Miss Amparo Belen, of Candon, llocos Sur, on May 26, 1926, and has at present one daughter, named Aurora. A Mason of 320.

GUZMAN, Dr. Jose L de- P hysician & SWI'geonj Member, Provincial Board Of Pan -

gasinan; 'res., Mangaldan, (Picture on page 321)


Born in Mangaldan, Pangasinan, on JUlit! 19, 1904j son of Pedro de Guzman and Hilaria Lomibaoj married to the former Miss Ar!l' paro B . Abad of his home town by whom he h as one child: Jose, Jr. ; studied in. the Univ路 ersity of Sto. Tomas, where he graduated with the title of Associate in Arts and the de路 gree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery In 1931; for a term was a Municipal Councilor of Mangalain, Pangasinan; elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the 3rd district of Pangasinan in 1934; and elected Member of the Provincial Board of Pangasi~ nan on Dec. 14, 1937. He is at present a member of the provincial board, and a practicing physician and surgeon in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. He is, affiliated with the Nationalist party. A Roman Catholic by religion.

GUZMAN, Luis de- BusineSSmlLn; Presid-

ent, Pilippon Timberland Developmmtt Co.; address, 705 Rizal Avenue, Manila. Born in Piddig, !locos Norte, on JulJl' 5, 1894 j son of Meliton de Guzman and Rosenda-



Arzadon; married to fa nner Miss Badola Madamba, by w.hom he has f ive child ren: Roque, Salvador , J UaJlita, Caridad and Amado. He was educated in the Laoag High School, Philippine Normal School, Academia de Leyes and PhHippine Law School, National University. He is a graduate of the Philippine N onnal School, and a h~lder of the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Before becoming president of the Pilippon Timberland Development Company, Manila, he worked in Luis de Guzm a n the government as a clerk and later as a teacher. He was a member of the Nationalist-Democratic party, and an Aglipayan lry religion. He resides at 2227 M. Natividad, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Dentist,- res., Cabanatuan, Nueva E cija. Born in Cabanatuan, N ueva E c i j a, 1896. Married. After finishing his studies in the public s chools of his home town, he enrolled in the high pr ovincia l school of N ueva Ecija, wh er e he fin ished his secondary cou rse. Rufino S . de Guzman Then he t ook up the study of dentistry in Manila, and upon graduation, h e returned to Cabanatua n where he opened a dental clinic of his own, GUZMAN, Dr. Rufino S. de -

GUZMAN, Sabas de -Proprietor,. Ex-Muni-

cipal President,- r es., POIruiiaque, Rizal. Jewelerj wholesale and retail; 'res., 850 A ve. Rizal 11'Janiluj tel. 2-19-07.

GUZMAN, Maxima Laperal de -

Dist7'ict Land Officer, BW'eau of Lands; res., Zamboanga, Zamboanga.

GUZMAN, Nicolas E. de -

Phwr11lacist,- Fatrntacia Lealj res., 830 Tayuman, Stu. Cruz, Manila.

Born in Parafiaque, Rizal, 1874. Married. Studied in the private schools of his hmne town a nd was for some time a college student in Manila. Ga ve up ihis studies and engaged himself in business. He was a Captain during the Philippine r evolution and for a tenn, 1 93 1-34, h e was Municipal President of Parafiaq u e, H e is now an adviser and municipal secretary t o Mayor Gabriel, and a Nacionalista by p olitical party affiliation. A Roman Catholic by r eligion.

GUZMAN, Pau lina -

Physician and S'U/r geon; res ., 5 Cementina, Pasuy, Rizal,- tel.

GUZMAN, Dr. Pilar de -

5-22-03 .

GUZMAN, Prudencio de Lawyer,- ?'e,"::., .158 Malubon, Stu. O~'uz, Manila,- tel. 2 -93-97,

Field A:Coountant, Gener al A uditing Of fice; r es., Pasig Rizal.

G UZMAN, S;xto J. de -

Civil E ngineer,- civil engineer, Bur. of Public Works, for the province of Cotabatoj res., Cotabato, Cotabato.

GUZMAN, Toma s de -

G UZMAN -RIVAS, Vicente - Lawyerj W rite1'

in. Eng lis h an d Spanis h, National I nf01'mation Boa1'dj res., 11 98 Singalong, Mala te, Quintin de - Prop1'ieto1' and Manage'J', Imp1'enta Guzman; 'res., J.4 iW. J , Paterno Avenue, San Juan, R izal.


Mamila ; tel. 5-58-46 .

Born in t he municipality of T uguegarao, pr ovince of Caga yan, on May 31 , 1903 ; t he


son of former Governor and Representative to the First Philippine Assembly Pablo Guzman and Eulalia Rivas; educated in the public school s in the city of Manila, having graduated from th e Manila North (now Are'llano) High School in 1922, and obtained his title as A .A . from the College of Liberal Arts in 1924 and hi s LL.B degre e from the Col-


lege of Law, University of thp. Philippines, in 1928, and was admitted to the practice of law after passing t he bar examinations held the same year. He is now a member of the editorial staff, being a writer in English and Spanish of the National Infonnation Board, Conunonwealth of the Philippines j single j and a Roman Catholic.

H HABELITO. Filomena Proprietress; res., 752 L egatrda, Sampaloc, Manila. HABUTA, W .- Japanese Merchant; propriet01', Nikko Bazatr; res., 556 Azcarraga, Tondo~ Manila. HABUTA. Yozo - Japanese Me'l"chant; propriet01', Habuta Bazar; res., 408 Echague, Quiapo, Manila. HACKETT, Bessie JOU1'nalist; society edito'}', Manila Daily Bulletin; res., 6-A Mi1'(J,.· 'rna1' Apwrtments, E1'mita, Manila; tel, 2-74-62 HADA, Prof. K. - Japanese Masseur and Elect1'0-therapeutist; 1'es ., 2128 Azcarraga, Quiapo, Manila; tel, 2-80-80.

P1'op"ietor, YOU1' Home FU1-niture ; office, 152 Libertad, Pa· al', ,·os., Poblacion, Bw'gos, Pasay, say, R tz R izal.

HADARLY, Atnastasio -

Business Executive j president, N01·ton & HMrison Co. (LU'rn~)Cl' and Hardware deale?'s; Pa1nts and Ot's? res., 13th Sh'eet, New Manila, San Juan,; tel. 6-87-02.


Mr. Hagedorn was born in Singapore °ln J I 2 1879 ..nd attended the Raffles Co1~~. 'He ca~e to the Philippines to engage

in business when he was only about twenty years old, He is now the president of Norton & Harrison Company, and a member of the University Club, the Elks C~ub, and the Casino Espanol.

Businessman; pU1'chasing agent~ Pampanga S'lI,ga;1' A'Iills, and Calam,ba Sugwr Estate; 1·es., Apt. 3-C, Michell Apa'1'tments, Manila; tel. 5-64-95.


HAIR, John- Stock Broker; pa'dner, Hai·J' &: Picorn.ell; membe1', Manila Stock Exchange; res ., 39.55 Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-17-24. HAIR, (Mrs.) John - Fi1'St Vice-P1'esident, Philippine Society for the Prevention oj Cruelty 00 Animals; res" 3955 Taft A'Ve. Extension, Pasall, Rizal; tel. 5-17-24 . HALE, Frank H. - Me1'clULnf-; president a"'1d getll,eral manage1', Hale Shoe Co., Inc., president, Lyric Music Ho.use Inc.; president, Rattan Products Manufacturing Co., Inc.; and member, boa1'd of directors, Ame·r ican Guardian Association, Inc.; res., 85 Panaderos, Santa Ana, Manila; tel, 5-6.1-58. (See picture on page 1559) HALE Robert A,_Lieutenant-Colonel, U,S.A .;

res .: 46 Panaderos, Santa Ana.. Manila.; teZ 5-67-95.



HALILI, Beuvenuto F. -Businessmanj Act-

ing Manager, HaNli T'ransporlationj res., A. Boni/acio, Caloocan, Rizalj tel. 4-93-28. Born in Bagbaguin, Santa Maria, Bulacan, on March 11, 1902; the son of Anatolio Halili and Gregoria Flores; educated in the city schools of Manila, having graduated from the Manila North (now Arellano) High Schoo l in 1924; married the former Miss Lou rdes Reyes, by whom he has four children: Eugenia, Rodolfo, Lourdes, and Ofelia, Immediately after graduation, he joined his brother, Fortunato Halili, in organizing the trans portation busi ness, which is now in operation in Manila and nea rby provinces. HALILI, Candido -Businessmanj managp,r,

Chineleria Sinukuan; res., 1656 Rizal A'Venue, Santa Cruz, Manila. Registrwr and Instructor, Jose Rizal College; res., Bocaue, Bular;an.

HALILI, Cayetano -

Lawyer j Captain, Re~ gular Philippine Army j commandant of the Reserve Officers Training School, Camp Ord, Twrlac, TQI1'lacj 'res ., Tarlao, Twrlac.

HALILI, Donato M. -

HALILI, Fortunato F.- Businessmanj p'toprie-

tor and manager, Halili Tra.n sit and .4ut(. 0/ Rulacanj res ., Santa Maria., Bulacan.

Supply j member, P'rovincial Roard

Born in Sian Gabriel, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, on February 27, 1899; t he son of Anatolio Halili and Gregoria Flores; completed his elementary education in the Bocaue Elementary School, attended the Far Eastern College (now Far Eastern University), and finished bookkeep ing in a private business college inl Manila. He began his business career, first, as ice cream manufacturer, then as dealer in tan bark a nd textile, a nd, later, he founded his transportation business, the Halili Transit and Auto Supply, which he expanded by acquiring a taxicab company, and at the same time he has been serving his people, first, as municipial counc ilor of Santa Maria, Bulacan, 1928-31; then, as municipal vice-president, 1931-34; later, as municipal president, 1934-37; amd now, as Member, Provincial Board of Bulacan. He married the former Miss Emilia de Vera, by whom he has si x children : Felicidad, Cecilia, Loreto, Fortunato, Florentino, and Felizardo. A N acionalista by political affiliation, a nd a Roman Catholic by religion.

Lawyer j former City Councilor 0/ Manilaj office, 679 Rizal, Sta. C1"lLZj res. 1430 Washington Ave., Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-77-83.

HALJLI. Miguel T. Capt. HaJili was a stenogr apher and later a first lieutenant, Philippine National Guard, 1918-19. He studied aviation at Camp Claudio in 1919-20. He was commissioned a captain of infantry, U. St. Army (Reserve), and was one of t h e incorporators of the National Volunteers of the Philippines orgaIUized by Capt. Miguel R. Cornejo in 1932. He opened and co nducted the Philippine School of Aviation, of which he was the president and director, 19 32 -3~. He was also a member of t he Philippine National Guard Associa"tlion, and member of the board of directors of the NaJtional Volunteers. Upon the organization of the Philippin-e Army, he transfel'1'ed to it from the United States Army with the same rank in 1935, and was appointed an instructo r in the Reserve Officers Service School at Baguio; and, in June, 1938, he was made Captain of the regular army.

Physician and Surgeonj office, 679 Ave. Rizal, Sta. Cruzj te l. 2-56-02; res., 1430 Washington A'Ve., Sarnpaloc, Manila; tel. 6-77-83.

HALILI. Dr. Tomasa Francisco de -

Stock Brokerj 'Vice-president and member, Mamila Stock Exohangei res ., 740 Dakota, Malate, Manilaj

HALL, Alaistair Ca meron -

tel. 5-65-21.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on January 10, 1903; son of W. T. Hall and Margaret Cameron Hall; attended the George Watson's College, Edinburgh; married to Consuelo Mcl\1icking, of Manila; and has at present three children : Roderick, Ian, and


Al'}.istair. H e arrived in the Philippines in 1924, and is now a partner of Ovejero and Hall, general brokers and members of the Manila Stock Exchange. He is a member of the Manil a Club, Manila Golf Club, Wad Wa(!k Golf Club, Casino Espanol, Manila Polo Club, and Nomads Sports.

Business'Ynan; manage'r, Manufactu1" er s' L ife Insurance Co.; office, Kneedler Bldg., CatrTiedo, Manila.; tel. 2-15-03 j res., 1,10 Lamayan, Sta. Ana, Manita; tel. 5-63-76.

H ALL, Edward L. -

Born in Danville, Ill., U .S., on Janua ry 25, 1886; son of Harry Hall and Aletta Leverich Hall j graduated as -Bachelor oft Arts, Univ. of Illinois, 1908; Ph.D., Columbia University, 1923,; married on July 14, 190 9, Nina Hogan, of Nashville, Tennessee, and has two children: Andrea and Edward. H e was general secretary, Y.M.C.A., Univ. of IlliEdward L . Hall nois, 1908-10; Univ. of Kent u cky, 1912-15; secretary internat. committee Y.M.C.A., 1915-28; asst. director, Occupational Guidance Bureau, War Work Council, N.Y., 1920-21; asst. manager, Sun Life A ssuran ce Co., North China, 1920-31; acting manager, same, Manila, 1932; and manager, Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co., since 193 3. Author of several booklets on vocational guidance; and member of the Rotary Club at ShanghaJi, and director at Manila; p ast president, American University Club at Shanghai and president, Philippine Vocational Guidan ce Association.

HALL, T heodore L. Business Executive; vice-president and asst. general manage1', Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. j res., 11,29 Cali/orn:ilL, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-65-56. Born in San Francisco, California, U.S'., on November 26, 1888; educated in t h e United States, and came to Manila on December 11,


1916. He is a member of the Episcopal Church, Y.M.C.A., the Rotary Club, the Wack Wack Club, and the Manila Golf Club; and director, Yangco & Co.

BUSinessman; res., 1 Fisher A venue, Pasay, Rizal.

HALL, Whipple S . -

HALLARE, Dr. Marcelino Physician and SU1'gem; office, 604 R egiricJr, Quiapo, Ma~ nila; tel. 2-13-50; res., Para,rwque, Rizal. Dr. Hallare was for one tenn a municipal vice-president of Parana-que, Rizal.

Civil Engineer; former Mayer of Baguio; lJ"es., BPW Cottage No. 91, Baguw, Mt. Province.


Mr. Eusebius Julius Halsema, former Engineer of the Bureau of Public Works and City Mayor of Baguio, was born in New Bremen, Ohio, U.S.A., on December 12, 1881; the son of John Halsema and Veronica Duetmel'S; completed his grammar and high school courses in his home town, and attended the Oh'io State University fo r one year; worked subsequently as accountant and asst. cashier at Boesel's Bank (now the First National Bank) of New Bremen, Ohio, from 1900 to 1903, after which he resumed rus course in Civil Engineering at the same university, graduating in 1907. He was asst. engineer, Union Pacific Railroarl, 1907, and later he established the finn, Kistler & Halsema, at Los Angeles, Ca1. He came to the Philippines in September, 1908, and was appointed an Engineer of the Bureau of Public Works; assigned to various provinces, and was asst. engineer in charge of the Osmena waterworks construction in Cebu, 1911-12, who designed the conical arch dam which features that project; commissioned Captain, Engineers Corps, first division (PNG), U.S.Army, from July, 1918, to February, 1919; District Engineer, National Coal Company of Malangas, Zamboanga, 1919; appointed City Mayor of Baguio, in February, 1920; and retired as Mayor of that Summer Capital of the Philippines on July 10, 1936, to become a memb er of the adviso!')' staff of the President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.



Doctor 0/ Divinity; President, Union Theo logical Semina1-Y; ",.es., 715 W 'riglit, Malate, Manilai

HAMILTON, Rev. Charles R.. -

tel. 5-64-66.

bly, Presbyteria n Church, U.S., 1935; and Editor, HPhilipp ~ n e Presbyterian," 1915-26.. Since 1932, he has been the President of the Union Theological Seminary in Manila a nd Contributing Edltor to the "Philippine Social Scirence", and "The Advance". Married.

Physiciam and SMgeon; Dist.rict H ealth Officer of Lanao, Bu'Yean of Health; res., Dansalan, Lanao.

HAMOY, Dr. Pablo S. -

Businessman; Manag(!.IJ', Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Milk Products, Ltd.; 'res ., 9 F ernanda Rein, Pasay, Rizal; tel,

HANSEN, Harald -


Rev. Dr. Chus. R. Hamilton

Born in Lebanon, Indiana, U.S.A., on June 18, 1872 ; the son of the Rev. Dr. Samuel L. Hamilton and Elizabeth S. Hamilton; educated in the Le"'wis Academy, Wichita, Kansas, 1886-89 j College of Emporia, Emporia, Kansas, 1889-9 1; Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, 1891- 93 i where he graduated with the degree of A.B. j McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois, 189396; M.A ., Hanover College, 1896; D.D., Hanover College, 1913 j and Princeton University Graduate School, and Princeton Theological Seminary, graduating with the degree of M.Th. in 1922. Dr, Hamilton was Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Manchester, Iowa, 18 9699 j Pastor of the Kennor Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, New York, 1899-1907 j Missionary to the Philippines und'er the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, 1907; stationed in Pagsanjan, Santa Cruz, and Los Banos, Laguna province. 1907-29; Acting President, Silliman Institute (now. Silliman University), Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, 1 920-3 2; Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of the Philippines 1920; Delegate from the Philippine Presbyterian Mission to the General Assem-

Born in Odense, Denmark, on April 3, 1894 j educated in his na.tive country j resided in Japan for fourteen yeru'sj came to Man ila as a businessman, and is now the man ager .of Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Milk P roducts, Ltd., lo cated at 974 Azcarraga, tel. 4-98-2 1. H'e is a member of the Rotary Club, Manila Golf Club, Manila Polo Club, and the Baguio Golf and Country Club.

Business Executivej vicep1'esident, P'I'ince Line, Ltd., Ke'1'r SteOJmShip Co" L td., Kawasaki Kisen Kaishu, Sitve'YJava.Pacific Line, Silve1' Line, Ltd.; R eosevelt Steamship Agency, Inc.; 'I路es., 1393 Oregon, E'f'mita, Manila; tel. 5-7-4-73 .


Life Underwrite?'; agent, Sun Ufe Assurance Co . of Canada; res ., 66 Blument1'itt, San Juan, Rizal; tel.

HANSON, Otto Olaf -


Born in Denmark on October 11, 1883 j came to the Philippines with t h e U. S. Army in 1899, and was in the government service f or several years before he settled in Minda nao as a planter; at present he is an i.n surance agent for the Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada; a member of the Army and Navy Clu b, Univers ity OIub, United S'ervice Club, and a Maso n,

Assistaott, Apostolic Prefecture of the Mountain Province; res., Baguio, Mt. Province.

HANTSON. Rev, George -


Businessman; manager and p'I'oprietor, Plaza Lunch, 56 Plaza. Goiti; tel. 2-.18-12; res., 534 Sales, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-28-88.

HARD EN, Fred M. -

Mr. Harden is a lso a represent3.tive of various for eign tobacco companies: CamelLucky, etc. j and a stockholder of various firms in Manila. His restaurant on the corner of Plaza Goiti and Calle Echague is the rendezvou s of well路 known businessmen and government employees in t he city. HARRIES, Herbert L Lieutenant-Colonel, U. S. A1WI.Y (Reti'l'ed) ,- res ., 300 Dewey Boulevan'd, E ?"1nita, Manila; tel. 5-74-19. HARRIS, W. W. -Business Executive; pres-

ident, Atok Gold Mining Co ., and Pa'l'acaleGumaus Consolidated Mining Co., and Phi~ ippme Cabinet Timber Co . ,- res., .1 Escol.a.stica, Pasay, R izal; tel. 5-18-18. Business Executive,directo'l', Manila Rail'1'oad Co., res., Manila Ho tel, Luneta Extension, Manila; tel.


Manila, University of Man ila, Santo Tomas University, and the University of the Philippines. At pl'esent, he is the editor and proprietor of the "Philippine Magazine". He is the secretary of the Asociaci6n Musical de FiJipinas, and the Manila Symphony Society; and a member of many social clubs, including the famous Glidion and others.

Canan l'Jissione1', Episcopal Cathedral of St. M{JJry and St. John; res., 567 I saM p(M'al and Florida, E'I'1nita, Manila.

HARVEY, Rev. Bens on Heale -

BarTl, in New York, U.S.A., on Sept. 11, 1901; son of E-mery Harvey and Fannie Elizabeth Nichols; graduated as B.A., Univ. of Pittsburg, 1923 j B.D., Episcopal Theological School, 1926; married to Eleanor Conard Thornton Moss, of Philadelphia; appointed Canon Missioner, Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John, Manila, 1926. He is a Mason, and member, Service Stamp Collectors Club.



Samuel C. Maior, Inf., U. S. A.; res., 1312 G'I路al. liuna, Manila; tel. 5-65-76.


HARTENDORP, Abra h a m Van HeyningenJournalist and Publisher; res., 40 Uli-uli,

San Miguel, Manila. Born in Haarlem, Holland, on September 3, 1893. H e arrived in the United States w:ith hi s parents durin g boyhood, thus beco~mg later a naturalized citizen of the AmerIcan Union. He was educated in the American public schools and colleges. He came to the Philippines in 1917 under contract to te~ch in the public schools. Since his connectIOn with the Philippine Goverrunent, he has held the positions of high school teacher, CUyo, Palawan 1917-1918; supervising teacher, BoTongan district, Samar, 1918-1919 j and super.. t each er, Sihuguey .Bay' Zamboanga, vIslng 1919-1920. Giving up teachlllg, he became ~s颅 sociate editor, and later editor, of the ~amla Times, 1920-1923; professor in the Llceo de

Ceo. R. Lawyer; associate membe'l', l-ian)ey & O'Brien (Law F irm), Suite 5.13 Phil. Natirmal Bank Bldg., E scolta, Manila, tel. 2-16-78 j res., Bay View Hotel, Ermita; tel. 2-43-84.


Judge George R. Harvey, who is now a practicing attorney iIll Manila, is also a wellknown business e.xecutive and corporation lawyer. He is the vIce-president of The Pennsvlvania Oil Company of the Philippines, I~c. ; member, board of directors, New Masonic Temple Association; and commander, Far East Commandery No.1, Knigbts Templar.

Merclumt; office, 881 Ave. Rizal, Sta. C'I"UZ, Manila; tel. 2-28-56; res., 1221-C O'Donnell, Santa Cruz, Manila .


Mr. Hashim- is a, well-known businessman, contractor, importer and exporter, in the city of Manila. He is the owner and manager of Hashim's Ka'linawan Stone Qua.rry, which supplies crushed rocks and screenings for road construction., repair and other purposes; and manager of the Manila Grand Opera House, the oldest theatre in Manila.



HASSE LMAN N, Dr. C. M. Physici an and Surgeo n; office, Suite 410, Phil. Nat'l Bwnk Bldg., Escolta ; tel. 2 -28-28; res., BoulevOh'd Apartm ent Hotel, 1.184 Dewey Blvd., Malate, Manila ; tel. 5-69-81 .

Born in Frankf urt am Main, German y, on April 30, 1897; gradua ted as M.D., UniversUty of Wuerzb urg, 192 1; D.T .M., Hambu rg Tropica l School, 1924; stude nt, Univers ity of Zuriclt, Switze rland; married to Marga ret Kahlert , of Darmst adt, German y, also a physician; and has at present one SOf\, Detlev. Dr. Hasselm ann is the head, Section of Dermatolog y and Syphilo logy, St. Luke's Hospital, and author of various scientif ic papers. Membe r, Deutsc he Tl'op enmedi zinisch e Gesell schaft, Hambu rg; fenow, The Royal Society of Medicin e, London ; membe r, Chinese Medical AsSn., Shangh ai; and membe r of the Manila Polo Club, Army and Navy Club. HASSE LMAN N路KAH LERT, Dr. Margar et

L ady Physici an; office, Suite 410, Phil. Nat'l Bank Bidg., Escolta ;; tel. 2-28-28 ; res., Bou,levOh'd Aparbm ent Hotel, .1134 Dewey BouZe1)Oh'd, Malate, 11ianila; tel. 5-69 -81.

Dr. Margar et Kahlert -Hassel m3nn, wife of Dr. C. M. Hasselm ann, is a speciali st for women and childre n. HASTI NGS, W. H. -

Bll,sine ssman; directxn ', Luzon Stevedo ring Co ., I nc.; di'rectoT, Minerais and Metals, Inc.; res .~ 121 Sociego, Sampal oc, Manila ; tel. 6-77-79 .

HAUSA MANN , H . Ce;rtified Public Accountan t; re8., 47 San Lu,is, Pasay, Rizal;

tel. 5-1fI-lB .

HATA, H. -

Bu.sine ssman; 1路es., 913 Nebraska, Malate, Manila ; tel. 5-44-29.

HAUSE R, Kaethe -

Owner and Direcflress, Kaethe Hauser School of Creativ e Dancin g and Body Culture , 520 San Marcelino, tel. 5-56-08 ; res., 210 Dewey BO'ltlevard, Ermita , Manila ; tel. 5-48-37 .

Mrs. Kaethe Hauser , Europe an dance artist, came to the Philipp ines in 1934. She

has since her arrival in Manila , devoted herself to teachin g creativ e dancin g and body culture , and has been success ful in h er school work. HAUSM AN, Louis M. -

Engine er and Businessman.; preside nt and manag er, L. M. Hausm an & Co. (Mach~'nery); 1'es., 260 Park Avenue , Pasay, Rizal,

Born in San Francis co, Califor nia, U.S.A., on Novem ber 10, 1889; so n of S. H ausma n and Hattie Samuel s; gradua ted with t he d egree of M.E., Univ. of Califor nia, and was Consul tin g Engine er, San Franci sco, Cal., 1913-1 6; came to the Phililpp in es, in 1917; worked for the P ac ific Comme rcial Co ., as head of the engine eri ng and machin ery departme nt, 1917-2 2; and organiz ed' L . M. Hausm an & Co., in 1922, and publish ed his "Philip pine Machin ery Journa l" in 1930. He was vice-pr esident of the Rotary Club, and is a Mason , an d m ember of the Elks Club, ManHa Polo Club, Manila Yacht Club, and other technic al and social organiz ations. HAUSS ERMA NN, FranciS ' O. -

Vice-Pr esident and asst. genM'al manag er, Benguet Consol idated Mining Co., Balatoc Mining Co ., and vice-pr esident , North Luzon Power Co. ; ollice, 610 Nat1! City Bank B ldg., t el. 2-.17-56 ; res., 812 In diana, Malate , Man ila; tel. 5-73-42 .

HAUSS ERMA NN, John William -

Lawye r and Mining Magna te; 01lice, 610 N at11 City Bank Bldg.- tel. 2-17-56 ; res ., 146 Vito rino Mapa, Sampal oc, Manila ; tel. 6-77-14 .

Borl1l in Pierce Townsh ip, Clermo nt County , Oh io, U .S.A ., on Decemb er 14, 1867; the son of Louis C. Haussermann and Doroth y Traub Hausse rmann; gradua ted with the deg r ee of LL.B . from the Univer sity of Cincinn ati , Ohio, in 1889; private law practic e and City Attorne y, Leaven worth, Kan sas, 1889; mar'l;e d, on Feb. 12, 1896, the former Miss J essie Editli Moonli ght, of Leaven worth, Kansas; b'y whom he has two sons: Franci s 0 .. Hausse rmann, the bu sinessm an, a nd John Haussennann, the musicia n.



He came to the Philippines during the HAWKINS, Harry J. - Business Execut-ive; Spanish-American ' Varin 1898, as 2nd Lieutasst. manager, Standard Vacuum Oil Co .; enant, 20th Kan sas Volunteers, U. S . Army; res ., Cebu, Cebu. became Judge Advocate during the last months of the revolution; was City Attorney of MaBorn in Canton, Missouri, U.S ., on July nila, in 1900; Assistant Attorney General 9, 1882 ; son of L. W. Ha.wkins and Mary of the Philippines, 1902; heae! of law Anderson Hawkins; graduated as Litt.B., firm, Coudert Brothers Culver-Stockton College, 1901; teacher, Bur. until 1906, which fU'm of Educatio n, 1901-06 ; with the Philippine became H ausserrnann Constabulary, as commandi ng officer, provin& Cohn; and later secial commander, instructor, Constabulary nior partner , H ausserAcademy, and asst. supt., Infonnatiion Div" mann, Cohn & Fisher, and retired as Captain, 1917; at present, Asst. 1915; and for 32 years Manage r, Standard Vacuum Oil Co., at Cebu, manager of the BenCebu. Married to D. Bradshaw, of Canton, guet Consol idated MinMissouri, on September 25, 1911; and has ing Compan y and the three children: IS3.bel, Harry, and Robert. Balatoc Mining ComCapt. Hawkins is a member of the Anny pany. J. W. Haussermann & Navy Club, and United Service. Judge H a ussermann was a member of the board of directors of the Philippine Drug Co., Manila Hume HAWKINS, Ralph G. - Newspaperman and Mining Exec;u,tive; managmg editor, Khaki Pipe and Tile Co., Peoples Bank and Trust .Co., Peoples Bank and Invesbnent Co., and Red M ugazine; managing director, SuAmerican Chamber of Commerce and United yoc Bauko Mttz-ing Co .; res ., 130S-A Taft States 'C hamber of Commerce; now, presAvenue, Malate , Manila. ident and gen eral manager, Benguet ConBorn in Piat, Cagayan, on Sept. 7, 190 4; solidated Mining Co . and the Balatoc Minthe so n of William H awkins and Esperanza ing Co. j pres ident a nd directol', P eoples Gannaban Hawkins; gra:d uated as LL.B., Bank and T rust Co. j president, Chamber University of the Philippines, 1929 j reporter, of Mines ; president and directol', Baguio Philippines Herald, 1923-31; editor and manChamber of Commerce; president, North ager, Khaki and Red, 1929-37; sports editor, Luzon Power Co. ; member, board of trustees, Manila Daily Bulletin, 1931~37; asso. ed itor, Far Eastern Affairs Magazine; contributing Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; editor, Sports Review; mmmg director, member, na,ltional committee, Y.M.C.A. ; direcSuyoc-Bauko Mining Co., Inc. ; and member, tor, Pennsylvania Oil Co, of the Philippines, Bd. of Dirs., San Andres Mining Co., and Inc.; a<nd al so member, Ven. Council of the Licuan Mining Co. He mallled, on Sept. 20, 1926, the fonner Miss Carmen Carl, of Ma· Mil. Order of the Carabao, Knights Templar, lJ'li1a, by whom he has two daughters at presModern W'oodmen of America, Veterans of ent: Dorothy and Gertrude. He is a member Foreign Wars, Rotary, Almy & Navy, Un.i.vof the Manila Press Club and the Gridiron €nsity, Baguio Country, Wack Wack Golf, Clu b. Manila, Manila Polo, Congressional (Ohio), CilllCinnati (Ohi o), University (Ohio), and HA \VTHORNE, Samuel R - President and other Clubs. Mason. A lover of music and Gene1'al Manage1', Hamilton B'rown Shoe an advocate of social justice. St01'C, I nc.; res ., .19-A Boulevard Apa1·tments, Malate, Manila. HAW E . HENG _ MeTchant; importer and A native of Missouri; obtained his educa. exporter; office, 1101 San Fe1-nando, San tion in t he public schools of St. Louis; came to Nicolas, Manila ; tel. 4-88-87 .



th e Philippines i n Augu st, 1919 j at present Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, member of t he Scottish R i t . Bodies, York R i t e Bodies, Elks Club, Army and Na vy Clu b, University' Club, Manila Yacht Club, Wack Wack Golf & Country Sam . R. Hawthorn e Club, Baguio Countr y Club and Rotary Cl ub ; and President and General Manager, Ham il ton Brown Sh oe Store, I nc" Mani la, Philipp ines.

May, Mary Lee and Grace ; obtained h is degrees of Bachelor of Arts from the Marysville College, Tennessee, in 1913, an d Maste r of Arts from t h e Un iversity of Oklahoma, in 1923 ; was connected with t h e U.S . Census Bureau from 1 910 to 1 912; became a classl'oom tea cher, 1916-1920, Phili ppines; Principal of High School, 1923-1929; and Division Superintendent of Schools, Boh ol, 1930, to the present time. H e is a Republican by po li tical a ffil iation, and a Presbyt eria n by re ligion .


HEAD, Hal Co . - Major, ChoJp lain, U. S . A rmy ; reB., For t Stotsenburg, Pampanga.

HAYES , Very Rev. James T . G . -

0/ Cagayan ; res ., Cagayan, Oriental Mi-

L wwye'l'j Deputy Clerk, Sup-r eme Cou,路t of the Phi lippines; r es., J42 Beatell'"io, Intramur os, Manila ; tel. 2-35-92.

HAZ A N-A S, Manu e l M. de -

samis. Born in New York, U .S.A. , on F eb. 11, 1889; son of J oh n Hayes a nd Elizabeth Gibbons Hayes; graduated f r om St. Fra ncis Xavier College, N.Y. City, 1907; A.B., W oodstock (Md) College ; A.M. , 1923; t ook p ostgra duate course an d graduated fr om Tr onchiennes, Belgi um, 1 926. H e w as inst ruct or at Regis High School, N .Y. City, 191 4-18 ; professor of E ngl ish, Lati n, Greek, a nd mathematics, Boston College, 191 8-1 9; orda ined priest, R . C. Ch. ; was dean of discipline, Fordham University, 1 923-25 ; mi ssionary superior of J es uits, Mindanao, 192730; superior of J esuits in the Philipp ines, 193 0-33; an d Bishop of Cagayan, Mi ndanao, since 1933 .

M. A. Manager, Manila Polo Club ; res., 26 Naushon R oad, Pasay. Rizal; tel. 5-13-58.


Acting P>:esident, Squi'res, Bingham Co .; res ., Paranaque, Rizal.

HAYGOOD, Mr.. C. E. -

HAYN ES, Alb e rt -

Division Superintenden t

0/ Schools; res., Tagbilwran, B ahol. Born in Talford, Tennessee, U .S.A., on J anuary 30, 1887; son of J ohn Hayn es and Emma Haynes ; marr ied to Enriqueta A. H aynes by whom h e !ha s three childr en: Vera

H E A D INGTON, John L . -

Business Execu-

tive; vice-president and general man!Lger, Philip pine Button Corporation; res., 411 San A ntonio, Paca, Manila; tel. 5-74 -77. Born in Mount Ver non , Ohio, on March 29, 1879 ; educated in the K enyo n College, Gambier, Ohi o, a nd in th e E astman Business Instit ute at Poughkeepsie, New Yor kj cam e to the Philippines as a n enlist ed man, Signal Corps, U. S, Anny, on J une 26, 18 99; was made a Ca ptain ; twic e decorated for bravery ; and was later conn ect e d with the Bureau of Civil SeTvice, 1902-15 j served successively as tr ea surer, Man ila Trading & Supply Co. , Yangco, Ro senstock & Co., an d the San J uan H e ights Co., 1918-22; an d is now the vicepresiden t and genera l manager, Phi'l ippin e Button Corporation; treas ur er, Am el;can Chamber of Commerce of the P hilippine Isla nds ; and member, D emocr atic T errit01;a.} Central Committee of the Phili ppines.

President and General Manage'}', H eald L umber Co .; mem:be?', Baguio Chamb er 0/ Comme1'ce; '}路es., Militar y Cut Off, Baguio , Mountain Province. (See pictu re on page 1559.)

HE ALD, H e rber t C. -

Chief, mineral lands ooncession sect1"on, Bureau 0/ Min es j res ., 1 8 0 Sandeias, Pa say, Rizal.

HEBRON, Roque E. -


HECHANOVA, Dr. Manuel V. - Physician and Surgeon; P7"esident, Hechanova & Co., Inc; 'res., Iloilo, Iloilo.

Born in J aro, Iloilo, on December 21, 1898j educated in the Ateneo de Manila and the University of Santo Tomas where, respectively, he received his degrees of A.B . (1918) and M.D . (1924); was a member of Jaro Municipal Council for four telmSj and fro111 1932 to date he has been the general ma:nagel' and secretary treasurer of the Negros Navigation Co., Inc.; president and cruef stockholder M . V. Bechanova of the H'echanova & Co., Inc.; president, JaTo Express, Inc.j and director, Securities & Investment Corporation of Talisay, Oriental Negros. He was president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Ilo'iUo, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus. HEILBRONN, Joseph P . Businessmara and P'roprietor j president, J . P. H eilbronn Company; res., 20J,.8 Robert, Pasay, Rizal;

tel. 5-19-14. Born in a small town near Wiesbaden, Germany, where h e obtained his early education j from there he went to Breslau, and then to Berlin, Germany, and finally to the United States, where he secured a position with J. E. Lind e & Co. at New York, for a year, and mo;ved to Chicago and work ed for Bradner, J. P. Heilbronn Smith & Co., and then w ent to the Pacific Coast and engaged in paper m an ufactudng with the '楼illamette Paper Co. of Oregon. I t was in San Francisco, CaL, where as member of the Nati~~al Guard he enlisted for service in the Philippines follo'\ving the call of President Mc-


Kinley, arriving at Manil<1t ,on June 30, 1898, with Col. James F. Smith, who became a gOY路 ernor-general of the Philippines later. After hi s regiment was disbanded in San Francisco, California, he returned to the Islands in 1902, and worked with Schmidt & Zieglel', 1902-09; and on July 1, 1909, he started his own business which bears his name, which has grown and become the leading paper company in the Philippines. He manied, on January 19, 1914, the former Miss Charlotte E. Klopp, of Brooklyn, New York. He is also a stockholder and vice-president of the Peoples Bank and TlllSt Co.; director, Philippine Paper Products Co., Inc.; vice department commander, Colonel John M. Stotsenburg Camp No.2; director, American Guardian ASSOCiation, Inc. ; Associated Charities of Manila; trustee, Far Elast Commandery No. 1, and also president of the Philippine American Drug Co. HEILBRONN, Mrs. J05. P. - Member, Young Women's C/Yristian Associaticn; directress, Wo'rnen's Club of Manila; res., 2048 Robe,路tJ Pa,ay, Rizal; tel. 5-19-14 . HELLIES, H. Dean Vice-P'resident and Treasurer, S1JenCer, Kellog & Sons (Philippine), Inc.; 1路es., Tomas Claudio, Pandacan, Manila; tel. 6-76-18. HEM, W. Business Executive; general -ntanager, Uy Tit & Co.; res., 65 Roswno, Binondo, M.anila. HEMADY, K. H. Business Executive; 1)I'esident and general manager, Juan Ysmael & Co., Inc.; res., 20 Broadway, New Manila, S(I,n Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-87-25 (Picture on page 1560.)


Mr. Hemady is also the president of the Magdalena Estate, Inc.; manager, New Manila; and president, United Brokers Corporation. HEN ARES, Hilarh,n G. - M. E. and Businessman; res ., 824 Singalong, Malate, Ma.nila,; tel. 5-44-17.



Physician and Surgeon; res., Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

HENARES, Dr. Pedro G. -

Born in Bacolod. Negros Occidental, on Feb. 22, 1890; the son of Mateo Henares and Paula Gensole; completed his elementary and high school courses in B a colo d public schools and Rizal Institute, and graduated from the University of the Philippines with the degree of M.D., in 1915. He was president, first sanitalY '----division, Negros OcPedro G. HE"nnres cidental, 1915-20 j and since 1920 he has been engaged in private med'ical practice. He married the fonner Miss Josefina Tinsay.

Busine88man; .,.es., V. L. Gonzaga St. , Bacolod, Negros Occidental.



Association ; ''te8., za,l; tel. 5-17-06.

Member, Manila, Pilots' Sandeias, Pasay, Ri-


F. C. Businessman; executive, PO/l'amount Films of Philippines, Inc. ; res., 4. Sunset Court, Paraiiaque, Rizal; tel. 5-15-21,.


(Miss) Do1ore. - Assistant Professor in Pianr., Conservatory 0/ Music, University of the Philippines; res., 1608 Taft Ave., Mala,te, Manila,; tel. 5-48-72.


HERAS, Leon M. -

BUJJinessman; membe'l' of th" firm and manager, Genato & Co., Ltd... di1'ect01', Asociacion de P1'opieta1'ios de Manila; re8., J.609 Taft Avenue. Malate, Manila; tel. 5-1,8-72. (Picture on page 1560.) Cashier, Ro'Xas y Cia.; 1路es., 716 San Mwrcelino, Paco, Manila, tel .

HEREDIA, Paul 5-57-88.

Born in Manila on March 7, 1912; son of Jose Heredia and Berthe (Hou nnont) Heredia; graduated with the degree of B.C.S. from De La Salle College, 1932.

Businessman; pre8ident and general manager, WestM-n Telephone Co., Inc. (Radio dealers and Elecwical Supply); office: 514 Misericordia, Manila; tel. 2-14-58; res., 933 PimagbOirilan, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-J8-70.

HERMAN, Henry -

PhY8ician and Surgeon; res ., Sibonga, Cebu,

HERMOSISIMA, Dr. Panta leon G . -

Born in Sibonga., Cebu, on Ju路ly 27, 1902; son of E steban Hermosisima and Basilia Gonzaga; married j educated in the Sibonga Elementary School, the Cebu High Sqhool, Cebu Junior College, Univ. of the Philippines, and College of Medicine, same university, graduating with the degree of M.D. from the named institution. A Roman Catholic. Ballao Catt!", Owner and Farme1'" Former Municipal President; res., Bm'rio Quimpal, Lagangilang, AbTa.


Born in La路 gangilang, Abra , 1898. Married. After finishing hi s studies in the public schools of hls home town, he became a fanner, devoting his time more specially t 0 cattle raising. Ballao Hermosa He was elected to the office of Municipal President of Lagangilang for a term. At present he owns the biggest cattle ranch in the northern provinces of Luzon, and is one of the prosperous farmers in Abra. A Roman Catholic by religion. Marco. Manager, Herrrwso Hermanos. and member, Meycauayan Instit"te; office: 804 Chtgpin, Manila; tel. 4-73-51 .. res ., Meycauayan, Bulacan.


Mr. Hermoso is also the owner of the cinematograph in Meycauayan, Bulacan. and has hi s office at above address in Manila.


HERMOSO, P a tricio Branch Manage1', Aboitiz & Co., Inc.; res ., 205 Ridout, San Juan, RizaL; tel. 6-82-51.

Businessman j mana.ging pa'1"tner, Hermoso Bro-thers; president, Boa"rd of Trus tees, Meycauayan Institute; "'es., Meycauayan, Bulacan.

HERMOSO, Vieente -

Born in, Meycauayan, Bulacan, on January 20, 1895; the son of Agaton Hermosa and Victoria Llamado; married to the former Miss Concepcion Ahorro, by whom he has five children: Cor neliO, Alberto. Violeta, Lilia, and Vicente, J r. After completing hi s elementary and secondary education in his homet own , he en· Vicente Hermoso tered t he University of the Philipp ines, whel'e he graduated with the degree of BachelOl· of Science in Business Administra t ion. Mr. Hermoso is a pioneer in modern methods of tanning and is co-owner of the firm, Hermoso Brothers, at Meycauayan, where the tannery is located. He has been a member of the municipal council of Meycauayan for five consecutive terms since 1925 up to the present; president of the board of trustees of the Meycauayan Institute; president of the P arents-Teachers Association of Meycauayan, Bulacan; honorary vice-president of the Manila Music Lovers Society- headed by Alfredo Lozano, and vice-president of the Philippine Footwear Association, Inc. HERMOS'URA, Orestes - Director, Plaridel T emple Association; 'res., 1445 M-ise1'ico1·dia. S ta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2·52-44.

l-IERNAEZ, Ernesto -

Businessman; 'res .,

712 Geo'rgia, Malate, Manila.

HERNAE Z, Julian H, -

1791 Lawyer; res., Bar-

colod, Negros Occidental. Born in Talisay, Negros Occidental, on September 24, 1899; son of Domingo Hernaez and Consuelo Hernandez; married to the former Miss Aida Kilayko; graduated with the degree of B. A. from San Juan de Letran. College 111 1918, and LL.B. from the Univ. of the Philippines, in 1922, having passed the bar examinations the same year. He was a private sec... retary to the late SenJulian B. Bernae:r; ator Jose Ma. Anoyo; partner of the law firm, Olan & Hernaez, at Bacolod; secretary, Occidental Ne,g-ros Ea'r Assn.; and member, Occidental Negros Tennis Association. A Roman Catholic by religion.


HERNAEZ, Maurieio A. ProprietvJr and Bu.sinessman ; ex-Municipal P1·esident; ,·es., Piddig, Ilocos Norte.

Born in Piddig, Ilocos Norte, on September 22, 1886 j the son of Bonifacio Hernaez and Casiana Aquino. He worked as messenger at the Municipal Treasurer's office of Piddig for three years; was barrio lieutenant for four years; served as chief of police for 10 years; a member of the municipal council of Piddig for one year; acted as municipal president for a year and a half; elected Municipal President of Piddig on June 2, 1928; and was re-elected to same office in 1931, and again in 1934, serving his third term of office un.til December I , 1937. Piddig, un· del' his administration as municipal president, received sever al improvements, such as the erection of the Jose Rizal monument, opening of the public market, building of new schools and the repairs of old ones, improvement of roads, repairs of streets and construction of culverts. A nursery in the barrio of Tangaoan ,'tas also opened up during his term of office. He is noW the president of Piddig-BarasanSinaligan Mining Exploration.



HERNAEZ, Pedro C. - Lawyer, Businessman, and SugOff' Estate Owner; Assemblyman. /,rqm the 2nd District 0/ Negros Occidental; 1'e8., Bacolod, Ne{fY'os Occidental.

is a member Born in Taof the Cenielisa y, Negros deraci6n de Occidenta l, on Azucareros y December 12, A g r icuitores 1899, He is de Cana Dulthe son of Roce, sendo Hern aez In 1934, he and Teofila was elected ConIu, MarDelegate to ried to the the ConstitufOlmer Miss tional ConvenEne a rnacion tion from the de la Rama of second district Bacolod, a 5i5tel' of Mrs. of N egt'Os OcRafael AluIn cidentaL nan. Th e y the Convenh ave two tion he was daughters, Cemember of the cilia and Celiconunilttees on na. He was Official Laneducated in guage, AgricAssemblYman Pedr o C. Hernae:l; of Negros Occiden tal the public ultural Develschools of 'I'alisay a nd San Agu stin College opment, and Nationalization and Conserva路 of Iloilo, where he compl et ed his secondary tion of Lands and Natural Resources. course. He obtained h is degrees of Bachelor In the elections of 1935, he was elected of Arts from San Ju an de Letran College, Assemblyman from the second district of Neand Bachelor of Laws f rom the Escuela de g ros Occidental. He is the chairman of the Del'echo in 1921. H e was admitted to the t ar Committee on Banks and Corporations and the same year. m ember of the Commission on Impeachment Practiced law in Man ila f or a short while, and member of the committees on Agriculture, after which he moved to h is native province Franchises and Ways and Means. where he continued his law practice, and enengaged in an extensive production of sugar. For three years he wa s P resident of the Talisay-Silay Sugar P la nters Association, and

Assemblyman Hel~naez is a Nationalist by political affiliation, and a group leader in the National Assembly,

Journalist, Author, and P oet; editor , Mabuhay (Tagawg Daily N ewpaper) .. president, Pwrnasong Tagalog (an association fo'l' the dev elopmen t of the T agawg language); and foun der an d president, K alipunan n g mga Makata (a federation of poets) .. 1路es., 200 W . Pamtpanga St., Tondo. Manila; t el. 4-84-61.

Mr. Amado V. Hernandez, the son of t he late Juan Hernandez and Clara Vera, was born in Tondo, Manila, on Sept. 13, 1903. He completed his elementary course in the Tondo Primary and Intennediate Schools in ] 918, and his secondary education in the Manila High School, in 1922, He t hen studied stenography and typewriting in the Gregg 'Bus iness College, and later on took a corres-

H ERNANDEZ, A ma do V, -


pondence course in Journalism with one of the leading correspondence schools of New York. Since he was barely fifteen years old, he has a lready shown hisl inbor n inclination in litera r y arts; so much so that he joiifled sever al associations and became P re5ident of the IIP ar nasong Tagalog" since 1924, and began hi s newspaper work as a reporter for A mado V. Hernandez the W atawat, a Tagalog morning paper, wruch was cha nged to Pagkalcaisa in 1926, and now, the Mabuhay. He was appointed editor of the S ampaguita, a vernacular weekly, and at the same t ime city editor, and then editor, of Ma~ buhay since 1934. Mr . H ern andez was declared the No. 1 Tagalog poet in 1925; is considered the best r a di o a n d stage declaimer in Tagalog; has a collection of more than 20 prizes in literary contests; was also declared No. 1 short stor y writer in Tagalog in 1931, and his st or y, "Wala Nang Lunas," was awarded the Zamora and Tambunting medals. He recen tly declined an offer to play the leading role in the film adaptation of HFlorante at Laura." H e is a member of the Tagalog Academy, vice-president of the flAklatang Bayan," m ember of the lIHaw at Panitik", Gridiron Club, and Manila Press Club. HERNANDEZ, Andres Provincial Govern01" of CClI1'1WIr'i.nes SU1'; 1'es_, Naga, Camlll-

1'ines StU"_ Physician and SW'geon; office, 607 Tayuman, Tondo. Manila; tel. 2- 94-83; 1-es., 8ame add1·ess.

HERNANDEZ , Dr. Antonio G. -

R ese1've Officc1', P hilippine A1-my; res., 581 Pennsylvania Ave., M alate, Mamila; tel. 5-46-21.

HERNANDEZ , Basilio -

(Miss) Basilisa Propl'iet1"eSS, I deal Fashion Academy; res., 513 Z wrbaran, Santa Cruz, Manil'a ; tel. 2-74-J1,.



Member, Provincial Board of AntJique; address, San Jose, Antique.

HERNANDEZ, Berna r d ino -

HERNANDEZ. Dr. Carlos Dent'ist; Asst. Chief Clerk, City Police Depa;rt:ment; res., 2656 Rizal Ave. Extension, Manila.

Born in Tondo, Manila, on November 4, 1899 j son of Gil Hernandez and Eduarda Santos; married to the former Miss Pilar Barbaza, of Manila, by whom he has six children: Azucena, Jesus, Carlos Jr., Alfredo, Zeni and Corazon; fin,-ished commercial high school, studied law in the Philippine Law School, and took up the study of dentistry at the Philippine Dental College where he graduated with the degree of Doctor of Den· tal Surgery in 1930; he L has been in the govern· Carlos Hernandez ment service for twenty one years, working as stenographer to the Assistant Director of Education, stenographer to the Assistant Director of Agriculture, secretary-stenographer to the Chief of Staff, Philippine Constabulary, stenographer of the Alien Property Custodian during the World War, 1917·18; and at present Assistant Chief Clerk, Police Department, City of Manila. PhCllr1nacistj propriefJress, H ernandez Pharrnacy; ?·es., .172 Maria Cla?'a, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2·71-81.

HERNANDEZ, (Miss) Catalina D. -

Oayetano Physician £1",d Surgeon; District Health Officer of Misamis Occidental ; headqu.arters: Oroquieta, Misam1's Occidental.


Born in Binondo, Manila, Aug. 6, 1891; the son of Macario Hernandez and Pia Bernardo; married to the former Miss Alejandra Lerma, by wJlOm he has ten children: Reynaldo, Leonor, Enrique, Aurea, Federico, Soledad, Eugenio, Alberto, Alejandra, and Leticia.



After finishing his studies in the Manila public schools, he entered the Liceo de Manila, the San Juan de Letran College, where he obtained his A.B. degree, and the University of Santo Tomas where he graduated with th e degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. Upon his graduation, he was appointed President of the Sanitary Division and Sub-District Health Officer under the Philippine Health Service. Later, he was assigned District Health Officer of Occidental Misamis, He belongs to the Na.cionalista party and is a Roman Catholi c by religion.

fhysidan and Su'rgeon; visiting physician, Saint Paul's Hospita~ St. Joseph Ho spital, and Mary Chiles Hospital; res., 490 P. Campa, Sampaloc, Manila; tel 2-54-79.

HERNANDEZ, Dr. Esta.nislao S, -

Optician; proprietor and managetr, Hernandez Optical Compan.y; res., 843 Ylaya, Tondo, Manila; tel. 1,-91,-85.

HERNANDEZ. Felino N. -

i1tSUrance Unde'l'Writer; 'I'es., 518 ZUII'barran, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-74-11,.

HERNANDEZ, Fernando -

PJuvrmacist, Pro~ prietor, and Politician; res., Daet, Canna'I'ines Norte .

HERNANDEZ, Gahriel -

BOln in Naga, Camarines Sur, on March 18, 1884; educated in the Seminario de Nueva Caceres, where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and in the Liceo dCt MaJUla, where he received his title of Phannaceutical Chem~ ist. He entered politics in 1912, when he was elected municipal councilor of Daet, then Am b




(now, Oamarines Norte); municipal president of Daet, same Gabriel Hernandez province, from 1916 to 1919 j appointed assistant census inspector,

third district, 1918; and elected Representative to the Philippine Legislature from Camarines Norte, 1919-22. In the general elections of June, 1934, he was again elected Representative from said province, which position he held up to the inauguration of the Government of the Conunonwealth of the Philippines on November 15, 1935. He is married j a Pharmacist by profess ion; a Nationalist by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Lawyer, Prop1'ietor, an.d Politician; P'Tovincial Governor of Capiz; 'res., Capiz, Capiz.

HERNANDEZ, Gabriel K. -

Born in Capiz, Capiz, on Sept. 5, 1904; son of Jose Hernandez and Josefa Acuna; completed his elementary and secondary education in th.te pub-lie schools of his home province; obtained his A.A. title from the National University and his LL.B . degree from the Philip• pine Law Schoo·l, same Gabriel K. Hernandez. university, and took the bar examinat'ions in 1930. He was appointed municipal councilor o·f Capiz, Capiz, in 1930, and elected to the same "ffice in 1931. In the general elections of June, 1934, he was elected Provincial Governor of Capiz at the age of 28 years, and re-elected to the same office on December 14, 1937. He is a Na~ionalist by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.


Lawyer and Accountant; Auditor Gene1'al of the Philippinesj res., 101 Syquia, Santa Ana Subdivision, Santa Ana, Manila.


Born in Libmanan, Camarines Sur, on July 7, 1892; son of Leon Hernandez and Dolores Hernandez i educated in the public schoo ls of his hometown and then in the Provincial High SchoOl of Naga; took and passed the Second Grade (English) examination of the Bureau of Civil Service and was appointed a clerk in the Bureau of Audits in June, 1911. He then enrolled in the Philippine School of Commerce where


he s tudied bookkeep ing and stenography, and passed the bookkeeper's examination. He was appointed Deputy District Auditor for Capi z, and was made n istrict Auditor of Albay in 1916, and wa s su bsequently transf erred to Cebu, and then to Pangasinan, a nd was called to Ma.njla in 1922 when he was promoted to the pos it ion of Assistant Manage r of the Department of Railroads and Industries. I n 1 925 Jai me Hernan dez he was made Assistant Ma nager of the Department of Provincial and Municipal Audits, of which he became the Manager later. On J uly 23, 1931, he was appointed Depu ty I nsular Auditor of the Philippine I slan ds by PJ.'esident Hoover, and in 1935 he w a s aPP Ointed General Auditor of the Philippines by P resident Manuel L. Quezon of the Commonwealth of the Philippines,

Pr ofessor of Philoso phy and Letters and Education, College of Liber al A?,ts, Univel'sity of Santo Tomas,. res., 106 N. Domingo, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-88-68.


HERNANDEZ, J uan A . Captain, Regula,路 P hilip pine Army,. aide-de-camp to lWajol' General J ose de los Reyes and Assistant E xe cutive Office?' of the Constabuiwry; ?'es., 827 Cristina, Sampaloc, Manila; tel,


tions. H e graduated from said institution as Music Teacher in Science and Composition, and obta ined his Baehelor of Music degree, in 1933. H e is also a Bachelor of Arts. Manuel Inspecto?' and 111embel', Permanent Board of Marine Inqui?'y, Bureau of Cusf:loms res., 57.1 Peiia /1'ancia, Paco, Manila.


HERNANDEZ, Dr. Manue l A . PhYSician and S1I"rgeon; office, 298 San Anton, Sam-

paloc, Maniia; tel. 28284. (See also p. 1210) Lawye1' and Bu.siness Executive; vice-president and manager, A. C, Ransom Philippine Corporaticm (dealers in inks and printers' supplies),. office: 717 F. T01'res, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-18-96,. res., Paranaque, Ri. zal.

HERNANDEZ, Max imo C. -

Born in Pal'afiaque, Rizal, on June 2, 1898; son of Jacinto Hernandez and Maria Cornelio; m2.rried to Rosario Cruz; educated in the public schools where he finished his elementary and secondary courses, an d in the University of the Philippines, where he obta ined his A.A. title in 1924, and his LL.B. degree in 1929, having been admitted to the Bar in 1929. He was a stenographer and, later, a second lieutenant, Philippine National Guard, 1918-19. He is a member of Muog Lodge, No. 89, of the F. & A.M., and a Nationalist by political affiliation. He organized the A. C. Ransom Philippine Corporation, of which he is a stockholder, vice president, and manager.

2.5J -96 .

Ag ust in Captain, Manila City Police : assistant C{}mmanding officer, Luneta Police Station,. res., 462 P . Villanueva, Pasay, Rizal.


Composer, Condu cto?', and Music Instructa?'; instructor in science and composition, Conservatory of Mu sic, UnivB-nity of the Philippines; ?路es., 66 Gastambide, Smnpaloc, !vI anila.

HERNANDEZ, Juan S. de -

Prof. Juan S. de Hernandez, one of the oldest inst r uctors of the state conservatory of music, is a well-known composer and conduct or. He is the author of the zarzuelas: Minda, IMks o ng Dugo, Puso ng Isang PiUpina, Gua?'dia Naciono.l, and other composi-

E r nes t o P. Businessman; p1'esident, Hernando Bros. Company .. ?路es., 624 Evangelista, Quiapo, Manila.


Physician ; Director, Bureau of H ealth,. res ., 2.11 Sa?1 Antonio, Paco, Manila; tel. 5-46 -73.

HERNA NDO, Dr, Euge nio -



CllWk of Court, seventh judicial district, COU'l'ts 0/ First Instance; 'res., Dumaguete, Neg'ros Oriental.


Physician and Surgeon; Saint Luke's Hospital; res., 499 Y laya, Tondo, Manila; tel. 4-71-89.

HERNANDO, Dr. Teodoro M. -

General Manager, Heald LumJber Company ; res., Baguio, Mt. P'rovince; P.O. Box 99.

HE ROLD, Elmer W. -

Born in Bridgeport, Wisconsin, U.S., on F eb. 16, 1893; son of J ohn H erold and Nellie Ferrell Herold; graduated as B.S. from Law'rence Colleg e, Wisconsin, 1917; 2nd lieutenant, Tank Corps, 1917- 19 ; head, Science Dept., Kewanee High School, Ill., 1919.22; connected with the Bureau of Education, 1922-27 j master mechanic, Heald Lumber Co., 1927-36, and general manager, since 1936. He wrote and published the Civic Science in Home and Country, in 1926. Married to the former Miss Ethel Thomas, of Potosi, Wisconsin, He is' a Mason and member of the Baguio of Commerce, Baguio Country Club, and other organizations.

Physician and Surgeon; medical officer, technical w or kers, Bureau of Public W elfare ; res., 2206 A v e. Rizal, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

HERRERA, Dr. Alfredo S. -

HERRE RA, Dr. Florentino - Physician and Surgeon; office, 1268 Tuberias, Quiapo, Ma>nila; tel. 2-55-76; res., 1 2 64 Tuberias, Quiapo, Manila; teL 2-56-76.

Physician and Surgeon ; Municipal Mayor of Balanga, Bataam.; res" Balanga, Bataan. Dr. Herrera was ejected Municipal Mayor of Balanga, the c'a pital of Bataan province, in the general elections held December 14, 1937. HERRE RA, Dr. Mariano B. -

Businessman,. member, Municipal Board 0/ Manila ; r es. , 960 FolguetraS, Tondo, Manila.

HERRERA, Mateo -

Born in Manila on Sept. 21, 1891; son of Rafael Herrera and Rob erta Domingo

Herrera; graduated with the degree of B.A., Liceo de Manila, in 1908. He married the former Miss Sotera Francisco. Councilor Hen'era was president of the municipal board of Man'ilar in 1937, and was re-elected to his present office as member of sand board for the third time on Dec. 14, 1937. He is a Nacionalista "Pro" by political affHiation, and a Roman Catholic by religion. He is also the president of the Hen'era General Transportation Co., Inc., located at Dasmariiias and Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila. He was one of the first organizers of the National Volunteers of the Philippines and first Chief Finance Officer and Chief Quartermaster of said semi-military organization, wit h the rank of Colonel, in 1932.

Assistant City Assessor, Depa'l'tment of Assessment, City 0/ Manila; grand secretwry general, Supremo Comejo del (h'ado 38 pO/l'a Filipinas; gran maeswo, G,.,.an Logia Naciunal de Filipinas j res., 189 Zabala, Tondo, Manila; tel.

HERRERA, Pablo B. -

4-89-1 9 .

Certified Public Accountalnt; member, Lakandola Lodge of Perfection ; res., 134 Nepomuceno, Tondo, Manila; tel. 4-94-78.

HERRERA, Potenciano

Dr. Toribio Physician and Surgeonj 'I路es., 433 Padre Herrera, Tondo, Manila; tel. 4-73-99.


Physician antl Surgeon; secretary, Manila Jockey Club; office, 209 Kneedl." Bldg., COJr'I"iedo, Sta. Cruz, Manila, tel. 2-25-94; res., 1963 Felix Huertas, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-'70-8~.

HERRERO, Dr. Salustiano

Certified Accountant, Henry Hunter Bayne & Co., Chartered Accountants - P.O. Box 589; office, 228 NaUonal City Bank Bldg., Juan Luna, Binorndo; tel. 2-19-68; res., 880 LOrmayan, Santa Ana, Manilaj tel. 5-74-88.

HERRIDGE, Jame, Ruuell -

Mr. Hen-i.dge is also the treasurer of the Developmen.ts, Inc., and vice-president of the Nomads Sports Club.


HERRING, Ha rry T. Colonel; manageT, U. S. Veterans Administration; ,路es., 9 Villama?" Court, Para,1aque, Rizal; tel. 5-21~68. HERRMANN, Raf. - Linguist, Violin Instructor; member of the faculty, Manila Conservatory of Music; res ., 1078 R . Hidalgo, Quiapo, Manila.

Dr. H er rmann was th e fim head of the local NA ZI organizaton in the Ph ilippines, and is a Doctor bf Philosophy, a linguist and a mu sician. He is the head of the violin depart m ent and instructor in English, French and German languages, Manila Conservatory of Music, I nc., founded by Prof. Rodolfo R Cornejo, Mus.B. and Mus.M. HERV AS , Rev. Ce lso - Parish Priest, Diocese of JatrO; res., Cabatuam, Iloilo. HERVAS, E liseo - Lawyer and Newspaperm an; ,路es., 17 Izna1路t, Iloilo, Iwilo.

Born in Malo, Iloilo, on June 14, 1890; educated in t he InstUtuto de Molo, lioilo, where he graduated as Ba chelo r of Science and L et ters ; attended the University of Sto. Tomas, Man ila, where he obtained his B.A. degree in 1909, Ph.B. in 1913, a nd LL.B. in 1915, and passed the ba r examinations the nex t year . He was Edit or of El Adalia, of Iloilo, and of the deEJjseo Hervas fun ct El I deal, official or ga n of t he N acionalista Party published in Manila several years ago. Atty. H ervas was also instru ctor and, lat~r, Head of t he Spanish Department of the Umversity of the Philippines u p to 1923, when he re stO'ned to engage in private law practIce. H e i s a mem ber of the Academia HispanoAm ericana and other literary associations. HESS, Jr., Carl _ Stock Broker; president, H ess & Z eitlin, Inc.; vice-president, Salacot Minin g Co.; and member, Manila Stock


Exchange; office , 108 Crtjstal Arcade; tel. 2-32-74; res., 1188 Can'olina, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-69-84. (Picture on page 1560.) Assistant Financial Adviser, Office of the U. S. High Commissioner to the Philippines; res., 204 San Luis, Ermita, Manila; tel. 2-58-12.

HESTER, Eve tt Dorrell -

Born in Capron, Illinois, U. S., on May 25, 1893; son of Evett Knight Hester and Mary Goodwin Hester ; graduated with t he degree of B.A. from the Northwestern University, 1914; high school teacber, Bureau of Educaltion, and professor of economics, Univ. of the Philippines, 1920-25; appo inted assistant to Conunercial Attache, American Embassy, Madrid, 1926-29 ; American Trade Commission, Manila, and member, advisory staff, office of th e Governor-General, 193035; and Assistant Financial Adviser, office of the U.S. High Commissioner to the Philippines, since 1935. He is a member of the Army & Navy Club, Manila Polo Club, Ba.guio Country Club, and other organization s:.

Consul for Netherlands; p1'esident, Wise & Company, Inc.; dh'cctOT, United POffacale Mining Co. ; res ., 3 925 Taft Avenue Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-10-24 .

HEYBROEK, Ernest -

Born in Gravenland, Holland, on December 27, 1887; son of William Heybroek and C. W. van del' Vysel Heybroek; graduated with the degree of E.E. from Delft, Holland, in 1911. He is man-ied to Edna Perry, of Fergus, Ontario, Canada, and has two sons : Ernest and William. He is a member of the Manila Olub,' Manila Polo Club, Unwersity Club, Manila Boat Club and Baguio Country Club.

Businessman; office, 25 Plaza Sta. C7"llZ, Manila ; tel. 2-14-01; 1'es., SO Del Pan Avenue, Pasa,y, Rizalj tel. 5-.19-48.


MI'. Heyward is vice commodore of the Manila Yacht Club, and member, of the Democratic Territorial Central Committee of the Philippines.



Clergyman, and Educatorr; former President Emeritus, Silliman University, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental; now, in the United States .

HIBBARD, Dr. David S. -

HIDALGO, C lemen te.-" Meohanical Engineer,

Cacho & Hidalgo; member, Board of Exanwiners fol'l" M,.eolvatnical Engineer's; 'res., 1658-A Dominga, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-57-22.

Dr. Hibbard was born in Hamden, Ohio, U.S., on October 31, 1868; son of Wil-liam Sutherland and Eliza McFarland Gault }fib· bard; B.A., College of Empol;a, Kan., 1893; M.A., Princeton, 1895; grad., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1896; Ph.D., Hanover (Ind.) College, 1910; D.O., Emporia (Kansas) College, 1914; ordained Presbyterian ministry. 1896; appointed Pastor, L¥ndon, Kan., 18 96-99; evangelistic mission, Manila, 18991900, and IlOilo, 1900-01; president, Silliman Institute (now Silliman University) at Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, 1901-37; delegate to the American Missionary Conference h eld at Edinburgh, 1910, and to the Presbytel;an General Assembly, held in 1905, 1910 and 1917. He]s the author of Making a Nation, 1926, and of The First Quarter, 1927; and is ;:l. Republican by political affiliation. He marlied Laura Carthara Crooks, of Fredonia, Ran., on April 28, 1897, and his children are: Hall Livingstone, and Donald Lawrence. HIBO, Aniano - Cle'l"k, Court 0/ First Instance; 1'es., Masbate, Masbate .

Born in Casiguran, Sorsogon, May 2, 1901; the son of Eulogio Hibo and Antonia Hate; manied to tIDe former Miss Irene Fernandez, by whom he has four children: Fedel'ico, Aniano, Antonia, and Leticia. After finishing his studies in the public schools of hi s hometown, he enrolled in the Sorsogon Provincial H igh School, where he completed his secondary course. He was a clerk, office of the municipal treasurer; property clerk, district engineer's office; chief clerk, office of the Provincial Fiscal; and at present Clerk of the Court of First Instance, Masbate. He belongs to t he N acionalista Party' and is a Roman Catholic by religion. HICKEY, J. V. - Certified Accountant, Fleming & WiUiwrnsonj res., 81 -A Figueras Ave., Pasay, Rizalj tel. 5-.11 -35 .

(Mrs. ) Pilar Educator, Social Worke'r, and Woman L eader; 1·es., 168 Vito Cruz, Malate, Manila. (See LIM, Pilar



Forme?' Senator and Dirreoto1' of Non-CJ1Iristian Tribes; di1'ector, North Mindanao Mining Co., [n.o.; res., .1083 Oregon, Ermita, Manila; te l.

HIDROSOLLO, Ludovico -


Pastor, Editor, and Vice-President, Union Theological Semina1'Y; 1·es., 1702 En1'ique, Singalong Subdivision, Malate, Manila.

HIGDON, Rev. Elmer E. -

Born in Clar ence, Illinois, U.S., on Oct. 14, 1887; son of B. F. Higdon and Mary Jane Higdon; studied in the grade schoo-ls of his home town and in the preparatory department of the Eureka College, where he graduated in 1915; obtained his M.A. degree from the Yale University in 1917, and Bachelor of Div'nity (B.D.) from the Univ. of Chicago in 1930; a farmer from 1895 to 1907; a teacher from 1907 to 1908; a college student from 1908 to 1917; a salesman and a student pastor prior to his graduation. He was principal of the Bible Training School at Vigan, I1 ocos Sur, and Supervisor of field work, with faculty of Nurses Train ing School of Philippine Christian Institute (Christian H ospital), from 1917 to 1919; and was Head of the Union Theological Seminary and Pastor of Taft Avenue Church, from 1919 to 1923 ; student at t he University of Chicago, from 1923 to 1924; delegate from the Philippines to World's Sunday School Convention, Glasgow, Scotland, and to In ternational Missionary Council at J erusalem, 1928; Pastor, Taft Avenue Church, and Instructor, Theory and Practice of Preaching at Union Theological seminary; also Vice-President and for two years Acting Presiden t of the Seminary, 1925-29; graduate study, University of Chi-


cago, 1 929-30; P astor , T aft A venue Church , 1930-32 ; Associate P astor, the U nited Church of Manil a, 1932-34; pulpit minister, Cenh'al Student Church, 1934; acting pastor, Uni on Church of Manila, 1935 ; inSitructor, Union Theo logical Seminary, and President of the sam e, 1935-36. He h as cov ered almost all the provinces of the Philippines, an d is Editor of the National Clvristian Council Bulletin, a n d a uthor of " Jlesu s a n d National Aspi rations'~. From 1930 to 1 93 6, he was Executive Secretary of th e Nation a l Christian Council of the Phllippi ne I sla nd s.

Lawyer; office, Regina Bldg ., 4th Floor, Escolta ; tel. 2-84-97 .. 1路es., 1331 Pasaje Rosatrio, Paco , Manila; tel. 5-62-76.

HILADO, Carlos B. -

L awyer; office, Regina Bldg., 4th Floo?', Escolta; tel. 2-34-97; 1路es., 615-A Dakota, E?'mita, Manila.; tel.

HILADO, Em ilio Y. -


B orn in Ba col od, Negr os Occidental, on Novemb e r 1, 189 1 j the so n of Ynocentes Hilad o a nd Cirila Gamboa d e H ilad o ; m an; ed t h e fo rmer Miss Soleda d Yul o on October 2, 191 5; and has eight childre n: Em esto, E mm a, E s ter, Estrella, E milio, E nriqu eta, S erg io, a n d J esu s. He gradu ated f r om the Neg r 0 s Occ id ental H igh School in 1910, ( a nd was one of the E milio Y . B il a d() fi rst law g r aduates of t he University of the Ph ili pp ines who obta ined t h e LL.B . degr ee in 1913, having p assed t he Ba r Examinations the same year . Atty. H ilado was Auxiliary J ustice of th e P ea ce of B acolod, the cap ital of Negros Occid en tal from 1 91 7 to 1918, an d resigned f rom h~s office in order to devote his f ull attention to private law pract ice a nd to h is agr icult ul'a l interests.


Law'1jer; fonner Representative and SoUcitor-General, B ureau of Justice; res., 628 Pen1lsylvania, Malate, Manila.

HJ LADO, Serafin P . -

Born in Silay~ Negt"os Occidental, on March 17, 1890; son of Mari a n o H ilado and Dolores de Pau la Hilado; gra duated from the Pl'ovincial High School of Negros Occidental at Bacolod in 190 9 j attende d t h e Norma l School, t he Y.M.C.A. law scho ol, a n d th e College of Law, U niv. of th e P hilippines, wh e r e he obtained his LL. B. degree, and was admitted to th e practice of law in 1913. He went to the University of Mich igan as a fellow of the state university and worked for his LL.M. degr ee. Upon his r eturn to the Philippines he taught in the College of Law, U .P ., for some time until 1 917, when he l'esign.ed to engage himself in the practice of his profession. He was elected Representative from the first district of NegTos Occidental in the general elections of 1922 , and re-elected to t h e same office in 1925, having servea in the P h ilippine Legislature from 1922 to 1928. In 1929 he was appointed Judge of the Court of First Instan ce. but he was made Director of the B ureau of Lands the same year ; and, on Febru ary II , 1933, he was appointed Solicitor General of the Philippines. from which position h e r esigned in 19~6 to engage himself in law practice and in mining busine~s. He was vice-president and investment man ager of the U nion Management Company, member of International Stock Exchange, and director of Malayan Exploration and Promotion Co. Vicente- Lawyerj office, 316 Pe rez-Samanillo Bldg., Escolta, Binondo, Manilaj tel. 2-87-47.


Lawyer; Judge, firs t judicial distrrict, COU1路ts of Fi1'st Instance ; res., Tuguegarao, (;agayan.

HILARIO, Ce ferin o -

Born in Sa n August 21, 1888; rio and Mar tina condary education

Fernand o, P a m panga , on th e s on of Tiburcio HilaDavid; completed his sein the Licea de Manila.,



in 1904, and obtained his A.B. degree from He studied same institution, in 1909. la \V and passed the bar examinations in 1919. Prior to his appointment on February 1, 1933, as Judge of t he Court of First Instance, he served a s municipal councilor of Bacolor. Parnpanga, from 1909 to 1912, and as municipal councilor of San Fer nando, the capital of t he province, eeCerino Hilario from 1912 to 1916. In the gener al elections of 1925, he was elected Represen.tative to the Philippine Legislature from t he second district of Pampanga. Ju dge Hilario is married to Ursula Dizon and has seven children. He is a member of the Pampanga L odge No. 48.

University of Sto. Tomas; and M.D. from the University of the Philippines, in 1911, and was licensed to practice medicine and surgery the same year. He is professor of pathology and dermatology & syphilology, and head of the department of pathology, University of Santo Tomas; member of the Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico, and Journal Club, San Juan de Dios Hospita]j; member, board of di.rectors, Manila Railroad Company; medical director, National Life Insurance Co.; director, Provident I路n surance Co.; and councilor, Manila Medical Society.

Dr. Hilario was born in San Mateo, Rizal, in 1886. He obtained his B.S!. degree from Liceo de Manila; his A.B. from the

ident Cosmopolitan Gun Club; office, 15 Plaza Goiti, Santa C1ilZ, Manila; tel. 2-13-01; res., 696 F. I'O?'Tes, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

~h e

HILARIO, Vicente M. -Assistant Professor

of English, college of lib ... al arts, Universilty of the Philippilne8; res., 205 A. Mabini, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-67-20.

Lawye1' and Poetj res., San Fernando, Pampanga. Born in the barrio of San Juan, municipality of San Fernando, Pampanga, June 27, H ILARIO, Jose M. - Businessman; Sec'retarry1892; graduated fre)m Liceo de Manila with Treasu1'e'r, Cent1'al E xchange of t he Philthe degree of Bachelor of Arts, and from Esippines ; instructor. Jo se Rizal Collegej cuela de Derecho with the degree of Bachelor 'res., 205 A . Mabini, E rmi ta. Manila. of Laws; admitted to the bar in 1916; won Mr. Hilario was born in Batangas, and the poetry contest in 1917 under the auspices is a product of public schools. He graduated of the HCasino Espanol", rus poems entitled: in 1914. as A.B. fr om th e College of Liberal " Adelfas", and "Pah'ia y Redencion"; memArts, University of t h e Philippines, and obber of the Literary Club, Jardin de Epicure), tained his M.A. degr ee from Columbia Univfounded by the late F. M. Guerrero j poet ersity, in 1920. H e h as se rved as Secretary' laureate of Pampanga, and his most popular to the J oint Legislative Committee on Taxapoem is 'lIng Babae" j editor of the 'lEI Imtion and the Manila. Tax Committee, and, parcial", and ClEI Paladin"; founder of the in recogni.tion of his long and efficient serKatipunan Mipanampun, and Laborantes Civice in t h e Bureau of Internal Revenue, he vicos; municipa.l councilor, 1924; Secretary of was appointed Deputy Collector of said buthe provincial board of Pampanga, 1925-31; reau on J anuary 1, 1935, by Governor-Gen- elected Representative to the Philippine Legiseral Frank Murphy. H e r esigned from his lature, 1931-34, and was chairman of the position in the latter pa rt of 1936 in order Friar Lands Committee. He is at present a to engage h imself in business. practicing attorney. He belongs to the Nacionalista Party and is a Roman Catholic by HI LARIO, Dr. Jose S. -Physician and Su,'- religion. geon; professor of m edicine, and business executive; office, 942 M. H. del Pilatr, MaHILEMAN. A. D. - Businessmanj sales manlate, Manila ; tel. 5-66-48 ; r es., same ada,qer, Squires-Bingham Co.,. 'l)ice~president, dress. Hamilton Brown 8Me Store, Inc.; presHILARIO, Zoilo -


Lawywr; office, 902 Nat'! City Bank Bldg., Juan Luna, Binondo, Ma'1lila; tel. 2 -27-54; res; 217 Sandeias, Pasay, R izal; tel. 5-.18-61.

HILL, Alva J. -

Born on a farm near Deshler, Ohio, U.S., on May 10, 1880; the SOIli of Rufus and Laura (McLain) Hill; married to the former Miss Martha Mills, by whom he has three sons and one daughter; an American Citizen, and a Protestant. He graduated from the Deshler H i g h School in 1897; was a school teacher during 1897-98; with the 6th Ohio Volunteer InfanAlva J. Hill try, U. S. Army, in


1918-19; and has since 1920 engaged himself in the practice of his law profession in Manila, Iloilo, and other parts of the Islands. He has also taught in several law schools in Mani1a since 1912 j and is a member of the l1oi10 Chamber of Commerce, Spanish路American 'Val' Veterans, Acacia College Fraternity, and other organizations.

HIND, Robert Renton -Business Executive; Manager, Ormoc SugC1ll" Company; res.,

01'moc, Leyte.

Born in Kohala, Hawaii, on December 7, 1885; the son of J ohn and Ella (Renton) Hind j married to Eleanor Still Jones, of San Rafael, California, U. S. He was educated at MIt. Tamalpais Military, Academy, and at Stanford University, and became an apprentice machinist at the Cuba during the Spanish -American-'Var, 1898Risdon Iron ~Tol'ks in San Francisco, Cal., 1899' r esumed his studies in the Toledo High and chief engineer, Hawaii Mill and PlantaScho~l. where he graduated in 1902, and in the tion Co. of Hawaii, 1908-12. From 1912 to Ohio State University. graduating with the 1915 he was chief mill engineer for the Ewa degree of A.lJ. in 1906. He taught in the InPlantation Co.; and from 1915 to 1018, condiana High School, 1906-07; was mathematics sulting engineer for the Honolulu Iron W Ol'ks instructor, Academy of 1lhe Univ. of illinois, Co., and for the American Factors, Ltd. He 1907-09; and graduated as Master of Arts was the fou.nder and organizer of the sugar (M.A.), majoring in Economics and Political centrals, the Pampanga Sugar Mills, Inc.; the Science, from the same university, in 1909. Hataan Sugar Co., Inc.; the Central Luzon Milling Co .. Inc.; the Luzon Sugar Co., Inc.; He arrived in the Philippines in 1909 and Mount AI'ayat Sugar Co., Inc.; Ormoc Sugar was appointed Supervising Teacher at Bauan, Co., Inc.; the Hind Sugar Co., Inc.; and the Batang'aSj and, later, . f.nstructolj in BookMarikina Valley Sugar Co., Inc.; and was keepin and Commercial Law at the Philipgeneral manager of the Pampanga Sugar pine s!hOOI of Commerce, Manila, 1909-~0; :Mills, from 1918 to 1925 . He was also .the was appointed Sheriff of the City of M~~la, President of the Philippine Steam NaVIga1910-11; and he resigmed from his posItion tion Co., and the first President of the Philin order to continue his studies in the United ippine Sugar Association, and one of the States, having enrolled in the Ohio Northern founders (and former editor) of the "Sugar University, where Ihe graduated as Bachelor News." of Laws (LL.B.) in 1912, and was "dmitted He is a member of the Hilo Lodge No. 759, to the practi ce of law in the courts of t~e Btenevolent and Protective Order of Elks; State of Ohio and in the courts of the PhIlHonolulu Lodge No. 409, F. & A . M. ; Royal ippines. H e was then appointed Assistant AJ'ch Masons and Far East Commandery at Attorney in the Bureau of Justice, 1912-17; Manila and Nile Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S., Soattorney for the Phil. National lJank,. 1918; ciety ~f Mechanical Engineers, University Club, Army & Navy Club, and Wack Wack .. d Captain of the PhllIppme was commlSSlone & Co untry Club. National Guard, first division, U.S. Army,



Major GerlAWal, U. S . Ar711,Y. R etired; /onner Commanding General, Phili ppine Depa1路tment, U. S. Army, at Fort Santiago, Manila ; ,,'es., White SulphuT Springs, West Va., U, S, A .

HINES, John L, -

Major Genera l John L. Hines was born in Wh ite Sulphur S prings, "W est Va., May 21 , 1868. H c was appointed to the U . S. Military Aca demy from W est Va., graduating in the class of 1891. General Hines was first a ssigned to t he seco nd infanhy, then stat ioned at Omah a , Nebras ka, upon hi s graduat ion from t he U . S. Military Academy. He )'emained w it h t his r egim ent f or the next ten years, and it was du r ing t his period that he lear ned much t ha t was later t o become of invaluable assistance t o him when great military problems were placed before him f o r solution. W'ith t he seco nd infantry he saw service in Cu ba, lan ding a t Cienfuegos, with h is Company on Ma y 3 0, 18 98 . One month later, he was cited in W a r Depa r tment General Orders for gallantry in action against Spanish forces in San tiago. H e returned to the United States with h is r egiment in 1900, and was ordered to th e Phili p pines three months later. His fi rst sta t ion was at Boac, Marinduque, where he spent much of hi s t ime on scouting duty. Here he was men t ioned in regimenta l orders, secon d infantry , for hi s services during the Philippine Insurrection . Thi s picLures the ea rl y yea rs of General H ines' commissioned service in t he U. S . Army. During the "~orld War , we find him in France as Regimental Brigade a nd Corps Commander. As colonel of t he 16th infa ntry, first division, he took his regiment to it s baptism of fire in the T oul Sector, J anu a r y, 1918. On Aug. 25, 1918, General Hi nes rece ived his second star and was given the fo urth division. In addition to t he awards fo r valor in the Philipp ines, Cuba, and F rance, General Hines received t he f ollowing f ore ign decorations for his serv ices in t he ,"Vorld 'Val': Commandel' of the Order of Leopold (Belgium), Kni ght Conunander of St. Michael and St. George (Gr. Britain), Commander of the Legion of H onor, Croix de Guer re with Palm (France), Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown (Ita ly") , and Medal of La Solidaridad (Pan ama). General Hines assumed command of the Philippine Depa rtment on Oct. 2, 1930.

During his three previous tours of duty in t he Philippines, ,h e has become thoroughly fami lia r with them. In ad dition to Marinduque, he has seen service in Jol 0, Zamboanga, Malabon, Iloilo, and Manila. Major General Hines has now retired from the Army. H e is residing at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

res., V. L, Gonzaga St" Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

HINOLAN, Isabel' H. -

Lawye,,' .. CLttorney. Pu blic Se"'vice Commission.. res" 21 Taytay, Mallpajo, Calooca'Y1, Rizal.

HIPOLITO, F e lipe R, -

Lawyer,. office, 227 Dav id, Room 402, Binondo, Manila; tel.

HIPOLITO, Gregorio 2-7.l-4 9,

HIPOLITO, Raymundo G. Businessman: ,,路es., 988 P . Noval, Sampaloc, Manila.

Manager, Philippine Machinery Co., 1'6S., 2226 Leono'n Rivera, Sta, Cruz, M amila.

HIPOLITO, Vivencio -

Coadjutor, thi,,'d district, Diocese of Bacolod; res., K abankalan, Negros Ocmdental.

HIPONIA, Rev . Benjamin -

Y.-Japanese Contractor and Builde路,.; office, 207 Slate Theat.,路 Bldg. Annex, Ave. Rizal, Sta. C,,"Uz; tel. 2 -56-59; 'res., 278 G, Tuason, I nt. A, Sampaloc, Ma. nila; t el. 6-71-83.


HIROTANl, K . 166 Legarda, 2-65-11.

Gene"'al Contracto,,'; res" Sampaloc, Manila; tel.

Vice-President, General Manager, and Secretary-Ttreasurer, Philippine Adve,,'tising Co.; res., Boulevru'd Apartment Hotel, Dewey Boulevru'd, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-60-53.


HIRSCHBERS, (M ... ) Sophie -Proprietress.

"La Petite POIree j" res., 531 A . Mabini, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-72-62.


HIRSCHMANN , W. H.-Certified Publie Accountant, Clarke & Lan-kin; res., Boulev ard Apan-tment Hotel, Malate, Manila. HIRST, C. H. - Business &::cecutive; meTchandise departnumt, 1I1arsman & Co., Inc.; 1·e8., 28-B Cuneta , Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-18-5J.. HIRTZ, Armand Businessman; vice-presidemt and treasltTer, Levy & Blum, Inc.; di1'ector, San Mauricio LMklukan Mining Co., Inc.; address, c/o Levy & Blum, Inc., 35 Plaza Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-82-48. HIZON, F elipe - Businessmanj Ex-Municipal Presidentj res ., Mexico, Pampangu.

Born in Mexico, Pampanga, on August 16 , 1890. Widower. Educated in the private and public schools of his hom e province. Giving up his studies he went to work and esFelipe Bi'ton tablished himself in business. He was a member of the Municipal Council of Mexico, for a term served as Municipal Vice-President and then as Municipal President of Mexico, Pampanga, from 19 31 to 1934. H e is a Roman Catholic by religion. HIZON, Dr. Jose S. - Physician; office, 456 Dasrna1'iiias, R-2, Binondo, Manila; tel . 2-55-53 j 1·es., 251 Arquiza, Ermita, Manila. HIZON, Dr. Primo - Chemist and Proprietor, H izon (Chemical) Laboratory, 549 P. Paterno, Santa Cruz, Mamila. (Deceased.)

Born in Mexico, Pampanga, on Februar~r 9, 1872j 't.h e son of Atanasio Hizon and Amceta H ipolitoj educated in the San J~an de Letran College, where he obtained hIS A .B. degree, and in the University of Santo To-


mas, where he graduated as Pharmaceutical Chemist in 1895 j worked as pharmacist in San Fernando, Pampanga, 1896-1903, and established in 1904 his drug store, "Farmacia Hizon" I in Manila, and later his chemical laboratory, HLaboratorio Hioon", in 1912, the first of its kind in !!he Philippines. He married Maria Perez, by whom he had two child· ren: Rafael and I sabel. The first Mrs. Hizon died and he married Jesusa Mondragon, by whom he had two daughters : Ester, and Caridad. He died in Manila on J anuary 31, 1937. HIZON, Rafael - Chemist and Phwrmacist; manage-I', Hizon. Labo"ratory; res., 549 P. Pa,terno, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-36-911

BOl1Jl in San Fernando, Pampanga, Oct. 24 1904' son of Primo Hizon and Maria Pere~; A ..~., De La Salle College, 1926; B.Sc. in Chern., Univ. of the Philippines, 1928, and B.Sc. in Pharm., same univ., 1930; married to Luz Hizon, by whom he has one son, Rafael. HOC CHUAN HO _General Merchant; res., 626 F . Torres, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-27-86. HOCSON , Dr. Feli x _

PhaTmacist and Den-

tist, Philippine Gene1'al Hospital, Taft Ave.; tel. 5-69-91; 1'es., 1616 Maytu,big, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-58·54. Born in Manila on May 2, 1884; the son of Dionisio Hoeson and Margarita Valenzuela' attended the Ateneo de Manila and the Philippine Dental College, graduating from the latter as Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), and enrolled at the UI.uversit:Y of Michigan, U. S., where he obtamed hlS Ph.C. diploma; and at the Universit::{ of Santo Tomas, Manila where he was conferred the degree of Ph.D. Dr. Hocson was president of the Club Filipino in 1931, and is a member of the So~ie­ dad de Tiro al Blanco, Philippine Colwnblan Association, CoJegio Medico-Farmaceutico, Phil. Society of Stomatologlsts, and National Dental Association. He is also professor .lind head of the department of pharmacy. college of medicine, Univ. of the Philippines ; chief,



diy, of pharmacy, Phil. General Hospital i chainnan, Board of Dental Examiners; and director, Philippine Pharmaceutical Association,

asst. treasurer, same corporation, since 1936. He is a member of the Manila Polo Club, Swiss Club, Manila Tennis Club, and Service Stamp Collectors Club.

Probation Officer, Board of Indeterm.inate Sentence and Probation Of/ice ; res., Imus, Cavite.

HOEY, (Mrs.) Ruth C. -

Lieutenant Colonel, GSC, assistant chief of staff for militwry intelligence, asst. chief of staff for operation and t'raining, H eadqu(JI('ters Philippine Division, U. S. Army; res" 46 Fort Mckinley, R izal. (See page 751.)


Prop?路路iet'ress, Manila Swing ManufactureTsj 'res., 19 S . Exp edito, San Juan, Rizalj tel. 6-88-15.


HOCSON, Victorino P. -

HODGES, Courtney H. -

HODGES, Mary G. -

HODSOLL, F.-Colonel; Business Executive; managing director, Warner, Batrnes & Co.,

Ltd.,. di'recto1', Commonwealth Insurance Co.; and president, Manila Club-Tiffin; 'res" 1154 Dewey BoulevOIrd, Malate, Ma~ nila,- tel. 5-77-15. (See pi'Cture on page 1560.)

Membe'l', Society of the Divine WO'1'd j 'res" E spa1ia Extension, New M anita, San Juan, Rizal.

Directress, Hoey's Kindergarten and Prima;ry Schoolj res., 938 Her1'an, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-69-50.

Manager, Tide Water Associated Oil Company; membe-r, boatrd of trustees, Benevolent and Protective Ord." of Elks; res., 2060 Robert, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-17-78. (See picture on page 1560.)

P"esident, Iloilo Kegelclubj res., IloUo, Iloilo.

Major Generalj former Commanding General, Philippine Department, U. S. Army; now in the United States. (Jliography and Picture on

HOLBROOK, Lucius R. -

pages 728 and 729.)

Manage,', office equipment, H, E. H eacock CO,j 1路es., Great Ea.ste7'n Hotel, Echagu,e, Soo. Cruz, Manila.


HOERDEMANN, Rev. Ernesto -

Accountant j assistant t1'easurer, Manila Gas C01'p01'ation j 1'es., Sanciangco, Paco, Manila ,

HOLLAND, Mollie -ProprietJress, Maret Sa-

lon; 1'es" 116 AlhambTa, E1'mita, Manila; tel. 5-77-21.

HOERNLIMANN, F erd inand E. -

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, on March 29, 190 4 ; the son of Ferdinand and Ida (Kaech) Hoernlimanru; educated in the Commercial School of Swiss Mercantile Society at Zurich, where he obtained his gen, diploma in commerce. He married Emma Wiss on March 9, 1929, and has at present two children, Rudolf and Arthur,

Mr. Hoernlimann was assistant to chief collector of the Manila Gas Corporation, 1924-25; chief collector, 1925-31; sales manager, 1932; credit manager, 1933-35 i and

HOLLIN, John G . - Manager, John G. Hollin & Co" officej 244 David, Binondo, Ma-

nilaj tel. 2 -28-29; res., 618 Colorado, Ermita, Mamila; tel. 5-54-77. Business Executive; correspondent, Bethlehem Steel Export Corporation of New York; sec1'etOl1'y-treasurer, Rotary Club of Manila,- vice-president, Golconda Mining Co., Inc.; res., 52 Guevara (formerly Foch) A ven.ue, San Juan, Rizal; tel, 6-88-70. (See picture on

HOLMES, Fred M. -

page 1560.)



Can. I f N L Inc.' office 1 Plaza M~ra u. 0 orwa.y~ u.mber MeTchant; 11Ul.nage1路, T. H. H olmsen, Rea'l, P ara;1a.que, Rizalj t:Z~'5~~~~;~o, Mamla, tel. 2-10-26; res ., McDonough Compound

HOLMSEN, Thorbjorn M

Born in Oslo, Norway , on F ebruary 15, 1891; rtfue son of H a . . akon and Mar en Marie (Muller) Holmsen. H e arTived in t h e Philippines in 190 9, and was appointed. Con sul for Norway in 1933. On J u n e 29, 1934, h e married Anita Bach, of Manil a. At present h e is engag ed in lumber business. H e is a m ember of the Army & Navy C I u b , Manila Polo Club, an d

Baguio Club.

NORWAY. one of the three Scandinavian kingdoms, is a long, narrow eountry extending more than 1,000 miks southward (roOl the most northerly point of Europe. The Kingdom of Norway is a monarehy in name, but jg one of the most democratie countries in the world. Women enjoy the same political rights as men. and there are no titled classes. From 1814 to 1905 Norway anti the neighboring kingdom of Sweden \vere united under the same king. but in the latter year the union, always distasteful to the independent. proud-spirited Norwegians. was dissolved . The people o{ Norway are universally respected {or their honesty. th r ift and love of democratic institutions. (From p. 2608. The






0/ Norway

Miwiste1路.. Central Student Metlwdist Episcopa l Chur ch j Union Theological Semina'ry j res., 594 S an Luis, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-64-02.


Don We ndell -

Merchantj proprietor, Grocery Store; res., 422 Echague, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2-61-84.


HONG SENG-Pr op1"istor, H ong Seng Rice Mill Co. j res., 506 Benavides, Binondo, M a-

nila. Exchange Broke',.; res., 1109 E lena, San Nicolas, Manila; tel.




HONG BIE _ Tobacco (Leaf) Me'T"chantj r es., 529 J uan Luna, Binondo, Manila; tel.


HONG TAl-Businessmanj manager, E'rmita

Hotel and Restaurantj res., 97-99 M . H. del Pilar, Ermita, Manila; tel. 2-10-62. Acting Provincial Treasurer of Surigaoj res., Surigno, Suri-

HONRADO, Melania gao.



HONTANOSAS, Agapilo _Member, Provin-

cial Board of Bolwl; res ., Tagbilatrun, 80 . hoi.

Lawyer, /orrne'l' Senator, and (now) Associate Justice, Cou/rt of Appeals; 'res., 334 HeTran , MaLate, Mronila; tel. 5-72-69.


Born in Tangalan, Capiz, on March 1 9, 1889; the son of Leon Hontivel'os and Genaveva Miraflor es; attended the Colegio de Nuestra Senora del Rosario, the Licea de Ma!!lila, and the lJIniversity of Santo Tomas, graduating in 1911 fro m the last named institution, Jose M. Hontiveros cum


with the degree of LL.B ., and, to ok and passed the bar examinations the sa me year. H e practiced law since 1912 and was a member of the law firm , Montinola & Hontiveros, 1919-24; and of the law firm, Hon tiveros, Abeto & Tirol, in 1929. Prior to his appointment to the Court of Appeals, he held t he following positions: Justice of the Peace, Capiz, Capiz, 1913-16; Provincial Governor of Capiz, 1916-19 j Senator from the seventh senatorial district, 1922.28; Auxiliary Judge, Court of First Instance, 1929-31 j Judge of the Court of First Instance, 19th judicial district, 1931-33, and of t he 22nd judicial distl;ct, 1933-34. H e was eleoted Delegate f rom the 3d district of Capiz to the Constitutional Convention on July 10, 1934, and took an active part in t h e framing of the present Constitu tion of th e Philippines.

lIieutenant Colonel, CAC. Harbo'l' Defenses of Manila and Subic Bays, U. S. A-rmy,- res., Fort Mills, Corregidor. Cavite.

HOOD, John H. -

HOOPER, E. S.- Manager, The Manila Wine M en'chants, Ltd.; 'I'es., 1565 F. B. HOfT'Tison, Pasuy. Rizal; ttl. 5-17-43.

P'resbyterian MisUnion Theological Seminwry; manager, Ellinwood Dormitory for Men; '1'l;:s., 717 Indiana, Malate, Manila.

HOOPER, Rev. J. Leon -


l\1ining Engineer and Geologist, QUatrtz H i ll Mming Co .; addtress, 7-E Wilson Bldg., Binondo, Manila; tel.

HOPKINS, James -


HOPUN. Martin -Assistant ilianager, China

Banking Corporation,- res ., 1017 Paris, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-65-38. Lawyer; Chief Justice, Court of Appeals of the Philippines; res ." 1007 HeT7'an, Paco, Manila,tel. 5-67-13.

HORR!LLENO, Antonio -

Born in La Paz, Iloilo, on January 1 3, 1878; educated in t h e Seminary of Jaro, where he completed his secondary course in 1896; studied law in the old Escuela de De!'echo (now Manila Law College), graduating in 1907, and was admitted to the bar the same year; e ngaged in private practice until 1913. when he was appointed Provincial Fiscal of Ant ique, 1913-15; then Provi.ncial Fiscal of Cebu, 1915-17; and wa s appointed Auxiliary Judge and, late r, Judge of the Court of First Instance, until h e was trans ferred to Manila and promote d to hi s present position, first, as presiding judge of the first branch, and then as chi ef justice of the Court of Appeals. He married Dolores Gray in 1 907, and they' have six ch il dren . HOSKINS, Colin MacRae - Realtor,- proprietor and manag8ll', C. M. Ho skins & Co.

- R eal Estate-185 David, Binondo, Mani. la; tel. 2-10-35 ; res., 242 V ito Cruz, Malate, Manila. Born in College Park, California, U.S .â&#x20AC;˘ on July 31, 1890'; so n of T. D. Hoskins and


Grace Oliver H oski nSj educated in the University of California and the University of the Philippines j carne to the Philippines in 1909, and was Successively agent, Bureau of Internal Revenue; chief of administrative la\"\', income tax and tobacco industry division, and Special Deputy Collector of Lnternal Revenue. He assisted in the organization of the Bureau of Conunerce, and was C. :r.t. Hoskins corrunissioned Captain of Infantry in the Philippine National Guard, First Division, U. S. Army, 1918-19; and, after the organization was disbanded in 1919, he joined the Pacific Commercial Co. I n 1924 he established hi s own Teal estate brokerage film, C. M. Hoskin & Co., at above address. Captain Hoskins is a member of the City Bea.utiful Comntittee (Manila); secretary and member, Greater Manila Civic League; director, Manila Proprietors Association; director, University Club ; secretary-treasUl·er and director, Realty I nvestment, In c. j secretary, Democratic Ten-itorial Central Committee of the Philippines; manager, Juan Luna Subdivision, Inc.; director, Mine Operations, Inc.; junior grand lecturer, Grand Lodge of F. & A. M. of the Philippine Islands. He is also a member of the Army and Navy Club, Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, Manila Club. Manila Polo Club, and Club Filipino. HOSKINS, H erschel R._Manager, The Up-

john Company; office: Met"opolitan TheaBldg., Manila; tel. 2-48-78; '1"es., 8 BO'Ule1JQlrd Apan-tmtents, Ermita, Mamila; tel.



Businessman,. t'reasU'1"er and gene7"al manager, Yangco & Company; res., Rosa7-ia Apa'rtment A, 2nd F loo'1", Manila; tel. 5-66-16.

HOSKYN, Herbert P. -

Born in Doilo, Iloilo, on June 29, 1890; the son of H . P. B"oskyn and Wilhelmina Yon Heyningen H oskyn; studied in Tonbridge, England. H e married Elsa Fossick, of Lon-


don, on August 20, 1917, and was an officer of the British Army, 1916-18; then treasurer, Hoskyn & Co., Inc., at Iloiloj and now, treasurer and general manager of Yangco & Co. Re is a member of the Iloilo Golf Club and other organizations. HOTIMSKY, Eugene - Businessman; manager, ConnaJW1·t & Jimenez; re8., 1303 Taft A ve. Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-4,4-07.

Librarian and Precept-1·ess, Cent7'al Philippine College (Ame'Tican Baptist Foreign Mission Society);

HOUGE R, A. Bertha -

'res., Jan-o, Iloilo. HOUTEN, P. C. Van -President and Man-

ager, EasteJ-n and Philippine Shipping Agencies, Ltd.; res., 8-12 Escolta, Binnrulo, Manila. HOWELL, Alan Businessman; treasu'1"er, Dy Buncio & Co., /?te.; secretary, Manila Cha.mbe1' of Comme1·ce; 1·es., 1.18 MilitJa1·, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-57-45.

Businessman; P1"oprietm- and manager, Howie Infants' Wear Co., 1199 Singalong, Malate, Manila; tel. 5 -76 -80 ; 1"es., 910 A. Flores, Ermita, Manila.


Business Executive; vice president and '1"esident '11w,nage-r, Manila Gas Corporation; '1"es., Otis, Puco, Manila;

HOYER, Arthur -

tel. 5-i4-61.

Born in Merseburg, Germany, on November 30, 1885 j the son of Hugo Hoyel' and Elisa Sander Hoyer. He studied commerce and banking in Germany. He was the cCrnunercial manager of the installation of a waterworks system in Holland before he came to the Philip pines on April 24, 1912,




路with the staff of the construction firm that built the present plan of the Manila Gas Corporation in the city and s uburbs. Mr. Hoyer is also the treasurer and director

of the American-European Y.M.C.A. in nila' member of the Manila Symphony det;, and of the German, Manila Polo, nila Golf, V/ack Wack Golf and Country, Manila I\otary Clubs.


Rector, San Beda College; res., San Beda Co liege, E. Men-

HOYO, Rev. Beda C. del -

diola St., San Miguel, Manila; tel. 2-32-92.

HOYT, Neil F. -

Businessmanj execu.tive,

International H art'este?' Co. of Philippines; 1'eS'J J194 M. H. del Pilar1 Malate, Manila; tel. 5-52-10. HUA HONG General Merchant; res .} 428 Legarda1 Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-58-64. HUANG, C. G. -Gene1'al Merchant; 1路es., 147151 Rosa1-io, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4--92-80. HUANG, Dr. Ho-Sheng - Physician; office and 'res., 882 Reina Regente Extension, B1路. nondo, Manila ; tel. 4-86-14 .

Dr. Huang, a Chinese physician, received his education in the United States where h e graduated as Doctor of Medicine. He is a Christian (Protestant) and an author of several pUblications in English. He is the secretary, Chinese Olu'istian Gospel Chapel. Principal, Philippine Chinese High School; address, 85 Felipe II, B i nondo, Manila; tel. 4-88-JO.

HUANG, M. K. -

HUARTE, Sister Maria Jes us - Instructor and cli'rectress, Colegio de Santa Rosa ; res., 79 Solana, Intramuros, Manila. HUBAUX, Rev. Pablo - PGII'ish Priest; A'rchdiocese 0/ Manila; ?路es., Las Pinas, Rizal.

Manager, Rope Manufactu"l'ing Co ... adjutant, Gene1'al Lawton Egbert Camp No. 1 j res ., Samson St., Bali:ntawak, Caloocan, Rizal; tel. (Dial 40 and ask operator for) Cal. 2-04.


President and Manage-r, Chnistern, Huenefeld & Co., Inc.; director, German Chamber of Commerce 0/ the Philippine I slands; res., 11 Tuberias, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-84-07.


Major General, U. S. Army, Commanding General, Philippine Depwritment, Fort Santiago, Manila.

HUGHES, John H. -

Major Genel'al John H. Hughes was born in New York City, N.Y., U.S., on February 4, 1876. He entered the U. S. Military Academy June 21, 1893, and was appointed additional second lieutenant, 17th Infan try, on June 11, 1897. On August 8, 1897, he was appointed second lieutenant, 4th Infantry, and joined his regiment at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He accompanied his regiment to Cuba in 189 8, and on July 1, 1898, was twice severely wcunded while leading his platoon in action. For his bravery under fire after receiving severe wounds, he was recommended for the medal of honor and a brevet first lieutenancy. He was later awarded a silver star citation for exceptional gallantry in act ion during the operations at EI Caney on this date. On January 19, 1899, he sailed with the 4th Infantry from New York to Manila on the transport "Grant", the first American transport to pass through the Suez Canal. Arriving at Mamila on March 10, 1899, he teok part in the operations of his regiment around Manila, on the Morong expedition and in Cavite Province under Generals Lawton and Wheaton. On March 2, 1899, he was promoted to first lieutenant, remaining on duty with the 4th Infantry on VM'ious assignments as a company officer and later as regimental commissary. On June 30, 1899, he was assigned to Company C, 4th Infantry, and commanded it until September 11, 1899, when he was appointed battalion adjutant and assigned to duty with the 1st Battalio n, 4th Infantry. From June 1, 1899, to May 28, 1900, h e was stationed at Irous, Cavite Province, serving the latter part of that period as regim ental commissary, 4th Infantry. From July 1, 1900, to October 15, 1900, he was on duty at Cavite as regimental comnli&-



MAJOR GENER AL JOHN H. HUGHE S, U.S. ARMY August 23, 1902, when he was sary, 4th Infantr y, changin g station on latter fantry until ary duty as recruiti ng ofdate to San Francis co de Malabo n (now Gen- placed on tempor On March 15, 1903, City. eral Trias, Cavite) . On March II, 1901, he ficer, New York Infantr y at Fort 4th the joined again he was assigne d to duty with 2nd Battalio n, 4th ed with it to the proceed and Texas, Brown, in served and t, Infantr y, as battalio n adjutan in 1905 to the return his Philipp ines. Upon that capacit y until Januar y 20, 1902, when serve with the to ed continu he States United he sailed for the United States with station y at Fort Thomas , Kentuc ky, unInfantr 4th at Fort Clark, Texas. til Februa ry 1, 1908, when he again sailed On March 12, 1902, he was promot ed to with the regime nt for the Philipp ines, and Captain , remain ing on duty with the 4th In-



took station at Camp Josaman. On May 7, 1910, he returned to the United States via EUl'ope and rejoined the 4th Infantry at F ort Crook on October 5, 1910. On Decem ber 14, 1910, he was ordered to Fort Ril ey for duty in subsistence department, and on J a nua ry 29, 1911, he was again tr:msf en 'ed to Fort D. A . Russell, Wyoming, for du ty as post commissary. In June, 1912, he cha nged s tation to West Point and assumed duties as pos t commissa.ry. On Ja..nuary 1, 1913, he was relieved from the subsistence departm en t a nd ordered to Madison Banacks, for du ty with the 3rd Infantry, remaining th er e un t il May, 1916, when he was ordered t o F or t Slocum, N . Y. , as Adjrudant, Recruitin g Depot. On Jul y 1, 1916, he was promoted to Major, an d two m ont hs later was ordered to duty in New York City on recruiting duty . On September I , 1917, he was ordered to Camp Sherman, Ohio , as camp inspector. He sailed f or E urope on December 17, 1917, via H'a.lifax and En g land and arriv€d in Paris on Jan uary 7, 1918, for duty as assistant to the Inspector General, line of communications. Later he served as Assistant to the Inspector Genel"al, servi ce of supply, until June 25, 1919 . Upo n return to the United States he was ordered to the School of the Line, Fort Leavenworth , of which he is a distinguished graduate. On July 1, 1920, he was promoted Colonel. In 192 1 he graduated from the General Staff School. Fro m Jun e 3 0 , 1921, to June 30, 1922, he served as an ins tructor at the general service sc hools, and was then transferred to duty as executive officer, office of the Chief of Infantry, wher e he se rved until July 31, 1925 . After a course of instruction as a student officer, r efresher class, Fort Benning, he was assigned to duty at Plattsburg Barl'acks as comm a nding officer, 26th Infantry, a nd com manding of fic er of the post. H e remain ed on duty at Plattsburg Barracks un t il October 1, 1927, when he was detailed chief of staff, 1st Corps Area. He was stat ion ed a t Army Base, Boston, until July 5, 1931, when h e was assigned to the

18th Infantry which he commanded until promoted to rank of Brigadier General on October 1, 1931. He was then assigned to command of the 14th Infantry Brigade and the post of Fort Snelling, and later commanded the 88th Division, Organized Reserves, in addition to the above duties until his relief from Fort Snelling on July 5, 1933, to become Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3, of the War Dep3.rtment General Sta..ff. On October 1, 1936, he was promoted to the rank of Major General He sailed for the Philippines on May 4, 1937, wnere he arrived July 3, 1937, and commanded the Philippine Division at Fort \iVilliam McKinley until February 25, 1938. On February 25, 1938, he became Commanding General of the Philippine Depart ment, with station in Manila. General Hughes has been awarded the di stinguished service medal, the citation for which is as follows: "For exceptionally meritorious and distingui shed services. As a member of the inspectaT general's de· partment at the headquarters, service of supply. for an extended period of time, by his unflagging energy. sound judgment, and tact he handled with conspicuous ability many difficult problems which con stantly arose in the execution of his ~portant office. He r e ndered sel"Vices of s ignal worth to the American e.,'l: pe<iitionary forces."

He has also been awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart medals. J. Businessman; executive, Han son, 01·th & Stevenson, Inc.; res ., Cebu., Cebu.


Rev. Fr. Russell Second Vice. President, Philippine Council, Boy Scouts of Am erica; res., St. Rita's Hall , Ermi ta, Manita; tel. 2-35-64.


Pha;rmacist, Santos Ocampo, Inc.; res., 200 Nebraska, Ermita, Marnila.

HUGO, Laura -

LEE, Dr. Mary Physician; membe1', Abiertas House of P'riendship; 'res" 538 Alvarado, Bi7Umdo, Manila.



Lawyer and retired Majo r General, U. S . A1'1ny; Former Associate Justice, S~preme Court of the Philippines; res., now tn the U. S. Born in Bloomfield, Iowa, on August 7, 1874; obtained his LL.B. degree from the Uni versity of Iovra; was Captain in Iowa National Guard; lieutenant colonel, and judge advocate, U. S. Volunteers; arrived in P. 1. with Co. A, 51st Iowa Volunteers, designated judge of th e superior provost court; chairman of the liqui dation comm ission to carry out the provisions of the Treaty of Paris; organized the old bureau of archives, now a division of the nation al library; a major of the l'egular army in 1900 and went to the United States, and four years later lJ.路eturned to Manila John A. Hull lieu tenantas colonel, judge advocate, and assigned fo r two years in settling church claims t hroughout the Islands; received rank of colonel, judge advocate, in 1913; became legal adviser to Governor General Francis Burton H arrison on international affairs when the World War broke out; retuI'ned to the United States in 1915; decorated in France wi th the Distinguished Service Medal by the United States, the order of St. Michael and St. George by Great Britain, the order of the White Eagle by Serbia, and the officer's cross of the Legion of Honor by France; in U. S. appointed chairman of the war claims in 'Washington; appointed acting advocate general, 1923 ; ser ved as judge advocate general with the r ank of major-general, 1924-1928; retired from military service 1928' became chief legal adviser in the Philippin~s during Governor-General Davis administration; and later an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

HULL, John A. -

Businessman; res. , 9J6 Dart, Paco, Manila ; tel. 5-54-01.

HUNNIECUTT, Willi a m P. -


Artist; advertising manager, Philippine P''ro gress, etc-.j ?路es., 100 Medel, Santa Ana, Manila.

IiUNTER, Bedford B. -

Born in Junction City, Kansas, on September 18, 1872; son of Robert Hunter and Elsie Ann M. Williams Hunter ; studied in the Denver University Business College; arrived in the Philippines ,\lith U. S. Volunteer Infantry, 1900; was discharged as regimental serg路eant major, 1901; appointed teacher at Tuguegarao, Cagayan, the same year, the first American teacher assigned to the provinces, and was, successively, supervlsmg teacher of Yguig'; pl;ncipal, Piat School, Apani School, and Tuguegarao Trade School, from 1901 to 1919. He is the author of CIA Poetic History of the American Negro" and many poems, articles, and songs. He marr ied on April 20, 1907, Paz Mantilla, of Yguig, Cagayan. Mr. Ii'unter is a member of the United States-Spanish War Veterans, and is advertising manager of various publications in Manila.

Bus'iness Exetmtive; asst. flrea,surer, MOffsman & Co., Inc.; ?路es., 99 San Juan, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-16 -79 .

HUNTER. John -

Mr. Hunter is also assistant treasurer of Marsman Investment, Ltd.; Coco Grove, Inc.; Palidan Suyoe Deep Level Tunnel ; San Mauricio Mining Co. j United Paracale Mining Co. i Suyoe Consolidated Mining Co. j Itogon Mining Co.; Mindanao Mi ning Co.; Philippine Smelting Co.; and M. P . Tranco, Inc. HURLEY, Very Rev . Fr. John F. -

S. J.;

Supel'io?', Mision de la Campania de Jesus; res.; 147 Arzobispo, Int?'umuros, Manila;

tel. 2-21 -48. Disbu?"Sing Office?', U. S. Treasury Depu'l'tment; 'res., 1151 M. H. del Pilatr, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-4 6-75 .

HURST, C. Harvey -

W. S. _ Manag~r. Pacor Ne01t Factory and facto?'Y manage?', Philippine Advertising Corporationj res ., 127 Isaac Pe?'al, Ermita, Manila.




logy, in 1906; assistant engineer in Fore River Ship Building Co ., Mass., 1906-11 ; resident en g in eer , Massa chuset ts Highway Commission, 1911-13 ; civil engineer, Bureau of Public WOl'ks, Manila, 1916-18: commissioned Captain, Engineers Corps, PNG, 1st div., U .S.Army, 1918-19 ; again with the Bur. of Public Works, 191 9-21; appointed professor and dean, college of engin eering, Univ. of the Philippines, in 1921, which posit ion h e holds up to the present; a cha rter member of the National Research Council of t h e Phil. I slands, and member of th e PhiL Scient ific Society.

T,·easurer , N ational City Bank Building Co., NaMonal City B a,nl.: of New Y ork, and hon oran"Y Secreta'r y- T?"easu1'er, M anila Polo Clu b; Tes., 312 Syquia .t1pw't1nents, Malate , Manila.


Engineer; dean and p1'o!eSSO'I', college of engineering, UniV61"Sity of the Philippines ; res., 71 4 Tennessee ,

HYDE, Edward R. _

Malate, M anila ; tel. 5-61-88.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, on J une 28, J 883 ; gra duated with the degr ee of B. S. from the Massachusetts Insti t ute of T echno-

I IBACH , H a n s Businessman ; di'rector, F . E . Zu ellig, I n c.; manage?', Metal Commis-

sion Co., Inc.; t el. 5-55-29.


T anque, Paco, Manila j

P1'op1'ieto1" ; Chief Dcputy Assesso1'; San Sinton, Pampanga.

IBANEZ, Servilla n o -

Born in San Simon, Pl3.mpan ga, on April 20, 1888. Marri ed. H e was Mun icipal Secretar y of San Simon; member, Municipal Boar d of Ce n su S, 1918 ; 1\1: uniei pal President, 1919 to 1925 ; member , Provincial Board of Pam panga , 1925 to 1928 ; and Chief Deputy Assessor of P ampanga, from 1929 Servillano Ibanez up to t he present time. He is a Roman Cathol ic by religion .

Businessman ; exMunicipal P7'esident of S an Juan; 7·es ., Sa'//, Juan ael Mont e, Rizal.

IBANEZ, V a le n tin P . . -

Bor n in San Juan del Mon te, Rizal, on November 5, 1886. Married. Received his early· education in his hom e town, and later

in t he cit y of Ma nila. From 19 22 t o 1925, he was chief of police of his town. After g iving up this position, h e enter ed local politics and was elected municipal president of San Ju a n del Mont e in 1928 a nd was reelected to same office in t h e g eneral elect ion s of Jun e, 1931. H e is a r eal estate owner and a business man.

Lawyer; member, law office of Y useco, Ibarra and Arteche; res ., 230 Endaya, T ondo , Manila.

IBARRA, Servillano -

ICASIANO, Abe lardo R. Civil Engineer; 7·es., 518 Bambang, San ta C,"UZ, Manila ;

tel. 2-78-20. Mr. I casiano is a n instr uctor of Spanish an d mathematics in t he F ar E astern University. H e is a h older of A. B. degree from t he Atene o de Manila, a nd C.E. degree from Co rn ell University, U .S..A. Treasure7", FOIl' E astern Univer siily; res., 209-C A v enida Rizal E xte:nsion, Caloocan, Rizal; tel. ( Dial 40 and as'e operato,· for) Caloocan 1-24. Member of the Board of Trustees, tI"easurer , and instructor in Spanish, are t he three important positions Mr. Celso I casiano holds with t h e Far Eastern University in Manila. H e is a Bachelor of Arts fTom t h e Ateneo de Ma nila, and Bachelor of Science in Commerce fr om t he New York Un iversity, U.S.A . ICASIANO, Celso


Mr. Icasiano (Celso) is a lso t he treasurer of the Luzon Gravel and Inc., an d of the "La Previsora located at rooms 326-334 Regina Escolta, Binondo, Marnila.

secretarySand Co., Filipina", Bldg., on

N ewspaperman; member, editorial staff T-V-T Publishing CorporatWn; secretary, ManUa Press Club; 'res., 10S4 Dakota, Malate, Manila; te l.

ICASIANO, F r ancisco B. -

5-69-28. [CASIANO. Dr. Mariano C. - Physician and Su,r geon; res., 601 Union, Paco. Manila.


Ram on P1'oprietor; member, oO(Jlf'd of directors, Rizal i nstitu te; r es., Taal, Batangas.


lLA N O, Dr. Josefa M. -Physician and Surgeem; r es., 929 Misericordia, Santa Cruz,

Manila ; tel. 2-96-54. Dr. n ano was born in Manila in 1 901, a nd obtained her M. D . degree from the U n iver sity of the Philippines in 1927 a nd was licensed to practice h er profession the same year. She is the president of th e Boa rd of Examiners for Nurses.

Mother Superio,', Saint Joseph's Academy ; 1'es., Corne1' oj Espaiia and B1'oadw ay Avenue, New Manila, San Juan, Rizal.

ILDEPHO NSE, Rev. Ma. IFLAND, (Mi,,) Olga - Pianiste ; profess or of piano; res., 205 Arquiza, E'Y'mita, Ma-

nila; tel. 5-42-28.

Businessman; president, Ileto Cooprative Marketing Asscciation, Inc. .. 1·es., 9,11 Dagupan, T cJndo, Manila,' tel. 4-72-28.

ILETO. Dalmacio -

Certified Public Accoun tant; associate m ember, Dalupan and Tor'res; res., 1 55 Syquia. San ta Ana, Manila.

IGNAC IO, Jose -

P1'ovi:ncial Auditor) General A udi tin g Office ; r es., Masbat e, Masbate.

ILIGAN, Monta no O. -

A ssistant Man ager, Angat-Manila Transportation; 941 San Fe1-nando, S an Nico las, Manila.

·IGNAC IO. L.a zaro A . -

ILUSTRE, Eus tacia S.-Clerk of Cou,·t, fifth

Member , P1'ovincial B OOJrd of Tarlac; 'res., Tarlac, Tan'lac.

judicial district, Courts of Fi1'st Instamce; 1'es., B atangas, B atangas.

President, H ospital E spanol de San tiago; manageT, El Dorado Oil W01'ks; and vocal (d'1.irector ), (;asino Espanol de Mamila; r es. , 820 A . Mabini, Malate, Manila; tel. 5 - 60-99.

ILUSTRE, Joaquin - Lawyer; res., 395 Mar.

IGNA CIO. Lin o -

IG UA L, Manuel


Superior, Church of Our Lady of LOU?'des; 1·es. , 806 Gral. Luna, Intrannuros, Manila.

IGUZQUlZA, Very Rev. F r. Felix de -

tin Ocampo, Quifllpo, Manila. Businessman; p1'esident, S umagui Timber Co" Inc.; director, orgamiZeT and incorpoTator, Eastern Deep S ea Fishing Corporation; res., J.110 Santa Mesa, Sampaioc, Manila; tel. 6- 77-08.


IMPERIAL. Carlos A . .- Lawye.r and Jurist ;

Assistan t Electrical E nginee1', BU1'eau of Public W01'ks; 1·es., R oosevelt, C01". Padilla, S an FTancisco del Monte, Sam Juan , Rizal.

ILAGAN, P a blo -

P ha1'macist, Farmacia Nueva de S ampaloc ; res., 448 I sabel, Samvaloc, Manila.


Pila r -

associate justice, Su p1'em e Court of the Philippines; Tes ., 8264 Taft A venue E xten. sian, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-1 7-05. ( P ictUl'e on pages 456 and 938.) Born in Alba y, Alb ay, on November 4, 18 80; the son of P aciano Imperial a n d Jo sefa Dura n. After r eceiving his e lementary instruction in a private school in his h ome



town, he engaged himself in business, and with the little savi ngs he made he was able to continue his studies in the Escuela de Derecho de Manila, and later in the Unive~'­ sity of Santo Tomas, where he gradua~ed lJ1 1902, and was admitted to the prat;tlce of law the same year. He married in 1910 the f011ner Miss Rosario Bonean, by whom he has a son, Filem6n. He was elected a Deputy to ;the First; Philippine Assembly on July 13, 1907, from the second district of Albay. on the Progl'esista ticket; and was later appoin ted :,"5sistant Attorney of the Bureau of JustIce, from which position he was promoted to the bench as Judge of the Court of First instance: successively in the provinces of Iloilo, eehu, Bataan, Zambales, and Tayabasj and was transfen'ed to Manila in 1920. On June 22, 1932, he was elevated to the Supreme Court of the Philippines, as associate justice, upon recommendatio n of Governor-General Dwight F . Davis to President Herbert Hoover who appointed him to said office, which he holds up to the present.

Lawyer and forme'l' Senato1·j associate justice, Court of Appeals of the Philippinesj 1·es., J065 C. Aragon, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-48-43. (P icture on

IMPERIAL, Domingo -

pages 938 and 944.)

Born in Daraga, Albay, on August 4, 1890; son of David Imperial and Lena Fernandez. He attended the San Beda College, Liceo de Manila, and the University of Santo Tomas, graduating from the last named iniititution with the degree of A.B. H e then taught in the Nuestl'a Senora del Rosario College and in the Colegio Mel'cantil (now, the National University), from 1907 to 1908 ; and studied l3!w in the Escuela de la Jurisprudencia, finishing his course in 1912, and passed the bar examinations, with highest average, the saome year. He established his law office in his home province and entered politics later. In the general elections of June, 1934, he was elected Senator from the sixth senatorial district comprising the provinces of Albay, Sorsogon, Cama.rines Norte, Camal;nes Sur, a nd Masbate. In the first commonwealth presidential

elections held in 1935, he was one of the chief campaign managers in his district for the coalition ticket of President Quezon and Vice-President Osmena, and his leadership in that region was upheld by t he electorate. Upon the organization of t he Court of Appeals in the early part of 1936, Preside nt Quezon appointed him a member of said trib unal, which position he holds up to the present. Dist'l-ict Engineer, BU1'eau 0/ Public Works; 1·es., Cavite, Cavite.

IMPERIAL, Gregorio E. -

Born in Pili, Cam,arines Sw', on December 15, 1896; son of Jose Imperial and Mercedes Estrada; married to the fonne r Miss Elvira Serrano, by whom he has seven children: GregOl·io Jr., Eva, Rex, Boris, Josefin a, Ramon and Elvira. H e studied in Nueva Caceres Seminary, an d Provincial High School, Naga, Camarines Sur, and later in t he Silliman University, Dumaguete, Negl·OS Oriental. After obtaining his degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Silliman University, he wen t to Manila and enrolled at t he Univer sity of 'the Philippines, where he received his degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Upon his g raduatio n he served as assistant civil engineer, Iloilo, 19241925; district engineer, Mindoro, 1925-1928; and district engineer, Camarines Norte, 1928-1931; Abra, 1931·37 ; and SOl'sogon, 193738. At present he is stationed in the province of Cavite. H e has no political affiliation and is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Civil Engineer j Technical Adviser on Pub . WOTks, office of the P"esident of the Philippines; c/ o Ma-

IMPERIAL, Jose F. Samson -

laca"-ian, Manila.

Born in Legaspi, Albay, on March 14, 1893; son of Elias Imperial and Felisa Samson; ma rried to the former Miss Dolores Herrero, by whom he has three sons: Jose Jr., Joaquin and Juan. H e was ed ucated in the coll ege of San Juan de Letran and the University of Santo Tomas, grad uating from the latter with the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Befo re becoming provincial gov-


ernor of Albay, he was connected with the Bureau of Public 'Yorks as district engineer. He is now technical adviser on public works, office of the President of the Philippines; a Nacio~alista by party affiliaticn, and a Roman Catholic by r eligio n.

LawyeT; cl"'k of coU'rt, fifth judicial' district, Courts 0/ First I nstance; res ., liucena, Tayabas.

IMPERIAL, Justo V. -

Atty. Justo V. Imperial is a se1f-made man. After finishin g his elementary course in his home province, he worked as a clerk and was assigned to the Office of t he Clerk of Court of Rizal province. While working in the day time, he managed to finish his studies at night until he obtained his LL.B. degree and passed t h e bar examinations. H e was Acting Clerk of Court, Court of First I nstance of Rizal, for some time before he was transferred to Lucena, Tayabas.

Lawyer; office, 209 Cu Uniieng Bldg., Manila; tel. 2-94-11; ?路es., 4th Avenue, G'race POIf'k, Avenida Rizal Extension, Caloocan, Rizal; tel. 2-86-92.

IMPERIAL, Salvador E. -

Captain, Q. M. S., Phil'ippine Army j c/o same.

IMPERIAL, Zacarias -

Lawyer, Sabido Law Office; res., Saint Rita's H all, T aft Avenue, Ermita, Manila.

INC-lONG, Ceferino -

Segundo M. -EducatoT; di1'ecto'l', Of/ice 0/ Adult Education, co?'. G1'al. Luna and Vict01'ia, l ntramuros .. ?路es., 292 Isabel, Sannpaloc, Manila.


Born in S'an Rafael, Buiacan, on March 29, 1885; son of Severo Infa ntado and Claudia Mendoza j married in 1914 the former Miss Maria Valte, and has seven children : Angelica, Augusto, Leandro, Lydia, Remedios, Emil ia, and Segundo. Mr. Infantado was a city school teacher, 1913-15 j supervising teacher, Bureau of Education, 1916; academic supervisor, Division of Bulacan, 1916-20; critic teacher, Bagnio Assembly Model Classes, 1920 j was appointed


Acting Division Superintendent of Schools for Romblon, 1920; registrar of the National Univers it~r, and director, Training Dept., same university, 1921-28; member, committee on Public Instruction, National Supreme Council, 1926; manager, publishing dept., Loyal Press, 1929; executive secretary, National Teachers College, 1929-36; and appointed Director of the Office of Adult Education, Department of Public Instruction, 1937. He is a holder of LL.B. degree from the Philippine Law S'ch ool, 1924, and of B.S.E. degree from the National University, 1927; president of the National Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations of the Philippines, and member of the National Council of Education. INGALLA,

Benito P1'ivate Secretary, CoU?路t of Appeals; res., 5 Baldwin, Tondo , Manila.

Lawyer and Business Executive; office, 511 Chaco Bldg., Plaza Ce?'vantes, Binonda, Manila ,. tel. 2-11 -88; res" Figueras Avenue and Pasay Beach, PasGllJ, Rizal; tel. 5-14-60.


Born in Greenville, Tennessee, U,S.A., on Nov. 29, 1866; son of Ansel Bassett Ingersoll and Miranda Reed Ingersoll. He studied in the city schools of Knoxville, Tennessee, and in the University of Tennessee, graduating with the degree of A.B. from said institution in June, 1886, and was admitted to the bar in June, 1889. He practiced law in Seattle, WashingtoD, and was elected Judge of Seattle in 1896. Corning to the Philippines during the early part of Americ8jll occupation, he was appointed Prosecuting Attorney of the City of Manila, and was made Judge of the Municipal Court later, He resign~d from the government service to practice his professio n , and has specialized in corporation, minirng and land laws in recent years. H e is the president of the Philippin e Baseball League, and vice-president and director Philippine Iron Mines, Inc. H e was a mem~ ber of the Executive Council of the Bov Scouts of America and of the Board of Phiiipphte Censors for i\Ioving Pictures; and is



member of the Univel's~ty, Army & Navy, Manila Polo, '~l ack \Vack, and Manila Rotary Clubs.

Lawye1'" Technical Assista,nt f01' Special Investigations, Office of the President of the Philippines : 't es., 81 C. Reyes, San Juan, Rizal.

INGLES, Jose D. -

Born in IHa uban, Tayabas, on August 2-:1, 1910; son of Ricardo Ingles .~J1d Genov'eva Calleja Ingles. After completing the elementary and secondary courses in rus hom e province, he enrolled at the University of the Philippines, where he obtained his Ph.B. and LL.B . degrees in 1932. S ince 1936 he has been connected with the executive staff , Office of the President, at Malacafian. He was the president of the Tayabas Association, 1936-37.

ley District, in 1929, and assigned to his present position in 1935. A member of the F. & A. M.

Physician and Surgeon; chief. division of sanitation, Bu1·eau. of Health; 1'es" 1576 G1·al. Luna, Pa co, Manila; tel. 5-.45-70.

INTENGAN. Dr. Gabr;"! -

Dr. Gabriel In te ngan was born in 1885, and graduated from the University of Santo Tomas as M.D, in 190 8. Since his graduation, he has been connected with the Bureau of Health in various capacities, and is at present chief of the division of sanitation of said bureau, H e is a member of th e Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico and of other scientific and social organizations. INTENGAN, Mariano -

General Superin-

tendent and Chief, PiM'S and Wh wrt"es Sec-

Businessrnarn; managing pa'ltne1', Inhelde1', Walch Co ., Ltd.; res., 59 Dominga, Pasay, Rizal. (Picture on page


tion, Dist1"iCt of Manila, Bureau of Public Wo·tics; res ., Nangka Road, Rizal Avenue Hills, Caloocan, Rizal.

1560. )

lnhelder, 'Valch Co., Ltd., is a business :firm, of which Messrs. H. lnhelder and E. \Valch are managing partners. They are well-kno'wn importers and exporters, and wholesale druggi sts, whose offices are located at the China Bank Bldg., on calle Dasmarifias, corner of Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila; P. O. Box 1182; tel. 4·90-78.

Asst. Civil Enginee'r, Bur. of Pub. W01'ks ; 1·es., Cotabaw, Cotabato.

INIGUEZ, Deogracias -; distHict I sa.bela supMintemdent, Cagayan-North District; 1·es., Tuguegcvrao , Cagayan.

INIS, Rev. Ciriaco I. -

Born in Sinait, Ilocos Sur, on August 8, 1885; son of Macari o Inis and Sabina Impel'io ; studied in the Union Theological Seminary, 1914, and married Saturn ina Blaquera, of Rizal, Cagayan, on July 3, 1916, by whom his children are Ruth, Ernest, and Edwin. He was assigned to various M. E, churches in the different provinces, and was appointed dist.rict superintendent, South Cagayan Val-

Lawyer ,' 'res., Tagbi(Picture on page 318)

INTING, Bernardino -

laran. Bohol.

Born in Tagbilaran, Bohal, on May 20, 1899; son of Eustaquio lnting and Gregoria Kibil'; married to the former Miss Placida Parras, by whom he has two children: Renato and Gilberto. H e attended the public schools of Bohol and later the Far Elastern College (now Far Eastern University), and the National Law College, University of Maraila, graduating from the latter with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in March, 1926. He passed the bar examinations in August of the same year. He was a messenger, then clerk in the University of the Philippines; and later a clerk in the House of Representatives. For a term he was a m ember of the Provincial Board of Bohol and was acting provincial governor of the province on several occasions. He is the f ounder and director of the Bohol Business College, and is the author of a b ook in Visayan, entitled uBohol Ug Mga Boho]anon". He is at present president of the Tagbilaran Rural Credit Association. In 1934, he was elected Delegate from the first district of Boho! to the Con-


stitutionaJ Convention. A Nationalist by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Lawyttr; assistant chief, law division, De pa7'tment of the I nterior .. res., 59 Ochoa, Pasay, Rizal; tet. 5-18-20 .

(PAC, Jua n Pasis -

Vice-President, Philippine Spu.nc1'ete, Inc ... 1·e8., 21 Libetrtad, Pasay, Hizal; tel. 5·1 6·78 .


Vice-P"esident and Man. ager, I pekdjian Brothers, Ltd., "Manila Diamond ;" 1·es., 21 Ubertad, Pasay, Rizal; t el. 5-16·78.


Director, Ipekdjian Brothers, Ltd., "Manila Diamond", and president, Philippine Spuncrete.. res., 21 Uib.,·tad, Pasay , Rizal; tel. 5-1 6-78 .


The Offices of Ipekdjian Brothers, Ltd., are now located at 601 Escolta, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-41·31; P. O. Box 1298, Manila. IRA CONCEPCION, Dr. Felix Physician and Surgeon; office, 154 Villalobos, Quiapo, l\IJanila; ~el. 2-77-86; 1'es., 2009 .4ve. Rizal,

Santa. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-80 -36. Vicwr Provincial, Sacred Order of San Agustin; add,.ess, C/ o P. O. Box 158, Manila.

IRAETA, Very Rev. Vidal -

Businessman; proprietor and manager, "Iris" Hunga1'ian Restaurant, MefJropolitan Theater Bldg. tel. 2 -67-50; res., Zwrnora, Patranaque, Rizal; tel. 5·18·52.

IRITZ, Istvan T . -

Business Executive; general manager, The Pure Cane Molasses Co. (P. I.) , Inc.; res., A Ma1lflower Aparrn..ents, Pennsylvania & Estrada, Malate, Manila; tel. 5· 78·79.


Farm-Owner and businessman; res ., Bontoc, Mountain P1'OVince. (Picture on page 320. )

IRVING, Clemente F. -


Born in Bontoc, Mountain Province, in 1890; son of Moga and Lapo; married to the fonner Miss Annie Martin of Mankayan, Mountain Province; and has five children : Nancy, Eliza, Clementina, Benjamin, and John. He graduated from the Manila High School in 1918; taught school for one year, 1918 to 1919; was municipal treasurer, 1920; member of the Provincial Board of the Mountain Province, 1924 to 1928; Representative to the Philippine Legislature. 1928 to 1931; "nct Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the distric t of Bontoc in 19 34 .

Business Executive; sales manager, Trans-Pacific Trading Co., 130 T. Pinpin, tel. 2-42-04,; 7·es .• 1952 Oroquieta, SO/nta Cruz, Manila ; tel. 2 -50-58 .

IRWIN. James T . -

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, U. S., on April 12, 1877; son of James Irwin and Anna Reed Irwin; received his education in the home land and joined the 2nd Mississippi Volunteers: U.S. Army, during the United States-Spanish War in 1898, and the U. S. Marine Corps, 1905, on duty at China Coast, 1906-08, and was discharged in the Philippines in ' 1909 ; went to Davao, Mindanao, as planter and in June, 1912, he manied Felicidad Ra~irez of Manila, by whom he has a son, named Joseph. Mr. Irwin was connected with different companies in various capacities from 1931 to 1934, and is now sales manager of the TransPacific Trading Co. He is a Mason.

Chief, license and inspection di'L'ision, City Depatrtment of Finance; 'res., 2 Gonzalo, Malate, Manila.

ISAAC, Zenon -

---oJ Businessman; dealer in calenda'rs and adve1'tising specialfll'es; 1'e8., 75 Juan L una, Binondo, il1anila.


Businessman; dealer in embroi<Ie1'ies; office, 209 Gral. Solano, San Miguel, Manila; tel. 2-JO-89; res., Roosevelt Road, San Francisco del Monte, Rizal.


Assistant P7'0/essor. College 0/ Education, Unive1'sity of the Philippines; 7'es., il1a1·ikina. Rizal.

ISIDRO, Dr. Anton io -



Ag1'iCUlturist and ex-Mu.nicipal President; res ., Obando, Bu -

ISIDRO, Pedro Mar q u ez [("can.

Born in Barrio de Paco, Obando, Bula.., call, on July 4, 1880; so n of Pedro Marqu ez Isidro and Brigida Ramos; married to t he former Miss Eusebia Capiral, by whom he has five children: Patl'ocin'io, Filemo n, Anacleta, Aurelia and Laurentino. He was educated in the College of San J uan de Letran where he received his degree of Bachelor of Arts. He was a member of the municipal council of Obando from 1919 to 1922 a nd municipal president from 1922 to 1925 and from 19 31 to 1934. He was president of t h e Local Committee of the Nacionalista-Democratico party, and president of the "Acci6n Catolica" of his town. H e is a Roman Catholic by religion. ISLA, Dr. Dominador A. -

gangko Isla; obtained his D.D.S. degree from the Philippine Dental College in 1932. He rna11:ied Dorotea Cruz, of Tondo, Manila, on July 31, 1918, and they have two children; Angelino and Bienvenida. He was, prior to hi s graduation as Doctor of Dental Surgery, pri n cipal teacher of the ' Al iaga Eleme ntary School, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija, 1917-27. Dr. Isla was one of the first officers of the National Vo lunteers of the Philippine Is.lands who 'helped its founder in organizing various compan ies in Tondo, and was ap pointed Colonel, de ntal corps, of said sernimilitary organization. He is also a member of the Dentists League of the Philippines, and of the Filipino-Chinese Association. IS LA, Jose - Land and Mineral SU1'Veyor; 1'88., 53 Cemen'bina, Pasay, R izal; tel. 5-15-64.

Dental Surgeon,-

1'e8., Aliaga, Nueva Ecija . Born in Aliaga, Nueva Ecija, on May 16, 1896; SOil of Juan Isla and Laul'eana Lim-

ITOH, T. Sub-Manag.", The Yok ohantWSpecie Bank, L td., 1路e8., 22 Broadway , New

.il1anila, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-88-54.

J JACINTO, Alfredo V.1路e8., Cebu, Cebu.

Mayor, City of Ceb,,;

Mayor Alfredo Victoriano Jacin to, of the City of Cebu, was born in the municipality of Gapan, province of Nueva Ecija, on March 23, 1891; the son of Gervasio R. Jacinto and Ramona. Lim; a Roman Catholic; and married to the former Miss Venancia Yuson, also a native of Gapan, Nueva Ecija. He attended t he GapaL Elementary School, Nue va Ecija Provincial High Alfredo V. Jaci n to School, the Licea Filipino in Manila, and the Visayan Instit u te in Cebu, obtaining from the last named institution his A.A. title and LL. B. degree. H e is also a holder of C.P.A. and was a First-Grade (English) Civil Service eligible.

PlioI' to hi s appOintment a s Chief Eixecutive of the City of Cebu in 193 7 , he has held the following posi tions in the government service, viz.: Clerk, Property Clerk, Record Clerk, and Accountant, Burea u of Civil Service; Chief Clerk a nd Assistant Provincial Treasurer of Bulacan in 1918; latel', t ran sferr ed in the same position to L eyte, and then to P a ngasi nan; promoted to City Treasurer of Baguio on May 2 3, 1921; promoted to Provincia l Treasurer of La Union on January 9, 1925; promoted again to b ecome Provincia l Treasurer of Cebu on February 27, 1930; and a s a, r esult of co n t inuous, fa ithful and efficient services, he was appointed t he first Mayor of the City of Cebu, created by Commonwealth Act No. 58, approved October 20, 1 936 . Mayor Jacinto was a member of the Board of Directors of the Provincial Trea.surer s' Association.


JACINTO, Amado -Superintendent of Wo rks,

Bureau of Printing; 'res., 6 Marikina St., Maypajo, Caloocan, Rizal, Physician and SU1'geon, Santol Tuberculosis Sana to1-ium; res. , 509 Alva1'ez, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel.

JACINTO, Dr, Carme lo P. -


Businessman; mining executive; office, State Bldg, Annex, 31路d. Flo01', Avenida Rizal, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel.

JACINTO, Domingo -

2-75-90 .

Lawyer and AgricultU1'ist; res ., Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

JACINTO, Jose R. -

Born in the u n i cipality of Gap a n, Nueva Ecija, on October 24, 1885. After acquiring his early education in Gapan, he was sen t to Manila where he l~ceived the degrees of Bachelor 0 f J ose R, Jacinto Arts and Bachelor of Laws. After passing the bar examinations, he returned to his home town and opened up his own law office. For a term he was a member of the municipal council of Gapan, and was register of deeds of Nueva Ecija for some time. During t he world war, he was one of the one-minu te orators in the province of N ueva Ecija to induce young men of the province to join the National Guard. At present he is engaged in private law practice, a nd is connected with the W est Batangas Galena Mines, Inc. In


Quimson Jacinto; studied in t h e School of Surveying, 1915, a nd was appointed Junior Surveyor, 1915; Surveyor, 1916; Chief of Cadastra l Survey, 1918-25; District Land Officer, 1926-30; and Chief of Isolated Survey Plans Section, Bureau of Lands, since 1930. He is a memb er of the board of directors, Philippine Society of Surveyors. Married to the former Miss Adelaida Dionisio, of same town, by whom his children are Pacifico, Mamerto, Carmelita, Virginia, Rosita, Estrella.

Physician and Surgeon; Ghairmatn, Bd. of Di1路s., Philippine Bank of Comme1'ce, Calvo Bldg., Escolta; res ., 1029 Plaza L eon XIII, Tondo, Manila;

JACINTO, Dr. Nicanor -

tel. 4-81-06.

Born in Malol os, Bulacan, in 1884; edu cated in the Ateneo de Manila where he obt~dned his A.B. degree, and in the University of Santo Tomas, graduating with the degree of M.D. in 1911, and passed the Board's examinations the same year. Dr. Jacinto (Nicanor) is a physician and surgeon and sub-director of San Juan de Dios Hospital; visiting physician of St. J oseph's Hospital; professor of surgery in the University of Santo Tol'l1is; president, Finance and Mining Investments Corporation; director, The National Ri ce and Corn Corporation; president of the National Rice Growers Association; a member of the Manila Medical Society, Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico de Filipinas, and associate member, National Research Council of the Philippine I slands. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the newly organized flPhiljppine Bank of Commerce," located at Calvo Bldg., E scolta, Manil a.

Proprietor and Businessman; 1-es., Pinamalayan, Mindoro.

JACOB, Gorgonio -

Caye tano Violinist, Co'rnposer an,d Conducto.r ; former M1.tnicipal P1'esident of Lumban, Laguna; res., Lumban, Laguna_


SU1"1Jeyor,. chief of isolated swrvery plans section, Bureau of Lands; 1'es., 2331 -B Juan LMna, Tondo, Manila.

JACINTO, Mame l'to Q. -

Born in Malabon, Rizal, on May 11, 1895 ; so n of Catalin o Jacinto and Celestina

. Born in Lumban, Laguna, on August 7, 1896; attended the public schools of his home town a nd later came to Manila to pursue his secondary training ; but his natural inclina-



tion in music forced him to give up his academic course and to devote hi s t ime to his v iolin studies until he became a well-known violinist and violin teacher, composer and conductor. He taught violin in the Co nservatory of Music, University of the Philippines, from 1916 to 1931. Among his popular compositions are tlMabuhay ang Filipinas," and <lAng TaUong Maria" (zarzuelas); "Polka de

Concierto/' for full orchestra ; "Mazurka de Concierto" and "Song of the Beggar," for

appointed Junior Physician and Assistant Bacteriologist, Doilo provincial laboratory, Bureau of Science, in 1920, and was promoted to his present position in 1922. He is married to Ana M. Sian, and a Roman Catholic by religion. JALANDONI, Bernardino P'l'oprietor anrt Businessman; rcs ., 1213 Carolina, Malate,

Manila; tel. 5-78-82.

violin and piano. In the general elections of June, 1931, he was elected Municipal President of his home town, and was re-eJected to same office in June, 1934, and served his tenn of office until December 31, 1937. W. F . Business Executive; manage?', 'refrige1'Q.toT depa1'tment, H. E , Heacock Co.; .,'es" 3948 Taft Ave. Ext., Pa~ say, Rizal; tel. 5-J3-16.


JAEGER, Hermann Merchant; importe'r; office, 456 Dasma?'irias, R-2, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2'4.1-64 ; res., 361 Looban. Paco, Manila.

tel. 5-65-48.

JALANDONI, Dr. Cesar - Physician and Sur-

geon; P1'op1-ietor .. ho,me address, Silay, Negros Occidental; res., 191 P. Villanueva, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-15-90. Rafael Major, Philippine Army; on duty with the Office of the President; 1路es., 240 Herran, Manila; tel. 2-65-02.


Clark Lawyer, Educato1', and lV"'itel'" Provincial Treasurer of Pangasina1l; res ., Lingayen, Pangasinan.


Born in McKinney, Collin County, Texas, U.S., about 60 years ago; the son of David JAHRLING, Carlos P?'OprietOT, Botica de Santa Cruz, Plaza Goiti ' 1'e8., 926 Pad1'e, James and Mary Jan e Batton J ames; worked Faura, E1'mita, Manila. ' as a cowboy at Haskel, T exas, when he was about 15, during spdng a nd summer, and JALANDONl, Dr. Antonio N.-Physician and wenti t o school dUl;ng winter, u ntil he reached Surgeon; chief, Bureau of Science Provinci(tl the age of 19, when he began teaching in a country school at Floyd County; entered t h e Labo1'ato,'y of I loilo; res ., Iloilo, Iloilo . Baylor University at V\' aco, Texas, in 1892, Born in J aro, Iloilo, on June 26, 1893; an d four years later he obtained his degree son of Cipriano Jalandoni a nd VictOl;a Nieof Bachelor of Literature a nd Oratory, 1896. ves; attended the San He was then appoin ted Principal, Chico InJuan de Letran Colstitute, 1896-97, a nd Superint en dent, Caldlege, where he obtained well City Schools, Texas, 1897-99 ; and was hi~ A. B. degree in admitted to t h e Bar in 1899. Fo r fo u r years 1915, and the Univerhe was a practicing attor n ey in t he United sity of Santo Tomas states, until h e came t o the P hilippines in wlhere he graduated 1904, as Teach er, Bureau of Education. with the degree of M.D. After teaching three years in N ueva Ecija, h e in 1920, and was licens_ transferred to t h e Of f ice of the Provincial ed to practice his medi_ Treasurer of Pampanga in June, 1907, an d cal profession the same was subsequently a ppoint ed Acting Provincial year. Treasurer of P a mpa nga, t r a n sferred to B aDr. Jalandoni was An tonio N. Jalandoni tangas with the same position, and prom olted


Provincial Treasurer of Misamis, Bohol, Rizal, and Bulacan. In 1918 he was transferred to Pangasinan, where he is still the Provincial Treasurer. Mr. James took and successfully passed the Bar examinations in 1909, but he has not practiced law in the Philippines although he has made a good use of it in connection with his duties as Provincial Treasurer. He is a Mason of high degree.

Manag."., Manila Office, Calamba SugO/r Estate, and Ponnpanga Suga,' Mills; office, 6th Floo,', Soriano Bldg., Plaza Cervantes, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-27-78; res., Manila Club, Ermita.


JAMORA, Cel. o B. - Lawye,'; office, 670 Dasmarinas, Binondo; tel. 2-62-30; res ., 889 Tanduay, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2-63-86 .

Atty. Jamora was born in Silay, Occidental Negros, on May 9, 1901; the son of Felix Jamora, former justice of the peace of Paraiiaque, Rizal, and of Anacleta Benedicto, both parents being natives of Iloilo. He stu died in the Silay Primary School, Kabankalan Elementary School, Iloilo High School, and the Philippine Law School, N ational University, graduating from the last named institution with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1924, and passed the bar examinations the same year. He has been the attorney of the Lawyers' Cooperative Publishing Co. and the Associated Publishers since 1925, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the HKahirup Club". Man-ied. A Nacionalista by political inclination, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Cle"k 0/ Court, 7th Judicial Dist., Court of .1st Instance of Iloilo; res., 10 Iznart, City of Iloilo, Iloilo .


nario de J aro where he obtained his degree of Bachelor of Arts. Before becomIng clerk of court of the Seventh Judicial District, he was municipal treasurer of SHay, Occidental Negros; clerk in the office of the Court oi First Instance of Leyte, and LIbrarian in the Bureau of Justice, Manila. He is a Nacionalista by party affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion. JANDA, Robert L -La,wyer; attorney, ROBB, Lawrence, Selph and CflIT'rascoso; office, Na-

tional City Bank Bldg., Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-13-27; res., 939 F. B. Harrison, Pasay, Rizal. Vice Consul/or Sweden; ' 路e8., Valhalla Hotel, AplLrtment 23, F. B. Harrison St. (in front 0/ the Polo Club), Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-10-85 .


Manager, The Polish Trading Co. for Asia, Ltd., Philippine Agency (Brodett and Januzkiewicz); office, 90.1 Cortes-Ochoa Bldg., Manila; tel. 2-29-08; '1路es., 2S4-A GTey, Ermita, Manila.


JAO CON SAN - Businessman; proprietor, Lace Store; address: 207 San Vicente, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2.79-94.

lndltst"ialist; expo,路te,. and coconut oil manufacturer; address : 15 Cristobal, Paco, 111anila; tel. 5-79-78; res., 809 Reina Regente, Binondo, Manila; tel.



JAMORA, Juan -

Born in SHay, Negros Occidental, on August 6, 1878; son of Juan Jamora and Dolores Gayol; married to the former Miss Maria Lacson, by whom he has seven children: Dolores, Clotilde, Leopolda, Lu~s, Juan, Jose, and Roberto. After receiving his early instruction from the private school of Don Pedro Perez of J aro, he enrolled at the Semi-

JAPSON, Rosario Phatrmacist, Japson Drug Store; res., 915 Ylaya, TondO I Manila. JAPSON, Dr. Vicente - Physician and Surgeon; office, 909 Moriones, Tondo, Manila;

tel. 4-90-65. Dr. J apson is the proprietor of the J apson Drug Store, and is a member of the Philippine Islands Lawn Tennis Association. His residence is also at 309 Moriones, Tondo.



Physician and Sur~ goon; office, Abadilla's Bldg., Quezon St., Lu.cena, Tayabcts.

JARA, D r . A nto nio D . -

Dr. J ara is one of the YOWlg physicians who has t~en successful in his medical profession. He was born in 1905 and graduated as Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from th e University of Santo Tomas, Manila, in 1932, and was licensed to practice med icine the same year. He is a specialist in pediatrics,

Association. She is at presen t the execut ive sCl'etary of the Y.Vl.C.A. j member , AbieTtas House of Friendship; financial secretary, The Ucnjted Church of Manila; and instructor in social service, Union College of Man ila.

P hysician and Sur., geon; (l,ating chief, A lbay Provincial H ospital,. res., Legaspi, Albay.

J ARA. Dr. Rica rdo -

Busitnessman; president and manage't, Mining Promotions, B1'o/cerage and Engineering Co .; seoretQ/f'ymanager, Ca'11Ullr'i.nes Central Mining Co., Inc.; office, 28 Lack & Davis Bldg., Echague, Manila; tel. 2 -87-41; res ., 11 36 Traba,io, Sampaloc, M anita.


Physi<:ian and geon 'res ., L ucena, Tayabas.

JARA, Dr. Eufel11io -



Social 'W orker; execu.tive seoretaJry, Young Women's Clvristian Association; address, 578 Isaac Pe"l'al, E 'rmita, Manila; tel. 5-65-36.

.IARA.MARTINEZ, (Mrâ&#x20AC;˘. ) Jo,efa -

Born in Mandw'iao, Iloilo, in 1894; the daughter of former MWlicipal President Jara, of Manduriao, and a retired lady school teacher; married to Mr. Rufino Martinez, an engineer, Mrs. Jara-Martinez studied nursing for a year 1n MaIlljla in 1908, but returned to her home province in 1909 to fini sh her high school course, and was later sent to the Philippine Normal School as a government pensionada to study teaching. Upon her graduation, she returned to Iloilo and was appointed a teacher in 1912, and was later transfeJ'red to the Philippine N onnal School as a teacher. It was in this school where she was offered a scholarship to take up social work in the Unjted States in 1919. She then studied in New York School of Social \Vork for two years, and returned to the Philippines in 1921. w'hen she was assigned to the newly created Public 'Welfare Bureau, and, for fifteen years, she headed the Dependent Children Division of said office with an annual compensation of P5,000.OO, the highest salary eve:- paid by the Government to 3Jly wom~ socml worker in the Philippines. She was secretary of the Asociacion de Damas Filipinas and of \:V elfare \Vorkers Club of the Philippines; member of the board of dll'ectars of t he Associated Charities; membel~, board of management, Abiertas House of Fl'le~dship; and, for five consecutive terms preSident of the Young Women's Christian

Construction Enginee1', Jaramillo, Valdez & Co.; res., 1198 Gral. Luna, Ermita, Manila.

JARAMILLO, M a nu e l F . -

L awye/f'; manager and legal counsel, J a1'amillo, Valdez & Co .; president and manager, Aurora Min. ing Co. ; 1'es., 105 R eten, Sampaloc, Manila.

JARAMILLO, Na r ciso N. -

L awyer and Jwrist; !oTmer Judge and AttoTney-Gene'I'al 0/ the Philippines; 1'es., 428 T ennessee, Malate, Mo:nila; tel. 5-58-J,./.

JARAN I LLA, Delfin -

Born in La Paz, Iloilo, on December 24, 1883; the son of Antonio J aranilla and Jebucion; attended the La Paz and Iloilo public schools, t he Seminary of J aro, Iloilo, in the P hili ppines, and the Santa Ana (Californ ia ) High School, t he State Univer sity o f Tenn essee, a n d Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., in the Un ited States, where he obtained his Delfin Jaranilla LL.B. degree in 1907. He was a clerk, Cou rt ~f FIrst Instance of I1oilo, and of Cagayan: Intell)1'eter, Court of F irst Instance, tenth


judicial district; deputy fiscal, and then actg. provincial fiscal of Iloilo; assistant attorney, and then attorney, Department of Mindanao and Sulu ; assista!l1,t attorney, Bureau of Justice; auxiliary judge, Court of First Instance, first and seventh judicial districts j judge of the Court of First Instance, twenty-second judicial district; appointed Attorney General of the Philippines in 1925, and was made Judge of the Court of First Instance of Manila in 1933, but retired in 1936 to ptractice his law profession and to engage in business. He married the former Miss Angela Salazar, in 1914, who was then a public school teacher and, later, social welfare worker before she died in the early part of 1937. Judge J aramilla is now president of Ilocos Coastal Manganese Mines, Inc., and Corona Maatganese Mines, Inc.; professor of law, University of Manila; and president, National Rifle and Pistol Association of the Philippines. He is a sportsman and a lover of music.

Captain; acting chief, finance section, Budget and Legislative division, and sert.ior aide-de-camp, P'I'ovost Marshal General, Philippine Army; res., South Avenue, San Juan, Rizal; tel.

JARDELEZA, Bernardino -


Lawye1' and Notarry Public; 1路es., Taclo ban, Leyte.

JARO, Paulo -

Born in Tacloban, Leyte, on June 29, 1892; son of Antonio Jaro and Filomena Quintera j married to the fonner Miss Paz Pilpa; a Roman Catholic. Atty. Jaro was educated in t Ie Tacloban Elementary School, Tacloban High School , and Pltilippine Law School, National University, graduatin,g from t he last named institution witfu. the degree of LL.B. in 1922, aIlld was admitted to the practice of law the same year. He was a public school teacher, and municipal councilor of Tacloban, Leyte; and is at present a practicing attorney and notary public, and member of the Onward Club and the Leyte Bar Association. JASON, P. - Manager, E,-mita Drug Store; 'I路es., 8 Alfonso XIII, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-88-09.

Lamberto Captain, Philippine Army .. detailed with the newly reo'rganized Philippine Constabulatry; res., Cavite, Cavite.


Physician and Surgeon; '1'es., Bacolod, Neg1'os Occidental.

JAVELLANA, Dr. Alfredo D. -

6 -81 -54.

JAVELLANA, Dr. Vicente J. -

Physician and Surgeon; res., Silay, Negros Occidental.

JARDELEZA, Dr. Magdaleno L. -

Dr. Jardeleza was born in Silay, NegTos Occiden.tal, in 1892; graduated from the Baylor University in 1921 with the degree of M.D.; and is now the physician in charge of the Hawaiian Philippine Company, Silay, Negros Occidental.


and Surgeon; res., L a Paz, lloiw. Division Superintendent oj Schook of TarZac; res., Tarlac, Tarrlac.

JAVIER, Abdon -

Born in Tanauan, Batangas, on July 30, 1895; son of IsabeJo Javier and Adriana Yocongco; married to the former Miss Pastora Torres, by whom he has three sons : Philip, Caesar and Orlando. After finishing his elementary education in the public schools of JARDER, Manuel H. Ag1'icultwrist and his home town, Ihe was sent to Manila and P1'oprietor; 'res ., Manapla, Negros Occ'iden- enrolled at the Pltilippine Normal School, tal. where he graduated in 1916. Later he entered the College of Education, University of JARDINIANO, Dr. F ederico Disflrict Ve- the Philippines, where he completed courses terinarian, animal disease control division, - in school supervision, public school adminisBureau of Animal Industry; res ., Cagayan, tration, educational sociology and Engltsh I. 111isamis O'riental. Upon his graduation, he was appointed elem-



entary school principal and was s uccessively promoted to the positions of supervising teacher and division academic supervisor. On passing the division superintendent's examinations in 1925, he was appointed division superintendent of schools of Zambales. In 1918 he was recommended for scholarship to the United States. He was one of the three division superintendents requested to submit a report on education among the non-Christians to the Quezon Educational Survey Committee. He was state director for the Philippine Islands of the National Education Association of the United States in 1930, of which association he is a life member. At present he is division superintendent of schools of Tarlac. He is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Lawye'J"; office, 225 Samanillo Bldg., E scolta; tel. 2-19-87; res., Taytay, Rizal.

JAVIER, Benedicto M. -

Surveyor, Department of Enginee1"ing and public W01'lcs, Manila; 1·es., Mandaluyong, Rizal.

JAVIER, Bonifacio -

Business Woman; Modiste and Real Estate Broke?" 1·es., 83 Medel, Santa Anta, M a:nila; tel:

course in the Michigan University, U.S.A., where he was awarded the Doctorate in Ju· ricTicial Science in 1932. Dr. Javier was president of the provincial committee of the defunc~ Democrata Party in N egros Oriental ; professor and head, department of political science, Silliman University; and is now a practicing attorney and professor of law, same university, He is a member of Mt. Kaladia, Lodge No. 91, of the F. & A. M. of the Philippines. JAVIER,



Businessman; 1·e8.,

Laoag, Ilocos Norte. Businessman j manager, Makabayan Taxi Cab, and prop., service station; res., 728 Kansas, Malate. Manila; tel. 5·56-15.

JAVIER, Francisco -

Lawyer; trustee, AU?'ora Mining Company; 124 T. Pinptn, Binondo, M anita.

J A VI ER, Gregorio C. -

JAVIER, Ignacio R. - Master Plumber' res .• 2029 Rizal Avenue, Santa C'J"Uz. Ma~ila.

JA VIER, (Mrs.) Consue lo Lam -


Lawe1'; instructor, Silliman UnivM'sity; res., Dwmaguete, Neg ros Oriental.

JAVIER, Emilio M. -

LaWYMi president and gene1'al manage1', New Paracale Mines, Inc. secretwry, Y. Yaptinchay & Co., Inc.; directo1', Cooperative Brokerage. Inc.; res" 1558 Calixto Dyco, Paco. Manila.

JAVIER, Jose A. -

Jewele/r; m.anager, La In sulan- Jewelry Store " res., 15 Porvenir, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2·78-35.

JAVIER, Juan -

Born in Iloilo, Iloilo, on September 13, 1893; the son of Sulpicio Javier and Luisa Madrazo; married to the fonner Miss Natividad Rosa; a Protestant by religion,. Hp attended the Sagay Elementary School, Sagay, Negros Occidental; the Cadiz Intermediate School, Cadiz ; the Provincial High School of N egros Occidental, where he comPlet~d his secondary course; and the Silliman Institute (now Silliman University) where he obtained his A.B. degree in 19i5; and later em'olled at the College of Law , Un'Ivers. Ity of the ~hil ippine, where he received his LL.B. degree in 1918. He took postgraduate

Physician and Surgeon; res., !.tuna, La Union.

JAVIER, Dr. Manuel P . -

Assistant Treasurer, H. E. H eacock Co.; 'J"es., .1185 A . Mabini, M alat., Manila; tel. 5-68-22.

JA VIER, Mariano _

S.- Auditor, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co .; 1'es. 608 Me1'ced Paco, Manila; tel. 5-7.1-15. '



JAVIER, T eodoro - Businessman; manager, Bartolome & Javier; res., 554 Alvarado, Int. 62, Birwndo, Manila; tel. 4-94-61.

Lawyer ; office, 184 Arzobispo, lntramuros, Manila; tel. 2-58-78; res., Sumilang, Pasig, Rizal.


Born in Santa Cruz, Manila, on March 4, 1888j the son of Paulino Javillonar and Juliana Galleros. Atty. J avillona" was one of the pupils of former Senator and Judge Nicolas Capistrano and of the late Associate Justice of the Supreme

Court, Hon. Ignacio Villamor, and graduated with the degree of A . Lucio Javillonar B. from the Liceo de Manila and obtained his LL.B. degree from the Escuela de Derecho (now Manila Law College), having been admitted te the practice of law in 1921, after he has served the govern,ment. in various capacities as chief clerk in the offices of the district engineers of Capiz, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Albay and Rizal; deputy clerk of court, Court of First Instance of Manila; and justice of t h e peace of Gerona, Tarlac. He married Maria Sta. Ines in 1912, by whom he has ten children. She died on August 23, 1935. He is at present a practicing attorney; legal counsel of the Manila 'Conservatory of Music and Philippine Standard Mining Exploration j member of the board of trustees, Cornejo Institute, Inc~; and member of the board of directors, Lapi National Protection, a fraternal branch of "Loyal Advocates of Philip. pine Independence" (member of Popular Front Party). His office is located at 134 Arzobispo, Intramuros, Manila. He is a Roman Ca.tholic and a member of "La Humildad", Centro Espirita, Malabon, Rizal.


Lawyer; trustee, Z('J;t'nba~ les-San Juan Ch'romite Co.; sec;retary, Pidatan Petlrolewm Co., lnc.j tlreasU'rer, Putianay Mines Association,. and secretary, Toledo Gold Mine Association; res., Cebu, Cebu; c/o 208 Fernandez Bldg., Manila.

JA YME, Vicente -

Born in Carmen, Cebu, on November II, 1903; son of Andres J ayme and Damiana H ermoso; married j and a Roman Catholic. Atty. J ayme attended the Mandawe primary school, the Santo Nino College of Cebu, the San Carlos College <Yf the same city, the Cebu provincial hi gh school, were he fi-n jshed his secondary course, and the University of Sante Tomas, where he obtained his LL.B. degree in 1927, and passed the bar examinations the same year. He is holder of the Cabahug Medal and has a collection of 26 prizes which he obtained from students' contests during his school days; and is a member of he Davao Filipino Club, Davao Bachelors Club, the Y.M. C.A., San Carlos Alumni .Association, Santo Tomas Alumni Association, and Cebu Bar Association. He was acting provincial fiscal of Davao in 1929, and was elected municipal councilor of Carmen, Cebu, for the term 193134. He is now a practicing attorney and a businessman in Manila.

Lawyer ,- att01'ney, Cavana Law Office; office, 5 Plaza Cervantes, Binondo,- res., 44- La1'dizabal, Sampaloc, Manilaj tel. 6-78-59.

JAZMINES, Jorge V. -

Chief Clerk, The Robe,路t Dollwr Co.; res., 292 Syquia Apartments, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-54-97.


Businessman ,' res., Cadiz, Negros Occidentalj P. O. Box 25.


JESSWANI, C. D. Merchant; p"oprietor and manager, C. D. JeBBwani & Co. (by

goods); office, 412 Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-71 -05 ; res., 592 P. Hen'e'ra, Tondo, Manila; tel. 4-84-84.



Member, Provincial Bom'd of Carna1~ines Norte; res., Labo, Camarines NO?,te .

JE SUS, Carlos V. de

Born in Labo, Camarines NOl'te, on Jan -

uary 14, 1894. Married. He is a product of

Goth the Spanish and English schools . After leaving school, he has held several positions un-

der the govermnent. In

Carlos V. de Jesus

1918 he was census enumerator; 1916 to 1922, municipal secretary of Labo; 1924 to 1981, notary public; and 1928 to 1931, municipal president of Labo. In the general elections of December 14, 1937, he was elected Member of the Provincial Board of Carnarmes Norte. He is a Nacionalista by political affiliation.

Physician and SU1路geon; Dist,';ct Health Office,路 of Cota,bato; res., Cotabato, Cotabato.

JESUS, Dr. Eugenio S. de -

JESUS , Justiniano N , de Ce~f;ilied Public Accountant; ,路e8 ., 1507 Econom'lu, Sannpaloc,


Born in Santa Cruz, Manila, on September 5, 1903; son of Severino de Jesus and Restituta Ner. He was educated in the Jtteneo de Manila where he received his certificate of IIPerito Mercanti l. " Before becoming accountant and cashier in several big business J. N. de Jesus firms in Manila, he was a clerk in the Treasurer's office, City Hall, Manila and later in the Philippine Quartermaster'Depot, U.S.A. H e holds a Certificate of Certified Public Accountant. H e has no political affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion.

JESUS, Jose A. de Lawyer; office, 819 C'I'ystal Arcade, Escotta, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-83-22 ; res ., 408-A Lipa, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-77-.2.

Born in Bulacan, Bulacan, on June 13, 1894; son of Jose de Jesus and Anselma de los Santos; graduated with the degree of LL.B. from the Phil. Law School in 1923; LL.B., JESUS , Francisco de - Assistant Professo1' National University, Washington, 1930; M. in Chemistry, college of agriculture, UnivP L from same University, 1930. He marersity of the Philippines,' "es" Ag'l'icultU/ral ri~d" the former Miss Lorenza OSlas, sister of College, Los Banos, Laguna. Assemblyman Osias, from La Union, in 1918; and they have at present eight children: PrisJESU S, Dr. Generoso M. de _ Dental SU'l'cilla, Virginia, Corazon, Leticia, Ester, Jose, .qeon; res., 899 Pad"e Aquino, Tondo, Ma- Manuel, an d Ahna . nila, Atty. De Jesus was admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1923 ; to practice in U. S. SuBorn in Sta. Marfa, Bulacan, on Novempreme Court, 1929; before the Court of Apber 20, 1905; son of Pedro de Jesus and Anpeals, District of Co1umbia, 1930. He was gela Mendoza ; graduated with the degree of property officer, Bureau of Public Works; D.D.S. from the Philippine Dental College in 1929; married to Aurora Luluquezin, Zarago_ secretary to former Resident Commissioner Osias, 1929-31; private secretary to the Presza, Nueva Ecija. Now a practicing dentist. ident of the Phil. Senate, Manuel L. Quezon, 1931-35; member, technical staff and disbursJESUS, Hipolito de - Lawyer; res., 57$ Floing officer, Philippine Parliamentary Mission rante, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2-68-87. to U. S. that brough t the T ydings-McDuffie



Law to the Philippines, 1933-34; accompanied t he f irst Resident Conunissioner to U.S. under t he Commonwealth, 1936 ; and was asst. secretary to the President of the Philippines, 193637.

Principal, ElementaJry and Normal Depa:rtment, National University; res., 40B-A Lipa, Sampatoc, Manila, tel. 6-77-42 .

JES U S, ( Mrs.) Lore n za Oai'as d e -

Assistant Civil Engineer, Bur. 0/ PU'blic Works; res., Tacloban, Leyte.

JESUS , Lucia n o M. de -

time to the practice of his profession. Holding minor positions in the government, he was la~ ter promoted to the posi tion of provincial fiscal of Palawan. It was during his incumbency as provincial fiscal that he became popular in that province. H is popularity was manifested when he was elected Representative of Palawan to the Fourth Philippine Legislature,



is at


the Provincial Fiscal of La Union.

Major, Philippine Army; Provincial MilitMy CommandM of Da'Vao; res., Davao, Df1IVao. (Detailed to De-

JESUS, Simeon de -

partment of the Interior.)

Physici= and SU~­ geon; as~stant pro/essW' 0/ hygiene and acting head 0/ depatrtment, college of veterinary science, University 0/ the Philippines ; 1'es., 37 Antipolo, Pasay, Rizal.

JESUS, Dr. Pablo I. d e -

Dr. De J esus was born in 1901j graduated with the degree of M.D. from the University of the Philippines in 1927, and was licensed to practice the medical profession the same year . He is assistant professor, college of medicine, and acting head of department, college of veterinary science, University of the Philippines; and i~ a member of the. National Researa'h Council, Philippine Scientific Society and Phil. Pub. Health Association.

L awyer; Bank Commissioner, Bureau 0/ Banking; res., 81.1 Trabajo, Sampaloc, Manila.

J E SUS, Ped r o de -

Proprietor, Solis antd Rizal Avenue Extension Subdivision; res., 63 5 Raon, Quia7Jo, Manila; tel. 247-26.

J ESUS, Pr uden cio de -

J E SUS , Rom an de- Lawyer .. Provincial Fiscal of La Union; 1·es., San Fernando, La Union,. Manila. address : 522 Union, Paco:

Manila; tel. 5-46-05. Born in Bulacan, Bulacan, on J uly 14, 1887. Married. After obtaining his educa": tion from a private school in his home town, he was sent to Manila where he took up the study of law. Upon his admission to the Philippine Bar, he devoted himself for some 58

Sec~etan-y, Manila Railroad CQIm,pany .. res., 2414 O' Donnell, Santa Cmz, Manila.

JESUS, V. E . de -

Veterinarian; veterinary resea1'~h div ., Bureau of Animal Industry; assistant professor, veterinwry hygiene, college of veterinary science, Unive'rsity 0/ the Philippines; 1·es., 16 Gastambide, Sampaloc, Manila.

JESUS, Dr. Zacarias de -

JHOCSON, (Mrs.) Miguela Vda. de- Comptroller; clw.,wman, boa·rd 01 trustees, Na-

tional University; res ., 397 Lipa, Sampaloc, Manila; adm. office tel. 6-74-08. Pharmacist, Fa1'11U1.cia Cent1'al, Inc.,. res., San Pedro Makati, Rizal.

JIMENEZ, Arsenia -

- Registrar, Far Eastern University; res., 751 P. Noval, Sampar loc, Manila.

JIMENEZ, Antonio

Editor, Today News Magazine; res., 711 P. Leoncio, Sannpaloc, Manila.

JIMENEZ, Ernesto A. -

JIMENEZ, Dr. Federico Physician and Su?'geon; 1'es., 164 Grat. Solano, San M·i guel,

Manila,. tel.


Inst1"UCtor, Aten.eo de Manila; warden, Knights 0/ Columbus. Manila Council No. 1000,. res., 278 San ~1(11T~ celino, Ermita, Manila.

J IMENEZ, Feliciano -



Su.pervising Auditor, N01'thern Luzon Div., Provincial and City Auditors, General Auditing Office; res., 1352 Leveriza., Malate, Manila...


Felipe -

Born in Sorsogon, Sorsogon, on April 29, 1,8 92; son of Alejandro Jintenez and Agustina J oylo; married to the former Miss Eufemia Amar, by whom he has eleven chilo dren: Eustasio, ~elisa, Agustina, J osefina, Hortensia, J ase, Maria, Felipe, Eufemia, Rar mon and Antonio j educated in Sorsogon public school, Sorsogon high school and Liceo de Manila; worked as mUDcipal teacher, Cas路 til1a, Sorsogon, 1908; clerk, municipal president's office, Sorsogon, Sorsogon, 1910 j correspondence clerk, paymaster, traveling de路 puty, internal revenue clerk and bookkeeper, provincial treasurer's office, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, 1911-1916; chief clerk and Philippine N~tional Bank Ag2ncy' cashier, provincial treasurer's office at Davao, Davao, 1917; deputy district ,auditor at the office of the district auditor at Zamboanga, Zamboanga, 1918; district auditor-at-Iarge and acting auditor at Lingayen, Pangasinan, 1919; acting district auditor at Vigan, Iloc(}s Sur, 1920 j chief statistical division, Bureau of Audits, 1921; district audito.r at Naga, Camarines Sur, 1922-1929; provincial aud itor at Legaspi, Albay, 1930 to 1937. He is at present supervising auditor of the Northern Luzon Division, General Auditing office, Manila. He has no political affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion. JIMENEZ, Felipe R. Civil Engineerj PTOlessor of irrigation engineering and PTac-

tice and review hydraulics and design, Univ. of Santo Tomas; '路es., 275-C Zobel E"mita

Manila; tel. 2-61 -75.


Mr. Jimenez is B.S.C.E. from the University of the Philippines.

Provincial Treasure')' 0/ Bohol; res., Tagbilo;ran, Bolwi.

JIMENEZ, Ildefonso D. -

Born in Sorsogon, Sorsogon, on January 23, 1889 j son of Maximo Jimenez and Braulia Dada; married to the fonner Miss Paz

Tabuena y Figueroa, by whom he has nine children: Ernesto, Nicanor, Felixberto, Caro1ina, Elvira, Jose, Ramon, Rosario and Chulia. He was educated in the public schools of Sorsogon, Sorsogon, and Licea de Manila, obtaining from the latter in 1906 a certificate of "Peritaje MercantiI". Upon his graduation, he was employed as deputy assessor, Provincial Assessor's office, 1906-1907; clerk, cashier, bookkeeper, traveling deputy, chief clerk and deputy, in the offices of provincial treasurers of Sorsogon, Palawan, Misamis, Ambos Camarines and Cebu, 1908-1920; and was appointed Provincial Treasurer of Antique, 192024; Mountain Province, 1924-29; and Bohol, since 1929 up to the present time. He has no political affil iation; and is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Phon-macist; chair?nan, BOQ/rd 0/ Phwrmaceutical E'Xwminers and Inspectors j and manager, Farrnaoia San Fernando; 'res ., 885 San Fernando, San Nicolas, Manila; tels. 4-80-85 & 4-99-71 .

JIMENEZ, Dr. Jose E. -

Born in Pasig, Rizal, on August 3, 1898; son of Juam. Jimen,ez and Francisca Monteclaro de Jimenez; graduated as Doctor of Phannacy from the University of the Philippines and University of Santo Tomas in 1925; man'ied Lourdes Montero, of Manila, on April 25, 1925, and has at present four children: J ose, Juan, Federico, and Francisco. Dr. Jimenez was an assistan.t instructor, dept. of chemistry, University of the Philippines, 1914-23; instructor, dept. of chemistry, University of the Philippines, 1914-23 j instructor, College of Medicine, same university, 1923-30; professor, Afable College of Medicine, 1933-35; member, Board of Pharmaceut ical Examiners and Inspectors, 1930-34; and is Chairman, same board, since 1934 up to the present. He is the manager of the Farmacia San Fernando, one of the olde!lt drug stores in Manila j member, American Pharmaceutical Association; first vice-president, Phil. Pharlnaceutical Association; member and librarian, Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico de Filipinas; member, Manila Medical Society; and director, Manila Pharmaceutical Society.


Sis-enando Municipal Mayor of Lingayenj res., Lingayen. Pangasiman.


Born in Lingayen, Pangasinan, on July 17, 1875; son of Leonardo Jimenez and Josefa Ungson; married to the fanner Miss Luisa Ferrer, by whom he has a daughter, who is now Mr,s . Antonia Jimenez de Bengzon. He was educated in a private school, and giving up his studies, he devoted his time to farming, and other business enterprises. Entered local politics, and in 1925 he became municipal president of Lingayen, reelected to same office several times, and is now Municipal Mayor. He is Nacionalista by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.


ished his 4-yr. R. 0 . T . C. course in 1926 amd obtained his LL.B. degree from the College of Law, same university, in 1929, and passed the bar examinations the same year. He was cadet Lieutenant-Colonel, member of the U ,P. swimming team, and tennis player, during his college days; private secretary to former Rep. Jose C. Locsin, 1928-31; and is at present a prao.ticing attorney and a member of the Asociacion de Hacenderos de Silay-Saravia, Negros Occidental. ----I Mining Engineer j meml)er. Board of Examiners for Mining Enginee1'sj 1'es" Baguio, Mt. Province.

JOAQUIN, Francisco G.

Sugarmanj c/ o Binalbagan Estate, Inc .• res., Hacienda Nar val, Himamaylan, Negros Occidental.

JOCSON. Agustin A. -

Assistant Mechani· cal Engineer, Metropolitan Water District,. res., 108 Reten, Sampaloc, Manila.

JIMENEZ, Teofilo C. -

Victor J. Manager, Iloilo branch, The Bank 0/ the Philipp1:ne Islands; p1'esident, Casino Espanol de Iloilo j treasurer. International Chamber of Comrrwrce of Iloilo,. res., Prog'reso St., Iloilo, Iloilo.


Manager, Centlral Luzon Office, Asia Life Insu1'ance CO,j res., San Fernando, Pampanga.


Sugarmanj director, Philippine Bank of Commercej home add1'ess, Silay, Negros Occidental.

JISON, Arsenio J. -

Lawyer, Agriculturist, and Businessman; res., Silay, Negros Occidental.

JISON, Januario L. -

Borm in SHay, Negros Occidental, on August 9, 1903; son of Albino Jison and Dolores Lopez j educated in the Sjlay Elementary School, Silliman Institute, and N egros Occilental High School, where he completed his secondary course; and later enrolled at the University of the Philippines, where he fin-

Born in Himamaylan, Negros Occidental, on August 28, 1888; son of Teodorico and Jocson Gaudencia Arroyo. He was educated in the College of San Juan de Letl'an, where he received his degree of A~ustin A. Jocson Bachelor of Arts. Later he enrolled at the University of Sto, Tomas and transferred to the Escuela de Derecho de Manila where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Before de. voting his time to the development of the sugar industry in. Negros Occidental, he was engaged in newspaper work. He was con'espondent of several newspapers in Manila, Iloilo and N egros Occidental. He has dedicated most of his time to the welfare and prosperity of his town" and the improvement of living conditions of the less fortunate citizens in his locality. At present he is connected with the Binalbagan Estate, Inc.



gradua.ted from the Nationa l University, LebaJl,On, Oh io, with the degree of Bachelor of Science, and from the University (f Michigan, where he obtallled his LL.B . in 1890, and his LL.M., in 1891. He married the former Miss in De La SaJJe College, where he obtained his Clara A. Smith on Sept. 6, 1883, by whom A.B. degree, and in the Univer sity of he had two chi ldren: Mrs. A. D. Gibbs and Tomas, where he graduated with the degree Atty. David Cecil Johnson (deceased) . of M.D., and was li censed to practice the meHe was a member of the Ohio House of dical profession t he same year. He is an asRepresentatives, 1883-87; assistant instructor, sociate professor of obstetrics and assistant a nd, later, instructor in law, 1890-94; assoto the director of the San Juan de Dics Hosciate professor, 1894-95, a nd professor of law, pital and j.n charge of internes, faculty of 1895-1901, Univ. of Michigan; came to the medicine. He is a member of the Philippine Philippines in 1901 and was appointed a Federation of Private Medical Practitioners, Judge of the Court of First Instance of and of the J ournal Club, San Juar. de Dio. Pangasinan, and was made an Associate JusHospital. He has his office ~t 311 A. Flores, tice of t he Supreme Couct. on October 3, 1903, Ermita, Manila; te1. 5-71-11. and res igned April 1, 1933. He \\'as on sevJOHN, G. M. Manager, automottve sales t'ral occasions Acting Chief Justice of the Sudept., Pacific Commercial Co.; res., 716 Le- preme ColUit, being the highest rankiI\g member of said high tribunal whose record of veriza. Pasay. Rizal; tel. 5-10-90. h onest, efficient and faithful services for a period of thlrty years in th e supreme court JOHNSON, E. H. S,.p,,路visor, Liggett & MyeTs Tobacco Co ., Inc.; 1路es., 1001 Cordele . is still unsurpassed by anyone in the Philippine Judiciary. His decisions were highly' resria, Sampaioc, Manila ,- tel. 6-70-27. pected by his colleagues and members of the PhHippine Bar, a lt hough on one occasion he JOHNSON, E. Finley - Ju,-ist and L egislacaused the ire of variou s Filipino leaders when, tm'j forme1' Associate Justice and at times in one of his dissenting opinions on t he manActing Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the damus proceedings instituted by Miguel R_ Philippine Islando; deceMed. (See page Cornejo, municipal president of Pasay, pet942) itioner, against Provincial Governor Andres Gabriel and the Provincial Board of Rizal, respondents, dated November 17, 1920, pu bI,shed in Volume 41, pages 188-209, of the Philippine Reports, he says :

PhysicidJn. and Surgeon; res., 259 Suerte, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-17-36. Dr. Jocson was born in 1897; educated

JOCSON, Dr. A lfre do M. -

HIt seems to me that if the hero of the Filipino people, Jose Rizal, cou ld read the decision of t he majority of this court and thereby learn t hat one of t he citizens of the Philippine I slands h as been deprived of his proper ty an d righ ts, without a hearing, he would t ur n over in his grave and, with a wailing cry, exclaim: 'A social cancer of a new Vype is again in my beloved land!' JJ E . Finley Johns"n

Born in Van Wert, Ohio, U.S., on June 24, 1861; the son of Abel Johnson, of Ohio;

The f un dissen t ing opinion , which was later upheld by the exoner ation and reinstatement into office of t he petitioner after a caref ul admini!ttrative investigat ion conducted by


a special investi gator from the office of the Governor -Gener a l, Hon. Francis Burtom. Harrison, who found the respond ent, Provinc ial Govern or of Rizal, guilty of "abuse of authority," reads as follows : "JOHNS ON, J .,

dissent ing:

This is an original action for the writ of manda.-mus to require the responde nt.s to reinstate the petitiOlf1e r to his office as presiden t of the municipa lity of P asay , Province of Rizal. The fact s upon which the petition is based are not in rlispute. They are not only 'admitted by t he demun'er of the responde nt Andres Gabriel but were expressly admitted by him in open court, They are: ( 1) That the petitione r was duly elected by the people of the municipa lity of Pasay as presiden t for the periud of three years from the 16th day of October, 1919 ; (2) That the petitiOlne r was suspende d from said office on the Il3th day of Septemb er, 1920. by the responde nt Andres Gabriel, without notice, without a hearing, and without ~n oppcrrtun ity to present any proof whatsoev er in his defense. The facts having bemt admitted , we h a ve only a question of law to decide, to wit: ]s tbe governor o;f a province authorize d under the law to suspend a municipal presiden t from his office, to which he h as been legally ejected for R. period fixed by the law. without ~otice, without a hearing, and without an opportun it y to present proof in his defense? Section 3 (first paragrap h) of the Jones Law provides "that no law shall be enacted in said Islands which shall deprive any persO'll of life. liberty or property without due process of law, or deny any person therein the equal protectic: m of the law". Section 2188 of Act No. 2711 provides :


"Section £188, SupervisO 'ry authority of prov_ incial g01JBrno-r over ?tlUnicipal officers.- The provincial governor shall receive and investiga te comp laints against municipa l officers for n eglect of duty. oppressio n , corruptio n, or other form of mal~ administ ration in office. For minor delinquen cy he may repriman d the offender ; and if a mare severe punishm ent seems to be desirable , he shall s ubmit written chargcs touching t h e matter to the p)"1)lv~ incial boal'd, and he may in such case suspend the officel' (not being the municipa l t reasurer) pend~ ing action by the board, if in his opiniQ'n t h e charge be one affecting the officia l integri ty of the offi~ cer in question. Where suspensiO n is thus effected. the writtEln chaJ,'"ges against the officer shall be filed with the board within ten days." It w ill be noted that while section 2188 prov ides for a suspensi on, it makes no provision for the proce~ dore in such cases. In the absence of a procedur e prescribe d by the statute, we are of the opinion that t he p rocedure marked by the Constitut ion (Jones Law) must be followed. to wit: That no person shall be d eprived of h is life, liberty, or property without due process of law. "Due !)rocess of law" has been de-


fined many. many times. and simply means that bc~ fore a man can be deprived of h is life, liberty or property. he must be given an opportun ity to defend himse lf. The right to hold, occupy and exercise an office is as much a species of property within the protectio n of the law. as any other thing capable of possessio n: and to wrongful ly deprive one of it or unjustly with~ hol~ it, is an injury wh.ich the law can redress in as runple a manner as other wrong. A n d that right j:i regarded 3S a right within the protectio n of the FourteenL h Amendm ent to the Constitu tion of the United States. which says: "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privilege s or immuniti es of citizens of the United States; nor shall RllY State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law". (Pennay er V 8 . Neff. 95 U. S., '71-:1; Dent va. West Virginia , 129 U.S., 114. 124; RuJing vs. Raw. etc. Ry. Co .• 130 U.S. 559; Scott vs. Neal, 154 U . S. 34: New Orl ean s Waterwo rks vs. New Orleans, 164. U. S. 471, 480; Twining va. New Jersey, 211 U. S., 78, 110; Haddock VB. Hadd~k , 20 1 U . S., 562, 167; Michigan Trust Co., vs. Ferry. 175 Fed. 667: Bunton vs. Lyford, 37 N. H .• 5 12 (75 Am. Dec .. 144); Foster vs. Kansas, 112 U. S., 201.) The power to remove an officer who has been duly elected for a specified period can be exercised only, Rnd for just CR.U£e, after the officer has had an opportunity for defense. In the absence of express power, given in QlCp~SS wCP'ds, the presump tion m ust be in view of the pro· visions of the Jones Law above Quoted. that the II> gislaLure intended t hat every qfficer duly elected for a fi~ed period should be entitled to hold h is oUice until t he expiratio n of such period, unless removed therefrom for cause, after .a fair and impartia l investiga tion in which he has been given an opportun ity to defend himself. (1 Dillon, Mun. Corp. sec. 250: Field vs. Common wealth. 32 Pa., 478; Stadier vS'. Detroit. 13 Mich., 346: State vs. Bryce, Ii Ohio St., 2; Bagg's Case, 11 Coke. 93: Hoboka.n vs. Gear, 27 N. J. L .. 265; Dullan vs. Wilson, 53 Mich. 392: People vs. Therrien , 80 Mich. 187; Robinson vs. Miner, 68 Mich. 549.) It seems to m e t hat if the hero of the Filipino people. Jose Rizal, could read t he decision of the majority of this court and thereby learn that one of the citizens of the Philippin e Islands has been deprived of his property and rights. without a h earing, he would turn over in his grave and, with a wailing cry. exclaim: "A social cancer of a ncw type is again in my beloved land !" The Question presented is not a new one. It has been discussed since long before the Englis h people, in mass, met upon the fields .of Runnym ede and demanded and obtained from an unwillin g king the Magna Charta. wruoh has constitut ed the chief stone in the political edifice of all the civilized nations since that time (year 1215), I n creating the constitut ion for the Filipino people, the United Slates Governm ent expressly provided t hat no person, no Filipino, no citizen of the Philippin e I slands, shall be deprived of his life or property without "due process of law."



The Question has been presented to the cou.rts many, many times, and without cltception the said p rovisiO'll of t he constitution has been sustained. eltcept where t.he same const.itution contains other p~ vis ions authorizing the suspension of officers without (l. hearing. In the Philippine I slands is no authority in the constitution (t.he Jones Law) authorizing or justifying t.he statute in Question. Not only is such a st.atute not authorized but it is absolutely prohibited hy the provisions of the Jones Law Quoted above. The Jeme:s Law provides t.hat no law shall be enacted, etc. In a discussion of the subject before us we must ~ear in mind the distinction bet.ween an appointive nnd an elective officer. There are a few cases which hold that in case of an appointive gfficer, where the appointment is at the pleasure of the appointing power, his suspension or removal is e:ocercisable at t.he mere discretion of the .( power. (State vs. St. Louis" 90 Mo.. 19; Field vs. Commonwealth. 32 Po.. St .. 278; State vs. Johnson, 18 L. R. A. 410.) "'here a person is appointed to an office and is mel'e employee, whose position does not bave the dignity of fl.n office, and by virtue of his appointment, m ay be removed or suspended at the will of t.he appointing power, then, of course, the ruJe is different. Such persons are not officers but mere employees. (Thorpp "so Langdon, 40 Mich. 673: People vs. 'McDill , 16 Mich.. 182: Portman vs. State Board, etc.. 50 Mich. 258; Attorney General V3. Cain 84 Mich .â&#x20AC;˘ 223.) On the other band the authorities are practically unanimous, whel'e the uppointment or election is made for :1 definite term. and t he removal is to be fqr cause, that the JXlwer of removal or suspension can not be exercised without due notice and hearing. (Mechem on Public Officers, sec. 454; Dullan vs. Wilson, 53 Mich., 392 (51 Am. ReP. 128); Bagg's Case 11 Coke, 99: King "~So Caskin, 8 Term Rep., 209: Ramshay's Case Ad. & E. (N.S.) , 190; Williams vs. Bagot. 3 B. & C. , 786; Queen vs. Archbishop, 1 Ell., & EI .. ¡ 545 : Page vs. Hardin, 8 B. Mon. (Ky.) 672; Willard's Appeal. 4 R. 1., 601; Field vs., Commonwealth, 32 Pa. St. 478: State vs. Bryce. 7 Ohi.o, 82: Foster vs. Kans."lS. 112 U. S. 201 : Kenard vs. Louisiana. 92 U. S, 480.) The constitution and laws of thc Philippine Islands having created the office of president of the different municipalities and having fixed definitely the tenure of said office, the legislature, by viltue of the provisions of the Jones Law, is prohibited from enacting nny law which wouJd justify any individual in the state in removing him from office without first present . ing charges against him and giving him an oppqrt.unity to be heard. (Removal of Public Officer, 25 Am. Law Rev., 201; State vs. Commonwenlth, 3 Metcalr (Ky.) 237: Page vs. Hardin (supra): Brown vs. Grovel', S Bush (Ky.) ]; Commonwealth vs. Gamble, 62 Pa .. 342; Sate vs. Draper, 50 Mo., 353; State vs, Thoman. 10 Kansas 191: State vs. McMeely, 24 La. Ann. 19 : r~ley, Gonst. Lim. 6th cd. p. 78; People vs. Draper, I., N.Y. 532; State vs. Williams. 5 Wis .. 308: State vs. Baker, 38 Wis .. 71: State vs. Hewitt, 16 L. R. A. , 413.) In the ease of State vs. Hewitt ( 16 L. R. A, 413) t he attorney genernl of thc State of South Dakota admitted in open court "that it is true, as contended by

the relator, that t he prepo nderance of authorities is against the r cm()Val of the officer for cause, w hose term of office is fixed by law wit-hout formw char~ and a hearing thereon on timely notice." Mr. Justice Bailey of the English Court. in the case of Williams vs. Bagot (3 Barn and C. 785 ). said: "It is contrary to common sense of justice that any party could be de prived of his rights and be concluded unheard." Every officer in the Philippine Government who has hoen legally e lected for a fb:ed period has a right to be heard under t he provisions of the Jones Law before he can be deprived of his rights. H e has a right to be heard and t.o explain. In the absence of express cOnstitutiona1 authority, the Philipp in e Legislature is prohibited from enacting a law by which a n y officor elected by t he people for a definite period may be suspended or l'emOlVed from his ofiice wi t hout first havin g been give n an opportunity to be heard and to present whatever defense he may have. (Janes Law, sec, 3; Dulla n vs. Wilson, 51 Mich. ]28: Hallgreen vs. Campbell, 82 Mich. 255; JacQues vs. Little, 51 Kansas, 309.) In the case of Dullan vs. Wilson (53 Mich. 392) the Supreme Court of the State of Michigan, with whom Mr. Justice Cooley agreed, said: "We have examined. carefully the authCU'ities cited upon t he brief of the learned counsel for relator in support of the position t.hat no notice is required to be given. and that the action fYf the executive is {inal and conclusive. It is sufficient to say, without commenting specially upon t hem, that t.he reasoning of t.hose cases does not commend it.self to our judgment. They appear to us to be opposed, not only to the decided weight of authority, Lut also to the fundamental principles of justice." In the case cd Jaligren vs. Campbell (82 Mich. 255) , the Supreme Court of the State of Michigan said: "We nave not found any case where an officer who is appoin ted for a: fixed term has been held to be removable except for cause, a nd wherever cause must be assigned for t.he removal of t he officer. he is entitled t o notice and a chance to defend himself." In the case of Han vs. Boston (142 Mass. 90) it was held t hat no power to remove or suspend a n officer could be exer cised until after notice and an opportunity by the official in Question to be heard in his own defense. In the case of State vs. St. Louise (90 Mo. 19) the Supreme Court said: "When the removal is not discretionary, but must be for a cause,.... and nothing is said as to the procedure, a specification of t he charges, notice, a nd an opportunity to be heard are essent:al." Mr. Dillon, in his valuable work on Municipal Corporation s (sec. 250) says: "Wher e the right of removalor suspension is confined to specific causes, such power cannot be exercised until t here have been formulated charges against t he oHicer. notice thereof, and nn opportunity for defense." (Biggs vs. Mc Bride, 17 Ore" 640; State vs. Hawkins, 44 Oh io St. 98). In t he case of State vs. Hastings 797) the Supreme Court of Nebraska, commenting not only upon t he cases also upon other cases, said: 'It seems

( 16 L.R.A. after citing cited above plain to us

781, and but t hat


the doctrine of these cases is in accord with the weight of authority and is supported by the soundest reasons." It is true that a few cases enn be found which hold that an officer may be suspended under a statute. without notice and without a hearing. But it is believed that an e..'o::amination of each of such cases will show that such statutes -are authorized by the constitution of the particular state. (Crimes vs. Distri ct Judge, 101 Tex .. S6; Poe vs. State, 72 Tex., 625 ; State vs. J ohnsocn, 18 L. R.A. 410.)

All that has been said above relat~s only to the petition for mandamus against the respondent, the provincial governor of RizaJ. I am fully convinced that a great preponderance of the jurisprudence upon the questions which I have here discussed shows clearly that the petitioner herein w,as suspended in a manner not authorized by law, a:n.d that the writ of mandamus prayed for should be issued, directing the reinstatement of the petitioner. With reference to the respondent provincia) board. the record shows that it was not a party to the acts complained of in the petition in the present case. The petition, therefore, as against t he provincial board should be den ied."

Mr. Justice J ohnson was a champion of democracy and social justice. But like the late Governor-General Leonard Wood, he was badly misunderstood by a great majority of our political leaders. H e was once severely criticised in the Manila newspapers and denounced before t he Philippine Senate for allegedly meddling in politics, when, in the early part of 1921, rumors were spread in all parts of the country 'to the effect that he was aspiring for the office of Governor-General of the Philippines as suc~essor to Governor Harrison, ,....hen he had not as yet resigned from his office as a member of 'the supreme court. The criticism was highly unjust and unfounded and was made at a time when he was absent from 't he Islands and was not in a position to defend himself j yet, upon his return, he was visited by the same person responsible f or the attack, who made a verbal explanation for the wrong he had done, and the grand old man willingly accepted the written apology of t he gentleman, and thereafter, they路 became good friends until he returned to his homeland and died at Palo Alto, California, on July 31, 1933. The deceased was a member of the Board of Regents, University of the Philippines, and author of "Johnson on Bills and Notes," and editor of second edition, Norton on Bills and Notes j and third edition, Bliss on Code Plead-


ings. He was a fulpublican by political affiliation.

Business Executive; general managM, Manila Electric Company; president, Coco Grove, Inc.; director, MOIfsman Investments, Ltd., San Mauricio Mi'Tlr ing Co.; vice-president, United Paracale Mining Company; res., 1155 F. B. Hwrrison, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-17-48.

JOLLY E, H. P. L. -

Master Plumber; deprvrtment aide-de-camp, U.S.-Spanish War Veterans of the Philippines; office, 812 Misericordia, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-18-82; res., 365 Dimasalang, Sampaloc, Manila.

JONES, J. W. -

FilZancial Adviser to U.S. High Commissioner; res., Manila Hotel, Ituneta Extension, Ermita, Manila; tel. 2-20-22. (Picture on page 724.) Born in Farmersville, Texas, on February 28,1896; son of Tip Jones and Lula Y. Jones; graduated as A,B. from Baylor University, 1918, and M.B.A. from Texas University, in 1922. He took postgradull<te course in the Ohio State University, 1922-23. He worked in tne United States as a Public Accountant for five years; as a Corporation Auditor, two yearSj and as a Unjversity Professor, three years. In the Philippines he was appointed Insular Auditor, which position he held until the inauguration of the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines on N ovemtel' 15, 1935, when he transferred to the office of the First U . S. High Commissioner as Financial Adviser. When High Commissioner Frank Murphy left for the United States in the early part of 1936, Mr. Jones was designated Acting U. S. High Commissioner to the Philippines, and was l'elieved by U. S. High Commissioner Paul V, McNutt on April 26, 1937, when he has resumed his duty as Financial Adviser to the U. S. High Commissioner. (On leave in the U. S. since Aug. 21, 1938.)

.JONES, James Weldo n -

Mining Engineerr, South~ ern Investment and Management Corporationj office, 101 Echague, Santa Cruz; 'I'es., J227 Herran Apt. 4, Mwnila; tet. 5-58-49.

JONES, Neil M. -



O. P., Vic eRector, University of Santo Tomas ; 1路es., Faculty Bldg., University 0/ Sto . T omas, Calle EspaJla, Sampaloc, Manila.

JORDAN, Rev. Dr. E ugeni o -

Father Jordan is holder of Ph .Litt.L. and Ph.Litt.D. degrees fI'om the Uni ve rs ity of Santo Tomas, and is Dean of the College of Education and Acting Dean of the Facul ty of Philosophy and Letters, and Professor of "Quaestiones Sc. cum P h ilosophia Con junctae," Experimental Psychology, and H istory of Philosophy. He was Acting Rector of same university from Apr il 1 to J u ly 22, 1936.

Insurance Executive; E . E. Else?', Inc.; p1'esident, Jacob Rosenthal & Co., Inc.; managing d'irector, Asegura.dores de las Islas Filipinas (Philippine Unde1'w1'iters); and director, Manila Building and Loan Association; office, Kneedler Bldg., Ca,.,-iedo; tel. 2-24-28; '路eo ., 487 Dart, Paco, Manila; tel. 5-48-52.

JORDAN , T . M. -

JORDAN, Rev. Fr. vViliiam F. S. J., Adm,inis'l'ator and Treasurer, A teneo de M anila, and St. Ignatius Church; '7路es. , 157 Ar-

zobispo, IntramU1'os, Manila.


res., 225 Alhamb"a, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-47-87.

JOSE, Angel, Viuda

Hijos de -

Mr. Angel Jose was a well-known businessman of the city of Manila. He was the owner of the Transportation Deparment bearing his name, located at 979 Muelle de la I n dustria, tel. 2-26-33; of the Pawnshop at 783 Tabora, tel. 4-74-06; and of the Stone, Gravel and Sand Supply, 915 Arlegui, Quiapo, tel. 2-67-56; which business interests are now under the management of Messrs. Guillenno M. Jose (manager) and Eduardo C. J ose (asst. manager).

Physician and SUTgeon; res., .to Valenzuela, Int _ 23, Santa Mesa, Manila; tel. 6-78-68.

JO S E, Dr. Antonio M. -

Dr. Jose graduated f rom t he Un iversity of Santo Tomas with the degree of M.D., and h inst ructor in medical pathology, same univ ersity.

Business Executive,. office manage1', Shurdut Mill S.upply Co.; yes ., 650-A Mabolo, Santa Cn.<., Mani la; tel. 2-93-80.

JOSE, A n ton io R. -

JOSE, Ed u ardo C. -Assistant Manager , V iuda

e Hijos

de Angel J ose ; res ., 225 .4.lhannbra, E1'mita, Manila; te l. 5-47-37. E. Do ctor 0/ Opt ametJry, Newspapo?"man and L a bor L eader; A 8semblyman /1'om the 2nd district 0/ the Mountain P1'ovincej res ., K insad Road, Baguio, M t. P.rovince.

JOSE , Fe lipe

Born in Cabana tuan, N ueva E cija, on August 23, 1883; marri ed to t he f ormer Miss El iodora Gomez, of Pangasinan, by whom he has nine childl'en; educated in the Pl;. ~ .~ mary school of Vict o-


ria, Tarlac, an d in the elementary school of ~,r Malolos, Bulacan , 1903 ; took correspon dence course in opt ometr y, and graduated with t h e degree of Doctor of F('lipe E . Jose Optometry f rom the Philippine School of Optomet r y, in 1929. He was a school te acher in Victoria, T a rlac, 190508 ; I nternal R evenue agent, 1909-10; editor P1M-idel, a bili ngua l pa per, 1911-13 ; colla borato r, S pa nish a nd Tagalog newspapers, 1913-17; bus inessman , 1917-28 ; Wl; ter a nd correspon dent, N ation al News Service , 192427; fo und er and f ir st president, 'Vorker s a nd Peasants Associat ion , 1927-28 ; supe r visor, Rur al Credit Divis ion, Bureau of Agricultul'e, 1928-29; pr acticing optomet r ist, 1929-31; m em b'e r, Baguio City Council , 1931-34; member, Mi xed Independence Mission t o th e United St ates, 1933 ; elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the distl~ict of Baguio, 1934-35 ; and Assembl yman from the second dis trict of t he Mou ntain Province, 1935-38.




Dr. Jose is a well-known vernacular drama~ tist, businessman, writer and labor leader. He was for two terms First Vice-President of the Labor Congress of the Philippines. He is a member of the N acionalist& party. JOSE,. Francisco- Lawyer; Judge, ninth judicial district, CoU'rts of Fi1'st bl.$tance (com1Y"isin!l Orienta! and Occidental Misamis, Lanao and Bukidnon); res., Cagayan, Misamis Oriental. JOSE, GuilIermo M. - Manager, Viuda e Hijos de Angel Jose; inswuctor, Manila Institute; res., 622 Zamora, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-22-119. JOSE, Dr. Jose Santiago-Physician and SUT~ geon; inst'ructor in surgery, University of Santo Tomas; res., 379 Aviles, San Miguel, Manila; tel.2-J.-86. (See also page 1213.)

JOSE, Ladi.Jao - Colonel; chief of staff, Legion de Veteranos de la Revoluci6n; r es., 8 Ludovico, Quiapo, Manila. JOSE. Manuel Rizal.

educated in the San Beda College, where he obtained his A. B. degree in 1921; graduated with the degree of B. C. S. from the Jose Rizal College in 1923, and LL.B. from the University of Santo Tomas in 1927. He took &TId passed the bar examinations immediately after his graduation, and has been practicing his profession since then. He married the former Miss Soledad Ruiz, by whom his children are: Angel, Marfa (dec.) Edilberto, Amneris. Lamberto, Guilberto, and Vicente.

Optician; proprietor, Jose Optical; manager, B. Pineda's Dry Cleaning; res., 1539-E Azcarraga, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-7J-36.

JOSE, Pedro J. -

Secretwry, China Bank~ ing Corporation; res., 1318 Mangahan~ Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2 -56-96.

JOSE, Perfecto ' -

JOSE, Ramon Teller, Bank of the Philippine I slands; res., 530 Zurbaran, Santa CrlilZ, Manila; tel. 2-50~21.

Lawyer; res., Paraiiaqu.e,

JOSE, Manuel T. Building Contracto'T'j res., Looc, Plaridel, Misarmis Occidental.

Born in Santa Cruz, Manila, on August 11,' 1896; son of Pedro Jose and Dionisia Francisco j married to the former Miss Va~ leriana Castaneda, by whom he has five children: Adelaida, Antonio, Rustico, Agapita and Petronila. He studied in the Philippine School of Arts and Trades where he took a course in buildin~ construction. He is an Anti-HHC by political affiliation, :>nd a Roman Catholic by religion. JOSE, Pablo V. Lawyer ; office, Lack & Dq,vis Bldg., 110 Echahgue, Sta.. C1'UZ, Ma-

nila; tel. 2-77~79; res ., Banahaw Restaurant, 380 Caffriedo, Manila; tel. 2-J3-81. Born in Manila on January 15, 1903; the son of the late Angel Jose and Vicenta Ruiz;


JOSE, Ramon San -LO/Wyer; see "San Jose,

Ram.on .'· JOSE, (Mrs.) T . R. de - Proprietress and manager, Agencia de Empeiios de T. R. de Jos e; president, Viuda e Hiios de Angel Jose 1·es., 225 Alhambra, Ermita, Manila,. tel. 5-.7-87.

Physician and Surgeonj physician, San J1lan de Dios Hospital; res., 1000 A:zcarraga, Tondo, Manila; tel . • -75-48 .

JOSEF, Dr. Tomas -

JOSEPH, Dr. E. B. - Physician and Surgeon; office, 303 State Bldg., Ave. Rizal, Santa C1'UZ, Manila; tel'. 2-87~45; res., Hospital Espa1tol de Santiago, San Pedro Ma~ kati, Rizal; tel. 5-69-75.



F ormer R epresentative from the 1st Dist. of B ohol,- 're8 ., Galape, Eohol.

J O SOL, B e rnar d 0

JOVELLANOS, Very Rev. Jos e N. - PlIIrish Priest 0/ T ondo; res., 21 6 LO?'enzo Chacon,

Tondo , il1anila; tel. 4-81-91.

Born in Caiape, Bohal, on Aug ust 2?, 1888 ' son of Policarpio Josol and Rufina VIl1am~rj attended t he Colegio de San Carlos of Cebu, and the Univer sity of Santo Tomas, · g m'th the degree of Bachelor of gra d ua t In Arts from the former and the degree of Bachelor of La\vs from tJhe latter. Pri~r to h is election to the office of RepresentatIve from the first district of B()hol in J u~e, 1934, he was a businessman and vice-president of t~e Union Boholana in Manila. He is a NatlOnalist by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Manager, Inte'rnational Marine Cont1'actors; res., 119 Nepomnceno, Velaquez, Tondo, Manila.

JOSUE, Manuel Castino -

Born in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte, on September 17, 1870; son of Pablo G. J osue a~d Matilde J . FloI'; married to the former MISS Amanda Santos, by whom he has three children. He attended the public schools of his province, and later the Seminario de Vigan. For some time he was a student in the University of Santo Tomas. Giving up his studies, he joined t he Spanish anny where M. C. Josue he was COmmissioned second lieutenant and detailed to P r ovincial Regiment No. 1. Later he joined the revolutionary forces of General Aguinaldo where h e was appointed first lieutenant and later captain. At the outset of the American regime, he became vaccinating inspector , and la ter a police officer. At present he is manager, International Marine Contractors. H e was a Democrata by political affiliation, a nd a Roman Catholic by religion. JOSUE, V. L . - Certified Pubtic Accountant, Clarrke & Larrkin; res ., 407 Corcuera, Ton -

do , Manila.

Mon s. Jose N. Jovellanos

Born in E rmit a, Ma nila, on December 6 1887' son of Cesal'eo J ovellanos and Frucde Gui a , who were both devout 'Cat holi cs. He learned his first letters under his parents. He studied in the Superior Norma l fo r Teachers and the Central Seminary of San Francisco Javier, where, r espectively, he compl eted his T eacher's course a nd his theologica l s tudi es. He is at present the parish pri est of Tondo, Manila.


JOVEN, Delfin - Lawye'1°j 'res" Z amboan ga. . Z amboanga. (Picture on page 319)

Born in Sta. Lucia, Ilocos Sur, on Janu a r y 22, 1904; the son of Zacar ias J oven and Cirila HortisueIa. He received his early education from Sta. Lucia Primary School, the Sta. Maria Fann School and Baguio Inter-



mediate School. Afte~ completing his secondary course in Vigan High School, he .nrolled at the Philippine Law School, National University, where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in Mal'ch, 1926, H. was admitted to the bar the same year_ He has held the positions of clerk, Manila Post Office, 1922; and clerk, inspection division, Bureau of Posts, 1922-1925_ From 1927 to 1928 he practiced law in his home province, and from 1928 up to the present time he has been engaged in his law practice in Zamboanga, Zamboanga. In 1934 he represented the second district of Ilocos Sur in the Constitutional Convention. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, the National Geographlc Society of America, the Zamboanga Country Club and the Zamboanga Club_ He is a Catholic bY' religion, JOVEN, Edilberto B. -

Phairmaoist; 'res.,

Bacolor, Pampanga. Born iJ; Bacolor, Pampanga, on February 24, 1884_ Married_ After receiving his early instruction in his home town, he studied in Manila where he received his degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Upon his Edilber to B. Joven graduation, he returned to his home town and opened up a a drug store of his own. During his public career, he was a member of the municipal council of Bacolor, municipal vice president and municipal president of that municipality, Pio Lawyer and Accountant; manager, law department, General Auditing Office; pro/esso1', college of liberal arts and business administration, Universitty of Manila; res., 1721 Feliz Huertas, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. ÂŁ-59-44.


Civil Engineer, Bureau of Public Works; reB., MaloloB, Bulcv can.

JOVER, Aurelio M. -

Proprietor; ex-Munipal President; res., Tanza, Cavite.

JOY A, Ladislao F. -

Born in Tanza, Cavite, on June 27, 1900; son of Pablo J oya and Macaria Fernando; married to the former Miss Filomena Axayata y Tagsuan, by whom he has five children; Agustin, Ceferina, Macario, Sinforoso and Marta. He was educated in Tanza Elementary School, Rosario Business SchOOL, Cavite High School, Philippine School of Conunerce, Far Eastern College and Urriversity of Manila. He holds the title of Associate in Arts and the degree of BaClheioD of Laws. He was Stenogr apher-Action Clerk and acting Chief, Inspection Division, Bureau of Posts. He figured prominently in the suppression of the I!Sakdal" uprising in Cavite when about 1000 Sakdalistas invaded Tanza in the early morning of May 3; 1935_ He served his third term of office as municipal president of Tanza, Cavite, until Dec. 31, 1937.

Lawyer, Autho'l'" and Professor; office, 501 Insulatr Ufe Bldg_, PI"." M<YT"g", Binondo; tel. 2-85-05; 1'es., 91 2 Alonso, Malate, Manila; tel.

JOY A, Mariano H. de -


Born in Batangas, Bat angas, on Sept. 8, 1887; son of Gerardo de J oya and Toribia Honrade; educated in both private and public schools in his home town, 1893-1903, and was appointed one of the first 100 Government students who . were sent to the United States by Governor-General Taft on October 10, 1903, together with Jorge BoFrancisco A. cobo, Delgado and others; enrolled at the N ational City High School M. H. de JO)'11 and Sta_ Barbara High School in Southern California, where he finished his secondary




course j and studied law in the Indiana University, where he graduated with the degree of LL.B. in 1906; and took postgraduate course in th e Yale University. where he obtained his LL.M. degree in 1907 j r et ul'ning t o the Philippines in October of the same year. He took and passed the F ir st Grade Ci vil Service examination in Engl ish and was appoin ted teacher in the Taal-Lemery Interm ediate School and later in the Batangas High School, wher e h e taugh t until 1908. H e transfered to t he Bureau of Just ice, where h e worked as tra nslator. and was later a ppoint.. ed pri vate secretary to the then Attorney General Ign acio Villa mor, wh o becam e the first F ilipino Pres ident of t he Uni vers ity of the Philippines and th en Associa te Justice of t he Suprem e Court. Mr. De Joya took and passed the bar examinations in September, 1909, and tied f or f irst place wit h Mr. An tonio Villa-Real, now an associate just ice of the Sup:l.'eme Court of the Philippines, and was subsequentl y appointed Law Clerk in th e Bureau of Justice, 1909-10; P r ovincial Fiscal of Misamis, Agusan and Suri gao, 1911-12 ; Assistan t Prosecuting Attorney, City of Man ila, 1913-17 ; Associate Professor a nd th en Professor of Rem edial Law, Univ.. of the 'P hilippines, 1917-21; J udge of the Cour t of First Insta nce of Cavite, Rizal and Man ila , 1921-24; Prof essor, Remedial Law, Univ. of t he Ph ilippines and l)rivate pr actitioner, since 1924. He was also professorial lectul'er in the Un iversity of Santo Tomas, t he National Uni vers ity, an d oth er institutions. J udge De J oya has been a member of the Board of Directors and Vice-President of t he Philippine B ar Associati on ; a m ember of th e Committee appointed to revise t he P enal Code ; a nd memb er , PhiHp pine Academy of Social Sciences. He is also a m ember of the Philippine Columbian Association , and Chief Apo of the UBarangay", a n association of Filipinos educated in America n and foreign u niversit ies. As author, h e has published the foll o路wing : Penal Code, Annotated: R evised Penal Code; Code of Criminal Procedure, Annotated; Code of Civil Procedure,

Annotated j Outlines on Criminal Procedure, Pleading, Trial Practice, Evidence, Private International Law, Public Intel'nationa~ Law, and others. He married on May 22, 1911, the formiss Mercedes Rosal, of Batangas, and has at present eleven ch ildren : Petra, M31iano, Alt el'to, Engracia, Mercedes, Remedios, Antonio, Manuel, Natividad, Federico, and J osefina. Judge De Joya was a Pro-HHC Act acceptance advocate and his article on this subject is reproduced on pages 286-289 of this book.

Physician and SU'rgeonj physit:ian, San Laza'l'o Ho spital; Qu ality Jewelry an d FU1-ni tu'1'e Store; 0/fice, 870-872 Rizal A venv e ; tel. 2-33-28; ' 路es., 513 T-rabajo, Manila; tel. 6-72-62.

JUATCO, Dr. Benvenuto T. -

JUGO, F e rnando- Lawyer; judge . /ou1,th


dieial dist1'ict (Manila and Palawan) , second branch, Courts 0/ First Instance; res., 1688 Do'minga. Malate, Nlanila; tel. 5-56-49. Physician and S U1'f/eOn; lJ1'op1'ieto1', The Julian Dispensary an d Hospital, l locos SU:I"; 1'es., Sia. Maria, Ilocos S'm路.

JULIAN, Dr. Cornelio D. -

Born in Burgos, Hocos Sur, on Sept. 10, 1893 : son of Gregorio Julian and Simona Dato; pTaduated with t he degree of Ph. B. from the A sbury CoJlege; B.A., Ohio 'Vesleyan University; a nd M.D., Univ. of Cincinnati, 1923. Dr. Julian was a resident physician in the Akron City H ospital, Ohio, 1923-24; asst. surgeon, Ohio Soldiers' Home, Sadusky, 1924-26; i?l pr'ivate medical practice, Gary, Ind iana, 1926-34. and in !locos Sur, Philippines, since 1934. H e is the owner of the Juli an Dispensary an d Hospital, Ilocos Sur; captain, med. l'es.erve, U. S. Army'; member, Phil. Islands Medical Association, Abra Medical Society; f ellow, American Medical Associatiou~ an~ member, Association of Military Surgeons of the U . S. He is a Metlhodist and a Mason.



\---------------------------JUNSAY, Dr, F rancisco D. geun; 'res., 623 Bannbang, Sta.

Dental SurOI'U~


Born in Doman,gas, Iloilo, on April 2, 1902; son of Cornelio J u nsay and Francisca Duremdes J unsay; graduated with t he degree of Doctor of Dental Surg<!ry (D.D.S.) from the Philippine Dental College, in 1932 ; clerk, civilian personnel , Philippine Ordnance Depot, U. S. Army, Fort Santiago, since 1920 up to the present; a vernacular writer ; au thor of "Mga Lagas na Talulut." He is a member of the Aklatang Balagtas (a Tagalog literary society), and of the National Rifle and Pistol A ssociation of the Philippines, headed by Judge Jaranilla. JUMA WAN , Sergio G . -Lawyer j Lieutenant

Governor of Siquijor Subprovince; res ., Siquijor, Oriental Negros. (Picture on page

320) Born in Banhan, Siquijor, on December 21, 1901; the son of Bonifacio Jurnawan and Quirina Bation of Siquijor; married to the former Miss Eu femia Cual'esma of Larena,

Oriental Negros, and has at present one son, Sergio Jr.; received his primary and intermediate education from the Banban Primary and Larena Intermediate Schools, and f inished his secondary course in t he Cebu High School in 1922, and obtained his degree of Bachelor of Laws from the Philippine Law School, National University, in March, 1926; passed the bar the following year; and was elected Delegate to the Constitut ional Convention from the second district of Oriental Negros in 1934 and Lieutenant Governor of the Subprovince of Siquijor since 1931 up to the present time. He is a Roman Catholic by religion.

A. N. Merchant; president, manag&r and treasw'er, K. Nassoor, Inc.; res., 908 Ve1'1nont, Malate, Manila; tel.


5 -72-23.

Mr. Anis NassoDr Jureidini, well-known texti le merchant, was born in Beyrut, Syria. on Au gust 14, 1880; resided in New York

City for several years, and came to the Phi1~ ippines in 1903, when he started his business under his name. In 1922 he reorganized it under the firm name of K. Nassoor, Inc., importers and exporters, located at 132 Juan Luna, Bi-nondo, Manila; tel. 4-75-89, ~ Businessman; president and treasun'er, Filipino Hand Embroi~ dery Co., Inc.; office, 28 Aviles, San Miguel, Manila; tel. 2-21-83; res ., Manila Hotel, Luneta Extension, Ermita, Ma"ltila.


Bishop, Diocese of Tuguega?'ao; 'res., Tuguega1'ao, Cagwyan.

JURGENS, Most Rev. Dr. Conatancio -

Mons. Jurgens is Doctor of Divinity. He is the head of the Diocese of Tuguegarao, which comprises the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, and Batanes.

Agriculturist and Philippine College; res., 92 Lopez Jaena, J aro, Iloilo.


JUST.lNIANl, Jos" .4gr icultw-ist and Businessman; res ., Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

Born in Saravia, Negros Occidental, on December 13, 1899; son of Felipe Justiniani and Lamberta Javel1ana; graduated with the degree of B,C.S, from Jose Rlzal College, Manila, in 1926. He married the former Miss Loreto J amora of Manila, on March 14, 1927, and has at present two children: Jesus and LeOnaI'. He is a member of the University Club, Bacolod, NegTos Occidental, and is engaged in farming and business enterprises.

Assistant to the Business Manager, Cornej'o's Conlltnonwealth Di1'ectory of the Philippines; 't路es., 1646 M ercedes Sing along Sub divis-ion, Malate, Manila.

JUSTINIANO, Epifania -




business. She was a soliciting agent and business r epresentative for the provinces of Bu 路 lacan, Bataan, Pampanga and Tarlac.

Born in Baliuag, Bulacan, on April 3, 1896, daughter of Crisan路 to Justiniano and Mat e a Marquez, She attended tho Baliuag Intermediate School and the Meisic Intermediate School, where she finished her elementary' education 111 EpiCnnia Jus tiniano 1914, and enrolled later at the Manila High School where she had finished her first year, secondary course in 1915. For many years she engaged herself in

DiBtrict Land Officer, Bureau of Lands; member, committee on publication, Philippine Society of Surveyors; res., Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.


Broker; office, J15 Crystal Escolta, Binondo, Manila; tel.

JUYCO, Felipe -

A1'cade, 2-32-72.

Mr. Juyco is a member of the brokerage firm, Juyco, Velilla & Co., located at Room 115, Crystal Arcade, E scolta, Manila .

K Certified Public Accoun.tant; P1'ovincial T1'easurer and Assessor of Rizal; res., 99 A. Juan, San Juan Rizal; tel. 6-85-29.

KABIGTlNG, Balbina -

Born in Arayat, Pampanga, on March 31, 1878; educated in the public schools of his home town and the public schools of Nueva Ecija; was clerk in the Court of First Instance of Nueva Ecija in 1894; clerk in the Justice of tho Peace Court, Arayat, Pampanga, 189596; clerk in the Spanish Customs House, Manila, and plincipal Balbino Knbigting clerk in the branch of the Spanish Commissary Department, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, 1897-98; engaged in the purchase and sale of local and foreign products, San Isidro, Nva. Ecija, 1899-1901 i special deputy of the first Provincial Trea.. surer of Nueva Ecija at the beginning of American Civil Administration in the Islands, 190 1; traveling deputy collector of the Prov-

incial Treasurer, 1902-03; municipal treasurer and deputy, &an Isidro, Nueva Ecija, 1904-06; deputy provincial treasurer, 1906; chief clerk and deputy treasurer, 1908; acting provincial treasurea.路 of Nueva Ecija, 1908-09'; district auditor's clerk, 1909-10; chief clerk and deputy provincial treasurer, Malo los, Bulacan, 1910-12; acting provincial treasurer of Bulacan, 1912-13; provincial treasurer of Bataan, Marcil 1, 1914-17; provincial treasurer of Bohol, 1917-20; provincial treasurer of Rizal, 1920-21; provincial treasurer of Laguna, 1921-33 j and provincial treasurer of Rizal since December 14, 1933 , to the present. Passed the second Grade Spanish examination in 1903, assistant provincial treasurer's examination in English in 1911, and Certified Public Accountant's examination in 1925. H e was appointed Supervising Treasurer for the Third District comprising the provinces of Rizal, Madnduque, Mindoro, Cavite, Bataan, Palawan and the C~ty of Manila, in 1935. Manager, loans and diBcount depO/l路tment, Philippine National Bank,. res ., 699 Union, Paco, Manila.



Born in Arayat, Pampanga, on June 28, 1880; the son of Nicolas Kabigting and Froylana Yuson; educated in the Liceo de Manila, where I he finished his secondary course; married to the former Miss Obdulia Rizal, by whom he has two children: Jose and Purita. Mr. Kabigting, a younger brother to Provincial TreasurBalbino Kabigting Salvador Kabigting of Rizal, was chief deputy provincial treasurer of Nueva Ecija, and, later, a clerk in the Bureau of Posts. He transferred to the Philippine National ;Bank on August 19, 1918, and is now the manager of the loans and discount department of said bank. KAGAHASTlAN, Ra ymundo Surveyor; 1路es., 22 Jose/a St., San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-86-01. Born in Paete, Laguna, on Jan. 23, 1876 ; son of Meliton Kagahastian and Clotilde Poblete; studied in San Juan de Letran College; married to the former Miss Martiniana Glorioso, of Pagbilao, Tayabas; appointed municipal secretary of Paete, Laguna, in 1901, and was a Notary Public until 1903; ranger, Bureau of Forestry, 1903-05; district chief ranger, Samar and Leyte, 1905-07; government surveyor, Leyte, 1907-09; in private practice, 1909-14; deputy cadastral and public land surveyor, 1916-36. He is at present the president and manager of the R. Kagahastian & Co., Inc.; president and manager, Luzon Consolidated Mines Co., Inc.; and treasurer, Private Land Surveyors Assn., Inc. He was a member of the Board of Examiners for Surveyors j president of Pagbilao Professional Club; and member, Philippine Chamber of Commerce.

Business Executive; president and general manager, La Estrella del

KAHN, Leopoldo -


Norte; office, 46 Escolta, Binondo, tel. 2-13-80; res., 1936 (;ral. Luna, Paco, Man'i-la; tel. 5-71-81.

Born in Alsace, France, in 1870. He i5 the president and general manager of La Estrella del Norte, Levy Hermanos, Inc. ; genneral manager, Estrella Auto Pa1ace; vicepresident, Industrias Consolidadas, Inc.; director, Metropolitan Theater Company, Fidelity and Surety Co. of the Philippine Islands; president, Chambre de Commerce Francaise Aux lIes Philippines j president and director, Philippine Engineering Corporation; director, Bank of the Philippine Islands; and director, Philippine Trust Co. He is one of the few decorated men in the Philippines. Governor Pasquier of French Indo-China decorated him as the most notable Frenchman in the Islands. KAHN, Jr., Leopold - General Mana,qer, Estn'ella Auto Palace; director, Levy Rerma-

nos .. director, La E strella del Norte, ChO/1"lt-bre de Commerce Francaise, Inc.; vice-president, Alliance F1路ancaise; res ., 1298 Penn S1Jlvania Ave., Malate, Manila; tel. 5-71-80. Director, La Estn-ella del Norte,- secretalry-treasurer. Levy Herm.anos , Inc.; 'res., 249 Park Avenue, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-J7-52. (Picture on page 1560.)

KAHN, Maurice -

- Businessman,- proprietor, Kairuz Shirt Factory; res., 591 F . B. Harrison, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-.11 -69.

KAlRUZ. Alfredo A.

Lawyer, Educator, Author, Agricult:urist, and Business Executive; Assemblyman, Srd Dist., Batangas,res., 489 Peria/rancia, Paco , Manila.

KALAW, Maximo M_ -

Born in Lipa, Batangas, May 10, 1891; son of Valerio Kalaw and Maria Manguiat; married; studied in the University of the


1842 _ _ _-===::....::.:=~---------------Philippines; received his degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Georgetown University, U.S.A., and his LL.B., from the University of Michigan; was conferred the honorary de~'ee of Doctor of Philosophy in 1924 by the Georgetown University. He was associate editor of the Manila Times in 1918; professor of the University of the Philippines j Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, V.P.; exchange profesMa.ximo M. KnJaw sor of Political Science in the University of Michigan; elected member of t he National Assembly from the third district of Batangas in 1935; wrote: "The Case for the Filipinos," 1919; liThe Present Government of the Philippines," 1921; wrhe Development of Philippine Politics," 1926; ~jThe Philippine Government under the Jones law," 1927; liThe Filipino Rebel;" "The Filipino Social Science;1J and co-author of "The Philippine Government." Assemblyman Kalaw is the president of the Philippine Coconut Association, Inc.; president and manager, Federated Management and Investment Syndicate, and Southern Paracale Mining Co., Inc.; president and managing director, Mother Lode Mining Co., Inc.; vice-president, Paracale-Daguit Gold Mines, Inc.; first vice-president, B-P-M Consolidated Mines, Inc.; director, Surigao Iron Mines, Inc.; and manager and director, Mal1;lbulao-Paracale Mines, Inc. He is a Nationalist by party affiliation and a Roman Catholic by religion. KALAW, (Mrs.) Pura Villanueva -


be'7', National Fede1'ation 0/ Women's Clubs 0/ the Philippines; 7路es., 88 Valenzuela, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-82-05. . Mrs. Pura Villanueva Kalaw, the wife of Dlrector Teodoro M. Kalaw of the National Library, was the First Queen of the First Philippine Carnival held in Manila in 1908 and her daughter, Maria (now Mrs. Kati g~ bak), was elected Queen of the 1931-Philippine Carnival and Exposition . She is highly edu -

cated and channing, an d a lover of literary and musical arts. Thou~h a Visayan by birth, she is well versed in T agalog, the language they commonly u se at home. She is not only a leader in society, but also a leader in business, being the owner of several houses and Jots for rent in Manila and s ubu rbs.

Lawye1', Aubhor and Jou1'?wlist; Directo'r, Philippine National Libratry; res ., 38 Valenzuela, San Juan, Rizal; tel_ 6-82-05.

KALA'V, Teodoro M. -

Born in Lipa, Batangas, on March 31, 1884; son of Valerio Kalaw and Maria Man-

guiat ; married to the former Miss Pura Garcia Villanueva in Manila, May 6, 1910 j Mason, Grand Maste r of Regional G ran d Lodge under Grand Oriente of Spain for three years, 1914 - 1917, elected Pas t Honorary G ran d Master, Grand Lodge of the Philippines, 1925, and Grand Master, 1928; member of the following learned Teodot'o M. Kalaw societies : ROY'al Academy of Al'ts and Letters in Cadiz, Asociacion Hispano-Filipina in the Philippines, of which he was president, Academy of Political Science of New York since its foundation, and Academia de la Lengua Espanola of Spain. He attended first tho Colegio de Sebastian Viney and the Rizal Institute, both in his home town, then the Colegio de San Jua n de Letran, Manila, and afterwards the Liceo de Manila, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree, and finally' t he Escuela de Derecho, where he graduated in 1905 with the degree of Bachel or of Laws and later with the degree of Master of Laws. While a law student he worked as reporter for HEI R.enacimiento", a Filipino';S'Panish daily newspaper, of which he was made city editor after his graduation, an d editor in 1907. In 1908 he was tak en by Hon. Manue l L. Quezon as h is secr etary to the In-



ternational Conference on Navigation in RusKAMA TOY. Dr. Jose T. Physician. and sia, and upon his return he was appointed Surgeon; resident physician, San Lazaro \ director of the Escuela de Derecho, where Hospital, Bureau of Health, Manila. he served at the same time as a professor of KAMA TOY, Dr. Roman L. - Physician and law. Swrgeon; chief, La,guna Provincial HospiHe served a term in the Philippine AJ:.tal; res ., Santa Cruz, Laguna. sembly as Representative from the third district of Batangas, 1910 to 1912; secretary of the Philippine Assembly for three years; KAMIMURA, Prof. K. - Japanese MasseU'r ; director of the Philippine Library and Mures ., 446 E stero Cegado, Sea. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-50路67. seum, 1916; Under-Secretary of the Interior, 1917, and Secretary of the Interior in 1920. He resigned as head of the. Department of KAMINSKI, Nick Caretaker of Malac~ the Interior in 1922 to accept the position of 11an Palace; res ., Malacanan Palace, San executive secretary and chief adviser of the Miguel, Manila. Philippine Commission of Independence. He Mr. Kamin sk i came to the Philippines was appointed to his present position as diwith the U. S. Volunteers during the first rector of the National Library (Dept. of days of American occupation of the Islands Public Instruction) on February 16, 1929. and has been the Caretaker of Malacafian PaAs an author he has published the followlace during the past administrations of all the ing books: "Hacia la Tierra del Zar" (190 8); American Governors-General of the Philip"La Constitucion de Malolos" (1910); "El pines and du ring the present administration Divorcio en Filipinas" (1911); "Las Ideas of President Manu el L. Quezon. H e has mad e Politicas de la R e,volucion FiJipinal l ; "~rin颅 a name for himself when, lately, he discovered cipios de Vida Social"; "Teorias Constitua new planet through his own efforts as an cionales" (1912); "Como se Puede Mejo"amateur" astron omer. H e has his own p rirar Nuestra L egislacion" (1913); "EI Plan vate observatory at Malacafian Palace. Constitucional de la Revolucion Filipina" (1914); " El Idealio Politico de Mabini" KANAOKA, T. - Japanese Contractor and (1915); "Manual de Ciencia Politica" FU1"1titm'e Manufacturer ; office, 325 Car(1918); "La Masoneria Filipina" (1918); 'riedo, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2 -79-06 ; res., "La Revolucion Filipina" (1924); "The Phil1223 T1路abaio, Sampaloc, M anila; tel. 2-59-71 ippine Revolution" (1924); "Court-Martial of Andres Bonifacio H (1926); "La Campana del Koumintang" (1928); " Dietario E spiriKANEGAE, S. - Merchant; proprietor and general 71ULnage?', The Nippon Ba.z(Jff; exetual" (1930). ; "Gregorio H. del Pilar (El cutive committee, Japanese Chamber of ComHeroe de Tirad)" (1930); "Las Cartas Polime1'ce of Manila; director, T he Nippon ticas de MabinP' (1930); and HEI Espiritu Club; res ., 1259 Pennsylvania Ave., Malate, de la Revolucion" (1931). Manila; tel. 5 -74 -9 7 . The publications of the National Library are edited under hi s supervision as Director KAPILI , Florentino - Principal, L eyte Hi gh thereof. Of these the following have alSchool; res., Tacloban, L eyte. ready been issued: ":@pistolario Rizalino", Volumes I, II, III and IV; "Ang PinagtataluB orn in Calumpit, Bulacan, on F ebruary nang Akta fig Katipunan", "La Revolucion 26, 1899; son of Valentin Kapili and MagFilipina (Con Otros Documentos de la Epoca) " dalena Bautista; married to the former Miss by Mabini in two volumes, in addition to his Narcisa Ubaldo by whom he has a daughter, own "Gregorio del Pilar (EI Heroe de '1'iNelida. H e was educated in the public schools rad)" and many others. of his hom e province, and later in the Phil-




ipp ine Normal School, Manila. After gradua tin g from the Philippine Normal School, he was appointed principal, Barug o Elementary School, and later superyjsing teacher of Burauen District, Leyte. Then he was sent to the United States as a Government pensionado and enrolled at the State. ~o:mal School. On his r eturn to the PhilIppmes, he was appointed superyjsor of the Training School, and then principal, Normal and High Schools. He has no political affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion. Ruperto Lawyer ; j-l ssemblyman from the 5th Dist. of L eyte; res ., 1686 TVashington Ave., Satmpaloc, Manila,' tel. 6-71-14.


Born in Mambusao, Capiz, on March 26, 1875; educated in the College-Seminary of Jaro, Iloilo, and, th e Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Manila, where he received his degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1893; later took up the study of law, and was admitted Rup erto Ka punan to (the bar in 1906; was municipal vice-pres ident of his town in 1901; employed in the Co urt of First I nstance of Capiz, 1902 j provincial f iscal of Samar, 1913-1916; Repres<;ntative fr om the 4th district of I..€yte, 1916-1919, 1919-1922, 192 51928 and 1931-1934 ; elected Delegat e to the Constitutional Convention, 1934-35; and Assemblyman from t he f ifth district of Leyte in 1935-38. He is an Anti-HHC by political aff iliation, and a Roman Catholic by reli gion.

Lawyer; assistant atto1-ney, Bur eau of Justice; r es., 1686 Washington Ave., Sampaloc, Manila; tel.

KAPUNAN, Jr. , Ruperto -

6-71-14. KARAAN, Marc.eJo P . - Lawyer; assistant attorney , Feria & La 0 .. professor, college of law, Univ ersity of Sante Tomas; office,

China Bank Bldg.; tel. 4-90-9!; res., 158 Magallanes, IntJrannu/ros, Manila.

Asst. Civil Engineer, Public Works; res., Lingayen, Pangasinan.

KARAOS, Benigno -

Physician and Swrgeon; former R epresentative from the [irst district of Albay; res., Tabaco, Albay. Born in Malinao, Albay, on April 10, 1891; son of Luis Kare and Fra"ndsca Cid Melg ar; attended the Colegio Filipino, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Liceo de Manila, Colegio de San Beda, and the University of Santo Tomas, graduating from the last n,amed institution with the degree af M.D. in 1922, and was licensed to practiCe his profession the same year. He married tihe former Miss Jo&ef a Brimbuela, of Tabaco, Albay, and has several children. Dr. Kare entered politics and was elected a member of the Lower House of the Philippine Leg islature in the special elections held in his district on September 29, 1931, and was re-elected to the same office of Representative in the general elections of June, 1934, as an Anti-HRC standard bearer. He is a member of the Colegio Medico-Farmaceutico and of the Philippine Islands Medical Association; a N acionalista by political affiliation, and a Ro~ man Catholic by religion. KARE, Dr. Exequiel -

KARGANILLA, Dr. Baltazar- Assistant Vet-

erinarian, animal disease control division, Bur eau of Animal Indust'Mj; r es ., Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. - Assistant systematical botanist, Nat:ional Museum Division, Bureau of Science ; res. , 5 Roxas St ., San Pedro Makati, Rizal.


KARIN GAL, Francisco L. - District Engineer, Bureau of Public Works; res., Vigan, !locos Sur.

Businessman,' res., 90 Sam Marcelino, Ermita, Manila; tel. 2-84-43.

KARL, F . -

Arch.itect and Building Contractor; res., Paz and Trece de Agosto, Paco, Manila; tels . 5-76-50 and 5-76-74; office, 1 ~3 Juan Luna, Binondo, tel. 4-80-112.





Civil Engineer; Commissioner, Mindanao and Sulu; res., Dansalan, Lanao.

KASILAG, Marcial -

and Chief Constructiog Engioeer and then Assistant Direetor of Public Works, 1919 to 1936. He became Director of the Bureall of Public Works when A. D. Williams retired as head of the bureau in October, 1936. On December 15, 1936, he was appointed Commissioner of Mindanao and Sulu.

Chief Cl..-k, Bureau res ., 2029 llustre, Santa

KASTRO, Jose A. d. -

of Education,Oruz, Manila.

KA TIGBAK, Alberto- Lawyer; assistant attorney, Recto Law Office; res., 558 Ve..-

mont, Malate, Manila. Assistant Auditor, The Bank of the Philippine IBlandS; inStruct01', Jose Rizal CoUege; res., 558 Ver?nOnt, Malate, Manila.

KAT,IGBAK, Enrique -

Physician and Surgeon; associate "esidenf obstetrician, Philippine General Hospital; res., 2 St<>. Monica, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-18-80,


KAUFFMANN, F. Yon Vice-Chairman, Elizalde & Co.j ,'es., 1160 Carolina, Malate.

Manila; tel. 5-50-29. Commissioner Marcial Kasilag

Born in Rosario, Batangas, on October 13, 1881; son of Antero Kasilag and Geronima Mendoza; married to the former Miss Asuncion Roses in 1910. Educated in the public schools of Rosario and Lipa, Batangas, the Philippine Normal School, Manila, and Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A. He received his degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineeling from Purdue University on June 10, 1908. He was a member of the first group of pension ados sent to the United States by the Philippioe Government. On his return to the Islands, he was employed in the Bureau of Public Works as Junior Assistant Engineer in Rizal province, 1908-1909; Junior Civil En-. gineer, Zambales, La Union and Albay, 19121918 j commissioned Captain in the Philippine National Guard, 1917; Supervising Engineer

(Mr..) F. Yon Member, Board of Directors, Asociacion de Damas Filipinas; res" 1160 Carolina, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-50-29.


KAUFFMANN, Jr., F. Yon.- Manager at the

MiU, Cenflral Sara-Aiuy; 1路es., Aiuy , Iloilo, KAUFFMANN, Julius - Businessmanj manage?', Menzi & Co., Inc.; office, 180 Juan

liuna, Mwnila; tel. 4-96-90. Mr. Julius Kauffmann was born in Germany in 1893. He served the German Armv duriog the last World War, 1914-18; and cam~ to the Philippines as a commercial representative, in 1921. He is now the manager of Menzi & Co., Inc., dealers in groceries, paper and school supplies, glass, glassware, watches, per-



fumes, textiles, and fertilizers i importers, exporters shipping and insurance agents, and manag:r of Whipple S. Hall printing department.

Merchant ; proprietor, Ideal Bazacn', and Rizal Bazaa1'; res., 1.4.2


Sociego. Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-70-64.

Manager, Ohta Development Co., Inc.; res., 237 Concepcion, Ermita, Manila.

KEELER, Ralp h dept.,

Newspaperman; editorial Daily Bulletin; reB., ll-A Arms Apartment's, Manila; tel.


Dewey 5-60-8!J.

Businessman; Philippine l-ron Mines; res ., 944 -B Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-60-07.

KEESEY, Ernest F. -


Manager, Mitsui Bussa"" Kaisha, Ltd.; vice-president, Japanese Chamber of Commerce 0/ Manila; vice -president, Japanese Association 0/ Manila, Inc. , and president, The Nippon Club; res., 2600 Talt Avenue Extension, Pasay, R izal.


Building Contmetor; office and res., .4 Ramon Papa, Sampaloc, Manila ; tel. 2 -61-59.


KAY ANAN, A. O. - Assistant Civil Engineer, Bureau 0/ Public Wor/,s; res ., eebu, Cebu.

General Merchant; res ., 83 Rosario, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-93-24 .


Captain ; chief of police, City of Baguio, Benguet, iWountain Province; res., City Cottage No.4, Baquio.

KEITH, Joseph J. -

Born in De Leon, Texas, U. S., on July 2, 1878; son of George Keith and Sara Emerson. He arri ved in the Philippines in 1899;

served with Dorrington Scouts ; then with the Manila Police Department, 1901-1910; and was appointed Chief of Police, City of Baguio, in 1910. He married in March, 1909, the for.mer Miss AsUJtcion Delgado, of Bulacan. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Eagles, Lawton Egbert Post, and president of the Baguio Gun Club. Chief, Sem-et S ervice Division, Blo'eau of Customs; office tel. 2-29-50; res ., 1000 Pennsylvania Av e., Malate, Momila.

Manager, Valv oline Sales DepO/rtment; office, 101.1 Muelle de la Industria, Mani la; tel. 2-55-40; res., 903G Dimasalang, Pa'ranaque, Rizal.

KELLER, Alfr ed W. -

KELLER, W. M. - President, Ed. A. Keller & Co., Ltd.; office, J78 Juan Luna, Binon-

do, Manila; tel 1, -91 -55 _ KELLING, C. - President and General Manager, C. Kelling , Ino.; Office, .42 Dasma-

rinas, Binondo , Manila; tel. 4-89-.10; res ., T uberias, In t ., San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-87-18. KELLY, Alfred F.


Business Executive;

dire ctvr and treasu'rer, M Q/rsman & Co., Inc.; res .. 40 Peralta Apartments, 111alate, Manila; tel. 5-71,-56.

Mr. Kelly is also director and treasurer of the Suyoc Deep Level Tunnel; United Parae ale Mini ng Co.; treasurer, Palidan Suyoc Deep Level Tunnel j Itogon Mining Co., Suyoc Consolidated Mining Co. ; San Mauricio Mining Co. ; director anq treasurer, Philippine Smelting Co.; M. P. Tranco, Inc. ; secretarytreasurer, Marsman In vestments, Ltd. ; and secretary, Baguio Country Club. Rev. Patrick ( S.S.C. ) _ Pa>ish P1'iest, Malate Church; pastor, Cathedtral of !VIanila, R oman Catholic; 1路e8., J. 016 M. H. del Pilwr, Malat e, Manila.


KEEFE, Jame. H. -

Acting Vice Consul for Great B,.itain; office, Smith, Bell & Co ., Ltd.; re8 ., Legaspi, Atbay.

KELLY, R. K . -


Manager, medical de. partme:nt, Winth1'op Chemical Co., Inc. ,. office, 670 DasmaJriiias , Binon do; tels. 2 -98-02 & 2-38-99; res ., 82 Panaderos, Santa Ana, Manila; tel. 5-59-24.


Ramon E. Membe-r, Provincial B oard of Davao; reB., Davao, Da-vao.


Physician and Swrgeon; office, 803 Uy Yet Bldg., Binondo; tel. 4-80-01 j res., 1303 F. B. Harrison, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-22-01.

KING, Dr. Paz G. -

Mr. Hans Erich Kentzler was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on May 20, 1899 j the son of Emil Kentzler and Ana Heinson. He a ttended Claudius Gymnasium, Germany, and t he Facultad deCi encias Quimicas , Mexico, in 1917 and 1921 j worked with different pharmaceutical and chemical companies in Mexico, New York, and Cubaj and is now the manager of the medical department of "Vint hrop Chern· ical Co., Inc. He married Pauline Emily Datema, of Utrecht, Holland, on 20, 1935. He is a member of the Manila Polo Club and German Club.


Sales Manager, Insulan' Moto?'s, I nc.; 1·es., 3709 Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-18-05.


KERNOT, Gavin W. -

Executive, Swiss O"iental Commerical Co.; l'es., .14 B1'oadway, New Manila, Ban Juan, Rizal ; tel. 6'-83-6·5.


Sec>retG/ry, Phi lippine Manufacturing Co.; l'es., 412 PU1'k Avenue, Pasay , Rizal{ tel. 5-21-21.


Architect; supe1intendent, National City Bank Building Co.; office, .181 David, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-63-20; res., 901 A. Mabini, ilfalate, Manila; tel .

KEYS, H. H. -


Me1'chant; dealer in glasswa1'e ; 217 Nueva, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-93-90.


Chancellor, Japanese Consulate; res., 810 San Rafael, San Miguel, Manila; tel. 2- 65-29.

KIHARA, Hideo -

Vice-Consul for J apan; di1'ector, N ippon Club; 1·es., 52.1 Peiiafran cia, Paco, Manilaj tel. 5·67-78 .

KIHARA, Jitaro -


Dt". Paz Garcia King was born in 1893; grad uated with t he degreee of M.D. from the Univers ity' of Illinois , U.S., in 1924, and was licensed to practice her lnedical profession the same year. She is a member of Nu Sigm<"J. Phi (Univ. of Illinois Medical College) ; Sigma Delta Eps ilon (Graduate "Vomen's Scientific Fraternity), Univ. of Chicagoj and Chicago Women's Medical Club. Physician and Sur. geon; office, 459 Dasma,,-illas, Binondo; tel . 2 -77-69; res., .120 Real, Int1'amu1'os, Manila.

Business E xecutive, International Ha1'veste1' Co. of Philippines; res., 1528 F. B. Hatr1'ison, PlUJay, Rizat; tel.

5· 16-93. KINTANA~

Agus tin Y. - L awyer ; Assemblyman j1'om the 81'd Dist1'ict of Cebu; res., 1411 H e1"ran Int. 8, Manila.

Born in Al'gao, Cet u, May 5, 1892: the son of Roman Kintanar and Petra Artiaga; married to PUl'eza Lucero, by whom he has seven children j was educated in the University of the Philip pines, where he obtained the degTees of Bachelor of Arts and Agustin Y . Kintanar Bachelor of Laws, 1917; and passed the Bar examiI iations t'l:te same year. H e was elected Representative from the 4th di strict of Cebu to the 10th Philipp ine Legislature and \'\'as elected Assemblyman from the 31'd district of Cebu to the First National Assembly under the Commonwealth of the Philippines in 1935. A Roman Catholic by religion.



Lawyer; res., Argao, Cebu. (Picture on page 319)


Born in Argao, Cebu; son of Felipe Kinianar and Aquilina Abear j manied to the former Miss Telesfora Yap. He studied in the Cebu High School, and the Junior College, University of the Philippines. Cebu, where he received his title of Associate in Arts; received his degree of Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines in 1927; was a teacher in the Visayan Institute of Cebu and also editor of "Progress", a publication published in the city of Cebu j and was elected Delegate from the fourth district of Cebu to tine Constitutional Convention in 1934. He was an Anti-RRC by political affiliation.


Proprietor, Triangulo Studio; res., 749 Avenida Rizal, Sta. Critz, Manila; tel. 2-20-10 .




Vice-President, Manager and Treasurer, Pangasinan Transportation CO.j res ., 8614-A Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-.17-10.

KLAR, J. L. -

Born in Iloilo, Iloilo, on August 25, 1901; the son of Frank KIal', president of the Pangasinan Transportation Co. He received his early education from the public schools of Iloilo, and later attended the La Salle College in Manila. He is now the vice-president, manager and treasurer of tlhe UPantranco", member and general manager, Klar and Alvear (brokers), located at the Crystal Arcade (tel. 2-39-05) and 441 San Vicente, Binondo (tel. 2-35·53); and member, International Stock Exchange.

KLASSON, Dr. J. C. - Dentist; office, 124 T. Pinpin, Binondo, Manila; tel. 240-78; res., 25 Gueva;ra Ave., San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-88-27.

Manager, Kinkwa Menyas'lt Co .; asst. manager, coal dept., Mitsui Bussan Kaisha, Ltd.; di1·ector, The Nippon Cl'ltb; 1·es., 404 Vermont, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-59-06.

KLINGLER, G. - Business Executive ; m<VY/.age?·, Philippine Match Co., Ltd.; director,

Bu.siness Executive; res .,

KLOCK, H. - Business Executive j vice-president, Bunning & Co .. Inc.; direct'or, Manila Tobacco Association.; vice-president, German


KLAR, Frank

20 Guevara Avenue, San Juan del Monte,

Rizal; tel. 6-88-69. Mr. Frank KIaI' was born in Bavaria, Germany, about 68 years ago. He came to the Philippines with the first Volunteers of the U. S. Army in 1899; worked with the military government; transferred to the civil government as technical assistant to Frank W. Carpenter, then executive secretary; was appointed agent, Bureau of Internal Revenue j was made Provincial Treasurer of Camarines, and later Provincial Treasurer of Leyte; resigned to become a hotel manager in Iloilo, and then engaged himself in the manufacture of furniture. As an able business executive, he reorganized and enlarged the Pangasinan Transportation Company, otherwise knovrn ~s HPantranco Jt • of which he is now the presIdent. Pantranco is one of the biggest tramsportation companies in Central Luzon and is worth about a million pesos.

Rotary Club 0/ Manila; res., Bacood, Santa Mesa, Manila; tel. 6-74-62. (Picture on page 1561.)

Channber 0/ the Philippine Islands; res ., Ermita, Manila; tel.

100S California, 5-46-02.

KLOCKE, R. - Business Executive, Elmac, Inc.; secretary, Deutscher Klub, Inc. (671 San Lui8, Ermita) res.. 16 GuevfJlra Ave.,

San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-81 -75. KLOTZ, Sergius - Stock Broke?'; res., 9663 Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay, Rizalj tel. 5-.10-64.

Born in Los Gatos, California, U. S., on February 6, 1907; son of M. W. F. Klotz and Roberta George Klotz; graduated from Stanford University with the degree of A.B. in 1929; and married Barbara Atkinson, at Shanghai, China, on May 10, 1930. They have one daughter, named Nadya.


KLUGE, Herman C.-Engineer, Heald l.Jum-

ber Co .; res., Bag'lLio, Mountain Province . Born in Elmira, New York, U. S., on November 3, 1883; son of Fred Kluge and Magdalena Dabelstein Kluge; graduated with the degree of B.E. from the Union College, N. Y., in 1905. He married Anna Dettbarn, of Schenectady, N. Y., on August 3, 1910, and has at present three children: Hennan, Frederick, and August. For twenty years he was connected with lumber finns in U . S., Central and South American Countries, and made a discovery of several wood species new to science. He came to the Philippines and worked for six years with the Insular Lumber Co., and at present he is with the Heald Lumber Co. in Baguio, Mountain Province. His home address in the U. S. is: Winglewood, Sa1'asota County. Flcyrida. . Business Exevutive j manage'r, Swiss Oriental Comme'rcial Co.; office, 153 Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-90-14; 1'es., 1400 F . B. Harrrison, Pa~ say, Rizat; tel. 5-)9-91.

KNECHT, Frederick -

- Business Execu~ tive; in chaJr'ge of constru.ction works, Kneedle1' R ealty Company j res., 2 William St., Pasay, Rizal,' tel. 5-.13-78.

KNEEDLER , Donald C.

Mr. Donald C. Kneedler is the son of the well-known Manila physician and realtor, Dr. Harry Do!une Kneedler, president of the Kneedler Realty Company. His brother, Mr. Harold M. Kneedler, is an architect. They have contributed much to the progress of the city of Manila. - Architect; Manager, Bay View Hotel; and Vice-President, Kneedler Realty Co.; res., 2087 Robert, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-10-42.


Born in Brookfield, Missouri, U. S., on March 2, 1909 j the son of Dr. Harry Dohme Kneedler and Ethel Mason Kneedler. He was brought to the Philippines by his parents when he was barely three months old and was sent to Ateneo de Manila where he studied for a year and he enrolled at the Cornen J


University where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Architecture, in 1931. He married Pauline Perry, of Chicago, Illinois, on Oct. 22, 1932, and has at present one daughter, Debohra. Mr. Kneedler took part in the construction of the Bay View Hotel, Peralta Apartments, St. Francis Apartments, and other big concrete buildings in Manila. He is a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Manila Polo Club, Tamaraw Club, and Army & Navy Club.

Physician and Realtor; president, Kneedler Realty Co.; 'res ., Bay View Hotel, Is aac Feral & Dewey Blvd., Ermita, Manila; tel. 2-49-84

KNEEDLER, Dr. Harry Dohme -

Born in Collinsville, Illinois, U.S.A., on Sept. 23, 1870; the son of Christopher Dohme Kneedler and Loretta P. Penny; educated in the St. Louis University, where he graduated in 1892 with the deg)'ee of M.D. He married Helen Ethel Mason, of Brookfield, Missouri, on J an. 10, 1905, in Manila; and has three children: Harold, Donald, and Edgar. Dr. Kneedler joined the Medical Corps of the U . S . Army during the Spanish-American "Val', and went to Havana, Cuba, in 1899, and came to the Philippines in 1900. He served in the Boxer Campaign in China; then left the military service and practiced his medical profession in Manila for a peHarry D. Kneedler riod of more than fifteen years, and served with the American Red. Cross in Siberia, from 1917 to 1918. He engaged himself in real estate business and organized the Kneedler Realty Company, which erected and owns the Kneedler Bldg., the Leonard Hotel, the Peralta Apartments, the Bay View Hotel, and others. He is a member of the Army and Navy Club, Casino EspanoI, Manila Polo Club, Manila Golf Club, Baguio Country Club, Elks



Proprietor, Reliable Store, R1~wl Book Store, Manila Book Com,... pany; res., 7J8 Sing along, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-72-43.

Club, Wack Wack Golf Club, and other social organizations. He is also a member of the York Rite Masonic bodies, Nile Temple, Mystic Shrine, and Manila Lodge of Elks.


KO BENG CHUAN -Businessman; proprie-


t.or, Sport Shi"ts-Pants Co.; res., 5.17 Onypin, Sta. C1"UZ, ManUa; tel. 4-85-70.

Business Executive; manager, Daido Hardware St01'e; res., 335 P. Parecbes, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-73-14.

Assistant Chief, drafting division, Bureau 0/ Coast and Ceodeflic Survey; res., 850 A . Mabini, Malate, Maniw.; tel. 5-60-76.

KOVALEV SKY, V . V. KO CHOCHUAN, Dr. -Lawyw; office, 508

China Bank Bldg., Dasmariiias, Binondo. Jlif(~nila;

tel. 4-82-95 .

Businessman; 71lanage'l', Kwong Ring Grocery Store; ''-es., 322 N ueva, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-52-04.


Commission Merchant; ,'cs., .116 Tetua7l, Sta. Cru.z, Manila ; tel.

KOA KING LUN 2·56-67.

KOBAYASHI, H. illerchatnt; P1·o7Jrieto~·. Kobayashi Baza1'; 'res., 714 Dart, Paco,

Manila; tel. 5-52-59.

Businessman; proprietor, People-'s Bazar j res., 631 Rizal Ave., Suttta Cruz, Manila,


KRAUT, M. - Paint.".; Art Glass Manufacturer, and Proprietor, A"t Neon Signs; 0/-

fice, 943 Raon, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2-21-27; ,·es., 55 Dominga, Pasay, Rizal. Mr. M. Kraut, well-known Manila painter and businessman, was born in Saarbruc. ken, German)ll, on October 9, 1881. He was educated in the public schools of Germany, where he learned the art of painting. He came

Assistant Manager, sundry departmtent, 1I1itsui Bussan Kaishu, Ltd.; res., 870 M. H. del Piw.,·, Malate, Manila.


Stevedore and Naval Cont"actor; legal advise,', Koh & Ko h ; 0/lice, 266 Juan, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-81 .55; res., 98.1 Benavides, Mani la.

KOH, Enrique L.

Modiste; manager and inst"/ictor, J{ollerrna..n's French School 0/ Dressmaking, 2 Nebraska, tel . 5-77-82; ?'es., 94 Sam Luis, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-1.I-O~.

KOLLERMAN, Madame E. -

KONG, Ralph F. -Lawyer a.n d Businessman; res., 414 Miseric01'dia, Sta. C"uz, Manila.


the Philip-

pines during the early part of American occupation and established his own office t'The Standard Painter," in the city of Manila, where he made a name as a German painter. Later he enlarged his busines by introducing M. Kraut ttArt Glass" which he manufactures in his own f actorY', and the HArt Neon Lights," which have a great demand in modern business advertising. As a businessman, he h as won the confidence of his customers and the respect of his employees. He now O\\'71S a number of real estate property in the city and suburb, uesides his business establishments, for which he



pays a large tax to the government every year. As a civic-spirited resident of Pasay, he once tried to donate P2,OOO.OO to the Municipal Government for the opening and construction of a proposed municipal roa d between Dominga and Taft Avenue Extension, but for political and other reasons such a plan mapped out by the town executive in 1930 met wit h strong opposition from the neighbors of the place whose property would be affected thereby. and the work a lready commenced at an enormous expense had to be discontinued f or lack of support from the provin.cial government concern· ed. He is married to Pilar Gonzales y Roco, by whom be has six children: Paul, Ramon, Ludwig, Peter, Lothar and Gustaph. A Roman Catholic.

KUENSTLER, H. J. - Businessman; executive, Smith, Bell & Co., Ltd.; 32 6th Street,

New Manila, San Juan, Rizal; t el . 6-82-60. BU8iness Executive; president, Kuenzle & SWeAff, Inc.; president, Alhambra Cigar and Cigarette Mfg. Co. (On leave, Zurich, Switzerland).


KUMMER, Mas: Busin essman; partner, Kummer & Comin8; managing partner. Maz Kumm,eq- & Co.; director, Manila Stock

Ezchange; direotor, United Paracale Mining Co ... director and member, Stock Quotation Co., Inc.,- director, Unive'l'sity Club; and president, Deutscher Klub , Inc.; office, .189 J'uan Luna, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4, -.90-89; 'res., 301 Rosario. Apa'l·tlments, Manila; tel. 5 -72-06.

Businessman; ezecutive, Walk-Over Shoe Store ; member., Wack Wac k Golf and Cowntry Club, Inc.; res., 3S1 L. Guerre1'0, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-65-86.

KURlSU, Y. -

Proprietor and Man· agerl", K'riedt Printing Co.; res ., 1201 Taft A venue, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-66-81.


Assistant Manage-r, Kriedt P.rinting Co.," reso, 120.l Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-66-8.1.


KRICK, Morris J. -

KRIEDT, Gerhard W. -

KRIEDT , Harry Go

BusinesS17tan; vice-president and treasu·'I·er, John Landahl, Inco't'l'easu'I°er, German Chamber of Commerce of the Phil. Islands; '1'68., 1 Palm CoU'rt, Pasay, Rizal.

KROHN, Edgar

Acting Division Superintendent of Sulu; res; Jo1o, Sulu.


Businessman; proprietor and manager, Stan- Bicycle 8t01'e; res., 75.l Ave. Rizal, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-30·4,4.. Businessman; 'l'TUJ,nager, The Pure Cane Molasses Co . ( P.I .), I nc.; (Iloil<> Office); '·es ., Iloilo, I l<>ilo.

Proprietor, La Ciudad de Tokyo (glass); res., 343 R. Hidalgo, Sta . Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-.13 -43.

Assistant Manager, Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha, Ltd., res ., 716 Indiana, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-45-94.

KUTSUZAWA. Takenosuke

KUDER, Edward M. -

Mr. Kuder was born in Virginia, U.S.A., in 1896; educated in his home state; enlisted h :. the U. S. Army durin g the last 'W orld War, 1917-19; appointed Division Superintendent of Schools with assignment to Pangasinan, in 1922; Pampanga, 1923; Ilocos Sur, 1924; Cotabato, 1926; Lanao, 1932; and Sulu, since 1934.

Business Executive; gen eral manager, Fukuyama & Co. , Inc. (im· porters and exp01°tlWS); res., 62 L im-An, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5 -12'{)2.


P1'Opriet01', El Zen'ith Jewelry office, 33 Escolta, Binondo; tel. 2 -29-85; res., Leonard Wood Hotel. Malate, Manila. (Picture on page 1561.)





L Busimess ExeC'lLtive j manager, La Paz y Buen Viaje and La Dicha Ciga?" and Cigarette Factory; res., 1407 .lfangahan, Santa Crnz, Manila; tel. 2路5拢-03.

LA 0, Benito -

Assist"",t Secretary anul Chief Clerk, National Assembly; ,路es., 60 M. H . dol Pilar, E"mita, Manila; tel 2-111-70.

LA 0, JuHan -

Lawyerj jorrmer Member, Provincial BOQlY'd of Rizalj res., Tagio, Rizal.

LABAO. Ludovico LA 0, Dr. Dolore. G. - Lady Physician; office, 211 Ongpin, $"d Floor, Sta. Cruz, Man.ila; tel. 4-86-83; res ., 1407 Mangaham, Stu.

Cnlz, Manila; tel. 2-52-03 . Lawyer, Professor, and Business Executive. office, China Bank Bldg., Dasma;rb1as, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-90-92; res., 86 B'rixton Hill, Santa Mesa, Manila; tel 6-75-79.

LA 0, Gabriel

Born in Manila on January 19, 1882; son of Julian La 0 and Estanislawa Arenas; graduated with the degree of A.B. from the San Juan de Letran Callege, Manila; LL.B. from Georgetown University, U.S.A., 1913 j and obtained his LL.L. and D.C.L. degrees from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, in 1936. He married the former Miss Paz Argu~lles, of Manila, on Juanuary 20, 1917, a'11d has at present four children: Carmen, Paz, Teresa, and Concepcion. Dr. La 0 began his law practice since 1914 and has been very successful in his profession. so much so that he had to decline an appointment to the bench of the Court of First Instance. He was a member of the first Pihilippine Independence Mission to the United States in 1919 -(see page 258); professor of agency. private corporations, legal ethics, bankruptcy and insolvency, and commercial law review; and asst. dean, college of law, Univ. of Santo Tomas; director, Philippine Trust Company, Fidelity and Surety Co., Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., Philippine Milling Co., Philippine Lumber Co. j member, Knights of Columbus, Accion CatoHca, Hospicio de San J ase, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Cosmos Club, Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, FiHpin.o Club, Columbian Club, and other organizations. He is a Roman Catholic by religion, and a Nationalist by political inclination.

Atty. Labao is a native of Tagig, Rizal. He was a stenographer in the law firm, Sumulong & Lavides, before he became a lawyer twelve years ago. He was a member of the defunct Democrata Party when he was first elected a member of the Provincial Board of Rizal in the general elections of 1931, and was re-elected to same office as an Anti-BRe candidate in 1934, having acted as Provincial Governor of Rizal in the absence of Governor Francisco Sevilla when the latter made a trip to Japan in 1936. Businessman; P"oprietor, Imperial Hotel; office, 219 Cabildo, Int1'annuros, Manila; tel. 2-!8-60.


Physician and Surgeon; City H ealth Officer; res., Iloilo, Iloilo.

LABORATE, Dr. Nicomedes A. -

Lawyer, EducaiA:Jr, and Legislator; Judge, fifth judicial district, COU1路ts of FiTst Instancej res., Stu. Cruz, Laguna; Manila add'ress: 2832 Herran, Sta. Ana, Manila. (Picture on page 321) .


Born in San Narciso, Zambales, July 17, 1894; married to the former Miss Concepcion Magsaysay of Castillejos, Zambales, by whom he has three children: Julius Caesar, Lourdes and Norma; graduated from the Manila High School, and the Uni versity of the Philippines, where he received the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (1918) j was appointed Assistant Examiner, Bureau of Civil Service, 1914-17 j law clerk, Bureau of Lands, 1918-19 j law clerk, office of the City Fiscal, 1919-20; cruef, law division, Bureau of Internal Revenue, 1920-1921 j elected Representative to the Philippine Legislature,


1922-28; was Professor of Jurisprudence, U. P. ; and elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1934. He has been appointed J udge, eighth judicial district, Court of First Instance of Cebu, and was transferred to Lagun a, to relieve Judge Modesto Castillo, whose appointment was not confirmed by the N a tional Assembly in May, 1938. He is a N acionalista by party affiliation and a Roman Catiholic by religion.

Civil Engineer, B'Mreau of Public T楼orks; res., San Fe1'nando, Pamparnga.

LACANDOLA, Ma r iano -

PanEilo - Business Executive,President, La Salvacion (Mutual Building and Loan Association); Manager, Tatmbu.nting-Concepcion Interests ; Treasurer, Asiatic Commercial Corporation; and National President, National Volunteers of the Philippine Islands; res ., 1414 Azca,.r1路aga, Manila; tel. 2-11-17.


Born in M:.nila on September 21, 1885; son of Luis Laconico and Evarista Reyes; educated in Trozo E lementary School, where he finished elementary course, and in Liceo de Manila where he completed his Perito Mercantil; having been exempted from the examinations for Certified Public Accountant on April 30, 1924. He mar路 Piinfilo Laconico r ied the former Miss Rosario Arcinas, who is now deceased , and has three children: Luis, Evarista, and E ngracia, who Miss Philippines and Carnival Queen of 1933. Mr. Laconico was a clerk in the Bureau of Coast Guard and Transportation, and Chief, Division of Cash, Property and Accounts, Bureau of Customs, from 1905 to 1929. After lea ving the government service on September 4, 1929, he has engaged himself in business, and is now the President, La Salvacion


(Mutual Buiiding and Loan Association) ; Manager, Ta.mbunting-Concepcion interests; Treasurer, Asiatic Commercial Corporation; and National President, National Volunteers of the Philippine Islands, with the rank eyf Lieutenant-General.

L awyer and Provincial Fiscal of Antique; res., San Jos e, Antique.

LACSON, Antonio -

Born in Talisay, Occidental Negr0s; on November 11, 1895; son of Rosendo Lacson and Andrea de la FloI'; married to the former Miss Consuelo Villanueva, by whom he has two children: Antonio, Jr., and Cannelo. Educated in the Colegio San Agustin, Iloilo; the University of Santo Tomas, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts; and the E scuela de Derecho where rhe obtained the degree of Bachelor of Laws. He was a stenographer, City Fiscal's office, Manila; register of deeds, Oriental Negros; and provincial fisc~,l, Palawan, Surigao~ and is at present provincial fiscal of Antique. A Roman Catholic by religion . Sugarman; former Senator, 8th Senatorial District; res., Batolod, Occidental N egros.


Born in Iloilo, Iloilo, on July 28, 1889; the son of Aniceto Lacson and Rosario Araneta; educated in the Ateneo de Manila, and the San Juan de Letran College where, in 1910, he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He was elected Representative to the Philippine Legislature from Occidental Negros, 1925-28; PrOvincial Governor of the same provi nce from 1928 to 1931 j and Senator from the Eight h Senatorial District comprising the provinces of Negros OccidentaJ , Negros Oriental, Antique and Palawan, in 1934. As a member of the Senate, [he served as chairman of the committees on banks and corporations and franchises, and member of the committees on agricult ure and conunerce, public works and communications, finance , appointments, railroads, justice, navigation; and metropolitan relations.

1854 LACSON, Dr.


Ricardo C . -

LOIW!J61" a.nd

Educator; Founder a1'ttl President, Lacson College; res., 190 Vito Cruz, Mal.ate, Manila; wi. 5 -66 -7~. Born in Silay, Negros Occidental j the son of Marciano Laeson a nd Emilia Con Ju. He was educated in the Silay Elementary School, I101l0 Intermediate School, Iloilo High School, and Manila High School, where he completed his secondary course in 1909. He enrolled a t the College of Law, University of the Philippines, where he graduated in 1914 with the degree of Bachelor of Dr. Ikeardo C. Laeson Laws, and passed the bar examinations the same year. He joined the law office of his elder brother, Atty. SimeOn C. Laeson (now deceased), and the two brothers organized the Phillppine Law School unper the Nationa.l University in 1915, and for several y-ears he was Secretary and, later, Dean of the same. He was conferred the degree of Doctor of Civil Laws by the University of Santo Tomas in March, 1937. Dr. Lacson was Acting President of the National University for some time untiJ, in May, 1938, he organized the Lacson College with the Philippine Law Schoo!. He is man-ied to the former Miss Balbinita Tionko.

Physician and Surgeon; Superintendent, National PsychopatlviO Hospital; offwe, Mandaluyong, Rizal; tel. 6-77-{)1.

! ACUNA, Dr. Demetrio C. -

Dr. Lacuna was, prior to his appointment as head of the National Psychopathic Hospital, the District Health Officer of Cotabato. He relieved Dr. Enrique F . Ochoa from duty as acting Smpcrintendent of sajd Hospital (p. 887).

Dentist; office, 210 Kneedler Bldg., Ct1l1"riedo, Sta. Cruz; tel. 2-22-69; res., 609 Colorado, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-71-27.

LADAO, Dr. Joaquin -

JU&1l M . Lawyer; res., 32 Dominga, Int . 80, Pasay. Rizal.


Born In San Marcelino, Zambales. on March 27, 1894; son of Marcelino Ladaw and Dominga Manzano; married to the former Mis~ Ana Duarte, by whom his children are Juan, Marcelino, Lydia, Rusela, Edmundo, Adolfo. Alicia, Sonia, Arturo and Anita. He was a teacher, Bur. of Education, 1913-16; public lands inspector, asst. chief clerk. chief clerk, Bureau of Lands, 1916-22. He graduated with the degree of LL.B. from the Philippine Law School in 1920. and was admitted to the Bar in 1920. He was a professor, Philippine Law School, 1923-27, and has been in private practice since 1922.

LAGDAMEO, B . Captain 0/ the Ship; res., 1,.01 Me'l"ced, Paco, Manila; tel. 5-56-63.

Dr. Ignacio ~ D entist; office, 303 Uy Yet Bldg., Binondo. Man路tIa.路 tel. 4-80-01; res., 35 A. Flores. Ermita. Manila.


Born in Manila on September 26, 1908; son of Ramon Lagdameo and Josefa Arquiza; graduated with the degree of D.M.D . from the Educational Institute of the Phi\' Islands in 1932; married on Nov. 14, 1936, the former Miss Eugenia Nisperos. of San Fernando, La Union; and has now his office at 303 Uy Yet Building.

LAGDAMEO, Salvador Chairman and Manager. National Loan and Investment Boa-rd; and Aotg. General Manag er, Government Service Insurance System; 'res., 405 Merced, Paco, Manila tel. 5-51-58.


Born in Gumaca, Tayabas, on February 16, 1881 j son of Gavino Lagdameo and Concepcion Mondragon; graduated from the EscueJ,a Normal Superior de Maestros de Manila, 1896; was a school teacher for some . . time, and had established his own private school which he ran from 1898 to 1904; census enumerator, 1903-04; bookkeeper of a private companYi municipal secretary of Guinayangan, Tayabas, 1904; secretar y, treasurer, deputy provincial treasurer, postmaster, notary public in 1906; traveling deputy provincial treasurer, bookkeeper, and chief clerk of Sorsogon and Ambo s Camarines; treasurer, assessor, councilor, register of deeds, City of Baguio j deputy provincial t reasurer Benguet, 1915; insurance examiner, BUl'eal~ of the Treasury, 1917; promoted to Cashier, and became AssisUJ.nt lnsular Treasurer on June 1: 1919; designated Acting Assistant Director of Mint:







los Lagman and Margarita Gozo; educated in

the public schools of his home town and in the San Juan de Letran College and the Escuela de D erecho de Manila, graduating from the latter institution with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, and passed the bar examinations in 1917. Later, he was elected a Member of the Municipal Council of Guagua, Pampanga, for two consecu1.ive terms, 1922-25 and 1925-28; Member El.igio G. Lagman of the Provincial Board of Pampanga, 192831j and Representative to the tenth Philippine Legislature. 19 34-35. In the first Commonwealth elections held on September 17, 1935, he was elected a Member of the National Assembly from the first district of Pampanga. He was a Nac ionalista (Pro) and is a member of the new Nacionalista Party, and a Roman Catholic. He is man"ied to the former Miss EDl'iqueta Jingco, by whom he has six children.

Businessman; proprietor and mamageT, Juan de la Cruz Studio' 428 Avenida Rizal, Sta. Cruz, ftfanila; tei. 2-.42-80.

LAGMAN, Rogerio -

of the


Acting Insular Treasurer, Aug. 1, 1923; and


Salvador Lagdameo

LAGMAN, Eligio G. _

Born in Mexico, Pampanga, on January 5, 1887; son of Teodoro Lagman and Simona Canda. He received his primary education from his home town under Mr. Frank Brucht, who sent him to San Fernando, P31npanga in 1903, where he was appointed a teacher after two months. People were then wondering how a blind person could

Born in the municipality of Guagua, Pampanga, on January 28, 1898 j the son of Car-

man did his duty' satisfactorily t hat in Rogerio Lagman 1909 he was chosen to become one of the two government pension ados who were sent to the

then appointed Insular Treasurer of t he Philippines Jan. I, 1927. At present he is Chairman and Manager of the National Loan and Investment Board!; treasurer ex-officio, Philippine Islands Anti-Tubercu losis Socie路,;y; member, bo ard of directors, Philippine National Bank j President and Director, Ma-ao Sugar Co.; director, Binalbagan E state Inc.; and Acting Manager, Government Service Insurance System.

Lawyer; Assemblyman from the Fi1's t DistJrict of Pampanga; res., 453 Geli11os, Sampaloc, Manila.

teach, but Mr. Lag-



United States in 1909, the other one being Leandro Fernandez, now professor and dean of the U. P. College of Liberal Arts. Mr. Lagman attended the School for the Deaf and Blind at Berkeley, California, U.S.A., where in recognition for his exceptional talent he was made a member and later captain of the debating team which won several contests under bis leadership. Upon his return to the Philippine immediately after his graduation in 1911, he was appointed an insular teaoher, School for the Dea~ and Blind, of wJtich Miss Rice was principal. He took and passed the Junior Teacher's examination, and also the Senior Teacher's examination in which 11 Americans and 44 Filipinos took part but only ten of them passed, and Mr. Lagman occupied the third place in the rating and the highest in thesis. He resigned from 1fue government after sixteen years' service as teacher, and joinoo the H. E. Heacock Company as chief agent of the contract department in jewelry business. In 1921, he organized the Ester Studio on Calle Azcarraga, and later changed it to flJuan de la Cruz Studio", which is now located at the Padilla Building, 428 Ave. Rizal, Manila. Mr. Lagman is married and has five children.

District Engineer, Bureau of Pu.blic W01'ks; ?·es., Tarlac, TU1'lac.

LAGNITON, Isabelo -

LAGUIO, Perfecto E.- Lawyer and Business

ExeC'Utivej Registra,·.Pro/essor, Manila Law College; and Technical Adviser, Philippine Travel Bureau; res., 1007 Reina Regente. Tondo, M12nil12; tel. 4-94-51. ., Born in Boac, Marinduque, on April 18, .1.896 j so~ of Rufino Laguio and Estefania ~el MUTIlJ<t; completed the elementary course m the public schools of his home town, and graduated from the Manila High School, 1914; was a teacher in the Marinduque High School for one year (1914-1915) and the "Instituto

de Manila", now Manila University, for two school years (1915--1917); and was a member of the editorial staff of the Philippine National Weekly. He gTaduated from the Phil· ippine Law School with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1919 and passed the bar the same year j was appoi n ted a Perfecto E. Ls£,ulo Technical Assistant in the former Depart... ment 01 Mindanao and Sulu and was transferred to the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes in the same capaoity, 1920; served in the Department of the Interior, 1921; appointed Chief Clerk of that Department, 1925; was sent to the United States as a government pensionado to specialize in Provincial and Municipal Government Administration, and Juvenile Court and Administration; graduated from Yale University with the degree of Master of Arts in Political Science; took up courses in Juveni11e Court and Administration in the New York School of Social Work, also in Government, in the University of Berlin; travelled extensively for two years, and later resumed his duties as Chief Clerk of t he Department of the Interior and as professor of Philippine Government and Oratory in the Philippine Law School. At present he is Registrar-Professor of the Manila Law College, and Technical Adviser, Philippine Tavel Bureau. He married in 1933 the former Miss Corona Abad Santos, of Angeles, Pampanga, by whom he has three children: Milagrosa, Amapola, and Nagoyo.

FOJ1"?n Owner, Municipal T'reasurer; ,·es., Culasi, Antique.




Born in Culasi, Antique, July 23, 1895; educated in the public schools of his home town, and later in the Antique Provincial H i g h School. He was appo,inted Municipal '-- Treasurer of Pedro Lagunday Va l derrama on October 1, 1921; was t ransferred to Barbaza on March 13 , 1923; and then to Culasi on October 1, 1927. Mr. Lagunday is also a farm owner.

Engineer, Designing Division, B. P. W., Manila; 1·es., 71 Legaspi" Intramuros, Manila.

LAG UN SAD, Marcial

Born in Dulag, Leyte, on June 2, 1897; son of Anastacio Lagunsad and Victoria Tupaz; married to the former Miss Rosario Pacheco, by whom he has six children: Dolores, Marcial, Vicente, Antonio, Carlos, and Pedro; graduated from the Leyte High School. and from the Univ. of the Philippines, where he received his title of Associate in Arts and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Oivil Enginering; was employed in the Bureau of Public Works as Assistant ·Engineer in Tayabas, in 1923; Assistant Civil Engin~cr in Bulacan, Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, Ilocos Sur, 1924-1934; and ,Civil Engineer in Pampanga, 1934-1935. At present he is Designing Engineer, Designing Division, Bureau of Public Works, Manila. A Roman Catholic by religion .

Businessman; president, Lami Trading Corporation; office, 401 San Vicente, Binondo-tel. 2-50-97; res., 1154-C Pennsylvania · Ave., Malate, Manila; tel.

LAMI, Lucio -

5-1,8-95. LAMMOGLIA, J. B. _Bu.sinessman; p1'oprie-

tor, uEl Meridian" (Jewelry); office, 26

Escolta, Binondo, Manila; tel. res., 920 Georgia, Malate, Manila.

2-15-51; (Picture

on page 1561.)

Merchant; importer and wholesale dealer in textiles; president and treasurer, Philippine HO Biery Mills, Ino.; and fJreasu1·er, Toyo Shirt Factory; res., 1.158 Santol, Sannpaloc, Manila.

LANDAHL, Arthur -

Businessman; president, John Landahl, Inc.; vice-p1'esident and treasure1', The Manila Remnant Co., Inc.; directo'l', Philippine Hosiery Mills, Inc.; proprieto)·, Luzon Shirt Factory .. office, 19£ Juan Luna, Binondo; tels. 4·83-81 (tex-

LAND HAL, John -






(rheinmetall); res., 19 Brixton H ill, Santa Mesa, Manila; tel. 6-71,-£8. (Picture on page

1561.) LANE, William P.

Manager, Kodak Phil-

ippine&y Ltd.; treB ., 58 Sta. Clan'a, Intra..murOB, Manila; tel. 5-.4.2-58. (Picture on page 1561.)

Edu.cator; Sup erintendent 0/ City Schools, Manila; res ., 692 Ayala, E1'1nita, Manila; tel. 5-57-07.

LAN GCAUON, Prudencio -

Born in Oas, Albay, on April 28, 1892; son of Fernando Langcauon and Catalina Rozal; graduated with the degree of A.B. from t he University of the Philippines, 1918; A.B., Leland Stanford Jr. University, California, 1921; and Ed.M., Harvard University, 1922. He married on May 25, 1918, the former Miss Lutgarda Recuenco, of Oas, Albay, and has at prese nt three children: Corazon, Apricion, and Fernando. He was a school teacher in Oas, AlDay, 1908-10; principal, Ta.-baco Elementary School, Tabaco, Albay, 191314 j critic teacher, Albay, Albay, 1914-15; biology instructor, Philippine Normal School, 1915-18; Manila High School, 1918.19; govel'mnent pensionado to U. S., 1919-22 j divJSIOn superintend ent of schools, Masbate, 1922-26 ; Rizal, 1926-31; Nueva Ecija, 193136; noilo. 1936-37; and Manila, since 1937. He is a mem.ber, Pi Gamma Mu; life member, National Education Association; member, Association of Phil. School Executives; charter



member, Nueva Ecija Golf Assn.; and first Pres ident, Commonwealth Golf and Country

Club. SecrefAny, Filip1..1tcu Life Agency, I nc.; Philippine Guaranty Co., I nc.) res., 3 Sta. Moni ca, Pasay, Rizal ; tel.

LANGE, Alfon so de -


P hysician and SU1'ueon; res., 5:1.1 Me1'ced, Paco, Manila ; tel. 5-5~ - 5S.

L ANTIN, Dr. G r egorio T. -

LANTI N, Dr. P e dro T. - Physician and &'1'geon; attending physician, P hilippine Gen-

eral Hospital; assistant professo路r of medicine, Univ. of the Philippines; visiting physician, Saint Paul's H ospital; res., 999 Cali101'1tio., E,"mita, Manila ; tel. 5-73-56. L OIWye'r.. chief , division of public defende,路., Depar tmen t of L abor; res., 675 Simoun, Sampa loc, Manila ; t el.

the municipal council of Daet, 1922 to 1925; and appointed secretary of the provincial board of Carnarines Norte in 1931. In 1934, he was elected Delegate from Camarines Norte to the Constitutional Conventjon, He is now Justice of the Peace of Daet; an Anti-HHC by political affiliation and a member of the Philippine Independent Church. Arcadio Y. Latwyer; chief cle>rk, secret service divisicn, Luneta Police Station, Police Department, City of Manila; and instntctor, Columbian Police and Detectiv e Academ'y; res., 1391 V. Concepcion, Manila; tel. 2-71,11.

LAPERAL, Property Offie.,路, L uneta P olice S tation, Police Depa1"tnnen t, City of Manila ; r es., 1J7 L ega1'da, S ampaloc, M anila ; tel. 2-62-61.


LANTIN G. Juan -


Atty. Lanting is also asst. director and faculty member, Police ~nd Detective Academy, and vice president, Colum bian Associated Colleges. LANUZA, J os e R. - Businessman; f illing cont1'actoJ'; office 3-47 Juan Luna, Binondo. Manila; tel. 4-88-96. LAPAK, Baldome ro M. Lawyer; Justice of the Peace of Daet; 1'es., Capalonga, Cam a'l'ines N01'te. (Picture on page 318)

Born in Capalonga, Camarines Nor te, on February 27, 1888; son of Mateo Lapak and Damasa Marca; married to the fOImF-l:' 1\1iss Lozada of Daet, Camarines Norte, by v. hom he has six children : Rosario, Baldomero, Salvador, Jose, Ligaya, and Asunc ion; educated in the Malate Elementary School, Manila High School, Liceo de Manila , Pihili ppine Normal School, Instituto de Manila , Colegio de la lIustracion, Plhilippine School of Commerce and t he Escuela de Derecho, where he obtained ~he degree of Bachelor of Laws; was employed In th e Executive Bureau, Manila, from 1908 to 1919 ; became a member of the municipal council of Capalonga, 1919 t o 1920; member of

LAPERAL, Leonor Pianist e ; l n sfiructor in Piano j r eB 1.17 Legarda. Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-62-6./.

in Santa Cruz, Manila, on March daug hter of Augusto Laperal; studi ed for eight years und er Mrs, Vi c enta Mal; fbsqui El o riaga1 fiv e yean; under Rev, So r Cecil B Ol'l1




O.S.B., and Rev. So r B a p ,t \ s ta, Battig , O. S. B. ; holder of a Mu s i c T e 81C her' s Cer t i Miss Leonor Laperal ficate from &to Seholastiea's College. She played John Haussermann's Sonatine April 2, 1934 j took prominent part in the Ben efit Concert of the Catholic Women's Leag ue, the Instituto de Mujeres, and P adua-Borromeo


Benefit; made an eighth grade recital on December 11, 1932 j graduation recital on March 10, 1935; and introduced to the public Prof. Rodolfo Cornejo's Polonaise in F Majo'r , in 1928; etc. She was a member of the faculty of the Manila Conservatory of Music, and is now giving private lessons in pianoforte and voice culture. LAPERAL,

Roberto -

Bu sinessman; man-

age?', Victorina G. de LapeTal Jewelr y StoTe; office, 851 A v e. Ri zal, S ta. Cruz, Mani laj tel. 2-42-6f); 'tes., 8 5 7 A ve. Rizal, Manila.

Bqrn in Santa Cruz, Manita., on Decem. bel' 30, 1890 j the son of Roberto Laperal and Tarcila Flores; married on ApriU 13, 191 3, th e former Miss Vidarina Guison, of Santa Cruz, Manila, by whom his children are Tarcila, Roberto, Juanito, Elisea, Oliverio, and Bernardo. He was ~ith the Bureau of Science, 190910; engaged in jewelry business since 1913; went Roberto Laperal to Europe to establish business relations in 1914, arnd is now the manager of Victorina G. de Laperal Jewelry Store. LAPERAL, (Mrs.) Victorina Guison - Jewel Me1'chantj office. 851 Ave. Rizal. S ta. Cruz, Manilaj tel. 2-42-60; res., 857 A venida R i -

zal, Sfa. Cruz, Manila. Born in Manila in 1890; the daughter of Juan Guison and Patricia David i educated in the Colegio de Nuestra 8enora de l Rosario and other Spanish private schools in Manila. Her father was a well-known jeweler during the Spanish regime and she was trained in his shop while yet a sm-aII girl. She is the wife of Roberto Laperal, a prominent businessman, and, through their co-operation and able management, their jewelry store on Avenida Rizal became one of the biggest establishments in the city. 59


Captwin, P .A., Acting Chief Police and Five Dept., City of Zwm boanga; res., Zamboanga, Zannboanga.



Modiste, B usiness Ex ecutive an d Direct1'ess, Gala Fa~ shion Academy; office. 851-855 O' Donnell, Sta. Cruz, Mani laj res., 1108 Kentu cky , San F r ancis co del Mon te, San Ju an , Ri zal.

LAPUZ, (Mrs.) Ignacia T. -

Mrs. Ig naci3J Tanquintic Lapuz, the wife of Narci so Lapuz, a radric a l l eftist leader fr om Pampanga, was born in Sa nta Cruz, Manila, in 18 8 4. She was educate d in t he CoIegio de Looban, Paco, Ma nila, during the Spanish regime, and in the public schools of Manil a during the early part of American occupati on in the Islands. She wen t to the United Sta.tes of Am erica in 192 3 and stayed in New York, N .Y., up t o 1929. Upon her r e turn to Manila , sh e o pe ned her fashion sh op on Call e Carri edo and started her fashio n acad emy a few y ears later. LAPUZ, Narciso Agricultu1'ist and Businessmanj res., 1108 K entucky, S an Fran-

cisco del Monte, San Juan , Rizalj 2-42-94, L ocal 5-J.


Civil Engine ... ; office; 301-302 State Bldg" Ave. Rizal, Manila; t el. 2-29-J,-J.


Newspaperman j adv ertising m anager, T he V olunteer (Journal)j office, Suite 206 B rias R oxas Bldg., 75 Escolta, Bin ondo, Manilaj office tel. 2-41-58.

LARA, Carlos de -

Optician j prop. and manager, L ara Optical Co. j office, 956 Raon, Sta. Cruz, Mani laj tel. 2-67-54 . r es., 720 Coromina, Manila.

LARA, Dr. Cipriano -

Born in Las Piiias, Rizal, on Sept. 26, 1874; son of Calixto Lara and Andrea Velasquez; graduated from the Pennsy lvania College of Optics and Ophthalmology, 1915. He married L eonora Villareal in 1894 and has ten children: J ose, Pacifica, Carmen, Dolores, Luz, Angel, Ester, Leonor, Alicia, and


Cipriano, Jr.


He was professor, Atene~_ de

Manila , 1896; municipal president, La~,

1896-97 ' captain and then major, PhllIppme

revoluti~n, 1898-1 900. He organized hi~ op-

tical compan~r in 1910, and was appom ted nlcmbel' of the Board of Examin ers in Optometry, 1918-22, preside nt of same board, 1922-24 ; and re-appointed member, same board, 1936-37 . LARA, Conrad o de - Cashier , Luneta Hotel; res., 169 Butane s , Sa.mpaloc, Manila ; tel. 6-irt-71.

LARA, Evarist o de -

at presen t detaile d to the newly created office of the Nation al Wareh ousing Corporation. LARA, Dr. Flore ncio S. PhysiciJ:Ln and Surgeo n; 'l"es ., 260 Santa Me sa, SClIT'Itpa lcc,

Manila ; tel. 6-70-86 . LARA, Dr. Hilario. -

Physic ian and Surgeo nj profess or 0/ hygien e and head, Vept. 0/

Hygien e and Preven tive Medicin e, Univ. 0/ the Philipp ines; res ., 66 Mabola , Pasf1lJj, R i-

,al; tel. 5-11 -89. Admin istrativ e Assis-

tant, Office 0/ t he Preside nt 0/ the Philippinesj res., 839 Don Quijote , Sampal oc, Manila. Born in Manila on Oct. 26, 1889 j son of Miguel de Lara and Juliana Fernan do i educated in the Sampaloc Intermediate School, the Manila High School, and the Philipp ine School of Commerce. gradua ting as stenographer and bookkeeper in 1910, and in the Phllippine Law School, National Univer sity, where he obtained rus LL.B. degree in 1925; man-ied on Nov. 11, 1910, the Evari8to de Lara fonn er Miss Victoria Arguelles, by whom he has ten childre n : Dolores, Pedro (dec.), Victor, Rosalina, Juliana, Maria Ascenc i6n, Miguel, Evadst o, Jr., Reynaldo, and Bienvenido ; served as clerk, Bu. of Education, 1911 j stenographer, McCulloug h & Co., 1911 ; stenogr apher, Executive Bureau, 1911-1 7; private secreta ry to the general manager, Manila Railroad Co., 1917-1 8; asst. chief clerk, Office of the Governor-General, 19 18-20; social secreta ry to Governor-General Francis Burton Harrison, 1920-2 1; chief clerk, Office of the Govern orGeneral, 1921-35 ; assistan t secreta ry to the President of the Philippines, 1935-3 6; administrativ e assistant, same office, 1937-3 8; and

Born in the barrio of Anubu , Irous, Cav ite, on Januar y 15, 1894. The son of humble parents and became orphan of father when he was two ye:trs old, he worked his way throug h school. He fin ished his secondary course in the Sillima!1 Institu te and his preparato ry medicine in the College of Liberal Arts, Univer sity of the Philipp ines, where he also studied medicin e and gradua ted as M.D. in 1919, and attende d the J ohns Hopkin s University, School of H ygiene and Public H ealth , and obtaine d his Certifi cate of Public Health in 1923, and Doctor in Public Health , 192路1, was a fellow of the Rockef eller Founda tion and of the Ph ilippine Government. Dr. Lara was resid ent physici an, Phil. Genera l Hos pital, departm ent of patholo gy and bacteri ology, and instruc tor, School of Nursin g, and special demons trator in patholo gy and bacteri ology in the Univer sity of the Philippines j assista nt surgeon , Philipp ine Health Service , 1919-20 j SUl'geon and distric t health officer , 1920-22 j in private practic e in La Union, visiting physici an, San Fernan do Mis路 sion Hospita l , 1921-22 j surgeon on special detail, Malaria Field Investigation, Laguna , 1922; senior surgeo n, Phil. Health Service, 1922-2 4 j surgeo n and diagno stician , div. of commu nicable disease s, 1924 j assistant to the directo r of Health , and secreta ry, Retirement and Pension Board, P . H. S., 1925 j asso. profess or and head, Dept. of Hygien e and Preven tive Medicine, U .P., 1925-28 ; Phil ippine delegat e to the 3rd Pan-Pa cific Science Congre ss at Tokyo, J apan, 1936; special detail to the P.H.S. to direct and conduc t epidem iologica l investi gations of cholera epidemic. in Manila and SU1'-


rounding provinces of Bulacan, Rizal, La~ guna, and RombloD, 1 925 ~2 6 ; asso. professor of hygiene and preventive medicine and hea d, Dept. of Hygiene and Parasitology, 1928-31; professorial lecturer on Epidemiology and Public H ealth, 1927-31; captain, Med. Corps Res., U. S. Army; professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine and head, Department of Epidemiology, Statistics and Public H ealth .Ndmi nistrat io ~ and Assistant Director and Secretary, School of Hygiene and Public H ealth , University of the Philippines, since 1931 to date. He is the author of the text-book entitled "Health and Sanitation", and m ember, Manila Med. Society, Phil. I s. Medical Assn. j charler member, National Research Council of the Philpines; Delta Omega; Philippine Society of Parasitology; Phil. Scientific Society (pres., 1932); vice-president , Far Eastern Society of Tropical M'e dicine ; and fellow, American Geographical Society, and American Medical Association j and co-editor of t he "Philippine Journal of Science."

Lawyer; ' ·es., Cabanatuan,

LARA, Juan -

Nu,eva Eciia. Member, Provincial BOQR'd of Misamis Oriental; address, Cagayan, M1'samis Oriental.

LARA, V. B. de -

LARA Y A, Six to -

1'es., Baguw,


City Treasurer of Baguio: PTovince.

Assistant Ci,·il Engineer, Bu. 0/ Public Works; res" Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

LARD IZABAL, Alfredo P. -

Acting D ivisi01 ~ Superintendent of Schools ; 'res., Calapan, Mindoro.

LARDIZABAL, Gregorio -

Born in San Jose, Batangas, on November 16, 1894; son of Geronimo Lardizabal and Ju ana Dimaculafigan; married to Zosima Aguila, by whom he has five children : Gregorio Jr. , Geronimo, Petra, Gabriel and Gualberto ; graduated from the Teachers' College, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A.., with the degree of Bachelor of Science j appointed teacher in the Cavite High School; principal,


Tayabas High S'cbool, and later Cavite High SchooL Mr. Lardizabal is now the Acting Superintende nt of Schools for Mindoro, sue· ceeding Mr. Fernando S. Fuentes, who has been transferred in June, 1938, to Catbalo· gan, Samar. He 1:~.s no political affiliation; a Roman Catholic by re1igion. LARDIZABAL. Jose -

Lawyer; res ., Gasan,

M OI1'induque. LARDIZABAL, (Mrs. ) Rosario Cayetano -

Pha1"rruwist and Prop., Fan-ma.cia Cayetano; res ., Gasan, Marinduque . Born in Gasan, Marinduque, thir ty·two years ago; daughter of ex-Municipal Presid· ent Luciano Cayetano and Isabel L. Luna, of Gasan; received her elementary education from her home town and completed her secondary course in Manila, where she studied phannacy and passed the pharmaceutical examinations. She married Attorney Jos e Lardizabal, of Boac, Marinduque, and has at present four children. A Roman Catholic by religion.

District Engineer, Bur eau of Public Works; res., 2882 T aft A v enu e Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5· ,12-10.

LARRACAS, Fidel V. -


Manuel - Lawyer, Educat01' and W1'iter; fo rmer R ep1"eSentative from Capiz; 1·es., 8 lznar t, Ctly of Iloilo , Iloi lo.

Born in the municipality of Kalibo, province 0 f Capiz, on May 24, 1887; educated in the public schools of his native town during the later part of Spanish regime in the Islands, having Manuel Laserna attended the Colegio del Sr, S. Moho at Kalibo, Capiz, and then the Kalibo Intermediate School, where he completed his elementary course before he



went to Manila and studied successively in t he Ateneo de Manila, San Francisco Javier College, Liceo de Manila, and University of Santo Tomas, where he obtained his degree of Bachelor of Arts and High School Teacher's Certificate in 1909. He was a public school teacher, 1904-07; directol~ of his own private school at Kalibo, Capiz, 1909-10; assistant instructor and IlInspector del internado", Liceo de Manila, 1911-14, and at the same time a law studen t, having been admitted to the practice of law by' the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 1916, and was conferred the degree of Badhelor of Laws by the Escuela d e Derecho de Manna in 1918. He was a teacher (1919-22 ) and principal (1922-24) of the Kalibo Institute, and was appointed Justice of the Peace of Kalibo. Because of his popularity as an educational and social leader, he was elected a Representative to the seventh Philippine Legislature from the third district of Capiz in 1925, wh ich position he held until the expiration of its term in 1928. He was a member of the law firm, Treiias and Laserna, and is now a practicing attorney in Iloilo. He is a member of the National Geographic Society of America, 'Washington, D. C. and author of a booklet entiled: "Sungkaan a Pag Sueat Ag Pag Basa It Inakeanon." LASE RNA, Manuel- Ag1'icultu')'ist; fO')'mer i'~'imicipal

President of Capiz; ')路es., Capiz,

Capiz. Born in Capiz, Capiz, on September 8, 1887 : son of Antonio Leserna and Emiliana Alovera; married to the former Miss Prim itiva Andrada, by whom he has STx children: Emiliana, Pedro, Dolores, Gedeon, Trinidad an d Jesus; completed the secondary course in the Liceo de Manila and Ateneo de Manila' was municipal treasurer of Pontevedra Dc: cidental Negrosi deputy provincial treas'urer, provincial treasurer's office; acting chief clerk of the same office; second grade Civil Service eligible in Spanish and English ; first grade eligible in Spanish j was a government employee from June 1, 1909, to May 1, 1931; and was municipal president of Capiz, 193134 . He is a Nationalist (Anti) by political affi liation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Business Executive,. general manager, Acoie Mining Co ., Inc.; res .,

LAT HAM, A. B. -

103 San Rafael, Manila; tel. 2-20-46.

Mr. Latham is also the secretary-treasurer, Manacsa Store, Inc. ; president, Equitable Exploration Co., I nc., general manager, Philippines Rice Mill, Inc.; and trustee, Dawn Mining Syndicate.

Acting Provincial TreasU'rer , Masbate; res ., 111asbate, 111asbate.

L A T O NERO, Ciriac o L. -

Born in Castilla, Sorsogon, on May 4. 1893; son of Mariano Latonero and Pantaleona Lastrilla; man-ied to the former Miss Fausta Arao Santillan, by whom he has three children : Orlando, Rodolfo and Ofelia; holder of a certificate of Public Accountant; was assistant provinc~al treasurer, administrative deputy treasurer and assistant bookkeeper in the Bureau of Internal Revenue; and acting provincial treasurer of Masbate. He was an Anti-HHC by political affil iation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Physlcian and S'U/ryean; Dist,路iet Health Offie.,路 of Ma,"induque; Tes., Boac, MQlrinduque.

LA TOR R E, Dr. A1fre d o -

Born in Lipa, Batangas, on January 23, 1905; son of Hugo Latorre and Gliceria Dimayuga; married to the former Miss Rasario Manguiat, by whom he has a son, Eduardo ; graduated from the Manila High School; ent('red the University of Santo Tomas and later the University of the Philippines, graduating 'w ith the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, and the Certificate of Public Health; was appointed health officer, Municipal District of Agusan; President, Second Sanitary Division, Agusan; District Health Officer of Batanes, and is at present District H ealth Officer of Marinduque. He has no poli tical affili ation. A Roman Cathol ic by religion. Law Clerk. law division. Bu.reau of Internal R evenue; ?路es., 1,.12 San Marcelino, Ermita, Manila.

LATORRE, Porfi r io -

Assistant Gene')'al Agent, States Steamship Co.; res ., 2107-C, Robert, Tnt., Pasay, Rizal.

LATTA, Robert -



- Physician and Surgeon; office, Lack & Dcwi8 Bldg., 110 EciuNgue, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-50-22; res., 2225 Miseric01'dia, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-65-30.


Dr. Luis Lauchengco, a well-known physician and surgeon in the city, was born in Manila on Aug. 25, 1890; son of Bernardino Lauchen gco and Antonina Cabrera; educated in the Ateneo de Manila, Instituto Burgos, an d University of Sto. T omas, graduating

with the deg-rees of A. B.


sent to Butuan Public Hospital, Mindanao, as director of said institution, where he worked for eight months, after which he returned to Manila and was assigned to



H ealth


tion as medical officer. Enjoying the confidence of high government officials, he was chosen as Official Physician to the Legislative

and M.D., and was lic~ns e d to practice his med ical profession in 1917. While party to Baguio headed by yet a medical student he the late Representative Malmru:T ied the former Miss riano P. Lcuterio in 1921, Angela Alon so, of the welland was later proposed for known Alon so family of promotion to the position of Manila. Soon after his District Health Officer at graduatJion he was offered Daet, Camarines Norte, the position of Resident but he declind the offer Physicia.n in the Santiago and preferred to stay in Hospital, which was the,n Manila, where a few ~ - -~-'--located at the COrner of months later he established Azcan-aga and Avenida Dr. Luis Lauchengco a private office. RiZial, and h e accepted the position with a Since 1924 he has conducted hi s offi ce at salary of 1'100.00 a month, and, after th"ee Lack & Davis Bldg., where he is still located. months of satisfactory In 1927 he was comservice, his salary was missioned First Lieut-


raised to



enant, Medical Corps Reserve, U. S. Army, but h e resigned two years later to devote

month, but, in his desire to acqu ire more experience in surgical cases a nd in treating contagious diseases, he transfen-ed to the San Lazaro Hospital, where

his full



his medical profession and business interests. He is also a visiting he worked with Dr. Caphysician of various tali no Gavino, the presprivate hospital s, treasThe Legislative party in Baguio. 1921 ent director, in 1918. UTer of the Metro He was later appointed a Surgeon, Phil. Health Drug Corporation, and trustee of the Zam ... Service and, upon passing th e required exb a les-San Juan Chromite Company. He is amination for Public Health Service, h e was a lso engaged in realty in ess.

Physician and Surgeon; District H ealth Offict/T' of Negros Oriental; 1路es., Dwrnaguete, Neg'ros Oriental.


Lawyer; res., 579-F Pennsylvania Avenue, Malate, Manila; tel . 5-52-1,6. (Biography, next page)

LAUREA, Martin B. -



Born in Malate, Manila, on November II, 1903 ; so n of Vicente Laurea and Florencia de Lau rea; graduated with the degree of LL,B. from the University of the Philippines, in 193 0. and is now engaged in private law prac tice. He is a mem ber of the Rizal Center and other organi za ti ons.

Compt1'oller , University of the Philippines ; ,·es., 9 R . Lagmay , San Juan del Monte, Rizal; tel. 6-86-23.

LAU REL, Daniel -

Mr. Laurel, a native of Marinduque, is a self-made man. He rose to his present

position through his own merits. from a mere clerk to audi tor, BUTeau of Audits.

Lawye1', Autho-r, and P1'o/essoT ; Associate Justice, SUp'reme COU1·t of the Philippines j 1·es ., 419 Sto . Sepulcro. Paco, Manila : tel. 5-67-58. (Picture on page 318)

LAURE L, Dr. Jose P. -

Born in Tanauan, Batang as, on Mru.·ch 9. 1891; the son of Sot ero Laurel an d Jacoba Garcin; fin ished his secondary educatio n in 1911 and graduated wit h the degr ee of LL.B. from the Un iver sity of the Phi lippines in J915 i L.J. from Escuela de Derecho in 1919; D.C.L. from Yale U niver sity, U.S.A., in 1920; Ph.D. from t he University of Santo Tomas, 1936; and LL.D. (honoris causa) from the Tokyu Imperial University in 1938. Dr. Laurel was appointed Chief Clerk of the fOl'mer Executive Bureau in 1919, and was sent by the Phili ppine Government to take postgraduate course in the Yale University in 1920; was made Undersecretary of the Department of the Interior in 1922, and promoted a few months later t o the position of Secretary of the Interior, from which position he resigned. together with other department secretaries, during the adminds1lration of Governor-General Leonard Wood i n the middle part of 1923 . Ife was elected SenatOl' in the general elections of 1925 from the fifth senatorial district. and Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the f irst district of Batangas, in 1934. He is professor. Philippine Law SchOOl, N~tiona l University ; professor, University of Santo Tomas ; and chancellor, National Teachers College.

He is the author of "The Election Law," 1922 and 1925 j "Local Government in the Philippines." 1926; "Philippine Administrative Law and Practice," 1931; HRules on the Appreciation of Ballots," 1934 i "Constitutional Law of th e Phi'lippines," 1936; etc. He was appointed an Associate Jus tice of the Supreme Court of t he Philippines on F eb. 29, 1936, and is th e youngest member of said high tribunal of the land. H e is a member of th e Lawyers' League (one-time pres. and vice-pres., Bd . of Directors ) i Yale Uni versity A ssocia tion (one-time pres ident) ; P hil ippine Bar Association; American Bar Association; Philippin e Columbian Association ; Philippin e Academy of Social Sciences j Akl atang Bayan ; etc. He married on April 4, 1911, the fo rmer Miss Paciencia Hidalgo, of Tanauan, Batangas, and his children at present are : Jose Bayani, J ose Siotero. Nativida d, Sotero Cosme, Mariano, Rosenda, Potenciana, Salvador, and Arsenio.

Lawyetr; Professor of Political Law, Philippine L aw School ; 1·es., 659 Pe11a/ 1"ancia. Paco. Manila ; tel. 5-61-16.

LAUREL, Jr., Jose B . -

Business Executive ; second vice-president and treasu1"er, Hanson. 0 1·tk & S tevenson. Inc .. 414 Perez, p((CO , Manila ; tel. 5-69 -81.

LAURENCE, Frederick L. -

Born in London l England, on March 2 0 , 1881 ; ed ucat ed in England; and anived in t he Philippin es in 1904; married to Alice Sanderson, by whom he has ' one daughter, Rosemary, He is at present second vicep'resident and tt"easurer, Hanson, Orth & F. 1.. Laurence Stevenson, Inc. j and m ember of th e Manila Polo Club, Manila Boat Club, Army & Navy Cl ub, Casino Espanol. and Nomads.,




Asuncion Pianistej piano; res., 116 Barbosa,


instructor in QuitLpo, Manila; tel. 2-89-27.

468 BurgoB, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-11-48.

Miss Asun cion Laureola, daughter of Atty. Mariano A. Laureola, former chi ef clerk of t he defunct Executive Bureau, is a graduate of the U.P. Conservatory of Music, 1937. She is at present engaged in private practice as instructor in pianoforte. LAUREOLA, J esuS' M. re.~ . ,



Civil EnginelM" i

Quiapo., Manila;



LAUREOLA, M a r ia n o A . -

Ba1'bosa, Quiapo, Manila;

LAVIDES, Francisco - Lawyerr; AS8emblyman from the 2nd DiBtrict of Tayabas; res.,

Lawyer; res., 116 tel~ 2-88-27.

Attorney Mariano A. Laureola was a P ro-HHC an d one of the organizers and officers of t he Young P hili ppines who supported t he candidacy of General Emilio Aguinaldo for President of the Philippines in the first Commonwealth elections held on September 17, 1935. At present he is engaged in private law practice, and is the secretary and asst. treasurer of t he Mother Lode Mining Co., Inc.

Lawyer; Chief Legal Counsel, Secu'rities and Exchange s路ion ; 'res ., 1J25 Pennsylvania, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-42路48.

LAVA, Francisco A, -

LAVADIA, V icente F ernandez - Civil Enginee1'; res., 7.17 Kansas Ave., Manila; tel. 5-46-16.

Born in P agsanjan, Laguna; son of Alvaro and Engracia Lavadia Fernandez; graduated with the degree of A.B . from the Univversity of t he Philippines, 1908, and C.E. from t he University of Santo Tomas, 1917. H e married i n 1918 the fOlmer Miss Esperanza Torralba, of Malolos, Bulacan, and has six children: Jesus, Alvaro, Jose, Carmencita, Antonio, an d Vicente. He was a civil engineer of t he Bureau of Public Works for seventeen years, and is now engaged in private practice.

Born in Atimonan, Tayabas, on June 4, 1893; son of Florentino O. Lavides and Carmen L. Lavides; married to the former Miss Aurora Castro, by whom he has seven children: Frruncisco, Aurora., Marta, Alberto, Florentino, Diego, and Pedro; graduated from Francisco Lavidez the University or the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, 1916; appointed pl;vate secretary to Associate Justice George A. Malcolm of the :Oupreme Court, 1917-1919; a member of the Bar Examination Committee of the Supreme Court for four times; and elected Assemblyman from the second district of Tayabas in 1935. H e is a Nationalist by pOlitical affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion. LAWRENCE, Fred T. -

Educator; 'res., San

Miguel, Bulacan. Bom in Hartford, Kansas, U.S.A. on Feb. 17, 1877; son of Joseph Griffith and Laura Wallace (Sewell) Lawrence; educated in the State University of Washington; came to the Philippines as Sergeant of 35th U .S. Infantry and mustered out in Manila in 1901' appointed teacher, Bureau of Education: 1901 j manied Maxima Barcelona, of Bulacan, April 27, 1903; appointed Captain and Supply Officer, Philippine National Guard 1918; resigned from the Bureau of Educa~ tion in 191 8, and organized the "Biak-naBato Academy, Ine." in 1925. He is at present the director and tt路easurer of said school, since 1925.

Physician and Surgeon,- p1'O/., college of med., University of Sto. Tomas; manage1' and prop., Farntacia Laxamanai and analyst, San Juan de Dios Ho spital.. res., 929 San Marcelino Ermita., Manila. '

LAXAMANA, Dr. G regorio -



LA YA, Ubaldo D. - Provincial Treasure?' of Nlisam is 0 1'iental; ?'es" Cagayan, Misamis

Oriental. Educato-r; jo'r mer mernber, I sabela PTovincial Board ; r es ., /lagan, l sabela.

LAYUGAN, Moises A. -

Born i n Cagayan, Isabela , on November 25, 1891 j son of Bernardo Layugan and Angustias Aggabao; married to the former Miss Maria Ana Balesi, by whom he has seven children: Virginia. Gavina, Rosula, PrescilIa, Bernardo,



L ay u2"an

Panfilo, and MoilSes Jr., grad uate of t he Isabela High School; was employed as a school teacher and later promoted t o principal teacher; and was member of the Provincial Boal'd of Isabela 1931-34. H e is a N a tionalist by political affiliation, 31nd a Roman Catholic by religion. Tmffic Manag.,路, T raffic Dept., ManUa Railroad Co.; res., Caloocan Rizal. '

LAZAGA, Leon -

Business Executiv e' prop., Federico Thomas Embroidery; res.', 229 Bannbang, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-89-40.

LAZARO, Felic:idad -

Physician and Surgeonj directo?', St. Anthony's H ospital' c~r. Oroquieta 拢: Tayabas, Sta. Cruz, n,~a; tel. 2-78-77;' office, State Bldg., Ave. R'I2al; fel. 2-63-44', "e8 ',.1835 vfoqU'l.e A. t a; tel. 2-50-27.

LAZATIN, Dr. Anton:'o L. -


Dr. AntoniO! L. Lazatin is a brothel' of Atty. Francisco L. Lazatin and Dr. Mariano M. L~zatin, a nd is the owner of Farrnacia Lazatm and St. Anthony's Hospital.

Lawyer; form1M' Municipal President of Angelesj res ., Angeles, Pampanga.

LAZATIN, Francisco L. -

Born in th e municipality of Angeles, Pampanga, on Octobe r 4, 1900; marri ed; graduated from the Pampanga. Provincial High S c h 0 0 I; a Bachelor of Laws and a pract icing attorn ey. H e was mun icipal pres ident F r ancisco L. La1;nt in P . F. Can didate of Angeles from for A ssem blyman 1931 to 1937: and is at prese nt engaged in law practice. H e has made an extensive travel to foreign countri es with a view to observing the social and economic conditions abroad.

Physician and Surgeon ; owne?' and di?'ect01', Mercy H ospital; office, 202 Regina Bldg., E scolta, Manila; tel. 2-58-67; ?'es., 815 F. B. Harrison, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-16-09.

LAZA TIN, Dr. Mariano M. -

Born in Angeles, Pampanga, on Jul y 22, 1896 ~ the son of Trinidad Lazatin and Leoncia Laxamana, both parents were from Mex ico Pampanga. He at' ten ded the Liceo de Manila, 190 8- 10 ; Sa.n Juan de L ett'a n College, where he graduated with the degree of A.B. in 1916; and the University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, where he completed hi s t hird year work in t he college of medic.ine in 1919. H e Dr. M . M , Lazatin went to the United States and entered the Chi cago Medical School, Chicago, illinOis, where he g raduated with the degree of M.D. in 1920 . From America he went to London,




Englan d, and worked in the Roya l Ophthalmological H ospital for five months in 1920 to specialize in eye diseases. H e then left for Paris and worked in the Laenec Hospital where h e obtained his Certificate as Specialist in Tuberculous Pulmonary, and also in Laribois iere Hospital where he received his Opht ha lmology and Oto-rino-Iaringology Certificate in 1921. He visited other cities of Eiurope, like Brussels, Belgium, where he att ended th e medica-} confeTence on infants' protection ; Berlin, Germany, wh ere h e wor ked for nearly eleven months as Sm'geon in abdominal cases at the Charity Hosp~ ital ; Vi enna, Austria; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain ; Zurich, Switzerland, where he spent a few months working in the Pulmonary T uberculosis Sanatodum.. He returned to t he Philippines in February, 1922, and engaged himself in private practice as physician and surgeon, specialist in abdominal surgery, obstetdcs, eye, ear, throat and pulmonary diseases. In 193 1 he opened the Mercy Hospital on calle F. B. Han-ison, Pasay, Rizal , a n d established his downtown office at Room 202, Regina Bldg., Escolta, Manila. H e is marrie d to t h e former Miss Margari ta de Asis, of Manila.

Vicar Fo'rain and Pwrish Priest, Censor Librorum, Diocese of Nueva Segovia; res., Vigan, /locos Sur.

from 1896 to 1898. in lIocano,

He is a religious writer

Physician and Surgeon; chief and resident physician, Cer vantes Emergency Hospital; res., Cervantes, !locos Sur.

LAZO, Dr. V ice nte F . -

LAZO, Vicente T. -

Lawyer .. AssernblY'11w:n /1'om the 1st district of /locos Norte; res ., Bacall'1'a, !locos NOTte.

Born in BaratTa, Ilocos Norte, on November 27, 1897; widower; educated in the Manila High School and the University o::e the PI:i1ippines, where he obtained his degree of Baehelor of Laws in 1924; was elected Representative to the Philippine Legislature Vice n te T. Lazo in 1931, and elected Assemblyman from the first district of lIocos Norte to the First National Assemb ly in 1935. A Nationalist by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Assistant Ci1.lil Engineer, Bureau of Pu blic Works ; res" Daet, Camarines N orte,

LAZO. Rev. Anselm o -

LEANO, Ca.rlos -

LAZO, F e lix L . -Chief Cle,路k, Department of

LEAfilO, Felix L. A 1'chitect and Cont1'actor.. res" 2624 F elix Hue1路tas, Sta, Cruz,

Finance; res., 1450 M. Natividad, St'a. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2 -57-()2. Accountant, G1'egorio A1'aneta, Inc., Jose ATaneta y Zaragoza, Hacienda Cwrmelita, In c... 1207 Cavite, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

LAZO. Joa quin -

Parish Priest, Diocese 0/ Nuevro Segovia; res ., San Vicente, !locos Sur.

LAZO, Mons. Melanio -

Born in Vigan, lIocos Sur, on J anuary 6, 1860; studied in a private school of his home town where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree; completed his theological studies in Manil a; sang his first mass in Vigan ; and was a professor in t he Seminario de Vigan

Manila. Lawye1'; editor, I nternational Magazin e; res" Vintar, !locos Norte ,

LEARO. Fernando L -

Born in Vintar, lIocos Norte; son of Calixto and Melchora L ean 0 ; educated in the public schools and graduated with the degree of LLB. from the Un iversity of th e Philippines in 1931. Atty. Leano is the editor, International Magazine; consulting editor. Philippine Magazine; director, Junior Coalition League ; pres., nocos Norte Youth; and mem ber, Li t erary Guild of the Philippines, Rizal Center . Editors and Publishers Union, and other organizations.



Businessman; president and general manager, F. Z. Ledda Co ., Inc. (Sporting Goods), 331 Carriedo, Sta. Cruz -tel. l-lS-66; res., 929 Tayabas, Sta. Cruz,

LEDDA, Felix Z. -

Mani laj tel. 2-79-51.

Sugarman and B~ine88 Executive; res., Tatisay, Negros Occidental.

graduated from the University of the Philippines with the degree of M. E. in 1~23; m.arried to Visitaci6n Ledesma, of Dolio, Iloilo, by whom he has six children. He is a m.e~­ bel' of the Filipino Club and of the PhIlippine Columbian Association.

LEDESMA, Ceaar -

Mr. Cesar Ledesma is vice-presiden~ ~nd general manager of the Talisay-Silay ~il'l~ng Co., Inc. ; president, The Bontoc Explolatlon Co.' vice-president, Central Azucal'era del Da;ao; first vice-president, Philippine Se~ur­ ities and Investm ent Corporation; first Vlcepresident and general manager, Finance Cor... poration of the Philippines..

Farm Owner and Businessman; Ex-Municipal President of JOJrO, Iloilo; res ., Jaro, Iloilo.

LEDESMA, Demetrio B. -

Born in JaIloilo, on Oct. 8, 1900; the son of Modesto Ledesma and Librada Benedicto j educated in the Ja1'o Seminary College and in the Ateneo de Manila. where he gl'aduated Demetrio B. Ledesma with t he delITee of "PE'rito l\1ercan til". He was municipal councilor, 1924 ; and for t hree terms he served as Municipal President of Jaro, Iloilo.' 1'0,

S tock B,-oke,>,; office, C"ystal A" cade, tel. 2-51-89; Room 211 Regina Bldg., tel. 2-3.1-87 ; ,·e8., 264 Suerte, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-19-1,0.

Business Executive; office, Wilson Bldg., Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila; res., 9996 Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-10-98 . (Picture on page 320)

LEDESMA, Juan L. -

Born in Silay, Occidental Negl'os, on Feb}'ualY 8, 1907; son of Julio and Florentino Ledesma; married to the former Miss Magdalena Javellana of Iloilo, Iloilo, by whom his children are Elena, Cristina, and Teresa; finished his high school course in Manila, 1926; engaged in sugar industry after graduation; became president of the San Carlos Planters' Association since 1932; member of the board of directors of the Confederaci6n de Asociaciones y PJantadores de Calia Dulce, Negros Navigation Company, Iloilo Stock Exchange, and Golden State Mining Company; and was elected Delegate from the first district of Negros Occidental to the Constitutional Convention, 1934. He is director, Philippine Racing Club, Inc.; director, Union Management Co., Inc .. and other business orga'Tl~zations. LEDESMA, Julio Sugarman; Director, Cenflral Azucare?'a de Bais .. res ., 9336 Taft Avenue Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-10-98. Oscar Suga'1~man; Di'rector, Binalbagan Estate, Inc .; res., 410 Ma'1'ques de Comillas, E'>'mifa, Manila; tel. 5-J,.1-89.


LE DESMA, Enrique B. -

Brok&I'; office, 21M Crystal A"cade; tel. 2-29-26; res., 621 Pennsylvania Ave., Malate, Manila; tel.

LEDESMA, Pacifico -


Business Executive; Gene1'al Com?ne1'cial Manage?', Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co .; res .. 729 Florida, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-77-84.

LEDESMA, Ernesto B. -

Born in noilo on May 6, 1898; Son of MOdesto Ledesma and Librada Benedicto;

Bishop, M. E. Church,' res., .1265 Gral. Luna, Manila; tel. 5-69-60.

LEE, Rev. Edwin Ferdinand -

Born in EI Dorado, l a ., U.S., on JUly 10, 1884; the son of Andrew Lee and Carrie Anderson; graduated from the Northwestern


University with the degree of B.S. in 1909; obtained his D.D. degree from the Upper Ia. University, 1918; B.D., Garrett Graduate School of Theology, Evanston, Ill., 1924; D.D., 1928; M.A., University of Chicago, 1924. He was ordained ministry, M. E. Church, 1908; pastor. New Hampton, la., 1908-10; nusslOnal'Y, Batavia, Java, and pastor, Wesley Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, 1910-12; Central M. E. Church (Am.), Manila, 1912-15; Rockford, Ia., 1915-17; associate secretary, M.E. Board, Foreign Missions, 1919-24 j pastor, Wesley Church, Singapore, Straits Settlement, and superintendent, Singapore District, 1924-28; missionary bishop, Malaysia and Philippines, since 1928. Bishop Lee has also served as chaplain, U.S.A., 1917-19 with A.E.F. from January, 1918; senior chaplain, Base Sect. No. 7 and special rep. of sr. chaplain, A.E.F., with rank of Captain; member, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; and was decorated Officer of Acad., Order Univ. Palms (France); Cross of Mercy (Servia). He married the former Miss Edna Dorman on June 8, 1909. He is a Republican and a Mason (K.T., 32'). His home address is: 150 5th Avenue, Newl York, N . Y., U.S.A.

Manager and Vice-president, Standard Manufacturing Co., Inc.; res., 829 T eodora Alon8o, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-62-62.

LEE, Francisco -

Former Chinese Consul-General for the Philippines; res., Canton, K wangtung Province, China.

LEE, Haochu -

Born in Canton, K wangtung Province, China, in June, 1904. He was educated in Canton Elementary School; Queen's College, Hongkong j and University of Shanghai, Shanghai, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce in 1925. After his graduation, he joined the National Government in Canton in September, 1925, as Secretary of Political Council; then as Secretary of the General Staff of the Military Council in 1926 j and as Secretary and Section Chief


(Information and Foreign Relations) of Military Headquarters in 1927. From 1928 to 1930 (Spring), he was in Europe with Mr. Wang Chingwei, first chairman of the National Government in Canton, 1925, and President of the Executive Yuen, 1932-1945, who was concurrently Foreign Minister. 1933-1935, in Nanking. He was a research student in the School of Economics and Political Science, London University, 19281930 (Spring). From 1930 to 1932, he served as private secretary of Mr. Wang Ohing-wei. In February, 1932, he was appointed Counsellor of the Ministry of Railways and in March of the same year he was transferred to be the Director of the General Affairs, Department of Ministry of Railways, and again transferred in) September, 1932, to be a member of the Board of Directors of the TientsinPukow Railway, the railway second in importance in Ohina. He went with Mr. Wang to Europe again in October, 1932, as private secretary and at the same time as commissioner of the Railway Ministry to study railway administration in European countries. Returned to China with Mr. Wang in April, 1933. In the later part of 1933, while still a member of the Board of Directors of 'I'ientsin-Pukow Railway, he was appointed a member of the Cotton Commission of the National Economic Commission. He was holding both positions when he was appointed Consul General for China in the Philippine Islands. He resigned as Consul General April, 1937, and was relieved by Dr. Tu Yuan Tunn.

Member, Young Women's Christian Assn.; res., 538-A Alvarado, Binondo, Manila; tel. 1,-95-27.

LEE, Mary H. -

LEE. Ramon -Proprietor, Ramo'rt,. Lee Res-

taurant and Panciteria,. 322 Ronquillo, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-18-65. Physician and Surgeonj res., 809 Ongpin, Santa Cruz, Mani. la; tel. 2-60-86. .

LEE, Dr. Victor C. -



LEGA RDA, Dr. A le jand ro - Phy sician and S urgeon j office, 456 Dasmari1ias, Binondo .. tel. 2-85-56.. res ., .1160 San tol, Sannpaloc,

Manila; tel. 6-75-03.

Symphony Society, and A sociacion Musical de Filipinas . He belongs to no pol itical party, and is a Roman Catholic by religion.

Civil Engineer ,- res ., 690 Peiia/ancia, Paco, Mani la.


Dr. Legarda W~ born in 1902j graduated from the Universi ty of Santo Tomas with th e degree of M. D. in 1928, a nd was licensed to practice his profession the same year. He is an instructor in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Univ. of Sto. Tomas ; and is secretary-treasurer of the Camera Club of the Philippines.

Chemical E ngine fYr, Lawye',., and Business Executiv ej manager, L a Rosario Dis tille1'Y j prop .) Cenflral Chemical Co.j president, Agno Conso lidated Gold D1'edging Co. j managing plIlrtn&r, Moto'l" Trade?'s j and t1'easu1'e1', T he Acadam1/ of Music of Manila; office, 100J R. Hidalgo, Quiapo; te l. 2-21-75 ; ' 路es., B alicBalic, Sa?npaloc, Manila ,- tel. 6-73-50.

LEGARDA, Jr., Benito F. -


Born in Manila on October 26, son of former Commissioner Don Benito begarda and DOlla F ilomena Roces ; studied in the Ateneo de Man i I a , 1909 j Sampaloc Intermediate School, 191013; Manila Hi gh School, 1913-17; University of the Phil ippines, 1917-21, where he graduated with the degrees of A .B. (1919) and B. S. in Chemistry (1921); and attended the University of SanBenito F. Legarda.. J r, to Tomas, 1928-32, where he obtain ed his LL. B. degree (1932), and was adm itted to the Bar in 1926. He married on Jan . 24, 1925, Miss Trinidad Fernandez, one of the Philippine beauties and fonner Queen of the Philippin e Carnival-Exposition , and has at present two children : Benito, Jr., 12, and Carmen, 6. Mr. Legarda is also the pres ident, Philippine Motor Association ; and member) Wack Wack Golf Club, Baguio Cou ntry Club, Club Filipino, Rotary Club of Manila, Manila

LEGARDA, Jose - T .V.T . Publishin g Cor porationj 1'es" 180 Vito C1-UZ, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-67-84. LEGA RDA ,

( Mr,. )

Trinid ad

F e rna nde z -

S ocial WO'1'ke1'; m ember, Board 0/ Dire.ctors , A ssociated Chanities 0/ Manilaj r es ., BalicBalic, S ampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-73-50. Mrs. Tl;nidad F ernand ez-Legarda, former Miss Philippines and Queen of the Phil ippi ne Carnival , is the wife of Mr. B eni to F. Legar da, j r. She is a sister of forme r Repl'esentative P atricio F ernan dez from P alawan. L E GARD A, V ice nte L.-A?'chitect and Presiden.t, Commonwealth Universit y; 1 556 A zca ?"1'o"ga, Manila,- 1'es ., 1282 M. H. del Pi lar, Malate, Manila ; te ls. 5-68 路 76 and 2-91 -78 .

Born in Manila, on December 13, 1874; son of Don Miguel Legarda y Tuason and Dfia. Flores y Ge noveva Zamora j m an; ed to the fo rm er Miss Clara Tambunting , by whom h e has a da u ght el', Clara. H e b egan h is earl y studies in Manila up to th e ye ar 1887 when he left f or Europe, residing in Spain, Engla nd, Scotland, Irelan d, France, German y, I taly, BelVicente L. Leg& rda g ium, Switzerlan d and many other countries of the Old World from 1888 t o 1900. H e fi nish ed co ur ses in Ci vil Architecture in 1893, Naval Architecture in 1897, and Civi l Engineering , in 1900. From E urope he went to the United States and settl ed in San Francisco, California , where he practiced all phases of engineering in the Union Iron 'Works Sh ipbuilding Yard, 1900-1906; worked with Messrs. Landsburgh


and Joseph, Architects and Engineers, 19061908; and with Messers. D. H . Burham and Co., Architects and Engineers, 1908-1909. He also taught Civil Engineering and Naval Architectul'e at night at the Technical College in connection with the San Francisco Y.M.C.A. evening classes, 1900 to 1909. While in California, he drew the construction plans of the cruisers "California" and "South Dakota U ; designed the plans for the Orpheum Theatre and the Emporium Building of San Francisco, the latter being the biggest Department Store in the Pacific Coast. Acting upon the advice ("If Governor-General Forbes, he retu rned to the Philippines in 1909, and joined the Bureau of Public \Vorks in Manila, working as Architect, Civil Engineer, Chief Estimator, Chief Structural Engineer, Editor-in-Chief of the Bureau of Public Works Bulletin, Superintendent of Construction and other positions of importance and responsibility. It was he who designed the foundation plans of the Philippine Legislative Building and the Post Office Building: He is one of the organizers of the twenty-million peso mutual building and loan association, La Previsora Filipina, of which he was the manager and consulting architect. Mr. Legarda is an active member of the Institute of Architects and Engineers, the Manila Council No. 1000 of the Knights of Columbus , the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands and the Association of Manila Property Owners. He has traveled all over the world eight times and has lived abroad 31 years. For some time he was Vice-Consul and acting Consul-General for the Republic of Nicaragua in Manila. H e is the founder and president of the Commonwealth University. LEGASPI, Dr. Alfre do G. - Physician and Surgeon; res., 4 Rianzares, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-51-05. LEGASPI, Dr. Mariano G. - Physician and Surgeon; District Health Officer of Palawan; headquarte1·s, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, May 26, 1897; the son of Paulino Legaspi and Vicenta Giron. He is married to Flora" V. de Legaspi, by


whom he has one child, Maria. He was educated in the Escuela CatolicaJ de VigaD, Ilocano University, Seminario de Vigan, University of Santo Tomas, where h e received his M.D _ degree, and in the University of the Philippines where he obtained hi s Certificate of Public Health. He was President of the Sanitary Division, Manila; District Health Officer of Masbate and L eyte, and at present District Health Officer of Palawan. He belongs to the Naciocnalista Party and. is a Roma.n Catholic. LEGASPI, Dr. Rupert. A. Dental Swr· yeon; res., 314 Espa11a Extension, Manila.

Born in Hagonoy, Bulacan, on March 27, 1897 j so n of Juan Legaspi and Apolinaria Arellano; graduated from the Philippine Dental College with the degree of D.D.S., in 1924; married Dolores Arevalo, of Manila, on Oct. 25, 1926. He is a m em ber of th e Manila Dental Association. LEIBOVITZ, G. - Director, Cosmopolitan Ballet and Dancing School; 727 San Marcelino, Malafe, Manila ; tel. 5-62-36. LEIDO, Dr. Jo se - Lawye''I"; chief, law division, Bureau of Internal Revenue ; offic, tel. 4-74-67;1 res., 1887 Mangahan, Santa C1-UZ, Manila; tel. 2-78-57. LEIVA, Dr. Lamberto - Physician; p'ropriet-or, Fa1·macia Leiva; vice -p'resident. Center de Luxe; office, 8 Havana, cor. Calderon, Santa Ana, Man-i la; t'el. 5-54-0-4. LEJANO, Antonio - Chief. Fib el· inspection Section, Fibe<r I nspection Service, Dept. oj AgricuUure and Commerce; res., 9 R . Pascual, San Juan, Rizal. LEJANO, Dr. Artemio L. - Physician and Surgeon; office, 700 Evangelista, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2-62-14; res ., 911 Folgueras, Tondo, Manila.

Dr. Lejano was born in Manila in 1888· graduated from the University of the Philip~ pines with the degree of M.D., in 1913, and was licensed to practice his profession the

187:2~________~C~O~R~N_E~J~O~'_S__C_O_M_M_O_N __,"_E_A_L_T_H ___D_IR_E_C_T __O_R_y__O_F__T_H_E__P_H_I_L_IP __P_I_N_E_S________________ same year. He is an instructor in Medical Pathology, college of medicine, University of &anto Tomas; attending physician, Night Clinic, Anti-Tube rcuJosas Society; and also visiting physician, Mary Chiles Hospital. L~JEUNE. E. J . -

Banker; man ager, National City Bank of N ew York; president. National City Bank Building Company ; res., Meadowb?'ook Lane, Pasay, Rizal.; tel. 5-19-J,8. (Picture on page 1569)

Steno gr apher, Court of First Instance of Manila; res., 8.49 P. Burgos, Pasay, Rizal ; tel. 5-16-58.


LEON, Agu.tin d. -- Provincial Sheriff of Zambales; res., Iba, Zambilles. Born in Iba, Zambales, on September 4, 1884; son of Zacarias de Leon an d Petra Acuavera; married to the former Miss Flora Viloria, by whom he has eight children: Ester, Gregorio, Vicente, Fileto, Leonides, Carlos, Luz and Leticia. He was educated in the Liceo de Manila and the Escuela de Derecho where he received the degrees of Bachelor of Letters and Bachelor of Laws, respectively, Before becoming provincial sheriff of Zambales province, he was for twenty years justice of the peace of Castillejos, Zambales. He is a Nacionalista by political affiliation, and 3. Roman Catholic by religion. LEON. Alfredo d. - Lawyer; Special Insular Deputy Collector of Customs; res. , 117 CorttuUL, ETmita, Manila; tel. 5-65-89 . Born in Manila on Jan. 16, 1892 j son of Luis de Leon and Elisea Cornejo; educated in the Ateneo de Manila, Colegio Filipino, and Univ. of Santo Tomas, where he graduated in 1909 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, and studied medicine up to third year, wh en he entered the government service as a stenographer in the Court of Land Registration, 1912-14; stenographer, Court of First Instance, 1914-17; clerk, and later, Chief Clerk. Department of Finance, 1917-18; clerk, Bureau of Customs, Manila, 1918-19; deputy collector of customs, Cebu, 19 19-24; chief, marine div., Bureau of Customs,路 Manila,

1924-26 ; special agent and chief, marine div. , same bureau, 1926-30; collector of customs, Cebu, 1930-36; and Special I nsular Deputy Collector of Customs, Manila, since 1937. He studied law in the Phili ppine Law School, where he graduated in 1926 with the degree of LL. B., and passed the bar examinations the same year. He is married, and is a Roman Catholic.

LGlWyer; Financlal Assistant, Office of the P"esident of the Philippines; 'res ., 881 Merced, Paco, Manila; tel. 5-1,2-1,5.

LEON, Apolin a r io S . de -

Born in BaJanga, Bataan, on Jul y 23, 1894; son of Lorenzo d e Leon and Fernanda Salazar; educated in Bataan and Manila high schools; a gra.duate of the Phi I , P pine Law School, National UnivApolinario S. de Leon ersity. where he received his degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1921. He was employed, first, in the Bu reau of Education, and, later, in the Bureau of Audits; promoted to the position of Assistant Manager of the Department of Audits of the Bureau of Audits in 1929; and later to the posit ion of provincial auditor of Pampanga. At present, he is a Flinancial Assistant, Oifice of the President of the Philippines. Agriculturist and BU8iness-man j res., Orion, Bataan.

LE6N, Benito de -

LEO N, Carlos de-Civil Engineer, In -Cha1ge. Office of District Engineer, BU"eau of Public Works, for Camarines Sur; res., o

Naga, Camatrines Sur. Lawyer; Chief Clerk, Department of L abor j res., Pateros, Rizal.

L EON, Cesareo d e -


LEON, Dionisio de-Lawyer j Judge, seventh

judicial district, COU1'ts of First Instance (Occidental Negros, 1st Branch) .. res., Ba~ colod, Negros Occidental. Born in San Juan, La Union, on April 8, 1892 j son of Martin de Leon and Felipa Fonacier j married to' the former Miss Gervacia Aquino by whom he !has seven children: Lydia, Dionisio Jr., Jose Mario, Rosalio, Ricardo and Efren. H e was educated in the Philippine Normal School and the Manila High School, and later in the University of the Philippines, where he obtained his degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. Before becoming judge of the court of first in· stance, with assigrunents in the different provinces of the Philippines, he was a professorial lecturer, College of Law; University of the P.hilippines j assistant city fiscal of Manila j and attorney, Philippine National Bank. He has no political affiliation. A Roman Catholic by religion. LEON, Dr. Felix d e- Physician, Fa-I'm Owner: and W1'iter; 1·e8., 944 Bilibid Viejo, Quiapo,

Manila; tel. 2-50-05. Born in San Miguel, Bulacan, on May 2, 1870; son of Don Pel agio de Leon and Dna. Eladia M. Santiago; completed his elementary education in the private school of Dr. Benedicto Luna and his secondary course in the C<>legio de San Juan de Letran, graduating with the degree of A.B. in 189l. Ife left Manila for Spain on August 21, Dr. Felix de Leon 1894, and enrolled at the College of Medicine of Barcelona and Madrid, where he obtained his M.D. degree in 1896. During his stay in Spain he collaborated with Don Marcelo H. del Pilar, Graciano Lopez Jaen a, Dr. Dominador Gomez, Mariano Ponee, and Dr. Antonio Vergel de Dios in publishin g the only Filipino pro-Independence paper, liLa Solidaridad," which was founded by Lopez Jaena and edited by


Marcelo H. del Pilar, who was known by his his pen name Platridel and who wrote the Filipinos' petition praying for the r estoration of parliamentary representation of the Philippines to the Cortes of Spain, which petition read in part as follows: " .. . 1n exchange for the loyalty of so many gene-rations; in exchange for 80 much blood sbed for Spain, th.e present generation does not ask anytbing whic:h will menn a sacrifice to the metropalLl of its ideals, no· thing wh ich sh ould impose a n y burden on its interests at all; it does not ask anything but a little considers.Hem; it only asks to have its voice heard. that it be allowed to express its necessities by means of representa.tives fN;~~:Iy elected by the vote of the interested par~ ties .....

Dr. de Leon did not only help socially but also financially his countrymen who initiated the movement abroad for the political and religious emancipation of the Philippines :after their efforts to secure a fair treatment and equality of civil rights from the Spaniards in the Islands became futile . He is the only living witness of the hardships the Filipinos had in Spain, as his colleagues, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Pascual H. Po~ blete, Dr. Dominador Gomez, Gen. Fernando Canon, Juan Luna, and others, have already died. He had visited important cities of France, Italy, P ortugal and other European countries before he returned to the Philippines in 1905. Dr. de Leon married the fonner Miss Ascencion Soriano. He has several children, two of whom, Jose de Leon and Cecilio de Leon. are now practicing attorneys. He is the author of IIQuosque Tandem," "Sa HalaIan, JJ and other works. He is an active member of the Pagkakaisa ng Bayan (Popular Front), and is now a candidate for Assemblymaon from the second district of Bulacan in the elections which will be held on November 8, 1938.

Lawye1'" office, 101 Echague, 9rd floor, Sea. Cruz, Manila.; tel. 2 -70 ·69. 1·e8., 176 Concepcion, Ermita, Ma.nila.

LEON, Fortunato de -

Attorney De Leon was a member of the ninth Philippine Legislature, representing the



Province of Bataan to the Lower House from 1931 to 1934, and is now engaged in the practice of his law profession.

Designing Engineer; Chief, Designing Division, Metropolitan Water District; r es., 780 San Sebastian, Quiapo, Manila, tel. 2-82-97.

LEON, Gregorio de -

LEON, Inocencio de - Commercial Painter; office, I. de L eon & Co., 158 Rosa1'io, Int. A, Binondo, Manila ; te l. 4-80-68 ; res., 3J.

Dominga, Pusay, Rizat. Born i ll Manila in December, 1880j son of Isidoro de Leon and Sinfor osa Amador j studied pai nting in the Escuela de Artes y Jficios in 1898, an d was a f irst-prize winner in general painting, Philippine CarnivalE xposit ion, 1924-25. He is m arried to Fortunata Garcia, of Ermit a, Manila, and has two children : Asun cion and Inocencio. He is a member of t he Philippine. Chamber of Commerce, Asociacion de Veter a nos de la Revolucion, Union del Trabaj o, etc.

Writer ; Chief, Administra.tive Division, Bureau of In ternal Revenue,' ,·es., 181 H erbosa, Tondo, Manila ; t el. 4-84-70.

LEON, Jacinto R. d e -

P hysician and Su,rgeon; 1·es., Dagupan, Pangasin an.

LEON, Dr. Jay me V. d e -

Born in Binmaley, P angasinan, on July 18, 1908 j son of Vicente de Leon and Paula Vinluan; graduated with t he degree of M. D. from the University of Santo Tomas, 1932; married to the former Miss Alejandria AIcayaga, of Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur, Dec. 22. 1935; and is now a medical practitioner in Dagupan, Pangasinan.

Physician and Surgeon; District Health Offie",· of !locos No,.te ; res., Laoag, /locos Norte ,

LEON, Dr. Jose de -

Ag1'icultu1'ist , Realtor and Business Executive; president, Pampangn Sugar Development Co .• Inc. (Pasudeco); P1·Op., Regina Bldg., and othe1's; res.,

LEON , J ose L. doe -

8.14 San M(lffcetino, Faco, Manila; also, San Fernando, Pampanga. Born in Bacolor, Pampanga, on September ] 2, 1867; son of Damaso de Leon and Graciana Hizon j married to Regina J oven in 1886, and to Natividad Joven in 1905, and has one son, Jose de Leon, Jr., a lawyer. Mr. Jose L. de Leon is a self-made man. He began his business as a salesman, and became agent for Clayton & Shuttleworth, of Lincoln, England, manufacturers of machinery for rice and sugar mills; and engaged later in agriculture, being the founder and pres ident of the Pampanga Sugar Development Co., Inc., and the fo r emost exponent in Jose L . de Leon the centrifugal sugar industry. He was once a municipal ctmncilor of his home town, and was vice-president of the Central Luzon Milling Co., and member of the board of directors of the Philippine National Bank. He is not only a leader in agriculture and sugar industry, but also a leader in realty business, being the owner of the Regina Building (formerly Roxas Bldg.) , Gaches Building, where the Philippine Education Co., Inc., is located, and other r eal estate property in Manila and Pampanga.

Lawyer and Business Execu tivej office, Regina Bldg., R oom 460 , tel. 2-86-51; home address, BacoloT, Pampunga.

LEON, J r ., Jose de -

A tty. Jose de Leon y J oven, the son of Don J ose L. de Leon, of Bacolor, Pampanga, is the treasurer and member of the board of directors of the National L ife Insurance Co., and also of Provident Insurance Co., treasurer of the Pasudeco Central, and manager of the vast interests of his father.

Lawyer; ?·es., 9.44 Bil·ibid Viejo, Quiapo, Manila; tel 2-50-05 .

LEON, J ose P. d e -

Born in San Miguel. Bulacan , on November 10, 1908j son of Dr. Felix de Leon and


P a ul a Paulino; graduated with the degree of L.L .B. from the University of the Philip-pines in 1933; married to the former Miss Lourdes Adriatico, of Calapan, Mindoro, March 13, 1930, and has at present four children: Laura, Antonio, Teodoro, and Carmelita. At present he is engaged in private law practice.

Jua n de Chief Clerk, Depa'l 'tment of Justice; res ., 82 Fortuna, Pasay, Rizal.


Born in Manila on June 26, 1891; son of Gabriel de Leon and Estefania Zamora; marr ied to the former Miss Remedios Romero, of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, by whom he has seven children : Melchor, Leonides, Oscar, Angel, J uan, J r., Augusto, and Corazon Remedios. Mr. de Leon is a product of public and private scbools, having graduated with the degree of A.B . from Liceo de Manila in 1908; and passed the junior stenographer and the senior stenographer examinations given by the Bureau of Civil Service in 1914. He began his office work as stenographer in both English and Spanish in the Phili ppine Assembly, 1910, and stu died law jn the Philipp ine Law School before he was appointed chief clerk in the Department of Justice, ~ich position he still holds up to th~ present time.


Naldo; married to the former Miss J ovita Manaog, by whom he has two children: Belen and Fe. He was educated in Iriga Elementary School, graduating in 1915, and finished his secondary course in the Camarines Sur H i g h School, 1919; and studied law in the Philippine Law School, Nationgl University, w here he obtained his d osgree of Ba.chelor of Laws in 1926, and pa.=::sed the bar examinations the ~ame Lu is N. de Leon year. He was a te.:tcher, Iriga Elementary School, 1920-1922; and elected member of the House of Representatives, 1934-1935. In 1935 he was elected Assemblyman from t he second district of Camarines Sur to the first National Assembly of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. H e was replaced by Jose Fuentabella who was declal'ed elected by the Electoral Commission in 1937. He is a Nacionalista by political affiliation, and a Roman CathoE:. by religion.

Lawyer and Nota1'Y Public; proprietor, Cervantes Bowling Hall; res., 1135 A venida Rizal, Sta. Cruz Manila; tel. 2-68-17. '

LEON, Miguel de -

Rice Prod-u,cer j director, The N ational Rice and Corn Corporation; res., 49 Broadway, New Manila, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6-88-88.

LEON, (Mrs.) Narcisa B. de -

Proprietor and Businessman; president, Equitable Investment Corp01'ation; and direct01', Philippine Rice Association; res., 4.9 Broadway, New Manila, San Juan, Rizal; t'el. 6-88-88 .

LEON, Luis d e -

Mr. Lu is de Leon, a native of Bulacan, is one of t he well-known Hhacenderos" of N u eva Ecija. H e is a leader in agricultur~ and indu stry.

Lawye-r,' ex-Representative from the 2nd Dist. of Camwrines SU1'; res., Iriga, Cama1'ines SW路.

LEON, Lu is N. de -

Born in Iriga, Camal'ines Sur, on August 25, 1899; son of Alberto de Leon and Teodora

Mrs. Narcisa B . Vda. de Leon has the distinction of being the first lady appointed to the Board of Directors of the Governmentowned corporation, The National Rice and Corn Corporation. She is a well-known farm owner and business executive in Central Lu zon .

Newspaperman, Labol' Leade'r, and PoUticianj member, editorial

LEON, Pascu al de -

staff, Mablthay (Tagalog Daily); Tes., 23

Buenos Aires, Santa Mesa, Manila. poet,

Mr. P ascual de Leon, a writer of note. n~wspaperman, author, orator, labor



leader, and politician, was born in Tondo, Manila, on May 17, 1893 j son of Francisco J . de Leon and Rosa San Miguel ; educated in the Tondo Intermediate School , the Manila High School, and the Rizal Un i vel'S i t Y where he studied law under Don Felipe Buencamino, Sr., and later took a course in journalism by correspondence in one of the schools of journalPascual de Leon ism in t he United States and became a reporter, city editor, and editor of local dailies, such as Ang Demokrasia, Ang Mitbi, Ang Watawat, Pagkakaisa,

and Mabuhay, with which he is now connected a~ member of the editorial staff. He also worked as contributor to several weekly magazines, Swmpaguita, Ang RepubliJca, U~ pang Kalabaw, Telembang and l!iwayway; and as editor of Dalaga, Nautilus, El Tra-

bajo, Any Paggawa, Bisig, Timbaiigan , Manggagawa, Rizal Review and many other literary and labor publications in Manila. He is identified with labor movement in the Philippines, having been a member of the <lFilipinos Unidos, Union Suprema Naclonal de Filipinas" (now, Loyal Advocates of Philippine Independence, or briefly LAP I); secretary of the International Marine Union and also of Seamen's Union; adviser, Confederated 'Workers Alliance, and National Federation of Labor; member, Congreso Obrero de Filipinas; official translator and collaborator, Federacion del Trabajo de Filipinas; and publicity officer of various labor organizations. As a political reporter and writer he was assigned to the defunct Philippine Senate and House of Represent~ atives, the present National Assembly, different government departmen ts and bureaus, and also in Malacafian. He speaks and writes TagtalogJ English and Spanish, and has a fair working lmowledge of Latin, French and Italian. As a poet, he has writ-

ten and published several poems which won prizes in various poetical contests, like the UBughaw," (a collection of some of his early lyric poems); tlBulag ang Pagibig/' "Robinson Crusoe," (a translation of Defoe's masterpiece into Tagalog poem); tlUlap sa Tag-araw," "Ruy BIas," (a translation of Victor Hugo's work); liSa Dagat fig India," and many others. He is a member of Ak~ latang Bayan, Akademia fig Wikang Tagalog, Kalipunan fig mga Makata, Samahang Bataan, and Manila Press Club. In a popular contest held in connection with the celebration of Rizal Day to elect the ten most popular citizens of Manila, he occupied the second place. He was once a candidate for city councilor of Manila. H e is man-ied to the former Miss Soledad T. Garcia, of Manila, by whom he has eig"ht children: Dolores, Carmen: Rosauro, Jesus, Julia, Manue], Gloria, and Antonio.

Lawyer; assistant chief, Radio Registratwn Div., Bureau of Internal Revenue; res., 1J26 Sulo, Santa Cruz, Manila.

LEON, Pedro M. de -

Born in Siniloan , Laguna, on May 19, 1904; son of Guillermo de Leon and Catalina Morales; graduated with the degree of LL.B. from the Philippine Law School, 1932; married to the former Miss Remedi os Ambrosio, of Santa Cruz, Laguna, 1934, and has at present one daughter, Pat!路ia. He has worked as clerk in the Bureau of Lands, Philippine Constabulary, Bureau of Posts, and is now an assistant to the chief of the radio registration division, Bureau of Internal Revenue. Lawye'I"" Provincial Fiscal of Camarines Nortej res., Daet, Camarines Norte.

LEON, Ramon G. de

Born in Malolos, Bulacan, in March, 1879; son of Anastacio de Leon and Maria Gonzales ; married, and has ten children:! Paz, Carlos, J 0sefa, Antonio, Ramona, Roque , Jose, Araceli, Carmen and Dolores. He was educated in San Juan de Letran College and the University of t he Philippines, receiving from the latter his degre es of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws. Before he was appointed provincial


fiscal, he was municipal president a nd later justice of the peace of Malolos, Bulaoo.n. H e has no political affi liation. A Roman Catholi c by religion.

Physician; ProfeSS01' of bacte'riology. immunity, and head of department, Univ.,·sity of the Philippines; chief, departtment of laboratories , Philippine General Ho spital; res., 609 Kansas Avenue, Malate, Manilaj tel. 5-72-99 ..

LEON, Dr. Walfrido de -

Dr. Walfrido de Leon was born in 1891, and graduated fl'om the University of the Philippines with the degree of M.D. in 1917. He is a member of the American Association of Clinical Pathologists, president of the Philippine Public H ealth Association. and member of t he Phili~pine Islands Medical Association.

Educator; former Delegate to the Constitutional Convention j "res., Cabugao. Bato. Catanduanes, Albay. (Picture on page 318) .


from his parents and under a private tutor. He was a student in Manila when the revoluagainst Spain broke out. Giving up his studies he joined the insurgent forces, where later he be· came a first lie u tenant. During the American regime, he was member of the municipal Alejandro Leona-son council, then municipal vice-president, .and, for two terms, he was elected by his people to the office of municipal president of his home town.


Born in Cabugao , Bato, Catanduanes, Albay, on Mal'ch 26, 1892 ; son of Juan Leonardo and Maria Vargas; married to the former Miss Generosa Vel'gara of Bato, Catanduanes, Albay, by whom he has five children: l..eovigilda, Nicolas, Expectacion, Pio. and Leo. He received his early education from Bato Primary School and the Virac Intennediate School. He was appointed a teachel' and later principal of the elementary school of Baras, Bato, Rapu Rapu , Legaspi , Danga, and Libog, Albay, which positions he successively held for many years. He was president of the Albay Normal Institute Teachers' Association, 1915-1916. He is an active m ember of the Union Ob rera de Legaspi and the Veteranos de Ja Revolucion. In 1934, he was elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the fourth district of Albay. H e is a Roman Catholic and a N/a·t ionalist.

Businessman and Pha1'macy Owner ; former Mltnicipal President of Navotas; res., Navotas, Rizal.

LEONGSON, Alejandro -

Born in Navotas, Rizal, on May 3, 1879. Married. He received his early' education

LERMA, Dr. Jo •• N. - Dentist; office, 619 Escolta, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2 -63-6.4; res., 51 Broadway. New Manila, San Juan, Rizal.

Lawyer,' atto1'1tey, legal claims depa'rtment, Manila Electric Company; address, c/ o Manila Electric Company; provincial address, Botolan, Zambales.

I.:ESACA, Jose V. -

Born in Botolan, Zambales, April 23, 1895; son of Patricio Lesaca and Maria Lim; a product of public schools, havi ng graduated from the College of Liberal A.rts, University of the Philippines, with the degree of A.B. in 1915, and from the the College of Law, same universi.ty, with the degree of LL.B. in 1918, and took and passed the bar examinations in 1919. He was a law clerk Executive Bureau, 1919-20; assistant secret~ Rry to former City Mayors Justo Lukban and Ramon J. Fernandez, of Manila. 192022; senior special deputy fiscal and chief clerk, Office of tihe City Fiscal of Manila 1922-30; and attorney. legal claims depart~ ment, Manila Electric Company, since 1930. He married the fonner Miss Gregoria Le saca. and has one chiJd, Gregoria. He is now a widower.



LESACA, J uan G. -

Law y er ,. Judge, sixth

judicial dist1-iCt, CO'll/rts of First I nstan ce (Albay & Catanduanes); res ., L egasp拢, Albay.

Judge Lesaca, in his student days, was one of the winners in t he Univers ity of t he Philippines oratical contests. He was a pra cticing attorney before he was appo inted a n Assistant City Fiscal of Man ila in 1923. H e was ap pointed Auxiliary Judge of the Co ur t of First Inst ance in 1929, and promoted to t he position of District Judge in 1933, which position he holds up to the present time. Agriculturist and P'1'oprieto1' j Assemblyman from Zambales j 1路es., 89 Broadway, 10th St>reet, New Manila, San Juan, Rizal.

LESACA, Potenciano

Born in Botolan, Zambales, on Jan uary 1, 1871: son of Luis Lesaca and Juana Garcia; married to the former Miss Irene Gonzales by whom he has nine children: Eduardo, Potenciano Jr., Luis, Cesar, Trinidad, Alicia, Estella, Corazon and Nenita; studied in the Ateneo Municipal, now known as the Ateneo de Manila, where he completed a course in P ote ncia no Lesaca commerce in 1898; was a census inspector; president of the commission that established the civil government in the province of Zambales; a ppointed the first provincial governor under th e American regime in 1901; first elected pr ovincial governor, 1902-1904; served second term as governor, 1904路1906; was an honorar y member of the mission that represented the Philippine Islands to the Universa l Exposition h eld in St. Louis, Mo., in 1904; a major und er general Antonio Luna and General San Miguel during the Philippine Revolution a gainst Spain; elected Delegate from Za mbales to the Constitutional Convention in 1 93 4; and was elected Assemblyman f ro m Zambales to th e

fi rst National Assembly in 1935. He is a Nacionalista by political affiliation, and a Roman Ca t holic by r eligion. LEUTERlO,




S tatistical

Section, Academic Division, Bureau of Educatidn; res . ~ 2743 F eliz Huertas E x tension, Sta. Cruz, Manila. B orn in San Luis, P a mpan ga, on March 1880 ; son of Vicente L euterio and Cunigund a Sa mon te ; educated in the E scue la Normal de Maestros, Ma nila, 1896, and later in t he public schools' duri ng t he earl y part of Ameri can occupation. He wa s apPOinted a m unicipal teacher in Victoria, T a rlac, where he t a ught for tfur ee years, a nd w as tra nsferred to Mexico, Pampa nga, wh er e h e taught also for t hree years, after whi ch h e took and passed t he second grade ( English) civil service examination an d was appoi nted a Clerk in t he Bureau of E ducation i n 1908, and has been conn ected with said b urea u since. He is marr ied t o t he former Miss Maria Gonzales, by whom he has ten children but only six are li vin g : Antonio, J aym e, Rosa, Gumers indo, Carm en a n d Victoria. 21~

L awye1' and Politician; forme1' R epresentative f1'om Mindoro; res., Calapan, Mindoro.

L EUTE RIO, R a ul -

Born in Ma nil a, October 24, 1904 ; t he son of the l ate Atty. Ma ri ano Leuter io, fo rmer representative f rom Mi ndoro a nd floor leader in t he lower hou se of t h e Phili ppine L egislatu re, a nd J osefa Com agon de L euteH e w as edu cated rio , of Ermi ta, Manila . in t he Liceo de Manila, N a tiona l Univer sity . and th e Un iversity of t he Phili ppines, grad u ating from t he last named insti t ut ion wi t h the degree of L L.B., a nd was admi t t ed t o t he bar in 1929. F ollowing the footsteps of his father, Attorney Leu terio ran for a seat in t he defunct House of Representatives a nd was elected in 1934 f rom the province of Mindoro. He w as then a member of the tent h Philippine Legislatur e from June, 1934, to November, 1935. H e is a Nacio nalista by poli t ical affiliation, and, a Roman Catholic by religion.


LEVERIZA, Dr. Jose C. Physician; 0/fice, 402-406 State Bldg., 4th Floor, Avenida Rizal, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-58-35; res., Pasay, Rizal. Born in Pasay, Rizal, on April 19, 1896 j son of Alejandro Leveriza y San Juan and Maximina Codes Cifra; graduated with the degree of A.B. from the Ateneo de Manila, 1913; studied medicine for three years in the University of &anto Tomas, Manila, after which he went to Japan and continued his medical coul1$e in the Tokio Medical College, where he graduated in 1918 witr. the degree of M.D ., and was licensed to practice his profession in 1920. He was a Bacteriologist and Pathologist in the Bureau of Science, 1920-27, and author of a research wonk entitled "Anti-AlIergicl Treatment of Bronchial Asthma," wr.ich was pub lished in the Journal of the Philippine Islands Medical Association in 1927, and in t h e London Tropical Medicine Journal (England) and Tice International Medical Digest (Chi cago, Ill.) the same yeaI'.


drug store, Botica Libertad, at 317 Calle Libertad, Pasay, Rizal-tel 5-13-14, besides the well-known BOTICA DEVEZA in San Pablo, Laguna, which was destroyed by fire. Dr. & Mrs. Leveriza are owners of vast coconut plantations in San Pablo and Calauan, Laguna and Ragay, C. S ., rice plantations i : Tiaong and Candelaria, Tayabas; and a caltie ranch in Sablayan, Mindoro. LEVINE, Herman M . .-Bus1meSSmani vicep1'esident, Bachlrach Motor Co., Inc.; of/ice, 25th St"'eet, Port A1'ea, Manila, tel 2-15-44; r es., same add'ress, tel. 2-17-74. LEVISTE, Feliciano Lawyer; office, 12 Escolta, Room 204, Binondo, Manila; tel. 2-20-6J; res., 5 S. Guzman, San Ju an, Rizal; tel. 6-88-96. LEVY, Henry M erchant 路 treasurer Cha7nb"re de Commerce Franc~ise Aux Ile; P hili ppines, and Alliance F "" ancaise; res., 1210 P ennsylv ania A venue, Malate, Mani la; tel. 5-73-27. LEVY, Jacob - B1'ok e,," 'res 31 San Luis, Pasay, R izal; tel. 5-.19'-76 . ., LEVY, Madame Raphael Lady Business E xecutive; president, L evy Hermanos, In c., L a E strella del N orte; res ., Paris, F'1路ance. LEVY, Ren e-Business E xecutWe' director L evy H ermanos, Inc., L a Estrell~ del Nor~ te.. vice-president, Chambre de Commerce F"rancaise Aux Iles P hilippines ; and pres. ident, Alliance F 1'ancaise ; res., 18.43 Penn81.J lv ania Ave., Malate, Manila; tel. 5-68-02.

Dr. and Mrs. Jose C. Leveriza

He is married to the former Miss I sidra Deveza, a pharmacist from San Pablo, La guna, by whom he has two children, Raul

LEWIS, C. Walter Lieutenant Colonel U. S. Army; res ., J Garden Court, Pa~ 'ra1iaque, Rizal; tel. 5-21-88.

(16) and Renato (13), who are now studying in the University High Sch ool , U. P. Dr. Leveriza was a member of the municipal counci~ of San Pablo, Lagu路na, 1934-37, and president of the Laguna Medical Society for two years. He is also a member of the Phil. Islands Medical Association. Dr. and Mrs. Leveriza have recently established their

LEYNES, Alherto M.-L awyer; of/ice, Mc.laca'iian; 'res., 623 Kansas Avenue, Manila; provincial address, Bauan. Batangas.

Attorney Alberto M. Le;"1es was born in Bauan, Batangas, on Nov. 21, 1909j SOn of Pantale6n Leynes and Lucia Magnayi:

graduated with !!he degree of LL.B. from the



Univ. of the Philippines, in 1934; was city editor, Ell Corne?'cio, a·nd staff member, La Opinion. In the bar examinations held in 1934, he occupied eighth place. He is at present connected with the executive staff, office of the President of the Philippines, and is a member of Upsilon Sigma Phi and other literary and social organizations. Dr. Ricardo Physician and Su.rgeon; res., 6,45 Evangelista, Quiapo, Manila; tel. 2-21-21.

founder, partner and general manager of the firm, Li Seng Giap & Co., e'x porters and importers, commission merchants and consig· nees, and dea.lers in hemp, copra, sugar, etc., with offices and properties in the different provinces and municipalities of the PhlIippines. He is also director of the China Banking Corporation, and treasurer and director, Oriental Club.


Dr. Leynes was born in 1885, graduated from the University' of the Philippines with the degree of M.D. in 1910, and was licensed to practice his medical profession the same year. He is a member of the Colegio MedicoFarmaceutico, and has his office at above address. Lawyer; Business Execu.tive; 'res ., SOO Tupas St., Cebu, Cebu.

LEY SON, Jose S. -

Born in Cebu, Cebu, April 22, 1900; son of Damaso Leyson and Venturada Floreta; graduated from the University of the Philippines as A.B. in 1919, and LL.B. in 1923; married to the former Miss Lourdes Velez, of Cebu, by whom he has at present two children: Josefina and Fe. Atty. Leyson was a lecturer in the Cebu Junior College, U . P ., 1927-28. He organized in 1928 the Cebu Transit Co., Inc., a pioneer land transportation company in Cebu; the Visayan Surety and Insurance Corporation, in 1931; The Helpers Mutual Building and Loan Association, in 1932; and the Cebu Liquor Corporation, same year. He is the author of "False Nationalism," "Association of Labor and Capital," "Philippine Courts of Justice," HSocial Inequality," and other articles. He is a member of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce (past sec.), Cebu Alumni Assn. (past pres.) , and Cebu Lawyers League (past treas.), and Casino Espano!.

Merchant; General Manaqe,., LA Seng Giap & Co.; office, 129 Muelle de Binondo, Manila; tels. 4-96-05 and 4-96-60; 'res., 60 Novaliches, San Miguel, Manila; tel. 2-65-07.


Mr. Li Seng Giap, well-known business_ man in Ma.nila, was born in China, and is the

Provincial Governor of Cagayan; res ., Tuguegarao, Cagayan.

LIBAN, Servando -

LIBORO, Dr. Agustin - Physician and Surgeon; office: 1119 Avenida Rizal, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-23-5,4; res., 72,4 Kansas Ave., Malate, Manila, tel. 5-72-7•.

Dr. Liboro, a well-known specialist in heart and stomach diseases, was born fortythree years ago in the municipality of Lubang, province of Mindoro; the son of Andres Liboro and Genoveva Tajonera. He is married to tfue former Miss Socorro Lopez, and has at present five children, one girl and four boys. He graduated with the degree of A.B . from the Ateneo de Manila in 1911, and M.D. from the University of Santo Tomas, where he is now a professor of medicine (physical diagnosis) . He worked in the Bureau of Science before he opene~ his clinic in the city of Manila. He is a visiting physician, St. Paul's Hospital; proprietor, Rexal Drug Store; councilor, Manila Medical Society; and member, Colegio Med ico-Fannaceutico, Philippine Columbian Association, and Club Filipino.

Lawyer; /O"rmer Governor and Delegate to the Constitutional Convention; home address: Paluan, Mindoro. (~cture on page 320).

LIBORO, Cipriano -

Born in Paluan, Mindoro, on September 26, 1893; son of Agustin Liboro and Tomasa Abeleda; man;ed to the former Miss Maria Tria, by whom he has three children: Manuel, Estela, and Oscar; holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws; a dmitted to the bar in 1916; appointed census inspector for the province of Mindoro in 1918; elected Provincial Governor of Mindoro in 1919; re-


elected to the same office in 1925 j and elected Delegate from the district of Mindoro to the Constitut ional Convention, 1934. H e is a Nacionalista by political affi liation, and a

Roman Catholic by religion.

Jewel Merchantj res., 1026 Soler, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-30-62.

L ICAUCO, Maximo -

L ICHAUCO, Marcial P. -


office ,

Brias Roxas Bldg., 3rd floor, Esco lta, Bi7umdo, Manila; tel. 2 -18-84; res ., 414 Penn sylv ania Ave., Manila; tel. 5-65-60. Born in Manila on November 27, 1902 ;

son of Faustino Lichauco and Luisa Fernandez; attended the public schools in the city of

Manila and the Central School where he completed his secondary course before leaving for the United States to continue his studies, entered the Harva rd University, where he graduated as B.S. in 1923 and LL.B. in 1926. He married J osephine Coe, of Havana, Cuba , on Dec. 27, 1933. Atty. Lichauco was an assistan t to Manley O. Hudson, legal adviser and secretariat, League of Nation s at Geneva, 1926; appointed assistant attorney, Bureau of Justice, 1929; technical adviser to the Philippine Independence Missions, 1930 and 1932; resigned from the Department of Justice, 1933, to engage in priva te law practice since; appointed professor and asst. dean of law, l fniv. of Santo Tomas, since 1928; author of "Th e Conquest of the Philippines by t he United States," 1926; and "Cases on T or ts and Damages/' 1931; a member of the Philippine Bar and of the Bar of the Federal Supreme Court; and member, Wack Wack Golf Club, Casino E spanol, and Harvard Club of New York.


Civil Engineer, division of construction and in8pection, Department of Engineering and Public Work8 , City of MOInila; res ., 537 Leroy, Paco, Mar nila; tel. 5-59-1,9.


- Supervisor of Industrial Arts, Department of Trades and Industries, B ureau of Education; res., 368 Paz, Paco, Manila.


Frank Business Executive; gene1'al '1'1tanager, InsulaJr Moton, Inc.; 0/fice, 537 Muelle del Banco Nacional - tel. 2-28-16.. re8., 392 Lamayan, Santa, Manila; tel. 5-77_19. (Picture on page 1561.)


Julian Businessman; '1'1tanager, White House Furniture Co.; office, 964 T. Pinpin, Bmondo - tel. 2-27-29; res., 47 Plaza G>路al. Lachambre, Birumdo, Manila: tel. 1,-81,-18.


Born in Amoy. China, in 1903; came to the Philippines when he was a young boy and engaged himself in business. He is the president of the Manila Chinese Furniture Association; director, Philippine Chinese Cham. ber of Commerce; director, Chinese Y.M.e.A.; and director, Philippine Chinese Educational Association. He is a member of the Oriental Club.

Assistant Manager, Tide Water Associated Oil Company .. 'res., 8 1st SfJreet, New Manila, San Juan, R izal.


Juni01路 Civil Eng ineer. Em'eau of Public Works; address, c/ o Bur. 0/ P u,blic Works, P. O. Building, Manila.

LIGON, Martiniano -

Educat01'; acting directo?" and principal, M alindig Insfitute (a private h-loh school recognized by the Government; see page 1163); res. , Santa Cruz, M a1"induque.

LIM, Alejandro T. -

L awyel'; attorney, The A.dvertising Bureau, Inc.; 1"es., 1360 A nacleto. Santa Cruz, Manila.

Born in the municipality of Tibiao, province of Antique. on May 3. 1903. He at-

LI COP, Pedro L. -

LI e u, Ric ardo -

Lawyer; fanner Provincial Governor of Antique; res ., San Jose Antique.



te nd ed the Tib iao Primary School, t h e Ilo ilo Intermediate School, the Jaro I ndustTial School (now' t he Philippine Centra l Coll ege ). a nd t he Silli ma n Insti t ute (now Silliman

and Gan Ma r (Lo) Lim. H e graduated from t h e Un iversity of t h e Philippines with th e degree of Doctor of Medicin e, 1935, and is now in private medi cal pra ctice,

U ni versity), Du mag uete, Negros Ori e nta l , where be finished his high schoo l co urse. He th en studi ed law in th e P h ilipp in e


Business E xe cutive .. p resident, 1'eal estate department, W idow and Sons of F . M . Lim T uico .. 1'es., 208 Ca1"'!Ja路 ial, Binondo, Manila.


Businessman; coal deale1' and real estate owner.. office, 204 Sevilla, San N icolas, Manila; t el. 4-01-flO; 1'es" 1280 Penn sylv ania A ve,; t el. 5-68-54 and 454 B M celona, M omila, tel. 4-92-89 ( Picture on page 1561)

LIM CH U MBUQ U E , J os' -


National Univer sity, g ra duating in 1926 with the degree of Bachelor of La ws.

A lej a ndro T.

Li m

H e was a ppointed Justice of the P eace of Tibiao, Province of Antique, in J anuary, 1928, and was la ter t ran sferred t o th e municipality of Cu lasi, sam e province, h aving r esigned f r om said of. . fiee in 1931 , and presented ru s candidacy for Mem bership, Provincial Board of An t iqu e, and was elected to that offi ce for t h e te rm, 1931-3 4. In th e g eneral elections h eld in J une, 1 93 4 , h e was elected Provincial Governor of An t ique fo r the term, 1 93 4-37 . H e is a Naciona lista by pOlitical af filiation, and a Roman Catholic by religio n . LIM AN - Businessman ; manager, Philippine Foreign Trading Co ., L td. ; genera l manage?", PhiliJppine AromaUc Ciga?'ette Manu/actu'ring Co.; and treasur e'!', Chinese Reading Clu b; res., 3050 T aft A venue Extension, Pasay, Rizal.

Businessman and p1'Opcrfly Owne路r; r es., .103 Concepcion, Pasay, Riza/; tel. 5-1 5-81.


LIM CHONG KANG, Dr. Phy sician; office, 903 Juan Lun a, B inondo, M anila ; t el. 4-8Jv .95.. 'res ., 47 P laza Gral. L achamb1'e. Binondo . Manila; t el. 4-81-86. Dx. L im Chong Kang was bor n in Arnoy . China, in Mar ch, 1908; son of Bieng Liong

L awyer , .4utM'I路, Pro/es S01', and Businessman; dean , College oj Law, Ateneo de Manila; office, 401 Cu Un jieng Bldg. , T. Pinpin, Binondo - tel. 2-30-04 ; r es., 68. F 01路tuna, Pasay, Rizaltel. 5-17-96 .

L IM, Dr, Manuel -

B or n in Bautista, Pangas inan, on August 6, 1890 ; son of Atty. Maria no Lim and Josefa Moran; atten ded the Ateneo de Manila wher e he graduate d as A.B., cum laude, In 1917; t he University of t h e Phili ppines where h e graduate d, a lso with highest h on or s, li S LL.B. in 1921, a nd passed the b ar exa mi nations t'he sa.m e year at the top of the list; to ok postgraduate co ur se in law with t he University of Sa nto Tom as , grad uating with t h e degree of L L.M. in 193 6, and with th e degree of D.C.L. in 1937. H e Dr. Manuel Li m malTi ed on May 26, 1923, t h e former Miss Maria. Quintos, daughter of t h e late Dr. J oaqu in Quintos, of Manila; a nd has at present fou r childr en : Vict or. Silvia, N est or , a n d Manu el.


Dr. Lim was sec retary to Senate President Quezon when the latter headed the Parliamentary Mission to the United States in 1922. Upon his r eturn to the Philippines he practiced law as m emb er of th e law finns, Lim and Lim, Araneta and Zaragoza, Duran and Lim j and Duran, Lim and Tuason. He was elected a Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the North District of Manila on July 10, 1934, and in that Convention he was Chairman of th e Committee on Constitutional Guara ntees and Mem ber of the Committees on Executive Power, Impeachment, Franchises, and Sponsorship. H e is the author of "Influence of Rom an Law on Philippine Legislation," "Philippine Patent Law," I'The Constitution of J apan--. A Comparative Study of Its Institutions." H e was a memb el~ of t he Committee on; Bar Examinations appointed by the Supreme Court, and president of the Lawyer s League of the Philippines; member, American Bar Association, Am e rican Bank Lawyer s Association, and Nation al Geographic Society. As a businessman, he has been preside n t and ctirector of variou s mining companies, such as the Union Chromite Mining Co., Inc., Paracale-Union Gold Mines, Inc" Imperial Gold Min es, Inc., Dig-Dig Explorat ion, Balnek Mining Co., Inc., etc. He is at pl'esen t pl'Ofessol' and dean, College of Law, Ateneo d e Manilaj honorary vice-president of the PanA siatic Economic Protective A ssociation; and member, Laong-Laan Tennis Club (dir,), Bachelors' Club, Smiles Club, Wack Wack Golf an d Country Club, Philippine Col umbian Association, and th e Barangay Club.

LIM, Marcelino G. proprietor; 94-7 R eina Regente, Binondo, Manila; tel. 4-81-82.

LIM, Margarita Ortigas _ Acting T'reaswrer, Casaje Toh & Co., Inc. ; res., 28.1 Syqu:ia, Santa Ana, Manila. LIM, Maria Vda. de Uy - Pro prietress ; '1'es" 351 Elcano, San Nicolas, Manila; tel. 4-78-89.


LIM, Mariano H. Lighte1'age Operator; office, 829 Urbiztondo, San NicilalJ, Manila; tel. 4-78-84.

LIM, Mariano R. - T eache1' on Special Detail, acr.u1emic divisi'on, Btt1'eau of Education; res ., 583 (int. 8 ), Lega'l'da, Sannpaloc, Ma,nila.

LIM, Nestorio N. -Licensed Mining Engineer; res., 485 F uente, Manila; tel. 5-60-45.

LIM, Nunilon - Clerk-Ste1wgrapher, Division of City Schools, BU1'eau of Education; '1·es., 128 J. H ernandez, Sta. Ana, Manila.

LIM Oh Yung - Proprietor and Manager, Oriental Candy Fact01'Y ires., 290 Libertad, Pasay, Rizal.

LIM, P. Marquez - Di'l'ector, Inte'l-national Chamber of Comnne1'ce of Iloilo; manager, P. Ma1'quez Lim & Co.; 'res., Iloilo, Iloilo,

LIM Pai Lian - Manager, New Eastern H ardwa1'e; res., 366 H e1'bosa, Tondo, Manila; tel. 4-85-.12.

LIM Pao- M anage1', Bagong Silang; manager, V ict01"ia Shirt Fac fJory; res ., 470-474 Juan Luna, Binondo • Manila.

LIM, Paul H. - Manager, Chung H wa Book Co., and Comme1'cial P·r ess .. res., 329 Juan L una, Binondo, Manila.

LIM, Pedro - Businessman; p'roprietor and manage"", A. B.K. Hall ; president, A .B.K. City Club; and member, Samahang Bulakan; office, 412 Raon, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-85-52.



- - - -- -

Educator, Social WorkeT, and Woman Leade1-j president, National F ede'ration 01 l楼omen's Clubs of the Philippi'nes ; r es" 168 Vito Cruz, Malate, Ma-

LIM, (Mrs.) Pilar Hidalgo _ n i la; te l. 5-65-!l2.

sistant chief of staff, G-l. She went to the Bor n in Boac, t he capital of MarinduUnited Sta tes with her husband when he was que province, on May 24, 1893 ; received h er detail ed to study in the different Army early edu cation f r om t he pu blic schools of Schools. While there, she had tfue opManila, a nd a t tended t h e Ma nila H igh Se hool port uni ty to st udy social conditions abroad. (now Ara ull o High School ), where sh e gradShe is particularly interested in the social prouated as valedictoria n in 1910. She enrolled later in t he College of Liber al Arts, gress of Filipino 'Women. As presidUn i v erent of the T H E BOARD OF DIRECTORS O}<~ THE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S C L U DS OF THE PHILIPPINES sity of t h e Nat i 0 nPhili ppines, al Fedwher e sh e .erat ion of gr aduated Women's with the deClubs, she gree of Batoo k an chelor of active part with other w 0 man lead ers in the campaign for t he success of the plebiscite on W 0 man Suffrage in April, 1937. She is also a member of the board

Laude," in 1913. She w a s


pointed I n路 structor in En g lish, Centro Escolar de S' enoritas (now Centro Essolru.路 University) in 1 910, and Instructor in



mabes, Un iver sit y of

STANDIN G : Judge Natividad Almeda-l.oper., Miss Beuie A . Dwyer. Mrs. Flort.nC'C' n. Cadwallader. Atty. Rosario Ocampo. and Mrs. Laura L. Shuman. . SEATED:. Mrs. Alicia S. Quirino, Mrs . Geronimo. T. Pec~on , Mrs. Pilar Hidalgo_ L,m , Mrs. Sofm R . de VeYra, and Mrs. Josefa Llanea-Escoda.

the Philippines, in 1913, In August of 1917, she married Lieut. Vi cente Lim, now a Brigadier Gener'al in the Philippine Army and a s-

L ib'l'arian BU'I'eau of Eduootion; 'I路es., 520 Figu eroa,' Paco, M anila.

LIM, P r udenci o M. -

D"',ygis t an d E xchange Bro.ker ; vice-p1'esident, Lim Se J o Tong; of/we, 565 Sto ~ Cristo, Binondo, ll1anila ; tel. 4-89-57; 'I'es., same address .


of directors of the A's S OC i at ed C h a r ities

of Manila; member, Board of Censorship of Moving Pict ures ; member, Text Book Board' and secretar y, Centro E scolar University.'

B'u.,sinessman; gene'l'al m anage?', Phili ppin e Aromatic CigQll'e tte Manufactwring Co,; Inc.; director , Manila Tobacco Association; res., Concepcion, Pasay, Rizal.


Mr. Lim Tiaw Ping was born in Pookjen China, on September 12, 1900 j son of Li~ Chow Bien, a merchant of t h e P hilippines. He was educated, first, in Ch ina, a nd , on his


arrival in Manila, in 1916, he attended the Anglo-Chinese School, and later the Instituto de Manila, and then the Jose Rjzal College, where he obtained his B.S.C. degree, having specialized in Commerce and Admin istration. He was cashier of the Philippine Aromatic C5garette Manufacturing Co.; promoted to assistant manager, and then manager. Under his gen eral management, the company grew bigger and bigger every year since 1931. H e is a mem ber of the Hagdang-Bato Lodge, No. 87, F. & A. M. (Past Master), and of various social a n d bu siness organizations.

Brigadier General; Assistant Chief of Staff, G-J,. Chief, Defense Plans Division, Philippine Army; and Vice-President, Philippine Columbian Association; ,路e8., 168 Vitd Cruz, Malate, Manila tel.

LIM, V ic e nte -


Brigadier 路Genernl Vicente Lim

Brigadier General Vicente Lim who re t ired from the Uni ted States Army with the rank of Lieutenan t Colonel, has been accorded a fitting recognition for his distinguished service by his assignment to the General Staff of the Philippine Army as Chief of the War Plans Division. With his \veIl rounded military education and long experience as an officer of the United States Anny, he comes to the Philippine Army full y


prepared to handle the duties of Ms position. Brigadier General Lim has just reached his prime and his retirement from the United States Army was not in the sense that his services were no longer needed there, rather it was due to the gre3!t need of his experience by our own Commonwealth Government and the urgings of his own conscience that now is the time for him to render service to his country. Brigadier General Lim was born on April 5, 18&8, in Calamba, Laguna. After obtaining his early education in the public school of his home town, he came to Manila and enrolled in the Philipine Normal School where he graduated in 1908. Although the educational attainment of a graduate in the Philippine Normal School in 1908 was eq uivnlent only to a completion of the 8-econd Year of the present High School course, he participated in the competitive examination for appointment as cadet to West Point. He passed the examination with flying colors, was sent to the United States and on March 1, 1 910, he entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, where he graduated on June 11, 1914. On June 12, 1914, he was commissioned second lieutenant in the Philippine Scouts, United States Army, and ordered to return to the Philippines with permission to pass Europe. He was touring Russia at the outbreak of the World War and had the thrilling experience of returning to the Philippines by way of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Arriving in the Philippines, he was first assigned to Fort San Pedro, Iloilo. He was promoted to first lieutenant on April 2, 1918; to captain on December 18,1922; to major on Aplil 29, 1923, and to lieutenant colonel on November 1, 19 35. In 1916, he was on special detail with the Insular Government as instructor in the Philippine Mili'Q'a:ry Academy at Baguio . It was while he was instructor in Baguio that young Lieutenant Lim firs t met the fOlmel' Miss Pilar Hidalgo, whom he married later, and who in her own way has achieved celebrity no less than that of her husband. General Lim remained as insg'uctor in Baguio until 1917, when he was assigned to



Jolo, Sulu. Then, followed assigrunen ts to Pettit Barracks, Zamboangs, and to Fort William McKinley, Rizal. In 1926 General Lim went to the United States where he too k the advanced course in the Infantry School at Fort Benning 1 Georgia, where he graduated in 1927. Then he went to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where he gradu ated from the Command I3Ind General Staff School jn 1928. As a culmination to these advanced studies he was ordered to t he Army War Col. lege at Vira shington, D.C., where he grad ua ted in 1929. Returning to the Phjlippines in the same year, he was detailed as Commandan t of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps Unit a~ San Juan de Letran College. It was while on special detail in this collel?:e that he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel on November 1, 1935 . He remained here until July I, 1936, when he was appointed to his present post as Chief of the War Plans Division, Philippine Army I with the r ank of Brigadier General. General Lim has the distinction of being first F ilipino graduate of ""Vest Point, and is the only Fi.1ipino who graduated from the Uni ted States Army War College. The heavy responsibilities in the present assignment of Brigadier General Lim augur for him more brilliant achievements in the PhiHppine Army. llMJAP, Jose Businessman; manager. Manila Ham Factory Co.; Vice-p'resident, Philippine Tannery Co., Inc.; 'I路es ., 872

Aviles, San Miguel, Manila; tel. 2-4拢-61 Physician and Surgeon; District Hpalth Officer of Nueva Ecifa; res., Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

was born in Guagua 0 D October 22, 1901. In 1930 he made a tour of Europe, spen ding most of his time in Spain. He visited important cities of the old world, making personal 0 b servations and

Ge r a rd o


Limlin K'a n

studies of t he s ocial, economic and governmental conditions obtaining in those cou ntries, particularly the customs and habits of the people as well as the administration of justice and court proced ure. Upon his reiurn to the Isla nd s he resumed the practic~ of his profession and is now residing in h is home town w here he has hi s office. Dr. Marciano Physician and Su,'1'ueo'1l ; asst. p'ro/essor 0/ anatomy, College 0/ M edicine, V .P.; res., .1068 Sing along, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-76-54 .


Lawye1' and Agriculturist ; Provincial GoVe1tlO'1' 0/ Bataanj r es"

LINAO, Joaq u in L. Balanga, Bataan.

LINN, H. D. Adve'1路tising Manage')', Manila Daily Bulletin; 1'es., 1155 Carolina, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-55-79.

LIMJOCO, Dr. COD:;tanti no -

L1MLENG~O, Laura R - Pagsanjan, Laguna. ; C1.ty address: 821 Nebraska Errnita Ma.nila; tel. 5-57-02. "

Lawyer, Write'1' and Traveler; res., Guagua, Pampanga.

LINSLEY, Rev_ John C. W. - S.T .B .; Recto,', Cathedral Pa,'ish, Cathedml of St.

Mony and St. Johnj di'1'ect01', Am,e'1'icanEU1'opean Y. M.C.A.j sec'1'eta1'Y of convocation, Episcopal Mis sionj o/ fice,,' 555 I saac Peral - tel. 5-4 6-46 j res ., 542 San Luis, E"mita, Manila - t_l. 5-65-77.

LIMLINGAN, Gerardo S. -

Attorney Gerardo S. Limlifigan, of t h e well-k nown L imlifigan family of Pam pang-a.

Physician and Surgeonj director, B.P.M Consolidated Mines Inc.j Mamtbulcw-Par acale Mines, Inc.; res .: Daet, Camarines N orte.

LIAAN, Dr. Jose Z. -



NotO!r1f Pu blic ILnd H eILd DelegILte of the Ilongot Tri bes; res., Pantabaiigan, Nueva Ecija.

pNSANGAN, hmael P. -

Born in Pantabafigan, Nueva Ecija, on June 17, 1908; married to the fonner Miss Veronica B. Barniego; was educated in the University High School of the University of the Philippines and the National University where he took preparatory law course in 1933; was a teacher at Abu y 0 Settlement Farm School, 19261928; pension ado of the l sm ael p , Linsane-an Bureau of Non-Christian T rib es, 1928-32, in the University High School, U. P. He is an Ilongot and was adopted by Mr. Linsangan who had him baptized and educated as a Christian. He is now a notary public aond head delegate of the provincial governor of Nueva Ecija to the Non -Christian population of said province. He has no political affi liation. A Methodist by religion. LINSANGAN, Sa bino -

Ag1'icu.lturist; Ga-

pan, Nueva ,Ecija. LINSAAGAN, (Mrs.) Victoria d e -


Owne?' j res., Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Auditor and Ce1·tified Publio Accountant; director, Templo de Salomon; 1·es., 1537 Washington Ave., Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-78-91.

LINTAG, Pascual -

Businessman; manage1', Washington Grocery j direoto1' and assistant manage'r, Ng Tip & Sons, Inc.; 1'e8., 203 Echag'l.te, StIL. Cruz, Manila; tels. 2.17..17, 2·17·18, ILnd


2..17· 79.

LIPANA. Dr. Marcos J. - Physician; proprietor, Fa1'macia La Salud; 545 Gamba, San Nicolas, Manila; tel. 4-84-50.

Conducto1', Comr poser and Pianist; founder, vice-president. and direotor, The Academy of Music of Manila; office, 44 A. Mabini, Ermita, Manila; tel. 2-30·64; ,·es., 604 Colorado, E,·mi· ta, Manila; tel. 5-74-69,

LIPPAY, Dr. Alexander -

Dr. Alexander Lippay

Born of Italian and Hungarian parents in Venice, Alexander L ippay received his entire educaticn in Vienna. H e studied law and philosophy at the University of Vienna fo r five y€'ars and at the same t ime studied musical science and composition at the State Academy of Music under Franz Schreker. After completion of his studies, he entered upon a career as opel'<1tic conductor and was associated in this capacity with the operas in Frankfort, Cologne, and Mannheim for a numof years. In 1925, upon the recommendation of his former teacher, Franz Schreker, who had become Director of the State Academy of Music at Berlin-Charlottenburg, he was offered and accepted the position of Professor of Music and Dil'ector of t he Conservatory of Music, University of the Philippines, which he held for a period of fiv-e years, his first two -year contract having been renewed for another term of three years, which expired in 1930. Among his five and last graduates that year was Rodolfo Cornejo. who studied composition under



him and whose composition entitled "The S~a 颅 Song Cycle j or S oprano and St,,"mg Orchestra, was presented by him in a S,yrnphony concert given at the Me~rop o hhn Theater December 18, 1934, with J OVIta F uentes as soloist. In May, 1930, he founded t he Academy of Music of Manila, of which he became the dIrector and vice president, and t he Academy has since then produced several graduates. Dr. Lippay has taugh t music since he was seventeen years old, and many of his former pupils in piano, har mony, counterpoint, composition an d orchestration, both in Germany and in the Philippines, are now active in the musical life. sons,"

Several of his vocal and orchestral compositions have b'een successfuBy perfonned by leading choral and orchestral organi zations in Europe, and have been published in the " Universal Edition" (Vienna). In the P hilippines he has presented a number of orchestral work based en native songs : Miniatwl'es /0'" Orchest"'a of Philippine Folk Songs,. V a'I-1ations for Or-

chesftra on the Philippine NaNonal Hymn; Kaleidoscope, Tone Pictures for the Orchestra; Land of the Half Way Sun, Variations and Fugue, based on an Ifugae melody; and an arrangement of the Visayan song "Paiad Sa Kabus," for ten wind instruments and viola; and Hymn to the Rising Sun.

Since 1926 he has conducted the series symphony' concerts sponsored each season the Asociacion Musical de Filipinas and, presen t. by the Manila S:'llnphony Society, which he is musical director and member the board of trustees.

of by at of of

Agricultwtist; forme1' Municipal Secreta1'Y of Ternatej res., Ternate, Cavite.

LISANIN, Daniel D. -

Born in the town of Ternate, Cavite, on J uly 21, 1910; Son of Quintin Lisanin and Marcela Dinglas; studied in Ternate Central School from 1919-1923 ; Licea de M"nila, 1925J 929; and Manil a High School, 1929-1931; and

afte r his studi es he was appoi nted municipal secretary of Te rnate, Cavite.

Physician and Surgeon,. visiting physician, Saint Paul's Hospital, St. Josep h's Ho spital; instuctor, Col-

LISSNER, Dr. Lother -

lege of Chiropodis t and Foot SU"ue1'Y; office , 464-470 R egina Bldg. - tel. 2-19-90; 1'e.<;. , 15 Pasaje del Carmen, Malate, ManiI" -- lei. 5-66-38.

Jesus M. Civil Engineel' j Pianist,. p1'esident, Bachelors' Club,. member, Asocia.cion Musical de Filipinas,. res.,


127 Cortada, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-46-H.

Merchant; impo-rter and exPresident and General Manager

LI ITON, G . -

porter j

Litton & Co.; M" lcahy, Litton & Co.; office. 530 Juan Lu:na, Bincndo; tel. 4-99-80; "路es., 425 Isaac Peral, Ermita; tel. 4-68-J2.

Agricultu?'ist; Former Provincial Governor of N ueva Ecija; ?路es., Gapan, Nueva Ecija.

LIUAG, Mig uel

Born in t h e municipa lity of Gapa n , Nueva Ecija, on lIlay 18, 1884; m a r l ' j e d; obtained his Bachelor of LawS' degree fro m th e Escuela de Derecho j a n agriCUl t urist a nd a practicing a ttorney; was elected l'tfhrueJ Liua2' municip311 preside nt of Gapan, 1n6-1919; member of the provincia l board of Nu eva Ecija, 1919-1922; secretary of the provincial board, 1925-1931; and provincial governor of his home province, 1931-1934.


Cownel; chief of staff, Constabulary Division, Philip-pine Army; res ., 708 Dakota, Malate, Manilaj tel. 5-45-78. (On leave in U.S.)

LIVINGS T ON, Cha rle. Ed. -


Club, Far Eastern Commandery No.1, National Sojourn ers, and fellow, Royal Geographical Society. H e is man"jed to the former Miss Marie Pa lmer, of New York. Dr. Felipe L. - Denta~ Surgeon; res ., 880 Ilaya, Tondo, Manila; tel.

L1W ANAG, .-86-80.

Born in Tondo, Manila, Sept. 8, 1908; son of Vicente Liwanag and Marcelina Libornio; graduated as D.D.S., Philippine Dental College, 19:31; in private practice si nce. He malTied on June 23, 1932, Pacita Ocampo, by whom he has at presen t two children: E~sa and Firmo. He is a member, board of directors, Manila Dental Society ; member, Stomatologists of the Philippines, Dentists League of the Philippines, and The National Dental Association.

Businessman; director, Liwanag's Fashion Academy; office, 603 Ave. Rizal, Sta. OI'UZ, Manila; tel. f-91-48.

L IWANAG, Luis -

CoL Charles Ed. Livingston

Born in Troy, New York, U.S., Jan. 12 , 1878; son of George Livingston and Louise Westcott Heartt; attended Halsey and E verson Collegiate Academy and Calisthens Military Academy, He was in the British service: Natal mounted Police Imperial Light H orse, South Afdcan Light Horse, South African War, 1896-1902; Philippine Constabula"y, 1903-35; Uniied States Army, 191719; Philippine Army, 1936 to date. He was assigned as dist. sec., CotaJbato, 1908-09, and 1910-12; provincial governor, Cotahato, 1908, 191 1-12; dist. sec.-treas., SuIu, 1914 ; provincial governor, Lanao, 1924. He received t h e following decorations: Victory (World War) F ive Bars, Two Gold Wound Chevrons, Three Gold War Service Chevrons, (United StAtes); D.S.S., Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao-Sulu Campaigns, Two Wound Chevrons. (Philippine Constabulary); South African War, Queens Medal Three Bars, Kings Medal Two Bars, (British); Croixe-de-Guerre, (French). He is a member of the Army and Navy Club, Manila Polo Club, Baguio Cou ntry

Born in Polo, Bulacan, May 7, 1892; SOn of Moises Liwanag and Feliciana de la Cruz; married to Juliana Domingo, by whom his children are Geron imo, Pio, Maria, German, Saturnino, Domingo, Virginia. and Rosa. He obtained the degree of "Doctor of T echnical TaiIol;ng" from the New York Extension University, 1938; and is at present the director of Liwanag's Fashion Academy, and proprietor and cutter, The Li wanag Fashion.

Lawyer; res., Basco. Batanes. (Picture on page 318. )

LIZARDO, Mariano -

Born in Basco, Batanes, on September 8 1889 j son of Francisco Lizardo and Maria Almeda; obtained his education und er the Spanish and American r egime in his home province; was clerk in the La Confianza Jewelry Store on t he Escolta in 1909; continued his studies in the Francisco Javier Seminary, the Ateneo de Manila, and the Instituto Burgos, graduating in commerce from the latter institution; completed law in the Escuela de Derecho in 1919; was elected Provincial Governor of Batanes for a term; Representative


1890 fr om Batanes to the House of Rep resentatives, 1925-1928 and 1928-1 93 1; and Delegate from Batanes to the Constitutional Convention in 1934. H e was an Anti-HHC by political affiliatio n.

LIZARES, Simpticio _Agricu.ltwrist and Busi-

ness Executive; general manager, Cent1"al Azucarera del Danaej 1路e8., San Carlos. Ne9"os Occidental. (Picture on page 320) . Mr. Simplicia Lizal'es, son of Don Efigenio Lizal'es and Enrica Alunan, received his early education from private tutors and his college training from the Ateneo de Manila. After his studies he took charge of the management of his father's estate and engaged in the development of the sugar industry in Negl"os Occidental, wh ere he is now the president of the Talisay-Silay Milling Corporation. He is also an officer of the Philippine Sugar Associatio n, and member of other sugar planters' organizations in Iloilo and N egros Occidental. In the elections held July 10, 1934, he was elected a Delegate from the second district of N egros Occidental to the Constitutional Convention which drafted and adopted the present Constitution of the Philippines. He is married to the former Miss Amalia Perez of San Carlos, Negros Occidenta l, and has at present ten children. He is considered one of the wealthiest sugar planters of the Visayas, and is a member of the supreme council of the National Volunteers of the Philippines with the rank of Brigadier-General.

LIZA RRAGA, Tirso - Bus1."nessman; general manager, Lizarraga He1"mano,'); p1'esident, Kabonkalan Sugatr Co ., Inc.; and president, lAssar Compania Incorporada; res.; 848 Isaac Pe1'nl, ET?nita, Manila; tel. 5-72-48.

Born in TIoilo on April 12, 1888; son of Tirso Lizarraga and Maria Fernandez; educated in Spain, France and Scotland after which he returned to t he Philippi~es in

1907, when he began to build up his business in Manila, Iloilo, an d other parts of Luzon and Visayan islands. H e is now the ge ne ral manager of Lizarraga Hel'manos,

sugar manufacturers and exporters, with central office at 31 El H ogar Filipino Bldg., Juan Luna, Binondo, Tirso Lizarraga Manila-Tel. 2-2 8-48. He is the preside nt of the Kabankalan Sugar Co., Inc.; director, Mt. Arayat Sugar Co., Inc.; president, Lissar Campania Incorporada ; director, La Urbana; treasurer and director, National Economic Pro tection ism A ssociation; vocal, Casino Espanol de Manila; director, Industrias Consolidadas, Inc.; and member, Cham ber of Commerce of t h e Philippine Islands, an d t he Philippine Sugar Association. LLADOC, Mons , Casimiro M . - Bishop, Dio cese of Bacolod ; res., Bacolod, Neg1'os Ocddental. LLADOC, Pedro M. Civil Engineer, Bureau of PUJblic WOTks ; 'res., Tagbilairan, Bohol. LLAMADO, Crispin A. - L awyer; chief, Income T ax Division, Bureau of Internal R evenue; res., 2557 Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-15-4.1.

Born in Mendez, Cavite, on Dec. 6, 1897; son of Severino Llamado and P e rpetua Aure ; grad uated from the Univ. of the Philippines as A .B., 19 17, and LL.B., 1922; married to the forme r Miss Graciana P e r ez, by whom his children are : Pacita, Julio, H ermenegildo, Crispin, Cayetano, and Alicia. He was app,ointed a clerk in the Bureau of Internal Revenue in 1917; promo ted to chief, license div., same bureau, 1919; asst. chief agent, 1923; and at present, chief of the income tax division. He is also an instructor in law and fi nance, Jose Rizal College.


LLAMAS, A n tonio G. -

P hal1'm acist; dean,

Manila College of PhOlrmacy; form"'r R ep'I'esentativ el tram Butaan; '/' BS ., A . Samson & 11th Avenue, Balinta;wuk, Caloocan, R izal ; tel. D ial 40 and ask op e'raf.or for Caloocan 1-62. Born in Mariveles, Bataan, Nov. 26, 1888 ; so n of Ma rian'o Llamas and E stefania de Gu zm a n; gr ad uate d as A.B. from Licea d e Ma nila, 1907 ; Ph. C., Manila College of Pharmacy, 19 10; married t o the fonner Miss Margarita Ma r fori, of Cala uang, Lag un a . He was president, 'h ead of dept. of Phar macy, Man il a Coll ege of Pha r macy and D enti stry, 19 20; representative to th e 6th P hil. Legislatu re from Bataan, 1 922-25 ; m emb er , Parlia me ntary Mission to J apan, 1923; g overnment pension ado t o U.S ., 1927; h onorary m ember, Am erica n Medical Editor s' Association, an d m ember, Committee on P harmacology an d Therapeu t ics, 1928 ; vice-presid ent , Col egio Med ico Farma ce u tico, 1 931; president, Philippi n e Pha rm aceutical Associa ti on, 1932; dean, College of P harmacy, Manila College of P harmacy and D entist r y, since 1 92 8. H e is t h e author of " P harm acal Ari thm etic," " Pharmachal P rocesses," an d "Organic Ch emistry." A Nation a li st by politica l aff iliation an d a Ro man Cathol ic by re ligion.

L L AMAS, Calixto - Pianist an d Compose',. ; ?路es., c/ o 524 San Ma?'celino, E ?'mita, Ma-

nila . tel. 5-74-44. P r of. Calixto Ll amas, a well-kn own pianist an d composer , was born in P agsan j a n, La gu na. He has travelled a broad and stayed in the U nited States f or several years, H e r eturn ed to Mani la somet ime in 192 0 and has since t h at t ime been devoting hi s time t o music. H e h as published sever a l Kundirnans an d other popular pieces.

Physician and Su?'geon; attending obstetrician, S t. u uke's H ospital; visiting physician, St, J oseph's H ospital, Me''I"cy H ospi tal, and San h 拢an de Dios Hospital; of fi ce, 209 Kneedler Bldg . - tel. 2-25-34; 1'es., 524 S an Ma'l"celino, E?'mita, M a?# la, t el, 5-74-44 ,

L LAMAS , Dr, Rosendo R. -



Physician and Surgeon ; Distric t H ealth Office r of Bukidnon j res., Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

LLANA, Dr. Ju s to d e la -

P'fo vincial T'1'easu?'er of !locos SU'1' ; res., Vigan , !locos Sur .

LLANES , A n ge l -

- Agriculturist; Sec?'eta?'y, P?'ovinC'ial Board of Bu,kidnon ; r es., M alaybalay, Bukidnon.

LLANE ZA, E st eha n

Born in San Qruntin, Abra, on April 9, 1898 ; son of Galla rdo Llaneza and P etra P arado; married to th e f ormer Miss J osefa Griaga, by wnom he h as fi ve children: Flora, Ricardo, Calm en , Cesar, and Glor ia j educated in San Qu in t in and P idigan Prima q " Schools , Bangue d In te rm ediate Sch ool in 1915, and the Centr al L uzo n Agricult ura l School , wh er e he completed first year course in far mi ng , 1926 j . ('ompleted cou rses in bookkeeping and bu siness fOlms with the I. C.S. in 1920; holds a diploma as "Agricultural I nstructor" ; first grade Civil Service eligible; was munici pal clerk, San Quintin , Abra, 1916 j a m unicipal teacher, Bukidnon, 1917-1918; eme rgency clerk, P r ovincial Treasury, Cagayan, Misami s, p!trt of 1918; acting municipal t rea s urer, Bukid non, 1919; property clerk a nd traveling deputy treasurer, Bulddnon, 1921; chief cl erk, l'f'cf)l'der, and finally secretary of t h e provincial board of Bukidnon . He was a n Anti .. HHC by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by religion.

Dentist; office. Ave. Rizal, Sta. Cruz - tel. ~-10 -41 ; ?'es., J.t87 8miJ Anton, Sarnpaloc, Manila ;. tel. ~ -29- 58 .

LLEANDE R. Dr. F . V. 5J,~

P harmacist. F'm "macia Royal,. add?'ess, Aviles, San Miguel, Manila.

LLERENA, Constancia -

LLERENA-T E LMO, Mrs. Milag r os - L awyer; Justice of the Peace of Cainta, Rizal ; ad-

d1'ess, Cainta, Rizal. Mrs . MiIagros Lle.l'ena-Tel mo was t he f irst Filipina attor ney a ppoin ted to t h e office of J u stice of the P eace in t h e Philippines



during the American administration of the Isla nds. She is still the justice of the peace of Cainta, Rizal.

Manager, The Anuwican Express Company j res., 232 Dominga, Pa-

LLOYD, J . R. -

sau, Rizal. LOANGCO-LOPEZ, (Mrs.) A su ncion - Mezzo-Sopranoj vocal teachf'ffj 'res., 12.17 Agno, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-57-58.

Mrs. Asuncion Loangco-Lopez, wife of PantaJeon Lopez, was one of the first instructors of the Manila Conservatory of Music in 1934, She is not only a singer but also a pianist, She is at present giving private lessons in voice culture.

member of the Aca demy of Music of Manila, founded by Dr. Alexander Lippay. The first three gradu ates of this Acade my, H elen Adams, Stella Goldenberg, and Jose Legarda, v·:ho made an excellent showing at the first commencement concert, were members of her graduating class j and also Milagros Ocampo and Elisa Ugarte, who graduated in t he following year. In a ddition to her classes in the Jun ior and Seni or Departments , she was in charge of the Kindergarten classes of the Academy of Music of Manila. The first Children's Recital of said A cademy was so successful that thereafter regul ar children 's l'ecitals have been given by the school un der 11er supervision. DIRECTRESS LOBREGAT AND H E R FIRST FOUR GRADUATES OF 1938

P1·op1·ieto7' and Manager, [(ansas Motor W01'k,'S'j COT, Kansas & Cali/o1'nia,' tel. 5-68-17 j 'res ., 814 Dakota,


Malate , Manila; tel. 5-75-27.

(Miss) Victorina - Pianistej Pl'ojcssol' and Direct1'ess, . . lcademy 0/ Musical Art,' office, 209 Tennessee, Mala,te, Manila; tel, 5-53-16,' 1'es" 209 Tennessee; tel. 5-71-22.


Miss Victorina Lobl'egat, one of the foremost professors of piano in the Philippines, was born in Manila. After completing her studies in Manila under the well-known professor, Buen.J.ventura Galvez-Reyes, she went to Spain and enrolled at the Real Conservatorio de Madrid, where she graduated under the tutelage '0£ Jose Tl'3.';o. Upon her return to the Islands, she begun to teach piano. In 1925 she was apVidorina Lobregat pointed an inslruc_ t~r in piano, Conservatory of Music, Uni verS i ty of the Philippines, from 'w hich institution she resigned in May, 1930, to become a

r Celia Martines. Pilar A postol. Josephine Carrera. and E n cnrnacion Vance

In November, 1937, Miss L obregat resigned from the Academy of Music of Manila, and organized h er own under the name of "Academy of Musica~ Art ." In Ma.rch, 1938, she grad uated four of her pupils : Celia Martinez, PHar Apostol, J osephine Carrera, and Encarnacion Vance. LOBRIN, Artemio M. - Lawyer; la'lI) clerk, Bm'eau 0/ i nte1'nal Revenuej 1·es., 148 f lncla, int)'mnu1'os, Manila.

Businessman; ,·es., 9BOf! Ta/t Avenue Extension, Pasay, Rizal j tel.

LOCKA RT, Q. S. 5-22-8 • .

LOCKETT, Landon J.

Captain,' ai de-deand assistant, G-J, pe1'sonnel division , U. S. A1WZ,Yj 4 Milita1'Y Plaza, Malat e, Manila. ca-rnp




L awyer and Busiinessman; p1'es1'dent, Pampanga Bus Co" Inc,; president, A, L, Ammen TranSpo1'tation Co.; office, Kneedler Bldg., 8rd Floor, Ca.rriedo, StaJ Cruz, Manila - tel, 2-25-.17; 1'es., Dimatimbangan, Panllliaque, Rizal tel. 5-10-05.

where he was professor of Mercantile ww, Property, Bailments and Carriers, and P ersons and Family Relations. He was a Judge. of the Municipal Court of Manila, 1920-35, and is now a Judge of the Court of First Instance since 1936.

Born in Brownsville, California, U,S,A., on Feb. 20, 1879 ; son of Thomas J. Lockwood and Albertina ' Lockwood; B row n educated in the publ ic schools of California, the Wilkins Normal Institu te, and Stanfor d University; t aught in California for four years before he came to the Philippines in 1904; was appointed a supervising L. D. Lockwood teacher, Bureau of Education, 1904-07; then provincial tre asurer, 1907-1 1 ; and district auditor, 1911-1 3; practiced law in Legaspi and Naga, 1913-26, and was attorney for the late .A, L. Ammen. He incorporated t he A. L, Ammen Transportation Company in 1914, the first automotive transportation company registered in the Philippine Islands, .and served as director of the same,

LOCSIN, Dr. Augusto J,-Physician and Swr-

Atty. Lockwood came to Manila to represent most of the large transportation companies in the I slands as well as eleen'ic light plants and other public utility corporations. He a lso incorporated t he Philippine Airways, Inc., and later t h e Philippine Ael;al Taxi Co. H e is now practicing law in Manila.

geonj res ., La Carlota, Negro s Occidental. Born in La Carlota, N egros Occident al, May 30, 1901 ; the son of Vicente S. Locsi n and Demetria J imenez; studied in San Ju an de LeI1路an College and in the University of Santo Tomas where he reDr. Augusto J. Locsin ceived his degl'ee of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery in 19 26; was r esident physician of the Hospital Espano! de Santiago ; president of the Sanitary Division, Occidental Negros and at present physician of the La Carlota Sugar Central. He does not belong to a ny political party. A Roman Catholic by r eligion.

Sugar Planter, and Newspapermanj res" Bacolod, Neg1'os Occidental.

LOCSIN , Aurelio L. -

Born in Silay, Negros Occidental, on 15, 1896 j so n of IVLanuel Locsin Rama and Romualda Lacson; a Roman Catholic; married to the former Miss Soledadl S . Lacson . He attended the Lacson Sisters' Private School at Bacolod, 1906; the Ateneo de Manila, where he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1914; the University of the Philippines and the Escuela de Derecho, where he studied law, but had to drop his studies to devote his time to the deOctobel~

L awye"l'j Judge, sixth judicial dist-rict, CO'/./,1'ts of Fi?"st Instance; (comp1'is'ing SO"l'sogon and Masbate) ,. "I"es ., Sorsogon, Sorsogon; city add1'ess : 1452 T affJ Avenue, Malat e, Manila; tel. 5-63-92,

LOCSIN, Arsenio -

Born in Molo, Iloilo, in 1886; graduated with the degrees of LL.B., Ph. Litt. L., and LL.L., from the Univers ity of Santo Tomas,



velopment of t heir su~,1.1!J.路 pla ntati on, and is at present one of the leading suga r planters of Negros Occidental. Mr. Lacsin was a chief clerk an d disbursing officer of the Philippine Sug'ar E ngineering Co., 1919; elected municipal councilor of Silay, Negros Occ., 1922-28; acting m u n ic i }l a 1 president of same municipality dUl'ing the memorable IIEmperor" 1nt r e n cherado outbreak, when ho had to play his tact to maintain peace and 0 r d e r without any bloodshed. He was also presAurelio L, Locsin ident of the provincial committlOO of the "Ang Pagbinuligay," 1921-24, and founder" of "Civismo" an influential paper of the Southern region; editor of the "Kanlaon," and publisher of " Paghimawa ," He is a member of the Gun Club of Neg'l'os ace" Negl'os Golf and Country Club, Club Mabuhi, Asociacion de Hacenderos, SHay-Saravia, and directol', Confederacion de Asociaciones y Plantadores de Cafiadulce,

La.wyer j Judge, third judicial distl7ict. COU1'ts of Fi'l'st Instance

LOCSIN, Diego L, -

(Tarlac); 1'es., Tarlac, Ta1'lac.

Born in Silay, Occidental Negros, Oct. 27, 1892 ; the son of Leandro Locsin and Adela Lecsin; married to the former Miss Felicidad Vi1Iarica; received his degrees of Bachelor of Arts from the Liceo de Manila, and Bachelor of Laws from the Escuela de Dereoho ' was debate stenographer, PhlJippine Assem~ blYi stenographer, Bureau of J ustice;: law clerk, Bureau of Justice ; Acting Provincial Fiscal of Nueva Ecija; Assist ant Attorn ey of t he BurEau of J ustice ; and at pl'esent J udge of the Third Judicial District (Tarlac). He

does not belong to any political party. Roman Catholic by reli g ion.


LOCSIN, DT, Jose C.- Physician and Sm'geon, all.d Sugar Plante,.; 1'es., Sila;y, N egros Occidental. (Pictu re on page 320).

Born in Silay , Occidental Negros, on August 27, 1891; son of Domingo Locs in and Enriqueta Cortez ; marri ed to the form er Miss Salvaci6n Montelibano, by whom he has fjfteen children j obtained hi s degree of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery f r om th e Uni ver s ity of Santo Tomas, Ma nHa; elected a mernbel' of the municipal counc il of his home town for two terms; member of t he provincial board of Occidental Negl'os, 192 2-1 925 ; pro vincial governor of Occi dental Negros, 1925 -192 8 ; representative fro m th e first district of his province to the P hilippine Leg islat ure, 192 81931; delegate fro m t he first district of Occidental Negros to t he Consti t utional Convention in 1934 ; secr etary of th e Pl anters' Association of Sarav~a, Occidental Neg ro s, for many years ; r epresen tati ve to t he Liga de la Proteccion de la I nfancia of Negros Occidental and special r epresentative to th e Public Welfare Commissi on fl'Om -191 2 to 1921. He is a Nacional ista b y political affiliation.

LOCSIN, Jo se E . -Lawyer; fo rmm' R epres entative !,rom Iloilo; '/'es., G1'al, Luna St., City of Iloilo, Iloilo.

Born in Malo, Il oil o, A pril 7, 1 891; son of Manuel Locsin and F elipa Sian; gr1.l.duated from Colegio de San J uan de L etran with t he degree of A.B. , and from t he Un iversity of Santo Tomas, L.P .L., 1910, and, Ph. litt . D., L.J., 19 11; and has been ad mitted to t he practice of law by t he Supr eme CO Ult of t he I hiJippin es. H e was successively Member , P r ovincial Board of IU OIilo; Represen tat ive f rom the 3rd Distri ct of Iloilo to th e fift h Phili ppine Legislature; and Councilor of Iloilo. He has also bee n presiden t of th e Iloilo Bar Association,



Lawyer, Agriculturist, and Businessman; res ., Legaspi, At-

LOCSIN, Mariano A. bay.

Born in Daraga, Alb ay, March 24, 1884; graduated as Bachelor of Arts from San Juan de L etran College; went to Europe in 1900 and stayed for three years in Spain, France and En gland, and g radu ated as Bookkeeper from the K engsingto n College in London. Returning to the Philippines in 1903, he continu ed his studi es in the Escuela de Derecho de ManIa; obtained hi s LL,B. degree in 1909, and was admitted to t h e bar the same year. H e was elected Representative from the 2nd di st. of Albay to the Third Philippine Le路 gislat ure, 1912-16. In the first Commonwealth elections held September 17, 1935, he ran as a uPro" candidate for Assemblyman against t he Anti-HHC standard bearer, Assemblyman Ju stino Nuyda. H e is nOw a mem ber of the new N acionalista Party, and is considered one of the leaders of hi s province.

LOGARTA, Dr, Jose -

Dental SU1'geon; res.,

Cebu" Cebu,. Sec'reta1'Y to the City Mayor of Cebu; 1"es., Cebu, Cebu.

LOGARTA, Vicente -

LOMBOS, P ed ro Ad1n路inistn-ative Offic.", Secu1-ities and Exchange Commission; Office tel, 2-52-8.1; 'res., Pa1'aiiaque, R":zal.

Lawyer; supt" Field Inspection and i nvestigation, National Rice and CO'1"7t C01'pm'ationj 1路es., Ca.banatuan, Nueva Ecija; city add1'e8s, 925 Soler, Sta. Cruz, Manila.

LOPEZ, Buenaventura C. -

Born in Canal ate, Mr.dolos, Bulaean, Jul y 7, 1901; son of Juan Lopez and Maxima Cruz; graduated as LL,B. from the Philippine Law School, National University, 1926; admi tted to the! bar, 1927; married to J ulita Lopez, by whom h e h J.s five children: Fe, Benjamin, Luis, Noli, and Rizal ino.

Atty. Lopez was an auxiliary justice of the peace of Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, 1931; and was admitted to the pr.actice of law before the F ederal Supreme Court at Washington, D.C., in 1932. At present, he is superintendent, Field Inspection and In vestigation, National Rice and Corn Corporation, Since 1936.

Farm Owner and publishe1',. edit'01', Kayumanggi; forme?' Municipal President of Ltipa, Batanga,s,. res" Lipa, Batangas.

LOPEZ. Candido -

LOPEZ, Candido -

Public Land Surveyor,.

?'e8" Kawit, Cavite.

LOPEZ, Crispin V .-Artist; painter and il-

lustrator; address, Bulacan, Bulacan. Born in Bukitcan, Bulacan, on October 26, 1903; son of Emiliano Lopez and Sotel'a Villafuerte. He man'ied on May 22, 1932, the former Miss Corazon B. Enriquez, of Manila, and has at present two children: Emerita and Ruben, Ml". Lopez Crispin V. Lopez \V"as the winner of the First Prize in the contest held at Malacanan, December 20, 1936, for the besb portrait of Dr. Jose Rizal. He is at present a painter and illustrator of note,

Educator; Divistrm Supe'rintendent of Schools of !locos Norte; Tes., Laoau, !locos N01'te.

LOPEZ, Estanislao R. -

Mr. Lopez graduated from the University of the Philippines with the degree of A .B, in 1917 1 and taught in the Pangasinan H igll School for two years, 1917-19, before



he was sent to the United States as a governm ent pensiona do, 1919 ; obtained hi s A.H. from the Uni vers ity of California, 1920, and hi拢 l'I1. A. degree f r om Harvard Univ ersit y 1922. On his retu rn to th e Philippines , he was assig ned to Rom blon H igh Bchool, a nd was promoted to principal of said school; then transferred to A nti que, an d again to SOl'sogon. In the exami natio n fo r Division Sup erintendent of Schools h eld in 19 24, h e occupied the first place. H e was appointed division superintendent of schools in 1 926. and was assigned to SOl'sogon in 1933 i and was later transferred to Ilocos Norte where he is still the diviSlOl1 head.

LOPEZ, Eusebio - Lawyer j 'res., Lipa, Batan Das. (Pietul'e on page 318).

Born in Lipa, Batangas, on August 14, ]889; son of R egina Lopez an d Ju stina Mea; married to the former Miss Soledad M. Lopez, by whom he ha s four children ; graduated from the University of t he Philippines in 1914 with t he degree of Bachelor of Laws; and elected Delega te to the Constitutional Convent ion f rom the second disrict of Batangas in 1934.

Chief, Information section, Au tomobile Di u., Bureau.. of Public IT'orks; res ., 113 Za,'1'ugoza, Ton do, Manila.

LOPEZ, Hermenegil do -

A gn'cultur ist, SU"'veyo?', and TY?'Uer; ,,路es., 145 0 S ande, T ondo, MfL-

LOPEZ, Honoria -

LOP EZ, E uge n io - Lawyer, Publisher, and Sugor Planter; res .. Iloilo, Ilo'ilo .

Born in the city of Iloilo, Iloilo, fodytwo years ago j son of t he late Don Benito Lopez, former provincial governor of Iloilo ; educated in the Ate neo de Manila and in t he College of Law. University of the Philippines, w her e he graduated with the degree of LL.B. in 1923 . After his admission to the Philippine Bar Atty. Lopez made a~ extensive travel abroad E ugen io Lopez

an~ tOO~t post graduate COurse in the Harvard ~ntverslty. Upon his return to the PhHipp.mes he engaged himself in the practice of his . law . profes<:'l'on an d'lJ1 t h e development of ins agricultural and industrial interests and transportation bu~iness . H'e IS . th e general '

m anag~r and secretary-treasurer, Iloilo-Negros All' Express C I . E ' 0., nc. ; director, National . conomlC Protectionism Association; presIdent , T iempo-Tirnes Publishing Compan y ' me~ber, bQard of dir ectors , Iloilo Transpol'~ tatlon Company, a nd th e Iloilo Chamber of Commerce . . . He \\.as th e f!lost president of the lIollo Rotary Club.

ni/a, tel. 1,-88-76. Mr. Lopez was born in Manila about 56 years ago. Be cause of his popularity 8S a \V1'iter a nd a publish er, he was elected aMember of th e Municipal Board of Manila during the adm inistration of the late Mayor, Dr. Justo L uk ban, 1916-19. The other members of t he municipal board then were: Han. Martin ~campo, Hon. I sabelo de los Reyes, Dr. Dommador Gom ez, Dr. Ramon R. Papa, Hon. Geronimo Santiago, Dr. Marcelo Eloriaga., Dr. Juan Nolasco, H on . Tomas Mapua, Dr. Mariano GaHan, and Dr. Bernabe Bustamante who took t h e place of MI'. Mapua, resigne d.

Teaclte?'; P"'incipal, Gua. gna Elementa,,'Y School; res ., Guagua, Pamtpanga.

LOP EZ, Isabe l D. -

Born in Mexico, Pampanga, July' 8, 1896; after her stud ies sh e became an insular teacher , Guagua, Pampanga; a classroom teacher a n d later Principal Teacher of Se>..~ oan Element81'y Scho ol, a position sh e still holds.

Sugal' PlanteTj ,,路es., 932 S ingalong, Malate, .'Wanila; tel, 5-45-96; Provincial address, B alayan, Batangas.

LOPEZ, Jose S. -


(Miss) Ma r ia

P"'esident, Iloilo-

Neg,'o s rt f,' Express Co. ( I NAEC); ,路es.,

1175 M. H. del PilCllr, Malate, Manilaj tel. 5-62- 7 7.



LOPEZ, Dr. Natalio - Physician; res ., 1232 H e1'ran, Paco, Manila.

Born in Balayan, Batangas, May 13, 1898; the son of Mariano Lopez and Rosario Olba; married to the former Miss Remedios Javier; studied in the Ateneo de Manila, and th e University of Sto. Tomas, where he gradua ted as M.D J in 1922; was elected municipal councilor of Balayan, Batangas, 192832; president of the sanitary divisi on, N asugbu, Batangas, 1 932-35; elected assemblyman from the first district of Batangas, 1935, but was unseated by Tolentino who contested his election . He was a Coalitionist. A Roman Catholic by religion.

LOPEZ, Porfirio Agriculturist and B usinessman; office, State Bldg., Ave. RizaL Manila; p1'ovincial add1'ess, Ilo ilo, Iloilo.

LOPEZ, Salvador P. -Newspape1'man; ecZit01'ial w1itfYI', Th e Philippines He'rald; coeditor, H M'ald Midweek Magazine; 'tes ., 41.9 Astu:n:as, Manila.,

Born in Currimao, Llocos Norte, May 27, 1911 ; son of Bernabe Lopez and Segunda Sinang Lopez; graduated from the University of th e Philippines with the degrees of Ph.B., 1931; A.B., 1932'; and M.A., 1933 . He was a proof-reader, Suga1' News P'ress, 1931-32 j associate editor, The Leader, 1932-33; instructor in literature and journalism, Univ. of Manila, 1933-36; columnist and deskman, Philippines H e1'ald, sinc~ 1933; managing editOl", CommonweaU'h Advocate (now Commonwealth Fortnightly), 1936; co-editor, H erald NJ-i dweek Magazine, 1936; editorial writer, H erald, 1936, H e married on March 24, 1936, the former Miss Maria Luna, of Manila. He is a: member of the Manila Press, Gricliron, and other organizations.

LOPEZ, Saturnino - Division Engineer, 2nd Division, Bu?'eau of Public W01'ks, Manila Central Office ; add"ess, c/o Bu.路eau of P"b-

lie W o1"ks, Manila.

LOPEZ, Sixto Singalong,

Agriculturi8t; city reB., 9.12


provincial address,

Manila; BalOlYan~




Don Sixto Lopez, one of the Filipino p~ triots who defended the Philippine cause through the press abroad for many years, before, during and after the Philippine revolutions of 1896 and 1898, was born in the municipality of! Balayan, province of Batangas, on April 6, 1863. He is bhe son of N atalio Lopez and Maria Castelo, both natives of said town. He received his primary' education from the public school of Balayan in 1875, and was sent to Manila by his parents to study m the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, where he completed his elementary course, and later he studied under a private teacher, Dr. Cipriano Gonzales, who had his school in Manila in 1880. Two years later he enrolled at the College of San Juan de Letran and then transferred to the University of Santo Tomas, where he completed his secondary education in 1884, returning afterwards to his horne town where he spent eight years as agriculturist, helping his parents attend to eheir vast interests as farm owners. It was during his stay in Balayan when he read Noli-Me-Tange?'e and El Filibusterismo and learned much of RizaJ's plan to establish a colony in Borneo where he could start the movement to free the Filipino people from Spanish domination. He then joined the Masonry 路a nd received several letters from Dr. Rizal, but the local authorities became suspicious of Mr. Lopez' conduct that an order was issued to make a search of his home where said books and letters were discovered and seized as evidence against him. To avoid arrest! he took refuge in the house of Don Justo Guido! then a bookkeeper of "La Ins-tIlar" in Manila! and in 1892 when Dr. Rizal was deported to Dapitan, Mindanao, he took the s.s. Esmeralda which left for Hong-kong in July of same year. He lived in that British colony for eight months, and in 1893 he left for the United States of America, saw the 'World's Fair at Chicago, and stayed there for six months, after which he went to Paris and then to London, England_ While in England h e heard of the Philippine revolu tio n against Spain in 1896 and




he lost no time in issuing press statements which were released in various newspapers of London to enlighten the world of the truth about the social, economic and political conditio n~ th en obtaining in the Philippine I slands under the Spanish rul e . He had WOll the adm iration of s evera] English p eople a nd other foreig ners who r ea d his defense of t he PhiJ-ippine cause. a nd an Au strali a n wr iter b y th e nam e of Thomas T. P atterson offer ed his sel'vi to him as hi s private secretary .




F eli p e Agoncillo, who was t hen appointed bY' General Emilio Aguina ldo as special envoy

and minister ple nipotentiar y to " 'ashington, D. C., wrote a. letter to Don Sixto Lopez at London,

Englan d,

inviting the latter to join him in the Un iM r. Lopez in 1898 ted StaLeS. From London, Don Sixto Lopez went to \Vashington, D.C., where he met Don Felipe Agoncillo, and the two made efforts to contact the President an d the Secretary of State in their official capacities as representatives of the Philippine Revolu tionary Government with a view to seeking t he recognition of th~· Independence of the Philippine Is. lands, but they failed to have an audience. Together with Juan L una, the pain te r , Don Felipe Agoncillo and Don Sixto Lopez went to Paris, France, where thE' terms of the Treaty of Peace were then bei ng discussed by the representatives of the U nited States and Spain, and they tried to present t hei r objection tq' said t reaty and to make t heir d.emand for the r ecognition of the Filipino rlghts to become free and in dependent as a res~l t of the r evolut ion which t hey won agamst Spain. Being unsuccessfu l in t heir attE'rnpt at Paris, t hey returned to ~r ashington ~ .C., in. the early par t of 1899 in order ~ fll~ then' protest against t he approval of ~a ld treaty by the Congr ess of the United States. D.r. Jose Lozada, Antonio Ma. RegidoJ.", and Mariano Marti, an aide·de-camp to Gen.

erai Riego de Dios, were then in California as Philippine enyoys, but t he news of the hostilities between American and FiJipif10 forces reached them in time and they immp· diately left the United States for Canadian territory where Don Felipe went to meet them while Don Sixto Lopez returned to Emghnd where he continued his work as a Filipino propagandist. In 1899, however, an American antiImp eriali s ~ leader by the name of Fiske Warr en, who read much of Don Sixto Lopez' articl es in London papers, invited the 1atter to stay in the United States and paid his expenses whil e he was his guest at Boston, l\Iass. Don Sixto accepted the invitation and with his private secretary, Mr. Patterson, h~ resided in Boston where he continued his proPhilippin e independence activities under the ausp ices of his benefactor, Mr. Warren. In 1901, Don Sixto learned of the capt ure of General Aguinaldo and at the same time he heard of Apolinario Mabini's banishmen t t o Guam. He then sent Q. telegram to Mabini at Guam, informing the latter of the news of Aguinaldo's capture and oath of allegianc e to the United States and in viting him to go to Boston, but "irreconcilable" Mabini had lalready returned to the Philippines before t he telegram reached Guam. Later, Don Sixto r eceived words from his parents telling h im t ha t his brothers, Lorenzo, Cipriano and Ma nuel were imprisoned by the American military governor to induce him to return to Man ila . He immediately took the first stean:.ship that left for the Philippines, but when he an'ived at Hong-Kong he heard the news t hat he too was in danger of being anested, so he returned to the United States and from th er e he left for England. He came to Manila in 1903 but because he refused to take oath of allegiance t o the United &tates, he was deported two months after. In 1905, however, he heard of the Taft committee coming to the Philippines and he went ahead to Japan where he waited for said delegati on a'lld he took the same boat to Manila only to visit his mother, after wh ich he left for London again. Like General Artemio Ri· carte, Don Sixto refused to take oath of allegiance to the United States up to the present time, and he was permi tted to return


to the Philippines in 1915 as an alien. H e also sta'y ed in Saigon where h e represented Mr. Lichauco in hi s cattle business as purchasing agent. H e donated to the City of Manila's botanical garden a tiger and two leopards which he se nt h eTe from Saigon, In the general elections of 1934, he opposed the candidacy for r e-e lection of Senate President Manu el L. Quezo n as candidate for sena to r from the fifth senatorial district, although he had not taken his oat h of allegiance to the United States Mr, Lo pez in 193 8 of Amelica as 1'equired by law; and despite all the handi caps he had on acco unt of old age, he obtain ed a big numb er of votes from his own province, Batangas, w here President Quezon defeated him by about 600 votes only.

Agricultu'rise and Businessrnsan; p'reside-nt., International Channbe1' 0/ Commerce, Iloilo; vice-president and business manager, Alvi7' & Co., Inc.; res ., 257 Arquiza, Ermita, Manila ; tel. 5 -67-5 5 i 'P1'ovincial add1'ess, Iloilo, Iloilo.

LOPEZ, Vicente -

Born in J aro, Iloilo, in 1878; son of E ugenio Lopez and Marcela Villanueva; married to Elena de Lopez (now deceased) , by whom h e has four children, two sons and two d aughters ; attended the Colegio de San Juan de L etran, the University of Santo Tomas, and the Liceo de Manila; holds the degrees of B ache lor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws, pl':Lctised law for sometime and later engaged in sugar planting in Vallehermoso, Oriental Negros; h eld the rank of Captain und er Gene ral Pablo Araneta during the Philippin e revolution against Spain; and was elected a Delegate from the firs t district of Negros Oriental to the Constitutional Convention in 1934. H e is a Nacionalista by political affili ation.


Social Worke'r j president, Malolo s Women's Club and Pue?'icultu're Cente1'j 1'es., 1168 Sinu a long, Malate, Manila; prov incial address , Paseo del Conureso, Malolos, Bulacan ,

LOPEZ-BERN ARDO, (Mrs.) Sixta -

Mrs. Si xta Lope z-Bernardo, r eal estate owner, rice plan t er, and social welfare leader, was born in Malolos, Bul'aca n , on A pril 6, 1893. Aft e r fini shing her eleme ntary educa t ion in t he B aliuag In te rm e diat e Sch.ool, she was a ppoin ted a teacher in h er home town. 19 08-1 2, and r . sig ned f rom h er position whe n she m arri ed A tty. JusMrs . S. Lopez- Bernardo tino Bernardo in 1912. Upon th e advice of her husband, she continued h er studies in t he Bulacan High School lat Malolos, wher e sh e has completed t he second yea r, regul a r course, a nd stuuied comm erce later, but becau se of h e r h ousehold duties she was f orced to stop her schooling and t o devote her atten t ion to the care of h er children: J 0 s e (dec.) , Buenaventura, Al ej andra, Ca yet..', The late Atty. Bernardo Marfa Treveri s. Restituto, Basilio (dec.), Mru;a (dec.), Feli ciano, Z6simo, Bele n (dec.), and Gui~l e rnlQ Piani (dec.). Her husband became a justice ().f the peace but died on August 3, 1932, and, as a widow, she has to dD a.1one the work of educn.ting their children, six of whom are living. Notwithstanding her numerous duties, she has been able to do social welfare work , being the president of t he Malolos 'Women's Club and


C ,0___________c:o~B~N~E:J~O~.s~C~O~.~1.:r~O~N~w~E:A::L~T:H~D~IR ==E~ ______________________________________


PuericuJture Center, and leader in election oampaigns. She is a close friend to .Mrs. Aurora A . Quezon an d to ot her pr omment social workers of t he Phili ppines. VITO, J ose - Lawye1' j f issocia,te Justice, Conrt of Appeals of tlte Philippines;

LOPEZ res.,



M alate,

M anil aj



Born in Cadiz, Negros Occidental, on May 12, 1872; so n of Basilio Lopez and Isidm Vito; ed ucated ill tile Ateneo de Man il a,

Semina ria de J aro, a nd Colegio de San J uan de LetraIl, graduating f ro m the latter with the degree of Bachelor of Arts, before he studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1907. He was editor of the La Libe,路tad, published at Bacolod, Kegros Jose Lopez Vito Occidental, as the only mouthpiece of the revolutio n, 1898-99, and later, manager and editor of " E I Tiempo" of Iloilo, 1903-07. In the first gener al elections held in 1907, he was elected Third 'Member of the Provincial Boar d of Iloilo, serving in that capacity until 1910, when he was elected Represenhtive to the Ph ilippine Assem bl y from the third district of Iloilo, 1910-12. He practiced his law profession until J une II, 1927, when he was appointed Provincial Governor of Iloilo fO r the remaining term which expi red October 15, 1928 . On February 14, 1929, he was appointed a Judge of t he Court of First Instance 21st judicial district, but he declined the P~sition in o~'der to devote his time to the practice of hiS profession. Later he was preVl.:tiled u pon to serve in the judiciary, and he is now an Associate J ustice of the Court of Appeals. At He is married to Leoncia Villanueva. presen t he do es not belong to any political party, and is a Roman Catholic by l'eligion.

Merchantj 'res ., Bontoc, Nlountain PrlJvince. (Picture on page 320) .


Born in Bangar, La Union, on April 14, 1894; son of Manuel Lorenzana and Maria Mang lapuz ; married to the former Miss Feliza Da d o y Castro, of Cervantes, Ilocos Surl' by whom he has ten children : Ricardo, CalLxto, Dario, WilI, Jose Jr., Josefina, Felisa~ 'l'helma, A lfonso and Patria; a product of the public schools of his home province and is a self -made man; was clerk and disbursing officer, Lozano Transportation Company, Tagudin, Bon toc, 1912-1913; clerk, office of t he lieutenant governor of the sub-province of Lepanto, Amburayan, 1914-1915; secretarytreasure r and de puty provincial treasurer, 1915-1921 j tobacco inspector for Mountain Province, Bureau of Agriculture, 1921-1923; clerk, office of the provincial governor, Mount ain P rovince, 1923-1931; and delegate to the Constitutiona l Convention from the district of Bontoc in 1934. At present he is a mercha nt in the Mountain Province. He was a Nationalist-Democratic by political affiliation, and a P r otestant by religion.

Chief. Fire Depa;rtment, City of Manila; res., Santa Oruz Fil-e S tation, Sta. Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-42-11 .

LORENZO, Jac in to -

B orn in San Antonio, Nueva Ecija, on August 10, 1878; son of Calixto Lore nzo and Tomasa Reyes. Chief Lorenzo was educated in public and private schools, 1882-1890 .. He was a clerk, Court of First Instance, and he transfen-ed to the Fire Department later, wher e he became Deputy Chief, and was promoted to Chief of said department during the firs t year of t he Government of the Commonwealth , 1935. He is the president of the Firemen's Rel ief Association and of the Lukban El ementary School Parents and Teachers Association, Mani la. LORENZO, P a blo -

anga, Z<umboangu.

L awye'l'j res., Zambo(Picture on page 321) .

BorTI in Zamhoanga, Zamhoanga, on March 1, 1887 j son of P ab lo Lorenzo Sr. and Manuela Roxas; m arried to the former Miss


Luisa Rafols, by whom he has five children; educated in the Ateneo de Manila and the University of t he Philippines, gl'adua.ting from , the latter with the d egree of Bachelor of Laws j was secretary to Dr. Rafael Palma, ",h en the latter was a member of t he Phillippine Commission; secr etary to Vice-Governor General Henderson S. Martin; a member of the board of regents, University of the Philippines; representative from Zamboanga ; and delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the District of Zamboanga in 1934 . He is a Roman Catholic by religion, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Zamboanga Country Club. LORENZO, Pedro - SU'rveyo1',

Bureau of Public W01'ks; res., Naga, Cama?路ines Norte.

Roman T. -Acting DivisiJpn Superintendent of Schools of Bukidnonj 'res., M alaybalay, Bukidnon.


graduating with the degree of A.B. from the College of Liberal Arts, University of the Philippines, 1914; and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.), ColI. of Engineering, same university, 1917; appointed asst. civi l engineer, Bur. of Public Works, Zamboanga, 1917-18 j promoted to district engineer, Agusan, 1919-20 j dist. engr., Davao, 1920-24; dist. engr., Negros Occidental, 192526; dist. engr., Zamboanga, 1926-31; dist. engr., Negros Occ., 1931-34; and is now Division Engineer, 4th division, comprising the provinces of Agusan, Bukidnon, Cotabato, Davao, llinao, Misamis Occ., Misamis Orien路 tal, Sulu, Surigao and Zamboanga. He is married to the former Miss Felicidad Burdeos; member of the Apo Lodge, No. 50, Zamboangaj and a Roman Ca:thoHc. Vicente Membe-r, Provincial Boa'rd of Cebu; address: Cebu, Cebu.



LORENZO, Tomas- Assistant Civil Engineer, Bureau of Public Works; res., Cct.banatuan, Nueva Ecija. LORREDO, Jorge A. - LIlIWY"' ; City Att01'ney of Davao; 1路es., Davao , Davao _ LOTA, Pedro A . -

Lawye"r j 1-e8., Romblon,

Romblon. Born in Looc, Romblon, August 1, 1902; the son of Cornelio Lota and Manuela Alvana; married; graduated from the University of the Philippines with the degree of Bachelor of LaW's; a municipal councilor of Looc, Romblon; former member of the Provincial Board of Romblon and at present a practicing attorney. H e belongs to the Nacionalista party and is a Roman Catholic be religion.

Division Enginee'l", Bureau of Public Works, 4th Division; headquarters, Dansalan, Lanao.

LOZADA, Jose -

Born in Dumanjug, Cebu, on Dec_ 18, 1891; son of Valeriano Lozada and Maria Gonzalez; educated in the public schools,

Pianist; instruct01' in pianof01-te and solfeggio, Manila Conservatory of Music; and president, Manila Music LoveTs Society; 1-es_, M eycauayan, Bulucan.

LOZANO, Alfredo -

!VIr. Alfredo Lozano graduated from the Conservatory of Music, University of th e Philippines, in March, 1935, as pianist, and received his Teacher's Certificate after his graduation reci tal. H e was the president of the Student Council of said institution for several years. He was a delegate member of the Educational Oriental tour to Japan in 1937.

Member of the P,,"ovincial Board of Mt. Prov.; res., La T1'inidad, Benguet, Mt. P1-ovince.

LUBOS, Dalmacio -

Born in La Trinidad, Benguet, Mt. Province, in February, 1895. After completing his stud ies, he joined the National Guard, later entered ~ocal politics and was elected municipal vice president of the municipality of La Tl.;nidad, Mt. Province. At prese nt he is a membe.r of the Provincial Board of the Mt_ Province. He does not belong to any political party and is a Roman Catholic by religion_



Director, Bureau Q~ Print. ''res./ 1330 H erran Paco, M amla. my; •

LUCAS Pablo _

te Q Physici an and LUCER O D r. V ·I c e D· • , C't H ealth Officer of. Bagn,o ; Surgeo n; ~ Jf . B agu io, B el/guet, Mt. P1'ol,nnce.

LUKBA N, Dr. Miguel _ Physici an and ~I/r. . I GoverlW1' of Camarm es geon; P }.ovwcta . .

Norte : ,'e8,/ Daet, Camal' wcs N o? te , Born in Daet, Camari nes Norte,; son of Agustin Lukban and Rupert a Ma rtmez ; attend ed the Manila College of Pharma cy, n~d College of Medicin e, Univer sity of the Phil~ ippines, where he gradua ted as Doctor of Medici ne; and studied Civil Engineeri ng in the Univers ity of California, U.S.A. Dr. Lukban was profess or of mn.thematics in the Liceo de Manila and in the College of Pharmacy of the same Dr. Miguel Lukbnn institut ion, and was appoint ed residen t physici an at St. Paul's Hospital, 1910-1 1; preside nt, Sanitar y Division, Lopez, C1.}auag, Guinay angan and San Nal'ciso~ all in the provinc e of Tayaba s ; transferred to Infanta , Baler, P olillo and Casigu ran, same provinc e. He was also physici an for the M,an ila Ra ilroad Compa ny, before he was appoint ed Provinc ial Gove rnor of Camarines Nl)rte in 1020, and was elected to same office of Govern or in 1925-2 8; elected Repr esentative, to the Philipp ine Legisla ture, 1931-3 4; and was again elected provinc ial Govern or, 1934-3 7, and 1938-4 0. He elso served during the Philipp ine revolution as Lieut enant, and later, Captain , Revolu tionary Anny. A Nation alist and a devout Roman Catholi c . LUMAN LAN, Belarm ino -

Pha1rmacist , a.n.d forme?" Municipal Preside nt of Parae; 'res ., ,Parae, Pampa nga. Born i.n Porac, Pampa nga, on Novem ber 20, 1906. Widow er. He studied in the public

h ols of his home town, and after comple ting ~o Ihis seconda ry course in Pampa nga H'h 19 School, he went to Manila where he t~ok up the study of pharma cy. gradua ting W1th the degree of Bache lor of Science in Pharmac~. Return ing to his hom e town, he put up his own drug store. He was e lected Munici pal Preside nt of Porae in 192 8, when he was only 23 years old, and was l'e-elec ted to same office in 1931. LUNA DE SAN PEDRO , Andres -

Archite ct; office, C1'ystal Arcade , E8colta , Binond o, M anilar- tel. 2-~9-07 .

Born in Pari s, Ft' ~nce, in 1886 ; son of Jun n L una, the famous painter and patdot , and FaZ! Pardo de Tavera , sister of Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera , former membe r of t h e Philipp ine Commi ssi on, Mr. Andres Luna de San Pedro, accomp anied by his father and his uncle, Antoni o Luna, came to Manila where he began his early education at the age of six. He first studied paintin g und er Miguel Zarago za, and later under Ra.mon Sta. Coloma and Lorenz o Guerre ro. He exhibit ed his paintin gs in the Colonia l Exposition of Hanoi, Indo-C hjna, in 1902, when he was first given recogni tion for one of his works which won an honora ble mentio n; and, in the St. Louis Exposi tion, U .S.A., held in 1904 , one of his paintin gs won a silver medal.· He won anothe r medal at the Exposi tion of the Society of Artists held in Manila in 1908. He went to Japan to study cerami cs, but he returne d to Manila and took a course in a rchitec ture by corresp ondenc e with the I.C .S., which awarde d him his diplom a in 1911; left for Europe the next year and studied art in Paris under Charle s Gilardi , art~ ist-con structo r, and attende d the Superi or School of Fine Arts and worked in the office of Paulin, a French archite ct. He also studied ma.them atics und er Prof. Baudui t, and sculpt ure under Prof , Yerma n, the cebbra ted sculpto r and winner of a grand prize of Rome. He also attende d the N ight School de Temple , and in 1918 he obtaine d his Archit ect Diploma from the French Govern ment. He worked in the office of Emil Berton er, chief 13.J'chitect of the French Govern ment, and was admitte d to the "Salon des Artiste s F]:anc~is" and


awarded a prize for his work. H e was a lso admitted to the "Societe Central des ArChitects Fra ncai s.JI Upon his return to Manila, he was made Chief AJ:chitect of the City Government, where he worked f ro m 1 920 t o 192 4. He was the designer and builder of the P er ez Samanillo Bldg ., the residence of Don Jacobo Zobel, t he St. Scholastica's Conservatory of Music Bldg ., th e Cl'ystl.i Arcade, and many other artistic commercial a nd r esidential buildings in the Islands. LUNA, (Miss) Carmen de -Educator; pres-


1915; practicing att<;>rney, 1915-16; attorney and public lan ds inspector, Bureau of Lands, 1917-19; lawyer and nota ry public, Calamba Sugar Estate, 1919-21; Asst. Attorney, Bureau of J ustice, 1922; elected Representative to the P hilippine Legisl:J,ture, 1922-25, 1928-31, a nd 1932-34; and Member, National Assem bl y, 1935-38. H e was the winner in the secon d Annual Oratorical Contest held by the University of the Philippines in 1914, and went to China and Japan as vice-chairman of the Philippine Legislative T rade Mission in 1933.

ident, Centro E scola1' Unw;e?'sity, ?'es" 2265 A ZCUltTaga, Manilai tel. 2-16-08 . Miss Carmen de Luna, a product of public and private schools, began her career as a teach er and was made sub-directress of the Cen t ro E6colar de Senoritas, which was found e d by Dona. Librada Av elino in 190 8. A s an education.a..l and social leader, Miss de Lun a has contributed much to the progress of the institution, which is now the Centro E scolar University, of which she is th e head. (S ee page 1092.)

L awyer; .4ssemblyman f?'om Mindo?'o; city add?'ess, 410 San Antonio, Manila ; tel, 5-55-69; provt. add?'ess, Calapan, Mindo?路o.

LUNA, Dr. Juan L. -

Bor n in Calapan, Mind or o, Aug. 29, 1894; son of Pedro Luces Lu na and Silvestra Ab :l-o; graduated as LL.B. from th e UniverSity of the Philippines, 1915; and took post grad uate courses from the University of Santo T'o mas, graduating as LL.M., 1937 , ",nd D .C.L., 1938. Dr. Luna marri ed, on Oct. 3, 1919, the former Miss Arac e li Adriatico, daughter of the late Don Macario Juan L. Luna Adriatico, former A ssemblyman from Mindoro. H e has at present five children: Araceli, Juan, Ali t a, Marla, and M~n u el. He was a teache r, Tro zo Primary School, 1911-13; admitted to th e Philippine Bar,

Lawyer ; chief, Trade R egulation Section, Bureau of Commerce; ?'es" No'Veleta, Ca1Jite.

LUNA, C. -

Born in Bacoor, Cavite, May 8, 1892; so n of Lucio Luna and Vicenta. Guinto; married, Dec. 18, 1922, the former Miss Apolonia Agrava, of Noveleta, Cavite, by whom his children are Fedora, Zenaida, Ruben, and Edna. Mr. Luna has been connected with the government since 1909, when he was appointed a teacher of primary school, and, after passing the second grade (Engli sh) civil service examination, he was appoi nted a clerk in the Bureau of Navigation ilind transfeo'ed later to the BUTeau of Commerce, where he worked, first as a clerk, and later, chief clerk. It was during his employment when h e finished his high school course and his legal training, h:llving graduated with the degree of LL,B. from the National Law Co llege, University of Manila, -in 1932, and was a dmitted to t he Philippine Bar in 1933. H e belongs to no pOlitical party, and is a Mason of high degree.

LUNA, Dr. Rufino L. -

L awye1'; Undersecretary of the Interim'; res . 1030 Celest-ino Aragon, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-56-47.

Born in Gasan, Marinduque, on August 10, 1892 j bei ng the third and only living child of Norberta Luna a nd Victoliana Soto; ed ucated in t~1e public schools of hi s home pl'OVinee w here he finished the elementary course; gradu ated from t he Manila High School in 1912; attended the Pre-Law course in t he



College of Liberal Arts, U niversity of the Philippines, and obtained his LL:B. ~egr~e from the College of Law, same UmversIty, In 1916, and passed the bar the same year. He was originally employed in the Bureau of Educati on in 1912 as clerk, transferred to the Bureau of Public Works, and later to the Bureau of Science, where he resigned to practice law. He reentered the government service in Dr. Rufino L. Luna 1917, when he w.a.s appointed law clerk in the Law Division of the fanner Executive Bureau. He was promoted to various positions until he was appointed Chief of the Law Division of the same Bureau in 1923. On November 10, 1936, he was appointed Under-secretary of the Interior which position he still holds to date. He was sent as a government pensionado to the United States in 1924 to take post graduate courses in Constitutional Law, International Law and Political Science in the University of Michig'an, where h~ graduated with the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1925, and was admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar, same year. Dr. Luna is the author of "Provincial and Municipal Code"; "The Philippine Municipality at Work"; "Notes on Public Corporation" j "Administrative Law", and "Poli_ tical Law Review". He was a professor of law in the various law schools, including the Par Eastern University. He married the fOlmer Miss Maria COlTal of Gasan, Marinduque. They have four chil~ dren: Rufino, Jr.; Lydia, Norberto an d Nieves Teresita, He belongs to no political party. and is a Roman Catholic by religion,

LUNA. mY i zalj

Victoriano_ Colonel, Philippine Ar'r es., 60 Chinkang St. , Pasay, Ri-

tel. 5-1.4-09 ,

Secret(llry, Securities Service C{)1'porationj pl'esident, Athletic Supply Co.; office, 118 T. Pinpin, Binondo - tel 2-26-27; res., 84 Panaderos , Santa Ana, Manilar-tel. 5-65-87 .

LUSK, Francis -

LUTERO, Deogracias -

Lawyer i res., Iloilo,


Lawyer and Sugwr Planter; ex-Delegate to the Constitutional Convention "rom Iloilo; res., Janiuay, Iloilo . (Picture on page 319)

LUTERO, Tiburcio

Born in Janiuay, Iloilo, on April 7, 1885; son of Apolonio Lutero and Tomasa Aliaga; married to the for mer Miss Asuncion Magalong, by whom he has two children; Luz and Ramon j ed ucated in Malo Institute i~ Iloilo, and the Sto. Tomas University where he received his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees; admitted to the bar in 1910; president of the Sugar Planters Association of Janiuay, Iloilo, and of the Confederation of Sugar Planters of Sa.ra-Ajuy, Barolac N uevo, Dumangas, and Janiuay; and elected Delegate from the third district of Iloilo to the Constit utional Convention in 1934.

Business E xecutive ; signs pew pro, Menzi & Co" Inc.; 1路es., 1J27 Dako ta, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-58-1,8.

LUTH I, P. -

Business Executive .. dil'ecto'1'-gene'1'al, Philippine Exposition, Inc.,' general agent, National Life h tsu'1'ance Co.; directo1', Manila Hotel Company; ?'es" 953 A . Mabini, Malate, Manila; tel . 5-59-98 .

LUZ, Arsen io N . -

Born in Lipa, Batangas, December 14 t 1888; graduated a s A. B. from Liceo de Manila, and stud ied law in the Escuela. de Derecho de Manila. He worked with the El Renacimiento, and t he L a Vanguardia. an d became editor of El Ideal, official organ of the Nacionalista P arty until, in 1918, he was appointed a professor of Spanish in t he Universit y of t he P hilip pines. I n 1920 he wen t to the United States as commercial agen t of


the Philippine Gover n ment in New York; r epresen ted t he Phili ppines ti n t h e F or eign Trade Con vention of San Francisco, 192 0; in th e Tropical P rod ucts Exp osition in L ondon, 1 921; and studied a dvanced j our n alism at t h e Columbia University during his stay in New York, retu rning to the Philippin es in 1922, when h e was apA r seni o N , Luz. poin ted editor and managel' of T he Phi li ppines H e1'ald, and directorgen er al of th e Philippine C a.rn ivai, since t hat year . H e !3.lso represented t h e P hili ppines in t h e Paris Coloni aJ Expo~ition in 193 1, and was decorated as Off ice r of th e Legion of H onor by t h e Fr en ch Gover nm e nt f or his work in toot exposition . As a b usinessman, he has done hIS part in the econo mic development of t h e Isla n ds, H e was for some time an economic adv iser at MaI-acaiia n, a nd in compa ny w ith Secretary Jorge B. Vargas an d Mr, Isaac Barza he man aged t he t it'st Sweepstakle held in the P hilippines in 193 3. Mr. Luz was the first Fi lipino president of the Man ila Rot:lry Club, an d was also presiden t of the Chamber of Conunerce of the Philip pines, and or gan izer of t h e Philippine-Am eri can Trad e Association, He is a lso a realto r, an und er writer, a nd a br oker, as wen as a writer, a publicist a n d a trave ler,


Mr. Luzak was one of the first Americ'ln soldiers who came to th e Philippines d uring t he Spanish-Ame r ican war, an d is n ow a reiired se rgean t of the U . S. Army. H e is marr ied t o a F ilipina, an d for many years he r.3:S been conducting h is business in t he city of Manil a ,

Agronomistj asst, adminis tr at or, Sugar A dministrati on; 1'es" 84 Sta. E scolastica, Pasay, Rizalj t el.

LUZURfAGA, Anton io R, de -

5-21路J5 .

Born in Bacol od, Negros Occidental, Sept, 5, 1903; so n of August o Lu zuriaga and Santiaga Villadelgado; grad uated with the degr ee of B. S. in Agr., Universi ty of the P hi lippines, in 19 25; and was later co nn ec ted with the Agricul tural Departmen t of the Experiment Station, H awaiian Sugar Planter s' Association, Hawai i, 1925; technical a ssistant, Pepeekeo Sugar Plantation, 1926; Plant P hysiologist, Research Bureau, P hi lippine Sugar Assn " Manila, 1929; agro nomist, Research Bureau, same, 1933; and is a t present, assistant adminisb:ator, Phili ppine Sugar A dministration. He is a member, National Rifle and Pistol Association of the Philippine Islands ; Kah irup Club; and University Club , Provincial address: Bacolod, N eg1'08 Occidental. LUZURfAGA, C la udio R. de - Lawye1'j di1'ect01', Opisso & Co ., Inc.j res., 1280 Taft

Avenue, Malate, Manila. LUZ, Dr. Julio - Physician and B usinessman,. 1'e8., 1207 Sing along, Malate, Manila. LUZ, Vale riano K . - A sst . M an(J,gel' and in

charge of Trading Cen ter j chief, indust,,'ial p1'oducts division, BU1'eau of Comme1'ce ; 1'es., 648 L egarda, Sannpaloc, Manila, LUZADA, Ulpiano - Staf f A "Ust, F ed",路ated A1路tistSj 1Jes" 1565 Mangahan, St a. C.,'uz,

T eache,', MILlate Ca.tltolic School; c/o 1030 A. Mabini, Malate, Manila,. tel. 5-68-18.

LUZ URIAGA, (M i,,) Helen -

LYN CH, Thoma, A . - MILi o,' (R et.) US.4; L awyer j office, 404 P . Sa-manilio B ldg.,

Escolta--tel. 2 -88-82j res., 921 Wright , Malate, Manila,. tel. 5-42-67.

Manila, Min路ing E ngineer; technical staff, Alvi?' and Co" Inc,; add1'ess : c/o Alvi,. & Co ., Y utivo B ldg ., 4th Floor, D asma'l~ina8, Binondo, 111anila ; te l. 2-38-96.

LY NCH , Vi c tor J . -

Businessrnan j propl'iet01', Cleveland Cafe ,. office and "'es" 8 89 Ca1'riedo , Sta. C1'UZ, Manila; tel. 2-S6-46,

LUZAK, Ale x -



M Lawye1'j City Fiscal of fonner Senator from the 2nd sena· ton'at district, and Judge 0/ the Court 0; F irsi instance 0/ iloilo; res., 2075 Luna, Pasuy, Riza,l. Born in S'an Felilando. La Union, on July 14, 1886; the son of Liberato Mabanag and Manuela RagojOj swdied in the Philippine Nannal ScJlOol, and the' University of Santo Tomas, ,vhere he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1908; received his Bachelor of Laws degree from the La Ju risp:?:udencia in 1911; passed the bar examinations In 1912; was employed in the Executive Alejo Mabnnog Secretary's Office from 1903 to 1912 j founder and director of uEI Derecho;" was one of the proprietors of "El Heraldo Nacional i" elected Senator from the seconcL senatorial district to the Seventh Philippine Legislature; recently appointed a Judge of the Court of First Im;tance of Iloilo, 3rd Branch j and Rilpointed City Fiscal of Manila, December 1, 1938. He is married to Jacoba Ramirez, his second ' ...·ife. He is a Roman Catholic by religion. MABANAG, Alejo lI1an~la;

Generalll1erchant; incorporator and orgaNizer, Eastern DeepSea Fishing Corp{JI(ltionj office, 3.1;2 eu

MAB ANTA, Roman -

Unjieng Bldg.; tel. 2-1,2-37; res., .125 P . Campa, Sampalo., Manila; tel. 2-26-87.

MABULAY, P. - Membe''f', Provincial BOG/l'd of Misam~ 01'ientalj address, Cagaya.n, Mi-

samis Onental. MACABAGA , Dr . R - f ·N • U InO

.. Physunan and Surgeon; 'res ., San Fe1'1ta.ndo, La Union. Born in San Fernando, La Union on Aug 17'.1896.; son of Eugenio Macabaga' and Ob~ dul~a N~speros; gradua ted as B.A. from the Umverslty of Nebraska ' 1924 , B .S. , 1925 ,an d MD . . , 1927, same University. He married on -

March 21, 1931, the former Miss Crispina Lorenzan a, of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, by whom he has at present three children : Rufino l Lilian, and Florence. He was an interne, Iowa Lu th . Hospital, and Binghafl\ City Hospital, N.Y.; physician and surgeon, Bethany Hospit al, San Fernando l La Union, P. 1., 1928-34; founder and present ow ner, Lorma Hospital, La Union, 1934; director, Tagudin Hospital, since 1935 .

D esigning Engineer, Bu:reau of Public W o'r ksi vice-president, Philippine Society of Civil E nginee)'s; res., J82 Blument1'itt, Santa Cruz, Ma1t,ilo.

MACABULOS, Teo d a to -

Engineer; manager, Engineering Equipment and Supply Co.;

MacAFEE, Donald B . -

res., 1188 A . Mabini, Apt. 7-A, Malate, Ma-

nila, tel. 5-59-75. Born in Long Beach l California, U.S.A., on December 17, 1903 j son of Robert MacAfee and Julia E lla White MacAfee; attended the University of N evada; married to Lilian B. Davjs, of San Francisco, Cal., April 29, 1933. He was engaged in min e and mill operations, 1923-30, and is now manager of th e Engineering Equipme nt and Supply Co. He is a member of the Manila Polo Club, Wack ·Wack Golf Club, Manila Yacht Club, Manila Gu.n Club, Army and Navy Club, A. I. M.E.; and a Mason.

Pianiste ; instructor in Pianof()1·te, U. P . ConseTvatory of M usic; res., T anauan., B atangas.

MACA ISA, B e n e d icta -

Born in T anauan, Batangas, on May 6, 1909; th e daughter of J u lia P. V da . de Macaisa; studied music for three years at the Santa Rosa College, majored in music fo r five years at the Saint Scholastica's College, and the Conservatory of Music, Univer sity of


the Philippin es, where she was awarded a 'l'eacher's Certificate in Music. At present she is the directress of her own private musical' school. She is a Roman Catholic.

Civil Engineer, hydtrauli c division, BU'reau of Public l-Vorks; Tes., 25 San Miguel P1'ivado, San Miguel, Manila;. tel. 2-7.-77.

MACALALAG, Eleuterio -

MACAPINLAC, Celestino P'1'opl'ietor; !oTme1' Municipal P 'resident; res .. Minalin, Pampanga.

Bm'TI in Minalin , Pampanga, on Apr il G, 18 87 . Married. A product of the old private Spanish schools and the American public schools j was Sanitary Inspector, 1910 to 1922, De puty Provincial Sheriff, 192 5 to 1928, and was later elected Municipal President of hi s home town. H e belongs to no polit ical pal'ty. A Roman Catholic by r eligion. MACARAEG, Juall E n ginee r ; ojjice, 8 Lack & Davis Bldg., Echague, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-35-99;. res., J 08 Laura, San J uan del Monte, R izal; tet. 6-88-04.

Assistant PTo/es S01', University 0/ the Philippines, and member, BfJa'rd of Pa1'dons; res., 169 Villaruel, Pasay, R izal ; tel. 5-12-15.

MACARAIG, Serafin E. -

P1'oprietress, T he Educational Supply; office, 70+ Avenida R izal, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2-60-1 7; res ... 169 VillaTuel, Pasay, R izal; tel. 5-12-15.

MACARAIG, V . Puyat -

Victoriano P luvrmaceutical Chemistj manage1', indent olrder depa1路trnent, The Modern Pha1-macal P"'oducts Co ., Inc., "路es., 195-A Mabini, Culoocan, R izal.


Douglas Major General, U .S .A. (Reti"ed); Mil itary Adviser to the P1'esident of the Philippines, and Field MW'shal, Phi lippine Anny; res., Manila Ho tel, Manila. (Picture on page 470 )



Born in Arkansas, J anu ary 26, 1880; son Lieutenant General A rthur MacArthur


(U.S.A., see page 88) and Mary P. Ha rdy MacArthur. H e graduated from the United States Military Academy, 190 8; gt路ad., Engineers School of Application, 1908; D.Sc., Philadelphja Military College, 1 928; Norwich Umverslty; LL.D., UniverSIty of Maryland, 1928; Western Maryland College, 1929; a nd University of Pittsburg, 1932; and LL.D., University of the Philippines, 1938. H e was commissIOned 2nd Lieutenant of Engineers, June 11, 1903 ; 1st Lieutenan t, Apr. 23, 1904; Captain, Feb. 27, 1911; Major, Dec. 11, 1915; Colonel of I nfantry, National Army, Aug. 5, 1917; Brigadier General (temporary), June 26, 1918; Brigadier Genera l, Regular Army, Jan. 20, 1920; Major General, J an. 17, 1925; and General, Nov. 21, 1930. He was on duty in the Philippines, 190 304; with California Debris Commission, Jan.Oct. 1905; acting Chief Officer of Engineers, Pacific Division, JUl y-Oct., 1905 j duty in Japan, etc., 1905-06; Aide-de- Camp to the President of the United States, 1906-07 ; Instructor, Mounted Service Schools, 1 908-10; Instructor, Army Service Schools, 19 10-12; with the Vera Cruz expedition, April-Sept., 1 914 ; Member, General Staff, 1913-17; appointed Chief of Staff, 42nd Divisio n , Aug. 5, 19 17; appointed Com mander, 84th Infantry Brigade, Aug. 6, 1918; app oin ted Commander, 42nd Division (Rain bow), Nov., 1918. During the 'World ,,"Tar, he participated in the Lunevil1e, Baccarat and Esperance-Lovain sectors, also in the Cham pagne-Marne and Aisne-Mal'ne defensives, and in the St. Mihiel, Essey, Pannes-Meuse-Argonne and Sedan offensives. He was with the Arm y of Occupation, Germany, from November, 1918, to April, 1919; wounded t\vice-RechiCourt and, Esperance, France, 1918; appointed Su perintendent, U. S. Mil itary Academy, Ju ne 12, 1919. In t he Philippines, he was Commanding Officer of the District of Manila, 23rd Infantry Brigade and the Philippine Division, from 1922 to 1925. Later he was mad e Co mmandi ng Officer, Fourth Corps Area, Atlanta, a nd Third Corps Area, Baltimore, Command ing Officer, Phili ppine Department, U.S.A., 1 928; and Ninth Corps Area , San Francisco, 1930; Chi ef of Staff, U .S. Army, 1930-35; an d finally Military Advise.r to the Government of the Co mmonwealth of the



Philippines, since November, 1935, (see page 468), and Field Marshal of' the Philippin e Army, since J une, 1936. H e i~ t he a u t hor of "A Discussion of National Defense P roblems," published on pp. 579-.84 of this book. He was decorated with the D istinguished Sen ice Medal, Purple Heart, and Silver Star (United States); Grand Cross Order of the Crown (Italy); Grand Cross P olonia Restituta (Poland); Grand Cross Order of Military Merit (Hungary); Grand Cross Order of the "'''bite Lion (Czechoslavakia) j Grand Cross Ol'der of the White Eagle (Yugoslavia); Grand Cross Order of Military Merit (Rumania) j Order of Military Merit, First Class (Mexico); Grand Officer Legion of Honor (France) j Commander DI'del' of the Crown (Belgium); Croix de Guerre with 3 palms (France); War Cross (Italy). He was Commander-in-Chief, Military Order 'World "'Val', 1927, and president, Americ3.n Olympic Com., 1928.

At present he is the Military Adviser to the Government of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Field Marshal of the Philip_ pine Army, and vice-president and treasurer of the Manila Hotel Company. He manied jn the United States the former Miss Jane Fail'coth in 1937, and has now one child. MACASAET, Dr . Ramon K.-Physician and

Surgeonj fonner chairman, Boa1'd of Medical Examinersj o/fice" 846 G. Tuason, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-78-06 . MACATANGAY,

JO,e G.-Lawyer; office

the Philippine Normal School in lU13,' and f rom t he Uni ver sity' of the Philippines, with t he degr ees of Bachelor of Science jn Educat ion an d H .T .C. (19l7); was chssroom t eachel' in t he Laguna High S ~hool; High Schoo l P ri nci pal in Mindoro, Bataan, Abra, La Un ion, B ata ngas , and Pangasinan; and Division Super in t endent of Schools since 1933. At present h e is t he Division Superintendent of Schools of Isab ela. He belong s to no political pa r ty, a nd is a Roman Catholic by religion, MA C EREN, C;r;lo C.--Luw)/e,路; offic e, 519 A t'e. Rizal, Room 36 ; tel. 2-57-66 j res., 467

Dart, Paco, Manila; tel, 5-4 6-26. MacGA Y IN, W .-Assistant Treasw'e1', Han son, 01路th & Stevenson, Inc.,. ?'e8 ., 1;.41 Perez;

Paco, Manila; tel. 5-68-14. MacGOWA N, H.- District Passenger Agent,

The Robert Dollan' Co.; esteemed loyal knight, Manila L odge N o. 761, Ben evolent ane[ Protectiva Order of Elks; ,路es., 137 Sinagoga Apt. 8, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-47-77.

MACHA DO, R. H. -Broker, E. Santama,';o & Co,; di1'ector and member, Jl,Janila Stock Exchangej 1'es" 1J38 Dakota, Malate, Ma-

nila; tel. 5-55-94 . MAOHUCA, A.-A cting Man ager, J. Machuca & Co.; res ., 2J Balmes, Quia po, Manila .

San Vicente, Binondoj tel. 2-72-30; res.: 70 Mam'ique, Sampaloc, Manila .. tel. 6-72-8 4.


Division Swperintendent 0/ Schools, Bureau of Education ' ' res ., !lagan, Isabela.



MACED A, Antonio A. -

BOTn in Pagsanjan, Laguna, on May 4 , 1892; the son of Tomas Maceda an d Pa ulin a Abarquez ; married to the late Miss Alfon sa C~ball es , his first wife, and to the former MISS Corazon Madarang, h is second wife' h,as six children: AraceH, Mal'ieta An ton'~ Jr,) Lilia, Heidi and El' nest o j grad~ated fro~

SANCHEZ, J.- Manage,', J. Machuca & Co. (Tiles) ; office, 31 BalmeB . QuialJO, Manila; tel. 2-39-33.

Jose-Manage,', H elena Gina?' Company j ?'es" 1;.5 Bu enos ,4 ires, Sta, Mesa, Sampaloc, Manila.

MACKAY, Gordon W. - Purtne,路, Mackay &

MQC01"?1tick (Stock and Bond B?'oke1's)" member, bou1'd of di?'ecto?'s, Northe1it Mining and Developmen.t Co., Inc... tr easu?'e)' and m~1nb er, M anila S~ock Exchange, Stock


Quotations Co ., Inc.; treasurer, Equitable Exploration Co., Inc.; and president, Manila Esco/ta, Binondo; tel. Golf Club; office, 2...15-57; 'res ., 1906 F. B. Harrison, Pasay, Ri.• «l; tel. 5-11-.6 .


MACLEOD, Anthony

M. -Business E xecu-

tive; direotoT, Commonwealth lnswran ce Co .; gene1'al manage?', A. S01'iano y Cia. ; I(}/fice, So.1-1anO Bldg.; tel. 2-30-81 .. r es .~ 3 Pal1n Court, Pasay. Riza.l; tel. 5-17-86. Born in Manila, November 12, 1904; son

of J ohn Macleod and Carmen Sackel'mann ; graduated as B.C.S. from De La Salle College, 1924; was correspondence writer and later executive secretary, La Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory, in charge of company's branch in San Francisco, Cal., U .S.A., returned to Manila and

was made cashier, then head of statistical depar t m ent, assistant sales manager, and finall y manager, 192430!; general manager, La Yebana Co., 1932Anthon y M. Macleod 36 j and with Ovejero & Hall, Sugar, Exchange & Mining Brokers, 1936-37. At present he is th e general manager of A. Soriano y Cia. ; director, Commonwealth Insurance Co.; director, L a Yeban a Co., Inc. j treasurer, Industrias Con solidadas, Inc. He is a member of the Manila Club, Manila Polo Club, Army and Na,'y Club, and Casino E spaiiol. Neil J. -Business E xecutive; di'rector, Smith, B ell & Co., Ltd.; vice-president, Nomad s Spo?'ts Clu b; ,·es., 101,.1 T aft Avenue, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-72-,4 6.


Aoting Cl"'k of Court, fourih jud,\;ial district, Cpw ·ts of First Instance (Rizal) .. 1·es., Pasig, Rizal.


Benito -

Angel Y oingco-- B usinessman; vice-p1'esident, El Cen h'o de M odas.. res., 1219 Miseric01'dia, Santa Cruz, Manila; tel.


2-77-28 .

MADAMBA, Dr. Jose-Physician and Surgeonj Tesident physician, H wrnscn H ospi-

tal; 'res., 3 64 F. B. H arrison, Pa8ay, Rizal ; tel. 5-18·82. MADAMBA, Luca. V . -Lawyer; office, 408 Phil. Nat!. Bank Bldg., E scolta, Binondo ; tel . 2-20-67; res., 1296 L everiza, Malate: Manila; te l. 5-58-11.

Born in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, o n Ma r ch 30, 1912; son of Br auHo Madamba and Atanacia Valentin ; grad uated as L L.B. fr om the University of t he Phil ippines in 1935, and passed t he bar examinations the same year, occ upying the seventh place. H e w or ked as a stenographer, U.S. Army, and, later, in the Bureau of I nternal Revenue, and is now engaged in private law practice. He ma rried the former Miss Caroline Crow, of Batangas, in December, 1934, and has one son, Joseph. He is a member of the Rizal Center Fraternity. MA DAMBA, Dr. Ri.cardo LI. -Physician and

Swrgeon; captain, 1nedical corps, Philippine Constabulary.. 1·es., TuguegaTao , Cagayan. Born in Dingras,. Iloeos Norte, on February 7, 1897; son of Isidro Madamba a nd Cristina Llanes; graduated as B.A. from t he Univers ity of the Philippines, 1919, and as M.D.,. from same university, in 1925. H e was an interne, P hilippi ne General Hospital, 1924-25; r esident physician and surgeon. Mary Chiles Hospit al, 1925-26; 1st L ieutenan t and Medical Inspector , Phili ppine Constabulary, 1926, and promoted to Ca pta in, Medical Corps. 1931. MADAMBA, Ulpiano V.- A g?'onomist, fi eld service, B ureau of Plarut I ndustry ; 'l·es.,

T-w,guega1'ao, Cagayan . Antonio-Ranger, div. of forest delimitation and improvem ent, BUTeau of Forestry; 1·es., 876 O'Donnell, Sta. Cruz,. Manila.

MADARAN G, MACHROHON, Rosalia D.- City TTea sU'rer

of Zamboanga; boanga.







ADARANG, Dr. CJemente- P hysician a~d M Surgeon; District H ealth Of ficer of Capl':::

res., Capiz, Capiz. P edro C.-.-lg'roJlomist.. acting prot'incird agronomist, Burean of Plant industr,,; res., Iba, Zambales.


Born in San Juan, San Anton io, Zamba.. les, on April 5, 1895; son of Andres l\ladara?g and Dominga Canonizado ; attended the Umversity of the P h.Hippi nesj grad., ~"'aJ.m .Business Management, I.e.s.; married to JulIana Madarang, by whom he has six children: Virginia, Seguncla, Napoleon, Ferdinand, Remedios, and Ruth . He was a municipal teacher, San Antonio, Zambales, 1915-18 i "ith the Bureau of Agric'ul ture, 1917-22; transferred to Animal Husbandry Div' l 1923; reassigned to agricultural extension work, Bureau of Plant I ndus try, 1925; and is at present acting provi ncial agronomist of Zambales. MADARRA, Em;\io-Depl,ty Clerk of Court,

first judicial district, COU1路ts of First Instance ; res., !lagan, Isabela .

ca pacity un t il th e America n occupation of the Islands, He studi ed En glis't1 in the night school in 1901 a nd was soon appointed a clerkinterprete r in t he office of provincial govern or of N ueva V izcay a , and later postmaster of Rayombong. H e took a nd passed t he Assistant Pl'ovincia'i Tl'ea s ul'el" s examination on J u ly 6, 1907 , and appointed Acting Provincial Secr etary-Treasu rer of Nueva Vizcaya, 1908-12; pel1nanen t P rovincial Sec retary Treasurer, same p rov ince, 1912-17, w ith additiona l d uties as Regist er of Deeds and Jus tice of the Peace ; design ated Acting Provincial Governor of Nu eva Vizca ya, 1917; appointed Provincial TretlSUl"er of Rizal, 191819 j and was tra nsf erred to Bulacan in the ,am. position on July 1, 1919. In 1927 he passed the exa minat ions for Certified Public Accountant, but he rema ined in hi s office a s Provincial T reas urer of Bulacan un t il he ran for governor ship of Nu eva Vizcaya in 1937; and on J anu ary 1, 1938, he was sworn in as Governor of said province , H e is a Nacionalista by poli t ical affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by Religion. MADR IAGA. Most Rev. Mariano-Bishop of

C"'Vified Public Accountant; UlJU' Prol'incial Governo'r of Nueva Vizcaya; 1路es., Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.

MADDELA, Toma, -

Born in Bayombong, Nueva Vjzcaya, on October 19, 1875. He studied in the Spanish Normal School for Teachers, graduating in 1895 \\;th the title of "Maes. tro Superior." I n 1896 he studied telegraphy in the govel"nment school fo]" telegraph operators and was appointed a t e l egraph operator, first To mas Maddela



in Manila, and t hen in his home province. During the I'evolut ion of 1896, he was appointed a second lieutenant and served in that



Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Born in Vigan, nocos Sur, 36 years ago, the youngest prelate in the Catholic hierarchy in the Philipp ines. Hie was ordained in 1930, and consecr ate d Bishop on May 22, 1938, with Bishop 路Gabr iel Reyes officiating. MAD RID, Dr, Demetrio Z. Physician and Su.rgeon ; 'l'es" 622 R , H idalgo, QUiapo,

Manila. MADRID, Domingo J.-Ran ger, division of

forest studies and research, Bureau of Fores try " res., Agricultu1'ul College, Los Ba110s, L aguna, MADRID, Dr. E s telito M.-Physician and Sur-

geon; r es., So"rsogon , Sorsogon, MADRID, Dr. Tomas B.-Physician and Swl'路



Iriga. Cama'rines SU.'I' .

Vena nc~o P1'ov in cial Au.ditor, General Auditing Office ; 'res ., Tugu.egrvrao, Cagayan.




MADRONA, Modesto A. -

Provincial Set71"etaTY Rom blo,n , Romblon.


Ag1'·i cultwrist; exRomblon; ,,"es.,

Born in Romblon, Romblon, on April 17 , 1914 j th e son of Santiago Madrona and Maria Magracia; single ; graduated from th e Romblon Provincial High School; was a ap4 pointed a Municipal Teacher, Romblon Elementary School; Correspondence and Record Clerk, office of t he P rovincial Governor of Romblon; and Secretary of the Provincial Board of Romblon. He belongs to no political party and is a Roman Catholic by religion.

E lmer D.- T ,,'easure1', Pacific Comni.eroial Companty; di1'ecto1", M & Co., Inc., United Paracale Mining Company; ""es., 7th St1'eet, New Manila, Selin Juan, Rizal. (Picture on page 1562)


ing in EW'ope a,nd to speciaHze in beauty culture in the United States of America. Upon her r eturn to the Philip pines she improved her school of household arts hllown as the 1I Academia de Artes del Hog3.-r," located at 8 14 Dako ta. Malate, Manila. She is an honorary member of the "Academia de Ciencias, Artes y Bellas Letras de Paris"; and holder of several prize medals from various expositions and was awarded "Gold Star" in France. She is malTied to Ramon Lobregat, by whom her children are Cecilia, Maria Emilia, Ramoncito, and Teresita. She is the owner of the Teatro Nacional, the only theater on Taft Avenue Extension, and the founder and president-treasurer of the Cecimil Productions, a new film company which presented for the first time a picture introducing local dress creations, musical numbers, and classical dances in a Mountain romance entitled ltDulce Mestiza" (Binibini fig Pafigarap).


Di1"ect1"ess, Academia de A1·tes del Hogan"j hono1"ClIry member I A cademia de Ciencias A1·tes y B ellas Leflras de Pa1-is; proprietress, T eaflro Nacional, T aft A ve. Ext.; office and 1·es., 814 Dakota, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-75427.



Eli ..


-Pia.niste and Singer ,. instructor in piano a.nd voice culture, Conservatory of Music , University of the Philippines .. res ., 908 Dakota, Malate, Manila; tel. 5-44-50.

Mrs. Cal'idad Maffei de Lobregat, wellknown artist and educator, was born in Candon , Ilocos Sur, on J u I Y 31, 1889; daughter of Don Emilio Maffei and D.a Carmen Iglesias. She was educated in the public and private schools and coll eges in the city of Manila, and is a graduate in pain ting, sc ulpture and music from the c. Maffei Lobre2"at University of the Philippines. After serving the Phili ppine Government as instructor in house1:old indu stry, Philippine Normal School, sh e went abroad to take post p'adu ate work in paint-

Mrs. Elisa Maffei de Lopez Luna, daughter of Don Emilio Maffei, is a graduate in pianoforte and voice culture from the Conservatory of Music, University of the Philippines, where she is at present an instructor. She i s the wife of Mr. Gregorio Lopez Luna, also a prominent singer (baritone).

MAGALANG, Fau,to-Cl"".k of Court, fifth

judicial district, COU1·tS of Fh'st Instance; 'res., Boac, Matrinduque.

Sugar Plante',. , Labor Leade1", and Assemblyman from the 1st District of Neg1'os Occidental; res., Saravia, N egros Occidental.

MAGALONA, Enrique B. -

Born in Saravia, Negros Occidental, on November 5, 1891 j married. He studied in the



Molo Institu te , Iloilo, the Colegio de San Juan de Letran where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1907, and the La Juri Spllldencia where he received his bach elor of La ws degr ee in 1911. H e was elected municipal p r esi den t of Sara vi a in 1922 and re-

positions he resigned to devote his time to the practice of his medical profession. In the general elections of 1934, however, he ran for Governor of his province and won. He held said office up to and including Dee. 31, 1937. At present he is in private practice. He belongs to the Nationalist-Democratic Party. A Protestant by religion.

elected to the same post in 1925 ; elected pres-

MAGBUHAT, Santiago C.-District, Engineer,

ident of t he m unicipa l presidents' convention at Bacolod, Negros Occidental, in 1926 j electE. D. J\1Bi'al one ed Representative to the 9th and 10th Philippine Legislatures , 193 1 and 1934, and elected Assemb lyman from the first district of Negros Occiden tal. in the electio ns of 1935 and re-elected on November 8, 1938. He belongs to the Nacionalista part y and is a Rom an Ca th olic by


Ag1'iC'ulturist; Ex -VicePresident ; res., !II acabebe, Pampa,nga,

MAGAT, Lope -

Born in Macabebe l Pampa nga, on September 24, 1882; married ; was a Mun icipal Teacher, from 1904 to 1918 ; Municipal Coun cilor f rom 1922 to 1925; and Mu nicipal VicePresident from 1931 to 1934. He is a Roman Catholic by religion.

BU1'eau of Public WorkSj 1'es., Banuued, Ab1"l1,.

MAGCALENG, Sebastian D. P1'oprietor, Magcaleng Statu(JffY; 1'es., 2687 H erran,

Santa Ana, Manila, Provincial add1'ess, L. Segum, Mandaluyong, Rizal. MAGDAAGAL, Dr. Arsenio F.-D entist,. res' l J101 J uan Luna, C01-ner Morga, TondlJ, Mar

nila. Born in Magalang, Pampanga, on March 15, 1886; son of Bonifacio Magdangal and Ma.tea Farjado ; graduated as D.D.S. from Licea de Manila in 1916. He man-ied in October, 1905, the former Miss Mercedes Platon, of Tanau a n, Batangas, and has six children : Adolfo, Pl'ospero, Caridad, Lagrimas , and Gener oso. H'e is now engaged in private practice. MAGEE, George L .-Managel', publicity de-

M.- Physicicln and Surgeon ; fonn er P"o,'Vincial Governo'r of Masbatc; res., Dimasalang, Masbate.


Dr. Domingo

Born in Malbug, Milagros, Masbate, on December 20, 1896; th e son of P1acido Magbalon, and Demetria M:lba I; married t o the former Miss Rosario Fernandez, by whom he has four children : Rosalinda, Maximino Ca r min ia, and Domingo ; graduated from t he'Iloilo High School, and from the Silliman Institute where he obtained his degree of Bachelor of Arts. H e studied m edicin e in t he University of Santo Tomas, graduating with the ~egl'ee of Doctor of Medicine and Surgery ~n 1927. He was appointed in 1929 Pl'esldent of th e Brd Sanit ary Division of Masbate, and was commissioned First Lieutenant Med. Res. Corp. U. S. Army, from which

1Jart ment, Pacific CO'11tme'l'cial Company; directo?', Manila Yellow Taxi-Cab Co ., Inc., directo?', Pasay Transpo?·tation. Co" Inc" 1'es., 611 Colomdo, Ermita, Manila; tel. 5-1,9-52. MAGL ALANG, Dr. Gil L.-Phys·ician and Surg eon; ?·es., 1,11 Bustillos, Sampaloc l Manila, tel. 2-74-45. Pedro T.-Director, Philippine PIw,1"maceutical Association; 'res., 181 Ml1Iria Cla.ra, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-72-81 -


MAGLANGIT, Rafael- Special Member


the Subprovince of Siquijor, Provincial Boa?·d of Neg'ros 0 1'iental; 1·es., La?'ena, Siquijor I sland.


Lawyer j res., TOIT( See picture on page 321.)

MAGLANOC, Enrique -

lac, T,u·lac.

Born in Tarlac, T arlac, on Jul y 15, 1894; son of Damaso Maglanoc and Aquilina Nepomuceno; married to the..t::ormer Miss Democri~ Calama, of Pura, T al'lac, by whom he has four children: Enriqueta, Ligaya, Leticia and Jesus. He g raduated from the Manila High School in 1914; obtained his degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Univer sty of the Phlippill,es in 1916; a nd his LL.B . degree from the Philippine Law School in 1925. He was a temporary teacher in Paco Intermediate School; clerk in the Department of City Schools of Manila; Municipal Councilor of Tarlac, Tarlac; aux iliary Justice of the Peace of Tarlac j and was elected Delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1934 from the 2nd district of Tarlac. He is at present a practicing attorney of Tarlac. He belongs to the Nationalist party. An Aglipayan by religion. Antonio - Chief Accountant, Bureau of P-rinting; 'I'es., 1.5.87 Sandejas, M alate, Manila.


MAGLIPON, Sotero- H ead Clerk, elect'rical

division, Manila· Fi'l'e Tipas, T agig) Rizal.


res .,

MAGNANI, B.-Ma,·ble Merchant and Con. f;ractor.. 'I·es ., 6.19 R aon, Quiapo, Manila;

tel. 2-80-60. Ricardo-Businessman; VizcGl1Ta, Pasay, Rizal.


?·es., 35


Lawyer; Assemblyman b'om the 1st dist'rict of Rizalj res., 521 M(JI1·tin Ocannpo, QuiOJpo, Manila; tel.

MAGSALlN, P edro -


Assemblyman Magsalin was born in Tagig, Rizal, on February 22, 1890. He received his primary' education from the Quiapo Catholic School, Manila, and his secondary education from the Ateneo de Manila, W10el'e he graduated with the de· gree of Bachelor of Arts in 1910. He stu· died law in the Escuela de Derecho de Manila (now Manila Law College), graduating j with the degree of Pedro Magsa lin LL.B. in 1912, and was duly admitted to the bar. He was an assistant examiner, Bureau of Civil Service, 191012; asst. cashier, Bur. of Public ,"Yorks, 191216; and clerk, Bureau of Lands, 1916-17. I n the general elections of 1919, he was elected a Member of the Provincial Board of Rizal for a term of three years until October 15, 1922. He was elected a Representative from the first district of Rizal in 1931 and 1934. In the first Commonwealth elections of September 17, 1935, he was elected Assemblyman from the same distl'ict. He is retir ing from politics in order to serve in the Judiciary after the expiration of his tenn of office as Assemblyman . He is married; a Nacionalista by political affiliation and a Roman Catholic by religion. He is also a member of the F. & A. M. and of the Asociacion de Empleados Civi les (past pres.) . MAGSANOC, Paulino-Insu1'ance Examiner,

MAGRACIA, Serafin-Pianist,. instnlct01· in

insu1'ance division, Bwreau of the Treasw1/ .. res., 809-A, San M(£1'celino, Malate, ilfan1'la.

piano, ConS'e?'Vat01·y 0./ Musi~ University of the Philippin,es .. 1'es., 2022 Azca?·raga (Int.) , Quiapo, Manila; tel, 2-60-61.


Business Executive; man· ager, Levy & Blunt, Inc.; address, 35 Plaza Santa Cruz, Manila; tel. 2.32-47. (Picture on page 1562 )

Born in San Antonio, Zambales, on December 7, 1885 ; son of Mauricio D . Magsaysay and Ambrosia de los Santos; educated in the

MARGIN, Roger -

Ambrosio-Engineer; manage?', Metropolitan H'ate'l· Dist'r ictj 413 Paz, Paco, 1I1allila; tel. 5-51-67.



Ateneo de Manila. I owa State College, and Co rnell Uni ver sity, g raduating from the last mentioned institution wit h the degree of Bachel or of Science in Civi l Engi neering in 1909. He served as Ra il road Engineer, Q.M. Dept., U. S. Army, 1909-10 ; assistant engineer, Bur eau of Public Works, 1910-12; assistant professor, University of the Philippines, 191215; with Don Teodol'o R. Yangco, 1915-25; professor, University of the Philippines, 1925Ambrosio l'tl3gsaysay 34; c11ief engineer, Metropolitan District, 1934-37, and is now manager of the same, since May, 1938. He is married to Amalia Corpus and has four children; Ramona, Anita, Emma, and Migue1. He is a member of the Phili ppine Columbian Association. and the Seismological Society of America. MAGSA YSAY, Ramon-ShOp Superintendent, TeoclO1'o R. Yangco; 'I路es., 141 Sa1uiejas, Pasay., Rizalj tel. 5-16-.95 .

MAGSINO, Juan-Clerk of Court, first ju.di. cial district, Courts of First InstQ1/Ce; 1路es., Bayombong, Nu.e v a Vizcaya.

MAGSiNO, Pio P.- Captain, (Inf.), PA; P"ovincial CDmmander of Abra; 'res., Bangued, Abm.

Born in Da1'aza Tanauan, :Batangas, on May 5, 1890; son of Micael Magsino and COl'nelia Prendaj married to thl? former Miss Remedios Velasquez y Sison, March 6, 1917, and has at present three chHdren: Paz, Gregory, and Encarnacion. He studied in the Tanauan Elementary School, the Batangas High School, the Batangas Normal School, the International Corespondence Schools of Scranton, Pa., U.S.A., the Cosmopolitan Business College, the Ph ilippine Constabulary Academy at Bagu io, where he graduated o~ October 31, 1918; a nd later attendee! the J n-

fantr y School, Manila Garrison; District Training Center, Cebu, Cebu. and the Troop. School a t Camp Dau, F ort Stotsenburg. Pampa nga. He was a teacher, I ntermedia te School. Taal and San J ose', Batangas j c I e l' k, Bureau of Educa tion, Ma n ila j clerk. Burea u of Lands ; clerk, Bureau of N avigatio n j cle rk, Bureau of Custo ms j inspector, asst. property clerk, Burea u of Pio P. l\1agsino Internal Revenue ; cadet, Phil. Const a bula ry Academy. Baguioi junior officer, Santa Lucia Barracks, Manila; Lucena, Tayabas ; Bontoc. Bontoc; San Juan de Guimba. Nueva Eci j a j Cabanatuan, Nu e\'a Ecija; Santolan. Pas ig, Rizal; detachment commander, E aloc. Santo Domingo, N.E., and Misamis, Misamis Oriental; commanding officer, subsistence officer. property officer and paymast~r, Lubuagan, Kalinga; Cervantes, Lepanto-Amburayanj Naga, Camarines Sur; Santola n, Pasig. Rizal; San J ose. Mindoro; Cala p a n, Mindoro; Lucena, Tayabas ; Misamis, Misami s Oriental; SUl'igao, Surigaoj station commande r, San Jose, Mindol'o, and Santolan, Ri zal; on duty. office of the provincial comma:nder a t Naga, Camal'ines Sur; Pasig, Rizal j and Cagayan. Misamis Occ.; post exchange officer, battalion mess officer and battalion adjuta nt, Camp Keit hley, Dansalan, Lanao ; commandant, Agusan and SUl'igao Teacher Trainees at Surigao; commandant and post c0l'1II.mander. 1st and 4th Bohol Training Cadres, Tagbila ran, Bohol; commandant, Training Cadre. Bontoc, Mountain Province; a n d is a t pTesent provincial commander of Abra. He has actually fought "~th the Moros in Camp Keithl ey, Lanao, for s everal times, and is a n expert in carbine, rifle, bayonet and pistol. H e has also operated the machine gun, machine rifle, automatic rifle, and stoke mor~ tar. He belongs to no political party, and is a Roman Catholic by religion. Also a Mastel' Mason.


MAGTOTO, Amado B. - Captain and Budget

Officer, Phili ppine .4.rmy ; r es., 215 A . Lak e, San Juan, Rizal; tel. 6·84· 04. MAHER, Captain Thomas J . - -Di'rect81', Bu-

')'eau of Coast and Geodetic Survey; of fi ce, Intendeneia B ldg.; t el. 2 -26..15 ; ,·es., 1181 M. H . del Pila,', Malate, Manila; tel. 5-77-92. MAHONEY, J . C.-Superin tenden t, Insula'r

Sugal1' R efining C01'porationj 1'es., Mandaluyong, Rizal; tel. fl'-75. 5 7. MAJAQUE, Lorenzo M. - Instruct01', Pototan

Acade1ny ..

1' 85. ,

Pototan, Iloilo.

MAKALINTAL, Dr. Ambros io J.-Physician an d Swrgeon ; 1·es., .1 229 Mangahan, Sa1lta Cruz, Manila; tel. 2 -62-24.

MAKAPUG AiY, Dr. F;del- Physieian and S U1'geon ; 1'eS' J .155 Lcwng-Laan, Sampaloc,

Ma nila; tel . 2·64-40. Chief CI""'k, Bu,'eau of Animal IndusPry ; of f ice, Pandacan; tel. 6-77-48 ; '·es., Ci ly Y .M.C.A ., Manila.

MALABANAN, Ma r; a no-

MALAY, J ose P.-Manager, Advertising ib·t

Co .; res ., 1512 Rizal A venue, Santa Cruz, Manila. Depu ty Clerk of Com-t, sixth. ju dicial district, Cour ts of Fi?'st Instan ce ; 1'es., N aga, Cannadnes Sun".

MALAYA, Fe[;x A.-

191 5

kenzie) Malcolm; obtain ed hi is A .B. degree fr om t he Uni ver sity of Michiga n in 1904, and his LL.B, deg ree in 1906; hi s hon orary J ,D. in 1921; and LL.D. from t he H ogaku Ha kushi, Toky'o Imperia l Univers ity, in 1922. H e was ap poin ted a temporary cle rk ;n t he P hHip p ine govern ment sel"V_ ice in 1906, th en a teacher, secretal'Y, law clerk and attor ney, Bureau of J ustice, Dr, Goor g e A . Ma lcolm He was later appointed professor of law and Dean of t he College of Law, University of the Phili ppi nes ; and was elected President of the Philippi n e Bar Association, 191 6, He organized t he Philippine branch of the American Bar Association, 1921, and served as Associate Justice, Supreme Court of t he Philippines, fro m J uly 9, 1917, to FebTuary I , 1936. He is t he a ut hor of "The Government of the Phil ippin e I sthe "Philippine Civics" 191 9lands," 1924 j the "Revised City Ordinances of Manila" 1919; "Constitutional Law of the Philippine Islands" 1920-1926 ; uphilippine Government" ] 921-1932 j ;'Legal Ethics" 1923; and " The Commonwealth of the Philippines" 1936, At present he is Assistant Legal Adviser to t he U,S. High Commissioner in the P hilip pi nes, He married Lucille -VVolf on December 13, 1932, and has one daughter, Mary McKen zie.

MALDONADO, lldefon,o-Dep"ty Cl"'k of

MALBAS, Antonio-Cle1'k of Court, seventh judicial dis tric t, Cowrts of Firs't Ins tance; 1'es" R omblon , R omblo,n, MALCOLM, Dr. Ge o, A, - Lawyer, Auth01', and P1'ofessor; A ssistant L egal A dvise?", Office of the U, S . High Com,missioner; res ., 407 Colo,1'ado, E 1'mita, Manila.

Born in Concord, Mich igan, on November 5, 1881 j son of Byron D. and Car rie A. ( Me·

Court, fifth judicial district, COUTts of F i1'st Instance; 1·e8., L ucena, T ayab as ,

MALIC, F r ancisco-Chief of Section, R eco1"ds Division, General Auditing Office; 1'es" 437

Santa Mesa, Int" Sampaloc, Manila.

MA LIG, Lazaro D.-Cle'r k of Court, third j udicial district, Courts of fi'il'st I nstance ;

'res., T a'rlaq, T a1'lac.



MALIM BA N, Dr. Agr ipi n o B .-Physicia1t aud

SU1'geon; office, 580 G. Tuason, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 6-70-37.

MALIMBAN, Victoria-Pharmacist and Prop. ,

Fa1'macia Malimbani res., 580 G. Tua son, Sampaloc, Manila j t el. 6-70-$7.

Acting Cashie1', Division of Purchase and Supply .. 'res., 468 Salsipuedes, E1'mita, Manila.

MALING, Domingo -

Enginee'J'; Assistuld Metropolitan Jl'ater District; 'res" 1704 Washington A'venue, Sarnpaloc, Manila,

MALIXI. Jua n - Civil Manager,

Born in Balanga~ Rataan, on June 24, 1888; son of Pablo Malixi and Bernardina Miaco, After receiving his primary instruction from the public school of his home towu during the early part of American administration, he was appointed a municipal teacher with a salary of P15.00 a month. He was later appointed a teacher pension ado to take a special course in the Philippine School of Arts and Trades in 1908, and passed the Insular Teacher examination. He was appointed a Supervising Teacher in Bataan in Juan Mnlixi 1910. He went to the United States in 1912 and continued his studies graduating with the degree of B.S.C.E. in 1919: While he was studying engineering in America, he worked for the United States Bureau of Public Roads and the State Highway Department of Wyoming with a salary of $150.00 a month, and resigned from said position on July 1, 1920, when he returned to the Philippines, On Aug, 1, 1920, he was appointed a Civil Engineer in the Metropoli tan 'Vater District taking charge of the investigation, survey; and construction of the Angat project, and Was later entrusted the administration of the

Service Depal'tl"lWnt. He was acting Asst. Manager and at the same t ime taking charge of all the work of the Engineering Department with a salary of P6,000.00 per a nnum, an d was later pl'on:oted to his present position. Engineer Malixi is married to Josefa Reyes, and has five children. He is a member of the Philippine Society of Civil Engineers.

Post Office I nspectD'路, Bwreau 0./ Posts; ?'es., .1020 Carolina, Mar late, M,anilu.

MALLARE, E ugen io -

MALLARE, Gil R. - Dist)'ict Engineer, BZL1"call 0/ Public 'W orks; f路es., Iloilo. Iloilo ,

MALLARI, Juan K.-P?'oprieto)', Farmacia Mallari: i'es" .1257 Juan Luna, Tondo, Ma.

nila; tel. 4-82-85 .

T. K.- Vice-P?'esident, Watson Business Machines Corpo?'aMon of the Philippiues ; ,..s., .1194 A. Mabini, M",/ate, JlianUa,.



He rbert C I - Lieutenant Colonel, medical C01'p~, U, S. Army; ?'es., 2 Villama'j' Com路t, Parm'iaque, Rizal.

Dr. Octa vi o L.......:.Lawyel路; res., Sto . Tomas, Batangas; city 'res., 932 P. Fau?'a, Ermita, Manila,


Born in Santo Tomas, Batangas. November 15, 1906; son of Eustacia Maloles and Tornasa Ba ltazar; graduated with t h e degree of LL.B. from the University of t he Philippines, 1928; LL.M., Harvard Un ive r sity, U ,S.A ., 1930, J.S.D., 1931 ; and D.C.L ., Un iversidad Central de Madrid, Spain. H e married the former Miss Alicia de Santos, of Manila, on A ug. 30, 1934, He is at present engaged in the practice of his profession , and is legal coun sel and acting treasurer. Sout hern Paracale Mining Co., Inc.


Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure and P1'O fesso1' o.f Milita,'Y Law, Philil>pine School of Milita1'Y Nu'rsing; 1'es" Sto. Toma s, Batangas,

MALO LOS, Dr. Marcial R. -

Born in Santo Tomas, Batangas, on March 6, 1906; son of Emigdio. Y. Malolos and Maria Ramosj married to路 the former Miss Agripina S, Torres by whom he has :five childl'en: PUl'ificacion, Ricardo. Rodolfo, Solita and Augusto j holder of the degrees of D.M., M.T.D., D.S.C., Ms . D. from the Philippine School of Sciences j N.D., from the Pennsylvania College of NatUl'opa.thy, U. S. A. ; LL.B. and Ph .D. from the Militaty Un;versity, U.S.A. j major of the National Volunteers of the Philippines j commander of the Red Star Corps, legal adviser of the " Kabataan" j president, Radical Pa.r~ ty of Sto, Tomas, B.::utangasj and is at present a professor of Criminall Law and Pl'o ~e颅 dure and Professor of Military La.w, Philippine School of Military Nursing.


MALOLOS, Napoleon-LOIWyer; professor of

law, Philippine S chool of Military Nursinu; 1路es., 98 H avana, Santa Ana, Manila.

Paul-President1 Biscuit Co. i office, J20 Lavezcvres, San Nicolas, Manila; tel, 4-92-45; 'loeB" 507-A COLorado, Malate, Manila.


MALONG, Marcelino C.-Lawyer ; legal OAJ.,.

viser, Saint Marie Subdivision and H. C. Chwidian Co.; vice-P1"esident and general manager, National Mining Co,; res ., Kalentong" Mandaluyong, Rizal.

Dr. Leon C.- Physician and SU1'geon; office, 226 Regido'l', Quiapo; tel . 2-76-52; 1路es., 5J7 LegG/rda, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-94-07.






GENERAL MIGUEL MALVAR Filipino Patriot General Miguel Ma lv31', the last general t o and the last g eneral to surrender to the American forces. General Malvar was a model ul'l'ender during the revolution against the citizen in time of war as well as in t.ime of States, was born in a barrio, foot of legendary Mt. Makiling, mUl1lcl pah: y peace. He was a hard-working man, humble in his manner, firm in his con vic tio n , and loyal of Santo Tomas, provi nce of Batangas , 1~1 1865. Since his childhood he had shown hIs to his duty. \Vh en the war was over and peace and love for work, gathering forage f ro m the tranquility reigned once more throughout the neigh boring fie lds which he used to carryon country, General Malhis shoulders and sold in vaI' renewed his a.grithe poblac.ion. At the cultural and business acage of twelve years, tiv ities with greater during vacations, he fervor and enthusiasm engaged himself in t he until he succeeded in purchase and sale of acquiring an extensive goods the profit of falm which he imwhich he turned over to his mother. And to proved for th.e benefit, make his work more comfort and happines!; p!'oductive, he also raised of his chHdl'''n. After chickens in which inhe has done 11is duty todustry he specialized wards God, h is Country, to 'the extent that he and his Family, he died could distinguish his on October 13, 1911, and roosters by the tune of h is people covered his their crowing. final resting p lace with He conclUded his busieternas siemp1'evivas. ness personally and lived H e was married to aloof from all kinds of the former Miss Paula ostentation and vanity, Maloles, by whom he and the spirit of thrift had fourteen children: and economy became a GENERA L MIGUEL MALVA R J osefa , B ernabe, Au repart of his daily habits The last general to sU.r1'ender lia, Marciano, Victoria, that he neve!' premited Maximo, Crispina, Eshimself to spend more than was absolutely me ralda, Enriqueta, Constancia, Miguel, Manecessary, so much so that he provided hlmlaya, Ysabel and Pablo. self with only two suits which he had to Use General Mal vaI' received rus elementary alternately : while he wore the clean one, he educat ion from a private school of his home sent the dirty to the laundry. town and his secondary training from the colInspired by love of country, he launched lege cond ucted by Father Valerio Malabanan, himself to the battle-fie!ds by placing hims:;'!tf well-known pedagogue durin g the latter partunder the command of the Revolutionary leadof Spanish regime. He spoke and wrote Spaner, DOll Emilio Aguinaldo, and fought the is h so well that he was made directo,r dllo (muenemies wi t h an courage in defense of his nicipal secretary) during the administration mother land, He became one of the strongest of his fathe r-in-l aw as Municipal Captain (mugenerals of the Philippine revolutionary army, nicipal president) of Santo Tomas, Batangas.


~t ~he



Dr. POTENCIANO MALVAR Agriculturist, Physician , and Statesman .

San Pablo, Laguna "Don paten", the grand old ma n of San Governor of Laguna, 1912-14. During his adP ablo, Laguna - agricul t uri st, phys ician , an d ministration as Ch ief E xecutive of the provstatesman, brother of the famous r evolutioince, public school buildings in the differ ent nary general of Batanmunicipalities of L agas-was born in Santo guna, includ ing t he Tomas, Batangas, on H j g h School, wel"t~ December 11, 1869; son erected, and t he San of Maximo Malvar and Pablo-Sta, CrUz road, Tiburcia Carpio ; marvia Nagcarlan, was ried t o the former Miss opened. Artesian wells Eusehia Fule, of San were also drilled and Pablo, Laguna. He r eused in almost all towns ceived his element ary educa t ion under Fat her of Laguna. It was also Valeriano Ma laba nan during his administraand la ter under Profestion that the " MalvaI' sor B. R eyes' p ri vate Waterworks System" school wher e he was an was established , He was honored p upil in m aalso a Munici pal Co unth ematics. H e then cilor of San P ablo fo r a went to the ci ty of Malong time, a nd is the nila and enrolled in Sa n author of the ord inance Juan de Lett'an Colfor the urba n ization lege, and la ter in the and standar dization of University of Sa nto said town . Tomas, studying m edDR. POTENCIAKO MALVAR He was vice-presidicin e. H e we nt to Spain where he obtained his degree of Licen- ent of the Coconut Planters Associa tion a n d tiate in Medicine from the Un iversity of Bar- was acting president of the same f or some celona. time; honorary member of the Young Men's At the outbrea k of hostilities between the F iChr istian Ass'oc.iation, and the Boy Scouts lipinos and Americans, he joined the Fili pino Association; chairman of the L aguna provinforces as an officer in the m edical corps. Wnen cial committee of the Nacionalista party in peace was declared, he was a ppointed Health Of f icer of the Sanitary Divi sion of San Pablo, th e general elections of 1937. He is a N acioL aguna. H e was elected a Deputy to the P h ili p_ nalista (P ro-Independencia ) by polit ical affipine Assembly from t he first district of L a- liation, an d is cons idered one of th e wea lthiest guna, 1909-12, and was appointed P rovi ncial men of San P a blo. Francisco- Assistant E n gineer, division of inaustrial enginee1-ing, Bureau of Science; ?"es., J32 S uter, Santa Ana, Manila.


MA NACOP , Porfir io R.- Technical Demons-

trat01", fish and garne administration division, Departmen,t of .4.gric'll,Uure an d Com路 merce; res., Cagayan, JIll isamis Oriental.



MANAHA N, A ntonino- Su1've yor ; office, 211 Ongpin, jl1anila; tel. 4-86-80;

1'e8. ,

700 G.

T uason, Sam.palo.c, Manila; tel. 6-73-74 . MANA HA N, Dr.

Ger on imo-Physician and

Surgeon; instructor in anatomy, college of -medicine, Univenity of the Philippines; 'res. 700 G. Tuason, Sampaloc, Manila. MANAHAN, Jose-Member, P'l'ovinciai Board

of Ba,faan; 1'es., Balanga, Bataan. Juan - Businessmun; Incorporator and o1'ganizer, Eastern Deep-Sea Fish-


1'ng Corpo1'ufion; vice-president and direc-

tor, Philippine Amalgamated Mines, Inc., Santos Investments, Inc.; and director, Tiyaga Mining Co., Inc.; 'res ., 914 Lepanto, Sampaloc, Manila; tel. 2-26-60.

La1uye1'" Justice of the Peace of .tbucay and Sarnal, Bataan ;

MANAHAN, Severino HS.,

Balangu, Bataan.

Born in Ba~ langa, Bataan, July 8, 1896. He graduated from the Bataan Provin. cial High School, at Balanga, Bataan, and is a holder of the degree of Bachelor of Laws, Severino Manahan and was duly admitted to the Philippine Bar. He was an Insular Teacher, elected MUnicipal Councilor and was later appointed Justice of the Peace of Balanga. He is at present the Justice of the Peace of the Municipalities of Abucay an d SamaI, Bataan. He belongs to no poli tical party, and is a Roman Catholic by r eligion. MANAL ANG, Dr. Cr isto bal- P hysician ; paOtologist; 1路es., J539 T aft Ave. E xtension,

Pasay, Rizal; tel. 5-14 -49.

Law yer,. Public Defende r, Department of Labor ,. re8., San Fernando, P ampanga

MA NA LAN G, Lu is M . -

Attorney Ma nalang w as born in Masantol, Pampa nga, in 1900. H e fin ished his primary, intermedi ate and secondary courses in t he p u blic schools a nd graduated as s a I u t atoria n from the high \ s c h 0 0 I. He I qualified in a civil service ex am i nation and was appointed a clerk in the Bureau of Public \Vorks, where he remained Lui.s M. Man a lan lr for several years while stud ying law in t he Philippine LaW' School, National Un iversity, wher e he obtained his LL.B . degr ee. He t ook and successfully passed the bar examinations and r esigned from his posit ion to practice his law profession. On one occasion he was a candidate for City Councilor of Manila and obtained a big number of votes although he did not win~ He is at present a Public Defender in the province of Pampanga with headquarten; at San F ern ando, Pampanga. H e is a Nacionalista by political affiliation, and a Roman Catholic by r el ig ion.


Y.-Head Minister, Iglesia ni K ,'is to ( Ch,,,,ch of Christ); cent'ral of fice an d ?'esid ence, 42 Broadway , N ew Manila, San J uan, Rizal; tets. 6-84-1 8 an d


Rev .

F e lix

6-87-2 7.

Born in Barrio Calsada, Tagig, Rizal, on May 10, 1886; son of Mariano Y sagun an d Bonifacia Ma nalo. H e rece ived his primary education f rom a bar r io school cond ucted by one HMaest r ong Cario" of T agig . . He was a farm worker, a fi shel', a photographer, and a hatter before he joined the Methodist Episcopal

Cornejo's commonwealth directory of the Philippines (Part 8 of 10)  
Cornejo's commonwealth directory of the Philippines (Part 8 of 10)