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Manila, Philippines, Wednesc1ay, January 3, 1945 -:::.=-~--===-----=--- -

4 8-24's D,ownecl.l

His Majesty Le ,ds ,in ites

3 Damaged Over Clark Field


l i 'OII,I; ];-24' were bhot down and throo more cIalllagcd by ground ih'e ycstE'rd:l Y when !;OfYlli 60 one. my bomhers and battlelJlanes raid . f ,11 Clark :t'icld a r ea.. Due to fifrce n U aclt of t be de· f{"nSf) 'lntl(·!l.ircr:tJt fire. t h e ene· 'my boruhj~lg WU'i 1ne!{ective. N o

For ~ew Year Imperial Household Observes W... rship

Number 236 -.. ;. ,-. -- - -":- - -

50 Foe Planes A 'e estroyed n S n Jose Nippon Raids Cause Let- Up in Enemy Activity in Mindoro




President Send!> hiew Yea G:ecr;n9~ To Head$ 01 State, Nipp!>n Oific5C!ls - Thanks Nippen fol' Assis'ance


50 Centavos

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Number 241

Manila, Philippines, T uesa ay, Ja nuary 9 , 1945

~-. .

av I Units

ter-Atfac ••ng nenJY Task orce Heavy Blow Dcall on American Shjps Maneuvering Off Western Coast of LuAtOll 7 Foe Carriers Blasted Since Jan. 3 Sp~cial

to the TRiBUNE


J APANESE BASE, P h i1ippine', Jan S, - TIre air .squadrons of th e J a panese Army and Navy and s urface u nits launch ed heavy assaults on a group of American warships and other vessels last night when the America n ~hips were s ightt'd maneuvering in the s~a off. the ",,' est ern coas~ .:>f Luzon. Th e attack continued overnight a :; a result of which the Ja pa· nese fO"ces have alread v dealt a lH'avy blow an the A~ericacs. Since J antlar} 3, t h e enemy has suffered th c loss of scven rtircr aft carriers sunk or da · me g-cd.

Meanwhile, Am erican landbased and card r·borne pbnes ra ideil several pojnts in Luzon this morning, Some raiders includ ing Con,:(jl1. dated B-24's w{'re sh ot down in Manna area.

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Number 243

Manila, Philippines, ThursJay, J anuary 11, 1945



'-3 u. s. HIP City Qffi(i~ls Determined To Keep Order ' A ut horitie s Warn

Enem y Loses 29 Plan'es In Japan Raid

Foe Bombers


Sptdal ~o tbo t RIBU NE

T OKYO. .lan . lO.-Intel'cept in.g Amer :ca n r aiders w hich cam e OVel" t h e J apan ese m ainla nd y est erd3.Y. Nippon J~n d and air un its IIb.ot dow n or damaged 29 planes, tbe I m perial Gene r al Headquarters a n .


American Losses '

'nclud e Carriers Kill Scores Batt/eships Ir. Intramuros And Japanese Uftit's Con tinue Whole Family Wiped Out-

ArmYI Navy

Relentless Attacks o n f oe Task f o rce Gin Gulf

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lYear XX ·

Manila, Philippines, Wednesday, January 17, 1945


TOKYO, J ail. ~ (Domoi)-Ano. ther Amer ican atrocity was r eveal. ed h ere w h en the Government filed t < protest to the Un ited Inventory Going O~ aS tavigorous tes Gover nment concerning the . Strong Warning Giveni indiscriminate bombing by U, S. airmen of t h e Japanese hos]lital .Looters in City sh'ip H ikawa ~rn on N ovem ber 25, In hIS capacity as Mili tary C CJI. last year. :vernor of Manila, Mayor Leon G. :Aut h orities declared that no. ex. ~uinto has been. euse could be given on the part of


San Fabian Remains Center

01 Fighting -- Vigorous Counter-AHaclu Launehed


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Year XX •

Number 243" -

, ;ng s allay

Another Afe,rey Ship Attoeked 8y Amer;eons

Manila, Philippines, Friday, January 19, 1945

mbers e 061


Enemy Admits ' Some" Damage To Warships,


IJ[SBON , J'an. 16, (D OOlei) ,J apan ese air units yester day at11ac],ed Anlel'ican warc:raf t a nd other v essols in. the vicinity of Manila B a y and Jb tangas areas, Wilful Absentees Geneml M.aeArtbur's headq uarW ill Be Considere d ters" announced in a war conuuu. .roq ue. Th e announcement added Deserters, Punished t h:,t t he American fol'ces suffered A bsentee member s ot U;l e Me- s om e dama ge.

.0 'rS '

ttop0litan Constabulary are eon· - - - -- --:-.---:',---':-side red deserters and will be dea:l;t with accordingl'y under , the t. martial law. it was learned at i t he ,~ity Ha ll Thursday.

-Americans B·omb Portu' uese Macao

Number 250»

Joint Action Japanese Checking AgainstLooting New Enemy Thrusts Agreed Upon On Lin'g ayen Front Military, City Aut horitie s Will Che ck lawlessness

Telling ' Blows Dealt on American, Units . Attempting to Effect Break-Thro ughDeath-Def yin g Squads Storm Enemy Lines

." J oint action will be taken by Specia l to th e T RIBUNE J APANESE BASE, PhiliPfjines, J an. 18,~Nippon ground forces the Imperial Japanese Forces and t he city law enforcement defe ndir.g the lines near San Fabian dealt teUin a blows on the eIle4 a gents to prevent ana suppress my on J anuary 15 when an American column :bout one battalion completely looting and other law strong supported by three tanks an d more than 10 trench mo~ violations in the metropolitan at~e m pted to eff~t a break-through ?y moving southward to a are Militar Governo


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Year XX





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50 Centavos


Pay No M ore


N umber 2 52

Manila, Philippines, Srinday, Jan.uary 21, 1945


City Hall Also Opens South Branch

Duran amed Deputy Chief Of Martial Law o

Guinto Urges Japanese Repulse Manilans To - American Attacks B·e P d · East 01 San Fabian repare I

Help of Army, Chinese WOIl B 5 ht r I e oug Ijor of C

Simultaneous with the , opening of a branch of the city govenunent north of the Pasig Uiver, l._lother branch began tmnsacting business in the south. In both branches transactions with the publ1c are at present going I'll as usual.

Enemy Attack On B " Sh d agulo oul Be Lesson to All _. ..

Nippon Squads Storm foe Positions, . Causing Casualties, Heavy Damage -fighting Rages Along SO·km. front

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Manila, Philippines, Friday, January 26, 1945


Lost By Foe ~Over, 'Na,goyit Only 1<,0 Raiders Manage to Flee

4 M~r~ Enemy Warsh,ps Blasted •

Ea~' of Taiwa'D ~APANESE BASE, Jan. 24 1t.s



as.a.uIts against the enemy task force in the watel"S eaBt of ~alwan, the mel)-COntinulng

Japanese alrforees on the evenlQ

Without Dam

N umber 256 -

Market Heads Foe Moves South • Cooperating Unable To Break To Fix P~ices Stalemate in North' ,



Order Helps Bring Down City Living Costs

Nippon Forces In Pungosinan, Ta6"l ac

Prepared to Meet Any Eventuality -.Gallant Japanese Attacks Told


SO Cenfav,o s Pay No I'IdoIre

Manila, Philippines, Sunday, January 28, 1945



Men ,

Admitted Lost By Amer;eQflJs

" T "'ro,-e ears f Citation To AI-r Heroes ~


a rea

Foe Infiltration Tactics Checked By Ja ahese

LISBON, .Jan. 25 (Domel) ....... Continuing his piecemeal announcement concerning the U. S. cas. ualtieS', Colomel Henry L. Stimson, u. s. Secretary of War, in 'a press interview oda

Members.of Attack Units in P. I. Area

Nunlbcr 258


e' Ch ckmat

n Eastern Se t r , Lingayen ront /

Japanese Stop Enemy Attempts to Push Eastward-American Drive in Luzon