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3.1.2 Process Optimization Key achievements and strategy analysis

Project Description: To improve and invent systems and tools in order to maximize the delivery of AIESEC experiences. Impact on team purpose: Strengthening the network belief in our MoS through the ability to deliver AIESEC experiences in a faster and more intelligent way.

Exchange Process Optimization Purpose: In order to deliver 1 Million experiences by 2015, we have to become ten times faster in exchange process optimization. This project aims to reach 100% realization rate, 15 days GCDP matching, 30 days GIP matching and 30 days as an average realization time. Progress: In the course of previous weeks we collected practices from 10 AIESEC entities, conducted internal and external analysis, asked consultancy from experts, selected a GST to support the initiative and created a proposal and implementation plan.

Building Systems and Tools to maximize delivery of experiences Project: Development of the Online Registration System (ORS) Purpose: By developing a long-term ORS, AIESEC will be able to track the conversion of customers ratio

Project: Development of Web Application Purpose: By optimizing processes through new systems and tools, the network will maximize its efficiency being able to deliver 12/13 MoS and also move faster towards 2015 goals achievement.

Progress: Progress: 1. We have built the Online Registration System (ORS) for Students to ensure that the traffic we drive online will lead to conversions to customers from global to national and local level. 2. We are building the Online Registration System (ORS) for Alumni to show interest in raising TNs without AIESEC contacting them.

1. We have started the design and development of two web applications through a CEEDership program in the AI Office. In the first version of this project we will build the following tools: a. Matching App (Matching rate increases 35% in GIP and 45% in GCDP) b. TMP/TLP Management App (The TMP/TLP counting on the system reflects 95% of the network’s reality)

Improve systems and tools to maximize delivery of experiences Project: TMP/TLP Management

Project: New Analysis Menu in

Purpose: By counting and managing TMP/TLP correctly, the network will have clarity to create strategies to achieve 12/13 MoS based on reality and not assumption.

Purpose: By having real-time Business Intelligence, the network will have clarity about its local/national and global markets and products in order to make business decisions faster.



We have changed the TMP/TLP Role Assignment Business Rule in order to facilitate the management of both programmes. We have also changed its counting in order to reflect the network’s reality more precisely. We are also changing the TMP/TLP analysis counting regarding the 56 days rule.

We have started the implementation process of 06 new Analysis Menu in to: o Manage the Programmes more effectively; o Ability to visualize impact not just via experience but via unique people across programmes – good for external communication and representation; o Higher/Better satisfaction of users in terms of ‘Performance & Functionality’ of the System;

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