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Sustainable growth towards 2015 2015 MoS achievements and analysis

AIESEC 2015: Measures of Success Achievement Global Community Development Programme:  End Q3 we have achieved 81% of the 2012 goal of GCDP  3565 realizations needed in Q4 to meet year goal  Currently 1157 TNs are matched  Currently 7843 TNs and 6243 EPs are available raised after March 2012  Q4 2011 performance was 2383 RE  Q3 growth rate in GCDP was 43% Conclusion: The goal achievement is very possible but requires to keep the growth trend and, given the goals for 2014, work for a strong realization time in December – January peak. Global Internship Programme:  End Q3 we have achieved 59% of the 2012 goal of GIP  2893 realizations needed in Q4 to meet year goal  Currently 777 TNs are matched  Currently 3178 TNs and 5789 EPs are available raised after March 2012  Q4 2011 performance was 1021 RE  Q3 growth rate in GIP was 6% Conclusion: We have the amount of TNs and EPs needed to deliver the experiences we set as goal for our term, the greatest challenge relies in fastening the matching and realisation times by making efforts on Supply & Demand. Along these lines has been a great portion of the work in the AI office. Let’s go GIP! Team Member Programme:  End Q3 we have achieved 55% of the 2012 goal of TMP  36046 realizations needed in Q4 to meet year goal  Q4 2011 performance was 9666  Q3 growth rate in GIP was -12% (raising and matching rates are 89% and 77%) Conclusion: usage is the initial factor that can be mentioned as a reason for these numbers but we believe that there are other reasons behind. The system is now running accurately and it’s time to ensure that proper TMP experiences are delivered globally Team Leader Programme:  End Q3 we have achieved 82% of the 2012 goal of TLP  4881 realizations needed in Q4 to meet year goal  Q4 2011 performance was 4088  Q3 growth rate in TLP was 6% (raising and matching rates are 106% and 73%) Conclusion: We trust this goal will be achieved even with a great pipeline for 2013! Quality: Even if we don’t have a goal set for 2012 until 2015, AIESEC International is working hard in the implementation of the NPS methodology to ensure we are able to fully measure our success as organisation. For more details please refer to the report regarding the Strategic Initiative of “Customer Feedback System Implementation and usage”

Sustainable growth towards 2015 Key achievements and strategy analysis

Innovation The Innovation team of AIESEC International has been working on 9 innovation projects in last quarter. The purpose of innovation projects is to bring growth in our measures of success in the coming years. The innovation team chose those projects in the beginning of the term based on the research and a prioritization of the most impactful projects. With innovation, limited resources don’t play a role as the Innovation team is not limited by bringing impact in one term but rather focused on long term impact strategies. If you are interested in the innovation framework and projects the Innovation team is running please

Information Management Due to the current large investments that AIESEC is putting into Information Management, the Supervisory Group and Internal Auditors have suggested to source an Information Management Advisory Council and an Information Technology Auditor to ensure that the IM investments are going in the right long-term direction. The main achievements of Quarter 3 towards 2015 were:  Gergely Doszpod, former AI IM Manager, accepted the invitation of becoming the AI IT Auditor and he also visited the AI Office in order to provide audits regarding current Information Management investments, future investments, and partnership contracts related to IM.  The IM team visited TCS in India in order to start the renegotiation of a Long Tem contract for the development and maintenance of  The Management Team of AIESEC International approved a budget in order to develop new Analysis Menu in  The IM Team started to pilot new IT projects related to web application, API and cloud computing (Please refer to Production Capacity: Process Optimization)

Brand Experience The brand refresh is a strategy that began in 2011 and will continue until 2015, it is about innovating around how we present ourselves and improving the message about AIESEC we communicate online, in print and in person. Please refer to the Brand Evolution strategic focus for more information about how this looks in the 1213 term (link).

Financial Management and Business Development 3 key long term strategies to support AIESEC and AI in building financial resources and management capacity 1. Revision of Global Distribution model to align with AIESEC 2015 and align global financial resources in AIESEC with our distribution model 2. Revision of Global ER principles to increase financial capacity of entities and AI, in successfully selling AIESEC to more Multinationals 3. Establishment of Global Finance Legal Board to support entities on financial management and reporting, and set standards for AIESEC including statistics on financial capacity.