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EP Experience Preparation and Implementation Purpose: “By having a better preparation for EP/trainee through different elements and connecting it to the delivery of the project, we are able to deliver a better experience” Why is it important to co-deliver better EP XP? Sending Entity

recruitment   Preparation by Sending Entity

EP Preparation  

Exchange Experience  

Co-delivering Experience

EP without TMP/TLP


Aligning with AIESEC Value

Expectation settings

Cultural Preparation

Crisis Management

Team Leader Preparation

Hosting Entity

Project Preparation

Sending Entity

Re-­‐ integration Preparation by Hosting Entity EP without TMP/TLP


Based on NPS implementation and GCDP Delivery assessment, we narrow the focus into:

  Focus for delivery improvement: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Expectation Settings Project Preparation Reception Team Leader Preparation

*Not limited to these points

FOCUS 1. Expectation Settings Outcome Expected: Having the right expectations for our customers by delivering the right value and purpose from GCDP program but not in lowering the expectations Strategies in the network: Packaging recruitment for GCDP experience through a specific theme, for example Global Young Leaders, will create the expectation for the EP in how they should contribute through their experience in the project and to explore their experience. 2. Project Preparation Outcome Expected: Decreasing the amount of miss alignment and lack of Job Description of an intern during their GCDP through a collaboration and involvement of an NGO or any institution. Strategies in the network: Product packaging for different stakeholders is one of the keys of engaging more NGOs and other institutions. This will ensure more the relevancy of our programme. In the other part, connecting with the EPs Expectation, Project has to be built based on a minimum standard in accommodating the EP Experience. 3. Reception Outcome Expected: Every single EP is integrated with the LC through a connection with its members and having efficiency in the process through engaging different stakeholders. Strategies in the network: Alignment of sending and hosting entity in maintaining the expectation of an EP is crucial in this process. Conducting an intern integration

Expectation Settings

Cultural integration and logistical Preparation

Project preparation and working conditions

Team Leader Preparation

Training for Trainers

Buddy System

*Not limited to these points

seminar where the interns can feel the AIESEC environment as what most of them are expecting and in the other had the efficiency of reception needs to be improved by involving more parties in the process, such as hosting programme. 4. Team Leader Preparation Outcome Expected: EP with a TMP/TLP experience can be the one maintaining other EP experience by leading their experience throughout the GCDP experience. Strategies in the network: utilization of EP with TMP/TLP experience in leading other EPs which is prepared by both sending and hosting entity by setting the right objective for a better improvement and delivery of GCDP programme. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION Currently we are having 21 countries participating in the strategy implementation of the initiative, which covers every region in the network. The main objectives of this implementation are: 1. Educating strategies, which already exist in the network by spreading the GCP from other entities for a better knowledge management. 2. Assessing the GCDP delivery process on both sending and hosting entities for its alignments in order to deliver a well coordinated GCDP Experience to our customers. 3. Facilitating co-delivering GCDP experience preparation between send and hosting entities in delivery better experiences.

EP Experience Preparation and Implementation Report v4