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In this report you will see how has the progress been and what are the learning we have seen.

About the “why”. The foundation of the AI plan is built based on “why” - Our shared values. Without a clear understanding and belief of the “why”, visionary organization will loose its most important source of power and whatever strategies will become pointless. With the creation and progress of the new midterm ambition. A refresh and revisit of the original purpose of the organization is extremely important to be followed with engagement through all internal communication channel as well as the leadership role-modeling at all level.

  1) In AIESEC, we envision peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential 2) In AIESEC, we have an indirect impact model to create change agents through our experiential leadership development platform to get ourselves closer to what we envision. 3) In AIESEC, we deeply believe in the experiences we provide to young people through our impact model therefore we created AIESEC 2015 to do more and better of what we do – we call it our roots of success.

What We Envision: Peace & Fulfillment of Human Kind’s Potential


Our Impact Model Develop Change Agents by providing Our Impact Experiential LeadershipModel Development Develop Change Agents by providing Opportunities for Young People Experiential Leadership Development Opportunities for Young People

BHAG Our Aspiration in the Market Engage and Develop Every Young Person in the World

4) In AIESEC, by focusing on our roots of success, meaning creating strategies to provide more and much better experiences to young people, we believe it will bring us to an outcome that gets us closer to what we envision. 5) In AIESEC, we set organizational MoS to measure the progress of this mid-term ambition both from the quantitative side and the qualitative side aiming at providing almost 1 million experiences to young people till 2015. 6) In AIESEC, in order for us to deliver these 1 millions experiences till 2015, we need to channel more market awareness therefore we created the Engagement funnel out of Engagement with AIESEC phase where all Marketing, PR, and Micro-experience activities help us to get more promoter and customer of the experiential leadership development experience. 7) In AIESEC, because we believe in the experience we provide to young people, we would like to have every young person in the world to experience it, which also reminds ourselves everyday that what we have done is not good enough. That’s the BHAG we created to push us always go beyond our comfort zone and get us closer to what we envision. 8) And at the end of the day, we don’t live in a AIESEC bubble where things just need a good intention behind; Our organization values need to be aligned with its market value so we are not just dreaming idealistically but actually making changes realistically with different organizations and partners which is the reason why specific program focus and market/product-based strategies are important for different part of the world to grow accordingly. Now let’s go talk about operations and strategies! LoL:D

Content of the Clarity and "Why“  

Content of the Clarity and "Why“