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AIESEC International 2012-13 | Q3 Mandates reporting # 92 93


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Mandate 92. That AI to be mandated to provide legal advice to the countries/territories upon the VAT situation based on the results of the Membership review at IPM 2013. This advice shall be given latest by IC 2013. (IPM 2011, Mexico) 93. That AI to be mandated to review with its lawyers the need of including standard clauses in its contracts defining who should bear the applicable bank fees, and taxes; and what should be the sanctions/ further actions when a service is not delivered due to cancellation of either of the involved parties. (IPM 2011, Mexico) 94. That AI to be mandated by May 2011 Virtual Legislation to create a simple revenue generation tracking mechanism that allows contracts, deliverables, invoices, credit notes, and payments to be linked and tracked. This mechanism should allow tracking of every stakeholder (companies, member countries, non-corporate/grant, etc), currency translations impact and receipt of invoice by the customer. (IPM 2011, Mexico)

Status Ongoing

95. That AI improves the tools the Finance team and the ER team in the AI office use in order to recognize income in real time by November legislation 2011. (IC 2011, Kenya) 96. Mandate AI to investigate a potential framework to support countries in ER activities and education related to ER and submit a report with the conclusions by November 2011 legislation. (IC 2011, Kenya) 97. AIESEC International to be mandated to perform a research on the possibility of new business development within our information systems as a way to generate additional revenue streams for the global association and potentially for the IM fund, and present a report with its output by IPM 2012 in Hungary. (IC Kenya, 2011) 98. To mandate AIESEC International to review with the support of the Legal & Governance and Legislation SCs the AI selection process and suggest changes if needed by IC 2012, disregarding the in supporting document T stated frequency for changes in the AI selection process. (Virtual Legislation November 2011) 99. The Membership subcommittee mandates AIESEC International to develop and prototype new ways for AIESEC to expand to new entities along with systems for supporting expansions (for instance incentive systems to partner countries/entities) with the aim of legislating potential changes at IPM 2013.


Comments (Finance Legal Board part of strategy to have capacity)



Done Done


No further review seems necessary for now.


See report in Q3 2012 by Hadeer Shalaby

Prashant Soegard (VP ER and IC Project Manager), Darshan (Project Manager) and Rolf (VP Finance) were working on it on AI. Constanca was working on it for the M&B Sub Committee. No suitable person was found to be on the ground - however the project managers went to Russia earlier than usual. AI also reduced the pre-meeting and the conference itself to reduce costs for the CC beyond the commitments made by AIESEC Russia First IT audit meeting happened in July 2012. The decision was taken during IC 2012, together with the IM SC that it is more important to do this gradually by setting up an IT audit that is functioning first, and the move into the IMAC 1. AI running global ER pilots on GIP 2. AI meeting with F and L&G SC to discuss process for ILM principles 3. AI Management Team has approved Global Strategy meeting on the topic in Nov/Dec 2012

AIESEC International shall submit a quarterly report on its progress to the Membership and Legal and Governance subcommittees. If necessary Membership Sub Committee or Legal and Governance Sub Committee will make further recommendations to the plenary. (IC 2012, Russia) 100

100. That AIESEC International be mandated to create a task force to support the management of IC Russia 2012 together with an action plan until the end of March 2012. (IPM 2012, Hungary)


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101. That AIESEC International be mandated to set up an IT Auditor by May 2012 Virtiual Legislation (IPM 2012, Hungary) 102. That AIESEC International be mandated to establish the Information Management Advisory Council as an advisory and governance body to support AI in implementing long-term IM Strategy by IC 2012. (IPM 2012, Hungary) 103. That AIESEC International be mandated in conjunction with Legal and Governance Sub-Committee and Finance Sub-Committee to run a process for revision of the Global ER Principles and give report and recommendations by IPM 2013 (IC 2012, Russia)

Done Ongoing


104. That AIESEC International be mandated to ensure that one of the SG members has an IM background by IPM 2013. (IC 2012 Russia)



105. AIESEC International to be mandated to open a second round of applications for IC 2014 no later than 14 days after the closure of IC 2012. The Done (slightly application will be closed on 30th Oct. 2012. (IC 2012, Russia) delayed)



Was opened in MCP newsletter 24 September.

AI Mandates reporting  
AI Mandates reporting