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6. Sustainable growth towards 2015 !

Key achievements and strategy analysis

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AIESEC 2015: Measures of Success Achievement

! Community Development Programme: Global •! • • ! • •


End of Q4 we have achieved 95% of the 2012 goal of GCDP Achieved 2695 GCDP realization by quarter 4 GCDP Growth rate is 17% growth comparing to 2011 in quarter 4 Currently 3675 TNs are matched Currently 6535 TNs and 3532 EPs are available raised after July 2012

Conclusion: Currently the supply of EPs is almost half of the TN supply, the other percentage of EP supply was ! before July 2012. Retaining EPs is needed for the realisation of Q1 2013 goals. There needs to be more raised exploration in oGCDP raising and matching efficiency.

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Global Internship Programme: •! • •!

We have achieved 5231 GIP realization-75% of original 2015 ambition for 2012 We have grown 8.3% from 4831 in 2011 We have 936 forms matched in the system to be realized

Conclusion: The fundamental reason that we didn’t achieve the goal 7000 for calendar year 2012 is because the network is not yet prepared for that scale of achievement. GIP hasn’t achieved a breakthrough in the previous years and the term 2011-2012 grew only 4% compared with term 2010-2012. For the 45% growth that we aim, it demands much more time and experience. The network needs to focus, try, learn, share success and failures, and eventually gain the knowledge and experience for the program. However, from Jul to Dec, AIESEC has grown 30% in GIP matches, which is very rare in recent history. We are confident that we are learning and growing in GIP and that we do have the capacity to deliver 7,000 GIP experiences. Team Member Programme: • •

At end of Q4 we achieved 79340 experiences, 97% of 2012 TMP goal. System improvement for experiences in retrospect: The experiences matched/realized before October 18th were also adjusted to align with the current system logic of realized TMP-TLP experiences based on exact role start date. 46064 realizations were achieved from AI 2012-2013 goal.

Conclusion: We have bridged a huge gap in TMP compared to the beginning of 2012. Experiences on the system are been recorded properly and processes have been put in place to balance that physically at local and national level. Now is the time for two main things: 1. Educate more the network how to capitalise on the improvement done so far, customising TM process based on organisation need. 2. To scale up TMP growth across all entities (top, medium and less performing entities) to build a strong pipeline which will contribute to GIP & GCDP goal achievement. Team Leader Programme: • • •

At end of Q4 we have achieved 33710 experiences, 160% of 2012 TLP goal. Same system logic for TMP retrospection above, also applies to TLP. 18347 realizations was achieved from AI 2012-2013 goal.

Conclusion: TLP is a more mature program, considering the need for people to want to become leaders for themselves, for AIESEC, and for the society at large. This is evident in the achievement of TLP goal in 2012 and even with a great pipeline generated for 2013! Now is the time for two main things: 1. Completely balancing the TLP ratio with TMP based on TMP-TLP Principle, making sure that TMP grows at par with TLP. 2. Capitalizing on the maturity of this program to grow other programs (TMP, GIP & GCDP) as it is also justification of quality of Team Leader participants! Quality: Even if we don’t have a goal set for 2012 until 2015, AIESEC International is working hard in the implementation of the NPS methodology to ensure we are able to fully measure our success as organisation. For more details please refer to the report regarding the Strategic Initiative of “Customer Feedback System Implementation and usage”


Innovation The purpose of the Innovation team in AIESEC International is to bring innovative solutions, which would make achievement of 2015 goals possible. That is why we are currently running 9 innovation projects, which are directly linked to MoS and the impact of these projects should directly influence the achievement of the goals for not only term 12/13 but the following terms in order to achieve goals of 2015. For more information about the projects and their progress please follow the Innovation team report.

Information Management The main milestones of Quarter 4 towards 2015 were: " " " " "

Gergely Doszpod, the AI IT Auditor, has worked with IM SC in order to provide the first IM audit the audit whose results will be presented at IPM 2013. Enrique Villal贸n, previous AI VP IM, has accepted the role of Chair of the Information Management Advisory Council. AIESEC International has progressed significantly and is finalizing the renegotiation of a Long Tem contract for the development and maintenance of with Tata Communication Service. AIESEC International has deployed 3 new Analysis Menus and is currently testing 3 more. The IM Team started to pilot new IT projects related to web application, API and cloud computing (Please refer to Production Capacity: Process Optimization)

Brand Experience The brand refresh is a strategy that began in 2011 and will continue until 2015, it is about innovating around how we present ourselves and improving the message about AIESEC we communicate online, in print and in person. The process has involved input from all regions of the global network, from 2 AIESEC International teams, and from the Supervisory Group of AIESEC International. Based on the 5 brand attributes, a process has been undertaken to realise the best way to present AIESEC to the world. This process will include changes to marketing materials, online communication channels (e.g. website, social media) as well as strategies on how to align our actions and programmes to the reputation we want to have. Please refer to the Brand Evolution strategic focus for more information about how this looks in the 12-13 term.

Financial Management and Business Development AIESEC International has been working with the AIESEC network in order to revise the Global ER Principles this year. The reasons for doing this is to capitalize better on MNC market for GIP growth, align incentives of MCs and AI on global sales, harmonize products and pricing for global partners across markets for better delivery and faster growth through internal sales, and to avoid competition between AIESEC entities in sale to MNCs Initiative #1: Pilot of Price Harmonization Context: Harmonized products and pricing in developed markets for consistent product delivery and sales Goal: Raise 24 TNs with specific Global Partners and with specific AIESEC entities and attract potential global partners Global Partners Participating: DP DHL, UBS and Alcatel Lucent AIESEC Entities Participating: US, France, Netherlands, Germany, India, Mainland of China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Egypt) Results: 7 TNs raised and over 10 companies in the pipeline waiting to be converted to global partners or global trial partners (you can find some of these in the pipeline management section). Recommendations: We recommend that we continue piloting with these companies and these specific AIESEC entities for the next 3 months. The recommendation comes from the fact that our global partners received the pilot very well, but told us that driving internal sales during this period is difficult (Q4) since budgets have already been allocated. Our global partners see the relevance of the pilot and would like us to continue the implementation of it.

Initiative #2: Global ER Principles Strategic Meeting Context: AIESEC International hosted a 4-day strategic meeting to evaluate the current ER principles and come out with output for legislation AIESEC Entities Participating: Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Mainland of China, India, United States, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic, Colombia, and Bahrain Recommendations: • • • • •

Delivering the “Why” through GEPs: We need to communicate the why of GEPs in every step of the process. One consistent product in a global market: We need to have a consistent product in order to be able to sell externally as a global organisation and increase our relevance. Access to Global for GIP Growth in MNCs: We need to create a global prospect list that aligns AIESEC International and AIESEC entities in the network. Co-Sales and Up scaling to Common Value Creation: We need to drive co-selling and upscaling partnerships between entities in order to increase our impact and create common value across the world. Making ILM’s more sustainable: We need to create a common understanding and share value between CCs and AIs in order to make ILM’s more sustainable.

Wiki of the Global ER Strategic Meeting with in-depth recommendations:



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