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EP Experience Preparation Key achievements and strategy analysis


Project Description: We develop models of better EP Experience preparation for better experience delivery. Impact on team purpose: By focusing on the EP experiences we are able to create more promoters of AIESEC to # grow our Exchange programmes and achieve MoS both in 12/13 and towards long-term AIESEC 2015 sustainable growth. We deliver our value proposition and reconnect our experiences with the “Why� of AIESEC and how our # exchange programmes help young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.


Creating more promoters through better GCDP Experience Delivery

Purpose: Clear framework for entities to create more promoters for GCDP in delivering better GCDP experience. Progress overall: The framework is established and addressing the concerns of GCDP customers through out their experience. See below for the complete framework.

Source information: Global GCDP Strategic Meeting 1. Creating Promoters through issue development Purpose: Better standardization on Job Description, Impact Creation and Communication in GCDP Project implementation. Progress in the network (strategy example): We are driving entities to standardize JD and measure of success of their national project to ensure quality of the experience delivery. For example, AIESEC in Brazil having 13 of their national project being standardized in their JD and timeline for every week of the program. 2. Creating Promoters through better project management based on customer experience Purpose: Having a standardized project management framework for the network and management of EP Experience in the process. Progress in the network (strategy example): We are currently delivering education to entities to include in their project plan EP experience delivery from project preparation, cultural preparation, logistical preparation, and experience evaluation for better delivery. This education is provided to the network and especially for entities that are part of the implementation strategy. 3. Creating Promoters through enhancement of EP learning/leadership experience Purpose: Creating a better environment for our exchange participants where they can learn and explore the possibilities in their internship. Progress in the network (strategy example): There are 4 main activities being implemented in several entities. These include: Trainee Conference, LEAD for EP, Micro Experience, and EP Team Leader. For example EP Team Leader and LEAD for EP is starting to be implemented in AIESEC in Brazil and AIESEC in Colombia partnership. Trainee Conference is implemented in AIESEC in Egypt. 4. Creating Promoters through better customer feedback and resolving system Purpose: Creating the behavior in real-time customer feedback through a better communication. Progress in the network (strategy example): Several entities in the network are currently creating structures and final responsibles for quality in their local and national operation. Mostly, this is found inbig operational entities. We highly recommend every entity to have their Local Exchange responsible to be at least holding the responsibility in quality of experiences. Strategy Implementation Plan: - GST is currently tracking on entities that are in the implementation strategy plan. The implementation is based on the NPS feedback and the delivery plan based on the creating promoters strategies.