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3.3.2 Massive online presence and engagement Key achievements and strategy analysis

Project Description: Increasing our virtual reach will enable us to open the doors of the AIESEC Experience to more and more people by creating promoters and customers of AIESEC. Impact on team purpose: The project impacts the purpose in a three-way process: 1. Drive: Building more traffic and reach for our online channels 2. Move: Traffic Optimisation 3. Convert: Convert traffic into customers of ELD programmes

Drive: ICTV for non-AIESECers Purpose: Allow non-AIESECERs to understand the why-how-what of AIESEC Progress overall:  Enabled virtual accessibility to the world via HD Live Streaming  Online social media engagement  Showcase the dynamic and inspiring ideas and activities that take place during AIESEC Conferences.  Unique viewers of Livestreaming: 15,104  Minimum Social Media engagement reach: Facebook: 697,460; Twitter: 1,215,271

Drive: Daily Content Evolution Purpose: Content evolution of our online channels to reinforce the brand we want to build Progress: Increase of posts and campaigns that showcase: (1) our ELD programme experiences, (2) the external initiatives and events we take part in, (3) insights and values that we obtain through AIESEC and (4) re-shared thoughts and ideas that reinforce the reputation we want to build. Steady growth in weekly Facebook fans

Total Facebook Likes as of September 30, 2012= 277,639 Total Twitter Followers as of September 30,2012 = 28,103

Move: Traffic Optimisation Purpose: Drive traffic to Global or national channels of customer conversion such as the Global Online Registration System Progress: Q4 focus: improving content within all online channels to make them more attractive, engaging and directive towards a “call to action” feature.

Convert: Online registration system Purpose: Build a simple and effective online tool allowing those wanting to apply for AIESEC programmes to sign up and be a part of AIESEC. (In 2011-12 AIESEC had over 200,000 online registrations, without having a good system of follow up) Progress: New and refreshed ORS for students was released – see 3.1.2 Process Optimisation and here. It is available for Team and Exchange Programmes, and can be managed by anyone with login see here

Next steps:    

Story telling platform (Drive) Programme Marketing Campaigns (Drive) Youth 2 Business Output Showcasing (Drive) YouthSpeak 2015 (Drive)

  

Alumni Engagement on LinkedIn (Drive) Global Website and Social Media Redesign (Move) ORS for alumni and organizations (Convert)

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