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3.2.2 Integrated Experiences Key achievements and strategy analysis

Project Description: Deliver more integrated experiences to enhance the quality and impact of the AIESEC Experiences we deliver. Impact on team purpose: Achieve MoS for 12/13 and towards AIESEC 2015 and reinforce the belief in the “Why” and our impact model.

Defining and measuring Integrated Experiences Purpose: Defining what an integrated experience looks like in the new AIESEC Experience and start to measure it. Progress:  This was defined and presented at IC. An integrated Experience is defined to be a Team and an Exchange Experience. Both Team programmes, and therefore Team Experiences, are regarded as a leadership opportunity and both Exchange programmes are regarded as International Internships.  Based on this we are extracting data from to track the number of integrated experiences lived and in what order – for Q3 the results are: Exchange after Team GCDP after TMP: 707 GCDP after TLP: 310 GIP after TMP: 275 GIP after TLP: 126

Integrated Experiences Global data: Q3 2012

Team after Exchange TMP after GCDP: 152 TMP after GIP: 19 TLP after GCDP: 96 TLP after GIP: 5

First Progamme

Second Programe TMP
















Growth in GCDP from our current talent capacity Purpose: More and better GCDP experiences and more integrated experiences Progress: In Q3, 1017 GCDP experiences came from Team Programme Participants taking a GCDP after a TMP or TLP (707 from TMP, 310 from TL)

Growth in Talent Capacity reintegrating GCDP participants Purpose: Growth in Talency Capacity and more integrated experiences  reintegrated 20% of the members who went on GCDP during Q3 Progress:  In Q3, 248 EPs were reintegrated in our Team programmes after a GCDP experience.  Specific country selection and preparation for project  Resource creation and sharing: (1) Reintegration project goal tracking tool; (2) LC reintegration tracking tool; (3) Reintegration resource bank  Reintegration coaching & tracking for the top 10 entities

Improving EP delivery in GCDP Purpose: Better quality of GCDP experiences Progress: Product development for internal promotion to boost GCDP after a team experience (especially for Entities focused on OGX for the Dec/Jan peak).

Improved GIP experiences after team experiences Purpose: Better quality of GIP experiences Progress: GCP sharing through GST in Q4.

Next steps:    

Resource information center developed by GST Continue the focus on re-integration Product development for internal promotion to boost GCDP after a team experience (especially for Entities focused on OGX for the Dec/Jan peak) Direct support to specific Entities