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ve o c s i d to h c u m so h t i w d n a l s i l a smal Tromsø is a town of Norway With 2557 km ² and 69,116 habitants. Ranks as the 8th largest city in Norway by population, and is also home to the University of Tromsø, brewery, botanical garden and planetarium further north in the world. Due to the fact that the seat of a university, Tromso took on a cosmopolitan city, where there is a strong presence of young students, which provided the large concentration of bars, pubs and cafes scattered throughout the city. It is also an important city on the tourist circuit in northern Norway, involving major stopping points of the Hurtigruten. Among the main attractions for visitors are the cable car to the top of the mountain where one can observe the city, polaria the aquarium and the Ishavskatedral Church.

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Tromsø in Norway is well known for having lots of snow during the winter, although the amount varies greatly from one year to another. In the winter of 1996/1997 a new record was set when the weather station atop Tromsøya recorded - with some difficulty - 240 cm of snow. The lowest temperature recorded was -18.4 ° C and the average in January is -4 ° C, due to the heat brought by the North Atlantic Current, an extension of the Gulf Stream. The proximity to the ocean moderates the temperatures. Sommaroy on the west coast of Kvaløya has a mean of -1.9 ° C in January. Summer is also relatively cold, with an average of 12 ° C in July, the temperatures during the day is a little warmer, but vary greatly (from 9 ° C to 25 ° C). In the summer of 1972,the temperature reached 30 ° C.

Welcome to tromso



Welcome to tromso

Welcome to tromso


Sommaroy a town two hours drive from tromso, with beautiful beaches and fantastic landscapes. photograph of the top of a mountain. 2 p.m.

Welcome to tromso


interviewing a tourist What do you like most?

I loved the fact that anywhere i looked turn out to be a good opportunity to photograph, is undoubtedly a magical place. People are very dynamic and very active so I was very surprised, because I thought that cold temperature make people stay more at home. In general I think it’s a city full of qualities, and with a very interesting lifestyle.

What do you liked de least?

What i didn’t liked that much about it, was certainly the weather. It was quite difficult to get out from the house where I was, going from 25 Cº to -3 Cº. Has i went there in february, in the middle of winter the sunny hours weren’t much: the sun came up at 7 a.m and went away at 4 p.m, so I didn’t see much of the sun. Also, i found that Norwegian people were a little bit “closed-up”, i found it hard to comunicate and create bounds, because the country where i’m from is the opposite. It’s a quite sociable country, and that creates a strange feeling.


Welcome to tromso

what about the island itself ? overall, I do think it is an Island quite pretty. In the Winter it’s covered in white, on Summer the nature reveals itself with such beauty, thanks to the sunny light. The way of living, from the people of this country, is very different from what we know; they get up very soon to go to work, and get home close to 4pm, in the latest. They have a pretty nice quality of life, it is considerred an

Welcome to tromso

island quite young but developped. The sports are a part of their life, generally, in the Winter they do Snowboard and Sky, and in Summer they do some cycling and (also in Winter) the most curious and young persons do some hiking in the mountains that are surrounding the island. I know someday I will get back in there, I really liked the experience, and maybe I will live in there one day for some years.


Welcome to tromso  
Welcome to tromso  

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