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National Preparatory School Squad 1 "Gabino Barreda"

The fruits of my labor.

My book of jobs in the field of English

A work by Filiberto Sevilla

Dedicated and addressed to my English teacher Maria Elena Delgado

413 A

This was the first work done in the field of English, a presentation where I talk about my life, my past, what I did before high school, my present and to plan for the future

This image shows a detailed description of my family.

My book of poems written as part of an online activity

My first report Universia Virtual Platform, the first report of unit 4

The report for completing the program Basic Ellis

My form of questions that are common in the young society.

The description of my brother, little aspects that make him very important to me.

A brief description of the things I usually do.

This is my second report about Universia Virtual Platform, but is the first report of unit 7

A Christmas plea letter addressed to Santa Claus. What I did and I want to give.

The report of Ellis Intro. I did all about this module it was tired, and also interesting.

This year was really my best year, I got good qualificacions and I met better friends than the past. Also I enjoyed the class with new teachers. This year was great, I can’t wait a minute to begin a new year. I’m esciting because, I will see new people but some people I cannot see again.

My Book  

My book of works

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