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Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Escuela Nacional Preparatoria No. 1 “Gabino Barreda”

Teacher: María Elena Delgado

Sevilla Fonseca Filiberto


My compositions

A work by Filiberto Sevilla





To my dear readers.


Description of a restaurant. "Los Arcos"

Description of my favorite book. "The Black Cat"

Email to the conference agreement (Part 1 and 2)

Email event to participate in athletics.

Mobile Phone.

Immigrants to America

Free time.

My free time

Describe a place of attraction.

Describing the city of Mexico

Introduction The purpose of this book is to show the readers the type of activities we have at Prepa 1 in our English class where we are incorporating the use of ICT (internet communication technologies). You will see how we built a writing project by creating a composition at the end of each unit. The topics are varied, I have created a profile, I have described my favorite food and restaurant, an email making arrangements , a blurb for a book cover and an email in reply to and ad. This activity has helped me practice and develop my language skills. These compositions reflect what we have seen in 8 units, where we were able to write a composition with the elements required, using the correct time and the necessary structures.

To My Dear Readers This work is aimed at anyone interested in learning English. I hope you enjoy this collection of writings as much as I did. Filiberto Sevilla

1ST COMPOSITION Staff Profile Position: Student Israel Rojas Israel studies in high school Gabino Barreda, he is on the 5th year and he has 12 teachers in his group. Israel was born in Mexico city and he studied in secondary “Teutli” from Tecomitl. He speaks 2 languages: Spanish and English. He is very intelligent.He lives with his parents and his brother in Tecomitl. He likes to read some books of science-fiction and cooks some food. He often walks in the park, in the street but he doesn't like to walk. He loves practicing cayo kembo and swimming, he also loves to watch movies of terror. Finally, he wants to be a lawyer, it´s his dream.

2ND COMPOSITION Description of my favorite restaurant. “The Arcos� My favorite restaurant is the Arcos, they serve all types of fishes with salads, soups, rice and waters of different flavours. The menu includes a variety of dishes, all dishes have fish and sea food like octopus, surimi, specially shrimp, served with others ingredients. My favorite dish is shrimp with rice. It is delicious. It is always served with tomato, onion, and salad cookies. It also has extra salad. Finally, the food in this place is fantastic and very delicious. The food tastes spicy and it is always served with bread. It is a fantastic place because it is always very clean and beautiful. People are always happy.

3RD COMPOSITION “THE BLACK CAT� By Edgar Allan Poe This is the story of a young couple which has many animals including the most prominent a cat. The cat is in a situation of controversy in story, the story is set in a small house. The main character is the author himself, a person who is involved in alcohol problems in the story causes various conflicts over the cat and his wife. This novel in the gender of science-fiction written in 1843 which seeks to present a scary environment for readers who enjoy good suspense and an outstanding sinister story.

4TH COMPOSITION “Letter to a friend.� (Part 1) Dear Filiberto Sevilla . I am just writing to know how are you ? I hope fine and what happened with our meeting. I want to know what time you arrive to my town. I hope you are early here I have a doubt how will you arrive? You should take the train it is fastest. Remember the hotel is near the station, Ana will be waiting for you after of 10.30 o'clock. I would like you to give me your phone number to speak with you. I will be waiting and I hope you are fine. See you next week. Bob Stephens

“Letter to a friend.� (Part 2) Dear Bob Stephens I write only to set the final details of our meeting next week at the conference. I am going to get there by train to take me from my city to yours. The train leaves at 7:30 am so I will be coming to your city at 10 am. Then I will get to the conference center in a taxi, do not worry, I have the address. If all goes well and it there are not delays, I will be coming in with the receptionist at 10:30 am to finally meet you. In case that there are problems, I leave my phone number, It is 55 22 41 88 83 to communicate more easily. I hope you are fine and we can meet soon.

5TH COMPOSITION To whom it many concern Good morning my name is Filiberto Sevilla and I would like to participate in this great event. I particulary like all sports, but especially I love athletics. I would also like you to know that I am good at languages. I speak English excellently. My Spanish is acceptable and I am taking French classes. I already have working experience, since, I've worked in other international event one of them expo07. I was also working at a local museum as a guide here in town last summer. I have experience working with people. I really enjoy this work. I interact with people and have served a big event. I like his I would be available in July. Waiting for your answer. I hope I am accepted.

6 TH COMPOSITION “Mobile Phone�. In today´s society, it is very critical the issue of mobile phones, because they are believed to cause dependence and limit the capacities of individuals. Beside it shows great consumerism in Mexico. Finally there is controversy regarding this topic. First of all, there are more advantages than disadvantages, starting with constant communication between parents with children, it can be transmit news from around the world and all this for a low price. Also an important aspect of communication within families. In my opinion, I like to be communicated with my family all the time. Many people believe that the use Mobile Phones cause dependence and addiction, causing a disconnection from from reality mainly adolescents, also for the ease of transmitting content not suitable for minors. I think the mobile phone is perfect for communication as long as it is properly used and it should not be restricted if it is given a timely and proper use.

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7 TH COMPOSITION Immigrants to America With the new reforms in the U.S. , our compatriots mexican seeking work in the north country are at risk.These people are criticized, but the conditions in which they live are very bad and are forced to do that. It should be noted that mexican immigrants are an important work force of the U.S. economy. First of all, I think that Mexicans do a great work in the USA and are treated as the worst, there are great advantages for people who migrate . Mainly economical opportunities to raise their families. In my opinion it is bad crossing to the northern country , but with such progress it would be the only way out. The disadvantages are forced to leave their families, leave their roots and go to a distant and uncertain world. I think the U.S. government is way too severe, since migrants are an important part of society . However they are treated in the worst way and lose their dignity.

8 TH COMPOSITION Free time. In my point of view I think the new generation can live with more comfort, because the new technology makes life easy for all people. First with the internet we can find a lot of information, keep in touch, watch videos, documentaries, cartoons, because the internet is the new form to communication. Unfortunately most of the people spend more time in things aren't important. In conclusion I agree that the people can use the internet with one finality, but people should not spend all the time in front of computer, they can be with their family.

9TH COMPOSITION My free time In my point of view the universities only has to teach things to help us. I enjoy the free time to be with my family and friends for relaxing and I can concentrate in thing really important and personal. Enjoy The most important thing in this life is to enjoy it. Enjoy study and will be better day with day. First I use the free time to get culture. Conclusi贸n The most important thing there of life, is to enjoy it. Never forget that our free time and the technology are some advantages for a better life.

10 TH COMPOSITION “Describe a place of attraction.” Dear Alan I am writing to say hello, now that you tell me that you will go to city of Guadalajara on this holidays. I would like to tell you a bit more about the place. Last year, when the school year ended, I visited Guadalajara, It´s a beautiful city with ancient sites and very educated people. I was in the village called Zapopan. It´s a beautiful town, out of town with great history and tradition. I would recommend it. I had been there before that was my first time and I went as a tourist. How ironic, tourist in my own country. I was in Ex-hacienda la Magdalena, Palacio Municipal, Basilica de Zapopan, Plaza amistad, Museo de la Virgen de Zapopan, Museo de arte de Zapopan, Centro Cultural Universitario (Zapopum), Auditorio Benito Juarez and Arco de ingreso. Those are the most important places around Zapopan, and I would recommend everyone to go.

The charming place that is just me only. Their food in the style of Mexico, and with great variety as always, but mostly like the Mexican atmosphere.

11 TH COMPOSITION “Describing the city of Mexico” Dear Victor I am writing to say hello, and tell you a little of the city of Mexico, as I know that you will come soon. I can tell you that Mexico is a great country, beautiful, and with rich biodiversity, you find all kinds of people, including foreigners. Among the main attractions of my city is the Zocalo. This is the center of the city where it was built and established. It´s located around the Cathedral, and near the National Palace. They are historical places. Another historic site is the Angel of Independence. Also within this area is the Paseo de Reforma. Definitely a beautiful country filled with all the wonders that you can find. Finally, I can tell you that Mexico is the country with the best beaches, greats restaurants, pure Mexican food, sport in Mexico is a priority there are great teams of soccer, basketball, representing the country abroad.

A country with a great culture, great for vacation within the city for you to play much because there are also entertainment and museums. A country like no other larger and with people very friendly. Perfect with its cuisine, clothing and people.

My book of compositions  

Filiberto Sevilla

My book of compositions  

Filiberto Sevilla