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How to Fix and Open Corrupted WinRAR File that Showing an Error Message? What is RAR File?

RAR files are very useful file format that is used to send a bunch of data that are related to each other, this file is usually used to transfer data from one system to another. This file will also protect data from any type of corruption. If you want to send a file that have many other supported files then it is the best way to transfer your data, it compressed all the files and decreases the size of data so that it can also save the memory space and time. This file is generally used to distribute software, bunch of images as an attachment by email. It saves the time, space and money of the user because it will take small time to download so that it saves the internet charge, hard disk space. It is not only compressing your data but along with it, WinRAR file can also provide the security to your data from corruption and more.

Corruption in RAR File! RAR file is created by using WinRAR application, this application is installed automatically when operating system is installed, but you can also download this useful application form the internet. Corruption in RAR file will make all of its content inaccessible and corrupted, after corruption it start displaying any types of error message when user want to open this file. Let us consider that you have downloaded any large software file from internet that is compressed in RAR file, and after downloading when you try to extract this file then it start displaying error message or you are unable to open this file due to any error message. In short you are unable to extract RAR file due to any error then it is sure that RAR file gets corrupted. It displays many types of error such as “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive”, “This is not a valid Win32 application”. Corruption of RAR file can occurs due to many reasons but all the reasons may corrupt your RAR file and make the compressed data inaccessible. There are many reasons that can affect any RAR file and make it corrupted.

Reasons of Corruption

Due to Improper Download: RAR file can get corrupted if it not downloaded properly from the internet. A low internet connection can affect the downloaded RAR file. If you are trying to download any RAR file in low or fluctuating internet connection then avoid downloading RAR file. Due to Power failure or improper system shutdown: If computer gets restart during the extraction process of RAR file then RAR file gets corrupted or become inaccessible due to improper system shutdown. So to avoid it use power backup or UPS with your system, this will protect your computer from improper system shutdown. Due to attack of computer virus and malware: Because of computer virus or malware a RAR file can become inaccessible or corrupt. To protect the data of your computer always use a strong antivirus program and always download RAR file from secure or official sites because if once RAR file gets infected due to any computer malware then it is almost impossible to extract these files. Due to windows registry corruption: Windows registry file will also affect the RAR file if the associated registry key is corrupt then it can also corrupt the RAR file and make it inaccessible. Windows Registry may get corrupted due to many reasons like user errors, virus attacks, software malfunction etc.

How to Repair Corrupt RAR file?

If your downloaded RAR file display any error message or you are unable to extract this file then it is sure that your RAR file gets corrupted and need to repair. You can only extract any corrupt RAR file by repairing it by using any third party RAR file repair tool. This tool is very powerful and can able to fix all types of error of RAR files. This tool is also very simple to use so apply it and repair any corrupt RAR file. USER GUIDE Step 1- Download, install and run this tool.

Step 2-Select the file to Repair.

Step 3- See the preview of recoverable object.

Step 4- Select the location to save the recoverable files.

For Free Download:

RAR File Repair Tool  

You can only extract any corrupt RAR file by repairing it by using any third party RAR file repair tool. This tool is very powerful and can...

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