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Repair Corrupt PDF Files and Make it Error Free What is PDF File?

PDF is a short form, and stands for Portable Document Format that is used to store all the elements of a printed file as an electronic image. You can easily view, navigate and transfer this file to anyone or print this file. This file is very popular among the user for transferring files like magazine articles, product vouchers, or flyers with the exclusive graphic look. This file can able to contain more than one page; you can add lots of pages such as an entire book in a single PDF file. You can read each page easily and can also zoom in or out these pages, to open any PDF file you need to install a PDF reader on your computer. This file format of MS Adobe is perfect to store miscellaneous information such as texts, images, hyperlinks, graphs, tables and many more. PDF can store business, personal or other information in a specific page. PDF file offers many benefits to the user: • The information stored in this file can’t be overwritten or deleted due to “read-only” permission of file • You can also lock or encrypt this file by applying password; this will help you to protect your precious data from hackers and other. • This file format can be easily shared on the internet. • This file is compressed the actual file format so that it will also save the hard disk space of your computer. • You can use this file as an electronic book and share it on any sharing sites to increase your audience. It is very important file through which you can store lots of information in a single place, this file format is widely use in large organizations, amongst professionals like advocates, doctors, etc. In the magazines and book industry this file is used to create a layout of a book and to print a book. Corruption in PDF File:

PDF file provides lots of features but it can also get corrupted easily and after corruption it may also make all the stored information inaccessible. After corruption it starts displaying any error messages when user tries to open this file. If you are facing this type of problem then it is necessary for you to repair this file to avoid permanent corruption.

Corruption errors of PDF document

‘There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired’

When you try to open any PDF file and it displays the above given error message then it is quite clear that your PDF file gets corrupted. Due to corruption you can’t see the stored multimedia data or information. You can see the textual content and blank pages of your corrupt PDF document. PDF file may also display error message when you try to open or edit it using any mismatched or incompatible PDF reader version.

Some Other PDF corruption errors are given below: •

Not a PDF or corrupted

File is damaged or cannot be repaired

There is problem reading this document

An error exists on this Page

If you are getting the above given error message then it is sure that your PDF document is very badly corrupted and need to repair as soon as possible.

Causes of PDF File Corruption Due to infection of computer Virus and malware.  Improper PDF file downloading can also affect a PDF file, it happens due to low internet connection.  Due to hardware and application malfunctioning  Because of human errors a PDF file can also get corrupted. Human errors like improper system shutdown, improper application shutdown etc.  Due to hard disk or portable disk corruption  Unexpected application shutdown  Because of incomplete file download  Due to forced shutdown of PDF file 

How to Repair a Corrupt PDF File?

If your PDF file displaying any error message then it is necessary to repair this file as soon as possible because due to any error message your PDF file can gets permanently corrupt. You can apply any third party PDF file repair tool. This tool will easily repair your PDF file and can also able to fix errors of PDF file. It is very simple to use and repair any corrupt PDF file.

USER GUIDE Step 1- Download, install and run the PDF file repair tool.

Step 2- Add corrupt PDF File to Repair.

Step 3- Click on the “Start” button to start the scanning process.

Step 4- Press “Ok” button to open your repaired PDF File.

For Free Download:

Repair Corrupt PDF File  
Repair Corrupt PDF File  

If your PDF file displaying any error message then it is necessary to repair this file as soon as possible because due to any error message...