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How to Repair corrupted MySQL Database?

MySQL is most renounced open source database which is known for its reliability and stability. This tool is used by most of the IT companies because of its superior speed and ease of to use quality. It helps to save time and money for critical business so it is used by many organizations too. It is a popular choice for web application for use. It is central component that is widely used LAMP open source web application software. LAMP means Linux and Apache and AMP stack. These databases may lead to corruption of database.

MySQL file may lead to disaster. The reasons behind the corruption of MySQL file are – • • • • • •

This file leads to damage of the operating system. Structural damage of database metadata. ibdata damage of file. Virus infection that leads to damage of data and leads to inaccessibly. Sudden or inappropriate MySQL Server shutdown. Problem in establishing the connection with the database provider.

Issues with MySQL file after occurrence of corruption – • • • • • •

Due to use of multiple application of the database. Temporary file creation that results to set temporary directory. Passwords fail to work and leads to inactive database file. When there is too much connection to the server it leads to error. Frequent error messages while using the database when there is not enough memory to store. The data that are stored in the database may lead to inaccessibility of data.

Once these database files gets corrupted or damaged there is no other that repairing the database. So it is better to take help of MySQL Repair Tool that is powerful data recovery tool for repairing corrupted database files. If the database fails it helps to perform reliable recovery of data and saves the retrieved data in the TransactSQL script which helps to create quick database recreation. So in case the database fails to perform reliable recovery of essential data then this recovery tool efficiently recovers all the data stuffs and saves them in table.

Features of MySQL File Repair Tool Recovers corrupted database files This software efficiently repairs all the damaged or corrupted MySQL database files and helps you to recover all the inaccessible tablespaces or tables. It ensures complete database recovery that ensures tables and other objects to recover without any changes to its original format. Repairs InnoDB and MyISAM tables This repair tool uses the primary database engines MYISAM and InnoDB and helps you to restore the tables that are based on these engines to functional state. It helps you to recover table, relationship constraints, keys and properties and database engines tables. Database Recovery by Linux This recovery tool efficiently recovers all your database files that are created on Linux computers. Preview after Scan This software helps you to provide preview of the database objects after finishing the scanning process. You can see the preview of the scanned database from the list of the database files to be recovered. Manual and Automatic Database selection The software provides you with two options at the time of selecting the database- repair database at default location of MySQL or manual selection of database for repair. Repair Multiple Databases at one time Through batch processing capability this recovery tool helps to recover many database in one go thus support streamline recovery operation to ensure consistent results. Customized User Interface You can perform various operations and get your desired look through the helps of its user customization feature. Deals with all MySQL corruption error This repair tool helps to perform MySQL repair and assures consistent and reliable results.

Steps to repair MySQL Database using MySQL Repair Tools Step 1. Firstly install the MySQL Repair Tool then you will get the interface window as shown below:

Step 2. Then Click on the “Select” button to select and “Repair” corrupt database that are stored at the default location of MySQL option and select the database from the default location.

Step 3. You will find preview of the database and its component that are present at the left pane in a tree like structure after finishing the scanning process.

Step 4. After seeing the preview of the database to be recovered start the repair process and click on the “Repair� button in the file menu on the main interface to start the repair process then MySQL database repair dialog box appears.

Step 5. After the completion of the process a message box is displayed after finishing of the repair process.

Step 6. If you want to repair the database manually then select the “Manual Selection of database repair” option and then click on the browse option. After browsing the dialog box folder select the folder that contains the database and click on “OK”

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How to repair corrupted mysql database  

MySQL Repair Tool powerful data recovery tool for repairing corrupted database files. If the database fails it helps to perform reliable rec...

How to repair corrupted mysql database  

MySQL Repair Tool powerful data recovery tool for repairing corrupted database files. If the database fails it helps to perform reliable rec...