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Easily Recover Damaged Entourage Database

MS Entourage is widely used as email client software supporting Windows OS or PST file formats for Microsoft outlook for windows. It manages your entire data such as notes, contacts, calendars, emails, appointments in a single database. As a primary protocol, exchange Web services is used for communicating with Exchange severs. It helps in synchronizing tasks, categories and notes with Exchange Server. On creating an account, an identity is created for each user. This identity comprises of contacts, tasks, emails etc. You are allowed to switch between Identities if required. The entire identity database is stored in Microsoft Use folder data which is Entourage information store part. Reasons behind the corruption Entourage database: Under some critical situation, MS Entourage data may get damaged. This damage leads to inaccessibility of data. The below mentioned are the several reasons due to which Entourage database gets damaged or corrupted: • Due to missing files • Improper system shutdown • Entourage identity corruption • Due to damaged identity • Virus infection • Database header corruption • Database structure corruption • Application malfunctioning • When few office application is not running or opening properly may results in crashing Entourage database

Fixing Damaged Entourage Database using Database Utility: You are able to fix corruption errors by rebuilding the database with the help of Database Utility. This is built-in maintenance tool of Entourage email client. You need to follow the given below steps in order to rebuild Entourage database. • While holding the ‘Option’ button, launch entourage. Thus, Database Utility opens. • You will be provided four options in the main screen of this tool- Verify, Compact, Rebuild, and Set preferences. • From those given options select ‘Rebuild database’ option then click ‘Continue’ button. • Rebuild process is completed. • Then open the account in order to check whether your database is repaired or not. After this rebuilding process, if you are unable to open your database then you require restoring your data from backup. This application stores Entourage database by exporting it to RGE file. Thus, you are able to restore damaged entourage data by importing REG file to Entourage account. Best Solution to repair Entourage Database: When all this methods fails then you must make use of third-party applications which is Entourage Repair Tool in order to repair Entourage database. This tool helps in resolving all the corruption problems which you are unable to fix using Database Utility. It ensures perfect recovery of corrupted or damaged Entourage database as it has high-end scanning technique. The software is specifically designed for restoring damaged databases of Microsoft Entourage 2008 and 2004 easily. It quickly recovers damaged objects of MS Entourage 'Database' file. It can recover entire database objects such as tasks, emails, notes, journals, contacts etc effectively. It also creates log reports of Entourage recovery process. MS Entourage 2008 and 2004 is supported by this software. It provides simple and self-descriptive graphical user interface. This recovery software helps in preserving total integrity of data with their non-destructive behavior.

Steps to recover damaged entourage database: Step 1: Download and install Entourage Repair Tool. Then ‘Select Entourage Database File’ dialog box which gets displayed at first by default. In the text box you will able to see default location of database file is selected by default. Now, click on ‘Browse' option for selecting database file from any other location.

Step 2: Now, the file itself start scanning. When scanning process is completed, it displays a summary. Click on the ‘Close’ button in order to close this summary message box.

Step 3: Before saving, you can preview the entire repaired Entourage database file. You can find the default repaired mail that is being displayed on the preview window. In order to preview any mail, click on ‘Mail’ button from the Tool bar or go to ‘View’ menu then click Mail option. You are also allowed to select your desired Entourage mailbox folder to see its contents.

Step 4: Click on the File button on the application’s menu bar in order to save the repaired entourage file at your desired location. Choose the ‘Save Repaired File’ button. After this, you can find the ‘Destination Folder’ dialog box. Now, you can select your desired destination for saving the repaired file.

Step 5: Saving process dialog box appears. You are even allowed to click on ‘Stop’ button for stopping the file saving process.

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Easily recover damaged entourage database  

Entourage Repair Tool helps in resolving all the corruption problems which you are unable to fix using Database Utility. It ensures perfect...

Easily recover damaged entourage database  

Entourage Repair Tool helps in resolving all the corruption problems which you are unable to fix using Database Utility. It ensures perfect...